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can you even lock the skillbar now ? this new Ui is trash. the gap in the middle is for show and sacrifices game efficiency
feminzii wrote: »
I'd just like an option as to whether or not the glow shows up. Sometimes it looks nice and othertimes it ruins the look. I read they put in an option to disable it on this patch but I'm not sure if that's client side or server side.

i agree, they have an option for up swept hair (wtf?) and for fce masks not showing so having an option for wep glow on or off should be possible
after every major patch the color of the different enchants +3/+6/+9 change , WHY ?!
just keep them the same color and be done with it.
furthermore the weapon skins continue to fail at their 'job' ; if i want a green plasma weapon i dont want it to be red, if i have a shadowlace weapon skin and i want that sucker to be FIRE orange/red not HOT pink !!.

weapon skins should cover enchant glows and instead of enchant colors regressing just come up with new ones or leave them alone.
weapon glows are ruined, laurels are ruined and don't even get me started on this dumb UI.
@KitTeaCup please consider adding more mounts to the token shop for a better selection.
nobody wants these mounts.
add some horses, bears, kumas wolves.
the choice of mounts is terrible, car mounts, bird mount, so sad.
it doesnt feel like any effort was really made my eme at all.
there's like 50 mounts in the game.
the choice of mounts with the gokart tokens is too limited.
add more mounts to chose from
Melyodis wrote: »
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
eme has removed the Go-kart mount from the game and given us tokens with trash mounts as some kind of compensation.
not good enough.
we had to go through a farming event to get those mounts, we chose them over other items ! Now they are gone without explanation (typical eme) and we are supposed to be ok with it? car mounts? bird mounts ? really?
stop going back in time, these mounts we/are not liked for a reason, they are bottom of the barrel.

the go-kart mounts were my favorite mount and i put in time and effort to get them.
i'm disgusted with eme.

FEEDBACK: give us a bigger selection of mounts to chose from instead of these second rate, cheap , ugly mounts.

here we go again another one like dj Kaled says lol these kids i hardly see players using the kart mount it just another mount that you can see i have this and you don't grow up son those kart mounts were cool but not cool enough so take what you get be glad you got something and that they just didn't remove it and gave us nothing. can a mod close this thread thank you.

you have nothing to say you're just a hater.stay out of this thread boy
eme has removed the Go-kart mount from the game and given us tokens with trash mounts as some kind of compensation.
not good enough.
we had to go through a farming event to get those mounts, we chose them over other items ! Now they are gone without explanation (typical eme) and we are supposed to be ok with it? car mounts? bird mounts ? really?
stop going back in time, these mounts we/are not liked for a reason, they are bottom of the barrel.

the go-kart mounts were my favorite mount and i put in time and effort to get them.
i'm disgusted with eme.

FEEDBACK: give us a bigger selection of mounts to chose from instead of these second rate, cheap , ugly mounts.

when do we get to dismantle inner wear and fuse them to geta new random one ? it's about time!
15 emp is and has always been too low. it should be 50
after 30 days and at 15 emp a day 450 emp can barely by anything.
at least let it be 25 so we get half way to affording a new elite
will the 24hr deletion time for lvl 1 chars stay ? or be changed to instant?
the footsteps section seems to be missing from broker.
howcome many things that were added , are gone now? were they not saved to the basic setup of the server or something?idk
gold rewards on VG's have reverted back to default which seems to happen often after a big maintenance.
- these changes NEED to be saved !
- so they dont keep showing up on the "to do" list every single time....
guild quests also reset 21 mins ago! usually its 3 hours from then
Dungeon entry reset times changed. they are now 1 hour earlier. is this an issue due to server merge or was this deliberate ?
ALL 8 pages and jumbled and mixed up..omg
why ?this is nuts
and my laurel is gone.
what else is in chaos?
uhm where do you check that?
Vinyltails wrote: »
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
how can they be vent dungeons when they just introduced pets based on the dungeon ?
and why can't event dungeons be added to guild quests? they really should be

Simple: Limited time pets, don't get it now and you'll never be able to get it again (or until it's slapped to the store)

that's never ever been true in the history of eme. its BS. they've used that trick a handful of times and this latest time when they emptied the store only to restock them with 100 "amazing" items less then 2-3 months later.

meanwhile important changes have still not been worked on. emporium shop revamp, fashion coupon store revamp, elite status bar etc.
how can they be vent dungeons when they just introduced pets based on the dungeon ?
and why can't event dungeons be added to guild quests? they really should be
Shadow sanguinary isnt currently in the list of possible guild quests,it should be from the moment the dungeon was reintroduced to the game.
is that what @KitTeaCup is going to talk about in the twitch today ? or has this fact slipped past eme ?
please add normal and hardmode to guild quests. ty
i see a staff answered but i cant find their comment here..
capping cp is dumb.
its almost unavoidable to run out of mats to enchant , but you will always be able to run dungeons every day!

this is a messed up change.
eme should first make a thread with name suggestions because the players have better ideas.
then let everyone vote and give more then 3 options.
"Bathysmal Rise"
"Vision Maker"
WHY is there not an option in the pool to KEEP the name tera mount tyrannas ?? c'mon eme even this poll is done wrong!
We must be allowed to keep the name if we want to. FF is merging into MT, not the other way around, MT has a healthy population.
please add MT to the poll.
@KitTeaCup @seandynamite

I vote to keep the name MT.
MT should keep the name, its the main server , always has been.
there are classes still clearing in under 4 seconds. cheating is still happening.
the item xp buff for 2 hours is a nice ninja addition tot he elite bar BUT replacing the gold boosts with 12 2 hr xp buffs per 24 would be even better.
who even uses gold boost on the elite bar?
Kirasaka wrote: »
It takes 1 minute to go from vo to the trade broker/banker.... There are far more serious issues with the game that need to be dealt with.

that's not a valid reason to dismiss something at all.
eme are always saying how they want our feedback. putting a broker and banker npc in those 2 locations (gg spawn on velika steps and VO) would be really helpful/useful.
in that case place a banker on velika steps where you end up after leaving ghillieglades so you can bank your drops faster and switch toons
are the new dragons superior to the older dragon ?
i dont understand how the new ones work because of the below average job done on the skill descriptions...
eme be honest, tell us EXACTLY what a mount does, otherwise ur not getting any $$$$$.
its time for eme staff to clarify having old dragon new dragons and phoenix mounts on the same char.
eme said they fixed the cheating in pit of petrax but now you have under 10 second runs..one is under 4 seconds.. impossible.
changes to any class because of pvp is just DUMB!
so many classes have been ruined by this, brawlers, valks,zerkers, nijnjas ..
pvp should never influence pvE and yet it constantly does, time and time again.
it's wrong and eme needs to stop allowing this.
this is BS !

Command: Recall
Cannot use this skill while staggered or knocked-down.

what's inspiring ? the fact that this lasts way too long.. a whole month..
everyone forgets about after a week.
do u guys really wanna do this for every class? 14 months ?! seriously
a week per class is what real players would suggest.
lancers, old class, nothing inspiring about them.
let's switch this around : en masse get some insight :P !
The reason we don't include it is because it is a variable on the server side. So while it may be 28 Crit / 14 Power, it is actually be determined on the server side and is not a hard coded value.

but they are here now, so why aren't the values being shown now ? it';s not like any coding needs to be done still.
they just removed alot of things from the store and now are trying to re-package them in an effort to sell more.
my advice work harder on improving game play.
so in an online world if anything is possible you guys still cant do everything. lol
we should be dealing with blue hole diredtly.
Tera players know a million times more then any en masse employee ever will about the game. FACT.
so i think en masse enjoys these riddles to see how it feels to be on the other side for a short while :P
honestly we dont ask for these riddles.
there are SO many other important issues that need en masse's attention.
when people ask me i tell them, Tera is a game where the company in charge of it doesn't match the player base at all. not at all.
maybe you guys come close to matching the rp server,lol.
i used to enjoy watching streams.
- focus more on improving things that really matter
- keep up to date
- problems that last longer then a month need to be fixed now.
thats a shame
i cant find anything saying the date it ends .. only the times it happens at or used to
there was a twitter post i think with the time 1 pm 5 pm and 9 pm i believe and now the times are different..
does anyone know the current time or when this event will end completely?
so the first crab event isnt at 1 pm ?
let the age of the gunner begin ! :)
eme seem to take pleasure in not telling us certain things, then acting like it's somehow a mystery.
reminds me of my shy non social cousin whodidn't know how to act around others.
eme staff needs to be:
atm they are none of these.
a "secret" bam event" is not fun, it just annoys players.
you guys are not succeeding at your job because you cannot think like the players, because you guys are not Tera payers.
we give you feedback LOTS and LOTS of feedback, use it.
not telling us why there wont be another strongbox event is wrong.
the store is down atm, wrong
we need more feedback from eme staff on forums.

what crab event ?
give us a strongbox event for gold and silver talens. dont tell us there wont be another strongbox jackpot because like costumes , accessories or mounts that were said to NEVER return to tera..they came back, more then once.
here's the thing, tera players are used to the rotation of certain events and we plan for them, buying keys months in advance, using emporium credits , all to stock up for the next jakcpot.
SO if eme really isnt planning on doing another event like that they should notify us DURING the last event.

btw a day or two ago there was nothing but keys in the "(non)deal of the day" , so whats that about ?
at the moment strongboxes are not worth opening, for anyone, regardless of how much they claim to be improved.
im sure eme makes a fortune during a strongbox event, to not do another would be dumb.

nightfall wep skins lootboxes
Pit of petrax is incredibly and stupidly annoying now. the boss just is slower, and constantly is turning around.
used ot enjoy this dg now i hate it
when will devil costumes and angel wep skins be released ? any eta on that
the guild skill hp being reduced is total BS.
the pit of petrax entries being reduced to NON - elite amount of entries is lame.
is this how its going to be ?.. making non elite play so bad everyone is forced to buy elite ?!
these patch notes are sad.
when will elite actually get updated.
Can we please get ultra rapid fire time in week 2 and 4 during guardian legion ?!
during the anniversary month it was a HUGE success and it really made GL a lot of fun.
please consider doing it again during the 5 week event cycle.
castanica demons outfit, where do those come from? lootbox or ?
i cannot find them anywhere:(
rally happens way too fast. idk how long you have between message and spawn bt its maybe2 mins ?
you cant even get a raid and get ranked.
make it 10 mins to give us at least a chance.
this is very frustrating.
@SingleBear @seandynamite
this is a real complaint.
yesterday i found some bams from the event, but today ...im wondering if the event is even on.
can someone confirm they are spawning still ?
spacecats already tried a murder mystery on his twitch..it was NOT a success, in fact it was hours of story resulting in an obvious answer .not fun at all.
how is this going to be an event ?! seriously
im disapointed.
my vote is to replace it with another bam event which is easily more popular with tera players.
this post will probably get deleted but i cannot stand by quietly and be ok with another boring "mystery" show.(not going to use the word " event " for this)
how come there is no big boss spawns event like in past mongos.. those events you know 100% for sure are a HIT with players. DO THOSE plz
eme ur late, what are the events for this week..(it's monday already!)
the Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time runs from Tuesday mignight till Wednesday midnight.. isnt there a maintenance between that? if so that shortens the duration of the event.
maybe move it to another day ?
@seandynamite @SingleBear
there is no xp bonus showing on my IOD vg's for iront giants, hydraliths andbattlemasters.. why ? yesterday there was xp showing with the bonus
waiting to the very last minute to announce events?
a;llso hwo dumn are loot pets ..
if u pvp around loot the stupid pet should o its job and loot not follow u around.
they need a serious retooling
these loot pets are so stupid. thew delay.. bring on INSTA LOOT.
what happened to the hp/mp motes in ghillieglades and Pit ?
they were very useful
this lootbox gives way too much, there should be a different box for each set, dawn's guard, ironward and night watch.
i cant see anywhere what the bonus/rewards are ..i didn GL a lot today and still i dont see anything extra in my inventory
i cant find the spreadsheet that was on here but roughly how much gold does it take to go from guardian to +0sc wep ?
Too many times have i gone searching through the dressing room only to discover the item i was looking for was NOT there, however it was in game and available in the tera store.
whats the point of a dressing room then ?!
just throw every single wep skin, costume accessories , mount and pet in there regardless of date, because we all know items come back. Yes, even when eme says "last chance to get this item.. " etc
please stock the dressing room with every item.
another example: i want to buy a weapon skin off the broker but its not in the DR so i cannot preview it . im unable to find anyone with that skin on that class... isnt that what the dressing room is for ?

basically every store "update" so far has been a joke with little to now real change/improvement.
fed bill store gone, merged with FC store.
FC store had a few accessories added to it.
it's a change not an update.
if ur going to do something, do it well.
since today my game keeps crashing and closing by itself and i get the "fff ffff" error.
whats going on ?!
Pages wrote: »
Stepstone Isle, not Serpentis Isle (different location).

Your guild can surrender the GvG or you can drop guild to avoid it. GvGs are available EVERYWHERE except for Velika.

yes i meant stepstone isle.
eme got rid of op geared players killing lowbies BUT its still possible in gvg..on serpant isl..and u cant fly..u cant port away..ur stuck..
so much for making a male brawler when u have guilds who have boom-feerders in them that do this.
so there ISNT lvl65 pvp on MT.
its a pretty big 'hole' in the new page design not to have something so basic as server status..
that's a mistake.
where is the server status to see if the servers are up..
they moved it but did they remove it?
love it how they are vague on "new" dg loot but they needed time for accuracy on patch notes.
any bad changes are usually generalized.
Mewtube wrote: »
This event is really terrible. I've ran 4 HM contents and only got 1 key. Might as well just grind RG for better rewards.

Please EME just bring back the permanent double Vanguard. Do whatever event you want on top of that, even not so frequently are fine. We certainly don't need half baked events like this one or the BAM Massacre laggy event from last month to fill the calendar. The double Vanguard had been in NA for so long that it's perceived as a nerf by players when reverted back to base rate. Next week is the Male Brawler launch date, and we're only getting bonus leveling EXP from Vanguard. So what about those of us who want to do end game contents? Well, we got to wait for the following week to get decent rewards. For the past month I've seen more players leaving Tera than any particular month before. The removal of double Vanguard hurts the player base so much that is not even funny.

cuz you can get 1 key from LKHM, TRHM , CS and FW once time , per character ( aka you get 4 if you complete all the 4 vanguards rewards )

I think the biggest problem with this event is clearly that a lot of people didn't understand what the event actually was, and just thought it was some sort of farmable RNG drop/jackpot event, when it was a vanguard rewards event instead. (Maybe it's just because other recent events worked the other way?) I guess somehow it needs to be more obvious in how it's phrased... or over time people will learn to pay more attention to the event details.

the problem CLEARLY is that eme keep switching up the style of events and fail to clarify the specifics each time.
eme also seems to "forget" past feedback and backlash from the community.
i remember not that long ago there was an event where there was a"chance" for items to drop.. the event was very unpopular and was not a big hit.
now eme chose to do it again .
there is already rng with which 5 rewards will drop, there's no need or desire from the gaming cummunity for a " chance" at a drop.
eme needs a"remember this stuff" board !
so the key isnt like getting a dragon scale ? its not 100% ?
jeez when will they learn
Norafin wrote: »
Now if only someone had made a training run or the que would pop in ever...

all pvp players wanna do is kill lesser geared players with high ping. ( u actually want to pk lowbies but u cant, HA!)

and being a pvp only player is your choice. you chose not to take part in pve events.
browsed through the twitch but didnt see any code. did i miss it?
they should change the elite mount every month.
codes should be posted after the twitch streams or at least before they expire. you cant expect "us" to watch every single twitch or like every twitch idea. or announce at the start of the stream that there will be codes at least.
i didnt like the spotlight idea, i watched a small part of it then closed it and missed the code.
thats on me but still, be more open about codes, especially ones with great things like additional char slots!
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
doesnt seem very exciting.

The last one just gave a free character slot. That's pretty exciting.

when was that?
and the whole spotlight thing, i just dont get it.
doesnt seem very exciting.
correct me if im wrong but we're now 3 weeks along without twitch codes ... right ?
Zoknahal wrote: »
Teekz wrote: »
@Zoknahal how about you leave my daily & rep bonuses alone just cause you don't need them does not mean they do not help people who are smart enough to find a use for them. Only reason I pay for elite honestly, and for a mount elite should NOT be a flight suit or Dragon/Phoenix.

The only reason why someone would farm the old dailies, would be for the hats to be honest, hats that you can currently get through the fashion coupons, ever since they were introduced into the Federation Bill shop, and now since its going out of business, you can get them through the Fashion Coupons for the time being.

If you however are after the Black Panther mount, then elite would make it a lot faster to get because you need a specific item from each reputation vendor. But currently, its a 275 mount, and being realistic, with flying mounts around, and one you can get for free at lvl 65, no one would be interested in a ground mount with a 275 speed, only for the looks and maybe earning yourself some legacy item, which again, is not anymore, since the actual legacy version of that mount, had a 280 speed. I honestly do not see any use for the old jewelry that the old reputation merchants sell.

Elite has to have something attractive for players that wish to pay for it. Having outdated benefits that only work with outdated content, is not attractive for players seeking a QoL benefit for end game, such as doubling the rewards for Vanguards for being elite. In the long run, speaking from a business standpoint, EME would make more money by making elite more attractive to this specific part of the playerbase, rather than keeping it the way it is, and constantly getting threads like this to implore for a change on Elite.

FWIW I have been conducting user interviews and research on how I could better make Elite useful by focusing on multiple player types (such as brand new players, leveling players, PvP players, dungeon players, etc...) and coming up with lists of things that focus on each player type. Unfortunately, many of the things are tied to what I can get from existing items/buffs (requesting new features/items takes quite a bit of time) but I will be looking to do a relaunch of TERA Elite Status soon. In the meantime, I think the consumables box and elite gift box probably can use some updating, along with a new mount. Mount changes are relatively easy, though I'll dispel that we will be giving dragons or phoenix (or flight suits for that matter - that has multiple requirements and makes it really difficult to give out) but there's a plethora of other mounts. And I agree with an earlier post, they need refreshes more often than they are getting now.

i think almost everyone would LOVe toe go-kart mount..and i think it suits eing the elite mount becaus eu can only ever ge [filtered] rarely at certain events...but those events were long ago, it made everyone very happy..GO KART mounts would be an excellent choice! maybe starting form March already?
what's the deal with there ALWAYS being 1 bogus glyph or talisman ..
"reducses cooldown by 0.6 seconds" LOL ?
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
its time for a new elite mount plz.


Go karts!! Dragons !!! or flying suits.
elites are literally "renting" the mount each month, so go big or go home
its time for a new elite mount plz.
did eme forget to put in the patch notes section on the main page ?
its the most important thing...
i have a question, it says this for example for the event:
"2/19 – 2/20 : 30 TERA reward points
2/20 – 2/21 : 20 Item XP (50 total)"
does that mean u can get a maximum of 30 tera reward points on that day ? and the next day a maximum of 50 item xp ?
is that per claimed box?

because if its 30 and 50 maximum then wtf.
its time for new elite mounts tbh
the island of dawn vanguards are back to "normal" after the events ,HOWEVER they are in reality cut in half now.
in the past (cant remember exact details) there were issues with vgs and they were doubled to bring them back to "normal rates" and somehow eme forgot that fact.
they just seem too low hence the spiking talen prices on broker.
MT is down..during an event..again.. wow./
all hope is lost
is it working yet?
I don't get how you guys can let the weekly tera twitch stream just fade away, spacecats worked hard on it and grew the number of viewers and ur just going to let that go by sometimes doing the stream/code and sometimes not ?
it's dissapointing
i agree with OP. i want to be able to see my weaponskin while wearing a back piece..
apparently HAIR is more important since there's a freaking"upswept hairdo" option in the game. please..
this should be an easy request, lets make it happen1
i know there should be 2 builds; 1 for running with mystics, the other with priests.
i think its 3 power / 2 crit daylight pieces with power zyrks with a mystics
3 power /2 crit daylight set with keen zyrks with priests,

However, there is also the heavenbane rings to take into account and ive seen this setup:
heavenbane rings (power) with 2 crit earings (daylight) and a power daylight necklace. 3 power zyrks and 1 keen.
what's the BEST pve setup for gunners ?! and where does this setup fit into the first 2 i mentioned.
i've looked on esential mana and ive inspected a lot of gunners but i am still unsure.
please help if you can.
ty ;3
since the guardian patch, 9 times out of 10 when i open my launcher it takes forever to load up !
the "play" button stays greyed up and when i close it, it takes forever to close as well.
ElinLove wrote: »
they selectively ignore our stuff. Not only this, but many older bug reports too. Makes me seriously doubt how useful it even is to post. Wonder if they ignore it just to not blatantly say "no" thinking it will have a negative impact or what, but I feel like a direct no would be less of a spit on our faces.

Just as an FYI, I have been passing along all Feedback I have come across ( forums, discord, in-game, reddit, etc.. ).

Unless something changes, I'll still have to refer to what was posted back in Early January by Spacecats.

where is this vanguard schedule then that spacecats spoke of ?
it would be A LOT easier to just put double vgs on all the same as its become the norm instead of making a schedule and trying to decide on times ot run x2 or x3 vg events without upsetting players and having forums flooded again.
take the easy way this time, its the best one
who cares about brawler now their dmg got nerfed hard!
'The skill damage increase of Powerlinked Counter is now 25%." it used to be 50% .
so what if it gets awakened.
"if it aint broke dont fix it" eme really should leave vgs alone, they are fine and everyone is happy.
they are unable to smoothly run events so double or triple vg events will be a mess.
leave the vgs as they are plz!
vanguards being cut in half ? why is the game anti gold...
tisnotme wrote: »
no codes
and they are going to do random codes from now on so their may or may not be a code on week to week basis and the time to claim will change to
they say so people don't just come at end of twitch just for code and then share here but watch the twich as well

Then they need to be more engaging and entertaining. everyone the twitch is so timid and unsure of themselves, give us a front man/woman that we WANT to watch.
ofc we comes for codes because we get the info about patches etc beforehand from other players or ktera already.
there wasnt even anything on forums about the last twitch so they're off to a great start.
i hope they start putting some effort into things.
any code this week ?
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