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thanks !

Im trying to make a guide for some friends, and im missing the ONSET mask exchange shop.

The one i have here is the wrong shop.

Back in the day, elemental essence was a rare drop. Highly sought after. RKE was known to be the best place to get it.

While RKH still dropped the essences, RKE always dropped more. This was also true for some of the other things that RKE dropped -AT THAT TIME-.

now fast forward to today, does RKE still have better drops ? few people care about what RKE drops nowadays because most have moved on to other dungeons.

So we're left with two things,
one is anecdotal evidence,like the one offered by 39HATFDXLY, and anecdotal evidence by me. ( "yes ive seen more masks drop in RKE")

And the other is the fact that, yes, at one point in tera history, it did drop more things.


Personally, i think after you've gotten the mechanics down, RKE is just as easy or easier than RKH, and i would rather do RKE.
If the drops percentage changed, you don't lose out,
if it has not changed and RKE does drop more things, you win.

@ChakNense said:
I'm smelling rollback. Lalala... B)

same s0003 here too.

i just tried to log in, not sure whats going on why a roll bak, was there a major dupe bug or something ?

@Fulzoid said:

thanks !

made a friend, trying to communicate with google translate. =) cheers.

might be remembering another mmo, but i thought i did so in tera.

like for example, can i copy this line of text in the forum, and paste it in tera's chat.

Thanks for reply, tried that, didnt work.
Thing is, the new launcher 'used' to work like 2-3 months ago, when i first tried it.

In any case, i decide to just reinstall the entire game.


Can't launch tera with new launcher.
Game installation directory is correct.
No files have been edited.
No third party programs running.

Launcher will say "Playing", then it goes back to "Play" without launching the game.

The merchant is balanced in terms of the items he sells, and while getting the coins from lower lvl dungeons,
i can either have fun with alts, or help carry new players on main.
hope it stays.

@MidokuPasta said:
Most people exit and restart the matching after 20 minutes due to it often glitching. I know I've been stuck for 30 minutes, dropped the matchmaking started again and got instant pops.

oh , will definitely try this.
i IM over 95% of the time since i work from home. tera on second monitor fishing or Instance matching one dungeon. Didn't know it glitches like that.

yeah, quite a let down. With the investment needed,I assumed (wrongly obviously) that every grade the pet gets, will be at the very least a +1 power and a time increase.

@dragonmu12 said:
Always Combine Pets when they are level 10 to get a Companion(100% Chance) you probably know that by now.
for ur question,no the fellowship doesnt matter just feed green/blue companions to ur superior companion and pray to god to get 18+ power Good Luck!.

thanks... now i get why they call it a pure p2w system

That gold pet is at grade 4 currently, and my green pet gave me more power at when it was at grade 4 than this one does.
at this rate, the gold pet could very well give me much less power than my green one at grade 10.

good thing i didn't spend real money .. but man , what a system.

There was some noise about the partner system a while back, and i didn't understand it, but i do now. Guess it won't be so problematic if partners didnt have the potential to give a HUGE boost in dps to their owners.

Reasons i ask ::

1) i have an old account. I had a LOT of pets when partner system dropped.
I combined them all at lvl 1 .... wasted a lot of good pets.

2) of all the partners i sacrificed to my GREEN partner, i never once checked their rarity...
could i have sacrificed a blue partner to upgrade my green one at some point ? Probably.

In short, i don't wanna fkup again x.x ..... how do i proceed from here ? Is there something i should know before i feed green partners to level my golden one ?

pls hlp.

how do you get the pets, i cant seem to find it..

Before i sacrifice some outfits, i would like to see it if anyone has a link ?

Is there a way to disable this New-Item tag ?

@Ellexem said:
It's a shop item. 195 EMP.

Thanks !

for my partner.

Friend of mine wants to join Tera, does the mentor and mentee have to constantly be online together to get rewards ?

I love mmos. been playing them for years. But like anyone else, i wont just into any mmo.
For example, i liked WoW, but wasn't into it. Played for a month and left. Same with RIFT.

I love korean/japanese combat MMOs.
Im drawn to the art style and combat mechanics of games like Tera , Aion, Blade and soul, Archage, Revelation online etc.
The kinds of combat that requires split second timing, chains and a ton of keybinds.

To be honest the only thing keeping me in tera is Skill-Prediction/Proxy...
in other words, the fact that i can play the AN mmo like its supposed to be played.

B&S supposedly has a skill-prediction built into the game, yeah not with my ping.
Ive tried B&S with 60ping vs 250ping (mine). No go.

Before this, i actually quit mmos for a long time cos i couldnt find one that i liked, thats playable with my ping, then i think last year i heard Tera banned proxy and skill prediction and i thought "what the heck is this skill prediction thing ?".
When they unbanned it, i gave it a go and HOLY KRAP im playing the game like everyone else !
of course ping still counts and i wont ever get the same DPS like those with naturally low ping but i dont care at this point.

So why did i play tera to begin with ? Cos it was and still is a good game, great combat fantastic art.
What KEEPS me playing tera ? ... Skill prediction ... i do want to try other games ... but i cant.

Of course it is going to be locked behind a gamble box. This is EME we are talking about.

loot boxes aren't gambling.

they're Surprise Mechanics.

And are quite ethical.

In Tera EU , their patch note includeds some changes to class skills.

But our patch notes does not list these changes.

Is our class changes coming at a later stage ?
I mean, if it does have changes ..... why not just include it in the notes ?
I have a Wacom Cintiq 22HD as a secondary monitor, works perfectly fine with both pen and touch functionality.
Not sure why you can't make your drawing monitor a secondary monitor?

i have an Ugee 21. Its a china made drawing monitor. last time i tried it refused to go. another time i tried i acted weird. it has problems being a secondary.
Hi guys, i can't get tera to go fullscreen on my secondary monitor.
I have two monitors, the bigger one is my secondary, would be nice to have tera on that.

Why not just make the bigger monitor your primary?
The smaller primary monitor is a drawing monitor. My setup is mostly for work, 3D/digital painting/designs that sorta stuff.
Many of my work related programs benefit from having this as the primary. So that can't change.

The bigger secondary monitor has a higher refresh rate, is bigger, just cooler for games overall.
But i can't get tera to go fullscreen on the secondary monitor, anyone have any ideas ?
Ellexem wrote: »
The patch notes (at least the Korean ones) only talk about the costs of Guardian and Twistshard. Frostmetal and above has no indications of any cost reduction for this patch.

and there goes my plan ... my alts are at Frostmetal.
Zoknahal wrote: »
But i would suggest to amass as many materials for enchanting Frostmetal gear, as its enchanting material requirements will be lowered, that way is gonna be easier to reach Stormcry.

if the golden talent/daric requirements would be lowered , that would be nice ! i would wait to upgrade my alts then.
Zoknahal wrote: »
As for the selling of talents, i would be really careful with it. Apparently Elite will see what many consider a nerf. Apparently there is gonna be a broker fee to list items, even for elite players, when for the longest, this was free for elite players. Selling items through the broker will become a bit difficult as the tax fee is never returned, so if your item never sells, you just gonna be wasting gold listing it over and over again.

mmm .. then i would sell as many things as i can now and not delay.
For example, the token system is coming, so maybe that will make my reset scrolls useless, and i should use them all up now ?

Or ... silver talents will be drop more from solo dungeons now, so maybe if was selling silver talents, i should jack up the price ?

tisnotme wrote: »
so am I the only one that still having a [filtered] time with the Zayo ping atm then

no. i was having unplayable ping , had to log out.
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