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If anything, i just wish, I WISH whatever BHS is coming up with is not being treated as a New-shiny-toy for us but rather a really important and emergency fix... Like, more important than a "hotfix" because we all know how BHS handles "hotfixes" in Tera, BRhm 1shot mechanic does no dam anyone? Even this whole GoldTalent "Fix" with Bellicarium store is just the same fiasco that happened with Fire Ember long long ago when EME just did nothing for 84years because there was already a "Fix" in KTera.

If they treat it as a new shiny toy for us then... Maybe it'll get to our hands in a few years? Lol.
Such irony, i was wanting to come here to say something abit more positive about the "update" but damn.

Near 200 messages deleted, did you guys delete 200-selected messages or just deleted everything in 10 pages? Jesus.
Saying "It doesnt affect me so you all should shut up" is just selfish.

I mean you can try and grab 5 ppl with 300 ping and go clear AAhm :open_mouth:
Dont worry, the new dungeon looks like it has some sort of a timer as well.

Iv been playin this game for like idk, 5-6 years? -no- break, my ping has always been 280-300, i got used to it before yeah, when dungeons didnt wipe you if your dps was average. Look at the game now :shrug: Not to mention there were skills that i literally didnt use/didnt put in the bar because they were completely broken, literally "broken" and those were considered "Core" skills.

I main Slayer, my HeadLong Rush, a core skill to boost up Whirldwind was BROKEN, i used it behind the boss and i ended up 10 meters BEHIND THE TANK. I thought ppl said only proxy users could desync like that? *wink wink*
Heart Thrust killed me 90% of the time because i got hit when the boss was attacking the tank and that attack hit me at the back, then my corpse flew to the front *wink wink*
An important chain from Distant blade into Knockdown Strike was broken, it never worked.
You go try and do good damage on your Slayer to clear hard contents then without using Headlong Rush? :open_mouth: Especially our overlord even made Whirldwind an even more important skill than before.

Zerker Overwhelm -> Raze -> Flatten chain is broken, Overwhelm is BROKEN like Headlong Rush, it teleported me through the boss to behind the tank.
Not to mention Unleash is almost useless with this ping, no matter how hard you smash your buttons, you might actually feel like youre doing less damage than when youre not in Unleash form, imagine tellin a newly Awakened Zerker to "Hey, dont use your Unleash its useless with your ping", Like, thats -almost- the only exciting thing about Zerker's awakening.

Warrior core chain Charging Slash -> Blade Draw is rendered slow motion if your ping goes over 300, sometimes Charging Slash even teleports you through the boss and renders your second BEST chain useless!

You should also try to play Sorc with over 300 ping as well :o, super tight timing for the crit glyph to buff Meteor strike, sometimes the glyph runs out before meteor hits! Because the delay between 2 skills is too big for the glyph duration.

Archer, do i need to say more? The VERY important skill Rapid fire is rendered USELESS, youre suggested to NEVER USE IT!

Gunner/Ninja, Burst Fire/ Burning Heart is rendered useless because they are tooooooooooooooo slow! It almost feels like not worth using it. Guess what, those are core skills as well! Especially when Burstfire is the HIGHEST hittin skill among all the other skills.

Lancer, Onslaught teleports you BEHIND THE BOSS, again, i thought ppl said this is the thing for Proxy user only? *wink wink*
Youre suggested to NEVER use it!

I got proxy, i used the module called Skill Prediction (SP) and guess what? ALL THE ABOVE, fixed! Its such a godsend.

Before this proxy was a thing, i used to do BG like crazy many many years ago, everyone desynced like mad on my screen, i backstabbed someone but i hit them for no damage (no numbers showed up) and then they showed up a few miles away, people teleported all over the place like mad when i tried to focus them. But did you see i come to these forums to call them names? The only thing i did was to tell my ping to "git gud" and i just moved on.

Think iv said alot for today. I usually dont post in these forums that much but some ppl just stink.
Funny, so when the game had literally no gold talent supply other than spamming low tier contents for a really low rate or gambling with RNG boxes, ppl were makin threads about the issue and stuff. Now they have finally listened to us then?

"Okeee we got it, stop complaining! Here, we nerfed the Gold talent supply from the RNG boxes, cri more B) "
ElinUsagi wrote: »

The main issue will become the sources where you can get enought talents (silver being the hardest) and the time crafting them into plates.

Even to get them from BGs is about luck, you can open 100 boxes and get less than 100 silver talents if you are not lucky.

Or any at all, like me :D

I only open like um, 30-40 boxes a day and its like hmmmmm, almost to the week 3 now? I havent got a single gold talent let alone silver talent, the amount of golden talent in my bank is 96 and im pretty sure 90% of those are from Ghillieglade since i dont even recall AAh drops any at all?

My armor is at the early stage of SC and the future is completely dark :shrug:

Luckily Tera encourages skill-play so i dont really need my good armor to do future contents anyways... Owait
Thankies counterpoint, but i just got helped and it worked for me. I'll post here if anyone else is running into this issue:

You will need something called LinkShellExtension.

Go to Tera folder and cut the patchdata.Game folder and drop it in another drive that has more space, right click on it and choose Pick as link source.
Back to Tera folder and right click and choose Drop as... -> Junction.
Now just restart launcher and it should work! It did for me :D
Hello everyone.

So let me start with my launcher is getting stuck with the update however, i think iv already known the cause, its the good old disk space, i had this problem before but i free'd up 25gb and it was enough for long enough. Now, the game wants like what 36gb? For a 20mb update so, im running out of options.

So im thinking of moving Tera to my 2nd HDD which has 900gb free, my question is if its possible to move the whole Tera folder without breaking anything or do i have to redownload the game. I was to ask if somehow EME could make the update not use that much disk space but i dont think its happening so im sticking to the 2nd option. Thanks ! Oh and im playing Tera via laucher not Steam if i didnt make it clear at the start.
Hellos, poppin in to say i also agree with OP and reading this thread really makes me want to facepalm but yeah.

Im not a hardcore, just a casual with my own group to learn AAhm, been 2 weeks and havent cleared btw, the best we got was 20% and we do not want to glitch the dungeon so yeah.

We spend around 3 hours a day, thats 6-7 nocts per attempt, 2 weeks, you do the math. And really, unless you dont have a soul, after a few hours in AAh, you just want to chill and not do anything, let alone grinding boring contents for atleast 1 noct L O L (900 VG omega). 1 person in the group has already expressed to me that they nolonger want to do learning runs (as they are exp enough already) because they dont want to waste more of their blue nocts, it breaks my heart but i can understand.

But yeah, just want to say it again that i agree with OP and alot of ppl who actually think logically in this thread.
Hey all.
A guildie of mine is havin an issue with this xigncode thingy.
So shes playing Tera on a Mac and shes using nvidia geforce cloud thingy to play. With this Xigncode, its not allowed anymore and she can nolonger play. Any of you using the same thing and having any solutions?

Shes a new player, shes been playin a few months and she really loves the game. Never heard a complain ever, would be really sad if theres no fix for her.

Was to make a new thread but well, figured i'd just put this here.
SageWindu wrote: »
Laemie wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
quick question -- do you really have to slay rkem ?


It is the mind set of players wanting to compete in score runs and speed runs that makes them think they need Slaying to do RKE, which is false, you can do that run without Slaying.

But what if your run takes over 10 mins long are you fine with it? :o

Okay, now I'm curious: let's say I am fine with it. Then what?

Well, if youre fine with RKe last boss last more than 10 mins then good for you!
ElinUsagi wrote: »
quick question -- do you really have to slay rkem ?


It is the mind set of players wanting to compete in score runs and speed runs that makes them think they need Slaying to do RKE, which is false, you can do that run without Slaying.

But what if your run takes over 10 mins long are you fine with it? :o
Unbelievable ...

When i first saw this thread, i was thinking "Omg did they just only started working on this FC like right now...? WHat happened to "We were working hard on the FC store way way back..." - so the deadline on the roadmap was just a starting time...?". But then i realised it wasnt fair for you all if i thought so and i kind of regretted for thinking that way. So i went to Teradatabase and tried to help as much as i could with the ID's because i figured i should then i waited. And i waited. Iv always been waiting and checking this thread daily... And this is what i get. *Dreams and hopes shatter*

Came to check if there was any progress on the update thingy, found pages of ppl arguin about the mask x'D...

Anyways, please let the phase 2 of this not weeks or even months away... I was really looking forward to the day this update would come coz i thought the whole thing would get revamped on that day... xD Silly me. I even check the coupon shop daily because oh well. Atleast i saw the items in there... got moved one place to another lol.

On the Item ID thingy, i dont think EME can pick up a model, a weapon, a gear and make an outfit-item out of it... Its kinda a BHS job no? Hope i am wrong because thats gona suck...
Came to check if there was any progress on the update thingy, found pages of ppl arguin about the mask x'D...

Anyways, please let the phase 2 of this not weeks or even months away... I was really looking forward to the day this update would come coz i thought the whole thing would get revamped on that day.. xD Silly me.
Oh low polulated server hmm... Does CH Count? Because im in CH. You know, i had a few months to train ppl to do RKn, then to RKh, then finally RKe, my RK-HM LFG with my co-GM lf'd for 1 DPS always took HOURS upon HOURS, we sometimes even gave up and took it off but i am very glad we managed and the ppl we have they made progress, because i saw the effort, and i saw how it got paid off. Maybe you should start trainin ppl then? If you play 3 hours a day you can look for ppl for 2 hours and play an hour. Our RK-HM never happened until weekend. Thats why it took us really long to be exp'd.
But... the mechanic is all it has...? I mean, its supposed to make the fight more intense, imagine its all easy and the dungeon literally tells you what attack its going to do then... its nothing but a normal attack and the boss will become a punching bag, even more boring because his attacks are super slow and youre not supposed to get hit at all, the only time you die is because you clip through the boss. Not to mention the healer usually calls out the attack (In chat), then all you have to do is to read the texts and follow lol, like its not straight forward enough...

The mechanic in RMh wasnt even "unfair" as you mentioned at all, i think it was only unfair for 200 ping Priest because they had to stop and cleanse, which other classes dont have to do if they pay their attention to the game and walk? But then i even saw my co-GM did some godlike cleanse into backstep moves and we all had a very good laugh at it, her ping is always at 240-250. My ping is 250-300 and i really never had any issue with that stagger laser, if i died, i died because there was no cleanse really. If we want to discuss about unfair mechanic, we should talk about the RMh first boss mechanic which was pretty "unfair" for highping players because they literally died while being in the safezone but even that had a work around if you did some simple math and if i was healing, i always called out if the AOE was coming soon for my teammates because i knew it helped.

Back to the RKe topic, i am by no mean a hardcore player, i afk 24/7, i mostly do Ghillieglade and occasional easy dungeons (429, 431) with my babies Guildies, lately i have been having a daily-ish RKe group, we do it daily-ish, but it took us quite awhile to clear and we barely clear it daily til this day. In my opinion, the reason ppl jump in RKe is the intense play, the pressure to remember attacks and slaying, if it changes so they can do it with "ease", with no pressure then whats the reason to do it then?
Laemie wrote: »
Reveal the huge list of un-organised skins (Open in new tab for full res!):
This is good, but can you add a second Spoiler with a copy / paste text form ?
I'm transferring them into my own document, and just an image with names and ID's will slow things down.

Here goes the huge wall of text (Please dont mind the number "1", i got laezy to delete it! I also deleted some other things and added space and stuff to make it easy to read):


Axe Most Noxious Weapon Skin 1


Axe of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Backfire Disc Weapon Skin 1


Baton of the Abyss Weapon Skin 1


Beyonderbane Weapon Skin 1


Black Vortex Weapon Skin 1


Boundless Reach Weapon Skin 1


Bow of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Axe Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Bow Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Disc Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Lance Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Staff Weapon Skin 1


Celebrity Twinsword Weapon Skins 1


Cleaver of the Dark Weapon Skin 1


Cleftwedge Weapon Skin 1


Dark Awakening Weapon Skin 1


Decade Axe Weapon Skin 1


Decade Bow Weapon Skin 1


Decade Disc Weapon Skin 1


Decade Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Decade Lance Weapon Skin 1


Decade Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Decade Staff Weapon Skin 1


Decade Twin Sword Weapon Skins 1


Delicate Feather Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Disc Obscura Weapon Skin 1


Disc of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Ebon Amnesty Weapon Skin 1


Ebonblade Weapon Skin 1


Emergence Weapon Skin 1


Fatebender Weapon Skin 1


Flexible Feather Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Fortuity Eye Weapon Skin 1


Fracture & Sever Weapon Skins 1


Golden Fang Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Greatsword of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Insertion Point Weapon Skin 1


Lance of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Lurk & Charge Weapon Skins 1


Masterpiece Axe Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Bow Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Disc Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Lance Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Staff Weapon Skin 1


Masterpiece Twinsword Weapon Skins 1


Necro Lance Weapon Skin 1


Nona Axe Weapon Skin 1


Nona Bow Weapon Skin 1


Nona Disc Weapon Skin 1


Nona Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Nona Lance Weapon Skin 1


Nona Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Nona Staff Weapon Skin 1


Nona Twinsword Weapon Skins 1


Nullification Weapon Skin 1


Pegasus Bow Weapon Skin 1


Purple Fang Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Red Fang Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Rendfall Weapon Skin 1


Ridge & Rift Weapon Skins 1


Rivenstorm Weapon Skin 1


Scepter of Imperiality Weapon Skin 1


Scepter of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Scepter of the Unknown Weapon Skin 1


Sky Darkener Weapon Skin 1


Speculum Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Staff of Mettle Weapon Skin 1


Staff of Sanctity Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Axe Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Bow Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Disc Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Lance Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Staff Weapon Skin 1


Strategem Twinsword Weapon Skins 1


Strong Feather Scythes Weapon Skins 1


Tower Redoubt Weapon Skin 1


Twins of the Ebon Tower Weapon Skins 1


Twinswords of Mettle Weapon Skins 1


Unusual Axe Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Bow Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Disc Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Greatsword Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Lance Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Scepter Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Staff Weapon Skin 1


Unusual Twinsword Weapon Skins 1


Voidcutter Weapon Skin 1

I have no idea, its just there so i just used it! Anyways..

All the last things i could find (Sorry i got laezy and included all the things i posted above too)

Reveal the huge list of un-organised skins:
Found the bloodthursty series:

Idk why i typed all the things down when i could just take pics, so here it is:
Duno if the weapons themselves can be turned into skins :shrug: But there's that.
Bloodhoned skin series:

Gunner: Bloodhoned Arcannon - 55456
Brawler: I cant find the "real" Bloodhoned but i found the "Early" version*:
*Early Bloodhoned Powerfists - 82455
Berserker: Bloodhoned Axe - 19349
Lancer: Bloodhoned Lance - 19347

Slayer: Bloodhoned Greatsword - 19348
Warrior: Bloodhoned Twin Swords: 19346
Valkyrie: Bloodhoned RuneGlaive - 59504
Archer: Bloodhoned Bow - 19351
Reaper: Bloodhoned Scythes - 19354

Priest: Bloodhoned Staff - 19352
Mystic: Bloodhoned Scepter - 19353
Sorcerer: Bloodhoned Disc - 19350
Ninja: Bloodhoned Shuriken - 58070


Edit tons of typoes
Imperator skin series:
Gunner: Burnitor - 88072
Brawler: Fascifists - 88073
Berserker: Monarx - 88066
Lancer: Tyrlance - 88064
Slayer: Sharptongue - 88065
Warrior: Pay & Back - 88063
Valkery: Foregatherer - 59587
Archer: Tsarch - 88068
Reaper: Tyrankles - 88071
Priest: Despoll - 88069
Mystic: Vicerod - 88070
Sorcerer: Polar Rule - 88067
Ninja: Protestar - 88074

Hope it helps, i will try to find more...
Yeah iv never liked temp cosmetics myself, maybe it'd work better in form of that promo box you guys put in the calendar. When i buy a costume i tend to put it there and use it once in awhile, i change costumes pretty often and i like the feeling of not being forced to use the costume as much as i could before its gone... < Really hate hate! this feeling.

I dont think iv ever used any temp costumes in my Tera lyfe, i just threw them away when i got them. Just my opinion.
Hi! Im Laema from CH, just here to share a work of mine, i had lotsa fun doin it.

So i wanted to make a 3D of my co-GM and heres the result !

How she looks originally:

My fanart!
No offense to anyone, just what came across my mind...


BHS: You all need to make new things for Tera.
GF: We have ppl to do our own things, you can keep patching idc.
EME: We remove what they have, then we will introduce it back in a new form (Yay!) called EVENTS !
This actually gives me an idea.........

Reveal the idea:

*Everyone applauds*
Think iv done about 14-16ish TRnm's, and 6 TRhm's. All iv gotten was 4 Titan's Earth, 2 TItan's Storm (These numbers are just the numbers of Titan's in my bank, i dont even remember if i had any of them before this event ...) and 1 Miner hat which dropped into my inventory which sucks for 4 other ppl... THen i ended up giving them to a Guildie so there's that. :)
Maybe they can put in some short-useful lines between on the loading screens if theyre able to :/ Like:

"Attacking from behind is optimal for damage dealers"
"Using backcrit crystals is optimal for damage dealers"
"Threatening red crystal is useful for tanks"
"Hardy blue crystal is the best for defense"
"Always read the message on your screen inside dungeons"
"Blue aggro means something special, watch out for that"
"Some attacks cant be dodged (Iframed) or blocked"
"Dodging skills usually give iframe that makes you invulnerable for a second"

Etc etc etc... That sure helps better than the ones we're currently have..
Are ppl still talking about the routing thingy? I swear i never encountered any huge spike before the last maint. Ever since the last maint, it has been spiking 2-5 seconds every 5-10 mins, literally for EVERYONE both in dungeons AND open world. And im not making up anything, i literally took a few pics for this "Everyday-lag".
First run after maint:


VShm wiped thanks to the new introduced mechanic:

This is the most extreme one, wiped at 0% literally...

You can clearly see ppl outside of the run complained about the lag at the same time we lagged out in the dungeon, and its 100% like this. Everytime we lag in dungeon, our Guild chat explodes with OMG LAG... I cant even...

If you wonder, those ppl saying lag in the chat, theyre all from US, they all play with under 70 ping. And yeah im from CH... Just wanted to get it off my chest because this is unfair...
I think tis quite normal when tank gets hit at last boss imo... Iv healed alot of runs and i always pay attention to my tank. This boss is a pish he sometimes (or pretty often) does the frontal poison thingy then instantly does the inner circle AOE or worse it could do a push back before those 2 attacks back to back. I tend to see some ppl iframe the push back, iframe the circle then get 1shot by the front/back poison (mostly clothie)

That said, Lotsa things you gotta iframe in there so its understandable if your tank wants to save their iframe for something else, just my 2 cents.

Also, as a Mystic, my Titanic favor is like, super uper crazy far, i can heal a tank whos being pushed back when im at the back lol. But yeah, as lotsa ppl have mentioned, tis just IMs so everyone just gotta move on lol. And as a healer i like to say "I gotchu" more than "You dont need heal" when my tank goes "Oh sht!" lol :proud:
:'D So cute! I should'v added some captions tho <3


Well, im gona post another one then!

Celebrating my 100th clears!

When you have so many ninja Guildies!


I wonder if @Spacecats can control things that he spawns? Like, make this monster go there and attack that.. etc.

Or or spawn some enviroment effects like fire and put it on a tree/house? Or just simply spawn the fire all over the place.

I remember when i first watched Tera's trailer or something, there was a scene where that person was riding a pegasus above Lumbertown, and the town was on fire, like it was underattack or somekind. I wonder Spacecat can do something similar and make an event called Lumbertown in trouble or something, where you spawn waves of monsters attacking the town, then make people go defense it for example.

Or spawn 2 mobs that cant be killed but can be stunned/kd, make them run across the map and have players split into 2 team and go stun/kd them, some kind of a race thingy xD..

My thought lately, just wanted to get it out of my chest :P
Yuup! I was asking if they were ready, i saw everyone stood still, i thought i dc'd.. Until they all poofed xD
My IMS adventure:


I dont even know if those people were from the same server..xD
Actually you can do a small math for both of the timer after the double, then just look at your debuff duration time and you can tell exactly-ish when it hits, thats what i was doing when i guided my guildies and it worked out pretty nicely so :>

Here's the result if you do the "small math" i mentioned above, just look at your debuff duration:

AoE: Double (2 AoE back to back)

The next 2 hit when your duration debuff's at ~15 seconds, 45 seconds

The next 2 hit at ~30, 30

The next 2 hit at ~45, 15

And at that 15, will be a double, repeat and rinse.

Hope it helps : )
roxxapoxx wrote: »
I've never experienced server lag more than 2-3 times while playing. Just wondering why I haven't when I log in everyday for the past 3 years?

This is what i was telling myself and a few of my friends before

My friends - SO laggy my other games work just fine, everything works just fine just Tera is lagging as hek"

Me - "Im not laggy at all tho o-o i dont think iv been experienced lag at all after 2 years playing.."

My friends now have all left the game and here i am, having this huge ping issue everyday, what im trying to say is, dont jinx it :P


If i have to be honest, my ping issue started months ago - kinda lost counts here -. When it first started, i thought my connection was just acting up, after a week or 2 the issue just didnt go away so i figured i would pop in forums to see if ppl were having the same issue like i did. Surprisingly They did and they were asked to provide the traceroute thingy. The moment i saw that thread, i knew they were having the exact same issue with mine.. After some time waiting with my hopes up, someone in player council came in and said EME would do nothing and the issue wasnt EME's concern since EME aint having anything to do with the route we take.

After i saw that post, i just .. left with my tears and went to live with a VPN til now. B)
I have been recruiting alot of newbies into my Guild too, they are also fresh-new to the game, they didnt know what stats to put on their things and had no clue how to do anything, but iv been slowly guiding them and getting their core things.

Currently they have no perfect rolled jewels (but legit crit set up), MP inner or +4 crit and non masterworked armor but i managed to help them to get +12 weapon with perfect stats and a good top stat on their +5 chest. Iv been running with most of them to carry them with my Mystic and they're now able to clear SSnm/SShm/LKnm without my help.. Hek, 2 of them have already got their first +15 weapon but i started guiding them since last month.

I even plan to bring a few of them in LKhm/RMnm tomorrow.. and these ppl im talking about they hardly get in the game for over 2-4hours.

If your guildies cant clear anything above KC then maybe its time for them to put a little more effort into their game or the experienced ppl in your Guild should be more open to help them then?

If i have someone in my Guild that has no idea how to use masterwork to enchant, im going to lose my sleep honestly. Unless they're RPers.
So um, i have a small trouble with a new monitor i just got. Its resolution is 1366 x 768.

Ingame, if i use Alt + Enter. It switches to windowed fullscreen perfectly fine. But the moment i hit "OK" on the ingame option, the resolution turns into 1280 x 720 (Even though i do no changes) ;_ ;

Anyone knows whats going on with my game? I'd very appreciate the help.. OTL.. Thanks in advance!
Im playing with 250-300 ping too, using energetic II on weapon, i must say if you dont use Flaming Barrage, my rotation feels awkward as hek without the cdr's. Im debating on getting double cdr's as well to make iit smoother. My best record in RMh was around 1.1~1.2m/s (Guile) on the first 2 bosses, duno how i do on the last one because i always switch to heal after the 2nd lol.

But yeah, when it comes to ping, you might actually need gameplay experiences to see it yourself instead of numbers.
I dont have many pics, this one from the LKh hall!

Laery from CH : )

I dont use photoshop or anything, just SweetFX does that count?
I had this problem once the patch hit, i updated my mod to the latest version (self-editted) and the problem went away since :)

Sent to my Guildies and they all said it worked for them 100%. So im pretty sure its because of the outdated mod lol.

If you want give me a PM and i'll send it to you and see if it works for you. My mod doesnt have those fancy colors for class icons but it does have buffs removed
Thanks everyone :)

I have decided to settle with my old GPU which is the Raedon HD 5500. Guess my CPU only likes scrub GPUs :P

Just did a RMhm and i had pretty stable fps (25~), i rather have that fps than having awesome fps but stuttering below 10 in fights. I'll use the new GPU when i have my hands on an I5 CPU :>
Thanks for your inputs!

The thing about this GTX 650 card is, it gives me FPS stuttering while my old HD card didnt (But low fps overall). I rather have stable low fps than stuttering imo :(

But yeah, guess i'll settle with my old card if i cant find any other solutions for this new one.

Also, i think this card just hates other players in general xD I did Ghilliglade with it, i spawned toooooons! of trees on purpose, but i still had my 60fps no problem. While in 5man dungeon, with only 4 other ppl around me attacking 1 boss, the frame goes down the river. *cri angry tears*
So let me start with my old set up, im not an IT person so pardon me if i dont give enough information.

I also want to say i have already followed -all- the fps optimization guides, tweaks, 4gb patch, force cores (doubt it helps but i tried it anyways).. etc. My tweaks for particles and other lightning, textures are even lower than what other guides say just for the sake of performance. And i aware this game is very.. CPU dependent but still:

CPU: G2020
GPU: Radeon HD 5500
Driver: Latest (i think)
Win7 64bit.

Ingame settings i used with this set up:
Everything at 1.
Except for: Aerial(max), Textures(max), PC view distance(max), lightning enrichment (1)
Effect and lurid display at 0.
I didnt use low performance dimming.
Resolution: 1280x720

So, in open world (5-10~ ppl around me) i had 30-40~ fps. In dungeon, boss fight i had 15-30~ fps but it seemed very.. stable. It was low yes, but it didnt come to the point where it hurts me eyes. I had fun with this set up.

So i got a new GPU, called GTX 650 and i put it in my case, same set up, just different GPU.
I have been using beta driver (320), latest driver (375) and another beta (302 which recommended by a fps guide, no harm trying).

Ingame settings for this set up:
Everything at 0.
Except for Textures(max), Lightning enrichment (1)
I dont use low performance dimming
Resolution: 1280x720 (was 1600x900)

In open world (5-10~ ppl around me) i have 55-80~ fps. In dungeon, i have stable 80fps with 5 ppl around me. However, this is when thing goes south.
The moment everyone starts attacking the boss, my fps stuttering like its under 10, i can feel my fps is like 1-5fps. After 1 or 2 ppl die, my fps goes up to 50-60~. When they're back up and get to the boss, the stuttering is back like i said, its like 1-5fps

This is my NVIDIA set up:

So i want to ask if this card is just bad for Tera in general, or somehow my CPU cant handle this card (I did a few research and what i got from the internet about my CPU isnt bad, most ppl say the G2020 is okay for GTX 650), and im really.. out of options, im lost and dont know what to do anymore e.e. I tried everything. Just hoping to find any other opinion/solution here before i put my old card back in..

Thanks for reading!
Im having 250-300 ping here too and i have figured out a few notes for self, hope they help you:

So as a dps, i mainly play Zerk, i suppose you dont have much trouble with other things except for the laser so here's how i survive the laser on me:
. So when i get pushed, the moment i hit the wall, i hold either left or right key, if i see the blue circle unbeneath me, i keep holding it abit longer AND i will see myself moving 1-2 meters right after the blue circle appears, that will put me right on the edge of the laser, then, when they come up, i only have a very small distance to move, just only a few steps left. And ofc, you have to pick up a mote while doing so.

As healers, Priest in your case, its pretty chill til 30% if you feel confident enough with the range of her attacks.
. So put yourself on 1 side of the boss. Keep around 10 meters from the boss, just enough to do TN, ES, Mana charge (not really much needed nowadays but yeah). The moment you see the boss HOlds her scythe on the sky, instantly fiery escape away and stay at 25-26 meters. Really easy to move out :P, the only thing i actually use my backstep on is the Curse circle, actually i also use Fiery escape for that one BUT when i want to go to the boss to take the curse, i have to use backstep so i might not die to other ppl's circles.

About cleansing on Priest. I figured out something, assuming you have duo heal:
. Get 165k ish HP, never get your HP too high (200k~) because here are the reasons:
+ Your heal isnt % based, so once you pick up a soul, you will TOP OFF your HP to 100% which is the most important thing faster than having 200k HP. And with 250-300ping. THe way i survive the debuff blast is: I kaia everyone and use GS then put myself INFRONT of the boss, then after i get pushed to the wall, i follow the rules i said above, survive with 10-15% ish HP then cleanse myself, remember i said dont get too your HP too high? Kaia shield will die faster when you get pushed if you have 200k HP than 165k HP. Remember this applies to DUO HEALS, and youre only saving YOURSELF, sucks, i know.., the reason why i dont put myself behind the boss is, i want the boss to target me with the laser asap, so i will have more time/HP to survive the laser WHILE having the debuff.

. FOr solo heal on Priest (Iv never tried because it doesnt sound so possible to me lol), then you gotta put yourself behind the boss, get all tthe aspd you can get, ES before you get pushed, - dont need Kaia shield this time -. cleanse and try to hold 1 moving key like i mentioned above. If youre lucky and the laser is 2-3 then.. heh, good for you !

I dont have much experience on tank :P
Well, this doesnt happen randomly like most of you think, have you ever noticed it only happens when youre panicking? In order for this to happen, you need to use a nostrum right after you use your Ghilli scroll, and you wont be able to do anything else.

Try popping Ghilli scroll then use the nostrum right after and see it yourself xD
Usually, if you get targetted by "The friend you long trust is gone!" means things just got messed up, because in order to proc this attack, lilith's frontal swipe attack must hit something, and it usually - hits tank.

So want it or not, you will (Might) face/bait the "Now, you belong to me!" anyways (you wont, if you wait for your dps to bait her arms-attack pattern). In order to ress your tank asap.
To be honest, you should go with the class you like esp Zerker as its pretty cool to play with. Say, dont listen to whoever tells you this class is the worst in PvE or a floormat in PvE. Once you know what youre doing, you will realise its even easier to survive + dealing damage at the same time on zerk than other classes - at some point.

Leaping strike and Lethal strike to get out of things "sometime but not often"? I dont know, if youre a really exp Zerk in PvE and still saying this.. eh. I use those skills ALOT even with my 250-300 ping.

Im not the best Zerker, but i know Zerker isnt in a bad shape. There's no bad classes just inexp players.

About Block, when you dont see zerkers bother to block, its not because their block is utter garbage, its because blocking is a waste of time. As you get more exp with the dungeon, you will figure out how to maximize your dps while other ppl are busy iframing things.

Chasing the boss while charging but your speed too low? Who chases bosses while charging cyclone (basically the only skill that you want to charge up with low movement speed) JUST TO SPIN??, If you chase a boss you either charge TS or if you charge Cyclone you want to chain it into ESmash - thats what i usually do.

About the so called "Overpowered" classes. Well, if you really think they're that "OP", try them and see if they really are "to you". I said "to you" because sometimes at your current experience level, the OP classes will seem weaker than the legacy classes (My ninja in Slaughter only did 700k best in DFhm har har while my Lucid War did almost 900k in there same healers and tank)

If you want to know how zerker does in PvE, look up the Guide in Essentialmana - found it for you -, there is a zerk guide there and the poster has prof that he is an exp zerk himself. Look how he plays and if you think thats some great plays then listen to him, thats what i do, i will listen to exp players if i want to know about something.

Few of my records on Zerk, not the best but i consider myself -not that bad- with my casual level and 250-300 ping, these from SSh first boss, learning mystic who barely kept up her VoC.

Play what you like hun.
Yeaaah dont think it'd work :(
@Starbuzz, Tehee <3

@ everyone, thanks!

@Digivolve , Um,, the cage starts with a blue cage, he will be sitting in the blue cage, after the blue cage he will stand up and then he will either: Hold his spear in front of him or swings it :chuffed:

@BusinessCat If im not mistaken it hits me for 248k on my mystic, usually dont notice the damage if it hits me, too busy being shame OTL
So i just finished studying Flash and wanted to make something for funnies, so i made these to guide my guildies easier, less words, more actions! Figured i would post here too so here they are :proud:
Obviously the quest isnt for someone salty like you - Sorry to say that because the game isnt even forcing you to do that quest but youre still complaining (Not to say youre even raging over something youre not forced to do), the quest is fun to do it once in awhile.

I did that yesterday with my Guild, we had alot of laugh because that was the first time we had 5 ppl gathering at once and seeing those messages popped up was pretty fun seeing ppl working with each other. It was fun, we started with 2 and then 3 ppl came and did it (Because only 2 online when we started), took a few screenshots while we were doing so.

When we finished we gathered up and took a few shots to remember that day as well "GATHERING STATIC HAR HAR", you need to find a way to have fun in a game, not finding its faults and rage at it. Dont call other ppl "son" because the last sentence of mine says pretty much everything. And we were all happy to use our 90809809809 crafter's cures.

You say "why do this when you can run dungeon?", what my GM said yesterday when she accepted that quest was "Yeah, im kinda tired of seeing pirate Naga now", pretty much alot of us were feeling the same way.

When youre having fun and...


Im playing at 280-350 ping and i dont think im having much trouble at the cage - or not at all - you just need to know exactly which pattern the cage is, and MOVE EXACTLY WHEN THE DAMAGE HITS, i should i say, i move even BEFORE the damage hits, did you mention you get desynced and you die at a safe zone? Yeah, i got desynced too, but my case is, i didnt die at a deadzone. Desynced into a safezone, sounds great right? :chuffed:

With my ping if i happen to be "OH GOD MOVE" When i see im standing on a deadzone, i'll die - aka, if i have to react, i will die.

You said you know the patterns but you still need to "React" then sad news for you, you -still- dont know the patterns that much, will need more practice :proud:

Iv never faced anything which is "impossible" at all except for the stun from DSU 17th floor, because my ping cant react as fast as i can.

Goodluck :)
I have never played on any other servers besides CH, and its been like 4 years or so i cant remember anymore but i can -feel- how it might be in a PvP server.

Sure there's a-hole everywhere in every server but in a PvE server, they can do no harm to me, i can block them and never see their face again.

If ppl actually care about being killed "only" as many of you PvPer claimed, then i dont think saying "OMG the server has been up for a few days only, noone has pk'd ever, man OW PVP is dead!" would be accurate. Like counterpoint said, ppl care more bout how it would be in the long run and our mentality for daily basis activities in the game.

I do gathering quests everyday, on every char because why not, its relaxing, i stop here and there just to enjoy the scenery. Approx 11 chars. I run into ppl who try their best to take the node im trying to get, not saying the node is mine but do you need to DAsh, jump back and forth just to get the node im aiming at lol. Most of the time since i gather things in an order, so i know which one will spawn and i'll just camp there til it spawns, then i just slowly take it, some curses me sure, but they're nothing for me to care about. But in a PvP server, you all will know what'd happen.

Just like counterpoint said, i want it to NEVER happen -EVER- i play this game because i want to do what i like, iv never grinded TAR because i hated it. Iv never grinded IoD because i hate it, tell me to do DFnm on all my chars and i'll hiss at you because i hate it. I Hate doing things i dont like, and game is supposed to bring me joy not stress. Dont tell me to get a PvP glyph page because i hate PvP, i dont want to spend a single minute to look at a PvP Guide because its worthless to me (no offense to PvP players). Telling me to get a better PvP glyph page to deal with trolls, as i said, i hate PvP, i hate trolls and i hate dealing with them altogether. I dont want to curse them, i dont want to see them suffer or anything, i just want them to disappear, just gone, away from my life.

If you keep saying "OW PVP is dead youre crying for nothing", youre not looking at things in the bigger picture sadly - no offense to anyone !
Well iv been playing both Mystic and Priest and imo, if youre comparing the difficulties, i dont think they're that much different at all, You always have to trade 1 thing for another like:

If youre saying Priest is easier with Kaia + Pull, you will have to remember when to use, which is more important, who to pull when they cant reach the cage in SSh in time, when to pull, predict the random throw from Imp and pull and time it right. Or after breaking shield, everyone gets targetted by a circle, if your dps barely breaks the shield, they MIGHT be locked in an animation lock, Kaia can save them, or ressing 1 person while being targetted by the double circle because you have both Kaia and GS on? OMG Priest so hard, actually you just have alot of tasks to do to make your life - and your group's - easier.

While being a Mystic you dont have to worry bout much except for saving your life -> OMG easier, but yeah, what if 1 or 2 cant make it to the cage, they will end up dying since you cant help them, later on you will have to ress them with your slow ress, baiting 1-2 double circles before doing so as well. You wont even have to worry when everyone gets targetted by the circle as well, just save yourself - easy right? What if 1 or 2 dps die, yeah, your life is now harder than a Priest. Then to the point you call out "OMG STOP DYING IM NOT A PRIEST TO CARRY YOU", you realised your so called easy life with lesser kits than a Priest is just a lie.

And if we talk about super skilled group with ppl doing the dungeon with their red screen, yeah. Both healers are.. yeah you know what im going to say. :pleased:
With the new system i prefer doing 1-3 attempts a day and make it slow.

My latest +15 weapon is my SF Axe, at +12 i had alot of help from my friends, didnt want to go that much at once but they were all "YOU CAN DO IT, GO GO +15!!" And so i tried it with their mwa/fs, failed everything in 1 day that was like 30 tries (including my resources), after that i slowly farmed mwa from gathering dailies, 400 VG for 1 char = 2 boxes, 3 chars = 6 boxes = 1 try! YAY!

I had more than 6 chars so best was 2 tries a day. I kept trying until it reached 60 tries, I kinda lost count after that number, few days later it hit +13 YAY! So that was around 61-70 tries ish for +13.

Then the suffering was gone, I hit +14 at 3 tries and +15 in 1 try! In 1 week! *throws flowers*

All my +15 stuffs were done this way (Except for my Gene with the old system)

Keep trying, you can do it too!
My favorite town - Habere - is facing the same problem ; ; i logged in and everything looked so dark, then i realised the clouds were gone *sobs in corner*

It used to look like this:

Now its like:

*cri mor*
Hi everyone!

So we have been preparing for this event, while we want to have 2 teams with 2 different colors outfit (Red/Blue), we're making alot of (tempt) dyes at the moment, but still its no where near enough (imo) even though we have already cleared up our Guild bank! And the mats in broker are none existant as well.

So im asking if any of you having this dye_material_05_tex.png or this dye_material_01_tex.png or both! By a large amount (500-1k) of them and willing to sell/donate i'd be very appreciated!

Please reply on this thread or whisper my ingame, my IGN is Mystere, im in CH!

Thank you!
This is what im using, these are the ones i use the most in PvE, the rests arent actually useful for me so i put then pretty far away from my hand, hope it helps!
Oh i see xD I dont do IoD so i had no idea :P but yeah, i usually take off everything to reset my mobs/gathering dailies :P (Dont wana do Officer Material or Gotta grab them all ;w;)
Mhm o-o Actually you can take off -all- your gears and wait for a min or so, then put them back up, your VG will reset, eventually you 2 will have the same quest to do, hope it helps!
So i started doing the quest called "One Father's Legacy" that wants you to collect the chapters, i started with chapter 2 and finished this quest called "Hungry like the Athakela" and i went to turn it in, but the NPC wasnt there (I remember the last time i did it like years ago, the NPC was wandering around fighting the mobs), i tried to look for him around that area but no hope, maybe he died to the mobs..? e.e
Also, is it possible for us to have the layout color like this?:

Instead of plain black like this

I think it looks pretty cool :chuffed:

Sorry if its already been mentioned elsewhere ;;
Aighty thanks everyone ^^-
So a few days ago i was with a mystic, at 20% someone broke 1 totem by accident so everyone ended up dying, but still that Mystic was still standing with her 20% HP left, like, i tried to think what happened but i couldnt - I cant remember her name thats why i cant ask her directly :( ? She was solo healing so no kaia shield and stuffs.

I tried to use RoC too but i still took 50k from 1 totem, tried to iframe but didnt seem to be the case because i saw her HP went down but she just didnt die, afaik if you fail that phase you take 200k damage (no?). Im trying to get good so please explain if you could :P

I dont know if this has been address or no? Because Iv been getting very huge lag spikes lately as well, like my ping is still normal but it spikes every few seconds and i get dc'd everytime. Or when im in Dungeon and the spike hits, everything seems normal (everyone and the boss are still fighting like there's no lag) just myself is lagging. Today it's got worse, its my day off and i cant play at all ;_;

Pretty much what Magimay said, its also 1 of the reasons why i dont queue for "Gearing" dungeons anymore, not because of the veteran players but because of the greedy "newbies". Saying "I need" without adding "I'll pass on everything else", how would other players know you wouldnt roll on everything even though you'v got your needed things. So when they go ahead and roll, its really easy to understand.

When you say "I need" and other ppl pass, its not that they dont need it but they're giving up their own needs for yours so atleast pass on other things when you'v already got what you need.

When i did IMS for KDnm alot before, ppl went in and be like "I NEED THIS THAT", sure i passed, and at the end, they won both the spar and the crystal box, seriously, if i could "pass" my VG credits, i would too - That what i was thinking.

Im still happy to join any gearing run in LFG though, atleast that is where ppl with common sense are.
I had an awkward moment about this too not so long ago, think it was the last Kyra pot thing.

So i was queued into CW as a Priest, with a Lancer and a Gunner, the Lancer seemed to be pretty geared though, using dps set up and such. The gunner went ahead and asked to kick the Lancer, i said no.

Then after a min, they both kicked me.. xD
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