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on MT at least, the miner hats are 5k gold on broker.. if you really want one, 5k gold takes less than an hour to earn. the dyads and superior nocs seem to be dropping at least resonable amounts. it's not really an interesting event but at least it's something different than running 32 RG's every day

Can you explain what reasonable amounts really means? I have done quite some runs so far and all that i have seen was a single miner hat.

How many runs do we usually have to do to get a smart dyad?

I've done about 20 runs and gotten 6 dyads and 4 superior nocs, plus one miner hat drop. Seems fine to me for a dungeon that takes 10 minutes.

I cannot really believe this unless you were extremely luck or all the runs were HM? And i am saying this because i am reaching 20 runs soon and so far all that i saw was 1 smart dyad and 2 noctenium besides some random titans.

At the very least the event lasts so much longer and in a way it is better like this because more players have access to it without having to log in during the week ends but even so if we have to spend 15runs per smart dyad then it is discouraging even for the players that are not always able to be online when the event happens during the week end .. so i think that with everything said it was still better to have proper drop chances and have the event during the week end then have not so very proper drop chances and make it last one week since with the second option it takes just too much to get any result and it is not that much helpful.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
How should i play this game to have fun?

Honestly? I would: stop playing for a while. Try other games (including non-MMOs). After a while, see if you miss TERA. Come back and just do whatever find fun without caring about things you don't find fun. If you don't come back, then you didn't find it fun and hopefully you find more happiness doing other things. Life's too short to be miserable.

For me personally, there are some things about TERA that I still find fun despite all the problems, and it will keep drawing me back.

This is the kind of answer that comes not only from a honest and friendly person but also someone that is a friend so i have to thank you.

Still, i am the kind of stubborn person that does not know when to quit so i will stick with Tera NA and especially since there are more things to come in the future but indeed it is better to chillout and add something in between Tera to not only add some diversity but also have more fun in a different way.

Anyway, i am also hoping to see better news from EME regarding the vanguard updates because as far as i know we will get normal rewards from February which is fine but i also hope that we will get the vanguard shop updated and most likely get 100% keen mote at IOD ( this one is actually more for the newcomes because players like me already shred the bams at this point though even in my case 100% keen makes it funnier ).
I am not sure what to say because for example i have definitely disliked the old enchanting system but this one is so much more friendlier while at the same time we also have a much more easier time to gather materials to reach stormcry or even go higher if we really wanted ( i am glad that it is optional ). And i am saying that it is much more friendlier because we start with 100% enchant rate on Guardian while we have the option to get 100% enchant rate on Frostshard then we have the option to get more or less 50% chance for Frostmetal which is pretty nice in itself considering that its almost as good as Stormcry --- Then even Stormcry is pretty decent because we have the option to get 30% chance to enchant for a few steps and yet again it is quite friendly considering that Stormcry is the best in slot gear.

What i would not mind though is to have some sort of force enchant or upgrade option where we could spend x3 or maybe x4 materials but to have a guaranteed enchant or upgrade because for example my next aim after getting +5SC weapon and +3SC armor for that 449ilvl is to get the Brooch upgraded but each try has 25% chance to enchant with full XP and it require around 40k per try so i would rather go with force upgrade rather than starting from 25% and using 40k each time.

It is also unfortunate that you failed so much at +9 but that is only the RNG thay plays tricks because i have enchanter one main with storm and two alts with frostmetal so far and sometimes either i had to spend 5 tries to enchant with 30% chance or simply get it done with one try ( everything gets balanced in the end ).
Hakusai wrote: »
there is a server online atm in EU, its called "Manahan" and is an event server
dont worry, EU has same stats, but for the duration of manahan, they have slighty changed basestats:
-10%Power and Endurance , +5% Atk-spd
it's temporary

From Miriam on Tera Online discord

Seems like event server has different stats while its up.

I did not know that this is the case since i barely play on EU and when i do then i test things on the Manahan server.

Anyway, thanks and sorry for opening a thread just for something like this.
Tera NA Brawler: HFLUpxS.jpg

Tera EU Brawler: L4RMfVW.jpg
Maybe i was in the wrong all this time and maybe the game as is doing fine considering certain expectations even though there is no PvP whatsoever and the PvE is slowing dying as well with the LFG having less and less players active.

And my question was: should i stop trying to get better gear past SC and aim for harder dungeons or possible some PvP but instead become a casual player letting go of elite as well since its meaningless for 10hrs a week?

How should i play this game to have fun?
And even then, the vast majority of the playerbase will never try to get +9 SC gear or anything like that in the first place. The vast majority of players are casual or semi-casual (just like with every MMO these days).

IF you log in on Tera EU/Killian and move around at outskirts or check the LFG and inspect players then you will impressed to see how many players actually have above +5SC.. or how many reached SC or went beyond on the Manahan server.. but then again PvP and PvE motivate players to want to get involved.


Maybe i am not looking at the big piece for Tera PC/NA and i do not understand the fact that maybe the game is considered as being fine as it is or even pretty healthy based on certain expectations? Even though there is not PvP whatsoever and the PvE players are disappearing slowly making the even the LFG to look like a ghost town? Maybe this is fine because the aim is to have a casual or semi casual player base? And if that is the case that for example then should i take the example and log in only 10hrs per week and give up on trying to get even better gear/mounts/etc or even elite since its meaningless in that situation? And if we all become casuals or semi casuals playing literally for free barely supporting the publishers in any sort of way then would that not be a problem?

So how should i play on NA at this point? Or what am i doing wrong?
I kept reading what was said there and its interesting in a way to see that EME does not have enough freedom to personalize? Tera PC/NA and make it more appealing for the player base that has different views than KR? .. but the game is in such a bad state right now on NA that i do not even see what is there to lose anymore? The hundreds of players that barely login these days and the fact that less and less players are online with every week? So why not take a leap of faith and actually stop doing half assed events that sometimes give they impression that they are thoroughly thought to be as less rewarding as possible like for example this TRNM event where we struggle to get items that are two years old like the smart dyads and other regions are giving them in a much easier fasion? And why not update the shops to give more or less rewarding but at least not frustrating rewards for both PvP and PvE?

How hard is to make Tera NA to be a game that motivates players to want to play? Unless the more rewards they gain in game then the less is the chance to have them spend real money? I am confused because if that is the case then why not start by making Elite more appealing for both PvP and PvE players to encourage players to want to spend their 15$ on elite membership? Then move forwards and tweak the cash shop a bit for the same PvP and PvE players? I might be wrong but i am pretty sure that players would be happy to spend as long as they would have active battlegrounds/dungeons.

There is also the issue that Tera has great combat mechanics and many players including myself would rather play Tera instead of a game like FFXIV where you stand in the same place for a lot of time and push buttons in a certain order over and over again for a rotation.. But again if Tera has NO PVP and the PVE is barely alive then the point of having a great combat system instantly disappears since that combat system cannot be put to use so the other games might be tab target or any other boring thing but at the very least they have PvP and PvE.

p.s. bless online is also coming soon this year...
I have done even more runs today and yet again no smart dyads but instead some noctenium which is definitely nice but the smart dyads are the most needed.

Can we not get a decent way to get smart dyads instead of having to run the same dungeon 10-20 times hoping to see a smart dyad?
I have noticed this recently by mistake but on NA i am missing +5 attack speed as compared to EU and i was wondering why is that happening? I also noticed that we also have +6 more power on NA but why is the attack speed missing? I would rather have +5 attack speed than +6 power.

This is NA : HzBN9XO.jpg

This is EU : vwPOACo.jpg
on MT at least, the miner hats are 5k gold on broker.. if you really want one, 5k gold takes less than an hour to earn. the dyads and superior nocs seem to be dropping at least resonable amounts. it's not really an interesting event but at least it's something different than running 32 RG's every day

Can you explain what reasonable amounts really means? I have done quite some runs so far and all that i have seen was a single miner hat.

How many runs do we usually have to do to get a smart dyad?
Want some salt?

EU had x2 double gear XP for a month on the Manahan server from which players got free frostmetal and are able to free transfer to their main servers.

And we are not getting it even for a week end considering that its only some extra XP and we still have to deal with the devil called RNG..
At the very least, I think TERA PC will continue. I don't think they see console as an escape route or something away from the core game, but just as one other platform to sell the game on (just like expanding into a new market).

That said, I don't expect the game to have some giant revolutionary change or turnaround. It's still inevitably an older game by now with known optimization issues and is probably going to remain in the niche it finds itself in. Hopefully, once console is out, that will help spur them towards bigger development projects to help at least retain that niche audience, and maybe bring some people back. But we'll see.

I think that a game does not have to be necessarily bad because it is old since i have seen plenty of old but very popular games.

Of course, there are optimization issues and other technical problems but the state of the game that we had for the past 12 months has no connection whatsoever unless you believe that for example the current TRNM event is somewhat lacking due to technical problems.

p.s. sometimes i just hope that RNG was never going to be applied to MMO games since its the devils tool that can control any drop chance and with it create false promises
Laemie wrote: »
Maybe they can put in some short-useful lines on the loading screens if theyre able to :/ Like:

"Attacking from behind is optimal for damage dealers"
"Using backcrit crystals is optimal for damage dealers"
"Threatening red crystal is useful for tanks"
"Hardy blue crystal is the best for defense"
"Always read the message on your screen inside dungeons"
"Blue aggro means something special, watch out for that"
"Some attacks cant be dodged (Iframed) or blocked"
"Dodging skills usually give iframe that makes you invulnerable for a second"

Etc etc etc... That sure helps better than the ones we're currently have..

This one is a great idea actually because at least in my early days of Tera i always used to read the tips from the loading screens.
I did plenty of runs myself and did not get a single smart dyad.

As expected.. i need to run at least 20-30times the same dungeon only to roll on a smart dyad which is not even something special to begin with.. its just an item that helps and its nice to have but definitely not worth to put so much effort for a chance to roll on it.. Especially when you see that on other regions they give x5 smart dyads through RNG boxes that are tradeable and sold at the broker for 20k up to 30k...
I am sorry but PvP does not sell costumes.

Bye :D
VirtualON wrote: »
Also EU players say they make at least 100k profit per DSU run

This is exactly why we will never get it .. or if we do then it will be a super nerfed version.

Players always said that its easier to gear or enchant on NA past the arsenal patch but the truth is that it was always harder because for example we never got the important stuff like the update on vanguard shop or certain dungeons.
AnnieClark wrote: »
How about you make a new toon, don't do any enhancements, stay exactly as you would be as you hit level 65, and all of you do a party and record a video tutorial as basic players, with basic glyph setups, basic crystals, no 65 crystals as most new players not played enough to go get them, so stay on 55's.

This one threw me off and i felt the urge to add a reply.

The issue is not the fact that most of the fresh players do not have the basic things and they do not perfom enough with us "the elitist jerks with stormcry expecting too much" but entirely because they do not have any basic thing at all. And what this means? Exactly what it says.. most of the fresh players do not even bother to back crit bosses in RG/KC that are ever so easy to back crit while at the same time they also do not even have proper crystals equipped ( bitter/savage/focused/etc ) whether they are cruxes or not. On top of that, they rarely use nostrum at RG at least since KC will not open the door if the players do not have it and they also do not use bravery though its super easy to get both nostrum/bravery. At this point, i am not even going to talk about cheap glyphs or etchings from IOD because this is already hopeless from this point.. but we keep trying and ask players to get helped since nothing will change if we do not do that.

And in my opinion.. it does not matter what kind of language we use or what kind of words because most of the fresh players feel somehow like they are thrown out of their comfort zone suddenly having to do this and that instead of sitting back and relax regardless of their performance.. which most likely leads to the harsh replies from them.

So how to teach the fresh players about the ropes of this game when this happens? Ask EME kindly to deliver a pack of goodies at level 65 made of x100 nostrum, x10 bravery, x4 offensive/defensive crystals proper for the class, x5 goddess? etc? And hope that the players will actually use them?

By the way.. maybe the elitist jerks are being seen as a crows chopping on the poor fresh players at 2 star dungeons but the funny thing is that the fresh players would actually wipe both at KC/RG considering their own performance and the mechanics of the dungeons if the elitist jerks would not queue for the vanguard dailies.
I could also not understand why HM has the same x1 drop as NM ( this is not really trying to motivate players to do the HM which takes so much more time and preparation than NM ).

Also, how is this drop working exactly? Because if the chance to drop for smart dyad is 10% for example while the rest of the event rewards have the remaining 90% and the smart dyad drops as only one piece that 5 players have to roll for then that pretty much means that we have a sweet 2% chance to get a smart dyad from a TRNM run? And with that said as a player i have to run TRNM more or less 50 times to hope to get a smart dyad?

This is as bad as doing the Pit of Petrax/Ghillieglade double drop where the Ruby has 90% chance to drop while the emerald has 10% and the diamond is almost non existent so even double drop event for a few days will only give some few extra rubies not really making the double drop to be so amazing as such to be called an event.

Also, I am not sure why the smart dyad or the superior noctenium elixir which are getting old as items are still being given through RNG and at that some really messy RNG when most of the other regions give it for free in a guaranteed way through events like log in and such... I mean, why on NA some of the items that are old but still useful are being capitalized and given in a such a hard way like saying " you are getting rewarded for your hard work.. good job" even though the work is excessive compared to the other regions.

If the rewards are so low for both PvP and PvE making them to not even be worth the time invested making us to not be motivated but frustrated.. then what are we supposed to aim for as players in this MMO?
Your party was nice.

There are hours when the LFG is dead and its best to queue .. which and did and met this cute ninja elin with frostshard that was fortunately using proper crystals and doing crits more or less from behind but not wanting to use nostrum or hopefully canephora/bravery ( there are simple ways to get those without elite ). And at the 3rd boss i asked the ninja if she/he can use a nostrum at least to make it quicker because i was the only one doing damage mostly since i was a brawler and the other was a priest and we were inside there already for 10minutes.. so the ninja said " why would i use consumables for a 2star dungeon.. rofl" then i asked "why not? its always best to make it faster" and i got something like "shut up elitist ahole"

My brawler has +3sc and i was full on consumables so maybe he thought that i was trying to be rude.. but the thing is that if we consider the time spent in there gold wise then it is very much viable to actually use nostrum/bravery and even a cheap soup that costs 30g at broker and gives +10 crit besides getting proper crystals or hopefully glyphs/etchings ( IOD is so simple these days ) because there is a difference from clearing in 7-10minutes and clearing in 15+ minutes ( some LFG parties even take 5minutes ).

And for some reason i am getting better KC parties through queue rather than RG these days though the reason could be that one player that is messing around purposely or not has less impact in a 5man party than in a 3man party dps wise..

p.s. i am not sure how to help players to improve when they fire up so fast whenever the topic arises
What is the meaning of this called proxy and is it the same as VPN ( pingzapper? ). I am asking because i keep seeing all sort of talks lately about cheats and stuff which does not make sense since as far as i know the VPN only helps with the ping up to a certain point.

Also, i am from Europe and i have started player 4 years ago on NA when Gameforge was not the best and even since i kept playing on NA so i do not really have the change of heart to start all over on Europe though i have seen clearly what it means to play with 50ms on Europe or 160-200ms on NA ( also being ignorant all these years.. i thought that the game is somewhat playable on NA so i could live with it until i tested EU recently and felt like receiving a divine blessing ).

It is incredibly unreal when you try to dps/heal/tank with 160-200ms and your skills either do not hit in time or they mess up your rotation as compared to 50ms or lower when your hits hit instantly and everything including the dps/aggro/heal rotation works like a charm ( unfortunately, i have also thought that because of this as a non NA native i am probably losing 10-20% dps/aggro/heal/etc depending on class just due to the delay.. and it is no joke because if you ever played WoW back in the days where damage meter was super evolved then you could see that even in a tab target game you could lose important heal/dps/aggro over time whenever the servers were unstable and there was delay ).
My biggest hope is that the vanguard shop will be updated along with the change to x1 vanguard requests and we are going to get some decent items in there such as superior noctenium plus some way to get smart dyads or other useful items for enchanting/upgrading .. and obviously at relevant and affordable prices ( the entropic emblem box is a huge slap in the face ).

I hate it when you do a bg or dungeon and you have afk people or they go offline and not return, but I would rather have to deal with that than letter the party leader have absolute kick power. this is one of those no win situations and it would be abused. its a hard fix to do.

This reminds me of the old channelworks runs where there was this kyra event and some players used to queue as two then kick the third player after the last boss was being killed to prevent him from looting his share of kyra shards...

And even without such a situation i think that the force kick would do more harm than help because a lot of players would end up being kicked for even the smallest reason..
This is the passion for Tera that we all got used with it.
All game discussion for TERA PC. Includes PvE and PvP discussion.

But the PvP is non existent? How can we discuss about something that it is not happening? Or better said it is not encouraged through rewards or anything useful so the players have to PvE first to be able to PvP after? xD
RKC wrote: »
I got nothing out of these and all my fed bills are gone :(

I am in the same boat as you and many other players. What could we expect when we had the chance to buy 10? 15? boxes that had 1% chance to drop the weapon skin?

At least it was fun trying i guess though it sucks when you know that your luck is being diminished so much that it becomes almost non existent...
How much i remember spaming dragon fireworks during alliance conflict when the enemy was rushing to our fort... one way of defending the fort from invaders for sure ^_^

And on EU at least i have seen those signs all over with buddy up codes or guilds recruiting so they might have their use at least on that region with the overwhelming population.. but i am not sure about NA...
The PvP that we got used some years ago is long gone and the PvE is not that much entertaining either after doing the same dungeons over and over again for little to no rewards considering the current build of the game... But if you feel like trying the new changes as in the improved gear system which is definitely interesting and maybe chill and make some friends then you can try but again do not expect to find that much entertainment PvPvE wise...

p.s. alliance/fwc/cs/gvg/etc are only a myth these days
I wonder what kind of reaction EME has when reading all these type of threads haha..

Sadly, we give up on our potential to learn as long as we believe that we know everything... Kidding.. burn the healers at stake!!!

p.s. ^_^
Would be nice actually to be able to obtain Superior Noctenium thingies with vanguards or something because those are indeed useful...
The thing is that elite gives the crafting cures which can mean 30k gold or more per month if you are a crafter and also there is the 450EMP which also mean around 15k gold per month so you pretty much have 45k gold right off the bat to cover the elite expenses ( if you do some dungeons here and there to use the reputation boost or even open the daily gift box then you might as well cover up the elite entirely ).

So there you are... using almost broker freely.
From the color of the screenshot i guess that the fight was at the first boss and that one has some nasty AOE from what i can remember.

And you cannot call yourself a healer as long as you never intended to use your healing skills? Because at that moment you were a mere observer with auras throwing motes along with a totem here and there.

What if the tank decided to do the same as you and use only two skills to not keep aggro letting the boss to hit anyone and especially the ones with less defense? Or what if the dps classes decided to do the same as you and use only two skills to eventually wipe the party because the first boss at least would engulf the entire area with fire? Were you going to leave the party eventually after several wipes on the first boss? If that is the case then that thing right there is called .. you know what.
3) I have been forced to relearn the game from scratch as most of the game is very different right now

This is the most proeminent thing out of all things written above and I have to tell you that exactly this kind of perspective is what makes this game and any other toxic: You were not forced to do any dungeon and none of the players stared you to death right after you set your foot in the dungeon but instead you decided to try this game or any other because you knew that it can or they can satisfy some of your desires.

And you could try to understand even the most simple of the mechanics from the game before hand and show that you are willing to put effort and come prepared in the slightest appreciating the effort that the other players are putting as well for the team.. instead of going completely underprepared and expecting others to do everything for you directly instigating the other players from your team to dislike you and be rude towards you ( actually, after going underprepared and expecting others to do everything for you then being blamed .. you still believe that you did nothing wrong looking for justice and this kind of perspective does not help anyone because it will only add oil to the fire so instead you could try to understand the game and go prepared next time ).

Anyway, you have no idea how many players queue for dungeons without trying to understand even the most simple of the mechanics such as the use of nostrum which is 10g at the broker? or the importance of crystal and the need to back crit in this game along with the importance of staying alive or accepting ressurection and not going AFK until the end of the dungeon then suddenly come back to loot when the last boss was killed.

And from your point of view the players that are not willing to do everything for the new players are elitist jerks but from their point of view it is a very tiring and never ending crusade where nothing really changes... because there is always that player that does nothing and expects everything.

p.s. consider your perpsective if you are looking for a change
He must be famous if he got his own thread.
I have to agree that the hours were poorly chosen since the event starts at the designated hour then the dungeons reset after five hours so in other words you have five hours from 12AM up to 5AM to do the runs or else you lose a day worth of double drop or better said 25% out of total and with this said i am not sure why we did not have the usual schedule starting from 12PM so we could have 16 hours available before the next reset instead of just five hours so we could not lose a day so easily.

Why almost everything happens in such a manner to make us struggle or be at loss? I thought that this new year will be different.
Any news about Ghillieglade?
This is indeed confusing because we are used with the event starting usually at PM but now it is AM so it already started around 4hrs37minutes ago if i am not mistaking.

And about the rubies part... i have to take EME's side on this one because i have played on the Manahan server on EU which has double drop permanently from all dungeons and many times i did get x2 rubies stacks when doing Ghillieglade/Pit of Petrax.. so in other words we do have double drop as in double the items but still rubies are extremely common so they might drop the most ( i know.. kinda defeats the purpose of a double drop week end but this is how it is xD ).
The thing is that the metamorphic emblems were meant to be used mostly for enchanting materials and it was just fine using them for that purpose but even so i have to agree that ending up with 100k of them in the bank is a bit weird even as myself going past +0 stormcry and it would be nice to be able to trade them for something else that could be useful besides enchanting materials though the ratio should be obviously not too exaggerated.

Also, there were talks about updating the vanguard shop and seeing that the vanguard requests will get get cut in half or maybe said fixed back to normal then i am really hopeful that we will get the update on the shop as fast as getting the vanguard requests back to normal so we could keep having a steady pace doing vanguard requests. Of course, the events with double/triple or any other bonus is always welcome whenever as long as they do not become exaggerated but still updating the shop is the most important part.
Ikhay wrote: »
sorry for the bluntness, i don't wanna be annoying, I do not want to offend anyone either, but a good event would be to EMS pass the Tera to a publisher who take care and listen the community before the game die...

I was a bit unhappy with how Tera NA was handled over the last six months but even so i do see promising changes from both BHS/EME and at it was said before they are willing to try experiment and see what works best. Also, maybe there could be other publisher that might be able to take care of Tera NA but as it stands now EME has the most experience and is probably the best choice instead of having someone took over and starting from zero ( there is also the fact that Tera NA is no longer in its golden state as it was three years ago and the choices are limited ).

For now, i am rather curious to see how Tera NA will look in Februrary/March or maybe May..after all the changes that are to come ( we will also get that new open world questing which might be fun after all ).
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
If am not getting this wrong then we are going to get triple vanguard rewards until 30 January?

I think it's like this:

1) Now it's back to double.
2) This weekend it'll be triple.
3) For the rest of January after this weekend, it'll be double.
4) From February on, it'll be scheduled and not always-on (but when it's scheduled, it'll be sometimes triple, sometimes double).

Makes sense.

I went back to read again and it says "this" week end for the triple event.

Still.. this is surprising because at least i thought that we will not see any change until maybe tuesday? and at that time there might be some change that will end up with some glitch then the change will be reverted and so on.. But this is good news overall.
If am not getting this wrong then we are going to get triple vanguard rewards until 30 January? And on top of that double drop for Ghillieglade/Pit this week end?

And here i was watching movies today thinking what to do without the vanguard requests that kept me busy in game.

Either way, thanks for re-enabling the vanguard requests so fast even though the year has just begun and everything must be like some super monday came ten times at once.
This is a bit worrying though since for example i just had a 14mil crit Haymaker at the last boss of RG because i had the brooch on with other buffs like superior noctenium and the 2.0 dragon kicked and the boss was low HP.. so it just happened... and my dps probably doubled or tripled in a flash then the fight ended seconds after that.

IF someone recorded that and considered that something was suspicious enough to report me then i can end up as that Valkyrie if EME will find anything weird on my account? What is weird anyway? And I am barely at +2SC but what if sometimes in the future i will have +7 or +9 plus both the 1.5 and 2.0 dragons and other stuff that might improve my dps even more? then events like double/triple drop might happen again or simply RG/KD will be worth farming?

The thing is that i have seen myself 30sec kills on bosses with some crazy parties and it is nothing unusual but what if Mr.Joe with his twistshard is in there and thinks that everything is suspicious simply because he is light years behind and he fails to understand how stormcry works?

p.s. to be blunt i do not want to spend so much effort to get +7 stormcry to be reported and banned because of some ignorant moron
Ammutseba wrote: »
PVP is generally dead and the rewards for running dungeons are so terrible that I don't blame anyone for leaving then coming back for the double/triple drop events. I know there are people that would argue against increasing rewards, but tedious grinding without fair rewards for your time is a good way to convince normal people not to log in.

Many times i had this thought when being near to quit.

Would be nicer to get balanced rewards from dungeons instead of poor rewards and a crazy event once every two? three months?

5NY47CCA6Y wrote: »
RIP non awakened classes. Tera is already kinda elitist as it is, when this arrives people will only want those OP classes on their run. You play ninja or gunner? You're doomed. Look at that ragnarok mode zerker, the monkey HP bar went 1 bar per blink of an eye lol. Dunno why I still play this game, I must be some kind of masochist or something. I already see discrimination against ninjas and gunners now, even sorcerer which is an already "awakened" class. Talk about balance.

Ouch.. reminds me of some old memories that are both unpleasant and weird.

I used to play BDO when not all the awakened classes were done and trust me how much i have suffered for months on my witch character until the awakened came for my class then i was simply obliterating at PvPvE.. but then i also got bored and quit one month after since PvP at least at that time was all about 1shots and the PvE was mostly about soloing content.

IF we are not going to get the awakened classes in one fell swoop or really fast one after another then this game will get even more... yeah... masochistic?
The shorter the fight, the higher the damage/second value.


And the valkyrie fight was a 0:28sec fight.

Still, i want to add the fact that i saw x4 RG recently with Brawler( +2SC ), Berserker ( +7SC), Priest ( whatever xD ).. and the berserker used slaying: he did 31.5mil crit on the first boss .. and none of boss fights lasted more than 30sec ( how much he had? 8mil dps? 10mil dps? ).

Thinking about it.. the poor valkyrie went all in bursting everything that he had ( i can bet that he had 1.5 and 2.0 dragons/phoenixes ) while using slaying plus being in a party with lancer/mystic for buffs and going against a boss with low hp/endurance .. and some players most likely that never had stormcry weapons at or above +7 so far or even did runs with Stormcry weapons at or above +7 with all those conditions met .. thought that he was cheating.

aeee98 wrote: »

You will actually do more damage if people are racing for damage.

One thing is damage done and other is damage per second.

p.s. imagine if the valkyrie used ragnarok plus all the other goodies on this boss while buffed by mystic/lancer

That screenshot has some interesting details:

1) The party has a mystic so the Valkyrie had +crit aura and most likely debuff for armor
2) The party has a lancer and it is most likely that the lancer debuffed the boss with -armor while also using the +Attack Speed buff from his class.. plus enraging the boss from the very start..
3) The other two DPS party members seem to be pretty low since they are near the lancer meaning that it was not even a race in between DPS classes to burst down the boss so the Valkyrie had enough room to prepare in advance and pop everything to burst without worries ( with the double drop you will see plenty of alts with guardian/twistshard running around ).
4) The fight lasted only 0:28 seconds meaning that the Valkyrie might as well ( like some of us do ) saved the cooldowns for a particular boss to bring it down super fast ( in this case, i would have saved my cooldowns for the 2nd boss at KC because he is the one out of all that does not have weird mechanics running around ignoring the players ).
5) Slaying runs are quite popular among some players and to be honest the difference is quite visible when doing RG or KC for example .. at least i have seen RG bosses going down in 0:30sec and could not understand what happened...
6) The valkyrie had +9 Stormcry as far as i heard and if this is the case then it is also very likely that it had 1.5 or 2.0 dragons/phoenix if not both to proc the passives one after another and those buffs yet again improve the damage by so much along with slaying.. ( i have +3stormcry as brawler with only 2.0 dragon still trying to get the 1.5 one and RG bosses die like flies .. and i am not even using slaying because ground pounding > random white flowers > qq ).

So far.. I do not see anything special about this screenshot? I mean, the Valkyrie which is the top dps class right now had +9SC plus most likely the pve dragon passives for crit power and two classes that buffed ever so further the dps while at the same time it was done in a lowbie dungeon where the bosses have low endurance/hp and the other two dps classes most likely had guardian/twist so it was not even a race ( the second boss is also unlikely to move around doing mechanics so you can easily back crit for 0:28sec ).
Since it is the end of the year why not add Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax for the double drop to actually let us have fun doing whatever we want instead of having the feeling that we are being forced to run certain dungeons?

Mirakael wrote: »
Triple swipe? :)

Thank you, Sir.

Thank you.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
I think the only problem with getting a lv 60 scroll to play right away is that...you don't have any gold for the skills. Like, if you included in the pack an emerald or two, that sure helps.

When you use a level 60 scroll, you get all the level 60 skills automatically. And then if you do the FoA storyline, you should get enough gold for the skills at level 61 and on.

??? no you dont. Do you even play this game ?

So i am not the only questioning this?
So here i was finally seeing something new on the page hoping to some nice event to be instantly obliterated by the "high end gear".


Thank you.

Going back to my seat.


I also wanted to say that it does not matter if the items cost 5.500EMP or 5.500.000EMP because there is only a single entity that controls the whole value of the said points and you cannot really say that you saved 74% when there is no other entity to take as a comparison ( i am selling my high end socks for 100$ but today only i am going to give them to you for 25$ helping you to save 75% ).

And why not give some decent and useful items to those newbies like some limited auto loot pet/mount/costume instead of a gear that they would change within the next ten minutes after doing the story quests at level 60?
This reminds me of the days when i used to enchant frostmetal and getting angry then eventually getting happy because at that time for example i have failed five times going up with only one enchant level with 60% and higher asking myself how can i fail five times with 60% or higher? .. then i have succeeded three times in a row with more or less 50% .. And at Stormcry i have failed around six times from 30% going up only once which was more or less expected then i have succeeded with the same 30% going two levels up which impressed me..

The best advice that i have is to try to get the gear XP filled because so far it is the best thing that happened to Tera in terms of enchanting/upgrading.
I am pretty sure that i tried to bank the scales and could not?
Relax, we are on the right track.

From the fewer friends that i have online these days one of them decided to liberate his +7SC weapon and sell it because of a single reason "boring".

I mean.. having a server merge is too difficult but if you are not going to even add some recycled Kyra or add some tokens from Wintera to dungeons then you are not even trying anymore along the big list of things that need improvement.

p.s. good bye, my friend
More like make the dragon scales bankable? It already takes months to get one dragon on a single character considering that it is needed 400 scales to get a dragon which has a 6sec passive that many times procs during cooldowns so its not even that effective.. And i doubt that anyone in the right mind actually tries to spend 2 months? 3months? only for a dragon..

Unless it was intended to never get the dragon through scales? Just questioning this one since i might not know something about this and it might not take so much to get the dragon?

Also, there is a strong canephora/bravery version that cost 200g at broker.

p.s. unfortunately.. i dreamed for a second that i might be able to get it through scales but then i immediately regret that after seeing the numbers
So even one person cannot decide take some decisions like improve the vanguard shop for once to make players to want to run those quests or add some more interest to the elite status to make players to want to have it? What about the log in events or the vanguard bonuses? The calendar? Or maybe add some decent loot to the dungeons and especially the HM ones to motivate players to run them? By the way.. yesterday it took me 15minutes as a brawler with +2SC to find a group for x4 RG because nobody wanted to do it anymore even though its stress relieveing from the HM dungeons but the rewards suck both from the dungeon/vanguard quest and they would rather log off or afk at highwatch..

Also, at this point some said that the elite is an intended money/gold sink and they are not willing to get it anymore ( this kinda made me angry actually knowing that i always had elite for years and the anger was mostly from the fact that the players were partially right though in my case at least i can craft gold daric/plates which costed 150k to get anyway and i can get some money from the crafter cure from elite or else i would probably think like them ).

So.. once again? All those listed things are not being improved because .. what? they are being exploited like the said santa event?
Margarethe wrote: »

At this point, believe if they lose profit they'll most likely simply close the game.

I am going to quote this one and agree.

I mainly do because i have already seen another game that was similar and had the same fate ( was milked? is this the right word? milked? so it was milked? until it went dry then the rights were sold to a smaller company that renamed the game and made a server merge to hopefully get the money invested back plus some profit but that did not really work since the pay to win events were even more abundant than before and the fewer players that were still left there decided to leave for good ).

You know what? I understand very well that Tera PC is a business and above anything else it has to make profit to receive investments but when you are going to minimize the resources invested as much as possible while trying to make as much profit -again- as possible then is that fair to the players that are investing both their time and sometimes their money? And is your business really healthy like this? Besides, are you really a fair company trying to make some cash while being cool? And using excuses to cover up the will to invest and improve while demanding so much from the game and buying time is the nicest thing to do?

In game.. there are very simple steps that can be taken and could mean so much for the players like the vanguard shop for example or the improvement of the elite status plus other things like fixing the loot from dungeons ( especially the HM ones ).. and maybe some decent events that could improve the gameplay and make the player base more happy.. but these do not happen so why not? they are going to hurt the business model? players that have it easier in game are less inclined to spend so better make it as harsh as possible.. especially since content players can use up the game without investing real money so it can mean more expenses for nothing? though if they are content with the game then are they not more inclined to spend? i am confused as of why Tera ended up in a such a sorry state when it still has a lot of potential left ..

And why aim for the big whales when the low/med spenders bring much more profit? I mean, i was reading a lot about other games and especially this desert one and the charts were showing the same thing all over: the low/med spenders brough at least 70% of the profit ( no wonder why gameforge aimed for those with the Tera on EU and no wonder why the EMP sales spiked in the last six months ).

p.s. someone said in a book that goverments will disappear in the future because the corporations will take over and rule at global level so it will be interesting times to live in..
CornishRex wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I always thought that Counterpoint works for En Masse because there was no other explanation as of why he would relentlessly defend it for years and even at this point in time when it is clear as crystal water that En Masse is messing with Tera PC on NA not really giving too much care about the gameplay.

As much as I disagree with counterpoint almost all the time I can't say he always defends and backs up eme 100%, I just think he likes present an alternative point of view that most don't bother to think about or consider and he puts in much more effort into these forums and community than eme does.

Thing is that i never saw that alternative point of view to adress the things that happen exactly as they are but instead they were always coated with some sugar even though we get messed up many times in game... I mean, this is like having a nurse to tell you that its fine if one finger was removed during surgery due to lack of attention because you still have the other four so you should consider yourself lucky.. and there is the other arm too! ( i am exaggerating a bit with the limbs but you get the idea of how anything can be turned to something favourable with the right point of view when in our case we were at loss so many times in game and we never had any fix ).

Still, i do read the posts that Counterpoint has because many times they are well detailed and very well explained so i am getting the feeling that i am reading from someone that is highly knowledgeable and pretty smart too... but i still wish that we could be more blunt and more straight forward with everything .. then hopefully get some actual improvements.

p.s. we might get "lucky" with some gear xp event this year so that can be nice
I also am seeing much more rubies lately and i am not sure if its just me or something happened.

p.s. i usually run both dungeons on 4 chars a day

suggestion noun [ C or U ] uk ​ /səˈdʒes.tʃən/ us ​ /səˈdʒes.tʃən/

B1 an idea, plan, or action that is suggested or the act of suggesting it:
I don't know what to wear tonight - do you have any suggestions?
She made some very helpful suggestions but her boss rejected them all.
[ + that ] They didn't like my suggestion that we should all share the cost.
I have a few favourite restaurants that I tend to go back to, but I'm always open to new suggestions (= willing to try new ones that people suggest).
I went to the Park Street dentist's at Ann's suggestion (= as a result of Ann suggesting it) and I was really impressed.
voidy wrote: »
Want to see just one example of why this forum has tilted in the crazy direction? When mystic was given a broken targeting system, concerned players asked in thread after composed thread: Is this a glitch? Is this intentional? And no response from EME. Then this thread comes along literally asking "dafaq???" and gets a response within minutes.

Want another example, look at the overblown CCB elite fiasco. Barely a response until people started throwing tantrums about something that, in the grand scope of things wrong with this game, barely even mattered. I could go on. Point is, people try to be level and rational all the time and it never results in a "better conversation" with the people in charge of this game.

This is exactly what i wanted to say yesterday but after typing some stuff i have decided to delete the post and close the forum.

Anyway, i have upvoted your post though it does not mean much.
CornishRex wrote: »

The worst part is counterpoint doesn't even work for eme (besides being in the player council) yet he does their job better than what they could ever dream of. Kinda sad.

I always thought that Counterpoint works for En Masse because there was no other explanation as of why he would relentlessly defend it for years and even at this point in time when it is clear as crystal water that En Masse is messing with Tera PC on NA not really giving too much care about the gameplay.
Was nice while it lasted.
It is obviously unfortunate to see that Tera PC on NA is no longer on the priority list and because of it we pretty much get only the natural updates from BHS that come now and then ( at this point.. there is no need to hide it anymore that Tera PC ona NA was kept and will be kept alive with minimal resources until it will eventually give its last breath in a year or two due to either severe lack of population or cut on the profit ).

Still, we should not get angry considering that nothing is being done anymore but instead accept this kind of reality and still play the game if we still like it or move on with the Christmas even though we made so much progress in game with our friends and we expected to do so much more.

So.. Have a hot chocolate. Chat with your friends. Go watch the pretty city lights.. or simply [filtered] until you pass out.

Merry Christmas peoples.
TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat, a vast, gorgeous world, and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!

Taken from the main website.

Today they added the CCB back but nerfed Dungeons instead.

p.s. the ones playing on console are just unaware of what awaits them
They can do the same thing as with the PC version: promise changes that are never happening even after months to the unaware while keeping the game on life support with minimal resources and be happy for any cents that it brings..

Then publish a few games like that and you have a healty business.

p.s. i am really upset with the recent dungeon nerfs
Thank you for removing and adding it back but why did the dungeons were nerfed?
Santa is coming to town in a very special way.

I used to do x4 RG as well for the talents to craft silver plate but now... yeah...
feazeshero wrote: »
If it was intended, this is why we need to have some kind of communication of why there is maintenance if there were any changes and like post on the website so we all can see. Like most games other games I have played, when they do a maintenance, they would list the reason for it after the servers are up. In tera, well none of that is to be found and instead we find out in game by mystery. I'd be upset too especially finding out in game things were changed and not communicated to us. But hey this isn't the first time this has happened lol. Cough...

You mean by the "mysery" and not mystery since once again we are being shafted.

I only hope that this was not intended though they are giving 1/3 less talents than before even if mixed together so it might have some certain purpose.
This is what i thought as well at the first sight but then i have checked the number of talents and overall we are getting 1/3 less than before ( at least on RG/KD ).
So this is what happened? We are already having a very much useless vanguard shop ( have fun selling fine niveots at 300g when they cost 400 vanguard points ) and now even the talents are like this? Seriously? So what are we supposed to do? I did KC/RG with some guildies like we always do and today we did notice the difference.

So what is next? The income for KC/RG was already low considering that we needed mostly 10minutes to clear and the rewards were nerfed so we could get less?

At this rate, no wonder that someone said that we might as well start begging in highwatch.

p.s. this "balanced" version of Tera NA is pretty much F
I think that first response didn’t even attempt to understand the underlying issue. & Wow that sucks Cas especially since they were able to Fix elite so swiftly as far as crystalbinds are concerned. I guess when it’s money involved they can get the job done.

Reminds me of my little nephew that never listens unless he has something to lose then he is suddenly helpful and respectul.

Anyywa, it would be nice to get some PvP back though at this point it is just a fleeting dream.

Nedylene wrote: »
As I commented in other thread. I have the feeling that many players are complaining as also demanding quite much, really quite much. Want more with almost zero effort. Feels like they are demanding that EME would turn them as rich players by doing just one dungeon or becoming violently wealthy with just one event's day.

This screenshot does not prove that much because i think that gear is what really matters ( you might as well have +9 frostmetal weapon and +0 frostmetal armor while i farmed daily on three characters for +1 stormcry ).

But this is an interesting opinion nonetheless though in my case i did not ask for some weird events ( i actually hated Mongos because it ruined the economy and made the game unpleasant ) but instead for a more balanced version considering that we are so far behind in so many ways comparing the other regions and the most important thing is that the game is not fun at all but instead super annoying and frustrating. Also, i have farmed on three alts doing vanguards everyday spending 2-3hrs only for those ending up with +1 Stormcry on one of my characters after two months and if that is not dedication and effort then what it is? And what really bothered me to want to make this thread is that the farm was filled with a lot of anger and frustration instead of fun and satisfaction ( now i look at my gear like at a indecent woman .. ).

Anyway, one of my friends came up with a great idea: why not play on both NA/EU instead of one of them and then move on with both? So i am done with being "bothersome" and "complaining".

In the end.. EME is the publisher on NA and they have the right to do whatever they want. The same goes with Gameforge/EU and so on.

p.s. funny thing is that today i checked the broker on manahan for emeralds and i saw the name of a hardcore pve sorc from this top guild on mt which ended up as him doing hm dungeons there haha...
How do you even get so many? I thought that i had an excessive number when i reached 100k...
It is possible but at the same time it is so hard that it can make almost anyone give up half way. Then again, why would you need max gear as a non spender? If you want to have that crazy +9 Stormcry then burn your wallet.. but even at +7 Stormcry or less you are still fine ( at least, i believe so ).

Anyway, i am at SC +0 playing on three alts doing vanguards everyday and i think that i have achieved enough so far considering that at other patches it was so much harder to get this kind of gear... And i still have time to eventually get +7 Stormcry weapon and let it rest there.
I have played a priest for almost a year back in the days and it was not so bad since at the very least the PvP was active and i was not feeling so useless.. But now i am playing on brawler and unfortunately i have to say that i do want a mystic in my party instead of a priest...

p.s. i would love to play a priest again but..
If you want to get infuriated then come back ^^

While I wouldn't mind this on weekends, I again urge you idio-- I mean smart people, to realize that things COST MORE on Tera EU. A lot more.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
but the gold income was cut to half or more so in the end we received one thing but lost another ending up with tough enchanting experiences.

They cost a lot more simply because of the high demand of enchanting materials since the population is x3 or higher ( the population was not like this but it steadily grow over time because of all the changes that made players to want to get involved ) while most of everyone is either doing PvP or PvE because the rewards are motivating to do so.. and if you are not into PvPvE every day and want to chill then you can buy crafting potions and craft items to sell since crafting is godly there once again due to demand ( i made 100k in two days being amazed at how fast the materials were selling and it was on Killian considering that some of the population went on the test server ).

And now quests give double gold rewards on EU as in KR while EU has 100% keen as most likely on KR ( i cannot confirm unfortunately ).. while EU has the updated vanguard shop once again as most likely on KR.. so they pretty much aling with that KR does and as you probably saw the population exploded ( the EMP rate also exploded due to high demand so its a win/win ).

Want more? I have heard that the crafting potion that gives 4k points costs 500 vanguard points on the test server while the designs such as silver/gold plate are 1k each at the NPC plus anyone with Elite has 100% drop buff along other events that are so motivaing... so pretty much any player can start on the test server and grow up so nicely to catch up then free transfer on one of the other normal servers.

Arwen wrote: »

Yes indeed things costs a lot more on Tera EU by a long shot, but is strange how in only one week I managed to have frrostmetal +8 weapon+armor and 200k gold and a tons of mats and other stuff, while on tera NA took me months to bring only the weapon to stormcry 0 which left me broke, with daily IoD grind on 3 chars.

Edit: ah I forgot the most important thing: I forgot since I had fun on NA last time, BG is dead, lfg is dead, everything looks dead.
Today in EU I've ran 6 CS in row, i don't even remember when I done last time a CS on NA because bg is dead even on the rush hours. Which ahem is so sad :/

I know what you are saying very well because i had exactly the same experience and it was quite impressing... But right now everything that i have as in gear/gold/guild/friends/etc are on NA and i cannot simply erase everything and move on.

At this point.. i do not even expect to have the same experience that every other region has besides NA ( i even heard that RU has x2 drop buff for elite to make up for other things ).. but at the very least have some decent experience because right now we are behind by quite a lot considering that we do not have 100% keen mote.. no update on vanguard shop and neither the double gold reward on vanguard quests plus many other missing events.. so this is no longer about balancing anything but simply the will to not improve at all.

Oh yes.. we also lost the permanent CCB for elite? This one does not make sense too..
aeee98 wrote: »
More gold is not always good even with a prominent gold sink now and contrary to what most people think, gold was never the real problem on enchants but the lack of talents and for some item xp.

I actually believe that the gold is the real problem in this patch because we did get the gear XP but the gold income was cut to half or more so in the end we received one thing but lost another ending up with tough enchanting experiences. At the very least, i have to say that i enchanted my three pieces of armor that had full XP from +0 frostmetal to +0 stormcry and each piece used around 100k gold even though they had roughly 60% going to 50% enchanting chance and added up with the weapon that was the same in terms of gear XP and costed at least 200k gold then i have spent 500k only for the weapon/armor and i have not touched the accessories yet.. Of course, anyone could say that why +0 stormcry but we are already two months into the patch if we are not going to get at least +0 stormcry at this point then what was the reason behind the gear XP since nothing would change from the previous patches... And its going to get much tougher from now if i dare to even go further because the enchanting costs even with full XP costs so much more while the enchanting rate goes lower.

Still, if we are not going to get the double gold bonus from the vanguard requests for various reasons including how it could affect the economy then at least we should get an improved version of the current keen mote with a chance to drop around 20-25% and the vanguard shop should be updated with relevant items that could help with the gear progression like talents or crafting cures as you said along with items like the superior noctenium elixir and hopefully a RNG box with a decent chance to get smart dyads.
I have seen that EU for example got their prison patch with the double gold for vanguard and now they get 1.2k for RG or 600g from high level bams at IOD.. so at this point they have the 100% keen mote with the vanguard shop updated making the vanguard points to be worth x4 more than NA and now they even got the patch where the gold was doubled for the vanguard quests ( i know that i should stop with the EU examples but once again they are keeping up with KR and improving in one way or another ).

At this point.. I need to ask what is happening with NA or what will happen in the future since we also got the broken prison patch but the gold was not doubled and at this point we do not have the 100% keen mote and the vanguard shop updated which were supposed to be the trade off so far since two months already passed from the Arsenal patch for getting double rewards from vanguard quests which if we talk about it then we can figure out that at least in terms of gold they are not double at all but instead greatly diminished exactly because the shop is not updated so only glyphs/etchings really matter .. but on top of this we are not going to get the double gold as well?

So i need to ask to at least know what to expect because if this is the actual deal then this is going a bit too far in my opinion..

p.s. i am not happy to say it but Tera NA is starting to feel like a concentration camp
VirtualON wrote: »
We have double VG but EU kills 2-3x faster. But their credits worth 4x more.

Hmm it's hard to choose which one is better?

But tbh NA's economy is still broken, even if we have 100% keen mote, it will just devalue credits even further. Then we end up with killing more bams for the same income.

EU got their gold doubled for vanguard quests while they have 100% keen mote and their vanguard points are worth x4 because of the vanguard shop update.

I thought that we will also get the gold doubled from vanguards meaning that for example they get 1.2k gold from RG or 600g from high tier bam.. but am i missing something? EU got it with the Broken Prison and we did not on NA ( i have spent almost 1hr searching on many sites official and non-official for the right patch notes but none could say when exactly the gold from vanguard requests will be doubled ).

By any means, do not tell me that we will not get the gold doubled from vanguard requests while we will stay with the vanguard shop outdated from six months ago and no 100% keen mote because this is completely amazing ( i will lose even the tiniest bit of hope that i had in EME if this is the case ).
Wait you guys get double rewards too? like double crystals? farming glyphs sounds so much better than ktera xd

The vanguard shop is the same as six months ago hence the forum threads and the double rewards are not so valuable as they seem because we do get x2 vanguard points but the shop is outdated and the missing items make the points to much less valuable than supposed to be. And we do not get 100% keen mote so we have to fight for a longer time to get extra rewards but mostly on mains or brawler/valkyrie alts because the rest suck big time..

At least the dungeons were buffed and if we are going to get the same build on NA then we can finally move on in terms of gold income and leave IOD only for those that need glyphs/etchings.

The IOD subject was nerve wracking for both sides as in the publisher and the players for too long anyway and in the end none of us gained anything from it so we better move on and forget about it.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »

All that i ask and we ask in general is more fairness from EME.

Wouldn't be then better ask for the same stuff on Vanguard Shop's as EU, as you pointed off rather than have IoD bams to always drop keen motes?

If you talk about fairness, making bams more easy to kill to earn rewards that already have a low value will only make them drop more their value, because people will get more to expend that way in the same time invested for that.

To be honest.. i was hoping to have the 100% keen with the current build to at least remove some of the stress and time invested with the IOD bams because i seriously doubt that EME or whoever is in charge will ever agree to update the shop with realistic items while not removing the double bonus for vanguards as a trade for the keen mote... OR even more to upgrade the shop with realistic items while removing the double bonus but adding 100% keen mote.

I went to actually check out when the Arsenal patch hit NA when we were supposed to get the updated vanguard shop and it was on October 10 which is more than two months ago.. and we are still at the planning phase while it will take at least two more months to update the shop or at least change the course of this disaster... so the disbelief from my part is strong with this one.

Anyway, i think that i am going to give up completely on IOD when the buffed dungeons will hit NA unless they will get "improved" on NA as well which hopefully will not happen.
The LFG on my server is not always filled with parties that are willing to do KD/RG for example and i thought to have a leap of faith and queue to hopefully get the runs done but unfortunately at least 50% of the dps either had weird crystals or no crystals at all and at least 30% of players were not even using nostrum ( i asked someone out of curiosity about nostrum and he said that this is not raiding in WOW to use consumables ).. and with all this happened i guess that glyphs were probably randomly chosen ( some players were even getting 1shot by bosses?? and were not accepting ress leaving us to mostly 4man or sometimes 2man the boss or bosses left ).

I am confused and at loss.. so i will most likely rely only on LFG..

The only issue is: would you accept increasing the rate of keen motes in exchange for eliminating the double rep/item buff?

Again, the difference in the rate of keen motes is directly tied to the fact that we have double rep+items. That's why EU and NA differs. So if you think they're just going to buff the drop rate while keeping the rewards the same, they probably won't. They mentioned on Friday's stream that they're planning to update the Vanguard Rep merchant to be more closely aligned to the additional items they have in K-TERA, so at that time vanguard rep should be more valuable again. So, is it better to get the job done faster but earn slower, or for it to take a bit longer and earn more? That's really the trade-off.

At this time, until we see the changes to the vanguard rep merchant, I'd be inclined to not push for a change to the status quo yet.

The difference of keen motes is directly tied to the fact that we have double rep+items but we do not have the shop updated.

So how does it makes sense to have a double bonus for the points but to not update the shop making the said points to have a greatly diminished value ending up to be 1/2 or less value than EU for example and that is even with the double bonus applied on NA ( fine relentless niveot sells for 2k on EU and for 400g on NA ).. While taking away the 100% keen mote? I would understand if we would get double points and updated shop without 100% keen mote having a trade there.. but that does not happen and because of it we have a lesser income of gold while fighting for a longer time and enduring extra stress considering how unfriendly the BAMs are..

It is also nice that they mentioned something about planning but we are already one month? two months? into the Arsenal patch and every other region got their vanguard shop updated with it while we did not .. and we still have to wait at least two more months ( truth is that it does not matter anymore because if it was not done at its time then now its kinda late considering that the patch with the buffed dungeons will come on NA.. unless they get you know.. improved on NA ).

And i would rather kill faster and earn slower than kill slower and earn faster considering that those unrealistic monsters called IOD BAMS have i-frames/back step or attack/walk through block and they also stun ( for 7-10sec! ), knockdown or stagger so yeah.. the experience is amazing the slower it is ( no wonder everyone makes a brawler for it ).


All that i ask and we ask in general is more fairness from EME.

I like some of them but if we are going to deal with RNG once again then this is pretty ugly.. such a shame.

I mean, i already know that RNG exists exactly because the % can be controlled at will unlike the guaranteed item so the ones behind can put even 1% behind some of the hair styles if they want to so have fun trying to RNG your desired style.

On a hilarious note: there is time until then so better save the 200-400k needed to buy one of them from the broker if RNG might not be friendly - and if they might be tradeable.
VirtualON wrote: »
Yeah. It's not needed because IoD is so important it needs to be time consuming right?

I really don't understand the logic of "it's not needed"? You want to kill a BAM in 10 seconds instead of 3-4 second? The difference is huge, especially with low geared alts.

The guys who oppose, either are too butthurt when EU has a better feature than us so they are in denial, or an EU player that doesn't want NA to have a better feature. Both cases are pathetic.

I have seen this attitude as well and after reading some opinions i have reached to conclusion that players who deny the improvement of IOD are either players that usually do not do IOD or do not want to do it regardless of keen mote because it is indeed super boring to kill the same monsters over and over again .. And.. they do not want to see others making progress ( i understand us being crazy about EME but players denying the progress of other players? this kind of unfriendly attitude is too much.. ).

Still.. why so many players talk so much about how easy is to do IOD on healers or alts? And i am talking about the fact that at least on priest it is unbelievably hard to do the bams because the priest has no crowd control to stun them altough sometimes they resist to stun anyway which menans that the bams will jump all over unless you do teraliths all day.. and the priest also has has no glyphs with carving so once again the damage is not so impressing ( actually, even with keen mote 100% i am taking x2 more time to kill bams on priest compared to my other dps classes and i have full dps build on priest with frostmetal weapon ).

Anyway, it seems that the dungeons will be buffed and that is a great thing because we can finally farm some gold while interacting with other players and its so much better than killing monsters alone over and over again ( my priest will be finally useful though i think that players kinda prefer mystic ).
On another subject: elite dropped to 48k on MT and it was 60-65k some weeks ago..
At the very least we have the tradeable CCBs that last for 12hrs so it is something though i kinda started to get used with the permanent option.

And as someone said: either make it permanent or remove it to add something better but do not change with with some half assed CCBs
There is a huge difference from using the potential of your class properly and simply doing the minimum required to pass the run. And the huge difference is that if every player does the minimum required then all of a sudden you will find yourself clearing a run x2 or x3 slower because the party will be at 50% or 30% of the optimal bar.. then i can bet that you will start saying "ffs this party is so bad lmao". That if you are not going to wipe which will most likely lead to a party disband.

So it makes sense for every player involved in the party to use the class properly regardless if its a healer or a tank to improve the run which will lead into more fun during the fight and more satisfaction after clearing ( besides doing more runs with the time available ).

Anyway.. i am sorry to have to say it but after so many dungeon runs i have my eyes trained and i can see from the first boss who is trying and who is just being silly.. and god knows how annoying is for me ( i play tank/healer ) to see DPS classes that do not even bother to back crit attacking from the front or at the very least use consumables like canephora/bravery/etc which are so useful and yet so cheap at the broker knowing that they could do it but they do not want to which eventually makes everyone else to put more effort to cover the lack of efficiency.

Still.. each with his own.

If you want to bring quality to the party and be cool then you get a high five... and probably some hearts.

If you want to be silly and annoy yourself plus everyone else with your unfriendly and lacking attitude then.. anger happens.
I, for one, was enjoying the elite perk of a never ending CCB. One of the better perks added for the price we pay. I don't care about achievements overall. Well, as stated, thanks for not only taking away one of the more useful perks but also nerfing it at the same time. I play on 7 different characters. Terrible job BHS and EME.

Same here.

I was actually enjoying this perk since i am playing with the slaying crystal which means that i stay under 50% HP a lot of time and it was nice to have a back up to not lose crystals just in case but now it is gone.... And i also play on multiple characters.
Just curious because Spacecats says that this was done off of player's feedback and their cats. Anyone in favor want to post on this thread? So far we have 17 pages on the other thread against it. I'd like to make it undeniably obvious that this was a bad decision on their part and the gms man-up and admit it and revert it. But, by all means, if there are people who actually like it, post here.


Now we know whois behind this masterplan ^^

Anyway, i can understand that there might be some players that could go for the said achievement but this was not supposed to be a reason to screw up the rest of the players that are not going for it.. so why not come up from the start with something that would benefit both sides? I mean, if this argument about one group called the minority of majority or however was so important then why not care about every other group involved?
Ashno wrote: »
been playing on eu's event server and gotta say i might just play over there for now on

If you are interested in making some profit early on then try crafting/selling runes from Alchemy without going over Artisan because the demand is extremely high considering that ever so many players are leveling up professions ( as example i already made 100k in two days ). And you can try to farm your own crafting potions since they cost only 500 vanguard points and replenish 4k crafting points instead of buying them from broker. Then you can go Artisan weapon/armor for even more profit.

Anyway, i hope that EME will give some attention to Tera NA seeing from other examples that a happy and healthy game creates happy and healthy players that are either playing or willing to spend more money ( i have to admit that i was thinking to spend on EU for some nice packs that are not filled with RNG junk ) and with this said there is more profit to be made... though i doubt so because the plans for Tera NA were most likely settled a long time ago and along the lines to never update the vanguard shop as a prime example.

Each with his own. Best is to not hold grudges.
Dialoonia wrote: »
Yes but then reduce your rewards by half. EU get only a half of NAs IoD rewards

This is what i thought as well but the real difference is that on NA we never got the updated vanguard shop ( only god knows why this update was avoided so much ) and because of that the EU has half the rewards from IOD quests but at the same time it has the vanguard shop updated and the price for a fine relentless niveot goes up to 2k at the broker ( the equivalent of the same vanguard points as in crafter cure goes for around 8k gold ) while on NA it goes up to 500g so even if EU has half the rewards.. the updated vanguard shop makes the gold to be better on EU which obviously makes no sense.

Even up to this day i still fail to understand why on NA we never got the vanguard updated shop and why do we have to struggle so much considering that we get less gold per IOD quest and not even have 100% keen mote where as EU gets more gold per IOD quest and has 100% keen mote.

The funny thing is that i keep seeing the double rewards on NA but are they really double? I mean, it is nice to get some extra enchanting materials until you find yourself with 50k methamorpic emblems in the bank but what about the rest? Why do we get double vanguard points as long as the shop is not updated making the vanguard points themselves to be diminished in value? The double vanguard points were supposed to have a better value on NA exactly because the vanguard shop was going to be updated considering that this was the exchange for the keen mote.


Then we are called a bunch of angry kids that are never happy with anything when this is kind of unfriendly status happens for already a year..
ElinUsagi wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »

Any thoughts about how the economy will be after the event on the server you are in?

What are the peak hours over there?

I am a bit confused here so i am not sure what to answer.. Is there and "ends" in between "event" and "on" up there?

Anyway, the economy is extremely related to the fact that there are a lot of players doing PvP with things like CU/GvG or BGs considering that there are fun and rewarding events and the same goes for PvE ( as far as i heard the PvE is much more popular and the server that i know of is PvP based ). And i think that dreaspire came or something like that because the prices spiked once again so the economy is mostly running well all the time because something new always shows up ( some weeks ago it was the HM dungeons and now is dreaspire for example then later on something else will come ). It is also worth to mention that the players do not struggle so much to farm gold and because of it they spend most of the gold on gear ( the biggest reason why the demand is so high ) up to the point where the real moneys are being spent mostly on rare costumes/mounts/pets ( this is also motivating in a way ). And most of the players will transfer back to their main servers after playing on the test servers so it will be fine.

There is also the fact that the main servers are not neglect at all because they also have more events going on so players can simply play on both main/test servers once the heat goes down on the test server.

The peak hours are somewhere around 5pm CET up to 2AM CET ( that should be 8am PST up to 5pm PST ).. and the peak hours have at least one page of LFG filled sometimes up to even two pages of LFG.. so the non peak hours are still pretty ok ( this is for Killian or the alternative of our Mount Tyrannas ).

So far, i am only playing on the test server messing around to see how things go because i am still busy with my little brother on our level 65 chars on MT that we do not want to give up yet considering the friends and also the gear.. ( we have stormcry going and such with some decent economy going but so far it is a struggle and mostly because of the lack of fun and rewarding events along with the lack of PvPvE while i cannot say how annoying is to do IOD without 100% keen knowing that on top of it we even get less gold compared to EU since the vanguard points are x4 more valuable there ).
The difference right now from EU and NA is the fact that EU is actually fun and interesting while NA is demotivating and frustrating.

I have tested myself the new server to see how it is and besides the fact that there are a lot of friendly players that want to group up and level together there is also the fact that there are a lot of relevant and fun rewards involved such as permanent mounts/costumes/etc and this includes the buddy up code along with the free frostmetal +0 at lvl 65 and many other things like extremely discounted designs for crafting or a ton of enchanting materials to help enchanting/upgrading ( and whoever complained about the TC club: if you did any dungeon then you could have seen that it was needed only one person with the buff to clear everything easily and from two dungeon runs you could almost reach the next level dungeon including the buddy up bonus ).

And do you know what else happened? On the spot within hours Gameforge updated the vanguard shop adding some extra loot that players could not get through boxes while EME takes months to update the same vanguard shop which is ever so important to us the players.

Also, there is no p2w on EU as much as peoples liked to say because for example on the new server the crafting designs are heavily discounted so you can pretty much start crafting and make even 50k up to 100k per day from silver gold/plates solely because the economy is shining and the demand is really high up to the point where a crafting point can mean 5g and the crafting potions are being sold at the vanguard shop so they have a decent price to make profit from either selling them or crafting with them. At the same time, the vanguard points are much more valuable on EU because a fine relentless niveot can sell even for 2k along other things like 100% keen mote so farming at IOD is actually fun while the income is pretty good -- On top of that, if you want to go wild then you can make a new account and play with two accounts on the new server making so much gold considering the insane demand on everything ( especially from PVE players that are going for dreadspire ).

Leaving the test server aside.. the other servers are pretty steady and fun as well .. or at least this is what happens on Killian.

So what happens on NA? Why is Tera so neglected in the favor of other names and why it cannot be fun and interesting?
TWMagimay wrote: »
zanlik301 wrote: »
So we wont be able to do buddy up on the lvling server I presume?

That's an interesting question :O I haven't seen anything about buddy-up codes not working so, maybe, if you hold off on lvling for an hour or so, ppl will hit lvl 40 and there will be buddy-up codes? EU rewards aren't all that good though so it's not a big loss.

This made me curious so i went to do some reseach and i found out the fact that both sides of the ones being with the buddy up get 2 tokens that can open up a shop with different kind of mounts and costumes with the most interesting ones being the kitty mount along with the pink unicorn and the green wolf which in my opinion are quite worthwhile to have ( the downside is that the pink unicorn and the green wolf are among the ones that cost x3 tokens so the buddy up needs to happen twice ).

zanlik301 wrote: »
Arwen wrote: »
around 200k gold. But keep in mind that 1 month elite scroll has a chance to give u a marrow brooch and other stuff like that :astonished:

wow so much, As much as I crave low ping which means that I will finally be able to play smthing else except healer effectively it will take at least a month of grinding to make a profession profitable adding the prices f broker that's insult to injury it will take many months to make the account profitable and being able to progress gear

I was also worried about until i did the math and it was not so bad because:

x) elite gives x20 keys that can be sold for 80k or more depending if the lootbox event happens
x) elite box gives x100 gold talents per day and that can be another 45k per month
x) the crafting points are really valuable and you can get x2 profit for silver siglo or gold daric/plate and x4 more profit for crafting silver plates so that can be 60k up to 120k profit per month unless you like gathering which i heard that is also profitable
x) IOD has 100% keen mote and its really easy to do while the vanguard points are given 50% less but the points themselves have x4 more value than NA which means that you can some pretty nice gold from doing easy dailies with rep boost
x) there is another elite box that has a decent chance to give tradeable IV etching boxes or other things that have a nice price at the broker and overall it can mean another 30k per month or more depending on luck.. besides non tradeable brooches and other things
x) there is also an item given with the elite box that can be put together to create a box wich can give permanent mounts/costumes/pets or smart dyad boxes that contain x5 smart dyads and can be sold at the broker
x) i forgot what else

The thing is that the elite is expensive but there is a real reason behind it.. it is really valuable and wanted by anyone.

Now i only wish that elite was this good on NA.
Can I transfer more than one character?

All players who reach level 65 will receive a single free transfer. If you wish to transfer another character, you’ll need a Character Transfer Voucher from the TERA Shop.

I went out of curiosity to read more about this new Manahan server and found this kind of info.. so a player can pretty much have fun on the new amazing server then free transfer to the home realm where he has the rest of the old characters.

If this is not fun the what is? Haha...

p.s. EME please.. where is the love

I am also from Europe and this is my very first cosmetic item that i ever bought on Tera NA and it culminated with my first character created which was a priest that i still have it and has around 70days played on itself ( also made archer/gunner/gunner since then that were my mains and i probably have 200 days played altogether ).. and i have started on NA because at that time GameForge was not really caring about the game.

Regardless, i had fun on NA and i still have great memories from like when Tonka was wiping at Kezzel Gorge with Minea/Harmonia and the crew when streaming for charities and we were all amazed at how hard was that dungeon since we were all newbies of course. But then again, they also cared about Tera NA and you could see that they were devoting themselves to try to make it better making events that were actually fun and worth it while improving the in game shops and doing fun streams on twitch that did not had hidden intentions behind unlike now where events and in game shops or other vital things are being dealt with so much lack of interest that it feels that Tera NA is no longer wanted or even needed ( the other games seem to be much more important ).

Still, i hope that if we show how good Tera EU is then Tera NA will be reconsidered and maybe brought back to life.

Anyway, i have also tested EU recently out of curiosity since i had friends that moved there a long time ago and i have to say that it was really refreshing because it was very populated and i could do dungeons or kuma to level up quite easily while at the same time the economy was running and items were selling and on top of that there were so many HM parties at levels 65 upgrading stormcry that every profession was really profitable ( i have also seen a ton of GvGs which made me to go for the first time in a long time at velika outskirts to observe the fights ). Besides, there were plenty of guilds looking for members and the LFG almost always had full page if not two pages ( i was on Killian ).

So what makes Tera EU so popular:

The first thing that impressed me so much is that on Tera EU you can buy a Server Transfer Voucher with EMP and it is not even so expensive ( the price is around 200k considering the actual EMP prices ).

Elite has a free auto loot pet along with 5% broker fee which means that players no longer struggle with negotation since its easier to buy items while at the same time the elite gives x20 keys that are worth 4k each and they are used to open important lockboxes while on top of that there are two different daily boxes from elite and one of them gives x100 golden talents plus the usual canephora/bravery/etc while the other box has a decent chance to give important items like IV etchings boxes, high level brooches or extra boxes that give more tradeable and non-tradeable enchanting/upgrading materials for the gear ( elite is also tradeable ) plus an item called star trace that if put together it can give a box with a chance for items like high quality dyads/nocteniums/mounts/pets/etc.

Besides, there are great events all over the place from level up events that give free gear like with the gunner that had free frostmetal along and brought so many new players up to events that require a daily log in and yet again give relevant and interesting items like piece of footsteps that can be put together for the actual item along with week end events that require to be online for a certain time and also give piece of footsteps.. And events for battlegrounds that makes battlegrounds to be ever so popular.

Island of Dawn has 100% keen mote and every class can do the dailies without having to struggle while the vanguard shop is updated and the vanguard credits have actually more value and the players are willing to spend more time for dailies.


And all this makes the economy in game to be excellent because the players are willing to farm and spend gold which in return boosted the elite sales because every lvl 65 player wants to have elite activated and because the economy is excellent the costumes/mounts/pets/etc sell really well along with any other EMP item so the spenders are also greatly interested to spend seeing how their stuff sells so well.

All in all i have to say hats off to Gameforge for not giving up on Tera but instead making it a flourishing game that most likely brings so much profit ( at least i was told that the EMP price doubled in the past year from 1:300 to 1:600 and the EMP sellers are really happy with it ).
Chido wrote: »
Solution can not sell trade broker: V

misses have 999999 federation bills and misses have 1 federation bills :V

all happy :V

They are LOOT boxes, billy pete can buy 20 boxes and get nothing.

The only thing im concerned with is that they price this boxes at 50+ bills given they gave out 5 each day. 10 days to purchase 1 box and get nothing.

This is the issue here; the vast majority of players acquired fed. bills through the daily log in but it seems that there were a selected few that opened boxes or did other things and because of them we might see 100+ or 200+ prices for a single box.

This reminds me when we had the felicity lootboxes and i was opening 60-70 of them without getting anything.

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