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The Imperator axe seems to share the same base model as the rogue/shadowlaced axe.

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What about this: Move servers location, make one for East coast and another for West coast. This will allow all players have better ping acordingly with the server location they are playing. And give free transfers with all assets included for a time window of a month at least.

This would be objectively worse because people from the two servers couldn't do any instance/BG matching together. If they were going to do this, they'd be better off pursuing a new market entirely (like, say, Brazil or something) not splitting the U.S. market.

This could be nice if the current population was higher.
SWTOR had East and West servers a few years ago.
Considering US' size, it's easy for a player to have considerable ping even inside the country.

Reading the forums a bit should give you a general idea.

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memefall lol

That was a few years ago.

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Not siding with the adventure coin system, just trying to get something positive out of it, like i always do with everything.

The system without a doubt NEEDS improvements. As of right now, is a system that tries to encourage to spend money to keep running dungeons, AND THAT IS REALLY BAD.

Confused, what of it is positive?

Friends, I suppose.

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So tired of these constant "Game is dying" threads. Do you think the more you whine and cry about it, the faster you will make it so? I see the same people commenting the same complaints over and over again. Don't you guys just ever get tired of repeating yourselves? I guess not, so go make another page long post listing everything you dislike about the game. Surely, we haven't seen it before. -rolls eyes-

Global is busier and steady now, events are getting better and plenty of new players are joining the game on a daily basis. You ridicule players that want things you think are too easy, yet fill the forum with groans and moans over a new gear system, because it means more work for you. No one said y'all have to max gear again. You do it, because you want to do it. Well then, stop crying about it.

"Oh, this event is too hard." Well, then don't do it. "This event doesn't let me overspam it and dump loads of stuff on the broker." Again, don't do it. Seriously, there is plenty of things to do in the game if you don't want to do this event or that event.

"Lets merge into one server." You're just saying that to troll. Why would they merge into one server again when the game is getting better? You may sit there whining and crying, but people are actually enjoying the game and coming back to it.

"Xingcode ruined the game forever!" Really? A huge chunk of players stayed. Those that left are coming back here and there. Just because you comment something, doesn't make it true. Every day in global, we have players returning and new players asking questions. Sure, some don't stay, but many do.

"AIR is going to ruin Tera." Actually, depending on how BHS advertises it, AIR could potentially bring more players to Tera. If EME gets to publish the game in NA, more people will be downloading the launcher and will see Tera advertised as well. AIR will no doubt be graphic intensive or simply may not suit some players. Tera might end up with quite a few players defecting from AIR, so no, I don't think it's the end of the world for Tera. Y'all act like the gamer world is small and Tera has just outrun it's life. I'd agree if the devs weren't still updating it like they are. I hear so much bs about KTera going downhill and ending any day now. However, if BHS wasn't making bank on the game, they wouldn't still be putting in as much work into the game as they do. If you think Tera is failing, then go play something else. You don't need to constantly whine, gripe and trash the game in hopes that you will somehow bring about the final demise of the game faster.

Oh my.
If people stopped complaining, how would you complain about people complaining?
Or whine and cry, as you like to say.

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anyone else notice that tera is getting less and less active?

I wonder why.

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@Xandervb said:

They just need to implement some sort of Repair Hammers in the cash shop and then Tera will be truly mobile-ready.

You say that but honest to god it'd surprise me more if this didn't happen. :/

That being said, I won't claim to have all the answers on how to keep a niche F2P game alive. The dream is obviously 100% F2P with an only-cosmetic cash shop but I don't know if that's truly feasible as a game grows more niche. Still, I don't like the continuing trend...

I do not know either.
However, treating players like walking credit cards isn't the answer.
Companies can use whatever pretty excuse they'd like, loot boxes are nothing more than gambling.
It's like playing at a casino, where we can spend $100 and walk away with absolutely nothing to show for it.
We're not even aware of the success percentages.
How is that fun or even fair?

Imagine walking into a clothing store and instead of directly purchasing the clothing you'd like, you have to purchase a loot box.
Where you can get the clothing you'd like at a 1% chance or a piece of tissue fabric at a 99% chance.

As a side note.
When players complain about something, means they're worried where that might lead us in the future.
TERA started with the crit power mounts and now we have the partner system.
Micro-transactions and loot boxes in general didn't start as they are today either.
Look how they are now.
Should we wait until we have another Electronic Arts before complaining?

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One of the redeeming features of Tera is gear that doesn't break. If they implement this, it will be my last day on this game. I have played too many games with this model, and most of those games are gone. It tends to be a game breaker in the end. I've been working for 13 months to try to get to HO and I am still not there. There is no way I will play a game where all the hard work can be lost with the roll of RNG again.

I guess I need a bit more information about how the new system works. It sounds like the gear isn't destroyed, but enters some sort of broken status that needs an item to repair it? If you repair it, does it retain its enchantment level? Basically it sounds like a failure "penalty" without actually losing any progress... which is still very annoying, but it doesn't sound like it "levels down" or gets destroyed (haunting memories of old MMOs...).

(Still, I agree that this doesn't seem like it is needed or beneficial, even if it's "not as bad.")

It's most likely something similar to Closers gear contamination.
Which was already removed from the game.

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Got to say, im quite impressed, with how cheap the Midas Touch bundle is, for what it has. It is quite the bargain. Unfortunately, it is only for elites.
12k emp for it all, thats pretty much 6 months of elite and free goodies. nice!


Let me guess, is it the ISP?

@Zoknahal said:
What i wanna know more is the price of the Midas Touch Bundle. They havent said anything yet, and it releases tomorrow

Considering it will include half a year of elite, cannot imagine it will be cheap.

I'd love to see a Female Castanic Reaper.
Any plans to launch existent classes to different races?

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Theyve been talking about putting bns on ue4 for like 3 yrars

Has it happened yet?

They just released a video preview of the unreal engine 4 BnS. It does seems its getting closer to launch.

@MargaretRose said:
The scarf/cape glitch can be mitigated with 3rd party solutions.

So now we are relying on 3rd party solutions to fix a known forever bug?

Unfortunately, yes.
Otherwise, can always visit the local hospital because the glitch triggered an epileptic episode.

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@Waitress said:
Also Tera likely would never have such a change. BnS is only able to because they have the financial ability. I don't think Tera makes enough nor do they have enough employees on any region to do all that work. Teras main focus should be communication with it's players to re-establish trust/hope and I'm guessing? Doing more kinds of events and releases that make players genuinely happy. Since they cannot afford to be anything other than what they are now, they should focus on making what they have as attractive as possible.

And they can barely do that. How long do we have to suffer through the scarf and cape glitch? Until someone gets rushed to the local hospital because the glitch triggered an epileptic episode?

TERA was developed by the same people who bought out created PUBG: BHS/Krafton. You know, that game that spearheaded the (somewhat) current Battle Royale craze? Pardon me if I say that I think it's complete nonsense that they're hurting for cash.

That said, PUBG also runs like crap, to the point where there are entire websites dedicated to chronicling and fixing the assorted issues. Make of that what you will.

The scarf/cape glitch can be mitigated with 3rd party solutions.

Might like to write a support ticket describing the issue.

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Zoknahal wrote: »

If it makes any difference, I got in contact with player council member counterpoint, and he assured me this specific thread, is being looked at, so we can assume that they do know what they need to do, however, execution of their plans is a total different story, which is why this thread exist, to let them know of the current issues, so they can come up with a proper solution, rather than a half baked one.

To clarify (as I told you), they are aware that the thread exists, but none of the issues presented here are new at all -- they already knew about all of them and the situation hasn't changed as far as I know. In my opinion, it was never an issue of knowing. I would like them to address these issues, as I've been asking for a long time (especially about the merchants, at least), but I don't know if they have plans to do so.

I see.
We're asked to give constructive feedback while EME is already aware of all the issues.
Basically, they're aware of all the issues and cannot or will not fix them.
How are we supposed to not be frustrated?

Curious, how are you using a Closers avatar on Tera's forums?
Unprofessional indeed.
Would still be best for it to be closed rather than simply ignored.
Otherwise it is simply giving the players the illusion they are being heard.
While we're all speaking in a void.
Teekz wrote: »
@counterpoint “get with the times”? like the player base has not tried multiple attempts of fresh ways to approach and communicate with EME and BHS doesn’t matter the platform when the result is the same.

And once again i’ll ask you, what do they pay you?

He's not paid.
Unfortunately, seems to be his hobby.
Teekz wrote: »
@CobaltDragon @KitTeaCup

how exactly is a well thought out and constructive post like this blatantly ignored??

Probably because it isn't on EME's discord.
As other members suggested in the past, the forums should be closed.
X7EWP6JAK4 wrote: »
Hi all,

Been away for just over 2 years, I started up and went in and had to remap my keys, no biggie! However....There are now keys I can no longer map like CTRL(R) which I had always used for Block, is it just me or have they changed this option?

Thanks in Advance!

Assuming you mean the right CTRL key, seems you're indeed unable to map it.
I like how a simple comment I made regarding down votes was removed at the other thread.
Yet we have this type of [filtered] here.
Christin wrote: »
I thought this was going to be for issues that they said they were going to address, but you've added what you think should be on the list, which means they most likely won't even bother with this thread.

They don't want to have to read your page of bs before even starting the list either.

Comments like these make myself miss the down vote button.
Zoknahal wrote: »
No constructivism at all, and when i tried to reach a member from the EME staff through personal DMs, guess what!! they have it disabled! you cannot reach them through personal DMs, you have to ping them in the chat, and hope they answer. How is that suppose to help some players that maybe want to discuss something personally with a GM, so that they don't have to deal with the immaturity that is the general chat?

That's because most people who try to PM staff members are just hoping to jump the queue on their support tickets. Obviously I liked back when we had a live chat support system for Elite too, but that actually had a real queue with agents, not "randomly DM all the staff so that somebody will take your case immediately."

And well, this isn't a great answer, but the reason they created a player council was to streamline feedback to them so they don't have to get DMs from every single player with their personal wants or needs. I assure you that these issues have come up (I've brought them up to the point where I feel I can't mention it without being dismissed as a nag). It's not for lack of knowing or trying. But this does not magically free up the staff resources to do the things. They definitely know players want these things.

The forums do have their place -- well-organized posts that present a clear explanation of an issue and constructive solution (or even just a clear explanation of a problem) are still better to post on the forum and link to. I link to it frequently. But it's just not where the conversation/dialog is happening anymore.

Anyway, at the very least for this particular boutique, it is still on the active radar and hasn't gone into the "years old promises" category that the other stuff is. At least there's a clear intention to do it, so that's something.

In other words, Soon™
Zoknahal wrote: »
Elite Rework: Said it would get rework 3 years ago. Is still the same, with just a few additions, that does not really add value.
Emporium rework: Again, 3 years ago, still nothing.
Fashion coupons: Started and left unfinished, promising part 2 would be out soon, we been waiting 2 years already.

Instead, we got a promised rework of the old Federation Bills, a rework that came in the form of a complete removal of them.

Honestly, banking on the "old promises" is pointless. All of the TERA PC leadership has changed 100% in that time. So bringing up, like, "your predecessor's predecessor made/authorized a post on the forum that implied you were going to work on something three years ago" is like "well, yeah, they're not here anymore..."

I keep asking them to work on it because it still needs doing, but holding onto these old promises as if to guilt them isn't going to work. The people who made or authorized those promises are gone, so have to convince people it's worth doing on its merits. And, unfortunately, these aren't getting top priority from anyone.

(Elite is a bit of a special case because it actually did change a lot since then, but people still aren't satisfied with it. I think it needs a new proposal instead.)

My my, wouldn't it be interesting if this happen at a restaurant?
Where the chef was changed and clients were left waiting for their food indefinitely.

In short, they "old promises" have no value whatsoever.
And new ones are nonexistent or follow the same pattern.
Glad to know what to expect.
Isriffa wrote: »

I have been away for one to two years and I have been logging in everyday for the last three days. The calendar does not even log that, let alone allow me to redeem the rewards. I may film a short journal to record this and post it in a new thread. I have not needed to video a bug in a game in over five years for it to get fixed.

But, this is not a new bug and it is older than one year. I have seen attempts to address this bug where players have received entire months of rewards for compensation. I would not have thought that this would still be a redundant failure.

It's futile.
They either do not care or cannot fix it.
I heard it was actually not allowed a long time ago.
A friend was banned due to having multiple accounts when Tonka was still a CM.
Nothing to worry about now, as mentioned previously.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Is kind of sad to see new games or smaller studios using assets from other bigger games/studios, into theirs. And here i thought Devilian would be the first and last.

BHS also had "interesting" issues with NCsoft regarding Tera.
Just like any other region and/or game.
You'll have pleasant and unpleasant members on the community.
It isn't something aggravated nor exclusive to TERA NA.

I`m not disagree with what you said..
But every players behavior which is related in game community, the game publisher or developers should take actions and responsibilities,
not only because of players is cheating or abusing the system, but also negative behavior.

For example ;
I found the `fact` that certain Elitist players behavior in TERA top players tend to push their dps to the max, this behavior lead to unfair and cheating.
But the fact is everything in TERA can be perfectly done with just decent dps.
That Elitist behaviors lead to dangerous discriminations for other payers that play fair and have decent dps, this Elitist players will complain why other players have decent dps, while they self were using third-party program or cheating to improve their game-play.
For me, Bad behavior (including Elitist behavior) its the same sins like cheating, and they both have a same destructions aspects.

So the solutions for ENMASSE in TERA, they should take actions directly for players which is tend to have bad behaviors like Elitist, they should have same treat like they ban certain players which is cheating.
Other solutions is, they should force to implemented end-game dungeon for 10-man players (i don`t care how much dying the community is), with this rate every player will thinking hard to be needed other players to participated, this method not perfect, but in any rate will suppress the Elitist behavior for 50%.


Sort of understand what you mean.
However, you cannot force others to play with you.
Also, if people have an extremely toxic behavior, you're always able to screenshot and write a support ticket.
ghenea wrote: »
"everything can be perfectly done with just decent dps"
you know, the very fact that elite has a potion that increases your exp by 100% for 1hr implies that no, you want stuff to be done as fast as possible, not waste your whole daily hr of bonus to carry ppl in hard dungeons with "decent dps."

decent dps meaning what, even? 2m/s? 4m/s? 5m/s? you should be more specific...
also makes no sense to play a game performing under your best and losing time just for the fun of a few casuals who dont wanna bother gearing up or learning their class, if you are instance matching it has to be expected but elsewhere, lfgs and organized runs in general, you aint gonna fit in with 2m/s - thats decent for instance matching, but its far from being decent if you want a quick run.

there are many other things worth complaining for, the "elitist" community is the last of your problems, you will eventually realize "veterans" reasons for wanting stuff to be done quickly when you will actually try to lvl past 65 without elite and gears or farm materials efficiently enough with your dungeon runs lasting 30mins...

To be fair, that is the main issue mentioned by @LinXiaoXing
A player without a dps meter is unable to know those numbers.
It would be nice if BHS had it implemented officially.

This "new" patch also didn't help at all.
Since everyone is highly limited due to coins.
Somewhat active.
Basically, it is currently a "Fishing Simulator".
This why TERA NA have a sh*t community, because they always tend to have `Elitist` behavior
(Certain player were good behavior, but some other were bad behavior).
Elitist by my definition is a certain players which tend to feel superior than other players, because they feel have a better skills, gears, reflexes, experience, and it lead discrimination among the players.
And that make BHS treat TERA NA has a different difficulties in games.

Just like any other region and/or game.
You'll have pleasant and unpleasant members on the community.
It isn't something aggravated nor exclusive to TERA NA.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
They could just spawn titan's earth/storm on a GM account and put it in trade broker for 200g each, problem solved and some excess gold taken out of the economy lol

Would most likely be fully purchased by a few players who would resale for profit.
Mockery, I thought playing a game published by EME was already "Extreme" enough.
Reputation is a legacy system.
Notice Guardian Legion reputation doesn't increase as well.
G3XT4DHJT6 wrote: »
Kaspanova wrote: »
*from england and still got the promotion*

Yeah, I started hearing that it might be working for some EU people now. Not sure the eligibility criteria, but may be worth trying again. The first month rewards end on Monday...

Edit: https://enmassehelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021808234-European-Players-Now-Able-to-Access-Twitch-Prime-Action-RPG-Pack

Sorry for the Bump on this toptic. It could still be Usefull for others.

That indeed works.. ofcourse i saw this to late and can't claim the first package anymore.. aaah rip :)

That is because it was only announced at the console section, I believe.
Fallsmyer wrote: »
All these people talking about EME employees being incompetent, but can't even decide which is the proper there, they're, or their to use in THEIR sentence. you HEAR me!? Lol incompetence is abundance in this thread!

Since you mention grammar.
Great job EME. Servers are not difficult to maintain. Seems, though, for you, they are. All I can do is laugh at your ineptitude....

Need to write at their discord.
EME doesn't remember they have a forum.
Mockery, seems like an ISP issue.
Seems to be a bug that happens at random after teleporting to another area.
Moving to the character selection screen will fix the issue.
For amusement.
Monthly gifts don't work well because of varying duration Elite (including promo Elite, etc.). That's basically why all the month-based gifts went away and were replaced with the daily gifts instead. The problem with 30 daily gifts (besides the fact they may specifically need to be modified right now) is that they feel a lot less significant than getting it all at once. You may be able to solve this by having a "daily token" as one of the items and then you can accumulate tokens to trade for the gift you want, but not sure they want another merchant to maintain (when they can't maintain fashion coupons, Reward Emporium, and Dressing Room as it is).

For the "choose your own mount" idea, I don't think there'd be an easy way to implement it since it's tied to the bar. Plus it has the daily/monthly issue from above, so I think it'd be extremely difficult.

For the 10% loot bonus... personally speaking, I don't really like this sort of system because it feels too "pay-to-win" for me. It means that F2P players may get kicked out of a party so that an Elite player can take their place (to increase the loot bonus), and I think that isn't the right kind of incentive structure. Again, just my opinion.

All that being said, I think it's good to have constructive ideas, so I like this thread.

Could have monthly gifts added to the 30-90 days elite.
Do not believe we're able to purchase 1-7 days elite.
For example, Closers has Elite and Platinum.
Perhaps something similar for promotional 1-7 days elite and 30-90 days elite?
If that seems like a complaint, I suppose.
Merely found it amusing.
Of course.
Would still look nicer with updated information.

Then it'd be wrong for people who earned it last year (and has last year's acquisition date)...

I disagree.
Something like: "Cool your heels with these limited-edition footsteps from our 6th anniversary, in celebration of our 7th anniversary." would look nicer, in my opinion.
Of course.
Would still look nicer with updated information.

Positive they're busy with more important matters.
Like their other game declining in population (If I may say that).
Breetizm wrote: »
Once you do hit max level, there really is no point renewing elite anymore. Especially with the new broker fee changes with elite, and no adventure coins that are provided with elite box. I just can't think of any reason why anyone would want elite aside from travel journal, where it's mostly used for dungeons that you can use via vanguard menu. This whole patch is just a disaster lol

Please, don't give them ideas.
They could always remove the vanguard menu teleport option.
Bank issues seem common(?) upon server merge.
In my case, I had a similar issue at Tera EU.
Was inactive when servers were merged there and lost all items in bank and bank tabs were also reset to 1 (from 2).
Unfortunately, as it's most likely the case for EME as well, logs are erased after a while.
And I only noticed months after the server merge was done, upon login.
There was nothing support could do.
Teiro wrote: »
That issue was "fixed" by adding the cash shop boxes.

Pending issue.
Might be "fixed" by adding cash shop boxes.
(Could also be a temporary bug?)

Didn't notice if they're available for purchase from the cash shop.
If not, can request them to be like at EU.

Working as intended.

Okay, these "Fixes" are quite unacceptable. For someone wanting to freely play the game shouldn't have to spend money to advance their gear. All of these issues were "fixed" with cash shop items, which is bs because that's leading to players having to p2w.

Unfortunately, that's the direction Tera's been taking for quite a while now.
The new pet system is only the pinnacle of it.
That issue was "fixed" by adding the cash shop boxes.

Pending issue.
Might be "fixed" by adding cash shop boxes.
(Could also be a temporary bug?)

Didn't notice if they're available for purchase from the cash shop.
If not, can request them to be like at EU.

Working as intended.
Happy 6th Anniversary, I guess.
Elinu1 wrote: »
Loot boxes are a total scam, most of the time you have to open over 100 boxes just to get 1 of the item you want. Lootboxes are just like slot machines, you always lose.

Current business model in a nutshell.
Maxmilian wrote: »
tera knows we will gladly pay whatever price for the costumes/cosmetics/pets/mounts we want.

it makes them more money to scalp us with lootboxes. the avarice and contempt for consumers displayed by the modern gaming industry as a whole have caused them to fly too close to the sun.
they were warned. whatever happens will only affect us consumers positively, trust in that.

Minus Warframe.
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
Hey guys

Love the feedback and its been a very informative read so far. I think at the very end of the day, we can all agree that the recent patches that we have gotten are just simply ridiculous as they're designed for you to really spend as much money or time as possible by dangling considerable incentives on the very end. I genuinely hope for the sake of the next year of the game that they won't implement any more items and mechanics similar to what we've gotten as it's very obvious what direction they are trying to push. It leaves salt in my mouth as if I remember, the only reason I considered to come back to Tera at all in recent years was BECAUSE they didn't have the toxic, cash-grabbing, seemingly infinite system that was criticized on other games. Yet since the big fishing patch, it's pretty hard to ignore where they are getting their ideas from( being forced to leave tera up if you want to "afk" fish, and so forth).

Regardless, it was really nice to hear from you guys and considering how difficult it is already to just adjust to the recent implements, I can only pray that no other feature is coming soon for a long time. From the past I've seen threads that go off topic get randomly deleted and I'm pretty frightened that these posts will also go randomly poof! I beg everyone to try to stay on topic w/o angering the head moderator of these threads.

Only active moderator, as far as I know, is @counterpoint
They do not randomly delete posts without reason, like some I rather not mention.
If they do delete your post, they'll private message a reason for doing so.
if you love TERA ..learn to play ... if dont wanna learn , go to cry to another game . THIS IS TERA!!!

> @MargaretRose said:
> MatrixOfLeaders wrote: »
> My real problem with Tera are the script / injector users. A
> honest player will never be able to output what script users put out. Then they have the audacity to call you "meh DPS" because you play legit and they use 3rd party programs up their dps..
> Ignorance is also a problem.
> Recommend searching what an injector actually does.

The fact of the matter is that 3rd party programs and modifications of the client are against the tos...

Of course.
Wonder why EME doesn't ban those players then.
Even unbanned such users.
My real problem with Tera are the script / injector users. A
honest player will never be able to output what script users put out. Then they have the audacity to call you "meh DPS" because you play legit and they use 3rd party programs up their dps..

Ignorance is also a problem.
Recommend searching what an injector actually does.
I watched a video made by a korean player and he said he spent $600.
But i'm not sure whether he actually finally get the good roll.
He ended the video by saying, "[filtered] you, bluehole!"

Imagine they'll be willing to spend another $600 for the next atrocity BHS releases.
We have the current cash grab trash of a system due to those type of players.
Believe there is no passion anymore, only money signs.
The cycle continues.
Unlikely to happen.
The servers are the pinnacle of hardware.
It is, of course, the ISP™
Albeit not related to thread's specific issue.
I believe pit of petrax will fulfill the requirement.
Link to the original thread:

It's been a long time, when will this issue be addressed?

Also, is this a properly re-made thread regarding an old thread?

(Possibly EME staff at the moment (Or @counterpoint ) upon viewing a properly made bump thread)
Zoknahal wrote: »
Mockery, that is clearly an exploit.
All involved must be punished.

Well it isnt, if you meant the thing with the toy tanks. Is just a fun bug that happens in a few places. As far as im concerned, only once i managed to pull it and it was totally random.

Been a while since ive trid again cause i no longer have toy tanks.

Maybe try shooting at them with a toy tank? they do a bit of damage, but not sure if enough to bring down a terron, and have a looting pet with you.

Mockery, that is clearly an exploit.
All involved must be punished.

Interesting video.
Imagine if we could also do this to BHS' higher ups.
Still, making us have to pay for something that was not required previously. (Mandatory if you'd like to keep specific pets.)
Also having to purchase a cash shop item to rename a pet is questionable, since we could freely rename them before.
The new partner/pet system is delightful.
I'd "love" to see a similar system for mounts.
Mounts limited to 10 and a system full of RNG?
Seems a lot of "fun".

In case anyone is unable to tell, this is a mockery for amusement.
Old news indeed.

Unfortunately, fault lies with the players that keep supporting this atrocious system.
Yeehaw wrote: »
Yeehaw wrote: »
Yes, as I understand it, you can race-change up to 20 items at a time, but they only do it for each account once per year. So it would be a good idea to batch up all your change requests at once, rather than just doing it for one single thing (unless you're sure that one thing is all you'll need for the year).

They won't rebind the characters to your main, correct? The only option they will do is race-changing costumes binded to the character you need

They can unbind and rebind items to your desired character.

Really? I had done the "Mulligan Request" a few months ago, which is similar to what you guys are talking about, but I'm hoping this is a seperate request. Because I have some items I would like to be rebinded to my desired character.

Recommend writing a support ticket with a detailed explanation of your request.
Yeehaw wrote: »
Yes, as I understand it, you can race-change up to 20 items at a time, but they only do it for each account once per year. So it would be a good idea to batch up all your change requests at once, rather than just doing it for one single thing (unless you're sure that one thing is all you'll need for the year).

They won't rebind the characters to your main, correct? The only option they will do is race-changing costumes binded to the character you need

They can unbind and rebind items to your desired character.
Well of course they are still for sale in the FC shop.
But Fashion Coupons no longer drop anywhere. The terrible idea to make them a pay thing was the dumbest thing I've seen on here.
You take away something that we could actually farm for and make it into another cash shop thing...... As if everything else wasn't already locked to that. Way to go. I'm wondering if they are gonna do this with talents next.

You do understand the removal of the coupons was not intentional, and that it should be fixed on Tuesday. The reason for this change is most likely because NA was given EU's patch, and EU never had Fashion coupons dropping. Based on what Rox has said Fashion coupons and locked box's should drop again starting Tuesday with the new patch.

Do your research before you start corking off about EnMasse making something pay only when it was an error.

Believe you meant they should join EME's discord?
Since EME isn't active at the forums.
Zoknahal wrote: »
EJECWCWG55 wrote: »
Oh, so its good to get hundreds of millions from the cash shop jewel crates but not because people got a little compensation from what they have spent in the game... what an hipocrisy.

I find this funny too. People made a huge deal of the Elite Jewel Bags when they were first introduced

Back then, getting a diamond, 10k worth of gold, was huge. It was part of the Monthly gift that Elite used to give.
Players complained about it, that it was P2W and stuff, and so EME removed it.

Now, they are back you know? concealed in the form of the Federation Jewel Crates, which im sure a lot of people that come here to complain about gold being injected into the game, had bought them at some point.

You think those thousands of rubies you get while trying to get a diamond jackpot from those crates, doesnt add up to a hefty sum of gold?

One way or the other, its been fine so far, gold has come and gone, market didnt suffer at all after the very first days when hype was big and ppl were inflating the prices, it just took a few days for everything to be stable again.

But now that we face the same situation, people complained again, and this time we got the short straw. Ok, sure, millions of gold being introduced into the game may not had been too good, but then drastically reducing the prices of the scrolls to such an insulting amount?

And EME havent answered yet here, but they do answer to the thread with positive feedback about the 7th anniversary event. Is like they are picking which thread to answer and seeing that this thread is rapidly getting attention, and we approach faster the date when we can sell the scrolls, im afraid EME wont do anything about it until after the maintenance.

Honestly, this is one of the worst moves i have seen EME do, and i been here since the closed beta, truly a shame.

Those are from the cash shop.
Allegedly breaking the economy doesn't matter if the company has profit.

Scroll sell prices were undeniably high for our region.
They did required an adjustment.
Unfortunately, seems EME is incapable of finding a middle ground.

Regarding EME replies to the thread.
At most it will receive a:
"Thank you for the feedback, etc"
Also, reminder, TERA is an MMO.
Behind every character there is a human being.
You'll meet all kinds of people.
Unfortunately, this issue was already brought up many times to no avail.
Zoknahal wrote: »
TERA 2 literally would be the same old TERA we used to know and love, but with Unreal Engine 4 instead.

TERA's graphics are still beautiful, considering the year of launch.
Actual new content would be nice.
Serenade wrote: »
Serenade wrote: »
Nah, we're just pointing out more reasons why players start to leave for EU. You realized that this sort of thing is exactly why GF/EU was considered imferior and why peopke left it in droves back in 2014, right?

In EU, this didn't happen because their Elite (TERA Club) never gave scrolls there. So people comparing the prices to EU and being like "look at how much more generous EU is" are making an irrelevant argument. If EU had been giving out scrolls the same way NA did (and if K-TERA had been doing the same), they would have had much lower prices. The prices are based on the overall supply and economic impact (which is why the original prices, inherited from K-TERA, were so wrong from the start -- they were much, much more rare there than here).

I realize there are other areas where EU is more generous because their progression model is different, and that there are other local market differences that negatively impact us. But when people start muddying the waters and lumping this into the "see, EU is more generous" bucket (even though the situation is 100% different) it causes the valid points to be lost among the obviously-wrong ones.

And no one on this forum is asking for actual EU prices. That is a strawman.

No, people are using the EU prices as a basis with comments like "well, I don't think we should have the EU prices, but I think 50% of what they had seems reasonable" -- based on what? The supply structure was completely different here.

Serenade wrote: »
40k is four hours of vanguard, in exchange for years of elite.

No, it's not "in exchange for years of Elite." That's where this whole thing is wrong. If it were in exchange for years of Elite, then everyone who had Elite all this time would get it fairly. It's in exchange for basically abusing a loophole with Elite Consumable Boxes before the patch date -- again, a loophole no other regions had. People treated it as "compensation" for something they paid for are wrong, because people who also had Elite Consumable Boxes and didn't open them get nothing, therefore they can't call it "compensation." Or else, everyone else will need to be "compensated" for not being compensated.

Serenade wrote: »
Please, I know you're on the PC and have to represwnt EME in a certain way and can't publically speak ill of them, but surely if this is based on overalm supply, it can't hurt to be more transparent and give us the math used to reach these results.

I think you've missed the fact that I actually am speaking ill of EME, just for a completely different reason. Retroactively changing the contents of Elite and providing an in-game benefit to people who happened to abuse a loophole is wrong. It should apply to everyone or no one. Since it won't apply to everyone, these scrolls need to be worth as little as possible, so that people who paid the same money for Elite as everyone else don't feel in any way screwed by the amount of gold other people will make. Prices like this are about at the threshold where it's not nothing, but it's not so much that people who "got robbed" by the lack of notification will feel all that bitter about it.

The price of the scrolls is based on the quantity in distribution, but the weighting is likely just based on them setting a price for the most expensive and scaling accordingly. Consider for instance the prices at first was 15k for Eta and scaled down dramatically from there. Here they started at 200 for the top tier, and scaled it down from there. I don't know for a fact that this is how they came up with it, but I think it's the most logical conclusion.

Anyway, I realize it seems like I'm defending EME here because of the result, but it's only because the situation EME and BHS created means that it has to be this way. The retroactive change to Elite that EME did is really not okay, but by setting the prices like this it mutes the issue to enough a degree that it'll wash over. That's probably about the best they could do in this situation, even if no one will be 100% happy with it.

Was not aware by opening Elite boxes for years made ourselves exploiters.
Disappointing, but not unforeseen.
Believe any player active for a few years expected this outcome.

Either break the economy or give us near to nothing.
Outstanding way to "reward" your supporting players.
One disappointment after the other.
Snuffy44 wrote: »
But do you lose anything if you play and you are 0% rested?

It isn't like the old stamina system.
If I recall correctly, desired method is making a new thread on the subject with a link to the old thread.
Resolved, from Discord --
Rox wrote:
GG and such should now be reset. It appears that daily reset time is at 10 Pacific.
Restoring to the correct reset time is a known issue for now

Thank you.

Seems EME continues to forget they have a forum.
Same, GG and PoP didn't reset.
Worry not, @counterpoint will save us soon.

I didn't know what you expect me to do with it. It was obvious that a thread like this would just create controversy. The only way to actually settle it, in true PvP style, would be to have all the candidates fight it out until only one for each class remains standing... but unlikely to happen.

(This reminds me of power tier list discussions for comics or manga or something... except it's real people lol )

Please don't take myself too seriously.
Although a PvP forum arena mini-game does seem interesting.


Mockery, PvP discussion creating toxicity?
Worry not, @counterpoint will save us soon.
Teekz wrote: »
Why parcel more scrolls when we can't even deal with the ones we have. :(

still NO info on it.

The reset scrolls delivered do work.
They'll increase GG/PoP entries by 1.
Piltover wrote: »
I think it's the least of our concerns at the moment, if you want to see how an outfit looks just google it.

Yeah, but that's stupid. How is it the least of their concerns? The costume shop has been striped for years now and yet the European one functions fine. EME has probably lost thousands of dollars in potential revenue which could have been used to make sure that blunders like that which happened in the most recent patch do not happen again.

This fact was brought up many times before.
EME still did nothing about it.
DHY9D7PAHY wrote: »
Seems that all items on new characters are bugged after the first. I don't get my founders mount on my new characters. Don't spend money on this game. their item system is severely limited for what you pay way too much for.

All you have to do is send in a request to customer support. That would be more constructive than you making these inflammatory statements about the game in a forum.

Sending a ticket to support wouldn't be public.
Therefore neither constructive nor derogatory.
However, would be nice if @JackTorment later updated the thread with further information.
Such as if their issue was solved and how long it took.
Assuming they had to contact support.
As a past commissioner, they're a very diligent artist.
Highly recommend.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
so who is the best elin brawler ? :3

Elins weren't made to be the best just to make money selling costumes for

Goddess Elinu is offended by thy heresy.
All Elins are special in the eyes of Elinu.
Seems everyone forgot what gives elite it's true value.
That is the gold drops boost of 100%.
Specially now that a small sum of gold drops from bams.

Yes, that was a joke.
Particularly dislike ultra hyper turbo time.
Believe it also increases server lag.
Tera forums at it's finest.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
It has indeed been posted multiple times. EME does not have the legal right to offer promotions to EU customers for TERA PC, because Gameforge is the licensed TERA PC publisher in Europe. You can play here and they don't mind in the slightest (I'm sure they're happy), but they can't partner with Twitch or some other company to promote TERA PC in Europe and bring customers to this market. That's why they had to region-block the promotion (even though EME's other games, they do have publishing rights for in EU). It definitely sucks for everyone.

I think you made her cry now say your sorry

"Reality is often disappointing."
kubitoid wrote: »
Kaiator's Server-First brawler has spent almost 16 hours a day leveling from basilisks. He's also Tier 10 and he just got it last night.
is their sanity still intact?

Assuming they had sanity at the start.
Nevertheless, impressive level of stamina.
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KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
Krystaline wrote: »
sanj66 wrote: »
so the point of this thread is what is the purpose of elite anymore? first off now we all have the same listing fee etc which removes an exclusive from elite, now today i did ghillie for the first time and apparently the only time, in the v80 patch notes no where is it listed that you all were reducing the daily entry of elite to 1 time per day. wwe cant use reset scrolls from past elite boxes to get more coins, the consumables in it can be obtained from other non elite means quite easily. and if people talk about the coins, 1 coin extra regen is quite laughable, the 680 extra coins can barely get you 2 extra bahaar, so whats the point anymore?

I don't see a point and canceled it yesterday. I sincerely wish I'd done it before it renewed on the 6th... it's not worth the cost anymore. The in-game gold I saved when listing items on the broker is what justified the price for me.

This is why most people get elite
It's gone now so elite IS NOT WORTH IT
Cheaper to sell to a merchant

Or bypass the broker entirely and wade through the quagmire that is Trade chat.

Global chat seems to somewhat work as well.
Regarding the daily entries at GG (and PoP), it's presumed to be a bug.
Albeit not having official confirmation.
SageWindu wrote: »
Rhyxx wrote: »
economy will still collapse because of those people who has a lot of SES. you can exchange a SES for 800 entropic then 800 entropic for 800 prime battle solutions which can be sold for 2,400 gold. so 1 SES = 2,400. FYI alot of players have thousands of SES lying around(i already know someone who's made millions by selling 60+ thousands of SES with this method)

Okay, that's just confusing. You can trip over Battle Solutions just going to the bathroom, not to mention why would someone pay 2400g for something they can get from any basic merchant for around 30g? Even on the broker itself, the higher prices were only 5g per. So where were you seeing 2400g?

Prime battle solution is currently 1 entropic token.
Regular merchant sale by 3g.
3x800= 2400
Delivery NPC was changed.
"Federation Resource Manager"
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