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Or just use logic that this happens at peak times usually and the servers can’t handle the load of players playing during the pandemic and eme doesn’t wanna admit that their servers are crap and so they find something else to blame it on.
They have been doing this with laurels since laurels became a thing like 6 years ago. That’s the way it goes.
> @LnLDemona said:
> im sorry, but that argument makes no sense. The multiple disconnects can be attributed to the increased number of concurrent players to a server. If the NA servers were region locked, there would be more bandwidth for the players within the region, hence less disconnects. it has NOTHING to do with the servers and everything to do with the amount of data passing through already clogged trunk-lines to the data-centers. IF that is too much for you to understand, lets try this... imagine that the internet connection to the data-center that the servers are located in can push 1000 gallons of water per second and the average connection of lets say 5000 people accounts for 850gallons per second. now add another 5000 users ... that is a combined throughput 1700gallons per second in a connection that can only handle 1000. Do you still believe its the servers? No, the problem is not the server, it is the ISP. and we all know the ISP's throttle and limit bandwidth. be it consumer or enterprise level, internet connection and communications between a remote client and a server are dependent upon this.
> SO, before you go and blame the game and their lack of upgraded servers... consider your connection to the internet and the route it has to take to get to a server. The closer you are to an endpoint connection the faster your communication. HENCE, region locking the server will allow for a better gaming experience for those within the region, and not punished by those outside clogging the servers with their traffic and high ping times back to the clients.
> networking 101 lecture concluded.
> When this game launched there were over a dozen servers and thousands of players on each server and it performed just fine. And they are essentially the same servers in use today. But then again, we didnt have large numbers players from outside NA either. jus sayin

No logic on you saying to region lock it when we got 2 servers now and they’re performing like crap when back then we had many servers and over 25000 players and it performed better then than it does now. Your argument is what doesn’t make sense.
> @LnLDemona said:
> (Quote)
> Serious like covid. for the last 2 years its the basic complaint I have seen. Lag and disconnects due to high ping times. Region lock it, OR, add in a huge disclaimer for everyone outside of region to see. I know there is an EU server, and I KNOW K-Tera is still goin strong. IF I played on EU server from North America or even K-Tera I would expect to see high ping times, lag, frame drops, and disconnects. I would accept it and move on, not make a giant stink about it within their forums or in game. It's a game, whos foundation is built upon the backbone of the internet. A game with massive memory leaks and an economy that has gone to crap since the last 2 server merges. Stupid RNG on enchanting gear higher than HO and nearly impossible to find a group for endgame content, yet we still play. Some of us have been here since launch and we make less noise than new childish players or those comin over from regions outside NA. So... yeah, region lock it

Multiple regions has nothing to do with disconnects, it’s the fact that eme doesn’t want to upgrade their servers...
> @LnLDemona said:
> simple solution to a vast majority of lag and disconnect issues players are facing... REGION LOCK THE SERVER. Yes, I said it. lock it out for anyone trying top access from outside of the US., OR, a disclaimer stating that players outside of the region can and will experience increased lag and DC's. Simply put, this is a NA server, meaning NORTH AMERICAN. IF it is so hard to play on the server with a huge portion of the worlds population trying to play due to isolation and quarentine orders... go to EU, or K-tera servers. There is only SO MUCH bandwidth available over internet trunk lines. the more people online WILL equate to higher ping times and eventual dc's.

It’s a present that came with this patch. It will keep resetting UI when you switch characters or log off. No known fix.
It is dying and it’s obvious. I’ve been here almost 7 years and it’s sad to see that eme isn’t doing a thing to promote their game at all let alone maintain it and it’s players. Eme has completely abandoned the forums. Their events are just rinse and repeat like doing laundry. The game isn’t even a fraction of what it was years ago and I think eme knows it.
So you had to donate to extra life. Are they still giving the title out even if you missed out from the twitter code ?
What was the occasion for this title anyways ?
I searched this title too on the achievement list and couldn’t find it. Another nice fail on emes part on lack of communication now a majority of the community missed out. I don’t use Twitter either

*slow clap*

Welcome to TERA! Enjoy your stay.

Get ready for your 7 day costumes!
Yes but doubt it will be back it’s not even in ktera and our patches mirror theirs
Can someone post pictures of what’s in the wintera store ?
Add new materials to bellicarium merchant so people will do battlegrounds again. Add azart force signs and tokens to the merchant as well for say 25k credits per since its 400 for a random belt or mask. Sadly this thread is already DOA because eme has neglected the forums like they’ve neglected their game.
> @Officeman said:
> So, what are you able to select with the Perfect Relic/Hali tokens? Makes it sound like you can get the max tier version, is that the case?

Not for me got to tier 8 and was only able to choose a tier 1 yellow relic / haildom
There’s alot of things that need to be updated but it’s like beating a dead horse because the forums are abandoned by eme.
Looks like normal Tera to me
I failed like 20 times for +2 on annihilation gear, welcome to be new system.

@counterpoint said:
It's nice that they decided they wanted to try to do it again, but I agree that it was too last-minute and poorly-advertised. They did promote it on social media and in the new EME section of the Launcher, but when you don't have a regular pattern of doing streams anymore with an established audience it's hard to build hype. Part of that is also obviously because EME no longer has a Community Team anymore, so doing something like this is because some people on the staff stepped up and volunteered. So, it's a good gesture they're doing on the weekend to try to raise some money for charity, and I hope they are successful, but yeah -- it's not going to be the same as years past when it was a major event.

They would have had a bigger audience had they let the community know before hand within a weeks advance, and make possible tier thresholds when they raise x amount of money you unlock said tier for said event. I asked about extra life in discord and all I got was crickets. Face it, eme is just lazy now. All they do is make 1 news post a week with "This week in TERA" and most of it is just copy and pasted. Back in the old days they made news posts all the time when new items and events came out, they don't even really do events anymore anyways, thats why the game is how it is now.

Well thanks eme for making that on site announcement of extra life... not watching this year. Can't even break 100 viewers. I guess thats why they didn't bother making a news post. Disappointment.

They have a LONG way to go to save this game, but EME has to contribute too, as they're making their own errors.

Actually it’s the devs / publisher that’s killing the game and driving the players away with chore like content and same rinse and repeat events.
Mine is stuck updating at 20.64%. Haven’t used the new launcher let alone kept it updated . I’ve had it installed just refused to use it as it makes my pc lag.
> @RonLaw said:
> I haven't seen any new guide but any fish mongrel will tell you the new fish, where to get it, and what tier it is.

Fish mongers only show the fish of the day, not all of the catchable fish at once.
Anyone know if there’s a fishing guide for the new fishing areas what new fish can be caught and what tier ?
> @SageWindu said:
> Wasn't it "until further notice"? Did something happen?

It was until further notice on the website and ingame said til the 15th. Two different forms of information
They should have added the enchant bonus to pvp gear.
> @McThicc said:
> So you're saying that players who afk on ladders for one match deserve more mats than the people who are actually capable of clearing gvh.
> Its double bc this weekend. Each win will yield you 664k credits. If they were 50k per, you'd yield 13 mats. You wouldn't even get that much if you were to loot entire floor of GVH on non double drop. You also don't have to consume your adventure coins queuing for BGs and there is no gear, level, or skill requirement to show up unlike GVH.

600k huh? I’m afraid during increased credits it’s 205k a win. That’s how much it was when they had the 50 sh game event for plates during a bg weekend. Idk where you got 600k from.
Apparently it’s 100 keys for tier 10
How to do canyon clash when FWC is gone ?
They should make the ability to combine particles into plates too. And bring back fwc. Sh is too toxic and get bhs is still to ignorant to see that
I think that’s what’s causing the ui inventory lag when selling items
The new gear system will push more players away considering its a mix of the current pvp gear system and +15. BHS keeps making all the wrong changes and eme doesn’t help either
> @Araseo said:
> You mean kick people for fun and kill the BG?
Would be nice but probably won’t happen.
They need to Bring back fwc and bring back bg jackpots
> @fromsector7 said:
> founders dont use steam ....

I don’t use steam but those statistics make sense.

@Christin said:
So tired of these constant "Game is dying" threads. Do you think the more you whine and cry about it, the faster you will make it so? I see the same people commenting the same complaints over and over again. Don't you guys just ever get tired of repeating yourselves? I guess not, so go make another page long post listing everything you dislike about the game. Surely, we haven't seen it before. -rolls eyes-

Global is busier and steady now, events are getting better and plenty of new players are joining the game on a daily basis. You ridicule players that want things you think are too easy, yet fill the forum with groans and moans over a new gear system, because it means more work for you. No one said y'all have to max gear again. You do it, because you want to do it. Well then, stop crying about it.

"Oh, this event is too hard." Well, then don't do it. "This event doesn't let me overspam it and dump loads of stuff on the broker." Again, don't do it. Seriously, there is plenty of things to do in the game if you don't want to do this event or that event.

"Lets merge into one server." You're just saying that to troll. Why would they merge into one server again when the game is getting better? You may sit there whining and crying, but people are actually enjoying the game and coming back to it.

"Xingcode ruined the game forever!" Really? A huge chunk of players stayed. Those that left are coming back here and there. Just because you comment something, doesn't make it true. Every day in global, we have players returning and new players asking questions. Sure, some don't stay, but many do.

"AIR is going to ruin Tera." Actually, depending on how BHS advertises it, AIR could potentially bring more players to Tera. If EME gets to publish the game in NA, more people will be downloading the launcher and will see Tera advertised as well. AIR will no doubt be graphic intensive or simply may not suit some players. Tera might end up with quite a few players defecting from AIR, so no, I don't think it's the end of the world for Tera. Y'all act like the gamer world is small and Tera has just outrun it's life. I'd agree if the devs weren't still updating it like they are. I hear so much bs about KTera going downhill and ending any day now. However, if BHS wasn't making bank on the game, they wouldn't still be putting in as much work into the game as they do. If you think Tera is failing, then go play something else. You don't need to constantly whine, gripe and trash the game in hopes that you will somehow bring about the final demise of the game faster.

Game is getting better you say? Not according to the steam analysis. lol. You must be going by stats from 4 years ago then.

Those steam statistics are.. no words.

I miss how TERA was when I started playing back in late 2013. I was so addicted then. Now the game is just mehhh. There is nothing to do. The same "events" are every week, if you even call that events. EME does not converse with the community on the forums, so thats understandable that people come to the forums and ask for help but they don't get it they leave. Thats like going into a store and going to the service desk and no ones there, ofc you're going to leave if theres no employees to help you. EME needs to bring back the old FUN events, such as BAM KILLER, Kiras potion shack, MONGOS, BG Jackpots, Ultra fire turbo time, event's that are actually fun and people looked forward to logging in. Stop being lazy and make regular news posts. OLD EME staff made news posts every day of upcoming events, they were creative and thought of new things to do. Same thing in "this week in tera". "Double vg rewards, or gold, increased drops in dungeons, increased bg credits." MEH. Bring back BG jackpots. Give people a reason to queue and do battlegrounds. This game is just 1 huge job now tbh rather than fun and entertainment.

It’s been on the drop since Tonka, Minea, Treeshark, and Harmonia all left.
So are you trying to make everyone quit Tera with all those proposed changes?
Just more false promises from eme. Still waiting on the emporium update that was promised 3 years ago.
Still waiting for the dyeable summer wrap
Nothing worthwhile is ever in there anyways
Anyone know if we’re even going to get the dyeable summer wrap?
Good luck with this
I have noticed elite bar resets late at night for me which never used to be the case, hope they fix it
I don’t even claim my stuff anymore the stuff on there now is mediocre compared to how the calendar items used to be. They used to have smart dyads, dyads, gold finger tokens, etc. now it’s just useless things.
> @SageWindu said:
> LancerJiva wrote: »
> The Tera emporium was a “soon” thing too.
> Don't forget Phase 2 of the Fashion Coupon rework.
> Where are we now, like 3 years since that was supposed to happen?

I believe so it was supposed to be in 2016.
The Tera emporium was a “soon” thing too.
Just bring back fwc and have it give plates and make sh the equalized bg for plates so players have variety
Should have never removed it in the first place
Hopefully they do put the mats in bc shop for pvpers unless they wanna keep driving pvp more into the ground than they already have.
Game has gone downhill extremely since Spacecats left. Staff doesn't even communicate with its players on the forums. May as well close the forums because there's no point in having them. Game is dry with recycled boring events. It's just a washing cycle of rinse and repeat. Last time we got a blue box event or kyra event was when Spacecats was still here. Just too much to list, and its pointless to list anyways, nothing will be done about it. It's like beating a dead horse. I'm still waiting for the tera rewards emporium shop update that we were promised back in 2016.
> @kubitoid said:
> LancerJiva wrote: »
> These weapon skins come out when?
> why do you ask?

Because I can
These weapon skins come out when?
But guardian legion has a reputation shop to spend credits. The new one doesn’t at all.
None here too
> @ghenea said:
> Lol they signed this topic as "answered" but i actually see no answer from eme in these 2 pages, i wonder if that means they dont care at all about it, probably because it was intended.
> it is the same with blue/golden relics/halidom, the chances of em dropping are so low i only got 1 blue crit halidom (and dont need it lol) and stand no chance of getting fodder to turn it to at least tier 2/3 and maybe convert another accessory to power to balance, so it is just there buried in the inv while i wear cheap t3 green power relics/halidom (also because the bams dropping power ones are not worth farming time/exp wise, so you may just want to stop to t3 at that point...)
> useless to say that field bosses dropping gold/blue ones are not a solution at all, since the odds of getting last hit are terribly low, and i guess there are people cheating to view their hp and only attack when it is already almost dead to get last hit, thus the loot.
> and also is the same with gear infusion fodder, which is a less rare drop (golden one) but is also rare to see decent stats on it and even rarer to have em actually apply to your gears without losing that "sweated" 2 power for crit resist factor stat, which weirdly has the highest % chance on infusion: i have a 7 cf fodder robe, but it has no use alone, i would need at least other 4/5 with same stats (and possibly power too) to even think of risking the 4cf and 2 power and the tons of gold that already costed me to achieve.
> on top of that, what they think of doing now? making fodder pet stones basically as rare as blue/golden relics/halidoms drop, at the point that till now i only legit saw 1 dropping from a dracoloth, and nevermore from anything else, just fashion coupons and strongboxes junk drops that contribute to lowering the odds of other stuff dropping (am i the only one to have noticed that other drops just got rarer since they added fc/strongboxes to the loot table?)
> the alternative is spending 30k gold on a lootbox with a 33% chance, meaning to have a decent chance of dropping a single fodder pet, you are gonna spend around 70k gold, which makes sense since pets are in tb for freaking 100k gold...
> 100k gold fodder, just imagine.
> and you need what, 200 of em for a chance at getting a decent tier pet?
> i am not even considering gv, 300 coins for a loot table that makes you cry is just robbery, if you aint elite you can run it at best 3 times till you run out of coins, that means you wont be able to run anything else till it refills...
> i can see where tera is heading, and that place is called grave.
> i love this game and seeing it ruined at such extent by a grindy unrewarding system is a real pity, but hey, you will be able to count on the few whales flooding you with money from buying emp lootboxes for a while, till they too realize that everything else will still require them months (if not years...) to farm, and simply give up: at that point you will say bye bye to their money as well, just like f2p players are already running away.
> you pushed a patch that benefits you in the short run but will most likely kill you in the long run, i already thought that gearing system with the regional chronical shortage of talents was terrible, but on the top of that (that didnt get solved, btw) you just added more and more grind to the game making it almost unplayable for anyone aiming to get to a decent point in progression without wide opening the wallet for you or giving up on everything else in life to farm for months.
> i hope i summed up the whole situation, but i already know this wont get an actual answer, so i feel like i just wasted my time.

I never put anything as answered. It’s automatically done when someone posts.
You realize the server merge was more than 6 months ago right?
Pretty lame considering in the legacy essence shop you need 10 for a fodder pet.
In the tooltip it says that they can be found as drops from "Lv 65 field monsters." Has anyone gotten one from a lv 66 mob? Or do they drop from lv 65 mobs only?
Halrath wrote: »

You take something away that was free to use, but say "Hey! Give us money and you can use it again!" Logic :+1:
How about updating rewards so players get more of the newer mats to do their gear... elemental essence isn’t really relevant anymore...
> @39HATFDXLY said:
> nope, since no one does SH+I need plates haha. Also FWC was really fun, it was toxic but felt like it was much nicer compared to SH

No one does sh because of it being toxic.. you basically only can get in if you sync queue with guildies or friends otherwise you get kicked or harassed by the try hards that don’t like dying.
> @EJECWCWG55 said:
> counterpoint wrote: »
> CreamCracker wrote: »
> Then lets not let this thread die so that does not happen.
> They're actively aware of this issue and still finalizing the price. They put it hold so they could buy themselves the time to make a proper decision that won't screw up the economy again, but they haven't forgotten.
> Economy was not screwed by the influx of gold from reset scrolls but from idiocy from some people eager to pay prices higher than they should be.
> The gold the huge majority of players got from them wont make for all the gold sink this new system is but EME based their decision because of a handful of players dont want other players get a little bit back of what they have spent.

The economy was indeed screwed. That was more or less the Great Depression for Tera or stock market crash whatever you wanna call it. Literally almost nothing left on the broker and emp rate quintupled.
Sh isn't toxic enough for you?
Same here.
I don’t have problems doing guardian legions :shrug:
> @Tielwing said:
> Getting caught up after the weekend here, thanks for everyone else that's replied here so far!
> kubitoid wrote: »
> hello Frank Tielwing. what is your favourite game on pc?
> Of all time? Probably Diablo 2. These days, when I'm not playing TERA, I'm in an XCOM 2 run (usually commander ironman), up until i get wrecked and have to restart.
> AlexWasBored wrote: »
> My hopes aren't too high. Last time we got a new product manager he also promised to communicate with us better when he joined. But he stopped communicating with us after about month of being here. Promising to communicate better with the players is one thing but I wont believe it until its happening regularly, I've been let down by this publisher too many times to give them the benefit of the doubt.
> I hear you, and it definitely takes a lot of effort to stay consistent on the communication front. I will certainly try my best to keep my lurking to posting ratio closer together.
> LancerJiva wrote: »
> Still wanna know what happened to seandynamite
> He's still around! Just busy on other projects currently.
> Finally, thanks for all of the feedback regarding the rollback compensation. It's definitely challenging to cover every base and truly make up for lost time given the different situations every player is in. I definitely get that the compensation can feel inadequate, but hopefully it at least takes some of the edge off making that ground back up.

Oh ok! He hasn’t been on the forums since January. Any news on the reset scroll resell prices?
Still wanna know what happened to seandynamite
> @Burble said:
> This issue has been filed as a bug. Thank you for the report!

Thanks for replying!
They don't restore the 2% MP and HP like they state that they're supposed to do. Their ability to trigger skill advancement increase seems to work, but when you ride them, your HP just goes up casually by idling as if you aren't on amount period.

Hope this can be fixed relatively soon.
Greetings Frank! Glad to have you aboard! What happened to seandynamite? Do you have any info regarding the status of the reset scrolls not being sellable to the merchant?
> @StevenAnthony said:
> At lv 65 is 3% per win , cs and fish, easy way

But you get nothing for losing which is why I made this thread. It doesn’t pay to do cs I’d you get on a losing streak, you get no exp out of that
> @Enlightening said:
> 91 million for a win is not great. This apparently the xp needed to level up.
> Yea GL trying to get to 70 through PvP.

Better than 0 which is for a loss
> @Enlightening said:
> Sounds like that kind of change is only something BHS could do sadly.
> But yea, I agree, the XP rewards for PvP are garbage.

Sure the 91 mil for winning is great but we get nothing for a loss. A loss should be half the amount.
You get 91 million for a win and 0 exp for a loss. It's not really encouraging to queue bgs unless you basically still need mats to enchant pvp gear. Please implement experience for a loss so people actually have a reason to queue. This patch isn't really beneficial for pvpers, forcing them to pve. If say half the exp for a loss, 45 million we got for losing was implemented, it would be more beneficial for pvpers to queue battlegrounds and not be thrown under the bus as they currently are.
The rollback made everything as it was before this huge mess happened, basically like everything was taken back in time. So if you had things relisted, they are all back on the broker.
I lost 6 ETA reset scrolls from my item claim from the rollback.
It’s because you have an obsolete mod with the patch.
Would you guys rather a broken game or a working game?
Thing is, the exploiters were never banned. They are still on the top ranks, at least on velika server.
I saw someone with a pinkish / red glow, is that tier 8 since pinkish red isn't listed?

Ok see ya tomorrow
How about Shoreline Canyon ?
> @Ray676 said:
> it's the same as the other shops. 2 token for normal, and 4 for relentless

Why do I see very few relentless on the broker and no Swift IV etchings for healers ?
Can someone take a screenshot of the etching grit and sand IV shops and post them here? I'm curious as to what the contents are.

Thank you!
Travel effects enabled doesn’t always work. The game automatically disables that in settings when you’re in certain parts of the game such as near groups of people or near water.
It’s not a matter of the right angle you can fish anywhere. It will not let you cast the lure are full charge. When casting just tap the rod the slightest way and it will cast, almost as if you’re just dropping the lure in the water.
I asked KitTeaCup why this was in discord and she said bhs didn’t give a reason why it was removed.
They’re not going to change the gift reward when people have already spent money. Maybe next year.
It's gone because normally you can see the icon on your taskbar while tera is running, and its not there anymore.
Are there any class based talent guides online? Did a search for lancer to get an idea what to invest points into and didn't find anything.
Based12 wrote: »
EME has an issue, they can't make an event that doesn't involve RNG.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Are these scrolls guaranteed to drop? Or only a "chance" just done a dungeon and no scroll dropped.

A chest will drop, which contains scrolls, that will downgrade your gear past +5, won't give you increased succes chance when fails. But hey, no mats!

Looks like a deal with the devil.

SO basically in a short answer, no they aren't guaranteed to drop then.
Are these scrolls guaranteed to drop? Or only a "chance" just done a dungeon and no scroll dropped.
How do you even get one of those boxes? I thought it was an event click on window thats posted right on the elite bar.
I get it all the time
Its funny I doubt any of the other servers from other countries ever crash...
I agree that they are expensive in the bg shop and need to be lowered espeywhile the success rate is low and the time to farm the credits to get 1 veil. EE drops from multiple dungeons and should not be 600k while the other mats used to enchant HO are way cheaper and drop from harder dungeons, doesn’t make sense. Veil no longer drops from the highest tier dungeon and should not be the most expensive mat in the shop. In my opinion, EE should be lowered to around 200-250k credits and veils 500k at most. 1.5 million is way too costly while it takes 4 veils which is 6 million credits for 1 try on your weapon when you’re likely to fail unless you’re luxky. I’m currently at 5 fails on chest and 2 on gloves. So this just proves my point.
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