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I think all healers can agree :)
I'm asking because it doesnt feel "ON" (nothing in event chat, dont know if there was an announcement cuz i just logged in).

I would love to know if its active before i possibly waste a run.

Thank you!
Definitely not intended, we're looking into it.

Thank you very much. The bad feeling is gone. You all have a Happy New Year!!
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
Probably just a case of the double vanguard rewards event running out and not yet renewed. Or perhaps the renewal having had some kind of issue. (Since there is an active event called, "Extra Vanguard Rewards" as opposed to the old one that was called something like double vanguard rewards, IIRC.)
im assuming this is because the double vanguard event that is usually on 24/7 has been turned off for some reason. its probably just an error that EME needs to fix once they are back in the office

Hopefully this is the case, since its a new year and all. I really want my dragon, i'm so close Dx
How come we're getting less rewards per clear? Some of these items are literally half of what we've been getting.
I understand that everyone is spamming dungeons right now but this is just... i have no words. I dont see any reason in slashing the rewards. It just comes of as stingy.

"Happy New Years" i guess...



for that e.r.p
@RMWPM9RHFC EME's compensation is a shrug, no one is surprised or expecting anything. Sit tight little fire-starter.
**crosses fingers** plz dont crash
Why wait for my Balder's to do it, am i right?! :^)
@Halrath that's great, could you also reset everyones runs and their reset scrolls? Thanks.
1.5 hours of waiting for this...
Was hoping for a few more costumes and weapon skins this weeks rotation. As a gunner i can really only enjoy the costumes tbh =/
Basically the tittle ^

There are a lot of costumes in the game that have an interesting design on the back that feel wasted by back items when you want to hide your weapon, and even just by the weapon.

An invisible back slot item could hide your weapon without obscuring the costume, or your hairstyle. The item could either put your hair in a bun or leave it down (though i'd suggest 2 choices to be available since some hairstyles clip through costumes).

I feel this item could be very popular, and you know what that means ($$$) ;)

Here's some of mine ^^

One of my first characters.

Trying out a mystic for the first time.

Smh at the mess that was my inventory.

CU first day - ALL THESE SHEEP!

War outside Crescentia!

Chuckling at some of these char names - i am not very mature.

Working with magic

Chuckling at bugs.

Elin in a bubble =3

Dreaming of a better weapon skin

Freaking out over this Guile Castanic armor.

After getting Guile for myself =D

Enjoying Halloween!

When i was asked to sent a sexy pic.

Chuckling yet again at something - the lfg this time.

Enjoying all of this nonsense.

Pretending to be a hummingbird.

Laughed so hard i cried because of this bug xD

Forever chilling and having fun ^^

Hoping to have many more memories with you Tera =D
I really love reading the forums, especially with people like @KnightFalz @Lusbelle, that post with the authority of a God with their infinite wisdom and knowledge, it's so deep I think It almost covers my feet with the filth, ignorant stuff they like to spew on the floor to repulse people.

>Do you think they own fedoras? Cuz that's what it feels like to me.
I have recently checked the Ace Medal Shop for the Ace Dungeons, and yes indeed, FF is lacking in items that the shop offers.

This isn't the first time FF had been boned by neglect. My suggestion would be to either give it the same treatment as TR/MT/CH (as those are the most popular servers) or remove it all together if it's going to be neglected.
7MG7WLMJ9J wrote: »
Guys i found a Way to fix this bug. If you had any Mods puttet in your game, take them out again and repair you client. Worked for me! :dizzy:
(Sry my english is not the best)

ah yes, that's it. It's the dance mod that makes her skills bug.
This keeps happening every time i use a skill. Tried fixing game with the tool and everything, even re-made character, still happening.

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