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Go and play better games. Dont look back.
Or play other game better
I lost my hope in this game. It was enjoyment when the stormcry set arrive, it was possible for a noob like me to get the top gear just doing some basic-low dungeons from 65 and make many alts to play at good condition-proper decently gear and less grindy in the game.

In THIS CURRENT STATE, i am stubborn to try the new gear because the last one cost me alot of time and gold.
Actually its irrelevant to get better gear because those new developers seems they dont play the game and yeah... many of them seems hate/dislike tera, they actually are try hard to milk the players all the way putting constant new gears and new partners (p2w destroy ur wallet) with an huge offensive rng involved.

I dont have problem paying the expansion like gw2, but seems the kr industry are pretty different from western culture and they seems dont understand us.
We are not cheap like them. We actually pay the game we loved to play.
But again seems the new developer dont have interest on tera.

I suggest u just play casual and save costumes and elite vouchers that it help u against the inflation. Keep on low-mid gear
Its actually dry at the moment. Many veterans and old players have give up or just doing the last endgame dungeon.

Its very hard to invite new players into this game because low dungeons have low rewards and the high difficulty dungeons are harder to pass and need good gear.
U can see many guilds to join or try texting on global. However, i suggest play other mmos or games.

Tera deserves better developers, maybe publishers. However, i dont think its mainly their fault.

When AIR is come out i highly sure that they take down EME.
We need tera 2 or tera remake. The engine is quite outdated and new the developer are trying to milk the player instead bring love to the game.

Tera have the potential to be better game than wow/eso/gw2/ffxiv but they ruined it.
In the past (pretty accurate 2 years ago), it was uncommon drop easily to obtain 100 in few tries because the bams drop 10 per stack.

Sorry for the new players.
Go far, dont look back
Im his friend, his weapon are maxed the item lvl exp as it can.

I failed 9 times in my fcking brooch, trying to get the amplificated version. Actually i give up and waiting the next gear coming
+Open world combat action with dungeons and not instanced zones

+Few genderlock classes, many races can take the first classes into the game.

+Good/Ok graphics, good fantasy and some arts that still look gorgeous today.

+Action Combat with not [filtered] stat like Block, accuracy and evasion. Plus good design and gameplay.

+Elin and Popori, maybe this last is the strong one.

+The PvP is pretty good, but unbalanced and some classes are weaker or stronger than other.

At the end, i invest so much into this game and put money on it. I'm pretty dissapointed why the developer let the game die and i just waiting for some good news today.
Just forget the relics and halidoms dont fcking think to upgrade it. We have enough cancer rng for ur whole time on tera.

I trying to upgrade my brooch into the amplification one, its failed 8 times and i dont have anymore devil's claws to intend upgrade again.
Once i get it i will done in this game. I was happier keeping on sc set (just weap on +9) and collecting stuff.
Remove the new gear pvp set and it will revive
Open task manager (crtl+shift+esc) delete all tera process.

Launch the game again.
It has happened to me before the patch lvl70 many times too. Its by the server not ur pc.
I honestly like the fantasy and the combat on this game.
Also its feel like open world with true action combat (not damage mitigation like evasion stats accuracy [filtered]).

But yeah the game was feel abandoned, but now its grindy and casino times.
It takes like 2 hours to pop up, got kicked and have 15 min of waiting to queue again. The elitist team have infinite and ilimited kicking times, [filtered] the bgs in this game.
What is happening to EME those days. Stop seeking incompetents employees.
JUST REMOVE pvp set damn it. Who bring that idea must deserve a fire and the team developer a punish.
Where i get the strongbox? the bams and dungs dont drop it anymore
U are the MVP
> @YWLD3DX3WH said:
> JoseMerced wrote: »
> I will say its good move. Ppl that keep grinding one of those guys or have friends that have abused the exploit. Many players i know get over 500k of gold even millions. ( i just get 185k)
> I was pissed off and do quit. Said whatever u want, the game seriusly need a rollback bcz the entire economy was destroyed and many people like me that save all the reset scrolls in the boxes lose the chance to open it.
> This rollback is more equalized for everyone veterans, returning, new players and rescue the NA economy. If u guys are no happy with this find other games.
> *you still don't have a chance to open it*
> Literally if your focal point is being sad because you didn't get to sell scrolls then just say they should shut the game down.
> You're the type of guy that would rather sink the entire ship than let one thing off.

Oh come on, really? I will need to check it. At least people that get tons of gold by the exploit will lose it.
I will say its good move. Ppl that keep grinding one of those guys or have friends that have abused the exploit. Many players i know get over 500k of gold even millions. ( i just get 185k)
I was pissed off and do quit. Said whatever u want, the game seriusly need a rollback bcz the entire economy was destroyed and many people like me that save all the reset scrolls in the boxes lose the chance to open it.

This rollback is more equalized for everyone veterans, returning, new players and rescue the NA economy. If u guys are no happy with this find other games.
I sold every reset scroll even the legacy because i never used it and damn... i have 60 elite box not opened. Just cry hard now because i never afford another bank expansion. Let me in the corner.

Average gold i get is 185k of gold. But my other guildmates get 1m of gold. BIG RIP for me
They are current trying optimizes the game making it more ugly.

Krafton or Butthole dont want to spend more money in this game. Everyone know it and ktera prove it, they suck keeping his games on good way.
Krafton is like activision or EA they dont fcking care about his games once the game have launched a prevoius year. EME can copy the gameforge publisher but its obvious they wont do it. Why? The money? Have they see the r/MMORPG subreddit how many players are defending tera? Come on, at least put your own terms for keep the population.
U have been created for publish the game on NA because the NCsoft lawsuit want to stop this game to be launched on America. And see what u are abandoned now by BHS.

The game is sucking now by the developers neglects, see the reality. At least take the gameforge lvl and everybody it will be fine.
> @voidy said:
> Gatokatzen wrote: »
> K tera started like that, its ok, going level to 70 mi char. Oh i can wait its so cool.
> A few weeks after:
> Wtf i i am still 66 , have to Grind for centuries every char I like to play or I can't play the game as I used to do in PVE or PVP. So terrible.
> After that rage quit: K tera server merge xd.
> One server and half of population rip forever.
> EU seems to have skipped the "it's so cool" stage, and people are already upset.
> It's worth noting that level 70 isn't all we get with this patch. There are also severe dungeon nerfs. For example, If you like Antaroth's Abyss, you'd better run it now before it turns into a 7-man with red magic that doesn't one shot, ball mechs that don't one shot, etc. Or if you liked RKE, you'd better go do it now before it turns into baby-mode with easy shields, S-bombs so weak you can live through a double-shot of them, and so on. :popcorn:

Well the game runs like crap and sometimes there is a lag attack or fps drops that kill me by surpirse. I guess its a good decision for many casual players to stay in the game.
We all are dissapointed to the current state of game. Bluehole dont care it and just they try to keep us busy with his boring grinding stuff meanwhile they are finishing A:IR. I bet it will fail, i wanna prefer a tera 2 or tera remaked edition.
Because there are nothing more to do, the lack of content and the uninterestings from the developers to make new content plus very low playerbase for revenues. They just put a slot machine in the gear progression (just a copy from BnS).
I suggest u stop at stormcry sets +0 for ur sanity because i fail 12 times attempt to upgrade my sc+7 weapon (wasting average 80k of gold per try) still no yet upgraded. So i stopped to play this game for weeks.
It always worth, if u connect every day it give u 15 emp daily and many others benefit beside extra dungeons runs.
The voucher give same benefits as the subs.

However u can enjoy the game without the elite because, but u are still forced to grind if u wanna progress ur gear, elite status put it more easy, with a special stuff for 2 hours that increase notably ur item xp, help u slighly to the progression BiS.
Idk im not top endgame content but what i see and played. I will said nina>reaper on pve.
Both class on awakening gain insanely boost of damage specially the ninja can outclass others dps in few secs, but those powerfull skills have long cd.
Ninja is broken on pvp and the most fun class to play. Its really fast even on low lvl. U will love it, i guaranteed tmdat.

Reaper class is not for beginner friendly and its very hard to master specially on pvp.
Still pretty fun for me, but the grindy is real. Many ppl said the game is dead, but there are many players socializing instead doing runs.
Ninja is the most fun to play in ur list. Have a good amount of adaptable skills fights, very fast paced and dodging.
Reaper is very hard to master, i dont recomend it for new players.
Zerker is easy but boring and slow.
Gunner is just fun, but i like more melee style.
Brawler... all tera player must have 1, but i suggest u play as dps first instead tank.
Still viable, im currently sc+9.
Seems more active when the fishing system has arrival, but everybody are doing nothing just afk and chating.

But overall the game still same, maybe u want to come back on march or on may
Popori Race deserve an exclusive class for them.
Its so confusing for new and veteran players those new developers are dumb people dat think players want a complicated game.

If i was his boss i will fire them.
AbstractCH wrote: »
Really wish the devs of this game would release new content instead of recycled cosmetics.

Sadly the game is dead and they are trying to milk us as much if possible
I was extremly lucky then. I get my dragon in a draconis ferris at 2do attempt :)
I dont remember just i write an info that i found in reddit or this forum.

Crit is 1.00 + moon gourd pie (10%) it give u 1.10
The reagant is other multiplier so the most basic is 3% so the total is 1.1x3=3.3

Im not sure but its useful for make emeralds.
I have constant ping rocketed and disconnect in middle of a battle.
Forced to play with the proxy but doesnt help enough because its the server issues.

Plus the no existing optimization i guess its time to stop play this game and left it when my elite status have concluded.
I bet TERA will be the new mmorpg era, seems i lose my money and time. So many waste of potential, i cant blame mEME by the game, but i can blame them for not optimized his servers post merged, its horrific experience for new players and my friends that i beg to play this, all of them have stop playing by the lag.

Its better wait for tera 2 or something like that, but anyways its pretty sure i will comeback very soon (actually playing BnS). Thats all.
U mean u were one of those sync queue party on FWC right.
I see a guildmate currently ilvl 453 today with sc+8 and each part of sc +5, daylight accs.

My main character is 451 with weapon +9 and 3 golden accs (dont remember the name lol) it seems that sc+8 or +9 doesnt make difference u still need upgrade ur other sc set.
Reading on others page and forums, i found the new lvl crap 70 is overwhelming bad and the most recent post on https://seraphinush-gaming.tumblr.com the korean servers are merged now.

So now ktera just have a server and the game can said its dead now? Soemone can give me more details.
Fix the game. Oh god, its unplayable and cant tolerate it anymore! So many disconnects, the ping skyrocketed. Righ now, I was kicked several times while im running on a dungeon.
The game was better when it had not merged yet. What happen to Tera this days... I miss old tera.

I dont think we need to see those stuff again, however i enjoy finding mongo box in open world like 2017; by far the best anniversary of the game.
-Nut Hatch Weapons is legacy! This is mandatory to return.
I dont like footsteps, many players have turned off this option.
I have a wish when i was a noob in the game, travel to a skycastle. I know, its old and useless, but i prefer exploring world instead grinding or do runs on dungeons. I guess we all are spoiled from doing same content every day...
Can u make open world pvp too meanwhile we are hunting box?
can confirm too. Its awful
When they get kritika and closers online they think "we can milk players on TERA".

This ppl think that the players still love tera, but the reality, we are pissed off because we invest so much time in this game and we are afraid to abandon our characters.
Pwhoops wrote: »
From my experience you only get kicked if in PvE crystals.

U have few experience then, in FWC is the favorite BG for sync queue.
And for the OP u have been kicked by Sync queue team, my main character have SC+8 and have the inifinity mask, yeah... they are still kicking even on CS.

U can try CS, it take more time to popping, if u have pvp crystal they wont kick u.
Again people just stop playing BGs.
Just stop playing BG, i did it and help me alot to keep my sanity away from the toxic comunity.

Let the bg for sync queues teams. Have fun popping up.
BHS doesnt care ur money or ur fun.
I'm tired of grindy, this make me sick. Better wait for fishing.
Why not bring back the old chance on loot boxes bg?
It was 50-150 silver or golden talent.
Why no fix the lag first or give us compensation for the lag?

After the merging strangely my ping increased considerably and unestable. Even the 2 stars dungeon i died now.
I get kicked from the cs yesterday after waiting for 30 min until popped up.

And must wait another 9 minutes to try solo queue again exceeding 1 hour and still no popping.

Better bring us double vanguard reward or increase gold instead to this [filtered] stuff.
The main problem is the game, is quite outdated just the combat still good and fun.

The publisher and CM have the work to improve the game experience giving incentive to the players. In the past that services was good, today is overall average as other asian games services.
They are there. It serves you, but it does not fix anything as you would like
Nerdf the loot box from 150 talents to 35 are horrible idea. Maybe 50-100 is good rate, but 35 flat talents are annoying to farm.

Dont forget the sync queue issues, any new player are afraid to play fwc and cs still get kicked by toxics players.
Once kicked, u must wait 10 minutes to re-enter the bg. Just why bhs? Seems EME dont have the authority to change anything from the game.
it was before the merge... however this year i received a tons of character slots no tradeable... just u came back late

go and join the tera subreddit for news, so u dont miss anything.
First at all its F2P... friendly.

Southerners cant afford pay to play some games bcz the huge economy deal is a daily problem.

We love the game so we are here. Read and writing on this forum.

We wanna learn and pratice more english.
All fwc im playing is more toxic than cs. Even with correct glyph and crystal with crap gear i got kicked.

Those sync queue team are annoying.

I have to wait 9 min for another bg queue
I'm pretty interested in what is wrong EME doing.

TERA is one of the most F2P games I've played and the most casual
When there was stamina they could use it as if they were bonfires, in addition to the decoration, and it would be better if you could put your trophies acquired by achievements or dungeons. Besides, that could make PK war between guilds to dominate territories, pay the lease of houses according to the tax of the cities or town.

The yellow zones of Velika and other cities like town in the beta were supposed to be players' houses and they were openworld, that is, everyone could see your house. They still keep the house badge, just take a walk to look at them.
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