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@Fogs said:
I highly doubt NA cares about BRs.

They do if enough money is involved.
They don't care about Americans either, only their wallets. Just like any other company.

Well, well, well...
I thought your name was familiar.
Still "selling" art?

@metagame said:

monster hunter event

if you want eu's event, go play eu

Because why wish for something that looks nice for our region too, right?
Better to leave all our progress behind and move to a place with higher ping.
Seems legit.

Before we have any decent Anniversary events (Aka, events that please both PvE and PvP players), we'd need BHS/Krafton to hire more employees for EME.
Otherwise I honestly don't see it happening.

Both Portuguese and Spanish would be nice additions.

@counterpoint said:

@MargaretRose said:

@seraphinush said:
I managed to save up 30 improved weapon fs and 90 improved armor fs all grinded within 2 weeks -- managed to get my main character to full +15 with leftovers to spare for guildies/to sell.

Not trying to be a [filtered].
But did normal players knew to save up for a 24h enchant event?

Yes, it was announced at the same time for everyone with the Strongbox Jackpot Event.


In case this is what you are insinuating, any event that can influence the in-game economy like this is not announced to Player Council in advance.

(That being said, based on my time in Discord general chat, there were a number of players who were really hoping/expecting a strongbox/enchanting event would be part of the anniversary, so had starting saving up in anticipation/speculation before the event was announced. During the first week of the anniversary (amidst the complaints about the first events) Rox left some hints in chat. But nobody knew for sure it would happen until the announcement above.)

Glad to know.

@seraphinush said:
I managed to save up 30 improved weapon fs and 90 improved armor fs all grinded within 2 weeks -- managed to get my main character to full +15 with leftovers to spare for guildies/to sell.

Not trying to be a [filtered].
But did normal players knew to save up for a 24h enchant event?

@seraphinush said:

@TJKat said:

@Ear said:
That was by far the best event I've seen in years.

It's really sad that this is what people consider "events" now, let alone a good one.

If you have some good idea on good events, let us know and share your thoughts !

Quite sad how discord took most, if not all of the activity from here.
Used to be quite more active and fun.

Coming soon™

@Ourlord said:

@berrymilk said:
xD! I think most of these people who are happy is the ones that swipe there credit cards while the other are people who heavily grind.

there a difference by a land slide but I wouldnt call it the best event we still have what a week or two left to see where this goes.

alot of people just currently started the game and miss the events but the ones who been playing longest benefit which is fine tho xD but I hope at the end of the event they do every thing over cause the feedstock extremely hard to get I ain't going to lie I want to throw money at the pay to win boxs because the low chances of getting feedstock from dg

Hope that u r joking... ''most of these people who are happy is the ones that swipe there credit cards while the other are people who heavily grind.''

nice joke...

I think they meant only people that swipe or heavily grind got the rewards from the event.
While new/somewhat new/casual players got the short stick.

I mean OP just said they liked the event and hope they improve every year.
Let people say they liked something they did like?

@RonLaw said:

@PGLAN7DL7G said:
why doe ? its done we should remove it.

Because it's one thread with no anger and complaints in it.

Not quite, according to the forums...

@PGLAN7DL7G said:
why doe ?

That's anger.

@PGLAN7DL7G said:
its done we should remove it.

That's a complaint.

Or basically vice-versa.

Again, as usual.
Can't be the ISP as we're from all over the world.

@MultiverseOverlord said:

@MargaretRose said:

@MultiverseOverlord said:
Kaitor server is not having this problem at all.

I was positive it was the ISP??

Not once have I ever yet thought it was someone's ISP. Over the past two weeks with the disconnect / server down issues I randomly sampled logging into Kaitor when I could not log into Velika. Each and every time, and much to my surprise, Kaitor was 100% accessible - and with no so called "invisible queue".

I was being sarcastic since the excuse is always the ISP.

@MultiverseOverlord said:
Kaitor server is not having this problem at all.

I was positive it was the ISP??
Oh my god!

@BlackHeartNoire said:
I can't really justify this free elite thing we got, as the servers have been down so often one would miss out on a good chunk of this elite offering.
Sure the coin freeze is nice, but it doesn't make up for the fact we are missing out on the elite benefits every time the server goes down too.

Considering how long this has being going on + the various questionable in-game changes...
One would have to be brain damaged or a masochist to keep playing this crap.
Like my myself.

@LancerJiva said:
They have been doing this with laurels since laurels became a thing like 6 years ago. That’s the way it goes.

Both laurels and later making difficult achievements easy.
Such as world bosses and dungeon nerfs.

Will most likely be added once more to the cash shop to "solve" the problem.

Must be the ISP as always.
Reason so many people from different parts of the world disconnect at the same time.
Perfect servers, correct?

Nothing new, they're not really active at the forums.
Would need to comment at their discord.

I'm sure most of us understand the current situation.
Not like we had any such issues before the virus, correct?

Any ETA for the x64 update?

Rip servers 2k20

It is the same everywhere every year.
Years change, [filtered] remains the same.

@MatrixOfLeaders said:
Just wait, in a day or two, there will be entitled american kids creating "We need compensation " threads....

It's not like some people have limited time due to work while paying for elite right?
Also, funny you mention americans when it's basically an international server.

Still can't login.
Outstanding work. It's not like this ever happens.
It's good for companies people enjoy being treated poorly and like wallets.

@MELH9GLX5R said:

@counterpoint said:
Glad it was fixed. In case it happens to anyone else, if you're stuck on the server screen and can't enter any server, it usually means you're missing a patch. Worse case, if restarting the launcher doesn't fix it, you might need to delete the Live2-launcher.version file from your install folder to force the launcher to self-update. Otherwise, you could have a problem connecting to a bad patch server, and you should probably send a ticket so they can find the culprit.

I did several methods you posted in other locations and it didn't work out, what to do ? support does not help unfortunately.. Glad if you can help me counter.

It's from 2018...

@VictoriaKeat said:
What my problem with this is, is that there are no updates. Twitter is quiet, even though the game is still broken (just tried to log in, stuck on loading screen with no loading bar). There are no updates on the forums and we all just sitting waiting, with no idea what is happening or what to expect on the time. The "issues are fixed now" about 40 minutes ago are a joke. Also, why are the servers still up if there is an issue? Take the servers down and fix the issue, so people don't try to log in and run to the forums to figure out whats going on.

The forums are a joke.
If you'd like any updates that aren't given by the player council, I'd recommend discord.

Seems like an accurate description.

@Maldicion159 said:
I mean there should be a clientside option to filter swears
dunno about completely removing colorful language

I agree.
However, I see no issue with a few curses.

@Christin said:

@Maldicion159 said:

@Christin said:

@Maldicion159 said:

@Christin said:

@SaphirKanzaki said:
I started playing an idle game on iOS. So whenever I have a little waiting time during the workday, I click on it. The ingame shop is quite optimistic. Monthly substription up to 28€, single payments up to 100€. I'm not paying this as this is an "idle game" (per definition).

Let's turn this around. Every game is something you do for relaxing in your free time. And everything does cost money, even when playing basketball you need shoes or pay a club to play indoors. Now compare how much you're willing to spend for your free time.

For me, Tera is still one of my cheapest hobbies. Even hiking does cost more (smartphone app, equipment, hotel, transfer, etc.). When I was shooting firearms, costs did explode due to ammo prices. Even meeting friends, having dinner and some drinks in a bar is going fast up for just one evening.

The trick is to look at the own budget and compare your recreational spendings. It's up to you, if Tera is worth it.
Because unlike other games, in Tera you can farm gold and still get EMP. We still can buy shop items from other players.

First off, your examples give you far greater benefits than Tera ever will. Most of the other stuff you mention will make you more fit and learning to shoot a gun irl I'd say is more important than playing some online game.

So, you like to throw cash at your passive hobby, great for you. However, I'd say most people want to invest cash into a game they know will be around for a while and where the publisher at least pretends to care. I do love how you explain down to us about how much going out costs and so on, but you're missing most of the point. I've played plenty of other online games, and EME is one of the greediest companies I have ever seen. Mostly all dyeable versions of their costumes and mounts with benefits come in loot boxes that people have spent hundreds on trying to get something rare. Their system is beyond sad, tremendously greedy and simply gets old; all while EME calls players "spoiled" and tells them they don't even want to bother with a Community Manager, because Tera players simply don't deserve one.

I mean it's hard to tell which is stupider, the playerbase or the company.
I can kind of empathize with EME for how bloody spoiled the playerbase is (not by EME, granted), how little it appears they know about the game, and how little influence they would have over its direction even if they did know what is up. I feel like the people who knew anything about TERA left a long time, the original devs probably got sacked, most EME is probably different by now, and LOL I'm in the process of cashing out so I can log back on after the ingame economy has inevitably crashed and I can be rich. I expect everyone who's rich to continue to spend money like they're used to after it crashes so eventually I'll be rich in comparison.

Well, good luck with that. I sold a bunch of stuff and can't even be bothered to log back in to waste it on lootboxes like I had planned. I do blame EME, because they pretty much give us all the middle finger and tell us straight up that they don't want to bother with the community. Give them your cash then stfu. Just like how they can't even be bothered to play the game, moderate anything or even seem to care about any of it. Just more evidence that they know something we don't know and don't want to bother on a game they know has no future or hope.

Maybe they do have a high turnover rate, but that is just another reason to move on already. The only thing keeping most players there is the fishing and that will only last until people whine and cry enough for them to get rid of afk fishing to force players back into playing dungeons. Of course that won't work, so yeah, it will be interesting.

I can't blame them for not wanting to bother with the community

Well, golden gift boxes are out (I think) so now, people can throw their cash at those. Maybe after a grand or two, you to can get that new mount to fly in Exodor! LOL

It's adorable how a problem was created to later sell the solution.

@7GLN367E64 said:
p.s. to the guy/team at eme that saw the berserk class and did nothing i really hope and wish your wife, kids, family all die such a horrible death that after a few months of mental break down you'll kill yourself <3.

Yikes, wishing the death of people due to an online game.
What a time to be alive.
If you're displeased enough to wish them anything, wish the company bankruptcy.
And leave their poor families out of it.
Jesus [filtered] Christ.

Must be a feature.
Perhaps that information will be in a loot box in the future

To answer your question in the simplest way possible.
1. Proxy is a 3rd party program. Skill prediction is not a VPN and it will not reduce your ping.
However, skill prediction will help players with high ping greatly.
2. As long as you use ethical modules, it's tolerated by EME.
3. The forums is not a recommended place at all to talk about this. I recommend asking around on discord.

@counterpoint said:

Ultimately, if people really want to send a message, they have to stop buying lootbox items at all even with gold. But yeah, I guess odds of that happening are pretty slim, so...


@Terraforming said:
I opened 48 Emulator lootboxes (5300 EMP worth) and all I have to show for it are completely useless Metamorphic Emblems (why is this even in the prize pool?). Why is there no transparency regarding the odds with these boxes? Seriously this Black Friday "sale" feels more like a Black Friday SCAM.

I agree the rates should be disclosed.
However, seriously, if the rates were anywhere near decent the companies wouldn't be afraid to reveal it.

@RonLaw said:
Why did you buy any?


Wasn't aware of this.
Thanks for pointing it out.
Have a mystic I'd like to level.

I believe it's at 3am my time.
(UTC-03:00) No daylight saving.

Seems it was a system error. -Edit-

My my, it is just a coincidence that it started happening after a maintenance.
It is always, I'm afraid, the ISP's fault.

@Christin said:
Yeah, most players just want to have fun, and lately, everything really has been for the extreme end gamers. Granted, there are a lot of extreme end gamers out there, but the majority of players are casual players that see this game as an endless grind. No doubt they are simply overwhelmed even if they get to 65 and call it quits. I think if I had started recently, I would just move on to. That entire card system is ridiculous along with experience points, item xp, partners, and all of the rest of that nonsense. Having level 68 gear (no matter if it's good or not) be 250g is just so beyond pathetic and sad. New players try to buy needed weapons and see a flood of 68 gear sold as though it is trash. How did Krafton not know that this is how it was going to be? Gear is still sellable even though they acted as though the new update was going to solve the problem of players just buying their way through everything. They made it seem like players were going to have to grind for their own gear. So, really nothing has changed except that the green gear is thrown around like trash, and soon, the blue gear will follow. Just shocking really.

Well, after all these years of bad decisions, etc...
It's clear they don't play their own game. So how would they know?

Just make people grind new gear and buy new innerwear.
For myself looks like: "Let's keep pushing, see how far we can go."
On the other hand, let's see if that feedback will actually have any value.

At any rate, what's done is done.
Guess we can all "enjoy" this pinnacle of disgrace patch.

That's because the new patch sucks [filtered] and swallows!
Seriously, never saw anything bad like this in almost 6 years.

Basically, it's like being a customer at a restaurant.
You like the restaurant and goes there often.
Now, the dessert is expensive and tastes bad.
You give feedback.
Next time you purchase the dessert, it's still expensive and it still tastes bad.
You already purchased, disliked and gave feedback.
What's the use in complaining you're unsatisfied if you keep purchasing it?

@fromsector7 said:

@MargaretRose said:

@Fainall said:
I bought ONE of those new stupidly priced loot boxes and got 4 niveots out of it....seriously 3 bucks for a stupid loot box and this is what is in it? NO, just no. I am not buying one single loot box more if that crap is in there. And why are loot boxes 3 bucks each now???? That is just too much.

Very good.
Now we only require more players to speak with their wallets.
Unfortunately, the only language companies seem to understand.

"companies" need money ... They do not live on miracles. Video games are not a right, it is a luxury. enjoy the reality

And we're not walking credit cards, we're customers.
Right? Nothing is a right. Even basic supplies have to be earned.
I "enjoy" reality everyday, thank you.

@Fainall said:
I bought ONE of those new stupidly priced loot boxes and got 4 niveots out of it....seriously 3 bucks for a stupid loot box and this is what is in it? NO, just no. I am not buying one single loot box more if that crap is in there. And why are loot boxes 3 bucks each now???? That is just too much.

Very good.
Now we only require more players to speak with their wallets.
Unfortunately, the only language companies seem to understand.

Finally some good old fashion drama.

@fromsector7 said:
i get 4 slot bank , i hav 4 character with 5 special storage each one and another 4 character with 1 special storage totally free .

Good for those of us that are veteran players.
How is a new player supposed to have those?

@Maldicion159 said:
Pretty much what's the point of trying?

That's exactly the point, trying.
Worst the rates, longer people play.
It's been a common trait on MMO's.

Honestly, players do not respect themselves.
Why should the companies do so?

@counterpoint for CM 2020!

@Charismatic666 said:
For me, it would have to be Baldera.

Amused how they make new places and do not explore that place on new patches.

@Erulogos said:

@39HATFDXLY said:
We need more ecchi armors~

I agree, that's why I want to know if these will be staying or not.

Welcome to Tera.
Hope you enjoy your stay.

@glennbryan19 said:
Well Name selling has always been a wonder way to get a unique and better name. than sale it to someone who is willing to pay well. I choose isocialhub.net and this has been the best investment for me.

@39HATFDXLY said:
we all miss spacekatsu, does kitteacup play? lol

btw this thread is really old, but I really would love to see him play CM again or at least login, he was a fun person to be around

In that case, I'd like to see Tonka as CM again.

@Melyodis said:

@SupreMExDFULL said:
The Krafton development team is conducting a survey. This is your chance to provide us with feedback on the latest TERA update—Aerial Island—as well as your thoughts on some of TERA's core features. Click here to get started.

rain relentless sabot

What i want to know if this is truly legit survey from krafton why didn't it come from an official post from EME that's what i want to know?

cause all the feed over years was a waste of time look where we reach now in this game and this survey looks just same a waste of time.


It's EME.
The forums do not exist.

@glennbryan19 said:
Ahan this looks amazing, what i want to see is that netflix is an amazing way to get those things sorted out. You can get free netflix account from this Spacecats netflix blog.

@Liverneck said:
I have this "Error fff0:0000" problem now also since the Oct 29 patch they did on tuesday. Tried the repair in the launcher a few times.

I also tried running the game in windows 10 and windows 7, both gave the same error. Closed down all antiviruses, all graphics overlays like msi/riva and still won't load. The game crashes at startup and gives that error. My win 10 and 7 use different display driver versions and all round are very different so the problem isn't the OS, its something inside the game folder that is crashing it which repair should fix if there was a corrupt file?

I have another old PC with the game on it which I haven't updated for several months, I may try that if have some extra bandwidth but can't spend several gigs to test that out right now. I don't have that KB4515384 installed either.

This game is a total mess, I have no idea how its still profitable to keep running.

Suggest copying the tera folder to the old pc in that case.

Regarding profit, I'd presume loot boxes.

I see.
Did you disable windows game mode?

Did you try setting/increasing your virtual memory?
Seemed to help in my case.
Albeit most likely placebo.

@LancerJiva said:
Actually it’s the devs / publisher that’s killing the game and driving the players away with chore like content and same rinse and repeat events.

FYI, contesting your claims/points of view are not an insult.

@MidokuPasta said:
I got to level 70 in a week and never once did I do caimens. I also started at level 1 and played 5 hours a day with no events running. It's really not that hard.

How many hours did you play per day?

@Aluh said:
Sure, and i`m santa claus.

^ This.

@fromsector7 said:
one week of the new update and only complain...

My my, please share the highlights of the update.

@Concepcion30 said:

@counterpoint said:

@Concepcion30 said:
But now I have another problem. I had hit the auto log in button, and now it doesn't give me the option to switch to my other account. I'm so tired of it all!

If you click on the Krafton icon in the top-left corner, you'll find the log out option. Then you can switch accounts.

Well thank God for Counterpoint. I must have got the new support guy on the job who suggested that I switch emails to prevent my account from auto logging in, which didn't work of course. Oi, now to switch emails back.

Wow... seriously?

counterpoint should be paid~
Just saying.

@fromsector7 said:
just install ms c++ . .. it is not a science to do it again

@kori83 said:
Given that the Enchanting Event just ended, no changes to %success for upgrading is going to happen for months.

You're better off pushing to 68 (assuming you can find the motivation - I for one, can't) and getting the new Uncommon/Rare gear...
Let's face it, Stormcry and HO will be eventually phased out (ie. left behind to rot. )
That's the whole intention of this patch

Just have to fish your soul away to 68.

"This box features two brand new partners not available anywhere else"
Not misleading at all right?

Totally not a new feature hinting you should uninstall~

At least mention the OS for possible troubleshoots.

@Fainall said:
Not to mention the fact they chose the worst time of day ever to have him show up. Right at dinner/homework/spend time with your family peak hours. It's like they don't want us to even participate.

There comes a time in life when one must ask themselves what is more important:
Food, studies and family or TERA?
There's only one simple logical answer to that.

Cough TERA Cough


@RonLaw said:
Sure brings back memories of grinding for Alkahest, Feedstock, Enigmatic & Spellbind! Lot of crying back then too.

I see what you did there.
Well done indeed.

We were graced with the presence of EME staff at the forums!
Yesterday will be a memorable day.
Tear of joy

Am I the only one finding this oddly messed up?

I mean, you add 2 more Gourdo's at the back and you have a questionable meme.

@Naru2008 said:
To run Tracert, do the following;

Go to start, search CMD and press Enter, type "tracert -d diag.enmasse.com", then press enter. When it's finished running, Copy-Paste the trace to the email.


@Christin said:
I just love how they try so hard to fill up our banks and inventory with all of this junk. Every update brings more and more to fill our banks with. They are so obvious with it to. Cards don't even stack and all kinds of new gear along with enchant materials to take up space. New players must just feel so overwhelmed when they start and see how far they need to go. Everything is so rng in this game. Can't even have an event without making all of the prizes pretty much rng. The constant gambling does get a bit old after a while.

From someone that also plays Closers, it seems the idea is:
The more [filtered] clogging your inventory, the more tempted you'll be to spend money on inventory/bank slots.
Regarding rng... I mean, even information from EME tends to be rng.
And we know Koreans love rng like a druggy loves their drugs.

Thanks, I needed the laugh.
Honestly, wasn't this expected?

Oh my.
Seems like the "classic" routing issue.

Saving counterpoint a bit of time~

@counterpoint said:
The only thing you can do is to send your traceroute to diag.enmasse.com and diagnostic info to [email protected], and hope that with enough correlation of data, they can tell their service provider exactly where the problem is.

From this thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/281225#Comment_281225

Well, was already stated EME is understaffed.
So... yeah...
At this point it's most likely like this:

"We got some feedback regarding the new patch from our players."

BHS (Krafton):

@Christin said:

@LoadedGamer said:
I had to run a repair to fix it one time because every time game loaded it would crash with fff0:0000, after repair game launched fine, but I will still get the error when switching chars the game will crash but then loads right back up without another repair.

Yeah, It was always when I was changing characters to.

Had this happen as well.

Guess I should be thankful they ruined that too.
Gives myself less reasons to login.

Feeling no motivation to play the new content?
My, you're just the person we're looking for!
Join us today at the Angler Fishing Association!

@PP597W94LA said:
players should be expecting some "Complete Guide" Skywatch: Aerial Island to start playing the new patch =) =) =) =) <3

I'll take the uninstall guide.

Seriously? We're expected to start crafting a new rod if we'd like to have those?

@fromsector7 said:

@5WG9CLR9R4 said:
Thanks for the valuable input fromsector7

if tera run in a pc amd athlon x3 - 4gb ram . ati 6350 2gb ram ddr3 to 50fps ....THAT is a pc master race.

Glad it plays well on your PC.

@donutsenpai said:
those 2 little boxes that appear look like:
AHH more ways to drain our money away


Ty for sharing!

Huh... now that you mention it, I haven't received any emails from EME for a while now.

Do we also need to mark the "I want to receive promotional material from En Masse" box?
Thought it was unrelated to actual news and meant like EMP promotions or something of the sort.

Doot! Doot!

@Ximinott said:

@allofspaceandtime said:
I would think that using magic in general be it white or dark magic would leech the color from your hair and turn it white. people think of good magic as the color white and the color black associated with dark magic from the whole good and evil concept. kinda like the good guys wore a white cowboy hat and the bad guys wore black cowboy hats. pertaining the the game of tera, your hair doesn't change due to using magic, nor does the hair color represent the type of magic being used.

Ok thanks, i soón get banned,so i thank you be4 the ban.

Instance match has been difficult for dps for years.
Usually a fast queue with a healer/tank.

Elitism 101:
1. Kicking players that do not know mechanics nor basic english.
2. Kicking players with incorrect crystals.
3. Kicking players without damage. (No dps meter required, able to notice if, for example, a sorcerer is casting fireball continuously.)
4. Kicking players unable to tank.
5. Kicking players unable to heal.
6. Etc.
Basically, just spend 1h+ in a single dungeon for a possible disband.

Been there, done that.
Not everyone is obligated to carry.

@Ballistixz said:
well i bought the 2200 bundle for the gem crates, but NOW the [filtered] things arnt even in the store anymore!!! what happened? they are suppose to be there till the 15th. I wanted to try and get atleast full SC+0 before this event was over.

Well, that's what happens when you support a crap company.
Wonder if that'll be censored.

At any rate, recommend you contact support.
Tera support staff is actually quite good from experience.
Might be able to receive a reimburse.

It's like beating a dead horse at this point.

"Tera Toolbox is the pathway to many modules."

"Is it possible to learn this method?"

"Not at the forums."

It's fairly simple.
Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Select TERA Online and click the Uninstall button.

Mockeries aside...
You click the Krafton/EME logo at the top left corner of the launcher.

I'm honestly unsure.
Do you only complain if you're affected directly?
Otherwise everything is fine?

P.S. @counterpoint
All my friends were shadow banned.
Do I have to post gratuitous gore to be so too?


@counterpoint said:
The hard turn from leveling content to endgame and community expectations therein has been a constant problem with this game that's partly on the developers and partly on the veteran player community. There's a very heavy "you should already know what you're doing so you're not wasting our time" vibe, but most casual players are not going to go out and Google all these guides, videos, and other references so they can not make any mistakes on their first try. Most people just queue for end-game content the way they queued for leveling dungeons along the way and find suddenly that all the expectations changed. Even if they had managed to get into PvP, it has many of the same issues. This is basically what keeps the endgame experience something only for the core players -- the people who will go out of their week to seek out the information and "get good" so they can keep playing the game.

Of course the game also added a bunch of solo content and other things to do, but for people who primarily enjoy playing dungeons (it seems this player primarily leveled via dungeons), it's basically the end of the road if they're not willing to invest. The fact that they also released the level cap increase without a corresponding new zone/quest structure (as they did in the FoA expansion) also makes it less accessible to casual players, and they're either forced into endless grinding or again, dungeons, which have the aforementioned problem. The new zone they're adding now doesn't entirely help because it starts at level 68 and requires you to be geared up a fair ways, so you still have to bridge that gap on your own.

In any event, the video is a fair presentation of this person's experiences while playing the game, and while I don't think those experiences will apply to everyone, it's fair to say that it will apply to some people, and some of these problems are really difficult to change at this point. (For example, no matter what they do now to make endgame more welcoming to casual players, you're not going to easily change the attitude of the existing veteran players that's grown over years of passive reinforcement.)

Believe that's mostly meant metaphorically.
Anyone playing long enough is aware changes will most likely never happen.

Would be surprised if I'm mistaken.

@counterpoint said:

@Christin said:

@counterpoint said:

@TJKat said:

@counterpoint said:
it doesn't say much that I'm doing better than a team that no longer exists.

On the contrary. I think it says a lot that they no longer have a community team, and have dumped all that on a volunteer.

Honestly, if they had to start over now, there probably wouldn't even be a forum anymore and they'd just direct everyone to Discord instead. Times have changed.

The forums comprise the majority of EME's Google presence, so not sure why they'd want to rely on Discord so much. New players are looking to Google to find information and updated guides.

Well, play guides notwithstanding (that you find more on fansites), they're putting more troubleshooting information (and some simpler guides) in their Knowledgebase now, so that way answers to common Google questions still get found. (For example, they have a guide to the companion system.) They have someone on staff now whose job (among other things) is maintaining this Knowledgebase for all EME games. Right now they still use the forums for patch notes and some news posts, but I think honestly this is mostly for convenience of editing. This could maybe be moved to the website proper or the Knowledgebase as well. Besides that, even without an official forum, places like Reddit continue to exist.

I'm not saying that they're going to get rid of the forum anytime soon, but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me if it eventually ended up there. A number of newer games simply don't have official publisher forums anymore. Forums (Reddit aside) are becoming relics of the past.

As soon as yourself and @StarSprite stop posting/replying at the forums, might as well close it.


I fully agree with you.
But, unfortunately, it's profitable.
So it will not change.

@TJKat said:

@Fainall said:
I am not sure sitting at your comp doing 75 dungeons over 3 weeks to get a mount is actually something to brag about.


Sugar coating it with words like "hardest of the hardcore" and "most dedicated" players doesn't suddenly make it an admirable achievement. "Saddest of the sad" and "most addicted" players seems more appropriate.

I mean, it's not like it will later be released in a loot box like mentioned previously.
So it's a sense of accomplishment.

Like the actual satisfaction of hunting world bosses for months only to have them nerfed so bad anyone can do it within a few days.
Or dungeons that get nerfed to the ground while still having obtainable titles.

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