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Agree on everything OP said. This patch is absolutely disappointing and the new gear system is the biggest joke with such many layers of rng. So far the highest chance for someone to get a superior gear (daylight/annihilation) is in AQ, but my personal experience is, i have over 200 runs, only looted ONE superior gear that i can use. Chance to get superior gear in exodor elite boxes also abysmally low -- farmed for weeks yet got NOTHING.

The current patch is disappointing as one no longer feels rewarding by playing the game. Even in previous patches, no matter how hard we criticized on them, at least we could get mats for upgrading/crafting gears from EVERY dungeon run, and we see hope in getting BIS (or close) gear eventually. Yet now obtaining a new superior gear on the first place is hopeless for most people.

Let's just do some simple math, assume the drop rate for a superior gear is 10% in AQ (which is probably a high estimate), since Tera has 13 classes and 3 armor types, and there are two types of each new gear pieces (physical or magical) with one being completely useless of your class, so the probability of dropping a superior weapon that is APPROPRIATE for your class is 10%1/130.5 = 0.38%, and the probability of dropping a superior armor piece that is APPROPRIATE for your class is 10%1/30.5 = 1.7%. And don't forget the fact that you have to roll against other people, which drops the probability of yourself getting the gear even lower. Not mention, most lower rolls in the gear is useless, approximately only 8 out of 36 lower rolls are useful, so adding this layers of rng, the chance for you to get a relatively "decent" weapon is less than 0.005%, and the chance for you to get a "decent" armor piece is less than 0.01%. Even ignore the gear rolls, the low chance of obtaining a new gear means that it is possible that you run the dungeon thousands of times but still not getting anything out of it. In addition, the dungeon has no gems and no relics, but has very high coin costs, which makes it unsustainable for end game players. Basically, you do 4 or 5 of this dungeon a day, got nothing but maybe 24k-30k gold from vg, which is nothing in today's Tera economy.

I don't want to talk much about the cancerous enchanting process on new gear after you actually get one (the chance of breaking and downgrading gear, which is bull shitting and should not exist given the already very low success chance), but my point is now the game is only "rewarding" to someone who is ridiculously lucky, or someone who swiped hundreds/thousands dollars to afford to the ridiculously high cost of both obtaining and enchanting the new gear. For most players it is a patch that you get nothing no matter how dedicated you are playing.

To make the gear farming more rewarding, i would suggest a token system which is similar to the Bahaar tokens (or accessory amp token, you get what i meant), which we can obtain a few upon dungeon clear, and a token shop with superior gear in. The type (magical vs physical) and rolls can still be rng, but at least we can get something eventually by playing the game. Not like now, as i mentioned before, one can clear the dungeon for hundreds of times yet still get nothing, which is the most demotivating part of this patch.

How many i need to post to unlock tho? And does starting a thread give different points vs just commenting on an existing one?
It is stupid to set such a threshold to "unlock" direct message on forum, especially given that some eme staff insist to be only contacted through forum. Not everyone enjoys to post in forum and eme literally shut down the means of communication to its customers.

so i want to send direct message to someone on forum but it seems that i don't have the option. I heard you have to have enough posts on forums to get that option. Just wondering how is this contribution point calculated. i.e. how many posts /comments that i need?

there was a crafting revamp about a year ago so you will lose all the old recipes for sure. And there is a change in pet system too a few months ago, so all your pets were returned in item claim.

at least you don't lose the gear. its just broken and repairable.

This post is to summarize some major problems and concerns related to current game state, as well as to propose some solutions (PVE specific). Some of the issues are universal to players from all levels, some are more specific to end game PVE players. Apologize first for the long post here, but I believe these are among the most important issues in Tera now that are causing major depression and disappointments among the (already shrinking) playerbase, and I try to be constructive here instead of just raging and venting. I wish EME do listen from our community and take actions accordingly.

Current issues :

1. Adventure coin system

The Adventure Coin system is not bad in theory but it is implemented poorly. I admit that this system may be better for players who only spam low ilvl dungeons which requires very low coins per entry. However, the coin system is extremely bad for end game PVE players. For example, before lvl 70 patch, with the old reset scroll system, we can do 4 Bahaar + 4 GLSHM + whatever the other lower ilvl dungeons in a roll, using the reset scrolls in a few hours and run as many. Yet now we are eliminated by only 4 or 5 ilvl 455+ dungeons then we can barely run anything in the rest of the day. The incoming hard mode dungeons, GVHM and DFHM are costing more coins, which makes this problem even worse. Some white knights may argue that there are a lot more “open world content” you can play on outside of dungeons, however, not everyone likes the Tera open world content, which is literally just mindless bam grinding. It seems that the current developers are pushing open world content for (probably) more diversity in Tera, but Tera end game is still featured by dungeons and gearing focused, yet this coin system is literally discouraging people to play end game. One can argue that you can only run high end dungeons on your main and use alts to run other dungeons that gives scrolls, infusion gear and other mats. However, there are many people I know only play on one character (who are getting hurt the most by this coin system), and with current state of game, it takes tremendous amount of time and effort to gear and level another character. In addition, so far the only “solution” that EME has provided for the coin system is a rng coin loot box, which, in my honest opinion, is a slam in face of everyone. We pay for elite status yet there is no longer anything equivalent to the old reset scroll from elite boxes. To play this game we need to even pay more on these coin rng boxes? The way that the current system is discouraging people to play end game dungeons is definitely not acceptable and need improvement.  

2. Post lvl 65 leveling exp and skill exp

I understand that it is supposed to be a “long journey” for this part, but long journey does not mean a painful journey given the amount of grinding it requires now. Let’s admit that there is a huge lack of content now and currently, the most efficient way of obtaining exp is through bam hunting, which is mind-numbing, not mention that bam hunting can be very unfriendly to under-geared / inexperienced players as well as certain classes such as lancer and mystic.
As I stated before, Tera is still a dungeon- centered game, however ironically, exp from dungeon bosses is low compared to the exp you can obtain from bams within similar playtime and HEAVILY eliminated by the coin system. As for skill exp, it is only obtainable through bam hunting, fishing and only one dungeon which is GVNM currently (in PVE). Obtaining skill exp from dungeon (GVNM) is again heavily eliminated by the coin system. In summary the current system is “forcing” people to bam grinding and/or fish botting for leveling exp and skill exp (I will not discuss problems related to fish botting here as this should be separated topic), none of these options are considered to be "fun".

3. Partner system

This system is noxious from how it milks real money and by far the most cancerous rng system I have ever experienced. There are two ways to obtain pets: 1) from the loot box, which is only available from emp shop, and 2) gather legacy essence in game, which has an incredibly low drop rate (as an example, I myself spammed GVNM on 3 characters after its release, and I farmed bams on my alt in the past two weeks, yet I only got 5 legacy essences so far. You need 10 to get a pet). So literally option 2 is almost impossible for most people to get a partner in the end. Now to make your pets into a partner, you either combine two lvl 10 pets into a guaranteed partner, or using evolution cure to evolve one lvl 10 pet, which has only ~20% success rate (and not mention how expensive/time consuming to get a single cure). Again this pushes people to go on the lootbox track for a partner. But does paying for lootbox guarantee you a good partner? The answer is no, because the fellowship you can obtain from promoting your partner is again purely rng. In the end, you can spend millions but still get nothing out of it, which is extremely discouraging.

4. Gold sinks and heavy rng implemented systems.

This part refers to gear upgrade/enchanting, relics/halidom, partner system and infusion gears. I don’t want to say too much in detail here as most people already realized how impossible to obtain BiS gear given the ridiculous layers of rng, amount of gold and hours of grind required, not mention the p2w options that are recently introduced (the partner and coin system). Here are just some example simulations on how much gold you have to dump in to get a high tier relic/halidom, and how many pets you need to get a decent partner (https://repl.it/@ElBanditoVince/blueRelics, https://repl.it/@ElBanditoVince/partnairShitySystem) (credit to Vince from EU tera) . All these heavy rng implemented “contents” and grindy/p2w implementation result in greater disparity between players which I don’t think is healthy sign for a game that is party oriented and gearing focused. Another side effect of such poor implementation is that it stimulates botting and exploits (for gold and some enchanting materials).

5. Etching materials, and lack of source for other enchanting materials

Upon releasing lvl 70 patch, Krafton(BHS) removed the major sources for etching mats (referring to titan's peace, fire, storm and earth here) from metamorphic token shop, IOD token shop and dungeon drops. Now the only way to obtain these materials is through pit of petrax or mining, both have very low drop (abysmal compared to what we had before). This makes making etching accessory etchings almost impossible for most people except a few whales who intentionally stored tons of etching mats pre-patch (which will cause problems in future economy as we can tell). The reason why Krafton remove the source of these materials is unknown, but the fact that there is no other effective way of obtaining them is nonsense. The incoming patch will introduce new accessory sets, yet we do not have mats to make new etchings.

Another example for lacking of source for common enchanting material is golden talent, which has been a long-standing issue in NA Tera. The current major in-game sources for golden talent are from low-tier IOD bam VG (7 per box from one vg completion without event), 412-431 dungeons, and rng loot (a few tens) from amplifier box as a vg reward from ilvl 451+ dungeons (and you can only claim one such box upon the first clear on selected dungeons per character). Jackpots from strongboxes is another golden talent source, but this does not apply to most players due to the p2w factor embedded in this option. A reminder is that one single trial for enchanting higher-tier SC and HO gear enchanting requires hundreds of golden talents, so there is a serious undersupply issue here. Also, for some odd reason, there is almost no talent source from ilvl 435-450 dungeons, which makes people who are on gear progression within this ilvl range suffer.

For the problems addressed above, here I propose some solutions:

1. Many of the issues related to dungeon entries and exp/skill exp can be solved by a better adventure coin system. The coin system should make us be able to run as many end game dungeons as we could before, instead of eliminating it. We now definitely need a revamp to elite status as it is losing its value post lvl 70 patch. Elite status should include something equivalent to the old reset scroll, such as instant and haste coins in elite gift/daily boxes. Coin regen rate for elite players should also be increased.
2. Reduce the coin cost in high ilvl end game dungeons, such as bahaar, gvnm and the incoming gvhm and dfhm, and/or Increase the maximum amount of coin we can get per day.
3. Add haste coins in vg shop as other regions (EU and RU) already did.
4. Daily reset of coins as what we had before for dungeon entry reset.
5. It's ok that sometimes we have to pay extra for more adventure coins, but the rng implementation on it is not acceptable (and the major reason to cause rages among the community). A fixed-amount coin loot box will be more welcomed. In addition, making these loot boxes tradable in game would be more than helpful.
6. Increase exp gain from dungeon bosses, adding skill exp book drop in every dungeon (not just gvnm or selected dungeons). The amount of exp and skill exp one can obtain should be scaled with dungeon difficulties.
7. Increase drop rate of legacy essence in both open world mobs/bams and dungeons.
8. Add more options to obtain etching materials. Put etching materials back to token shops, dungeon drops and even strongbox. Add more dungeon sources for golden talent, and probably add gold talent in dungeon Delver coin shop as what EU tera is doing. More strongbox jackpot events would be helpful to refresh the market supply of these enchanting materials.
9. Reduce the gold cost of high-end gear upgrading/enchanting, relics/halidoms and partner system, and/or increase success rate on high-end gear enchanting.

In summary, the current game is (unfortunately) going on a path that is more and more rng/grinding/p2w implemented, which has been discouraging and driving away many players. But I believe there is something that our publisher can do to make the situation better and make game more enjoyable, such as applying regional changes on coin system, loot adjustment (as other regional publishers are doing), hosting events for enchanting materials. For issues related to core content in the game, I sincerely wish EME can at least pass our community opinions to Krafton (BHS) for a better evaluation and improvement on current game state.

-by Jadeite from Kaiator

No, nothing on warrior tank TC buff has been changed since HO patch.
It's a long-existing issue since warrior tank's TC became a party buff.
BHS never fix it.
Tell the warrior dps in your party to take off swift glyph from evasive roll or DFA if they want to receive both TC buff from themselves and the tank.
This glyph upon activation will overwrite warrior tank's TC buff. The warrior dps always has his own TC buff. Because swift overwrites warrior tank's TC buff, the tank's TC buff will disappear and re-appear (when the tank is using TC) with random ticks (depends on how tank applies this skill).

I am reporting a bug associated with warrior traverse cut.

When there are both warrior tank (D stance) and warrior dps (A stance) in the same party, the 11.7% attack speed party buff from warrior tank's traverse cut appears to glitch on warrior dps. When the warrior dps uses evasive roll or death from above to trigger the Glyph of the Swift (40% chance to increase Attack Speed by 15% for 10 seconds), it cancels the attack speed buff applied from warrior tank's traverse cut.

Because normally warrior tank applies all 13 stacks of traverse cut only at the beginning of the combat, and only does 2-3 ticks later to maintain the 13 stacks, after this glitch happens, warrior dps will only receive partial attack speed buff from warrior tank traverse cut, and this partial buff will be on and off very frequently depends on how often the warrior dps proc the glyph of swift, and how often the warrior tank refreshes the traverse cut stacks.

I have been told that this problem may be solved if the warrior dps in party proc the glyph of swift (from evasive roll or death from above) outside of the dungeon, then enter the dungeon when this buff is still active. But after a few tests with friends, it doesn't seem to work every time.

I have seen this bug happened in almost every run in a party where both warrior tank and dps are present, and it's been here since the patch update where traverse cut from D stance warrior became a party buff. I haven't seen anyone report this bug, but i guess it's just because very few people are playing (and caring about) warrior tank. I wonder whether there is any way to fix this problem (EME or BHS?), otherwise warrior tank is just not as a supportive tank to warrior dps.

so where can we get smart dyad if the BG vendor is closed ? I read the EU tera patch update, and did not find smart dyad in any of the victory chests. Is smart dyad gonna be added in the victory chests in NA tera ? @Noesis
Played last night 7:30-9:30pm CST.
Lags were everywhere from open world to dungeons. My ping fluctuated from the normal 70ms to over 1000 ms quite frequently. When I was in dungeons (lkhm and rmnm), lags seemed to be on everyone and almost wiped my party several time during aoe mechanics due to either freezing, or mechanics not shown at all. The weirdest lag i have ever experienced was in rmnm when the last boss was doing the curse mechanics. The circles were not shown at all, and I saw my party members dying from nowhere (I was just spamming my iframes so I survived), then after about 5s, when the boss was doing in-outs, suddenly the red curse circles appeared, and killed us who were dealing with the in-outs...

I have to say that after maintenance the lag issue became way worse for me. Since ninja patch there have always been random ping spikes but at most times they were tolerable (kind of). After yesterday's maintenance this game became almost unplayable because the lag spikes are too frequent. Almost every 5 min I got a few seconds >1000 ms spikes. Almost every boss mechanics, there is a delay.
RMNM and SSHM are the easy ones
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