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Aaand this thread has stopped being productive. How typical and how frustrating.

@counterpoint I don't know if its what you mean to do or set out to do, but your answers are just a lot of "there's nothing we can do". You've turned this away from being about what we want to do and what we can do to positively change the game and made it into a this is why things are they way they are thread. It destroys any positive momentum. Just look a the thread before you joined then after. I don't know if that's a player council members real job or what. But you're here and no one from eme is regardless of specific questions asked or actionable feedback given.

Brother, if you really want this game to change you should take a long look at how you respond to people in these forums. Why would eme respond to this (or any) thread when they have you to come in and explain everything away for them?

This is not an attack, I really don't think this is your intent, but I do think you've been doing this so long its second nature. You have insights not many have, this could be used for change rather than used to pacify. Stop explaining everything away and start giving ideas for what we as a player base CAN do not why we cant do things. You have all the insight as to why things are they way they are, so what can we do?

If you feel something needs to be explained, great, honestly, thanks for the insight, but move on to what can be done about it. What we need is what action we can take, not the explanation of why we can't take action.

If the petition to eme wont work, how about how about a petition to players to go a month with no emp buys, nothing from their shop bought for a month? All elite shut off for a month and nothing from their shop for a month?

Doesn't it seem silly to go this route? Doesn't it seem like there should be some other way to get eme to listen or to at least engage in *meaningful* conversation? We have to hurt the game we want to change in order to get some sort of voice?

As a submission: We DO have a representative for bhs development in our market, and they have a community manager. its eme... and they have a specific job called... "community manager".

If they have a specific job called community manager, why is there a player council? If there is a player council why aren't there specific meetings with the members?

Is it because its a fa├žade, meant to placate and pacify? As long as we the paying pawns keep falling for it and explaining things away instead of demanding real change, nothing will change.

Awesome game, great animations, great combat, wonderful character detail and costumes but it only lasts 2-3 months then your done. It could *easily* be changed and there are tons of incredible suggestions for how to do so. But, we have no idea if any of them are being listened to because eme (our representative to bhs) is silent and nothing changes.

Its really, too bad.
I'm not sure I like the analogy of us being a pawn when we're the paying customers. If you're suggesting the only thing we can do is have one person talk to eme when they get the chance and hope for change I would hope there are more options for interaction.

Not that we don't appreciate you talking to them, especially if it is the only method of communication as its incredibly important, and kudos to you for doing so, it I'm sure its trying at best. Hopefully its rewarding at times as well. As a player council member are there regular meetings where you get to voice concerns or something?

Again, what if eme actually responded to one of the lists of good ideas with something other than "good idea, we're forwarding it"? How about a follow up to the message they forwarded. Whether its good news or bad news. Don't they have community managers? What exactly is the scope of the community manager?

I think there have been several direct questions eme could answer within this thread and certainly some actionable ideas.
@counterpoint I hear you, understand what you say and why you say it. But, it also just sounds like give them a pass. Which is why we are here. I understand your explaining things for us isn't the same thing as you defending them, but we're in this post to see what we can do to change things.

You have such a great understanding of why things are done, so what do we do about it? Obviously posting doesn't work. What sort of petition should we do, who should we address it to?
Whether they can effect mob stats or damage or not, they can certainly impact the game and player satisfaction. Crafting mats and engaging the player base.

They can sort of make up for lack of content with constant events, weekly world boss events with small quests attached with meaningful reward for all gear levels. If they're able to do this, create their own events, I think they can do more than we give them credit for.

Also, look at past events and double vanguards. This alone tells me if done well they have the in house ability to make the game better. In the past an event could net you the mats you needed to do a lot of upgrading. So I don't think they're as hamstrung as we think. Some of the events were pretty op with mats weren't they? Wouldn't a lot of people would say they want to benefit from those events, but they're bad for the game and game economy.

If they did events/rewards and mat distribution better, it would have a positive impact.

Engaging the player base. A weekly video is nice, but look how many people are frustrated with the number and type of posts from eme. Respond and follow up.

I still think knowing what each role is responsible for and what exactly eme can and cant do would be helpful. I don't want to just give them a pass because we assume there's nothing they can do.

What if there was an independent list for each player, not shown to the party, at the end of each dungeon that showed your dps and an average dps of others of your class and your gear score? It could have a list of your most used skills and how much damage they did.

Then it could have a link to essential manna for tips.

Its not like En Masse doesn't know about these, kritika does it.

This would mean essential manna has to be updated though...
Can they not just be in 3 and 4 * dungeons so everyone can benefit?
Ok, so... what do we do? All it takes Is a little reading to see how many people feel forgotten by the game here, but surely something has to have worked somewhere? Clearly we are passionate about this game and would like to see it succeed.

It seems, at least on this forum, a good number of players feel the game went/is going the wrong direction. There are numerous lists about what could be changed which seem to be ignored.

How about if En Masse told us what they have direct control over and we then gave input specific to said list? Sort of work with what we can rather than complain about what we can do nothing about?

For instance, Can En Masse control dungeon hp and damage %?

For what I know they control, I really think getting rid of double vanguards for specific events is a bad move. It takes a constant stream of mats away and turns it into come and get it if you're logged on when we do it. This seems to me a way to lose active players. Why would I log on now when I know an event is coming?

This may not go deep enough to "fix" things, but maybe it gets the dialogue going in the right direction and then who knows? The idea is not to let BHS off the hook, but to start making some immediate meaningful improvements.

I will say by dialoguing with En Masse about changes, it should not be us demanding and En Masse giving in to the "I want double and triple this and that". It should be dialogue about the scope of En Masse authority and how it is Strategically and Tactically administered to engage and hopefully grow the player base.

But, seriously, any ideas? I'll help with whatever I can.
It is certainly true you cannot really know your class when you only get to run easy content. This is why I think experiencing the same mechanics at a lower setting would be so beneficial. Having the same mechanics available to lower tier players (which will probably be either be newer (or return) or casual players) in an easier dungeon acts as a bridge for these players into end game content.

It would, I hope, ease the frustration of established players and give confidence to less experienced players. If it could be married with some sort of banner at the end showing what your dps was and what your dps should look like, or the average dps of your class with the same gear (doesn't have to be party wide, just a class banner) this would help. For instance something like the damage chart kritika has where you can see what your most used skills are and how much damage they do. Since there is a relationship with essential manna now, there could be some sort of link suggesting for help visit essential manna to look for damage or rotation tips.

I would think this could be beneficial to everyone, although I can see how it could make end game too easy with allowing everyone a way to figure out end game mechanics on "easy mode".

I would think it would be easiest from a development standpoint to lower damage and hp of bosses by a certain % and call them ims or lfg dungeons. This is why it was the first suggestion. However, if there is a desire to not allow an easy mode of end game content, two things spring to mind.

Create an easy dungeon with different bosses who have similar mechanics to end game but lower hp and damage, this will allow people to practice or get familiar with mechanics without doing the actual end game dungeon. It could be a crucible type dungeon with every type of mechanic available.

Or, If putting a new dungeon together is too much, just don't have the ims and lfg dungeons match end game. We sort of rotate end game dungeons anyway. Just have the ims and lfg dungeons be the previous set of dungeons for a month until everyone has figured out the harder 3 and 4*'s then change the ims and lfg dungeons to match the 3 and 4*. This would also make it seem like there is more content in tera by having more dungeons available even if they are easier.

It may even pave the way for bringing back older dungeons people thought were fun in an easier mode so more people can experience them.
I guess just the mega thread gets love =p
Not all players transition to end game, its why raid finder is so popular. A lot of players don't have time for it. We want to see the end game, want to feel some sort of progression, but don't have the time to invest in guilds or specific raid times etc... It is a misconception that all players will eventually transition to end game.

The instance matching system should have a different level of dungeon from LFG and from regular queuing. Damage and hp should scale accordingly the mechanics do not need to change (how we learn). Reward *amount* should be what separates them, not reward type. For instance the 3 and 4* dungeons should all drop meaningful crafting or advancement loot. But, normal queue drops 2x amount, lfg 1x and ims .5x amount. Each one should hit a counter for the dungeon. No one can double or triple dip and really if the rewards are done right, no one should need to.

I think this would I think make the older established players happy (with rewards that matter at an amount given to each member of the party) and allow other players whos guilds don't really raid, or newer or casuals without a guild to advance.

This may just get more casual players or players of all classes (tanks and healers) comfortable with mechanics so when they do gear up they are comfortable to do lfg more, or even look for that guild since training runs are...
This wont help unless progression is figured out for casual players who don't have a guild or cant get into 3 and 4* dungeons with regularity. This game wont take on or keep casual or new players who will pay to play in order to log in for an hour or two and still progress. There's a reason wow has raid finder. The majority of gamers are not end game serious guild players. Instance matching cannot only be a reliable clear for 2* dungeons, LFG is unfortunately not always an option. (I'm aware you can im for anything, but anyone who's tried, even 3*'s are no guarantee with the current matching system).

This game seems to have made the conscious business decision to make its money on costumes and keeping its current 3 and 4* dungeon players happy. Its almost like they are content to try and continue to make money until the game closes rather than grow the game.
@counterpoint we used to get gem bags, we used to get time limited costumes and rarely permanent costumes in elite.

I have never gotten felicity although I have seen others.

Does anyone know what the actual elite loot table is? Or do we know if elite is "done". Has eme finished working on it?

It does feel like/seem like eme/bhs doesn't care too much about their subscription service, I wonder what percentage of their income it is.
Thank you for getting a solution quickly and making it win - win. I don't think this stops the is elite worth it discussions, but anything adding value to elite is really, much appreciated!
I bet its BHS who told them no perma ccb. I think EME went out and did it and then when they realized it blocked some content innocently asked BHS for some help and BHS told them not to block content get rid of perma ccb. So, I don't think perma ccb will be coming back. Its why they're hoping for a toggle. Which I bet we'll have to turn on every time we log on. Its the same as a 12 hour game time ccb. Really if you just turn one on at log on, its pretty much the same as a toggle, you just don't have to have the ccb in inventory.

If this is the case, I wish eme would just come out and say we made a mistake gals n guys we cant do perma ccb, sorry we know you liked it.

But again, especially if this is just going to be a toggle every time I log in. I would rather give this up for something more valuable. Elite is really in a poor state if were arguing this hard for a paid for perk that is free and easily available in game.

To me, this is an excellent indication of the poor state of elite.
Maybe we should set the bar higher for elite than a permanent crystal bind that's easily free in game. There are 18 pages of complaints about an elite perk that's free in game. I liked the perma ccb too, but if it was ccb or something more meaningful for my money, I'd gladly lose the perma ccb for brining the gem bag back.

@Spacecats "Do we replace Gold Boost with CCBs on the Elite bar?"

NO man, just NO. What is going on with the desire to remove stuff? If something is not worth it FIX IT to make it valuable don't remove it. If you have to remove something to replace it with something MORE VALUABLE then say so up front and in advance.

But, just for schnitz n giggles, how about, make the gold boost viable/valuable, AND fix the perma ccb? What would that be like? Is that something you might be interested in? Does that tickle your fancy? You know, maybe on a Thursday, or a rainy weekend night right when the clouds break and the moon is just right? you know what i'm talkin about...
What if there was a trade off for gems and talents where hardcore or end game players made an equivalent amount of gems to the daily amount of talents from IOD bams as a vanguard reward. Like one emerald per vanguard for 4* and up dungeons or something (maybe that's too much?)

I cant run more than 3* kalivans with any confidence using instance matching. As time goes on and more alts and casuals are geared, I'm sure lfg for other 3*s will be more reliable. But I doubt the 4*'s will be doable via instance matching (lfg at my time is empty). This makes sort of a natural separation for gems vs talents.

Would this make it easier for the end game players to upgrade every couple days without spending gold? Farm gems vanguards one day and talents the next or some such?

This way, casuals can sell talents/darics etc... and harder core players can sell gems. As gems have a static price they wont drop in value as much as talents so it should make it more profitable for more engaged players. I'm not sure I like the non trade-able talents and gems it would kill a way to make money back after buying plate recipes.

Although, for all I know you do get gems with each 4* though, I've never done one...

As for the reason casuals quit... From my perspective, EME is focused on maintaining the current end game player base and keeping them somewhat content. This seems to take all their time. I average about 150 talents, 3-5k gold and enough gems to craft 3 emeralds per day. So how long will it take me to get 1 character geared? And once I do get one geared, then what? kill IOD bams faster? be really good in Kalivans? Sorry I'm getting of topic.

Just some thoughts, because I think if it got a little better for end gamers, it would get a little better for casuals.
where are these name changers?
Not a complaint, pointing out a possible oversight and an attempt to make sure its out there elite is cheaper in the cash shop. From my perspective, why wouldn't the sale include subscriptions? Is it intentional or an oversight? Making subscriptions a bad idea as its cheaper to purchase elite via cash shop seems strange.
right now 4600 emp is $40. a 90 day elite is 3741. I pay $45 for 3 months of elite. Will I be refunded or...
$180 per year for elite or $160 for 4 90 day vouchers + 3436 emp.
what is hyper turbo time?
maybe they started maintenance early :/ You know, get a head start on things, start the day off right. Sunshine, rainbows, lolli pops and all that...
Thank you for the replies,

It seems I should give the 3 stars a go, they're doable. But, if I find I want to go further its going to be time to invest in a guild.

I'm pretty new to playing 65. I hit 65 prior to the patch but didn't do much dungeoning. I have been in enough dungeons as soon as getting the right ilvl (pre and post patch) where people weren't really contributing (myself included). On the other hand, once getting to full twist shard and starting to enchant it, the lower level dungeons seem pretty easy.

I'm now at ilvl 432 and all the 431's are open but are they all worth queing for? Is there a general consensus for what dungeons are ok/good to pug? Or are all of them ok as long as I have the ilvl and have watched the videos to get some semblance of mechanics?

I hope this made sense,

The quest to clear them is available when you get the new entry level gear.
Elite used to get traveling bank. It was called travel insurance. You could summon schwab, and some others I don't think I ever used it once I had the travel journal, I still have over a hundred in my bank actually. Crystal Binds are kind of too easy to get to make it a worth while elite perk. Of course if that changes after the patch it would be good.

We used to get costume and pet items. Mostly they were 1-7 day items so it didn't replace the store. But if iirc very rarely they were permanent.

Its funny though I've actually been asking around what the point of elite is once your 65. I don't play for a long time so double dungeons doesn't help me much, maybe it would when/if I dungeon more. I don't even know what all the reset scrolls I have are for, but I cant trade or sell them.

I like the idea of increased dailies. It would be nice to farm gold on one character instead of just having to log in another 65 to do the same dailies. I don't see how having 2x vanguards would be pay to win since its already available in game, just with multiple characters.

The big downer for me with elite is the 1-7 alkahest, feedstock or whatever is worthless. At the end of the month its what maybe 100 feedstock or alkahest which is not helpful at all.

The gold, vanguard and exp boost has been nice, although I don't know how that will play out after the patch.

I agree elite should be QOL to keep it from pay to win, so maybe giving short duration costumes, pets, mounts or special "glows" with rare permanent items. Or maybe meaningful discounts in the store.

This is just some of what I remember liking about the old loot boxes though, maybe a lot of people don't care about these things. I'm certainly not an elite level player so I don't know what's useful endgame.

Thanks for the replies
According to the Tera website (http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dungeons) Ebon Tower and Kelsaiks nest are lvl 58 dungeons. I'm lvl 60 and can instance match for Kelsaiks nest but not Ebon tower. I'm trying to complete the story, I have the quest to go into the dungeon, but it doesn't show up.

I know I can level up then come back, I don't have to complete the story to level, I'm just wondering If I'm doing something wrong, im missing something, or if something changed with the dungeon so it doesn't show up for matching or anything.

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