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They're so cute! I love all the details, and the cat is adorable :) Another gorgeous piece <3
It can be. The healing classes themselves are easy to learn. However, of course just knowing the class doesn't make it easy to be a healer. To be a decent player is not hard. To be a good player, it takes extra effort. It also depends on the dungeon and how well you know the mechanics. That goes for your party members as well. If the DPS are just facetanking every mechanic without knowing when to iframe, it becomes one hell of a job for healers. But hey, it's easy for some and not so much for others. In this case, VHH is not that hard to learn. Although, it does require some heavy heals like most dungeons.

Overall, I'd say that healing is still easier compared to dpsing or tanking. But to say healing is "easy" seems like an ambiguous statement. :3
Non-TERA related but here's a collab I worked on with my BFF for our 4th friendversary yesterday! :3
It was a very special date and I thought I should share c':
These are our original characters for a small game/story/comic project we're working on o:)

Gorgeous! Ahhh I didn't realize that you're friends with LaDollBlanche :3 I've seen your art and OC on her profile.
Your art's so good.. Can I reserve a spot too please? <3
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The inflation is gonna be all too real if nothing is done about this, and FAST

Exactly why I made this thread in the first place. The economy will suffer a lot and EMP prices will skyrocket.

More like you just wanna protect you own assets. Less influx means that your own gold is worth more. You don't actually care about the economy. Rich players just wanna stay stay rich.

Your argument is invalid. More logic, less salt please. Technically, the "rich" can get richer by abusing this system also. As ElinUsagi said, they'd probably have a greater advantage having so many alts and Elite to farm the dungeon. If this continues, the economy will undoubtedly suffer and it shouldn't have to because of this.
Wow, I'm late! I just saw your post, thanks so much for the drawing of my priest. She is [filtered] adorable!
Creations & EventsFree Fun Art 03/21/2017, 12:51 AM Joo
Gorgeous art <3 You can try drawing my lovely priest if you'd like!
IGN: Doll
Server: Tempest Reach
References: http://imgur.com/a/6h3UQ or http://imgur.com/a/1h8z6
Pose: Any pose is completely fine with me.
As for the photo of a cat, I don't have one :( But I agree cats are cute, I want one.
Your art is so beautiful :3 I love seeing your posts! Here's my priest or mystic if you'd like to give them a try <3


Hi, are you still open? I would love to commission you! Your art is amazing <3
Stop being so darn cute RIV. I love your priest drawing <3
Save me a spot please! :3 I will pm you the references.
You should come to TR! Haha, your art is amazing.
Wow, well her eyes turned out gorgeous and her ears are so fuzzy, thank youu!
Aww, haha~ Looks like her teddy is waving. Thanks for the sketch <3
Oh, how cute <3 Here's my elin with twintail hair if you'd like to draw her. Hope her face is close enough, you can always click and zoom in too.


For her favorite object, I guess her big teddy bear would do :)


And for her personality: happy, feisty!
Creations & EventsFree art 11/04/2016, 06:30 PM Joo
You have a nice, unique style :) You can draw my priest if you have time.

AAahh ~ We are so darn cute, such a sweet drawing! Thank you lala :3 The weapons turned out so nice too, love it so much.
Thank youuu hun <3 The drawing turned out so gorgeous :) I absolutely love it, definitely worth the wait!
Creations & Eventsfreebie art~ 10/23/2016, 09:56 PM Joo
Omg :3 She's too adorable, your drawing style is very cute! Thank you so much <3
Creations & Eventsfreebie art~ 10/23/2016, 07:28 AM Joo
Aw, you can draw my elin <3 I'm fine with any pose and you can add whatever you'd like to the drawing, maybe something cute. Here are my references. Let me know if you need more. :)

Can I also hop on this train with +15 new shiny weapon skins :3

Pinopy wrote: »
Commission for Doll~

I am in loveee <3 She's so cute! Thank you so much :3
Hey Yoi, nice artwork! Are you still open for commissions? I sent you a pm.
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