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KitTeaCup wrote: »
Hi everyone,

XIGNCODE3 was taken on for a number of reasons. One of those being cheaters and malignant hackers. Our version is custom built for us and is a work in progress, and we're trying to improve it.

Please know we're working on an FAQ for those that may have issues with XIGNCODE3. If you're having issues, please write in a ticket or if you want to bypass us, write directly to Wellbia!

I am hesitant to write a ticket to EME until the FAQ comes out, just in case all my questions are answered. So, a few quick responses while I wait for the FAQ to come out:

1: If XIGNCODE3 were to tell you exactly what information it collected, it would be even easier to circumvent. If it cold be denied admin access, same thing. In order to report detected activities, it must send information out. Therefore, by its nature, it is a program that has free reign to do "something" with our information, and all we can do is hope that "something" is not harmful. As far as I can tell, no amount of work on the program will change that.

2: Even assuming that XIGNCODE3/Wellbia has no intention of abusing the innate access of the program, installing XIGNCODE3 is essentially installing a wooden back door to a steel vault of information. Even if I trusted Wellbia not to abuse that door (which I honestly don't), it's still a security risk.

3: I work on a university-issued machine, and actually cannot install XIGNCODE3 on my machine, as the university-mandated anti-malware blocks it. Even if it could be installed, giving a largely unknown program admin access to this machine is questionable at best.

4: I have no evidence that Wellbia is a trustworthy company. Everything I have seen about Wellbia has described it as "shady", "worse than useless", "incompetent", or "unprofessional and uninformative." I would address my concerns to Wellbia, but after reading their translated ToS, it is made very clear that nobody at Wellbia speaks fluent english.

As a closer (see what i did there?) I will add that I am very happy to hear from EME on this topic, even if I think the response is long overdue. While I don't necessarily expect a direct response to these issues, hopefully whoever is working on the FAQ will see and address a few of them.

I feel bad for KTC...joins the company, looks forward to meeting and interacting with the community...and then this garbage happens. Yeesh.
RandomElin wrote: »

What I mean is, maybe they still want to leave their options in regard to xigncode open. If, in response to the uproar about it that occurred when it became apparent that xigncode was breaking the game experience for many players, they outright said that they would not remove it, they would be boxing themselves in more in regard to xigncode.

Even something like "We are aware of the issues surrounding Xigncode3, and we are investigating our options. We will keep you updated on further plans involving Xigncode3" would go a long way, at least for me.
Ever read the poem "First They Came" by Martin Niemöller?

That is not something i should EVER be reminded about when discussing a game.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
I give it a few more days until this gets passed by and ppl will move on to another issue to complain about.

Seems to me like that is exactly what EME (or maybe BHS) is hoping for.

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, it seems like the employees may have been told not to discuss Xigncode3 at all. They talked about it for a few days, then suddenly went dead silent. Even the ones who seemed willing to discuss have just completely ignored any mention of Xigncode3.

For example, KitTeaCup said, when closing the previous discussion thread, “…if you want to have a productive conversation about the situation at hand, I and my teammates are happy to talk…”

Here we are, several days later, and there have been posts from EME employees involving pretty much every player concern except this one.

Which begs the question, @KitTeaCup, you said you and your teammates would be happy to talk, so where are you?

As far as I'm concerned, it is rather difficult to have a productive conversation with a wall.
what DOES worry me is the HUGE spike in people cheating. It's not healthy for a game when most players consider a third-party cheat program to be required for play.

As an interesting side note, according to Google Trends, the search frequency for "Tera Proxy" is at its highest point since august of 2017, and the search frequency for "Xigncode3 Bypass" is at its highest point since 2015.

There's a LOT of misinformation and confusion in this thread, because the official information we have amounts to absolutely nothing.

To be honest, if EME had come out and said "Oh, we messed up", or "We didn't expect Xigncode3 to be an issue", I would be a disgruntled at their lack of foresight, but really, almost nothing they could reasonably say about the topic would make me angrier than the near complete silence we have been given.

More than anything, it is the lack of clear information and communication about this topic that makes me distrust and dislike EME more and more with each passing day. In my previous post, I already gave a few examples, but the issue extends to their actions even before Xigncode was implemented. Take for example, the changes to the privacy terms mentioned by KitTeaCup when she closed the previous thread - "in fact, you’ll have just seen our updated privacy terms that we’re ensuring XIGNCODE complies with as well".

The Privacy Policy claims "We'll notify you of material changes via a notice on our home page (www.enmasse.com) thirty days before they go into effect." As far as I can tell, that did not happen.

I will admit that it is possible that I was simply not looking in the right place. If anyone saw a notice about the update to privacy terms, please let me know.

On top of that, there seems to be no -official- statement about Xigncode3 prior to June 5th.

In all this discussion about Xigncode3, it has been surprisingly hard to find any actual, confirmed information about Xigncode3. Unfortunately, the information I have been able to find has been almost exclusively negative. What I have seen from the research I have done is:

1. Xigncode3 does not stop the majority of cheats or illegal programs.

2a. Xigncode3 does cause issues on many, but not all, machines.

2b. These issues can range from minor lag or fps drops to inability to run the game, and, in some cases, damage or corruption of the operating system.

In my hopes to ease my concerns about Xigncode3, I went to Wellbia’s website, and took a look at the Terms of Service (ToS). However, what I found does not inspire trust in Wellbia or Xigncode. The ToS is full of evasive and non-specific language that holds little or no legal meaning.

For example, the ToS claims that “XIGNCODE3 never shares, rents, or sells the user information arbitrarily and never collects the information which can distinguish an individual.”, but then later states that “XIGNCODE3 provides the illegal activity detected information such as Date, User Name, IP, Hack Tool Name, and etc.” Firstly, I find it hard to believe that User Name and IP would not be considered information to distinguish individuals. Secondly, the ending, “and etc.”, means that there is further, undisclosed information being provided. Thirdly, the phrasing “XIGNCODE3 never shares, rents, or sells the user information arbitrarily”, would be much more comforting if it ended one word earlier. They can sell your information, as long as they don’t do it “arbitrarily”. I am not claiming that XIGNCODE3 or Wellbia collect, sell, or otherwise distribute user information. What I am claiming, is that there is nothing in the ToS preventing them from doing exactly that, and that worries me.

Even if we assume that XIGNCODE3 is nothing more than the anti-cheat it claims to be, there are still issues. XIGNCODE3 was supposedly introduced to NA Tera to improve player experience, and from what I have seen and read, XIGNCODE3 has done little to improve gameplay experience, and a lot to worsen it.

All that being said, the thing that concerns me the most is neither XIGNCODE3 nor Wellbia, but the reaction of EME and/or BHS to the concerns of the player. EME, from what I have seen, is actively refusing discussion of this topic. For example, when KitTeaCup responded to and closed the previous thread about XIGNCODE3, her post ended with:

“I’m going to close this thread and ask that if you want to have a productive conversation about the situation at hand, I and my teammates are happy to talk, but where this thread is going, I’m not allowing this to go any further.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.”

First off, I would like to say that closing the thread was entirely reasonable. Many of the posts within the thread had begun to venture into territory that violated the forum guidelines. What I take issue with is that she said “…if you want to have a productive conversation about the situation at hand, I and my teammates are happy to talk…”, and yet, several days and hundreds of posts later, the second major XIGNCODE3 discussion thread has yet to see KitTeaCup or her teammates. At all. In fact, part of me thinks that they may have been prohibited from talking about the topic at all, either by EME or BHS. During the “[PC] Heroes Oath + Announcement! w/ KitTeaCup & SeanDynamite” twitch stream, there were quite a few questions about XIGNCODE3, and several people asked them to address the topic. However, there was no discussion of XIGNCODE3 whatsoever, and at one point (around 31:30, for those interested), they had the following exchange:

KTC: “People keep asking about this.”

SD: “Yea I’m sure they will.”

While the exchange had no context, it seems to me that this was more than likely referring to XIGNCODE3, as, at this point in time, it was the only repeating question in chat that had not been addressed. If this is true, the implication is that they were either prohibited from discussion of the topic, or simply chose to ignore it. Neither of these options make me feel particularly trusting of EME and its employees

I am not blaming KitTeaCup, SeanDynamite, or any other EME employee. They have jobs, and rules they need to follow. I am, however, concerned about the behavior of EME and/or BHS. We do not have a right to tell them how to run their game, but I feel as if we should be provided with information. Regardless of your opinions on XIGNCODE3, I think most people would agree that a substantial portion of the community has concerns that have been unaddressed. I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong, and that EME releases an informative post addressing this issue, but as of yet, that has not happened.

Again, I am not blaming anyone, and I’m not saying that there is some sort of conspiracy. All I am saying is that there is a problem that has not been properly addressed.
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