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I'd debate your win rate might go down actually, only cuz the game loves putting 1 premade vs 2. And in premade vs premade, it's usually the randoms that determine the win.

Hopefully with the leaderboards comes more premades going for rank 1. That's what made fwc more exciting before, a lot less stacked premades queue now.
Every mystic is a tank mystic. All healers build to stay alive in PvP, there is no real other way to build.

It still won't let you "go head to head" with a dps. It will let you not get 1 combo'd by geared players and give you the time to poison/ToW them to death though as long as you know what you are doing.
Players only decided to not do teams because it would never pop for them. For team q to pop it required several teams to queue at the same time, which there just wasn't for a good period of time.

Lately however there have been more teams, next fwc day try putting a team together. Good luck o/
My boy Umi, if he wasn't landing the fat gigas on his lancer in Inspire, he was blowing them up on his Gunner. His reaper was what most people remember and his warrior was just down right rude when it came to dueling.
Plus a majority of the players in Elinerd's current fwc list are players who also q 3s. Among that list are a few of the most active 3s healers, previous rank 1 skyring players during crusades and a skyring slam champion. So I'm not sure you can just assume they are bad because they also influence a fwc game.
Can you really call it a Zerg when its only half a raid on either team and it's even numbers
In 1v1s it's not overly complicated. You essentially wear your target down with a single combo that can be shortened or extended depending on how you started the combo. The thing you need to learn is how to block and the situations where its better to iframe than block.

Obviously blocking is straight forward but some classes skills can easily go through your block and you need to learn which by actually dueling a lot. A successful 1v1 lancer is essentially a brick wall that Outlasts the opponent.
You can gvg in those areas from what several people have said. You cannot just flag and kill though, target must be in a gvg against you.
I can't upvote this more, please bring back Canyon Clash. I never got to participate in the previous ones and I've always wanted a chance to compete. Please Eme please!
Hello o/ I happened to notice people mentioning that FF isn't fun because of no competition. Well you are in luck! MT is always happy to have more competition! Everyone is welcome!! :D
When you aren't on FF so you don't get the meme until you see depore...
What does that have to do with the game being dead then? A single video doesn't show everything. Like how the past MT CU had 5 different guilds of at least 1 raid all fighting for the last tower.
Why do you still come to the forums just to bash people who still play or bash a game some people still enjoy?
Games only die when people leave them.

Welcome back, hope more people come back to enjoy this game.
Top player for every class: Depore

Oh... I proved the first comments point.... Yikes
I also have this issue, I have a fresh non modded install of Tera as I did a fresh OS reinstall a week ago. The issue goes away on my screen after I unmount from the flight suit, but I've been told that the visual bug persists even after unmounting on other players screens.

I really like the costume but actually using it while this bug persists is not ideal and kinda jarring so I've chose to just stash it until it's fixed. Hopefully soon.
Archers not using RoA, sorcs not using fireblast. Gunners spamming single skills with no combos. Weird tourney.
The non dyable version has the same flight duration as a normal flying mount. The dyable version is the same duration as dragon mounts.
@seandynamite Hey Sean, I've had people say that on stream EME said that RMHM would be coming back with the same patch as the mech suits. Could you give any info on this?
It's a holy Trinity MMO, meaning all the classes are made with niches and for certain rolls where they are supposed to work together. It's not a 1v1 game. There is no 1v1 BG. No where does the game say it's balanced for 1v1. Games like these almost never are perfectly balanced and for how many broken skills there are in the game, its balanced enough that you still see every class often.
I mean it's the same for divine wrath, you can get cc'd out of it and it does even less damage. Use it strategically and you will get good results.
You can inspect the more geared players in vo to see what is popular. Power builds or mixed crit/power builds are usually standard.

As for glyphs, just ask people, a lot are nice enough to help out.
It is a current bug in 3s. Has been happening for months unfortunately :/
Someone called for trash?
@VelvetCake stop lying, you have no heart!
I fought you when I server transferred to rebind an item.... You ran around a dead server with a pocket healer and full buffs to duel, and I still killed you. You were not a top reaper, you just out geared a server that didn't care.

And to your statement that the community didn't "help build up PvP in BHS' place", what are you expecting them to do? Write code? Setting a duel standard is building upon what was given to them by BHS.
I mean you are welcome to think what you want. But it seems the large majority of players want to casually duel without gimmicks like 100-0 stun locks and permanent block and the like.
You can make a tier list on anything. Since the thread is about duels specifically, then people should consider the pretty common duel etiquette.

And banning certain skills isnt as much about making some classes viable but keeping duels from being too frustrating for both parties involved.
Please remember this is a discussion on DUELS which does typically mean that several skills are banned or bm.

Several people will have different opinions on what is what due to their experience and skills so please be mindful of that!

Something else to remember is that most tier lists in games are made with results in mind and not what a class or character can potentially do. So when thinking of the list, it's best to also consider who is playing atm. As an example, the 2 classes everyone brings up in reaper and Gunner, are probably hurt in rating because either have no one playing them currently (basically every Gunner worth mentioning quit) or the best players of the class (by a wide margin) don't play anymore (reaper). This obviously is gonna hurt their positioning on a tier list.
Yes and no. The game developers definitely made certain classes have abilities to basically make another class useless against them (lancers popping rallying cry against a zerker for example,), but this game is a holy Trinity MMO, meaning it's "balanced" around group fighting and all three roles supporting each other, not 1v1s.

The thing to remember is duels are just for fun and to practice PvP in a casual way. If you get cheesed by deadly Gamble backstab all day, are you really gonna have fun?
Players originally implemented skills as bm to prevent duels from being bigger cheese-fests than they already are and to make duels feel more about outplaying than popping a single skill that negates major game mechanics.
He is using ktera as an example to show that different rule sets alter tier lists, like how both NA and Ktera rules are both very different than just straight open world PvP where there are no rules or banned skills.
Just get guardian gear, there are several teams that do guardian gear only. 1 vanguard daily gets you enough points for the whole set.
Pm "Currian" in game if you are on MT c:
You can craft them too c:
Wait do people actually get hit by double shear into sundering???
I've been less concerned with data on gear stats this patch so I'll just trust you guys in the fact that it is a noticable difference between the upgrades.

However complaining that your +2 gear isn't good enough is just silly. Wouldn't that be like complaining that your last patch gear isn't good enough? It sounds like you just don't want to get new gear. And it's not like getting mats is hard, I believe you don't even need diamonds until +6.
But basically any level of storm cry can compete in team 3s atm?
Their crit multiplier isn't 2.0. a 101k white damage laser did 132k crit.
Got alts? Do RG. Easiest fastest gold. It's an mmo... You have to put time into it
You can do 3s for them as well. Losing team gets them. As well as winning in cs and fraywind give a chance to get a large chunk of them.
It's also giant and obvious....

>Sees ToW
>Stun ToW
>Proceed to abuse the fact that mystics can't arise/Rez/Kaias
Welcome to old school solo q, start cc'ing the thrall
Why would you cut out another way to farm? Adding different avenues to gear is what people are always asking for
I think you are overestimating the difference between +2 and +7. The difference between each number this patch is nothing compared to last patch. The most recent Excel spreadsheet that idioticgenius put out has a graph showing the difference between all gears at all + levels, go check it out
Your attack speed must be high enough and your ping cannot be too high for it. What is your attack speed?
The gates just got rebuffed back to their original state, this is how it was before the whole meta of "Zerg the gates and burn them under 3:30". Raids just don't want to realize that getting mid and using mid sieges like the old days is actually good.
No. Unequalized all the way please. Tera isn't even the same game in eq gear.
Thank you so much for the extra 3s days!! I'm sure the people who queue it appreciate it since it tends to die with no highlighted bgs c:
Talk to an experienced warrior and ask as many questions as possible, the skill gap in this game is pretty huge.

Though warrior is gonna be a little lack luster in bigger group fights, but it's very strong in 3s.
Good luck!
You guys know it's meant to be grinded o-o it's decent if you consistently queue and win. And i like pots :c i actually use them in owpvp
Wait why would a player need t11+ gear for 3s? Solo Q is equalized and only needs crystals too?

Plus CS and FWC get not only the most days but also the highest profile days, Saturday and Sunday.

The 3s community has gotten excluded so much the last few years, and the people who queue it like it more than any other bg. So please do not ruin it for those players. @Halrath :c
He is doing the bullrush "glitch" the whole time o-o while it's super annoying, the inescapable bullrush probably shouldn't be seen as a glitch anymore. To me personally I don't really see it as a glitch, because other skills such as flip kick get added features on knocked up targets.

I'm not sure what other bullrush glitch he could be doing that you don't see :/
Hi I'd like to post a serious comment on class exclusion in a team 3s tournament c:

If a skyring slam tournament were to take place now, I believe the only class worth excluding would be valk. The fact that there are 2(?) Patches coming that are nerfing them in PvP show that they are overtuned enough that even bhs recognize it.

Anyone here who actually plays teams know that a majority of the experienced players actually play vanilla classes and regularly beat teams with non-vanilla classes.

If you excluded all non-vanilla classes, I think you would actually see a very limited assortment of compositions. Which for a viewer is pretty stale.

Kthx c:
For 3s I'm not sure even a limit is needed. The more successful teams don't even use new classes.

And as for fwc, just make a limit of 2 of any classes. Because loading up 4 of any class is just not exciting.
There is also the issue where everyones ping there is so low that pendulum>whipsaw is escapable and the long reaper combo people do on NA is basically impossible to land.
Define fix. Doesn't fixing something usually mean that there are no side effects or it doesn't break other things o-o
Nice videos! Keep them up c:
The sound effects make this great LOL

But for real, it's sad to see how prevalent these modules have become in the community. It really has ruined a lot of aspects of the game :/ feelscheatingman
Don't miss then *shrugs*
Warrior has bad match ups? Any class that would be a bad match up for warrior would be a bad match up for valk too. Which is basically only Gunner?

And both classes lose pressure with the latest patch doubling back stab cooldown and losing the ability to spam it until it works.
It was when it could one shot in solo Q LOL

Rez'ing is totally bm though. And priests who rez against a mystic have a special place in hell waiting for them :3
You don't have to do ALL the festival achievements. Open achievements, click rewards on the left and the mount sub category. Look for the mount you want and it shows which achievements to do.

Currently with the festival of the sun available, you can do all but 1 achievement to gain that mount. Currently you can eat all the food buffs by purchasing then on the broker, and you can visit the sky pond at even when rootstock isn't going. The last achievement you will have to wait on is opening 3 of each box given out during rootstock.
You can look at the stats all you want, but you still take damage like you are paper while in it.
It's cost effectiveness was lost when everyone lost the ability to be farm it. And it really was paper lol
Intended or not, it's programmed differently than your typical roll skills and no patch notes have indicated that anything is changing on it. It's a pretty big point for counterplay on a class that is overtuned damage wise and potentially a giant glaring weak spot after the backstab Nerf and damage nerfs.
They can't use their roll to iframe plague. They will still lose buffs. That's a big deal
@Vunak it's not a bug, nothing to fix. It's a different kind of iframe and has it's strengths and weaknesses.
Best.... Define best....
Doesn't give enough "rewards" for people to do it. Feelsbad
That's not even including the actual 9.5 mats which are the big highlight of the dungeon. And with the new gearing revamp they said we would be crafting etching 4s anyways.
Please give us a second skyring day p.p it's one of the best bgs to farm since the games are faster :c
@Halrath Thank you for the timely responses :)
Yes getting kicked counts as losing. Now that you don't have 1000 rating and look like a 3s virgin you shouldnt have AS much of an issue. But there will always be those people who kick sadly.
What is your rating? A flat 1000 shows it's your first time so I'm sure there is are some people who don't want to deal with it sadly :/ sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time with it all.

Just to make sure, what are all of your crystals? What's your rating when being kicked? Also class won't really matter, in eq gear everything hits hard.
When every healer complains about EQ gear, why would it make more healers queue?
It's power hour all day for 1 battleground, so only that 1 pops. 6pm is when it gets busiest but it pops all day. Check the main site page for a calendar of which bg is which day.

Also no more credits because you get a RNG for winning.
I see a bigger issue where people kick after the first round. The first round doesn't go the way they wanted it so they kick what they see is the problem and try to get a better player. Obviously the "problem" wasn't crystals or it would have gotten kicked before round 1. It's players upset that their team isn't as strong as they wanted so they attempt to stack.
Eq teams would be awesome, if they fix eq gear. I'm not sure healers would actually want to queue against the eq damage with teams that are actually coordinated. I'm not saying it needs to match the current BiS gear but it's definitely in need of improvements, and I'm sure the pvp community would gladly help with that :)
Basically what gear said, you call your basic starting strat, north/south/ns climb then just call things based on what happens. Get wiped at gate on offense and pyre taken? Go to opposite side and climb to contest mid. Your climbing team can't make it? Have them back crit gate or contest mid to pull the enemy to mid to defend. There is a correct action to most situations and you just have to do it well enough and fast enough.

Your team gets wiped at gate on defense? All mid and fill all 4 mid sieges to contest mid (or inner if they went there) to slow them. The real thing is understanding that people are going to flame you more for leading and that majority of the time it's not your fault and to just ignore it and learn from the lose. If your team is just worse than the other in PvP by a wide margin, chances are you are gonna lose no matter if you make the right calls. It just happens and don't get too down about it.
@Borsuc I think you took something I said incorrectly. But the people in this game who are the best at PvP and are the ones doing team 3s, are not only PvPers. They are very good at all aspects of the game and do all of the content.

I'm not saying an eq 3s is bad, I think it would be good as an option for sure. What I was doing was pointing out the issue with peoples mindsets and why they don't do team 3s.

Obviously I rather the PvP content reward the pvpers and not need pve to be accessable, but I also believe knowing both pvp and pve is makes players better overall.
I don't know if it's changed necessarily but even from the beginning it's been pretty terrible. Ive gotten a VM may maybe once every 2 days since this started, and I win the majority of my bgs. The 2 bgs that seem the worst are fwc and grid. I think I've seen the reward for fwc twice ever and grid maybe once. Feels bad to grind and spam and see no progress :/
But majority of the people who do team 3s get their gear through PvE :thinking:

The real reason most people don't do team 3s(the people who do have gear) is because they find it stressful because of the large gap in player skill. There are plenty of players who could do it, but it requires more individual skill and effort, which is lacking in the game for the most part.

Which sucks because it really can be a lot of fun since you are presumably playing with friends and not randoms :/
What is your class and Crystal set up? What was your rating before getting kicked?
The latest patch notes show valk's get "reduced pvp damage". So overall damage nerf soon(tm).
The only part of your open world gear that affects battlegrounds (except team 3s) are your crystals. Note that if you are missing a piece of gear, the battleground won't give you that item. Ex: if you don't have a belt in openworld, it won't give you a belt in the battleground.
Praise be on to them who follow the words and actions of THE GOD PANG.KRONOSSSSS
Oh I meant what kind of gear does it get you lol I wasn't very specific. Pump answered, tyyy. Also my original question of why invigorating rage was bm was dumb. I was thinking mounting rage was the banned skill. Derp
What does ilevel 429 get you? Ambush/conflate mix?
Welp I tried *shrugs*
An issue though is the many people who get mad when you say simple tips. Literally flamed like 30 minutes ago for saying "cleanse before healing". There are some players who just refuse advice as well :/
Can I ask why invigorating rage is considered bm?
They are getting 2 key nerfs in the coming patches that will be decently big to possibly very big so while yes they are really strong atm, the nerfs are coming.
Whoaaaa kids pissed
@Naiaki Lies
I'm not sure anyone said anything about how you presented your post but about the content. Mostly because your point was to take away a way for PvP players to get mats. Complaining can be annoying yes, but complaining against something that can help players is gonna get backlash.
Um.... What?
Why are battlegrounds rewards considered "ways to finish gear" and not a way to farm gear?

Having a way to let PvP players enjoy farming should be a normal thing and I'm not sure why people think it's a bad thing?
It shows the rewards are vm9 mats now, that's awesome! Thank you so much @Spacecats
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