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Yes -- but why? It's counter-intuitive, wastes time, and is extremely frustrating and inconvenient. What were the designers/developers thinking when they made this the default action? Is there some advantage that I haven't discovered yet to being forced back to channel 1 every time I use a portal?

Every time I use a portal it takes twice as long because I then have to switch from channel 1 to the channel I play in. Why?

I'd like to see a button in the quest tracker menu that collapses all of the ? and * quests, leaving only the numbered quests expanded. Every time I teleport, change channels, advance a level, get killed, etc. I waste a lot of time collapsing the ? and * quests so that I can actually see the numbered quests without constantly scrolling back and forth. Maybe even add a setting that makes this the default display for the quest tracker.
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