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In K-TERA they got a new version of Wintera that is a bit different (has a some battle royale elements in it), and its rewards are different. Our region still has the old version from last year, so it doesn't yet have these changes.

That is true, BUT last year's version of wintera gave a handful, like 1k belli, 250 killing spree credits. That was on top of having better rewards as jackpots and in the wintera token shop. This year's version is disappointing, even if you consider last year's rewards were potentially overdone.
The brawler bullrush bug or glitch or whatever people call it has been around for years by now. I remember at one point many people submit tickets and videos in hopes to fix it, as it's very annoying in pvp. A regular bullrush, players can use movement skills to get out of, a "bugged" one, players cannot, like they are rooted along with the bullrush push effect. Some would even argue that it's intended too, but we have no BHS word. PVP on ktera is not a priority to the dev, so its unlikely to ever be fixed. It's not like this is a new issue, and there have definitely been tickets in the past. Either it was passed on to BHS and ignored on there end, or never passed on.
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I think the goal of this thread was to point out incorrect information on the official stream.

The first mistake is assuming anything said on a mEME stream is right

Spoilers: They're not
We're well aware. People are just trying to point it out in the hopeless effort in trying to show EME what they're doing wrong.
I think the goal of this thread was to point out incorrect information on the official stream.
I really hope NA has a response to this, looking at you EME.
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I'm curious about the "guardian mask", if it's an acutal stat mask it would be nice having a way to get it outside of the leveling event, given the notoriously low drop rate both the onset and infinity masks have.

It's a mask that has like 1 power or 2 crit. It's lower tier than an onset mask.
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This was because future content was applied to the achievement counter

That would be hell lot of a content.

There are 2 or 3 dungeons, plus the return of Velik's Hold, each of those having both normal and hard mode achievements. Most dungeons have like 200 points of achievements for each mode, so it would make sense.

This is the previous thread from the last time it happened for more context.
Very beautiful work!
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> @RKC said:
> One of the reasons I left CH even when it was my first server that I played in NA for about 5 years is that the economy is really bad now. Everything is overpriced not a lot of thing you can buy in the broker that you would like, and even if you find one the prices is like x10 the normal price that it used to be.
> Low population servers are like that and it got me annoyed because I couldn't enjoy the game anymore.

I’ve been on CH for 5 years this October, and it definitely isn’t the same and will only get worse as the merge draws near. I took the initiative of taking a video of how inactive it is and sent it to @KitTeaCup on discord, so we will see how that goes.

mEME said that they will make CH a dumping ground for ALTS. I hated it when they said that. It felt disrespectful. It almost nearly made me turn away from the game.

When did they say this? I don't really doubt it, but I'd like to read/hear it for myself.

KitTeaCup suggested it on the most recent stream, basically saying players can transfer overflow characters there. Probably unintended, but still came out badly.
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EME, again you mismatch. now youve brought 2 town names and 1 location name. is it that hard to follow scheme with only towns/places/gods/watever names in it... smh rly. id personally vote for Trellum Consurgo (pvp) and Amena Quatla (pve)
edit - typos ffs

Dragonfall and Highwatch were both also town/city names. The convention has always been just "locations".

Highwatch was contested when Spacecats decided on that as well. So there was similar feedback back then. Dragonfall is such an old name that most people don't remember it, meaning people are much more used to the 2-word naming convention.
Two and a half points about this -
1. Kaia is pretty widely seen as the Goddess of War, even to people with little knowledge about lore such as myself, if anything - that should be the PVP server. Velik has Velik's Sanctuary for Ghillieglade and Velik's Blessing in dungeons, that would make a lot more sense for the designated PVE server.
tldr Kaia = PVP, Velik = PVE
2. EU servers use god and goddess names. While the options are different, we should probably stay away from similar, as we already get questions about "why can't I play with my friend" when they're on two different regions. Having distinct server names makes it easier to explain to them they are split.
2.5 since half related to previous - We had a naming scheme that was map regions, EU has gods, console has BAMs? We should try to stick with the naming scheme we had. There are tons of map regions that are unused as server names.
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Also another reason is so that everything is equalised in CU, from gear to mounts for that one guy who never got another mount and is slower than everyone else

Gear isn't equalized. Mounts are.
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Would either of you be surprised if I told you I was being serious?

Honestly, I am surprised.

Personally, it would make me feel as though they created this long grind with the express purpose of selling these boosters, and that I find kind of distasteful. I do get that XP Boost have been sold on the shop (and a feature of Elite) from the start, and somehow most accepted it, but leveling was never that hard so it didn't feel like it was pushing the cash shop too much. I guess you could say that neither is Item XP, but still... it just feels gross to me.

Somewhat related, what is your opinion on that while kTera has been selling these xp boosters from the beginning, they get enchanting events that boost fail correction and base enchant chance. Since EME is introducing the more paid aspect of enchanting boosts, wouldn't it be positive to also bring in the non-paid aspect that kTera gets?

I guess they might as well; I feel like we might have had one sometime before. But it's also sort of like "we made end-game gearing really punishing, but it's okay because every once in a while we make the odds slightly better!" At the end of the day, I don't really like or agree with how they handle end-game gearing at a fundamental level (like many, I thought the new system seemed at first like an improvement, but as it went on they still ramped up the RNG and prices), but I suppose if they're not going to change/fix it (if this is "as intended" in their minds), they might as well leverage events like this as an incentive during the down times.

I really think EME needs to understand that this is burning people out really badly. Previously at least some players could alleviate burn out on a single class by playing alts, but this doubly punishes that. I understand the argument of not making events too worth it so players don't only play on events, but changing the fundamental gearing system is out of EME's hands, other than slight impact by increasing the supply of materials, which unfortunately they are stubborn about.
SageWindu wrote: »
Would either of you be surprised if I told you I was being serious?

Honestly, I am surprised.

Personally, it would make me feel as though they created this long grind with the express purpose of selling these boosters, and that I find kind of distasteful. I do get that XP Boost have been sold on the shop (and a feature of Elite) from the start, and somehow most accepted it, but leveling was never that hard so it didn't feel like it was pushing the cash shop too much. I guess you could say that neither is Item XP, but still... it just feels gross to me.

Somewhat related, what is your opinion on that while kTera has been selling these xp boosters from the beginning, they get enchanting events that boost fail correction and base enchant chance. Since EME is introducing the more paid aspect of enchanting boosts, wouldn't it be positive to also bring in the non-paid aspect that kTera gets?
Typical EME communication. Oh date didn't line up? It was our plan all along.
They don't add new class weapons to old weapon skin designs. I suggest selling it.
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Well, you can upgrade it and roll again, its not so hard, the twistshard is a considerable help in the process

I guess it saves you like 5k gold and some talents at the cost of you doing less dps and taking more damage, while still having to farm the same dungeons as if you were in guardian since gold rolls factor into the ilvl equation. Unsure if that is considered a considerable help.
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Meant it as a stream topic to talk about but thank you @JXE5356AKE

I appreciate the clarification. Some official posts recently have come off quite vague and seemingly presenting untrue information.
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Hi @ShadowOfLight!!

Awakening II is also a great idea.

It is not an idea, it is a confirmed event that has recently happened in Korean Tera, meaning it will be here for us within a few months.
Even if they can't bring it over directly from the other game, they probably could just create it again in the current engine with the same look/style. I do like the look of this one too.

I mean if you consider the last batch of hairstyles were likely purchased assets (Bless online had the same hair options as our elins so they bought them too), and have color and shine quality and consistency issues, it is really questionable that they would be able to bring this over.
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It doesn't help. This isn't the first time you just parrot out a link that doesn't answer the question. It feels like you're ignoring the players or just skimming instead of reading.
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It really doesnt. Someones asking about the lootboxes from the event and you post the daily deals schedule. What we want to know is if the summer festival lootboxes contain the 2017 swimwear or are they unchanged from last year (only gives items going up to 2016 swimsuits)

Agreed. I believe they did say elsewhere that the 2017 swimwear will be only lootboxes this year, but it would be nice if our GM could reiterate that, rather than the sales schedule.
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This patch notes contents are not as bad as the previous few we've gotten, not the best but better. They were still posted the day of the patch, while EUs were posted half a week beforehand.
Yes, that is fair. That said, like 95% is already known from K-TERA anyway, so if I have to choose either speed or accuracy, I would choose the latter.

I mean with the argument that we know from kTera, our patch notes pale in comparison to kTera's accuracy. With that we lack both accuracy and speed.

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Counterpoint, I honestly don't get you. What do you get out of defending EME so much? I only feel like you are getting paid to try and keep EME at a good standing reputation when majority of old vet players (even in discord) are questioning your motivations on this board.

I would rather question the motivation from those people that say they dont play, they unistalled, they moved to another game, and keep coming to the boards attacking EME and players who still enjoy the game.

If anything is more suspicious for someone who said he dont play, unistalled, moved to another game, to come here and insult other people and EME crew. It could lead that they are people being paid for another game or another person to keep complaining on a game he is suposed to not be anymore.

I don't see a lot of people with the "I don't play and have uninstalled, but I am still here whining on forums." There are quite a few active forum posters that play everyday and run endgame content, trying to give legitimate feedback.
I'm also not sure what other game would pay someone to come on Tera's forums to talk badly - Tera's forums aren't that active and the game is hurting itself with or without the inconsequential forum posters. Seems like a waste of money and/or conspiracy theory. Is it so hard to believe people have negative opinions?
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I'm not even trying to facetious or anything: can you be clear and specific on what exactly the issue is?

  • The EU patch notes have a bit more information about Dreadspire in the patch notes, but EME had a lot of the same/similar information in the linked thread.
  • The NA patch notes have a bit more details about the drops in Manglemire, but are otherwise mostly the same.
  • The leaderboard section covers mostly the same information, although EU says specifically what the titles are and provides pictures, while NA breaks down in more detail the other rewards you get at each tier.
  • Guardian Legion Mission stuff has a breakdown in the NA version that EU didn't have
  • NA has a few minor skill/balance adjustment details that EU didn't have
  • NA has a few more details about the changes to Stepstone Island
  • NA has a some bug fixes/known issues that weren't detailed in EU
  • EU lists the detailed stats for the inner armor

It's not exactly an overwhelming "OMG those patch notes are so much better!" difference. I guess maybe you might not like the fact that EME really likes nested bulleted lists?

I mean, I'm all for having better patch notes (we've been pushing on improving the accuracy for a good while now), but the feedback has to be more clear than low-grade flamebait like "put some pride in your job."

This patch notes contents are not as bad as the previous few we've gotten, not the best but better. They were still posted the day of the patch, while EUs were posted half a week beforehand.
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Hi @dragonmu12!

Thanks for the question, we've been updating building up to tomorrow's maintenance and the unveiling of Dreadspire 2.0 here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27891/dreadspire-announcements#latest

I hope this answers your question!

I'm just going to say that doesn't answer the question at all. There is no mention of rewards or loot.
Beautiful artwork!
Back when FWC was fully equalized games would still be one sided if you ran into a skilled sync.
Are the twistshard armor pieces going to be randomly rolled stats again? We get more ilvl using guardian gear with properly rolled lines, so the pieces aren't really helping players get into the next tier of dungeons. You're also not teaching new players how to choose the right stats.
Some feedback on the levelling event -
The twistshard gear that was mailed out to gunner looked like it had random/incorrect rolls on chest, gloves, boots, and maybe belt. With semi enigmatic scrolls as expensive as they are, and EME not giving a way to reroll these incorrect stats, this really isn't a good message to send out to new players.
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@Partyblast you make a good point. I've discussed it here at En Masse, and I'm trying to find a way to make sure that forums will be updated on server info. I'm working on a solution with Vanilla, so stay tuned!


Thank you for voicing all of your questions and concerns. I'd like to first respond to your list:

1. I have been experimenting with having news posts locked or unlocked. On the ones that remain unlocked, I've only seen non-constructive comments, so this leads me to believe the best way to have a conversation about a news post or announcement is to still start a new thread. I'm open to thoughts/opinions/ideas on this, let me know if you have any!
2. We are doing our best to be better by responding to some of these "major" threads, but it's still hard for the community to see what we have responded to and where it is on the thread. We are working with Vanilla Forums to get better visibility on forum threads that we have "answered" and not just merely commented on. Stay tuned!
3. I hear your frustration on the mixture of communication. Here's my thoughts on it:

(*) Discord is great for having a conversation on-the-fly, getting a quick question answered (by EME OR by the community), and in general participating in game chat.
(*) Forums are a place where conversations are organized by threads, and makes it easier to see what was said on a conversation. We still want to make this better where YOU feel like your voice is heard, and that everyone can see when EME has made a response that is a response and not just a comment.
(*) Twitter is the place where we post server maintenance updates and what's going on in the game. It's like news RSS feed.
We'll get aligned here internally so you don't feel like you are being thrown around in an endless cycle and ultimately left feeling unheard (as I said above, I'm working on a solution for this due to the feedback given by you all)

4. We feel like we do a pretty good job about letting players know ahead of time what is coming to the game, however you have two recent examples I'd like to address:
(*) PVP Jackpots. We know players who have been around definitely notice these types of changes when they happen, and are left feeling frustrated by not being informed on why a decision was made or being made aware ahead of time. This was a mistake on our part about not getting the messaging out ahead of the change and we are doing what we can to not repeat that mistake.

(*) Xigncode. For security reasons, this is something we couldn't let you know ahead of time. This is tough because we know it's a change players feel passionately about, however we want TERA players to feel like the game is safe, as hacker/cheater free as can be, and balanced. Xigncode helps with this, and we think you'll see the difference in-game. If you have any concerns with this running on your system, please submit a support ticket, as it shouldn't be impacting your game play.

It looks like you have provided a few other points surrounding PVP, gold talents, events (specifically BAM spawns), access to patch notes (historical), desire for more detailed patch notes, and server status page suggestion. I've added these details to my notes and I continue digging on my end to see how the community feels and to help prioritize what actions should come next.

Thanks for being passionate and caring about TERA, I hope you continue to provide feedback, and you WILL be hearing from me.

Thank you,

Specifically on the "4. We feel like we do a pretty good job about letting players know ahead of time what is coming to the game, however you have two recent examples I'd like to address:"

Last patch we got patch notes, during the maintenance of that patch. I wouldn't consider that a good job letting us know ahead of time. At least previously NA would give a day, which the forum's have also considered bad in comparison to other regions' week+ notice.

I also don't feel like XIGNCODE is doing anything. People have expressed on the forums already there is a bypass. People are still cheating, etc, this poor excuse of a program isn't going to stop that.
Zoknahal wrote: »
If i did noticed a change since the launch of XIGNCODE, a positive one, is that the amount of gold sellers and bots, have decreased considerably. For the past week, i have not seen any of this gold sellers at all. So that's a good point tho, still cant be compared by the amount of cons the community pointed out about XIGNCODE being intrusive as hell.

I think this more has to do with their recent stance on 3rd party gold selling, not XIGNCODE. Maybe they're related, but it definitely isn't JUST XIGNCODE.
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Looking at the amount of people on Discord and Twiiter its obvious why forums are the last option for EME to comunicate.

While there are a lot of people on Twitter, the character limit makes it hard to really give or have back and forth feedback. Discord is better for that, but easily gets lost since it is more of a continuous chat system. EME should be taking anything significant said in Discord, such as the fact there will be more more strongbox jackpots, and put that on the forums, Twitter, or in that news posts about strongboxes so they don't seem disingenuous.
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i think you're just bad at the game. don't worry we all had to start some where right?

Tell us your name and server, judging from the way you speak you surely have 1# spot in both aah and pop. You know, just to cross check your experience.

Honestly threads for any type of endgame changes should require clear page with name, at least then people can look it up on moongourd etc.
Sure there will still be trolls, and I'm not saying only people who don't clear the dungeon are against beneficial changes, but this will at least help a tiny bit in weeding out people who don't/never run endgame and think they should voice themselves on it.

I wish EME would care about those things while taking feedback, but it doesn't seem to be considered.
Like I didn't expect this event to be as good as last years, since pretty much all EME events have been lackluster in the past few months/since Spacecats has gone even, but this is pretty awful. The loot box isn't even guaranteed a costume for your race. A player is not going to be happy working days for a CHANCE at an item that will likely not even be usable.
The enchanting mats offered are okay, but them being pretty much the only items is not. Talents are the bottleneck for most enchanting, and people have been providing feedback on that for months. Also, they shouldn't really be offering these mats - these are the mats that people drop from dungeons, that they should be encouraging people to run. Talents are the things that drop is unusable amounts from ONLY low-tier, while the mats they are offering for the event span ALL the dungeons. By offering it here, it is reducing the already low motivation to run dungeons.
In a future update, using guardian sanctuary resets backstep cd or something like that. So soontm.
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It's not even about moongourd rank. It's about a consumable that shouldn't be rare being too hard to obtain; it's a damn consumable. Also where is this misinformation coming from? "now that most people have learned the dungeon [AAHM] and don't sit on the floor" Most people still can't even clear RRHM.

And yes, I've been clearing AAHM with normal nocs for a week now because I have no blues. However this is not something everyone is capable of and even still, it's making my runs slower than they need to be. Also considering we don't have veliks blessing or talents this shouldn't even be a problem. Additionally, there's almost always atleast 1 person using a blue noc in AAHM clears.

Anyways, I like how casuals assume that we endgame farmers only care about moongourd, why are you so insecure? Is this why you want to block us from getting blue nocs? Even if... how does this even harm you? Grow up.

But like I said. DSU gonna be a scary sight because of all this nonsense. Enmasse I hope you know what you're doing.

You can always ask them to be included on dragon scale shop for a fair price and you can always ask nocterium refiner to be decreased in cost also, you can ask to get normal nocteriums in vanguard credit shop also, all of these things I have proposed in your own thread but it looks like you don't care to propose something that can solve that issue, you only said that you need them on AAH to get 2 of them as a reward for clearing only that dungeon.

Now you can think again and propose a way to solve your problem with blue nocs that will help you also in the future and not only in a specific dungeon.

Should I repeat myself again?

1. Add blue nocs on dragon scale shop for a fair price, maybe 2 scales per blue noc. You get dragon scales clearing 4 and 5 star dungeons, also FWC and CS
2. Decrease noterium refiner cost and add normal nocteriums in vanguard credit shop so you can get a better value for your credits with this consumable being more accesible.

Would you still complain without telling why these won't help you at all or would you like to add something else than wanting them in only one dungeon and complaining each time a new content is included in the game?

The whole point of this thread was asking for it to be added in the dragon scale shop and reduced priced on vg shop already. These suggestions have been brought up in this thread and others. OP's original post was just to make them more widely available. Why are people fighting against this?
EME has issues balancing time to rewards, it's been this way for years.
BHS is aiming to rebalance endgame rewards to make them more worth it in kTera currently, including nerfing the low tier while buffing high tier, so they acknowledge it is an issue. EME could try to help the issue now by supplementing nocs as we wait for BHS's changes.
Has any brave soul bought the coupon to see what choices there are for innerwear, or maybe EME could chime in with a screenshot of what's in the shop. I don't really want to save up 30 or so games of tokens for an unknown surprise.
Reading calendars and matching dates is just very hard apparently. The Ghillie and PoP event didn't have matching times in the game announcement and web one until it was pointed out and fixed.
Overall April events look extremely low effort by EME; fireworks for console EX DEE. Makes it really clear that all the staff is working on console, and they're ridiculously understaffed or don't care enough to put in the time for PC, or both. Also only one 2x vanguards, just screw our already poor system of obtaining noctenium and gold talents.
Solo dungeons, so like Pit of Petrax and Ghillieglade.
I'll say this much - I was not comfortable releasing the RNG version of the boxes for sale - the delay in releasing them is directly tied to the decision to NOT release an RNG hairstyle coupon to the cash shop.

That is appreciated. I do hope we get similar to EU where the fashion coupon version is RNG, while cash shop is player choice.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
love it how they are vague on "new" dg loot but they needed time for accuracy on patch notes.
any bad changes are usually generalized.

The drops are trash, it's an overall nerf at least in TRHM. How do you go from already bad drops, to objectively worse.
I guess they want us to run it and see, but it's an awful "surprise."
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
From the Mar 13 Patch thread:

Fashion Coupon Store - The following items have been removed.

Exclusive Tab :
Summon NPC: Monti
Summon NPC: Phargo
Summon NPC: Schwab
Summon NPC: Dimon
50% Reputation Boost (5 Hours)
50% Gold Hunter Boost (1 Hour)
50% Gold Hunter Boost (5 hours)
30% XP Boost (1 Hour)
30% XP Boost (5 Hour)
Village Atlas

Leather Tab:
Noctenite Scythes - Same style Weapon Skin as Passionate Phoenix Scythe.
Drunkard's Overcoat - There was a duplicate Drunkard's Overcoat.

Metal Tab:
Noctenite Powerfists - Same style Weapon Skin as Frostmetal Fists.

Cloth Tab:
Noctenite Shuriken - Same style Weapon Skin as North Star skin.

One additional change to the Exclusive Tab of the Fashion Coupon Store
Apothecary Dye - Instead of being removed from the Fashion Coupon Store, the price will be adjusted to 1000 Fashion Coupons.

Unless I read this wrong, there is already a skin with this look?

Hmm so where do we get the banker and broker summons now, just a chance drop from ghilileglade? Also the apothecary dye cost change was just gross, consider that is 100 BAMs killed if they had a guaranteed drop rate, which they do not.

somewhere before i seen this link.
i dont know if this is truth or not. before i was looking it during maintance and it didnt mistake.

It currently says the servers are up right now when they are not accessible, so it's not a good replacement. EME should probably work on that server status page. I'm not sure how they go to a new website, lose like half the useful features, then for the pages they did retain, have misinformation on like the class pages.
@clfarron4 said:
> make Keening Dawn Motes drop at 100% rate for BAM killing, like they do on EU, to speed up IoD quests to make up for the poor rate.
- I did already provide this suggestion, based on feedback from players here in the Forums and Player Council.

It is so mindnumbing to kill 80+ bams for not even HALF of the golden plates needed for ONE TRY to upgrade high tier gear (and this is talking like +4 and +5, not even the higher levels). And this is the best way to farm them. It makes me loathe this game.
MaiAura wrote: »
I just like to point out the a fact that nobody seems to mention, that is the reason the vanguard reward was halved is because the number of daily vanguards doubled from 8 to 16. Now i don't agree with this idea because that means all they did was make you do more work for the same rewards. Also agree with you about ps4/xbox they may draw in some new players but most will likely have come from pc making the pc version lose population.

Uh that's not why. They specified when it went off that it was an "event" or an agreement that was for NA, and they decided to not continue with it to "mix it up" with 3x and such, which they've done once + another time because another event didn't work.
Wasn't originally intended.
Decided to work with it much to our dismay.

Vanguards had been 16 for months at this point.
I wonder what their solution is for players to get credits for the rewards emporium, or will that only be addressed whenever that shop is redone in half a year.
f3ck4r wrote: »
TR - CH for PVE are the best ones.

Suggesting CH over MT for pve is pretty questionable.
inb4 counterpoint is here saying it's to be better in line with other regions, which sure is a thing. But we're not actually in line with other regions on things that benefit the players. Player events, dev freedom, special content. This is a detriment, and something that made EME nicer.
This is screwing over anyone who actually wanted a male brawler and wanted to change their original achievement, dragoned, geared brawler over. It's actually spitting in people's faces.
Grid 2.0 comes with awakening, I doubt that is soon. Grid 1.0 was removed way earlier on the Korean timeline though, before RKE I believe. So we're likely getting it yoinked without notice.
No thanks on the crystalline mask UNLESS it's a different item than the original.

I would personally want the imperator weapons as weapon skins, but I don't know the item ids. Hopefully someone else may know. The name of the ninja weapon itself is the Protestar off the top of my head if that helps.
ElinLove wrote: »
Idk if eme is aware.. that it's the lunar new year... New year means happy, lucky,family and friends etc. AKA celebration time ...you do not want to do anything that regards towards death.
Why the hell do you guys think it's a good time to put out a Jiangshi hat event, to contribute the death, zombies??! (Jiangshi means the dead, vampire zombies)UMMM Lunar new year time we asians want nothing to do with death!! D< Like are you guys [filtered] or making fun of the new year?! It's actually very offensive. You are not suppose to give anything that is like bad luck.

It would be wiser if you guys gave out anything related to the dog year or like fireworks... but a fcking zombie hat?! LIKE WTF...


So, the asian gets offended by something on the NA server... Guess... you could play the asian versions just for a change of pace.

This is so idiotic. Do you know how many people of Asian descent live in NA?
sanj66 wrote: »
but what are you all doing for us that can login, aka almost everyone and is experiencing 3-5X the latency we had before and is rendering dungeons even ghillieglade almost unplayable? whats the point of even running say rkem to get screwed over by the lag with this event, it was turned off in other regions because of this issue and you all persist on keeping it...

We have our Networking Team reviewing everything possible, and we are gathering real time data that can be directly looked into by TERA's Developer, in the hopes that an Event like this can be fully reviewed and actually optimized for later Events of this same nature.

Shutting off the Event without gathering the data wouldn't lead to any future optimizations of the Event.

Okay but can we get an estimate of how many more hours you want of data? People did plan to play the game today. Can't pvp, can't pve other than killing bams which isn't exactly exciting.
Please turn the even off or limit it to certain times in the day. Running any sort of dungeon in this feels so awful. I don't want BAM hunting to be the only thing available to do. This is coming from standing in Highwatch on MT.
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Christin wrote: »
It's almost like Tera is such a torture for them, no one wants to do it unless they have to. Did you see the last stream they did? Did you notice the enthusiasm they had?

They seemed pretty earnest about what they wanted to do (particularly Singlebear's explanations, as someone who has been at EME for a long time), but they were production team people. Their job is behind the scenes and in management, not to be on-camera personalities. Back in the day, Treeshark was no less awkward whenever he was on stream (and he had about the least "enthusiastic" personality you've ever met).

I think it's more important to have the open interaction with the production team rather than shutting them away from the community because they seem insufficiently enthusiastic.

I can't tell if you simply missed the point or are trying to change the topic completely?

What is your point, then? You said that they didn't seem enthusiastic on the last stream, but it's production folk. They're not there to be enthusiastic on stream, but to deal with the day-to-day work of keeping the game running. That's also why they don't have the time to plan and do live streams every week; they already have enough work to do. Is there really any point in having Circuits do it when she admits she's only been focused on Closers and doesn't know TERA? Once they hire a new community team person and they settle into their role, I'm sure we'll have an enthusiastic face on stream again.

It's not really hard to understand what's going on in this case, so I think it makes more sense to focus the complaints on more constructive things.

They can still put up a code or something on the offline screen on twitch so people can check in. Or a brief pre-recorded video including a code. Keeps up some level of consistency. As you know the whole key methods in-game relying on reward shop issues, not to diverge too much, but the credits from the codes were noteworthy.
All I've seen this guild do is GVG on guilds and kill them while afk, not actually fight.
They are now in the Dressing Room for you to see!

You can search "Flight" for the suits and visors/helmets. The female-only wings are searchable using "wings" or "airfoil"

What about all the items that have gone missing from the dressing room? It really does feel like more and more - like unity stoles definitely use to be in there, and that's the only way to preview them since they cannot be placed on the broker.
I just got one that dropped, so they're still dropping...
There was Stairmaster for Dreadspire 1 and First Responder for DS2, though the 2nd had some drama behind it. They're more similar to Pro Raider Mark I, since first of each server got that.
Sakimi's prices were ~$200 in 2009. Yikes if you think you'd get anything from them at that price now, with 9 years of improvement. I don't think they'd even want to put in the time to deal with you OP.
I don't want keys given to me; playing CS was not free keys. CS games probably average 15+ mins a game, some longer and some shorter obviously, but you're still active for that whole period.
Getting keys through f2p means is significantly harder than getting them through cash, especially with the removal of sea chests, which was a guaranteed avenue as long as you win. Idk give us back sea chests, BHS is dumb for that removal.
Like in the Star Wars Battlefront situation - you can unlock all the characters through f2p means a la grinding, it would just take someone 40 something days where the alternative is swiping 15 dollars for the loot boxes.
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With eme wanting to be so against their game being seen as p2w; why are strongbox events so p2w?

Since strongbox keys are not available through F2P methods stopped reading right here. Blatant misrepresentation, false statement. anymore why cant they can easily add strongbox keys to high level dungeons to make it where players can have a free avenue to get keys?

The only source of keys right now are Elite boxes and Tera Rewards. The only method for F2P players to obtain these keys is through other players who have obtained them previously when the items were obtainable or through the means of their wallets.

I just want a small chance for players to obtain them from a dungeon like RK9, so that people like me cant screech P2W.

How are they available then? I'd really like to know.

Playing the game.

Doing content that gives you reward points to increase your emporium level and get more reward credits per day.

Doing the special dungeon from emporium to get extra reward credits to buy strongbox keys.

Have you ever consider that?

You know content only gives you points to level up your tier right? They aren't spendable. Only the special dungeon credits are spendable.
A t4 player, which is probably average for someone who doesn't spend, gets 1 credit per day from the button, and 10 from the mini-dungeon for 100% cache box. 450 (lowest tier of reward credit keys for 5) is 40.9 - rounded to 41 due to no partial day farming. 41 days of farming for 5 keys as the "in game" f2p way of getting keys.
T7 gets 12 from the daily button + 40 from the COF mini dungeon for 52 a day. Still 8.6 rounded to 9 days for a 5 stack.
If there were 9 Corsair Stronghold days in a row, people would be getting MINIMUM 9 strongboxes keys since players go for the first win then go on alts if they feel like it. But pvp rewards suck, and that's another issue.
I guess you can count weekly stream codes, but they aren't guaranteed weekly either, sometimes they miss or don't stream. Still takes 3 weeks of stream codes = 600 credits to buy a 5 stack. 10+ weeks to buy higher level stacks.
You know the easiest way to increase reward tier or get credits are from? Cash shop.
This is some EA level lootbox conversion.
Yeah it's nice we had an even with smart dyads recently, but they are still not regularly available in game. Again, another issue that we have to rely on events like these.

Also the COF mini dungeon sucks and is some of the most unfun content I've done. Most people skip it because it's so mind-numbing.
Would be nice to have emeralds too, they are used for both mid and high tier gear, and can be crafted to emeralds. This would give more of a range for people who would benefit. EME is all about catering to all levels of players.
Golden talent prices are going to be slaughtered.
You'd think they'd run an item removal like they did for Kyra's, and just wipe it from everyone, as this has been brought up before. Also it creates more work for support for individual people to ask for it to be removed, which Spacecats has mentioned is not ideal. I hope they know this item serves absolutely no purpose right now since the dungeon isn't in the game.
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Well they can do that after Double vanguard goes for good

I don't think the double or triple vg affected item xp, if that's what you meant.
I don't think most people here think it's right to troll you based off of unskilled, site or not. You also cannot equate the site to trolling either.
A viable strategy for lfg is to make it on a skilled or cleared character, then when people app, let them know you're swapping off. They can decide if they want to stay from there or not. Also clearing once or twice, even 5 times is far from skilled, so you should understand people are wary since they can lose entries if they find the party is not good enough to clear. Just communicate that you've cleared on other chars and that's all you can really do. Even with the site backing up someone's clear, being unskilled on a character is risk enough to some people, just find people likeminded to yourself to run with.
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Cue in someone telling you we won't have those events anymore because of exploits that have been fixed.

One thing is fixed, but a lot of other issues are not. It's still broken.

(Not to mention, if anyone actually remembers this event, it was exceedingly broken back then, too. This is why, from that point on, all catalyst events reset and don't carry over and they never had any meaningful rewards in open world hunt boxes again. It's not that I don't like the event, but it's got issues.)

I still have Kyra's catalysts in item claim. Guess they didn't fully remove them.
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As for the res bait - it doesn't activate before the barrier gets removed, i.e. using it before the timer starts does nothing unless you do it after you see the message. @JXE5356AKE

Huh? I said after the shield is removed in my original post, no mention of anything before.

The regular tracking bomb has some internal CD, but I'm not sure the exact number. The healers I run with are in front of the boss most of the time to minimize turning.
WAPNFWA67P wrote: »
@JXE5356AKE updated the price list :3

Ty! I'll have to make a bit of money on CH and I'll hopefully get back to you.
Do you only do animations or do you so static art pieces as well?
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JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Uh, I've been in a guild that has experienced this issue a while back. Sending in tickets, changing GMs or guild declaration authority did nothing. Like it's an actual problem in game, just minimized because GvGs are done less.

Do you remember any information about this? When was your guild created? Did you declare on any other guilds prior to encountering the bug?

Ayi and myself seem to have found a "solution" that involves both guilds' cooperation to fix. Here are the steps.

1) unaffected guild declares on the affected guild (Attack declares on Manifest)
2) Manifest selects the option to "Make it a mutual GvG"
3) Both guilds withdraw

We now have the normal cooldown time that is no longer permanently stuck at "1 day." https://puu.sh/yYA4v/2e9ecb3e4e.jpg

Will update when we can declare.

It's been a while, but I do remember many guilds were just mass deccing on others off CD for fun. Sometimes that we'd be able to dec again on the bugged guild if they decc'd on us a day before, which somewhat goes along with your guild cooperation idea that you mentioned. Not everyone would cooperate though, so it wasn't really tested as you've done. Things were left alone til a big patch.
Uh, I've been in a guild that has experienced this issue a while back. Sending in tickets, changing GMs or guild declaration authority did nothing. Like it's an actual problem in game, just minimized because GvGs are done less.
You can res bait right after the shield is removed at 95% by the way. So your notes on "fake res" are misleading.
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dont release them, they are bugged, everytime i see someone wearing one of those it starts jumping arround my screen like crazy and it is really annoying

This is all scarves, including ones in the cash shop - the red and white ones. You can just greet them or ask the user to take them off and put it back on.
EME doesn't have many event exclusive items really. There are the headwings, the temporary silly kTera mounts that cannot be perm, stoles, that's mostly it.
Very recommended, this artist is great, quick, and responsive!
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JXE5356AKE wrote: »
How is this different that some of the stuff spewed and spammed on global and other chat channels?

Customer support gets plenty of tasks thanks to harassment and inappropriate behavior in global chat. That doesn't really do much to help the case for providing more ways to harass.
Just request a dungeon only version of the item at least.

That's an interesting idea I can forward to the rest of the team, but it would definitely require development work in order to make it possible.

Well, I guess that's something, along with everything else that is forwarded to the team and results in nothing. I really do hope you understand the players' frustration when it seems like NA only gets restrictions from the base Korean game, and that BHS really does not design with our region in mind.
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Zoknahal wrote: »
Sure, there are lots of airheads in NA that will meme their way up with the signs and troll with the fireworks, but only for the first few days. If left alone, these people will soon stop.

Sorry Zoknahal but I have to disagree there. There are signs left over in people's inventories from years back, and we still see them used in borderline ways to meme and tease others. Reintroducing them to thousands of players wouldn't just cause a one-time surge of support tickets. It would cause a huge surge followed by a continuous trickle of contacts, permanently increasing workload. I WANT TO BELIEVE, but in the world of MMOs the trolls will never get bored of trolling, harassment will always be a factor, and the analytics we use to measure our support process agree with that.

How is this different that some of the stuff spewed and spammed on global and other chat channels?

Just request a dungeon only version of the item at least.
Spacecats wrote: »
EDIT/UPDATE, 01/04/2018 @ 1:47 p.m. PST:

Beyond this weekend, we're going to leave this event on for the remainder of the month (ending on January 30). Starting in February, we’ll be putting the event on a schedule (similar to how battleground jackpots are setup). This means they won’t be on full-time any longer, but we can have a bit more fun with them (like offering triple rewards instead of double) while mixing up our overall event calendar.

The minute the event ended, the vanguards are back to 1x, instead of 2x which you said would be on for the rest of the month.
Sent a PM! I was unsure if you still had the elite slot, so just let me know, no problem either way.
Sent a pm. ^^
While this may not be the case for this situation, if you have run a dungeon like RG 50+ times, you can have a feeling whether the run is going slow or fast based on the time it takes per boss. Most older players can solo the dungeon, but don't want to. So you can feel if the other players' dps is higher or lower since your own will be relatively consistent. I don't agree with the flame from the screenshots, but assuming 3rd party for that may be a bit of a jump. Also people used to claim these things before stuff like meter was widely available just so they would have someone to blame. Since they were that angry I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.
Spacecats wrote: »
There are items like this in TERA for a couple reasons. Duplicate versions are sometimes created for different world regions, but still localized to English. Sometimes there are versions meant for all regions to use. Some also have lower cooldowns making them a little better. Some are tradeable and others aren't. Some are named differently because they were designed as rewards for specific events, reputation quests, Alliance, etc...

After 5+ years of TERA a lot of these items are still around even if we've switched to rewarding a single version of the item. Players hoard stuff, and there's usually no reason to punish that behavior or replace everything. Just make sure you read the item tooltips so you're buying what you expect.

I've never seen items with lower cooldowns unless I've missed it, could you give some examples?

I guess there is some lack of consistency in the naming scheme, which has to be related to the localization and translation right?
The three main goddess blessings - goddess' blessing, Federation supply: goddess's blessing, and goddess's blessing, are all tradable and sellable.

But when it comes to rejuvenation pots, only "rejuvenation potion" is tradable/sellable, while "valiant potion" and "federation supply: rejuvenation potion" are not. They all do the same thing with the same cds, etc.


Also do you consider this to be English:

There's a goddess like this too, just no name at all.
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4 run Pit of Petrax , do you think it's double drop?


This is double what a normal 4 set of pit would drop yes. (Old double made it 300% due to 100% base + 200%. Now it seems to be just 100% + 100%.) It's the new formula BHS made that was explained in a stream a while back around extra life. Extra life was so good because EME added even more or something.

This is not the old double drop we are used to. IF, big if, this means we get to have events like these more often than we used to, I will somewhat begrudgingly accept this. Yes, it is not as good as what we used to get, but also if we missed those events we were mega-effed since they happened like twice a year. So please, let this happen more often than that. Once a month or something.
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
The wording for the event suggests the use of the drop chance (ie better quality of drops) increaser rather than the more usually understood doubling of the number of drops.
Beginning Friday, January 5 at 12 a.m. PST through Sunday, January 7 at 11:59 p.m. PST, we’ve doubled the drop rates for the solo dungeons Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax! Double your chances to double your haul!
(Emphasis mine)

Though if that is the case then I would strongly urge EME to avoid phrases like the, "Double your chances to double your haul!" That is just going to raise expectations that will likely not be met.

I love rubies. I love Korean grinding. /s
You'd think that after multiple forums posts have commented their disingenuous wording on previous events, it would be something they consider when they write their posts.
I am also interested, commented on your last thread to haha. But I would be offering the same thing as Candy, who is here first.
We act like we're surprised honestly.
1) They chose a time where there wouldn't be anyone on to fix it
2) When have they ever turned ghillie on at the time they said they would. anyone? I wish the team lived up to their mistakes and learned from them!
Low is quite easy, and mid is pretty fair. Top tier is a big soul-sucking when you fail a few times. But as always, rng is rng.
Don't need to pay unless you want to rush significantly.
Only tangentially related, but EME still sent out those holiday cards to permabanned players. Just as long as they spent enough money on their game, they didn't think to check if they were banned or not. Unprofessional.
There are quite a few world bosses and some have different timers. For most achievement only ones the timer is 3 hours. This would be something like Deathglare or Abraxis. Others are variable timers that are not set. The timers for world bosses that drop loot are typically not shared for good reason, since there is competition over those.
Aw man, didn't want to claim anything without checking first. Hopefully next time.
The daily "gift" boxes are really lackluster. I mainly use it for double dungeon entries, and brokering here and there.
Are you open again?
The gear isn't he big selling point, nor should it be hyperbolized to be a big selling point either. I agree that calling it "high-end gear" is a vast overstatement and misleading, but then again EME newsposts have spread misinformation due to poor wording before. I don't think many people still expect good content of any type from Enmasse anymore.
Pretty sure they're off for the rest of the year for the holidays.
kamizuma wrote: »
ok what do i do if i have 81 characters?


there lies the problem with a server merge. those of us with maxed out characters on multi[le servers are the ones that are going to be hit the hardest if they don't increase the character limit. also the name thing will be a problem.

I'm genuinely curious as to how many people have this issue that are semi-active to active. Idk maybe EME can grandfather character limits in something for those people specifically, which would require work from BHS so unlikely.. I'm really feeling the server population hit compared to a year ago, and definitely 4 years ago. That affects the games health as a whole. (And yes I understand that small subset of people with max characters and costumes are some that have likely spent a lot, but at some point it is selfish.)
So what kind of events do we have left? Mongos, santas, blue boxes which were all an iteration of each other have been proclaimed dead.

-afk/login events, one in the style we have now where it's parceled, one that's EU-styled (they did it first) where theres hours/day and hours/overall. both "exploitable" by multi-accounting - DOES NOT ENCOURAGE PLAY, encourages afk
-bam spawn events, also somewhat "exploitable" by multi-accounting, so they try to put non-tradeable items as rewards, which is reasonable
-Dungeon jackpot, which they've miscommunication on drop rates more often than not
-double and triple drop, which have been and will continue being rare, which is also reasonable, but make it less of a doable event option
-special battleground jackpots, which is a joke rn tbh because regular jackpots suck [filtered]. this eme stance on no or minimal tradable enchanting mats as extra rewards is so limiting, when their only other option is cosmetics, where they pick the most oversaturated ones that have next to no demand
-built in game events, such as summer festival, halloween festival hall, wintera, rootstock, which the majority probably doesn't consider main events since they're scheduled and happen every year. EME puts work into rewards for these sometimes, but only 2 of the 4 I mentioned require reward tweaks

EME can rotate between like 2-3 events, which is so sad. They really need to come up with new ones to fill they void that THEY are choosing to make for whatever reasons. Like why is it so hard to put a cap on how many tokens/whatevers people earn per day, or make a shop where you can purchase max 5 items over the course of an event, so x resource doesn't get flooded. Also dungeon jackpots are extremely underutilized currently. While they aren't perfect, they are the best way to get players to actually play the game other than triple drop.
Bankable, but not tradeable. You can use it on one of your other characters on your account only.
While some people on the thread derailed it to Manifest hate, I don't think it was the majority. Even without that, this was a poor way of handling things by OP. Need to ignore the trolls, just report and move on as you even said, not draw attention or make a scene. People who wouldn't have known or cared now do, and you're inviting even more trolls and acting immature as well.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
To make it more interesting, if you are dedicated only to farm reward points, you can reach tier 10 in less than 300 hours played.

Not sure what do you tried to imply there but defenitly your are not the whale you think you are.

Tier 9 is $6250 worth of EMP worth of Reward Points. Over 5 years that's $1250 a year. That's definitely whale level.
Also I have no idea who you know that hit Tier 10 in 300 hours. The most efficient reward points farm is high tier IoD bams, takes about 10 minutes for 360 points per character. Without counting loading screens switching between characters etc. 2160 reward points per hour is nearly 700 hours of PURE.GRIND. At an ideal, likely unachieved rate.

Seriously, please don't speak out if you have no idea what you're talking about.

People are going to have different opinions of what a whale is, just like people will have their own ideas of what makes a game p2w. I personally agree with you at $1250 a year is on the higher end. The "whale" the other person may think of spends exponentially more, but there are much less of them. I also do know people who have reached t10 on pure grind, probably more rare than the people who hit the old EMP cap of $500 a day, but it has been done a few times.
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