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Is this dungeon too hard for you baby?

No need for name-calling. Completely unnecessary.
XRF4HCD9F4 wrote: »
Its any other way to get this points besides the codes i think we didnt have a code for nearly a month

There have been codes, and there's some that are still active, you just had to know someone, or someone had to post it on social media somewhere for everyone else. It didn't come straight from EME, but rather through their partners.

You can get credits for the reward emporium by making purchases in the TERA Store, aside from codes.

Let's lock the thread, Mods.
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kamizuma wrote: »
naw dont listen to these ppl, you can get lots of gear without swiping


no swipe

This coming from a guy that inflates the game economy by buying out all the servers talents for his selfish personal gain.

And has max characters on almost every server, I might add, so saying 'No swipe' isn't entirely true.
If you guys want what EU has...go play it?

Simple, not hard, and hell, you save time asking the same question over and over, and every time, we don't (usually) get what GameForge gets.

Two different companies, two different publishers, it's inevitable we won't get the exact same content, events, etc, etc.
I believe they're planning on placing the NPC summons elsewhere, but currently at the moment, they can only be gained either through Gillie, or through Trade Broker (if your server has them on).

No idea why they removed all the NPC Summons. Right as the question was asked, the thread was also locked, so we never got an answer, other than Phase 2 of the update will contain more updates to the store. I'm assuming they'll either be re-added under another tab, or even in another store, such as Peddler, or the Novelty Merchant in Velika. I do wish they would combine these smaller shops into one. It'd make it easier to manage. But that's my two cents.

They'll be back soon, afaik.
All the bills were converted a month ago. Tikat is just bored and out of his mind.

Maybe the closing of his shop made him go insane and instead decided to re-open while the boys in white looked for him?
I'm pretty sure Serena's marker disappears when she's removed. (Then again, this is console, so maybe not.)
Have you tried unsubscribing to the TERA Newsletter, saving the changes, then re-subscribe? Of course, we wouldn't know if this worked until they send out another one.

The Bug Reports section is for PC players. Please refer to the forum where Console players are reporting other issues.

This thread might also be a good place;

Do you get any interaction option text when walking around the statue? Have you tried closing the game and relaunching?
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I checked my email box and I don't have this newsletter. They seems to have stopping coming into my mailbox in Nov of last year. The last email blast I got was able the Black Friday deals >.>...

Nothing in my spam folder either...WTF

Check and make sure your email on your account is the correct one, and that TERA Newsletter is checked.
Looks like EME forgot to edit Tikat's shop to where he can offer to trade Fed Bills for Fashion Coupons, and instead, he's listing 4 different dyes for 40 Fed Bills each, with the shop in its entirety bugged.

I'm pretty sure most people have changed their bills for coupons at this point, but still wouldn't hurt to correct the shop.


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I did guille in 3 characters and i got 3 smart dyads, theres still plenty of time fpr the event, plus you can do the plex of idk the name

Pit of Petrax
This happened to me. What I did to fix it was message support in a ticket and they reset it to the appropriate part of the mission, and was able to complete it. However, some of the quest is easy to miss. Follow the guide that LXM6H9H4JH posted above, and it'll help a lot.
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they should change the elite mount every month.

Completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. He's already stated he's open to changing it more often, but needs ideas. Posts like yours are useless and completely unhelpful when you don't offer suggestions (and again, derailing the current topic thread).
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I prefer such things that are related to economics in game not be discussed with the player council. Such things can be abused easily to have a huge advantage on the market for example when the semi-enigmatic dismantle rates were adjusted. People dumped them on the market were mostly part of the player council because they got insider info.

As much as we all were disappointed and upset about this, could we not bring up the past? Sure it's effects are still here to this day, but it's done and over with, EME regretted it, etc.

I personally don't see why PC is even still around, no offense to them, but if EME doesn't approach them about anything....what's the point really? I mean it's a great idea that was put in at first, but now it's got no point. It needs to be re-created, with new purpose. But EME has to do this, no one else can.
Without knowing your username, they won't be able to fix the issue. I'm assuming you're on a new account, rather than your old one. Send in a Support Ticket and give them all the information you can in order to help them help you get access to your old account again;
All praise the necromancer! (Just kidding.)

Time for this to be locked so it can stay dead.

There's plenty of threads on Talismans that you can provide your feedback on. No need to bump an old thread.
Most likely not, unless they've found a CM that they are wanting to introduce. Occasionally @seandynamite will hop on with someone like @SingleBear if anything important needs to be addressed, but casual streams will be on hold until they find a Community Manager to replace Spacey.
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While Gameforge actually logged on their characters and took screenshots, EME just decided to once again half [filtered] everything and steal a video from a youtube of someone showcasing the hair styles :+1:

What you have stated is not what occurred. The uploaded Youtube Videos showing the new Hair Styles were created and uploaded by us.

Edited : Nexon shared their videos with us to use.

Hey i love how your response as a EME employee is to immediately lie to everyone, that really makes people trust you, you know? Maybe stop treating us like idiots because we know more than you and you cant let stuff like this slide because we will call you out on bs. You guys only retract when you've been caught with your hands in the cookie jar.



Considering he's only just the LEAD PRODUCT SUPPORT MANAGER, he isn't 100% keyed into such information. If he's given something to do by someone higher up, and all he knows is someone higher up gave it to him, the first thing you'd assume is that it was from an inside source, and not an outside one. Then, when asked further about the information, told where the original source was.

Get off your high horse. Sheesh.
ElinLove wrote: »
I have the impression it was kind of a Spacecats idea and it went away with him. The plans where there but it ended up without the execution because, well, who was gonna do it left.

It was another person's idea in the office. Had nothing to do with Spacey (unfortunately, but also gratefully.)
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
I'm under the impression that they said in one of the streams (I think it was there anyway) that they had to change some plans because certain things weren't working out.

So the Murder Mystery probably was one of the things that ended up on the cutting floor due to that. I haven't seen any mention of it happening at some later point in any case.

They kept re-working the event, and it didn't seem to be made in the way they liked it, but they said they do plan on doing the event in the future. Never said an exact date though/
Yes, the event is the reason ping was high before and after maintenance. As SingleBear has stated, it's the CPUs of the servers being crushed.

That's possibly why you're stuck on patching, because of server issues.
Margarethe wrote: »
Mockery, it's clearly an ISP issue.


Margarethe, always the kidder. :)
SingleBear wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
Pretty sure it's not rocket science as to what the cause is. (No offense meant EME.)

None taken. And you're right, it's not rocket science...it's computer science. (I got jokes.)

What we are trying to establish is exactly how this impacts our servers. Knowing that it is crushing the CPUs on our arbiter servers and not a packet issue is important. The more info we can pull and send to Bluehole the better our chance of getting the event optimized so that we can bring it back better.

I like your style. You should post more often with your jokes. :+1:
Pretty sure it's not rocket science as to what the cause is. (No offense meant EME.) But an event to track every single bam at all the provinces and areas at all times, and tracking hundreds of player's progress, probably is something the build can't handle, and wasn't optimized by BHS at all. If BHS would just go and optimize the game, this event would probably not be too bad, but considering EU had problems, I'm assuming KTera, JTera, all other regions have also had this issue with this event.

Good idea, good execution publisher-wise, but developer-wise, terrible execution. Turn off the event, let everyone play the game, and then let's revisit this event once BHS figured out how to optimize.
It's due to the event. EU turned off their event because of 'low performance issues'.
Yep, AV doesn't want to do maintenance today. Second time it's been up (since before maintenance) while all others are down. It went down at the appropriate time while the rest went down 5 minutes prior to maintenance, and then it's come back up.
WhippyWhip wrote: »
> @Naru2008 said:
> I believe any monster that is +/- 5 levels are counted.

Is it + and - 5 levels? The site just says higher the 5 levels of your toon

I was killing Levels 63 and 62(as level 65) so I assume it's +/- 5
I believe any monster that is +/- 5 levels are counted.
CornishRex wrote: »
What happen, only av is up :sweat_smile:

To be honest, when AV is still up 5 minutes after the rest of the servers go down, supposedly for maintenance, you're not the only one who questions it.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
> @Naru2008 said:
> Andddd now everyone but AV is down. GG.
> @CobaltDragon can you let the network team know?Server maintenance dood...
Still odd how AV is still up, but kay
Andddd now everyone but AV is down. GG.

@CobaltDragon can you let the network team know?
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Christin wrote: »
Christin wrote: »
It's almost like Tera is such a torture for them, no one wants to do it unless they have to. Did you see the last stream they did? Did you notice the enthusiasm they had?

They seemed pretty earnest about what they wanted to do (particularly Singlebear's explanations, as someone who has been at EME for a long time), but they were production team people. Their job is behind the scenes and in management, not to be on-camera personalities. Back in the day, Treeshark was no less awkward whenever he was on stream (and he had about the least "enthusiastic" personality you've ever met).

I think it's more important to have the open interaction with the production team rather than shutting them away from the community because they seem insufficiently enthusiastic.

I can't tell if you simply missed the point or are trying to change the topic completely?

What is your point, then? You said that they didn't seem enthusiastic on the last stream, but it's production folk. They're not there to be enthusiastic on stream, but to deal with the day-to-day work of keeping the game running. That's also why they don't have the time to plan and do live streams every week; they already have enough work to do. Is there really any point in having Circuits do it when she admits she's only been focused on Closers and doesn't know TERA? Once they hire a new community team person and they settle into their role, I'm sure we'll have an enthusiastic face on stream again.

It's not really hard to understand what's going on in this case, so I think it makes more sense to focus the complaints on more constructive things.

They can still put up a code or something on the offline screen on twitch so people can check in. Or a brief pre-recorded video including a code. Keeps up some level of consistency. As you know the whole key methods in-game relying on reward shop issues, not to diverge too much, but the credits from the codes were noteworthy.

I think you missed the part where they said they weren't going to do those reward codes as often, and improve the rewards as such.

I've suggested it before, I'll suggest it again.

PingZapper. It re-routes how you're connected to the server. It has helped take my 70-80ms ping to 40-45ms.

Comes with a free trial, and then the lowest price is $3.99 for 30 days.


(Before anyone asks, yes, this is a third party tool, but it's accepted by GMs. It's been approved in previous posts of mine, hence my sharing it here.)

If the free trial improves your ping, then I would highly suggest getting a subscription. If it doesn't change much, or at all, just don't get one. :)
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@seandynamite they all want free stuff while you all don't make money on a f2p game think how many are ranting on the forums for double vg not even 20 players be patient same ones still ranting when they get something going and do the same top tier iod just funny. i'm a casual player just enjoying the game. seems like their a lot of children in here now.


I'm so sorry, but were you not around for the different cash-related events? Events that required (mostly) cash involved? Hrmmm.....
Disable Legion Tracking (and make sure you've done the story quest) and you should be good.
"Looks like somebody played a trick on you!" - Poporis of TERA

Welp, EME strikes again.
As the Popori say;
"Looks like somebody played a trick on you!"

Except this is a terrible, permanent trick.

EME, it isn't April Fools. Please. At least wait until April.

If @CassandraTR's thread hasn't even reached anyone's senses at EME, I'm afraid nothing will.

(Also, very lucky there's no salt in my parcel for today.)
The current (and only) CM looking over all EME games is @eme_circuits but, she's just one person, and can't handle all of them at once. Little bits of attention here and there.

Melyodis wrote: »
Sounds good but why should i do that when players from my server and other servers are seeing the same thing if it was a client side issue they would not have seen the same thing in the image i posted above. but anyway i'll send a support ticket.

Many reasons. First of all, so they can be aware of the problem.
Secondly, so that when they go to BHS and say 'Hey, there's a bug with Human Flight Suits', and BHS asks for proof, they can send multiple ticket queries to them as proof.

You don't come report a bug, get told to send in a Support Ticket to officially log it, and then ask 'Why should I do that?' You want it fixed, no? Then why do you think you need to do that?
HTGCLHFXC4 wrote: »
The problem is that I'm just level 26 and they gave me some equipment of my level but I can not place them because they tell me that I should use those scrolls to be able to equip them ... that happens with all the equipment I get later?

No. You click on them and choose their enchantment effects. You don't have to have the scrolls, as ElinLove pointed out.
Xristosx wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
Yes guys, En Masse DID listen to us! I do have to give credit when it's due, and this time it is. Thanks a lot for this change


Uhhhh No....? Dont say that, they literally did nothing, this change has been known for months in ktera. You do realise they basically have no control over that stuff? BHS did that, Eme literally just plugs the update into our servers they receive from BHS and then gets people like you to think they actually do something. So no dont praise them.


You must be the best person to have at parties. Must be real fun. o/
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is it better to sell all of my rubies/sapphires and just buy emeralds off the broker with the gold, or is it better to turn the sapphires into emeralds?

Probably the later, but you have to factor in that the Emerald design will cost a fair penny as well. Depending on your server, Emeralds are probably currently listed for more than their current value. (On TR, last I checked, Emeralds were going for roughly 1400-1800 per piece, which is 400-800 more than they are valued at by selling to an NPC.)

I am from TR. Do guildmates make emeralds for you if you give them the materials?

Depends on which guild. Some are willing to help, some aren't. If you're willing to provide the materials, chances are players are willing to craft them for you.
is it better to sell all of my rubies/sapphires and just buy emeralds off the broker with the gold, or is it better to turn the sapphires into emeralds?

Probably the later, but you have to factor in that the Emerald design will cost a fair penny as well. Depending on your server, Emeralds are probably currently listed for more than their current value. (On TR, last I checked, Emeralds were going for roughly 1400-1800 per piece, which is 400-800 more than they are valued at by selling to an NPC.)
GGRMHMXFA6 wrote: »
Must have been nice to be playing Tera during the Argon event where they were droping dragon scales and weapon skins like candy, everyone and their 10 alts got a dragon. I joined after the Free dragon Argon event completed and none of my charas are close to getting a 1.5 dragon (best is 15/40).

Now scales are removed from the calendar and reduced from dungeons. Seems the only thing EME wants to encourage with changes like this is for people to break out their wallet.

Depending on your server, you can buy the argon loot boxes (I've gotten my dragon from blowing gold on them) in the broker. Plenty of chances for scales, or Entropic Emblems.
You can buy them off the Broker, but other than crafting, that's the only way to get anything after Golden/Silver Talents (Darics, Plates).

There are events that may be ran with Gems as rewards, but you can easily run dungeons such as Ghillieglade or Pit of Petrax, both having a (small) chance of dropping an Emerald. Outside of dungeons and rare events that offer gems as rewards, there's no sure fire way outside of, just like with Darics and Plates, either crafting or buying off the broker. You can sell all the rubies and Sapphires you get in GG and PP to get enough Gold and buy them off the broker.
ElinLove wrote: »
Actually you two: the funny thing is that you both agree with each other and can't get to see it huehue

It's easier to an outsider to see since you don't have the thoughts of either in mind and just read the text.

I'm just waiting for my significant other half to put 2 and 2 together. :trollface:
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Pages wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
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Bindor wrote: »
welcome to the change where people can get dungeons going then just kick for whatever... GG

Yeah. They never did this before after all

This. I've been kicked for literally being the only person running the dungeon, while the rest were AFK until they kicked me, and everyone voted yes.

This...doesn't change how parties of 5 work..at all...

Currently, parties of 5 require 4 votes to kick. 4/5 is 80%.

This only has an impact on Raids.

I'm sorry, pretty sure you weren't paying attention to the post I quoted. Please double-check.

I was paying attention. You're saying that you have been kicked before to disprove the "they've never done this before after all" quote.

I'm just saying, this change literally has no impact on what happened to you.

LOL I'm sorry, you do need to re-read. I wasn't trying to disprove anything. If you couldn't tell, ElinLove was using sarcasm. I was playing along with the sarcasm.
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Naru2008 wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
Bindor wrote: »
welcome to the change where people can get dungeons going then just kick for whatever... GG

Yeah. They never did this before after all

This. I've been kicked for literally being the only person running the dungeon, while the rest were AFK until they kicked me, and everyone voted yes.

This...doesn't change how parties of 5 work..at all...

Currently, parties of 5 require 4 votes to kick. 4/5 is 80%.

This only has an impact on Raids.

I'm sorry, pretty sure you weren't paying attention to the post I quoted. Please double-check.
ElinLove wrote: »
Bindor wrote: »
welcome to the change where people can get dungeons going then just kick for whatever... GG

Yeah. They never did this before after all

This. I've been kicked for literally being the only person running the dungeon, while the rest were AFK until they kicked me, and everyone voted yes.
Melyodis wrote: »
feedback is now ranting well done op you changed the game.
I'm no EME White Knight but I swear you people will find literally anything to complain about.
Yube wrote: »
Now people complain about freebies you get for just login in game? What else you want Dragon for afking ?

@Melyodis If you want to get technical, yes, ranting is still a form of feedback. However, this here isn't just ranting. Maybe you need some glasses, cause I praised some of the changes they made. I would highly suggest investing in some glasses. :+1:

@GlitterBalloon As I told Melyodis, there isn't just complaints in my post. Yes, I too am not an EME White Knight no matter how many times I'm called it, but I'm just providing feedback on the Calendar. That's all. Not complaining. Not ranting. Nada.

@Yube I'm sorry. Do you want a [filtered] ton of consumables that A.) You don't use and B.) Cannot discard or destroy because the game won't let you? Just think about this for a second before being a jackass for no reason.

If you're not going to provide constructive feedback about the calendar, do not post.

If you have to buy a pair of glasses in order to read the line above this one, more power to you, but I'd rather not repeat myself. :+1:
Ray676 wrote: »
please stop putting those [filtered] garbage candies on the calendar. you can't discard them and they are useless

Oh good god I didn't even notice you can't destroy them. What the actual hell?
So while this thread provides feedback on Dragon Scales being completely removed ([filtered] move, btw), I figured this thread would be made for the Calendar as a whole. This is purely constructive feedback and I'd like everyone else to provide such feedback as well, rather than argue and bicker and have the thread closed.

(Please note, that by the screenshots provided, this is obviously still being made by the team at the current moment, and is not final.)


So first off, as the thread linked above says, the scales for the 31 was removed and replaced with Friendly Feasts. I find this completely unnecessary to edit it, and remove the scales that were already there with 2 Friendly Feasts. Now I already have an Iron Dragon from the scales, so this doesn't necessarily harm me any, but I know it will people in my guild, including other community member.
The only issue remaining involving the Dragon Scales, is that it seems they've removed them completely from the Calendar, not even a single Scale for a day is provided. Now this is just speculation, but chances are, they might not make another return to the calendar. Way to punish the loyal people who login every day regardless the future of the scales.

Now let's take a look at next month's calendar setup;

Starting off with the screenshot above, there's a total of 4 potions that we get this upcoming month. Two single Strong Bravery Potions, and 2 Strong Canephora Potions. The reason I see this as a problem personally, is that since roughly November/December, we went from stacks of 3 each, to 2 each, and now Strong Bravery Potions are now down to a single potion. I know @seandynamite had mentioned getting rid of consumables users didn't use in order to improve the calendar, but I think we've gotten lost and confused somewhere. I don't know of a single user who doesn't use or like Strong Bravery Potions or Strong Canephora potions. If you're going to lower the consumables people don't like/want/use, swap the current numbers around. 2 Strong Braveries and 1 Strong Canephora. Canephora is less useful than Braveries.

Next up is the whopping 21 food consumables for the month of February. If you look, that's 3 stacks of 3 Lamb Bugoli (thank you for going back from 2 to the original 3 like before the holidays), 2 Friendly Feasts (we don't see these until the 24th, after getting them on the 31st), and 10, count them, 10 Heart Chocolates, which in case you aren't familiar, they instantly replenish 50% of your MP upon consumption. They increased these by 7, up from the previous stacks of 3 for the longest, to now 10 per stack. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I have no use for them. They sit in my bank, and if I ever get to the point where they start taking up multiple slots in my bank (and with this increase, it'll happen sooner than I would have ever thought), I will start destroying them, or even better, stop claiming them. I figured there'd be a reason to even have these at this point, but there still isn't. There's plenty of alternatives, such as Battle Solutions, Divine Infusions, which restore up to 75% of your MP (notice that's more than the hearts) at 5% per second for 15 seconds. Sure, it takes 15 seconds to get 25% more, but I still consider that more useful, as it's cooldown is only 30 seconds, compared to the hearts, which has a cooldown of a whopping 2 minutes. This is just increasing the junk that nobody wants, the complete opposite of what Seandyanmite was talking about doing.

Third item on the agenda is the (current) Dummy Smartboxes on dates 4 and 22. I don't know about you guys, but I already have more than enough costumes, etc than I can hold in my wardrobe, and I don't plan on letting them take up a permanent slot in my inventory. Unlike some players who choose to purchase these because they fit their fancy, I find a very rare few that I like, and some aren't even obtainable by cash anyways. If these are made tradeable (which I hope they are), I'll be putting them on Broker. Now, why would I complain about possibility of making more gold if they are made tradeable? Simple really. Inflation. If everyone gets an item that can be put on broker and nobody likes the item, or doesn't want it, the market in the Trade Broker will become flooded with everyone trying to sell them. Sure some people will want them, but if the market becomes flooded, nobody will sell any, except for the people who keep trying to one-up each other to make a quick buck by dropping the price at a ridiculous rate, therefor bringing down the average price. Nice idea in theory, but on paper, this seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Next up is the two Strongbox Keys on dates 5 and 21. Now, after the Strongbox event ended, I see no point in adding these to the calendar. Yes, players asked for them to be more easily accessible, but that was leading up to the event, and now that the event is over, who cares really other than the people who hoard the keys for the next Strongbox event which probably won't even take place until next year? Sure, you can sell them for gold, and yes, people sit there and open lockboxes (apparently) outside of the events for chances of getting normal jackpots, but outside of that, what's the point of putting them on here when we literally just had an event where these would have been useful?

Following up the Strongbox Keys are the Travel Journal (3 Day) and the stack of 3 Village Atlas. While I appreciate that people outside of Elite are given the chance to use the Travel Journal, when we first added Village Atlas to the calendar, the market on Tempest Reach got flooded with stacks of 3 Atlases, assumingly because nobody wanted them. As such, their prices have dropped dramatically, even more so since being added to the Fashion Coupon Shop (to be discussed below, the Coupons themselves). Yes this is a great idea, and I appreciate both being added, but I'm looking at this from outside of my personal thoughts, as if another community member might, and I don't see the point. The moment you claim the Travel Journal, you'll have 72 hours to use it. If you're not level 65, what real use will you be getting out of this, besides marking the World Bosses that drop loot or using to go back to a really beautiful area (while keeping in mind that, in 72 hours from claiming, it will disappear)? If this isn't made a usual thing in the Calendar, I don't see the point, as most people won't ever be able to access those points again for a foreseeable future in that case.

So since I brought up Fashion Coupons, let's address those. I understand that according to the Development Roadmap, we're getting the Fashion Coupon store update around this time, however as with most updates, and EME staff have been sly to point out and even joke about making their deadlines on the last day of the month, it's probably going to come roughly on the 28th, as most updates come on the last day of the month. So from what we can assume, prices will change on everything in the shop, as new items will be added that have been meaning to be added up to this point, and most people should have a huge amount of them sitting in their banks/inventories after the patch coming later today, but do we really have to go from 50 to 10 BEFORE the Fashion Coupon shop update goes live? I myself have over 10k Fashion Coupons, so I am mostly prepared for price updates, but I feel like this is just a slap to the face for those who don't have many, or are just starting out on TERA. Chances are we won't get the update to the shop until the end of the month, and we're already lowering the amount of coupons provided on the calendar. Couldn't we have waited until March and given, as since November/December, a single stack of 50 this month? Was 2 stacks of 10 really necessary? Why not just a single stack of 20 and free up another slot on the calendar? (Again, thinking of this objectively, and from all points of view.)

Next is the Superior Noctenium Elixir. There's two this month, replacing our stacks of 400 Noctenium Infusions. I have to applaud them for this, as usually it's just one, or an Uncommon version. This is a good improvement to the calendar in respects to Noctenium, though the community was already complaining of little ways to gain Noctenium, and with vanguards reverting to the single base multiplier, there will be even less, including with the stack of 400 Noctenium Infusions. Sure you can buy some off broker, but if you don't have the gold, you're basically SOL until you hit level 65 and Vagnuards start giving them out to you.

While I have to applaud EME for adding multiple post-Fed Bill items to the Fashion Coupon store to the Calendar, I personally have no use for them. Yes, they are nice and make your character either have a swollen head, gain enough self-confidence to flaunt their innerwear, change their height, etc, but again, more consumables just sitting away wasting space, which we mentioned previously, we're trying to reduce consumables that are, for lack of a better term, pointless. It's a nice gesture, don't get me wrong, I'm just providing my two cents.

Speaking of, we also have a 3 day Disco Ball (I love disco [filtered]), which is a nice little aesthetic people can use. A 3 day pet with the ability to auto-loot (nice for those without pets and might encourage them to buy them, either with their money or on broker), a head accessory which if nobody wants, they can sell on Broker as it's tradeable (more gold for those who don't want it), and a 3 day Jade mount (another nice addition, even if I own the permanent version) which could possibly entice people to buy either Jade specifically, or any sort of way, and will help people who don't have a non-default ground/air mount get around quicker as the movement speed is higher (albeit slightly higher).

The last two items to address are first off the Goldfinger Tokens, which I personally have no use for as I have several pieces of Innerwear, however some people were wanting more ways to get more Goldfinger Tokens recently and they just went down from stacks of 30 to 20. Personally for me, it's just to sell extras on the broker when I get the chance to redeem them for a random piece of Innerwear. Others, it's to get a better piece of Innerwear.
The last item is the stack of 2 Dragon Fireworks. Now this I have mixed reviews on. Originally EME's stance was to release these during special occasions, because they were abused and could (and would) crash the servers. I love the fireworks myself, and don't mind having them to add to my growing collection of fireworks, however, if this becomes a standard thing, and people decide to try to crash the server, all they have to do is get together and everyone use the fireworks at once. On the other hand, it's a visually pleasing firework, and I'm excited to have it.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the upcoming Calendar sheet for February below.
Bluezcluez wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
(Re-posting cause forum is stupid.)

2.) Specifically the Master's Additive that was given by the mongos in the 'The Last Mongo' event will be replaced out of Inventories and Banks with the usable version; Master Additive.

from https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/20817/monogo-gave-me-unusable-item#latest

Spacecat's specialty STRIKES again.

Pretty sure just like the I Can Haz Backpack, anyone can send in a Support Ticket and they can restore said Additives and replace them.
(Re-posting cause forum is stupid.)

Just something I happened to think of while I was running dungeons and clearing out my inventory, here are a few things that are going away after maintenance on Tuesday that you need to use up and consume before the patch on Tuesday;

1.) Wintera Tokens. Any you have remaining need to be spent or they'll be removed.
2.) Golden GIft Boxes. Anything with these will be removed on Tuesday, make sure you handle anything related to this before then.
3.) Spacecats Tokens. These were from the 'The Last Mongo' event before Spacecats left. Make sure you redeem them for all the items possible before the patch.

These are supposedly getting replaced by the patch, once it goes live;

1.) Plenty of old loot boxes that were giving old unusable items will be either getting removed completely, or replaced by a usable version of the item.
2.) Specifically the Master Additive that was given by the mongos in the 'The Last Mongo' event will be replaced out of Inventories and Banks with the usable version; Master's Additive.
3.) Federation Bills. If you haven't bought any lootboxes with the Fed Bills you have remaining, they will automatically be converted to Fashion Coupons during the patch at a rate of 1:1.

Just bored and figured I'd remind everyone. o/
The only issue with Partyblast's post is that this is from Korea's Patch Notes. According to @seandynamite on stream from Friday, he said he believed they would leave it like the Elin Gunner, and that they wouldn't let you swap anything around. I'm assuming this is a Publisher decision. Yes it's possible, but it sounds like EME doesn't plan on allowing it.
Then keep a stack of a few thousand in the inventory. I've never had issues with Noctenium, but some people say the game lags when it checks to see all Noctenium in your inventory when you use it. Don't understand why it would, and not just remove the appropriate Noctenium without issue.
I mean they said the didnt extend because they forgot. But some ppl could open boxes and get nothing from jackpots as it wasnt extended. Means they lost their keys in vain? Or i dont get something i guess

No, they didn't ANNOUNCE it was extended.
Naru2008 wrote: »
There's the big update coming (probably circa 2020) continuing the lore where we left off with Velik's Hold and Velik's Sanctuary.

(The 'circa 2020' is a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was another year or two.)

Ammutseba wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
Kiraboshi wrote: »
So do we get a new punching bag CM or nah?

That's currently being discussed among the staff (from what Amberscale told me). I was told that concerns such as this would be handed to someone in the correct department to address. (So I assume either @seandynamite or @CobaltDragon .)

I believe we are in the phase of taking applicants.

The "I believe" part of that statement doesn't instill confidence. Since EME is still in the "taking applicants" phase, I'm guessing Spacecats leaving was pretty abrupt. Generally speaking, when a person leaves, you assign someone to that role at least temporarily.

You have to remember that Cobalt Dragon is the main head of Custom Support Tickets, and afaik, isn't specifically over-heading one single game, so I don't think he'd necessarily be up-to-date on hiring, etc.
There's the big update coming (probably circa 2020) continuing the lore where we left off with Velik's Hold and Velik's Sanctuary.

(The 'circa 2020' is a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was another year or two.)
kamizuma wrote: »
50% chance you either get it or you don't

This is hilarious coming from you lol.
I love how we continue to use steamcharts when that only shows the people who play through Steam, and not the rest.

Pretty sure this is it.
Kiraboshi wrote: »
So do we get a new punching bag CM or nah?

That's currently being discussed among the staff (from what Amberscale told me). I was told that concerns such as this would be handed to someone in the correct department to address. (So I assume either @seandynamite or @CobaltDragon .)
just recall before BV and you good. recall will make you invulnerable for BV cast. learn your class and stop complaining.

I wouldn't exactly call that learning your class. I'd call that learning an exploit. (I have a gunner myself. Recall is to make you immune to damage, not eliminate BV cast time.) There's a difference.
Also to further update: They did remove the temporary one and replace it with the permanent, so if you have held off buying it, you can now buy it.
Seemyface wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Seemyface wrote: »
Hi guys, I am main warrior and I found almost every good warrior in either MT or CH (I play only in these two servers) used full power jewelry set, which means they have only 150-160 crit rate in total with the Assault Stance on and without any other buffs.

Thus I decide to change my jewelry set. I used to equip two carving two pumped and carving necklace.

Is there any possible way I can "transfer" my carving jewelry to pumped jewelry without upgrading new ones?

I just destroyed all pumped jewelry a long time ago. Is there any way to get them back?

Thank you guys.

You can buy pumped prospect jewellery from Vanguard Iniciative Quatermaster Merchant.

You can press H then click on Redeem buton, you will be teleported near from him.

So you meant I have to upgrade another set of jewelry instead of "transfer" between pumped and carving, right?

Correct, unfortunately.
I've asked about this. If a staff member doesn't respond here, but I get a response, I'll post it here.
Dvsv wrote: »
We will miss you Spacecats, i think you were a great CM and Tera's community treated you very badly specially on Mongo event.
Majority of Tera's playerbase are very young and they know nothing what a real economy or inflation is, that's why they think "virtual commodities prices"(that got refreshed every 6 months) is a serious bussiness in a game that never bothered about economy or player effort in the first time.
In fact, i think the game economy is worse now cuz of BHS choices on Arsenal patch than on Mongo event and there's fewer players now too. But somehow, very few loud voices here think that, without a single evidence, Tera was not more popular only cuz of lack of extreme "2000's" oldschool grinding, extreme elitist content and the lack of 100G feedstock, huge mwa/spellbind prices!

Aside from the elitism and selfishness of these few but loud voices here, we can see thay most (if not all) ppl that complained so much about "mongos destroying economy" back then are very very quite now about this p2w strongbox event that is clreary messing with talents price (i.e: the few things that we can sell on this glorious perfect patch!)
And this make sense, cuz they never cared about "virtual economy" in the first place, but only about the value of their dolars or EMP spent on this game ;)

Yet if you look at other threads here in General Discussions, you see exactly that; people complaining about the talents and the prices going down.

Do your research before you post.
rexoe wrote: »
wow ty for f***ng up ingame economy again yay! good hes out

How did he [filtered] up the game's economy again, exactly? Nothing you got out of this mongo event could be put into Broker or traded. :think:
Remember that the weekend just ended, and everyone probably just got into the office this morning (if they are even in yet). Hopefully they'll respond soon.
Maybe @seandynamite or @Halrath can come in and replace any of the Additives we collected.

Even if you're not in America, send in Diagnostics, or they can't know you're having an issue.

I also suggest downloading PingZapper. It's got a free trial for a week, which can help re-route how your router is connecting to the servers.
Christin wrote: »
Thanks for doing this at last minute and thanks for making it such an unfair rng with some people getting 40 tokens in 2 hours and others getting 2 tokens in 4 hours. Real nice!

Please have the new event coordinator make these events a bit more fair.

RNG is not meant to be fair. If you think RNG is supoosed to be fair, please, go back to your fantasy world. (Coming from someone with 8 tokens)
Looks like the uncommon version is needed for the design. The ones dropping are the regular.

Yeah, thanks.

If you noticed, they sent an update and a system message that the shop was updated :)

News Post is up.
In 40 minutes a News Post will be added.
News Post ETA 40 minutes. Thanks.
Apparently they were listening, there's some kinda mongo related stream going on on Twitch. Dunno if it's actually a hunt event, or if it's just to catch our attention, but here it is;
Here's the issue with that;

Sure if you look at Ravenous Gorge and Channelworks, they basically gave you basic bots. In RG, you have the choice of two out of three; Priest, Lancer, and Sorcerer. In Channelworks, you had Lancer, and got to choose whether you wanted heals, or DPS. However, anything past this outer shell of coding would be impossible to code correctly without everything being buggy, and even if they did find a way to do this, they'd have to re-do each one to fit the dungeon specifically because of all the different mechanics in each dungeon, and not everything would be the same.

This would be too cost-effective and quite frankly, I don't think BHS would ever have the time to code NPCs to run dungeons when a player doesn't want to wait on players.

I know everyone complains about using IM, but I only have a bad apple here and there, and I struggle sure, but I get it done, rather than wait for LFG for sometimes hours.

Yes, this sounds like a good idea in theory, but in actuality, it'd be incredibly broken, frustrating, and just unnecessary.
L5CAE4JFLP wrote: »
Latza posted a paragraph of a bunch of [filtered] Of mayk!
You have no idea bud, you look and sound like an idiot!

Was it necessary for you to necro a long-dead thread to insult someone? Seriously?
UPDATE: Miner Hat's chances of dropping (drop rate) has been tripled in Hard Mode, compared to Normal Mode.
Naru2008 wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Just did a run and didn't get anything from a run .-. "Completing Thaumetal Refinery—that is, by defeating Garuuksalk, the final boss—yields a bonus drop of one of the following items (determined at random)"

It looks like its an extra drop to be looted between players. :/

So from 5 people only one will be the one getting the extra drop. :c

ah rip, don't think anyone in our run got anything either, was looking at the logs.

If there are any Designs that drop, the items won't drop, unless the designs are counted as the 'extra loot'.

No designs. Oh well got nearly a week to grind it out.

Surprising,considering every other run is dropping designs for everyone else, and the other every other run is dropping Smarties.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Just did a run and didn't get anything from a run .-. "Completing Thaumetal Refinery—that is, by defeating Garuuksalk, the final boss—yields a bonus drop of one of the following items (determined at random)"

It looks like its an extra drop to be looted between players. :/

So from 5 people only one will be the one getting the extra drop. :c

ah rip, don't think anyone in our run got anything either, was looking at the logs.

If there are any Designs that drop, the items won't drop, unless the designs are counted as the 'extra loot'.
You could try to use PingZapper. It comes with a 7 day free trial, and then it's pretty cheap to buy a subscription. It helps re-route your connection through multiple servers and you could try it to see what works for you and if it really improves the connection and lowers your ping, by all means, pay for a subscription.

PingZapper is completely valid and will not get you banned by the GMs. They have even stated it's a valid usable 3rd party program because all it does is re-route your connection, and they have no issue with it.
@CobaltDragon no disrespect meant towards any of the EME staff, but could you guys hold a meeting and talk to those in the department in charge of coming up and turning on these events? Any events past Kyra last year have had to be turned on past the original starting time and date. This is kinda sad to see this keeps happening, and someone isn't doing what they are supposed to do.

I understand they are events, and they aren't required, so some leniency is fine, but this is getting a tad-bit ridiculous. There needs to be discussions internally about how these events have been screwed up so many times, no matter how minor.
Xerses wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....

He said that was the goal to get it into the store for everybody by then. It might still be the plan, but it's a goal.

"Goal" is a really cute name for dates we probably can't and won't keep, but just throwing it out there anyway

Having plans/goals like this is the reality for all software companies, including gaming. Things slip dates all the time because unexpected complications come up; sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't. It's the nature of the job. If people expect them to be transparent to any degree, they'll have to deal with this uncertainty.

how much do they pay you?

Could you take your failed trolling and get outta here? Thanks.
Yordaddy wrote: »
You missed it. It was the fat santas event we had on christmas.

...Could you not troll people Kthnx.
ElinLove wrote: »
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Ray676 wrote: »
it's simple. ban everyone who uses injector/proxy. notroll.

That would kill off over half of the current tera population XD they already did a witch hunt early in 2017 and lost a lot of players because of that.

lost a lot of players

Yeah man. Let it go. That meme is dead for half a year already. I know the whole 3rd party "witch hunt". They banned 2~3 creators of those tools and then scared people off. Banned some others who blatantly challenged En Masse and done.

This. The players chose to quit because they KNEW they were doing wrong.
Araix wrote: »
Well i got elite and noticed my tera rewards went up. Does it go up everytime i renew my elite?? And was wondering if i canceled elite do all the scrills i saved up become useless?

Holy necro batman!

Anyways, no your elite-related items will not become useless, you can still open Elite Boxes without having Elite. (If you can't, that's a bug.)

I believe you get reward points when purchasing Elite, because you're spending money, and that's just a perk you get, is reward points. You get them when you spend EMP, such as Bank Expansions, Wardrobe Expansions, etc.
FRSTY wrote: »
Why not release them in the store? So many people want them, it would seem to me like a huge profit. You could even make them untradeable and people would still buy them...

Already can't be traded... :thonk:
Go look at VODs?

Actually, specifically this one, I believe;
I think EME needs to utilize the announcement system included in the Calendar more often. Spacecats did use it during the ExtraLife events, but outside of that, I have yet to see EME staff actually utilize it. It'd be nice to put it up there at least a week in advance.
its not tera related either. gtfo with that misleading bs.

Maybe you should open your mind, and think outside the box...inside the lootboxes.

You could buy a Hint Lootbox for $200 for a .00005 chance of getting an actual hint, or 500 Metamorphic Emblems, if you don't get the joke.

Even then, chances are you don't get the joke.

TBH this is associated with EA more than TERA, but it does come into play with TERA.
TYoung11 wrote: »
I know a lot of people want them as "markers" for various reasons. One of the more popular is to mark the "safe" spots in P4 of HH for people learning the DG. What about a version you can't write on. That would make a lot of people happy.

Having generic placeable "markers" does seem like a good feature request. You could also make it so that it's only visible to the party/raid, if there's concern about performance in the open world.

Similar to those tokens the game gives you while around the temples, so you can mark your path. I think they are meant for Balder's Temple iirc, but I might be wrong.
Wish I had took a video of him flying around in circles, with the trails in the air, but it was unexpected, and he did like two to three laps, so no chance to launch any recording software. :(

Spacey was just having friendly chats in Channel 1 of Highwatch on Tempest Reach, showing off the new mech suits coming out at the end of this month.

I asked when the next blurple event would be, but he went silent afterwords. Can't confirm anything, but I'll keep pushing for updates on what really matters; Blurple.

(This post is mostly purely in fun and is in no way serious about what's important and what isn't.)
papy10k wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
papy10k wrote: »
play with 4 friends and this will never happen

When your friends aren't on 24/7 at the same time you are, nor are your guild mates, you really don't have a choice, so your suggestion is completely non-helpful. [Removed]

deal with it, or solo the boss, RG is ezpc

RG yes. But let's talk about the 4 and 5 star dungeons.

Let's put you in there solo and when you need help let's say "deal with it".

You must be fun at parties.

It's obvious you're a troll, so I won't be entertaining you any further past this point.
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