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I only log in for the same reason as before. To randomly wander around on a mount x'D Only now instead of a white tiger, I have a ghost dragon.

They don't tend to advertise the email promotions, and the email promotions often end up in spam (so you need to uncheck them as spam).

Tera quality barely reaches 480p a lot of the time due to some type of memory leak that has to do with the program itself. Why would you even WANT to run it on an 8k screen?

I only come back to fly around and look at the scenes I remembered going through before "level 65" hit. When level 65 happened, the entire game got unbalanced and then there was no turning the ship around at that point. The level 70 update made it worse by spawning super high level enemies in weird spots to try to make the surface area relevant again, but it didn't exactly accomplish that. I feel like it's kinda too late to change the track it's on, at this point it's more like tera's trying to just break even before the game goes under. Some basic quality of life things would help, but i wouldn't even begin to imagine it would last longer than a bandaid solution x'D

-skippable tutorial
-rebalancing the quests and experience gains for "new accounts" vs "alt" accounts, so that way alt accounts can bypass the quests, but the first player gets to get the classic experience before everything became (you have to be level 65 in 3 days) Believe it or not, wandering around the map was the most fun I had in the game.
-Not locking everything at max level, there are people who like to craft and nothing else(example, level 3's on runescape with maxed crafting stats)
-rng is the bane of everyone's existence. It has to be balanced where the time involved in the game is balanced by the output of the resources. I get not allowing instant perfect rolls and instant max equipment, that leaves nothing left after that point, but the idea is to reach the point of "I've capped it". People like a sense of accomplishment, that their hours actually mean something. So like, x number boosts chances to x percent with a forced succeed after x number of attempts.
-a genuine feedback dedicated analysis of the game. (rate x y z on scale of 1-10) with an explanation of why. Yes, that would be incredibly tedious with a large group of players, but I honestly don't believe that to be a problem based on the level of shrinking I've seen from the start.

These suggestions HAVE been made before, but based on several posts over the last 2 years, largely disregarded. Yes, there are reasons, but none of them are really that good for a few of the suggestions I've seen. I dunno, I just kinda wish I could log in and feel like I was doing something again.

The only reason I bother to log in these days is cause I get to fly around and see how long it takes for a texture rendering drop to occur x'D.

If everyone could be satisfied with one cosmetic, they wouldn't make that one cosmetic. It would turn all of the potential profit to 0. Fortunately they don't have that problem.

I enjoyed my first experience in tera when the quests were relevant and you didn't fly/teleport everywhere instantly. I enjoy the flying yes, and teleporting, but when you actually had to travel, you got to see all the environments, and a lot of them were really creative. Now we just kinda push through dungeons without stopping and looking around, and that to me is boring. Everyone else is realizing it IS boring that way xD the extra grind types don't help.

They shouldn't have locked everything at max level. The entire game map is irrelevant because of that. The game used to be more story driven where you went quest by quest, and not the "mad rush to max" it's turned into. And if it takes a day or two to hit 65, and 2 weeks (of reasonable gaming) to hit 70, i think there's an issue with 5 levels being 80% of the xp.

fix what's broken and move forward :S I would like quality and stability over new content. dressing room,wardrobes, things like that are all still broken. I would see what the oldest and most mentioned issues are, and go down the list. perhaps balancing the quests and content with eachother? cause lumping every single last ounce of content at the last level is a horrible way for the game to play out. Storyline was storyline cause you could play through it and it made sense as you got to level 65. You couldn't just rush it and get 65 in a day.

maybe aura slot? or possibly adding more than one accessory to one of the sections ._. OH WAIT... two slots, one on each side... THE RIGHT AND LEFT SHOE!

the game itself barely has 720p graphics on a good day. Any higher res only points the lagg out more.

@KarurosuAshitaka gunners are safe at pretty much all ranges if you know what you're doing, they perform best between 6 and 15m away based on how the attacks travel, they have metal armor, freakishly high dps when powercritting, and the robot previously mentioned not only heals you when standing, but others. Also it acts as an instant teleport within 30m, you place it and press the key for it.

priest is immortal but deals practically no damage (even with recent damage buff from apex), mystic is high damage healer with a few less safety nets, archer is really high damage, no hp, gunner is a more or less trotting tank. But more than anything, your survivability depends on how you play more than the class you chose.

@counterpoint with today's keyboard systems, why not just find a simple one that flips through three (letters, caps, special characters) as a ui keyboard? that's not too hard if they can have ui for everything else.

I get you guys want us to be active players and be rewarded for being active, but ya know? 2-8 months of active play is rewarded with more grind and an event that barely does anything, so I tend to skip off for a while when things grow dull and occasionally get an email a week after something started only to go "oh, I might have been interested in that, but looks like I can't get it cause I got notified a week or so late.", and honestly it's annoying. I don't even ask you guys to extend timelimit, but you know, maybe a good idea is to send an email BEFORE an event happens? like i dunno, at least three days before something so we can plan for it??? I always get emails for it a week (or more) after the fact. And if anyone wants to say "but you should just stay active", the website for tera irregularly updates their info after things have already happened, and I have spent a pretty long time playing, it gets old :S.

TL;DR version -> send emails BEFORE events, not AFTER events.

@MargaretRose said: > Confused, what of it is positive?

That people aren't dying from overplaying a game with no restrictions. (which has happened) I mean, don't get me wrong, it's stupid for most people, nobody's arguing that.

hasn't this topic already been submitted like four or five times now?

Well, it really ultimately depends on what you like the most. They share several traits as both are crit middle range dps with lots of evasion skills.
So, the answer is, "yes". It ultimately depends on the players skill for effectiveness in pvp/pve, so just flip a coin if you like both equally x'D.

So what I've read is "We've come up with another way to make an already obscene grind, even more grindy."

For me? Disregard loot boxes entirely, and the games pretty solid :) If you focus on just experiencing the game and take it slowly, it's actually really good to sit around and lazily go through the game to enjoy yourself.

If you go to the "business aspect" which is, the outfits, the items, the elite edges, the bottom line is you don't need "perfect maxed out gear" unless you're speedrunning or trying to simply prove you can do it. You can earn basically everything in this game if you take the time to save up gold after you invest in what you enjoy doing. The only emp things I "can" recommend are account bound items, cause those actually are worth it to me :P.

For the "playing aspect", the mechanics are improving every few months, and while it might not be fast improvement on some issues, they are improving. If you have friends to play with, the game is a million times better than solo, but the problem is in keeping a consistent group, that's what guilds are for :P. I'm not a fan of groups or guilds tho unless I like the people, which is also rare, so I tend to stick to occasionally teaming up with a random group instead xD. I love the "fashion" aspect of all games I play, so I try to make it cool/pretty and in the colors I like. And by focusing on what I like rather than what I don't, the game is lots more fun that way.

The battlegrounds need more than a bit of a rework, but they can be really fun when you get in the swing of things.

The only major thing that scares most people away is the grind, and it's grindy as all get out. But again, if you take it in stride, it's not bad.
I was checking to see if "texture memory issue" was still a massive thing, and I noticed my elf's neck looked weird, so I zoomed in, there's a very visible line where the neck meets the head that actually opens up when using glacial (or volcanic/twitch, cause same model, different palette), I don't know how many outfits it does this with for the open split, but it is consistently a weird raise in the neck's skin. I understand how the model works for the characters, but the seams where the pieces meet are very apparent atm xD (very obvious on high elf female, with the break, which wasn't there before, occurring with glacial)
I use shift and ctrl key, unless they changed that in a recent update (less than 2 weeks)......it should still work?... *goes to check now*
They couldn't have found a better label ~_~?
it's in the guardian quest in the desert near aurum. It still floats when not involved. I was confused when seeing it too cause I never remembered floating wraiths.
so aside from the event delayed, has anyone figured out anything besides crabs+delay?
I thought the events typically granted experience for everyone else too, just not the items, guess that got changed?
They should just add a color wheel for it rather than this weird block palette menu xD
jewel hair dye gives hairstyle, effect, and color.
You have the picture with the jeweled hair effect, THAT is the color, I don't know if another dye replaces the effect outright or simply dyes the effect, which wasn't entirely made clear in their description. Male characters have a bright sky blue, and females have a hot pink, both with luminescence. There are two versions and it is useable on the races in the picture(who have hair). Whether other dyes affect them or no is unclear, but the jeweled hair itself is its own thing for sure, and I have it on my priest. (can't just upload an image and have it approved..) I like it as is, so I can't play around with dyeing it cause I don't wanna lose either hairstyle or effect. the color I got used to.
I fashion, it's more fun. I customize my characters, fly around, show it off, and goof off. And then I occasionally quest or venture. "Fashion is the true endgame!" But in any case, you really shouldn't feel "have to" enter the equation with a game, it's a game because you DON'T have to.
ok,no, do NOT use virtual ram, thats actually bad for your computer. if I can run three triple A games without any of them crashing, people can run tera without it being a memory issue. Seriously, it's an issue in the function of the game, not the internet or computers of ours. Seriously. (has had "insufficient mem" in tera, for clarification) But if I can run far cry 5, warframe, planetside 2, all at the same time, it's kinda dumb.
you can also rebind in the options menu :)
most of connectivity issues have absolutely nothing to do with out pc or internet, but how the servers are configured and whatever route the information is taking. I have no issues in literally every other game. The new launcher solved a part of the issues I've had, but I haven't played long enough since the launcher to see any other stuff xD
Personally, I think the threads complaining about it just need to not be a thing at this point xD. We know what the issue is, we know why the issue is, and there isn't really a resolution for it at this moment in time.
It's better than them laying out forty palette swaps of the same item >>"
eme launcher has closers and the other games attached, that's the big difference everyone is confused about. It's the overarching domain, like steam launcher, but enmasse's version. So you have enmasse launcher = closers + tera launcher
imagine, starglow in chromaplasm colors. I would actually pay emp for that.
ah, well I think it might be the source of the memory error, it being the former launcher, I haven't had any issues or auto-optimizations yet with the new launcher xD so I can only pray that it's the fix.
I mean that's fine, but people who dont know what they are doing could screw up file xD
wait wait wait, just locate the enmasse launcher, it will give you option to hit "locate" and you dont even need to move the client xD (you click on the tera folder, and select client, hit ok)
click the blue text that says "easiest way possible" :P it goes through the steps.
If they were going to make colorshift for it, they could have just made the glow outfits dyeable. "noooo.. we can't do that.... is too complicated" ->"But it's literally just a palette swap." -> "noooo..... we lose money that way...." ->"......" See, they could sell outfit glow dye, and outfit dye, make more profit, but then they would lose out on the whole plasma skins (four colors and then prism, when a glow dye could lock it into a specific hue)
So they made starglow pink.
The effects have a bunch of issues as is xP (whole several things on optimization and/or lack thereof) It's kinda hard to pinpoint a specific issue on that. In this case though, I think they separated your own character effects/party effects, that might be part of it.
It's best to just not worry about it at this point. All stirring the pot will do is bring up bad behavior from both sides.
well they still won't hide the flight ui or allow THAT to be altered...
if you keybind the "summon pet 1, 2 and 3" to a specific key command to, it's almost like skill use, but a bit less convenient. I have shift+f for mine, and it works ok.
i'm liking the mounts you can get from the dungeons, even if they don't fly, it's a nice variety.
I still like that they included the steps from last year, the "hydrath" outfit works on my elf nicely with glacial wings, so I'm not too unhappy about that personally :P I think the unity stole (black scarf) would be better than the afros, but thats just my two cents xD
even if we used several hundred(per player) on this game, I don't think they'd have a free roam version. They are already doing that with games that are supposed to be complete games (from ps4 and the like) Not all, but a lot.
Ya know, rather than worry about more consumables, they should just re-release their cosmetics at flat-rate, use their rng for the consumable items (where people know they are gambling) and stop splitting hairs between the two. If it's game resources, let it be a gamble, if it's a straight cosmetic purchase, let it be that. Separate the two, that's the easiest way to resolve their "oh, but if we do this for this, then this will do this" argument.
They are doing this because NA players have a habbit of exploiting well..everything. Personally, I think they should make the smart box's out of the token shops none tradable *Shrug*

I wouldn't say NA players blanketly. "Some", not all.
so wait, when combining/evolving, you can't get traits that aren't part of the pets combined?
well, the rest of it is ok, but I think namechange vouchers for pets "Are" a bit much.
It's confusing for me is all I know.
I don't think you have crystals in CS anymore? Or at least I didn't see them the last time I was in :S
Haven't had a chance to login yet myself today, but people have been saying that fashion coupons and strongboxes are dropping again now, so I think it's fixed.

Oh well then that's good!
This sounds like an issue to be fixed after fc's are reinstated, cause then people who have less reason to be concerned by the sudden influx of costumes if they can simply earn ones that are more than good enough :S
Ellexem wrote: »

Pet Pocket seemingly gets a new way to access it (called Special Storage) on the bankers, but unsure how that'll handle the transition. (If you need to register all pet pockets again before they are all accessible, if they are already unlocked, or if the system can handle only partial registration without doing anything bad to items in pet tabs.)

Kind of makes me wish that they would just hand out a few companion list expansions so that we don't need something like a kludge fix of a 2100 expiration date for the parcel posts with the pets or something similar.

In other words, "brace for impact!"

right click the token
Not necessarily, you can actually buy the upgrading mats with credits too, so it isn't like you just get them from winning
download is 40gb and end file size is 77gb. It says so on the download page, the extra couple gigs is probably just from cache.
Bomber outfit/beats outfit. They have those in trade broker :) I think they also have some other stuff in dressing room that matches that description as well?
Void, the whole thing you're missing isn't "what" was said, but "HOW" it was said, among a few inconsistencies in logic. The current post is cleaned up from its original phrasing which basically threw salt at pve'rs in general. How it's phrased now is a lot less spiteful, but the original post was a lot less so. And, what I've noticed... is a ton of people are actually inserting their own interpretation of what's being said as opposed to what is actually said. The massive reason why people who support shorehold are getting a large amount of flak is mostly in their own irritated typing. If you know who proZD is on youtube..... "opinions on the internet" THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING, on both sides I might add.

Everyone at this point should be aware of the overall situation at this time, as it has been turned into glue.
voidy wrote: »
If you don't play to win, why do you enter competitive/ranked team matches?

For the participation prize :D Also, this back and forth you two have right now is exactly why both sides need to drop salt or ignore eachother and move on from this.

The reality is though, it is that simple. The only thing making it complicated is the fact that people are getting heated about it and fighting rather than creating and performing a rational solution. In other words, the situation isn't complex, but the people involved are making it so.
Ok, this is devolving into another [filtered] for tat thread. Events should never be tied to skill level, unless it is skill in accomplishing the event with efficiency.

pvp players; yes, people need proper gear so they don't end up in a one-sided slaughterfest, but you guys should instruct them rather than blindly kick them. The event guided a maelstrom of new players that don't know anything about the battleground to try it, but rather than accept the fact that new blood means "inexperienced players", a lot of people are just leaving them with a bitter taste towards pvp.

pve players; Not all pvp players are elitists, and throwing salt at all of the pvp community is not how to fix the disparity between the two. They do have several strong points, they are just not good at phrasing them. The difference in potential damage output between pve and pvp gear in regards to fighting other players is ridiculous. A person in HO full will get onesidedly curbstomped. That much is fact.

Conclusion: If pve players get pvp gear, and pvp players guide the new people to learn the strats, both sides win. But as things stand, the salt is real on both sides. Can we please come to terms with the fact this is a game and we should be having fun? Drop the salt and move on.
And the above conflict is exactly why I made a cheesy and simple to follow guide for how to handle SH ^^:
Erazus wrote: »
Lilienette wrote: »
lol, the first word is "era" -> erazus xD so yes, I am aware :)

I quoted Christin, not your post, I was not referencing to your post. You mentioned 135k to which is obtained through CS which clearly indicates credits, it was easy to understand.

ooooo, that's my bad, I read incorrectly xD I didn't even see christin's in the middle xD
lol, the first word is "era" -> erazus xD so yes, I am aware :)
era, if you actually read the content, it's in credits, and I'm actually being serious :S I meant in credits, not gold, and it's quite easy to win in cs with a good team, and if you lose you still gain something from it. You are under a severely mistaken impression that I hate pvp players, I hate elitists who pretend that their skill in a game holds any real impact on the world. I actually enjoyed playing and leading cs to victory 3 years ago quite frequently when it pops. So, the sarcasm was in relation to the fighting that is becoming increasingly noticeable between pve and pvp. I again, strictly hate elitists. So perhaps the one misinformed would be you?
Ya know? I actually added this because it sums up how to fix the gear disparity. Secondly, I was never backed into a corner, because if you read any of the discussions correctly, I stick to the main point of the argument while the person I'm arguing with tends to change to a different topic rather than direct rebuttal. Also, the reason I say what I do, is because the first argument they make is "people don't do that". So if you have any other critique I should address? Or are you satisfied in your little rant?
I use my pvp gear in dungeons for more damage :S I swap to pve on last boss xD
Ok, so rather than 50 more posts on why personalized gear and events shouldn't mix, as well as the disparity between those who enjoy pve and pvp increasingly colliding, here is a basic, yes VERY basic guide to shorehold!

1. Pvp gear is abnormally more powerful in stats than your counterpart pve! It is imbued with effects that are centralized in neutralizing your opponents!

2. You can acquire this gear via any battleground and bellicarium credits for the low low price of 135k per piece! That's one win in CS or 3 losses! (You can still get it while losing!) Comes in options of disciplinary, harmonic, AND impregnable! (adds further damage, messes with cd and beneficial effects, AND reduces overall taken damage)

3. You gain purple plates/azure plates to level your gear! purple for weapon and blue for armor :D

4. when equipped with full pvp +0, your odds of getting kicked get reduced immensely! (+3 or higher for safety!)

5. In bellicarium credit store, you can also buy things that can upgrade your heroic oath gear, and even "guardian battle box" could possibly contain a blueprint to make golden/silver plates, or even diamonds!

And that's about it, from there it's as simple as upgrading your gear via the plates, and learning basic pvp tactics, after that it's capture the flag pvp style, kick everyone off the pyre and you win!
I think, there's a better solution here.
Long story short, fully equipped pvpers wanting to keep their records from being destroyed or padded kick people who don't have the gear for SH. It is actually quite easy to get pvp gear, but it is greatly time consuming due to low cue pop for BG's in general. The event brought an influx of ungeared people who just want to complete the event, and now it's stimulated a rather large negative view in both directions. (the newbies see the pvpers as elitists, and to be fair quite a number are in SH group) (the pvpers see the newbies as clueless detriments to their group, and they are clueless cause they don't know the game, and they are detrimental to the pvpers who know what they are doing)

This is not everyone, but as it stands, it is the majority of the situation summed up.
-.- long and short. You're quite obtuse.
Ok, let me ask you a question. If I were to suddenly lecture you on geology, would you prefer me to give you a basic "it's the study of rocks basically.", or would you prefer me to go "among the types of rocks there's (insert long detailed explanation of rocks, characteristics, differences, hardness vs toughness, scale, weight, density, isolation properties, etc... etc...)"

You tell someone the basics so they get started and they figure the rest out, what is it with you people and not understanding that? You don't force the entire text book down someone's throat. You give them a basic and concrete(heheh, puns) direction, and then when they ask for details you go from there. If you suddenly took an elementary student who just learned 1+1 and told them to find the total volume of a natural lake using calculus, they would stare at you like you were stupid. OF COURSE I would skip the in depth. In fact, this entire post was a waste of time, you could have just explained the pvp equipment and their differences rather than a sympathetic appeal which you had abhorrently failed! (is more irritated at realizing how stupid this was, rather than at you tbh)
mosku wrote: »
The reason why i'm being rude here and there is because these things have been said more or less a dozen of times in different ways. You're right though, i didn't word this correctly, i partially let my feelings spill on this which wasn't the point of it. That said, i don't think that alone invalidates the whole writing so it's up to you to distill the message.

No, no it isn't. If your message is unclear to begin with, it is your responsibility (hehehe, boomerang) to actually persuade the people that you are trying to convince in a correct, analytical argument. Basics of argument, 101. Btw, it may not take away from validity of argument(or lack thereof), but it does take away the desire for someone to try to understand or interpret your words. So take that with a grain of salt please :S.

pvp is increased by purple plates and blue plates, earned in battleground, all you have to do is win in cs 4 times or lose 16 times, which in old days would be easy, but now bg's pop once every hour or two, making it more than a little difficult. The base of it is, pvp gear is equivalent to all the damage produced by almost fully enchanted HO+crystals, and in pvp, the effects are evident. But even on monsters, a base attack damage conversion from frost +6 to a +0 pvp was the frost was less than 2/3's the damage. But again, for previous reasons, earning it isn't exactly a walk in the park xD
posts like this and the "favorite place in tera" make me happy :)
Ya know, how you phrased several things, is very, very rude. If you had just explained the scenario and said "yes they have a valid reason", as opposed to insulting those who join as newbies without knowing anything, it would actually be clearing misconceptions rather than confirming them.

Beginners are supposed to learn by experience, not by reading forty things online and then going in. When a game includes such a thing as "responsibility" seriously, the game itself has become a joke. Games are meant to be enjoyed, not a second job.
The half off dragons are nice :S
So, seir isn't in highwatch, if you read the text, it will actually tell you that you need to use a velika banquet ticket to teleport to velika to talk to seir depending on which part of the quest you're on. If you're after the initial phase, then you go back to the actual velika. Seir isn't in highwatch at all this time.
If there's an equalized version for events and the regular version for those who want to try their luck against properly armed opponents, I think that would be the right direction in the long run. Because if you asked a person with full pvp gear to go play in the top dungeon, they may or may not be still on frost metal gear for pve simply because they don't need it.
not particularly? at least as far as they are concerned, people buy and trade and sell stuff all the time, if they didn't then it might be more of an issue? But as things stand it's really low on the list of concerns. (stability, pvp/pve balances, drop to dungeon difficulty ratio, making sure the game doesn't spazz out when introducing new stuff) those are the types of things that will be of much more concern.
it won't be fixed any time soon if at all xD Order of priority is generally maintain server stability(bugfixes)>maintain store updates>event ideas>dungeon restructuring>requests of players>lots of others things>this.
I'm using tera's link to download, i had a problem with auto-optimization so I tried deleting to reinstall, but now I can't enter servers lol. I remember this being an issue before.
the hair styles shown in the picture next to it are the same as the options available, there are only two, the basic jewel and the "best" jewel, but I prefer the basic for my high elf.
Erazus wrote: »
99% of the dungeons take a second to teach lol.

Results may vary lol xD
One. I teach beginners all the time in everything I've ever done, and they reached an acceptable level in less than an hour.
Two. It's an event centered around a bg that rarely cues, where winning or losing doesn't matter.
Three. I've read in multiple locations, reddit, twitter, here, and other random locations.
Four. You assume a lot and I'm done replying to you.
Except it's a battleground sidegame. That's like playing paintball with m16s.. Nobody talked about going into the higher dungeons ungeared. And take a very good look at every server comment regarding pvp, and then look at how every server plays regionally, the vast majority are pve. Secondly, not everybody plays this game like it's a life and death struggle, we just ask for a little bit of basic courtesy.
I feel like I replied to this, or a similar feed and that part went poof... *thinking* I remember the events that only gave jadeheart o_o... i hate jadeheart with a burning passion along with every other mount that shares its running style. But i was getting off topic.Anyways, free items are better than NO items in my book. I feel like having slightly rarer items added for an increase in tokens would be awesome, but that's just my two cents :P
Ray676 wrote: »
nothing elitist about kicking the guardian gear players that die in 1 Ability from anyone with even +3 Pvp gear.
all the people have to do is stand in 10 games and they are done. There is no loss overall as the battleground reward isn't even that much. Understanding the event going on and making exception for it is normal, or should be. Rather, the people applying would stop when the requirement is done. The fact that they made it personalized gear is my problem. 90% of players are pve, not pvp. So.

I don't think 10x the amount, but the 24 hours one would be nice :S
SageWindu wrote: »
Lilienette wrote: »
Thing is, people are impatient, they don't care about learning the mechanics and enjoying the game, they just want their numbers to rise. Ultimately the endeavor is fruitless and they themselves know that, but they are too preoccupied with numbers to care. I love playing when everyone is enjoying the atmosphere and chatting and goofing off, even a wipe or two is acceptable like that.

I blame the game more for that. Enemies are so imbalanced regarding defenses that you either need to break a specific gear threshold or use a specific set of classes if you don't want a dungeon - that's not a raid, mind - to last upwards of 30 minutes.

Anyone else remember Day1 RG, KD, or SCE? Yeah.

Uhm.... the threshold is severely low to break. The upper dungeons that require upper gear, sure those need that gear, but glsnm and lower do not. People who expect to finish a dungeon in 5 minutes are crazy, or have a good group to worth with already, so they shouldn't be part of this problem. The game isn't supposed to be kill everything 6m->do it again->again->repeat cycle, it's supposed to be "have a bit of challenge", "coordinate with your party even if people aren't your skill level", but most importantly, "have fun". The game isn't fun when people are elitist because they turn everything into a chore. That might work for them and their cohorts, but ultimately that's not how games should be played.
I agree, cs would have been a much more agreeable choice!
Oh yeah, and the elitist types kick you for not having full enchant. Thought I should mention that.
might be like caimans and be 11-11 pst? dunno yet
you can, but that's not fun. Nobody likes playing a battle you just sit there and lose. That and watching someone else play an rpg are the two big things that take away all interest.
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