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i ran rrhm last night and that buff was on my buff bar so i have no idea why your ask about it when we have it.
you all sad yes EME has a monitor on how much golden talents are in the game and they don't see a problem well somethings wrong with you guys if you don't play and put in the work it same as in real life there no problem with golden talents we just had a whole month of events and come next month people complaining for golden talents go and farm like you should go work hard for it too much hand me this and that plz EME it's sickening lawd. listen they not responding because they don't see a problem so stop afk in High watch and Velika and go run stuff. lets do some math

lets say you get 10 golden talents per dungeon you have 16 per day that's 160 per day run all 16 for 7 days for a whole month 4480 talents and you can earn more put in the work and you won't have any problems if you don't play much save up there is always a way.
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A support employee is diferent than a GM stand for.

I thought you will quote Seandynamite, CobaltDragon or KitTeaCup.

I think we're missing the bigger point here. It doesn't matter if it was a GM or support. They're both representatives of EME. In your day to day business whether you work for yourself or you work for another company you'd never tell a customer to get lost which is essentially what was said in the quoted link. Then they go one step further and offer to delete your data. That sounds a bit rational and I wonder what exactly was said to them in the first place for them to respond that aggressively. Regardless, with that response from EME it's very obvious they want to kill Tera off now.

stop twisting what the eme staff said where in the response he/she said get lost come on he if you do not wish to use see why people does get kill for a simple twist of words and a guy gets killed lawd these little children still bickering for somn that will not be removed and yet still they playing tera well go to better games that coming just send your stuff to me message me your info my bank has space.
@ OP when dueling a warrior just tell them no apex skills and you don't use any either simple as that with apex skill a warrior can one combo you warrior has like 2 stuns i think and if you get lock down your dead.
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It's 2018 Tera has 6 YO on EnMasse and the lag spikes only increase. The amount of LATAM players is pretty Significant and we play at 220ms in empty hours... That's complitely dumb. We do not stand a chance against people with low ping on PvP and the PvE, i play as lancer and i have bad moments trying to defend some mechanincs, sometimes i need to predict what the boss gonna do next. There's must be a way to fix this lag. EME must look for everyone. This game could be MUCH BIGGER... Optimizing graphics and lower the LATAM ping. You guys can do it, but actualy you just don't want, cuz ur already earning Money from this so just don't give a really [filtered] about LATAMs

My advice to you is Get a better ISP CAUSE i live way further than you from the servers and my ping fluctuates between 80 100ms stop blame EME .
it feels like everyone at eme was fired and the office is closed xd no one addressing the concerns those paranoid players have and patch day is tomorrow rip you guys.

Can we at least get the patch notes thanks.
i'd be surprise if on after patch day there is not bypass able to bypass this xigncode3 that's coming and that it actually does its job i will be so happy. That's if they did their homework and that is really solves the proxy problem. i'm waiting too see this.
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The main difference here between Steam and this other company is that Valve is US based. Plus, they are far more professional than some company who's site looks like it was just created.

What matters the most is what country the information goes to. Since the information goes to Wellbia (in Korea) it is governed by Korean law. They can pretty much do with it all they want. It wouldn't be so bad if Wellbia didn't have direct access to the information. Last thing I want is my computer having some direct link to Korea, which it seems this code will provide. It's not like they are just putting that code on their servers, they are installing it directly into our systems.

Probably a good thing anyways, as I was starting to get too into the game with alts and all. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

you think saying bye will scare EME into changing their minds lol time to pop some corn and take in this movie i'm seeing. its a block buster.
check at the amount proxy users complaining cause now they gonna have to pay to get bypass ahahaha this funny this post is funny tera dieing ive heard that for too long, the 6year old buggy still running.

they acting like this xigncode3 thing is the only thing you should be worried about like the cia fbi ain't working with google and all them social media sites to get info on you the amount they have you hmm. May be we should all revert to super Mario its not an online game so you won't have to worry kids ok. tera will be running still that's why EME is quite cause they don't care about those who breaking rules of the game by using third party program to play the so called broken game that they hosting cause I ain't see ktera complain about xigncode3 yet since they have it and tera alive over there still. your think google chrome ain't taking info from your pc think again. anyways it nice knowing all you hackers not i can play tera without worries. and still waiting for those witches that say its gonna die for so long.

Good work eme trying to stop those hacking, try and do what you have to I ain't care once you get rid of them.

STOP TRYING TO FIX A GAME YOU DID NOT DEVELOP if you don't whats taking place don't play if they don't want to fix the problems simple as that now eme have to take all kinda mean words to their face cause now they trying to fix a problem that you third party devs caused trying to fix a game you think is yours. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT you all should be sued.
KitTeaCup as our new CM @seandynamite
Dungeon jackpots a lot of players are resetting just to get additive and this is not right this needs to be fixed.
whenever they are
plz close this post.
so only when they are working they visit the forums I wont believe that.............................
@CarnalCherry145 I guess they can only view the forums in the office nice thinking thanks your a savior.
@CobaltDragon there's a gold seller in velika area chat right now plz come online and dispatch him thank you. and also plz fix in game reporting.
live with it bro all the content is dead and boring anyways everyone does if for the loot to enchant their gear.
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forgot Tera keep your eyes here


i hope best experience in game in next Bluehole game...

if you didn't know A.I.R is a mess firstly it uses the same engine as tera unreal 3 and secondly BHS decided to not use tera combat system in A.I.R 2 VERY BIG mistake in the making of that MMO good luck too them. TERA has the potential to be the top best mmo game ever made but its creators are just seeing the the dollar sign noting else.
EME, if you are removing Skyring from the jackpot because of recent feeding in Team 3s, why not just limit the jackpot to Solo 3s only? It is a lot more difficult to feed when the community is queuing at the same time. With leaderboards coming in March, it will also be significantly easier for the community to police feeders by reporting other players that seem out of place on the leaderboard.

Please do not punish the 3s community for the actions of a few individuals. We may be small, but we deserve at least one night a week in March. The Skyring community is not vocal enough to make a big deal of this and won't complain on the forums - most will just quit after this calendar becomes effective.

If this is not the reason, then please explain why you decided to completely kill Skyring?

like to use that word quit when thing not in their favor. thanks for the changes tired of the same old for pass few months.
@CobaltDragon add the mask make it very expensive problem solved 15k coupons even I ain't got so much.
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It is moderately hard to get gold, it is extremely hard to get silver.
a p4 clear alone rewards you with stuff to dismantle for 1560 entropic emblems, enough to buy 52 silver talents. a full hh clear takes about 30-45 mins with a geared, exped raid, while being closer to 1-1.5+ hours with something less

when many players (probably including you) are willing to substitute keylock/keytrap rings+neck for the rest of entropic, u do not need full entropic on every one of your characters

not to mention in a previous post u claimed it was more efficient to farm gold to buy talents, so just do that
whats the issue
gold from vgs have not changed

@metagame the guy is salty that's all he post now vg salt and i'm sure hes still playing and i'm sure he bought those same gem crates.
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In the past and right now healers use jewelry rolls for endurance, hp and healing. With the new talisman system healers are losing 16 endurance, 5.5% hp and countless healing.

Are you really okay with this? We should make threads in the korean forum even with the help of an auto translator telling the devs it is not okay before we get the same situation we had in awakening - decreased healing.

We already got increased hp in the recent patch so your heals have been nerfed and in awakening they will be nerfed again, a new nerf is on the horizon and if you don't hurry soon your healing will be nonexistent.

the dev said you get 2% healing increase are you saying hes lieing
give us the option but no support until after a certain time would be nice. i have 5 brawlers i'm fed up of leveling cause its the same old mess.
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Great job with the talisman news. Now everyone I play with mass quit.

I cancelled my elite finally after all these years I paid with real money instead of buying with gold to support the game. I have a fully farmed +9/+8 stormcry character and huge tons of valuable stuff on my bank made from enmasse economy screwups. Don't see any reason to play this game anymore with the direction the game is going because most of my friends already quit day by day and this talisman news+gem p2w event dealt the final blow. I can only play with myself with my max damage try hard gear because everyone I run rkem non stop with already quit and moved to other games.

over reacting i see i'll wait for the test server results and from the recent news i read were getting double lines = more damage and they said a new play style https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_SG8s5UQ4Eq2muVIscx8uYrANv8WfId5fBC9WOPzIrw/edit# wait for the final results was the same mess with gear revamp oh final straw wait lets see what will happen with the test server info and see what takes place.
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I agree with everything said above. No one--not even KTERA--wants this system, we only want the bonuses to every class it gave. Mostly, we want these bonuses because they make the classes feel "complete." Classes like Ninja are practically unplayable on regions other than KTERA because we lack the Attunement/Burning Heart glyph.

Of course, BHS will never acknowledge this because they don't care. They'll continue balancing around talents and we'll continue playing NA TERA like everything's fine. Longer clear times and higher difficulty for the same content.

what class do you main cause i know ninja that can out dps you. Ninja unplayable really. stop over reacting let wait and see the test server feedback. same way we behaved for the gear revamp.
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oh EU is doing it from the Fashion Coupon store? that is acualy pretty good, im down with that \o/

@seandynamite any word if where getting the same deal here to?

In case you did not know fashion coupon prices are very high in EU TERA the top ARMOR skins we have for 500 fashion coupons here is 4k to 7k coupons in EU Fashion coupon shop see the difference and not sure about how easy they are to get in EU.
They are releasing another badly optimized MMPORG soon so I highly doubt they will put even more work in Tera ( with the minimum amount they are putting right now ). If we cant see Tera thriving right now with how much money BHS is gaining from PUBG ( because we all silently hoped that we will see improvement with how much money they have pulled out of PUBG, hoped it would turn their attention a little bit to Tera as well ) then we will never see this game thrive. Its just going to turn into a higher and higher grind fest so we can all forget how badly optimized this game is with the lack of proper content and continuous screw ups, not only by developers but a publisher as well.
Tera served its purpose as a good MMPORG, there is literally nothing to gain out of it anymore with monster titles like PUBG next to it and another screw up on the way that will take developers time

and that made me to ask why they didn't use the same combat system that tera has cause that game AIR looks op and just looks op cause the graphics is much more better but the combat that it has it will stay right there and just look good for me not gonna try it. tera has what we call true action combat ans that was has us here still the combat is fluent it makes you think about what to do next and i love it.
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i still don't get why many are upset when they said you will get free talismans at start what i got is the grind will be for the better ones whats so hard in that where going to get better and powerful rolls did I miss something because i want to see this and if ktera community is pissed also then they should just make a test server let them test it out see first hand before implementing a change that everyone seem to not understated


The whole idea of removing the current bonuses on our existing gear and putting them on talisman isn't appealing at all.
From reading the translated doc, the process of getting higher talisman is heavy RNG. We wanted to much to move away from it and finally BHS removed rng from rolling stats not too long ago and they just turned around 180 and going to give us this crap again.
Historically, most patches they released sucked. How is this one going to be different?
I can't imaging grinding for the gear (Stormcry) like this for no significant stats and then grinding for talisman AGAIN. No.. just no..

What I really wanna see is actual CONTENT that will breathe life into this game, not another RNG wall that pretends to be actual content.
- Area expansion that could bring influx of new players.
- Revival of PvP PVP PVP PVP, because PVP was the main attraction of TERA from the beginning. Why kill the one thing that is the main focus of this action game? And removal some of the annoying CC's - yes, i'm talking about you brawlers. (Even back before new classes, I thought stun, knockdown, and stagger were annoying enough).
- Also, now that we have all these useless new classes, how about putting some efforts into balancing (Both PvP and PvE wise) and removing gender and race locks?

BHS's focus is on the wrong [filtered] things. That should be infuriating for a lot of you if you really care about this game and you want it to keep living. You can keep repeating these things like a broken clock and they won't listen. Why do we even have forums outside of Korea? EME can pass our feedback (if they actually do) to BHS, but they don't [filtered] listen.

i get what i missed and now i'm pissed too lol but EME please pass on our feedback cause i see a 2012 end of days mess taking place in tera we want content the gearing is good enough tell we want content we want tall the dungeons at the same time not a fixed set ever so often all so we can choose to run them when we want to and get bored of them too fast. we are happy with the awakening is something new and now this mess we see coming here hmmm.
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They need to sell Tera's right to another competent developer.
Prob ANYTHING will be better than Bug (or $#%#) Hole Studios by now.

Or idk make NA Tera into a different development branch and sell to a western developer.
At least they should give EME a lot of game changing powers and make NA Tera VERY independent from Korea.

EME should be able to choose dungeons, to ignore korean patches and do class balancing on their own (with the help of player community) and much more (things like revamped crafting and open world bosses..)..

I just can't see a good outcome for NA Tera if we continue relying on Korea for everything.

hand it over to game forge you mean cause EME cant seem to keep their staffs. look for some weeks now we can't get a cm adn console aint out yet but they got a cm recently RIP.
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Sometimes tracert to diag.enmasse.com shows completely different ping. 128ms ingame and 220ms through diag.enmase.com from bad routing within zayo.
Why give us diag.enmasse.com to check our ping and not the actual servers ip?

where did they say use diag.enmasse.com to check your ping did i miss something i know they said submit your dx diag there.
I made a poll about not halving VG rewards, and even included other options like lower the VG cost, fix ace dungeon, etc.

I made it almost 3 weeks before they nerfed VG rewards.

EME doesn't care.

lol i will laugh at this and say someone salty anyways people are still playing the game despite vgs the and not even half of the playerbase is represented on the forums casue for every post is see is the same people that comment and make post that's like 20 so @CassandraTR how many people answered your poll.
i still don't get why many are upset when they said you will get free talismans at start what i got is the grind will be for the better ones whats so hard in that where going to get better and powerful rolls did I miss something because i want to see this and if ktera community is pissed also then they should just make a test server let them test it out see first hand before implementing a change that everyone seem to not understated
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can someone confirm if ktera community complains about lags and the same noc lags we have?

Their internet connections are in average far better than over NA, and as long as you have 50 MB/s download speeds you dont lag from normal noctenium, so they probably dont have the issue.

that why some issues we have they wont fix because our tech sucks compared theirs lol its not our computers its our ISP'S THATS the problem even tera server ISP xd.
can someone confirm if ktera community complains about lags and the same noc lags we have?
did you complete the level 60-65 story quest?
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@Werid https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Ws1xFVTik93aSbf2fMkz3ZQmIY_uiEm5pXuSTqVRbk/edit#gid=0


What I want to know is what does Increased Reputation apply to at level 65, because I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to Guardian Missions (the only active reputation source that is useful at level 65);.

there's only one vg per day per character for guardian mission meaning the guardian missions you do after completing that vg is not on the vgs its seperate.
well gameforge must have garther data quicker than eme since they always release new patches before NA they partying in the office look at them let them lag ahahahahahah.

"why should i help you fix the problem when i can cry and whine on the forums instead"

grow up.[/quote]

ladies first.
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up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Can you put in a Support Ticket with an EME Diagnostic if you still are unable to patch the Game Client through the TERA Launcher ?

i'n not going too why should when many other players are lagging in game turn off the event plz i don't mind waiting 3 days for this event to over before i can play. just imagine a strongbox key event after a a not too long ago strongbox jackpot event.
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.
and why wont they turn off the event and do something else lawd i could even use my valk before maint today come on eme what is this plz @seandynamite turn off the event plz find a another solution.
after patching games says progress less than a minute anyone else have these issues.

and is anyone ping still high as before today maint.
everyone has this lag even on FF some thing is wrong hope they figure it out during maint.
no new items just old stuff anyways love the event time visit my abandoned level 65 alts.
@seandynamite i'm not getting all the rewards only the keys and elix I got from 30 kills and 50 kills medium. didn't the mantle and feast ect help!!!!
If you kill iod t3 band in 5 skill presses then end needs to investigate you.

priest buffs nocs prime solution feast right crytals dps crytals and a lucky keen mote 5 skills dead.
i just got mines fixed by using the updated files from EU client

You all need to stop wanting what other regions have lawd i wander if EU forum have the same thing EU and NA publishers are different they are not twins each does things differently if only eme would take some time and plan like Gameforge then the forums wont be full of waste of time post.
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I’m surprised Enmasse didn’t have to get permission from BHS to do this change because Enmasse made it seem like they need permission from BHS to make any changes to the game.

Well, now that EU did it, I don't think other regions would have a problem getting permission if they asked.

Can't compare EU to NA...because if thats the case, I don't see why EME is having problems getting permissions to release revamped older content(RMHM/DSU/FIHM) when EU already has it.

Because Gameforge is editing it themselves on their servers, and it's getting trashed with each subsequent patch. It's not something that BHS is doing centrally and distributing to other regions.

If GF is editing it themselves, which mean EME can also as well. So why is EME forwarding our feed backs to BHS(BHS don't care) instead taking matters into their own hands? I wouldn't be so sure about GF trashing Tera with each subsequent patch, because I'm sure you've seen NA forums; every time EU release revamped old content, people post on the forums about how EU is getting X,Y, and Z, while we get nothing.

Gameforge is bigger than EME interms of the company seeing that i would think they have more staff dedicated to tera and i would think the same goes for the other games they are hosting the bigger the team the better and faster the job is done how many of the staff at eme is dedicated to tera i'm sure we can count them on our fingers but i may be wrong.
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This new costumes come with brand new Animation files (ANI.) If you are missing just 1 of those files, then the costume will behave like that. Make sure you havent deleted by mistake any of the ANI files.

if ani files were deleted repair tool should have fixed it.
If so is there a file we can delete and let the client repair it?
got shadow banned
I had this bug at the start of the elin gunner patch, with elins. The solution was to delete the file for those heads and then do a client repair. Doing a repair before deleting the file did not work.
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@Melyodis Did you get any response? I'm facing the same problem ;__;


@Lemonka nothing since i tried some stuff my self problem still exist i've stoped used the suit causs it look dumb with this bug but @KillerPenguins said deleted some files and did a repair but he had replied what files when i asked.

even this guy Lusticia said (This bug is due to the files they updated, it's on Bluehole/Eme not player-sided. I've fixed it myself and offered to send the fix to Eme but they said no. :disappointed: Hopefully they release the fix soon..)

@Lusticia help??????
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I can say get gud but whats the sense i wont say what many would say but btw your the only one having issues and so long iod vg been out if it's a problem submit a ticket. and you said All of the new classes have 100% chance to stun on their skills most times brawler stuns don't work but i work around it you get knockdown in life get back up.

1. Brawler stun is actually bad because you want perfect block. you should know that since you told me to git gud. :thinking:
2. Brawler doesn't lose any buffs if knocked down unlike lancer
3. Brawler has a block to block damage against kd and dot unlike sorcerer and slayer who rely on the stuns and sleeps
4. again, your comment is ignorant. please refrain from posting ignorance.

I don't use perfect block glyph on iod bams 5 skills and its dead. as i said submit a ticket. that my advice and you can wait 2020 for fix since there are many other things still not fixed.
If they drop another op event you all would still complain oh my they gonna mess up the economy. That's why i think EME having problem making events because you can't please this community no matter what they do they still get hanged.
I can say get gud but whats the sense i wont say what many would say but btw your the only one having issues and so long iod vg been out if it's a problem submit a ticket. and you said All of the new classes have 100% chance to stun on their skills most times brawler stuns don't work but i work around it you get knockdown in life get back up.
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To be fair it's not like IOD BAMs are any challenge anyway right (no sarcasm intended)? Just let people farm them like bots without souls a tad easier, they may as well end it quicker and go do something else and fill queues up (edit: ayy nevermind, brainfart, queues work during IOD BAMs anyway, forgot that. Still...).

Dunno if it would be possible to implement a server sided buff that triggers inside IOD to make stuns 100% chance always.

You're right, they aren't any challenge, but this has more to do with annoyance than challenge. IOD is grindy, period. We have to kill 10 of each and do it everyday (At least some people do). This gets really repetitive and boring and that is when small things like BAMs not getting stunned when they are supposed to become major annoyance.

If the system was set up so that IOD isn't grindy like that, then, yes, we could take those small things as just another thing to watch out for, but that ship has sailed.

It freaking enrages me when I Shield Bash the boss right before it does knockdown attack, but it resists the stun and knocks me down. It is [filtered] annoying. And that's why I agree with OP's QoL suggestion.

Annoyance or not thats is where the challenge is it should be hard like world boss which gives more loot but its not, think bams can't resist stuff like some classes work around it. so long iod bam been out and you still having issues with kd and stuns it comes like asking for all boss in rk9hm for 100% stun chance.
and this post gonna get closed nice title
@seandynamite they all want free stuff while you all don't make money on a f2p game think how many are ranting on the forums for double vg not even 20 players be patient same ones still ranting when they get something going and do the same top tier iod just funny. i'm a casual player just enjoying the game. seems like their a lot of children in here now.
... so 4 days of old x2 reward (only for tier 3 bams) and then 3 days x3 reward.. again only for tier 3 bams... you do realize we need atleast 14 days of x3 reward to get the same as we did the last few years?

Just make the game worth playing on a daily basis! stop these dumb events which are always halfassed.... it is not fun having it all come down to whether or not you were there for 'event'.
Events should be an extra something, stop making it the most important thing ingame EME!

or nevermind.. keep doing what your doing so Tera can finally die and we can all move on... >.<

someone teach this guy to read cause it too much for me.
bless you xd
WhippyWhip wrote: »
Jesus people still complaining...
Looks its happend, yes its lame, but they are planning more stuff to be released like events and stuff, you had months to get your glyphs and if you paid attention to the forums you would have realised that they was going to change the vg's to single as of start of feb, its not eme that you had poor time keeping skills

Sorry but if you are a casual player you cant expect to have the same gear/wealth as a hardcore player

Stop talking. Full stop.

Go back and read the thread. The very day spacecats said they were changing it there were people saying please reconsider this, please don't do this, including myself. I even mathed it all out in multiple situations. Poor time keeping skills? I made a poll 3 weeks ago so that hopefully EME would see how stupid this decision was.
WhippyWhip wrote: »
Gear or glyphs all of it is character progression
Nor is iod long, if you have a few toons you can get your glyphs easily, gear progression is harder in this game now as it punishes you if you play multiple toons, but this only punishes you if you are going for sc gear that takes 10's of thousand of xp

If you plan on getting frost (all you need for high teir dungeons) then it is very simple to do so and you can get a toon to full frost within a day easy

You can't do high tier IoD without 439 ilevel. You can't get 439 ilevel in one day. No new player can do that, not with one char, not with 2 chars. You are talking out of your rear. The fact that you even said that and you think you are serious, is hilarious.

So stop talking. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

if i start from scratch i can get to frost in 2 weeks do all dalies 16 farm world bams rinse repeat. you have to work hard take your time and build up tera aint going no where in a hurry go eat some ice cream with friends gf family come back play some work on gloves go chill take your time. don't rush.
its per day and per character not week.
brawler wins lol

i think its Valkyrie warrior zerker archer sorcerer that my personal rank
theirs alot of places to get your glyphs if your lazy just keep complaining. theirs the ace dungeon shop guardian credits shop vanguard quartermaster shop mid tier iod tokens. and there is sabex and catacombs dungeons
Melyodis wrote: »
@CobaltDragon make a tank there to many dps.

But DPS is more fun :p

that's why ques takes so long also.
they said their is an issue with the event tool.
surprising you all ain't ask for pc specs. whats your pc specs bro
@R7LATNHMFH man i dont think it would matter but anyway there is ways players playing sometimes there less sometimes there are more but its up to you. your current time is 11:10pm by me its 11:10am now there alot of player online so i don't see there being a problem only you will need to hit bed lol.
@CobaltDragon make a tank there to many dps.
i think your question is answered in the top post of general check it out.
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Huv wrote: »
Av ch ff all similar issues id assume. Just play on TR or MT
It's just upsetting since AV has been my home server for years . .
Margarethe wrote: »
Reminder, instance match is cross-server.
Instance matching has been quite the . . adventure i would have to say and not a good one either hehe

I think I've even played with you many times (or bought stuff from you).
Yeah, it does kinda give off a weird feel.

Also IM is my default choice when I really AM after a trap run

traps runs are the best.
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clfarron4 wrote: »
VirtualON wrote: »
Meanwhile smartdyads can be bought for 2K on broker on EU. That would be too easy for us though.

Yeah, their solution was to make it so you get Smart Dyads through the cash-shop and it works for them.

reason why the game is utterly dying.

how long have they been saying this its dieing and your still here wonder why anyways just like stormcry +9 is hard to get smart dyads should be same thats me you want the best gear stuff you have to work hard for it.
@counterpoint cool i thought was something different it also reminded me about the moon mount event long ago. there could be an event like with the space cats tokens add then to battlegrounds change the token shop items that could have BG'S poping also there so much
I think everyone is more doing the guardian legion runs same on FF lfgs are dead most of the time but if you go in GL there players there and there are those afked in HW or Velika.
First off I want to thank @seandynamite for the broken prison event i think i know why cause as i have seen with the new mechanics like the dungeon is hardly being ran this is what i think, nice event, there also the guardian legion 24/7 thing which is good but just in my opinion i think there should be item level specific events for example with this broken prison event what about the new level 65 players there should be some event for them and their guardian item level so we stormcry players wont be able to cash in on our mains, yeah we have our alts but it will be guardian gear specific for new 65 players just my 1 cent.

So to what this post is about the topic say it all.
I played Eu tera for some days, now and then i go back play a little and what amazes me is the amount of players i see online but to me like its so hard to progress in EU tera cause everything is expensive but yet still there are many players online i wonder why guess what there is always some event running.

EME from passed events before the gear revamp patch the events were like over done to much rewards were given out and now we have to beg for events because of the passed mess is like you all afraid to do events because of a lost of balance also the player base always begs for more.

I think you all should do regular events scale down the rewards and no matter if the player base ask for more don't listen we will always complain and say this ain't rewarding enough.

i think regular events will revitalize the current tera online population like EU Tera and bring back some bored players.

just look at this nice event EU got last year in the video https://youtube.com/watch?v=pzZ28b8Czb0

it don't have to be some big big big event. simple events less rewarding than pass events but regular not one that will fill our banks in 10 mins of play events that will keep us wanting to play more.

why you all feel like everything is a touch of a button fix? it takes time you have follow what the boss wants they have taken the info back to their boss now we wait so long this and so long that, wait it the word. For me i don't care what they do world bams for more better than 1 damn vanguard that my opinion. we just need to wait they working on a solution wait plz.
like if metamorphic tokens were hard to get.
btw did we get a new CM
free pots every hr sweet.
Ammutseba wrote: »
To be a good CM though
  • admit that you're not TERA savvy (because chances are you don't know more than "this class is cool 'cause its an elin" or something along the lines of nothing to do with gameplay) but that you are willing to learn and actually BE willing to learn

It's just my personal opinion, but I would like to see a CM level a character from the beginning all the way up to +9 Stormcry (as a normal player would). I don't think you can empathize with the community until you fully understand what it takes to reach that level. They could even make it part of the twitch stream to help other players (sort of like a zero to hero series).

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
@CobaltDragon i thought the same but it it still there with or without head slot accessory equipped.


@mmeg i dont how long youve been playing tera but if you take more than a week to get you basic glyphs unlocked your doing somthing very wrong.
and iod is not the only way to get the other glyphs theres the ace dungeon shops also give them.

note i'm not trying to make excuse about double vg it pains me too but dispite the current situation you can still work around and progress. while we wait on EME to fix this issue.
someone got salt ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha.
sad lol well they have protocols to follow.
if they do put it in token shop it should be expensive like 50k tokens
well that's 3 players now glad its not me alone.
am 100% sure there are no client mods.
so the best thing to do is if your not aiming for stormcry use dyads on your frostmetal up to you.

@ElinLove i already did that sold my +7 stormcry weapon used back the same dyads i had on it on my current +5 weap.
@Catservant thanks I understand now.
If you soulbound dyads to let say stormcry weapon like i did and lets say you sold it like i did if you kept the old dyads in bank you can just put them back on when you get back a stormcry weapon which i find is very convenient as the names are the same you bind to before.
as i said before other players are seeing the same thing i sent ticket already lets see when a fix is put in place
@Naru2008 the reason why i said that is because i would expect that CobaltDragon should have passed on the info to the dev team but i guess he don't do those stuff.
whats the purpose this post cause i don't see eme able to do anything about this.
Sounds good but why should i do that when players from my server and other servers are seeing the same thing if it was a client side issue they would not have seen the same thing in the image i posted above. but anyway i'll send a support ticket.
this patch has bugs
@VirtualON have no mods on my friend.
@CobaltDragon so i asked my friend from the guild i'm in what they saw when i was in mount mode of the mech suit guess what they are seeing the same thing as me they sent me screen shot to prove it also for more info i just ran trnm and guess what everyone in party saw the same thing when i asked them what they saw.

i did what you told me to do the repair before all of the above took place so what to do now if everyone 5 players are seeing the same thing that am seeing what should i do.
lol i don't think BHS would design a event for healers to get screwed over come on i know they do mess up sometimes but please some players reading suff from EU TERA and are causing confusion guys stop it please. we are NA tera not EU.
@KillerPenguins whats the file name
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