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whats the point if your graphic not in mid or high?
@Lapomko nice idea i wonder if they got this idea i they would run with it it can be an option toggle if not needed @eme staff good idea. idk
Well eme can check a players logs to know if they are hacking but still that ain't enough and why they keep making new stuff instead of fixing their game awakening is coming when they should have been fixing the game why is that so? unless the game is perfect because of the internet speed in Korea i wonder!
Can we get some info don't have to be details as if something is being done about proxy it a simple yes were working on blocking it or what ever words.
RTP7PXH5AK wrote: »
> Because if you have top tier players in top tier gear and one is a warrior and the other a ninja - the ninja will get outdpsed every time. You're probably matching against unskilled players or you're simply very good with ninja and understand how the class works.
> My friend tends to outdps brawlers on his lancer. Does that mean lancers do more damage than brawlers? No, he is simply skilled and has good gear while the brawlers can't play their class well and don't have gear of his level.
> Most players, especially in ims, are not that good with their class.

Well my friend is warrior and we have equal gear storm+7. And our dps is kinda similar. Sometimes he have higher dps sometimes me. Yes it's easier to do higher dps with wa because scythe have massive dmg and low cd. But still difference isn't high.. it can be like 2%-6%. I only compare players with +/- equal gear and if they are mastered their class. I do agree ninja does slighly less dmg but I don't agree when players call it low dps or even do not accept ninja or gunner to their pt.

check moongourd you will understand the general consensus of why they say ninja do low dps. yes i agree there are those who know how to milk dps out of ninja meaning the are skilled with the class but overall ninja ain't top dps period.
report the whole flame submit a ticket trust me yo will get justice he went to far with all that [filtered] talking lawd have mercy. i feel for you bro report him.
hmmm Another grind fest why.................................... Rip
well if you all can go back in time enjoy the event later today ahahahahaha nice one almost had me that it was a latest news post.

I get your point with the events and all in EU tera but this easier to gear in NA TERA than EU TERA Period everything is expensive in EU economy and if you really want to make it it there you gotta go p2w yes EU has nice events and all but i'll stay here in NA.
only an elin could cause this extension
some times i wonder if you all think about everything part of this game and the impact it will have guilds this was not a fair cu and imagine even a cu bam deing in in not even a full minute you broke all hell lose and those meme slashers had fun today ty eme for a job well done ty ty ty
i'm having the same issue right now whats going on.
I guess for an event like this lfg's are dead right why are you queing in the first place leave that for new players.
are you in a guild? I guess not if you were your guild would have discord to communicate well .
There are many new players and you also know that 95% of the time you que there will be trapsters. I agree with what eme did quick fix response until a perfect fix is available. keep queing cause i guess some people don't understand how valuable a guild is in tera i'll just say that the new guild buffs system gives your class a boost increased hp etc think about that there's also more.
it must be a typo cause there places where golden daric is spelt wrong.
explain your what your doing to to upgrade cause there 2 UI one for upgrading and one for enchanting.
in the end i wont consider it much almost 15k tokens is not much considering fails on enchant it would be good for those who have twist and frost gear with would have helped them get a few + in. then gain thanks EME for the feast.
Salvatori wrote: »
Salvatori wrote: »
My only complain here is WHY we have only 3 lvl 65 dungeons giving catalysts. This is beyond stupid

Reduce farming of easier dungeons

That's not excuse. LKNM/HM and SC could easily have been added to event since is all the same ilvl.

Anyways, another event that sucks for EME history.

One could argue this is another scheme of EME to make ppl run the new content

Run the new content?? The only new content is TR and AK! And barely anyone can run them because Item levels are crazy now. Yes we are getting something extra from the content we do EVERY DAY which is wonderful but it gets old really fast. Last years Kiras was a lot of fun because we had the mongo hunts with it and people gathered to go all over open world and hunt and the community came together for it. All this event feels like is just grindy. Idk jus my two cents on it.

you need item xp to enchant gear to run dungeons
TWMagimay wrote: »
Chinchilla wrote: »
So sick of seeing people do more damage than me in gear that is a tier below me.

If it happens often enough for you to be sick of it, maybe it's not the class.

LesbianVi wrote: »
Borsuc wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Players crying for BiS in the 1st week of patch are relevant?
Obviously, since they had that within prior patches. If, suddenly, your boss starts to give you half the salary you'd not complain? So what's your problem?
LesbianVi wrote: »
If I had to focus only 2 or 3 chars, you really think was it hard for me to get +15?
Nobody cares if you could get it or not. You obviously didn't get it because you didn't find it worth it (for what you consider fun) to focus on a few chars. So your opinion is irrelevant, because you didn't get BiS before, why should your opinion matter about BiS NOW?

Now, that experience for people who did find it worth it (read: not you) was degraded and they rightfully complain. So explain to me what relevance does "BiS shouldn't be 'easy' to get like before!!!" from someone who did not have BiS before have? (lol so much for "easy", guess you didn't find it worth it huh?)

You're basically salty as [filtered] and only comment and are happy because others GET LESS, not because you care about BiS, since you never cared.

On a sidenote some of you trolls seriously need to stop talking about "one week into the patch" thing. People don't start new characters on new accounts on new servers as if they are new players wanting BiS within a week of starting the game.

Transition from BiS (previous patch) to BiS (current patch) should be quick and fast like it was before, but now the costs are astronomical in comparison to before especially if you want it *fast* (read: like BEFORE). Stop meddling into matters you never even touched and stay in your mid tier world.

You clearly sad and mad and bad at this game, the final paragraph just proved it all, you can take it on money, dear boy but can't escape the truth.

Last patch you didn't farm your BiS, IT WAS HANDED TO YOU, as the patch before it and the patch before that. All enchanting mats, crystals, smart dyads, VM mats were distributed by large number by ez pz events.

From 1st mongo to anniversary event and Argon recently. Now, you farm, you gotta work for it, you can't get it fast aka easy, you get mad, sad.

Bash me all you want, point finger at me all you want, but many people like this patch a lot, WHY? The line between hardcore players and others is back and it is strong, so you don't get DW +15 by events doing things that you could do with Guile then come to forums and act like you are so good at this, not anymore.

There is of coarse flaws and problem with each patch but so far this one showed us the flaw of some dear forumers and the reason of their existence because, for them the best place and only place to get their BiS is FORUMS.

Well Said I Agree 100%
the right thing to do is make a thread in the bug report section not here. You all feel that eme only look at general discussion no they don't.
for one catalyst you make a thread wth is wrong with you people.
well that will never happen so kiss that dream good bye
@HAAYAAKD43 man, you can dismantle every mat into metamorphic tokens are blind or are you complaining that it's only x3?
complaining, complaining rinse afk repeat in every post, that's all you see in this forum. can't please you all and the people going and do the event. LAWD. OH! I get it this the forums are full of more babies than adults ok I understand now.
@bem can you post your brawler gear setup I main brawler I have 4 of them and I have no problem with agrro if you want a solution lets see what you have on your brawler.
i soloed a world bam easy its not hard and the loot is very good got a diamond also we get 6 wbams a day some times more just gotta put in the work and look for them.

there are some things that need to be fixed lets hope they do fix them of next maintenance day.
@Pumpedd stop complaining all now would be running rk-9 for materials for top tier gear but no if you had DW OR Obilt your already at top tier now we have to work for harder for our gear and this time you wont be bored after 3 months.
If KTera didn't have it on their list you think we would have it here.
@PaynefulSynn you will get the quest again don't worry.
Keep thinking then ;) :p
NO MMO can beat Tera's combat system full stop.
Boring please delete this unproductive post.
Dialoonia wrote: »
EME is so [filtered] they named RK-9 Hangar " Rk9 - Kennel". And because EU gets NA english translation we stick to this name ..... Atleast Gameforge keep the RK-9 Hangar for German and France Client.

whats the deal with that name dont matter they could have named it RK9 - PEN WHO CARES.
You will always know when a new patch is coming just look for these kind of post.
> @StevenAnthony said:
> Vinyltails wrote: »
> If i recall, Liberation scrolls will only work on Top tier +7 and up (and old gear +15)
> High tier +7 ( since ambush can be promote )

Only top tier can be liberated and old gear +15 next patch
divine wrath is not for endgame pve you can use it for pvp but at 65 pve content you don't need to use that skill you need to use growing fury. It crits harder that haymaker somes times IN PVE but its more powerful in pvp as I've seen from experience as a brawler main
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Elite Instance Reset Scroll, Instance Reset Scroll and Veteran Instance Reset Scroll.

Those 3 should reset the ACE dungeons but I haven't seen Elite doing so.

Yes, the old elite scrolls works after doing your 8 dailies you can do 8 ace dungeons runs and get up 800+ credits once you have reset scroll. it's nice to have and I've used up all mines and none of the new ones work and the ace dungeon is apart of the vanguard list which should have a reset scroll available to reset it.
@pages question to you if there was no leak of this information and it was posted the the day before patch what do you think would happen?
We want all the poison in this community to be eradicated quickly.
I'm just gonna say this eme can do what they want you don't own them they did what they did for the benefit of the players yes they should have asked those involved to sign an NDA but I can imagine how busy they are right now that they messed up they said so live with it. This is an f2pg you don't like what they and how they operate say your farewells. always seeing comments like these yet still you all still here. just say it you all love eme lol
TO OUR hard working @seandynamite can we get rest scrolls fro ace dungeon please for next patch none of the new ones work to reset it only the old ones do.
Pages wrote: »
Smoreceror wrote: »
Hey all, thanks for all of the feedback.

As noted in today's announcement, while some details have been revealed, we haven't talked about full details of the crafting system yet. From Seandynamite's post today:

"Alone, these conversion rates do not paint a full picture of the changes rolling out with the patch next Tuesday. The token shop prices, the amounts of materials that tokens are exchanged for, the different materials needed for enchanting, and other details of the new system have not yet been publicly shared in an official capacity by En Masse Entertainment."

We're going to be going into greater depth later this week. If you have reservations, please stay tuned for more info. If you missed the latest announcement, you can read it here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/18001/statement-regarding-yesterdays-release-of-dismantling-rates

The reservations people have are because their items are not being equally valued. Premium Alkahest is losing a majority of its value with these conversion rates, but items like MES are not.

you studying value well use it to enchant your new gear then cause its useless to you oh i forgot you can't lol. I would never buy old mat after this patch just to get tokens it would be a waste of gold why cause I need gold to get to +9 you can't put value to with old stuff to a new enchanting system full stop.
LesbianVi wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Why? Anything they should nerf it even more.

You people need to chill, you didn't work hard for your mats you just did a lotta events.

Actually, some of us did work hard for them, thank you very much.

a few doesn't come for everyone, Argon event alone gave tons of feedstock and spellbind and those two alone give tons of tokens. Please stop asking for easy things before even patch started.

I'm not asking for easy things, I'm only asking for what I worked for to be worth it. And for your information, I haven't been able to participate in any event since the summer festival due to work, so I haven't gotten anything from the Argon event. I get that some players got tons of stuff from all those events, but really, is it OK for EME to hand out that much stuff only to turn around and say "there's too much stuff in the game"?

why should it worth more when people won't need it to enchant new gear anyway, just convert them to tokens on day one those who have have guile will be getting misery gear I think and I'm sure they would get mats to enchant to +12 I'm am a person who has guile I would take my time gear up why hurry. With this new patch, lfg's should be loaded why cause you need XP for gear look at that thing should be lively in tera after this patch no more afking, time put some work in if you want the best new gear.
kubitoid wrote: »
be grateful eme gave u free 400k gold lmao. wtf wrong with ppl these dayz

lol what really wrong with them they made a choice to follow what kTera has which is wrong did kTera players have a chance to prepare for the same patch they got right now I'm sure the answer is no we get guide for dungeons before they reach our region, we have it too nice and as some poster said NA Tera is easy mode, Tera, lol. I went across to EU Tera to play valk before it came here and trust me NA Tera is much easy than EU to get stuff quick we have too nice in NA Tera so stop crying blood people.
you need gold to enchant also if you knew that then why didn't sell you materials no you saved it up because you said look at token I can get after seeing kTera's list. I can get millions of tokens from material I have day one many are saying this and because the rates are not like kTera people are saying they are screwed why cause they won't be getting the amount of token they hoarded for well it's you all fault since when does NA Tera get the same patch layout I would call it, like kTera.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
JBF wrote: »
so we must +15 dw right now ?

Looking at recent info from EME it looks like is better to +15 now, also is better to craft dw and +15 now because some dw tradeable mats are going to be depleted from token shop.

they said it's going to have the word depleted before it's name why because it can't be used to enchant the new gears only on old gears
Dialoonia wrote: »
@BustTodDust ofc they stay same otherwise the whole adjustment would make no sense.

If they reduce ses for example from 800 to 200 (4 times less) and reduce new mats by 4 times ( 100 > 25) it would just make the whole process unecessary

SES 800 Token and Dark Mind 100Token
SES 200 Token and Dark Mind 25 Token is pretty much same.

So the price will ofc be unchanged or atleast not fitting the exchange rate.

no enoght, im say what im having in the bank and with nerft rate im obtain this tokens:

example, im have 7 k mes = 7 k tokens in this rate
2 k bless = 24 k tokens
30 k mwa = 30 k tokens
200 ses = 2.4 k tokens
17 k premium = 34 k tokens

= 97 k tokens + 30 ancient wish, 50 goodnes tears and other stuff im dont like say about it

with nerf im get aviable to obtain 100 k tokens, if get Ktera rate people get trillions millions cuatrillion trumpmillions,
and im no are hard core players, cuz hard core player have like x 10 or 15 this mats un their banks

this nerf is necesarie, dont be greedy this time guys

well said
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Psyphur wrote: »
Lots of people are complaining about these rates screwing them over, but what you guys actually mean is that you aren't getting all the new materials for free like you thought you would.. frankly, with the new patch it's going to be easier rather than harder for the average player to gear up relative to how it is now, and the people who hoarded ridiculous amounts of stuff are still going to instantly have whatever we want from the token shop. This patch benefits everyone, but you want to complain because you aren't getting way more than your fair share handed to you on a platter. get over it.

Idk what the heck you're smoking, but putting common enigmatic scrolls on the same level as a premium alkahest isnt logical.

1 Common enigmatic scroll (5G On merchant) = 1 Premium Alkhest

This is the concept that no one seems to be understanding. People are mad about semis being nerfed from 800 -> 28, yes, but people are mostly mad about how the release of this information has fixed market prices.

The players that had the information first were able to sell all of their materials for the old market prices (ex: semis for 200g) and now that we know 1 token = 5 gold (CES price) we know that semis are only worth 150g. Every price has become fixed based on the CES rate, so any item worth 1 token in the store is automatically worth 5g 35s in the game, including items that were previously worth double, if not more, aka premium alkahest.

Premium alkahest was around 16g each, and now its true value is only 5g. If you don't need the alkahest currently, you need to sell it now. If you can't sell it before patch for over 5g, you've now lost 66% of its value because of these conversion rates.

your putting a price for token when they can't be bought explain.
a boycott couldn't kill na tera here them saying this makes me lol its so funny.
JasonTERA wrote: »


But meanwhile, Why did EME need out-of-staff members to make more comprehensive? Is it hard to make a chart by themselves? This comment really sounds like they were helping to make the content of the chart, not just transfer the values into the chart.

i think as from what was said that there will be video guides posted Thursday and Friday so with this being a big patch eme needed help. I would put it that way.
well i don't think you can buy tokens so those selling their stuff must know something deep thinking about it makes you speculate more lol.
JasonTERA wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
@JasonTERA this is what you said { So, EME admitted that a few SELECTED players affected the future content.} your saying that the few selected had some say in the incoming content when they didn't.

oh, I got what you said, well, that's somewhat true. I was a bit hasty for that. But like I said, I agree with the idea of getting expert people to help building TERA contents, and/or guide. But what I want to bring is not that. It is all about "LEAK" and "EXPLOIT"

these rate are not about gold or the market. That's all on you all mind gold gold gold.
@JasonTERA this is what you said { So, EME admitted that a few SELECTED players affected the future content.} your saying that the few selected had some say in the incoming content when they didn't.
stop adding words the what the PM said the few selected was there to help with guides read its right there.
well said @KillerPenguins they missed that part.
and who knows the cost for the new enchantment materials may not be high like ktera's let wait and see.
why spend gold on that when you get token from dungeons and also you need gold to enchant
go ahead waste your gold.

from what I see here at least, now the game won't get bored after 1 month into patch cause now we have more work to do to get gear maxed out. you all want things too easy day one.
Hi Eme this is out last week to get designs for deathwrack gear before next can we get an increase in demon wheel dungeon please I've run that dung so many times and only ambush designs drop I'm begging thank you, guys.
there a guy in FF IGN Spain he's invisible and memslashing everyone whats going on in tera.
in relation to Tera, any tool used to edit the client is a third party software once it's not from BHS it is 3rd party.
Those who want to edit ini files in Tera client need to understand that you have to use a program to edit it don't they, so plz Spacecats tell them that's it's not acceptable thank you.
Melyodis wrote: »
it's not third party but its modification to the client can't you read and understand.

How about you stop spreading rumours?

And what rumor is that may I ask?
Aunica wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
The only thing keeping this game barely alive is the combat system. If any new game comes out with the same combat system, well all I would say is bye bye Tera.

There actually is and it came out about 6 months ago in Closed beta, now it's in open beta. It's called Revelation Online and it has 3 different combat systems to choose from. TERAs being one of them.

I've played it and trust me it's nowhere near the same as tera go test it and give your thoughts.
UpperDown wrote: »
No matter how much you guys debate and try to twist it in your favor, the bottom line is the same - it's TERA North America, if you don't live in the US or Canada, don't expect to have a decent ping COMPARED to those who do.
And no, I'm not saying that you're not allowed to play it due to that reason. I'm merely pointing out the facts that cannot be altered and will never be. Quit or keep playing, up to you.
I just don't understand why you're complaining when you signed up knowing it's going to be like this. Oh, maybe you didn't know, but that makes you stupid. Or are you just that immature, feeling the need to whine?
Go play any game from outside it's designated service regions, either you're IP blocked or will have some kind of ping issue. Why do you expect TERA alone to have some kind of advanced military grade network service and complain when it doesn't for all its right to not to?
I haven't heard anyone in the NA complain about ping issue besides lag spikes resulted from server malfunctions from time to time. That proves that the servers offering stable service to NA players - NOT you who are outside of NA, which it's designed to do, and it's good enough.. EXCEPT THE RECENT LAGS! EME PLS FIX YOUR [filtered] AND CHANGE PROVIDER!

BTW I'm not trying to alienate you players outside of NA. I myself don't play in NA. But since you all seemed to refuse to accept the very basics of online gaming, I thought either you don't deserve respect or are asking for a reality check.


So explain why I don't get the same frames I get in other MMO's IN TERA since I'm not in NA WHY does Tera have to lag so much? why do my frames drop under 20 and 10 and 0? I don't have these problems in other MMO's. WHY?Tell me Why?
The only thing keeping this game barely alive is the combat system. If any new game comes out with the same combat system, well all I would say is bye bye Tera.
it's not third party but its modification to the client can't you read and understand.
I'm lagging a lot and I cant take it no more cause i main brawler.
I agree with you man this situation needed communication to deal it with why cause of the latency issues that many are having i'm in the process of finding another game cause the volcano here is about to erupt too much lag I main brawler and just can't tank anymore a lot of players love this game so much that they had to find solutions that to solve problems that eme seems to don't care about anniversary is around the corner and look at what's taking place it's sad really sad.
in the year 2017 and playing Tera makes me fell like I have stone age internet when I know it's not my internet then comes the latest news well I think this one gonna make this game more dead what you guys think was it a good or bad choice are they gonna get hurt from it.
even if the third party apps improve the game for you or any other player it's not your job to optimize the game or make more playable for you by using these apps.
they run this game where playing if you don't like the rules don't play, they don't need the community input the rules were there from the start.
yeah it needs optimization but that's not our job if you can't play it as is then migrate to another game I don't need mods to play tera.
something wrong with your computer to have to be using fov
[Removing Forum Violation]
solution find a next MMORPG tera is dead to have to modify a game to get better gameplay and fps means that it need to see a doctor but lags won't stop you all from swiping cards every time there's a sale or some new mount or costume comes out if we all decide to stop play tera in NA I'm sure they will solve all the problems but it looks like we like things that don't work good sad to say.
DPS meters were not made with the game go complain to BHS
one day soon there will be a MMORPG that will surpass tera if they don't change the engine that's running this game tera will die if they don't solve the many problems this game is facing well I hear the funeral song in the distance.
PLZ Ban macros ty
so mush other glitches in other dungs no one complaining but because its bis gear shame on you guys.
they calling it exploit when it was designed that way it's just that some player figured it out, or are they using third party programs to do what they are doing in respect to the reset scrolls?
don't know of any glitch in rmnm we could have at least gotten triple drop there
this is what we get for reaching a milestone they said Triple dungeon drops right yet we are getting triple drops for certain dungeon did they make some error somewhere cause I'm confused
tanking is fun I used to play lancer for a bit but its ping carried and my ping sucks brawler is the way tanks are more popular cause 95% or all LFG is looking for a tank with current lag its become a little hard but you gotta do what you love i began this patch as a DPS main the valkyrie but I think I'm going back to my brawler do what you love
@ArcherOfEnvy since your so bright why any other MMO's I play don't have problems like tera explain.
does our CM KNOW WHAT a server upgrade is he must have just seen them changing a part and calling it upgrade that comment was in DEC 2016 AND THIS year we had the servers crashing over and over 3 times in a week server upgrade lololololololol shoot me I may be dreaming
3hrs they have problems to solve that's why
you know why players come back to this game it's because of the combat system and mechs no other MMO I've seen has a combat like tera has. I love this game but it needs help too many problems but its like we all love problem cause we still taking it in eating tera like spoilt soup sipping up all the problems like a baby being fed and a baby will eat anything.
correct only a few in the bone dragon mounts can breath fire none of the current dragon mounts can breath fire.
@Grievuuz who does ace dung that is a waste of time there are other matters that needs way more attention than this ripoff dung
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