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idk what to say, suddenly when u login the game, everybody is telling u they will leave Tera NA, either going Tera EU or just playing a different game cuz its so hard to restart from zero. Nobody is saying they'll stay, like, Nobody. do u know the sadness of seeing everybody u know, that loves the game, are leaving? how are we supposed to play if theres nobody around anymore. i tried checking everywhere. everybody saying goodbyes, or see ya on EU. its depressing, ppl are crying but eme cant hear it. server merge was good thing, untill the name reset happened, the name sellers spam ruinned everything. theres no hope anywhere. pls save us
in the event page it says until april 3. 4 am pst. but now we're at day 2 april and the event is ended already. pls fix it
for one second i thought this is a special hp potion, the permanent one. to deserve beeing sent on parcel like a mysterious gift...
why destroy it. its part of the last memory spacecats can give u
just......buy an elite if u want it so hard......
its a wizard hat. what do u expect. vampires have no shadow neither
5MX9ELAAFR wrote: »

Hi there, I am a new player and just downloaded the game but am running into the same issue. I get the user authentication failed error when I try to log in from the launcher. I am located in California so I am not sure why this is. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

it happens always the first time u login the launcher after creating a new account. u need to wait 24h to be able to play normally.
Hi Tera forum, I'm a new player and I was wondering about the future of Tera.

lol i think u're wondering so much xD just play the game first and feel it before asking comments. good novels get missed if u just ask the opinions and dont read it. same with the games, ones may like it and others not
i think u only get the skyring reward by winning. if u lose i think u'll only get a box with 2 golden +1 silver talent..
just spend 6h daily searching wbs and u'll find some for sure. if u cant find solo just go in party. its not that hard. wb is time consuming. dont expect to find a wb everytime u check it casually. there's always some wb spawning in each hour, and ur job is to find it. why do u think the loot is greater than doing dgs? cuz it takes more time than doing dgs. and dont expect u're the only one searching it. :'(
btw why did they make gender lock and race lock on classes? bc of the coding and animations? tbh without the lock the game would have been a lot funnier, like elin brawler, baraka reaper, baraka ninja....idk. maybe im just erping xD
about the soulbound thing i'd like to see accesorie / innerwear / brooch liberation scroll.. would save a lot of gold when upgrading ur gears. so ur old gears can be used on alts
google and essentialmana is ur best friend
i've heard those signs was 5g ea before. with 12h / 24h versions. i think if they release it again they can rise the price to 200-2000 gold ea for it. and shorting the time into 15mins / 30mins / 1h / 2h / 4h max. with the despawn if the player is offline / in different zone, like the traveling npcs. idk, just an idea
they wont give u dragon / phoenix as elite mount. cuz once u use it u'll get the perma x1.5 / x2 dragonix / phoenix passive. it'll stay even if they remove the dragon mount of elite later. i think they already explained it many times earlier. but i agree on changing the mount... maybe into the flying bunnies, or even llamas or flying pigs xD
it should be on but i think its not on yet. just tried 2 trn and nothing
People on Discord are saying that it's working in Pit, but just not GG.

not really. just checked and only 3 things in total xD
triple vg is on. but double drop on gg and pit not yet
the login event reward is 1 box per weekend or is it 1 box per weekend days(1 saturday 1 sunday) ? and is it per account or per server?
i've been trying to place a tower in CU on many spots. but its not letting me. but in the time of trying it i found many other towers, and some of them are placed on mountains. but i cant. i tried to find some youtube videos and see the possible spots, but even if i go to the same spots it just doesnt let me. even if i try in the middle of the road....im sure there is no nearby tower and it has enough space for a tower, but just cant, is there any trick?
help pls xD

the video of the spots:
nvm saw it on game. 3h left. ty so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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phantazum wrote: »
You probably forgot to reset the servers for day light savings time.
Margarethe wrote: »
phantazum wrote: »
You probably forgot to reset the servers for day light savings time.

Wouldn't that be 1 hour?

Good thinking, but these events were actually set up post-daylight savings. We're still looking into why they ended earlier than expected.

the triple drop is back. btw how long will this last? to have an idea. cuz we're missing many time >.<
and btw the turbo buff is still here.. only the triple drop is gone
Tenutos wrote: »
Sucks. Had I known it was going to end earlier than it was advertised, I would've gotten on earlier. What the hell? :/

same. lol. i was about to come 2h earlier to finish the gg + pp before the event ends.. but it got me. haha
in the new it say ends at 10.59 am pdt... but now its 8.59 am pdt only... and just tried a pit of petrax and the triple drop ended...
i think u got what u deserved. lol. if they were fighting it already, then the wb is theirs, not urs, that they have worse gear doesnt mean u can just go and steal their wb and make all their effort going to hell.

there is plenty of wbs everyday. 20+ at least, u will always see a wb if u spend enough time in it, dont be a dickhead, cuz if u find a wb after long time searching, and when u make it 10%, 2 guys come and aggro shout it trying to reset the wb and steal ur loot, im sure u wont be happy at all, even if they have idoneal gear they can still aggro shout the boss cuz its designed like that. they will get the aggro for some seconds and they will run away to reset the boss, and the boss will go behind him untill he touches him, no matter how many dmg u did before, a single aggro shout takes all the aggro. even if u're a tank, when 2 guys rotate the aggro shout they can still reset ur wb, even if u're stormcry +9 and they're idoneal only. and they can keep reseting for hours until they get it, and not letting u kill the wb, cuz u wont be able able to kill it within the aggro shout cd.
and u say that action dont deserve a 3days ban? pls, then u deserve a perm ban instead.

i think eme did good with this ban thing, and more, they should increase the penaltie if the banned guys keep doing it after the 3days ban, a 7 days ban for a 2nd time and a 30days ban for the 3rd time sounds fair for me, and a perm ban after it, lol, if a guy cant stop stealing wb even after the 3/7/30 days ban, then he just deserve the perm ban, cuz he's a complete [filtered] and a fully dickhead, and we dont need players like that in this

and its not hard to find a wb in 2 hours, and its not bad, since the loot is a lot better than dungeon drops, and in 2 hours u may find more than 1 wb most the time. if not in 2 hours then search 4 hours. lol. for some reason they're called worldbosses. if u're so lazy and wants to kill wb then just go kill kazan.

what a normal player should do when he sees a wb getting killed by other ppl, he could go search other wbs cuz there will have high chances of another wb somewhere, u could go kill that wb while that guy is busy killing his wb. and if u dont steal his wb im sure he wont steal ur wb neither, unless he's one of those who deserves a ban, then u can take the appropiate actions.

but the most common action i think is to ask party, im sure if the guy cant kill it alone or needs help he'll invite u for sure, and there wont be any problem, LOL. u guys can even cooperate in wbs and be more efficient, that's how it should works. and not stealing other's wb like a mthfker.

and im surprised that u're complaining it on forum for such malicious behaviour u did. u DESERVED it.

for some reason there is something called law and logic. if a blackman go into ur house and shot u with a gun, im sure u wont just accept it and let it go, lol, im sure that u'll call the police to catch the blackman and give him the punishment he deserves. that's how it works, and not liberate the blackman just bc he said he was trying the pistol's quality. which is something like ur case.

PS: the blackman is just an example.
or add a left click skill to the zombies. something like 20k dmg per left click, and add the outlaw skill effect to it, will be fun, a bunch of zombies killing the afks xD and the players can kill the zombies too, or zombies killing zombies, im sure ppl will love it. LOL
Attack the tower! free win! xD
and yep server down
would be fun to buff the wb and adding 1 hit mechanics. LOL. cuz reward is so insane and ppl keep farming it all the day instead of doing any dg.
its the rare version. like the semi enig scroll u get from vergos essence. B)
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It's quite the contrary. Gearing is supposedly 2 times easier. BHS' words.

2 times easier? only for ktera maybe. where 1 ses is 800 tokens and where in our Tera its 28 only... 3.5% of ktera rates... :)
its funny how ktera has higher player base but the best values. they play more dgs and have more fs / mats / goddess tears. but our fs rate is 3x higher and all other rates are miserable compared to them.
In Ktera. The new patch actually benefit NEW player better.

I like how you ignore all other ways to get the materials and just want to buy everything with gold and token.

no its just a comparison. cuz in the end u'll need gold to enchant the gears anyway. farming mats will take the time, im not against that. but low tier players wont be able to get the mats if they cant even do anything cuz nobody wants them in party, do u know what i mean? in that case getting the gear with gold is the only way they have. and not saying that ppl prefers playing with party of same tier for more efficiency instead of wiping for life
@ElinUsagi the casual player of my context are just the casual players. the ones that barely plays the game, not even login in. all the others are in the normal player section, including erping / yolo / afk ones, also the 'casual' players u're calling about
@StevenAnthony just read again. the math is right. its from low tier (idoneal 2.0) to mid tier (misery +12 conversion). and beeing mid tier player doesnt mean u cant go for high tier or top tier. if so then it just means u're not willing to challenge&try&overcome the endgame contents and know the new things about it
if u came back some months earlier. i'd have recommended u to join Red Rover. but now..... just gl in AV xD
most of us noticed the rate of tokens in the new gearing patch is VERY VERY LOW compared to what it should be.
but im not gonna discuss that here cuz its EME's job to do their best for the players. (but most players are dissapointed. to not say everybody)
i saw the new about new gearing patch when i got home. and saw the video of the link. cool.
and in the video they showed the new gear that will be given to the lv65 in the new patch (like the actual idoneal gears).
and then there is the table showing the list of the mats requiered for the enchantment of it. here we go.
This is the price u'll need to pay to enchant the Idoneal 2.0 aka LOW TIER. yes. LOW TIER. aka slaughter/guile in this patch.
(there are mid tier+high tier + top tier after it)

according to the table. Just to enchant FULL low tier and convert it into mid tier & the misery gear in our patch, u'll need all this:
109+80+66+66=321 Golden Talents
91+64+51+51=257=Wood Scrap
39+28+22+22=111 Archdevan Catalyst
6974+4971+3977+3977=19899 Gold. ~20k gold
now. the big part.
1 Golden Talent = 30 tokens.
1 Wood Scrap = 10 tokens.
1 Archdevan Catalyst = 10 tokens.
so in total =321*30+257*10+111*10=13310 tokens.
and according to what they posted. 1 ses = 28 tokens. so 13310 = 475 ses.... lets say its 150g ea. so its 71k gold.
and with the ~20k gold its 90k gold in total.
to begin with, i really doubt a new lv65 can afford this. and a lv65 with no gear can literally do NOTHING. nobody will accept him in lfgs and less if he's new and ppl doesnt know him, and less posibility he will have if he's in strong servers like MT/TR. not talking about the few lfgs on the other servers. he probably can only do channelworks or not even that.
u may think 90k is not big money to enchant it into mid tier (or the conversion of misery+12). but remember that the success rate was 100%.
how many gold will cost u if misery is 100% success rate? probably not even 20k. and this costs 90k.
and remember the mats used in this tier are the cheapest mats. higher tier uses more expensive mats. and its NOT 100% success rate. at top tier u may fail 50+ times to get a single success. and each try may cost u 30k+ gold value's items. and most of us wont be able to afford it for sure.
i agree that we have more mes/ses/bes than Ktera but its because we had events like the summer festival, that we have more mats is not a reason to undercut so much the rate of the tokens. since every mat was grinded by the players. and not every player is able grind it.
475 ses can be all a player has if he didnt farm the events like the non-lifers with 10+ alts. (not offending cuz they worked hard for it everyday)
i can tell Tera has 3 tiers of players.
1. non lifers / Tera Lovers: >3h Tera play time per day. they wont be playing a game so long everyday if they dont love it. and less if they have work / school. serious.
2. normal players: 1h-3h play time per day. they have more things to do and cant play Tera even if they want. but they like the game. yolo or serious.
3. casual players. <10mins per day / 1h per week. just as the name says. they're just casual and they dont really bother about the game. yolo.

tier1 are the top players. with high game experience / gold / gear / etc. they play the most. and they have the most gold cuz they've spent all the day for it. they can afford the cost even if the price is 10x higher. just look at kamizuma for example, 80 millions in gold in a single server. he surely can get top tier gears whatever u do. but he's Kamizuma and there's only 1 Kamizuma.....not every top tier player can afford the big ammount of gold in the new patch but they can get 1 part at least.

tier2 are normal players. some may be rich or have the gear but only few of them. most of them are around high-top tier gears. only some of them will be able to get top tier, with effort or gold. and others buying gold with emp. but only few of them will be able to do it.

tier3 players will never be able to get top tier gears. no need to explain it i think.

and if u think. the active player base is mostly from tier 1 and tier 2.... that the rate is very low wont affect the tier 3 players cuz they dgafk. the mostly affected will be the tier1 and tier2 players cuz they invested so much in the game and just bc the new rate they lose tons of gold. (for example ses was 300g ea before and now ~150g ea only. losing 50% of the gold. and im sure they dont get their gold for free, all the gold they have they've worked for it)
i just hope EME can keep this in mind. cuz poor ppl in this game will still be poor. and rich ppl wont get affected by whatever u do cuz they'll get the money back anyway.
dont ruin this beautiful game by throwing the players away, and lets make it better <3 between all
did they even check broker? what are those rates?? goddess tear of 400g = 120 tokens. lakan scale of 800g =240 tokens. and then mes of 20g+ = 2 token. ses of 300g = 28 token? bes of 140g+ = 12 token? iis of 50g =1 token? resizers of 30k+ = 160 tokens?. so if we link the rates. 1 lakan scale = 8.5 ses/120mes/20bes/240 iis? and 1 talisman = 14 ses/200mes/400iis??? why the heck are u doing this?? instead of removing the rally reward where ppl just have to do a 5min per day mob and get boxes worth of 1 million+ gold where nobody dies cuz the boss is easy af. u remove the effort that ppl were been doing for months like grinding events /stocking mats / investing gold and probably not even reaching the 1 million. logic? 5min mob gives more and easier gold than months of stocking / grinding. what a good game. that's why there is full of ppl in rally and empty lfgs after it. ppl only do rally for easy gold and nobody wants to play the game. ppl with 0 gameplay gets full dw just botting the rally and ppl who grinded for weeks and months for the event just get nothing cuz they didnt sell the stuffs and saved it for the hope in the new gearing patch. and rally 5min-ppl get full dw +15 with no effort when grinding ppl have no gear cuz all their money are on the stocked stuffs. what a good game. gg wp
Meningitis wrote: »
There is, in fact, a daily VG quest. It's in solo (collect 30 taproot for a reward).
It shows up for all my 65s, even the one in idoneal. Try taking all your gear off and put it back on? Idk. It can only be done once per day per character though, I think.

yea the problem i have is. there's no vg quest for valk xD even if i have 30 taproot in the bag
how to get the rootstock vg quest? i have a lv65 idoneal valk. and it doesnt have the vg quest. it happened in the sarberry event too. my crafting alts of another classes in same gear have the vg quest. but only the valk not. is there any way to fix the problem? (the valk used lv60 scroll and is plvled to 65 for armorcrafting)
Vinyltails wrote: »
The box goes to any of the top 5 raids randomly (or any raid but i believe it keeps it within the top 5)...ranks are only there for the gold

i think u didnt get what i meant. i said. there was 4 boxes drop. and rank 1-5 raids got none box. none of them. none. some fking hacker took it all
it's been the 3rd or 4th day when there's no rally box for rank1 raid.
i asked ppl from rank2-4 raids and they didnt get it neither.
and when the boss was killed we all saw the box drops (the light).
wtf how is possible that no raid gets the box when there's 2-4 drops at least??!!
there should be something wrong.
i remember seeing days ago in forum a video where the memeslasher literally solo the rally bam and gets all the boxes.
pls fix this.......
its so fking annoying....
make sure u're in same channel than the boss. that's the most important thing.when u use safe zone ress or teleportal there are high chances to move u to a different channel than before. and u lose the box by it. the distance is not important if ur raid got hit the boss at least for once. 1 hit from the raid member will give the whole raid 1 lootbox (only to the ppl in the same channel, it wont give even if u're in same spot, but different channel).
and the distance is pretty big cuz u can receive reward from highwatch, even if the boss is at savage reach / arx umbra. u just need to be at same channel
the low ping maybe is good for the high ping players cuz at least 30% of the players play with >120ms. some with 200+. but the memeslash is already another thing. its not 'low ping' anymore. its literally called HACK. same with the instant tp to last boss... its just... hack. no matter what u ppl say about it. its HACK. and it deserve a ban.
the meter maybe helps u to have an idea about urself.
and the proxy maybe gives u better gameplay with the low ping.
but the memeslash....it just ruins everything. and ban is all it deserve.
how much will be the server transfer cost? and how will it work? how long will it take? etc. to have an idea cuz hard to find HH raid willing to do p3-p4 in AV...
with special effects pls. like shoting chickens when using jackhammer
yea merge MT+FF and then CH+TR+AV. so we have 2 goods servers for all. 1 for pvp and 1 for pve
and rip AV
pls. its 3 nocs. still better than 1 noc / 1 simple salt ;)
Spacecats wrote: »
NPCPak wrote: »
NemisBrawler, you want to check your Twitch PMs on your Twitch account. En Masse should have messaged you your code in the Twitch inbox.

This. Look in the top right corner of the page on Twitch. There should be a "Messages" link in the dropdown.

oh yah,. just saw it xD tyvm
how to get the raffle reward? won a raffle and dunno where / how to get the reward xD
btw how can we get the new rare / superior noctenium elixirs? i checked vg shop and there's only the uncommon one, (extended from 10m to 15min duration)
i'd say if u have 100+ms. better dont play lancer xD cuz it has so many delay, same on brawler, skills are slower and the rotations too(like any other class, except slayer). but the advantage of brawler is u can 'tank' everything doesnt matter what the boss does. in lancer u'll have to pay attention to every atack and hold ur aggro stacks. for individual, brawler is better, but for a party i think is better lancer since it gives better buffs and is better on bg. (but soon warrior tank will replace lancer tank cuz it will share asped too and does more dmg)
i agree that the mobs has super high endurance, and super high hp. and the jump mech is so annoying too. even with full consumables u just cant kill all the mobs by the time. and it will gather more and more and RIP your fps and RIP everything.... its ridiculous a dg where even the highest geared ppl cant kill the MOBS. not even the 1st boss... the MOBS.
we have them. but it only drops in HH, p3-p4
wanted to ask if the old reset scrolls would work for it. since its not schm anymore.
1.will the elite reset scroll work?
2.will the normal reset scroll work?
3.will it be added to current reset scrolls?
4. or will be there a new reset scroll for it in the vg shop?
just wanted to make sure in case any1 knows :)
@Palomina u just want more free gold from more vsh events while grinding vsh. that's all u want. and im telling u the reward is good enough. u're just insatiable if u need fs, just buy it. if u need dyads. just buy crystal boxes. arent the last events giving enough stuffs for u? u should be grateful with what u got already and not asking for more and more again. EME is not ur mum. and u can go play something else than just doing vshm. im sure there are more lfgs which need ppl other than vshm.
@Palomina u're the guy who is complaining about vshm rewards, not me. rmhm rewards wasnt better than others neither. and if u want free stuffs just go play rally / CU. easy money easy boxes. and u said u have full vm9 +15 already. and u're complaining about vsh loot, smh. what an Insatiable btch . if u think vsnm gives better rewards then just go play vsnm, easier, faster, and more rewards for u, so u can stop complaining about it on forum B)

and u say u didnt see any etching box in ur 40+ runs? then i'd say u have very good luck cuz i saw it many time already. and it drops in mid tier dgs too. and i assume u didnt see any design neither, nor got any talismans, to be complaining here on forum :( and ur vm9 must be gifted by others including the mats needed to enchant it. if its that then i understand u =)
tbh i dont see why ppl complaining about the loot in vshm. i dont think rmhm dropped etching boxes nor goddess gemstones at anytime. u still get 1-3 talismans per run. and its not hard... may take longer than rmhm cuz bosses have more endurance, but and what? not every event should be like the broken crab event where a mystic / gunner just afk with the bot / thrall and get 100k+ fs per day, or a vhnm event where ppl get talismans from it, its like rewarding hankies in lknm back in the days.... i personally see this vs event pretty fair. since they added aihm and brhm to the list too. and the rewards were amazing too. 1k fs + 1k noc per clear... it cant be better. its like rewarding that in rmhm in the old patch. how can u even complain about that?! insaciable btch.
the reason they dont merge servers is bc u need to make ur server better instead of transfering to others. that's why server transfer cost emp, if u cant find lfg. then just go IM and make it better.
if u can buy costumes i dont see why u cant buy this. just see it as a similar item than the big head 1 day
the butterfly had a good time with the boss and its tired after it. B)
kubitoid wrote: »
and someone wants castanic female reaper. what else?

i want baraka reaper
all i can tell u is: RIP B)

PS: i hope EME give ur etching back :)
u just ask too much. if the jackpots were like those then u can easily refund the gold u've spent in the keys with a single jackpot.
do u think its a event to give u free gold? xD from i've experienced in the last strongbox events... nope its not B)
it wont. but u will :)
if u need nocteniums and dont want to spend time farming gold / other dgs for it then just BUY it from broker.
is simple as that. if u can afford consumables like lamb / rootbeer i dont see why u cant afford nocteniums.
in the last month the anniversary event gave sht tons of stuffs which u could sell it for gold. and i dont think the noc is higher than 2g ea.
and as far as i know, in vshm drops etching boxes + goddess gemstones.. enough to refund the gold u've spent there.
i personally bought 50k noc in the last week cuz i didnt want to farm dgs for it. and if u say u dont have gold?
pls, u have a lot of ways to get gold. buy emp, play dg, play bg, do crafting, do rally. do CU..... pfff. if u're lazy af and dont do anything then ofc u will lack gold, but if u're doing it then why are u complaining about it. work done, gold got. 1 box from CU/Rally is enough for all the noc u need in this life... so. smh about ur post.
say bye to Humedras. after the reset it will reset the spawn time again xD
its made of the potato i bought today for my dinner. already cooking it B)
checked the server status and its on.
but ppl in game we cant even move. 0ms constant. 2k ms constant. etc
ppl who closes the game cant login again.
ppl in game cant do anything.
we open youtube and everything is fine...
help pls...
today is a good day B)
when will the tokens disapear? how u give us a nearly date about it? to use it before it expires >.<
which is the final time of the token event? to use my tokens before it expire. pls give exact time of it >.< it says untill the end of may but idk if it means EU time or NA time... im afraid i lose all my tokens bc the mistake
Seikilos wrote: »
> @NemisBrawler said:
> well. the event is supposed to end in some hours anyway. it doesnt matter anymore xD only a couple of dyads and some feedstock missing

What about the people that will lose the item they wanted by few tokens.
Bad for them right? As long as it doesn't affect you why should you care.

u know u can get it from the 417-423 dungeons too right? the tokens from those dungeons are not removed yet. u still have 24h+ to farm it. and for what u said. i need tokens too =) but the abscess event is over. u cant do anything with it, me neither. and the only thing u can do is accept it like me. or maybe complaining it to EME like what we're doing now.
well. the event is supposed to end in some hours anyway. it doesnt matter anymore xD only a couple of dyads and some feedstock missing
Is the event still on? cuz i have the feeling its off already. according to the web it ends 6h later. but now i played 4 games and i only got 2 anniversary tokens from it. no t11 fs no candy no dyad... nothing... it used to give 2 tokens per game to everybody but its not giving right now.

(and i see there's emerald in the reward list. but after 300+ runs in all my characters. i only got 30+ dyads. 7 death masks, a lot of feedstocks. and no stole / emerald.)
ZeRoHouR95 wrote: »
I dont really see how server transfers lag the server, i dont think many ppl is server transfering constantly for weeks lagging the server, that is kind of... NOPE

each server has different data base. and transfering from a server to another means moving the data from 1 to 2. and they dont do it on maintenance. they do it while server is on and working properly. an example of this its like u're using wifi to watch youtube in 1080p, and then suddenly u need to download something. and the download with make ur video lag / load slower than before. same happens with the server transfer.
i just hope they dont change the token rewards. they just renewed it the tuesday
tbh i prefer brooch / inner armor liberation scroll than costume liberation.
well i can tell u after 100+ runs i didnt get any stole xD only 3 death masks
wut? u gave a pc to ur friend? omg that's so kind!! i wanna be ur friend too!! i dont need new pc. i'll just need a cpu xD
Minimana wrote: »
That second makes my eyes bleed when playing late at night, seriously whats with those super bright backgrounds.

They upped brightness/saturation on all of them for reasons I don't know.

Not to self-promote but, my original submission (with a few adjustments to faces/lightbeams I made a few days after submitting): OVuPZHH.jpg

And how it appears ingame: WI7xAcs.jpg

I don't know if it's compression or they have to convert to a specific color profile, but I think it's a big change.

oh there's no changes at all. their body still the same sexy as before and also their foot. nice pic B) i like their good azz :)
u can try the following things, some of them worked for me when i reinstalled the windows and couldnt open the game.
1. open Chrome. go settings. and Delete Cookies.
2. update the plugins to the latest version
3. try the Repair tool of launcher (if u can open it. but seeing ur case. skip this)
4. update ur date and syncro it with the worldtime. click ur date (bottom right corner), check ur timezone. and then go Internet time, and syncro it with the time.windows.com.
5. restart ur pc and see if it works now. if yes. here u go B) if not. gl is all i can say.
which food combinations are allowed? cuz i see a lot of foods cant stack ( the higher priority one will rewrite the lower priority one)
and the only combination i know is the friendly feast with bbq salad.. etc.
which combinations are possible for the best atack speed / critic factor / power etc?
if possible the complete food ranking / combination. like X food cannot be used with Y food.. etc
thank you so much <3
VSNM 1st boss. where darkan. if u have the laser (purple circle on u) and u use bullrush to run to the pylon and running away, instead of using iframe.
once u touch the pylon with ur bullrush, it will count as u're in the lava, it will deal u 20k dmg per second and u get the debuff. when literally u're 5m of the lava.
u can try it. u just to bullrush to the pylon and the laser goes away instead of hitting ur position, and u will get damaged by the lava even if u have the pylon between u and the lava. its not big bug but its quite annoying. cuz if u know ,a lot of time the darkan boss does the push back fire aoe to u after the pylon mechanic. and u must save the iframe for it or u will have to tank it. well it doesnt kill u, but u must understand its just normal mode. when the hardmode comes it will be very annoying., cuz u cant even bullrush to the pylon or u will die, to the lava for using bullrush, or to the push back aoe because u used the iframe for the laser.. pls fix this before the hardmode is released. tyvm
with the new patch i see Lakan charm can only be used to exchange for accesories.
is there any possibility of adding more things back? for the new lakan charm or for the new tokens. etc
cuz i see it useless when u can get better accesories now fron the new dgs. and glyph boxes was removed too.
AV down
fps of single digit? Welcome to my world. i play the whole Tera with 5 fps B) tanking.
i just wish to get Disco [filtered] xd
perm disco ball pls . i want it so hard xD
i feel lucky that i passed it and only did dungeons to lv up. cuz watching the video it looks so funny but if u're the one getting killed then its not anymore :)

PS: i blame The Legendary Popo
its 15 vg credit since i started this game.. and its still the same price... or at least in AV :)
at least give us 5s of invencibility. lel. or we cant even move after ress >.> and insta dead again
Sheep of Many Colours (body)
Ascension Valley.
its very funny to see. lol. just like the brawler's haymaker or rampage with high ping. it doesnt cast and keep repeating the casting animation.
same with the rune burst skill of valk. with high lag it does 0 dmg.( maybe was bc the big amount of lvling parties_
what??? u say u dont like brawler? just watch this video pls B)
metagame wrote: »
and not everybody wants to join a discord channel or have the discord opened while they're playing.
u can have 1 friend with 4 characters in ur friendlist.
well, since you seem to have no problem with your friends doing it, add people on alt accounts

another option would be to utilize the private chat channel option in-game, and then have all your buddies join it on their accounts and even their alts. the one downside to this is that it resets every time the server goes down and back up, either weekly or from a server crash, but if you keep the same room code/password it can help lower confusion

adding in an alt doesnt resolve the problem. cuz ur friend has 80 friends too and he needs to delete 1 to add ur alt. and then the endless circle starts again.
metagame wrote: »
if you're only adding people because you want the ability to summon them, you should consider how often you actually get to do so

if you just want to keep in touch you can always get discord or something

no. summon is a good thing but its not what i mean. i play with a lot of ppl a lot of times and they're not in my friendlist cuz its full. and not everybody wants to join a discord channel or have the discord opened while they're playing. if u have more slots u can add them easily and see if they're online or not, and if playing or not. it would be better than whispering 1by1 and see if they're online / free.
and if u need to delete 1 to be able to add new one. the same problem will apear again and again.
is possible to have more than 80 friends? u may think its a lot. but actually its not xD u can have 1 friend with 4 characters in ur friendlist. and all of them lv3+ friendship (for the summon). and everytime i want to add some1 i need to delete others who didnt come online for long time. but there is always some ppl whose i wont delete even if they keep being offline for more times.
then i thought it would be a nice idea if we can get more friend slots. like 150 or 200 for example. or even a new item, friendship slot expansion :) like the bank/inventory expansion. like +20 friend slot per use. and max 200. for example. im pretty sure a lot, or even everybody will buy it B)
and another idea i had is giving more slot for elite players but i think the previous idea was better.
what do u all think about it? i think it really helps a lot if we can do it.
Nootiful wrote: »
Ever since this post went up I've been getting spam applications to my learning raid. has this got anything to do with you?

ppl are dumb. idk why they do this to u. because nobody is pro since the begining. we're all trap sometimes. i still remember my 1st lknm in slaughter. i literally dyed to every single hit of the pony and wiped the party many times. and the healer couldnt hold me and said kick tank or kick me. and ofc they kicked me. and i didnt know brawler has a skill named growing fury untill i joined Red Rover and they took me to rmnm for my first time and i was horrible at it. and the 2nd boss was horrible for me. i only knew to tank with RHK combos + right click + rampage. and after it they told me to read brawler's guide and dungeon's guide. i did it. and i got my 1st imp weapon in the 1st month of game. and now im still using it.

i still remember we did a 5h bp training run when it released. we wiped infinite times at 2nd boss and we got all the mechanics but we laugh so much and had so many fun wiping that we couldnt clear it before sleep. (ppl stayed untill 4-5 am pst for it. we couldnt stay awake for more time)
and im glad about my gm too and all those ppl who took me to the rmhm learning run later.

and now here i am. having 30+ rmhm clears with imp +15 and 7 fps only. with armorcrafting and etching master. and crafted 2 quatrefoil brooches in total. dungeons like lknm bp rmnm now seems a joke for me. so easy.

im glad about Pizza.Eater too. who let me joined into his HH raid and for all the usefull stuffs and all those training runs we did. without it i wouldnt have cleared HH p1 later.
and im also glad about independent who let me joined in their HH raid and helped me clearing p1 in the training run.

idk how ppl can say such a bs to u when u're organizing a HH raid by ur own, with all those efforts and practise runs u will do, even if u were a trap long time ago. shame for them, cuz they probably dont know what a training runs of 10h+ means. they probably just say bs to u cuz they cant even get a HH raid by their own just for how salty they are. they probably are the guys who starts leaving at 30min after 2 simple wipes. no wonder why they cant clear HH without 'independent' , lol. cuz even independent cant carry bs ppl like them.( dont blame indep for ur noobish).

so here u are. just go ahead and u will prove urself. ignore what ppl say to u cuz once u clear the HH u will show them the difference between trash talkers like them and hard working person like u :)
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