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HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
on MT at least, the miner hats are 5k gold on broker.. if you really want one, 5k gold takes less than an hour to earn. the dyads and superior nocs seem to be dropping at least resonable amounts. it's not really an interesting event but at least it's something different than running 32 RG's every day

Can you explain what reasonable amounts really means? I have done quite some runs so far and all that i have seen was a single miner hat.

How many runs do we usually have to do to get a smart dyad?

I've done about 20 runs and gotten 6 dyads and 4 superior nocs, plus one miner hat drop. Seems fine to me for a dungeon that takes 10 minutes.
on MT at least, the miner hats are 5k gold on broker.. if you really want one, 5k gold takes less than an hour to earn. the dyads and superior nocs seem to be dropping at least resonable amounts. it's not really an interesting event but at least it's something different than running 32 RG's every day
My view on this is pretty basic - if someone lies to me and tells me they're better than they are, they are willfully wasting my time and inconveniencing me. Having a way to compare people at a glance is convenient because it means there's less times when you have that classic "yeah this is an alt!" conversation and it's clear that they have no clue what they're doing after the first 20 minutes of wiping. However, that doesn't mean people should troll. If there's an lfg full of people who aren't up to your standards, I would say.. just don't join that lfg. Insulting people is never appropriate, and neither is lying to people.
tera has always had LOD issues, and tends to use the lowest quality texture for things you're closest to for some reason.. it also likes to load and unload textures randomly. you can change how it behaves with ini edits but it's not really worth the effort tbh
Soffyasd wrote: »
One way to reduce this type of lag is to have less items in your inventory, so if your bag is stuffed, that's one thing to try. It's usually because more data is sent/received when you're interacting with inventory than most other times, so this could indicate slow internet or a connection issue in general. If your internet is fine, try whitelisting tera in your antivirus or disabling it altogether while you're playing, as most modern ones scan your internet traffic and if the antivirus scans a bit slowly it'll add to the lag from this.

I've tried that and doesn't work. And my connection is bad but not that bad (it still happens at my best times) because i was able use my stuff with no issues before and its the same system with the same installation. Even with empty inventory still lagging while using brooch or nocts. The thing is my ping skyrockets to 1k when i use stuff.
yeah this definitely sounds like a throughput issue. your ping is high because it's taking your connection much longer to send that data to the tera server. if it's not your antivirus interfering, there's something else causing problems, or something else using your internet.

One way to reduce this type of lag is to have less items in your inventory, so if your bag is stuffed, that's one thing to try. It's usually because more data is sent/received when you're interacting with inventory than most other times, so this could indicate slow internet or a connection issue in general. If your internet is fine, try whitelisting tera in your antivirus or disabling it altogether while you're playing, as most modern ones scan your internet traffic and if the antivirus scans a bit slowly it'll add to the lag from this.
there's not 3, there's about a dozen. and.. nobody can really answer as to why there's lots of different ones, but they used to have different cooldowns so.. :/
pretty much every consumable has a ton of different types for one reason or another.
at this point, isn't it expected? it's enmasse
pvp servers really are not pvp at all honestly. don't let that scare you
Tera's fps is usually limited by your cpu speed. If you don't have a 4ghz+ cpu you're probably not going to get much better than 30 fps in cities and such.
Digivolve wrote: »
It literally says "in exploiting KC"...
Perhaps, but i think that's just ticket responses, the first one usually barely even glances at the actual ticket and just answers the most common question "why was this account banned" -> "for exploiting related to this screenshot i guess" and then the next response is an actual answer.

Of course, in this case it's irrelevant because we have the GM's answer on the subject already. The player said their dps was high because they were slaying, the GM said they have evidence otherwise and they're enforcing the ban. Bans really are not handed out often compared to the number of players reported, so frankly I'm going to guess their evidence is pretty clear.
Did you not actually read the response? they did not say KC was the reason for the ban, they said it was investigated because someone reported the screenshot of KC and they found proof of cheating elsewhere on the account as a result. Just a case of bad luck for the person who got banned, but.. probably shouldn't have been cheating.
I think the idea of these skills is not to tell players which skills are important/which ones to use, but to give players an idea of what the class does overall. It kinda makes sense when you look at it that way (e.g. mystic heals and debuffs)
Just for reference, what time are you logged in on which server where this is the case? I've been jumping between servers recently, and the only time I saw it the way you described was years ago on LoT and VoT.

I don't disagree with the point about player retention, but I tend to say that player attitudes (and their lack of welcoming of new players) is a more important factor than lacking guides. As a result a lot of people just play casually and never really integrate (because they're not really welcomed).

Here's a screenshot of MT velika at 3AM est in 2014:
Here's one of the same spot on the same server at 5PM est in 2017:

Yes, time is a factor for deadness, at 3 am today it will be completely empty... but even at busy times it's dead compared to dead times from years past. Not to mention everyone is afk, nobody is talking in global except gold sellers and people selling things in general. There are two LFG's up. The only solution is embracing and welcoming new players. Obviously our playerbase is not going to do that, they're more likely to tell those players to stfu and go away. A solution eme can actually do? Guides for new players so they don't have to rely on current players.
Cross-server lfg doesn't really address the issue imo, it's the feeling you get when you logon and your friends list is 3/80 and highwatch is deserted, and there's nothing on broker, and global is silent for hours at a time. When you've been playing for years, and you login and assume you're in the wrong channel because there's only two people at the popular brokers, it's just a bad feeling. Seeing every city completely deserted like that just makes me want to log off again.
That said, server merge doesn't really address the issue either - tera has always had problems with player retention and NA especially has done very little to combat that. Of course people are going to leave the game for whatever reason, but MMO's rely entirely on new players joining to keep them going. If new players log in and ask a question and get troll responses or no responses at all and a google search gives them answers from 2013 that are wrong, or a broken wiki, why would anyone stay? Tera's appeal traditionally was late-game party dungeons with a high skill cap, but right now most new players are quitting before they ever see the end-game dungeons because they're using four pounding crystals and getting kicked from RG. There's not even really any guilds which will accept new players anymore, since they pretty much all merged or disbanded after HH came out and people needed guilds to clear it. Most guilds (and lfg's, for that matter) will instantly decline someone who's in twistshard gear or unskilled in certain dungeons. People would rather sit around mocking players who are trying to learn about the game than help those players, so those new players just leave, because what kind of masochist would stay for the abuse that is starting to play tera in 2017?

My suggestion for making the servers come back to life? Make some actual helpful guides that are accessible and visible to new players and don't require knowledge of the game to read. New players join all the time, and are pretty much just told "lol game's dead go home noob." That's the real problem here. Maybe a server merge would make the game feel more active for awhile, maybe cross-server lfg would make lfgs go faster for awhile, but neither addresses the real problem - more people are leaving than staying.
Any source of elite (at least any current one..) just adds time to your elite sub, so it won't auto-renew until that time runs out.
uh... in a word? no.
Pvp is basically not at all rewarding, community is more toxic than ever, population is tiny tiny tiny
There's not really anything else that needs to be said in this thread.

Players: "We want our continuous ccb back!"
Player council: "We do too but eme says we're less important than a dozen people who want 20 achievement points"
Eme: "what's a crystal?"
EME - why don't you solicit feedback in the form of polls before actually implementing something? I know... that's a big cultural change, probably too much to ask.

Because the majority of the forum would have picked "the people complaining about the achievements can go screw themselves, or cancel Elite if it matters so much to them" and that's not an answer a company can give.

Of course, I do get why people feel they themselves got screwed by the achievement hunters who asked for this, and the company's desire to do something to address the complaint. But the alternative of telling them "tough [filtered]" is also a tough pill to swallow.

Anyway, hoping for a better long-term solution as soon as possible.

"tough [filtered], vast majority of players! the minority is more important than you!"

Their view was that they had a responsibility to fix the problem their decision caused for people who wanted the achievement and related points, so long as it was still in the game. Where they missed the mark is that they didn't understand that veteran players really don't need CCB in the slightest because of how cheap it is, and it was only not worrying about it that mattered.

Personally, I prefer the old way, and want another solution for the achievement issue.

If that's their view, they don't remotely understand their game. They really have no excuses left, it's not confusion from ktera patches they didn't translate, it's not mistakes they didn't get feedback on beforehand, it's not accidental changes. It's either pure ignorance or complete incompetence, and frankly they can't afford either.
EME - why don't you solicit feedback in the form of polls before actually implementing something? I know... that's a big cultural change, probably too much to ask.

Because the majority of the forum would have picked "the people complaining about the achievements can go screw themselves, or cancel Elite if it matters so much to them" and that's not an answer a company can give.

Of course, I do get why people feel they themselves got screwed by the achievement hunters who asked for this, and the company's desire to do something to address the complaint. But the alternative of telling them "tough [filtered]" is also a tough pill to swallow.

Anyway, hoping for a better long-term solution as soon as possible.

"tough [filtered], vast majority of players! the minority is more important than you!"
CornishRex wrote: »
Sooo can anyone give me a good reason as to why I should use the elite 3 hour ccb as opposed to regular 12 hour ones? What makes these better?
they're better because they're 5 gold cheaper!!! it would take you .0083333333 RG's to recoup the cost of the 12 hour one!
It is an annoying change. Everyone knows that -- they know that, I know that, the world knows that. The permanent CCB is infinitely better, and everyone wants it to come back as a general rule. The issue is entirely about what to do for now given the problem they caused.

Your solution is "give everyone the achievement." Okay, how? You write and run a DB script for all active Elite players? Elite status changes all the time and people create new characters, so maybe you run the script daily? Is it okay if someone just gets promo Elite and then they get these free achievements? If BHS creates other similar achievements you do the same? Is it worth getting using programming time for this when people could just click a button on a bar instead for now, or keep using CCB as they did before? Isn't it better if BHS just deletes the achievement anyway? Does that take something away from the game...? etc. etc.

Anyway, I'm done putting a target on my back for this. I hope that, through all this thread, I've provided enough different angles to the problem that someone can come up with an argument that will be convincing to the powers that be (particularly so they can push BHS hard for a real fix). Even after hearing all the arguments here, I couldn't defend the position in a debate knowing the potential counterarguments. I think they would still believe the current compromise is good enough given the situation. Maybe someone else can make the winning case, beyond what we already know (pushing for BHS to change something to address the need for a compromise in the first place).
The fact that enmasse is incompetent is not really a good excuse for them removing elite features, to be perfectly blunt. Aside from that, as far as I'm aware, character achievements don't need a db script to update - when i login old characters, i get a boatload of achievements that have been tweaked and etc. Just make it also give elite players (or even everyone for that matter, since it's a joke of an achievement to begin with) the achievement in question. Inconveniencing - I was going to say thousands of people, but i'm not really sure the playerbase is that big anymore, so i'll just say inconveniencing every elite player because a handful of people want 20 achievement points is not a reasonable solution to the problem. EME should not just wildly jump from one poor solution to the next, that's no way to run a business. I'm absolutely certain eme staff sees how little confidence the playerbase has in them, and things like this are exactly why. They released something which people are quite happy with, and then realized there was a small problem with it, so their solution is to completely remove it and in return give us garbage that we don't want. Literally, a 3-hour crystalbind would not even be worth storing in my bank at this point. It would not be worth pressing the button to pick it up off the floor, what makes enmasse think it's worth having on my elite status bar next to the even more useless gold boost?
Seriously? That's your reason, saving 50 gold per character once? When promo events that give 1-Day Elite also tend to give out gems worth thousands?
wow! a one day promo elite to scam the system out of... a maximum of like 5k gold? assuming 18 characters per server? next you'll be telling me they're changing nostrums to 5 minutes
Xristosx wrote: »
I'm sorry what....did you read what you typed, Who in their right mind would be using elite just to get "free" 12 hour CCB's on all their alts.. what you can farm like one in a few minutes, I seriously doubt someone got one day elite for CCB's, you know what people would of got elite for? for a permanent ccb.

I'm just explaining why they did that -- because they give you 24x every day so that every character on an account can get one. Giving 24x12 hours is 12 days worth, per server per day.

I also said repeatedly that I want the toggle or for them to remove the achievements. But if you ask why did they do it... that's why. So give me a convincing argument why it should be 12, other than "I can already get 12-hour CCB in game for cheap anyway" -- which isn't really a convincing argument to change anything if it's plentiful. You're not selling the need for the change at all.

Again, I'm not doing this to "defend EME." I've already advocated for the toggle or removing the achievement! But if you can't convince me of your argument, it's not likely to convince them to change the compromise for now. And they're not going to argue about it; they're just going to ignore it and move on with their lives because it's "good enough" considering their goals. So make a convincing argument, finally.

You've just exactly explained our point. removing the ccb from elite entirely is exactly identical in function to giving us 24 useless ones each day. i'm just going to use 12 hour ccbs on all my characters anyway. Then i'm going to break crystals because i forgot to push a button i shouldn't have had to push in the first place. Why a toggle or remove the achievement? it's a pointless achievement anyway, why not just award it to every elite player? it's not like it's difficult to get or anything special, if elite stops people from getting it, just make everyone who is elite get it for free? i get that you'll say "but people will 1 day elite!!!!!!@111!" but that's honestly a joke, if you think that is abuse you're living in a different universe. Decisions like this just make me more and more certain that nobody at eme actually plays their own game and that's why every choice they make is so disconnected from it. Even with the complete lack of understanding of tera they consistently demonstrate, people should be able to see why this is such an annoying change. Imagine you signed up for car insurance and then after a month they call you and say "we're going to need you to call us every 3 hours if you want to keep your car insurance, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to experience driving without car insurance." then they hang up on you.
Why this elite perk has to be renewed every three hours?? What is the point of it then? Its worse than 12 hr.

Basically because one-day promo Elite is a thing, and they don't want people to use promo elite to get free 12-hour CCB on every one of their alts across all servers. If it could expire when the subscription expires, that'd obviously be another story.

wow! a one day promo elite to scam the system out of... a maximum of like 5k gold? assuming 18 characters per server? next you'll be telling me they're changing nostrums to 5 minutes
Spacecats wrote: »
this is a terrible solution imo. manually using ccbs on every single one of my characters is the annoying part, the "free" ccb is negligible because they're already given out like candy.

The crystalbinds we're adding to the Elite bar will require players to use one every 3 hours. You'll need to click it less often than an Everful Nostrum and it won't take up space in your inventory.

??? how does this address my concern? I have infinite free ccbs in my bank that last 4x as long as the elite ones already. not to mention the hundreds of 1 hour garbage ones vanguard gives out now, or the 1-use ones that i literally throw on the floor because they're worse than useless. the fact is, this change gives us one more chore to do every time we change chars, or start a fight or do anything. you're making elite worse because a few people complained about 20 achievement points, several months after promising to make elite better.
Spacecats wrote: »

The plan at the moment is to change the Elite status bar to add multiple Crystalbinds as daily consumables the same way you drink a potion, mount an Elite mount, or use a Gold Boost. We were concerned that we'd have to replace something (like Gold Boost) in order to do this but it looks like that's not the case.

This will solve the issue of giving Elite players all the CCB they need across multiple characters/servers, not clogging up inventories, and also allowing a state of non-CCB protection that will remind players of the harsh reality of broken crystals... oh and yes, you get an achievement for it.

this is a terrible solution imo. manually using ccbs on every single one of my characters is the annoying part, the "free" ccb is negligible because they're already given out like candy. i literally have hundreds in my bank. the convenience was in not needing to use one at all. on top of that, you're giving out the trash versions of them for some reason???
check the emails you get to see who they're actually sent to - i know on gmail at least, you can get mail for penguins and pen.guins etc in the same box, so it could be that your account on tera is a different name but the same inbox (click the down arrow next to the 'to me', if you're in gmail)
patience. priest will see love soon enough. until then, i suggest finding a guild/friends who are not only interested in the extra 10% dps
I assure you en masse is hard at work, there's even photo evidence stock-photo-two-children-playing-in-sandbox-463995221.jpg
Obs wrote: »
There's always the option of untradeable Golden/Silver Plates and untradeable/sellable Emeralds/Diamonds.
I like the sound of this for rkem rewards, but i'd be scared of the results - tera has huge retention problems for new players, and giving us too many account bound gems/plates means that their primary source of income (brokering talents..) is no longer viable. It all comes back around to game population, and the fact is that making it better for end-game farmers makes it worse for beginners. Sure there's probably a balance, and lots of people who aren't clearing rkem need talents/gems as well, but the question is: do you trust eme to find a good balance?
Check if your ticket shows up in your list, it's fully possible the button is greyed out because there's nothing to submit it to, and enabling the button just allows you to send it to a page that isn't accepting it.
Imo the problem isn't the rkem rewards, the problem is the entire game. End game dungeon rewards were never meant to reward you huge amounts of gold, they were meant to get you the optional end game gear. Sure, they became profitable with sell runs and etc, but with the ease of gearing now, it stopped being a difficult to get optional extra and started just being a chore that everyone got eventually; nobody is willing to pay a premium for something they'll get for free during the next event.

I think a large part of the reason people have been whining about rkem/vshm rewards because everyone already had their end game gear when those dungeons came out. "Oh, I get to upgrade my alts faster... i guess.." is not really incentive to run a half hour dungeon, especially in a dying game where you tend to spend more time trying to find a party than it will take to clear the dungeon. I'm not even going to get into how horrifically dull RKEM is once you understand the fairly basic mechanics.

What i'm saying is, rkem rewards don't need adjustment, rkem just doesn't have a reason to exist. There's nothing exclusive (unless you want the trash title i guess) to it, and there's nothing exciting about it after your first couple clears. It's just a chore that exists to grind for essences, which most people who really care about +9 already got from hh/cu/wbs. My personal advice? forget it exists, if you want to spam something other than iod or rg, spam rknm with no consumables on, it's still a 15-20 minute dungeon and you can have fun playing a video game instead of focusing on ideal dps.

That said, my opinions on your suggestions:
1) More gold isn't the solution, and likely would just complicate matters even more for entry-level players by causing inflation.
2) Consumables are completely optional for the first two bosses, and even the current vanguard will compensate you for nocs on last boss now that people aren't wiping frequently.
3) I agree adding talents to end game dungeons is important, but it will also severely impact the only farming that entry-level players can do. Game population being higher would help this, but that's not really a viable suggestion here. Maybe crafters cures or something else that makes getting plates more reasonable could work here instead.
4) I think meta tokens should have something useful as well, since as it is you'll tend to get way more tokens than you can use while farming gold/gems for enchants. Ideally something very expensive which is helpful for end game. Inner/Dragon/phoenix lootboxes for 50kish tokens could be nice, for instance.
5) Nothing to say here, vg is a joke, eme needs to update it but they're eme and don't actually know anything about tera afaict.
6) I think a good idea for this would be to have account-bound versions which have a slightly higher drop rate while leaving the current drops as they are. that way economy is fine, but people have a viable method of getting etchings if they're poor.
7) Honestly i think bhs just isn't returning eme's phone calls at this point and i can't really blame them, it's kind of a joke how NA has been run recently. Hopefully we'll get some events which encourage people to play the game instead of the two types of events we have now which are "afk" or "afk until the next event."

TL;DR: I think end game dungeons should give end game loot, but there's no such thing as end game loot right now, and just giving out more mid/early game loot isn't a fair or reasonable solution.
what do your cpu/gpu temperatures look like? I'm guessing it's as simple as a fan kicking into high speed, but could also be something more serious. Specifcally, you saying it's centered on the power supply makes me think it's getting old and components are struggling under high load.
Eme has been blatantly incompetent for years, it's just that in the past, gameforge was even moreso. The fact is that the people running the game here don't understand it in the slightest, and their strategy seems to be to milk the dwindling hardcore playerbase rather than trying to fix the problems.
It's just looking up the characters with those names on your server, it's not actually a value assigned to the NPC's
VirtualON wrote: »
@KillerPenguins What could possibly be the reason that we DO NOT want such events on our servers? What could possibly be disastrous? ?? Lol I sure as hell wish EME doesn't listen to guys like you.

Mainly the part which concerns me is the much faster gearing followed by a free server transfer from the event server. Effectively meaning each account gets a "free" fully geared character in addition to all the event rewards. As I said in my post, certain aspects of it could definitely work on NA but as a whole this event probably won't be great in our region. A temporary server with weird battleground rules and such is a nice idea, but a free geared character is really not.
Leveling in tera is basically a joke at this point, and questing has been pointless for years, other than enjoying lore/achievements.
AV is one of the lower-population servers, TR or MT would be better for you, but again they won't be very populated until you're at level 65.
Once you hit the level cap, there's gear progression to deal with which is going to be a lot of grinding, but eventually you'll be geared and skilled enough to take on the harder dungeons, which can be quite satisfying to master. Eventually, however, after doing the same 3 dungeons 100 times each you'll get bored of them and wait for the next patch, maybe even getting desperate enough to join the dwindling pvp community only to find that it's active for just a few hours a day and only in certain battlegrounds. At this point you'll do what everyone else does and find another game to play while waiting for tera to be interesting again.

This pretty much sums up the years i've spent playing tera.
Margarethe wrote: »
I disagree.
Why wouldn't they fix the current situation then?
We had a big patch update.
Players came back and left, because nothing has changed.
Unless EME takes gratuitous pleasure in our suffering.

Merging servers is far more complex than you imagine it to be, it's a very expensive thing to do and has a HUGE potential for causing major problems. Free transfers isn't really an option either, because even transferring a single character goes wrong quite often, and what would they do once all active players leave a server? can't just shut it down or else all the inactive players who return will lose their characters. Sadly, the solution for this needs to come from BHS and that means it's going to take a long long time if it comes at all.
Margarethe wrote: »
They have to milk that cash from the dead servers.

I don't think they get as much money from transfers as you think.. the way i see it, every time you see someone win something from a lootbox, that's about $15 eme got... yeah, i'm thinking server transfers are not a huge portion of their income.
Personally I think it would be fun if they made the block angle thinner, so you actually need to aim at attacks to block them instead of just staring straight forward at the boss the whole fight. It won't happen, though. Eme has little to no input on what happens with tera gameplay-wise.
they don't comment on threads like this because if they say no, it just makes more people whine, and if they say maybe it just makes more people whine and if they say yes it just makes more people whine. eme does plenty of events and things already, imo. This event doesn't look (to me) like it would be very healthy in NA's environment, honestly. A free server transfer after giving people a month of super-fast gearing? i guess i wouldn't really mind +7 storm gear halving in price but i can think of a lot of people who would.. Certain aspects of it could be interesting, and the idea of an event server where everyone gets a chance to join in the fun is nice, but this event specifically looks like it could be disastrous on NA from where i'm sitting.
There are ini tweaking guides out there. I'd suggest bumping pool size up a fair bit.
My ping was high for about 15 minutes and went back to normal. try restarting your router/modem if you're still having issues
It's always been MT. There's no data from eme about it. Instance matching is independent of servers though, it's dead because nobody uses it.
The best time to queue for battlegrounds is probably mid 2014 or so
pikpatsou wrote: »
20 golden talents

Can confirm that worked for me. Looks like it was checking something in the old files before downloading the new ones, and that failed somehow and resulted in not getting the new files. Deleting the old elin files and repairing worked for me.
mid139 wrote: »
:O i got it working!,Heres what i did.

I went into the tera directory(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TERA) For Me then searched for popori files since the elin uses those and i removed all of all then repaired the game and everything is working.

Hope it helps :D

do your elin gunners have animations in game? mine don't.
I wanted to customize my elin, so i hadn't tested it in game yet.. turns out the face loads but the hair and tail don't
edit: and all skill animations look like this
edit2: here's what elin gunners who don't choose gunner hair look like for me!

Forblaze25 wrote: »
Same problem for me.
Mine has a face though. Just no hair or back side of skull.

It has a face by default, but select the new gunner face and it turns black like that.
Try manually setting the ini to the correct resolution, it seems like tera is detecting it incorrectly (and settings were reset this patch, again)
I thought this was just a problem with my install so i did verify and repair and reset all my settings to defaults.. but this is what elin gunner hair+face looks like for me.

The point, though, is that they do it with every update. A one time delay on something is understandable, but it's not a one time thing in eme's case. It's an every time thing, and that gets frustrating quickly when people want to play as soon as the servers are up. If 1000 people come on at exactly 11am pst to play, eme says "come back in an hour" and that wastes 3 minutes of time for each person checking, that's 50 HOURS eme just wasted effectively. Then at noon, they put up a message that says "come back in an hour" which wastes another 3 minutes of time for each person checking. 100 wasted hours, whereas if they said 5 hours from the start, even if the server is up early it's not wasting people's time.
While I agree that complaining isn't really useful in this instance, I think the annoyance mostly comes from the fact that eme so consistently misses their targets. If they just said 5 hours and then brought the server up after 3, no complaints.. but saying 3 hours and then delaying an hour, and then delaying another hour.. that causes people to complain. Which really is a small thing to complain about, especially considering it happens with every single update that adds something to the game. People should be used to this by now.
It literally says at the top of the page in a big yellow box...
My initial flippant post aside...
Notepad806 wrote: »
Good tanks don't want to queue and get stuck with bad DPS or mEME healers. They will mostly join the numerous LFG LF> T runs. Bad tanks are often scared to IMS because they don't want to get yelled at.

As someone who has mained tank classes for years, you've actually hit the nail on the head here. I instance match occasionally and even when you get a party that doesn't completely suck, it takes 2-3x as long as lfg. There's no reason to instance match on a tank because there's (almost) always an lfg looking for one anyway, and they have lower standards for tanks than dps. There's also the part where newer tanks will queue into experienced parties and have toxic angry people scream at them.

The only solution I can think of probably won't work with our low population, but it would be two different queues, one for learning and one for skilled (preferably more than the 5 clears it takes for skilled now..) to hopefully remove some of the random factor from queueing. Additionally, skilled players being allowed to join the unskilled queue would allow for people who are interested in teaching new players to do so. Extra rewards for queue is a bad idea because it will 100% be abused, you'll get the toxic "i'm looking for my friends kick pls" in every run, and that will just make it less appealing.
Well, it means certain loot box contents (what's in them) and their tooltips (what it says when you hover over them) have been updated.
welcome to 2013
It's not the backbone that needs work sadly, it's the politics. Everywhere there's a grey area, people on both sides try to take everything they can, and it leaves situations like this where neither provider is willing to pay to upgrade their peering server so it just sucks and dies, basically.
It says DNS lookup failed in your diag, try changing your dns server or check to make sure there's no incorrect entry for tera in your hosts file.
Dvsv wrote: »
For all Brazilian players, especially if you ISP is Vivo.
There's a routing issue with a router from "Telefonica International Wholesale Services" inside NA, the problematic IP is, this is already inside NA (maybe on Florida idk) and exactly before EME's route from Zayo.

If you don't trust me, just instal PingPlotter, ping and as you can see, every red bar of the graph (i.e: short burst of packet loss) will coincide exactly with a huge few secs lag or even DC on Tera.
This usually happens every 22 min and on peak hours.

Basically, the game is unplayable for BRs that use Vivo ISP.
And maybe more ppl from SA and even Europe use this route too, idk...

Here's the proof: https://imgur.com/a/3CZMt

You should talk to your ISP about this, as far as I can tell telefonica owns vivo. So if your issue gets escalated high enough, someone will probably be willing to investigate this for you. Can't really tell from your pingplotter what the problem is, but if it's that server that goes unresponsive for seconds at a time every time, someone will be able to tell and fix it.
This bug has been happening randomly since dragons were released. It's per-character (any class) and will fix itself, probably after the next maint.
Tera only uses 2 cpu threads (plus part of a third, but that's mainly overhead) so if they're maxed out already your GPU will make practically no difference, as it's waiting for your cpu to finish before it can do anything. Tera also has always disliked AMD processors for some reason, sorry to say. The only hardware solution would be a large cpu overclock or a new processor if you're that concerned about tera. Or search for and follow one of the dozens (hundreds?) of tera optimization guides out there.
This would most likely be a downgrade as far as tera performance goes - likely if multiple games are causing problems, it's either a settings issue or a lack of ram (your computer will slow down drastically if you hit certain ram usage on windows, because it starts shifting low-priority things onto hard drive pagefile instead) I'd suggest saving your money until you can get a larger upgrade - I find that tera is happiest with at least 3 4ghz+ cores, personally.
all these traceroutes terminate at the datacenter, that's what the last node you hit is. the server you're trying to ping next does not respond to pings. should be identical ping/route to diag.enmasse.com anyway, though. pingplotter shows a worrying amount of jitter, though since it's on every node it leads me to believe it's an issue with your local network.

Edit: since i know how frustrating it can be to not at least have something to try when facing this sort of issue, next time your ping spikes/disconnects, leave the tera client open and try (in cmd)
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
might just do the trick if you're feeling lucky.
I would guess your anti-virus is interfering with the download process, from what little information you gave.
Callouts aren't allowed on forums, evidence of someone cheating should be sent in a ticket.
for some reason they overwrote configs/settings, i suggest editing s1engine and setting FXAA=False and MaxParticleResize=4, they tend to make a huge difference.
The lower level content is so easy at this point (and so broken, story-wise) that there's no point in doing it. Most likely you'll get to end game and grind the same 5 instances over and over until you go insane. If you're a pvper, tera's combat is probably one of the best MMO pvp experiences around, but the scene is quite dead at this point.
I'm glad they agreed to try this change and see how it goes. I am sure we will get some people with worse ping and lag spikes that didn't have it before, but probably it will be different people. Hopefully people with newfound problems will send their traceroutes to diag@ and they can push it up the chain. I'm really curious to see what it'll be like during primetime tonight.

out of curiosity what's your traceroute looking like today? are you still on savvis?
My ping is less than 1/4 what it's been since june! Yay zayo! Is savvis still enabled too for people it benefits more, or are we back in the same boat where half the population is lagging?
Have you tried deleting the contents of %localappdata%\tera\launcher already? (not just the live folder as the support page says..) If not, try that. It's helped me in the past with metafile errors. (If you do this, you may need to start the launcher a few times for it to work)

Certain real-time shields on antiviruses can interfere as well, try temporarily disabling them if you have any to check.

Other things that can help with some launcher errors (but maybe not this one..) are running as admin, and making certain your tera folder is not read only. Also, if it's in a really long file path for some reason, that can interfere with things as well; not likely if you're installed in the default location or through steam, though.
The backbone isn't the problem, it's peering. Imagine two freeways, but where they meet, instead of an onramp, you have one go in a tunnel under the other one. Traffic can't get from one freeway to the other. That's the problem that centurylink has always had. They don't want to build onramps.
My mistake then, I was misinformed. I'll correct the original post, the point of which is completely unchanged.
Tera was in seattle for a long time. The obvious answer is still what it's been since LAST* october, load balancing. This datacenter is apparently incompetent in that regard. Your example is meaningless, because tera is already in a datacenter where it's unplayable for a lot of overseas people and where people have their pings double for no reason on any given day.
I don't really care where you put it, as long as wherever you move it is not controlled by centurylink(savvis). Their peering has been notoriously bad for quite a few years, and since tera was moved to chicago has given us problems more or less constantly.

Lots of people don't really understand peering, and that's reasonable! It's very complicated. A simplified way of thinking of it is that a peering location is like a freeway on-ramp. Whether the freeway is there or not doesn't matter if there's no way to get on it.

What's been happening with centurylink is that they don't peer properly with many other providers (their on-ramps are in bad places), leading to situations where a user in chicago connecting to a server in chicago may be routed through atlanta because that's the nearest peering node which will accept their connection. Indeed, if we look at a traceroute from cogent's chicago node to tera's servers, we see them being routed through atlanta at present. Not only does this add latency (at least 30ms in this case) but it also adds quite a few hops to the route, which leads to less stability - more opportunities for packet loss or latency spikes.

This isn't a problem that centurylink is intent on fixing, they have no reason to as it would cost them money and not get them more money. I also get the impression, since this has been problematic for months, that their datacenter also does not have any interest in re-enabling load balancing with zayo. The only solution I see in that case is for tera is to move to a datacenter not controlled by centurylink.
I think savvis' chicago peering node is just dead, it seems like it's routing people through dallas now. It's possible savvis took the chicago node offline for upgrades, but really with them who knows.
any item xp you get applies to every piece of gear you're wearing when you get it.
If it started around a year ago, it was probably when they dropped abovenet/zayo as a carrier. it's been messing with pings on and off since then. there's nothing you can do other than trying a vpn such as wtfast.
If you want to p2w just sell emp and force your way through it with gold. Tera has never really been a p2w game in the sense you're implying.
I support this idea for completely unbiased reasons.
Dunno if this affects anyone else, but since last tuesday or so, my connection to tera (or at least diag.enmasse.com) has been routing through dallas instead of straight to chicago. I'm mostly fine with it because it eliminates the packet loss I was experiencing with the other savvis route (making tera playable..), but it does mean my ping which was 15 with zayo is now stable at around 60-70. Did anyone else's route change or Is this limited to my isp?

Tracing route to diag.enmasse.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops:
1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 20 ms 8 ms 7 ms dtr02nstlmo-tge-0-2-0-2.nstl.mo.charter.com []
4 10 ms 10 ms 20 ms crr02blvlil-bue-30.blvl.il.charter.com []
5 15 ms 15 ms 15 ms bbr01blvlil-bue-110.blvl.il.charter.com []
6 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms
7 16 ms 15 ms 16 ms be2316.ccr21.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com []
8 26 ms 25 ms 25 ms be2432.ccr31.dfw01.atlas.cogentco.com []
9 26 ms 26 ms 26 ms be2763.ccr41.dfw03.atlas.cogentco.com []
10 91 ms 64 ms 37 ms qwest.dfw03.atlas.cogentco.com []
11 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms 63-235-40-202.dia.static.qwest.net []
12 33 ms 33 ms 32 ms
13 59 ms 55 ms 55 ms cr2-tengige0-7-5-0.dallas.savvis.net []
14 56 ms 55 ms 55 ms cr1-te-0-2-0-0.chd.savvis.net []
15 54 ms 54 ms 54 ms
16 53 ms 54 ms 54 ms
17 56 ms 53 ms 54 ms

Trace complete.
honestly rknm is a 15 minute dungeon, it's understandable that it doesn't give many reward points imo
Even with eclipse potions, new tanks will still lose aggro. However, a tank who has read a class guide and is actually trying to follow it is rarely (if ever) going to lose aggro, even against characters which are in much much better gear. The answer here is not eclipse potions, it's just getting people to actually learn their class once they hit 65. There's really no way to force people to play better, but losing aggro and getting yelled at is actually a pretty good way of motivating new tanks to learn their class. I agree that it's unfortunate that it causes anger and such, but that's just a part of life.
I think it's better that it isn't in the game. If it's added again, it will be an excuse for lazy/bad tanks; it shifts the blame from someone playing their class wrong towards someone not willing to spend the extra gold on a consumable they shouldn't need in the first place. If you're not capable of holding aggro against the dps in your party, you probably shouldn't have joined that party.
Did you record the number that dropped? I've been getting them less often, but in higher numbers.
I was feeling a bit bored, so I decided to create a kyra's loot simulator for anyone who can't enjoy the event themselves! Enjoy! ^_^
Has av been as laggy and horrific as MT all day too?
You're implying savvis is the only ISP that does this, but it's sadly fairly commonplace to force port congestion on peering nodes in order to extort money out of other providers, as even if the plan fails they still save money by passing less data. The problem isn't just savvis, the problem is that there's only one option for routing to tera.
Isn't the problem in the screenshot the Cogent -> Qwest bridge in Chicago run by Cogent? That seems to be the point where the packet loss starts, and continues to the Qwest nodes (10+) in Chicago into the datacenter. Qwest is owned by CenturyLink (like Savvis), but Cogent is not. (They have a peering arrangement, of course.)

cogent and savvis both claim the problem node is the other company's problem, it really doesn't matter whose fault it is considering neither of them are going to fix it. tera was doing load balancing for awhile and that worked great, but was removed with no information at all, so i keep sending in tickets and making these pointless threads hoping eventually someone will say something about it.
I feel like your post needs some more sarcasm tags. Does anyone know what the migration tomorrow is about?

I don't really need to comment on this. 17% packet loss as soon as I hit a savvis node. There's nothing I can do about it and support ticket tells me to post on forum :D
voidy wrote: »
I was sitting here expecting my game to lag like it has every night from 6-8 pm but it actually ran perfectly fine today for the first time in a couple of weeks. Then I found out that everyone else was laggy during this time instead. If @KillerPenguins didn't experience any issues tonight either, then I'd bet money they just changed from Savvis to something else, and now that new routing service is causing other people the same headaches we've had to deal with on and off for about a year. Of course, realistically speaking it could be a different issue entirely. All any of us can do is guess.

On another note, CH crashed just now for me and a bunch of people in my guild.

I did get booted last night with everyone else. And lag is bad this morning. Still savvis. Double even savvis crap ping and packet loss! woo
It's not one customer who has issues with savvis, it's (probably, only eme or their data center would have this info...) everyone carried on cogent who is outside the chicago area but closer than atlanta or dallas. I understand that's not a huge number of people, but the fact is that it was undeniably better across the board when they were load balancing between savvis and zayo. I'd wager that the only reason there's not more people complaining is because most people getting this lag solve it the same way that people keep suggesting to me, they just cheat.
This is something EME has control over, they've fixed it in the past. I don't know why they reverted that fix because there's no communication on the subject, but that's not the salient point here. I live 200 miles from the server and have 20% packet loss with wildly fluctuating ping every single night, but flawless 30 ping connection at off-hours. As you can see from my traceroute, it has to do with savvis/cogent peering being congested which, yes, is a savvis problem. unfortunately i'm not a savvis customer so they won't respond to my inquiries at all and instead tell me to contact someone who is a customer. Which is what I'm doing! I appreciate that you've been forced to read my posts with a gun to your head and you're tired of them, but I'm quite tired of not being able to play tera for 12 hours a night.
Why would you want to let the thread die? This has been a problem for literally a year and gets worse every day...
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