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Safe from my experience is Mystic, Slayer, Valkyrie and Zerk.

Mystic because your Thrall gets most of the aggro and you just heal or dps and stay out of the way. Plus you have a short port. Group wise I'm not sure.

Slayer because you can dodge quite often and so can avoid most attacks, have a rush and a stunning backflip. Back in the day when bosses were hard my entire group wiped but me. I had to solo the boss down the remaining half of its life. When I had finished the other 4 were cheering for me. Felt really good.

Zerk because you can block, though some attacks go OVER your block for some reason, and you have a very, very handy stun that turns enemies around so you're facing it's back for a free whack if you're fast enough.

Valkyrie because you can dodge better then a Slayer, have a rush and you can stun. Time that stun for a big boss or BAM attack and you avoid damage. Not sure if it works in raids though.

Everyone is going to have an opinion. I would say just try out all the classes and decide which you like. Doesn't take long to get to about 20 by which time you might be either enjoying or hating that class. Most classes can be pretty good at avoiding stuff if you know how to use their skill sets.

It does look good but, unfortunately for me, I am leaving Tera. I just came back about two weeks ago but the game has changed so much that it is not enjoyable to me. It is almost an entirely new game and one that is not better then the original imo. I don't think males getting a dps class or even a new class would make me stay because I would have to level up through all the changes I don't like. If Tera somehow makes a monumental turn around I might be back but as of right now my hope of a Tera that I enjoy is just not possible at this point.

You guys enjoy the new zone/island. If you still enjoy Tera then more power to you, and I mean that. Tera was once the greatest game I've ever played but it is not even a shadow of that anymore, at least to me it's not. Enjoy and have fun.

The best to all of you guys and gals. :)

The calendar being disabled, possibly forever, is just sad and is just one more thing added to the list of things changed and not for the better. I came back a couple weeks ago since being gone from about May of 2018 and find that the game had changed so much and a lot of things that I enjoyed are gone. I almost want to cry at how bad Tera has gotten since its launch imo. Going to give Tera another week or two but it appears that Tera is just a derelict piece of crap now.

Was thinking of giving A.I.R. a try when it released but Bluehole/Krafton has lost my business with how they have gutted and destroyed Tera, a once mighty and awesome game. In fact, I am not supporting ANY Korean game companies anymore because the trend is to gut and streamline the games they make as time goes by and ruin what made them great to begin with imo. Got no problem with EnMasse as of right now and can't wait for Dark Crystal game but if it's Korean made I'm going to pass.

R.I.P. game I've loved since 2012. You will be missed.

Well, just came back after being away for over a year to find this mess. Things I've noticed that changed are:
1) Old orange (epics?) are now just greens. (WTF?)
2) You can level just by gathering.
3) Old mats are useless even though they have the same name as new mats. (WTF?)
4) Old crafting is gone and instead have cooking and fishing. (WTF?)
5) Old badges don't stack with new badges of same name and function. (WTF?)
6) Some old BAM's are now higher level
7) Inflation is a [email protected]#. Prices have doubled to quadrupled since I was last on.
8) No more loot pinata enemies. I loved having all the loot drop from normal mobs but now nothing. (WTF?)
9) Story quests are now solo dungeon versions.
10) No guidance to level 70. Only have a purple quest chain that does the same thing the red quest chain did when I left and that's take me through the Island of Dawn the new crappy version. Miss the old starter Island of Dawn.
11) Xp is so slow to non-existent at 65 and above. Will take years to hit 70. Wtf is with the time-gating levels 65 - 70?
12) They gave males the Brawler AGAIN! Seriously, WTF?!?! Give males a different class.
13) Another server merge. Lost half my names because of it too. (Rather upset about that.)

I'm sure there is more but this is what first pops into my head since being back. No reason to get above level 65 from what I can see. No reason to do any of the new crafting. Bluehole can change their name but they still are just crapping on NA players. This game use to be Godly for me but they have slowly gutted it and redid it so that it is but a shell of it's former glory imo.

Right now the only enjoyment I get out of Tera is leveling up alts but even that is ruined with the greens being better then the epics of old. They are named the same but the greens actually have an extra stat which makes them better. BAM's now-a-days are not worthy of being called BAM's imo. Old BAM's would eat these new BAM's as a snack. Such a sad decline of a great game. I guess I'll just have to be content with watching a once mighty game die as a version no one of old would recognize.

R.I.P. Tera, you will be missed . . . .by me at least. :(

There was some Warrior leveling event or something where you got a weapon skin box that you can open at level 65. I still have it on my Warrior that is sitting at 37. Could always wait and see if they do another event like that and grab the skin box that hopefully comes with it.

There is a mobile Tera called Tera M I believe and I know I played it but don't remember much except that a lot of classes were locked to races far worse then the Tera we play. I think my tablet wasn't good enough to consistently play it or I didn't enjoy it so I stopped playing it.

I personally prefer the NA launched version. The game was a challenge back then and fun. No avatar weapons or what now passes for greens. You had weapon and armor crafting. The orange lettered weapons were hard to find unless you did dungeons and they were awesome when you got the roll/drop. Weapons and armor could be upgraded from min level up to max which the game has now removed. I preferred the old way of changing your armor over the fashion coupon way we have now. The Nexus was around and fun though laggy as [email protected]$k. Servers had fun communities that you got to know the names of a lot of players from chat and Nexus groups which we don't get now-a-days. All races could play all classes and not this locking BS we get now. Had fun titles like Angel of Death that got removed for some stupid reason. I regret deleting my only toon with that title and would've got it on all my toons had I known they were removing it.

Launch Tera > Current Tera imo.

@Nonea said:

@Christin said:

But shouldn't I have at least gotten my tera reward credits? I usually did when ever I bought emp or something in the store

You only get reward points for spending EMP not buying it as stated here. https://support.enmasse.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017397034-TERA-Rewards-Credits-and-TERA-Rewards-Points-on-PC

Well, I was gone for over a year and there must've been a server merge because I lost half my names.

I know that inactive names can be grabbed because I've seen friends names grabbed and my own as mentioned above. One of my original buddies names has _FR after it denoting Frost Reach which hasn't been around for a LONG time. If the name you are looking for is still unavailable then someone must've logged on to keep it or someone new got it.

I'm going to agree with you that Tera is in a sad state right now. I just came back since being away for over a year. I wasn't happy when they introduced Avatar weapons because it made the game too easy. Now they removed them but the gear you get from just quests seems to be OP now or mobs are scaled down. And most of the old quests are gone.

They seem to have done something, or nothing, with crafting because ALL of my old crafting mats are worthless now. I made over 100k just by selling the old mats to the vendors which is insane. Is crafting even around anymore?

Worst of all seems to be that they have made classes just like WoW classic classes with resource starvation for some reason. Wtf would they change the fun of the classes to make them resource starved? I just tried playing a Mystic and was running out of mana so fast and this is between levels 1 - 20. I don't remember any class having resource problems except tanks with the dodge/block mechanic depleting while being used. Why would they make classes resource starved? This is not WoW classic so lets keep it that way and bring back the old way please.

I originally left when they introduced the first, non-original, class and it was gender locked. I hate gender locking with a passion. One class I can deal with but every new class being female is just stupid. Then they decide to throw us players, that want a male class, the Brawler of all classes. Wtf makes them think a tank class is the class to do that with? Should've been a dps class imo.

Tera use to be so fun to play but Korean game makers don't give one flying [email protected]%k about NA gamers and they seem to gut their games as the years go by and not return what they gutted. I'm pretty sure I am done with Korean games. Even though they have some of the most beautiful graphics and best gameplay the gutting that leads to an entirely different game then the one from launch, gender locking classes, streamlining below max level so you do minimal quests and so get no meat and potatoes, endgame being everything and anything low level is treated as trash, and the loli BS fan boi companies just makes me sick. So tired of loving what they release and hating what they change and turn it into.

I know Enmasse has nothing to do with Tera M but does anyone know of a good, safe site to get the apk from? I am guessing that it is out since it is on Googleplay and Appstore. Also, they gender and class locked the game (still haven't learned and NO Castanics, wtf, or Baraka) but has anyone tried the Popori Alchemist class (exclusive class for TERA M) and are able to tell me what they are / do? Thanks in advance for any help.
If player housing ever got introduced it needs to have a function beyond "Hey, look, I have a home.". It could include a free (one hour cooldown) teleport to your home, a fishing hole and cooking place, should only be placeable on the outskirts of the major cities (i.e. outside Velika maybe even around that coliseum thingy), extra storage place, possibly only place you can change your cosmetics, extra rested xp, maybe even a place to pick up special quests, etc.
I would suggest:

1) Optimize the game so we can have big events like Nexus / Dreamstorm without throwing the whole server into chaos

2) New story quest where high level characters rid old Island of Dawn of the BAM problem so new characters can start there again =P

3) New content in old, now unused, areas like Lumbertown area. Could even be some enemy invasion point that high level characters go or events like Rootstock take place. Something!

4) New island pops up, aka WoW xpac islands, that replaces Island of Dawn dailies with some new quell the island to make it safe quests.

5) Stop removing stuff from game. Tera needs more content not less.
Still waiting on EME Staff or @CobaltDragon to give the word that they are going to say something about this.
I did sent the request forward, stating that :

Quite a few players have been requesting the return of a revamped "Crusades" / "Alliance System", and the return of the Original "Island of Dawn" as content.

(In order to bring back the "Alliance System", some efforts would need to made to prevent Player-Vs-Player Kill Feeding)

Simple replies like this one go a long way. Thanks for passing it on. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. =)
I also miss the old island of dawn and the Alliance because of the cool mask I have on only one character. Tera now is a lot of wasted space. Lumbertown is not used, guild castles are floating garbage, alliance halls abandoned. They should just remove that crap and possibly improve the fps a little bit in those areas. Tera gets these cool things going like Nexus and Alliance and then they remove them and let the skeletal remains stay behind. If they are going to remove this stuff then replace it with something at least somewhat similar. I know Nexus left because of story and was replaced by Dreamstorm (or whatever it was called) only to be removed after only a short time. All they would need to do is OPTIMIZE the game and we could have the cool things back but BHS refuses to do that. Not only that, they remove more content then they put in. Wtf is that? Tera is just going to be a ton of empty zones with no story quests that you can see on the map but never visit unless you want to see old areas / quests. BHS really needs to come up with stuff for EVERY zone and optimize the game so we can have Nexus / Dreamstorm type event with very little problems. Tera use to feel far bigger with more to do back in 2012 then it does now. You speed through zones and don't visit others so that you hit cap A.S.A.P. but then all you're stuck with is a couple zones and very little content. Before Tera dies I'd like to see optimization and content. My guess is that I'll kick the bucket before either one is done, lol. Make Tera great again........before I die. =P
My nephews had same problem with constantly having to press A but they never got into this weekend cause of that. Yet my PC Tera buddy from back in 2012 had no problems so not sure what let one player on and another not able to get into game. My nephews really like Tera but were very disappointed to not be able to play again this weekend. Hope they fix that bug before console launch.
Both my nephews played last weekend but could not get in this weekend. Yet my old PC Tera buddy, whom also played last weekend, was able to get in so not sure what was up with that. Anyone else not able to get in to game that played the weekend before? My nephews liked the game, while their friend couldn't find a class he liked. And my PC buddy said same bugs from PC are in console so he was a little shocked that bugs from 2012 are still there.
I prefer the old way to costume in which you picked which chest piece you want, legs, feet, hands, etc. You could mix and match and that was far better then an all-in-one look costume imo. I wouldn't mind the ability to use cloth on heavy armor wearers and vise versa. And if they are sooo concerned about pvp then they could disable costumes during pvp.
I noticed there were some changes when male brawler launched. I have been off of Tera for about 2 months and came back for event and noticed you don't get a scroll to teleport anymore after newb island, you now have to fly to town first and then head over to the area where the scroll use to tp you. You have to use the teleporter, kill basilisks, and you even get a BoL story quest which, if I remember correctly, wasn't there before cause I remember finishing story in BoL area and immediately having a story go south with no BoL required at all. I think it's a nice change that is better for new players.
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If you weren't seeing male Brawlers, you were either offline or were choosing to be in areas where players weren't leveling. AV is considered a low population server (and it honestly does show) but I personally saw droves of them there after the update. I had gotten reports from other servers that they were seeing the same thing. We were actually at a shortage of DPS for once. I could understand it if you said "I see no chance of male Brawlers sticking around." After all, the hype train is probably powered mostly by the Elite vouchers the event boxes give. Making the claim that there weren't many around, however, is disinginous to say the least.

You can't play this offline fyi and I was on as soon as patch was finished and barely saw any one in starting island and areas up to SM. And I'm on TR so should have been at least a nice group but there wasn't.

This is what happens when Kumas is the way most people use to level up their characters.

At my end I didn't notice if there were many or few male brawlers at highwatch but while leveling doing dungeons on IM I was matched in parties with 4 male brawlers and 1 healer.

I don't do Kumas. I did only story quest and nothing else.
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how can I store the mount in the bank and use it with a different character in the same account?
I already opened it from the book
is there any way to put it in the book again? or is there any other way to use it with another character? or even trade it?

Send a ticket to support.

why would I? this is not an actual problem this is a personal issue plus my mount is kinda expensive and useful so I want to switch it between characters every few hours

You can't use a mount and then unused it and give to another character. You can either use the mount on one character or get an account bound mount that ALL your characters have access to. Only account mounts I have are from owning the original collectors physical copy from launch which gave me the account bound Frost Lion mount and the founder account bound Nexus (Argon?) horse mount. As far as I know account bound mounts are never free only the single character ones are so you are going to have to buy it. Not sure if they are sold in auction house but it's worth a look but they are gonna cost a LOT of gold.
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If you weren't seeing male Brawlers, you were either offline or were choosing to be in areas where players weren't leveling. AV is considered a low population server (and it honestly does show) but I personally saw droves of them there after the update. I had gotten reports from other servers that they were seeing the same thing. We were actually at a shortage of DPS for once. I could understand it if you said "I see no chance of male Brawlers sticking around." After all, the hype train is probably powered mostly by the Elite vouchers the event boxes give. Making the claim that there weren't many around, however, is disinginous to say the least.

You can't play this offline fyi and I was on as soon as patch was finished and barely saw any one in starting island and areas up to SM. And I'm on TR so should have been at least a nice group but there wasn't.
Seems the same to me if not even more choppy for some reason. I didn't have any choppiness during Valkyrie event if I remember correctly. More playing will have to be done. I only played 2 1/2 hours yesterday during male brawler event, which by-the-way, had low pop the entire time I was one so not sure where the choppiness came from.
Unfortunately humans are probably 3rd best male class imo. I prefer Aman and Castanic males, Humans and Elves in the middle and Popo and Baraka I won't even touch. Human males are so disproportionate and no costume looks good on them imo. I would make a statement by buying some gear for him but I saw almost no male brawlers yesterday which shows this didn't go over well. And I only played about 2 1/2 hours before I got bored. Not to mention that I checked the different channels and they all were low population capacity. Valkyrie and Elin gunner had high channel population during events. Male characters are just not a thing in this game and was one of the reasons I left 3 - 4 years ago. I came back after ninja and gunner had released and played a reaper but was disappointed that I couldn't make a male reaper. Very cool class but stupid loli race. I see male brawler as too little too late for players who wanted more male classes. Supporting a male brawler now would maybe get us another male class in another year, probably more like two years. That's just too long a wait for me.
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Well if they are just going to skin a female then bring on the other gender locked races. I'll take a male version of the gender locked classes with female animations any day.

3 years in the making!!!

If you can find a physical copy (i.e. CD) I believe you get 8 character slots and founder status but not positive. I bought my collectors version for $10 more then standard price back in 2012 and got the account frost lion mount, a lvl 15 and 40 (?) amulet, 4 bank slots and 8 character slots per server. Was well worth it. I am guessing that a physical copy is rare if not impossible to get though and be careful of scams.
Well if they are just going to skin a female then bring on the other gender locked races. I'll take a male version of the gender locked classes with female animations any day.
Unfortunately not. I actually prefer the old style with all your characters standing on platforms and you just pick the one you want instead of going through pages to get to a certain character.
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I rather wait and test this myself before getting my hopes up.

We had several patch notes that indicated the word "performance upgrade" and well you know how that turned out.

I agree. I have to see it first hand to appreciate it. Crossing my fingers this is an ACTUAL performance upgrade and if so then I am hoping there are more on the way. Bugs since before launch of 2012 that are still there.
Wow, and I was happy making between 1k - 2k from dailies. Lol.
I don't even know when or where those gold sellers came from but I am pretty sure they weren't around for the first 3 or so years of Tera's life. In fact, one of my buddies, whom I played Tera with back during sub days in 2012, couldn't understand how Tera had no gold sellers and every other game he played did. I took a break from Tera about 3 years ago cause Skyforge sounded like it was going to be good, ugh I was so wrong, and then bounced around to other games before I came back to Tera a year or two later and found gold sellers in chat. Hopefully players know enough NOT to buy from them but a player can make over 1,000 gold a day on dailies alone so no need to buy imo. Also, does Tera sell gold? I really don't understand that if they do cause there are gold increase boosts you can get besides making decent gold from dailies and what not.
If we are talking about what skill you put in the empty chain box in any given skill I have no problems chaining skills but I use the actual button and not spacebar. I just memorized which skill I chain to what skill. Slayer is by far my most chain skilled toon I use.
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In the end the heroes always wins. Just wait for the day where villians actually are the winner. Atleast for a content or two. The only point where you lose was the prologue story. In the end you got defeated (killed)

There is a theory that you the "hero" is dead after the events of prolouge IoD. Thus you are just dreaming all the stuff about arborea.

I never paid too much attention to the story cause it really wasn't all that good imo. Guess I'll have to pay more attention when I play male brawler tomorrow. And back when it launched you did play a mini board (I believe the only f2p part when it was sub) where you die but that has since been removed. Of course not sure if story changed from launch since they did change starting area and Nexus is gone. Thanks for the story info I never paid much attention too.
Right now seems like a perfect time to come back. Male brawler is going to release, fashion coupon store had an update and has more coming, and the new story / content is coming. I think Tera is stopping the slide it's been in with these additions. Now if they can continue give us NEW content and not reskinned / rehashed content then Tera could go for a long while. Of course BHS is making a new Tera type game (A.I.R.) that combines steampunk and magic and air and ground fighting, so BHS might be shooting Tera in the foot. Also, BHS refuses to upgrade to UE4 so all their games are still made with the crappy UE3. Hope for the best. I still enjoy Tera from time to time but it needs consistent content updates.
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Here is our resident translator god Loriri's wall'o'text of the whole quest.

I'd quote it but again it's a very large wall of text and there are some other posts in that thread .-. Also this story may or may not change when it gets translated for our region, but it'll still involve dragons and Velik getting roasted.

Thanks for that.
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I feel like they missed a great opportunity with this. There could have been an attack on the 3 capital cities, turning them into instances where you had to drive out invaders. Maybe you couldn't defeat them until you went through Awakening. In the meantime, the old Alliance headquarters outside these cities could have been turned into hubs for this "season". It's not like the buildings are currently being used. An alternate solution would have seen Velika razed, and us having to coordinate taking the city back with survivors taking refuge in the Velika Wilds. It would be nice to see the unfinished regions put to use.

Good idea though I would've liked to have some kind of rotating attacks. First Velika, then Allemantheia, followed by Kaiator and then High Watch. Gives players a chance to take in some different locations. Would also have been nice if certain, unused towns, got attacked by lesser monsters and players went there to help (i.e. Lumbertown). It may be a bit much to ask of them to do but new content is normally what keeps games going. We need a boat load of content cause Tera gets stale fast from lack of.
Wow, thanks to the both of you. I appreciate it a lot.
No more leveling walls, have op avatar weapons for just about all level ranges, fast leveling, don't need to do dungeons to level or even really gear up till end game, can solo BAMS with any most classes easily, enchanting is far easier (glowing weapon as soon as u get off newb island and ever time u obtain a new avatar weapon), and 5 new classes. It's at least worth a try.
I think they mentioned in the first stream after Spacecats left that codes would be rare and only given out on special occasions. That being said, I hope they post somewhere so everyone can see when, where and how a player can obtain these codes. As is, streams will only hit like 10 people and be a waste. Also, since codes are extremely rare now I think they should be far better then they use to be. As in perm cosmetics, perm mounts, character slots, etc. None of this temp crap.
I read that with Awakening there was going to be the destruction of Velika and some way to go back in time to save it. Has there been any mention of that happening this year or any further details on that? Any and all info you guys and gals can shed would be very much appreciated.
Glad to see Hat of Sweet Dreams cause that was rather difficult to acquire. Even back when you could get it with agnitor creds it was a pain, at least for me it was.
Wish I knew about the Lightitupdan code cause I would've watched for that. I stopped watching when Spacecats left cause they said codes would be used sparingly. Sparingly means almost never in my mind so not worth my time to tune in live. I can skim through the stream later and catch anything I finding interesting.
I would suggest Mystic but they changed when you get your tanking pet so it would be a lot harder to do now. Also bosses got an HP buff unless they reverted that change. Before the tanking pet change I soloed all dungeons up to the mid 50's with my Mystic and maybe had to resummon my tanking pet once or twice per any boss fight. Mystic was awesome and actually still is for solo play but the tanking pet is a must imo.
It's not quite the same because Devilian is from another company that the BHS owners bought out. Maybe in closing the game they will bring some of the staff to their other projects in other divisions, though (unless the existing division is already working on their own new project).


I don't know if you've ever tried Devilian but someone must have worked on both games cause their gunner is just like Tera's. Some skills are different but they are pretty close, even the run animation and holstering if I remember correctly and Devilian had the gunner first.
Lets hope it doesn't turn out like Marvel Heroes did. R.I.P.. They never renewed their license, ported to consoles, forgot about PC players and then died. <--- Wrong way to take care of the players that kept a game going.
We could actually have a male Reaper type class (called Shadowhunter) also and a female dual-dagger assassin type class (called Tempest) if they ported in the animations from Devilian. Which, by-the-way, is closing on March 5th. Both Tera and Devilian are made by Bluehole so since Devilian is closing it shouldn't be that hard to keep a couple of their staff around to work on Tera classes. =) Just an idea but knowing Bluehole it probably won't happen.
I also didn't see mentioned if we are getting a free character slot to fit the new class.
consoles use another engine most likely, so just because it gets it there does not mean we will get the same on PC.

I wasn't saying we would but we should. Makes no sense why Tera got this far on PC only players and never addressed optimization. And now that consoles are coming out, and they probably don't want to sink, they hopefully optimized the game. The least they could've done is redone the UI. If you make it disappear you get a fps increase. Try it and you'll see.
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If game is optimized for consoles then PC should get it also. If game isn't optimized for consoles then why release it?

I watched a youtube video where the PS4 got 5 frames in velika. Doesn't look like it was optimized.

Not sure if I should be glad they didn't get an improvement or upset that after this many years they still haven't figured out how to optimize. Both I guess.
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BHS developers do not have experience with other engines, they said this themselves in an interview when talking about their new game, that is also developed on an older engine rather than the newer versions. Their new game also has optimization issues unsurprisingly. It was said it would take time/money to learn to use updated engines, but they preferred not to do that.

This is just sad. They want to make money but don't want to improve in order to make it. WTF! Google the new engines and learn that way, [filtered]. It's free. I'm learning Unreal Engine 4 right now, so can they. I learned Unity online also. If BHS doesn't want to put in the time or effort then I don't want to put in the time or effort to open my wallet for lazy a$$ companies.
As long as they still have a contract then it will go on. If on the other hand they pull a Marvel Heroes and not renew then we are fu<%ed. If they want to improve the player base then I suggest:
1) Events that last a week instead of 2 - 3 days to get those who can't play over weekends.
2) Stop gender / race locking classes. My buddy, who plays female characters often said 'that is the strangest decision" in a game he's ever seen. Other people I played Tera with also said they didn't like it and that it was rather odd. All of which don't play anymore.
3) My buddy, who pvp's a LOT, wants bg's more like WoW which I agree were rather fun. I like the Kumas take on bg but that's all I've played in Tera. He wants a siege bg which I told him I think there is but wasn't sure. I'd like an Alterac Valley type. Mix up the bg's with different twists and mechanics.
4) Less loot boxes / less RNG crap. I know they gotta make money but if they made you pay to make the female only classes (only old ones all new classes should not be locked) male then I for one would buy a gender change for every one of those classes. $$$
I started a goodbye thread for you on the 19th. If you want to see what everyone had to say to you here is the link. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/204037#Comment_204037

As weird as you were / are, you grew on me and I will miss that now. Best of luck in your future endeavor. =)
If game is optimized for consoles then PC should get it also. If game isn't optimized for consoles then why release it?
I loved Nexus and Alliance (that's where you got the cool masks right? Got one on another server, lol.) I mentioned Nexus a while ago and they said it was not part of the current lore. Nexus moved on and they tried something else that was just as laggy and they don't do it now. So sad cause Nexus was a fun server get together. Wish they at least replaced it with something similar but they didn't.

I can't remember why Alliance is gone though. The same with GvG but they do have Civil Unrest. Info here http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/civil-unrest-velika/. Personally I wish they would combine GvG with Civil Unrest. Except instead of guild towers you attack their castles, which by-the-way, aren't used anymore either. Castles are now floating monuments.

Imo Tera has slipped from a great game to only a good game. They remove content and don't really replace it with something on par or they just remove it without replacing it. I also never liked gender locked classes but males are finally getting their first class since launch. All classes, excluding the launched 8, have been female gender locked and also race locked. Terrible idea but as some on here point out, T&A pays the bills so we will keep getting females till they see males bringing in the $$. I play off and on now cause it's fun and then it's not. When it's not fun I just log in for daily item and occasionally dailies.
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Farewell is not forbidden in forum?
I remember a lot of people has been notified and also the post deleted.

Is it really? Maybe I should actually read the forum rules. Didn't think something so trivial would be forbidden. If they want to delete it then they can. It's been up for almost a day and I guess those that are interested to know Spacecats is gone would've seen it by now.

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I remember making a troll post like this one too once (forgot which mod/CM/GM it was tho)

I wrote it cause Spacecats said he was gonna post something and he didn't. And I wanted those players that didn't know he was leaving to know. I was shocked when I heard him say it was his last day on the Tera Twitch stream.

Just wanted to say bye to Spacecats. Today was his last day. You can catch him here
Gonna miss you Spacecats. It took a while but you grew on me like mold, lol. I'll try and catch you here Best in whatever you do next. =)
Thanks so much for these. I forgot about the stream and missed it. Thanks again, I appreciate it so much. =)
Awesome info! More of this please. Thanks for everything you guys are doing to help fix lag. Very much appreciated.
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The next patch has a lot of big changes in it. Most of them are things that you are probably aware of from reading patch notes elsewhere, but I wanted to take a moment to outline some of the big changes that will affect the players.

New Tokens
With the new release, the current *cede (Undercede, Intercede,Supercede) tokens will become Corroded, and be unredeemable. They will still have value in gold, but will not be used to open those shops any longer. There will be new tokens that drop for those shops. If you have been stockpiling those tokens, use them before Tuesday! The *cede tokens will STILL be around. This was my error from going too fast in writing things up. The tokens that are becoming Corroded are the following:
  • Undershade
  • Shadecore
  • Shadetop

Here you go.
I've only been able to get into one dungeon since Valkyrie patch due to que times being extremely long. Battlegrounds get annoying also since there are only a few. Hopefully we get enough in-game events to keep the rest of us busy or at least give us enough tokens that we don't have to spam dungeons and BG's.
This post https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/13681/investigating-latency-issues#latest is for sending in info so they can try to figure out what the problem is. Not sure if it will do any good though. Definitely can't hurt to send in your info.
If EME wanted to implement a poll they could always do like they did for Vanarchy or whatever the political voting thing was. Very simple and fast.

1) The 5th anniversary wings that are perm. (And I can get 5 of them) They are an amazing and great gift.
2) TERA Super Quiz Bowl (saw this in a video and it looks like it could be fun)
3) "Spacecats" Tokens (What are these and where is anniversary vendor at?)
4) The free perm dye for a log-in during May (not sure if they normally do it but it's there)
5) The perm LOL face (another log-in reward but it's perm and those are the best cosmetics)
6) Battleground power hour
7) New armor skins go on sale and look nice
8) Veik's Fate on the 9th
9) New gear


1) Taking out more dungeons then putting in (10 out if you include hard modes and only 7 in if you include DF increased difficulty. Don't need more content removed and less put back in. For an anniversary we should have access to ALL the dungeons that have ever been in Tera)
2) The 30-day event car (Any cosmetic with a timer is useless imo, especially for an anniversary. Just glad the wings are perm or I would've been raging, lol.)
3) No special event dungeon (I and other players have suggested an event dungeon that comes around only during events)


Anniversary needs to be a no holds barred event (Dungeons should have multiple rewards from drop rates to Kyra's Shack catalysts. There should be hunting Caimen for drops or BAM's for boxes. Need a place to gather also like Rootstock or someplace like it. The Arena for quiz time? And the calendar should have more unique rewards but also would prefer you kept stuff like the dragon scales that are hard to come by to begin with. Should be something for everyone from the dungeon runner, to the monster hunter, to the log-in player, to the player who wants to socialize like Rootstock or a quiz fanatic at the Arena.)
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i can get a free pair for wings of each of my characters. i'm already happy enough with this.


They are soooo pretty.
Wow, those are pretty. Can't wait.

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Infographic makes me cry :( Femani :cry: but also makes NA community right about having Male class on NA also is profitable as heck.

All in All, exciting, Hope you all enjoy it and @kamizuma I hate you :3
Ugh, Elin is tops. Can't believe Baraka beat Femani though. But with 43.9% male characters made how can that not at least open some eyes. Female characters aren't blowing the male characters out of the water in creation.

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not really.. just because people are playing male characters doesn't mean they're buying costumes for them.
I make sure and get a costume for ALL my characters whether they are male or female. Of course that doesn't mean everyone does. To each their own.
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when you first became the Community Manager you made a lot of PvPers excited because you said you also wanted to experience the PvP of Tera and help its community. Sadly though the only PvP event I remember you doing was on CH server, a none PvP server :/ that's not exactly helping the already hurting PvP community.

I think about that a lot. There have been some small events on other servers but nothing like I originally wanted. I'm very much open to supporting player-organized PvP events. Please message me if you're interested in running something for your server!

I don't understand why you need to leave it to players to host events. Why can't EME hold pvp events like they did in the past? It's disappointing that player hosted events give prizes better than what EME can do.

From their posts in this thread it sounds like they are understaffed and overworked like the rest of us. I know we, as players, feel like EME should be hosting ALL the events but we are a community which is made up of players and moderators (in game and in forum). It would be great if we can get both working together to improve Tera rather then one side expecting or preferring the other side to do it all. I for one will take any and all events from both players and EME because the more there is to do the better. If you got suggestions to help EME have better PvP events then that's a step in the right direction. Anything specific you'd like to see? They can only come up with stuff they think is fun but each player should, at the very least, give a suggestion of what they specifically would like to see. What you find fun others may not so if they could vary the events to cater to a broader audience then we get more players involved and less players feeling left out. Thanks for expressing your frustration in a civilized manner. Very much appreciated. =)
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EpicCookie wrote: »
Geletron wrote: »

5. I've worked on a few publisher-driven events while at En Masse. Kira's potion shack, the golden gift boxes, Bamkiller, Skyring Slam, and Canyon Clash were all events that were created and developed at En Masse. We told Bluehole about these events before we started them and we reported to them on how they performed.

Hope that helps answer a few questions.

How about making Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash (Hopefully with Non-equalized gear) a thing again? Now that PvP has been brutally murdered, this would make the PvP community semi-happy for a while. @Geletron @Spacecats

I knew the second Geletron mentioned Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash that there would be a request for it! I'm shooting him an evil look, but he's behind several people and now Denommenator thinks I'm looking at him weird.

It comes up every once in a while, and I know those are really awesome events that the community enjoyed in the past. One of the players we met up with at PAX East even grilled me about it ;D

I'll try to basically repeat what I told him - there is quite a lot of work, expectation, and overall baggage surrounding Canyon Clash and Skyring Slam. Since I started at EME roughly a year ago, there have been multiple times where I intended to start planning one but quickly hit a brick wall. I'll keep trying. Here are some of the difficulties I'm referring to....
  • Streaming. The past events were giant multi-hour streams with commentary. They were also weekend streams. I'm not sure players would go for a variation that didn't include streaming the whole tournament, or at least the finals.
  • Server setup. Both need a separate event server to be spun up, with characters created and items set up to allow some kind of character customization and gear. Otherwise we would have to choose one of the five TERA servers to hold the event, excluding PvPers from the other servers.
  • DDoS attacks. They plagued the final Canyon Clash, and made for a generally unfun experience for those involved. There's a risk that would happen again and all our efforts would be wasted.
  • Bandwidth. When Tonka ran Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash, the community team was bigger and he was able to focus solely on planning them for weeks. Minea handled forums and Harmonia handled socials and a bunch of other things. At the moment I'm the sole Community Manager for TERA. I feel like I would have to sacrifice time towards other community projects in order to make it happen. The temptation is still there but I'd hate to forego an in-game event like invasion or Mongo, a community contest, preview stream, or anything else. I would also not accept a 1/2 effort Canyon Clash. I'd want to do it right with my full effort towards making it excellent.

Thank you for the clarification. That is some major info I never knew about. I don't PvP in Tera but it always sounds like the PvP community is always looking for something more. Is it possible to maybe start with a smaller PvP event? Maybe give each server a day instead of trying to get all the servers in one day. Could even spread the days out so you are able to handle it better. Start small and get bigger. Learn from the little ones to make the bigger ones better. I'm sure if you asked the PvPers for some advice they would happily give you some suggestions. Thanks again.
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LYC14 wrote: »
Wait so the anniversary event is only going to last one weekend? A tad bit too short...

No, it will include multiple things lasting more than one weekend.

EDIT - Halrath is fast.

Is it possible to start making a stick or post in news and announcements about upcoming events that you forum moderators would update as you see fit? Seems like a lot of us forum members are posting the same thing over and over but spread out over days and weeks. I'm trying to find a middle ground of what us players want to see ahead of time and what you forum moderators can post for us to see ahead of time. Keep up the good work, all of you.

Here's and example:
"This year come celebrate 5 years of Tera. We'll be having multiple things lasting more then a week. More info will be provided by no later then 5/5(or more info will be provided the week of 5/1 - 5/6)."
Spacecats wrote: »
There's an announcement coming on 5/5. Sorry I can't tell you more!

Of this year? =P Jk Spacecats. Thanks for the info.
The original version of Tera back before F2P was a slower grind that allowed you to get a little more into the story and dungeons, etc. But now that everything is sped up so you can hit endgame fast it just passes you by. You use to be able to run dungeons in your level range multiple times while questing but now you basically get one shot or you out level the que level range. The dungeons back then were also used to get better weapons and gear while now you just make an Avatar weapon and bam, pretty much faceroll everything in your level range. Being from back when it launched I prefer the old way but Tera, like everything, evolves and changes and I either have to like it and stick with it or hate it and leave. Combat is too good for me to leave for long so I just put up with Tera and the changes I don't like.
Old IoD was basically all open world, all be it on an island, but you weren't instanced multiple times like the new area. You could start gathering there also which you can't do on this new starter zone. You also could get the titles Angel of Death and Death Eater on old IoD but both got removed and being that half of the new starter area is instanced it would've been a pain to try and get those titles now. I miss the old IoD and helping Leander. I actually still have an old IoD quest I can't complete or dump that requires me to kill some sporewalkers, lol. Good times.
I thought Spacecats said between now and end of the week he would have something. I am hoping it is one to remember cause I've missed them all after the very first one. =( Still had a T and two R's from the first anniversary that I had to dump cause they were useless.
@Killstyle This is how forum posts should be. Thank you for being a part of the community.

I appreciate the kind words. I think most players who use the forum are as I am but they, and I sometimes, get frustrated by what they are communicating and what is actually being done or not done. BHS has the final say and EME can only try to convey what we as NA players would like to see. And don't forget that it is EME's job to come up with ways to market and add in-game events to keep Tera alive so they have their own ideas of how to run Tera. We need a middle ground. We as community and EME should find a way that doesn't make either one feel like not a single discussion was glanced over or not even heard. If I can help bring about a rebirth of Tera I will do it. I love Tera but have not agreed with a lot of what BHS has done with the game. As long as we the community can discuss these topics without getting our flame on or witch hunting I think the forum moderators would be more willing to respond. Seriously, who wants to walk into a burning room?
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To be honest, it is only made possible because there wasn't any passive aggressive behaviour in his post at all. No need to defend when there is nothing to lol.

If only the community can sometimes make less bashy statements.

Or maybe I am actually sleeping and I am still dreaming. I don't know at this point.

I think you're sleeping, lol. But I agree that the community needs to calm down a little. If we can keep calm, and I know it's hard to at times, we can slowly get through a lot of the problems we, as players, find in-game. Ever notice how posts get closed cause everyone or most everyone is aggressive, angry and pointing fingers. Keep it civilized and I think we can do great things to help Tera slowly come back.
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Thank you to the staff for the responses, I know we as the community can be unreasonable with our requests for answers at times, knowing that from the business side you guys are bound to contracts and probably non-disclosure clauses and everything. If I could request something, I would ask that you sticky this thread for awhile, just so forum users can have an easy place to go to see what you guys do and get a feel for how the staff works.

Agreed but only because I couldn't find a post like this in search and I know I've wanted to know for a while.
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Geletron wrote: »

5. I've worked on a few publisher-driven events while at En Masse. Kira's potion shack, the golden gift boxes, Bamkiller, Skyring Slam, and Canyon Clash were all events that were created and developed at En Masse. We told Bluehole about these events before we started them and we reported to them on how they performed.

Hope that helps answer a few questions.

How about making Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash (Hopefully with Non-equalized gear) a thing again? Now that PvP has been brutally murdered, this would make the PvP community semi-happy for a while. @Geletron @Spacecats

That's the way to think. Great suggestion! I've never played any of those but if you've PvP'd before and think this will help then we need that kind of suggestion. Keep them coming.
First I would like to thank @Geletron @Spacecats @Noesis @Denommenator for taking the time to respond. You guys are awesome and you also helped me understand what each of you does. I think I had a puffed up idea of what you could do and now I know what to actually expect.

@Geletron Thanks for helping Tera expand into other markets. I enjoy a lot of your events. I enjoyed Kyra's Potion Shack but never experienced the other events. More events like Kyra's would be nice.

@Spacecats I looked in forum search for this info but it didn't give me anything so thanks and sorry for posting a question that's been asked before. Your Twitch streams are definitely something to remember most of the time, lol. Thanks for those and the codes. =)

@Noesis Didn't know about the summer months making it hard to communicate. That's some info that will be helpful when summer roles around and I wonder why something isn't happening like I thought. So seems like events are Enmasse thing so we as the community should be coming up with ideas to make those great. That's most definitely very helpful for me. Thanks for all you do.

@Denommenator So you can influence some cosmetics. Hmmm, good to know. Events seem to be where we as a community need to focus with Enmasse. Definitely gonna be coming up with ideas and shoot them past the community in the hopes that we can get some awesome Tera events. Anything to help you guys make Tera better and more fun for all of us. Just looked up Velik's Grand Hunt and I'm sorry I missed it. Looks like it was fun and the rewards don't seem bad either. Keep those gems coming. I appreciate your hard work. Thanks.

Again I would like to say thanks to you all for your responses and all the hard work you put in to help make Tera. I now understand that the majority of my problems are with BHS and I might have to look into ways of contacting them and at least letting them know how some of the NA community feels, not that it will do any good even if they happen to read it. I got the answers I was looking for and if one of you guys could close this thread I would appreciate it. Thanks again. =)
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Random question, how do you guys feel about office visits, my friend and I are staying at a hotel nearby for a few days!

Take pictures.
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Killstyle wrote: »
I would prefer it to not have items you could get from achievements only, even if they are not obtainable now. I wouldn't mind a colored variation though so they can be differentiated. I love my Orc mask (from Nexus achievement and my Black Steed from another achievement even though it looks very similar if not the same to the pirate mount, ugh) but I wouldn't want to see everyone with one if they never did achievement. A different colored variant I would most definitely not mind though.

That's where the nearly identical comes into place, my friend. The value of your item will be just as rare, while the others will be an entirely different ID with the same aesthetic purpose. People felt the same way you did when these items first came out in the federation bill store, including the reputation cosmetics. The difference between the federation bill store's reputation cosmetics and the regular reputation cosmetics is all in it's ID (eg: regular and premium)... and people are content with showing off their regular item, while the only obtainable ones are the premium.

As for the Black Pearl, that's still obtainable by normal means, and because of that I did not add it to the list... The Dwarf Orcan Mask was once obtainable as a premium item during an event, which shows that BHS/En Masse is willing to bring back achievement rewards with new IDs.

Is the Black Pearl from that pirate thing? I thought it looked JUST like my mount and wasn't happy about that. And I don't even notice the ID of items I just notice the look. So for me I'd prefer a recolor to differentiate them then and ID that says premium or regular. Just personal opinion
Pilip25 wrote: »
You are wrong here, if u seek for answers. I doubt you will get a proper answer if so would be suprised but im interested aswell.

I appreciate your response and lets hope we get some answers. I'm looking for clarification from the above mentioned moderators cause I really have no idea what their real power is. I know it is a long shot that any of them would even respond but I had to take a chance seeing as the community seems to be on a witch hunt and I feel like the moderators actually have no power or communication with anyone but us in the community and I want to know if what the community and myself have been asking of them is even realistic.
I'd prefer that they return the old remodeling system. It allowed players to be more unique cause you could have different armor sets for your armor, gloves and boots and also different colors. They could calculate the cost of each individual pieces (armor, gloves, boots) and have them cost fashion coupons. Also, we wouldn't be missing ANY armor or weapon skins cause all you would have to do is farm them or buy them like we did way back when. Still not sure why they would remove that system. All they had to do was switch the cost over to fashion coupons.
I don't fully understand, nor do some other players I am guessing, what exactly you do for the community. Can you please either give me / us some info about yourself or link something that has said info and possibly tell me / us what you do or can do for the Tera community? I want to fully understand what I can ask of our community moderators and constantly be asking the impossible
More specifically:

1) Do any of you have direct or indirect with BHS at all? (phone calls, text message, instant message, e-mail, etc.)

2) How often do you communicate with BHS? (Is it daily, weekly, monthly or just whenever BHS feels they want to contact you?)

3) Does BHS ever make you feel like what you conveyed to them was understood and that BHS would try to make it happen, whether in a minor or major way? (i.e. minor = "We might be able to do something like that but not all of it" or major = "[filtered] yeah we can do that. Great idea!")

4) Is Enmasse allowed to alter the game at all? (i.e. Content, armor skins, weapon skins, mounts, etc.)

5) Does Enmasse make their own events or does BHS have a say?






*I'd like to thank any and all of you that respond to this for giving us, the community, your time, patience, understanding and your information. I appreciate you guys more then words can express. I for one feel like I am in the dark as far as community stuff goes and hope any information you guys can give will help enlighten myself and any other players that happen to run across this in the future.
No more 7-day cosmetics. They are pretty useless imo.
-Need a perm mount for anniversaries to show boat not a 7-day or 30-day one.
-Perm dyes
-Goldfinger Tokens
-Fashion coupons (can ALWAYS use more)
-Fed bills (if they upgrade selection)
-Perm pets or pet food (I don't use pets due to having to feed them)
-Dragon scales
-Circlet Fragments
-Armor or weapon skins (could even be just a color variant for events)
-Event store (possibly make all events give the same currency and the store has variants or discontinued mounts, pets, armor / weapon skins, etc.)
JojiPantsu wrote: »
The boycott thing is today too, so....

Don't pat yourself on the back so much

That's what I was thinking.
Norvindr wrote: »
I miss the original Island of Dawn :( Stepstone Island is boring and lame and ugly

I agree. I prefer the old Island of Dawn to the new starting area. And the new Island of Dawn is a blasphemest monster. I do love that there are Island of Dawn achievements though that hint at the past.
Happy B-day Tera! I've experienced the good and the bad over all 5 of these years. I've enjoyed the Nexus, but missed out on Dreamstorm. I was here for 2012 but had to leave in 2013 due to a small hard drive and being burnt out. I was here for Valkyrie launch but missed out on the Gunner, Ninja, Brawler and Reaper launches due to being on strike from Tera due to gender locking (didn't change a thing as you can see =( ). I loved the old style changer compared to the fashion coupon way it is now. I prefer the old Island of Dawn starting area to the new starting area. I prefer the old 8 classes due to non-gender locking compared to the new gender and race locked classes. I miss the old game-time 7 day cosmetics versus the new real-time 7 day cosmetics. All in all I could never stay away forever due to the action combat. It's the best game imo. If it didn't have that kind of combat I would've never started and never returned.

2017 Wish List
1) More fashion coupon armor / weapons or at least the armors / weapons we have not gotten so far and the ability to equip and all fashion armors on the newest 5 classes. Would actually prefer the old style ability, even if we have to buy them with fashion coupons, of choosing what armor, gloves and boots we wanted. Do not just recolor old armors and say it's new.
2) Fed Bills store having more varied and new selection.
3) Anniversary exclusive mounts!
4) More content (Return old stuff removed and give us some new stuff also.) The rotation they are talking about is a step in the right direction.
5) A new class that is not female only! Can either be open to males and females or males only. No more female only and no more Elin classes! Could even be a male only then female only rotation. We need a class that allows males! At least one. Throw us a bone.
6) Reduce or get rid of server lag. This https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/13681/investigating-latency-issues#latest is a step in the right direction. Keep doing whatever is needed to, at the very least, reduce server lag.
7) Keep the community up to date and in the loop. I know somethings can't be discussed but we need communication between Enmasse and the player base and we need Enmasse to communicate NA's player base wishes to BHS. We want Tera to survive past this next year or two but if the players feel ignored then that won't happen. Make Tera great again and at least listen to what the players are trying to communicate in forums. Please, keep the players in the know and up to date. Very important!
I forgot to mention guild titles. I miss when we could display our guild titles. Ah, the good ol' days. Or even the old removed titles Angel of Death and Death Eater.
Killstyle wrote: »
Well, I don't understand why they would even remove Angel of Death or Death Eater titles to begin with. They were very cool and were given for dying which I am sure some people wouldn't want others to know how many times they died. I intentionally died on the Island of dawn back in 2012 just to get those names on my characters that were about level 5. One of the things I dislike most about Tera is the constant removal of content whether it's dungeons, questing areas, or titles.

I have to agree with you there, that's been my biggest complaint with tera is the removal of stuff...but then I was harshly reminded of the terms of service, where they can add or remove content at anytime and all. sometimes its real easy to forget that we don't own anything when it comes to tera, they allow us to use them even if we buy them.

True, but when I play a game I don't expect them to remove content that's not broken. The Nexus content, as much as I loved it, was not part of the new lore so I can understand removing that or if something makes the game laggy I can understand that also but titles that are fine and a different way of obtaining them from dying. Seriously? Even the old dungeons they removed. Why? Keep the old stuff and just add new dungeons. If they are going to increase the level range of a dungeon then I think they should communicate this to the community ahead of time and also give us a dungeon in exchange. Or just do the fixing before hand and introduce the new dungeon in a patch so it doesn't have to be removed at all. Of course, like you said, the terms of service means that we as players are just along for the ride. =( Thanks for you feedback @narkfestmojo and @allofspaceandtime
I want to know what the "Exclusive Rewards" mentioned at 2:14 are. Guess I'll have to wait for the anniversary to find out.
the original island of dawn was and always will be my favorite place in the game. that was another problem I had with tera was the removal of it.

I miss it too. Far better then the starting area they have now. The way it looks now is a sin. I actually have a quest for original Island of Dawn that can't be completed or deleted. I keep it just for the memories. I believe it's for killing spore walkers. =) Good times.
1) Server instability (Been unstable forever)
2) BHS not caring or not hearing what NA players want (Korean game maker only caring about Korean player wants)
3) Gender / race locked classes (should've been one female only class and then one male only and it should be open to ALL female and males and not just one race)
4) Content removal (dungeons, questing areas, titles, etc. Removed and not returned or slowly returned.)
5) Lack of new content (new content is slow at best. Need a steady stream of new content every couple of months. New dungeons, new quests, new events. Need new stuff to keep end gamers busy)
6) Lack of fashion coupon cosmetics (Still missing a lot of armors and some classes can't use all cosmetics especially the 5 new classes. New classes can't use 24k and sterling armor either. A lot of cosmetic armors are just recolors and not something different and new. Prefer old way of doing cosmetics where you could pick your armor style, gloves and boots. Adds more variety.)
7) Federation bills (Need either a rotation on new items in that store or need more new items. Could also add a variation of long gone items. How about a Seir styled cape. I've been waiting for that since back items were announced.)
8) Bugs (Been bugs from launch and some are still there. new bugs get added each patch also.)
9) Events (A lot of the events are the same thing different package. Need new events. Add special dungeons to these new events that only come around when event is active.)
10) Crafting (Need new crafting mechanics. Crafting should actually be useful and not dead like it is now. At least give us the ability to craft potions again and possibly make components for better armor or something.)
11) Old quests that you can't complete (There's a Dreamstorm quest that should be removed since it's not around anymore. I believe there might be others but can't remember them.)
12) Dead areas (Since they did away with Lumbertown story the area is not used anymore. Other areas are the same. Do something with those zones.)
13) No player housing (Not important but some players have been asking for it for a while. Sell those useless sky castles to players or make something in all cities, major and small. Could even make it so only one property per account so everyone can own something.)
14) Players feeling like their suggestions are being ignored (Been going on for a while. I've seen posts by Enmasse that appear to be trying to find a fix for the server lag, hacking, events, etc. but will there be anything actually done and will we as a community be in the loop on what's going on (aka kept up to date) or will we have to constantly keep asking in multiple threads. Time will only tell.)
Spacecats wrote: »
Killstyle wrote: »
Gonna post link and image because bbcode never seems to actually post a pic for me.

I fixed your post. If you use Imgur and the "image" tool in the forums, you need to get the actual link ending in ".jpg" and not just the Imgur page with the image on it.

@Spacecats You're awesome! Thanks a million! Only had one link option from imgur for some reason and I remember there use to be like 5 different options which weren't there this time. Thanks again. I appreciate it.
Gonna post link and image because bbcode never seems to actually post a pic for me.

http://imgur.com/a/f8u1k Mount from questing before Tera went F2P and the Nexus mask.

http://imgur.com/a/63x6i The Alliance mask and mount.

http://imgur.com/a/PBwzF Before Nexus pops. I miss Nexus soo much. Favorite thing to do back then.

http://imgur.com/a/1lmLh Cut scene of my Lancer. This is one of my favorite pics just cause I think it's pretty nice looking and knightly.

http://imgur.com/a/CYg02 Old character select screen. Far less laggy and the one I prefer.
I feel you man. I am also an old school Tera player from 2012 and recently returned a couple of months ago after being away for a year or more. I loved the old style of leveling where you had more time to run through dungeons though I don't miss those annoying leveling walls in the 40's and 50's. Now it is more end game so they speed you through most of the content. The avatar weapons make it cake also since back in the day you had to actually dungeon hunt for weapons but it just goes with the plan they have to speed level you to end game. The game changes and so must the players or else we had better find another game that caters to what we specifically enjoy. I just adapted and still enjoy Tera though I still daydream about old school Tera from time to time.
Well, I don't understand why they would even remove Angel of Death or Death Eater titles to begin with. They were very cool and were given for dying which I am sure some people wouldn't want others to know how many times they died. I intentionally died on the Island of dawn back in 2012 just to get those names on my characters that were about level 5. One of the things I dislike most about Tera is the constant removal of content whether it's dungeons, questing areas, or titles.
I would guess that the earliest we would get anniversary events or whatever they have planned would be after patch tomorrow. That's just what I'm guessing and expecting. Still bummed about them removing diamond from log-in reward and giving a crappy 7-day cosmetic. I understand some people would exploit that but they should've replaced it with a perm, non-tradeable cosmetic or something close to a diamonds worth (10k gold). The 7-day real-time cosmetics are useless imo. Hoping for a perm anniversary mount or pet that is only available for anniversary so I and other players can show off a little. =)
I'd like to see 500 free EMP, a perm anniversary edition only mount, or a perm weapon skin box of our choice (one character only and only one per account). Anniversaries are something that only come around once a year so you have to make them special. A perm mount or pet that you can pull out and people either say "Where did you get that" or "I see you were around for Tera's 5th anniversary". WoW has anniversary pets, from what I can remember, so Tera should have something permanent that we can show off too. I'd also like to see a anniversary dungeon. Something really special and only shows up on anniversaries. Whether they clear out all dungeons and repopulate them with Popo's and Elin's for me to kill or some other weird creatures, maybe flashback Argons, to make a player say "Remember that 5th anniversary dungeon where we had to kill all those annoying Popo's and Elin's". It should be like a carnival of sorts, something for everyone. Should have log-in rewards, dungeon rewards, BAM and Caiman hunting rewards, use that stadium outside Valika for Q&A prizes, and something like the potion shack also.
Spacecats said it would be an anniversary to remember. Well, I remember them taking away diamonds on day 5 or 6 of May and replaced with a crappy 7-day cosmetic. The problem with 7-day cosmetics are they aren't perm and they have 7-day real time and not 7-day play time like in the past. I get that some people will exploit this but I was really looking forward to getting 10k to use towards another character slot or a cosmetic weapon skin. If they had to remove it then I would've preferred a perm cosmetic, 200 - 500 federation bills, or 10 dragon scales. Something to come close to equaling 10k. Other players would prefer something else that they feel is equal to a 10k diamond and that's fine also. Should've at least been a perm Unity Stole since so many people keep asking for them, I still have 4 in my bank on one server and not sure how many on another, but I could go for a perm, tradeable Unity Stole so I could auction it later for some $$.
I saw someone in-game today with Angel of Death title, I use to have that on some old characters I deleted and Death Eater also =(. I remember that they were removed years ago but never kept up on what actually happened to them so I looked around and this thread https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/7512/what-happened-to-my-titles/p2 is the closets thing I could find. @Spacecats I noticed you said you would look into their disappearance and other titles such as Death Eater but never got back to the thread. Any word on why they were removed, if they will be put back in or how players who had them can get them back?
Half hour late starting Twitch. @Spacecats is there a Twitch stream today?
@Kresteen Founders get 8 and if you got the free one from the Valkyrie event (might even last till end of April but not sure) then you'll have 9.

@nicky2tymes Years ago they combined servers and I remember having something like 16 characters on one server but I think they made you delete some till you were at whatever your max was. Otherwise I think they gave away character slots with all the new (5) classes from what I've heard. So if you were playing Tera when a new class was released, which I wasn't, then you would've gotten a character slot for Gunner, Brawler, Ninja and Reaper also.
@Spacecats is there any ETA on when Noesis will bring this up to BHS? Does he talk to them weekly or monthly or does Noesis have to have a boat load of questions to ask BHS before he contacts them? Thanks for any response you give. =)
I love the Valkyrie's action with ranged, aoe and single target skills. My only complaint is I get interrupted far to much. I'd go as far to say that my Valkyrie has gotten interrupted more then all 11 of my other classes combined (don't have Ninja yet). It get very annoying, very annoying.
Can also get 1,000 for leveling to 65 with a Buddy-up code.
Vix wrote: »
TERAs anniversary is April, which ends in two days. Honestly, I don't think EME is going to celebrate it.

I believe Tera's anniversary, at least NA, is in May.
Obviously this is all subjective but here's my take on Tera's pros and cons.

1) Action combat (my favorite game because of the combat)
2) Beautiful in-game areas
3) Great looking cosmetics and mounts
4) Huge open world (it's a pro and con. Dungeons are instanced)
5) BAM's and bosses that aren't easy to kill (well, most can't be one shotted and actually make you dodge or block)
6) Classes and races that differ from other mmo's (Reaper, Valkyrie are the two classes that come to mind and Baraka and Aman the two races)
7) Spacecats is pretty awesome sometimes and only human the rest of the time
8) No spambots! (amazing and not sure how they did it but you don't see spam in chat. At least I never have.)

1) Optimization (game has needed to be optimized since it launched and hasn't been)
2) Server Lag (some players, myself included, say there is server lag and Enmasse says there isn't any)
3) Race and gender locked classes (worst idea ever for an mmo. I can see one or two classes locked for lore but ALL the new classes locked is just stupid and takes away from player character variety)
4) They remove content and either return it in the future or you never see it again (this is before the dungeon rotation)
5) Avatar weapons (I personally hate them. Game was far better without them but they appear to be there to help people level faster without having to farm dungeons from what I can tell)
6) Event mounts have a ridiculously low drop rate (good luck trying to get one. RNG is not my friend.)
7) Events seem to be the same event with a different wrapping (need more variety in our events)
8) Huge open world (it's a pro and con. A lot of areas aren't used now or you just speed rush through them)
9) Korean developer that doesn't seem to care about NA wants / needs (too many Elin / female inspired crap and no male character love)
10) Bugs from launch and probably even beta (I still see the same bugs from 2012 and I even reported them back then)
11) Content is slow coming (need more regular updates for content to keep the in-game community high and happy)
12) PvP lacking (I don't PvP in Tera, though I've PvP'd in a lot of other games. I hear a lot of players complain about lack of PvP / battlegrounds)
He also mentioned cosmetic stuff. I want the cosmetic stuff, trip XP and trip drops.
That's great! Thanks everyone for your responses. I got the answer I was looking for.

@Spacecats or @CobaltDragon can you close this thread for me. I got the answer I was looking for.
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