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I like it.

Why? On MT at least there was such a monopoly that you had to buy 1k overpriced talents even if you needed a few hundred or less simply because whoever decided to have the monopoly was too lazy to even list stacks with less than 1k talents. And this is a fresh air that many of us needed for enchanting/upgrading.

Also.. whoever was inspired enough to re stock on keys early is now going to be rich xD
I have opened the PC and played for a few hours but then i had to restart the game and all of a sudden i was getting this message and after reading this thread and trying all sort of things listed.. it seems that it was eventually solved by changing the DNS from Level3 to Verisign.

Hope it helps.

I have been complaining a lot in the past two years due to many things that i thought that Tera needed and partially i think that i was righ but things slowly changed in the past few months and i am really happy to see that both the PvP and PvE are increasingly active with each day as if it is getting better and better while at the same time i see more and more players that are pleased with the game again slowly giving a more positive vibe in the game and making players to want to get involved all around.. And with everything said i believe that at least this time i need to give the credit where it is due.

Thank you.


p.s. if there is one that i might ask then that is to please make rare glyphs somehow easier to grab
This is not entirely accurate and especially since you make it to look so easy because:

- you need a tank to keep aggro so you can back crit as much as possible or else your 45min turns into a 1hr+ even if you i-frame all the time to go behind the boss and lately there are not many tanks around
- you need to use strong canephora/bravery that are kinda limited through elite and if you go for five characters then you might need to use the normal ones which give less damage unless you buy strong ones from broker
- all the characters at +0 frostmetal need to be healers or else it is a pain.. and even those healers need a tank or else they lose so much potential damage considering how much the bams spin around
- the other two high SC characters again rely so much on tanks both for damage/survivability.. unless the said characters are tanks themselves but then the tanks can take even 1hr with slaying and 2.0 dragon
- all the characters need to have all the glyphs available in game plus III etchings and with the IOD lately that is actually hard to get plus so much gold into gear before making them useful ( especially those high SC characters )
- etc

The point that i am trying to make is that it is possible to make some nice gold per hour but before that it takes quite a lot of investment both in time and gold to acquire everthing and it is not like anyone can do it all of a sudden .. So it is more like investing for mid/long term.. Though i have to agree that it is better than Pit/Ghillie simply because the gold income is much more relevant through gems alone ( and the sapphires got nerfed from the guardian boxes by the way so now it is more like 275g per box ).

p.s. i am not sure what is the purpose of this thread because everyone knows that guardian gives the best gold per hour these days
En Masse, please help! It got so far where the Gold Talent reached almost 30g per piece ( used to be 10g each ), and the Silver Talent reached almost 60g each ( used to be 30g ).. so the prices practically doubled. And that is not all.. because it seems that some players are trying to take advantage of the fact that there is little supply on the market to control the prices and it is getting harder and harder to craft or enchant/upgrade gear.

Look at this for example: r4VZsO8.jpg

Players are buying all the silver talents from the market to put them back at increased price to make profit but the real damaging part is that they are putting the stacks at 1k up to 5k which are simply too expensive to buy ( especially if the players are alts that are almost never online to negotiate so there is another 10% increase there for a buy out ).

And i do not think that gold sellers have anything to do with this. It is simply a problem of supply/demand and some few players that are trying to take advantage of this ( i can try to do dungeons like rg/kc/sf for gold/silver talents but they barely give 1-2 silver talents and 6-7 gold talents per run).
It was a bit confusing because it said in game that we can get a key from winning FWC/CS but the key was not guaranteed? It could make sense because i had about 5FWC victories that night and no key xD
Just dance like nobody is watching?

And Tera is getting a lot of attention from BHS/EME/Gameforge ( i know.. Gameforge is in EU but it affects NA indirectly xD ).. and because of it we might see some very interesting things in the future. At least, i like the fact that we are getting much more events recently for both PvP and PvE on NA while at the same time we have the Awakening patch nexth month and many other things that we have still yet to receive so i do not see Tera dying anytime soon ( i play on MT by the way and if i would consider the numbers that i see at guardians every day or the huge amount of players during the civil unrest as in 200+.. then i can say that the game is pretty lively at least on this realm ).
I am having an easier time with the guardian missions when it comes about either buying or crafting gems because the emeralds used to cost even 1350g up to 1400g and it was better if i would craft them through NPC materials so i was kinda doing that.. but right now i can do guardians and turn the rubies/sapphires from boxes into emeralds.. or i can buy the rubies/sapphires from the broker to craft emeralds ( this requires some luck ).. and even buy the emeralds from the broker at 1200g up to 1250g depending on the supply/demand.

And the diamonds are not that high either so it is fine because it could have been worse ( imagine diamonds at 14k up to 15k ).

Also, the recipe to craft Emerald costs only 10k where as the silver siglo or gold daric cost 50k .. so the Emerald crafting should not be at the same level when it comes about profit and that especially since crafting Emeralds carries almost no risk compared to gold talent going over time from 10g to 30g and silver talent from 30g to 50g ( interestingly enough.. silver siglo or gold daric make quite the profit anyway due to the high demand ).

If i would think about gem crafting then what i would like to see was more sapphires from the guardian boxes that could help us to craft emeralds easier since its more expensive starting from rubies than sapphires.

p.s. all crafted items have 5% chance to crit from my experience
I wonder how exactly the extreme mode of KNX really looks like haha..
Vinyltails wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
The real funny bit was setting Priests out-DPSing Awakened Lancers.

Am i seeing things? =)

The initial priest god mode (which gave them super damage and made all their hits do 3mil each and be considered from the back and *basically* always crit) was pretty powerful and was really good for Healer dps. Now iirc it's a large party buff that gives a large chunk of crit and power

Thank you.

This is why i have opened this thread because there are small details that i have a hard time to find even if i go to read from certain sources ( i am glad that it is a party buff so that priest can also be considered besides mystics for PvE ).

And i have decided to roll a priest as main since i feel more comfortable with it and i always liked to be a support class usually playing druids/priests/shaman but i have another questions so please answer if possible: are still archers/gunners any good? i want to get one of those as well but i do not want to fall behind too much in damage at PvE and fell bad about it xD

I have decided to switch to a priest since the awakening is coming anyway.

Thank you for all the replies ^^
I think that the biggest issue is that a part of the population no longer does IOD and because of it a certain % of gold talents is no longer being acquired and distributed on the market. At least, i used to do a lot of IOD in the past but now it sucks so much that i no longer do it and especially since there is no keen mote ( with this said now i am buying only from the market and i am buying a lot because i need to craft golden daric/plate for enchanting ).

Anyway, what really happened at least from my point of view is that the acquiring rate dropped due to several reasons while at the same time the demand increased and it will keep increasing with the male brawler coming since there will be a sizeable chunk of players that will enchant the gear from scratch.
The real funny bit was setting Priests out-DPSing Awakened Lancers.

Am i seeing things? =)
250k worth of gold for 9999 fashion coupons considering the NPC price.

I hope that the EMP counter part will not be too expensive.
Ves1978 wrote: »
i'm pretty sure that damage received is based on % of hp, regardless of your gear, cause i lose same ammount of my hp with sc +2 leather armor and with 0 frost cloth.

This must be the case because i kept looking and it seemed that my undergeared alts were getting hit by the same numbers as my geared main ( for example 25k damage per ball at the escape from quest ). And with this said it might actually be better to use HP Niveots.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I mean, i might as well go with my other brawler with +0frost armor and most likely do as good since it is all about blocking/dodging.

The reason why you take set %'s of damage, and are forced to dodge/block/iframe is so that there won't be a million botting brawlers running a script.

It's the same reason you can't get contribution from healing, because then there would just be a million mystics afking spamming totems, 24/7/365.

You can't be afk and get good contribution.

I feel you. And i dislike bots so much because they do little damage and ruin the enrage timers actually nerfing my dps ( especially since i see them on a daily basis at basilisks ).

But my point was that the bosses hit so hard that they can almost two shot me regardless of gear and at this point i guess that i might as well go with +0frostmetal armor though it seems that the damage might be fixed to %HP or simply a fixed number like 25k per ball of fire and with this said it might be better to use HP niveots plus other stuff that boosts HP

p.s. slaying is love
And please also don't forget the people that play the broker. Some people invested alot into talents and if enmasse intervenes these people would feel stabbed in the back losing milions of gold.

Since when En Masse should defend and aid players that are trying to make a profit by trying to have a monopoly on the market in game knowing that the items with high demand can be bought at XX and sold back with 50% or more? I am actually quite upset seeing this player on MT buying so much when there is a high demand on certain items and selling back with 50% added in stacks of 500 or 1000 ruining the market in so many ways ( i am a crafter and i get screwed hard with this stuff ).

Anyway, i hope that we will get some events or stuff for talents because the high demand along with the broker sharks made the talents to be harder and harder to get ( we did not even get the male brawler yet ).
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The answer to this isn't some complex formula about gear stats. It's that Guardian missions weren't meant to be done solo. They're meant to be community events where everyone works together toward a common goal.

I also thought about that. This is for party/raid purposes.

But healers are main dps and almost nobody wants or bothers to heal because they simply lose points from doing that and even like that they need to form or join a party/raid because they cannot see the HP of players and most of non lock on spells do not even heal/shield like for example the puddle or kaia from priest that from my point of view should at least heal/shield non party players at guardians ( i am also confused as of why healers do not get contribution points from healing even though at a lesser rate than their dps counterpart ).

Also, many times i end up soloing because there are not enough players online or they are simply too spread and my curiosity is why a bam hits as hard when i am soloing compared to when there are 5-15 players around? Shouldn't there be a scale on damage done from bams from a minimum up to a maximum based on how many players are in the area?

p.s. i did play some four years ago with forty players in a raid and i do not remember nexus being like this
I want to ask more about the awakening because to be honest i have no idea where to find informationa about it because mainly players that are on both KR/NA kinda have this information so please share if you know:

What is the order of DPS after awakening for PvE? This includes all sort of dungeons from solo to four star or even HH up to guardian missions since the main income is from there.. So will i be fine if i will main a valkyrie? What about archer/gunner? And berserker will be above all? Or should i stay with brawler?

What is the order of proficiency for PvP after awakening? Should i main a priest for Battlegrounds, Civil Unrest and GvG? Maybe stay with brawler? Or try a lancer? This is for efficiency purposes ( i like to be useful at PvP and i am usually a tank/healer player though i am also happy with a ranged dps class ).

I am simply almost burned with brawler and i thinking to switch after awakening - And if there might be something else to add about awakenings or future updates then please do it -
I am making this thread because i am extremely curious to know more about the guardian bams since they hit so hard that sometimes i feel like being send back to the future.

What i want to say is that for example right now i have +7SC boots/gloves with +5SC chest and i am playing a Tank class called Brawler while at the same time i use bravery potion and i have even more damage reduction from etchings or smart dyads on weapon plus other sources.. So i am pretty much "stacked" ... But then i go to this retar.. ret.. retaliator CRAB that jumps once and takes half of my hit points then i go at Basilisk and this vortex takes me in much like a demented lover leaving me trashed on the ground so i go at other bams and they are as much as nast.. nice! Of course, ever since i am doing these bams my reflexes reached almost lighning speed and now i am blocking or dodging so i am not taking that much damage but even so i am unable to understand the meaning of gear when these bosses hit so hard anyway? I mean, i might as well go with my other brawler with +0frost armor and most likely do as good since it is all about blocking/dodging.

So what is the point of trying to improve on damage reduction when such bams hit so hard anyway? And i would not bother but this is the main income for gold these days..

Also, on another subject but somewhat related: why is a lancer able to remove 8/8 jackhamer that has 12% and add 1/3 debilitate that has 4%? There should be a priority there and especially since most of lancers take more than a minute to build 3/3 debilitate unless they forget and restart with another 1/3...
Most players level up through vanguards either doing dungeons or bams teleporting from one place to another so you might not find that many players doing normal quests or even story quests anymore.

Also, i believe that the game is playable up to a certain point.
I hope that we will get this "hat placement" and it will be the usual way instead of getting it through some sort of "event" sometimes in the future.

Also, i hope that the random hair styles will be with the fasion coupons while the specific ones with EMP.
I guess that is fair to give free Twistshard ( actually, there is not much of a distance from twistshard and guardian ) since we are so ahead with the gear. Also, the gold talents jumped from 10g to 30g these days ( today saw them going down a little over 25g ) and imagine all these brawlers buying the gold talents to enchant stuff.

Might as well add some events for gold talents?
I love you!

Hmmm.. So what exactly is transpiring here? ^_^

By the way, i saw that there is a second phase for the fashion coupon store and i thought to ask if it might be possible to get some info about that? Thanks.

p.s. love is like pizza... cheesy xD
R.I.P Attack Speed.
This is very impressive and especially since i never thought that i will see three pages with mounts.. But I am not seeing that white duck with a red cosmetic on its head? How it is called? I like that mount so much and yet i have rarely seen it in game though i have to agree that the kitty mounts are also especially cute and even more on elin characters.

p.s. good luck with your quest
pltnmvenus wrote: »
Maybe I should post a screenshot of me on my Glimmerheart. I wonder how many people nowadays even remember that gaudy monstrosity, or the conflict surrounding it... And yes, for what it's worth - I'd be perfectly okay with that being placed in the EME store. If someone wants to look that hideous, and pay money to do so, let them. It will mean something very different to them than it will to me... and as I said in my first post, my memories are not diminished by someone else acquiring it.

I have that yellow wolf that i never used on my account as well and i do remember about the 1% forum threads if you know what i mean ^_^

Anyway, i took some screenshots with three of my characters that got involved with alliance when PvP was actually crazy as in 20v20 or 30v30 almost every night ( i even remember those 2hrs conflicts from many years ago ). And i have three alliance masks on three different characters plus a ghost knight helm mask from when sirjuka gallery was around.


Now, i do not need any of these masks because i am playing a different new character with different new cosmetics that i like much more nowadays.. but still i think that whoever wanted and misssed these masks at the time should be given some options to get them ( the new KR addition is still far away if i am not wrong since it will come around on NA in around three more or more.. ).
Zoknahal wrote: »
Getting alliance mask was not an easy task. (Inserts laugh meme)
Explain to me then how in tr, a person monopolized all 3 alliances, feeded his/her way to watch and started to charge gold to everyone who wanted the mask, bribed people that got too close to exarch spot in order for them to drop and let one of his friends have the mask, taking away the chance of anyone not in his/her circle, to obtain said mask.

We all know that FML priest and to be honest i am glad that the alliance ended because for years all that he did was to harass guilds and/or players that wanted to get involved with the alliance going as far to even convince guild leaders that it was for the better of the guild to kick certain players or else war would unleash and even going as far to send tickets to support to try to ban players with forged evidence because all that he wanted was to have an entire monopoly on the alliance system ( i actually left TR for MT exactly because of this same person ).

And you are silly if you did not know or ask around at the time because he did not feed or anything. All that he did was to level up a new character from scratch to level 65 after joining any of the desired alliance because leveling up was stupidly giving almost 1.5k extra alliance points for that.. Then he was using high level characters to do quests for that low level while hurrying to get that new character to level 65 to unlock all the alliance quests.. And in this way he could easily seize any of the exarch positions because the PvP was dead and nobody could get almost 1.5k extra points even through feeding. Anyway, if you did not know or ask about this then this is how it is ... but it was actually super easy.

Still .. that player had a monopoly on the alliance system but then how anything will improve if there will be another monopoly on the alliance masks?
I am saluting the change about vouchers getting them at 15% discount since the EMP prices went up because of the Federation Gem Boxes ( also, please consider liberation scrolls/etc ).

What it does not make sense and it is somewhat funny if not infuriating for whoever uses the gender/race vouchers is that the wording "Finally" and "in order to ensure a high level of service for all TERA players" does not actually reflect the true meaning since the system is being "nerfed" and not "buffed" for all Tera players and that especially since the vouchers can be bought only with EMP so there is real money involved.. Also, as many said.. a discount does not help with some of the rare or very rare cosmetics if not quite expensive though at the same time i can also consider that maybe there are players that take this option too far swapping the gender/race and then sending a ticket for x10 or x20 cosmetics ( reminds me of this friend that race changed three times in a single week haha.. ).

Anyway, maybe it is better to try to come up with a more realistic or at least relevant message that could be more straight forward instead of being coated with extra sugar while at the same time try to come up with some sort of new ideas for improvement? I mean, what if there was a new and different voucher that would come for free after buying a gender/race voucher and that voucher would let players to change their own cosmetics in the same way that a player can use for example the Shape Changer:Thighs opening a tab with options and taking a choice? And the new voucher would simply delete the cosmetics from a player inventory then send a new one automatically through claim?
I am mostly a FWC/CS player and i am so happy to see them up there basically every day.. But i still think that maybe the 3s deserved a day out of the entire week? Though i guess that the single day was still not enough with 3s being unhappy that they got only a day in the entire week and then maybe even two days was not enough to satisfy the needs ( unfortunately, i did see with the in chat game that 3s were being abused hard by win traders and also afk players ).

Anyway.. what about coming up with some sort of cap for every character much like guardian missions while at the same time probably not let characters with less than X hours played at level 65 to queue because those are surely not trying to actually do 3s but instead have other motives? If the 3s players want it back then i hope that they are also willing to make a compromise?
i support putting alliance mask in coupon shop, there is no other way to get them anymore it's unfair to new players
plus having them in the game will certainly boost the fashion statement which will benefit many (including older players for new chars that they have created) - i dont understand why people prefer to grind for it still and want to keep it to themselves when it can be openly available.

I have to agree with this because if the alliance masks were in game then i could understand that players who are grinding for them could deserve to have them as exclusive items but since the items are no longer in game then i think that it is fair to let anyone else have it. And especially since the alliance content will not comeback anytime soon. Also, the alliance pvp died with one year before the content was removed and the grind was not really that hard since you could join the alliance with the least members active and get exarch with little effort mostly from dailies - leveling up alts for the mask from scratch since they were getting alliance points from leveling was also extremely easy- .. So whoever got the masks before the content was removed did not actually put that much effort into it and simply got them because the content was still available ( it is not like they cleared this hard mode dungeon that was actually "hard" ).

In my case, i have around three or four masks since i am playing for years and i could always jump in and get one - especially when pvp was in its prime and it was even fun to do it- so it is not like i want them for myself but i still think that others should have them if they wanted to..

Something is up when you used to see crystal boxes at 70g.. then all of a sudden they jumped to 200g+ or higher.

Please add a way to get smart dyads without relying so much on RNG ^^
I did not want to be negative about it on the forums and especially since EME is putting so much effort into Tera/NA/PC lately .. but i did thought about not playing at that time because .. reasons.

It was nice if it could be implemented but with a more realistic RNG where it was needed to farm but not up to the point where we could end up becoming zombies.
This is very nice! I can finally use the Eagle Helm on mains/alts without having to pay so much at the broker. But i think that 300 coupons for this helm is a bit low? Why not 500? Or i am just exaggerating?

And i am really grateful for all the hard work put in there ( checking the items from the entire database and such ).

By the way.. What just happened to En Masse? It started to be kinda amazing.


So i am a brawler that used to play with the default Skill Shake at 50% and Other Player's Skill Shake at 50% but then i have started feeling dizzy after playing so many hours for so many months doing so many groundpounds and such.. So i ended up disabling these two options putting them at 0% .. But then to my surprise not only that my FPS visibly improved but also the MS improved where i ended up jumping from the usual 170MS with annoying delays and sometimes freezes up to a constant 100MS where freezes disappeared almost completely and the game starting to work like a charm ( the MS itself as a number did not change but i could definitely see the change in game and that especially since not only that my dps definitely improved considering that now i finish guardians with a 45min mark or lower unlike 1hr as before. but also now i can dodge stuns from bosses and anything else perfectly unlike before ).

And my question is: Did anyone had this issue? Is it only me? And is there anything else related to Skill Shake that can be disabled to improve fps/ms?

p.s. i hope that this is the right section to post about it
Dokibun wrote: »
You'll honestly make more money by doing it this way, because people are more likely to spend a higher amount for a guaranteed costume. Great move, EME.

The good news about this theory is that they'll know whether that's true or not. The bad news is also that they'll know whether that's true or not.

I hope that it goes well since the playerbase is kinda messy right now and this new change might not have such a great impact ( imagine if it was implemented two years ago ). But as i said.. i hope that it goes well because i like this change a lot.

LOL - I don't even know what that means.

Ham-fisted is another term for ham-handed, which means: clumsy, bungling, incompetent, amateurish, inept, unskillful, inexpert, maladroit, gauche, awkward, inefficient, bumbling, useless.

Maladroit?!! This sounds like some sort of rare medicine? And Gauche sounds like some sort of french action movie where nobody dies but everyone is a hero xDDD

Anyway, the awakening patch being fun and playable is starting to look more like a fleeting dream ( imagine how the market will look like when the emp might be 1:50 or 1:60 and % population will have a very high consumption power while the rest will have to simply act as spectators ).
Ponilover wrote: »
you haven't seen that abomination yet
male brawler is just a cheap animation copypaste of the female version, including the dying posture

So it is a female on the inside? Is this some kind of plastic surgery? XD
Given the existing surplus of gold among the average player, this event benefited the free players more than the paying ones

I am probably not exaggerating if i consider this as some kind of pandora box but i guess that it is better to keep most of the assumptions just for myself.

But let me say this:

The game will be different if the EMP rate will become 1:50 or 1:60 in the near future and all emp sellers will buy only gem crates unintentionally driving everything from broker such as cosmetics/vouchers/mounts/pets//etc to extinction while also % of the population will have a very high consumption when buying enchanting/upgrading materials or even crafted items for that matter.. and the rest will have to think twice about upgrading/enchanting since the prices will surge just like they did these days when the offer became available.

p.s. i was looking forward to see the awakening patch and have fun with my friends
Right now guardian legion bams, if you solo it you will get x amount of boxes, if there is 2 people then the amount of boxes are increased by that amount so 2x. If one person is a tank and the other a healer, and the healer don't dps the bam then the tank will end up doing more boxes than he should have done if he solo it.

I think that it greatly depends on what classes attack the bam because some classes can debuff and that indirectly can give damage to other players while at the same time it also matters greatly what kind of dps the players have overall because the enrage uptime on a bam can be either 90% or 50% plus if there is a tank present giving more back crit to certain classes.. While at the same time it also matters how big is the bam because it is always better to keep fighting constantly than teleport to one place to another and wait for introductions.. So this is why it is mostly better to do the blue quests because it is very likely that priest/mystic and/or lancer/warrior/brawler debuffs will be present while two or three undergeared players might not affect that much the enrage uptime while a tank might be there and the bams have overall more HP..

What i am trying to say is that player A will not necessarily gain more boxes per minute if the player B will not dps but instead depending on debuffs/enrage and classes such as tanks/dps/healer then player A might actually get less box per minute compared to soloing.

Anyway, i think that the priest should try to get +0 frostmetal with crit build ( get around 330 with mystic aura ) and go full dps because for example i am getting boxes as fast on my +0frost priest compared to my +7 brawler which also has 2.0 dragon and etchings on jewelries besides that there is less focus required on priest so it is more relaxing ( the system with shared points can be abused by overgeared/undergeared players - which is why IOD was changed as far as i know ).
If it keeps going on and I saw it enough on other korean mmorpg. Farming becomes pretty useless and everything becomes ridiculous expensive.

Exactly as it says.. it can become ridiculous..

And nobody will gain anything because the farmers and the spenders will have to pay more to acquire the same items from the present meaning that the farmers will have to farm more while the spenders will have to spend more and if the farmers decide to farm less and not care anymore then the enchanting materials will be quite hard to get - especially if some of the farmers are crafters - meaning that the spenders might reconsider spending as well.. For example: i saw that it costs 90k with 7% base enchant to upgrade from +9sc to the next tier and imagine what happens if the prices go higher from now where we might end up with 150k per try - nobody will gain from that - including EME because players will vanish - besides that the vouchers/liberation/cosmetics will be super expensive..

I hope that there is a really good plan that was made up for this and EME is ready to help the market with enchanting/upgrading materials if needed through events or anything while considering carefully when and how to release gem crates to not mess up the EMP rate where for example a name change voucher might end up costing 60k or elte 30days for 120k ( i am not sure who will like liberation scrolls at 60k either ).
Piltover wrote: »
Feels like enmasse is trying to cash out before this game dies

We might as well consider that if we would look at Tera from the past two years but this time something is moving and it might be a big fish.

What i hope is that En Masse will play this card really well because for example i do not mind to see pay to win offers now and then with whales swimming in a sea of gems as long as there will be other options in game such as events and even elite bonuses or in game updated shops.. if not other things for the "plebs" to be able to not only play the game and have activity but also be able to aford anything from enchanting/upgrading to new cosmetics and what else the game might throw at us.. And that considering that the Golden Daric jumped from 60g to 100g while the EMP prices kinda steadily moved from 1:30 to 1:40 and even 1:50.. So the change is kinda visible ( sometimes in the future i am expecting to pay 50k+ for a liberation scroll for example ).

So please try to play it smart to not create a huge wall that is called discrepancy which will ruin the in game market and overall the population.. But instead work on balance because if this will card will go well then all of us will win while you will be the biggest winner En Masse.

p.s. also try to reconsider adding more bonuses to battlegrounds
Ardire wrote: »
do you have like a patreon... or a ko-fi... paypal....

would be nice to give some money to someone who actually does competent work



Thank you.
What about giving the piggy mounts as a rotation for elite? Like X piggy for X week? It would be fun to be able to ride those little bast.. bas.. bacons! xD
I pley on Manifest and I am not sure who M.T! IS!
The price on golden daric went at 100g on MT in only a few days.

BTW, shouldn't whales be independent? I mean that is pretty ridiculous to not only force them to financially support the game but to force them to support free players as well. It's not like the elitist free players are really helping the game.

Whales cannot be independent and it is not like anyone is enforcing anything but because there is this natural action and reaction situation where for example if the prices on emp items such as cosmetics/vouchers/etc will rise too much then the free to play or casual spenders might consider that it is not worth it anymore and they might leave towards a different game that can be more appealing ( you are free to do whatever you want with your money and time, right? ). Then what happens? Well, at that point the rest of the players regardless of spenders or not might find themselves in a difficult situation because there might be less crafting items available on the market due to less farmers and the prices might go up on the said items also due to less demand.. Plus there might be less crafters around and again also less demand so the price for the crafted items might go higher so have fun enchanting/upgrading at that point.. And also there might be less groups for dungeons and battlegrounds at which point certain classes might find themselves naturally shunned because there will be less patience with the classes that tend to not perform as good as the ones at the top ( you know.. valk > reaper/warrior/slayer > the rest and also mystic > priest or lancer > brawler depending on dungeons ).

Imagine the situation above with the awakening patch where only certain classes get their awakening and we might have quite the explosive cocktail.

ElinUsagi wrote: »
Xandervb wrote: »
I don't understand that whole commotion. We had all kinds of enchanting supplies in EMP store before.

Sure, you can exchange gems directly for gold but it's a waste - they are worth more on trade broker. So most of these gems will be bought and used by other players, same way as alkahests and spellbinds used to. How is it different from selling elite scrolls, except seller's profit is more RNG?

The issue is these jewels can be used to get enought gold without the need to trade with other players, making then the whales as an independant beings in the game and the f2p players left with less options to get cash shop items throught them.

It is a good news that it is only for a week but as lootboxes always had worked we can be certain that many whales will buy these boxes and EME will just look at how good their sales were, so they will surely will bring this back again in future months.

I did not think about this properly but it seems that everything will get so much more expensive for the non EMP buyers because not only that the EMP rate will go much higher -probably settle at 1:50 from the current 1:30- .. But there will be also much less EMP buyers that will buy anything else than gem crates so everything from cosmetics such as the flight suit for example or the soon to come hair style up to name change/bank account/character slot/gender change/etc voucher and even the elite status voucher will get so much more expensive.

I am not sure if this is a really good way to do business because you please your EMP buyers but you [filtered] up with the non spenders that might disappear over time then the servers will be even emptier than they are right now and those EMP buyers will spend hours to find a single/battleground run.


Actually, the EMP buyers should be worried and not happy with this new change because all their investments might go down the drain pretty fast if the servers go eventually into a semi necrotic state.
I wonder how many boxes are needed for the emeralds and diamonds because those are worth roughly 700k+ gold?? And since the EMP rate is 1:30 as in 6k gold in game while these boxes have a guaranteed 3k gold as minimum -ignoring the emeralds and diamonds which are probably very very rare considering the 700k- .. Then a player might end up with the usual 1:30 after opening so many boxes?

This makes me curious.

Anyway, please be nice and also work up on events and in game shops as hard as you work on pay to win offers and both f2p and p2w should be happy.

I can live with RNG being ugly and nasty but this one seems to be extreme.
I also had these kind of issues for the last few weeks and i kept thinking that it must be my IPS though generally i never had any issues with the ISP and especially since my pings are fine except MT that lags at certain hours up to the fact where my game either lags really badly as in 250-300ms making it unplayable.. or even freezes for several seconds now and then with my ping going down to a fixed 0 ( i had a friend that told me that i should probably move to TR because the ping there seems better ).
I'm in frost but tank balders/gutrend/crab 95% of time for amazing damage off of perfect blocks for 2-3 chests per legion event compared to my frost warrior struggling to get 2

I love to tank crabs for example the second boss at shattered fleet since they trample so much and we can get so many perfect blocks with haymaker.. but this one from guardian legion is on another level because he has two stuns and that jump which many times happen in less than eight seconds if he is enraged.. Though now i know about Groundpounder ( maybe i never noticed how it works since i have 170ms and that delay can cause confusion ) and i will save it for bubbles.. IF it works because right now i am having flash backs with it and it felt like not really working with this crab..

By the way, i was messing around with damage from behind crystals going behind whenever i would see a +9SC Lancer since it is literally impossible to fight for aggro with brawler against lancers even if i do more damage since they have more natural aggro gain especially if i use 20% aggro gain on growing fury.. So i ended up switching from % damage aggro towards you with normal % damage but then when i had to tank normally.. I ended up doing actually more damage so what is going on? Maybe it is because for example the crab at the guardian legion many times turns around on its own to do X skill then comes back to me again on its own and during that time i am not actually the highest in the aggro list even though i have the most aggro? EIther way.. it was very interesting to see that % damage done was better than % aggro towards you
ElinUsagi wrote: »
@HLK76PFWXT vs the crab use your iframdes to avoid its stuns and vs the bubbles use skills that can't be interrupted.

The bubbles can't be iframed but if your class have an skill that his animation can't be interruped then use it when bubbles are spawned and that skill will pass throught them.

Groundpounder? Haymaker? I did not know but thanks. I will try it.

The damage from bubbles still sucks.
The rewards are not bad though as they are but indeed it is needed to play certain classes or have certain gear to be able to do anything there..

Actually, i have +3SC armor ( feet/gloves/chest with proper rolls ) on brawler with enduring etchings and i also get the endurance buff from priest at guardian but even so there is this crustacean boss which comes with a green quest for example that takes 30% up to 50% from my HP with a single attack because this boss is so nasty that he does x2 stuns -many times one after another- that each can last 7sec and if i do not i-frame those stuns then he does this pushing attack with bubbles that ruins me HP with everything usually happening in less than eight or ten seconds if enraged ... So i use the i-frames for stuns but then he jumps in the air spawning those bubbles before i have my i-frames ready so he still ruins my HP - also ruining my growing fury ...... And that happens every twenty-thirty seconds or so ( i tried pots but its not helping that much so i ended up even rerolling my gear with % HP per 5seconds to try to maneuver around ).

I am not sure why a boss has two stuns that can last 7sec that he uses many times one after another in a 8sec window while also having this nasty attack jumping in the air and doing heavy damage while pushing tanks away but in my case i ended up avoiding certain bosses like this one ( i also rerolled a new priest and thinking to get a valkyrie as well since the brawler takes so much effort and is so badly rewarded since as a brawler with equivalent or better gear i actually get 2/3 boxes per 5minutes doing equal or better damage compared to the said classes ).

p.s. the thing is that if all the tanks reroll into priests/valks then this might be a problem
A roadmap can never be trusted. It's like a 20 day weather forecast where you expect sunshine and get a blizzard.

Except that the sunshine and blizzard are both a natural phenomenon so it is hard to come up with a forecast.. But the fashion/ace/vanguard shops updates rely on humans? And we were even told that the GM tool can tweak around those changes without a maintenance needed so at the very least Spacecats could do so much until now...
GGRMHMXFA6 wrote: »
So they say they changed gear to be linear with the Arsenal patch, and that gear wont change again so grind away.

Then they removed basically everything about gear and put it on this RNG Talisman system that you now have to regrind.

This Talisman system is going to be 100% pure cancer.

WoW.. Actually WOOOW! How did i not think about this! This talisman addition actually denies the importance of gear meaning that the whole change with the Arsenal patch did not really improve anything. And if we consider how freaking expensive is to go past +9SC ( i have seen a screenshot with 90k gold cost and +7% base enchant chance just to upgrade from +9 to the next +0 ... ) while the gear itself is less relevant then i am really wondering about what is going on??
I have noticed that we cannot bank certain nocteniums which is not nice but still my question is: do i lag if i do not use noctenium since it should not get all that crazy ordeal to open my inventory and -1 whenever used?
I am not sure how players call it PvP as in Player v.s Player when they queue with PvE crystals as in Player v.s Environment .. Aanddd since the said players have wrong crystals setup for PvP then they might as well have a poor glyph setup and if why not then probably a lack of knowledge about certain classes and skills ( might explain why your stun gets KDed by this amazing popori then that stunned player gets away when it should have probably died xD ).

Anyway, i am with the players that kick in these cases because it only harms the PvP party/raid.
Oh I'll snuff out the conspiracies - this week's patch/maintenance has nothing to do with Fashion Coupon shop updates. That can be done live while the servers are up with our GM Tool. The maintenance this week is going to patch some server crash issues.

See? I'm helpful!

See? I noticed that! By the way, have you ever considered applying for the CM position? xD

Still.. i am not sure if was supposed OR we were supposed to know because in the end EME can do so many things which sometimes might not even take that much effort but then why does it not happen? At least maybe try to update the fashion coupon for example just for a few days with certain items then call it an event or something? If certain items cannot stay too much in there? I am just guessing xD

I kinda wish that we could have a mixture of Sky Castles/Alliance Forts/Civil Unrest Towers sort of area where we could brawl for the top three attacking or defending forts to get sky castles and other stuff ( the pvp could have been fun ).

But we get even more RNG with Talismans ( and some classes still get denied for not having awakenings in time ).

Who knows what will happen.. we will have to see i guess.
Huv wrote: »
Someome once told jimmy what he was doing wrong and how he could improve. He didnt listen. Jimmy is very ignorant. He got meter. He saw the criticism was correct. Jimmy improved. Meter helped jimmy log stats, progress, hpm, buff uptimes to help positioning, etc. Jimmy is not a min maxer but likes to feel like hes contributing to the party.

I actually know this brawler with +0SC weapon? ( i cannot remember well from that time ) that he slowly farmed his gear along with with 1.5 crit power dragon and some other stuff so he had decent gear and he thought that he can pull his weight when doing dungeons but then this friend saw through this website that the brawler was doing really poor having only 1.5mil dps at trnm when he could have 2.3mil .. so this brawler started researching everything that he could being shocked by his performance and he learned that he was using a wrong rotation with wrong crit/power balance and even wrong glyphs or wrong skill bonuses on weapon/chest plus he even learned that canephora>bravery .. And fast forwards he learned and improved so now he gets 2.5mil up to 2.7mil at trnm with +5SC...

Unfortunately, this one of the very rare cases when this website helped this player because in most of the cases the website ( which is public and can gather info as long as one player in the party has this thing installed so the other players have no opinion on the matter if they agree or not to have their names and their performance shared like that ) is being used to call out and harass players - i ended up leaving a guild once after seeing how toxic the chat was at discord towards non guildie players that were not min/max - so i kinda understand why EME does not want these things around..

There is nothing wrong with the tool but the wrong part is how it is being used.

I went to read the dev notes ( thanks for sharing ) and it seems like a new type of smart dyads except that these talismans have other bonuses that can be mostly acquired through a random system... so basically we will get even more RNG but with a new form..

At this point, i am definitely not sure why the dev or whoever did the note there kept saying that it is an improvement meant to help players when it is obviously a huge and annoying system that will force players to get involved or else will fall behind in so many ways.. so have fun boys and girls trying to get that certain bonus while randoming 20394829034 talismans exactly like we did back in the days with the dyads before the smart dyads came to be xD
If there is one thing that it does not really make sense is that we had double vanguard rewards but then it was changed to x1 double vanguard rewards and x1 triple vanguard rewads per month then they were even called "events".. But the said events are giving only nine days worth of double vanguard rewards out of an entire month compared to the previous system so we mostly lose twenty or more days worth of double vanguard rewards.

How is this an improvement if it was meant to be an improvement? And why is it even called an event when we pratically lose 2/3 worth of rewards compared to the previous system? When i saw this change i thought that we will get the vanguard shop updated and 100% keen mote at IOD to cover up for the trade but none of them happened so how does this work?
I am sorry for complaining but did you check the area for the Crustacean boss? You literally go so far that you are barely able to see the bam even with high video settings.. And what i do not understand is why do we have to go so far to switch channels instead of being able to switch right on the spot in the guardian area?

Also, i am pretty sure that i have tested this enough and instead of getting 3.5 boxes per five minutes with my brawler.. I was actually going down to 2.5 per five minutes ( it must be connected with the enrage as well because we do significantly less damage if the boss does not enrage as much depending on the dps ).. And it might not look like a biggie but what if i tried hard to min/max my brawler to improve my efficiency just to get gimped like that? For example.. What if i farmed 225k to get the 2.0 crit factor dragon for the extra damage just to see that the said bonus gets denied in a very indirect way since i am doing less damage than what i should...

Anyway, i think that we should be allowed to freely switch channels whenever out of combat without having to run back and forth all the time for each mission.
Dare I say it could be psychological manipulation, which, I surmise, is why lootboxes still have that whole "Pick a card!" system despite it amounting to jack all in the end (or so I've read).

I always thought that the four options at the loot boxes are there just for show making us to believe that if we did not get the jackpot then it was because of not picking the right option when in fact the chance to get the item was simply abysmal.
It is a sad and very frustrating situation.

The biggest problem is that the non active players usually auto attack and use rain of arrows/arcane barrage/etc whenever without back crit or any decent gear so their dps is very low but the bams do get increased HP/Endurance/Crit Resit/Etc with each player in the area so the bams get tougher meaning that the bams are harder to kill because of the extra stats but also the enrage timers are screwed up completely making us to spend much more time doing something that we should not do it ( i am truly annoyed to have to spend 30% more time making me to do something that i should not do ).

And the truly sad and frustrating situation is that some genius decided to make the guardian zone extremely large so we literally have to go three kilometers away to be able to switch channels to run back AND wait for the introduction so we have TO either deal with the non active players and waste time or run around and wait for introduction to waste time not being able to fight straight on. And it is even more amazing when low level players are questing in the area unknowingly making the bams harder to be killed due to stats being boosted and also enrage timers being screwed up.

Who the hell came up with this system and why do we have to struggle once more?
I promise that it is not March 31st. Also, not March 30th. Or March 29th. Or March 28th. Or March 27th. Or March 26th.

You never said which year! B)
I have just experienced this issue with my two brawlers and the only difference that i can think of is that the both brawlers have the Iron 1.5crit power dragon from dragon missives but the difference is that the first brawler which is bugged as of today ( did not happen yesterday ) used to have both 1.5 and 2.0 dragons because i made a mistake to use two dragons on the same brawler so i kindly asked a GM to remove the 2.0 dragon maybe a month (?) ago.

First Brawler that is bugged:

- What Class were you playing on ? Brawler
- What Zone were you located in ? Guardian Missions Areas/IOD
- What type of Monster were you fighting ? Guardian Missions Bams/IOD
- What Skills were you using ? Roundhouse Kick> Jackhammer > Haymaker > Roundhouse Kick > JackHammer > Counterattack ( if activated then Piledriver if not ) and Groundpounder whenever Haymaker was on cooldown as replacement
- What Buffs did you have applied ? Strong Bravery/Bulgogi/Everful/
- What time of day did it begin ? Since today as in around 3AM PST 12/02/2018

Second Brawler that is not bugged:

- What Class were you playing on ? Brawler
- What Zone were you located in ? Pit of Petrax > Ghillieglade > IOD > Guardians
- What type of Monster were you fighting ? All from above
- What Skills were you using ? Same as first Brawler
- What Buffs did you have applied ? Bravery/soup ( +10crit )/Everful
- What time of day did it begin ? Never
The most issues that i have are with Reapers at Guardians.

Anyway, good luck ^^
No need to worry about CH because it was the same on our lovely MT.

You do not play mystic? Then GTFO! Nobody wants a garbage priest ( by the way, it is also very annoying as priest to lock on stars on some bosses sometimes having to miss the 100% up time and this gives mystic another small advantage: wish stars was not a lock on activation but at least a normal self buff that could reach the party ).

Still, i am a priest player and i prefer the mystic because Jaunt.

p.s. Vow is a another luxury
I am not sure how this works but i kinda thought that we are going to get 100% keen at IOD ( which is almost nothing these days since IOD died almost completely without events.. but its still nice to have ). And we are going to have the vanguard shop updated for example (?) considering that the vanguard credits will be so much harder to acquire from now on?

To be honest, i like this rotation a lot with the events but the rotation might not have that much impact if the shops are not updated?
Margarethe wrote: »
Amused, seems we're unable to have a thread with a serious topic without someone starting an argument.
And people wonder why the forums are not taken seriously.

I have to agree.

It seems that we forget quite easily to be relevant ( of course, i am also talking about my own past experience xD ).
I had this issue where 1.5 would not go because 2.0 was active recently but not up in that exact moment so i suppose that 2.0 has some internal cooldown that does now allow 1.5 to go?
ElinLove wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
Post i made on the 24th Jan


It wasn't a patch change that they got automatically, but something they manually enabled (hence it being off the patch schedule). So, partial credit, I guess.

What he said - it had nothing to do with any patch. It was a setting enforced by our tools. Today we removed the setting.

So does that mean the same thing will happen with male brawler? Since it was nothing to do with the patch you should be able to enforce that right away with your tools correct?

I suspect that Male Brawlers will go through the same as Elin Gunners: 1~2 months till the new toy thing dies out and then it's not much of a hassle anymore. If they release it at 1st they'll have a lot of costume swaps to deal with, besides I do bet they'll want to make a Male Brawler leveling event anyway.

My thought.

I expect to switch my female to male in about two months after release ( it is weird to have a secx change after playing so much female rofl ).

By the way, does anyone know when we will get the new haircuts?
Would be nice to get fixed (?).

I mean, i had a ton of troubles doing IOD on my gunner because the of the stuns resist where was brawler felt like it was landing most of the stuns. And it does help a lot to stun bams and especially the hydraths..
Luxrelia wrote: »
PvP has been emphasized too much in TERA when the majority of the players are hardcore PvErs. There have been multiple of these “Canyon Clashes” and “Skyring Slams” but no PvE competition? I suggest we hold a PvE tournament instead for the majority of players that have been waiting for the competitive PvE scene to rise. Only a small fraction of the TERA playerbase enjoy PvP yet they are the ones who get special treatment with Battleground Calender rewards and tournaments?

Sarcasm Intended xD

I saw you rocking FWC night and day baby xD

p.s. +1 for fwc
I'm less interested in the dungeon itself and more interested in how EU is able to get custom content just for their version. If EME had the ability to customize Tera, then I think there's a lot that could be done to improve the game over here. My opinion is that BHS will not put any real effort into making region specific changes. However, I'm willing to bet that if a publisher is able to do some minor coding, BHS probably doesn't care about small tweaks made.

Being a programmer myself, I don't see the difficulty in implementing a lot of the request of the community. I mean, the game's running on Unreal Engine 3, not exactly an unknown platform. Tweaking rewards, bringing back popular (existing) content, and adjusting battle grounds is child's play. Even balancing the damage output of the DPS classes would take very little effort.

Unfortunately, this is what happened over the past two years because it was obviously super easy to tweak a few things around and make things so much better for us the players but the market strategy and most likely a certain perspective plus a lack of interest in a so called dying game ( even though it was and still is quite popular in other regions ) made the game to be what it was.

Fortunately, it seems that things are changing slowly but nicely and this time it might be different ( especially since the awakenings will come and it might attract even more players along a plethora of events and other fun and interesting developments ).

"fingers crossed"
Chandeliwr wrote: »
Now hahahah I would LOVE to see these people getting 8 boxes every mission and making top 5. Either lying or...lying.

Every mission is a bit vague because every mission is relative to players in the area and the boss spawned plus the type of missions where you wait 10sec 30sec for the introduction.. but from what i can gather then 8 boxes are most likely acquired from the blue missions that can last even 7-8minutes. And it is not exaggerated at all because i can get 3boxes every 5 minutes as brawler and at the same time i see lots of healers being above me with 5% up to 10% all the time considering that i have 20%-25% done...

The sad and weird part is that i can get as many points per minute with my +0 frostmetal priest as i can get with my +6SC brawler full with ethings and especially on jewelry plus 2.0 dragon and a well built brawler overall that required a lot of information gathered though the downside is that the priest is much less consistent because it always needs a tank where as the brawler can solo whenever..
I used to believe in Arise balance buff until i saw that most of bosses and players have 100% KD anyway..
CornishRex wrote: »
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Good job EME for doing this. Me and my guild have things to do now.

I mean if x2 vanguards were on constantly like they were for the past 3 years you'd have something to do all the time :rofl:

People with negative opinions shouldn't be ignored, that's unhealthy for the community.

There is more diversity now. Isn't that better?
9XNTHP5R3H wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
What will happen when bhs allow you +9 the gear above stormcry and reduce the cost and exp to enchant stormcry?

And people that didnt enchat to +9 stacked exp will get +9 for a fraction of the cost you did, because the % to enchant will be higher and will cost emeralds instead of diamonds?

Where does it say that they will reduce costs to enchant stormcry? Look at how much it costs to try to upgrade to the new gear tier after stormcry
So I don't think enchanting stormcry will cost any less once new gear is out.

Is this real? 100k gold and 5% base chance?
Soffyasd wrote: »
Nice, now we have an event that was something that we had on the past few years. Best event ever guys.

I think that this system is just fine because indeed we had double vanguard rewards so far but it was only double vanguard rewards where as now we have more than a month worth of constant events and if for example there are players that want to get their etchings or glyphs then they can do so because it seems that both vanguards and guardian missions will get their own events. Besides, we will also have double item XP and more dungeon or battleground jackpots.

This is definitely a great improvement since it brings balance and diversity which in return create more motivation and more fun.
This is not official so please be very careful when using it. Always make a copy of your current S1Engine to be ready to put it back ( i am not sure if this is allowed to share so please delete my post if so ).

Search for "tera fps s1engine" then look for Github/xtortion/tweaked s1engine ( always be careful to have antivirus up and always scan it before using it ).

I use this for years starting with the Alliance PvP where we had 20v20 or 40v40 fights considering the conflict and now sometimes i am using it for Civil Unrest though i was able to upgrade my PC over time so right now staying with preset 0 or preset 1 during CU is good enough.
EME could take an example and reimplement the old Cleansing Brooch & Gods/Heavensbane jewelry

I hope that you will be heard.
Plus, we’re adding 400 Artisan Refining Kits to the rewards

This is actually a very interesting and welcome addition that will definitely help a different part of the community as in the crafters.

I am happy to see that for once you and EME in general is actually coming with new interesting and balanced ideas that are being implemented slowly but steadily instead of just "we will look into " or "soon". These small things actually really matter and i can tell you that there are players that appreciate them a lot.

Thank you for bringing change to Tera NA and i hope that everything will work really well from now on.

I am looking forward to get involved with the events that are going to happen as i see.. almost weekly (?).
The guardian missions are great but it would be nice to get one more character to do them so what about a new XP event? We haven't one in a long time as far as i remember..

Please "makes puppy eyes"
There never will be and you of all people should know that.

Actually.. It seems that that it was fixed on EU though i have no idea about the details ( just info from friends ).

I hope that it will be fixed either way to make the PvP as good as before.

Oh yes I am a Mystic :) Where do I get this weapon? Right now my main weapon is Stormcry..and it does decent damage. Sorry..I am a newbie lol.

I'll go see about getting the back crystals too! Thanks :D

My bad.. i forgot to add this one.

You can shift +mouse click your current weapon and it will ask you to spend 20k for a new setup then you can switch with shift +mouse click whenever you want to heal or dps ( you can also go to your character and save a whole heal gear setup for say number 1 then save a whole dps gear setup for say number 5 and click 1 or 5 whenever you want to heal or dps because the weapon setup gets saved as well so you do not have to use shift every time ).

Also, get a cheap guardian chest/glove from the vanguard NPC to roll dps stats on them if you do not want to spend another 40k on them.
I wish we got points from healing :/ Also we don't get any extra points or bonus from being in a group..takes me forever to cap each day to the point where I don't even bother anymore.

Are you by any chance a healer? Because if you are a healer then you need to make some investments as in getting the second option for the weapon which costs 20k gold to be able to switch to dps whenever and also go and buy from the vanguard merchant some dps jewelries/etc plus get some back crit niveots ( inspect healers that you see at the top and you should get an idea about it ).

Healers right now and even with +0 frostmetal are doing really good when it comes about getting guardian points but you need to back crit and dps ( if you want to be nice with your tanks then also try to dispel stuns at bams whenever you can ).
Awakening was much worse. Do you forget about mes, ses, iis, spellbinds, alk, it could cost me 100k just to roll a vm piece of gear and 200k+ for a set of acc.

Haha.. Please do not remind me about that. I used to spend so much just to get the same rolls on my weapon really questioning myself how can i reset stats and get the same rolls over and over again ( i am glad that the system is gone because even on alts it was a disheartening ).

It is easier to farm gold now with the guardian missions ( considering that until now we had the devalued vanguard points with crystals barely selling for 400g ) since there are guaranteed minimum gems involved that in the worst case scenario can be sold at vendor and i guess that more and more players are getting involved with enchanting or upgrading gear so we might see a difference in price with the higher demand ( on MT it went up from 10g to 13g ). Also, there are far less players doing dungeons or IOD since they are busy with guardian missions.. so the overall supply on the market dropped by a certain value.

Sooner or later we will also see Silver/Gold Plate going up in price when most of the players that are now enchanting/upgrading Frostmetal will reach Stormcry.

So far, i like a lot this change with the guardian missions because the market seems to be more lively and also the players are much more willing when it comes about being more active in the game instead of the usuall AFK at Highwatch/Velika.
My upset came from the fact that the if you do a 10man or 15man bam without a tank then that bam will 2shot any dps starting from the one with the highest aggro and in that case you want to have a tank to keep the bam more or less in the same position. And because of this the dps not only that benefits almost full time from having the option to back crit which increases the dps tremendously instead of kiting the bams around and dying 50% of the time but the tanks provide debuffs to endurance so all in all the tanks are actually quite important for the dps classes boosting them ever so much.

And what do tanks get in return for playing such an important role? You guessed it.. 1/2 points or 3 boxes per 5mins compared to the other classes with equal gear that get 5/6 boxes per 5minutes ( i even saw healers with +0 frostmetal doing as good as a brawler with +6SC with 2.0 dragon and extra etchings on jewelries so i went on my priest with +0twistshard and it all got funny from there ).

Then the question arises: what will happen if all the tanks decide to reroll into healers or dps for guardian missions? Who is going to back crit and get 6 boxes per 5minutes anymore when everyone will kite the bams and die so much?

.. was what i felt while playing :o

So the brawler is still relevant at the awakening patch?
I know that this thread died but i want to share my overall experience which was the following: I was able to fail almost eight times at +5SC weapon with full gear experience a while ago .. but then i tried again these days to enchant another weapon with similar values and it went from +5 to +6 with first try so i felt lucky and tried again and it went from +6 to +7 again with first try while i expected to fail around five up to eight times with each upgrade.. but instead as experienced it went first try with both shots at roughly 27%...

And i want to say something about RNG:







That said, this weekend kicks off events running throughout the month (during weekdays and weekends, I don't mean that to sound like it's just on the weekends).


This is actually very nice to hear.

I am truly looking forward ( no sarcasm intended ) to see what there is in store ( not the EMP xD ) considering the future events. At least, i am happy to see that there is movement as in something happens.

Good luck with the events and i hope that they will not give too much headache tech wise so we can have more of them.

I have intel i7processor with nvidia gtx 750ti and 16gb ram while usually playing on preset 1 and still have fps issues at places such as guardian missions when there are more than 10 players and especially reapers while also sometimes at ghillieglade..

The freezings that usually happen once or twice a day and in my case at least last for 5sec are mostly related to scheduled maintenance that is outside of the game.
It would be nice if we could get actual rewards.

What i liked about EU is that they gave "guaranteed" rewards instead of RNG giving us a real option to get rewards instead of running the same dungeon ten times to get nothing ( actually, if we run broken prison for example and do not get a smart dyad then am i wrong to say that this whole event is pointless? ). At the same time.. why not give rewards for different dungeons at the same time once again like EU does? They gave rewards and decent at least to RK-9 Hangar - Broken Prison - Thaumetal Refinery (HM) - Ravenous Gorge - again at the same time giving players a choice for guaranteed items like smart dyads, noctenium infusions and much more.

Why not be serious about this for once and do things properly instead of throwing out items at random in a dungeon and call it an event?

Also, check this out:

Event: Guardian Legion Bonus


Guardians of Arborea, lend me your ears! From 12 PM on Friday, 2nd February until 10 AM on Monday, 5th February you’ll earn additional rewards for completing missions for the Guardian Legion.

Look forward to the following:

Bonus Reward: +100 Arborean Guardian points & + 5 Vanguard Initiative Credits


You can receive the bonus rewards up to 40 times per day.
The rewards come in addition to existing rewards.
You receive the bonus reward every time you collect a “chest” (100,000 points).

Enjoy the event!

The TERA Team

Hexagram wrote: »
Killing the boss faster doesn't mean squat. As a slayer i get 1k contribution for every approximately 1 million damage done. I'd rather be dpsing until the time runs out with a decent tank than killing it and teleporting around and winding up killing the crab and then doing frogs.

I have to disagree here and that is because i have used slaying on my brawler which already has +6SC storm weapon plus etchings on jewelries and 2.0 dragon along other stuff so my dps is pretty good even for a brawler and i kinda cleared the basilisks super fast when going early at early hours finding solo channels then moving real quick to another mission.

What happens though is that from what i saw at least - please correct me if i am wrong - the bosses get extra stats with every additional player in the area so the bosses get extra HP/Endurance/Crit resist/Damage/Attack speed/Etc based on how many players are around.. So the more players are around then the more HP and more Endurance has one boss which means that us as players will spend more time fighting the same boss depending on the entire dps as a group.. But if you happen to deal a crazy amount of damage while the rest are being normal then you will get so much more points than others though if there are two or three more crazy dps with you then you will normal points as well.

Unfortunately.. and from what i saw at least.. It is fine to fight a boss for a prolonged time as long as you are in top 3dps in a large group though it is even better to solo bosses ( especially with slaying ) because at least in my case i could get 2.5boxes in under two minutes after doing basilisk so i could move real quick to another mission ending up with 4boxes per 5minutes.

p.s. the missions that have long waiting times like frogs where there is a lot of explanation give the less points and especially since damage does matter so anyone can get as much % as you
ElinUsagi wrote: »

I get about 3 boxes per guardian mission and most of the times it takes about 3 minutes at most to get it doen so you will be jumping from mission to mission just to keep doing dps to get more points and more boxes faster..

I want to make something clear since i have tested all sort of things today and eventually discovered this:

Points are being given based on the % by players so if you have 50% as dps ( healers count as dps for guardians considering the recent buffs ) while i have 25% as tank and we both have equal gear but you back crit while i am tanking then you get double points than me. But if i stop tanking and i am starting to move around not letting you to back crit then i get more points.

How does this make sense?

Also, the more players are in one area taking % from the boss then the less points given out to players in that area so finding channels to solo seems to be better.

p.s. i figured out today why you make 15k per hour as dps while i make 10k per hour as tank
Does anyone know how exactly are the points distributed when fighting a boss? From what i experienced the points are mostly given depending on the damage done or better said HP taken out so for example am i wrong if i believe that a player with 66% at the end of the fight gets double points compared to someone with 33%? Because if this is the case then the system really manages to ruin the tanks because on my server at least there are a ton of dps players that are very good geared and as a brawler with equal gear i cannot compete since they simply do 1.5 or 2.0 more damage than me as long as they are able to back crit... And they back crit due to me tanking the bams keeping them mostly in one place.

Of course.. now it might explain why i see healers saying that they make 15k per hour when i barely make 10k considering that they back crit due to help of tanking and they do so much more damage ( funny thing is that if i stop creating aggro while tanking then ones with highest dps die like flies ).

Then when is the shop going to get updated if the x1 rewards will keep going? What about the 100% keen mote?

And those double/triple events are still going to happen?

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