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yea, luck is not on my side. It took 9 attempts to get my weapon from SC7 to SC8. Very painful, costly, and time consuming. Tera makes it like this for no reason. Grind, Grind, and Grind some more.
Thx for the advice
Yes, craft kits
Thank you!
This stuff is always confusing as Atk power, crit factor etc isn't well explained that I've been able to find. I always inspect other gunners to see if my stats, gear, crystal and etching sources are in line with what other people are using. I couldn't access that discord link. If anybody has good link to information about how gunners should be set up post Apex please provide.
My weapon is SC9 all other gear is SC7/6. Is it better to focus on getting weapon to hero and then upgrade other gear to SC9 and then hero or should I get everything to SC9 then worry about hero?
The cost of the materials to make gold and silver talents has gone up significantly but the price for gold/silver talents in the broker has gone down. It should be going up to cover the higher cost of materials to make them. I loose money making and selling gold/silver talents now so I don't anymore. There could be glut of them, perhaps that is why the price is dropping. Theoretically, the price would go up when they become more scarce again.
I don’t think gearing and materials should be given away; some amount of effort should be involved and perhaps random luck reduced. But when I read people saying make it harder to enchant get mats etc that reeks of elitism. The I have SC9 or hero gear and don’t want you to have it attitude. Game is grindy enough and the randomness of getting a EE from a dungeon or enchant success is already low. More players with higher ilvls might shorten the wait time for matching. Players could spend more time actually playing Tera than waiting for matching.
I feel your pain. Phos Ash is what 3k for one? Can’t wait to see how much an EE will be. I’m sure cost prohibitive.
Yes RNG was not smiling on me. 12 tries to SC9 that is painful and costly in time and in-game materials. It shouldn’t be that hard. What if there was a CAP on the number of tries for each level of gear; after X numer of tries the next one you get it? I guess in a way that is what the % syestem does ie higher chance for Guardian vs Twist vs Frost vs SC. But 9 or 12 tries to up grade SC seems like too much.
Took me 9 (yes Nine) attempts to upgrade weapon on my main from SC7 to SC8. I play by myself as my guild is pretty lame using matching for Ds. Getting the three Essential Elements required to have a low chance at upgrading is long and time consuming. Remember you aren’t garunteed to get an EE each run. This weekend I averaged 16 % EE rate; 2 EEs in 12 runs. That also includes runs on an alt to give EEs to main if I got one. I don’t think upgrades should be given away but they need to review this process as I think it is a bit much. I don’t even want to think about SC9. Oh and the Phos Ash is just as hard to come by. I don’t mind working for an upgrade but this is worse than getting Gallahorn in Destiny 1.
So many things that needs updating in Tera and they are worried about gunner recall.

Maybe optimization???

BDO just optimized; how long has that been out, two years?
BDO just optimised. How long has that been out, two years give or take?

Tera needs to optiimize badly.

I like Tera, it is fun.

I get frustrated because it could easily be so much better and a few changes could bring in new and back old players.

If BDO realized the need to optimise after a couple years what does that tell you Tera?
Tera coild be a leader in loot box reform but has chosen the side of profits over consumers and their clients/player base. I hope the talked about federal legislation to force industry reform happens.

Why can’t you tell us the percentage chance? I’ve recently bought 30 loot boxes and did not receive the cosmetic item i wanted? Seriously?

I have had some luck with loot boxes snd it is nice to receive the item you want.

Given the clear low percentage chance of receiving the item loot boxes should have a very low cost snd there should be an option to purchase any item that is loot boxed fir s higher price.

Personally I would rather buy an item out right than deal with this unfair and low chance loot box issue.
This stinks. Recall is one of my favorite gunner skills. PVE player, this was great when knocked down by a BAM. Instead of laying there on the ground (essentially not playing for a few to 15 seconds) getting a beat down like my Valk alt you could get back into the fight. ;-( Understand how other classes might see it as unfair for PVP. Why not disable for PVP and keep for PVE? Other poster has good point about removing this is another step that really takes all personalities out of the classes. They are becoming the same with just different appearences and skill animations.
HB does catch the attention of ID Bams sometimes.
Occassionaly when doing ID Bams HB takes one for team gunner when the Bam attacks HB instead of the Gunner. I’m not accidently self destructing HB. But it seems like HB is taking it on the chin more than usual.

Also my HB is a creeper. He follows me around all day with his beady blue eyes focused on my posterior. Sigh...HB might need counseling.
I've noticed the last couple days playing the my HB is getting the snot kicked out of it. Every time I turn around poor little guy is in pieces on the ground. It used to very rarely get destroyed. Anybody else noticing this? Perhaps it is just me.
Thanks, that was very unproductive especially since the website didn’t mention you couldn’t use instance matching.

But it is always a pleasure to meet a real life troll.
Thank you.
Thx. How do you get a ticket?
Sorry for the noobish question. How do you get into these two dungeons? I don't see these dungeons in matching or VG missions. When I go to the Manglemire portal it won't let me enter or use instance match to find a group?
I noticed that it took me micher linger also with the new patch. If there is a secret I’m all ears.
With metamorphic emblem (metas) removed from VG and very few dropping from caiman stashes there is a shortage if metas if you are trying to upgrade gear.

Once you dismantle what mats you have into metas you'll blow through them real fast and have no mats and no metas.

Caiman stashes give primarily rubies, but also pearls and noctenium. Occasionally you get a token for random chance at metas. All in all, compared to the metas we got from VGs there are for all practical purposes no way to get metas other than dismantling mats.

Rubies and pearls are basically worthless other than what you sell to a vendor for gold, 100 and 50.

Why not give rubies and pearls a meta value and all us dismantle rubies and pearls for either 100 or 50 metas?

That would help to alleviate the loss of metas from VGs and maybe end the great tera meta drought.
To make the math easy I did two 100 Essence of Life gathering runs.

Here are my statistics.

Total: 200 Essence of life gave me 18 Caiman Stash so a 9% success rate.

Run 1 - 100 EOF gave me 8 Caiman Stash or a 8% success rate.

I picked up Caiman Stashes on EOL 16, 30, 65, 74, 76, 82, 93, and 100.

Run 2 - 100 EOF gave me 10 Caiman Stash or a 10% success rate.

I picked up Caiman Stashes on EOL 21, 23, 33, 35, 36, 44, 71, 82, 87, and 98.

Rewards wise I received 12 rubies, 2 Uncommon Noctenium Refiner and 4 Metamorphic Emblems for a total of 2,080 metas.

I tried to time the re-spawn time of EOL but that turned out to be problematic with some respawning quickly and other a really long time.

But here are some respawn times I was able to record: 2:15, 8:06, 5:06 and 2:58.

Not sure if others are also have the same success rate.
Between my class being left behind from awakening and now no reasonable way to get metamorphics with this latest patch I have to ask is Tera trying get people to stop playing?

I don’t know which idea is worse; not awakening all classes at the same time or eliminating the chance to get metas so you can’t upgrade gear?

If you don’t want to support Tera to focus on other things just shut it down rather than drive players away with stupid updates.

There are other games to play. We’ll be ok without Tera.
Try the stuck feature from the drop down menu.
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