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Well guys enjoy the who has better hack and ping wins. Sadly to see this being allowed again instead of adding built in skill prediction. I play on EU with 15ms ping and tried it with proxy. It's disgustingly unfair how earlier/faster you can chain your skills.
The only instance I know that account were migrated from different region with different publishers was when the servers were shut down on Ragnarok Online way back.
It's already over for NA. Tera SEA coming out too and EU players won't come back either. Alot of friends who play with over 200ms ping reported that theres no lag spikes on EU.
What I liked about kyra was that it made me rich af. It was a good way to make money and destroy the economy.
So far as I know EU doesn't have routing issue like NA does so, if your ping is high but stable proxy would work no problem.
Here I would get a lot of lag spikes for many years and whole party of course dies when it happens.
Tera Sea is also coming out and EU players going back and staying so even if they fix their mess up. The servers will be still a ghost town.
You guys don't realise what proxy does to people with very low ping already. On EU my ping is 15ms and I can cancel my skills much faster and earlier than I could normally. Could also chain and do my rotation faster as skills can be cancelled earlier. On PVP I can escape CC's so basically it's cheating.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Since item xp was introduced i dont recommend you, cause you are force to waste 1000x more time just for have a chance to progress.
Then they nerfed materials . Making gearing even more hard 100.000 %worse

I agree with you on item exp. I have like 10m gold and [filtered] tons of enchanting mats and I don't have time to play non stop to get item exp to for my alt. It was frustrating as hell.
RDMichie wrote: »
The 'proxy' is developed under Node JS (an interpreted language), plus it runs in the client (using 'like a local host'), so it allows every capable player to modify the proxy behaviour. In order to let it work you should program it in a different programming language (a compiled one) and pack it.

But the true is that the core feature of the proxy is very very simple, it just skip the server validation for skill prediction / execution, replacing this validation for a local (and instant) check. The lack of server validation also improves the PING because those packets does not travel, so the data exchange is less. So if BH develop a secure clientsided skill predictor / validator the problem will be solved (in fact the client already have something like that in some way). There is a lot of other crazy client/server checks to fix, but this one is the MOST important.

I don't like the fact that EME decides to remove the proxy, but the true is that some people uses it for cheating, so sadly EME have his point. I'm not crying of course, but i cannot play without proxy because my PING is 190/240 ms (is playable?: yes, is enjoyable?: not).

All i can do right now is wait and see that EME will do, i like to play Tera and i don't want to quit.

And not, i'm not a cheater, i'm a game developer.

Keep it in mind: Cheaters are developers (but not me :p), so they does not need a third party software for cheating, they develop their own. In terms of fair play it maybe cut the wings of some leechers, but does not fix anything.

Do you even know how to program bro? They literally have access to the source code and don't even need to rewrite node.js just to implement what proxy does. They just have to modify the server/client source code to add skill queues so theres no ping tax in between 2 skills.
No matter what we will say, they will pick another horrible name like how we could only pick Valkyrie among other horrible choices while the class has nothing to do with the norse mythology. Even BHS calls it Glaiver on their 2nd awakening trailer...
I used to play here with 125ms ping and when the server start to lag my whole party screams LAG on their mics and few guys dies. I wonder how the lag is for you guys on EU because my ping is 20ms there so I can't compare. Really curious because EME refuse to acknowledge the lag from Zayo bad routing and never fixed it for 2 years.
Only thing they could do to save the game is to get BHS implement a legit built in skill queue system that would work 100x better than the current unethical tool. Makes sense as they got access to the source code but I doubt they could do it... If it could be modified from both server/client side, we wouldn't have this desync/pvp cheat problems right now... If WoW can implement it later on their development then BHS can do too.
Does this update also come with +3 HO enchantment? :'(
Just pick some one that's top DPS on moongourd and offer him a job as CM because most likely he has no life and only play Tera non stop with vast knowledge. Problem solved.
Remember when you just had like 5 alts fully bis by just running end game content over and over? Good luck with the enchantment system right now.
Speculating when the server will close down or stay up is completely waste of time just enjoy the game as how it is now. Because you can't predict what BHS will do.

Same can be said that I've seen games that went down which have more servers and population than Tera currently, suddenly closing down because publisher revokes the license or not being profitable enough so they can focus their developement on their next cashgrabbing title.
Just increase the amount of channels like what they did for TAR. But I bet BHS won't let them.
Having a temporary event like the strongbox event will make the whales richer because they will just buy out the market and keep them for themselves and resell when everyone needs them. We need a permanent change like adding extra talents/silvers to dungeon rewards and not AFK gold fishing mechanic. If EU can do it NA can too.
some of those old players I still talk to because they're my real friends that brought me here don't wanna come back because it's p2w AF and don't wanna grind endlessly to have decent gear to do endgame dungeon and to compete against other no lifers that can keep up with it.

They're all playing WoW or GW2 right now and if Tera has something better to offer then those games then you can't expect them to come back. Not with the current situation that Tera is in from BHS greedy decision making which will follow Wildstar demise.
Please do not add slaying potion as the clear time will be much lower and BHS will thwart us by increasing the boss hp/endurance.
Even the rich players can't even get their hands on the golden talents.. Because when you just buy them to yolo you will just basically empty the whole the 1/2 pages of listing.

Surprisingly alot of NA players are on EU Tera and their reason why was because some of them have better ping due to bad routing within USA seriously?? and don't wanna deal with xingcode and 70g whopping golden talent.
You guys can try what you like but this game still laggy on my 8700k 5.0ghz especially from the ridiculous performance hogging awakening skill FX. I always have to relog before last boss AAHM or one fps drop or lockup can get me killed already.
In my experience with this game I think due to low population and toxicity. Guilds aren't bothered to help new players out to do endgame dungeons because they already have an established group of ppl they always run with.

AAHM, one of the end game dungeon has a [filtered] dps check made for korean ping so if your dps is low no one will take you unless you can do mlg damage.
People kicking others for selfish scummy reasons... Everyone using proxy to cheat on pvp for QoL reasons and nothing is being done. They want to let this game die out quickly it seems as it always start with innocent cheats.. What's next? Game full of bots that can clear dungeon and unbeatable pvp bot with 100% perfect gameplay?
Don't even bother because I also get low fps on i7 8700k clocked to 5.0. Just accept the lag and be one with it.
When you want to RP on Tera but theres no one around? You can only RP with yourself...
I pray BHS hide a delayed ban to whoever bypass xingcode like VAC or Punkbuster. I will laugh so hard!
And golden talent doesn't cost 60-70g over there but much much much cheaper.
When this 2nd awakening comes out.. There will be another server merge again. :p
Lapomko wrote: »
That's completely on BHS/EME for people losing their characters. Easily solved with giving us an option to transfer the remaining characters to another account.

Speaking for myself personally, cross-account moving isn't really all that great a solution. What about account item claim? What about TERA Rewards buffs? What about Elite? What about the bank and wardrobe? I mean, yes, I get that it's technically better than having to delete a character, but you're basically just orphaning them. It'd be a lot easier to just either a) increase the max character slots per server, or b) work with the affected people to at least rebind the rare items they'd lose.

It's better than nothing. I'm against increasing character slots as it's unfair to other people that didn't do so and would give them benefit to have 2x more characters with elite/tera reward buff. At least they could keep their characters/bank on other accounts instead of having them deleted.
That's completely on BHS/EME for people losing their characters. Easily solved with giving us an option to transfer the remaining characters to another account. Such a simple task that they can't even do make me question their competence. Do the staff even play their own game?
This is the typical direction a Korean MMORPG go through at the end of it's lifespan to milk out the remaining players. Don't worry as they may add a probability to destroy your weapon when enchanting if you don't use an item protection cash shop item or even worse, need 2x Heroic +3 weapon for a chance at +4 which both get destroyed if failed.
I don't think new players judge a game that quickly by just looking at the amount of servers. With the current state of the game they would feel more inclined to leave because they don't see anyone around and can't run any dungeons because there's literally 0 LFG's on dead servers.

It's better to have all of the server merged into one server honestly because people will just transfer again to TR+AV since MT/FF/CH is abandoned.
It will only get worse with the heroic +3 update. People that have a lot of gold either play non stop or abused the past events massing material and selling them later on. That's how I made 10m gold.

Playing the broker requires a lot of knowledge and right now.. with whales camping broker non stop to undercut you will put you out of business quickly.

Though I don't even play this game anymore because everyone left and can't face the upcoming enchanting update.
Good news but honestly as people said it's too late for the talent system. Farming item EXP is already pain in the [filtered] and I'm not looking forward to be heavily outclassed by whom can play 12+ hours a day non stop.
People are still trying to upgrade their +9 stormcry to heroic vow.
Waitress wrote: »
I have never understood why people that supposedly quit tera, continues to hang out in the forums. if you quit a game , wouldn't you quit the forums and all that it entails?

Just because you quit a game doesn't mean you hate it's guts and never want to play it again for the rest of your life. I quit and moved onto a new MMO about 3 years ago now after that disastrous 'whats what' producers letter, but I still check the forums every once in a while though to see if it's ever worth coming back. Obviously the answer has still been no-which is lame because man did I love Tera for the years that I played it. It really was a blast back then. But now?

When I quit, there wasn't even hacking/cheating going on or xigncode.
I remember wishing that they'd roll out more hairstyles...and they did! In the form of cashshop RNG
The mounts got worse and worse.
The costumes became even worse with RNG too.
What happened to doing the Vault? Does anyone even use the Alliance Halls anymore??
Did Talents ever happen for NA?
Everything seems 1000x more expensive making it so that even if I did want to come back, I couldnt without swiping
The game can hardly keep a CM for longer than a year at a time now, which you can't really blame them.
They removed castles and act like they never happened just like Alliance
Most of the costumes released since I left just look like recolors of past ones so their creativity at this point is dead too
I heard they even ripped out Campfires for some reason

Every once in a while I think it'd be fun to try Tera again. So what do I do? I come read the forums. and what do I see? The dumpster fire growing bigger and bigger lol. Usually I just go "ok there goes that idea" and tab back into my other game, but once a year or so I'll leave some form of feedback.

It's never wise to consider people who quit as people who should stay gone. At one point we were very loyal customers too. The game begs us to come back via Emails, games will always want to rope back in past players since past players did at some point love their product. Which unfortunately means those of you still playing still have to put up with us and our concerns sometimes.

If it's still doing badly, of course we'll point that out so they understand why people are leaving/left and what they need to do to bring people back.
If anyone is still under the impression that just quitting will hit them in the wallets so hard that they have to change things though, please let go of that. Tera will do whatever they can to get money before closing. So just stay and enjoy it while you can. I don't believe it has longer than another two years.

Tera is not the only game that gives BHS money. They're swimming in money from PUBG and this dying game compared to that is laughable. You can bet when it stops being profitable they will just close down the servers and you will lose everything.
I once played a super popular korean mmorpg back in the early days it had like 20-30 full servers across different regions like Taiwan, International, China,Japan etc. But from their greedy korean style money sucking slurping like Tera is heading right now. The population dropped to 200-300 and the game is no more.
People that got +9 SC early abused the game broken events to hoard a lot of valuable items but that was the fault of EME. Or some folks farm non stop and devote their life to the game. I know some guys that always sells loads of gems/talents on TB or to me after few days from die hard farming or buying gold illegally...
Honestly this business strategy is common with Korean MMORPG. First it starts with a huge player base and then it goes downhill from greedy p2w direction. When theres almost no one left, milk the remaining player very hard then they terminate the servers if it's not profitable anymore. Just name those old korean mmorpgs you played back in the days and check their state now. That's the direction tera is going.
Make Xigncode detect all the users that bypassed it. Have a delayed ban that triggers in 1 week like vac for 100 years so they can pass their account to their grandchildren. I would laugh so much if they would actually do that.

Not suprised the game is dying because after every patch the game get worse due to false masquerading p2w new gear system which was supposed to make it easier and less grindy. And soon +3 heroic vow guys..
Don't even bother making a static because day after day most of the guys will go to TR and you have to find people to fill in that spot all the time.
EME could do a scan of active accounts inside the database and see how many accounts would be affected by the merge to see if it's worth it. If you lose your accounts and items/gold just suck it up because you agreed to their ToS that you do not own anything in this game.
AV is also ded. TR ded too.
Honestly if they would ban them. They would have to ban the 95% of the population for using the unethical tools on PVP.
The new Heroic gear. Cough... expected from BHS shenanigan business practice requires alot of golden plates for each measly upgrading attemp. They won't go down until all of the hardcore players finish their gear and when the economy recovers from the additive event. Right now a 30 day elite cost 140-150k yikes!
Lancer beat brawler even more these days thanks to a paid third party tool that ridiculously improve the DPS by inhumane folds.
The choice is clear to have a lancer in your party unless he does low dps.
Necro maybe but I spent 300$ once with the popstar bundle event and I won nothing. In most cases you would save a lot of money by buying directly from some lucky guy.
I used to have ping issues but it was fixed when I came back from a vacation. It seems my routing was changed and the difference is night and day.
Theres some problems with the exchange servers until it reach the servers in Chicago. My lag was caused from US mainland to Chicago but not when it crosses the ocean though.
PVP is full of cheaters. The one with lowest ping and most expensive unethical script will win. Record them and it's obvious they are using it on pvp. Send it to support and pray they get banned.
I'm surprised this issue is still ongoing after checking the game out after a long vacation break. Good to know it's still not fixed so I don't have to come back because this peak time is only when I can play after work.
Spent 60 euro on the deluxe founder package and the console version is full of problems. They even dare to bring out the DLC package with the current state of the game.

Instead they chose to rush the game and cashgrab the poor innocent people.
Wait until the console patch will catch up to PC. RK-9 Kennel extreme mode puts my 8700k to it's knees. With the current state of the console it will be forgotten soon and deserted like PC..
How can you even see the ping on the console version? Try reinstalling the game, that might fix the issue.
Nemmar wrote: »
Lapomko wrote: »
Not having a dps meter will just segregate the good players even more from bad players as people will just now only want +15 ambush soon as we can't easily tell whois bad/good as you can never die play safe like a monkey but deal atrocious dps. On PC people gladly ask me on my stormcry +0 alt to do RKE with them because dps meter shows good numbers. This will just lead to the inevitable like back in the days. If you are not wonderholme+12/nightforge PVE +12 we won't take you because killing a boss for 15-20mins is no fun.

But third party dps meter will come soon to consoles so fret not. They already got the unethical thing working.

This is not true at all. In WoW people have damage meters and they still ask for outregeous ilvls for mythic+ dungeons.
That will always happen. Damage meter doesn't help that, unless it's a group of friends.

Using third party software will get you banned, not only from Tera, but probably PSN and XBL. This isn't an open network like the PC. Manufacturers can snuff you out.

This is Tera not WoW as gear doesn't matter much compared to WoW brain dead style of gameplay. You can easily carry the hardest dungeon with the current patch with full guile+12 as they didn't buff the bosses HP/Endurance to ridiculous amount like what pc version currently has.
Without dps meter the lowest geared player will always get the blame while he could do 3x more damage than the fully geared +15 guy as dodging everything and hugging the boss doesn't give good indication of skill at all already proven on PC.

Sniffing the network packets that's what dps meters do cannot be detected by PSN/XBL in any possible way unless you are injecting something.
Nemmar wrote: »
Lapomko wrote: »
Not having a dps meter will just segregate the good players even more from bad players as people will just now only want +15 ambush soon as we can't easily tell whois bad/good as you can never die play safe like a monkey but deal atrocious dps. On PC people gladly ask me on my stormcry +0 alt to do RKE with them because dps meter shows good numbers. This will just lead to the inevitable like back in the days. If you are not wonderholme+12/nightforge PVE +12 we won't take you because killing a boss for 15-20mins is no fun.

But third party dps meter will come soon to consoles so fret not. They already got the unethical thing working.

This is not true at all. In WoW people have damage meters and they still ask for outregeous ilvls for mythic+ dungeons.
That will always happen. Damage meter doesn't help that, unless it's a group of friends.

Using third party software will get you banned, not only from Tera, but probably PSN and XBL. This isn't an open network like the PC. Manufacturers can snuff you out.

I bet you don't even play this game at all because you can't compare this game to WoW at all. A skilled player can easily carry the dungeon with full guile +12 on this current hardest dungeon patch before they buffed the hp/endurance off the bosses to ridiculous amount that current pc version has.
And no way PSN/XBL can't figure out that you are sniffing the network packets unless you are injecting something inside.
On the current patch for console the thing only that are worth it to craft are etchings. The only one that everyone will need which are meta are energetic weapon/glove III and Grounded III for boots/armor. That's it.
BHS is delighted to see the cash flow from people switching to FOTM classes to flex their e-peen top dps muscles. It's a legitimate business strategy to make ppl switch around so they take shortcuts to p2w their gear. The console version is also a huge cashgrab so that confirmed EME won't do anything about it either.
Not having a dps meter will just segregate the good players even more from bad players as people will just now only want +15 ambush soon as we can't easily tell whois bad/good. On PC people gladly ask me on my stormcry +0 alt to do RKE with them because dps meter shows good numbers. This will just lead to the inevitable like back in the days. If you are not wonderholme+12/nightforge PVE +12 we won't take you because killing a boss for 15-20mins is no fun.
If you want to know if you are the lagger you should open CMD and tracert to diag.enmasse.com. If theres a huge latency difference in the beginning which is 1-3 for me then the issue is somewhere within the local network. If theres one near the end/middle then lag is caused by one of the internet exchange points. In my case I could pinpoint the lag was caused by a transit point from zayo which I was told to use vpn from support with proof shown.

If the problem is from your side then you need some techsavy to take a look at your network. It could be caused by many things such as bad cheap modem/router. Double/tripple firewall from modem+router+software, electrical interference on network cable which I had in the past that caused my network to dc every 10 minutes. Can be quite expensive task to fix them.
If you are outside NA EME will do nothing about it. I have 400mbit/s and I had routing issues within zayo. The only thing they will tell you is to use VPN. In my case it was an internode from zayo which lagged at a certain time.
It's been a long time I got my alt to frost but with the golden talents costing 45g ea now on my server, 150k is a good estimate.
They only nerfed it by taking out the QoL npc's like the banker.
I play on skull too. W8 for tomorrow. After that just create a new character on the most populated server as it's not worth paying for server transfer.
I posted a thread related to the goldsellers a month ago and people were just laughing at me. These are the same goldsellers on PC and they are around for a long time already. Eme didn't do anything about them and I know a couple guys that bought alot of gold off and never have to farm anymore for easy +9/8.
You can powerlevel a lvl 60 friend if you have a geared lvl 65 dps/tank. Just spam few sabex armory/macellarius catacomb with him because you basically plow through those dungeons and hes already lvl 65 within 1 hour.
kammishiro wrote: »
Diamond crafting cost 10 emeralds + 3k gold of materials = 13k gold, if you use a additive (12k) = 25k. Critting on a diamond provides only a total of 2 diamonds, not 3 diamonds so its not really worth o: I think people are probably saving for future stuff but idk x:
I had over 100 saved up from spamming ghilliglade and rknm when they were given out as jackpot. Easy 1 mil free money.
I also feel the same way as you about the console version. My group of friends were excited to play tera on console but the poor FPS and buggy horrendous pain inducing interface made us jett off and play other game. Matter of time when console version will die out too.
The dyads are bound to your chest so you can't use them on any other gear anymore. The only thing you can do with them is to fuse them with other 2 dyads to make a random new one. That's it. Etchings will just dissapear.
The flashback already occured for me. Tera lost huge amount of players already in the past from BHS/EME mismanagement. I'm still suprised how the game is still running.
Rich people save them up when possibly in the future the mats to make T4 etching become easier from events etc.
Babit wrote: »
Yeah I know what the top zerk does. I also know that top 10 zerk falls from 4m to 3m rapidly and top 50 is only 500k above ninja top 50. You can't just look at the top runs and say something like "you're just a bad zerk" I mean in your statement you're comparing a double heal run to a single heal run lol. Even after that we still need to think about the fact that slaying as a zerk gives you a massive edge as you have a kit that gives infinitely more bonuses to a slay run than a ninja so it's still not comparable.
The 2nd top zerk parse does 3.8m and that's with single heal with 1 death so my statement still stands.
Babit wrote: »
So let's take the time to compare 2 runs that are non slaying. I chose to look at rk9nm as that was the dungeon to parse before the release of rk9em and the start of the slaying meta this patch.
Stop there already. RKNM is not relevant anymore stop living in the past. RKEM slaying is the new meta e-peen dungeon. RKNM is a joke now as you can just facetank everything and kill the boss within 3 minutes. Not even a good comparison.
Babit wrote: »
I'm not trying to turn this into a flame war or derail the topic.
Please tell more how you are not. This is how you exactly start a flame war about how relevant ninja is.
Babit wrote: »
This mentality of "look at these numbers you're obviously just bad ninjas are horrible." Is a shallow, close minded, and completely inaccurate way to look at the game
Otherwise people wouldn't say ninja is the worst class because were lacking talent system? Cough that tells more about your self if you have to put everyone down that find ninja lackluster because your ninja friend does similar dps as you in rknm "not sure if it was rkem cough" makes me question your skills...
Babit wrote: »
Does it actually matter?
It matters alot to you or you wouldn't write this huge essay.

Last not least I found your best RKEM parse that confirmed my assumption about you."Is a shallow, close minded," now I can understand why your ninja friend does similar dps as you.

Bonus because you rejected one of the best healer on AV just because he has cruxes for rmnm which is a joke dungeon? Already becoming meme.
This is just a sloppy port as expected from BHS. Stopped playing from having 1-2 fps while tanking as lancer at last boss. I feel cheated on his poor port blowing 60 euro on the deluxe founder pack.

I'm baffled how BHS could screw this up so bad. Consoles API allows for low level efficient coding unlike PC which everyone has different configurations.
You guys also have to take in consideration that not everyone is mlg pro player. I cleared RKEM when it came out with +4 stormcry weapon without slaying with my group which doesn't mean that every average joe can do it.
Babit wrote: »
I'm glad to see this thread brining in some real conversation on the subject.

Like I said before I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to patch timing but even if RKEM was released before awakening on ktera I still feel like it was designed with the awakening changes in mind for all regions. People were clearing RKEM day one of the patch in NA and it doesn't even require more than +5~ SC which I feel like is a decent gear gate for the hardest dungeon in the game...extreme mode. As far as balance between Korea and NA there is no denying that ktera has a strong advantage. However, how relevant is that in itself if it's possible to clear in all regions?

My main concern out of this thread is the balance of the game looking toward the future. We can only hope that bhs balanced around a non talent version of the game and/or doesn't make it to where dungeons actually do become so overpowered that we really do have problems clearing them.

Edit: I also wanted to drop an opinion on the whole "x class is already irrelevant" I'm in a guild that does RKEM everyday. Usually just sell runs but also learning runs very often. So i have a pretty decent sample size of runs to pull opinions from. Ninja is far from irrelevant. I have a ninja friend who stays right at my level of dps as a +9 zerk and one of our learner ninjas cleared the other day at +2 sc and she's only been playing the game 2 weeks! Our best dps player in the guild has 2 reapers and i can't even touch him in dps. I ran with a sorc the other day that was holding 2.8m before she died to a mech. I even watched a gunner solo a shield and consistently put over 2m up. The only class that seems to be suffering right now is archer and it's not much of a suffering as they are still accepted into parties no question. I have been playing this game since the last rmh patch and I've never seen a more balanced spread of dps across all the classes.

If your friend comes near your dps as a ninja then you are just a bad +9 zerk. Top zerk does 4m in RKEM as slaying and ninja does 2.75m.
This could be an exploit I suspect through use of proxy as the developers already got it working and the console build is outdated. It's matter of time until console will be filled with cheaters.
The future of tera is that no one will play classes that don't have awakening yet. I see people with fully maxed +9 gear stop playing their class and switch to classes that get awakening. Playing suboptimal classes is waste of time of you and your party if you want to bring your party down.
Lapomko wrote: »
Everyone just ends up disrespecting each other and it just brings out the worst in people that's why these threads get ignored and closed.

You mean the enmasse folk will just rely on human nature, waiting for folk to start flaming eachother so they can step in without going into the actual subject of the thread?
I bet golden talent prices have been dropping again after this strongbox event but economical its ruining the game... what folk have loads of keys so soon after last event? p2w/tryhard/fulltime grinders? I guess you can still buy them golden talents Pom but i rather see you getting shiny gear while buying my surplus iod talents like before :P

Ironic coming from some one complaining about enmasse doing nothing and getting this thread locked having to insult me in the end. Also what an interesting story you have to tell us which is completely off-topic.

Based on you calling me Pom I can guess you play on AV. I know alot of people have grudge against me there from massing huge amount of wealth on AV flipping the market. But jokes on you because those talents made me even richer from the scarcity so you can say I used you to get richer ;).
Everyone just ends up disrespecting each other and it just brings out the worst in people that's why these threads get ignored and closed.
It's just not worth doing it on a tank class because of contribution imbalance that's why you don't see people tanking it. My warrior just rips the guardian bam apart usually placing 1st.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
I'll give my two-cent about RMHM, especially last boss.

People here begging for buffs to make RMHM faster is NOT going to solve greedy DPS syndrome where they avoid taking red/yellow spheres and ends up wiping the party because "MAH DPS" attitude. Especially when you got a greedy DPS with no debuff, and ends up taking whatever spawns that could be yellow leaving others to fend for themselves of having to chase down that last remaining sphere.

It's mostly Warrior and Valkyrie players that have this nasty mentality of wanting to ignore mechanics for the sake of wanting to look cool on their DPS meter.

Those are just bad players if they don't want to take the debuffs or do the mechanics. People don't want to run with them in the end because they built up bad reputation for themself to die/face tank alot. In my experience people tell among each other about bad players all the time and shouldn't be suprised if they get denied in runs. If were gonna try-hard to score carry some one to look cool on their dps meter we atleast agree on it beforehand for the guy not to do mechs.

Though the problem with RMHM is just that it takes too long and too much effort to clear compared to RKE. The healer has to be very skilled to carry heal everyone constantly if they take the debuff's or get hit by boss damage over time attacks. DPS has to be consistent enough to pull off enough dps without slaying for the timer not to run out. With the rewards being almost the same as RKE it's just a dungeon to run for nostalgia reasons and never again after that. Too much stress, not fun and finding people that wanna do it right now is also pain in the bum.
I don't know. As a DPS i can easily dodge the back attacks no problem and just chill but as a lancer I have alot of stress blocking on time, not taking too many hits. Keep rotation up tight as possible. Doing mechanics perfectly so it doesn't kill the dps like the s bomb. Can't miss time or mistakes will kill me in 1 hit from slaying as a lancer.
You can just easily do this by doing few edits to those unethical things everyone using for fake low ping. err... I think you don't even have to edit it because people just go through gates with roll/movement skills. But It should be fixed all togheter as pvp is not what it used to be with all those desyncers.
You have to take these top parses with grain of salt. These are done with paid unethical things that give you inhumane features that cannot be done normally like auto cancellation and stuff.

I've seen these German streams. They try to imitate Ktera top players playstyle but still nowhere near the korean top player skill.
Also have to keep in mind that theres many factors you can't compare KTERA with the rest of the world. They have insanely lower ping. Their average skill is much higher then ours like in Starcraft, LoL etc. I've seen alot of KTERA videos with insane perfect tight timing doing whacky manuevers all around the boss or mechanics.
It's obvious you were rude because you can see he didn't like it that you said that from his response. babysit?
What's not rude for you doesn't mean it's not rude for him and clearly he got angry from that. So learn to be more careful next time and reflect on yourself because alot of people don't realise they were rude.
I proceeded to inform him that I wouldn't babysit him if he kept eating mechanics- as he would then be more of a disturbance than actually helpful;
That's not nice either of you to tell him that you are not gonna "babysit" him. That was just mean of you too so I can understand why that guy lashed out at you. You could have said it in a more civil way so you both were wrong or he wouldn't get mad in the first place.

Though he is right in a way if you look at the chat log. Because LKNM is so easy that dps/tank facetank every mechanic because the damage is low that healers can easily heal them no problem.
They're both bad for farming bams. Brawlers would be the best but if I had to pick between the two then warrior would be superior due to their backtime from their backstab and their roll spam relying on resolve. Zerkers have hard time staying behind the boss and is a hell.
I'm a warrior main on PC and I played warrior on console it was very hard due to amount of core skills that I have to keybind. I don't even have enough buttons for all my skill having to leave some out.

The autochain don't work well if you wanna try-hard because they don't chain into optimal rotation to get 10 edge stack fast as possible which probably speaks for all classes. I've had alot of moments where my Combative Strike chains to into traverse cut while my Bladedraw is on Cooldown.
Warriors have alot of combo's that don't chain into each other so you will lose alot of dps if you only rely on them.
Theres alot of tank mains that never get asked because theres many better tanks out there that would be a better pick.
It's not about holding aggro anymore these days as a tank. It's how much damage you can do and buff up-time thanks to dps meters. Tanks that hold aggro but deal low dps get left out so again you have to be really skilled/top tier tank to be always picked. Good luck as a new player with the hardest role to master.

And the funny thing is my static always have hard time getting a capable dps so we have to cross-que with friends from TR/MT to get a run going thanks to the DPS check/shield.

I don't know why it takes long for you but for me support takes 1-2 days. They've done alot for me even for small things they helped me alot. Maybe it's because I have huge history of spending money and buying elite subscription with $ being a higher priority.
NA lost alot of players already to EU from unresolved problems that are still plagiarising the region. After many years server still lags especially when alot of people are running dungeons when events are on. There was a huge guild on my server that mass migrated to EU because they're fed up with EME incompetence.
BHS should just send one of the developers to EME and take control of whatever they're trying to do and fix all the problems and add new content atleast some one can do. Alot of NA players migrated to EU because of many reasons already explained on this thread.
Hello AV! It's me!
Playing the broker requires alot of market knowledge. You can't just go flip items around expecting to make a profit. Theres alot of people that gonna lowball you or use those nasty broker tricks if you are not careful enough. Now theres even scripts to play broker for you. Good luck competing against that as a new player.
metagame wrote: »
Lapomko wrote: »
and theres a bug with the souls doing 2x damage and killing you in 1 hit
this is an intended mechanic

I forgot to add without having the debuff on you. This bug is already confirmed on eutera dying with full hp.
kamizuma wrote: »
naw dont listen to these ppl, you can get lots of gear without swiping


no swipe

This coming from a guy that inflates the game economy by buying out all the servers talents for his selfish personal gain.
I agree about this dungeon should need a nerf. It's not worth running it because it takes too long to clear unlike RKE where you can slay and can easily do the mechs. This dungeon is a pain in the [filtered] for healers and theres a bug with the souls doing 2x as much as damage without debuff. After just getting 1 clear no one is running this pain in the [filtered] dungeon again let alone finding people that can do mlg dps and clear this.
WH49T5PXPJ wrote: »
> You seem to be misinformed of the time it takes to get good gear.
> I +4 my wep within a week by putting in some effort into doing guardian missions to craft emeralds.
> I'm very casual btw

Well, then i'm missing something, because i've been doing every dungeon i can since the new system came and i only got to frostmetal, doing guardian too, and no luck. Because i can't get all materials i need. Since the golden daric and its design price are too high. Oh and let's not forget about the rate that gets to 61% on its max to +2 on FM, and still fails

im know people full stormcry, +7 in weapon and they never done hightier dungeon ( only low and mid tier ), rarely do bg, and they don play every day.
im get in arrow frosmetal +1 to +5 without fall without exp gear, rng, is rng.
cry for 61 %? , mee, try to get when full exp + terarewards = 22 % or better, 15%

They just swipe all their gear and don't even run the hardest content. I know these ppl and they just go afk and show off their costumes.
Ray676 wrote: »
WH49T5PXPJ wrote: »
No, give up, the new system sucks. Unless you like to run the same dungeons the whole day trying to get materials, just to fail and fail again. Wasting your time and gold :D

You seem to be misinformed of the time it takes to get good gear.
I +4 my wep within a week by putting in some effort into doing guardian missions to craft emeralds.
I'm very casual btw

You just have +0 stormcry armor and +4 weapon. You don't feel the pain until you reach this level. It's easy to get +0 stormcry but after SC +4 the enchantment cost is ridiculous. Imagine a new player that wants to enchant? He will just either give up on his life to farm, Swipe or unistall the game.

The situation is so bad on AV that we have to get people from another servers and crossqueue to get a run going. LFG is worthless now because whole AV has each other on discord.
Dvsv wrote: »
Hey economy white knights, how about golden talent and silver talents prices now?
You guys gonna stay very quiet right? Cuz it's a p2w event hahahaha!

I don't know why you have to say that. These economy white knights already made huge profit out of their talents from these broken events. It's just gonna make them richer and richer as they probably have hoarded [filtered] tons of keys by now.

Talents reached 47g on AV. This would only do good for short-term and talents will skyrocket later again.
Obs wrote: »
The only required dyads are glistening and only for certain classes non of which are healers

Poisedly/Resolutely Dyads can be extremely useful depending on the content you're doing.

It's smarter just to use the normal ones on Red niveots as theres alot of useful ones. For blue dyads it's only Hardies Glistening/swift or Relentless that are needed.
Fascinating how everyone ratio of items is different from RNG. I got 27 smart dyads but 60 additives and 109 superior nocs.
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