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By the way, if someone doubts the issue with ping, you can try yourself it by downloading EUTera. The +100ms you get is definitely noticeable and inconvenient.
We don't know what happened on that run. The zerk could have been hit by a nasty combo, maybe he didn't dodge anything, maybe you were too busy with something or even you could have learned something wrong that you assume is right. We can't know.

Motes are great to drop down in case you get busy with something or can't afford the second for animation lock of titanic favour (ie. phases) or even happen to die. But they are not your primary heal. Unless the motes are right under the feet of your dps they're not getting picked up without an emergency.

And it's our job to keep the situation out of the emergency state. That means lots of titanic favour and boomerang pulse. It's not always possible. The party can scatter or avoid our heals. Sometimes they even do better job dodging our heals than boss attacks. Sometimes they simply eat damage more than our skills can heal.

That's all part of the profession. When people die it's their fault in most cases. But always remember to consider if you could have done something better to prevent it. There usually is. If you had done all the little things leading to the death right, maybe they would have survived. It's too easy to fall into sense of "I did everything absolutely perfect and you suck". Don't become one of those.

That said, healers are human too, we make mistakes. A boss attack could push us out of range or force us to play it safe for a moment to heal. In lower dungeons you might have to sit through attacks to keep your party alive but if there's been damage prior it might not be possible. All because of a mistake a healer made. There are healers with poor gear and not-so-skilled ones too.

Playing with random groups you get all kinds of people. Sometimes you get the best player you've seen in months, sometimes the opposite. Your healer included. The healer has to take care of 4 people too. If there is a lowbie that just keeps eating damage, it's possible that he's hogging the attention and skills of your healer. Dungeons are a team effort. If you see your healer is struggling, maybe you could play a little bit safer when you get low on health rather than blaming them for not being your personal heal vending machine.

Here's the usual https://youtube.com/watch?v=2DxS7eT_ky4 healer frustration video for amusement.
Essentialmana is your Place to start looking for guides. Here's the mystic guide https://essentialmana.com/mystic-guide-pve/
Kaevius wrote: »
If I remember correctly they took blast from the past out for ruining new players experience because all the 65s would run through to the bosses etc and the new players couldnt keep up or didnt feel like they were learning/experiencing the content

That and I remember some of the skills were not really compatible with lowered levels and such. Think about how much HP a berserker eats through while overcharging and how many ticks of that can be supported with a ~10k health pool in BoL for example.

It's a shame too since I do like running those leveling dungeons at times.
Week 2: Superior noctenium elixir x 1
I got 1000 Metamorphic emblems
Could have been worse, I guess.
Welp, too late. Oh well. At least the important stuff is bankable / wardrobe-able.
My Tera folder is 43 gigabytes in size.
You need about the same amount free (~43Gb) for the patching process, so try making a little bit more room on your HD.
Here's a tongue twister while we wait.

How many patches would a patch patcher patch if a patch patcher would patch patches.
Someone's eaten that melon on TR channel 3 too.
And there's always the chance that the credit card used is stolen, resulting in chargebacks when it's discovered. There's no telling if they're not after your credit card too! Never ever buy from a gold seller.

Also, you might want to censor the website address in your screenshots Sethryan. We don't want any free advertisement for those guys.
Could you have elin turn into polykind and popori into popori zombies? Making them into human zombies looks wrong.
Can't log on to TR, game stays at server selection screen.
The event affects the queue times a little.

Since VHNM is the highlighted dungeon more people are queuing up for it and the other dungeons get less participants. If we assume that the dungeons return to similar level as in the last patch before the event you should see around 10 minutes queue time or even less as a healer.

On the positive side wait times for VHNM is really great, I've been having around 3 minutes wait and even the occasional instant queue with it.

Tera is 40 gigabytes big, it won't fit through the holes on the grating.
Zero. There's nothing I really want in the token shop and now that the easier dungeons drop them I haven't been playing due to the server issues.

Loot boxes: Meh, my luck won't make them worth the time spent.
More expensive things: No way I'm getting that many.
Now now, it's the TERA 5 year anniversary server downtime event.

1. Elite gives various advantages. The biggest ones are the experience and gold boosts as well as double dungeon entries per day. They're nice but not absolutely necessary. You also get a better mount while you're starting but similar can be bought off the trade broker and marginally worse can be got through a quest. The double dungeon entries go only for level 65 dungeons, all below that have 10-60 minute cooldowns.

2. Not pay to win unless you count buying stuff for real money and selling them to other players for gold as p2w so you can afford better gear. Sold items are mainly cosmetics and elite voucher-kind of things. That said, there is that one bought dragon mount that gives a minor crit buff you can't get through playing.

3. You can queue dungeons for fast leveling as a healer. The queue times are good in the 65 range too. Healing while leveling isn't particulary hard in my opinion.

4. You have the choice between priest and mystic. Priest is more defensive and has more heals overall and easier area heals. Mystic prefers the lock-on heal for primary healing. Ping does affect the speed of your lockon, but as both classes have those it isn't that big of an issue for choosing a class. My recommendation would be a mystic if you plan to run with a competent static group late game or a priest if you like IM'ing. That said both are capable in either case.

Priest applies buffs before combat (or in combat if necessary) that last for 15 minutes. These include power and endurance. In combat you have energy stars that increase attack speed + power and triple nemesis that reduces endurance of the target. You have one chargeable skill to replenish mana of nearby friendlies. One i-frame and one movement skill. Self-heal, self-resurrection, super self-heal. Area cleanse. Can put out an instant shield (essentially +HP and knockdown immunity) for 5 people, including you.

Mystic runs auras that consume mana while active. You can select 2 out of 4, usually crit buff and mana for friendlies. In combat you keep using the lock-on heal and boomerang pulse to heal. You can drop healing and mana motes but don't expect people to grab these unless you're dead or during boss phases when separated from you. You debuff targets with volley of curses and contagion. Mana can be replenished through damaging monsters with a skill, then releasing or mana motes if they're beneath the player. You can summon thralls, but aside from the thrall of wrath dps is neglible. Self-heal is through motes and the healing thrall. One i-frame skill. Lock-on cleanse.

Mystic only has the lock-on heal until around level 60 while priest gets more skills. To compensate the mystic's lock-on is considerably stronger than priest's.

5. To be honest I have no idea if there is any difference. They're all supposedly in the same physical location if I have understood it right.

6. Feedback? Not sure if I understand. TERA isn't like most MMOs where you stand and kick each other. Facetanking bosses will end badly so get used to dodging. Actually you can think the combat system as a cross between a traditional MMO and a third person action game like Dark souls. If you're taking the time to download, read up on essentialmana.com/basic-healer-guide/. That site is your go-to for any information about classes.

7. There was a big patch just yesterday so I'd guess there's less levelers as people are gearing the new set on their old characters. It shouldn't be too bad though.

Here's the link for changing the forum name https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/20/setting-up-your-account-nickname#latest
It would be nice to have the reward points on something else than demokron factory for a change. I just noticed I have 136 clears of nm on my priest alone.
Elins caught my attention when TERA was in closed beta and I looked into it. At the time I was busy with super serious spaceships and given the monthly fee I didn't have enough time for both games so I passed on this, still keeping the tabs on TERA.

With the f2p four years ago I joined EUTERA and made a sorcerer, very much like the one on my forum profile there <-. I missed the horse and ran all around Fey Forest on foot. Then I missed BoL and went for the kumases on Omphalos plains. Having no idea they were group monsters I thought the difficulty curve was ridiculous and made a lancer since it could actually block and not being made of wet paper.

While on the lancer I noticed people were grouping up for the kumases and a few days later I was back at the sorcerer. At the time it was actually possible to group for the BAM quests since they were tougher, there were no avatar weapons and plentiful amount of people were around the right level.

About a month later I had dutiously followed the quests and reached level 60. Missed Westonia since there were no red quests and Frontera was a little bit tougher than the previous area. After that Nexus lagged my old computer skillfully, ran a lot of LoT, got a trauma from Kelsaik destroying all my crystals and had fun with Meldita death laser in AC. I tried to masterwork the agnitor disk but after failing in it and consuming all the MES I had gathered over months I abandoned the idea entirely until easy-to-enchant low-level gear came around.

TERA was fun and I spread out to four servers to get all the eight classes to see how they played. Server-hopping was pretty annoying though. With the characters I did all sorts of terrible grind like run Balder's solo for innerwear when it was not given otherwise and gather steadfast gear from argon essence...for all characters. Yeah. Getting zephyr jewelry from shattered fleet and channelworks was another tedious grind that got burned into my mind.

Then came the raid dungeons Wonderholme and Rift's edge. They were fun with pugs. First time I was leading the Wonderholme due to getting the badge the clown wiped us and mede us quit but we had fun. Likewise, Rift's edge had some memorable moments like the time the priest got the divine intervention. There was this slayer that didn't seem to make it out of the plant boss attack so I decided to pull him out. Well, just as I was activating the skill, the slayer ran out and would have made it. I didn't react fast enough and pulled him out... right inside the plant AoE. Oops. The other fun memory was whan I tried to prove Eve mining was a dull experience. I had Eve mine on another screen while I went to lead a pug Rift's edge as a healer. Twice. No major loss of mining efficiency even under those conditions.

The reaper came out and I managed to get in the first 10 of the server, I think #7 or something like that. Level 65 and gunner came out. Then Gameforge was being Gameforge and I moved here two years back. The plan was making only a priest and a reaper since I had hard time keeping all the characters geared even to an acceptable level and the server hopping was getting annoying. Then it became one character for each crafting profession. I got the lancer to 65 just a week before brawler. Rip fast queues.

Remaking the sorcerer felt like coming back home. Then I started missing some of the characters I didn't have here and had to create all the elin capable classes. Ninja came and I managed to get the Jounin title despite having to work on the patch day. I was pretty tired the next day though.

I got the priest a diamond laurel as the first character ever to get that far. As a side effect I'm cautious of bringing her out now that people expect me to be awesome. I can usually manage well but you know, IM.

A bit later I realized that I couldn't give any advice for brawlers other than sending them out to Essentialmana and made the remaining classes for the completeness' sake. Now there's 15 characters (plus the 10 on EU) and that's final until the next class comes out. Maybe.
I'm not sure if these are my favourite places but they are pretty nice.

I've always liked the cave near Habere for some reason.

There's a tower between Allemantheia and Bastion. The view from there is quite impressive.

Bastion also has some rather good places like the Brightleaf Glade here.
I'm not sure if that's not intended. Elin tails are surprisingly versatile.
Finally maxed out my levitation skill tree.


Good job!
Now you can move into hover mining.
Clearing the <60 dungeons is definitely doable without a healer but have you been in the IM since the valkyrie patch? I leveled up another priest and the amount of facetanking was even worse than what I remember before. Maybe it was encouraged by the presence of a healer but I seriously doubt it would have ended with less than 5 deaths across the party. There are new and/ or returning players in the mix too that know very little. For a true new player 10 gold at the time of BoL is a big slice of their wealth.

I'm not convinced that the hybrid class mix is better in any way. Maybe it's just a personal opinion but without a clear and definite role everyone needs to keep an eye on everything and it turns into a great mess. The roles are there for a reason.

I can see the point of having a difficult start for healing. The dungeons themselves aren't that hard but people don't know when to or don't care to dodge. It's slightly better at early 65 dungeons but then you get more dungeon mechanics to compensate so the change in difficulty isn't that great.
How about an alchemist? Something fast like a ninja but a healer. Throws potions at short range. The range and speed make it different from the other two healers.

A variety of potions like healing, regen, short duration buffs, debuffs, sleep and that sort of things. Small aoe.
It feels like half of my healing immersion vanishes even when the target stands still while in IM dungeons. Particulary Arachechandlebra in LKNM seems to enjoy eating those.

Aside from that there is some lag and weird timing all around the instances.
That's the life of a mystic on lower levels. Sucks but not much we can do except remind that the red motes are good for you.
Just chalk it up on stupidity and hope they learn from dying.
Here's the obligatory video.
Got a few short stories.

I was levelling an alt on golden labyrinth. There was a gunner that I did not see any of the effects they usually do. After a closer look it turned out she was jumping around the boss with the gun removed, perioidically eating the floor candy our mystic dropped.

I was running my priest on LKNM through IM. The brawler was new and couldn't block and kept turning the boss. The DPS wasn't particulary well geared either, or the constant boss turning was too much for them. The dungeon took 1.5 hours. At least it was good practice. The brawler was a nice person, though. I sent him to Essential mana for a guide after the dungeon.

There was this mystic running MaCa that had a greeting telling people to use healing potions as he wasn't going to heal. True enough, he didn't. Well, we had 2 ilv 422 characters so it wasn't a big deal. Makes you wonder why he was playing a healer class in the first place.

There's a few older stories that have remained in my memory, nothing particulary special though. I was running Argon corpus on my priest when it was at the position LKNM is now. 90% of the attacks hit at least two of our group, usually three. Someone even died under the electric flying jellyfish and had to resurrect in town when we couldn't match the res with healing circle before he got hit again. Again, it was good practice.

You know how some people have no idea about their class? It's the easiest to spot with the healers. There was this mystic running LoT back in the agnitor days before avatar weapons and all. He had somehow got that far without knowing how to cleanse. And of course he didn't speak any known language. Good thing it's not a very debuff-heavy dungeon.

And there's the usual stories about SSG where someone is in so much hurry they solo a room when waiting for a few more seconds would actually save time and the alt trains NPCPak mentioned above.
Facetankers are hard to heal at that point, especially with mystic. It gets a little bit easier after you get the rest of your skills later on but they'll still need a lot of attention.

For now all you can do is spam the titanic favour and drop motes. You can also mention that the red motes heal since there might be new players who genuinely don't know that. Even if no one uses the motes you can still use them yourself. If your dps still manages to die you can chalk it up as stupidity. Tanks can be harder to keep alive if they don't even try to defend themselves. You can ask them to play more defensively as you are running out of heals but if that does not work all you can do is spam heals and hope for the best.

In the end the people are responsible for their own survival. It's our job to keep the party running but we do have limits to our healing. With enough experience you'll be able to tell when it was your fault and when it was the other party's fault. In the majority of the cases it's not yours.

That said there usually is something you could have done better. Maybe you could have dropped more motes while the titanic favour was on cooldown (you can throw them further if you hold down the key) or you could have positioned yourself better or you could have thrown mana motes for the brawler that ran out and couldn't block or you could have pre-emptively locked the titanic favour when you saw the telegraphing or something. Find out what it is and you'll improve.
PvE DiscussionReapers 02/28/2017, 06:08 PM Meliriel
Reapers are a mid-range dps class.

Now that we have a thread for reapers, is there a more up-to-date guide for them than the one at essentialmana? That was updated last around the brawler patch. I've been struggling to get reasonable deeps out of mine and I'm not sure if it's because the guide is old or I'm just bad at reaper.
When encountered in IM:

Lancer: Knows what he's doing. Probably low on DPS but won't die easily and can keep the boss in place, making the run easy for everyone.

Brawler: Might be a good one that can DPS, hold the boss and not take damage. Unfortunately it's usually not. Terrible crystals, facetanks everything, bullrushes mobs for no reason and keeps turning the boss. Probably does not speak any known language.

Priest: The sheer amount of heals will compensate some ineptitude. Usually will have at least a little clue what to do.

Mystic: Like priest but with less heals. Even if the mystic is a good one, pugs can dodge the vampiric pulse and cause healing shortages at worst times.

Ninja: Usually at least a decent DPS thanks to the class balance but sometimes you get those people who think that facetanking in a bathrobe is great and the white circles are made of lava.

Slayer: The original spacebar class before the reaper came out. Still eats attacks but the situation has improved, or at least they're so rare you don't pay that much attention anymore. Fills the spot in the unnoticeable mediocrity.

Sorcerer: Like ninja but further off. Pray that you don't catch the sight of one spamming fireball.

Archer: "Why are people going behind the boss? I do plenty of damage here in front." Right now FOTM-chasers or new to the game that noticed the class revamp sticker.

Warrior: Tends to be either a veteran or just reached 65. Unfortunately IMs get the latter usually. Warrior tanks are fortunately rare and when one is around it's either someone who wanted to skip the queue or actually tries to tank but fails. Either way one makes life for everyone miserable.

Reaper: Still has a little of the noob class stigma but has gotten better on average. Like warrior either a veteran or an even worse noob that skipped two evenings worth of dungeoneering to make an endgame character that has no idea what the red circles mean.

Gunner: Unnoticeable. You might catch a glimpse of one when they use the big artillery attack.

Zerk: Short on health and can't dodge anything. Can still deal great damage on occasion. Zerker tanks are rare but the few times I've seen one they've been better than the warrior tanks at least, as long as it's not just queue-skipping.

From my own use:

Lancer: It's a solid tank. Could use a bit more maneuverability thanks to the newer boss mechanics requiring to dodge rather than block. Also the attacks are pretty limited with straight ahead or immediate vicinity making it hard to hit some mobs.

Brawler: Got to level 11 before deleting it. Picking a human in a fantasy MMO just feels wrong. Might consider trying again if it was available for elin.

Priest: Great for carrying pugs as long as you know the dungeon mechanics. Plenty of heals, buffs and debuffs. A bit slow and only a single iframe.

Mystic: Much like priest but trades some heal carry for increased damage.

Ninja: A good class overall. Robes make it achy breaky but ninjas are not supposed to get hit.

Slayer: It's a reasonable class that has been left behind the balancing curve. Still workable but not the first choice. Runs out of mana easily in addition to the other problems. Shame, since high mobility and good reach for melee is a good combination. The eventual rework will probably fix it.

Sorcerer: Flashy and easy to use with plenty of offensive and defensive skills. Fragile if not used correctly.

Archer: DPS has never been this easy.

Warrior: Short reach and small attack area make this class hard to use. Having the target move the slighest bit will make you miss. Have to pay attention to edge and blade draw cooldown in addition to the boss. Sometimes feels like playing a piano with the keyboard. DFA is great though.

Reaper: Could use a couple more skills, right now there are like 5 you regularily use and a few more when all of those happen to be on cooldown. Low defense for leather armour but plenty of iframes and retribution is seriously awesome.

Gunner: Got to level 40 before deleting. Self-heal, heavy armour, long range and like 4 skills you need to use. Would probably make one again if it became available for elin though.

Zerk: Long charge times and poor maneuverability makes this class hard to use. Monsters either die before the charge is complete or turn. Might be great after a rebalance.

Lunar dancer: Not elin. If it is a slayer mk2 it might be fun after it gets balanced to a sane level.
I've been playing TERA since it went f2p (moved to NA 1.5 years back) and this is the first time I'm seriously considering quitting.

-Straight up p2w. While the amount is still limited, there's now an option to increase your effectiveness through real money and only that. If this wasn't bad enough, it sets a really worrying precedent for the future even if the decision does get reconsidered.

-The amount of grind required for the free versions is too high and the most frustrating kind of RNG too. Some grind is acceptable in a f2p. "Sure, you can get it free if you grind for 20 hours! Or you could pay a dollar for it". There's a limit when the grind gets too high to be considered acceptable. Combine it with the gear treadmill this kind of game tends to be and the motivation is already at rock bottom.

- People have been proven to stick with a game longer if they have friends playing. This seems like a forced push to increase the player retention. Good luck clearing those dungeons without a guild. IM lottery rarely works after the mid-tier dungeons.

-What was promised and what was delivered were different. This has been debated in the first few pages so I'll omit it. Whatever the reason, all of them are worrying at best.
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