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The whole point of this was to continue beating the dead horse beyond it’s grave and show/spark awareness to helping some the major problems. No amount of dungeon and vanguard rewarding tweaking is going to help. When the game is broken to it’s core. When the playerbase went from exceeding beyond 20,000+ to 1100+ in just 3 years, yeah something isn’t right. This being an older game has nothing to do with it. TERA is hurting and needs some tender loving care. Unfortunately, Bluehole has TERA on the back burner, concentrating on their new MMO.
FRSTY wrote: »
The thing is Blizzard is an American company, BHS is Korean...
Yes, that is true and of course the language barrier isn't making things much better also.
Meshak wrote: »
Ok, so... what do we do? All it takes Is a little reading to see how many people feel forgotten by the game here, but surely something has to have worked somewhere? Clearly we are passionate about this game and would like to see it succeed.

It seems, at least on this forum, a good number of players feel the game went/is going the wrong direction. There are numerous lists about what could be changed which seem to be ignored.

How about if En Masse told us what they have direct control over and we then gave input specific to said list? Sort of work with what we can rather than complain about what we can do nothing about?

Well @counterpoint pretty much said everything on the subject.

Personally, coming up with some kind of petition showing that the community does care and want to see major improvements regarding TERA. The advantages of doing so will bring in more players and money for Bluehole and En masse.
ElinLove wrote: »
Well, this is then a nice big set of people being stubborn to invest properly into the game.
The whole deal about how different the populations of each game localizations are, and how they obviously refuse to just accept this fact and that you should make changes to work worldwide, restricting themselves contractually to just BHS ruling and all obey, sounds to me like some very stupid financial decision.

I'm really starting to think that might be the problem. They need to fully understand that the direction of this game is hurting the player base on a worldwide scale.
Ammutseba wrote: »
For MMO's, age doesn't effect the game as much as other genre's. You could still see a rise in population if BHS made meaningful improvements to the game.

I completely agree, and the fact that after all these years on the market, there isn't many MMO's like TERA. If they just capitalize on that, there's no telling how dominant TERA would be right now.

This community needs to come to together for the greater good. I'm sick and tired of constantly being neglected. If the WoW community can come together for legacy severs(and worked), so can we. Someone needs to come up with a petition showing how much we care about this game and want to see major changes(compile a list also). Because this is getting ridiculous with excuses and lack of freedom for Enmasse.
@Meshak I understand where you're coming from. Basically you want to experience all higher-end content but with less damage, hp and defense etc. The reward being all the same but significantly lower. That's interesting. Although, you still need to be able to understand the class you're playing among various of things.

@ElinLove Yeah, personally I like more of a darker feel for example Val Kaeli.
There's a lot of issues to why PvP is not where it should be, for sure. I agree CS should of stayed 30+, maybe even giving lower level players a buff to equalize the missing skills. Exploiting should be a lot more stricter when it comes to both PvP and PvE

Thank you for commenting it's good reading others point of view and similar ideas. It's unfortunate what Bluehole is doing, but maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you @ElinUsagi and the others for trying, maybe things will get better.
@Meshak Yes, casual players are a big part of any game. There should be tutorials(or dungeon simulators) within the game explaining basic game/dungeon mechanics among other things. Because eventually those players will transition into endgame content. Having more knowledge about your class position/role, stats, crystals, mechanics etc, will make things a lot smoother for causal/new players. Thus making endgame more lively.

Not much you can do about the pay to play people. Maybe require the player to do 'X' amount of said dungeon before doing harder ones (Don't take this too serious, just doing throwing something out).
@Vinyltails I didn't go into full details on every point but I am aware of all the things in game. If I wrote long bulky paragraphs people wouldn't want to read it ... Thank you for your two cents!
I honestly believe TERA is one of the best games out there, if handled correctly. TERA doesn't have a problem attracting new players, the problem is retaining them. Right now this doesn't feel like an mmorpg. The decisions Bluehole has made are very questionable. Ever since the original developers "left", this game has slowly been on the decline, losing touch with the players and core game mechanics.

Open world:
Open world needs to be more engaging. The world is so beautiful, make use of it. Hidden mechanics, secrets, puzzles, jumping puzzles etc, the sky is the limit. Having similar things like that would make the open world more engaging and enjoyable for the Explorers.

• World boss:
World bosses should be difficult requiring a lot of players. Dropping worth while loot or maybe a buff for whoever kills it (server/guild/alliance/raid whatever sees fit for it.)

• B.A.M:
Personal I enjoyed how they were in 2013, they were challenging and gave TONS of experience. Players would group just to defeat them. Also make B.A.Ms worth while at endgame levels, making them drop materials for crafting/enhancing gear.

• Gathering/Crafting:
This should be more valuable. Introduce new/old consumables. Example eclipse potions, higher hp/mp potions, increase gathering speed. Increase crit power, attack speed, power, movement speed, defense, increase flying speed potions, craft-able costumes etc. The only way to craft them is by gathering and maybe something extra depending on the items.

• Nexus:
As laggy as It was, nexus was enjoyable, it brought the community together and was rewarding at the end.

• New Endgame Area:
Major content change needs to happen, like introducing a new area. Right now Highwatch doesn’t feel like an endgame area at all. It need to be mysterious, dark, frightening and thrilling. The new area should be able to drop gold from mobs with PvP enabled, flying mounts disabled (High risk, high reward)

Player vs Player(PvP):
Man man man... where to begin. PvP is so underwhelming and definitely not rewarding. Bring back the PvP item shop, please. You should be able to gear up through PvP only.

• There should be 3 major PvP instances. Large, medium and low scale that’s it, anything more spreads out too thin. Maybe one mini game for the laughs.

• Make GvG more interesting
(Cross server GvG events would be very interesting. Just an idea)

• Bring back Alliance and PvP rankings/leader-boards.

Player vs Environment(PvE):
There should be PvE rankings/leader-boards on all dungeons. It provides a competitive environment for PvEers.

• There should be dungeons/raids where you have to fight multiple bosses at the same time. Also special types of enemy's they'll debuff/buffs certain things.

• An endless tower type dungeon where you fight bosses/mobs nonstop, being very rewarding at the end.

*GvG PvE style* :thinking:

• Newcomers/Alts:
You should be able to preview a class you’re interested in, showing different skills and how it works etc. Needs to be updated though.

• Tutorial:
There should be a tutorial explaining every stat in game and certain dungeon mechanics, making it easier for newer players.

• Avatar weapon:
This needs to be removed, it literally makes all weapons 64 below completely worthless.

• Optimization:
Optimization please! Also players should be able to disable almost anything in the UI

• Mounts:
Bring back Account Mounts. Seriously.

Bluehole and Enmasse should hire former players for balancing. For example Hirez hired a bunch of players from the community for balancing and game design in Smite. It would be nice to see something like that here.

As you can see most of the suggestions are focused around bringing the community together. When there's a healthy community, more will come and stay. Playing a game should be fun no matter what you do. Exploring, PvP, PvE, gathering, crafting and socializing. Having different elements all can enjoy.
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