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Youre gonna be waiting awhile longer. They can't get it to work, thats why its not out.
Console still doesn't even have apex after 2 years, thier player base is virtually gone and theyve been cycling the same 4 dungeons for a year.
Stop trying to blame console for your dead game.
Just make Tera 2 and stop funding A:IR
Youll be waiting untilyou get a new (old).dungeon maybe a busted up barely tested Apex patch and maybe MAYBE talents over the course of the next year.

Fact is Tera consoles dried up on its promises and is piling on events to tickle the lizard part of your brain.

If youre one of the people thats geared up? Theres nothing for you except the painful effort to gear up another character using the dungeons youve ran for an eternity.

And youll run them again once they drop Apex and fix it 2-3 weeks later.
Iirc that is a bug
Keep hearing about thisll change nothing and ppl are still going to keep their obscene damage anyway
Theyve been talking about putting bns on ue4 for like 3 yrars

Has it happened yet?
No reason to do glm really, you also dont need a healer for any missions.

Healers are heavily punished for existing as the point gain is 1000 points per 1 million damage dealt.

Healers dont have enough output to make it worth their time and the one time on pc when healers had a massive point bonus over other classes they nerfed it to oblovion.

Glm on consoles also suck more and take longer to complete as well. Its dead content due to a dying population.
Man this conversations still a thing? Wow.

You have to understand how frustrating it is for us players- literally everyone.

That lines been posted aboutt as much as We promise to be more transparent- Eme

Its old, played out, changes nothing. The player base is aware this is a last ditch cash grab, the cognitive dissonance the staff and player base show towards the issue is utterly insane.

If youve the ability to look away from the Sunk Cost fallacy, which many cannot, do yourself a favor and play a better game and be smarter with your money.

They know the player base is too addicted/attached to let go, that the player base lacks the self control to protest the easy cash grab answers so they keep doing it and will keep doing it until running the games costs more than what the players are putting in.
Not really. Its combat is what really carries it but the amounting flaws are easily over taking the 2 good things tera was ever good at.

Mix that with devs who are milking the playerbase, virrually no regional feedback or communication and a playerbase who are too happy to let with them you hit a type of grind thatll burn you out over time especially with its skewed economy.
Absolutely compare pc to console especially with the copy pasted systems. The 20% is a FLAT gain instead of a % multiplier of a crafts innate crit chance.

Mix it with food and you have the innate chance + 30%.
Or innate + 22% if you get the 12% crit additives.
Theres no button. Nor anyway to interact with it from what im seeing.

They do not play test these patches theyre pushing out i bet. Theres no way.
As much as i hate fishing, it may in fact help a large portion of the player base so long as console players keep their prices in check and not inflate to pc levels.

Fishing brings lamb food, rootbeers and gold to players who cannot play the market.

Gold helps these players progress in their gear without feeling as bottlenecked as they are now.

Crafting revamp may come with it which will help further player progression

The issue is is its costly and requires some work so players will have to donate time to it. My advice is to afk fish ig youre too short on time and actively fish when you have nothing left to to do.
Ignore it. Sky castles are long long gone.
PC has fraxim gear now so the only deviations from console is more mats and classes are weaker on console.

Thats really about all the tangible deviations ive seem.
Youd want warrior as it can be both a tank and dps in pve/pvp. It has chain crowd control, a better 100-0 combo and very very good sustained dps.
The current deviations are not enough to convince anyone. The issue is the only deviations is a self contradicting cost balance and a gear tier most dont care exists.

Unless they come out with actual console specific systems that are true deviations from PC ,especially considering it took nearly a year to even have the current deviations, most will continue to look to pc as a road map.

Most will look to class balance from pc as well minus 1 important fact that classes on console are weaker countered by lower boss hp that only furthers lower crit requirement classes or broken heroic oath Zerk holders.
Probably so over worked with a tiny [filtered] team that it takes more than 3 hours to get another maintenance going?

Iunno man.
Check near Aurum road.
> @AlleniasAngel said:
> Nothing spawned in the first half either. It'd be nice if they put as much care into promoting PC events as they do with Console now.

Ill never understand why people say stuff like this.
Just restart on console preferably ps4 if youre willing to give up the QoLs pc has.

Console feels more active n pc is starting to feel like garbage again.
Let it die at this point, they lack the self awareness to realise they killed their own game mode by kicking ppl over and over then complain no one queues up.
> @Atvaark said:
> Maximumbooty wrote: »
> > @MultiverseOverlord said:
> > Consider: EME's new money pot is console.
> They are missing large amounts of content and the last update broke the ability to create new etchings so no more t3 gear erchings and accessory etchings are unable to be made.
> Classes missing passives, gold is hard to come by but they sure as hell ran that strong box event for 2 weeks.
> Stop looking to console as if theyre getting special treatment, theyre having it worse than you.
> Soooo what you're saying is, you're getting the same issues we had, but later.

No. Sooner.

Did you even read? Their version barely works and has none of the mechanical QoLs pc has.



I came back to pc because console was in such a [filtered] poor state.
> @MultiverseOverlord said:
> Consider: EME's new money pot is console.

Then youd be wrong. Console is in a WORSE state than pc both mechanically and population wise.

Servers on every platform and region sre being reduced to 1.

They are missing large amounts of content and the last update broke the ability to create new etchings so no more t3 gear erchings and accessory etchings are unable to be made.

Classes missing passives, gold is hard to come by but they sure as hell ran that strong box event for 2 weeks.

Stop looking to console as if theyre getting special treatment, theyre having it worse than you.
You unlock glyphs at lvl 20. Check your skills, its purely automatic.
Put in a supporr ticket with proof of player griefing and they may givw the items to you
> @MedicalMalpractice said:
> > @Maximumbooty said:
> > > @Sekiato said:
> > > Dps meter would finally open eyes for some players and helps min maxers with their builds.
> >
> > No it wouldnt.
> Yes, it would.
I can tell you from experience it wouldnt. BnS has a built in dps meter and shinra on PC + dps dummy on 0c for tera wont fix the playerbase most of the time n it wont fix it on console.

Itll just bring pcs class prejudices over to console which is worse.

It already happened on harrowhold progression on pve server.
Theres paths they could take but those are too difficult so the easiest thing to do is remove it at the cost of a portion of the community.
Press the touchpad or whatever xbox had
Hit right on dpad
Hud gone
I REALLY love this game. I do, i try to get my position of what should be added to the game to help the game and try to vacuum in more people to.play.

Is there any word on any upcoming content? Like actual content.

Because we cant even make newq etchings atm due to how this new patch was implemented.

When are we getting the REST of the first crafting adjustment? We have new recipes we cant use and old ones we also cant use because we cant make pure titans fires.

When are talents/ EP coming? Numerous classes like Ninja/ Slayer and Reaper suffer under the current dungeon design.

Its going to get much worse if Antaroths Abyss releases.

What about awakening?

What about anything like optimizing the freezing issue in R9K HM where if 1 person dies it freezes EVERYONES GAME.

Just tell me some good news? I get im not asking about loot boxes but throw me a bone here...any plans?

A road map?

List of fixes like the crafting bug that freezes your character and lowers your frame rate?

You know damn well as much as i do if the lootboxes get banned theyll just pull a blade and soul snd empty out the store like they did to belgium.

Only other option is to sell costumes at very high prices or release only non dyable costumes or high priced mount packs

Theyre not changing the entirety of their business model, theyll just fire up a short cut.
> @Icewolf971 said:
> So it means that we cannot play with people who have an xbox?

No. You will not play eith xbox.
From all your posts and threads so far ive come to the conclusion youre either very young or a troll.

Either way im putting you on ignore. You need to grow up.
> @Sekiato said:
> Dps meter would finally open eyes for some players and helps min maxers with their builds.

No it wouldnt.
This game has been in the same state as the other regions for awhile. About time tbfh.
Change both its effectiveness dropped. Rather than 1 xdr and 2 enrage youll just have 2 cdr and 1 enrage

All youre doing is shifting priority
Nope unless you only ask for dps/healers n let them know beforehand
Sinking ship
What makes the most money
Hmmmmm not that male brawler crap i suppose
Dont waste Augmentation on ToP. It doesnt do what you think itll do.
Its not the freezing, its a new glitch where it will




You cannot move, unstuck puts you elsewhere but you still cant move, you lose all control.

This is very different than when it was brutally freezing every craft.

Whats your guess or confirmation on when you believe or know when awakening 1 and 2 or both and talents will drop for console?

Also dual speccing?
Crafting is now broken in a new way. Basically utterly at random your character will stop crafting and be completely unable to move.

Unstuck doesnt fix it , you have to log out then back in to fix it.

Ill post a video on it soon.
If you were on pvp id say join retribution but if youre on pve id say join sarus guild. From.my understanding its a rather large guild.

@Sarumonin etc whatever
Did you do the lvl.60 questline involving the invaded ship etc? Your ilvl needs to get to 302 to get more exp vgs
Nope. Just resummon it.
They literally just left but vh and vs will come back later usually as event dungeond
Nah. + its true. Theyre cashing in on Elin playerbase.

Granted tmk male brawler was a financial failure.
I had faith theyd do the right thing.

I need to stop believing in them real talk. I love Elins but cmon this is such a low priority.
> @Silencer891 said:
> > @Maximumbooty said:
> > Its not elin brawler
> >
> > Its the Lady Taannly Tears/Keys event.
> Who's lady Taannly?

Its an event involving spamming dungeons for keys/ scrolls that have a low success rate to upgrade your gear and carries the risk of downgrading your gear when the scrolls fail.
Its not elin brawler

Its the Lady Taannly Tears/Keys event.

because console hasnt caught up yet, they're a mix of patches involving lack of gold and herioc oath with no awakening or EP
Youll be overloaded with beginner and frostmetal materials by just running low level dungeons. Youll need to run them anyway (431s and lower) due to the extremely unbalanced nature of this patch.

Lower tier dungeons are more rewarding and time efficient and are loaded with talents than higher tier dungeons that only give upgrade mats of that tier, a little more gold and consumes more time.

Spamming lower tier dungeons floods you with hypnotic devices and lower which can be broken down.

The biggest issue currently is gold and emeralds and is only going to get worse as you progress
->Elins have better RNG

No. Thats stupid. You actually want the opposite to make them spend more money.

Regardless that sounds like complete [filtered].
> @Christin said:
> I think that really is the problem with so many RPG's. Games like Tera make end game content so tough that people become extremely picky about who they run with. Everyone that gets good in the game wants to be an elitist and demand more and more high tier content that only a select few can run. That causes more and more problems for new and unskilled players.

Reminds me of this thread actually


That exact scenario played out and seems to still do so.
Boof swoi bump
Obviously pc has way more grind as of patch 80 but dont you dare say pc has higher prices on SC and HO gear

Console has the PRE NERF prices and herioc oath already exists on console.

And idrc about patch 80 atm or the devs BDO like behavior because it apparently hasnt killed NA nor EU like everyone says every update would

What i am asking for are the Quality of Life systems like dual speccing for example that exist on pc BEFORE HEROIC OATH PATCH THAT CONSOLE ALREADY HAS NOW

to be put in the game.

Any argument against this is just arguing against making the game smoother.
Still bringing attention until it at least gets acknowledged
Get to minimum +280 crit.
Im pretty positive male brawler was a failure financially because it immediately got followed by Elin brawler and now they are trying again with Popo brawler.
> @Vinyltails said:
> Because Tanking actually requires skill and people paying attention

As someone who tanks end game dungeons like vshm.

No it doesnt. Its just tedius.

The real issue is the role of tank is VIEWED as this high pressure role when its not. So people just remain afraid of it
No there was a primary crafting revamp BEFORE the heroic oath

There was a SECOND ONE after HO
Pc has dual spec options on their gear for a small fee in gold - i request this feature for consoles

Pc has the craftimg revamp long before Herioc Oath - i request the crafting revamp be considered for console as well.

Pc has civil unrest for pvp server to help generate gold - i request either to give console CU or merge the pvpless pvp server with pve for better community and population

PC has the crab traning dummy - i request this for console as well

PC has glyph pages to quickly switch between glyph set ups - i request this for console as well

PC has a superior version of Island of Dawn with better ruby generating methods from Caimen boxes/keys and faster BAM kills due to buffs from crystals that may spawn a caimen - i request this feature

PC has Better guardian legion rewards and point structure system at current console healers struggle dramatically to gain boxes unless they do them solo and spec for power and dps - i request better point gains for our healers who self sacrifice in GL missions

Pc has access to superior guardian legion missions which give far superior rewards - i request the same missions with the same good rewards

I request the Rally World Boss timers be returned back to their normal times instead of spawning extremely early in the morning when almost no one is online.

I request better gold drops from 439+ dungeons to help facilitate gearing.
At current the kelsiak player base is small and its economy is rather weak by comparison of pve server or even pcs.

I am aware the Revamp patch for console just dropped but at current console is missing numerous Quality of Life adjustments that already exist within the Heroic Oath patch

By strangle holding consoles economy by method of sparcity you create struggle and frustration as they dont feel rewarded for their efforts.

@CobaltDragon it feels like youre the only GM that listens either on purpose or purely by coincidence, im aware your power is limited but if this can at least be passed along to better the console experience i would appreciate it.

Anyone else can make requests to let this be known just keep them REASONABLE and not ask for anything that doesnt exist or is utterly absurd.
> @Teekz said:
> Rhyxx wrote: »
> Teekz wrote: »
> Rhyxx wrote: »
> economy will still collapse because of those people who has a lot of SES. you can exchange a SES for 800 entropic then 800 entropic for 800 prime battle solutions which can be sold for 2,400 gold. so 1 SES = 2,400. FYI alot of players have thousands of SES lying around(i already know someone who's made millions by selling 60+ thousands of SES with this method)
> Get over it that guy earned/worked/bought those SES just because you're not apart of the % that does doesn't mean everyone should suffer.
> i will quote @kamizuma on this one. kamizuma wrote: »
> YWLD3DX3WH wrote: »
> kamizuma wrote: »
> I'm laughing when I hear people that say the economy would have "balanced" out. Personally, I got 55 mil from scolls but that doesn't really matter as much as the fact I was getting over 250+ mil an hour from selling random items at literally random prices. I just went through a single character pulling items from my bank listing them for 1-5 mil ea and I come back after playing a game of league and 90% of them sold rofl. You really REALLY think the economy will stabilize when I (and maybe 3 other people) would have probably ended up with 85%+ of the gold from this gold influx (because people love buying gear/mounts/rare costumes ect)?
> You just answered your own question. Do you really think you and 3 other people could maintain a deathgrip on prices once that 85% you project ended up in your hands? You and I both know the answer as to what would happen with prices.
> yes. it's very easy to control/inflate/outprice/manipulate items when you have most of the gold in the game. Even easier when there's a listing fee that you can easily afford to pay and others can't.
> it is not about who's had the biggest share of the pie, its about the economic impact it will produce for the months/years to come when "those" people starts to reshape the economy with their new found gold.
> people know but as some players have pointed out already, NA players are greedy and are now keeping a tight lid on this one. AGAIN i will mention that they have already earned tons of gold without even reselling their reset scrolls yet.
> NA players are greedy for wanting what EVERY other region has?

NA players GOT what every other rehion did then heavily exploited it to try and make their number bigger uncaring of the consequences.

NA players across multiple cross region games and mmps are notorious for their greed and toxicity.
Learn this thing

> @Melyodis said:
> Then again na player base loves to cheat so we get punished for it.

Pretty much the real issue behind all of this.
> @TLX said:
> Maximumbooty wrote: »
> > @scythe92 said:
> > everytime pvp nerds are flaming xD just leave tera if u just pvp tera was and is mostly focus on pve if u dont like it leave tera
> Sorry to break your fragile feelings but tera pvp isn't going anywhere.
> So go stay in your easy pve content and stop being jealous of pvpers.
> You can always do duels or BGs, i see no problem.

And BGs is a gamble whether you win where dungeons are 100%
So theres no issue that pvp gets bigger rewards

I noticed you updated the list but didnt update the list with specific existing problem in the video i posted.

I know you're busy but this bug has been in the game for a year now and dramatically ramps up how long it takes to craft any substantial number of golden darics/plates silver siglos/plates.
Considering that questionnaire they came out with i doubt many were even participating once they figured out the points couldnt be sold and the useful items couldnt be kept, i think them shutting it down was the lack of care due to wide disinterest.

The craftting is bugged. Head to 2 minutes and 46 seconds youll see it.

It vauses the entire game to stall heavily, it happens to armor smith as well.
The bug where you can only craft 3 things at a time and during the craft the system freezes and stalls still persists.

@CobaltDragon is there any word on if or when itll be fixed? Its been on the forums for quite some time.
Nah what they did was spit in your face, now matter what excuses they try to use they PUNISHED YOU FOR PLAYING THE GAME.

They took.all your time gold and effort and your reward is garbage you could've gotten to in a week.
Congrats console, we knew what too expect by now.
Male brawler will release with apex part 1 most likely
> @VoodooRose said:
> This is the video on the new system :) Honestly it doesn't look that bad but the gold is going to be rough to come by since well some of us went broke trying to get ready for the update....

Guardian legion missions will easily fill your pockets

Vanguards as well after they are buffed
> @scythe92 said:
> everytime pvp nerds are flaming xD just leave tera if u just pvp tera was and is mostly focus on pve if u dont like it leave tera
Sorry to break your fragile feelings but tera pvp isn't going anywhere.

So go stay in your easy pve content and stop being jealous of pvpers.
How about no?

Youre not forced to pvp to progress, you just begrudgingly do it because its very rewarding to those that can win repeatedly.

You have guardians/IoD/IoD caimans/dungeons/vg credits and the broker to use for progression if you dont like pvp.

You can get 10 guardiam boxes in 1 mission before that pvp match is over and easily meet their rewards.

You also get guardian credits on top of everything else.

The reward structure is heavily tilted in pve players favor and requires far less cooperation/skill/build threshholds to achieve it.
Also stop worrying about HO its far aways away.

What we need to do now is give our feed back as the patch progresses to hopefully have less of a hassle.

Games already on the hinges.
Proxy is back to being abused again?

Berns ruining evrrything again?

Salty should never have brought it back, peoples get intentions get ruined by [filtered] players
> @voidy said:
> tl;dr stop relying on good natured community volunteers and actually engage with your community, but eh what do I know haha byeeeeeeee

I get where youre coming from.as well and i get it, we want a response but at this point i dont think theyll give more than they want to give.

They have been doing this for a very long time now, every single time they claim theyll be more transparent, theyll engage us more on the forums, not lock info behind discord and it rarely ever happens.

We are constantly in the dark, missing info, given mis info, having to correct the info from a different region etc

Its been going on so long that i feel Sanj, i do, i want to be angry too but i know nothing will change.

But turning up the oven will just make them hide behind their player council shields and people like CounterPoint will pop along to try and EmEsplain and try to appeal to both sides.

How long has this been going on?

A long, exhaustingly long time. I feel like Sanj efforts are just better spent elsewhere.

Remember the proxy debacle? Weve seen how they handle harsh criticism even if it not a personal attack.

It feels like everything EmE is in control of is swirling the drain ready to die

You can stamp and light a fire under them.as much as the next guy but i cant be the only person who sees how pointless this is considering the track record.
> @sanj66 said:
. @KitTeaCup thanks for completely ignoring the entire playerbase and being the complete opposite of what a cm is lmao this is jsut way too funny.

Dude i get youre upset but the incessant heckling, yes incessant its almost every post i read from you now, isnt going to make them speed up any faster or give you anymore than what they will give.

All this is going to accomplish is you getting shadow banned and/or making them bitter/defiant.

Youre curving away from.being constructive to downright malicious.
You can still enchant deathwrack and ambush post revamp because you can convert it to stormcry +2 and theres no time limit on those and entro emblems its also why the awakening requirements (2k t11/12 feedstock) fee goes away.

To make it easier.

But making more goes away so youll only be able to enchant what youve made before they remove the items to create this gear

Unless console decides to leave in DW boxes and heavily nerf the bellicrum credit requirements.

They most likely wont
> @Rustigo said:
> With the new armor progression, is it just one suit I earn that I continually upgrade? or is it possible to get higher tiers to drop in dungeons?
> Will weapons be the same way?
> and if it is the same set that I just upgrade I won't need new Crystals at all right? (you know the ones that are bound to the armor they are in)
> What about etchings when I convert my weapons and armor will the etchings stay?

Yes 1 suit given to ypu or converted by you that you continuous upgrade into higher tiers

No new crystals itll.make you remove them first before upgrading
Etchings are not lost upon +ing gear BUT upgrading your gear to a new TIER guardian to twistshard for example it will be lost.
Xingcode was removed awhile ago.
> @Lingyi said:
> hm sounds like leading the players endlessly with an unreachable carrot, heh.

Vertical progression has always been like that.
Yeah tbh HO is a very long ways away so stop crying about that NOW overloading players with useless information and doom n glooming them into leaving.

If the revamped gear is easier than when i was on pc theyll probably do the same to HO IF the game lasts that long to begin with.

> @Lingyi said:
> so with everything said and the fact that the new gear enchanting will be easier on console than on PC...
> supposedly it will be cheaper to enchant post-revamp, provided that you max out on item exp, which will make the process more time consuming. Is that about right? maybe on average it'll be cheaper after revamp, but could potentially be cheaper or more costly before revamp?
> I don't know I should do. It's prob too late if you haven't already hoarded feedstock and alkahest since many months ago. I suppose it is better to have a few ambush gears than one deathwrack.. unless it's your class's core gear piece (ex. weapon for dps class). Right?
> I read that Frostmetal is good enough for all dungeons. Is this so?

Frostmetal is enough for low mid tier dungeons

Stormcry +5 is good for all dungeons

> @Mordrich said:
> @Exipheus
> @Maximumbooty
> 1. There is no need to use SES or MES to reroll gear lines, cuz after converting or upgrading u can select the lines that u want. But if i want to rerolls again, which ressource will i need?
> 2. After converting old to new gear or upgrading, is it still soulbind? can another character wear it?

Youll need semo scrolls to reroll gear lines with weapon costing the most (10)

It soul binds to that character
Shes a berserker and her outfit with the fur black cost doesnt exist.
Hoard items. Feed is low because anyone that did need it is gone or doesn't anymore.

Good move dodging the pvp server, its dead now after they removed BGs for this..."event" that gives nothing but a helmet.
Essentially they claim they dont want too much gold entering the game.

The same game thats hell bent on keeping you broke.
+12 misery isnt a wastw of time. Itll turn into twistshard gear.

Also minimum feed stock enchanting is objectively less work, full stock enchant bonus is negligible thats why literally everyone says to do minimum.

It has statistically higher probablility to +12 your gear over brute forcing it with near equivalent success chances of a full fs enchant.

Research before saying things like that, people get confused and i cant wait till april. You cant [filtered] up the new gear.
Well it *is* like 8 years old and full of KrMMO mistakes, im honestly shocked if it lives until its 9th birthday.

Designs and drops will be updated, the items that drop now will never drop again this includes goddess tears and their designs.

The only way to get a qfoil brooch post revamp is to upgrade your brooch upwards of every tier until the update that allows the brooches to all be upgraded to a Qfoil brooch and then superior qfoil.

Only other way until then is to complete HH, get the head and create a marrow brooch.
Or just be happy with your superior brooch that benefits that class.
> @KWMEY4KHD5 said:
> So much doom and gloom doesn't make new players, or returning players, come to the game. Why not try sending out positive vibes? If you wan't the game to improve it won't if you keep scaring away everyone.

Cant scare anyone away, the game design did a great job of doing that.

The population may spike up but i dont see pc Tera lasting much longer, 6 years of...this, it got old for many.

Console could have salvaged the population but starting console on the Spellbind/Fate of Velik patch, the systems in place drove most away leaving a relatively small and pitiful US pvp server, practically dead low activity EU servers.

This game...it just doesnt mesh well with the masses anymore, it refuses to change. I never understand why these systems stay like this in almost every koream mmo.

Kr tera iirc only has 1 server now which says alot if thats true.

Maybe it is doom and gloom but with the way things have gone over the past year alone, its pretty deflating and hard to fight what comes with that feeling.
Console specific information

Save about 410k gold to buy all the crafting recipes for talents and gems

Save more gold to assist in gearing

Do you EIGHT vg dailies on each character

Get to at least +12 misery to convert yo twist shard

If youre in ambush/deathwrack unawakened then stock pile feedstock and mwa and wait.
You wont need to pay the 2k fs awakening fee post revamp so youll have more effective chances at +ing your gear to +15 to convert to high frost metal or +2 stormcry.

Get all crafting professions to master on each class

Make/buy a quatrefoil brooch now because once april comes you wont get the chance anymore

Stock up on triumph/war badges/ lakan mats/ etc to dismantle into large quantities of etropic emblems if you dont need them for deathwrack

Do Pit of Petrax at least a couple times a week to stock up on rubies

Hold on to all elite boxes and dont open them

Get all your godsbane/heavensbane jewelry resized and ready

Get your circlet and upgrade it

Right now if your stuff isnt awakened its best to stockpile as much as possible.
We really need to drive home how important this is
> @DonJuanJr said:
> Well if you guys didnt kill every low player you would have more players on your server.

The point of coming in.here and lying was...?
> @Gatokatzen said:
> vkobe wrote: »
> it is not really elin pet, she doesnt have tail and ears like elin :3
> Maybe those are Elin babies xd,tail and ears still growing.

Elins never experience childhood.
Mmo time sink games are dying. That and numerous AAA games like Destiny/Division 2/ Anthem are doing the live service (long term updating) so they are easily pulling players from the mmo market into their mmo lite market.

That and korean mmos do not mesh well with the west, if a western studio straight up stole teras combat, westernized it, made the game full of 12 pack ab joes and huge busty women, lower the grind and sold cosmetics it would succeed for quite a while.
> @Sarumonin said:
> To be clear, the op (groovenik) approached me with this idea that he was wanting to put on forums. To which I said, "Yeah, you should put it on forums and see if it takes off". Sure, it's a good idea but it's not one I am particularly a part of.
> As for Unreal Engine 4, though I shouldn't speak about it here, @Maximumbooty - it was entirely possible due to the nature of other MMOs of the same age as TERA doing the same thing for their upcoming console counterparts. I was satisfied with the fact that Bluehole answered and said "No". All the community wanted was for Bluehole to hear us, even if it was to say no, at least we'd know that they were reading our feedback / suggestions.
> Regardless, if a community member has an idea that they'd like to present to the rest of the community and potentially the publisher and / or developer, the forums is as best as it gets. I applaud @groovenik for his bravado when coming here, and welcome the continuing conversation on how to better TERA Console on all fronts.

You mean that word they used every year for 6 years? Thats what i mean about advocating for a pipe dream.

People want their voices to be heard ,read uneducated opinion that has little research behind it, to make the game or its mechanics easier for themselves.

UE4 takes a monstrous amount of work, pretty much rebuilding the game levels of work, time and money that they wont spend.

Theres asking for actual tangible reasonable thing like longer camera distance, better events, better ui customization

Then theres ppl asking them to either rebuild the game and/or change their business practices
The only thing boycotting lootboxes will do is cause them to pull out of the console market. Tera makes them maybe 2 mil a year vs their other games like pubg that gross far more.

Also teras been "dying" since 2013 and yet 6 yeara later its still here, ps4 pvp server is still active, villian and GO are still causing havok, highwatch is still full of ppl and the broker is still full of price gouging so this "dying" seems a pretty sketchy claim with only anecdotes backing you up.

Regardless this games a f2p, adding fail safes to their lootboxes only further shoots down the sales if its too low and causes ppl to look elsewhere if the requirement is too high.

Look at Ellion marks to get the weapon skin as an example because it exists, if you fail you get a token that can be used to get the skin once you hit 80 tokens or sold to other players

Look how many are ever sold once ppl saw the numbers let alone how many even have the skin

Hiding the rng causes ppl to buy it more, the same argument of "killing the game" when pc came out with jewel boxes and talent boxes were made on the forums

The forums would have you believe its an anti consumer item that doesnt generate profit and no ones buying it but the moment you log into pc tera you see boxes being opened en masse by the MAJORITY of the community.

Same with these dragon/costume boxes being opened, ppl buying emp with gold, selling loot boxes at 40k a piece.

This isnt changing and they arent capping anything

Saru has ppl advocate for things theyll never change like asking for UE4 which was a pipe dream at best and a sick joke at worst.

You can praise him all you want but id advise reading up on the meme version of insanity if you think asking the same question again after its been asked for 6 years will have a different answer because a console player asked.
> @GuardianAngelGG said:
> Exortus wrote: »
> GuardianAngelGG wrote: »
> Exortus wrote: »
> GuardianAngelGG wrote: »
> HGHNWAN7AE wrote: »
> > @GuardianAngelGG said:
> > I agree wholeheartedly with this. There is too much focus on PvP events for many rewards on the PvE server, when many of us joined the PvE server because we are PvE players who have no interest at all in PvP gaming. All of the battleground and whatever type events give a lot of rewards, but it would be nice if we could have more PvE events on the PvE server, especially since it is... well.. you know... a PvE server!
> The most recent pvp event was the 3x bg drops on Christmas. Before that there was the corsairs cosmetic event that came out with the release of cs. I can't really think of any other pvp events that have occured. If you are referring to the "jackpot rewards" those are there to give incentive for people to play bgs. It's not an event, it's essentially dungeon rewards for the winning team. If you're reffering to the additional rewards given from the daily quests for bgs as an event then you are misinformed. The additional rewards we're placed there to give pvp player battleground and killing spree credits that were abruptly removed. It's not an eventful but a "fix".
> If there are any actual pvp events that I've forgotten about please post them.
> Also: I think that dungeon events would be fun and useful. Something along the lines of 2x dungeon rewards, another additive drop event, bonus feedstock for completing a dungeon, or an event that drops a limited time cosmetic from killing/completing bosses/dungeons.
> After reading your post, I see that I used the term "events" incorrectly for a video game. I was mainly referring to the Battlegrounds, where PvP players can get plenty of rewards on the PvE server, which are not available to PvE players who do not want to participate in PvP "things" (or events, or Battlegrounds, or whatever term is appropriate). I would like to see permanent "things" for the PvE players to enjoy, which give the same rewards as the Battlegrounds. I did specifically mention "battlegrounds" in my first post in this thread, but I did not use that word later. On the plus side, you mentioned wanting 2x dungeon rewards, and they announced that there will be a 2X chance of dungeon drops, this coming weekend. I am looking forward to that! :)
> http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/this-week-in-tera-january-14-21
> As of right now, everything in the PVP credits shop is available in PVE. All items are available from PVP and PVE excluding PVP jewelry, which should not matter to those who have no interest in PVP.
> So, I can now save up my credits and buy top-tier gear designs, just like in the PvP shops? I can also save up my credits and buy the resizers I want, without having to rely on random drops and rolls?
> Actually, yes. You get dice fragments for completing Demon's Wheel which can be used to purchase resizers, circlets, diadem designs, and the materials to craft a diadem. Each boss also drops 2 designs. Out of my 67 clears of Demon's Wheel, only 2 runs have had one of the bosses not drop 2 designs. As a result, designs are now worth around 3k and being that it is an MMO, trading designs you don't need for ones you do is encouraged.
> Thank you for that. I did not know this.

Evident that you dont do the content.
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