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ZingoPingo wrote: »
"We're cutting support for NA proxy" - Not EME btw.

Proxy is still readily available and someone will still be developing it after the 16th, you're ignorant if you believe otherwise. Stop using this as an excuse to quit.


if u dont know, calli and the other proxy dev are going to hunt, who will use their proxy work in NA, they already told about it, so im not going to use a "fake proxy" created by anonymous, probably a lot of issues are going to happen. So im quitting the game. Now the good reason to quit is... we dont have PRO player to finish any HM DG's, we have few players that still play, 90% my friends already left, even from EUA (USA) left, unhappily the bad choices of mEME killed the game, after emerge we had 2 pages full of LFG now we have only 3 LFG's and +2 lfg for buying stuffs
lol they changed my title to thanks for memories, before was +1 guild leaving, thx mEME for nothing
vkobe wrote: »
so is mean mana and yakuza will have the monopoly in cu since than ch and av guild seem to be bad ?

some of them is going to EU, some of mana is already playing at EU, my friend Karuya (mana) is playing there and a lot of other friends, 1 month to be FULL +7 there, while here 1 Mounth to SC+0
vkobe wrote: »
recovery from tempest reach ?


My guild recovery the last champion of VELIK CU, is leaving to another game, it's sadly, i left the game because im brazilian and after the DMCA's, tera became unplayable, main class is warrior so... with 160ms i cant do anything, but forgetting it, i want to share with u guys our last video, Good bye TERA NA, see u guys in another game : anything my discord is FODOK#7343; Recovery's Last Civil Unrest: https://youtu.be/ITGEAFrvAUM
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
@Starkhoe I rarely type in forum until the proxy mess. I am someone who watched this whole thing from the start and made a decision what I support from all the things I read and response.

Never defend counterpoint before this once before this so I do not know what fangirl means.
I just think it is hilarious how you are actiing and that 100% you giving other proxy users bad representation.

Again i do not speak english and I play from different country with 160 ms but NEVER NEEDED TO USE PROXY! I have full +9 stormcry gear today and I have never whined. Do I do lower than top 1% DPS in dungeon? Yes I do but I can still hit almost 3mil on good setup anyway and that is clearable.

I am an actual player who plays from a different country but I am not whining that proxy is removed?I have had opinion of proxy before but I also read lot and lot of forum post as a final decision. IS that not the main goal for proxy? For 150+ms player to play? But I made a decision from how people like you act in the community post and decided at the end I do not want to be or act like someone that whine and cry.

End of the mess I can feel for high ping player who need proxy but if it comes to not having proxy that cause a good chunk of people with your attitude stark to leave and cry to EU, I will be more than happy to not support proxy on NA. This is your attitude when toy is removed from the game? Insult try to find post 1 year ago and more crying.

To play with warrior class, its impossible to do AAHM, without proxy i lose 37,5% of DPS, 37,5%!!! Im not crying because the proxy, im crying because im not going to do any DG 5 stars, because DG 5 stars need time to kill the boss, AAHM u have 10 min to burn the boss, I am SC+9 full and without proxy, i do the same dps as FM+9 full, but the dg is 453, imagine do any dg now 5Stars + going like FM, its impossible, without proxy we have few PRO players to clear these new dgs that are coming and probably u wont find a nice party to finish, now without proxy the only DG that i can do is MAX 4 stars with a lot of problems like lag spikes ( RM sucks with it).
I played Guld war 2 and the ping is much better than tera, about the skill you can do without problem in GW2, you can play the game without problem even with high ping, I can not play tera with 80 FPS fix, I7 I have 8700K and GTX 980TI, sometimes have peaks of even lag that lives in chicago has this problem, I'm playing here because it's the closest server, and I need to warn you, 3 years ago with the server full and you had to wait for the times to come in, you did not have that horrible ping
LancerJiva wrote: »
-shrugs- from here on out we will just see what happens I guess.

Yeah I guess we will have to see. But by the time we see what happens, it would already be too late to fix if the outcomes are not desirable. And quite frankly I don't think it will turn out well. As someone else pointed out in another thread and I could not worded that myself any better: this is affecting the dedicated players and their casual friends.

Dedicated players as in the ones that spends 20 30 even 40 hours in this game, dedicated players as in the ones that supports eme financially, and of course not just dedicated players because lots of casuals are also caught in this because their friends left.

Same as teaching kids training animals etc, for every no there has to be a yes. So unless they provide alternatives to proxy and shinra, it really wasn't a good decision to pull a dmca on 3rd parties.

yes, first they had to find a solution and then dmca the proxy
BlueKoR wrote: »
oh yes soooo beneficial that he now threatens to nuke peoples accounts for making him suffer. Him when he could of simply played the game and been a obedient player not deciding to test and break and put [filtered] in the game and mess with its coding. When he chose to do this [filtered] on his own free will and now he's being held accountable by the terms he signed and agreed to. so here's what i say to you and any other proxy player who did this to "try and help the tera community." [filtered] YOU GUYS. [filtered] YOUR hard work [filtered] YOU FOR THINKING YOU WERE DOING A FAV OR AND [filtered] and any other third party programmer who thought they had a right to meddle in a game they didn't belong in despite saying we agree to these terms. fun fact here if calli nukes everyones accounts like he's threatening to do. he'll actually be legally responsible and actually held accountable in a court of law. and he will definitely lose the case if that ever happens so I hope he enjoys his time in jail! and they it won't be light sentencing either!

LOL ur [filtered], give me a good answer after this math: Is it possible to complete AAH with only 1,8 M / s in 10 min the last boss? my combo without proxy is about ~ 8 secs, with proxy ~ 5 secs, ok probably ur thinking oh only 3 secs, lets do some math: for example my scythe hits 6M; 1min = 60 secs; 60 secs with proxy / 5 secs = 12 scythes * 6M = 72M per min or 1.2M / s; now WITHOUT PROXY; 60 / 8secs = 7.5 scythes * 6M = 45M per min or 750K / s we have a reduction of DPS in 37.5%, Proxy was needed to HIGH DG's like AAHM, RKE, because we have few minutes to burn the boss, proxy saved the new dungeon, because without proxy, it will be impossible to clear, give to us A GOOD REASON to play without proxy, because in my opinion, saved this game.
sid79s wrote: »
that the minority of the players were cheats, please since 2017 the statistics changed a lot, currently the majority used the proxy to tramapically 80% of the proxy players abused the pergrams and those that were really helped were minority,

I repeat again my previous comment you want to blame someone, blame you cheat friend blame yourself for not reporting to cheats, by God in FWC most of the top players in the rank were cheaters who did not use the proxy to aid in the ping if not to cheat, they made impossible combos because they broke the game rules of the class they had with practically infinite combos if they wanted, petrax in 3 seconds please that's just cheating and I do not use proxy to level your ping if not to break the rules, as I said the community abuse of the proxy to break rules not to help the statistics change and they became majority and when that happens the radical measures are applied, blame your friend who took advantage of the game

@sid79s u r wrong bro, u cant do the right rotation with warrior with 200ms+, of course the TOP pvp players uses proxy, even who lives in chicago has high ping, to fix it the people are using proxy because it is the solution, lag spikes like a hell in tera, so i wont blame my cheat friend because that enmasse already has banned them. I challenge you to play tera with 200ms+
"We understand your frustration and regret that this may have disrupted gameplay for some players. We took this action in an effort to protect the experience for those *************who play the game fairly and engage in the community positively."***********************

I am loved by everybody, im not a toxic player, everybodyknows me like the guy can help u in dg's, my set is SC+9 full but to help i apply LFG>> learning run to help, i teach many people to play this game, i put like 20 players here, some using proxy others only teaching about rotation, dg's mech's, everybody in pump ( was the biggest guild in CH), and now i am loved by my guild mates from recovery, im not toxic, but yes iam BRASILEIRO, and i use proxy because even with BUSINESS NETWORK, my ping is 150ms, 150ms for warriors is death, in this topic u r saying "F#CK U NON-NA ,I DONT WANT SEE U HERE AGAIN".

HAHAHAHA u r just a kid in this big world, the company dont sell ur data but a simple employee can.
U are saying that we have to fight against the internet provider too !!! U do not have the idea the conversations and other things saved ( or not) on your internet service provider's server, ur SMS,ur calls, ur nudes, ur protocols, ur links... I worked in internet service provider's before, and i know what i am saying.
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