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Although we have grown the past few months, we are always open to new members o/
@Hongry Hmm that's strange. I can confirm that that's the correct discord name for him and that he did not mistype it (Jyjess #4963). You can also try mine (Megumi #4093). No spaces, of course.

@Zadozex As Jyjess said in his reply, we have room for a group of people ^^. If you are unsure if your group will fit with ours, you can always play with us for a bit before deciding~. All our in-game contact information is located on the first post of this thread, or you can try adding either or us on Discord (info above).
@lakhail Feel free to drop by if you do! Most of the active members also have work or school during the day on weekdays, so that might fit with your schedule o3o. We always tell people to play what they like, so we aren't really picky with classes either~ Take your time choosing what you want to play ^^
@5WT6WR4KNC I sent a request :) I'm Megumi~
Bumpy~ Still recruiting as usual ^^ Join our little family~
Hi guys, we're still recruiting if anyone is interested~
@XFJAKRPADW I sent both a friend request on Discord and a guild request to your character!
@R6EGEDE7LJ Hi! I just tried adding you and it says there's no character named Obsidon on Tempest Reach :(
@Draxind I added you as a friend on TERA. I'll parcel you our discord in a second!

@R6EGEDE7LJ Hi! Neither Hitsuko nor I got a friend request on either of our characters :(. Did you misspell the names?
Hi guys! I'm on right now (either on Amalthea or Alcyone) and so is Sakusagi (or on Hitsuko). Please leave us a name or request friend one of us and we'll get back to you if you have any questions. Since it's the holidays, a few of our officers are busy with real life stuff so it might be a little harder to get ahold of a few of us.

You guys can also search our guild up on the Guild menu ("Divinitus") and send a join request :).
Thanks to everyone that joined so far! We're still recruiting, so feel free to drop us a message! Sashime is our main contact for recruits, but feel free to contact the rest of the officers as well~. Looking forward to meeting you all! <3
Divinitus is a semi-casual, social and laid-back guild looking for new members to join our family! We have been around on and off since TERA launched in 2012. At the moment, most of us just came back for the gear patch a week or so ago, so we're working on learning the harder dungeons (439+ ilevel), but we would love to have more members to join us. We like to keep a close-knit community, so we highly encourage members to join and participate in our Discord.

About Us:
- The majority of our members right now are from North America, mostly in EST.
- Primary Language: English
- Supported Languages: French, Spanish; must be willing to communicate in English
- PvE focused.
- Regardless of current skill we're willing to train and teach mechanics of multiple classes (many of us play or have played more than one class).

Who are we looking for?
- Any level! Pref 65, or plan to be 65 so we can drag you to end-game dungeons!! (And we can die repeatedly together until we all learn it!!!)
- Any class is welcomed! More tank mains are always appreciated as we really only have two 439+ capable tanks right now.
- Highly skilled loafers and laid-back, fun people who are open to learning and doing dungeons with us!

Leave an application by searching us up on the Guilds on Server menu, or you can try to get a hold of one of the officers:
Amalthea / Alcyone, Sakusagi / Hitsuko, Rino.Dei, Sashime
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