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If BHS just made a built-in lag compensation like what proxy does that would make proxy useless. Problem solved.
Does it mean that gold reward also get trippled?
AV definitely needs a merge. Can't even find a DPS for RKNM/RKEM. We always have a healer and a tank and when we need a dps we end up disbanding as it near impossible to find one unless we kidnap some one. Lots of capable players left to MT already because they can't find a party to do end game content.
This thread caused a panic buyout of diamonds on AV. Now they're much more expensive then what they're usually are.
I guess i'm stupid too spend my money on the costume lootboxes. 1 costume for 250USD....
So beware guys on the lootboxes.. Time to quit this game.
Yes it ended. It also started 1 hour earlier so I think they made a mistake.
I had the same issue with a computer with intel network adapter. The network adapter would disconnect all the time while playing tera, exactly after i enter the character selection screen or enter a dungeon. How the game handles the networking code caues certain network adapter to crash at certain events.
AV is so dead right now that you can't even find a DPS for RK anymore. I run as a lancer with a healer alot and we just end up disbanding because we can't find a dps for 1 hour.
A dead server has a good sides though that everyone kinda knows each other.
RNG is RNG. I failed my earing from 25% to 60% and each attemp takes 1 diamond and 40 silverplates. Be prepared to burn alot of gold with bad RNG.
To avoid all the confusion here because a lot of people misunderstand "stacking" of the 1.5/2.0 crit proc.
They can't proc at the same time as the guys said above as they will override each other. But they do proc at separate times.
I have the 1.5 azure phoenix with 2.0 crit dragon and both of them proc so what Ryvenn said is completely wrong.
2.0 and 1.5 phoenix proc right after each other as well even though they have last mount restriction.

Having 2 separate crit proc can increase your dps alot for example if they proc right after each other during enraged boss start.
Playing the broker is not recommended for new players. You need to have a lot of knowledge about the market or you can end up losing a lot of gold. Investing into wrong items that no one needs or the supplies of that particular item suddenly increase due to some event or changes can wreck your investment. Like how recently a lot of people invested into semi-enigmatic scrolls but little did they know that EME changed the dismantle rates on the last moment.

And you also have to watch out for other experienced brokers that try to thwart you and put you out of business with their sleazy methods.
I don't have much time to play and when I come home from work to enjoy this game. I spend whole evening getting a full party through LFG as a +15 dw brawler lol. Getting a DPS for VHNM/VHHM takes forever so we always end up instance matching or disbanding the party.
Selling +15 Deathwrack lance on AV with perfect rolls, 3% and T4 energetic etchings.
Pm me on Pomkow or send me a message through inbox.
No double drop on TSNM.
This is interesting. Just from this information the prices of dismantable mats on TB skyrocketed. Mes became 45G instead of 5-8G. Blessed 50-60g to 200g.
You guys whining about elitist should also place yourself into their shoes. When I make a lfg as a tank I have alot of +15 dps apply to my party with ease so my choices are clear why I do not accept +12 misery. Everyone wants faster and smoother clears. If you can't find a party to run with you, find a guild that will run with you.
I tried a Ryzen and returned it because the hype was such a fail. It's a decent bump in speed but it still doesn't come near Intel. Ryzen is expensive from where i'm from and it overclocks like crap. Only feasible CPU for Tera is i5 7600 or 7700k overclocked to 4.8-5.0ghz with watercooling if you want the best possible fps on Tera.
And don't forget. 2.0 crit dragons. Saw many guildmates leave because they felt the game is becoming too p2w and hop to other games. Basically the same for+15. Saw many MMORPG die out by going into this direction.
ran 3 days non stop, 3 smart dyads, 1 badge and rest were feed/nocts.
AV started to lag when the event started. I hope the GM's can take a look at it. >.<
I took a short break for few months before the DS patch and I feel It's impossible to do FIHM because you are not skilled. No one accepts you into their LFG because your profile says "rookie" on FIHM. I've been trying to just get 5 clears.. on fihm for one week already.
Tried Instance matching just to get "skilled".. Forget it, no one joins it. I was waiting for 3 hours for many days.
Tried to ask guild for help.. Everyone stays silent. Don't want to bother wiping many times to teach unskilled new players.

Sometimes through sheer luck I manage to get a training party going on and went through many agonising training runs. I feel confident enough now to run it without dying as I managed to join a skilled LFG only once and carried an exp priest with that kept dying due to mechanics on my mystic.
My gears are also perfectly rolled on jewelry as well.

So what should a new player do just to do FIHM or DS? You can't unless you have a static or friends that help you get through it. +15 even doesn't get you into LFG because all what they want is "skilled"
Don't bother making LFG. Even if you are the only one they will make another LFG that says "skilled" only.
So how can you progress at this point? You can't because they want skilled only or get carried by being really really nice to some one. What if you are not social and don't have friends in this dying game? You quit with the rest.
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1:70 on AV atm. Theres one rich guy buying every EMP for 1:70 so it goes up to 1:75 if some one wants to compete with him.
People got rich from TAR and kyra's catalyst event.
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