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the fact that this took literally months to get fixed is hilarious. i know thats not on eme's end and bhs probably figured they'd just package the fix with the most recent patch we just got, but seriously, thats ridiculous. bhs is getting worse and worse with delivering important patches to us..
no one is trying to harass OP, seriously, the person who blew it out of proportion was OP when they closed their thread and started getting salty. oppabo tried to give some solid advice to use their own art, since clearly they do know how to pixel based on the clothes and hair etc for the samples. using traced art/bases/other peoples art is a very touchy subject. yes selling gold is against ToS. when has that stopped anyone? we all know it happens. not to mention taking elite vouchers is directly taking REAL MONEY. the elite voucher comes from somewhere. if you read the base artist's rules, it does say this isn't allowed.
youre upset because youre using someone elses art to make a profit, and then blaming people for politely warning you? i warned you on your last thread and so did someone else. even if you got permission, its not ok to sell someone elses artwork as your own.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I remember how Tonka even being a beta tester and having more than 2 years "playing the game" didn't knew even basic things about crystals.
dont know what youre talking about specifically, but tonka and minea both played the game, neither of them were really good but they played and interacted with the community and listened to our suggestions
maybe not failing as a company RIGHT NOW but they most certainly will be if they keep hiring people who know nothing about tera and have never even played. they've already been on the wrong path in that regard and the consumer satisfaction with EME has plummeted in recent years, which is obvious by the constant outrage on forums & a significant portion of endgame players quitting the game. there is still a large casual playerbase, and i don't think they are failing yet, i am sure they are still making a big profit, but i think they are on the path to failure. just my two cents.
to start, gear has changed a lot since you last played. if youve ever played BnS, the enchanting system is now similar to that, where instead of crafting/obtaining dropped gear for each tier, you enchant starting from a low tier up until the best-in-slot tier, essentially just through one weapon instead of multiple. the progression now is guardian (obtainable through a quest in highwatch) -> twistshard -> frostmetal -> stormcry(current best in slot). you have to upgrade from one tier to the next. guardian is upgradeable at +6 and the rest of the tiers are upgradeable at +9. there is no more masterworking or +15 and rerolling your gear's lines is free the first time you do it. same with jewelry.
each tier has different materials needed to enchant it, and there are a lot of them, so that would be something you can experiment with on your own.
hope that helps !
hey guys i just sent in my commission request to sakimichan, i offered $200 for a fullbody painting hope she accepts LOL!!! =)
no one cares what u think. lata o/
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Would be nice actually to be able to obtain Superior Noctenium thingies with vanguards or something because those are indeed useful...

you can... the item to turn nocts into superior nocts is in the vanguard shop
pikpatsou wrote: »
The very old nexus. With the toxic environment where you died if u afked

why does that make it toxic. just dont afk
stepstone isle is boring, its not pretty, the quests are not enjoyable and extremely linear, and you are forced to do it now.
IOD was so beautiful, in my opinion the prettiest area in the game, which is how it should be (entice new players). it was huge, there was a lot to explore, even after they removed certain quest areas you could still go explore. it actually taught you some basic game mechanics as well which i personally do not think stepstone does at all. i have fond memories of tonka and minea's guild fairs on IOD as well. i would be okay with them destroying any other area for daily bams except IOD, its a shame they did.
ElinLove wrote: »
Hey, isn't it ironic, that we players aren't allowed to make goodbye threads, but the staff can?

~double standards for us peasants~

unlike staff members, no one cares about if you leave
ElinLove wrote: »
It's funny how it's a circle: people complain about the dungeons being short and repetitive, not fun and too easy. Change it and even the SAME people will complain about them being too long and unrewarding for the effort, too hard and nobody does.

It's always a matter of who will you try to please, and I don't know if it's working financially or not. Sure they keep alive but are they struggling or no problems? Game wise I'm feeling my attachment to it fade little by little, but I also see the game's population pretty stale for at least a year to be honest.
i get what youre saying and there definitely are people with that exact mindset, but IMO and what i believe a lot of endgame players are asking for is something that is challenging and feels rewarding to clear, but isn't tedious and "challenging" to the point where its annoying. because BHS buffed every class to have multiple iframes and mobility skills on very short cooldowns, any bosses that are more combat-based are simply too easy and boring. thats why they're making all these ridiculous bosses where you have to solve a quadratic equation in your head every mechanic (exaggeration). i've found people definitely dont like those kind of bosses, but a simple tank and spank boss also isn't fun.
if you look at the 2 bosses that most endgame players look to as the "golden age" of tera, its shandra manaya and darkan. they both mix fast-paced combat based mechanics that engage every role in the party (tank,dps,healer) and actual boss mechanics (manaya debuffs, darkan ghosts, darkan <25%) in a way that is challenging and rewarding to clear, but not tedious to where its not fun anymore after a certain amount of runs. that being said there is only so much BHS can do anymore because every class except for priest/mystic has at least 2 iframes and other mobility skills on short CDs, and dungeons in general are so much more recoverable because of the free res and short vow/grace CDs. dungeons aren't punishing enough and i think that is another reason people complain.
kind of OT but thats just my take.
slayer is fine right now
also note that not every class is even getting an awakening right away so maybe stop complaining :3
Pinopy wrote: »
I'm an achievement hunter myself and I must say that while its only 20 points, 20 points can make the difference when you are going for a laurel like champion.

it really makes no difference anymore. maybe 2 years ago you could say that, but there are so many other achievements you can do to fill the gap that are even easier than the crystal breaking one :/. as someone who has had champion laurel every patch since TSHM was released, champion is way easier to get now than it was before. if someone is really so hellbent on getting that achievement they should just wait till their elite runs out and do the achievement.
if you think you are doing good by doing the bare minimum of your class/role then you're wrong
healers job is not just to heal and keep people alive, should also keep their buff/debuff uptimes as close to 100% as possible
same with tanks - tanks job is to hold aggro, use debuffs, enrage at proper times, and pop party buffs at proper times (lancer). they also are supposed to deal damage. to further elaborate, if you arent dealing a significant amount of damage, i dont believe youre holding aggro at all with how aggro currently works. especially brawler. if the brawler is holding aggro without dropping at all WITHOUT growing fury on, then the dps aren't doing their job, either
and there are certain ways that are best to play every class. thats just a fact & if you cba to learn your class then stop complaining on forums when someone calls you out on it & you get upset
they also forgot to mention that BP has new mechanics now - instead of putting anything actually useful in their patch notes they thought it was important enough to mention that MWA has a lower sell price now. as if anyone cared.
very cute art :3
who cares just change channels
Ardire wrote: »
if double healer becomes the strong norm so much that it beats out the normal 3 dps 1 tank 1 healer comp then priests wouldn't get so shafted as they are these days when it comes to healer favoritism. i mean, sure.. maybe sharing the spotlight with mystic in double healer comp isn't exactly fixing the problem... but at least priests will be welcome again
double healer got nerfed hard for a reason, it was extremely good only a few patches ago to the point where speed runs required double heal. i assume it was nerfed for one of two reasons, or both: they didnt want double heal to be so strong that it encouraged meta, and/or didn't want healers to be encouraged to double heal and get by by being bad at the game
i agree priest is absolute trash right now compared to mystic in almost every aspect but bringing back double heal really wouldn't help much, priest would simply be there for kaia's and triple nem bot
RK9 = arcanine btw
trainer = pokemon trainer btw

i commissioned a pixel doll from her, she is lovely and the quality of her work is A+ such a nice gal :3
yikes dude imagine being as ignorant as phoenixkiss
such a lovely gal and so nice to work with :3 and fantastic art as well!!! thank you ! cant wait to see the rest <3
thanks !!! :3
thank you :D!!!
You must be on CH? It’s absolutely necessary since the requirement for FWC is SC & I you don’t have SC hello wipe @ Mid. If they want to balance things out Frostmetal should be the ilvl for Hard DGS and FWC since it is technically the VM of the patch. Im sure I went off topic a bit but this patch has literally been the worst I’ve had to deal with.

literally what are you saying, they said maxed stormcry is unnecessary, meaning +9 stormcry. if you think you need +9 stormcry to do well in fwc, well i dont know what to tell you other than git gud
wbams spawn every 6? hours? CU? controlled by 2? guilds all top 3 spots, good luck getting to a bam in CU. Essences from dungeons... will eventually drop..... rk9 extreme mode better have a static, then good luck on the rng to actually win a roll for (1)

so the actual on viable way to get these essences is with a static in HM dungeons that will eventually drop them.
thats like.... say 1 essence per 3 runs thats 27 rk9's to enchant the weapon with perfect luck.
though it will prbly take 2 or 3 times as many runs and factoring out perfect luck id guess it takes 36-45 essences for the weapon.

maybe this is bhs's way of separating hardcore players from the casual players then :) who says you need +9 anyway
Feenox wrote: »

Nah, thats what you got out of my post? If im posting on the requirements to enchant SC whats the odds that im aware that SC is best in slot?

go do some wbams or CU or just wait till the end of the month when essences will drop from dungeons. my point still stands, we will have this gear for a long time.
stormcry will be best in slot for the next several months lol (still BiS in ktera) chill
opening 2 slots at a time cause i'm poor and need some gold
female only atm
fullbodies only atm
payment first
all come with a transparent bg & white border
80k per + extra for detailed characters
inquire within about weapons
feel free to add me on discord: fee#0297
or pm me on here

(for references pls send me fullbody front & back and closeup of the face)

examples (a few months old):


ty for ur interest :3
SageWindu wrote: »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall this kind of kerfuffle when FoA first dropped and BRH/SCN/SCH weren't released until a few months later...

FoA was an expansion to the game with a level cap raise, this is a HM patch as per usual - normally we get HM a few weeks after NM with a few exceptions
Obs wrote: »
There is a clear PvE crit cap on Scythe, Shining Crescent, Runeburst, Haymaker, Burst Fire, Thunderbolt, and Radiant Arrow when attacking from behind. The builds for those classes are designed to get 100% crit chance on those skills.

even with a mystic and carving crystal i still white hit stuff from behind as archer. rarely, but it happens.

archer has a pretty hard crit cap at around +200 CF, even then you will still white hit stuff, with a carving crystal, just saying
Tewii wrote: »
If you attack from the front you have a severely decreased crit chance. There's nothing wrong with you getting white hits from the front. Position better.

XDDDD position better cause theres totally not moments where you should be using find weakness during mechanics or if you have a bad tank /s
Endgame LFG can be empty for a lot of reasons, and it isn't only because "the server's dead". The proposal for cross-server LFG would solve the problem a lot of people have, but good luck getting BHS to program it. I'm sure BHS would say that IMS is their intended solution to solve this problem, but the NA community refuses to use it for end-game. So it's a problem.

cross-server LFG =/= IMS, i get what youre saying but the NA community "refuses" to use IMS because its random, you are not always guaranteed to queue in with who you want if you already planned a group with another server, and getting queued in with people who refuse to learn and have no experience in the dungeon can be frustrating. another thing tera doesn't have is any indication of how many people are in queue for any given dungeon, so the assumption is generally that queues will take a long time unless you have tank/healer in your party.

good example to look at is FFXIV's cross server system (although their entire LFG system is a bit different): a dungeon is specified, you can leave a description, set other parameters like learning run or farm run, set a requirement for people to have at least one clear of the dungeon, and set a minimum ilvl. additionally, when queueing for a dungeon you're given a usually accurate estimated time, and are shown how many other people are in queue. not saying this would be perfect for tera but something similar would be nice, not that BHS will probably ever code it.

LesbianVi wrote: »
EU just added some servers. We gotta add servers too :p

can't tell if ur a troll or not based on your posts but that would make things worse
Ardire wrote: »
Feenox wrote: »
AV, FF, CH are more dead than HW, LOT, and VOT were when they merged them

hey things may be not so very much alive but that's straight up hyperbole. i was on HW when it was around and it was.... terrifyingly empty. never seen anything that bad. it was straight up spooky.

u been on AV, FF, or CH recently?
AV, FF, CH are more dead than HW, LOT, and VOT were when they merged them
the endgame grind wasn't as bad before, but they changed the enchanting system so as of right now (everyone is still adjusting to the change) it is more grindy because to have a higher chance of successfully enchanting your gear you have to run dungeons, etc. to get EXP for your gear. also more materials and a larger variety of materials are required for every enchanting attempt. additionally, it is very expensive gold-wise to enchant. if you play every day for at least a couple hours and do dailies you can have good gear (not best-in-slot) within maybe a week or two, it depends.
ironically enough gameforge has been handling stuff much better as of late, better than eme
the gearing revamp is ok but it is a lot of grinding, so you should expect to be putting in a lot of effort

overall the population of the game (especially the hardcore engame population) has severely dwindled in the past yr - there still are people but many have been driven away from the game (including myself) and reasonably so
however if you're playing casually or with friends i think the game is still enjoyable and if you want to test the waters and play just to try it, i would say go for it. you may end up really enjoying it so its worth a shot.

as for your question - if i were in your shoes, no i would probably not start playing tera. i definitely have bias after years of playing and seeing the ups and downs of the game so thats just my opinion, your experience will probably much different than mine would be if i started over :)
can i join
its a good idea to disclose that in your first post when you start selling them so that people know what they are buying :)
just wondering - are these made using a base? reminds me of those pixel dolls from early-mid 2000s
Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service

Name: Fee
Server: Ascension Valley
Category: Cutest
Pixelator wrote: »
Whatever you do now is going to be based on speculation anyways. They aren't releasing the old enchanting mat trade-in rates until probably Thursday this week, and by then, people would have adjusted anyways.

However, I see people buy MWA now.

the rates have literally been out for months from ktera... doubt they'd get changed to the western release
so buy the design? its (2nd) best in slot gear and its already handed to us on a silver platter
as for joy of partying - its an mmo youre supposed to play with other people, if they took away JoP that would encourage solo play
as for the nostrum check - i can understand wanting to be able to enter solo but theres other things they can do to change that while keeping nostrum checks, a lot of new players dont understand nostrums importance
A+ WORK and really fast too <3 :3
this has been an issue since game came out so you just kinda have to deal with it if your computer cant handle it
need a better pc
highly recommend this artist, great work <3 <3
def recommend this artist, great art quality and theyre rly nice :D
these are amazing! i love the loading screen, did you end up sending it in? its fantastic
tracing is art theft & youre selling your "art", idunno that is just a bit unrealistic, its not being mean, theyre just telling you how it is

someone even offered to give you help and gave you a resource to use :)
alliance couldve been really good, and even was really good, till they just flat out did nothing for it for months and left it stagnant which made it not even worthwhile to do
also shouldve removed AC buff, would have made pvp so much more fun
maybe you should move closer to the servers instead of living in australia /s
maybe instead of telling players theres nothing they can do, its their fault, or that theres no lag at all you should listen to them when countless threads have been made about this already (:
decension valley
maybe if eme or bhs played their own game they would have an inkling of an idea of what their players are thinking/want
Xeiryl wrote: »
do you play neopets by any chance? that second chibi example looks a lot like a biscuit usul. it's really cute haha

yes i do play neo, that was a commission of Silhh on the gaia forum's biscuit usul oc though <3
AV/MT/TR gold OK ! maybe other servers later
i also do commissions for RLC (post is a little outdated)

payment comes after the finished commission - if you want WIPs specify beforehand or else i'll do it all in one go (faster)

chibi - 40k gold / $15 USD (+30k / $5 USD for extra character)

bust - 40k gold / $15 USD (+30k / $5 USD for extra character)

halfbody - 60k gold / $20 USD (+50k / $10 USD for extra character)

fullbody - 80k gold / $25 USD (+65k / $15 USD for extra character)

weapons are an extra 10k + no prismatronic pls

everything will be transparent + sticker border unless specified otherwise

i have a right to decline your request if i feel i'm unable to draw it but i'm willing to try almost everything

for RLC commissions pls pm me either here or on deviantart

thank you!

1. opan
2. opan
3. opan

such fast work and i love it so much :3 thank you <3
hello, i sent you a msg on the forums <3
sent you a pm on here <3
i'm interested as well :) Fee on AV / or message me here as I'm not really playing tera much anymore
this is super cool ! keep up the good work im interested in seeing more progress * q*
nobles is the good fight of AV more like good fight is the nobles of MT ;^)
for app1ejuice 5/21/16
i dont care about the console versions but itd be nice if they make adjustments to the UI and horrible fps lag on the PC version before worrying about another..
i agree 100% i need to see what [filtered] 360 noscoped me so i can go get revenge
u dont need healer or tank its ninja you can solo all the low level dungeons easily
Stricera wrote: »
How much would this be

hai wes
30k ~! 5k more if you want me to draw weapon too
there isnt always patch notes for every week...
a few months ago we had like 3+ weeks in a row with no patch notes if i remember correctly. sometimes tuesday is simply just maintenance and not a patch of any sort
you have a few options in regards to leveling from 58-60
in my opinion ET is the most worth to run but i haven't levelled that many characters from 1-65 since they buffed the XP for ET/LoT... so if you have your current avatar weapon, you should go ask for priest buffs in velika/highwatch and use charms and you can solo it usually
if you cant find anyone else to run with or dont want to solo it you can kill the mugatos / grizzlies under pathfinder post for XP while you wait for your KN/LoT/ET queue to pop since grizzlies/mugatos is what people used to grind for 58-60 since those dungeons didnt give much XP
lol idk where you get the idea sorc will do more dmg than ninja :^) but ok

this thread is just to show off what people have saved for ninja anyway .. and its not just ninja, every other new class has had threads like this too. because new classes are exciting!

i still will main archer 4ever but i have enough for starfall weapon&gloves and i have a snowsuit, perennial, and some accessories saved... not much T_T
  • Only Chibis ATM
  • Any race = OK except Aman Male
  • 30k per chibi (may be slightly higher for complex outfits) (I also accept elite vouchers)
  • +5k per weapon
  • Couple art is at least double (~60k)
  • If you want transparency you must request it beforehand
  • Payment comes after, I always send a sketch before coloring to make sure everything is ok
  • Message me on forums or @ bathysmalrise.tumblr.com
**special**: For TR & MT I'll accept a level 60 scroll as payment for any chibi , but no gold at the moment
KTERA has new school uniforms out too which we will likely get sometime in the near future
they usually bring retired items back around during sales so if youre patient you'll probably be able to get the old uniforms at some point
bring back server specific sections and class sections
change the blue to something more neutral or easy on the eyes
bring back the system of showing a character name / server
everything else is pretty nice
i cant tell if this is troll or not but isnt that how its always been? maybe its not a bug lol
[AV] fee art 04/29/2016, 07:24 PM Feenox

finished comm for eevi
this is not really in EME's style, typically when costumes in this many variations are released there is always an RNG and non-RNG version and its few and far between when its not(and usually there is one or no other recolor/variation of it to be sold as non rng/rng in the first place)
that being said i'd assume this decision was mostly if not entirely sanrio's, because i guarantee they get a portion of the profits made on these costumes since theyre liscencing them. and statistically speaking lootboxes bring in the most profit so you can see why sanrio might've chosen this route.
its not great, but i'm 99% positive this was not entirely EME's decision.
i agree, its extremely annoying
if you can clear the dungeon in lower gear you should be able to get the vanguard. not being able to queue under a certain ilvl is perfectly reasonable, but not being able to get the vanguard seems kind of counterintuitive since, if you ARE trying to upgrade, you get mwa and feed and spellbinds from vanguards. and for those who dont need to upgrade or dont want to because their gear is fine or still better than new gear, they are either SOL and have to upgrade or deal with running a dungeon and getting minimal rewards for being able to clear in "lower" gear
tldr ilvl should not be a requirement but a recommendation
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[AV] fee art 04/22/2016, 08:01 AM Feenox

finished comm for calla
plz stop asking to merge servers you know nothing about & dont play on
AV is fine
[AV] fee art 04/18/2016, 01:39 PM Feenox

finished comm for app1ejuice
IReaperI on 04/18/2016, 10:19 AM - view
( i know they don't work on the weekends )

you just answered your own question
(also changing costumes is not at the top of their priority list)
[AV] fee art 04/16/2016, 06:05 PM Feenox
Noctiv on 04/16/2016, 03:24 PM - view
Super cute~ I'd be interested if/when you take MT gold!
Also can I assume you'd do a couple/pair for 2x the price?

yes, sometimes slightly more though depending on complexity ^^

Calla on 04/16/2016, 04:49 PM
Me me me!
I'ma pm you if I see you online

i'm online right now but you can also PM me on the forums since its more organized that way ^^
[AV] fee art 04/16/2016, 06:03 PM Feenox
app1ejuice on 04/16/2016, 03:11 PM - view
Hello, I was wondering if I could order one chibi, without weapon. Can you add me on skype for easier communication? id: akirin888

Is payment before sketch, after sketch, after drawing, etc.?

Information about character:
personality: quirky, unruly. She's a priest but she likes to kill her party members for giggles, by using pulls o~o.
pose: cute, sheepish look, apologetic :3
front: http://prntscr.com/at4tf4
side: http://prntscr.com/at4u3n
close up face: http://prntscr.com/at4ugv

i sent you a request on skype. also, i'll accept payment after drawing but i send a sketch before i begin coloring to make sure everything looks a okay
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[AV] fee art 04/16/2016, 11:20 AM Feenox
helo art shop
atm only doing chibis
main server is AV but i take elite vouchers/items as well if you're not on AV. may take MT gold sometime in the near future
i don't do male aman right nowwww
base price 30k for one chibi but may be a little higher if its more complex
+5k for weapon

you can msg on forums or msg @ bathysmalrise.tumblr.com :>

Edited by: Feenox less than a minute ago
that's true. i don't know if theres anything they can do about that, because no matter what people could still technically transfer at some point to get a title.

& in hindsight yeah you're right about that.
server first achievements are just so few and far between, theres only 5 dungeon server first titles in the entire game, so with things like this its a big deal, with the amount of time and effort people put in.
i dont think that the issue is blocking transfers for all server first titles since that would imply server transferring being removed entirely
but with this situation, they announce a week ahead that the title will be reset and they're locking the transfers day-of. to me that seems pretty redundant because if you give them notice, the same people who caused this issue in the first place will just transfer off before the transfers get locked and get the title and come back.
however i agree in implementing a system where server first titles stay on server and are removed or hidden if you leave the server you got them on.
triggered on 04/13/2016, 09:30 AM - view
Actually there was zero day ones in that thread the only people who were crying in that thread were the ones who used the excuse "we gave up when the title got taken" saying some [filtered] like they were at 5% when the title was taken but in reality 5% 2 minutes after timer doesnt mean you have a guaranteed clear

they cleared on day 1
triggered on 04/13/2016, 09:17 AM - view
but none of the people cleared day one are crying in this thread

idk what makes you think that

& there was an earlier thread about this topic the day they announced it with a lot of day one clears upset about it
MT being the most populated server, on average they have more skilled players than other servers

this whole situation was extremely poorly handled by EME and i'm just disappointed in them... i just hope they don't handle future situations like this in the same way.

sanday on 04/08/2016, 03:12 PM - view
This is ridiculous. Enmasse can't magically go back in the past and change the fact that people abused server swapping to steal the titles from several servers. What, do you want them to rewind time? There's literally no better option than to allow people a second chance at getting the title. Sure, it'll go to highest dps group, but at least there's prestige in that. Complaining about this is useless because there is NO better fix.

Giving the titles to the "first clearers" based on hearsay is retarded.

now, i want you to put yourself in the shoes of those who were the rightful first clears on their respective servers. imagine you are one of said people.
you would not be very happy right now. try to have some sympathy for the hard work and effort they've put in. quote from my earlier post: "they're putting this onto the players to basically fix their mistake, saying, "we messed up, but you can fix it if you go clear again". Now this should seem simple enough for those who got the clear in the first place but people have jobs, school, etc... And it is unfair that now, groups who would not have gotten first clear in the first place now have a chance to get it because we've had a month and a week to practice."
This was mostly if not completely EME's oversight. this entire situation could've been avoided in the first place but bugs/exploits/etc were not thoroughly thought through or tested, which happens of course but the way EME is handling this is not the correct way...
they're putting this onto the players to basically fix their mistake, saying, "we messed up, but you can fix it if you go clear again". Now this should seem simple enough for those who got the clear in the first place but people have jobs, school, etc... And it is unfair that now, groups who would not have gotten first clear in the first place now have a chance to get it because we've had a month and a week to practice.
we are constantly told about "being more transparent with the community" but we were given no reason as to why titles could not be properly redistributed, only that "hey guess what, next maint we are resetting the titles"... No reasons given as to why titles could not be distributed to the actual first clears on their respective servers. they keep kill logs for achievements so i don't really see why they would not have ds2 clear/queen kill on the log as well ...
what in the world are you even talking about? we got both of the items sometime last month...
Gundou on 04/01/2016, 04:53 AM - view
I kinda like what battle.net does. Something similar might better for MMO's. Why not have each character just registered with an ID number? Make it public viewable through inspect. (and friend list and whatnot) A server can have it's entire population named "Kirito" and it wouldn't matter.

It has flaws... but so does name hoarding.

i think that would cause a lot of confusion in multiple ways and wouldnt really work for tera
the best alternative imo is a yearly sweep in the same method they did it last time... people will hoard no matter what but itd at least help a bit
or have a system where characters under level 20 for a certain amount of time regardless of how often the characters been logged into gets their name sweeped after 3-4months? that could help prevent people hoarding names and logging into their level 1 character once a year to prevent the name getting released
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