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I'm stuck at 66% with this awakening patch! I'm about to be 6 years old of tantrum! So I'm going into a tantrum of going devil! Jokes aside. 666

Like how long did it take to download the patch for the community here? It says 39 minutes and it's been 39 minutes! I'm going mad because it's like frozen! I feel like the server is on overload at 9:24pm 4/17/2018!
*facepalm* Your DNS is not working efficiently, that's your problem!


Create Folder: GuildFlagUpload
Create Folder: GuildLogoUpload

64x64-24 Bit-.BMP is correct :)

For some reason I noticed that those folders are not there after the install of the game these days. Don't know why? I happened to catch it after making sure I transferred my files correctly to my external drive, after a fresh install.
Changing the title to console won't help, as I noticed after the first post I made. It's in the wrong section! PS4 Discussions & Feedback is the suggestions area for Playstation4.
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I'd say you should level a valk.. you would start from level 0.. and once you get to level 65... you should level a reaper and as CornishRex said after the tutorial your reaper would be level 58 so wont be to long for u to get to level 65 with reaper and then you will have both classes..

tbh only after playing both classes at level 65 YOU'LL KNOW which one you like most.... trust me :^)

If you dont have another char slot to make both chars.. you can either delete your previous char or just farm later some gold at level 65... wont be to hard to be able to buy that extra character slot voucher from trade broker (if u don't wanna spend real money)...

Level 1 silly :s sorry :'( 8122012005928xbccgb.jpeg
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> @MistyTera said:
> Hoover your mouse to the bottom-right.

Umm this said Ps4 Game suggestions....

PS4 Discussions & Feedback would be appropriate, I believe. I know it's confusing to look at since the forums has changed a bit.
Really looking for an expansion guild or people to join me. However, when I try to get groups of players as a leader to do dungeons and all that, no one responds. So I gave up and I just have a casual guild running, since I never held any actives or since no one doesn't anything to team-up with guild members. No offense that I might be recruiting mostly Brazilians? Since Brazilians don't understand much English, I'll let take the guild benefits anyways.

Anyways, I've been looking for an expansion guild for such a long time! Yes, I could join any, but my problem is that everyone uses Discord. I have my opinions on it and it's mostly because of Hammer&Chisel's bad reputation on past apps. I'm not going to argue this trying to find a guild! As a side-note I don't like Discord's interface. Sorry to state that I used Teamspeak3 for many years and I like the simple-based functionality. Now the other problem. Recently since the 3.1.8 update of Teamspeak3, I really don't want to want to install Visual 2015 C++ for the program to work. Teamspeak has really gotten on my nerves about it installing the Visual 2015 C++! It's a visual C++ that I probably won't ever use with most games I play or even with Tera at least; waste of hard drive space. I'm in a dilemma of trying to play with people!

I found this basic site that works by browser


It works well with no lag. The only problem is that the chat is continuous, but you can mute. I don't care if you create another talk.gg for a dungeon, then join back to the real guild one.

Hoover your mouse to the bottom-right.
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I got lucky. Didn't participate every respawn due to family and work but still managed to get 9 hair coupons, 2 blaze mounts, 2 ember mounts, and 2 months worth of flower footsteps. On the spawns I did participate in I searched about 15 minutes and then went back to whatever I was doing. Appreciate the event, especially the steps.

:o WHAT! :s NO! I don't care about that you got 2 blaze and 2 ember mounts. Give some lamb, some entropic emblem, and/or something small. The fact that this event was rather snatched so fast that majority couldn't participate was beyond ridiculous! I like the events, but not giving people a chance is rather disappointing. I care to gain something small or big in prize at least! Not just big and limited-day duration items that are snatched so fast by the limited drops! It needs to be a blend of mostly small items like lamb or whatever, limited-day duration items, and mounts are rare.
This egg finding event seemed like 5 minutes! I mean once announced by system, I was like :o OMG; there is a event! I begin rushing to Spring Valley with Phoenix Mount and then only got 2 eggs. I was searching for more, but all the other eggs were gone. It's like there was only just few eggs out there to begin with. No offense to BlueHole/Enmasse, but really not a lot of people got even a chance. It quite disappointing when it's all gone once you get to that region. Only if the event had spawning eggs from time to time over a hour of time, everyone would had a chance to participate.

Also I never got a notification of this event, unless I missed seeing it? Yet BlueHole might of got rushed into making this event, because of working on the awakening patch for North America region.
Isn't it all power, since valkyries skills just crit? Unless something has changed?
Get creative. Something better than Erik_01.

Erik is just boring and simple. Add something to it, like Super, Agent, Mr, or whatever you can think of.

I know to be able to do another capital letter on PC, you need to use a period. Not sure on consoles?

Er.Ik or Eri.K ...I mean really it's not as bad.

If it really bothers you, I wonder if the PC can do something like Erik. and yes that's a period at the end.

Really started from scratch and I didn't notice some flaws. Sold bunch of swimwear from characters after the summer-festival event, enough to get Felicity loot pet and 2 makeovers to fix some flaws that I didn't catch on her LOL. The preset that I had from the beginning, I didn't like how the eyebrows didn't lower by corner, and later the eyebrows corners just started to bother me. For some reason the weird brawler stance affects the eyebrow corner and it only adjusted correctly with one hairstyle with the preset that I had from the beginning. Since I changed the makeup preset for better eyebrows corners, I noticed the cute-birthmark, and I like her more now. Also thank you.
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So you are a man Misty? I mean,Phoenix is a nick of a man. Just saying,but if i am wrong,then sorry.

Just read the top and you'll know why I'm called the way I am today :3 <3

...and why should it matter what gender people are on here?
Ok sorry then.

It's fine. Just MistyTera had a nicer ring to it :3
TLX wrote: »
So you are a man Misty? I mean,Phoenix is a nick of a man. Just saying,but if i am wrong,then sorry.

Just read the top and you know I'm called the way I am today :3 <3

Those are good shots <3
@TwilitAbyss Wonderful shots of expression of your character by screenshots.

The problem is that you're using a DNS server that is in California, which is google. You're in Australia. Use the one that is your internet provider.

I'm not sure if you set the DNS on your router or local internet settings with your internet adapter? Either way, both have to be done!

Perhaps this information will help you set it better? https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/22084/i-helped-a-brazilian-get-better-lower-ping-everyone-else-in-us-it-will-help

I have make the statement that the green-eye look is something you don't find easily in character creation. Creepypasta I like your brawler xD.

How about you calm down and stop stressing yourself out over literally nothing and stop making assumptions about other people? Less trouble and stress for everyone involved if you actually stopped to take the time to think over everything you've been saying. You have your right to not use Discord, and those who do use it have their every right to use it. End of.

Now it's all lost! Is this what you wanted? GO AWAY! Discord is stealing your data! Yet, if people have a issue with their privacy, they should try to avoid it, if they want to use Discord's functionally. Hammer&Chisel got sued with Open-Feint, when they sold it to GREE. GREE had no idea that it went through UDID by phone tracking data and social media accounts, so they ended the app. I'm serious that is what made me not use it! If you don't care, that's perfectly fine by me! END OF THREAD!

Just look at the lists on server...There is your answers. Stop stating this and that. It always changes from time to time.

I'm the best tanker...I mean the tank turret guarding the doors & crystal from ninjas on corsair stronghold by defensive measures. I'm known for it! :3

Because I'm good at it.
Wouldn't those countries be on a Korean server? I mean it's an option or most likely the outcome, but have a language set.
It would be nice to see other people's glamour screenshots! :3 <3 I just showed some different ways to create different emotions or poses at the right time with emotes. If you have screenshot touch-ups tutorials, share it. If you have interesting marks like a birth-mark near eye or something. I'm curious to see them. Share your creations of characters.
No, I'm just tired of people posting about this topic when I was done, though giving me reason to post again, even after months time! Really don't waste your time please, because it's not worth my spills of evidence; I do have more! I proved by evidence what type of company Discord is. Unprofessional! So why would I throw all this hard evidence? The reason is that Hammer&Chisel, which is Discord and I'm stating the facts of this company got sued! It's a endless circle of the same procedures to make their money. If this company can shape up and do what is right, I might use it. If Discord would just use side-ads like YouTube does (without links-to avoid-malware hackers), they wouldn't have to deal with money by selling your data. The fact that they do, is down-right invasion of privacy. I proved it by comments I found from sources! So my question is how can you deal with all this mess? Well, I'm fed up with Discord! So my precaution advice was only for your sake! If you don't care, go about your day. No appreciation, when really there are people that care about that privacy, because they don't like dealing with it. That's why I posted this thread, yet all just give me a hard time! Discord makes it so difficult to opt in and out of notifications. Discord ties in everything with your social media accounts, which is an invasion of your privacy! I'm ready to put this behind me, so please STOP POSTING! I hate being a broken record! Again for your sake was my intention, so please be careful. If your privacy is really that important to you, I advise that you make it so it does not happen to spread that personal information. Use it only as a voice chat and not foolishly to expose/exploit.

In case you didn't know, the only way to REAL WAY to end a Discord account is to submit a support-ticket, which is really a dumb method to do just delete an account. It should have a 30-day period or so that makes it delete itself, similar to what twitter has, if you change your mind to use it again.


Who knows how long it will be all deleted? It should be a limit day or immediate.


I've been using Discord for well over a year now and I've never experienced any problems with it. In fact I prefer it over TeamSpeak and Skype due to its lack of lag or freeze-ups when chatting with my gaming buddies. I just find it more reliable tbh

I don't care and it's just a fact that Hammer&Chisel got sued by gamers. Use Discord, just don't be foolish use and giving them reason to use that data. I was done! PLEASE STOP or I will report for harassment!

ARGGH! It's a mature game! GET USED TO IT! It's not like a [filtered]! Don't play it around your young kids. Play it when they are asleep. Problem solved.
This would better in game suggestions.
Anotsu wrote: »
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Anotsu wrote: »
By how much did the ping lower itself?

Like about 80+ ping or more decrease. All I know is that the player could cast skills a lot faster, without any lag spikes.

The reason is that the internet adapter tries to find the DNS constantly and by entering those inputs, it doesn't have to constantly search at times; it's more efficient.

Never heard of anything like this before, 80+ ping would be a game changer. Sounds fake to me unless proven.

Well, that's what the Brazilian that I helped stated to me of the noticeable difference. All I know is that it makes the DNS server of your provider work more efficiently. The problem is that your computer constantly tries to find that info. Without a DNS, your internet is lost of packets; nothing. So setting the DNS server inputs on your router and local internet connection on your internet adapter will help prevent lost of packets being sent and received.

You get disconnected constantly. Well your computer is trying to find the DNS. It needs the language to understand. Make sense?

So it's not fake! If I helped a Brazilian and that player can cast a skill better, I'm glad it helped.

The best bet is for you to try it for yourself.
If ping is your problem, this will help. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/22084/i-helped-a-brazilian-get-better-lower-ping-everyone-else-in-us-it-will-help#latest
Anotsu wrote: »
By how much did the ping lower itself?

Like about 80+ ping or more. All I know is that the player could cast skills a lot faster, without any lag spikes.
Sweet FX? What is this?
That's what I figured out too. Now what happen if Valkyrie had slightly more crit factor? I sometimes wonder that.
We have that now o.O

Your brawler is unique. Not the standard face dimensions you see similar from every player.
I hope this helps everyone greatly :) <3 :3


For example my DNS is IPv4 DNS Servers. Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IPv6 DNS Servers. Primary DNS: 2001:558:feed::1. Secondary DNS: 2001:558:feed::2.

This is Houston Texas as my example, since I live there. Use for your provider and ff you don't know just google it. Ask your internet provider, they can tell you also.

It's all about setting DNS server output on your router and internet local connection settings. It's that easy.

I swear I was playing with a Brazilian that spoke quite fair English and that player was so surprised that they could cast a skill on priest so much better.

I always had a problem of my internet disconnecting at times, trying to find the DNS server. Even though I had better close range to Tera Servers, it helped me a lot!

If you want me to show elaborate means of input on the router for best setup, I might do so, however any personal will be blurred/scratched out on purpose on these instructional pictures.

Now every internet adapter is different, but it will give you the idea of what to look at. On my laptop I changed one setting to Auto from 20hz, which gave me better signal.

What you state is practically true, it's their problem. Whatever.
Tools->Max Download Speed-Unlimited...If you haven't already?

I like this pose so...Here is mine, since you like drawing so much :)

Wait WHAT? Was this an event or something? Did I miss something?
It's nice to see that players actually test with each other. Thanks for some pointers. Much love to the community this way.
I've been playing Tera since the reapers first came out. I learned mostly EVERYTHING on my own. Read essential mana for some pointers, even though some players probably used DPS meters to make those guides or not? I don't know? I don't care and it's in the past. I'm not going to try to find them or make sure they are banned. The first was the DPS meters, so I guess it wasn't enough. So players resorted to damage hacks and any hacks that simply affected other players; simply disgusting! Playing with others and testing the results is what really helped me as a player. That's how I always played my MMOs. Yet people that resorted to DPS meters or simply hacks, it created such a mess on the community. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE! I hate to state that the truth hurts, but you have to realize that it's reality on playing the game fair! I bet you can figure out a lot faster by experimenting with others. So really do you really want to risk on getting banned? I wouldn't, because I've been playing the game for the enjoyment and it doesn't matter how bad or great I am on a class. Everyone improves over time with experimenting with themselves and with others (THAT'S MY TOP FOCUS POINT). That's what I want people to understand! You just got to make friends and expand yourself with other guilds rather than just one. That's how I create my network to help improve others and myself, then enjoy the game with them. That's how you play a MMO! I don't expand on a lot with guilds. Just 1 or 2, maybe 3 guilds with players that enjoy the game.

I take the patience and try to find those players. Most of it was experimenting for myself. Though I met players that further assisted me to improving long ago. I might change some things later, but it's worth it for at least getting somewhere. I simply love the game for what it is and I hope you will too.

Also I try to make friends with people that simply ask for help on global, because it expands my network of friends. If I really make friends with them, I will help them more, and they can help me perhaps later on. It works both ways and also sometimes players have more than one class. So you know how my logical thinking works to help each other. I have common sense and I use it to help myself and not get in trouble.

No it ends now! Everything caused with the DPS meters or simply using hacks! I have no illness, it's just that those players using hacks have affected the game! Play the game fair! Stop asking EME/BHS to give something that is simply cheating. Read again! I'm tired of this mess! It created anathema among many players not using them and simply trying their best, especially with DPS meters! It's your fault! If you would suggest them rather than abusing it on those DPS meters, well simply it possibility would of happened. Players don't like it and seriously some just eventually resort to these hacks trying to get their own way or simply ask for them. Trying every whim to get what they want and also trying to take down other players like me that don't like any suggestion of what they want.Truth is that the game is simply all lost, because of these hacks that are simply your wants. IT AFFECTS OTHER PLAYERS! SO STOP IT ALREADY! The likelihood is NO, because of how it corrupted the game and created anathema at other players!

Even if EME/BHS added it, players would simply be looking at their rotations so much that's it's distracting. I will state that those players played horrible, because they were not focused on the cooperation of the battle! I didn't care what they think, because I wanted to figure it out my way to best advantage my class.

This game used to be vast of players experimenting on each other and testing the results. Now it's just dead! Now you know why! People have been impatient, which literally has corrupted the game! Stop with this speculation on trying to get every drop of your class and eliminate the factors that don't help further assist you for every situation! Take anything that you notice that helps improve, it might help to your advantage. This is how the game is supposed to be played! Just stop it already! Play the game fair, rather than simply cheating!

So how is this going to end? I don't know? I'm taking these actions strictly! No MMO has told you what's the best rotation or what to add as stats. NEVER! I'm literally done here. THINK TWICE OR YOU WILL GET BANNED BY USING SUCH HACKS!
My life is Tera
My love is Tera
My [filtered] is Tera
My drug is Tera
My lust is Tera
My god it ain't no sin playing the game it's supposed to be. (Not Hacking)
Can I get it
Can I get an Amen
My grace Is figuring it out for myself and with others
My church is my friends
My pain is dealing with the hacking
My tears is dealing with the hacking
My hurts is dealing with the hacking
My god, I'll say it again
Can I get it
Can I get an Amen
Blatantly accused because of some screenshot re-direct path. Are you kidding me? Players don't like it and seriously some just eventually resort to these hacks trying to get their own way or simply ask for them. Trying every whim to get what they want and also trying to take down other players like me that don't like any suggestion of what they want.Truth is that the game is simply all lost, because of these hacks that are simply your wants. IT AFFECTS OTHER PLAYERS! SO STOP IT ALREADY! These hacks make/made people despise you and also technically makes/made you look like you don't know how to play your class! Embarrassment for yourself, if you're using damage hacks of any kind at least! If you used a DPS meter in the past, I forgive you. Though stop it and EME/BHS told to stop or you will get banned, because it's against the rules! Besides the dps meters created anathema among many players not using them and simply trying their best. The game is not meant to be played like this! That's the truth! Using as a pathetic attempt to accuse me of modifying the files of the game, I'm taking this seriously now! Again, I'm blatantly accused because of some screenshot re-direct path. Are you kidding me? So the forum was about the issue of wondering where the screenshots went during the security invulnerability and everyone thought it was a bug. So I guess someone didn't like me, because of my logical thought to play the game fair, and didn't get their own way, which I will state is really pathetic! The story is that the screenshot path got changed somehow, during the security breach for some players. I don't know, if it was during the security breach patch or after with the security breach with the fix? The path has always been in my pictures folder with the Tera_Screenshot folder that it creates once print-screened in the game, once I first started this game from the very beginning. In the database of these forums, many players questioned during that time, here on these forums, and asked about the issue of screenshots not showing up. Probably some employee had it at that location on an external drive and they were working on the security invulnerability? Whatever, it changed for a lot of people and it might depend on when you logged on during the patch.



Everyone was confused.

Players had the same problem around November of 2017.

So I asked on global, when I had the same issue, "Where did the screenshots go"? "Something is not right here. It's not working!". Then one player PMed me stated that the path got changed to some other folder and it they stated the location changed on them too. So that player heard from someone else or they discovered where the location of the screenshot path got changed to apparently. So since people were asking about it, I made a forum post about it with elaboration to help the community step by step to get back to the screenshot location it has always been. EME/BHS only don't like the modifying of the game files or hacks that affect others; they would know. Scanning....everything looks good, ok that's acceptable, it's just screenshot path. Really they don't care! Stop accusing me!

DPS meters, Damage Hacks, and etc. I'm tired of it! Being impatient is just not right. Simply lost of discovering new methods for each class for yourself and with others. Which is why this game has lost it's true touch. The vast of possibilities are endless with different glyph setups for different situations; like 8-10 you can setup. That's how Tera Online is! GET THAT BOLTED TO YOUR SKULLS!

Time and time again, I've been spreading the consequences of what happens so easily that you will get caught using hacks, and how powerful the internet is to simply get discovered red-handed. Yet it seems that EME/BHS is doing nothing about these hacks still going about! So I have to make a stand for what is right! How the game is supposed to be played without hacking!

Give it a rest, surround yourself with other players, sharing your inputs as friends. It's intolerable using hacks! I'm literally giving you advice to help yourself, playing fair without cheating, and getting yourself not banned!

Adjust to your tastes, practice, and experiment with others in different situations. Don't tell me that you're the best all the time, because no one is! It doesn't matter what scenario of stats or anything that is set, players have defeated other players before. However, whatever helps you in situation will make you better by simply experimenting. Even though testing on BAMs, it might not be the perfect for PvP, though most setup is the same. Tera Online has different glyphs options to set for every situation and it's been there from the beginning of this game! This game used to be vast of players experimenting on each other and testing the results. Now it's just dead! Now you know why! People have been impatient, which literally has corrupted the game! Stop with this speculation on trying to get every drop of your class and eliminate the factors that don't help further assist you for every situation! Take anything that you notice that helps improve, it might help to your advantage. This is how the game is supposed to be played! Just stop it already! Play the game fair, rather than simply cheating!

If everyone would take the time to actually experiment and also practice, you will be top game most of the time. Like duh. So this speculation has to STOP!

CAN I GET AN AMEN? Or otherwise it's just callow behavior feedback.
clfarron4 wrote: »
MistyTera wrote: »
I feel you all. Really I'm telling that essential mana is enough to help you not think about DPS meter for yourself and get banned by using it.

What part of "DPS meters and the data they produce are used by the writers of the Essential Mana guides to help them make informed decisions on what is optimal." did you miss?

A prime example of this is Daniel's Lancer Guide. Intuition would say that Lancers should stack as much crit to get more crits to do more DPS, but his experience with Lancer on this patch says otherwise. How do you think Daniel came to that conclusion? And how do you think players could test this for themselves?

I don't care if they did or not on using a DPS meter. It's over! STOP ASKING FOR DPS METERS! Most of it I figured it out simply for myself. Everything else is just suggestion on balance, which I do concur on by guides and from others by simply trying them. Seriously though, I take the suggestions if I feel weak somewhere, if I like it, I leave it. Someone recommended me the 60% chance of kick/reset glyph or whatever; that helped my brawler for me at least. Also it's about helping those that literally don't know where to start. I read other shares of thoughts on these forums and take it for consideration. Sure enough, it's not about every drop. It's about discovering for yourself. THAT'S HOW GAMES WORK YALL! Every now and then, you might change something up. It's how every player discovers their class and elimates the factors. I used think that crit was brawler. Nope power/crit balance. I'm satisfied.

I will tell you right now, I've followed essential mana and literally it's enough! Again, everything else I figured out for myself. SO STOP ASKING EME/BHS FOR DPS METERS to be added in game! I told you all that literally having those DPS Meters, everyone would simply figure out everything; the game is not a game anymore. By the way, not everyone used DPS Meter to figure out the outcomes of their class. I don't know if they did or not use a DPS Meter? Still give it a rest and surround yourself with other players and sharing your inputs as friends. That's how I got somewhere. I'm happy with my glyphs that I choose. I worked hard for some too. I really think on every factor and leave it, when I notice something. So please stop posting about DPS Meters and asking for them!
That's not modifying the game files. It was always like that before. It's just a re-direct to an area to save a screenshot and to find it easily. EME/BHS won't have a problem with that.
Moving on. Sharing results with a friend-it works both ways to play well. That's how I always played. So that's my advice. I'm done here.
No I caught those people red handed. Literally showing how easily people get caught. It's a common sense thread. Do people even read or do they like to troll?
I feel you all. Really I'm telling that essential mana is enough to help you not think about DPS meter for yourself and get banned by using it. Honestly with earning for new gear success, no one plays well with the 1st enchantment or none at all for example. If people give you a hard time, which players typically do (not all in party do at times), once in new dungeon for the first time, ignore the [filtered] players. Play some other dungeon you can do with comfort; it helps with some enchantment. If they are impatient, that's their problem, not yours. They can simply leave! No one likes drama. If it's all on you, don't stress. So follow the guides and how the game works by thought shares from others. That's how I've learned. I've been playing for awhile. I'm not the best player, but I know how factors work in the game itself. I think upon what benefits and damages each glyph or stat gives, as a sense of balance. Thinking if I really use a certain glyph-oh this helps another skill damage, oh this helps my crit 2X-oh not this one, not worth it because of the cool-down of this skill, oh 60% chance of reset on this skill after this skill that's beneficial (if it's not worth it because of the cool-down is not less, then don't-however one glyph skill helps reset some kick skill (I forget) for brawler-I like that one ;) ), and etc on every thought of how it would benefit most of the time; I think like that. I believe lots of players stress out a lot to give every drop out of their class. Really it's not every drop, it's just how much benefit to knowledge of effort of just experimenting. You can easily eliminate factors that is not necessary. I don't stress out with other players and really it's all about playing as a team, whoever you're playing with. If people can't handle that you're trying your best, then that's their problem. Surround yourself with people that can help further assist you. Trust me there are those people that figure out their classes and become helpful for you. It's given. Not everyone is a [filtered] in this community.

I rather have 3/4 of the glass rather than cheating with 100% and getting banned. PvP is all about knowing how to play your class just enough to benefit yourself to survive most of time. It's a game and also it's not about how every drop counts. It's never that! So think upon what helps you. Honestly, looking at essential mana made me think the way that I do with the game. Not everything is 100% full of the glass, but really I rather be just good enough by my efforts. Really everyone should just enjoy their efforts and their learning for themselves to play at just a meridian of just enough by effort. Don't be afraid to ask for help, those players are out there, I will repeat that, until it soaks in! Honestly, I don't know how people are going to respond to this with negative feedback? I guess I enjoy figuring out for myself with the patience and with other players. Honestly by all classes, I love the warrior, but I can't figure it out yet, but all I know is that the essential mana guides helped me better than nothing at all to make the effort just good enough for balance of play. It's never perfect for anyone, but really I'm sure everyone can figure out how to push more drops from the fruit over time. Really it's the mature thing to do. I'm not like the best, but enough to show that I have some knowledge on thought with the game over time. So please everyone, take this as an encouragement. No one is EVER going to be 100% of glass. A sense of achievement to figure out how your class works is what I strive for and so should you. Still never 100%. This world is never perfect. Just know that what I stated as help, will benefit your way of thought. Simply experiment, but pay attention to the factors that really help boost your numbers while building up crit hits. That's all I have, but really you will get banned if caught with DPS meters. If we had DPS meters, everyone would figure it out, then it wouldn't be PvP or simply a game anymore.

Since no one plays 100% perfect, where's the challenge for yourself? It's literally out the window, because it's not a game anymore with those DPS meters. I don't care that people don't give every drop of damage to 100% during a dungeon or team fight. I just play the game and enjoy it with them. The real problem is that people ignore the help and simply do for themselves. Also not thinking logically on what factors help further assist the class. I'm not saying your incompetent, but really I'm trying to take the ease off with enlightening your way of thought with the game to push those drops more. Take the time to experiment with yourself and others.

If I repeated myself, I'm not a public speaker, I just tend to elaborate, and hope that my advice is encouraging for all players in this community. Yes, I can be a pain at times on my opinions on Bit-Coin or Discord LOL, but simply I really don't care if you use them. (That's other story-just the risk to be careful). I used to be like you, I was terrible at Perfect World International; last MMORPG I played. I was like how much this stat and some other factors, however I wasn't truly awful to be honest, because I simply tried and asked for advice feedback to assist me. Same with Tera, (glyphs confused me at least), then I took a dive by simply learning for myself, and with others. I try to be an independent mature adult and have awareness to not deal with the world or virtual world for that matter, that can affect me. My point is that, don't stress out and don't feel bad if you play terrible with random jerks that literally make you feel like trash. You most likely will never see those people ever again anyways. People mature over time afterall and you don't even know that they have insulted you in the past, which is quite funny if you actually become friends with them later. If anyone on Mount Tyrannas need help, I will help.


Now for my humor.


Ok be ignorant and sorry I was revising with some explanation to help assist the way of thinking on the actual game. Truly though cheat and get banned with those DPS meters. CHEATERS! I'm surprised people don't give much thought of the actual game, so they cheat.
Here's the truth, you can't have a dps meter, why not? Because isn't the effort of trying to figure it out yourself worth it to you? I guess not, otherwise it's cheating, so now you know why EME/BHS forbids the use of them. Over the years people have figured out what to do. Their are meters in game that help know that you are getting damage quite enough by fast dps. Rage meters on some classes and even on the warrior, there is meter to tell when to crit skill. Also there is a reason to why we have forums, because players that have figured out tend to be nice enough to actually help others and post their results that do tend to help.

Truly it's frustrating I know, but really once you think about it, it wouldn't be PvP if players had DPS meters to help them determine. The skill hit counter is given huge tool; look at it. Fighting some BAM and doing your thing helps determine those outcomes. That's how I always tested. Glyphs help on that build up that later help assist you on building up your crit-chance as I noticed. Obviously you have to know which are your dps skills and crit skill. So pay attention to your glyphs because some of them are made to increase damages of all skills, help you crit, etc. Your special rage skills or skills that typically take a long time cooldown that crit, I would ignore them by glyphs. There are many factors of glyphs that help other skills by damage, as I noticed; use them.

Players have figured out over the years and those players tend to share with the community, here on these forums. So really that's why I say essential mana is really helpful. It has helped me balance my classes to achieve results. Experiment and find the meridian of your class.

Look at your damage points in game! WHO NEEDS A DPS METER? Can't you see it already? Seriously you have a DPS meter, because just simply look at YOUR OWN DAMAGE OUTPUT! IT'S GIVEN! Where is the common sense in this community? Sorry, but really looking at your damage values is your DPS meter! Just know which skills are dps skills, crit skills, and you will do fine. Always use glyphs that give you extra crit. Figure it out for yourself on IoD bams. There is your testing! JUST STOP ASKING FOR METERS!

Seriously time and time again! Stop asking about if you can use meters! It's against the rules to use third-party apps! You will get banned!

Here is a suggestion. If you're not fast enough on keyboard. Buy a mouse with buttons. My friend likes it, I don't, it's preference.

Ok I'm confused when they state adding crit power roll is weak. I rather add crit 14 for at least a better crit-chance.

9.3% enrage damage
9.3% enrage damage
crit 14
8.6% aggro damage
6% damage

Right now I'm 204 crit-factor with 131120+ on power or higher (my guess is close to exact approx) with prime battle potion (power 10 weapon-perm-etching).

I've seen some players with low crit-factor, so what's up with that? Isn't having decent power with crit-factor ideal?

Has anyone noticed that having a higher crit-factor with decent power is ideal? I guess it shows it well with IoD keen mote drops. Unless it's a Valkyrie. All Power.

Everyone is different, but please explain why the crit-power roll? Sure enough once I start upgrading more jewelry from Twistshard, I will have slightly more crit by balanced mixed jewelry (like 2 more crit-factor given or so), thus increasing my crit-factor. I know it states that crit-power is a multiplier, but how much will be wasted as compared crit-factor chance? Diminishing returns will affect the outcome using crit-power, because of the loss of crit-chance with crit-factor and other factors. Perhaps I don't even know? However, I know that crit-factor at a decent gap and with decent power is ideal!

I'm hitting 3.5m-4m + or more like 7m or more (It varies) on IoD bams. So what's the comparison?

Since it's easier to test the theories with semi-enigmatic scrolls for re-rolls, I guess it should be tested. I'm not trying to troll, I just want to know for myself. I could test it, but has anyone tested different variations?

9.3% enrage damage
9.3% enrage damage
Crit power
8.6% aggro damage
6% damage


9.3% enrage damage
9.3% enrage damage
crit 14
8.6% aggro damage
6% damage

<-I swear I look like this castanic almost, but with hazel eyes, no horns or pointy ears.
I got the point already.

I do concur with this suggestion. I mean even though I'm not creating new characters now. It's just that in different light settings it's hard to determine the skin color, especially for new players playing the game the first time. I always had to guess the right skin tone, which is really difficult. Now I know where the skin tone is by palette, but really it should be added.
Yesuna wrote: »
Hello, the technical trial is just an assessment of your current skill level, which is necessary if we are to know what steps it will take for you to improve. Our officers and members, some of the best pvpers who play this game, will give you tips for improvement throughout the trial and see how you respond to criticism and your ability to learn. We are not looking for skill, we are looking for potential, and we cannot see your potential unless you show us how you play.

You should note that the trial is two parts. The technical trial is only half of the trial. The two week behavioral trial in guild is to assess your teamwork and ability to play well with others.

Also, I'm not sure what you're talking about "members who have left." As of right now, there has been one person who has left the guild, and she had an issue with our policy against being toxic towards other guild members. Perhaps you're confusing Ambush with another guild.

You caught me; sorry. Seriously though I don't concur. People don't have potential from the start, it's like you expect them to be in just two-weeks; I'm stating new Tera players. Do you have them work with different members during those 2 weeks or just selected members? It's like oh here is our weak members, let's see what you got or do you play with the best members? As a guild the skill really varies, so the results are valid, however people learn as team over time. That's all I'm really stating.
Trials of skill level? Dueling some of the members? It seems like you are looking for members that are skilled, rather than just members based upon willing to learn or work as a team. Not everyone is 100% perfect and furthermore it's embarrassment upon your recruiters and long time guild members having trials to recruit members by dueling each other. It's like recruiter is better than one of your guild members or a guild member is better than your recruiter. How is that welcoming for a guild? It shouldn't matter if they are weak or strong, because what really matters is working and learning as a guild together! If you want item lvl prerequisite that's fine, but really I've seen some shame on the global chat from members that left your guild and called you out for ditching your long-time members, which in that case is them. Unless I'm thinking about another guild? Sorry to spoil your recruiting process and this is your guild after all, but I'm afraid that's how I see it. It's not the first time I've seen this charade happen among players from a guild. Don't be one of those guilds, even though I'm not joining.

For example the Astros winning their first world series. That was one the best games in baseball history! Astros are not perfect because they lost a few games during the world series. The Dodgers had won 3 out the 7 games. Game 7 was really tense for us, which Astros won. Usually it's like game 5 and it's over. So really are you going to base players like that, if I can relate like that as a team? PROVEN FACT PEOPLE LEARN AS A TEAM! If they win or lose.

People despise my sane insight, go ahead... I've seen it before, so trust me on this enlightment. Just it doesn't look right for the recruiter and your guild members to behave such of that manner.
Hello everyone, I'm MistyTera. Most people call me Misty or Phoenix. The Phoenix alias has grown on me over the years, because it's what people mostly call me, while playing MMORPGS. The Phoenix alias has stuck with me since the time I played Perfect World International MMORPG back in 2014; looking at last screenshots dates. I played mostly a Venomancer named PhoenixMist, so that's where the Misty comes from. I stopped playing Perfect World International MMORPG Online and then my guild leader introduced me to Tera Online MMORPG. Ever since I fell in love with Tera and it ran so much better for me by optimization. I quit playing Perfect World International MMORPG, once new patches just ruined everything for me, and optimization got worse. Tera has been my evening get away and I've been playing for quite awhile. I love the exploration of the Tera world and I leveled 8 characters over the years to 65. My guild leader left playing Tera or basically doesn't play often at all; playing other games. Still I talk to my guild members, because they are like family. Now I run NcN or No Clan Name (It's like a paradox-someone said), and now basically now it's called N c N Union [I think it's spaced for it to work?], because the other one is dead. So I'm taking over Tera as Leader on Mount Tyrannas and the guild is real casual for now. I hope to see you in game xD. :3 <3

The Cute & Sweet Things About Our Characters (Glamour Screenshots)

One day I noticed a birthmark near my left eye on my brawler. I think it's cute! :3 <3


What features or facial features make your character cute? I'm stating what makes yours adorable and unique? This doesn't include clothing.

My brawler looks really steamy angry with that brawler stance (It's mad ugly-looking), but then when she talks, she has the most sweetest expressions.
(Her face completely changes)


Sometimes different angles and emotes can help achieve different results of expressions once snapped at the right time.

[Snapped right at the end of the laugh emote]




When someone flatters her


Using different emotes to create different emotions, once snapped at the right time and at an angle.
[This was snapped during a laugh emote-Now it's a wipe of tears from eye]


If you would like more glamour screenshots and right time shots, let me know. I've actually dealt with photography. So that helps me. Please share yours too. This thread is all about what makes your character unique, cute/adorable, sexy, or simply a model. Inappropriate screenshots is strictly forbidden! So that means no sexual acts and all that stuff. I don't want you to break the TOS, so please be respectful when posting your screenshots. Appreciate it. Unless you have a screenshot like this for example. [That naughty stare-pic below-I guess that's acceptable].

Going town to town...yes it's similiar warping portal, but it doesn't stall really, even with good connection. The blue portal to character screen is a problem!
I wrote: I mean I could get up from the computer, but how would I know when it's done? I don't know why, but for some reason this loading screen simply stalls at times for like over exaggerated of 15 minutes it seems! It's just the way it utilizes. So, yep 15 MINUTES just about!

Seriously this portal thing to character screen sometimes stalls! I don't know why, but sometimes it utilizes so bad that I have to wait for a long time to even play Tera.

Here is my results. I literally timed it! If I can use my internet during the time of posting thread post, something is not right, and this blue portal screen to character has to go. I'm not kidding it's a huge problem because it stalls at times. I've talked to other people about it and they concur with me 100%.
  • No Stall: Average 35 secs
  • Stall: Somewhere between 8-14 minutes

GL79RKA5WN wrote: »
if you cant find the ts info just let me know i will give it to you

Darn I'm Mount Tyrannas. I'm more simple based on voice-program. So Teamspeak is my ally. It's hard finding a guild that still is old school. Besides I kinda jump on different servers, because of my gamer friend base over the years.

AxeI wrote: »
I would advice the OP to document themselves well before making accusations, the level of ignorance is appalling.

Read this line... ON THE POLICY! You can look on the privacy policy yourself! The privacy policy is really messed up to avoid court claims. Just know that I know how this company functions. Just do yourself a favor and read why I say precaution.

Business Transfers: As we develop our business, we might sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, dissolution or similar event, your information may be part of the transferred assets.

This company of Hammer & Chisel got sued by gamers on past apps! I literally gave those sources! So where is your head at? I don't care if you use Discord or not! Do you use it to exploit yourself or do you use it for gaming chat? That's how common sense will hurt you, because you don't know! I have my perspective by how Discord makes use of it's monetization on gaining profit by source. I read the catch print and the history of this company. It's just enough to point out for your own sake to avoid exposure on privacy of your data. If you don't care, just carry on. Don't post. Appreciate it.

The merchant at some bench downstairs-near the fountain at highwatch will get you some started ones.
GL79RKA5WN wrote: »
Hi my name is Tigara Hiro, i am a recruiting officer for Twisted Minds Foundation....Our guild is now looking for respectful people to join our guild....If you would like to know more about us, Please visit the website http://www.tmf-gamers.com/ and check us out with no obligations in joining....Come in on Teamspeak and say hi and get to know us also with no obligations on joining either....Hope to see you in game!!:)

What server?
I assist that you state this more politely than smothered by callow behavior.

I totally understand your frustration. Sometimes my brawler head clips with the hair, so it seems I have a hole in my head LOL.
This patch I've been favoring 3 old crit + 2 pumped with a mystic, or 3 old crit + 1 pumped + 1 carving with a priest. seems to work well. if you have full etchings and pop lamb/feasts a lot, 3 old power + 2 crit is probably better.

Oh hi flying_penguins from MT :)
I've been using just the normal pumped and carving mix.

Carving-Pumped for both earrings and rings. I'm starting to wonder if I do need a bit more crit-factor? I have like decent amount of power, but I'm not like hitting with crits often. I think my crit factor is 172 or something with lancer?

Seeing that people have lower crit-factor these days doesn't make sense to me at all. I mean since bonuses of sets don't give that extra crit-factor.

Even though it's not exactly a lancer, it's a recommendation of what I've tried.

My brawler is really balanced, like +122100 with Prime Potion approx with 220 crit-factor (Twistshard Gear). I know I'm behind, I played other characters and also I mostly do dailies. Anyways I'm crit hitting with 1-2 million on startup to 3-4-5-6 mostly by million on fight by haymaker. The only way for the crit-factor to be high is 18 crit and 14 crit on weapon. Having the decreased cool-down as they say (You don't need it-I never need it). Plus one glyph when hitting a target successfully to give a 60% chance to reset a cool-down on Roundhouse Kick that helps a lot with my sequence of skills. Besides I don't mind just going for a regular whirlwind as I wait for like a few secs, if I need to. Having the 9.3% twice on rolls is considered nothing when you have decent power already. Some might argue on this, but I found it to work better with at least one option of 9.3% damage on weapon and not twice. Having the 18 and 14 crit on weapon, I had a smile on face when I Divine Wrath with 10 million of damage on last boss on Kalivan's Challenge. The last roll I have is 8.6% -based on aggro and because it's the last best option that is available, and I'm a tank. Enraged and aggro is like basically the same thing to me and it kinda is, the only difference is that aggro is you and enraged is everyone. You can't pick and choose on every roll by line. So it's the 9.3% damage is best option that is left over by option of availability on rolls for only once after chosen 18 crit and 14 crit on weapon rolls. I'm not sure, but I think it's like from top to bottom: 18 crit, 9.3% damage enraged, 14 crit, Increases damage by 8.6% when attacking the target with the highest aggro to you...gosh I have to look at it...sorry. Something like that I think? I might have some other roll too that I forgot to add?

Even with my archer having 18 and 14 crit on weapon, it really helped my crits as compared 9.3% damage twice, because I tried it. I tried with 9.3% damage twice on weapon rolls and once is just enough, when all you're getting is 18.6% damage increase, as compared to crit-factor chance. As far I'm concerned it depends on class I guess on what to add as rolls. Like for example the Valkyrie hardly needs crit-factor, but I might test it differently by adding a bit more like crit on jewelry for experimenting, when I have a lot of semi-enigmatic scrolls. Like having a crit necklace and adding only power rolls to it to test it out by differences.

Picking up crit motes on the Island Of Dawn, says hey crit factor is good with good decent power in the mix, if that makes sense to all? Going all crit on jewelry is a NO NO though.

Something is telling me that having 18 and 14 crit on weapon is beneficial for most classes. You only need 9.3% damage on enraged only once!

Experiment with it. Though I might try going back to 9.3% on roll twice on weapon, but having 220 crit on brawler with decent amount of power is ideal at least for me and crit on skills that you don't expect like 1-2 million (mostly 1 million). I remember having 9.3% damage twice on rolls and it didn't help much as compared at least on archer with good decent power in the mix.

I consider 9.3% as addition and crit-factor as a multiplier helper. I rather have a multiplier chance, than addition. It seems to work with me. Though I don't know, but has anyone really experimented with crit-power rolls with high power? I'm afraid to, but I noticed crit chance is better for some reason it seems. Like trying a 18 crit roll, 9.3% damage, crit-power roll, then 8.6%? I might try that? Still I don't know if I'm missing one other line of roll?

What I'm saying is, try to experiment for yourself. If you're happy with the results, leave it.

So try going with 18 crit and 14 crit on weapon and only having 9.3% only once as rolls. I'm ok with my lancer, but I think I need more crit slightly by jewelry. I'm still experimenting on what works best too. I'm just giving suggestions on what I've tried with other classes.
Consultation for all on Discord. Just move on with life too! Stop callowing. The only reason to really why I even made this precautionary thread was for privacy sake!
Yeah I understand! Do you want me to be a broken record? Just don't use it foolishly that creates really bad solicitation upon yourself or something else that can really exploit yourself, because Jason Citron is all for it secretly. Past apps of his has proved it worthy, because his apps got sued by gamers. Use it all you want, still it's not your own control server like Teamspeak. Just don't give them a reason to use your information. It seems no one can back it up these speculated claims; the history says so. By the way, stop your cursing like a callow!
Spacecats wrote: »
As many of you saw during Friday's TERA stream, January 19 was my last day at En Masse.

I wish you all a fond farewell!

Over the last two years both EME and the playerbase have helped me grow as a Community Manager. I depart with many great memories to look back on. Shoutout to everyone who supported me, En Masse, and the TERA community during my time as CM. That includes any of you who joined me during the weekly community stream - whether the show was about previewing a new update, spawning BAMs on innocent people's heads, learning to Slayer, failing at PvP, hiding & seeking, planning Peanut von Strudel's rampage, holding Q&A with product managers, visiting Value Town, looking at amazing player artwork, painting like Bob Ross, or just hanging out and dancing in freedom square. Every community event and stream was special to me and I always had fun. I hope some of you have as many happy memories from the past two years as I do!

I have a lot of faith in the TERA crew to carry on doing awesome things for the community. The same goes for the Player Council, who help TERA more than they know and are always willing to lend an ear or helping hand to their fellow players. TERA has so many amazing (and secret) things in store for it. I've made quite a few friends at En Masse. I'll miss seeing them every day just like I'll miss many of you guys.

For the time being, I'm looking forward to streaming more at home (some of you have already joined me on my Twitch channel) playing a variety of stuff, including TERA. I'll forever be an online gamer and I love attending conventions, so I hope to see some of you around! Feel free to say hi if you see a Spacecats wander by. Until then...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

2. My reaction to Spacecats leaving EME WHAT!


Meanwhile at EME headquarters before you leave







aeee98 wrote: »
Bitcoin is as much a fraud as any foreign exchange investment, which is a legal method of trade.

The only difference it is significantly more risky for investment.

As of now people who mine bitcoin are reaping the benefits off it, but even then they were operating at a huge risk.

I personally recommend people to not invest in cryptocurrency unless they are particularly sure they are ready to take a risk 100 times worse than stock and forex markets.

Exactly my point! There is quite more risk involved, especially if Bitcoin fails.
I'm starting to report all YouTube accounts that promote hacks! They deserve it!
Pumpedd wrote: »
MistyTera wrote: »
I've seen numerous of threads ranting how imbalanced this game is. Honestly if you just follow EssentialMana, you will realize how balanced the game is more than you think!

Its posts like these that make me question the community
Xeiryl wrote: »
MistyTera wrote: »
I've seen numerous of threads ranting how imbalanced this game is. Honestly if you just follow EssentialMana, you will realize how balanced the game is more than you think!

can you stop talking?

Let me tell you all something! Many players proved how they know their class! Also BHS/EME have well balanced the game over time. It's not going to be exactly perfect. However, time and time again players have worked around it. LEARN TO DO THAT!
I'm more simple based than exaggerated interface when comes down to VOIP. Been using Teamspeak for years, because I'm used to it. Yes I know I have my opinions about Discord. I don't like the exaggerated interface and blah blah. I care about your privacy on Discord, still use it all you want. Still I'm looking and I came across some that have Teamspeak, but they weren't active enough. So I'm stuck finding a guild to expand with. Having 8 characters, I need to expand out with people to play with; it's how I make friend-base on MMOs. If you use Discord, but still use Guild Chat a lot, I might consider joining?
I don't think everyone is using these script hacks. However, it is still a huge problem!

I think lots of players that do use them are simply a disgrace of players that can't play fairly and DON'T KNOW THEIR CLASS ENOUGH to play fair!

Now I'm getting to the sources and I'm actually trying to Perma-Ban YouTube accounts that are promoting such abusive acts within the Tera Community using these hacks.
I've seen numerous of threads ranting how imbalanced this game is. Honestly if you just follow EssentialMana, you will realize how balanced the game is more than you think!
Yes it should be disturbing, because all this information makes it seem legitimate. I hope you learned something! Learn to appreciate people that know common sense with the world around them. I might seem arrogant, but really I'm just aware by researching the history. It's not like you would, but seriously anyone can exploit themselves and anyone going by third-party will get solicitation. This absolutely kills me! Discord doesn't own discord.com, but owns discordapp.com; that looks bad for a company. They should off named the app to something besides Discord, avoid bad appearances by other domains that release malware. Also they say they can share information with affiliates. http://hammerandchisel.com/privacy/ So the policy changes by hammer&chisel and they say that they can share any information among basically anyone, meaning advertisers. https://hired.com/company/hammer-chisel-discord
Testing should be limited to sites and services that Discord directly operates. We will not accept reports for third-party services or providers that integrate with Discord through our APIs. They don't accept third-party reports, when they make profit from them by sharing revenue....WHAT?! They should deal with all reports! Yeah be careful on what you post! This is unprofessional!
What a hilarious thread. Are you in Flat Earth Society, too?
I'm surprised you don't take this seriously. This is still an occurring issue with Tera Hacks!
Upon reading this thread and reading how easy it is to hack Tera from a script and how BHS does nothing to prevent it except ban people who mention it, but also the other side's point of view about how this proxy thing helps players (but hurts EME and BHS) why wouldn't EME/BHS take this program, buy it or hire the people who made it, fund some sort of security program to make it exclusively available as an EME/BHS product, and USE it?

If it truly fixes the lag issues and many other shortcomings of the game... sure EME and BHS can take a hard stance on it and just say "no you will be banned" but if it were me/my company I'd hire these people, make the program or whatever it is more secure, and let people use it to help improve the game.

Probably that's not gonna happen though, but seriously now I'm kinda worried about the security of this game knowing how easily it can be hacked if someone could just easily bypass login fail into a GM account, that's insane.

The way it was used of what I've heard and seen, it slows everyone else down. Honestly I'm not going to discuss this furthermore! Second I know it's that scary. Really if people are still hacking Tera and I've seen it happen by how people rant about out, I mean seriously BHS/EME haven't solved the security breaches. Perhaps a bit, but really there are more to be dealt with. That's what scares me the most! I just pray about it- Dear EME/BHS, please keep me safe, better yet SKYWHALE...sorry irrelevant to anything; my sense of humor. I just hope that I'm safe, that's all. Anyways BHS/EME really need to get on the case and look at exploits involved on Tera. That's all I'm going to say.
Khatarsis wrote: »
Misty, you are not the customer, you are the product being sold, to us, I'm not into management but for this a suspension at least is worthy, to get you straight.

AGAIN...Use Discord all you want, but for the record of what I've been telling you, be careful on what you post! I made that statement countless of times! If this really bothers you? Why do you care to make a post arguing about it, while I'm here stating that you should precaution when using it? Because this guy got sued on past apps! There's a legit reason to why I suggest be careful on what you post! You don't know, but most likely when it's free, you are the product being sold!

I mean really how are they making money? Explain that and get back with me.

01/GAMEBRIDGE. Revenue Potential: SaaS for Developers (third-party)
02/STREAMKIT. Revenue Potential: Revenue sharing/3rd party app integration/Steam competitor (third-party)
03/GAME REVENUE SHARING. Revenue Potential: Game sales revenue sharing/Steam competitor (third-party)

Wondering how we’ll make money? In the future there will be optional cosmetics like themes, sticker packs, and sound packs available for purchase. We’ll never charge for Discord’s core functionality-QUOTE DISCORD

Also merchandise clothing. Really?

Are they really making that much off game revenue? SIMPLY DATA REVENUE!


Revenue by data. DATA!

I suggest you try to avoid all third-party and make it so simple based for yourself. It will add up of lost for Discord. Also I don't think many people use it as such, so technically I'm quite accurate.

So what's the verdict? Be careful when using Discord! I don't care if you still use it, I'm just stating this is Discord's revenue!

Data anonymization is a type of information sanitation whose intent is privacy protection. It is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous. However, you're technically responsible for anything you post, as stated in the ToS and/or PrivacyPolicy; so who knows? So any game revenue, there is your personal information involved, which they lie to you. Using Cassandra is quite the data mine! If your read Discord's TOS/PrivacyPolicy, it's quite contradicting. Even on reddit they have mention they don't share personal information because of lawyers, meaning they have dealt with it before, but still they do the same procedures for their revenue, just like AuoraFeint and OpenFeint.


Let me ask you something. Why do they care about backup, it's your data! Where's your FACTS?! All I got was, "Oh this like a Trump tweet". You know nothing about Trump and for the record you're insulting our president! Technically you can't do much better than those comments! The problem is coming to an agreement and my agreement is that you should be careful on how you use Discord! That's my point! Because you don't know how they really use your data and surely I can't actually prove they they do. All and all, I'm can't fathom, but something saying on the back of mind is saying, be careful! It's what I see on past apps that it gets way too personal! So this is what I ask of you and this is my motive/intention to precaution while using Discord!


MOVING ON....I know people don't even read and soak up facts, so that's why I CAPS. They read just the small parts, with ignorance.

I just wouldn't post something that's personal, like pornography or something real personal. Also providing your information through third-party will make it accessible for more solicitation. If you don't care, be my guest. Having something that's Web-Based just makes it so easy for data-mining! It's a Web-RTC anyways. Really I'm tired of addressing all this information to people that can't even put facts together! Welcome to your Discord people!


There are others, but I just gave you this one for reference example.
Ardire wrote: »
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.

The player could do that, but it's much easier to just walk and then jump to platform to platform. Trust me it works 100%, the walk helps you to not over jump the platforms. Really it's the best way to do it, if you want the experience while leveling.
When I first played this game, I figured out that walking and then making the jump is much easier. / to walk on PC

Oh wow. I got satisfaction! More real depiction.
Lots of this can be found on Essential Mana.
Ardire wrote: »
i've been meaning to say this for awhile but mistytera every single one of your forum posts reads so alike to a string of trump tweets that it's nigh uncanny. blows me away honestly. it'd be impressive it was an act but since you're serious it's just genuinely troubling.... hope u find help soon (dude)

Look I don't know if you understand my motives? From what I researched about this Jason Citron, I just don't like it!

Discord secretly raised ~$50M led by Index Ventures, along with Institutional Venture Partners and previous investors Spark Capital, Benchmark and Greylock Partners. How can you pay the funds back off of nothing? SELLING YOUR DATA!

Like most free to use apps, the key to the riches is in collecting user data.

Discord can collect anonymous data to analyse and predict future trends, or sell these info to marketers. You people really need to understand what a venture capitalists does!

Citron was just 26 years old when he and Cassley sold OpenFeint, their social platform for mobile games, to GREE, a social networking service, in 2011 for $104 million.


In April 2011, Japanese company GREE, Inc. bought OpenFeint for US$104 million.

In 2011, OpenFeint was party to a class action suit with allegations including computer fraud, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, bad faith and seven other statutory violations. According to a news report "OpenFeint's business plan included accessing and disclosing personal information without authorization to mobile-device application developers, advertising networks and web-analytic vendors that market mobile applications". The class action suit was later voluntarily dismissed.

It's like he sold it and let them deal with it. What a dirt! Like seriously why hasn't this got soaked in your brains?

On November 16, 2012, GREE announced that it would be discontinuing the service on December 14, 2012, primarily in favor of its own similar platform.

Smart move Jason Citron, smart move!

It's obvious and you have to be incompetent to ignore it. Use it all you want, but for the record of what I've been telling you, be careful on what you post! I made that statement countless of times!
You don't even read! I gave evidence and you're just incompetent to even understand what a venture capitalist even is. You read every link and come back with your facts OK. If Jason Citron got sued on past apps, so that's a legit reason for me! They sell information to companies READ THE PRIVACY POLICY~THEY READ YOUR DEVICE ID! I have my reasons because the guy got sued and that's enough evidence for me to not use it! I hate reposting links.
Wow thanks... :# for that. It's been known that Discord has some security issues. Also it's not your full own control over it, that's a problem for me. That's why I don't use it! I don't trust a guy that got sued by gamers with Aurora Feint-THAT'S THE MAIN REASON! There are legit reasons to why to why I don't use it. People ask me why I don't like Discord, there you go, I gave my reasons. All I said was to precaution using Discord! You probably don't understand what a Venture Capitalist even is?! I only said that Teamspeak is better for people if they have issues with memory they have available, basically. GET OF MY BACK!
Not only do you break several forum rules with your late posts, you also seem to be in need of psycho therapy (in case you're not a really dedicated troll).
Just stop, dude, please.

Why do people say dude? Seriously stop assuming genders with people! Late posts against the rules? Since when? I have my reasons, that's not paranoia, so I have my opinions and facts. DISCORD IS FREE? Here's a duh-Teamspeak3 client is FREE! There's a reason to why it's FREE entirely! Think about it! If DISCORD is free, then how are they going to pay back the millions to investors? If it's "free" chances are YOU are the product being sold! Also Internet providers, they don't care about your data, since most of them don't. The FCC's rules have made this choice an opt-in measure instead, meaning that ISPs couldn't sell data without the customer's explicit consent! So Discord you can't literally do that take control of the data being sold!


We do not sell our broadband customers' individual web browsing history. We did not do it before the FCC's rules were adopted, and we have no plans to do so.

TOTALLY LEGIT! They don't care! They make money without selling data. DUH!


Let's set the record straight. Verizon does not sell the personal web browsing history of our customers. We don't do it and that's the bottom line.

Mobile companies read your data by limit charges, not selling your data!


You won't see the effect because it will be smaller than the background noise. We are all bound to our ISPs and the following carriers. We are bound to the spikes when we play at 8pm and the ISP is bundling us up with thousands of other users in our town area. To same goes for the carriers.

Sometimes lag can be memory ram. Not always. So if you're playing with 4G ram, invest in 8G or more (really not expensive at all), that your computer can upgrade to. My laptop only allows 4G->8G upgrade by slot.
Well, what I'm saying is that there are some adjustments that can be made to improve your signal to the router. Playing wireless, you might want to make sure that your settings are set to enhance your signal of your adapter.

For example on my wireless adapter for this desktop.

Some setting like this will assure that your adapter won't disconnect you.

By the way-Don't use the dashes-It's not how it's entered!

Make sure that your router is set for the type of signal that your adapter receives. b/n/or g. I recommend mix setting on router. For some reason 40hz works better for me. So on my laptop, under the wireless adapter settings, there's an option that you might have? I can't remember even though I said 20hz or 40hz was an option, but I think it is Auto and 20hz? Putting the adapter on Auto gave me better signal. Anyways, there are ways to increase your signal better.

It's highly recommended that you set your DNS of your ISP on your router and adapter

Which is under wireless adapter settings. If you don't know? Just click....
Right-Click Internet Signal Icon (Lower Right)
Click Open Internet Network and Sharing Center
Click your Router Name On the active networks (Under Access Type)->Connections...It's a duh really.
Under the Internet Connections Menu look for Internet properties (The one the looks like a admin shield)-Click on it.
Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP-IPv4) and the same if you IPv6.
Enter the DNS servers of your ISP. By clicking on them and going to properties. Use following DNS.
Honestly I never had any issues, but it will assure a better connection for yourself. At least it's set on my router. That's important. Doing this prevents disconnects with your router.

For example the servers for my Comcast is and (IPv4)
2001:558:feed::1 and 2001:558:feed::2 (IPv6)

Yes I'm from Houston TX :) Howdy yall...Ok I'm being lame...We don't do it often. We can turn it off and on, on our Texan accent.

You might want to change your router IP to something different rather than or or

You don't have to do this per-say, but I recommend it for security reasons.

This avoids hackers a bit and helps your connection from interference with other routers like your neighbors, just a bit I think.

Now the after the last period you can mess with. SO DON'T JUST DO RANDOM NUMBERS!

I have, so lets change it anything ranging from 0-254, because that's your range of numbers that it allows.

Something like this...., so 192.168.0. (0-254). Are you following me?

Better choices on these same three different networks are:, and for example.

Really I could post more, but there are ways to help your internet connection to be the most efficient that it can be. Just google how to lower your ping on YouTube. Seriously you will be surprised by the results that will help you assure the best signal.

essential mana...love your ninja...I'm done!
May I ask, why does it matter? It's a game! If you are based on the knowledge of the lore, it's slightly messed up!

They already messed up with branches by saying you're from the island. Lets just say you flew to the Island of Dawn, got sent to the Step-Stone.

Really there's isn't much of the story with the Island of Dawn, but messed up.

Only a short time ago, the Island of Dawn rose from the sea between the continents of Arun and Shara, throwing everything we know about the world into chaos. A scientific expedition left almost immediately from Velika to investigate the event and the mysterious new land itself.

There were mysteries enough to keep this team of scientists busy for years. How could a brand-new island be home to ancient ruins and relics? Why was it populated by wildlife, nature spirits, and demons?

Before they could do more than begin to ask questions, most members of the first expedition perished in a massed demon attack, while the expedition leader, Elleon, went missing and was presumed dead

Remember Karascha's Lair? So yes it's messed up! I don't know what else to say? Sorry, but sadly the story is thrown off.
Looking for a guild that uses teamspeak. I know they exist! Discord, I just don't favor. I know any one will say good luck or you won't find one. Teamspeak uses less memory, that's one reason. Mount Tyrannas.
Why don't people use essential mana? It has helped my classes so much! Stop complaining about the classes!
The fact of the matter people don't care, that's their problem. Soon any one will care, because you could go to jail! The fact is no one can get away with it, because common sense of the reality that states that everyone gets caught eventually. That's my point! It's like breaking your mother's vase and she finds out that it was you. Calling me brainwashed, I take that as an insult! I'm not discussing how these hacks deploy, rather mostly obvious of what I've seen and heard. I'm discussing how people get caught with them by the internet itself. Why do you have a problem? This isn't per-say against the TOS. Do people even read? IT'S A COMMON SENSE THREAD!
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