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Yes, I was coming to edit my post to say that today when I tried casting it without touching the movement keys it actually went forward as intended. I suppose the amount of people getting their apex yesterday gave me some lag I didn't notice :)
Still, it's kinda annoying that if you accidentally press a movement key a skill won't hit its mark
Maybe a problem with Sorc fusion skill Iceberg... or perhaps that's intentional but I'd doubt it.
About eight of every 10 times I cast it it will steer right from the way both my sorc and the camera are looking until it explodes in the ice pillars. One time it will go forward and the remaining one, this I've noticed happens when I use tp jaunt "too soon" after casting it, it will advance away from the enemy and explode right in front of my screen, which lets me know it's heavily directional. However, to make sure the right steer is not my own mistake, I moved the skill to F6 and made sure several times that my sorc was looking in the same direction as my camera, then casted it in all, dungeons, duels and guardian missions. It kept going to the right more often than not, some times making a slight curve, some times literally going in a straight line from my character that was still looking in the same direction as the camera .-.
I know, one of the other fusion variations is basically melee by not hitting target if you're 7m away, but Iceberg seems designed to at least have some reach. It's sad that the only way you can be completely sure you'll get a hit is by making it as close as possible to the boss... and by one or two times even that failed, and the skill just went away to the right XDD
I thought for a while there's been a glitch that might ignore your request when you queue im for more than 10 minutes? I mean, I know for sure that happened one or two years ago, not sure if it was fixed, but my guild still cancels IMs if we've been waiting longer than 10min to request again
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Firian wrote: »
.-. here again with some report... a berserk friend who had started apex missions pre-merge is missing the tp to the dragon shrine at fyrmount. Quest can't be abandoned, reset or taken from any npc he's talked to.

Helpful hint--have your friend go to Castanica, fly or use teleportal to northernmost outpost, then fly east. That portal actually exists in the main game, not a separate instance like the stuff near Elenea.

I know, I went there with him just to make sure he was at the spot where I remembered it being from going through it with my mystic, but he insists that there is no portal anywhere in that area close to the dragons. I saw him run around everywhere around and he just ended up frustrated. Went back to Velika, Elenea, he tried every sopt and npc he remembered from clearing the others and there was no fix for it.
Playing as a sorc I could not see the portal either, but I assumed that that was just bc of my class not having apex yet. If it were to be visible for all classes regardless of having apex ot nor, then no, it wasn't there.
.-. here again with some report... a berserk friend who had started apex missions pre-merge is missing the tp to the dragon shrine at fyrmount. Quest can't be abandoned, reset or taken from any npc he's talked to.
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Firian wrote: »
small inconvenience, started a new character and tp scrolls to crescentia/bulkwark are not working, don't know if it's the only one with this problem.
if you're trying to use these on stepstone isle, it isn't a bug

you cannot teleport off of there by any means (except with guild gm summon? not 100%), and the only way to leave is to use the pegasus to fly to velika first. the pegasus npc also won't appear until you complete all the story quests on the island.

I was at Velika, got the tp scrolls from Uriela. Probs should have stated that but since the tp from stepstone fix has been for a long while in place, didn't think it would mislead.
small inconvenience, started a new character and tp scrolls to crescentia/bulkwark are not working, don't know if it's the only one with this problem.
Seems to be working on my end too, thanks! :3
Good to know they're aware of the fb problem :3 thanks for the info
I don't know if this is related, but I can't login into the game via facebook account. I had trouble on the page too when trying to do the checkup on my character names on the transfer list, but I could work my way around that picking every possible option around like creating a new account from fb an such, but that can't be done on the launcher .-.
How about the glyph points glitch that happened during transfers? o.o was that adressed? couldn't watch the stream
I didn't think to actually quit with xigncode, I even updated the game when it came out, but tbh I only logged in for a couple reference screenshots for a comission and haven't felt like going back to the game. I only come here from time to time and just every time I see more complaints, and it really kills my will to return and play... :| so yeah... For me it too feels like it's time to stop and just uninstall. Probs will spend whatever gold I have still to comission someone from CH for another art and will quit. Just haven't gotten around to deciding yes.
Legit this was me the moment I saw it finished on twitter ~(QwQ~) <3 thank you so very much. 100% hope to comission again sometime in the future
What I had to say I already said on your twitter, but I'm still gonna drop this reaction pic here bc of how much I love it XD

o7 heya. I was wondering if there is, as stated in the title, a video channel in either twitch or youtube that has at least the cutscenes featured in high level dungeons. I'm interested in the story of the game, but I can't gather my patience to actually find a party and get into these dungeons just to watch a minute long cutscene while the rest of my party's probably fuming and wanting to kick me for not dpsing the boss the second it spawns .-. I did look in youtube a few months ago but didn't find one, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a more recent one or has one.
I think tera was fine when the hardest dungeon to clear for story was Shadow Sanguinary, it was a fairly easy quick-gear-access dungeon after reaching 65, but as far as I know, now even 4 star difficulty dungeons are part of the red story missions, and I've turned far too casual on the game to be able to follow them .-.
Thanks in advance for any info on it you may have, guys
n.n <3 I'm glad it had that effect, hun
:v thanks for the code but have to disagree with that sentence. My mystic says "of course we are", but every other character of mine is in denial xD
I've been checking her twitter from time to time but while I've seen some of her drawings of other stuff, haven't seen anything about comissions :/ I'm actually considering asking for a refund as I am leveling a sorc I plan on equipping at least to frost, but I'm still trying to be patient here o3o;
After blowing up the stone, Elleon will appear near to the place where the stone was. You must talk to him to finish the quest. Usually explosives remain in your inventory until you deliver the mission. Unless it glitched, which I doubt, you will just need to run the dungeon again to find him.
*gets it* :v oh
:/ *confused beween usernames and post title*
like... why...?
As per prices, I think they're okay xD they could be more expensive bc quality~
QwQ awz, too bad. I understand, tho XP puts somewhat more pressure on what you do. But if you ever open one I'll be there, as long as I'm around XP
༼☯▽☯༽ awnnn omg she's beautiful... Bet Firian (my sorc, her adoptive dad XD) is squeezing her adorableness. A million thanks for such a lovely drawing n.n if you open a store I'll make sure to claw my way to you for a comission °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
heyo o/ lately I've been wanting art of my favourite mystic, so I'll drop her here in case you'd like to draw her:

full body: https://scontent.fzcl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/21768016_2017257115227902_754868994759658795_n.jpg?oh=c104262690348dc53a19362a1fb0399a&oe=5B4D295C
close up: https://scontent.fzcl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/22090181_2017257291894551_5291271296705221897_n.jpg?oh=ec22b37b65f10578be53f55d940cf898&oe=5B4C2D42

she's a kinda mischievous kid, if that inspires you XP
Detailed chibi commission for Firian~ :3


A slot is open for either Paypal or TR!

:3 <3 a million thanks, it was such a pleasure to comission you~ I'm feeling very tempted of doing it again :3 <3
n.n thanks!
XP well, my problem here is that since ninja patch I cannot switch servers. Whenever I pick any on the server list, even CH that is the one I play in, my game crashes, dunno why. There might be some solution to it, but since I'm not one to switch to other servers I haven't looked XD but I'm gonna try to fix that now :3

Edit: Seems I already found the reason of the crashing XD Probs will start a new character there this week :3
*feeling compelled to try going back to MT and raise some gold* :'( <3
I came after the gunner patch, so I can't say about the times before, but my favorite memories include my Firian getting lost forever in IoD while trying to find my friends and always getting to the same spot @ Demon God's Altar xD Tera was my first mmo, and every piece of ui was more confusing than the last... and I managed to hide my minimap so I ended up running in circles for a good half hour before finding my way to where I was supposed to be. Also, going through every piece of lore in the game, red, yellow, every single quest... and fail cloth-tanking while the one of our group that picked healer tried to keep us alive XP <3 good times, really~

As for the last time I had fun as I would call it real fun, the start of this past august's event. I enjoy these events for as laggy as they might get, the co-op play, meeting new players I've never talked to, and such- It died tho, when they started scheduling random events that gave in that hour even more rewards than the BAM hunting we had been doing for DAYS. Why. Seriously, WHY. I was there leveling an alt during the very first of these, but thought it would be something minor. When it ended and I started reading about everyone's rewards... nah, I didn't regret keeping on my leveling and not participating. I was immediately disgusted and couldn't enjoy again the event, even stopped trying to be on time or at all for the next ones .-. from that point on, it's been a fun sinking ship for me. Sure, I still log in and play some low-level dungeon runs with my friend that still plays and so on, because I just can't be bothered to keep up a good dps anymore. As such, most of the time for us it's just logging in and sitting somewhere to RP chat. I'd say my interest is mostly gone now, but because of love towards my characters and the way I enjoy rp-ing with my friend, I still plan on keep on playing. I deleted most of my alts, though. I had one of every class I could play, and 2 of each class I love (sorc, mystic, priest, reaper), now only 5 of them remain uwu;
yeah, they are XD but thanks to tempest trials goals and some other lunatic quests I could gather enough and got him xDDD just barely... on my last green summon :'3 now I must grind some more for Gunnthra X'D
same here .-. since Valk patch Tera hasn't felt appealing anymore, but alas, I love my characters, so I've kept coming back at times to level up some new character or so... I've even left for long enough to return to an available buddy up, but really... the last time I enjoyed the game was the argon invasion at bastion and northern arun, and only until they decided to throw unannounced random events that gave tons of rewards to a few lucky ones .-. After almost a year of that, it feels like a new mmo is needed :/
<3 w <3 Robiiin~... wait, I'm still depressed I couldn't get the male christmas robin T.T;
Anyway, she is lovely ~ (Q.Q~)
At home we don't celebrate christmas (or... anything at all tbh xP), but I love the season because while being all cozied up driking tea and eating sweets I get inspired to make some things to gift my friends with :3 depending on my mood I might just make simple fluffy fabric bags to fill with candy and other small presents (handmade too), or might even make some plushies for them of animation/game characters they like, depends of when did it kick in too, and how much time I have before christmas. I really love being so inspired and focused on doing something, so it's a shame it doesn't happen at any other time of the year :c
Noo please!
I have reserved two names. I change the names of char from time to time onto this two :confounded: Not selling. Changing once in 2-3 months.
Yes a silly habit but if someone will pick that will be terrible. :heartbreak:

I don't think it would affect you. The only time it happened just the characters under a certain level that had been absent for over a year (or half? I can't remember) had their names reset. If you were to log in with them if a wipe was announced, you should be good
I'd be in full support of that TwT/ please do, I'd love to rid one of my chars of the extension I had to name him with...
:3 thanks! I'll make sure to have clear what I want by then~
aww, it filled up so fast :c
Well, nvm XP that just means more time to decide what would I ask for, since I take ages to make up my mind n.n I'll keep an eye on your thread to ask for a spot when you open next :3
~(QoQ~) <3 Yes, please do. I never commented on your previous thread bc I couldn't afford paypal at the time and I'm on CH, but I'm a fan of your style. I'd love to have some art by you ~(QwQ~)
don't worry, you focus on getting better and don't strain yourself (~owo)~
Question o/ it's pretty much answered in the announcement by being absent, but would still like to confirm that there won't be a 24-hour leveling event with exclusive titles on mini gunner release pls? o.o
:D yay! I'll open that account around the 30, so I'll drop my request by then. I don't know yet how many characters I'd ask for tho XD I have a few kids there but I'm not sure of wanting them all (and then I feel bad for not including them xD), do you have a character limit per drawing?

Also, I do not use discord .-. the ones up there are your CH characters? o.o
o.o if you go to your enmasse profile (go to the server page and log in there, then Account settings), you should find a button at the bottom of the page that lets you enter an account username
*rolls* Q.Q that's so cute... I want my tera kids in your chibi style... but my gold (and my kids too :'D) is on the main account I put to sleep bc elin gunner and can't open it rn... Q.Q how many slots will you be opening and until when, hun?
owo7 heya... I've been leveling a couple alts since the event started (you know, checking new skill paths of my favourite classes, tots not for catalysts :P), and it was all good for the first two days, exchanged the ones I got, then it stopped showing up. o3o The Welcome message at options won't work either, and I've been switching between characters and on and off for these past days hoping to see it appearing, but still nothing. Is anyone else having this problem or is there anything I can do to fix it?
Especially during sales please... qwq; The past mount-sale weekend I was logged in for way longer than I usually do because no one was advertising their emp and a lot of people were anouncing they wanted to buy qwq; some people do not mind paying higher rate for items they want that just came back to the store for a sale...
Halrath wrote: »
Because we want you to run dungeons, play in battlegrounds, level an alt, or visit the lovely Island of Dawn.

It's beautiful in the fall.

:c but Hal, I did make an alt and planned to make another... but she couldn't use Golden labyrinth catalyst boxes. I know, I know XD I'm complaining for potentially 3 little catalysts uwu; but it's kind of frustrating to see the boxes there after the runs, darkened and unusable :c is that going to be fixed, or will it remain as is?
Also, sorry fo not running around doing story XP parties yesterday were quick to pop on im :3
Commission for Kry B) <3 I adored drawing Sadist, not to mention this is the first time I've been requested to draw an action pose! Had hella fun with this piece :'D


Q.Q akshdkaljsdh that's so beautiful... I'm gonna lie over here considering if my main sorc deserves requesting a pic like this Q.Q (cries for the rest of the day)
OwO/ Hallow~ I was going around and saw your post. Your chibis are adorable X3 I'm dropping my Aselia here in case you feel like drawing some naughty, mischievous, or even sort-of-evil-kid XP
XD yeah, it was for the CH spot :P if you don't need the gold anymore then okay xP np
hey XP I'm still unsure of what I'd want on chibis, but... would you be okay doing "half tera" half fanart? I kinda wanted to comission someone for my default female character Aselia and some canon videogame guy with whom she spent an awful lot of time while I was playing (unintended, I would have shipped her better with the main or the silly guy if that was the point XD), as in tons of side conversations with him popping up almost every mission
> @Ravstrea said:
> Firian wrote: »
> :D okay, a million thanks :3 I'll be checking. If you do and end up keeping a free slot would you consider me? n.n My name on CH is... same as here, Firian XP
> I hope you get better soon too :3
> I have openned an extra slot :) since there's many people who seems happy with the commissions, I'll make an effort! please feel free to add me to discord if you like to make the full commissions detail or drop me a direct message over here ♥ I'm glad you'e interested!

*o* <3
I don't use discord xP but I'll write up first on a word doc what I'm interested in then mail it to you if that's okay :3 I'll have to remake the girl since I deleted her a few months back xP
:D okay, a million thanks :3 I'll be checking. If you do and end up keeping a free slot would you consider me? n.n My name on CH is... same as here, Firian XP
I hope you get better soon too :3
Hi \(Q.Q) your art is absolutely gorgeous...
So sad I came late when some more people have already asked for the last slot, I would have loved to come in time for it. May I ask about how long would you take before opening comissions again? or... rather, if you will open them again? I've been looking for someone who's up for drawing couples in a romantic scenario out of preference XP most people I've seen here do prefer to draw a single detailed character qwq
I'm a level 65 Sorc and Coudn't even kill those stupid mobs

o_o how could you not? it's the easiest, just spamming hail storm, lightning trap and flame pillar... and some dodges from time to time. They fall in less than a minute.

Now, on the other business I've been reading of, yes, the hit count is quite awful for healers. While I'm main sorc, my tera bff mains priest, and did take an awful lot of time either killing these or breaking the capsules :/ it was quite frustrating to see.
We ended up partying, though, and together we did awesome X'D you know, bringing together like 5 or 6 of these, so while I took them down I got heals and ended splitting the rewards about evenly... but yes... not every priest will have a multi-hitting class available to party with them :| It definitely should be fixed, since healers are not the only ones affected with the 100+ hit life. Classes like Slayer or Berserk would have trouble too, as their skills tend to be single hit and with a small delay between them. Hope something can be done about it o/
Np, thanks to you! I'll keep an eye on the thread to try and catch a slot when you're done with your current work :3
Hi! :o You have such gorgeous art!
I was wondering, you put a picture of a couple in the full body section of previews, but I'm assuming here you wouldn't charge just 245k for two characters, right? :P how much would be per two, granted that the characters were both elves, male and female? Tbh I'm not looking for a super complicated thing (I would even settle for a b&w lineart XD), but I'm curious if you'd charge full price for the second one, in both full and half body.
If you were already thinking about something like that for the prices of your future reopening, just ignore me, I'll wait for the list. Thanks! n.n/
Wow. Some of these have wide appearance ranges :o
Thanks for the answer, Fleett :3
Hello :3 I was wondering if they are still random or if they have been fixed at specific times? I've been logging on for about a month at different times throughout the day out of my usual playing time but I've only caught less than a handful of them, so I'm curious if I just got the times I remember wrong or they are still spawning whenever~
Here's hoping that it's about more Echoes :'v
CH has also seen heavy lag spikes on the past days. I could be clearing dungeon guild missions, hunting on IoD or just standing by on cities, and suddenly can't use any skills or the chat because of heavy delay, and after a few seconds, global would go into a "what's with the server" or "this lag" rampage XP I'd never had that kind of trouble before these past two weeks and really wondered if lag was so heavy on everyone else's end. Now I'm seeing it too and really, if it's awful for me, I'm wondering how bad it must be for the ones who already had heavy lag before .-.
While I agree that Valk is broken at this point, I'm also on the "do the best you can with your class and stop caring about top dps". Play what you like and make your favourite class the best you can do. You'll find that while valks are currently top dps, skill is needed to bring all the possible dps out, and even as a slayer, a GOOD slayer, that is meant to be a bottom dps class, you can out-dps any other class in the hands of unskilled players, that, let's be honest, if you play via im, are plenty in the game.

As for the "broken dps with lots of mana pots"... I just use golden battle solutions, and never had mana issues with any class. I main sorc, but the same goes for my other "most played" classes (mystic, ninja, valk, gunner & lancer, some times priest too). A reason might be that I'm not *that* good, and I'm probably failing somwehere in my rotations, but I guess I'm kinda decent at dealing damage, and rarely ever go below half my mana bar XP
Golden Battle Solutions are love ;) <3
You can use the free bank that you can find in any town, or get a pet with extra storage. The normal bank is shared between your characters on the same server, but I think by default you only have one tab of 8 unlocked, you must buy the rest of them.
As per saving character looks in character creation... nope, there is no option for that as far as I know. You should take screenshots or write down your picks while creating one if you plan on deleting it and creating it once more.
Oh dear, I need that Nerf gun on my gunner XDDD
What Ves said XP don't use the mission auto tps, as they are going to send you to the place where you got the quest, your last mission checkpoint, not to the place where you need to go. The quest tracker in the right always tells you who you must talk to and where they are. If you still cannot find them, click their name and the map should pop with their location.
XP following on the comment of the person who suggested Ace and Celestial Arena... I don't know for how much are they selling rn, but you can use the Interhold tokens that you'll get there as reward to buy a daily Goddess Tear, which was selling last patch for some 1k or so. You can get these with the Ace medals as well, though you'd need to run like 12 to buy one, as they cost 2400 and you can get around 240 per run if you can get S or S+ on each of the random requiremets you get... or really grind Ace for a few days, and buy the lvl 2 Etchings per 8k medals. If I'm not mistaken, these are sold at the broker around 12-15k.

Another way, although more taxing and less trusty, would be to give out your buddy code. If those who use it get to 65 in less than a month, you'll get a Friendship token that can be exchanged for a golden piggy pet that can be sold as well, around 2500 gold in my server, Celestial Hills.
Oh dear goodness :o <3 I absolutely love that couple lineart in the last spoiler!
I'm so glad you're in Celestial Hills~ X3 Though I always have a hard time deciding on what I want to ask for when I plan on paying for some fanart, I'm pretty certain I'll get back to you with a request :3
How do payments work with gold? For when I decide on what I want, if you decide you want to work on it. Do I give you a part before you start, or when you have a draft, or the whole sum when you're finished? :3
NKW6DALWEK wrote: »
I want a pair of cute wings. I only started yesterday and didn't realize the ones I got were bound to that character before I deleted it... :(

If you mean the anniversary ones... I didn't quite understand how's that one gonna work. Somewhere I read that you could get 5 of them throughout this month, and somewhere else I read you could get up to 4 during the weekend, but this last one I only got two... so I'm going to asume it's five total and up to 4 on the weekend depending on which weekend you're logging to the game XP
Probably the +15s you saw were Starfalls or Lucids? These are not as strong rn compared to actual +15s as far as I know...
Hi there XD You've a beautiful style :3 atm I don't really want fanart of any of my tera characters *only league chars rn but not sure about what or who I want* XD but I'm leaving you a pic of my super lazy cat, Isa :pleased: woke up late, turned on my belly to check my phone, she saw and jumped to sleep on my back :v hope you like her
Oh, I don’t mind if you draw them half or full, just however you feel more comfortable while doing it! :3 but if you want reference for full bodies, I have a few of Eyrien, and only one of Yaslana but she’s in the buddy up maid outfit and it's a pic of the first scene with Samael xP she's missing her feet... and right now I can't take any pics of her as I emergency-shut down my account on the 4th to have a buddy up code chance when the new class is released, in case of a 24-hour leveling event :'v anyways, here they are. Also, Yaslana's changing clothes all the time, so you can really dress her in any outfit you like if you're not comfortable with her coupon armor or the maid suit

Yaslana: https://scontent.ftrc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14724514_1834317436855205_8406310738330061071_n.jpg?oh=904f23e09cf25261efda9f170a1028e8&oe=59738281

Eyrien: https://scontent.ftrc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/17424733_1915700228716925_295357189029856449_n.jpg?oh=91ec69154c6a50d60feed9929dbff41e&oe=596EBE39
TeaTokki wrote: »
@Firian im ok with drawing a couple of siblings, I'd love to try! Post your references and how you want them posed, ill give it my best \o/

:D yay, thanks! Okay... XD in case this helps to gather some inspiration, since it's two characters... bit of background of these two :3
Eyrien is mostly a sarcastic person... He was very close to his siblings, but they were separated, and he spent quite a few years looking for them... He's still looking for his brother, but since he found Yaslana, he's turned more to the clingy-silly side, but only towards her (I suppose if he had found his brother he'd be the same XD). Also, he prefers wearing high necks but Tera's options for males are limited in the colors he likes (white, clear mint and pale blue). This is him~

As for Yaslana, she's more on the calm and collected side, kind of lazy on her free time, spaces out often... doesn't quite like eating but loves to sleep XP

The height difference is huge too. While Yaslana has a standard/+1 elin height, Eyrien has a +3 high elf height XP also, they have golden eyes, though Tera doesn't go past a kind of honey tone uwu;
I think their relation goes from Eyrien being clingy or wanting to carry her around Velika while she's running errands, to Yaslana being annoyed, to just giving up and letting him do whatever... something like these (in their full outfits, of course XD) :

@w@; I really went off on this one... sorry... hope I didn't annoy you uwu; is the reference pic enough? or should I look for more? :3
Hi! n.n would it be okay if I asked for a couple of siblings, or you prefer to draw single characters? These two are a high elf and and elin :P
I'd rather wait for your reply before posting any reference X'D I feel like it would be throwing pressure your way :3
LesbianVi wrote: »
@Firian Try the website Kyra store, that might help you, in this thread and Kyra feedback ppl mentioned how to do it. Hopefully that help you.

Yeah it did! :D thanks! I didn't know there was a store extension of it,and hadn't viewed all other pages :3 thanks for answering <3
I've had the problem of my Kyra store not showing up at all :/ not when I log into a character, not by system menu, not by clicking the option in vanguard window until my finger hurts.

I got the "1 catalyst every 5 levels" and mostly 1 catalyst alone for every box I got for a whole gunner leveling too... well, most dungeons I entered. I think there was one or two that didn't give a box and they weren't Labyrinth, but you know... it seemed more important that the store was not showing up than the amount of catalysts I was getting, because... what's the use of getting lots if I can't use them :/
I thought this was maybe going to be fixed on the last maintenance, as I had read in most chats in Celestial Hills that other people had the same problem, but as I keep having it on every alt I try, I'll guess it was not... so, is there a known fix for it or something I could do to at least spend the few ones I got? :/
tbh I've bought at 1:60 and considered buying at 1:70 (been lucky to have someone offer it per 60 right before I whispered the other seller), because no matter how inflated that price sounds, I still end up paying less than half the price of that item if there was no sale and emp was sold at CH's usual 1:40. Like literally, today I bought weapon skins at 1:60 per 14 500 when their broker price has never come down from 35k, so even if it sounds horribly expensive, it is still a good deal at least for me
I'd like to see that as the leveling 11-20 zone... though not Karascha's nest as the first dungeon available for playing--- or maybe yes! if made a bit more complex. I don't know... it would be nice to see it as it was again. I miss searching for good old Elleon X'3
Probably the topic was discussed already, but didn't see it before... are the Iron and Crimson dragons going to get previews in the in-game store anytime, or will they remain as is because of being permanent account bound and untradable? I've been wanting to buy an account bound Eclipse or a dragon, but haven't decided yet because I was waiting for a preview on the latter ones... though I'm thinking that'll be unlikey by this point. Could anyone confirm please? :)
I'd rather have a male high elf throwing punches here and there <3 ^_^ *rolls*
Dhrizzit wrote: »
thanks god, some guys told me they gonna ban me because for a mistake i send a message of trade on world chat, im scary about that because i came from server highwatch where we ever use that chat to trade and everything

i came back to the game from a few days ago, so now is merged on pvp69

I don't think you'd get banned because of that. I'm on CH, but people always talk about everything on every chat. You can find all varying degrees of roleplay from Say to Global and trade messages in LFG chat, so... if people doesn't get banned on my server I don't see why would they be in others :/ they were probably just picking on people
so was this a general crash? my friend and i got kicked from server too...
Hi! I have a peculiar problem. Launcher opens, but the log in box doesn't appear until I click any of the customer support/tools options, then the launcher goes gray, and doesn't let me click Play by any means :/ and the repair button isn't lit, so I don't believe it is a direct problem with my files. Anyone is having that issue, or is it just me?

The game patched in the grey launcher, so that's a yay, I guess...
And here I thought it was my internet last night :o glad to see that's running fine, though. Now... to wait :P
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