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Yes ofc people have the right to not join, that's not the issue at all. I respect that completely.
I totally understand that people want a fast painless clear, it's all fine and dandy.
I have days like that myself, where I don't want to wipe for hours on end. :)

That would be an awesome idea, just thinking about how to make it work practically! Hmm food for thought indeed.
I do realize that in my original post it seemed as if I completely disagrees with meter and the website, however I do see the benefits of having it.
As I have mentioned before it is obviousluy a good way for people to try out new builds etc.
Then if you decide to use it or not is up to you.
Personally I don't use it for several reasons.

I agree with your statment to a fair amount. I don't like being lied to either, rather they tell me the truth instead of me finding out they don't know mechs at last boss. I don't mind spending a bit of time explaining and I often invite people to discord with me too, that way they get to listen to my raspy voice (win/win for everyone) :P In all seriousness though, I enjoy teaching people if I know that from the start (not as a surprise wipefest later on). I also don't have a problem with people not joining lfg based on their source of information, no matter how they got it. You overall got my point. :)

Well I cannot speak for others, some like grinding, some don't, the choice is their own. Myself I play for fun - fun for me is doing the hardest content and sometimes 100's of times. But I think I got your point, in your experience people only grind cus it needs to be done. I hope that's not the case because if so there is better ways to spend your time >.<

I was merely trying to start a discussion, not to start drama. Sadly you are not the only one thinking this is a drama post, even though I tried making my intentions clear from the start. Some people have come up with nice ideas on how to "fix the problem". How to get them to work is another question though.
@CornishRex No you wouldn't be able to see the exact amount, only that you got the achievment and at what point in time :)
@ValiantCorvus Ofc you should have high expectations for people doing RKE. It would be rather daft to not have. I don't like wiping for hours on end either - especially when I have done my own fair share of training.
However, this was not meant as a complaint, only to raise a discussion regarding the community.
I am not faulting players for wanting to clear or to have high expectations but with that said do you think they also have the right to bully others just cus they are not yet registered on a website?

I am not upset that people didn't want to join us, my friends however were upset over the fact that some people went out of their ways to troll our party. I don't mind waiting a bit for people to join me and certainly rather wait a bit longer rather than having someone who will be rude to my friends join us.
@CassandraTR Seems as I am not making myself clear, since you keep missing the point.
1. I never said I didnt have proof, I do have proof. However, I am not going to post it here on the forum.
2. I don't have a problem with skilled players, which you seem to suggest. I don't cry, I don't get tilted and I don't take offense to people trolling ME but others do. I only the messenger here. And to respond to your advice upon not being in LFG, it's simple I like meeting new people. This is after all a MMO, isn't it? I have made many of my friends from LFG pugs.
3. You also seem to suggest I am not skilled or perhaps I am reading too much into it but just out of curiousity (if it is the case) I wonder what makes you think that?
@Ray676 Sorry but I don't really follow your reasoning
@admonitu You make a good point, I do believe people could make good use of it. Using it to improve their own rotation, testing out crit vs power etc. So yes, in that aspect I am all for it.
My "first" clear on mystic is up on said website, after looking it up, it says I had 99% uptime on volley of curses and zero deaths - contagion I already know I could have used better (during enrage). But overall I think it was ok, for a "first" clear.

I do see the benefits, but the system is being abused, sadly.

You also mention something I forgot above, knowing your class - ty for bringing it up :)
@CassandraTR Ofc I do, but for RKE goes under RKH, so people do look others up. I am just telling you mine and my friends experience. You can obviously compare achievments with someone else too, where you can easily see if they have certain ones. Something a lot people do not know.
So yes, the info is ingame if you care to look for it.
Although that wasn't the point I was trying to make with the post, next time you should read it all.

What you are about to read is not a #crymeariverpost. I just wanted to express myself and hopefully in the process open other peoples eyes. I should also say that I have all my alts on TR so I don't really have too much experience with other servers - perhaps this is not the case at your tera home. :)

I have for almost 6 years enjoyed this game, with some breaks here and there, upon til recently.
So, I have never really had one main but if I were to pick one it would have been priest for the past 3 years, until this patch, because who wants priest, right?
Everyone (in my own experience) wants a mystic, so I decided to only play mystic for a while, something I love doing so it's not a loss for me.
I also have a good geared brawler and sorc (read sc ++), so I switch around depending what class we need atm - however I play mystic the most.

For the past few days I have been "struggling" with the community. What really made me decide to stop playing tera, for now anyways, was how much trolling my party had to go thru yday. To the story, me and two of my good friends were trying to get a party going for RKE, me as a mystic, one of my friend as brawler and second one on archer. They are both at +7 sc, which is enough for RKE. But because we hadn't cleared it yet in this setup (not mentioned in the lfg), no one would apply and even more so people would log their alts to start trolling us by applying to the party with low geared toons, spamming pms and would keep at it for a while. Myself, I don't care much about trolls but my friends took offense and became rather tilted by it.

So how did they know we hadn't cleared on these toons yet? Most of you know the answer to that question already. Without mentioning it by name there is a website that stores this information by people using banned software. I think I am the only veteran player alive who does not agree with this nor use it - never have and never will. After 6 years I don't need to have any software telling me how I am doing, I know if I am doing great, good or bad.

So what is really the problem? People get blinded by the numbers. IMO big numbers is not equal to a good dps - however a good dps is usually equal to big numbers. This might sound a bit confusing but it's not really. It just means I put alot more meaning into the term "good dps". To me, it means knowing and doing mechs properly, not facetanking everything every chance you get, be a teamplayer, have a good attitude etc. But to many others it just means pulling great numbers - no matter if they die, facetank, skip mechs - just making life harder for everyone else. I am obviously fully aware that there are mechs you need to take to the face, not as many in this patch, but there still are some.

So what do I want? I just want people to start thinking about the community as a whole, about trolling, about treating each other with respect. I don't need anyone to tell me I am good, I know I am a fairly good healer/dps although I suck at tanking >.<. I aim to do the hardest content, because its the most fun and challening but in the process me and my friends are met with elitism, sarcasm, trashtalking etc. Please, start to think about the bigger picture and not just about the big numbers. If you are not ready to do so, then please stay in your statics with people who share your views and stop caring about LFG.

Much love!
Over and out,
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