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What they should have done is keep draco as is, merge the other 3 pve servers, and merge the 2 pvp servers. People in PVP servers are only upset because their new server seems small relative to the new PVE server. If instead they announced they are merging the 2 PVP servers and nothing else, the PVP servers would be rejoicing right now.

Draco was doing fine and I honestly don't really want to be in an overpopulated server which means more lag and blue screens. I already get annoyed having to change channel once in a while in Thulsa. I have already encountered lots of little bugs while leveling my first character in Draco recently that I never have in Thulsa and I'm 99% sure it's due to being on a very full channel.

This all or nothing mentality people have when running businesses needs to stop. Went from adding 3 more servers for absolutely no reason when 3 was fine to begin with to cutting it down to 2 servers total. Instead of being prepared to take advantage of the times when the population will come back during new patches, they instead will have people return to a lagfest and uninstall again immediately.
Thank you very
I've been patiently waiting for the swimsuits I wanted ever since the event and for 3 months prior to it but the last batch of swimsuits still aren't released. They've been releasing on Tuesday with a promise that new ones will be added every week. What happened to this weeks swimsuits?
Can they be obtained through intercede tokens like guile? I'm hoping Tera always has a solo option for mid tier gear like it is with guile (ace, bams, arena). I am saving my t11 feedstock from BGs and would like to prepare beforehand.

Also will eau de fascinations be easier to obtain in a later patch?
If you don't play corsair or fraywind, you shouldn't comment. Just sayin'. On top of that, the server is really kick-happy and just wants to boot me off all the time, especially starting recently with all the menu bugs, etc. I think they are booting people off to protect their servers and they don't want to invest in better servers, but want more players. Makes so much sense.
Are the broker prices comparable for console vs PC? I feel like things on console are mostly overpriced. I've still made and spent over a million gold but I don't know how 200k+ items are even moving in the market. I know we had an event that gave us like 50k but that was a month ago and even though I still buy (and sell) some of the stuff, it just doesn't seem like the prices are fair right now. Any PC players with any input?
Not only is channel 1 really laggy but hard to farm anything on. Such an inconvenience to change channels. I wish they filled channel 1 even 10% less and route to channel 2. Would be better in every way. If you wanna dance in velika, go to channel 1 manually. Not everyone needs to be in a full channel to feel the game is alive.
This game is not the most casual MMO out there as some claim. This is a Korean MMO through and through. I've been staying away from the RNG as much as possible but I spent too much on innerwear boxes and I can't seem to get a single new glyph on my archer now. It is really demotivating and I can't believe I'm starting to not want to play a game that I enjoy so much. There needs to be at least a minimum level of progress felt when you play hundreds of hours or spend hundreds of dollars. This is not even P2W, its Luck2win.
I've fully glyphed 2 characters but my archer has taken thousands of intercede and about 100 lakan's charm and still got like 4 glyphs to go. This RNG is making me suicidal and I don't want to grind for glyphs anymore. I have done arena/ace/bams/demokron/kalivans/ghillies way too much. Please tell me there's an easier way to get glyphs later on. I'm not farming supercede tokens.
They started popping for me upon login and it is retroactive. This is the first game I've played that gave me retroactive trophies for bugged trophies. I don't remember getting this many free things (that mostly have monetary value) for any other console game either. So far we got free pets that can be sold for like 40k or more Thulsa, a free character slot that can be sold for like 15k, 2 free face costumes, head costumes, head slot accessories, 50k in gems for leveling to 65, plus other events for more free things.

Yea this game has many bugs and issues but you gotta acknowledge the good with the bad. It also seems like there's always some kind of event or other updates and dungeons, etc. being added all the time. The issues in this game [filtered] me off as much as the next man but they are trying to fix and address issues and lets not act like this is the worst game ever. I don't get how they are greedy either when this is like the least P2W F2P game I've ever played.
Hey I'm okay with a few bugs and some crashes but this game is literally starting to break my PS4. Second or third time now that the game just froze or something and said I was disconnected from server and I couldn't press anything. Only way to get out of it is by manually pulling out PS4 plug. What's more upsetting is I was playing stronghold for golden eyepatch. Thanks EME for the 3-14 record. Yea, I'm so bad that I win 15% of my games even though there are 19 other players and I account for 5% of my entire team. Thank you so much for making my experience so completely fair.
I only got to try the iron thing like twice and found it wasn't worth the queue time, never got to try to fraywind or skyring although I queued a few times, and did a lot of kumas but never really enjoyed it. Now after Stronghold, it all makes sense why they waited to release it because it combines aspects of all those modes. I wish I got to do the other modes more and queue wasn't so broken because it would make even more sense right now. I'm also glad I didn't read up on how to's and whatnot because it was dope to realize how kumas prepped us for stronghold once I understood the objective more, even how we're all babies in kumas makes sense now.

I already had a full plate with PVE but it looks like this games got a lot more playtime left for me. There's a lot of flaws in this game, the bugs, the lag, the crashes, the communication and customer service is iffy, etc. but it really offers so much to do. I don't get how people can just rush to 424 ilvl or just make a bunch of 65s and say there's nothing left to do. If you played on PC, yeah but PC players expecting console to be the same version make even less sense to me.

For new players like myself, I have been no-lifing this game and being irresponsible with my personal life for a month now but still seems like I haven't even seen close to half of the content that's in the game right now. I haven't even been in half the available dungeons yet, haven't done 2 of the PVP modes yet, only tried 3 to 65 and 2 others to low level, Done maybe half the story quests, barely dabbled in professions, barely started with reputation points in different areas, just started making dyads.. like there's too much. I'm still doing things for the first time almost on a daily basis. Way more than enough content for a new player.
So I skipped the past generation and a half of console and what I noticed on PS4 is that games have a higher chance to end services abruptly, especially F2P games. MHO and this other TCG I forgot the name of just ended services within a year and I invested a bit into both games. I'm too stupid to learn my lesson even though I'm broke and continue to support F2P games with money I don't have but swipe anyway. Will I be able to play this game a year from now? 5 years from now? Will I be able to dust off my PS4 and play this game 10 years from now?

As modded and repetitive as it is, what I like about Diablo 3 on console is that you can keep your character forever since you can play offline and Blizzard doesn't ever shut down servers anyway (maybe like 1 obscure exception). It seems I keep picking the wrong MMOs/games in general to play because I've had at least 4 games shut down on me that I've invested heavily into. I don't know anything about EME or Bluehole and I've known about Tera but basically just knew that it existed.

That said, I don't think it's as bad as Gazillion/MHO but I'm getting some similar vibes with some things and it kind of scares me a little. Sort of has-been F2P MMO/ARPG type games run by smaller companies that are/were dying with little communication from said companies, rushed/buggy console ports with poor optimization and lag/choppiness in certain areas, etc. etc. I can write about all the eery similarities forever which I've ignored thus far but can someone provide me anything on how long this journey will last?
Can I go straight for rare glyphs or do I need to get all the lower tier glyphs as well for max stats?
I would love a hide hud option.
After leveling to 65 (twice) and not really wanting to do another one at least until new classes come out, is it worth it to keep elite up? I never get anything from gift boxes, used some resets but don't need them right now and use my nostrums and gold boost in dungeons but I don't know if it's worth it to re-up. Doesn't spending 1k of EMP and selling a costume or something net you back a similar or better value instantly?
I'm in my mid 30's and have been gaming since like 5. I've played lots of PC games including Korean MMOs (mostly Nexon) and just a variety of different games. That said, I don't think I've ever encountered such impatient and elitist players in my life and I already see it having a negative impact on end-game activity. I feel like when I first started the game a couple weeks ago shortly after the official release, lots of people were queuing for dungeons and I was sort of with that wave. Demokoron, Kavalan's, and the 3-person one were like instant queue for a week or so. Then that wave of people hit the 410 dungeons and look, good for you if you played Tera on PC or watched youtube videos and read guides and you were prepared. Awesome for you. However, these people were just getting frustrated at people (like me) running LK or SS for the first time and kicking people after 1 minute because "they don't know what they're doing" and are you happy now with the queue times?

Never seen a community so impatient with "noobs" when the game just released. There's a reason end-game dungeons are empty and it's not just because they're difficult or people can't get to 410 or 417. It's because if you get kicked for running a dungeon for the first time, you don't really want to even attempt it again. You are not some genius or expert gamer because you know a dungeon's mechanics a little faster than average. If people run a dungeon a few times, they will start noticing what does what a little clearer. "Oh PUGs are so terrible, DPS can't hurt a fly, tanks can't hold aggro, healers won't heal." Get off your high horses. It's peoples' first time. Let them figure things out for a second. These end-game dungeons were designed to be chaotic the first few times. You people didn't even give us a chance to learn.
I got into a game of Kumas with a person who picked boss and went straight to the enemy base and we just got destroyed. Was not fun. I was annoyed but I just qeued up again and was placed in a game with the same person right after. I was raid leader and I could not even leave the match without logging out. I haven't been the luckiest with this modes matchmaking but this is downright unacceptable.

This type of stuff happens in so many competitive games/modes and its a shame that developers even add competitive modes to their games without thinking of mitigating this type of stuff. Usually the victim has to take penalties and what not because they don't even want to bother.

I know EME doesn't develop Tera so I'm basically writing a wall to wall but I hate the fact that one person can just waste and ruin so much of other peoples' time and nobody cares when developing games. I hope EME implements a report system because people picking boss and throwing is way too common and it becomes a giant waste of time that I find hard to tolerate. A report system will also help against win-traders as well.

I don't even like Kumas that much but the rewards are good whether leveling, farming feedstock, farming credits, or making gold. I've gotten decent at attacking and I'm not saying I should win every game but this mode is very uncompetitive right now. Simply punishing bad Kumas bosses in some manner will help tremendously in my opinion. I don't see anything wrong with "If you're not good at Kumas boss, don't pick him." One person wasting 9 peoples' time is the bigger travesty, I'll just leave it at that.
Anyway I can collect the weapon or stop from dropping shards? This is going to drive my OCD crazy and not want to play this character because.. people with gaming OCD will understand.
Terrible. I know it's a mini game but the rewards need to be nerfed so only people who enjoy it can play. It might take long queue but this matchmaking is very stressful. How many more hours wasted until I get a single win?
In my opinion, how easily monsters aggro and the respawn rate in the beginning areas is very annoying and should be toned down. Everywhere I try to travel from point A to point B I draw like 20 monsters that won't stop following me until I kill them all. And when I kill them all, more monsters get lured in the process and I'm trying to follow the quest marker while looking at the map but I can't even keep the tab open because monsters won't stop hitting me. When I'm doing a gathering quest, monsters won't stop hitting me and respawning and it takes 15 minutes to gather 3 items. This is especially true in the beginning of the game when it is pretty linear for the first couple of hours. It is my assumption that at least some new players will be turned off by how irritating quests are for the first couple of hours regardless of the gameplay.

I think Tera is a great game overall and I'll be playing for as long as it's supported on console but I don't think I want to make any new characters because of how annoying and tedious the first few hours are. It really puts me in a bad mood when I'm just stuck killing endless mobs for 30 minutes because they won't stop respawning and aggroing me when I'm just trying to do a seemingly quick quest. Navigating the map and trying to find quest markers is hard enough as it is without mobs of 20 plus respawning as soon as you kill a group and following you for 10 miles not allowing you to mount and so on and so forth.
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