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I've been away from Tera for a while, so maybe I'm missing something simple here, but why does this character bound Iron Dragon mount (https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/IronDragoncharmount/iron-dragon-permanent-character-mount) cost more than this account Iron Dragon (https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/ironhideaccountmount/ironhide-permanent-account-mount)? They look and sound like the same thing. This also applies to the Crimson version etc.
Thank you En Masse for finally killing the wicked XIGN witch. It should have been done a long time ago, but I'll perhaps consider booting Tera up again from time to time after a half year absence.
Get rid of XIGNcode. I don't use any 3rd party programs or anything - I just stopped playing period and cancelled my long time elite status because of XIGNcode. It's not worth it. Ditch it ASAP.
I just cancelled my 3+ year elite subscription and refuse to log in any more (or spend any more) until they remove XIGN.
I've stopped logging in since XIGN.
I just want you to know EME, that I have been an elite subscriber non-stop since the beginning of 2015 (when the $10 a month elite subscription was offered)... and because of this malware program, on top of all the other awful changes that have bee made to this lovely game (and its store) over the last year, I am likely going to cancel my subscription in the next day or two unless you get rid of this XIGN malware.
CornishRex wrote: »
I still have over 1k dragon fireworks on av. maybe someday I will sell them

They were made untradeable recently lol
Too late

Oh for Pete's sake! :angry: These kind of unanticipated random changes to items years after they've been released/discontinued is one of the reasons I've largely stopped playing Tera. I gave all my dragon fireworks to my friend to store over New Years on the assumption I'd be getting half of them back. Now I've lost them forever. Thanks for that eme... I really appreciate it when you slap long time players.
Getting rid of ALL the ground mounts is one of the dumbest things this game has ever done. It might be okay if the flying mounts were actually fun, but with their flight limitations and short flight span, they're more of a lame gimmick than anything else.
Yeah there's something buggy about the latest patch. My anti-virus has marked it as a false-positive and now I'm getting the opening and closing constantly as well. This is only on my Windows XP computer though - my Win 7 install seems fine.
Do you have AVG? Mine has been sending me false positive warnings about Tera for the last two days. This has happened before with AVG. It's not as good a program as it used to be. You can add Tera as an exception in AVG's options or just wait for the patch next Tuesday which will probably resolve the issue.
I think this is possibly the best new feature they've ever added to Elite.... getting $4.50 worth of EMP per month basically cuts the cost of a monthly subscription by a third - and almost in half for longtime subscribers who have kept their elite going for years at the $10 per month rate.

Thanks EME!! Awesome addition!!
The Elven Polearm would most closely relate to the Naginata or Guandao.

This is a neat drawing I found:

KnightFalz wrote: »
Valkyrie have no relation to high elves in mythology whatsoever.

From an aesthetic sense, Valkyries and High Elves are extremely related when you transpose Norse mythology onto the mythology of Tera (which is what you are doing by suggesting this name is appropriate).

Both Valkyrie and High Elves are "light-type" white warriors with shining armor and advanced "tech" (i.e. flying horses) who live in heavenly regal splendor (Asgard in Norse mythology). Castanics on the other hand are archetypal dark elves who live next to a volcano (Muspell, a fiery layer of hades, in Norse Mythology).

So Castanics are the polar opposite of Valkyries in terms of their visual and thematic aesthetics.

That's why Valkyrie is not a good choice.

KnightFalz wrote: »
Spears are a polearm. They are a pole.... with a blade on the end. That is the very essence of a polearm.

If we are going to define things strictly, then what this new proposed class has is a glaive (cutting weapon). Valkyries are almost always depicted historically with spears (stabbing weapon) or swords. Not glaives.
Glaiver is the only halfway decent option.

Valkyrie to me evokes a high elf in terms of mythology. Also, they used spears, not polearms. Valkyrie is barely any better than Paragon.

As for Moondancer, blech. They don't even dance in their attack animations compared to say Summoners.
If you're like me, you've used Tera's item claim system as an auxiliary inventory of sorts to hold items you're not ready to use.

While residing in item claim, every item has an expiry date, apparently around 5 years after the item was first created.

So a whole bunch of the early Tera cosmetic items (mainly accessories but also the first swimsuits and a couple of mounts) are all expiring at the end of this month (January 27-31). I also have a few expiring in March and then June and July.

So this is just an alert to everyone to check your account's shared item claim and make sure that you've claimed any items that might be expiring soon. :)
Only a few days? I think I'll be waiting a few months at those prices.
It goes to show you how much inflation has occurred when the most gold that ANY player on any server owned in 2013 was 2.2 million (MT) and the most anyone had on TR was 1.2 million, and now 6 million is considered "casual": http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/05/02/tera-stats-released-for-one-year-anniversary

TBH, I think TC just created this thread to passively brag about their fortune, because I can tell you very few Tera players have that much, and certainly no "casual" players do unless they spend tons of real money on EMP, and then that would make them hardcore spenders. Quite frankly, if you take the time to post on this forum anything other than a basic noob question, you are not a casual player.
We just had a name reset less than a year ago. So all names taken have been by people who logged in during the last 10 months, not a "long time ago". It's very easy to come up with a unique name if you start using the "name[dot/period]name" format.
I hate how MMOs lose content like this. It's probably the #1 reason I am reluctant to play them. Hate falling in love with a virtual world only to have it removed for no particular reason.

They really need to make some way to warp to the old Island of Dawn. Like a book in the library of Allemantheia or something. Sort of like the parallel dimension you go to for the Noctenium quest (which ironically was accessed through the island of dawn).
For all the moaning and groaning, this game is still in a better place than it was a year and a half ago, before we had FOUR new classes, a NEW CONTINENT, etc. etc.

I'm not excusing how they manage the game (or the cash shop), but shortages of particular items are really nothing new when it comes to Tera or any MMO. People in every game are always asking for more of X or Y and that changes from month to month.

Updates in this game have been far slower in years past and because of it's best-in-class combat system (and elins), this game survived through 2012-2013 with much smaller populations and less servers. People who only arrived with the Steam launch were not around to see all that.

I'm just saying let's have some broader perspective beyond these temporary minor issues and appreciate the fact that Tera is still an awesome game with lots more potential ahead.
It's long past time they allow everyone to have 8+ bank slots per character. There's just no room anymore! Lack of space even affects our ability/willingness to buy new cash shop cosmetic costumes.
I for one (I'm a long time elite subscriber) and extremely HAPPY that the Island of Dawn radical makeover patch will not hit until March. That should give me enough time to take some videos of the Island of Dawn before it gets rekt. So I came away from that letter very happy, especially the long range heads-up about timelines.
I just got finished making Tifa, now I can make Yuffie XD

This game is the best!!
Just be patient. I waited a little while recently but they took care of my issue fully when they got to it. The black friday server issues + brawler patch have swamped them with work.
I read in the patch they "simplified' the Argon War questline. Anyone know what changes they made, exactly?

Personally I've been sitting on the last quest in the game "An End to War" for a while waiting for a friend to have time to play so we can "beat" the game together, but today when I logged in I got the "Queen's Farewell Tour" achievement and items in the post even though I haven't actually beat her yet lol. I also noticed they changed the name of this questline from Argon War to Fire for Effect.
You can turn the box into whatever race you want by making a new lv. 1 character (if you have an open character slot) and having them go into item claim and open the box on the island of dawn. Then warp to a town with a bank while you still have elite. I think there's a bank at tower base you can put it in as well if you want to make the run there.
Yeah, they pulled them from the store prematurely, before the 10am pst turnover. Pretty annoying because I was just about to purchase another pirate costume. But I guess that's what I get for procrastinating. I've got a couple extra of them anyway, so whatever.
Pastabowl on 12/05/2015, 10:20 AM - view
yeah i didn't even buy any emp and i got a noble friendship mount

Oh, NOW we know where everybody's missing mounts and boxes went heh.
Turnip, don't worry, you're not alone, I never received the Friendship mount or BFF boxes either. Even after purchasing another $20 worth of EMP this weekend, the boxes still never showed up. Anyway, I created a support ticket and have confidence they'll make it right because Tera's customer support is the best in the business.
nutmeg on 11/30/2015, 01:07 PM - view
Give a 3 day free elite voucher, or 3 1 day free elite vouchers (I think those existed from steam launch leveling event) for daily login reward. Make it nontradeable and bankable so people don't abuse it and claim on a billion accounts. This will compensate the users with elite that could not login during the weekend.

This compensation is of no value at all to long time elite subscribers like myself who don't plan to cancel anytime soon (I'm locked in at the lower rate from last year). A non-tradeable elite voucher will just take up inventory room and basically can never be used on my account as long as I continue to pay for elite.

This compensation would ironically mainly help non-elite players, by giving them elite.

There should probably be a separate small compensation given only to players who were elite during the outage.
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PlagueFWC on 11/27/2015, 06:37 AM - view
Actually the Dutch flag has been in use since the 1300's, where as the french one didnt appear till late 18th century.

I wasn't implying a historical hierarchy between those 2 flags, I just cited the far more commonly known flag (France, especially lately) to help visualize the Netherlands flag for people who'd never seen one.

But interesting to know nonetheless.
Yeah probably a third of the flags of the world are recolours.

E.g. just in Europe alone, compare:

1) Denmark/Sweden
2) Iceland/Norway
3) France/Belgium/Italy/Romania/Ireland
4) Germany/Austria/Hungary/Luxembourg/Russia/Bulgaria/Armenia/Lithuania
5) Netherlands is France turned sideways
I was wondering if this could be further clarified:

"Pumped / Relentless / Unyielding / Grounded / Infused Box of Inner Armor (x5 lootbox version ONLY)"

To me this sounds like only one of the bundles for these inner armor will be going away. But I was browsing the store and I don't see a x5 lootbox option for these. I only see them for sale as singles, x3 and x10. Is this a typo?
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