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instead of making that [filtered] called AIR they should have taken that money and learn UE4 and port tera then spend some out of that to learn optimize full stop.
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Why do these game companies think it is OK to Steal your stuff? GameForge is stealing characters and slots from folks in Europe at the same time we are being stolen from here.
Why would I continue to invest any money in a game in the future when my previous investments - time and especially money that I have paid to support their game - are stolen from me?
The EU has recently been all up in the face of Social Media companies, and every website on the planet, about their Privacy Rules. And all up in the face of game companies about their Loot Boxes that on some esoteric interpretation sounds like gambling to them.
What I want to know is:
When is the EU or some other Government body going to get all up in the face of game companies that Steal Your Stuff out of laziness.
  • If I bought it from the game company, IT'S MINE, whether or not it is VIRTUAL.
  • If you gave it to me as part of some promotion or other reason, whenever it was you did that, IT'S MINE.
  • And if you take stuff from me that's MINE, then that's STEALING, even if your game is FREE TO PLAY.
  • Whether you are doing some server merge or not, if you take it away, then it's STEALING.
How is it ok to STEAL my Virtual STUFF? Don't tell me that you're servers can't handle the load. The reason that the merge is happening is that you can't afford to run more servers because folks aren't playing the game, and paying for it. And why are we going to pay more next month when you stole what we already paid for? It's processors and memory and network that cost money, not a few TB of hard drive space. That's so close to free that it makes no difference in a bottom line.
I know it's a little late to change all this, but how is this not THEFT?
And why do I want to support a company that steals from me?
Not a fair question?
Sure it's late to ask this question. and maybe I missed it being asked before.
If so, please link to that discussion. Regardless, I've a long time ago walked away, so that's all.

Now you get why the game has been dying. As soon as people realize they can lose this or that, they no longer have faith in the game/publisher. I was not around for the first merges, but a lot really makes sense now.

Your best bet is to never go "All in" on a game. Spend a little money here and there, but never invest all of your time in one game. Also, check out the history of the game and stay updated on game feedback. This is the first game I've played that has dwindled down so fast, so I don't really have much experience. The main game I play has been increasing in size continuously for the last 7 years.

what game is that if may ask?
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But not trying to sway you or belittle you, but those titles are gotten from people with extreme gear and skills (and script involved too).

Not to mention it adds too much drama especially with Pit where ppl are exploiting timers in this broken mess of a game that takes years to repair only for it to get removed later on just like every leaderboard type of content TERA has brought here. You could be getting 1st place without cheating but ppl will report you anyways so your account is also a big target towards those jealously people. You wouldn't want to deal with that in a video game right?

You can go on options to disable titles to make it much cleaner looking without those bizarre fps glowly titles in the way.

But yeah it's normally bragging rights, but some are not gotten legit either so take it with a grain of salt and not get too involved in trying to get these titles as a newbie. Not worth the headache and drama over it.
Now this is one HUGE load of horse manure.

I earned Stronghold Champion with red flashy title background during season 2. Placed 3rd for Priest on Tempest Reach. Played about 50 games with a 65% win rate. Gear in CS is equalized to begin with. That said, outside of CS I have +0 Frostmetal and full Daylight jewelry. I was also missing about 2/3 of the newest glyphs, those blue ones. Apex skills are disabled in pvp anyway. So those don't count. Finally, I have zero need to use any kind of cheats.

Just gotta play smart. Where is the action? Who is doing what? Is someone else pwning the enemy team? Go support them so y'all can become a roving death ball to the enemy! Team not so good? maybe only average? Is there something you can do to slow the enemy team down then? Perhaps they left their Graveyard undefended, GO CAP IT!! Make them have to run farther to get back into the fight. The odds will slowly change in favor of your team. Get in a siege vehicle! The damage it doesn't isn't all that great, but it has a HUGE impact factor as in knocking down enemy players.

Finally, ya i have played the game before. I am not exactly new. I did however return from a 3+ year break away. So as of 2 weeks ago I was only in Discovery armor. I still pulled off a good rank in PvP. It really just comes down to attitude and tenacity. Your attitude will never rank in anything. Can't let the negatives drag ya down man. Buck up and be more positive. You can do it.

As to the OP, Blue titles are for ranked PvE Leaderboards and Red titles are for ranked PvP Leaderboards. Top 3 in each category gets a title. #1 gets a special title. Also all people who placed get a token they can turn for those masks you might see some people wearing that give stats. Like mine gives me 2 endurance and 2.4% CD reduction.

if read his post correctly you would understand that it's the blue titles he was referring.
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Once i get back home i will uninstall the Na version and download Gameforge.

you really gonna trust the community before you login and see for your self is mixed views in here and one person just add words to what seandynamite said I never see more madness so making it look so bad ent and we so want what every other publisher has up in here we love to compare is like a jealousy thing with many Na players it pisses me off when I see it. and GF doing a merge too guess they having problems too.

they dont have problems, it is bhs that have problem, they are the first guilty for reason tera dying, they took so many bad decision to ruin tera, for exemple removing alliance, crusade, nexus, island of dawn etc

and also tera is not a spring chicken anymore, the game turn into granny game :)

i totally agree with you tera is getting outdated and fast all the revamps they are doing when they should be spending money to learn unreal engine 4 and port tera over to that they can try how much they want this game will not last for 10 more years could be less.
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Pretty sure those titles are for being ranked well on the leaderboards.

I see, but what about blue titles? they aren't related to pvp, or at least they don't look like they are (since only red titles say things like "Skyring Champion")

the blue ones are for Dreadspire and aahm not sure about aahm but DS for sure
Was it really that difficult to understand? Others have said it. You are making this s**** far more complicated than necessary. For those that want to transfer from PVP65 to non-PVP65 (or even other permutations) you should offer a simple one stop approach to dong so. No. Not you. You still have bulls***t checks that are without meaning. F*** you. If your process detects that something is wrong is it really that difficult to display the specifics instead of "Character has items in inventory that cannot be transferred.". Not difficult dumb asses.

just remove all nocts that are in your inventory of the character you want to move and make sure thta no item in there are soul bound to another character simple you just have to ready and this isn't eme fault its BHS PROGRAMMING MESS
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Once i get back home i will uninstall the Na version and download Gameforge.

you really gonna trust the community before you login and see for your self is mixed views in here and one person just add words to what seandynamite said I never see more madness so making it look so bad ent and we so want what every other publisher has up in here we love to compare is like a jealousy thing with many Na players it pisses me off when I see it. and GF doing a merge too guess they having problems too. Thing NA have more cheaters that EU that why we got the code here its part our fault the problem here have why did the those guy you all say ran tera Na better than the current team left they left because this NA tera community is to toxic that why they left.

Anyway would be better I guess, more World bams for me, more gold from CU and rally yeah you all go run to GF TERA the more the better.

i'm not gonna leave cause of all the problem and run to what seems to look good yeah Eme has lost its mojo where planning events and rewarding is concern because of past experience events too rewarding and we complain that the event is broken EME you all broke the broker so now they lessen on the rewards no one wants to do the event and we complain again it's not rewarding enough and is like they don't ask us for help and like the player council not even a thing anymore they can help them balance the rewards for events. The anniversary event this year was the best i've ever seen in the game since i'm here and after that everything went downhill the CM said some events coming soon waiting to see what they gonna be. I know things will get better time will tell that story.
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I would like to ask about the recent changes that would be going on in the game.
So my question is about the merge that will be happening soon, I would like to know If I need to change my characters name during the server merge of course if its taken will I be able to use the same armor which is bound to that character or weapon and the costumes bound to the same character? (aka her name is _____now if I change it to something else is the armor bound and weapon gonna still be usable on her or the costumes for that character?)

when you change the name on any character the name on your gear changes also so your safe no worries OK.
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I just find it horribly sad to see how people that spent so much money on the game are treated.

Why should people that spend money on the game be treated specially LOL
Besides, kami didn't spend money he's just a broker god and he can easily make new accounts and buy up all the char slots on various servers and use them for his bank mules. None of those chars he has to delete are anything else but storage space.

still sucks having to delete 50 2-4 petted characters, use 150+ bank expansions on alt accounts, and spend 30 hours of my time to store things because of this merge >.>

play player with ur gold to continue play so no merge won't take place lol.
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I see. I'm asking counter because I already have some slots previously used, so I still have 3 free slots (items already used) + slots sent today (not used).
Once I do not have chars in another server (just FF), the best option is hold the slot items.

If FF is your main server use them or save them up to you also if you have plans to make alt on another server you can choose tr and use the rest of slots there since in the end there will only be 2 servers after the merge. again it up to you too keep them or use them before or after.
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It's 1:44 PM here, which is 11:44am pst. Did anyone get them? Because I didn't.

i think you need to relog to get them some members in my guild got there's already try relogging idk.
New players don't stand a chance. The grind is insurmountable unless you are willing to P2W.

that because you want +9 stormcry in one day don't know why players so hurry to get stormcry and you can't eve do 1mil dps like the many iv'e met in ims take your time learn the game get better ect there is more to game that just gearing.
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In my experience with this game I think due to low population and toxicity. Guilds aren't bothered to help new players out to do endgame dungeons because they already have an established group of ppl they always run with.

AAHM, one of the end game dungeon has a [filtered] dps check made for korean ping so if your dps is low no one will take you unless you can do mlg damage.

do you have proof of this cause the guild i'm in we help everyone that joins what I've been seeing is that for some reason new players play for while and then stop, have no idea why but in the guild i'm in we learning run setup etc and also pvp practice as a guild 3 times a week including a score run setup to help our member improve their dps, just that some new players don't want to dedicate the time to learn or get better despite all the bad stuff in this game new player retention is lacking because many guilds don't know [filtered] to treat new players. join a guild on an alt when i got accepted i waited a bit not even a welcome or hi how you doing ect not one response for the member that were online that was a turn off i left that guild immediately. so even though as you said (due to low population and toxicity) There other factor involved that is pushing player to not stay long or continue playing.
we in 2018 and name so important? Players selling names for 800k+ gold you gotta laugh yes it funny for me well I ain't care cause i'm not affected I didn't waste my time making alts on every server to have 40+ chars for a game that won't last for the next 20+ years because technology is getting better and better everyday and soon this unreal engine 3 mess will be behind its time so i will enjoy Tera until it's outdated by the time gonna pop some corn and the enjoy the entertainment this game and the forums offer its second to none.
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what's with that dumb "them against us" attitude. we're all playing the same game in the same region and it's not anyone's fault that they didn't pick MT or TR as their starting server. TR isn't even living up to its hype these days so maybe after the merge you guys can finally get 5 good people together to do uppers =)

the merge is going to help the game overall, including TR. It's a bit late but it's better than nothing. All this [filtered] over names is ridiculous.

because we are upset to delete our characters, if happen well it is [filtered] off tera, bhs and enmasse

There is Thread begging EME to merge CH what not you all complaining I saw this coming why you didn't voice we don't want CH to merge in another Thread or even the same thread. Is the feed back they Got that why now they merging CH so who's to blame?
You can't please children!
As much I as i would like to take your word for it they mentioned on the last stream that the temp bank is very very big so @seandynamite @CobaltDragon can you all please verify this into and put many minds at ease thank you.
hmm another dumb post so you dont know that there is maint either Tuesdays or Thursdays, now since last week there was notice on top the forums in yellow about maint today lawd! use your brains, some Tuesdays or Thursdays there ain't any but there was notice about today's maint since last week on the forums so I trying to understand wth you talking about.
@seandynamite its better to merge because you lose in server transfers when i can get my whole bank with merge you want me to lose my whole bank to server transfer 100k and a few stuff you be realistic how time have you spent playing this game? many are already gonna lose a lot of characters with costumes etc and you talking about be realistic come on make the community happy and merge CH forget data its good sign so far I ain't see anyone ranting about how many characters they gonna loss I may be talking to fast about that one waiting to see the post soon lol.
Ok i'll edit it for you since you don't know what @ stands for, cause it was CornishRex who said I was defending EME also added shameful. My first sentence was for you @xXEruneXx I did not attack you.
there is pax next week that why there is no stream they said so in the stream the only error is the time idk. and yeah i'm defending them i get paid lol.
This is joke mess come on grow up there always art contest in tera. Yeah they messed up, they always do, get used to it or just stay quite. Just a 2 letter mess it should be 11:59 am and not pm.
@LinXiaoXing yes a brawler with +0 frost weapon can kill nyx under five minutes added to that if hes awakened note nyx flies a lot but some times you can get him locked down and he does only normal attacks and also i think you miscalculated cause their's 3 spots in each channel to check. and your own guild mate why didn't you join him you said he was you guildie
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Why carry a bow anyways if you just use magic? Cant you just shot arrow wuth your fingers?

To act as a conduit. Like how Sorcs use discs to channel their abilities when it's all magic

That's what the bow is for the archer that's the conduit just like you say the weapon on sorc is the disc so what the difference for archer when there is a bow just that its magic arrows from a magic string tera is different from other mmos out there. But this is poor excuse to not play the best action combat ever in any mmo to date. Technology has been upgrading day after day @NJ749G5YLX the archer in tera is a way better version of the old archer you have arrow skill that seek you out like those heat seeking missiles at least try out the game.
as far as i know this item is still in used to change your rolls on gear and I have nor read any notes from ktera about it being removed.
All I have to say is this...

Thrall of Vengeance
Decreased PVP damage by 70 percent.

Thanks Enmasse, and BH! The only reason that kept me going into Corsairs was legit thrall of vengeance. Since you know you nerfed my healing into the ground I figured i'd just heal and focus on getting kills. 70% is very heavy handed and of course I can't expect anything but this from YOU guys because you always seem to go further than needed to the point of making whatever it is useless and broken. Now that you've wiped the option to use this thrall it's not even worth stepping foot into this battleground anymore. It was awful already that we had taken a 50% nerf to our healing but this is just the final straw. I'll be on during fraywind days but as far as corsairs goes you've left me with no choice. I can't be bothered. It's a literal joke at this point what you've done to PVP and to healers and it shows heavily in equalized gear. I knew BH had no intention of improving PVP nor do they care about PVP content in this game but [filtered] hell I never imagined that it would get to the point that healers are damn near useless. May as well remove healer roles from the raids and have an all DPS/TANK raid party. Since you know damage output has remained untouched and in some cases buffed or soon will be.. There should not be 70-90k crit HITS in PVP when the healing is in it's current state.

so you like to kill players with 1-3 shots eh you sound like a ten year old.
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Or u can just retaliate out of a kd like every other class in the game. Why do u need 2 retaliates? not like gunners somehow are lacking far behind other classes in pvp, mobility or sustainability wise. and you're stressing over the name recall. Yikes

exactly to much niceness with gunner and you gonna be getting some sick awakening skills so just chill gunners a range class why you getting kd by a bam xd.
I does wonder why we like to compare other regions with na lawd when will we stop our anniversary already passed it was fun why you bring this topic up for why why why?
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this is BS !

Command: Recall
Cannot use this skill while staggered or knocked-down.

WHATS the Fing point of this skill?it cant be used for some mechanics since rk9 already and now it's just for show.
this is the story of tera, create things then let people invest and break them down.

eme do you even understand these changes ?! no you dont.
RECALL means recall . cant be used while staggered, or kd'd so when , for fun ?
its not an iframe for a lot of new mechanics anyways.
this is why so many players are cancelling their elite subscriptions.including ME.

don't give classes unique skills if you are just going to take them away and make every class the same.
just let us talk directly to bhs.

i love this nerf dueled a few gunners next minute they about 40+ meters away that for me is a sweet balance nerf for gunner being able to use that while staggered is just wrong bro that why they fix it like this. I don't know of any other class that could come out of a stagger or kd with a skill cause I play brawler xd. I think its a pvp nerf xd. love it
no link that how it is friend first you put wts wtt wtb do the combo click as you call it some items have different colors because of the type of item after that you hit enter.
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CU is a wash on almost all the servers. FWC/CS you can't queue with your friends unless you sync and hopefully don't split. (5 man queues don't exist) Open world pvp is dead & garbage due to awakening skills. GvG system is broken and useless. Leaderboards were useless for 5 months (maybe not this month we'll see).

I don't think saying "CU Exists" & "BGs Pop" implies a healthy pvp scene.

I agree pvp at its current state is not how many would like and its not healthy but saying it's dead is a big word to use that's just me.
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This site, enmasse, is Tera NA, Gameforge is Tera EU. They're two different publishers of the same game.
Maybe you have an account in both of them with the same credentials.
Pvp, as far as I know, is dead.

explain what you mean by pvp dead cause FWC pops CS pops and we have CU so i'm lost when you say pvp is dead cause dead has a meaning.
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Item XP boosts coming to the TERA PC store and to elite players next Thursday, August 16 - details next week after Guardians of the Sky goes live.
What gives you the idea that putting something like this in the cash shop is a good idea and what the playerbase wants? Holy COW En Masse has really lost touch with reality. We want a way to progress less painfully legitimately in game without having to swipe. Item XP boosts won't even help with the issues at hand anyway- even with max ixp a lot of items don't go over 25% success rate. This is absolutely absurd. Just take a step back and review this information you've given us.
Players: Eme/Bhs, it's way to hard to get the materials for enchanting over and over because even with max ixp, enchant success is still very low. Please make it less expensive to enchant or make odds of enchanting higher.
Eme: Here's your CASH SHOP ixp boosters that won't ease the pain of high level enchanting because at max ixp your odds wont go above 25% with it. Don't you love it?

If they make it hard to get in game you will complain too, For those who have elite already lucky them but 25% ixp boost ain't much just look at how much 50% gives. well i don't care.
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Windows 7 64 bit Home Edition
Hard disk capacity 500 GB in two partitions.
Amount of RAM memory 8 GB. DDR3 memory by the way.
Processor CPU Intel i5 M450 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.66/2.7 GHz.
Nvidia GeForce GT 325M GPU 1GB Graphics with Nvidia Optimus Technology. (white light=Nvidia and blue light=Intel graphics)

Has played Tera on max high graphics just fine for many years. Around many players no problem. Only lags a bit when there is multiple dragon fireworks and many people LOL sometimes. Did perfectly fine during BAM Invasion Events, especially in Lumbertown.

Only 7 years old. Never overheats and forces out hot air like insane. It's doing it's job :3

So yes I'm 64bit. XIGNCODE seems to conflict with 64 bit machines by majority.

windows home edition is a limited windows what i mean is some features are not available in it I suggest you all go to windows pro i have 64bit runs xigncode with no issues window pro.
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I have no problem with that. Also I clearly don't understand to why I can't address the lack of communication with the XIGNCODE concern area here? Why create multiple threads with the same issue lack of communication, so how am I not on topic? So I'm sorry that raided on your parade. I'm not going to bother this thread, because I can't deal with these type of people. The only reason to why I keep repeating, because you force me to by arguing with me. So I ask that you don't raid on XIGNCODE threads...thank you very much.

feedback on xigncode when will you learn or any of us learn you think giving feedback will change anything at this point go ahead keep trying but if xigncode isn't removed from ktera it will never ever be removed from na tera so keep dreaming keep trying. you said in a past post of your that you solved you problem with xigncode and that your trying to help those who have problems but its only i see have a problem so am whats the verdict can play tera now since you solved you issue or not. Also get a computer expert to back up your blog otherwise it would just be a rant blog of bits and pieces of the internet.
i would say this many are gearing their alts for upcoming awakening also their are the rich hardcore playes who may need talents for heroic oath gear also talents are hard to farm if your doing pve only so that's what i think.
Rainmist wrote: »
I get it, but isn't this a forum? People and I have issues with XIGNCODE and here you're complaining about game content or what not. I mean really both have lack of help or feedback from EME. I already stated my point perspective on how I feel, even though I had to use my sister's account. So I'm not going to type much more. I stated what had to be stated, because it's a forum. So what's your problem?

our problem is you hijacking every thread out there ever since xigncode was implemented. ok, we get it, you don't like xigncodde and you have told us multiple times in multiple threads. if you want to keep talking about the horrors of xigncode, I don't have a problem with that. no one has a problem with that. all we ask is that you make a new... a new discussion and then write a Stephen king novel about the horrors of xigncode and not talk about it in every topic in the forums. that is all we are asking for from you.

@allofspaceandtime Amen preach it.
Rainmist wrote: »
kubitoid wrote: »
Rainmist wrote: »
MistyTera is sleeping
hope it stays this way forever

and you mentioned that you want XIGNCODE removed. So what was your problem?

your acting like if there 50 players having problems with xigncode its not xigncode its your pc at fault stop blaming xigncode for your problems you all want run tera on some potato pc's good luck with that fix your pc or move on that all this gaming is die anyways its the final milking of cow taking place better you move on now if you still can't play tera with your potato pc. you just derailed this post bring up xigncode for what all the miss information you posted think anyone will take you seriously your talkin just like those who said xigncode is malware and it will steal your info one set set in miss information. my advice to you is move on baby forget the tera life.

Ok so back to the topic we have a developer who don't know how to publish its own game that why game forge is so successful at tera EU just look at their player base that speaks for it self so that the problem bhs don't know how to publish a game and that what is happening with eme is apart of bhs so that why we have all these issues for six damn years now feedback has been given better we stop talk cause this forum as i said before feels like a place to submit tickets only complains and no answers. Better we use discord cause like eme staff don't be on forums 24/7 or their browser is mostly closed but discord runs in their background this forum is old news or outdated technology discord is better lol.
if they can't set the roll they should add semi's to the rewards for 65 at least cause those gear acting just like the one we used to get from dungeon bosses random rolls to it show that they can't set the rolls i may be wrong but you gave them feedback and they still didn't listen. i find we talking to much and still no action you all ain't fed up talk yet well i'm done talking will be waiting for actions @DL7MMWLJ3W They may hear you now lets see.
my hope for this game just died cause there no change how many threads of complaints will it take 95% of threads on this forums is complaints after complaints well will change come 2090 anyways let see what happens after the merge my time spent on this game is slowly decreasing and so are other players the last time i had fun in this game was for the 6th anniversary after that is like Armageddon took place in tera. I wonder if Eme has notice a drop in sales I wonder. Eme your player base is not happy continue down this road and smell a funeral. when awakening comes we will see some life in tera again then back to death bed status when there should be life 24/7 i'm packing up slowly i still love this game very much but is so much one can take. this forums is feels like place to submit tickets right now cause that's all i'm seeing tickets every where. a simple thing as a server status page you can't fix and why you all went to console for what purpose tera pc in more hot water since tera console came into the mix. is better we stop talk cause they not listening people they not listening.
you can stop at +9 storm like me cause waste money on death bed tera i'll see many hanging themselves when tera do dies in NA anyways to fight the hardest of content you need the best gear in game so is that what the developer wants it players to do. Another option is riot for change or sit there like a momo and eat what they put in your plate.
This is probably just speculation but I’m bring it up to ask other players on their opinion.

I find it really perfect timing that after the installation of xigncode3 that many players did not want installed. Which probably caused the drop in players in the last two months, which you can see on steam charts. I believe that xigncode3 is responsible for our upcoming server merge because of the sharp drop in player numbers. I am on TR and Highwatch and Velika is no longer high on channel population. What do you think? Is the timing of server merge concidenal or did xigncode3 cause it?

since before the code was implemented many have been asking for a merge so it's a lot or reasons why this merge is taking place not only the code is the be blamed. Also why do many base tera population on steam charts i mean i for one don't use steam. is it that the most players use steam to play tera.
Hey EME having a sky castle back in the days after doing PVE content was so much fun I think it would be nice if BHS CAN ADD IT TO THE CIVIL UNREST rewards give top guild like top 10 or 6 guilds sky castles like it used be it think that it would make CU be taken more seriously cause right now Cu is guild funds farming event.

what do my fellow players think about this?
Many have taken a brake, awaiting awakening part 2.
[Removing Forum Violation]
your exaggeration of a dead server is like your ignorant a dead server for me is when you can only see 10 players around each and everyday i'm from lake of tears way before merge. so what about Cu look at how many guilds still take part just heard turn up got bored why you all end the cu way early so no one can get Bams its just for the rank and gold now but anyways FF ain't dead stop saying it. It ain't dead yet it may be close.
lets talk optimization first new class my foot.
take one of the pve rally because doing the pvp one is chaos or the next time i'm in one i 'll post a screen shot of the pve rally show you the difference ur screen shot doesn't even show everyone else only your guild that you say split in four groups where is is everyone else also when there is pve rally you all don't even get rank 1 everyday.
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I wanna know before I waste more of my [filtered] time on it.

FF is not dead just find a guild make friends play have fun.

ff is 100% dead unless you scrounge up the 4 lowbies of varying levels in velika to constitute a party

again you don't know what dead is if FF WAS DEAD when rally pops it would take an hr to kill if FF was dead CU would have less participation than it has right now not because there are no lfg up the server dead you how many guilds are queuing together to run stuff because of the elitist behavior where lfgs are concern you are ask to join the lfg they inspect you when you apply when they see your not skill they don't accept application to join and leave you hanging there and another thing you know how many times I made lfg's and not one joined for said dungeon but when i que i get 2 or 3 people from my same server and wondering now like wait didn't they see an lfg up. Stop saying FF is dead cause its not. A lot of factors are causing players not to join lfgs and they rather que, a lot of factors are causing players to just stay afk.
That would make gearing easier, the exact opposite of the original intention they had when they first created this new gearing system. they'd never do it unless it's like a hardcore neigh-unclearable dungeon like HH or dreadspire (the new one).

Have you noticed that at certain bosses you never get stuff that dropped having everyone get the same amount of loot will make an interest to run stuff the only reason to run stuff right now is to get item XP. How are new players going to get heroic gear by paying to get there when running stuff ain't rewarding. Running trnm gets you 2 silver talent per run from what iv'e seen 2 wth is that scrooge loot. EME has made so much adjustments that is causing problems for players forcing those who like only pve to pvp for golden talents we used to have double vanguards we get that now as an event. EME needs to do something before its to late, I've lost the zeal to play myself a few days ago I pushed my self to play by making another SC weapon for incoming Elin brawler I've begun to stack item XP to enchant. Running guardian legion everyday gets old quick we need something to boost our interest in running content.
As the topic says i think removal of the current looting system will increase the need to run dungeons and would be more rewarding that it currently is for the player base. since items like silver talent drop like so little haveing everyone getting the same loot and amount will make an interest in running stuff so if 3 essence dropped in an aanm run everyone in party get 3 essence.

lovely event dungeon nice reward wont you all say 240 gold 120 item xp very nice ty tera love it
from what i have heard they trying stop proxy permanently week after week that why extended maint every time.
Bankaidz wrote: »
"Maintenance has been extended again. We will notify you with an update ASAP.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the length of this unexpected Maintenance extension."


we expected it but they didn't ahahaha.
am all in for a merge and if if eme needs week to do it so be it, shutdown tera for week and lets get some healthy servers @KitTeaCup
LHJ4MNE4JG wrote: »
I wanna know before I waste more of my [filtered] time on it.

FF is not dead just find a guild make friends play have fun.
I see many don't know what dead means.
Kallinda wrote: »
> @Austinseph1 said:
> Bonus GL reward and player exp, not item exp.


C39CFE7RXF wrote: »
Good day, as a player of more than 4 years of TERA, I can say, that the game is at its worst stage...

(AFK pvp players for tons of boxes, pve tanks on 4 threatening crystals, dps classes with relentless, xigncode, "LFG skilled or die", and BhS Missing)

but I do not come to complain, maybe just a little, but more than anything, to consult, the game keeps on having fun like from the beginning, I spend about 6 hours a day in the game, and that with 30 years it still costs me, but I think it's worth it, however ... we know that very soon, everything will end badly, and I want to migrate to the EUROPA SERVER, starting from scratch, we know that stormcry can easily be reached in a week, or maybe two, but never I hear nothing from the EUROPEAN SERVER, it's always KTERA or America, someone plays in the EUR? It is advisable? Would it be worth starting from scratch? whereas I still enjoy both pvp and pve ??? or will it have the same problems that we have here ???

to gain stormcry in eu tera in week mean you have to spend money I've played in eu a few times and the rewards its like they stingy meaning you have to farm a lot to get materials unlike na tera even in the fashion coupon shop the prices are so high no wonder things are expensive over there you have to put in the work over there our put out your pocket go deep and p2w in EU GOOD LUCK.
pltnmvenus wrote: »
Okay, I'll bite.
MistyTera wrote: »
@Melyodis @pltnmvenus

It's called analyzing and figuring out things, which you haven't even done yourself! Better get started and educate yourself by researching.

So what is xem? I can't find much, it brings up cryptocurrency. XEM can be used for that cryptocurrency, but really that extension is used for API calling.

That's a good question. What is an XEM file? What does it do? What purpose does it serve? No, actually, let's take a step back. What is a file extension anyway?

The answer? Convention. A file extension means nothing except for what a program chooses to interpret it as. I could rename "evil_virus.exe" to be "cute_puppies.png" and the file data itself does not change. Many programs would still be able to detect the internals of the file as a Windows executable, and not a PNG image - it's the internal data of the file that matters, not the name. The only difference is the name, and certain programs assume based on the name. That's it. That's all.

So, stop going to Google. Stop going to YouTube. Stop trying to just answer every single question on the backs of other, smarter people, then pretend that you actually know what you're talking about. Because you end up looking foolish.

Instead, find out the answer for yourself.

I just fired up Dependency Walker, a great tool for inspecting files containing a PE header (EXE, DLL, etc). Here's what I found.

1) x3.xem and xcorona.xem both contain valid 32-bit PE headers.
2) xcorona_x64.xem contains a valid 64-bit PE header.
3) xnina.xem contains no PE header.

What does this likely mean?

1) x3.xem is probably XIGNCODE's main DLL. TERA calls into it to start doing XIGNCODE related things.
2) xcorona.xem and xcorona_x64.xem are likely the kernel drivers needed to do its dirty work. Different CPU architectures need different driver files - you can run normal 32-bit programs on a 64-bit computer, but you can't just run a 32-bit driver on a 64-bit computer.
3) xnina.xem, I've got no clue. Might just be a data file.

There you go. That's what the XEM files mean. They're a bunch of DLLs, just renamed to give them cool, edgy-sounding names. (And xnina, whatever that one is.)


You "can't find much" because you don't understand DLLs. Or even what file extensions mean. Instead, you simply toss some vaguely related things into Google, click a few links, and whatever you find is suddenly the gospel truth. I mean seriously, "open and customizable blockchain solution for an unlimited number of use cases"? Did you really just copy-paste that line without even bothering to question what it even means, or how it was related to XIGNCODE?

That's not research. That's a Ouiji board.

...But sure, tell others that they're not doing the same level of quality research that you are.

good job bro well said @MistyTera say something since your right.
MistyTera wrote: »
@Kirasaka When I post evidence by link. OH PLEASE. Pay attention to detail! I had enough of XIGNCODE discussion for one day. Even a Microsoft link that you can't argue against. Look at the exception code and don't make me highlight it for you! I had the right idea, but it took me awhile to figure out everything, which was vague at first. I solved at the end before the last discussion closed.



I'm really tired of discussing about XIGNCODE completely, because I always have to inform to a bunch of.......like a broken record.

post evidence about tera not something in 2017 about BDO and what does that Microsoft link have to do with xigncode. your previous post talks nem a crypto currency so because xem the file extension in xigncode is xem your saying that its the same ahahahahaha your the best @MistyTera your problem had nothing to with xigncode you said but you still posting evidence you call it that you don't understand.
MistyTera wrote: »
Equitas wrote: »
The thread was initially "depth'd" because it was filled with nothing but misinformation, which incited misguided paranoia. It was eventually locked because people wouldn't take a hint. MistyTera continued cluttering up the thread with nonsense as usual.
If people were to have a discussion on the facts of XIGNCODE, that would be one thing, but they don't. That's why the last one was closed.

I solved the BSOD problem. I'm not going to post it again!

XEM is the currency of the NEM platform. It is a 100% original codebase coin. It is written in Java and JavaScript with 100% original source code. NEM has a stated goal of a wide distribution model and has introduced new features in blockchain technology in its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm.

WAIT WHAT? Ok I got confused at first, XEM can help call for APIs. However, anyone using Bitcoin, well XIGNCODE is looking at it! So take precaution! LOL. I don't use Bitcoin, but if it has the power to decipher files, no wonder why it takes 48 hours to scan LOL.

I know for a fact XIGNCODE adjusts privilege tokens, which is disgusting! My point is that XIGNCODE has the function to do things it shouldn't and it's doing a lot more than detecting cheats! XIGNCODE is reading everything and opening files for vulnerability to just look at files!

APIs referenced in x3.xem:
-NtQueryVirtualMemory (Maybe used with MemoryMappedFileInformation to iterate over memory pages to look for executables that do not belong to a module)
-NtOpenProcess (using SSDT hook)
-NtSetInformationFile (gets called once at startup)

I would post the link, but it discusses on how to bypass, I can't break the TOS.

I'm appalled and I knew this for a long time! How many times do I have to discuss about XIGNCODE? Also a bypass exists and furthermore I stated that server-client protection is the best alternative! I summed up XIGNCODE. So anyone that states I'm delusional, start researching! I'm not going to discuss XIGNCODE anymore hardly!

Majority of the community despises XIGNCODE, but we are forced with it. From a professional outlook it's doesn't look pleasant, so point is that the community needs a better solution for protection.

And how are you even discussing when you're temporarily banned from forums? @Equitas

For now I'm waiting for an improvement from Wellbia or something removed and replaced with something better (server-client protection).

you just amazes me you see something on the net and run with it good job spreading miss info that you yourself don't understand keep it up big time it specialist.

I know for a fact XIGNCODE adjusts privilege tokens, which is disgusting!

disgusting you know what is privilege tokens
you know what an api is
MistyTera wrote: »
Oh it's still around, but the thread forum is closed due to my justification.

I really hate to state that XIGNCODE can be blocked or not work at all by Mircosoft. The function of XML to read files can be blocked by Microsoft Updates. It's a matter of time.

Windows 10 build 1803 had some issues, but enough to work to block XIGNCODE, so either way by fixing some errors, it's much stronger. People had to open their computers up to make XIGNCODE do it's thing and play their game. This became really intrusive and you can see a lot of this discussion on Black Desert forums and some others. I'm not sure, but it seemed 32bit didn't have problems as compared to 64 bit.

Now to get this straight, I had Schannel Event ID 36887 ID 40 and ID 70. To fix this problem I had to update. However, I found that my computer occurred with errors on my event logs every time https was used. I did state in the discussion that I wasn't sure that XIGNCODE was the cause, but something concerning remote access execution, I kinda freaked out that XIGNCODE was looking at my files that way. It wasn't with XIGNCODE at all and just my computer stating that a vulnerability was open. Still some update is going to block XIGNCODE someday.

KB 2992611-Fixed the error. However, not completely. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2992611/ms14-066-vulnerability-in-schannel-could-allow-remote-code-execution-n
KB 3018238 (Fixes slight issues with 2992611)
KB 3011780
KB 3000850 (Wasn't necessary-it was for windows 8 only I think?)

Just posting all that for reference for anyone?

The only way I fixed the errors was to modify my registry by adding inputs to make the error stop and add the protection myself. URRGH MICROSOFT! Microsoft should of released a fix update to make this input and not abandon fixing it for 4 years; customer confusion!

Registry Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Cryptography\Protect\Providers\df9d8cd0-1501-11d1-8c7a-00c04fc297eb

Looked at your event logs lately? My point is that Microsoft has messed up their updates from time to time. So if Microsoft had their updates right, Microsoft would of made XIGNCODE out of commission by now!

XIGNCODE works by XML, therefore its function can be blocked. Though someday Microsoft might come with an update that could fix previous problems completely. Sometimes Microsoft gets lazy and tells people to fix their errors, so they tell you to modify the registry or make inputs to fix the problems, which is really intrusive. It's just a matter of time by the way XIGNCODE works. If I really took the time and modified my registry as Microsoft stated to do to fix their errors, well I bet Microsoft will block XIGNCODE completely!


you am trying to understand what you put up here life if your some bug time computer engineer i don't know much either but XML is a programming language and the info you just posted about the vulnerability has to to with websites the only way you can get hacked from what is read is through a browser. all what your talking about Microsoft blocking XML function to read files has to do with through browser what ever security loop hole is there hackers can use it when your using your browser. many programs use XML so really don't get your point that Microsoft can block xigncode functions. your going by the idea that xigncode can read your files and steal your data i'm sure no one has proven with facts and legitimate evidence that is does.

Meet Genetix a retired lancer coming out of retirement when he heard that there is need for tanks in the front lines, as new enemies are rising up everyday. Currently lives in the beautiful village of Crescentia where he raised his two beautiful daughters who followed in his stead and became tanks also he’s so proud of them and what they have accomplished despite their mother dyeing a long time ago on the front lines.



Genetix is currently getting back into shape as he wants to do his best to make tera’s world a safe place. Training every day to rejoin the front lines with his daughters.
Melyodis wrote: »
The patch what gameforge has up you see that they love hosting tera, on their streams also you can see its not just a job for them.
Or, this is exactly what they are getting paid to look like on stream, and they're just better at it than EME's staff are (partly due to being around longer, so they know the game more). When staff here show their enthusiasm for learning or playing the game, in whatever clumsy way, they get met with derision and personal attacks because "we don't need inspiration."

Melyodis wrote: »
eme needs that kind of attitude they now looking to level characters cause the pm said so.
The second post in that thread that people are attacking is literally about recreating a character on console that they created on PC during open beta and loving it. People are being just way too cynical, trying to make sure the staff (regardless of their position or level of responsibility) all get dragged down on the same level of misery about this game. If you really want them to develop "that kind of attitude," you can't foster it by slamming every attempt they make at showing enthusiasm and assuming it's all cold and calculated.

Melyodis wrote: »
just look if gameforge didn't post pictures of how those new ranks look we would not have have know till we see someone in game with them that shows pride of making us know what is what
In the grand scheme of things, I really think this is minor (you'd know it when you see it regardless), but I guess I understand what you're saying. Having the breakdown of the ranks and other rewards is also useful.

Melyodis wrote: »
patch notes should be give way before hand like its used to
Honestly, patch notes used to be posted the day before maintenance late in the business day. Sometimes they did an early preview of the partial patch notes on the Friday stream before when the patch was the following Tuesday. But it's never been "way beforehand." I'm honestly not so very sure how much is objectively going to change by having it the day before instead of the day of (considering that most of the info is already known well in advance anyway), but I guess it can be brought up.

Melyodis wrote: »
i love eme just want to see them step up their game cause from what i'm seeing I think many players will migrate to EU tera which i don't want.
Honest to god, they get a lot of "tough love" from this forum. This whole forum is packed to the brim with this sort of "why don't you just stop sucking already" attitude, with a "oh, actually I love you, but I'm doing it for your own good." I don't know about you guys, but the healthy relationships in my life were not forged by unlimited abusive hell. If people actually love them, they have a heck of a way of showing it.

In the end, I think everyone agrees 100% that they want the game to improve and do better, but we also need to do better at giving better feedback that isn't just "lel mEME git gud." The points I took from your comment are:
  • You feel that the personalities on the EME stream don't show a deep enthusiasm for the game and their job.
  • You want to see them run end-game dungeons more with the players on stream.
  • You think they should post pictures of titles and other useful images in the patch notes to give people a better idea of what to expect, since you feel it's a little touch that shows more caring.
  • You would like to get patch notes further in advance.

Someone else mentioned again about the patch notes in the launcher, which was brought up recently. The fact that Server Transfer scroll was in the store was also brought up, but looks fixed now.

If there is any hope for this game, I truly feel we need to turn the corner on this wallowing in our hopelessness or thinking that more "when will you finally stop sucking" threads is going to help.

I think you @counterpoint should be our community manager damn your good i get all what your saying thanks all we have to do now is probably wait and see what takes place with tera.
Melyodis wrote: »

I'm not even trying to facetious or anything: can you be clear and specific on what exactly the issue is?

  • The EU patch notes have a bit more information about Dreadspire in the patch notes, but EME had a lot of the same/similar information in the linked thread.
  • The NA patch notes have a bit more details about the drops in Manglemire, but are otherwise mostly the same.
  • The leaderboard section covers mostly the same information, although EU says specifically what the titles are and provides pictures, while NA breaks down in more detail the other rewards you get at each tier.
  • Guardian Legion Mission stuff has a breakdown in the NA version that EU didn't have
  • NA has a few minor skill/balance adjustment details that EU didn't have
  • NA has a few more details about the changes to Stepstone Island
  • NA has a some bug fixes/known issues that weren't detailed in EU
  • EU lists the detailed stats for the inner armor

It's not exactly an overwhelming "OMG those patch notes are so much better!" difference. I guess maybe you might not like the fact that EME really likes nested bulleted lists?

I mean, I'm all for having better patch notes (we've been pushing on improving the accuracy for a good while now), but the feedback has to be more clear than low-grade flamebait like "put some pride in your job."

my aim is not to flamebait its just sad to see how tera na is being handled compared to what gameforge is doing i'm still an active player i have not left and think eme can step up a bit more. The patch what gameforge has up you see that they love hosting tera, on their streams also you can see its not just a job for them. eme needs that kind of attitude they now looking to level characters cause the pm said so. and i want to see them more, come run content with the community on the streams yeah spacecats used to do pvp content but pvp dead rip that, come run rrhm ect with us in a stream. all i'm saying they can do better just look if gameforge didn't post pictures of how those new ranks look we would not have have know till we see someone in game with them that shows pride of making us know what is what and we still get patch notes on the day of patch lol i don't care if we know of if we have an idea of what is coming patch notes should be give way before hand like its used to and am not ranting may sound like it but i love eme just want to see them step up their game cause from what i'm seeing I think many players will migrate to EU tera which i don't want.
just look at the quality of this patch notes compared to the one we have https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/patch-notes-71-race-against-time/?kid=2-60907-60907-1807-1032017d&utm_source=Mail&utm_campaign=180713_TE_Build71_EN&utm_medium=referral

come on EME you all can do better than this https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27925/patch-notes-v71-july-12-phantoms-keep#latest

i took the time to like at their stream and game forge staff member know how to play tera also they actually run content when will we see you guys clearing endgame dungeon and watch they actually have the amount of you may get from DS but on our patch notes its just gold reward come one EME put some pride in your job please.
ok thankyou @counterpoint rip that
its says you can't enter at the moment when i try portal and how do we get vanguard gold if its not on the list explain @counterpoint
can't find manglemire on vanguard list whats this?
Ugh, i have high expectation on DS, but its seem they were build it for `Elitist`,
Another less enjoyment in TERA...

you can go in and have fun dying anyways i guess you wanted the armor well only the skilled will get it rip that anyways manglemire here i come.
L5C4XF4RNY wrote: »
Good thing theres a leveling event that gives a character slot on ps4 for ligging in. I didnt relize this. Now i cant delete the character lol. But i can just make a ps4 account and sent the character slot to my main and get another slot thankfully.

Good luck cause on PC any character slots given out for free aren't tradable and it should be the same for ps4 and xbox
Christin wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
@KitTeaCup PLZ its time to close this thread we will submit tickets if we have problems.

Who are you to dictate when threads will be closed?

All I see is salt salt salt well leave already say bye bye and done you know how long you said you leaving and you still here am sure you still playing tera and here talking rubbish xign is here to stay until whenever. Continuing to bad talk will not make them change their minds. Which they can't BHS is the developer they run things and so many people are still playing tera. So if you have a problem submit a ticket and keep your salt to yourself.
@KitTeaCup PLZ its time to close this thread we will submit tickets if we have problems.
wow has more players than tera, so I guess we should go to their forums to see whats going on with tera? no. so we shouldn't have to go looking on other web sites for info for tera either. this is why we have an official site and forums.
You're being disingenuous on purpose. EME has an official Discord server (through a partnership with them), and official pages/accounts on all these other places too, of course. They aren't random unrelated places on the web.

Anyway, however you or I feel about it, they'll hang out and communicate stuff wherever they want. I've tried to ask them to give everyone a single place where all the latest info can always be found (and everyone can access no matter what medium they prefer), and I think that's the most important thing.

i think they are using discord more because players would have discord open while playing tera than being on the forums and playing tera its a smart move players are on discord more than the forums.
tisnotme wrote: »
do you mean the road map ?
I think like the server status its been unable to be reimplemented with the site changes that were made to introduce the console part

yeah the road map
Any one knows what happened to calendar our Product manager made that had info on upcoming updates by months i can't remember the name but why can't i locate it was it removed. @seandynamite
i ran rrhm last night and that buff was on my buff bar so i have no idea why your ask about it when we have it.
you all sad yes EME has a monitor on how much golden talents are in the game and they don't see a problem well somethings wrong with you guys if you don't play and put in the work it same as in real life there no problem with golden talents we just had a whole month of events and come next month people complaining for golden talents go and farm like you should go work hard for it too much hand me this and that plz EME it's sickening lawd. listen they not responding because they don't see a problem so stop afk in High watch and Velika and go run stuff. lets do some math

lets say you get 10 golden talents per dungeon you have 16 per day that's 160 per day run all 16 for 7 days for a whole month 4480 talents and you can earn more put in the work and you won't have any problems if you don't play much save up there is always a way.
Xerses wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
cRAPPYGame wrote: »

A support employee is diferent than a GM stand for.

I thought you will quote Seandynamite, CobaltDragon or KitTeaCup.

I think we're missing the bigger point here. It doesn't matter if it was a GM or support. They're both representatives of EME. In your day to day business whether you work for yourself or you work for another company you'd never tell a customer to get lost which is essentially what was said in the quoted link. Then they go one step further and offer to delete your data. That sounds a bit rational and I wonder what exactly was said to them in the first place for them to respond that aggressively. Regardless, with that response from EME it's very obvious they want to kill Tera off now.

stop twisting what the eme staff said where in the response he/she said get lost come on he if you do not wish to use see why people does get kill for a simple twist of words and a guy gets killed lawd these little children still bickering for somn that will not be removed and yet still they playing tera well go to better games that coming just send your stuff to me message me your info my bank has space.
@ OP when dueling a warrior just tell them no apex skills and you don't use any either simple as that with apex skill a warrior can one combo you warrior has like 2 stuns i think and if you get lock down your dead.
Jmmattos wrote: »
It's 2018 Tera has 6 YO on EnMasse and the lag spikes only increase. The amount of LATAM players is pretty Significant and we play at 220ms in empty hours... That's complitely dumb. We do not stand a chance against people with low ping on PvP and the PvE, i play as lancer and i have bad moments trying to defend some mechanincs, sometimes i need to predict what the boss gonna do next. There's must be a way to fix this lag. EME must look for everyone. This game could be MUCH BIGGER... Optimizing graphics and lower the LATAM ping. You guys can do it, but actualy you just don't want, cuz ur already earning Money from this so just don't give a really [filtered] about LATAMs

My advice to you is Get a better ISP CAUSE i live way further than you from the servers and my ping fluctuates between 80 100ms stop blame EME .
it feels like everyone at eme was fired and the office is closed xd no one addressing the concerns those paranoid players have and patch day is tomorrow rip you guys.

Can we at least get the patch notes thanks.
i'd be surprise if on after patch day there is not bypass able to bypass this xigncode3 that's coming and that it actually does its job i will be so happy. That's if they did their homework and that is really solves the proxy problem. i'm waiting too see this.
Christin wrote: »
The main difference here between Steam and this other company is that Valve is US based. Plus, they are far more professional than some company who's site looks like it was just created.

What matters the most is what country the information goes to. Since the information goes to Wellbia (in Korea) it is governed by Korean law. They can pretty much do with it all they want. It wouldn't be so bad if Wellbia didn't have direct access to the information. Last thing I want is my computer having some direct link to Korea, which it seems this code will provide. It's not like they are just putting that code on their servers, they are installing it directly into our systems.

Probably a good thing anyways, as I was starting to get too into the game with alts and all. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

you think saying bye will scare EME into changing their minds lol time to pop some corn and take in this movie i'm seeing. its a block buster.
check at the amount proxy users complaining cause now they gonna have to pay to get bypass ahahaha this funny this post is funny tera dieing ive heard that for too long, the 6year old buggy still running.

they acting like this xigncode3 thing is the only thing you should be worried about like the cia fbi ain't working with google and all them social media sites to get info on you the amount they have you hmm. May be we should all revert to super Mario its not an online game so you won't have to worry kids ok. tera will be running still that's why EME is quite cause they don't care about those who breaking rules of the game by using third party program to play the so called broken game that they hosting cause I ain't see ktera complain about xigncode3 yet since they have it and tera alive over there still. your think google chrome ain't taking info from your pc think again. anyways it nice knowing all you hackers not i can play tera without worries. and still waiting for those witches that say its gonna die for so long.

Good work eme trying to stop those hacking, try and do what you have to I ain't care once you get rid of them.

STOP TRYING TO FIX A GAME YOU DID NOT DEVELOP if you don't whats taking place don't play if they don't want to fix the problems simple as that now eme have to take all kinda mean words to their face cause now they trying to fix a problem that you third party devs caused trying to fix a game you think is yours. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT you all should be sued.
KitTeaCup as our new CM @seandynamite
Dungeon jackpots a lot of players are resetting just to get additive and this is not right this needs to be fixed.
whenever they are
plz close this post.
so only when they are working they visit the forums I wont believe that.............................
@CarnalCherry145 I guess they can only view the forums in the office nice thinking thanks your a savior.
@CobaltDragon there's a gold seller in velika area chat right now plz come online and dispatch him thank you. and also plz fix in game reporting.
live with it bro all the content is dead and boring anyways everyone does if for the loot to enchant their gear.
Ikhay wrote: »
forgot Tera keep your eyes here


i hope best experience in game in next Bluehole game...

if you didn't know A.I.R is a mess firstly it uses the same engine as tera unreal 3 and secondly BHS decided to not use tera combat system in A.I.R 2 VERY BIG mistake in the making of that MMO good luck too them. TERA has the potential to be the top best mmo game ever made but its creators are just seeing the the dollar sign noting else.
EME, if you are removing Skyring from the jackpot because of recent feeding in Team 3s, why not just limit the jackpot to Solo 3s only? It is a lot more difficult to feed when the community is queuing at the same time. With leaderboards coming in March, it will also be significantly easier for the community to police feeders by reporting other players that seem out of place on the leaderboard.

Please do not punish the 3s community for the actions of a few individuals. We may be small, but we deserve at least one night a week in March. The Skyring community is not vocal enough to make a big deal of this and won't complain on the forums - most will just quit after this calendar becomes effective.

If this is not the reason, then please explain why you decided to completely kill Skyring?

like to use that word quit when thing not in their favor. thanks for the changes tired of the same old for pass few months.
@CobaltDragon add the mask make it very expensive problem solved 15k coupons even I ain't got so much.
metagame wrote: »
It is moderately hard to get gold, it is extremely hard to get silver.
a p4 clear alone rewards you with stuff to dismantle for 1560 entropic emblems, enough to buy 52 silver talents. a full hh clear takes about 30-45 mins with a geared, exped raid, while being closer to 1-1.5+ hours with something less

when many players (probably including you) are willing to substitute keylock/keytrap rings+neck for the rest of entropic, u do not need full entropic on every one of your characters

not to mention in a previous post u claimed it was more efficient to farm gold to buy talents, so just do that
whats the issue
gold from vgs have not changed

@metagame the guy is salty that's all he post now vg salt and i'm sure hes still playing and i'm sure he bought those same gem crates.
Shippou wrote: »
In the past and right now healers use jewelry rolls for endurance, hp and healing. With the new talisman system healers are losing 16 endurance, 5.5% hp and countless healing.

Are you really okay with this? We should make threads in the korean forum even with the help of an auto translator telling the devs it is not okay before we get the same situation we had in awakening - decreased healing.

We already got increased hp in the recent patch so your heals have been nerfed and in awakening they will be nerfed again, a new nerf is on the horizon and if you don't hurry soon your healing will be nonexistent.

the dev said you get 2% healing increase are you saying hes lieing
give us the option but no support until after a certain time would be nice. i have 5 brawlers i'm fed up of leveling cause its the same old mess.
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