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Based on the K-TERA dev notes (at least with their existing philosophy), the design I believe is intended for the foreseeable future; it's a layer of RNG when it comes to what rolls for damage type (magical or physical). Same with not being able to re-roll the random line properties and being unable to upgrade to the next tier. The one not for your class gives you options (sell for gold or salvage for materials). It can still be equipped (like benefiting from more defense and physical/magic resistance with the armor for example) though it won't be optimal for maximizing damage if not the primary damage type for the class.

The overlap with existing Stormcry/Heroic Oath is not a complete 1:1 thing either (I've found damage mitigation better with the new blue armor at base for example even though my item level decreases compared to SC+9 pieces - so I usually only use my SC chest but equip the blues one for hand/feet on Exodor - I switch back to my SC pieces for VG's to continue earning item XP on them since they have that plan in the future for utilizing HO pieces for fodder with that higher tier they eventually want to implement). Basically, it is sort of meant to give people trying to get best in slot, something to farm for (I'm not a fan of too many layers of RNG like how they've implemented it though).

Part of the design has an intended cash shop element to it (for both them and publisher to earn revenue) since it will take a lot of feedstock (and eventually gold) to upgrade to even +10 (don't even want to think about +15) since enchanting is weighted more towards failure than success (I already failed 5 times trying to enchant to just +1 on one piece of my blue gear so I can imagine how it will be with yellow gear). That's why the Jagged Federation Crate exists (targeted at impatient folks who cannot get enough from the in-game methods). It's also why they made the gear bind on equip (tradeable) and able to liberate up to 5 times. Liberation scrolls will end up being good sellers as well once players start progressing through their equipment.

@Zoknahal said:
But well, i guess is pointless at this stage, to try to argue about it, because well of course, you guys at eme ditched the forums, an organized place to gather feedback, for Discord, an unorganized platform where people most of the times meme instead of being constructive.

This is why I don't bother providing detailed feedback (I was one of those that did that in other games I played). I mean the new product manager (Frank Johnson aka Tielwing) made that initial post of his here but then unsurprisingly didn't really follow through on actual community engagement. Not his fault either since a lot of these folks are having to do more with less. As per what counterpoint mentioned regarding there being no community team any longer, it seems earlier this year (looking at some of their LinkedIn), some folks "promoted" upwards (filling either associate or non-senior level product management positions; and if they were doing community management related tasks prior, are continuing to wear those hats on top of their newer responsibilities). Unfortunately, that approach has resulted in bare minimal engagement with the player community. As a result, the game is mostly being run with cycled events.

It's also why I stopped spending (I don't mind buying cosmetics in games like this but once they began pushing more towards the "cash grab" route, I really curbed my EMP purchases since last year) since the only thing that tends to work in sending an actual signal to most publishers management, is a trend of decreasing revenues (especially avg revenue per player), CCU's (daily/monthly average), retention, and whatever in-game metrics they use for determining how much EMP is being converted to gold (cash shop purchases then listed to the trade broker) since we aren't able to directly earn EMP via in-game methods. The accumulated login event the other month was a good one but I also realize putting something together like that takes time. Now with the daily calendar offline and no other daily "carrot on a stick" running, the chart must look like one of those huge chasm drops.

Bluehole/Krafton always had a "sink or swim" mentality with their subsidiaries. The original employees (from what used to be known as Bluehole Ginno) that worked on PUBG, made out like bandits when that raked in money (since their reward structure gives the originating subsidiary a bigger chunk of the bonuses). So what was once a small studio subsidiary ended up getting a new rebranding (PUBG Corp) as well as swanky new offices in Seoul. The biggest change with the corporate rebrand and it's effect on those in the Krafton Game Union is the ability now to share ideas and at least on the development side in Korea, resources (since Krafton's leadership wants to find the next PUBG with some of the new PC/console/mobile titles they've been working on). A:IR has far too much monetization ideas courtesy of Kakao Games investment (and thus publishing rights in KR/NA/EU) and seems to have once again run into some development hell problems after some issues were revealed with the revamped design (made to the one used in the 2017 KR CBT) during the Thai/SEA beta test earlier this year so I don't see that ending up being more than a niche title. Unfortunately, both TERA and A:IR share the same development studio subsidiary (still known as Bluehole) so we get some of the layers of RNG designs in the process (and isn't made any better when you actually have people that came from BDO pushing those sort of designs).

EME is in their own position as a publisher in that union so it doesn't surprise me a lot of decisions are being made based on $$$ metrics since I can see how TERA and Closers both have customers who spend a lot every month. EME also gets zero dibs on being directly involved with publishing some of the stuff they are releasing (like the two other Bluehole dev studio originated games; MISTOVER is being self-published and releasing on Steam/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation in early October while they self-published MiniLife on both Google Play and the App Store for iOS). So basically, they have to do whatever it takes to survive (doesn't mean I agree with how they are running things but I do get they are under pressure to perform).

I originally had an issue with the new launcher not launching the game (you hit play and you'd see the circles spinning for a short while but the game would never launch; old launcher continued working fine). Reinstalling the launcher and even trying to manually relocate the game again didn't work (it would update and show the patch/build version fine). I also have the game installed under Steam and updated the launcher for that to the new one and it worked fine from there. I managed to get my non-Steam install working with the new launcher by deleting en.meta.json and tera.meta.json (these are recreated when launching the game) from the TERA/Client folder and running the new launcher again.

It's probably not a solution for everyone though.

It seems to be RNG on top of RNG. The other day, I got zero while last night, I got two within 30 minutes of each other. I'm not specifically grinding these either; just doing it for a short (1 hour) period if I decide to do the Sienna Canyon dailies. On average with the level 67 desert basilisks, it has been around 1 (with portal spawn) every 30 minutes if I'm grouping them 4-5 at a time. Also, only once (first time when the patch dropped) did the golden larvae spawn inside.

Like most RPG (co-ops, MMO's), the game doesn't really start until max level. In TERA, level 65 used to be max level but for the most part, it still represents the beginning of the end game content (where yes, the difficulty does scale and you do need to be more cognizant of mechanics in dungeons as well as positioning). It doesn't help that with a recent update, that low level dungeons have had the party restrictions lifted (holy trinity is no longer required for pre-level 65 dungeons which means that low level players are no longer constrained by having to properly deal with mechanics that would at least help a little for end game (not like it was a helpful training ground though since some end game dungeons have one shot mechanics if certain things aren't properly done/timed).

Regarding number 3, have you opened up your extra shortcut tray (there are two of them for an extra 24 that you can rebind keys to)? It's the "+" at each end of the main tray. Each class has several dodge/dash/evade type of skills with an i-frame that are useful with higher end content.

Regarding number 4, that one is a mixed bag. It's like any of these type of games with a mix of toxic folks and also some helpful folks. There are some guilds that continuously recruit newer players since the game does have trouble retaining players that hit the newer level 66+ grind. In-game global chat has some trollers that give only wiseass responses to newbie questions.

You don't have to worry about stuff like skill resets (the game gives your class every available skill to unlock which only costs gold) and glyph points you can reset at any time. Once you hit 65 and unlock Enhancement Points (EP) which is like an alternative progression system like Paragon's in Diablo III or Prestige in MapleStory 2 as examples, that is when I would ask around (or check out the class Discords) for where to spend your points. EP can be reset (you get a limited amount of reset pots from the achievements associated with EP and after that, can buy them from some NPC).

Trade Broker (Auction House) can be used at any level and is pretty straightforward. Just always be careful to doublecheck the listed amount if you are listing something decent. Some recent changes however requires that players now have "earnest money"; you are basically assessed a non-refundable listing fee that is a percentage of the amount that is being listed. If you don't have enough gold to cover that amount, you won't be able to list the item. The UI should note that though since I recall the last time I listed something, it popped up a message asking me to confirm that. Aside from that, I cannot think of any other situation since it won't let you do some of the more obvious ones (like being able to list non-tradeable or soul bound items).

Anyway, hope some of this helps (in my book, there is no such thing as dumb questions because we all were new at any of these games at one point). Most importantly, have fun and enjoy what the game has to offer (its definitely not perfect and has flaws that should be addressed).

Only main story quests (red ones) give XP now. As noted, progression and parts of the story/quest line were changed. Parts of the Val Tirkai argon story were moved from level 58 to the level 30's and the gap that existed between 54-58 (where it was primarily several dungeons), is now covered by story lines and the solo dungeons until you hit 60 (were you then get a new quest chain that takes you to same Fate of Arun part in Velika Outskirts - the old "Fly to the North" Vanguard Initiative has been removed). The Argon War part of the quest that takes place in Argonea is now level 64 and only available once the Fate of Arun part is completed.

Most of the field monster objectives that had a Vanguard Initiative Request were removed and pushed off into yellow side quests (that give gold and materials for enchanting). Some of quests that used to be part of the main line questing were also moved off into these side quests (side quests give no XP). Pre-level 65, only solo mode dungeons can now progress the main story line (if you choose to level this way). Mobs and bosses are basically balanced for one player so they have less hit points and deal out less damage. Specific plague mechanics still need to be dealt with though (like making sure to jump to remove the parasites in Manaya's Core (level 64 dungeon now) for example else it can still kill you with even higher end level 65 gear. Party mode dungeons for these still exist but they removed the matching requirement (so that it doesn't have to have tank, dps, healer).

The game will drop level appropriate gear from monsters now like how it was before they introduced avatar weapons. Some main quests also give out certain pieces as a reward. Caveat. The drop rate can get sort of low in the level 30-40 range (known issue that was eventually addressed in K-TERA) especially for weapons. The loot tables on some area mobs are also the wrong one. Like those level 40ish mobs were dropping level 50 gear when I really needed level forty-something ones. I know because I had an existing level 30ish character that I resumed leveling with this updated system, and I ended up using my level 32 weapon until I hit level 44, and got a weapon as a quest reward. On the opposite end of the RNG spectrum, I leveled a completely new character and didn't run into this lull so your mileage may vary.

Only level 64 gear has 6 enchant levels (the rest of the pre-level 65 gear only has 3 enchant levels; each enchant level gives a third of what was the prior maximum that one got before with the old +9). New pre-level 65 equipment can now be dismantled into three specific tiers of relics that is used as enchanting material. Feedstock and alkahest are obsolete for these new drops (you can still use them on old items that were dropped from before this update if you happen to have any).

Overall, if you previously leveled via questing, it's a bit more streamlined now (plus teleport scrolls are given or the NPC will teleport you directly to the next location for most story quests). If you previously leveled using dungeons after level 20, it's not much different except the restrictions on party composition has been removed.

The way TERA's launcher (the old and new one) operates with Steam is interesting when it comes to metrics. If the EME launcher (old or new) is already active and you try to run the game from Steam, it will simply switch to the already active EME launcher (same signature). On Steam, the game will show as being played that day (thus counted as part of concurrent login) but will not log play time.

The only way actual play time will be logged on your Steam activity (and as part of game time metrics) is when the launcher is run from Steam (without an already active launcher process running which would be the case for those who only play via Steam). Furthermore, just the launcher needs to be active for play time to be logged (and not an actual active connection to the game server).

Basically, the specific metrics aren't accurate to a degree (and I've never looked at them that way either). The trend over time (by looking at the overall chart since the release on Steam) however can be extrapolated to a degree in terms of general engagement regardless of launcher. I play mostly only via EME's launcher (only times I used the Steam launcher is for redeeming a Steam only DLC or when I had issues with the EME launcher) and while there are periods when you see certain areas with a lot of players AFK or otherwise (in Crescentia, Highwatch or those fishing either legitimately or for some, the bot way), there are other ways to see the continuous player drop off (like Guardian Legion missions during peak hours). Sure, some of this is subjective but its more akin to the visual observations one sees over time (like if you compare Velika Freedom Plaza from 2016 to how it tends to be now).

Patch 80 hasn't helped with player retention IMHO. At least before, I used to meet newer players who would stick around a bit once they hit 65. Some of those same folks on my friends list have fallen off the wagon with what feels like an unending grind (just to now level to 70) and unrewarding reward loop due to the designed/increased RNG failure with upgrading/enchanting the higher tier items. I'm not expecting anything different with the three new tiers of equipment that comes with the Exodor region since (enchanting) it will be like the three tiers of halidom/relic where even green uncommon is tilted towards failure on upgrade (and this RNG fail rate only increases with blue rares and yellow superior tiers).

I don't think Krafton/Bluehole truly cares that much at this point (considering how they are milking the TERA franchise with three mobile related projects including the two from the studios they acquired) because they are likely using metrics taken from every region where the hardcore grinders and the ones that consistently spend money tend to oblige these designs (everyone else be damned). Those folks may complain but they still put in the time to grind through the upgrade/enchanting process (and their metrics likely also show the same people who spend money, continuing to do so).

Myself, I stopped spending money (vote with the wallet) and don't bother grinding. Two months after hitting 67, I'm only now just a "sliver" (100 million XP) from hitting 68 on my main. I continue playing because I enjoy parts of the game including the combat and my wacky characters. The TERA designers are going to have to eventually remove their cranium from their posterior though because its not going to help the game any more with only a smaller fraction of the remaining player base from doing Exodor region content in the near future when it is rolled out across all of the other regions.

NCSoft has the resources (money plus engineers) to do that work even when taking into account the revenues/profits that Krafton has made from PUBG (they generated over $920 million in revenue last year but this is around half of what NCSoft has been averaging over the past several years).

NCSoft started the conversion process last May but also noted the work won't be completed this year (mentioned in their producers letter a few weeks ago). UE4 also doesn't mean things will be magically optimized; they still need to do that depending on what capabilities they utilize along with the target hardware configurations.

TBH, B&S really needed it as it always ran like molasses in more areas of the game (at least for me); I get way more client FPS drops compared to TERA (and it uses a UE3 build in the 4000 range similar to TERA). I remember one of the earlier starting hubs (the one where you talk to the NPC to select your faction) where frame rates stuttered to 0 like crazy even without other players in the area.

The 1080p preview wasn't really impressive either (at least to me) since it doesn't look like they really redid the assets/textures (i.e. taking advantage of PBR in UE4) for the little that they showed. Would like to see them take actual game client footage with the game running at 1440p or better yet, 4K and seeing it put out 60fps minimum during intense combat scenes.
TJKat wrote: »
The fact that half the dressing room is just duplicate PUBG items and they've never bothered to fix that shows how much they care.
It's actually ironic that those particular item ID's (the PUBG ones) haven't been flushed out by now (what seems to normally happen when there are major version updates to the game client) which normally seems to necessitate reloading of the dressing room database. Most of the other regional publishers at least put effort into maintaining their respective dressing rooms but is obviously/sadly not important/priority for EME.

I mean, a free database site like TERA Lore has been able to keep a database of those ID's across different publishers (if you select the region from the top right). A publisher would need something similar with additional querying criteria and the ability to export that data into a format that can be imported to reload the dressing room datastore for the game client since it would be insane to have to manually input this information all the time.
The Aura Sentinel is near the NPC (Larive) you need to talk. So once you talk to her and the quest says to approach it, just standing near it for a couple of seconds should complete that part of the chain (a message appears in red saying "The Aura Sentinel is reacting!", the object then lights up, and you have to talk to Larive again to continue the next part of the quest).

Doesn't mention a specific date except "early August" (so until they provide a specific end date, I'm personally setting the first Tuesday in August to get whatever amount of tokens I need)
Enjoying the view of the Castanica Beach Party Summer Festival from Nakatam Tower
It could also be that both Krafton and Joymax (a subsidiary of South Korean development studio WeMade Entertainment) purchased or licensed the model and animation from an asset marketplace (the same one which also licenses/sells a lot of graphical assets that show up in multiple Korean MMO's including the same hairstyles, similar monsters, etc).
From what I know from before, EME randomly sends out these promotional emails. Like I received this one (Skywatch: Call to Arms is packed with action) promoting the Popori brawler and Summerfest event along with the code for the Cool Cat Cap (one time use code) on my main account but not on an alt account. Occasionally got previous promo emails on both so likely also never saw other ones as well.
The most recent EME contest (late 2018) where the prizes included a gaming laptop, 15000 EMP, and pack of items for game of choice, they never did announce any of the winners (I happened to be one of them) even though we had to send back a response by the specified deadline which also gave them permission to use our names for promotional purposes if they chose to.
For myself, it is several things that keeps me playing. The combat is impactful, visceral, and extremely satisfying. And it takes place in a game world with graphical aesthetics that I find varied, beautiful, colorful (for zones designed that way), and even for some of the darker places, still well done. All of this with a cast of character races that aren't always to be taken seriously (since this game after all was designed with to be a bit out there in terms of fantasy). I know some folks aren't huge fans of the wackiness (cosmetics, weapon skins, etc) but that is the light hearted side which I don't mind. If I wanted to play a game that felt more immersive from a non-fictional point of view, I would not be playing this particular game. Even the original designers made the random character creator option err on the troll side where it can spit out some really awful looking face sliders that gets laughs out of me.

With that said, I fully realize this game has huge imperfections and flaws including design changes made over the years that were done by different groups of development teams with different ideas and philosophies. I don't have an issue with RNG based systems (since I was previously heavily into the single player RPG genre). Grind I also don't mind IF the reward loop is decent. What I am not keen about is layers and layers of RNG that tends towards failure and artificially induced grind that is obviously meant to draw things out time wise. It's why I made a conscious decision to play TERA on the casual side; to stay away from hardcore/tryhard grinding. My characters as a result make small steps in progression whenever I play them. Because of that, I don't get burned out on feeling this need to always complete every single daily (like I do not religiously do every post 65 daily green quest - some days, I just don't bother if I don't feel like it), don't run through Vanguards on each level 65 to get 40 boxes for each of those characters, etc. I finally hit level 67 on my main last week, finally getting closer to 400 EP, and know it will likely take me several months to get to 70 (but I am alright with all of this).

Some games like ArcheAge compels you to use your capped resources (in that games case, labor) daily and to use spreadsheets to calculate the best silver to labor ratio when burning through labor. And that is on top of a game that attempts to replicate real world things like taxation on property in the game along with efficiently making gold daily (in order to pay for your monthly sub which is required to own land if you don't want to keep shelling out real money for it). I deal with that in real life and play games to disengage; the point is that if the game systems start making it feel like another job (and be un-fun in the process), that is when I stop playing because playing a game like an automaton/human bot is not my idea of fun.

In TERA, I made a personal decision to play the way I am playing (including focusing on activities that I enjoy engaging in like ticking off achievements, exploring every part of the map while gathering (and occasionally finding cracks in those invisible walls), crafting stuff for my own use, and just BSing during those rare occasions when those whom I know log in while I'm on (some of them don't log in for weeks/months at a time though).

The part of the game that I am not a fan of are the recent grindy and RNG laden designs along with some obvious publisher cash grabs. What also "irritates" me is "low quality" effort as perceived by the player perspective (stuff like not keeping the dressing room maintained which every other regional publisher at least attempts to do - automated scripts can assist in reloading that data for example), not following through (like others have noted in different topics before about lack of action on the TERA Rewards Emporium, fashion coupon changes, etc). These sort of things ticks off the checkboxes for slowly disengaging and keeping the wallet shut tightly though. I don't mind spending money on games as a sign of support when the entertainment value as well as effort from the developers/publishers are there.

So when others seriously ask me about whether or not TERA is worth playing, I don't sugarcoat things and tell it like it is (good and bad) regarding the game as well as the respective publishers that I am familiar with (and I am pretty familiar with the follies of EME, Gameforge, Nexon, and Playwith Interactive). It's up to them to decide whether or not they want to proceed or not with putting time into this game.
Everytime I read about how they came up with the new name (the whole "craftsmanship" part), I sort of laugh and roll my eyes (looks at state of TERA and utters "yeah right"). I occasionally replace the letter "F" with a "P"...


P.S. While the corporate umbrella is Krafton, the studio subsidiary that handles Ascent: Infinite Realm and TERA is still known as Bluehole (well, they actually refer to it now as Studio Bluehole not be confused with the original company and subsidiary studio name; Bluehole Studio before they simply shortened the corporate name to Bluehole). Lot of the smaller Korean game studios (not named NCSoft or Nexon) have a tendency to rebrand themselves over the years.
It no longer does the route it used to do before where it flew through Val Aureum and out over ocean outside of the Velika Outskirts. It only appears during the "Rhapsody of Wind and Fire" Guardian Legion Flight Mission and only on channels 1-3. It's too bad that Bluehole didn't put a bit more effort (not surprising I guess) to at least allow it to continue its flyover route on the other channels.
NerdFury wrote: »
I saw 1 drop after 6 hours of basilisk farming.
Sounds about right for this grindy design. Part of it is by design to drive players to cash shop solutions (companion loot box) and their (Krafton's) data probably shows a demographic that obliges across all regions (both hardcore grinders and those who throw a lot of money at these sort of cash shop items).
An NPC enemy named Allendra is supposed to spawn at that point after completing that unknown plant/dracoloth portion.
Since you probably exited out of the instanced Wyrmgorge (you'll need to re-enter it from the NPC named Bellenun on the Velika Pegasus platform), you'll need to re-clear everything prior to that again (this entire quest chain up until the Unknown Device where you teleport out to Fyrmount), needs to be completed in full; no deaths or exiting else you need to start from the beginning again).
Zilch as well so I just hid the partner quest from the tracker since I know its going to take awhile to collect the rest of the 7. This is pretty much the current dev team's post level 65 design philosophy in terms of grind and RNG (I guess we can be thankful they gave us one for free). :expressionless:
At minimum, there should've been a mechanism to allow unregistering a pet that has been added (this is honestly one of the WORST designed pet UI's I've encountered) since yes, I was one of those who had a lot of cosmetic (from achievements) and functional pets that I began re-adding (on my main) and hit the limit. So my only recourse now is to combine and lose in the process, some of those legacy pets just to get my gathering and looting one registered... seriously... And unfortunately, none of the functional pets I have had extra inventory slots for the new "Special Storage" option which can be used to store them.

New launcher and (hopefully) actual test servers so that we can actually flail arms/legs/scream at the top of our lungs in hopes of getting enough attention beforehand (yes, I also know realistically that often times nothing actually gets fixed) since I don't want to have to bother wasting time downloading another regions version just to try things out to find these sort of gotchas (honestly shouldn't have to go down those sort of ratholes to begin with).
Arka is a mobile based MMORPG with aerial combat by this small Korean studio (Ulu Games).

The dragon is probably purchased assets since Bluehole has done the same for some stuff used in TERA (actually, lot of Korean studios utilize 3rd party designed assets which is why you sometimes see the same design like hairstyles as an example, across different games).
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
Cut out all the unnecessary, superfluous races and make it elins only.

TERA 2 story arc has all citizens of Arborea "Elinified" after the Argon threat has been supplanted by Princess Rida's ongoing secret plans to make Squirrels superior (this explains why her tail is sometimes in her face in original TERA; unintended mutation from her experiments which also transforms all citizens into Elins). Game is therefore now known officially as (T)he (E)linified (R)ealm of (A)rborea.

Seriously though, Krafton will likely re-think a TERA 2 depending on how well A:IR does...
Giovanie wrote: »
tbh i would like to see a "TERA 2" but as of right now i'm waiting for AIR to come out i wanna see what that is going to bring.

Been playing Playpark's Thai-SEA OBT for A:IR. Krafton has managed to exceed my expectations by a huge margin with their custom enhancements to UE3 (I haven't experienced noticeable client FPS drops and have only seen texture loading prioritization a few times in heavily trafficked hubs). Current TERA would actually benefit from this; it would still require work because A:IR uses a later build of UE3 so Krafton would still need to rewrite portions of the client (but it would be nowhere near the production work/costs for converting to UE4).

The ground combat/stance changing is pretty decent (not too much a fan of the way they implemented the mounted aerial combat though); just need to remember it's LoS (line of sight) based. There's some misinformation regarding the combat; it isn't tabbed-targeting based; it's action combat with LoS targeting as well as class specific skills that are soft-lockon while other skills are telegraphed. Most TERA PvE players will adapt to it fine.

Life skilling, crafting, and the housing system (instanced estate or open world premium estate) are much more indepth ala ArcheAge since that is where you can get more storage, level up workbenches, etc. My only concern is what kind of ridiculous monetization (and thus cash shop design) Kakao Games will come up with for the Korean, North American, and European version.
The above was prior to patch v80. An all points bulletin needs to be put out for Ayla and Kethenn as they've gone off galavanting somewhere with patch v80 (Mia needs to be given a raise for remaining steadfast at her post).

I'm a semi long time player of Bluehole titles but not necessarily TERA (long story but will make it short). I bought the boxed collectors edition back in 2012 but never really played it a lot since there was another game being released (Diablo III in May 2012) and I was a huge ARPG player back then. That plus the open beta of Path of Exile made me forget about TERA for a bit. Then in 2014, a Bluehole acquired studio subsidiary (Ginno Games or what became Bluehole Ginno and was renamed to PUBG Corp in 2017) launch Devilian (which was an MMO-ARPG that had been in development since 2009, and was inspired by Diablo III after it was reveal in 2008); the game was initially marketed as a Korean Diablo along with a tacky marketing campaign where it was referred to as Kimchi-blo.

Because of my interest in Devilian, in a weird twist, I ended up following Bluehole, Inc and what was then known as the Bluehole Alliance; what you folks now know as KRAFTON Game Union (plus a colleague of mine who works in South Korea was previously an early private angel investor in one of the funds that invested in the company and we'd talk about that stuff) where part of my blogging (yes, I'm one of those who still use that medium) is regarding Bluehole stuff (so TERA, PUBG, Ascent: Infinite Realm, and probably soon, MISTOVER and Project BB).

Once the Ginno Games acquisition was finalized, the studio had access to Bluehole resources and the entire game was overhauled with a lot of game systems and graphics derived from TERA (the cannonshooter class model was derived from the Elin race for example) so it became known as mini-TERA for a short bit. I ended up playing the Korean version of that, then the Thai version, and then the NA/EU version when that was launched in late 2015 (and played until it's closure last March). Early 2016 was when I resumed playing and putting more time into TERA though and despite the changes and issues that have plagued the game, it's the one I play the most today (though not entirely its end game meta).

I don't frequent EME's online communities a lot but I do tend to visit the main site and quick check the forums for information. I agree with points that Zoknahal mentioned regarding communication. I do realize the priorities that are on your plate as product manager though (and the resource constraints that may be in place at En Masse) but one of the things I hope you would consider is something that other publishers have done to engage with their communities; the occasional "producers/product managers" newsletter and having some of the ensuing dialog translate into meaningful actions that players can then see (in the form of things that En Masse can control since most of us realize Krafton controls the design and development details of the game).

Anyway, welcome again and looking forward to whatever you can bring to the game!
Meningitis wrote: »
I do tend to think the SES incident is more important though. People have said they can fix it without having a roll back. Dunno how true that is.
It can be done without a roll back BUT it still takes man hours to manually go through the data. That is how Trion Worlds (a now dead publisher that didn't rank very well with me) handled some similar issues like this (not all since there were known land hack and dupe issues in ArcheAge they didn't deal with very well) in several of the games they published. They often times chose not to perform a rollback because of the issues with lost progression for players completely out of the loop (including new players who happened to be playing when the shenanigans were happening).

Instead, they had their personnel manually go through data (it helped that they had two data people employed at the time who could pull that information into reports that their assembled teams could go through). EME could do something similar (since they have a fairly short/specific time frame of data they would need to go through). I realize they are personnel strapped BUT something important like this, they should do what is right.
I saw the excuse being used for not seeing a rollback happening being due to Bluehole setting the prices for the region economy. That's fine and all but QA should've at least spotted the discrepancy... (yeah, I know lot of publishers don't go over things with a fine tooth comb anymore and prioritize the payment flow part as opposed to checking for in-game issues like this but still...) Definitely no reason anymore to spend any money with EME should this stand.
Apologies for the OT...
And this also probably matters: Lost Ark was released at RU and it will be sooner or later released at NA/EU with a very high anticipation behind it.
I was playing the KR version of Lost Ark from at least CBT2 through the current OBT; lost potential is what comes to mind with the game (I was initially positive on this game as well). Why? As is somewhat unwritten and standard practice at some Korean studios, the core design team is normally "dispersed" once corporate leadership deems the game launched. In Lost Ark's case, that became academic well before they announced the OBT soft launch date (November 7, 2018) back in September. Things were slightly worse at Smilegate though since the original design and development team that started work on the game were mostly all gone from Tripod Studio (Smilegate's development subsidiary for Lost Ark) as a result of some labor/personnel shenanigans at Smilegate that was uncovered by the labor relations ministry in South Korea.

The news was reported back in October 2018 on Inven but this also explains why CBT3's end game felt worse (compared to what they had in CBT2) and why the current end game in the OBT is just this unsatisfying item level grind gated behind lazily designed item level requirements, limited chaos dungeons (a limited subset of all of the well designed leveling/questing dungeons that were created by the original designers), and limited dailies (3 per day)/weeklies where your main source of gear enchanting material (acrasium/acrasium 2, etc) comes from. This of course isn't unique since content gating of this sort is something we're all familiar with.

The issue I have with Lost Ark's end game is it ended up feeling blatantly calculated/methodical where I found myself logging in, doing my requisite dailies/limited runs, and then logging out. Most of the exploration aspects for sailing/islands that was designed by the original team have been turned into time sinks by the current team (sailing from one island to the other for some of the pre-requisite quests to unlock a song or emote that is critical for progression since unlike continents, you cannot use a liner to fast travel; and even those liners have a ridiculous timer associated with them before you actually depart). Even the first expansion episode with the new contintent (Rohendel) is gated behind an item level as well as having opened up access to the western sea part of the map (which itself entails a grind of obtaining 15 island hearts; some of which are gated behind time limited entry for a particular island and/or have pre-requisites that are also linear in their construct ). The point is that without significant changes for NA/EU (highly unlikely given the original designers are no longer with the company), it won't be immune from the issues that have plagued other Korean MMO's that were brought over to the west; it will see the same initial influx (from the anticipation/hype of something new) but will have longer term issues retaining the less than hardcore players (since the current designers handling the game seem to mainly have item level power creep on the brain).

With that said, there is still designed content that hasn't been released yet including the player housing system (aka private islands); part of which is dependent on the NPC affinity system (a grind in itself) as well as larger scale battlegrounds and sieges (those probably will come after they transition from OBT soft launch into official release). Given how terrible the initial GvG battle map that was launched a few weeks ago is, I'm not confident the current design team will do those other designs and systems justice though.

Back on topic a bit, despite similar designer/developer issues with Bluehole/Krafton for TERA, I found myself appreciating/enjoying those parts of the game I do enjoy a lot more (that doesn't include the higher tier RNG enchanting). So I give Bluehole/Krafton the virtual middle finger by not tryharding gear enchanting once I hit Frostmetal (I only enchant once I cap out on item XP) and will do the same with the "bolt on" systems being added to 65 gear for the level 70 patch. Side gripe -> Likewise, I stopped purchasing EMP since I do not believe that this current low quality effort by EME on the publishing side should be rewarded (like they don't even take the time to reload/update the dressing room; that mess of PUBG items in the dressing room is lazy personified on full display).
If that's the case, then the implication seems to be that they've given up on the long term and now plan to just cash in on the whales still playing the game before they close it all down for good.
This is pretty much Krafton's objective (leverage existing franchises as cash grabs). Prior to their recent reorganization and corporate renaming, they (Bluehole) were abysmally late to the mobile party (even though the majority of the subsidiary studios acquired in the former Bluehole Alliance now known as the Krafton Game Union, were mainly mobile dev studios) when it came to their main IP's (the company literally had PUBG on the brain for the last 2+ years). Despite that, they were equally late to capitalizing on PUBG's success by only leveraging a cross-franchise tie up now in 2019 (this would have been more impactful back in 2017). A:IR (in development since 2014) is pretty much the only "new" PC game they have on the docket for release in the next 2-3 years (with the SEA version looking to potentially release before KR and NA/EU until they can meet whatever requirements Kakao needs for monetization) while the other projects well into development are primarily mobile titles (a new franchise with the codename Project BB as well as TERA Frontier); they really had little to show at G-Star 2018 a few months ago compared to other studios like NCSoft and Nexon.

Both TERA and PUBG, they plan to milk as long as possible though. For TERA, just don't expect a cohesive vision that focuses on some long term plan to actually grow the player base by a large amount since that isn't priority #1. Some designs/features being implemented in TERA are actually coming from a portfolio of ideas that were never actioned on for Devilian now that they put that IP to rest with the recent reorganization. TERA Frontier is a mobilized version of PC TERA (unlike TERA M which they licensed to Netmarble to develop and publish; it is set in the exact same time frame and story arc) so you kind of get the idea of what angle Krafton is going with for the TERA IP. As counterpoint mentioned, some of their decisions are data driven (when it comes to the demographic that logs in and puts in hours playing as well as the revenues being generated).
vkobe wrote: »
and using the old tera engine graphic :3
Barunson E&A is using a newer build of Unreal Engine 3 (Epic added enhancements over time to better handle open world designs like the ones used in MMO's) from when they started development (6 years ago). TERA uses a much older build from around 2007ish when it was designed primarily for first person shooters.
Bonbonnie wrote: »
Astellia is gender-locked. Have fun with that [filtered].
The producer for the western version has stated they will be un-gender locking it for the global version.
Q: There are many MMORPG players who would prefer each class having both genders. Is this available in Astellia?

A: Currently the KR Build is fully gender-locked, but based on input from the community we are working to make both genders available for each class. We currently plan to have 2 classes un-gender locked by launch with the others following until all classes have equal options. For classes that are unlocked after launch, we will make sure players can change their characters one time for free.
Source: https://mmoculture.com/2019/02/astellia-massive-interview-with-barunson-ea-on-upcoming-western-server/
@LordMurasama Thank you for this. This is definitely one of the most cogent set of statements I have heard regarding TERA in a long time. Very nice.
No problem!

BTW, for those who have been playing TERA for awhile (and have experienced the good and bad changes), there are some positives with the current team as they are treading on ground that they knew could upset some folks (like the level cap increase). Which is why they didn't just blindly say level 70 gear is also coming with it. But it's a change considering the previous stance so I am seeing this as anything is on the table for the franchise.

While they were also introduced as the "new development" team, take that with a grain salt (it's more or less like moving resources around in the company). But that also means some design philosophies won't change; thus the continued struggle with the whole equipment growth grind that isn't really changing with the new systems that are being "bolted" on top of the existing level 65 gear.

Myself, I'll be satisfied with incremental updates to the story line; I know last year during their winter showcase, they mentioned expanding on the story along with teaser artwork for a completely new zone. http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=189833&site=tera So I'm hopeful that they are re-working that as a follow on to the level 70 increase (which again is a major decision change from previous lead designers who were in charge).
The unedited ones are incredible. This is one of the things I enjoy about TERA (the game world environment that was created) where such imagery can be created.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Server: Velika
Characters: Omotesando, Onymoji, Oyako.Donburi
Honestly, a lot of developers do this (whether it's a blatant/obvious as this case or not). And reasons are usually because: the cost to do the necessary rework is too high, doing the rework would require delaying other committed priorities, and the specialized technical resources you'd need are not available (perhaps no longer work there) or too valuable (working on other projects). It's a ton easier to bandaid what you can and move on than to tear up the foundation and fix it. I'm definitely not saying that's what they should do in this case... but this is a factor in pretty much all long-running software projects, particularly those with legacy code.

In general, I think it's safe to say that BHS doesn't exactly have a deep bench of talent focused on optimization in the first place, as evidenced by all their other projects. Probably the only way would be to hire pricey outside experts. (Even the three-month "FIX PUBG" campaign that was specifically focused on optimization made some improvements, but it's still not to the level people want at all.)
This is pretty much it in a nutshell. The original design and development team that devised TERA were those folks (a good part of the team working on Lineage III) who peeled off from NCSoft to form Bluehole Studio. I would say most all of those folks were long gone (some of it due to the legal issues surrounding the lawsuits) from the company by 2013. PUBG was an accidental success. It was thrown together with no expectations by the remainder of the team that used to handle Devilian (Bluehole Ginno) and led by an ARMA mod developer who was hired as a creative director (Brendan Greene aka PLAYERUNKNOWN) who himself had no real professional game design experience at the time.

What is now known as PUBG Corp is still struggling at managing the success that came out of PUBG's early access blow up (the corporate side of Bluehole also had no idea how to deal with it and had several wild ideas of restructuring back in 2017 including merging with Bluehole Ginno; an idea they dropped before simply renaming it to PUBG Corp). Optimization of this thing they threw together was not high on the list (they just dumped more stuff on top of what they started with). The subsidiary was more concerned with opening up offices worldwide and looking at ways to protect some flimsy intellectual property claims (filing that lawsuit against Epic Games and then dropping it shortly after) than addressing issues with the game. Fix PUBG was just the usual vaporware campaign.

As for TERA, the original team adapted an engine designed for first person shooters (Unreal Tournament); later Unreal Engine 3 builds dealt with larger scale game world designs used in MMO's a bit better but still requires writing a lot of custom extensions to eek the most performance out of it. Smilegate's recent Korean OBT launch of LOST ARK shows what is possible when the time is taken to write that custom code (very decent game performance as well as netcode). NCSoft's experience was mainly UE3 though which is why a lot of Korean MMO's including TERA went that route (because a good amount of game design/dev experience came from there when other game studios opened). They also didn't have to deal much with netcode optimization since the primary market was domestic (with the countries high bandwidth/low latency infrastructure). Same with event structuring (narrow/homogenous time zone).

With that said, It would take significant resources to move TERA to something like Unreal Engine 4 (it amounts to writing a completely new game). NCSoft made some noise earlier this year when they announced they were planning to move Blade & Soul to UE4 and it needs it since B&S is much worse compared to TERA from my own experience with major client FPS drops just transitioning between zones. NCSoft has the resources (engineering and money) though compared to Bluehole (which has a fairly small teams handling TERA and A:IR). Plus NCSoft has been learning a lot after scrapping Lineage Eternal (UE3), replacing the entire development team, and starting over (Project TL) with a new design based on UE4. The company has been throwing resources behind UE4 though but it still won't mean good optimization unless they commit to it. Other Korean studios are also moving what few PC/console development to UE4 as well (like NBS with Bless Unleashed for Xbox One). Bluehole? NCAA (no clue at all) if they even got the memo. Their new Krafton Game Union is partially meant to address the resource constraint (people wise) issue but I honestly don't believe it will increase their agileness that much since most of the other subsidiaries are mobile development and EME being the sole publisher.

A:IR; Bluehole had to cancel the second Korean closed beta test at least twice this year and now it is slated for some undetermined date in 2019 (to put this into context, the global CBT was originally slated for the tail end of 2018). It's not just the optimization issues (similar client FPS drops) but also game design ones. The game will likely end up being even more niche than TERA and as far as I know, they don't have any PC MMO project in the pipeline after it (again, most of their subsidiaries are mobile and the two big ones they are going to be pushing is Project BB and TERA Frontiers which unlike TERA M that was licensed by Netmarble, will be a mobile version take of the PC release taking place in the same time frame). I suppose that if TERA Frontier ends up doing well, Bluehole in general may rethink things and decide to invest in the TERA franchise again at least on something new (where they overturn a prior decision to not do a "TERA 2" for PC). But that's something which will need to play out. As for the current PC/console versions.... best to keep expectations in check when it comes to anything major for optimization or lots of newly designed/produced content.
I like how this current team acknowledges how the open world hasn't been utilized well (and thus the changes to monsters in existing areas along with un-nerfing their drops). Am looking forward to the subsequent new story and zones that will be introduced in the future (I guess throughout 2019).
The SEA version doesn't have the 5 second cooldown dialog box when changing channels. With that said though, the game client and how it loads data/assets (you can thank Bluehole's cracked development teams for their incredible ability for tweaking and optimizing /s) doesn't help any. You still get the loading screen which really isn't due to loading in new assets from disk when you are in the exact same zone though.

I tried it both here and on the SEA server and both took roughly 10 seconds in Velika switching from channel 1 to 10 and seems more to do with the other data that gets preloaded/purged (like other players in/not in that channel). It wouldn't surprise me if the client still attempts to unload some textures (to save memory) and then reloads them though... I also noticed TERA never did benefit much from the game being on SSD or HD (may gain some speed with an SSD but not as substantial overall).

I'm not sure if the cooldown can be manipulated by EME though like say a simple data center configuration change (probably not else a mod would've long been in existence by now) so it might require an actual change to the client code by Bluehole.

P.S. (slightly off-topic) for those who don't know, Bluehole has undergone another organizational change just a few days ago. The corporate side has now officially changed its name to Krafton. The dev/design studio subsidiary (which previously mirrored the corporate name change like when the corporate side went from Bluehole Studio to simply Bluehole) which handles both TERA and A:IR will still be known as Bluehole though (this will make it easier to delineate talk between corporate operations versus the development side). All of the companies development subsidiaries as well as the sole publishing unit EME (currently all under the Bluehole Alliance umbrella) will now be a part of the Krafton Game Union where the objective is similar as before; they operate independently as their own business units BUT with a big difference compared to before; there is a new emphasis on sharing design/development resources, communication, ideas, and cooperation as needed in order for Krafton to be more competitive in the global market (this is their PR spiel by the way which I don't buy into even 50%).

To bring it slightly back on-topic though, since TERA is pretty much the only PC title that is relevant to EME in this new union/alliance (since A:IR is going to be handled by Kakao, PUBG is under the PUBG Corp subsidiary, and the rest of the studios are pretty much mobile), there might be some opportunity IF this isn't just PR hot air to make the new Krafton corporation look better as an M&A target. I guess we will see in the coming months as this directive comes down to even EME and how they will manage TERA.
They sent out the e-mails on the 14th and are giving the selected winners 48 hours to reply back (if they don't get the response back with the requested info, they will randomly choose someone else).
I had the same issue.... only had 350mb to download for the initial patch and it was sitting at 4 hours. Seems to be an issue with some patch server CDN nodes. I temporarily added the following to my Windows host file located in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and re-ran the launcher. patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

Download completed in less than a minute after that.
Ofni wrote: »
Is this Tera Online, or Elin Online?

(T)he (E)linified (R)ealm of (A)rborea


(T)iny (E)lins (R)ule (A)rborea

Seriously though, I would like to see a Baraka Ninja (especially doing jagged path)...
Pwhoops wrote: »
Well, technically it all depends on BHS. Since BHS owns EME they could potentially allow people to migrate accounts.
From a purely technical perspective, yes, they could do that. But realistically from a business point of view where they also have to respect the business operations of their regional publishers, It's not as simple as that. Part of a publishing contract gives the publisher control over the player data. Let me provide a relevant example.

When NHN Hangames shifted focus from PC to mobile in Korea in 2014 (both TERA and Devilian which their subsidiary Bluehole Ginno developed, were published on that portal), Devilian was in the first group of MMO's that Hangames was going to stop publishing in 2015. Bluehole Ginno decided to reacquire the publishing rights and player data from Hangames (to take back control of both the publishing rights and data from NHN) since at the time, they were considering re-publishing in Korea in 2016 (never happened since Bluehole in general had cash flow problems stemming from TERA being offline while transitioning to Nexon). If they hadn't done that, they would have only been able to re-negotiate a publishing deal with someone else, but players would no longer have access to their previous account because that data was legally controlled by NHN Entertainment and their Hangames portal.

So even if there were a technical solution, it's highly unlikely any publisher would simply allow their customers to hit a button to account migrate to another publishers version while they are still in operation. I can see that scenario changing in the case where a publisher decides to terminate their business relationship and then go through negotiations for that data.

From PLAYWITH's point of view in opening up these new regional servers, it's about starting off with a clean slate as well. They will of course welcome players from all over since none of the other regional publishers of TERA seems to have submitted a request for them to place IP blocks on it. That could of course change last minute like what happened with Gameforge for Soul Worker Online when they allowed by mistake, SEA and Latin America players on during the open beta, but realized later they weren't licensed to publish in that region since Smilegate had signed for the publishing rights for SEA, South America, and Korea in 2016. The only thing was that Smilegate has only put the Korean version online since that agreement. Gameforge initially ninja blocked those regions without any explanation until the complaints started rolling in where they finally issued a public statement.

For PLAYWITH, every one of those accounts will be considered ripe for monetization. If Bluehole were to hypothetically allow account migrations from a completely different region, someone somewhere is going to have to decide exactly what can and cannot be brought over. An account loaded with cosmetics won't do PLAYWITH SEA any good from a monetization perspective for example. What about gold that is brought into the game as well as other materials which will regardless of region, is shared in common when it comes gear progression? That gives a long existing account a huge advantage on what is a fresh start environment (impacting the long term game economy in the process).

From a business operations perspective though, I know how PLAYWITH generally tends to operate and they aren't going to want to manage something like that anyway (because the Korean head office is only going to give this subsidiary the bare minimum of staffing needed).

Each publisher owns the player data so account migrations aren't simply going to happen without EME completely shutting down the NA servers, Bluehole reacquiring that data from EME, and then negotiating terms with the other publisher who wants the rights to resume servicing the region and securing access to that information.

Also, the grass can look greener on the other side of the hill. PLAYWITH Interactive (and their subsidiaries)... I'm not high on them because of how they handled Kuntara Online in Korea and have been handling the Steam version of the same game except with a new name (Warlords Awakening) and making it buy-to-play. People give Neowiz a lot of grief for how they handled Bless Online on Steam but even they are better IMHO compared to PLAYWITH.

The company deceived players and gaming media there when they came out of nowhere in May 2017 about the "new" MMO they were planning on releasing with the code name Project K. Then in September 2017, announced the open beta would be happening in October along with the actual name of the game. What they didn't mention was that it was a rebrand of ELOA (Elite Lord of Alliance) since they were licensing the IP and source code at the time from the original developer (NPICSOFT).

The game media covered it and that drummed up a lot of hype (150K pre-registrations) because players there were looking forward to a new MMO. The open beta came and that is when everyone learned that it was a rebranded version of ELOA (which was also still in service in Korea by Netmarble). They managed to snag 45K logins before the news got out and all the interest dropped off a cliff.

Netmarble terminated the Korean service in December 2017 while Kuntara Online could really only manage a few hundred players. NPICSOFT ended up going out of business and PLAYWITH acquired the intellectual property and source code. They then announced the Steam early access version as a buy-to-play title in June 2018 (probably seeing all the pre-hype for Bless Online early access). They ended up shutting down the Korean version (Kuntara Online) just before the Steam early access launch though and refused to address when myself and others brought it up.


PLAYWITH Thailand couldn't even manage to keep a sizable player population for TERA when servicing just Thailand because the company as whole staffs their regional subsidiaries with a skeleton crew while on the monetization side, gates end game progression for most of their free-to-play published titles through cash shop heavy mechanics.

With all of this said, players who believe PLAYWITH will be a better publisher than EME or even Gameforge for TERA, should go and experience their version all the way into end game. I'm going to be rolling on there myself just to see what kind of shenanigans they intend to pull with the SEA version.
So I guess no more of this then? (warning - reduce volume if you don't want to hear a chorus...)

P.S. - this isn't my video but I had saved it since I thought it was humorous... couldn't find the original source anymore though
Nopi wrote: »
I want to throw a back track a bit here and ask, was the stream meant as just a casual show of the class' skills? Or was it meant as a more hardcore approach? Some of the posts here seem to assume this could or should have been a hardcore talk on rotations and such.
To be honest (for myself), I watched without expectations as I just popped in to the stream since I happened to see the notification about them going live. I had just completed my first awakenings the previous days (the classes I normally play were part of this second round) so when I saw the stream title, decided to stick around to see what would be covered. The impression I got based on her introduction was that with the help of her special guest, they would be going over the ninja's Apex skills (to what degree was not specified though).

I also didn't have much context as far as expertise level of the guest since to be honest, I don't keep track of that sort of stuff in this game. So only via reading this thread, it seems like Teck isn't specifically an "expert" in the ninja class (but instead has awakened a bunch of classes previously and so has much more knowledge there with other classes).

Myself, I had just awakened my own ninja and as of that stream, hadn't yet found a rotation that felt good (I was only going off the tooltips at the time and playing mechanically as a result) compared to what I was prioritizing non-awakened. So I guess I was looking to possibly learn something but again, didn't really have much expectations as the stream went along since it seemed like it going to showcase from a non-player PoV an awakened ninja (showing off actual rotation and discussing it in detail would make more sense to me if the player with the awakened class was streaming it from their PoV).

It's not like I went away without learning something though (since I did regarding the 3rd boomerang shuriken being an i-frame). Since then, I've just acquired some new muscle memory from experimenting with the skills/getting chi built up as fast as possible/what needs to be prioritized, etc. Plus some of this may go out the window when the "elite point" talent system is deployed maybe later next month where there will be a bit more degree of flexibility.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
@Chlorox the maintenance we're doing today is meant to fix that issue!

My ninja says thanks!
feminzii wrote: »

With that said though, I'm not too fond of some of the decisions made with the UI design including the much smaller elements (increasing the UI scaling helps only a bit because some elements get too large compared to the ones that you want to increase on their own) which for folks like me who already have bad eyesight, is just going to cause more eyestrain. Also don't like that the extra shortcuts cannot be set to vertical (what I used before since I had them to the left side of the screen). The quest log can also be less legible depending on what is in the background.

You can increase or decrease the size of most of the stuff individually. that's right under the ui scaling option.
See what I mean by my already having bad eyesight; I probably never saw that in the old options before either xD

And that made a world of difference for my eyes as far as the stuff I needed to adjust. Thanks much!
Anyone else got some big FPS drops with this new UI?
I was running 80 fps more or less all the time with max preset and all, now its maybe half of that.
I'm seeing far less client FPS lag (this is with everything max like before). I just ran several Guardian Legion flight missions where I normally got these really annoying client FPS drops especially when there are a lot of others doing them (one of them, I joined late and started from around twenty something which normally caused me those 0 FPS "freezes"with the old UI). It was surprisingly smooth (so I'm a happy camper there).

With that said though, I'm not too fond of some of the decisions made with the UI design including the much smaller elements (increasing the UI scaling helps only a bit because some elements get too large compared to the ones that you want to increase on their own) which for folks like me who already have bad eyesight, is just going to cause more eyestrain. Also don't like that the extra shortcuts cannot be set to vertical (what I used before since I had them to the left side of the screen). The quest log can also be less legible depending on what is in the background.
Just a word of caveat regarding PLAYWITH Interactive (previously known as YNK Korea). They've pulled some fast ones recently with other games (the following being the most recent one). MassivelyOP covered this since I had blogged about the details earlier. PLAYWITH acquired the IP for Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) when NPICSOFT (the original developers) went under in early 2018 (they previously licensed it in 2017 to create their own version). ELOA itself failed twice when published outside Korea (first with Webzen and then GamenGame) while Netmarble finally shuttered the Korean version in December 2017.

PLAYWITH made big noise in Korea in May 2017 about their "new MMO" with the codename Project K which they would be self-publishing. Then in September 2017, they made a surprise announcement about the Korean open beta of Kuntara Online: The Elite Lords Awakening citing an October soft launch. MMO players were hyped for a new release so there was naturally a lot of interest. Here is the important part though; up until the actual open beta, they never disclosed it was a rebranding of ELOA; as a result, they ended up with 150K pre-registration signups. At launch, they had around 45K players but that is finally when players realized it was a rebranded and slightly modified version of ELOA (they came clean after that admitting they were licensing the IP from NPICSOFT which was still in business at that time). Thus the interest level dropped off a cliff and game sites stopped covering it.

In early June 2018, PLAYWITH Interactive announced they were releasing a buy-2-play ($11.99) MMO via Steam Early Access called Warlords Awakening for NA/EU. This was coming on the heels of Neowiz' poorly handled Steam Early Access launch in May of Bless Online (which was also buy-2-play). This was a renamed and english localized version of Kuntara Online. Meanwhile in Korea, they announced in late June that they would be shutting down Kuntara Online on July 11th (the early access version of Warlords Awakening was initially going to be launched on July 26th but was delayed by a week). They were unable to retain players due to questionable changes to the game as well as being heavily pay-2-win in the cash shop in Korea. The removed much of those elements for the Steam version but it still has a lot of other issues resulting again from more questionable design changes. I got a game key for free and thus followed/gave it a shot but their handling of early access has been nothing short of terrible. Early on, players gave a lot of feedback but they've managed to address one or two of them (little communication, just one basic roadmap, few updates that address the issues, etc).

The graph on the bottom shows the trend similar to what happened to the Korean version.

I don't expect the Thailand based subsidiary of PLAYWITH Interactive to handle the SEA version of TERA any better given their history in both South Korea and with their subsidiary publishers in other regions. I don't think their player retention rates (one of the key metrics used) when servicing just Thai players was any good (recurring revenues which is another key metric probably also tanked as a result) which is partly why they are expanding coverage with a regional server for SEA players.
Nopi wrote: »
Maybe Xigncode is under a timed contract. If that's how it is, then their choice is limited to either let the contract run it's course or extend it.

Normally is it something like that. These licenses are normally per seat depending on a number of factor including (discounted licensing for larger number of game clients as well as period of time for example). There might also be something similar to an SLC (service license contract) in order for Welbia to handle things like false positives, adding/changing signatures/definitions, etc.

Terminating its use would be a sunk cost for EME plus someone would have to answer to that. So I realistically don't see them removing it until the licensing contract is about the expire.
Nopi wrote: »
If they want to keep Tera alive, then they have to put effort. And not just EME, since I'm talking about expansions. If they want to let Tera die and present a new shiny game to us, they should know that the treatment of this game will be a defining factor on how any new games will be seen.

The modus operandi of these Korean game studios was to rapidly develop a title and then use a portion of the revenues for the next title (that was the main jist before the investment capital in Korea shifted to mobile). Part of TERA's revenues were funneled to Devilian when Bluehole acquired Ginno Games (what became Bluehole Ginno) because the game ended up being revamped from that point in terms of systems and graphics. Some revenue was also funneled to Project W (Ascent: Infinite Realm) though the majority of its investment came from Kakao in exchange for the publishing rights.

I don't think Bluehole ever expected TERA to last this long though. So long as it is making them money, they seem content to just inch along (which is why there isn't a huge effort in costly new production which would be the case with larger expansion style content). Compared to their competitors though, Bluehole doesn't seem to have a long term plan for TERA (which isn't a surprise from what I know about how they've operated/made decisions). Like NCSoft is at least investing in moving their main franchises over to Unreal Engine 4 (not trivial at all for Blade & Soul but they are learning a lot from Project TL's design/development process). Neowiz' Round 8 Studio is using UE4 for Bless Unleashed (Xbox One but if they use the Unified Windows Platform environment and abstract the UI and I/O properly, they'll be able to deploy to Windows 10 fairly quickly if they chose so).

Given that A:IR's 2018 closed beta was cancelled and pushed to early 2019 (to address the negative feedback received from the first Korean CBT), they are likely going to pull extra funds from both TERA and PUBG. Unfortunately, that is design started around 2014ish based on their expertise/knowledge at the time which was UE3 (2019 released title with client FPS lag and poor optimization is not going to cut it while the companies current bread winner PUBG, has their work cutout for them with "fixing" it). But that to me is typical of how they've run things... I can see them doing a kneejerk with the remnants of Project EXA though depending on A:IR's general reception in Korea and then globally...
lol. Cola almost came out from my nose.
I feel sorry for this horse.... :'(

into a massive period -or- dot (the "." at the end of the sentence)
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Usually, to be honest, I am sitting in Lumbertown giving away gifts because that is the kind of person I am. I love seeing other players happy even if it means sacrificing my old gold or my materials.
I just wanted to comment how cool that is! I used to do this a lot in Devilian (helping new players with a little bit of materials and gold when I could). I stayed with that game until the very end; likewise, I'm one of those who won't be moving away from NA due to this.
The Japan one is kind of a long story due to business changes and acquisitions.... Hangame (NHN Entertainment) was originally a huge PC game portal in Korea and they also had subsidiaries in other regions. Back in the 2014-2015 timeframe, Hangame decided to shift primary focus away from PC MMO's to mobile games (because that is where the venture capital and investment money was going to for development and portals); this is also why K-TERA shutdown for a short period since they were originally published by NHN Hangame in Korea (Nexon picked up the publishing rights).

J-TERA was published by the Japanese subsidiary of Hangame (which continued handling PC and mobile games). Hangame Japan is pretty much mostly a portal now so they continue to front-end J-TERA while the company actually servicing the game is Pmang (previously known as Game On which absorbed Neowiz Japan; a subsidiary of Neowiz Korea). Pmang is actually the name of Neowiz Korea's portal site (but is also used in Japan). Hangame runs other promos and associated portal related events (which is probably where differences are seen depending on which front end a player looks at).
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the games never going to change. never improve and never become better than It was in from its first days of being of free to play. this whole thread its pointless if you people want change quit the game stop paying money. you whining but still logging in to play the game and buying costumes is not going to make them give a damn. also funniest part i see is people advocating injector to fix what is already so freaking busted that no matter what they do it will never get repaired. adovacating lets break the game more to fix it is like saying lets put more harmful bacteria into a infected wound and hope that cleans it. when in actuality? you're only making the problem worse.

agree 100% all i see is game freaks behavior. change will only come when it hurts eme income.

I've always taken this stance myself (the only surefire way to make a real impact is to vote with your wallet). The core issue starts with Bluehole (they are the developers and they are the ones who should be prioritizing issues that need to be addressed. The publishers are the one who need to collect, process, and articulate that feedback (provided by their player community) back to them. In this case here with TERA, well... Bluehole does what they do (which is what we see... poor optimization and all). So long as revenues come in for Bluehole from any region and they make dime (their cut of the revenue sharing agreement with their publishers), it's an easy cash cow for them.

Sure, the game (like most every single Korean MMO out there) was designed for South Korea... narrow timezone with high bandwidth, low latency network infrastructure along with low security considerations since these MMO's were created for PC bangs (where it was this investment cycle of portal publishing and development partnerships). Netcode optimization along with proper server side data validation (and not trusting the client) weren't high priority in the design because back then, it was about trying to crank out games as fast as possible (using revenues from it to fund the next project). Publishing contracts in other regions was just added revenue to leverage the production work (asset creation, modeling, rigging, animation) already done (plus there was also the fact that they saw how whales in NA and EU threw money at these exported titles). But the original game design is basically shoehorned to work elsewhere along with all of its warts.

Would I like to see these issues addressed at their root? Of course. Do I expect it? Realistically no. Do I enjoy playing TERA with all these warts? I do (to an extent) and will continue to (on NA) even though I still would like Bluehole to address some of these problems with reasonable solutions.
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blizzard and bethesda also have a [filtered] ton more resources to handle these things and actually code the game properly XD.
If huge companies like Blizzard and Bethesda can allow third party developers to create useful mods and tools for their games, why can't EME do the same?
Blizzard and other companies have officially sanctioned addon development policies and associated development API's. This is the (UI addon policy) one for WoW's UI API for example. Bluehole (as the developer) would need to create a more formal system like that for TERA but given the state of its code (where it wasn't even designed to have something like that), would probably not fly. They don't even prioritize security hardening what currently exists so I can't see them sinking design, development, and QA time on a system like that (even though I feel it would be beneficial with addressing some foundational issues along with an official way to add functionality).
can they just add a seperate instance of old island of dawn ? is this possible?
They could but it would add to server side resource usage (memory usage and potential load). Doing something like this would make sense if there are plans to progress the story in this area (see below).

Another thing they could do however is do like what they do for Guardian Missions where different assets are loaded in (sucks on the client side where you have that stutter and FPS drop) and certain mobs despawned.

I'm actually wondering if this is what they'll eventually do (combination of both) since there is that "Sign of Hope" quest (added in patch 68) where it builds on the prior quest that hints that there might be a way to restore the island back to its prior state. This last quest added hints the island is now recovering due to those essense of life that have been spawning across the island.... just in case anyone didn't really read the text from the ending of that quest chain.

Part of Project EXA's game design (the social aspects) was merged into Project W (A:IR) and another small part of it was initially used as a concept prior to Bluehole Ginno's hiring of Brendan Greene as creative director (when it became clear that even the global version of Devilian Mobile was not meeting expectations) for what eventually became PUBG. They decided against using the Project EXA assets for the pre-PUBG concept though so it remains to be seen what Bluehole will do with them. Bluehole is like a Blackhole at times; I still wonder what became of that "Elin Expedition" mobile game they were working on... http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=104110
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I can't find the source of that pic anywhere.

I wonder if it was fan made.
It was made by a former 3D artist at Bluehole Studios; Jang Seonghwan (he's a freelancer now).
Part of it is a matter of expertise; much of the design experience in South Korea has been production pipelines utilizing UE3. NCsoft however has decided to go "all in" with UE4 and thus is retooling those processes as well as getting current software engineers and designers up to speed with UE4. Part of this is a learning process which they are also drawing from when they scrapped Lineage Eternal (an MMO-ARPG originally designed in UE3), hired an entirely new development team, and have been taking the past 1.5 years to come up with a new design developed using UE4. They've made this same investment into Aion as well as the B&S. NCsoft is a big company though (especially in terms of people resources) so they can afford the investment (money and people). Bluehole (prior to PUBG), has never had the kind of revenues and more so, engineering resources of some of the larger studios in Korea. And even with PUBG's success, they still operate with their Alliance setup (smaller subsidiaries that tend to operate independently and allowed to sink/swim once they've been given the initial resources/leash from the parent company). PUBG is their only PC/console game that uses UE4 (but again, they didn't really spend time designing and then optimizing the game to take full advantage of the engine because they didn't really expect the game to be as successful as it was during early access).

Because there are a lot of non-trivial changes between UE3 and UE4, it's not exactly inexpensive to completely change engines for an existing game; matter of factly, it amounts to recoding (for optimization purposes) everything from scratch as well (some folks look at it as equivalent to coding a new game). It's also pretty much the same with redoing animations and possibly some assets again for the sake of taking full advantage of some of the granularity that UE4 offers. Like I could import a mesh and model assets designed for say Gamebryo, Unity, or UE3, but could redo the textures to provide much better visuals as well as adding more bones in order to provide much better movement as a simple example. Doing this costs a lot of money though in terms of resources with graphic artists, animators, and then working with the team that does the visual effects as well as game client coders. There are these logistical issues (production blocking where certain tasks need to be completed first before another part of the process can continue) as well. I don't believe the team that currently handles TERA is that large.

This (moving to UE4) would be something that parent Bluehole (the decision making part) would need to make an executive decision on. Right now, they are probably just focused on A:IR (which unfortunately was also done with UE3) for Kakao
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OK can someone please explain to me what the talent system is?
The simplest way to look at it is like an extended progression system where once you hit max level, you continue to earn experience where those levels/points can be used towards additional properties. Diablo 3 has a similar account wide system called Paragon, ELOA had Transcendence levels, ArcheAge has Ancestry levels (per character only), MU Legend has a parallel XP system called Soul Levels (also per character), Devilian had account wide Proficiencies (design was derived from K-TERA's EP/Talent system), Lost Ark will have their Tripod and Life Skill system (character based) to name a few games. Majority are exponential when it comes to level/points which is meant to give a player the feeling of gaining progress beyond the level cap. Since it is generally an ongoing power creep, these systems also tended to promote dysfunctional game play (excessive XP grinding for example).
I feel really bad for players who will be over the current 20 slot limit. For myself, I tried keeping the alt army in check given how the previous merge was handled. So I'll fortunately be just under the limit with TR (16 chars) and AV (2 chars) merging together. CH I have 6 characters. I did read that other thread where seandynamite mentioned they could "pivot on this decision" depending on what happens during the free PvE <-> PvP transfer period.

Since that decision isn't (likely) going to come until after that free transfer period has ended, I've already made a list of chars I'll be transferring to either MT/FF so that I can fit 20 in the event that they do decide to merge all 3 PvE servers.

Regardless, the way merges have been handled with TERA really isn't the most customer friendly ones around; I know the TOU covers this stuff but what I'm referring to is goodwill and trust with publishers (and developers) doing the right thing (in this case, assisting those players who are way over the limit; it isn't their fault when the game isn't coded to cap total character slots on an account wide basis). The entire FAQ is written to dissuade players who are in that boat from deleting characters with paid for cosmetics while offering no obvious assistance beyond that. It's more like you are SOL for having spent money on stuff (and having to possibly spend more on additional slots that won't be covered by the yet unknown amount that EME will be giving out).

I can't believe I am saying this but even Trion (whom I have absolutely no love for), went way out of their way (putting burden on a lot of their own CSR agents) handling cases similar to this on a one-by-one basis when I used to play ArcheAge (and when Devilian was still alive).
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This is the typical direction a Korean MMORPG go through at the end of it's lifespan to milk out the remaining players. Don't worry as they may add a probability to destroy your weapon when enchanting if you don't use an item protection cash shop item or even worse, need 2x Heroic +3 weapon for a chance at +4 which both get destroyed if failed.

don't give them anymore ideas lol
Haha. Bluehole already knows about that system; when they acquired Ginno Games for Devilian and it went through a complete overhaul for graphics and game systems, it utilized a lot of stuff from TERA (whatever designs that existed in-game or on the drawing board during that 2014 timeframe). Thus Devilian Korea (and later the Thai version) had an enchanting failure mechanic for Devilian-form gear and the gem enchanting system. The gem system itself (where a significant portion of power came from) was derived from TERA's crystal design. Two separate cash shop items were essentially required for enchanting these; a protection scroll and a "lucky stone" (which had at least 3 different grades used for the appropriate tier of gear; all this item did was increase the success rate per enchant attempt). That "lucky stone" design was derived from the alkahest setup used previously in TERA.

Devilian KR/TH went further though; if each enchant attempt didn't utilize a destruction protection scroll, the item would be destroyed on failure (the destruction mechanic was removed for the NA/EU version since it would not have flown given how brutal it was when it came to the amount of enchanting attempts (and thus cash shop items needed) to enchant an item to the max.

Anyway, this is a common design with Korean game devs since its a mechanic they learned from their time playing many other Korean MMO's along with the other common failure mechanic (one step forward, two steps back) where after a certain enchantment level, 2 levels are subtracted on failure (which TERA used in the previous enchanting system as well).
Very fun experience. First time I did Search and Destroy (having not watched any prior videos of these from K-TERA), I was hovering around looking for a massive alien mothership and didn't realize it was that slightly bigger version of the scouts (doh). xD

I know just a small part of this (plus the IM39 Prototype mechanical flying suit) were inspired by work being done on A:IR but I hope they create more flight related stuff like this. Speaking of which, that flight suit just feels way more responsive (for obvious reasons since no wing animations or larger surfaces blocking your view) for these missions. I tried with my gunner (since I got one for it when they released it) and it felt way better than using my pegasus mount (when I did the aerial guardian quests on my other characters).

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Thanks for the really detailed explanation LordMurasama.

That's unfortunate, I'd really love to see cute hairstyles like this over on the main game. Most of the newer hairstyles in the coupon shop were kinda...bad. :(
No problem. Bluehole could do it but I believe it's a bottom line cost issue with the production pipeline (across all pertinent races). However, they underestimate how well it would do IF a higher degree of effort was put into them (DLC in Japanese console titles like Idolm@aster and Dream C Club make a killing on hairstyles and accessory items). The stylist coupon ones were low grade effort being acquired ones but more so as noted, has issues with color consistency (which is where the added in-house work is required to better integrate them).

Majority of their resources are however currently allocated to PUBG (since the Korean team handles whatever graphics they did not just purchase off the marketplace) and Ascent: Infinite Realm though.

I'd like to see some better hairstyles in TERA myself. Like there's a particular one which Bluehole's graphics folks did in Devilian for the elin derived cannon shooter (aka cannoneer) which I would love to see.... this braided looped pigtails do.... even the physics worked well.

Furthermore, Netmarble licensed the TERA IP to develop/code TERA M; that included all the (costly) UE4 production work for the graphical assets in that game (including the animations and rigging). I believe most of the stylist coupon ones in PC TERA were 3rd party assets they purchased. For the above, Bluehole would need to have their graphics artists design the new style(s) as well as test them (so yes, it would come down to the production costs including the man hours involved). If they can monetize it and realize a decent ROI, they would do it.

Devilian used Gamebryo (a really old version too - 2.6) so that was a combined effort of Bluehole and Bluehole Ginno's graphic artists to reskin the entire game drawing upon a large number of TERA related assets (once the acquisition of GInno Games was completed by Bluehole). I've pulled Devilian's graphic assets out using a special setup with Blender (since I want to convert them to be able to pull them into Unreal Engine 4 in order to re-create my characters) and that is only one part. Rigging them with new bones and then animating them to work in another engine is another matter though. TERA M being UE4 and TERA being UE3.... I don't think the textures and meshes can be easily used in the older engine given the higher overall quality in the UE4 assets.
Tera has become the biggest joke of a game i've ever seen.
Not even close. Devilian (developed by the subsidiary previously known as Bluehole Ginno (BHG) and now known as PUBG Corp and was published by Trion Worlds for NA/EU until it was sunset in March 2018) would like to vie for that "biggest joke" spot. ArcheAge (also published by Trion for NA/EU) would also be clamoring for that spot as well.

That was a game completely mishandled by both Ginno and Trion Worlds. BHG also licensed the game out to True Digital Plus (GoodGames) in Thailand (soft launched May 2015) where they rolled out the complete game by September 2015. That was the same month that the game was shuttered in South Korea since Hangames (NHN Entertainment) was re-focusing their publishing to mobile since that is where the venture capital money was going. TERA also had to shutdown for a few months (also published by Hangames at the time) in order to allow it to be integrated with Nexon's backend. BHG internally had stopped actively designing new content for Devilian around the same time while making core system level design changes (but using the same content chopped into "expansion" pieces for Trion (Trion milked that content until May 2017) and working on Devilian Mobile for GAMEVIL (who were throwing promotional money at them in order to market it globally).

The Thai publisher saw no new content for their version of the game (which was nearly identical to the Korean version) so the publisher ran events until June 2016 before they threw in the towel and left the server running in maintenance mode. They eventually ran into technical difficulties with their server where it was offline from October until December 2017 (receiving no technical support from Bluehole; BHG itself had been renamed to PUBG Corp in September 2017 and Devilian's business ops were transferred to Bluehole - no actual personnel dedicated to the IP though); their server stayed up for a brief week before going down for good until they officiaily terminated service in May 2018 (their publishing contract had expired at the end of April).

I'm not saying EME couldn't manage things they have control over better (including communications) but compared to my time begrudgingly being a Trion World customer playing both Devilian (which I did enjoy since I played on Korea and Thailand as well) and ArcheAge, the current team handling TERA is still miles better. Oh, and then there is Neowiz with Bless Online and Webzen with MU Legend (both companies NA/EU publishing subsidiaries are incompetent and unprofessional).
A:IR utilizes UE3 (a newer build compared to the much older one that TERA utilizes) mainly because of the timeline that its design started from; primarily around 2014ish. The majority of Korean MMO experience when it came to the use of 3rd party engines was unfortunately with UE3 during that timeframe. A lot of designers/coders cut their teeth at NCSoft; when they moved to other companies, they used tools and production pipelines which they had the most experience with and that ended up being UE3. At least NCSoft is now pushing towards UE4 with their games like the re-branded Lineage Eternal (Project TL) and upgrading B&S' engine to UE4. However, Korean venture capital and investment in PC MMO's dried up back in the 2014 timeframe as well (shifted to mobile) so it's not like we're going to see that same huge wave of Korean MMO exports that happened in the early half of the decade.

As far as non-Korean based subsidiaries having a lot of say, that is usually NOT the case. There is still a significant racial bias that exists where the subsidiaries (outside of Korea) usually have either a native Korean manager/executive overseeing the operations OR in those cases like say EME, Webzen, or Neowiz (as a few examples) where the top people at those non-Korean based offices aren't native Korean's, the only control they have is the business operations side (server operations, customer support, cash shop operations in terms of transaction processing and changes that they've been allowed to perform). Opportunities for advancement at these companies (NCSoft West maybe less so but still difficult for non-native Koreans to get into actual management roles where they have a huge say) into actual design is pretty lousy as well. Smilegate West (they publish CrossFire for NA under the Z8games title) in Toronto has primarily Korean management and the satisfaction level there isn't high due to these issues.

On a slight tangent, PUBG Corp (formerly Bluehole Ginno and before the Bluehole acquisition, Ginno Games) had to take a different route because internally, they didn't have the expertise with that type of game. Ginno's only IP before PUBG was Devilian (RIP) and they weren't having a lot of success with it (Trion Worlds overpromised on making it globally successful) which is why they ended up talking to Greene (PlayerUnknown) about his battle royale concept. They weren't even expecting this project to be successful in early access but when it was, Bluehole ended up tripping over themselves. They initially tried to merge Bluehole Ginno into Bluehole but overturned that last July. They then renamed Bluehole Ginno to PUBG Corp around September, replaced the original founder and CEO of Ginno (Won-Hee Park) with Chang Han Kim who was the co-founder and CTO of GInno, and executive producer of Devilian. The reason I needed to point this out is that this structuring allows this subsidiary to be agile in their decision making independent of parent Bluehole (so they were able to hire a lot of European designers and coders while also opening more offices in other regions where the game is popular). This particular subsidiary is an exception to the norm though because it made Bluehole a crapton of money and bonuses for those people who worked on the game.

Digressing back to the prior paragraph, when it comes to those subsidiaries input on game design and development AND having a huge say in those matters, the norm is on the lower end of the spectrum. To put it more simply, these folks are at the mercy of their South Korean based overlords. This is why there is this disconnect because for the most part, these MMO's were brought over as an added revenue source (added return on the original investment in that game design and production of assets) and never really designed with those markets in mind.
It's not you. I occasionally had issues picking up that gem on the PC version (one time, i had to keep hitting "F" over 20 times and it kept targetting the wrong object). Might be the same interaction issue on console where you may need to try repositioning your character.

My brawler is a few levels away from hitting that part of the quest so I am going to give it a try when I get there.
Compared to the PC version of Elite (which itself is already lacking but at least has permanent crystalbind), I would say it is serviceable but not really worth it for the time being on console UNLESS you sell a lot of stuff on the trade broker (if you intend to do a lot of selling transactions there, then it is worth it because of the amount of gold you save on the listing fees).

Once the Elite from my Founders expires, I'm not going to renew (I main on the PC version anyway and am just leveling characters on console to have a different way to play/experience the game). The village atlas is a nice quality of life perk to get to the main hubs quickly but past the questing, Vanguard Request teleports suffice and there are other methods including teleport scrolls. Everful nostrum is nice but after a certain point, you build up enough minor/major/prime battle solutions.
This is a known issue (and at least on the higher priority list for Bluehole to address and fix).


It's actually more specific to the PS4 version though due to an issue with the user interface. The revive functionality actually works but the UI isn't working properly on the PS4 (it works on Xbox from what I've heard so far). I believe this was reported even during the technical tests and players experienced this during the open beta stress testing but...
TERA like many other MMO's, has gone through iterations of streamlining with its questing and leveling process. The original starter zone for example was the Island of Dawn and originally, the game didn't really hold your hand/guide you through which NPC's that had side quests, were really required for example. If you were just starting off, it was great since that discovery process is part of the adventure and journey. However, that lack of structuring could also confuse newer players (like the magic/tactics instructor where you learned your skills from was originally just a side quest NPC where you needed to run the side quests for some other NPC's first) and for veteran players, it could also get old once you began leveling additional characters. See the following for example where I need to pickup the side quest for archer training from another NPC.

So the prologue and tutorial process (prior to the actual prologue, the game had an actual tutorial you could play through with any available class at the time with level 20 skills unlocked that once completed, would lead into the original prologue) was streamlined over the years (including the eventual replacement of the Island of Dawn starter zone to a much shorter Stepstone Island). Portions of the games story line quest has also undergone similar changes (a number of them were made to the questing leading up to Bastion of Lok for example leading into the console release which was also mirrored on the PC version).

One solution which Bluehole will likely never implement is to have a "novice/rookie" or "veteran" option when creating a character. The former would put the game into a strictly story/quest line prioritization mode where progress requires completion of the main line quest chain and would only allow access to a dungeon where it made sense in that story line so as to not break any immersion (unfortunately, some changes has resulted in inconsistencies). The latter option would be like how it has been for awhile now where players can sort of deviate from having to level using the questing past level 20.

Myself, I still like to level the "old fashioned" way on PC (and doing the same on console) so I never instance match BoL or Manor (I just bypass the dungeons prior to level 58 anyway and go back to do them later). I just hit the correct character levels to make sure the next main line quest is triggered.
xD This is a trip forward to the past. Grabs chair, popcorn, puts reaper on PS4 into dance mode at the Velika flight platform to warmly "greet" players who maybe potentially offended by the look and race of said character as they fly in on the back of a pegasus in what is a fantasy themepark MMO.

P.S. two other potential acronyms for TERA are (T)he (E)lin (R)ealm of (A)rborea -or- (T)iny (E)lins (R)ule (A)rborea
Bluehole is a South Korean based game studio (the actual developers of TERA). En Masse Entertainment is a U.S. based publisher and a subsidiary of Bluehole; they have the publishing rights to TERA in North America for the PC version (and as known, publishes the console versions in the regions they specified).
Castanic female NPC - "Care for cards later?" Heads off to the casino area of Castanica to party like it's 1999....
haroldz wrote: »
Feels like a cash grab.
It sure is (the front loading with founders pack was just the first one). Bluehole definitely wanted some upfront revenues (for their portion of the shared revenues) to cover the expenses incurred in porting TERA over to console. Both parties are just trying to hit a lot of wallets before the inevitable player drop off happens.

Myself, I'm fine with the founder packs but am not touching this one (especially since I play on PC primarily but just wanted to have some characters on console to occasionally play there).
That would actually be hilarious (especially reusing some of her in-game lines); like when a boss appears, she would go "why are you even here?" or when a mob attacks, "I hate interruptions"
Yep. Featherlight potions prevents fall damage (used to be more of a thing before flying mounts and when there weren't as many invisible walls where players would have to climb to certain spots to get the achievements for those places).
Like the PC version, not everything is done automatically for the player. The game (and EME) obviously needs do to a better job at conveying some of this information though (especially since there are going to be a lot of new players coming into the game starting on April 3rd). But if you purchased Elite status from the PS store, it activates that on your account (no voucher to claim and use like on the PC version).

Then you have to go into your Options menu - TERA Store - Elite Status. From there, you can collect your daily gift and consumable boxes as well as add the mount, travel journal, and village atlas to your shortcuts.
I wish spacecats was still here, at least his event's were fun for everyone.
Quoted for truth. Operative word here is "FUN" and while I do understand that is subjective based on ones individual preferences, neither the caiman egg thieves or Easter's egg hunt event can be construed by many as being fun or rewarding (definitely one of the worst so far).

I looked at Easter's egg hunt event as sort of like sending out an invite to a city of a thousand children that there will be an easter egg hunt at the city hall starting at 9AM and ending 2 hours later. However, only the first few who showed up early and/or were luckily in the right place, snatched up the 50 eggs that were hidden while everyone else was SOL.
Out of curiosity, I tried the first egg hunt zone from the start and went through all 3 channels of Vale of Spires (Tempest Reach). Unsurprisingly found nothing and tried Seeliewoods (no difference), then Argonea next (came across 2 caimans there). Ex Prima I figured was already combed over so I logged off.
You will need to create your reaper before deleting the level 40+ character. As for the founder title/items deal, you will need to get an official response from EME (barring one of their reps replying to this thread, you'll probably want to use the "contact support" option to ask them about that possibility).
CornishRex wrote: »
Their newest title is also going to run on the old and busted Unreal Engine 3. Keep that in mind. Tera and PUBG also run on UE3.
Actually, PUBG utilizes Unreal Engine 4 (an older build though; something like 4.14) but with some modifications to it (PUBG Corp CEO Chang Han Kim talked about this in some prior interviews regarding the performance complaints). But that title still runs poorly even with a newer engine that is miles better than UE3 (so actual optimization isn't the highest priority). UE4 has better netcode but designers still need to perform optimization (more so when deploying a narrow region designed game to locales with a wider geographic footprint as is the case with the America's and European regions).

Ascent: Infinite Realm (UE3 but likely a newer build than the one TERA is based on) will be no different when it comes to the lack of optimization once that releases in the west.

But yeah, their priority is first and foremost Korea and other regions are just viewed as additional revenues (this is not unique to Bluehole either; it's pretty much the modus operandi with how the development studios in Korea view deployments outside of Asia).
I found two mingling between the mobs (separate locales) just on the outskirts of Highwatch. I got the chocolate eggs from one and a 3-day floppy rabbit ears from another. Considering the items are temporary (though interesting to see ones that never made the cut to production), the low spawn rate doesn't incentivize players to want to go open world hunting for these (which is unfortunate since there are some of us who want to be able to head out to other places in that open world and hunt for novelty items).
Sounds like you did claim the character slot vouchers from Item Claim which then shows up in the Misc part of your inventory. From there, it needs to be used to add a slot on that server.
If you aren't seeing the character slot items in your inventory, I would submit a ticket since there really shouldn't be any delay in moving from Item Claim to inventory (and yes, while I didn't grab a screenshot, I do have 3+ characters on this server.

Just create another account (different e-mail address) and select US as the country. You don't need to re-download the game since the client is exactly the same regardless of which regional store it was originally downloaded from. Server region is based on the country selected during creation of PSN account.
It's not a large scale gaming media site like IGN, Gamespot, etc; it's more like a Xbox fan site (the about section on their site details it). Normally, these kind of interviews happens in advance (due to the logistics involved with allowing various media sites access to these individuals) with the news pending an official PR (likely coming in a few days) where once the imposed publication deadline has passed, those sites publish the interview.

For whatever reason (maybe to build hype), Denommenator gave the ok to have this interview published. I'm normally skeptical but I see very little for the author of this interview to make this stuff up (or all the content on their site as well). And we'll find out in a few days the full details by EME anyway (so thanks Variation for giving us a preview of what is likely to be confirmed in the coming days).
Get to 40, roll a Reaper, get to 65 on Reaper, acquire some "fabulously dank" cosmetics ("BIS end game gear"), and then AFK in Highwatch or Velika Freedom Plaza. :3
Check with your friend to see if they got the Elite status voucher... there are reports of players who have purchased either of these where it seems the wrong item is included; someone bought the $14.99 and got a 7-day 100% XP boost instead of the 7-day Elite voucher. Someone else bought the deluxe bundle and also mentioned the 30-day elite voucher was missing.
I plan to play on console leisurely (since I already play on PC) and since EME has already mentioned before that the console version will be several patches behind the PC version (so no gunner, ninja, valkyrie at launch), I'll probably be rolling an Elin Zerker just to get to level 40 so that I can roll a Reaper. Reaper because I enjoy playing the class on the PC version. Why Elin? Because (T)iny (E)lins (R)ule (A)rborea... xD
Agree that Bluehole should auto load balance players into lower populated channels.... they have developers there who worked on Devilian at Bluehole Ginno (now PUBG Corp) which was able to do just that; where once a channel instance reached a certain threshold, other players entering that zone were placed into another channel. Server side, it could be setup to have a default number of channels or it could spin up additional channel instances as needed (so long as there were actual resources on a server cluster).

Having that type of backend in place would benefit EME and the players on each console platform because they wouldn't have to overcompensate with too many launch week servers which eventually end up separating the player base, leaves some servers underpopulated, and require server merges down the line.
I believe they covered this in their streams during last weekends first OBT. Basically, the account systems are all different so linking like this (in order to utilize Elite and EMP purchased on an EME account on Sony and Microsoft ones) won't be possible. EME will probably have more specific details on this.
By default (on console), the zone quest markers are turned off for NPC and markers on both the world map and mini map (don't know why they aren't on by default). The setting is in Options -> Play -> Display Zone Quest Markers

The quest markers that are red are the main quest chain. Yellow ones are either side quests or quests associated with the Vanguard Request system (which can be viewed via Quick Matching -> Vanguard Requests). From the sounds of it, it seems those are part of the quests you are completing but need to collect the rewards for.

The console client probably needs to convey some of this a bit better for newer players given there will be a lot more newer ones to this game on release.
Actually, wasn't this ninja changed where the event has been on throughout the day (since at least 2016ish)? I know on PC, I've had the bookie spawn and you are able to place bets when the event message (Bamarama has started) pops up.

OP: the Bamarama arena is located near the Rootstock Fairgrounds in Val Aureum -> Freeholds (closest portal is Velik's Vigil via Chebika). You can see if the bookie NPC (named Lein) spawns or watch the BAM fight that happens if betting is closed by the time you get there.
Pets have an energy bar (100 is max); when it reaches 0, an auto-loot pet will stop looting.

What I notice though is that the console UI does not seem to display the pets information anywhere like the PC version where it shows a small icon (that displays the pets energy level) attached to the characters HP/MP bar. When the pet icon is clicked, it brings up a larger UI where non-expiring pets can be renamed and their abilities viewed. So the pet UI part for console might be a bug unless I am happening to miss it somewhere.

As for maintaining them, merchants sell "pet treats" in the general goods section. Those restore 30 energy. There is also "pet food" which restore 100 energy (I can't remember the methods which they are acquired in-game outside of a cash shop box or trade broker).
Just bumping this since I've tried every possible means (including sending an e-mail to community@enmasse.com) to find out what happened to this?
Same. Checked the delivery box and nothing for Kritika.
On a similar note, were the top 3 and 5 earners (rewards were a Closer Founders Pack for the top 3 and Unity stoles for the top 5) for those who participated as team members of the Dream Stream Team roster finalized? Haven't seen that mentioned (or maybe I missed it). I created a separate topic for it a few days ago but this one has more attention. Thanks.
I was just curious if the top 5 (TERA unity stoles) and top 3 (Closers Founder Packs) earners for EME's team roster were finalized? Thanks in advance for any information!
Catservant wrote: »
Anyone have a screenshot or video to share?
This is a playlist of Vergos spawns (5 clips) for the ones I was able to take part in. I missed the first one they spawned directly in Velika. Serious client FPS lag in most of them (especially when the textures load in where it goes to 0). If you click to watch it on YouTube, read the full description on the last video clip (which is the 10 spawn one) as the FPS and input lag was pretty bad for me. Really fun though. Kudos to the MT player that made the donation and requested that it be on all servers.

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