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v96 has the 64 bit dx 11 update ...were getting v94/v95 combined update in the morning
With luck thats means 1 maybe 2 months and a lot of the issues will....be less

atm yes your dx 11/12 pc and gpu aint great backwards compatible with dx 9 32 bit ....but even 15 yrs ago with dx 9 pc/gpus we still had the issues.....hence the dx 11 12 generation more advanced games use

Theoretically :pensive:

i just google ktera v95 patch notes Sera..... has all the info and mostly translated to english

also has the 2 v94 patch notes upto get an idea on whats coming in next month

the latest news ive seen is on the Ktera v95 patch notes...there was a final note added saying the 64 bit client test server was now officially closed

And that theres a new planet in the solar system
so maybe next storyline will be invasion from the new planet to ours or travel there by us

found this while reading over the EU Tera v93 patch notes

At the start of April, a test environment was released in Korea where a new 64-bit-optimized game client was tested. This is expected to considerably improve the game’s performance. In particular, this should greatly reduce the number of RAM crashes and micro lags when loading certain elements.
We’re still not in a position to announce when we will be able to release this update, but we wanted to let you know about this exciting upcoming change now. You’ll find out more as soon as the exact details are known, of course!

link to the full eu v93 artivle


lets hope its soon :)

still Broken
get the lamps ...cant use at any locations
Others in game report same issue
was posted in General section right after patch last week

1 m a sec dl horribly Slow
3 4 hrs time maybe game will install and i can finish 1 exo dailies today :pensive:

normally that worked hopefully full clean install will sort it

Wiped Game

Run the Repair tool too just now...no change

Crashed out about 30 40 mins ago
Tried for 5 mins to reenter game ..server selection screen just hangs

Went Away MAde some Banana bread and into oven

Full Pc reset....still goes all the way then hangs on server select screen

Anyone else getting this?

also tried just about every lamp i could find out there

have the 10 lamps in pack but unable to use on the lamps ...tried diff lamps in the area and diff channels
Asked on Global and others have same bug


much appreciated was cookin dinner so missed it

looks like servers finally actually down
was there any ingame message posting a timeframe ?


looks like servers finally actually down
was there any ingame message posting a timeframe ?


funnily enuff...Telecomms tech for 20 yrs and did the FIRST ADSL install/faults course in new zealand thou 15 yrs plus out of the industry due to health

lots of lovely acronyms there but server hasnt crashed which has ALWAYS been the actual point im trying to make
Everyones quick to blame the game server when many dont actually disconnectwhile others do....that to me says its happening in one or more routes to the server ie all asia nz ozzy drops all ppl on right side of usa doesnt ..Different paths to the game server
infact server side runs during these events..as we can tell by the deaths from stuff we were engaged with when lag hit

again the server IS NOT crashing
the internet feeding it ..is

crashed again ...does it a lot at spectral spiders for me which means a death and long run back
very hard when you cant do your exo dailies let alone even last afk fishing

as bad as it is the servers ARE NOT going off line
There hasnt been any resets at all and all current ingame timers are still all running on time...ie MM fishing crates ..fishing areas not reset

Its totally an issue with the internet REACHING the servers
some node close to the game servers is constantly going black hole on us

The Responsible thing thou is for EME etc to POST some sort of info on the current issues
.not hide away with head in the sand hoping itll go away

ive used Cuculain as main since dice based DND gaming back in the 90s....which followed thru to ALL my online toons

Cuculain was an ancient Celtic hero who challenged an army and won single handedly
He hung round with The Dagda and the Sidhe( who were what all the later elves etc were all based on)

this is the version of the name spelling i prefer...lol once had a guild leader from Red Guard who were a many game guild based on celtic lore try to tell me my name was spelt wrong
happily corrected him ...theres infact 20-30 variations on the name in celtic lore..Culian ...Cuhulain amoung others but Cuculain or Cuc was my favoured

ditto also up on another thread

add me to that list swapped to grab starc mm and servers cant be found game cant even start the launcher

SAME issue we had les than 2 weeks ago

cant even complete something simple atm like ghilli arena Petrax or even try to collect the daily exodor quests on the starter islandwith out game going into a long hang and disconnecting
Asked on global ingame and others have also said theyre getting many many many disconns atm too

ALWAYS issues like this whenever that Starlyn event thing is up
Please throw it out Never use it again

Exactly same issue with me..and many others said same issue when i asked in global

ALL of the choices for the 19 token dragonette showed ONLY auto loot as option
Once choosen the pet scroll ALSO showed only auto loot as skill
And once the Pet was activated ...all it actually had was specailty storage

Like i said above many others sais same issue when asked and some said its actually a known issue

no one on Kaitor to notice if it did
One of those ...If a tree falls in a forest....

is that the Wandering MM outside the 4 cities....not seen any Azarts on MM in towns yet

down for me too

heres a list of what ive been getting dropping so far Mostly on Fistomatic or Kwai.Chang.Kaine

Azart token Azart Guards(72)
Flexis in wetlands
Colonial Shadows

Azart Force Sign Naga Fighters/White Fennecs in Farmlands
Mournwing Larva
Mournwing in Farmlands
Guards inside Fortress
Jewel Lizards

Azart Expidition Badge Summoned Murder Wings

Purified Ring Frags Summoned Murderwings

Refined Lep Crystal Powder Summoned Murderwings

Purified Ornament Frag Summoned Murderwings
Murderwing lavae/pupae

Refined Lep Crystal Dust Murderwings (70)
Murderwings lacae/pupae

Hope that helps

completly colse game re start it seems to be only way in just refreshing server goes no where

as i keep saying
im very happy with it on

for too many months Global chat had become a huge Erping/trolling room for all manner of Peado and gay ERPING on the public channel

its bad enuff already with almost zero rules enforcement in this Free to play game
Something that really surprised me when EME took over since in Shayia they had to bring in all manner of chat rules like no rape racism hatred [filtered] etc on the public channels....since in America there was issues with court cases by ppl offended with said racism etc etc

my 2 cents :P

me too
it would seem

looks like ill go paint some fence
even the Tera.enmasse.com for news etc isnt coming up

same here for me

its not lazy
its a win win for everyone

we all need the tokens
WE DONT need more crap like 7 day costumes for elins

and it costs EME nothing but goodwill since the tokens are no trade items as is the exodor gear

and im not saying 20 tokens even 4 5 is fair

make it something actually useful this time

Last few remunerations have been an utter insult ..TBH

id suggest Exodor Tokens

Cheers :

with ZERO enforcement of the ingame hacking by the GMS(WB hacks/Petrax hacks etc to name just a few) what would be the point

plus seriously KEEP proffessional gaming out on MMOs
They are royally screwed already ,economy wise ,with all the gold bot farming/acct selling /Mass EMP buying ,selling with that ever increasing spiral of price hikes

WE dont need it

on the server status web page it changed from Down to Under maintenance,for last 20 mins or so

skip the adventure coins i have every single one so far unused

One issue i can see is this delay may screw Starc timing
if its a set time and not determined by server start time,thats ok
If its based on 6 hourly inteverals from when server starts,then itll throw timing out,mae maybe half available outside my on time,compared to just Kaitor one atm

Towards the end of my 5 yrs on Asherons call,these issues could reguarly take over 24 hrs to resolve....the longest from mem ,was over 72 hrs downtime

To show how fickle code can be
One of my guild members had the misfortune to NEVER get
'Superior" type loot drops from any bosses/critters
After a year of these we flagged it to the Devs....it took a DEV another 3 yrs of working thru all the code to find one little Error
This became such a well known issue,that it coined a phrase ,which yrs later was still being used by the gaming community in other games,and even made it to PCGamer mag
brain fog from my CFS ,nd i cant remeber the term ,go figure

so far ive walked my dogs twice x 1.5 miles or so
Vaccumed right thru my double house
Mowed the lawns and just finished lunch

nows a good time to restart the game :+1:

your missing the point
(and yes...we had test servers ,wed pre test content for on Asherons call...mostly made up of us Guild leaders with large guilds

Every time they add in new coding ,any previous coding can cause issues
and a lot of these issues dont manifest immediatelyy
it can take a few steps along a line b4 the consequences show,and you cannot pre test ever possible combination of events EVERY update
it would take weeks and weeks of pretesting each patch
Something a FREE to PLAY game with zero ingame GMS/rule enforcement/patch testing ,never has

This sort of issue WILL ONLY ever get more and more noticeable,and take longer to fix
GET used to it
have stuff organised as a back up

TBH this sort of issue is COMMON in ALL the long term rpgs
Every time they add some new code ,there can be a stagger on effect from a piece of code 5 yrs back
The 5 Yrs i played Asherons Call,this sort of issue was actually even more compounded than whats happening here
Asherons had WEEKLY patches...usually from content added after the weekly dev chats we had ,where players could suggest changes to game

Go do the well needed house work...catch some vitamen D rays
Hell, go visit a REAL person
and get over all this millenial whing

Left Half: level 65 normal / boss monsters in hunting zones
Right Half: Item level 435 and higher dungeons

2 right halfs dropped outside of dungeons for me ,in an hour,only since the latest update


is this a soloable "event" or 5 person party only...ie ppl were selling slots for party

and which is easiest dungeon to get other half of the map ..coming from someone that dies in DV :P


done probably 4-5 hrs last 2 days on lev 65 bams,and havent seen a single Left half Intel frag drop

would these possibly be level restricted to below lev 70 toons?
since they can give large exp as a reward

was farming for them ,since Masks are a possible item and still no way to solo a mask ingame

servers wouldnt be up to get to toon screen...or arent normally

all toons getting message cant play right now

as above
after game crashed 5 10 mins ago ...servers down couldnt enter

now servers back ,but toons locked into game still ,cant log back in

full restart of game and launcher twice

in HW with loads of ppl busy time ie 50 100 ppl in radar ,game only passes 3-5k a sec

remeber thou this is using a game engine thats like 20 yrs old
and was developed for dial up gaming speeds

Older a game gets ,generally the more issues with corruption,will be added with each update

Shayia,after 5 years or so of updates ,was at stage where updates would crash the game for 1 to 2 days of down time ,while they tried to find a fix

3 hours posted ingame as the expected downtime for this update,yesterday,was NEVER going to be close to actual

lol ive already walked the dogs twice,and done the weeks shopping
at least its not quite lunch time here yet,so ill have all afternoon/night to play
(thou alien 4k rips are out.....so plans will change :P )
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