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I haven't reported him or anything, I just find ironic trying to be a white knight injecting in bgs
can u save yourself from being banned showing a video that u are explicit using proxy in bgs
my sincere **** *** enmasse
I would like to know when the Bullglitch will be patched. A lot ppl have been abusing from it in bgs and open world pvp.
I would just expect to have like one more day of fwc than usual since its the fav bg of the majority.
Can we have more fwcs than other bgs in march? uwu
bring it back ,make pvp great again
So u rather afk, or keep running rkem until awaken patch? :thinking:
A CM that has some knowledge of the game would be a good start. A CM that analyzes the events rewards to not have a big impact in the economy of the game. Also, some pvp championships in bgs such as fwc and 3's. Last of all, more pve content, I dont know if we gonna have it, but i wish we had DSU like EU.
FWC and Gridiron only !
Thanks man. To sum up, 1 more month afk.
Isn't supposed to RMHM come tomorrow as well?
i just want more content... bring dsu any soon pls!
Meanwhile in EU they have "new" content such as DSU and DSU extreme...
which server on pingzapper are u using?
Im using pingzapper still getting spikes but no dc
same thing for me. I barely couldn't enjoy the triple drop w/o getting disconnected. We also didn't have any maintenance this week, so my only hope is waiting for next main. Can't play like this.
Anyone knows for sure when HH will return after gearing revamp patch?
Finally zerker evasive small and evasive roll will not share cd? Or we gonna have to wait till to the next patch? >.>
For some reason i knew that would happen. RIp Title
wtb extended harrowhold
delay the patch for thursday, so i have time to get my HH title. rip
Thanks @Spacecats for trying to keep bgs alive! Also, thanks for added gridiron back to the calendar!
if theres a power hour in march, i hope we have some gridiron instead of just cs/ fwc/ 3s
There is any chance to have power hours in march? without power hours bgs will take years to pop, and only cs, kumas , tanks will pop.
Gridiron power hour pls. Make it pop for us :<
Change one day of skyring for gridiron pls!
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