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Better wait to be safe.
Would be nice to have an event with double gear experience, or at least 1.5x
Blue hole already has a popular game but it's not Tera.
> @HLK76PFWXT said:
> We could get 150 federation bills per month and that means 1800 federation bills per year so i am not really sure how theoretically there are players that have 10k federation bills after playing for years..

In the past there were loot boxes that awarded hundreds of federation bills.
It's been like that since forever, doubt they change it now.
@ToxicDemise you don't get what he wants, he doesn't want better EQ gear, he wants to use his own gear which is better than EQ, why is that so hard to understand?
Where can I find the schedule for power hours? Or can someone just post it here?

Thanks in advanced.

Looks like equalized gear really improved FWC hue hue
Since the new patch what are the queue times for battlegrounds.
1. FWC
2. Corsair
3. Tanks
4. Kuma
It was nice while it lasted.
Welcome to the new patch.
Vote Change.
Which is once a week.
@Reez I still have that daily in my quest log :3
@WolfieYu except FWC is now the worst BG reward wise.
(message to short)
Maybe in 6 months they'll revive FWC.
Time to take another break from Tera.
FWC dead once again.
@Shinkouryuu I agree but there is nothing we can do about it. This is one of the things I've always hated about EME.
@Shinkouryuu it's been like this since forever, they'll post the notes tonight.
Archer Revamp happened in Korea and they had to nerf it because it was too OP, but we're still far from that update.
Hodman AV
@MCL9CPFXJY that sounds good.
@MidokuPasta Rapid fire is not a lock on skill.
@narkfestmojo slow rapid fire is not a bug, is a skill completely dependent on latency, low ping fast skill, high ping slow skill.
It does come out of the box, but is luck.
In my experience, on average every 5 matches of FWC there's a x2 or x4 reward points.
Maybe asking for a date for class changes? No idea.
For me it dropped some glasses red and blue I think, embers and feedstock if I remember correctly.
Log out, there's no point in staying online.
90% of the time they don't
Thanks for the information.
@bzhen0915 they used to be hard and entertaining, look up 2013 YouTube videos, but BHS decided to make them super easy :(
4th of July means means steam summer sale ending :)
The first festival of the sun rewarded you with tradeable orbs.
Try removing the auto attack skill from the skill bar, it might help. I think only class that actually needs it is brawler.
I've read some similar Posts like yours, apparently there are some bindings that can't be modified, the settings will reset to default, I managed to modify the binding a little bit successfully (inventory, map and such), using steam controller gives me the advantage of modifying the controller itself rather than the bindings in-game
Masterwork 'd items can't be downgraded.
You need spellbind to lock the good lines when re rolling.
What server?
@Pascalle best comment in the thread
Still available
Looking for 60k
Off-TopicArtists in Tera? 05/05/2016, 04:29 PM Hodman
I'll check it out.
Off-TopicArtists in Tera? 05/05/2016, 04:16 PM Hodman
I'm wondering if there are people who make art inspired in Tera characters
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