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WB. Look forward to them. You're better than that one artist who took 50% of my payment, showed ONE live sketch then went MIA and block/deleted me.
@R7LATNHMFH and @tisnotme Search for Fresh. Gladly welcome you ^_^ Just list down who you are and we'll accept. Also, solo players welcome.
R7LATNHMFH wrote: »
@Ferria sorry but do you mind telling me which server to join i cant pm you because i am a new user i am also in singapore

Hiya, we're on Celestial Hills. Mostly SEA players in our guild, but international.
Chibihime wrote: »
@Ferria Im not using Mods :open_mouth: i just edit them a tiny bit :x

Yee they're lovely ;w; <3 Teach me senpai!
Ravstrea wrote: »
Hi there you guys! Happy new year!!.
Saddly in this past last months i wasn't feeling so well on my health, however, when i started to be ok, i decided to keep the work on commissions, so i went back to my deask, with the bad luck to broke my tablet's pencil when i droped it by a mistake of my hand. I said this on twitter but i totally forgot to make a post over here.


I asked the wacom store to send me a new, but it wasn't untill two days ago that they confirmed me the pencil is coming home, but it will take a couple of weeks for it to arrive.... doe the holidays on christmas and new year, the purchase was succeful but thet didn't sent it until now :(.

Thanks for the understanting.
I've been working on your commissions in traditional, so I got all the sketchs for them :) just waiting the pencil to make them digital. Some of the commissions were already started on digital (as you can see in my twitter, you can check out all the progress i got for you :) ♥ )

Remember you can allways check all the progress ofver there or my discord! I haven't dissapear, i was just too sick and kinda busy with mom issues and now this problem with my tablet's pencil :( I'm so sorry!!! but the work is coming in a bunch of updating as soon as my new pencil is with me!.

No worries sweetie! I miss you loads. Get well soon please and you are such a sweetheart and understanding too. At least you're better than some artists here on Tera who just run away and lie about things <3
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Woo contest over! Congrats to all the winners ;w; Here's mine!!

This is really creative!
So... you open commissions but you don't even reply to my messages then delete me from friendslist after over a month and even after I paid 50% and barely saw any WIPS...?

Where are you? I can't PM you on discord. At all.

You told me you had irl issues, no problem. I was kind enough to understand but at least communicate with your commissioner? Now I want to send you a msg and suddenly deleted and blocked off Discord?

How would that reflect on you as an artist?

I also hate stirring up drama but I am getting frustrated because you do not give any form of update and just go MIA yet I see you playing TERA/Closers and other games with BUSY status on Discord on a daily basis.

Please respond.

Thank you.
@Chibihime what mod you using? <3 Do pm me
Tbh, as a priest main.. I already feel the constant pressure, stress and frustration of looking for solid parties who wont boot you out or bash you for being slow at healing or buffing, let alone screaming for mana. Mystics have a ton of skills, however once you know what skills are important, it's pretty much a lazy run for you whist for a priest, you need to be skilled and know your class really well + timing before you execute any form of skills. The only thing "great" about us for now is our Kaia but even that doesn't do much as a plus point as opposed to Mystic's vow since if you die, it's insta res for the caster and two other members. Jaunt.. aoe heals, singular heal thralls.. ahaa list goes on.

If you aren't aware of the recent ktera updates.. the new awakening skills are BHS's version of an "upgrade". Fancy new moves and extra tricks for skills. They made Priests stronger and cooler but LOL, mystics and their party jaunts, king thrall, mote hp explosions... :3

Imma put a stop to my boring draggy sentence.

But I am content though, just find a static that you can trust and a guild who doesn't judge and run. Trust me.. find that and you're gucci.
;A; .... so want, but no gold on TR
Adorable art! <3
O3O !! Lovely!
I want ><;; But I don't have gold on those servers. PM me your discord?
@Ecchan Please check discord... TT_TT
That'd be lovely, thank you! <3
Ah lovely o3o;; Wanna see more samples and have a slot :3
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Another commission for Margarethe done. Ty for commissioning me so much >.<!

Love this piece!
Your mean "sorry" lmao
Wrong chat category
@Miino Added!
Hi! Can't find you on discord
So cute o3o <3 want!
;w; ... wantttt to commmm eeks!
Elloz! I wrote a guide here https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/18580/new-returning-players-basic-baby-guide
Lemme know when you're open!
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Ferria wrote: »
SO pretty ;A; <3 Also Zeth where you been!? Q_Q .. not on Discord!

[filtered]! sorry bby, i have forgotten to check Discord since i've been more active on dA kasdlkajfl
-runs to check it-

Huhu... hope to see you there more often ;w; me misses yew
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Shaded Bust couple commission for @Znc
ty so much for the patience ~ it was fun to draw them, they make such an adorable couple ♥

SO pretty ;A; <3 Also Zeth where you been!? Q_Q .. not on Discord!
Want to commission <3
St4lk wrote: »
Commission from a month ago or so~ Finally got permission to upload it with a huge watermark ^^"

Much lurve O3O <3
Yep what counterpoint said. EME doesn't delete characters, just reset names which happened once. You probably have it in another e-mail and account. Try to remember, I know 2 years+ can have you with a fuzzy memory but take your time to remember!
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Ferria wrote: »
Can't add you :confounded:

Hey, you can try again! I'm in the new discord!

Let me pm you
Considering how annoying bosses HP are since BHS/EME decided to mega buff them for annoying reasons... yeah lol! Decent DPS Lancer is sexy o3o; Though I still love seeing them tank better than anything.
Yeah sure, why not? Good game still. Just gets stale here and there so find buddies
Can't add you :confounded:
YAS PLSU! <3 *adds to discord*
Find a static
Omg.. need you to draw mine O_O <3
You did okay @MinoUc , no worries.
This is coming from a KTera player:

"Sorry to say, now priest is not good. Mystic better. It is sad but it is the truth"
Yzobela wrote: »
Ferria wrote:

Honestly, to some extent like as what Haloist said, even if I know I'm doing my job well, it can still make me feel "weak." Like it's not my role, it's not my point to be trying to compete, but still those huge numbers make me... jealous? I don't know how to explain it myself but it's almost an embarrassing feeling. When someone has a DPS meter and pastes the stats after a boss fight and I'm around 10 percent or so, there's just something so unsatisfying (though I know the DPS and healers don't care.) We shouldn't be pressured to be DPS, but likewise it's almost a useless feeling when we're not able to contribute in that sense (even though it's not even our job!)

Doesn't bother me all the time but when I notice, I definitely notice. :'o

D'aw... yeah. I'll always notice and support genuine peeps. Plus I love this thread as it sheds some light on how other classes feel about their builds or performance. Thanks for sharing too, at the very least it's not a heated debate but an educational one. But I just kinda feel bad that sometimes Lancers get pressured into focusing on DPS-ing so much just to be maybe Top 3 in the "meter list" and to be ranked say Top 10 on the.. umm.. ranking site and they tend to stray. I feel sad knowing it as it takes out the fun in the game let alone when the dps-es in the party don't even care as long as they're a good tank.

But I guess I can understand why. It's the same for me as a Priest vs Mystic.. lol, Mystics shine now so.. eheh.
Mystics = Win for a few patches already so... yea.
Yzobela wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »

No no, it is because aggro and dps are connected. We have to care about the dps we deal in order to hold aggro because it's how tera's aggro system works. We must be concerned with actually tanking the boss (the things you described) as well as being able to put out enough dps in order to keep doing so. I do not think that it is a fight against other tanks in dps since of course Brawler was the first pure dps-tank, but rather doing what is necessary to excel in the tank role.

Don't quote me on how recently it's changed though, I don't exactly remember myself.

(also you were the first comment, I keenly remember this. Thank you :') )

Hehe yes, of course as I truly appreciate tanks a ton. Tbh, I knnow some good Lancers but they keep feeling competitive with DPS lol! However they aren't bad, can hold aggro and my parties always have Stormcry or Frostmetal and we clear really fast so I kinda feel bad that my static tank feels pressured with the need to be a "DPS" x.x; Maybe because I don't see a point since he's a good tank and our DPS are really strong lol

And you're welcome!
Haloist wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
Question, why do tanks as of late care so much about the DPS THEY deal as opposed to being able to actually tank a boss and position it whilst maintaining aggro 100% or at least able to pull back aggro almost instantly the moment a DPS crits too big? Is it really that important in numbers for tanks to have "best dps" against other tanks (Lancers and Brawlers) when their job is to just TANK?

I do however know Brawlers have a DPS perk as well, logically, they use their fists lol and fast moves + auto blocks as skills are casted but what about Lancers? They're the boys with the big shields, shouldn't they worry more about holding position and aggro rather than DPS?

It baffles me really.

Well what you're saying is logical, but players nowadays also want faster runs and not slowpoke runs anymore.

Imagine this: If you were to choose between 2 lancers, lancer A who can dish out tons of damage AND hold aggro/position boss properly, and lancer B who does very low dps but can also hold aggro/position boss properly, which one would you choose? Unless you're some masochist who likes to drag dungeon runs longer than it's necessary, the obvious answer would be to pick lancer A, or even pick a competent Brawler over lancer B.
Since bosses now have abnormally large HP pools, it starts feeling like a chore to fight them when the tank can't dps for nuts.
(To add on to this, I've actually seen lancers being able to hold aggro with just shield counter and aggro shout, with the very occasional spring attack and wallop, but this results in very slow dungeon runs unless the dps are overgeared for the dungeon.)

Another way to look at it is player competition. Who doesn't like to do better than someone else? Sure, it might be used as an ego boost, but it's healthy competition as long as it stays civilised.

True and yes... I'd rather tank a lancer with decent DPS than one who loses aggro however I am not picky as I usually balance my parties, plus, it's nice to give other tanks a chance ya know?
Question, why do tanks as of late care so much about the DPS THEY deal as opposed to being able to actually tank a boss and position it whilst maintaining aggro 100% or at least able to pull back aggro almost instantly the moment a DPS crits too big? Is it really that important in numbers for tanks to have "best dps" against other tanks (Lancers and Brawlers) when their job is to just TANK?

I do however know Brawlers have a DPS perk as well, logically, they use their fists lol and fast moves + auto blocks as skills are casted but what about Lancers? They're the boys with the big shields, shouldn't the worry more about holding position and aggro rather than DPS?

It baffles me really.
I personally would like to see the noctenium infusion potion added as an elite perk. Here's why. They added the nostrum to the elite perks, which nostrums aren't really that hard to get and are easily available. I have stacks of them saved up from farming IOD and opening mwa boxes in the past. I don't exactly know where or how people aquire noctenium these days after they removed Alliance. Though I think it would be a very nice addition to our perks and I'd then feel like I'm getting my moneys worth each month.

Another thing, and I've asked for this years ago, would be for 5 more slots added in the travel journal. I currently have two world bam spawns saved, two dungeon entrances, and one mountain in velika I like to go to get away from the people and cities during my down time or afk time. I would love to add more dungeon entrances, more afk spots, and one or two more world bam spawns for my achievements.
Ravstrea wrote: »
Commission finished for Ferria :)
I cannot show the full sized image since the owner asked me to keep it kinda personal So, here you have a short preview of it :) feel free to watch it on my social media to have a full view.

PLEASE remember these characters ain't yours, don't claim them in the wrong way and please have a proper behavior towards the real owner of these guys and the artist behind the piece.
(Sorry for my broken english m(_ _)m ♥ )

Thanks for your support!
There are some more commissions to come!.

I love you <3 Thank YOU so much TwT;;; <3 <3 She is super professional, patient and very detailed person. Easy to work with as well! I truly adore her works, one of the rare types of art styles.

Will commission again~ :3 TQ dear! <3 <3
SO CUTE!!!!!!! O3O;;
Advo wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
@Advo Heya! Welcome back to Tera! Glad you're back and making new characters! Do ask if you need a hand in anything aye? :3
Thank you very much for the re-welcome. I have really no recollection about the game, and there is only so much you can tell from looking at essentialmana / guides / vids. As a result, I think I will probably have to just run down and level a bunch of characters.

Right now I am thinking about rolling a Warrior, Brawler, Valkyrie, Ninja, or Reaper. Reasoning why is in the spoiler.
I have pretty well narrowed it down to not roll a Lancer/Priest/Mystic. I had used to play a Mystic and lancer. I am feeling in the mood for a melee class so no Gunner, Archer, or Sorc. Not a fan of Zerk last time I tried it, that is one of the few things I remember. Had rolled a slayer pre rework/buffs that had happened, had a love-hate relationship with her.

Right now the plan is to try the 4 besides reaper till 9 or so. Check the aesthetics and look over the skills and then link that one with a buddy-up code and grab elite.

So it comes down to 3 questions.
1) What server/realm? I had played on TR before, but some posts have led me to believe that the endgame on MT is better.
2) Out of the classes that I listed, is there any other information I should take into account?
3) Tera is an older game, and how bad is the endgame when you are looking for groups/parties with helping people get acclimated. Some games the players are elitist and have a tendency to be fairly abrasive/kick people with low gear score/item level / dungeon knowledge.

Optimally, I think that Ninja is the one that I am leaning towards

Okie let me try to break it down for you. I've been getting asked this pretty often so I'll be honest about it.


1. If you are 100% competitive and you want to handle end game and roll with the big boys, MT is the choice for you however in terms of being accepted into parties doing proper High Tier / Top Tier dungeons will be highly inspected based on your performance... elitist pretty much. It has a decent population but be prepared to get screamed at if you make a mistake >.< Oh and this has PvP though you get spanked starting at 65.

2. If you are more just there to run with pugs and randoms and constantly having parties which also have the tendency to be picky based on gear/performance, TR is alright. Population is high too.

3. FF is mostly a server for people who wanna run basically anything but have their own groups and recently after a long time, a group finally cleared HH (Harrowhold - 20 man dungeon), population is so-so. Heavy PvP server , same as MT.

4. AV.. is the same as FF except PvE.

5. CH, well people tend to label this as an E-R-P server or lazy, casual fluffy players but no lol! Yes there are more creative people here and it used to be hard finding parties however tons of players returned from hiatus and many new players joined, LFG is alive at active/peak hours but this server is really more on friendship and guild driven. Once you're in a guild, you're gucci. It's a mixed of End Game and crazy Farmers/Chill players who stack up on IoD (Island of Dawn) stuff and do dailies and know the in's and out's of the game with good gear but pretty much farmed for it and don't really run stuff. Either way, you will have someone in global who's able to answer you or just ask in area char or the populated towns (I highly suggest Highwatch as opposed to Velika as that is filled with afk-ers who are there to... play "Tera Tinder" whilst the ones in Highwatch mostly afk but run dungeons) . If you plan on sticking around and not get removed/booted out of a guild for being inactive, this server is more lenient that way. It's nice to have a home to come back to xD


Priest: Big heals, Big Shields, Minimal skills, needs a lot of attention and to be skilled to run end game (easy to understand, fun to play) - PING DEPENDENT

Mystic: Big crits, Tons of random aoe heals + buffs, lotsa "so-called" useless summons (thralls), currently too OP to even be a healer and be able to dps

Lancer: Big shields, Adrenaline Rush (everyone becomes The Flash for a while), Holds aggro and positioning of bosses better (my personal preference) - PING DEPENDENT

Brawler: Huge fists, Heavily relies on cooldowns, Extremely squishy if timing is bad in blocking however proper skills casted gives an auto block which boosts fury for insane power/crit - PING DEPENDENT

Archer: Rad dps, Fun aoe, has insane crits and poison debuffs and bombs (fun in pvp) - PING DEPENDENT due to rapid fire + combos

Sorcerer/Reaper: Same as archer. Not really ping dependent and user friendly. Has nice iframes and some skills like stone skin to instantly save your bum or Retribution for the Reaper. Biiiiiiiiig aoe's.

Gunner: Burst Fire is super delicious especially with high ping, has a bot which can completely tank for you + heal you + pull you to safety and easy to use. Arcane Barrage does insane skyhigh dps and have a chance to save you from dying (Brawler has this too)

Berzerker: Tank and spank (not a tanker but can take some hits) but due to being extremely "heavy" most zerks just go full dps. Only thing this class is a bit of a downer is due to its insane dps sucking up its HP the more your charge but a good zerk can deal a ton of damage.

Ninja: Tons of iframes, squishy but extremely fast. If you have really low ping, a ninja is capable of really carrying a full party upon each successful attack ticks (without getting hit) then combo and rinse and repeat.

Valkyrie: Currently the new class and one of the mostly used classes after the Ninja. Has a small set of skills, huge aoe buffs and has Ragnarok (kinda like your inner super saiyan mode unleashed) which resets all skills and you speed up in doing everything and can pull huge dps. Only downside to this class is it's EXTREMELY SQUISHY which is why the devs gave it a mini "kaia" called Balder's Tears for emergency facetank till your cooldowns are over and you iframe away. One thing I enjoy about this class is the "perfect evasion" when you iframe at the correct time which guarantees you crit for your next attack.

Warrior: Heh.. now, this class has a recent huge buff so it gets addictive. You can tank or dps and it's easy to understand + simple skills, it's more of an adventure with this class and very fast too. Has massive dps and can summon a "ghost" to tank/attack in your place (neat skill xD)

Slayer: Pretty much a slaying class. Lives up to its name. The more crits and hits you get in triggers more crits and resets + piercing - PING DEPENDENT.

** Do note that the classes which are Ping Dependent have also been played by people who can do pretty insane dps with 250+ ping, but they have said that with lower ping, things would be much easier but it's not a problem to play a class and understand it and time in properly.

Tera is all about timing now.. so yeah.


1. Find a guild which caters towards your liking and stick to it.
2. LFG's are always popping during peak hour however if it isn't don't worry and try to do your vanguards, at 65 things get easier in terms of runs as everyone would run anything just to gain exp + mats for their gear.

.. o_O; I.. typed a lot. So sorry lmao. I play on CH/TR/MT now but I am in CH more as players there run lotsa end game and are super chill so I feel more at home than feeling stressed out trying to impress people to qualify to be in raids lol <-- personal preference.

That is all xD
@Advo Heya! Welcome back to Tera! Glad you're back and making new characters! Do ask if you need a hand in anything aye? :3
Although, before the Arsenal patch... IoD farmers have this instant built in policy if we see motes lying around on the ground or someone nearby killing, we move elsewhere or switch a different channel lol..

But after Arsenal, all these "fresh" farmers.. have zero consideration xD

So.. just tag it first / switch channel or just wait till later.
zanlik301 wrote: »
@Ferria Indeed priests lack power buffs but they are still better and more reliable in terms of self sustain
the reasons are
1. Far far far better and longer iframe than jaunt
2. better at emergencies with kaia's, divine respite, Guardian sanctuary. Mystics thrall of life has summoning time and takes a lot of time till it starts healing and that adds up in time so its only usefull in predictions, also corruption ring half damage glyph is almost useless in face of all the plethora fixed damage numbers at bosses
3. Priest still way safest choice for starters, pug environments and high maintenance groups because they cant die no matter what, they cant even be nuked
4.Priest in an experienced party can go through the whole rotation with mana management and still have time to scrach their bottoms, mystic's even today with titanic wrath removed their scratching time is removed by mote spawning. With priest in high maintenance parties I can easily do rotation plus mana management with mystic I have to sacrifice ether motes or coraption ring
But yeah priest rely on skill only and mystics have it easy
A year ago if u run FI with mystic and party was inexperienced or even a little high maintenance u were fked due to underwhelming heal of titanic favor and the bad lock on mechanic on the only reliable heal mystic had pre buff not to mention the unreliability of Boomerang in a dungeon that u need to move aside every 0,5 secs . Today there is no such problem in ether of the 2 healing classes so pls dont say mystics have it easy priests still have it easier in terms of survivability and thats comming from sm1 that mains both healing classes, the only reason i like mystic better is because it they were waya harder in the past. Today botha classes ar almost equall in terms of dificulty with priest being a little easier
But I will give u that mystics severely outclasses priests in terms of buffs
So yeah they need a buff in buffs :P but good news vow gets nerfed to the ground and titanic, cleanse distance is getting nerfed also priest's get a a cdr buff which will be good for classes that rely heavily in cdr

I love you, you little popo <3 But yee... we just need more buffs or at least lesser cdr in ressing.. lmfao. We used to res way faster than mystics xD
Hahah I knew it however some people are still salty and immediately claim that RM won't be back due to glitches xD I just love the dungeon so wheee~
@Moooo Ah thank you for your kind words, it's a very basic guide but it gives you a decent understanding of how Tera works now. Just get to 65 then slowly learn the newer features, you should be gucci once you hit 65 since the revamp as made things pretty easy to navigate.

Feel free to ask questions and welcome back to Tera! ^^

And yes, a year or so ago, they resetted the names of players whom have not logged onto Tera for more than 1-2 years and their names would end with a 1 at the back. Example Potato1 lol, hope you find the right server for you too! ^^/
ch0ob wrote: »
For people who work, I say if you can sacrifice around 3 hours a day you can probably make around 30-40k everyday depending on what server you're on. But that's also asking a lot considering you'd probably have to go to sleep afterwards. Come back home from work just to do more tedious work in game to make money. For some, that would be their entire day spent.

This all depends on your work schedule. This patch got hit hard with the korean grind flavor.

^ In a nutshell. Well put.
Montblanck wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
It's depressing I know and mind you, the recent "buff" priests get which reduces the CDR with energy stars seems like a huge [filtered] hype but in reality, those who main priests know that it's just a psychological gimmick.

People now only want priests for the "extra" CDR to help the party but if you had to pick, they'd always pic mystics. Sad truth.

I know it sounds like just a half-heart attempt to balance the healing classes - I think so too, to be honest - but we have yet to see this when the change comes to NA. The buff is almost another CDR weapon roll. No other party buff, consumable, vyrsks, innerwears, and brooch buff give CDR. This is also why healers mostly roll CDR top line because you can get attack speed from other sources, but the source of CDR in-game is sparse.

This Energy Stars buff will mean:
- Faster buff cooldown (GS/AR, Manaboost, Fiery Rage, etc) for more usage
- Less filler skills (eg. Brawler might not have to auto attack/Flip Kick/fill in GF after all)
- Better skill alignment with enrage phases and faster enrage skill cooldown (more Shining Crescents?)
- You can now stack more attack speed with less worries, knowing you would not run out of skills to use because of cooldown lock

I'm still not sure if 5% CDR is huge enough to have an impact (which is why I said we have to see it when it comes); all the same, it will give Priests more leverage in the healing department - it's just uncertain how much leverage it would be.

Yeah I believe so, we'll just have to wait and see, I just wish there was a balance rather than "LFG > Mystic" kinda sad.
Tewii wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
It really makes the meaning of a "priest" become insufficient when mystics were meant to be off-heals but now because of crits, they have everything lol

Mystics are not "off-healers". An off-healer assumes they cannot function without being in a party with a main healer, and always assumes there are 2 healers per party. This isn't the case.
Ferria wrote: »
Us priests don't have little tiny summons to buff/tank/heal us.. we rely purely on skill lmao! So yee.. still GG. But meh, that's just how it is.

Mystics don't have kaias, arise or sustainable AoE heals. Thralls are worthless btw.

What's the point of a priest which is literally useful for heals/buffs when you could just make one healing class, Mystic and be done with it? Why make another healing class which is more preferable now due to its buffs and ample amount of conveniences which can dps and heal? Even if a mystic KD's and whatnot, they have a lot of self-help to save them + your jaunt lol, so mystics should be very happy they are the preferred class now.

I'm just looking forward to the estars update. Wonder what NA will have store for us.
giux wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
Personally I don't mind mystics being stronger in terms of buffs as long as it isn't a crazy difference as it is right now. Mystic/priest balance was all right in my eyes before the bugged lockons / aura and endurance debuff received buffs. Mystics were a bit better but nobody would look away from a priest.
The cdr will be a neat bonus to estars, but as you said crit aura and contagion will always be a bit better.

I don't mind mystic being a bit stronger but right now the problem it's that they pretty much give 10% dps gain no matter the party ability.
I also play archer and I can see this, when running with mystics boss fight duration it's less, dps it's a lot higher with the same consumables/ player skill.

I remember back in the day when priests used to have 4-5 buffs all stackable, that was overpowered i guess but right now could probably be a good way to balance things out.
Ferria wrote: »
Yeah I figured as much. I main a priest though I run with my guild and friends however, when we add a mystic in, they always derp about the buffs. It really makes the meaning of a "priest" become insufficient when mystics were meant to be off-heals but now because of crits, they have everything lol

Us priests don't have little tiny summons to buff/tank/heal us.. we rely purely on skill lmao! So yee.. still GG. But meh, that's just how it is.


I always played priest and I love mastering this class and i'm for sure not switching to mystic just because it's meta right now.
The only thing that bugs me a bit it's when I double heal with a mystic (in HH p2 for example) and they always heal before you because of course since they don't need to lock-on it they are faster, and so I feel like i'm worst then them.. (I'm talking about experienced mystics but still).

Yeah.. that's the depressing part. I'll never switch to mystic. I'll main my priest, I did main my mystic for just a short while but then now I grew to love my priest more and adapted to whatever we can serve on the plate, plus.. people said Priest is a EASY class.. lmao that's bull XD;;

Mystics have it all there, priests have a simple list of skills but we need to plan properly before casting or GG party/raid.

Don't get me wrong, I wish people would want double heal, now it's all solo because the "mystic" gives all so we priests get all.. scrub parties. But can't take away our Kaia ;w; .. I love my kaia.. it's my bae lmao xD So *high fives you* YAY PRIEST!
Let's just face it. Tera has turned into a daily chore for us like a job IRL lol
giux wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
I wonder though... when Priests get the estars buff, would people still favour Mystics over us potato priests ? Dun dun dun...

People will still prefer mystic because giving crit will always be better than giving cdr.

Crit is something that people can manage by just switching to power green crystals when they play with mystic, while cdr it's something that it's inbound in the gear so it's not like dps will have two set of rolls for each healer. It will be nice to have but dps classes will choose the type of rolls that allows them to be self-sufficient.

So it mostly will not change the huge preference for mystic but probably will make priest more bearable on the eyes of lfg people.

Yeah I figured as much. I main a priest though I run with my guild and friends however, when we add a mystic in, they always derp about the buffs. It really makes the meaning of a "priest" become insufficient when mystics were meant to be off-heals but now because of crits, they have everything lol

Us priests don't have little tiny summons to buff/tank/heal us.. we rely purely on skill lmao! So yee.. still GG. But meh, that's just how it is.

@Elyiess Thanks xD;; I tried to make it.. more friendly haha

@Xerses After you've spent some time with your character and you want to learn more, you can search for guides online for optimal skill rotations and glyph builds along with proper gear rolls. Crystals vary depending on classes. The login message offers advice on which crystals to use for PvE and PvP content. You shouldn't be going into a dungeon with 3x pounding crystals and a fleetfoot crystal so it's best to check the login message first for a basic idea of what you should use.
@P3JNTTDC3Y Click my name and send a message ^^
I wonder though... when Priests get the estars buff, would people still favour Mystics over us potato priests ? Dun dun dun...
Aww... very happy for you! <3
LP7FMYWRR6 wrote: »
It's almost like every mystic here is lying to themselves or has bad internet and is not under the impression that currently every mystic lock on skill is practically instant and unable to miss as long as they're not behind you. Currently mystic is the easier class to play out of the two healers. There's no longer any "challenge" to play mystic like some people here are saying.

True that.
Pumpedd wrote: »
Elyiess wrote: »
farm all day you can make 100k


I have to agree with Pumpedd on this one lmao! Farm all day with multiples... this patch is NOT alt friendly, neither does everyone have a no-life-play-Tera-24/7 daily lifestyle.

I know some who leech off the government and play Tera but eh, hoomans. Lel. But gold isn't hard to get this patch, it's EASY however, requirements to SURVIVE and ENCHANT is what's squeezing you dry and P2W swipers / those who play broker but don't play the game will profit. Idk I am sleep, goodnight lmao
Tewii wrote: »
LNRXHCFA5K wrote: »
Have you guys even played mystic to say the things you are saying? Most of you sound like you're just really jealous and feel the need to whine a lot idk

I'm a mystic main
LNRXHCFA5K wrote: »
Every class has its advantages and its difficulties and we all have to acknowlegde that

Mystic blows priest out of the water everywhere other than kaias and sustainable aoe healing
LNRXHCFA5K wrote: »
Autotarget is not that automatic as you'd think. I dare you to make a mystic and cleanse REALLY QUICKLY your WHOLE party, specially with random placed ranged dps. Priest really outdoes mystics in that aspect

I can and I do. Stop sucking. Priest's limited cleanse range is deceptively small.
LNRXHCFA5K wrote: »
As for CR to give mana to the party, I admit I should do it more, but I rarely do it because mostly of the time it's just too dangerous.

It's never dangerous. You take half damage during the cast, you stay out of combat and it's easy to remove yourself from whatever's hurting you just by jaunting 12m away.

Digivolve wrote: »
Tewii wrote: »

Lock on is not a downside, hitscan is not an upside.

Plague is slower, susceptible to stagger and is a lock on.

Soooo why does it matter then if plague is a lock on?

because plague being a lock on is a disadvantage. endurance debuffs are not.

one thing is incredibly sustainable and spammable
the other is on a 45 second cooldown and missing the lockon or being too slow can and will cause party wipes [a la. vshm]

really not that hard to construe from my post

I love you for writing this lmao
vkobe wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
> @vkobe said:
> we call this the karma B)
> so after 3 years of pain for mystic, it is normal than priest suffer like mystic 3 years ago B)

See that's really stupid, even back then mystics were considered the better healer for experienced parties, and people that actually were skilled and good preferred mystics. I was told that from the moment I joined the game 2 and a half years ago.
Now priests have been outshined by mystics ever since mystics got their revamp, however it was not a big difference and priests could still play without feeling like they should reroll to mystic.
After the recent mystic buffs though, priests have only suffered, at one point our kaia DIDN'T EVEN WORK and I just straight up felt like quiting priest and crying in the corner because my favourite class had nothing left.
Mystics have been good for a loooooong long while and they just keep buffing them.

so you dont know the good old time when mystic troll people with bals in velika and the npc after the nexus to protest agains bhs, because at this time they wanted a good buff against the priest, in the old forum they post some screenshots about that and so many people threat them to report them if they continue

it was the good old time when we were only level 60 B)

Ferria wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
we call this the karma B)

so after 3 years of pain for mystic, it is normal than priest suffer like mystic 3 years ago B)

Dude... this kinda mentality is exactly why people either leave or just can't stand players like you lol


but mystic 2014 are so happy to see a priest want to reroll mystic, because mystic is become the healer fotm B)

I absolutely have ZERO clue what you said lol
P3JNTTDC3Y wrote: »
@Ferria Me! I'm in CH. Do u happen to know SEA players or SEA guild?

Yes. You can PM me
You can come to CH if you want to play with people from SEA / Oceania. Drop me a PM and let me know. @Rokubyou @LyricaDreamy @P3JNTTDC3Y
I've seen way too many questions about this so I figured I'd just write my own version of a very broken down version of how I level to 65 really quickly.. so hope it helps >.<;

Tip for any new & returning players out there:



Story Quests ONLY (red quests) > Vanguards > QUE For Whatever dungeon you have available while killing bams for your Vanguard + exp + bonus etc > Hit Level 60 > Do Story Quest + Vanguard > Spam Sabex / Catacombs (65 version) / Manaya & Argon > Hit 65 > Do the Arsenal Quest > Get free Guardian Gear and lastly..

Welcome to END GAME.

Where the REAL Tera begins.

Super simple, just do this and ignore yellow quests UNLESS you are OCD and wanna enjoy the lore + chill and casual + greedy for exp. The guide above is to hit 65 asap and start learning what End Game is like in Tera and where it puts your Level 1 - 65 "journey" to the test.



If you're level 60, follow the guide above by doing the "65" dungeons SABEX ARMORY & MACALLARIUS CATACOMBS for obvious reasons then proceed to the npc at Highwatch called Dougal and get your Guardian Gear. You're able to roll out the stats any way you please upon first try, however if you wish to change it, you will need to use Semi Enigmatic Scrolls to reroll so please be mindful of what you do as this patch is NOT alt friendly, neither is it cheap lol

If you're 65 and have ANY form of gear BELOW MISERY (RMH/VSH Patch) , they are pretty much USELESS. It's up to you to get rid of them or store them for sentimental memories? You are able to convert your +12 Misery set to Twistshard set which is Level 2 Gear for current Arsenal patch. Choose your rolls and spam dungeons + IoD (you can unlock higher tier bams as you level your gear) and bank your EXP for "better" chances at successful enchanting rate. This also works for accessories.

Reminder: If you have +9 Twistshard / +9 Frostmetal... do NOT "upgrade" with your crystals intact. Also do note that you will lose whatever etchings you added to your current gear so my advice is to just use Tier 2 etchings which you obtain easily from dungeons then use Tier 3 when you are Frostmetal (Level 3 gear) or when you get to Stormcry +0 (Level 4 Gear and current Top Tier gear), depending on how much finances you have. It's really how savvy you want to be, no right or wrong.



1. What / Where to get Vanguards?
- Press H, a list of available Vanguard quests will pop, do the ones whic give you most exp, you can auto Teleport there and SAVE GOLD, please save. You'll thank me after.

2. I have outlevelled the dungeon I was in and now I can't que for anything?
- Do your STORY QUESTS + Available Vanguards until you LEVEL 1 - 2 times then check again. There's usually a bit of a gap once in a while when it's dungeon related so no worries, you're not stuck

3. Why is levelling so difficult now?
- If you want to compare difficulty in leveling, you should be around during the early years. 2012 - 2014. When Gunner came out, everything turned from using your creativity and actually reading Quest Lines to figure out where to go to spamming F and just pressing M and clicking the quest, killing mobs and done. Rinse and repeat. Fastest way to level and to avoid being "bored" is to find friends to play with. Solo-ing gets lonely, I understand.

4. Are there any other ways to feel stronger because I am so potato as a lowbie right now?
- Join a guild which will offer you the buffs though they are more handy when you hit 65 but feel free to enjoy it whilst getting to know the game, meeting people, getting your questions answered.

5. Which dungeons are best to run when I hit level 60 and want to hit 65?
- Sabex Armory & Macallarius Catacombs because these not only give you a chunk of EXP, it drops Glyphs Boxes which you need to unlock your GREEN SKILLS when you press K which reduces the costs of your skill points.

6. I have all the Glyphs but I can't seem to unlock a few and I see blue?
- This was the part where I said the real game begins at 65.. you will need to use either your leveling tokens / vanguard credits (Press H) and purchasing the Rare Glyph Boxes (Superior Glyphs) from the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster at Highwatch (I get it from here) and yes, it's RNG so.. enjoy.

Till then, new players welcome to Tera and old players, welcome back!

PS: This is really a babysteps-super-easy-broken-down-self-claimed-guide from me, I do this for my own convenience when I level so if you have other methods which are easier than this or mode detailed and refined, feel free to share here! ^^

vkobe wrote: »
we call this the karma B)

so after 3 years of pain for mystic, it is normal than priest suffer like mystic 3 years ago B)

Dude... this kinda mentality is exactly why people either leave or just can't stand players like you lol
voidy wrote: »
You're not wrong. But I still prefer to play my priest (mystic puts me to sleep, it plays itself right now), and GENERALLY speaking I prefer to tank for priests and not mystics unless I already know the mystic and want them to improve/know they're good already.

The rest of this is purely anecdotal opinion so feel free to ignore it, but when it comes to random healers lately, mystics have been really terrible on the whole. They never even try to CR to keep my mana up, which sucks because I'm a lancer and go through it like crazy; their auras really aren't enough, but most of them don't even try. I'd settle for having mana motes chucked at my face. And then despite having a severely OP cleanse that autotargets and works from 35m away as well, I've noticed that most (again, this is just my experience with random mystics versus random priests lately) of them take ages to actually cleanse a group, while a majority of random priests I come across generally try to cleanse as soon as possible. A bunch can't even keep up their debuff even though it's ONE STACK and lasts a third of a minute. Like, come on, step it up a little bit. The developers handed this class everything and all they have to do is stand there and do maybe 2 things every fight, but so many of them can't even be bothered. Their CR restores so much mana but it minorly inconveniences them by forcing them to come near the boss for a couple of seconds, so 90% of them simply never use it. It's ridiculous.

Again, I know some great mystics so I'm not trying to say "all people who play mystic are garbage" but on the whole I straight up prefer to play with priests because priest players tend to take a more active role in keeping the group supported, while with mystic randoms 9/10 times I find myself burning through potions and playing super carefully because they don't even bother to top anyone off and generally just stand 30m away alt tabbed. Like, I legit think it's because of how the class plays right now. Good mystics will realize that they can be doing more to help their group; for example, I really appreciate those players who will use CR or even just chuck a mana mote at me while i'm using adrenaline rush if they can't CR at the moment, but the vast majority of bandwagon mystics will pop auras, stand 30m away, and then just alt tab for the majority of the fight. As a priest and lancer main, it's annoying from both perspectives. Like, I can't not be critical of mystics right now when they perform poorly, because the class is baby's first healer easy mode right now. From a tank perspective it's like, "nice, it's another 'mystic does nothing' episode" while I run out of mana during every burn phase and from a priest perspective it's super critical like "how can you not cleanse when it reaches 35m and you don't even have to aim it/how can you miss your debuff when obstacles can't get in the way of it like TN and it lasts 22 seconds/how can you forget to recast auras when it's like the one buff you're really charged with maintaining for a whole fight and it's passive/how can you not restore your team's mana when it's like the one active thing you can do off cd while you're just standing 30m away beating your meat/how did you die when you get to be 27 meters away from the action at all times with no negative consequences/why don't you use thrall of protection at least at the start of a fight it's free endurance for your whole group/what do you mean you didn't use vow it's free res on half the party/how are you gonna die on lasers when you can jaunt through them/etc. Like for real, the game holds your hand so much, just do the bare minimum and you'll look stellar; it's all that's required of the class at the moment, sadly.

tldr wait for the estars buff that gives it cooldown reduction. Some people think it's overblown but they're underestimating it. CDR is great, and pairs so nicely with an attack speed buff.

Also LOL at the mystics who always come out of the woodwork to act like severe class imbalance is justified because 4 years ago they had it rough. Just shut up with that already. It was bad when it happened to you then and it's bad now.

Finally... someone who appreciates current generation priests. Mystics have it easy. Tons of buffs, tons of ways to heal, crazy @rse ranged insta cleaning and heals... and their darn jaunt and a bazillion self heals, an aoe heal which [filtered] around you or your party which AUTO DPS mobs/bosses nearby..? Please. It's all handed to you. Priests are limited in terms of speed and range, let alone our regular heals and crits are peanuts compared to mystics, always have been unless we severely sacrifice endurance for healing rolls ( takes skill for this =.= ) and not many can do that. I run with my guild only and some friends, nobody complains about my heals and mana, estars is easier to cast than triple nemesis kept up due to the animation lock but if you can keep the party alive, you gucci.

Thanks for writing your two cents in regards to being a tank and comparing both "heal" classes... *shed happy tears* I just can't wait for the estars buff ._. I do however wish that focus heal had no animation lock when casting just like estars and healing immersion... since mystics have their freaking godlike insta cleanse :c oh whale.

So cute!!!!
Give it 2-3 weeks from now. Elin Gunner is coming~
Long story short, reroll to Mystic if you want to be wanted/needed by anyone at random or loved by pugs, however if you run with guildies and those you are used to running with and you're all decently versed in your class and quite skilled , you'll be fine as a priest. It's depressing I know and mind you, the recent "buff" priests get which reduces the CDR with energy stars seems like a huge [filtered] hype but in reality, those who main priests know that it's just a psychological gimmick.

People now only want priests for the "extra" CDR to help the party but if you had to pick, they'd always pic mystics. Sad truth.

I used to feel bummed out about it but now with Stormcry and with people who you're comfy with, you don't have much problem. Take it from one priest to another, Priests don't have much love but it makes us more unique and skilled. Knowing when to res, when to kaia, when to heal, when to plague, when to CLEANSE and WHERE to position yourself. We got the big shield with Kaia too. Mystics have NO Healing Immersion which can crit up to 140k - 150k and when they use Corruption Ring, they cannot move, that's their "mini kaia" but priests can go max range and Kaia without worrying about kissing the boss and getting smackdowned.

Mystics get squished hard at RK-9 2nd boss, priests + kaia can tank the squishes enough to self heal asap.

Well, you get the picture XD

So just enjoy your class! <3
I have a mystic too when I wanna lazy heal anyway so.. yea lol
Umm... EMP rates are different in different servers. When you think about it, in-game gold is easier to obtain and it's free as opposed to people actually using REAL HARD cash and selling it to get gold.

Idk, I think the "free players" who play broker and/or have no-life and have ample amount of gold would still win against someone who spends real money in a way due to the rates being pretty crappy.

Say 1:40 x 12k EMP = 480,000 gold. What can you even buy with that to satisfy yourself in-game? LOL!! One dragon mount now is 450k-600k. Oh which reminds me, then we have those people who'd ONLY buy for a specific rate even during sales even though they are rich af in Tera.. so yeah. LOL.

So someone has to send $100-$400 to get a costume/item they want or mats/gear boxes.


Good guide, and yes, newbies, avoid being scammed... however, do plan your spendings lol
biboy24 wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
biboy24 wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
371 fails for full set DW +15 and converted to +2 Stormcry

Im afraid now to make VM +15 :(

It's verrrrrrrrrrrrryyy RNG LOL! Even worse chances and RNG than before the expansion XD!!

so Im so lucky that I made my DW +15 from scratch with just 40k Entropic Emblem :)

Pretty much xD
Ferria wrote: »
Lol.... we have been stuffed with a buncha really useless rewards/items. Especially when they removed being able to SELL learned glyphs / old cystals and made the prices of gear and older junk pretty much UNSELLABLE -_-

Hey man, gotta battle them BOTS :bleep_bloop:

Sad but true, yes :c
I want to cry just seeing this.. why.. WHAIIIIIIIIIIII QAQ ....... *jumps with you*
Lol.... we have been stuffed with a buncha really useless rewards/items. Especially when they removed being able to SELL learned glyphs / old cystals and made the prices of gear and older junk pretty much UNSELLABLE -_-
Pretty much lol
Plsu open your boxes withint the level range O3O
biboy24 wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
371 fails for full set DW +15 and converted to +2 Stormcry

Im afraid now to make VM +15 :(

It's verrrrrrrrrrrrryyy RNG LOL! Even worse chances and RNG than before the expansion XD!!
St4lk wrote: »
Played around on pixilart.com a bit. No idea what I was expecting but the original came out super tiny so I scaled it up in photoshop by 300% ò-ó"

*inserts bae comment here*


Cute samurai elin thingie xD
371 fails for full set DW +15 and converted to +2 Stormcry
Commission for Kry B) <3 I adored drawing Sadist, not to mention this is the first time I've been requested to draw an action pose! Had hella fun with this piece :'D


Brava ~ <3
That is so adorable >< <3
Okie dokie! Do tag me when you do! O3O Love the simplicity of your works, so clean and crisp and cute! xD <3
So cute! Aaaaaaaaaaaa.........!! But sadly you're on TR ><;; I don't have gold there anymore OTL
Sent you a PM? ;w;
St4lk wrote: »
Little metal material study. marcel-benes-armorsketches.jpg?1507663701

That moment when Magikarp is so bae <3
Off-TopicPotato Salad 10/10/2017, 07:25 PM Ferria
I'm hungry.
Another beauuutiful piece! <3 3 <3
Zethya wrote: »
Chibi commission for @Aizajar Ty so much for the patience o/ ♥


wolphfe wrote: »
I dont use it! Just pm me here on forums~

Okei! PM-ing! <3
wolphfe wrote: »
I can add you to one if you would like to order a mini chibi!

Got discord? <3 I'll pm yew!
;w; wanna have a slot...
Ah you're on TR o.o; Okie will holla you~
We have...

Elitist Server
Exploit Server
E.R.P Server

Pick and you'll find your place.
They won't sign NDA xD And even if they do, to them, it's childsplay. If EME PAID those "selected players" then things will change, they'd think twice. But meh, Tera community is very poisonous after they introduced the awakening system into Tera.. it drove the fun away and GG the game.

Still love it though but the community is... poor.
c0g wrote: »
Loyal wrote: »
for those crying about semis conversion rate did you guys really expect NA to have the same conversion rate as in ktera? semis are super rare and expensive on ktera. EME even said on their stream that the conversion rates will differ from other regions.

That's a convenient thing to say. But truth is, KTera's rates was the only info anyone could use back then, and people have been working their @sses off based on it, no matter its rarity elsewhere or what EME said. It's not like there's any louder message like "HEY GUYS DONT PUT YOUR MONEY OR GOLD ON MATS LIKE SES CUZ IT CONVERSION RATES COULD BE DIFFERENT." But how different? Could it be more 1000 tokens instead of 800. Less? How much less? No info whatsoever, and nobody can say it except for the devs or EME. So what's the only solid figure anyone could rely on as an indication of things to come? Just SES = 800 tokens. And it's not just a handful of dumb fools who acted this way on this piece of information. Many many did. Would that cause those many who did it to become fools or idiots now? Maybe you can say that, if you're not one of them (us). But if the devs had any good or at least neutral intention on this, they could have emphasized the warning message a great deal more and done it much earlier, so that that warning becomes solid reliable information everyone can work on, rather than do dubious things like (accidentally or not) releasing the latest info to a select few giving them a huge advantage at recovering their gold a little before giving just one week's notice to everyone else. Something just isn't right about the way the devs/EME acted, and many players are burnt, some to the degree of giving up the game. Would we want more players to give up the game just cuz they weren't 'sharp' enough to pick up the more subtle things, but merely focused on what was more apparent?

Well said.
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