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@Tatsuyaaa Will you sponsor me again if I join? :)
Funus best priest NA. The end.
I only see trash on this thread...
VelvetCake wrote: »
I agree lol manifest has become lelkekjejkluck

"has become" ??? when have you ever been worth talking about. Go look at any youtube vid of manifest GvG/PvP every single one of them is about you getting rekt. Got slapped around by Man Up, One Up, Synergy, Yikes, Attack jesus who next.

Lets add good old China (Solunar 2k15) to that list.
@Spacecats @seandynamite Can someone check up on this?
JasonTERA wrote: »
Make CU:V a tournament based (limit 30 members max to participate) competition and give tax & the loot from BAMs to top 5 guilds according to their rank.

If only all manifest members were this reasonable... lmao

MiskuChan wrote: »
When every healer complains about EQ gear, why would it make more healers queue?

Because people can queue with their friends, because it's fairer than non equalised, because it's basically impossible for less healers to team queue.

Getting healers is only a problem for solo queue, I personally know at least 20 people who would come back to tera if team queue was equalised and rotate healers if they couldn't find one. And that's not even including all the EU players who would jump on board.

Getting reworked equalised gear is NOT REALISTIC, you have to understand there's not a chance of them doing that. But equalising it like every other BG is realistic, and is much fairer than a full +15 team stomping out a +12 team simply because of gear.

It's incomprehensible how people would rather sit in their dead queues and cry that no one's Qing for their roleplay, unfair PvP than have a system that would bring 100s of players to the 3's community. (or probably not, because I'm willing to bet barely anyone who commented has ever queued more than a dozen team queue games)

There is nothing fair about equalized gear... Why? Because it's not really equalized. If you can't believe that simple statement go play a Priest or a Mystic in any equalized BG and then come back. And I ask again, why would you take away the only BG PvP players can use their gear in? Teams has always been the BG where most of experienced players go to PvP and even if you equalize it, the skill gap between teams would still be large and people will end up not qing because they will still get stomped.

If you can't be bothered to gear your character with BiS or something close to it, that's fine... you can q Grid, CS, Solo or FWC which are BG's directed towards a more casual audience of players.
MiskuChan wrote: »
Tewii wrote: »
It's bad enough that FWC is equalized, leave a decent battleground unequalized so people have a reason to use their gear.

Queue for solo 3s if you want equalized (which is an absolute travesty in terms of certain class' equalized gear. Healers being oneshot/combo by solo warriors/valks anyone?)


What is it that you're not understanding about that? People don't use their gear in there and haven't for a long time.

They didn't ruin fraywind because of gear, fraywind had been dead since +15 first came out only alive during power hours after.

I'm used to people not reading important points that answer theirs before commenting, but it's literally in the opening post why we would rather team queue be equalised instead of solo queue.

As @Koikoi said, FWC q's during vm6-vm7 were a few minutes at most... And far more entertaining than what you have now. As a healer main, EQ gear is absolute garbage (especially in grid where not only do you die in half a second but you heal for absolutely nothing). If you want casual PvP, CS should be the way to go. FWC and Grid should be reversed to unequalized (or at least FWC... @Spacecats @Halrath @seandynamite). Make Tera less [filtered] for PvP players again... And bring back Crusades or Alliance and begone with that garbage Civil Unrest.
No thank you. PvP was ruined to appease to casual players by making all BG's equalized. Leave teams alone as the only BG where you can actually use your gear since OWPvP is nonexistent too. If you want to PvP go q FWC which was ruined with that god awful equalized garbage.
Is the q for FWC bugged? Parties seem to not be getting q'd in, just solo-q. Send help @Spacecats
@Spacecats Is Skyring supposed to only give 3 Anniversary tokens per win? Not 8 like Grid. Send help.
@Spacecats Send help.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
I know for a while now I've seen countless of threads and comments since a certain crack down of rules set to play, and the patch yesterday and all the server downs, but I'd like to say a few words to EME.

Thank you for all that you do! I know that there has been some ups and downs, but all-in-all, I'm still enjoying my time in the game. I don't think that will ever end. Yes I may get bored here and there, but even the most hardcore gamer gets bored sometimes.

I enjoy the dgs, the pvp, the monsters we have to face, and most of all, the combat. Thank you for the 2 new dgs we got and bringing back some of the old dgs (And some more in the near future I have heard about!!

Thank you for all your blood, sweat, and tears you put into the game (Which, uh, I hope that you DON'T actually do that, 'cause that'd be kind of gross :P)! Thank you for working with BHS as much as you can with the problems, bugs, and issues we come to you guys with.

Please, keep this thread positive! No flaming of me, the GMs, or anyone, and feel free to add your own thank you note so that EME knows how much some of us still appreciate all the hard work they do! :) I know they have their shortcomings sometimes, but don't we all? None of us are perfect, not even EME

What is this PvP you speak about?
Spacecats wrote: »
EpicCookie wrote: »
Geletron wrote: »

5. I've worked on a few publisher-driven events while at En Masse. Kira's potion shack, the golden gift boxes, Bamkiller, Skyring Slam, and Canyon Clash were all events that were created and developed at En Masse. We told Bluehole about these events before we started them and we reported to them on how they performed.

Hope that helps answer a few questions.

How about making Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash (Hopefully with Non-equalized gear) a thing again? Now that PvP has been brutally murdered, this would make the PvP community semi-happy for a while. @Geletron @Spacecats

I knew the second Geletron mentioned Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash that there would be a request for it! I'm shooting him an evil look, but he's behind several people and now Denommenator thinks I'm looking at him weird.

It comes up every once in a while, and I know those are really awesome events that the community enjoyed in the past. One of the players we met up with at PAX East even grilled me about it ;D

I'll try to basically repeat what I told him - there is quite a lot of work, expectation, and overall baggage surrounding Canyon Clash and Skyring Slam. Since I started at EME roughly a year ago, there have been multiple times where I intended to start planning one but quickly hit a brick wall. I'll keep trying. Here are some of the difficulties I'm referring to....
  • Streaming. The past events were giant multi-hour streams with commentary. They were also weekend streams. I'm not sure players would go for a variation that didn't include streaming the whole tournament, or at least the finals.
  • Server setup. Both need a separate event server to be spun up, with characters created and items set up to allow some kind of character customization and gear. Otherwise we would have to choose one of the five TERA servers to hold the event, excluding PvPers from the other servers.
  • DDoS attacks. They plagued the final Canyon Clash, and made for a generally unfun experience for those involved. There's a risk that would happen again and all our efforts would be wasted.
  • Bandwidth. When Tonka ran Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash, the community team was bigger and he was able to focus solely on planning them for weeks. Minea handled forums and Harmonia handled socials and a bunch of other things. At the moment I'm the sole Community Manager for TERA. I feel like I would have to sacrifice time towards other community projects in order to make it happen. The temptation is still there but I'd hate to forego an in-game event like invasion or Mongo, a community contest, preview stream, or anything else. I would also not accept a 1/2 effort Canyon Clash. I'd want to do it right with my full effort towards making it excellent.

@Spacecats Thanks for taking the time and letting not only me, but the community know, why events like these are hard to set up ( I believe this is the first time such reasons have been expressed in such a clear manner). Even though I understand the complexity behind events like these, it would be nice for EME to address the lack of PvP content (you can come up with your own events if you want that involve PvP, or ask the player base what they suggest). The Player Council has a few old PvP players like Kamizuma, I'm sure he could give some pointers.
Geletron wrote: »

5. I've worked on a few publisher-driven events while at En Masse. Kira's potion shack, the golden gift boxes, Bamkiller, Skyring Slam, and Canyon Clash were all events that were created and developed at En Masse. We told Bluehole about these events before we started them and we reported to them on how they performed.

Hope that helps answer a few questions.

How about making Skyring Slam and Canyon Clash (Hopefully with Non-equalized gear) a thing again? Now that PvP has been brutally murdered, this would make the PvP community semi-happy for a while. @Geletron @Spacecats

Yamazuki wrote: »
metagame wrote: »
Acendia wrote: »
You people are delusional if you think most players use DPS meter or inject.
there are nearly a thousand people in a discord channel related to the latter one, and moongourd is full of players that submit entries to it. while it is true only one person has to have a meter running to submit to it, there are still tons of unique submissions a day

it's pretty safe to say at least 80% of the "endgame pve" community uses one or the other nowadays.

The "end game" community is still a minority in the bigger picture, so it doesn't matter if your 80% is correct. Not everyone who uses a meter even supports this "end game" community either. Being a big part of a minority group that happens to be loud doesn't mean much of anything.

With all due respect, with all your *knowledge* which is equal to a gold fish when it comes to this game, how the heck did you end up on player council ?

EME likes incompetent people. That's why their team, and most of the player council, consist of people who have no knowledge about the game.
What's the point of this event? Forever AFK?
@Spacecats You guys just ruined the little PvP the game had by making FWC eq. Thank you!
Tatsuyaaa wrote: »
No point is complaining about feeding. They still lost. 2nd is just first loser in the winner takes all CU.

Yes but the overall question is should feeding be allowed for laurels cuz that's what they have been going around doing. Also head Frostfire/Pomchi paid smaller guilds gold to give them free tower kills lol..

This sounds like something Manifest would do. Just saying lol.
Manifeed complaining about feeding. How funny is that lmao.
Gonna have to agree with this one. Failed fix of rally quests. Mind taking a look @Spacecats?
jrtseven wrote: »
To say that there has never been a mistake in your recruiting process is like saying your guild has never wiped: doubtful.

As for validating my claims, it's up to you to post your guild history to prove me wrong. Then again, the history only goes so far as of now because of the update. Now, let's say that you keep a spreadsheet of that information, which wouldn't be 100% accurate, because knowing Manifest, would quickly edit anything that would prove my continual meager baseless borderline [filtered] claims to be right.

Which is fine. I wouldn't expect accurate and honest information from you guys at all to begin with. After all, it's not a bad thing in defending your own guild, even whilst feeding and wallowing in your already inflated egos. Because, just as shocking as you claim it to be: ignorant, egotistical, and cohesive grammar doesn't quite necessarily make your allegations true either.

That being said, I fail to see how Manifest ever helped anyone to learn or improve. If anything, the only reason my girlfriend and I decided to join was because Axy asked us to, regardless of our battleground rating. We did our best to contribute, improved by ourselves and at our own pace, did our thing, never asked for anything, and left. Just like many other members that left to Solunar or other guilds.

It's sad, honestly, how things work in your close knit circle. I feel that the only reason people wish to stay in Manifest is because of the zerg mentality.

I don't know what else to tell you. You call my guildies and GM a bunch of misfits that points fingers at you, yet we keep things quite civil in game. Unlike your guildies that spam area chat with words that fit the word "misfit" quite exceptionally well when you can't win.

Saying there has never been a mistake in our recruitment process is not like saying our guild has never been wiped. That is the equivalent of saying the US military recruitment process is bad because they've lost a war. You open your post with another thoughtless, ignorant statement.

You write an entire section re-wording a portion of my post, except without any justifiable claims. You do realize that grasping at my own words is the equivalent of the "you're bad" "no, you're bad" response template?

You fail to see how we helped people learn and improve because you segregated yourself from the majority of our community. While we duel and give tips to people daily, take them to in-house team 3's, walk them through PvP videos, and do fraywind canyon with them, you were usually duo-queuing fraywind with your girlfriend.

You "feel" all these different things because it's easier to lean on convenient ideals rather than face the facts presented to you. You're free to whisper any of the Portuguese, Korean, or North American members of Manifest and survey them on their time in Manifest.

Using your civility in-game as a guise to express your baseless opinions doesn't reflect well on your guild.

Don't you have a zerg to run? Take it easy! It's just a game.
Tatsuyaaa wrote: »

Stay mad that u chose to go to the wrong guild kid. Also whoever said that solunar is very picky about who they recruit is so wrong. just hang out in vo with slaughter on a guildless char and u will get invited to solunar in 24 hours. That's literally all it takes.

This sounds like Manifests recruitment motto to be honest lmao (once invited they do get sponsored full vm7 though! Which is a nice way to keep people from leaving.). There's no need to be so salty about it! Just go have fun.
Slayce wrote: »
thekor wrote: »
Honestly Solunar isn't as well repsected or known for whatever reason or they are just extremely particular who they take as umi is very mich against [filtered] talking and drama.
I'm sorry did you just say Solunar is picky on who they invite? I'm not even going to bother LOL

As someone who was in Manifest and watched them pvp, it is safe to say that 95% of their players aren't the definition of good either (and most of the people they've recruited lately are below average). They're mostly gear and just talk (like your sponsor), and when they die in 1v1 (even after potting which has happened multiple times), they still think they're the best and proceed to [filtered] talk. So again, chill. Enjoy the game and stop thinking you're that great, because you're far from it.
Axylus wrote: »

This video wasn't made to BM anybody, it's just to show everyone that even though the event didn't happen everyone decided to fight and still have fun. Sorry you people are overly sensitive and can't handle someone posting you losing in a video. Also before people decided to trash talk us for no reason, we we'rent saying "OH YA WE DESTROYED ALL U IDIOTS WOOO!!" so please, grow a pair.

True, it wasn't said on forums. Just whispered to people in opposite guilds and said on global. We all made the most of it, no need to get pissy over something so simple. Just keep in mind though, the only reason why Manifest didn't get wiped was because of friendly fire. I think you can at least accept that lmao.
Slayce wrote: »

That sure is a lot of assumptions coming from someone who's never been in the guild.

Not sure why people decided to start talking [filtered] when this wasn't even supposed be a "lol get rekt kiddos here's video proof" thread but simply "We made the best of tonight even when EME disappointed us". I had fun, we had fun, I'm sure some/most of our enemies had fun. Why else would they keep coming back to fight. Why do people always look for an ulterior motive. We simply did this to have fun because we were tired of waiting.

Calling us a zerg guild is actually pretty funny considering everyone has the same 100 account limit and all our competitors have the same amount of accounts or close to it. Not to mention that it was 3 guilds against us and I believe 1 raid of Comfy. The reason you see them being run over is because they can't push together since they'd be caught in crossfire so they attacked from 3 different sides. Do you really expect us to sit there and get surrounded by 3 guilds?

Anyway I had fun and will have fun next saturday regardless of the outcome. I love all of you for actually pvping and making what would have been a very boring and disappointing saturday night pretty fun.

This! Massive PVP has been dead on MT for a year now, since all of the big pvp guilds quit. With old guilds coming back, we can hopefully have decent GvGs without the need to [filtered] talk others and post [filtered] videos like these that prove nothing and just makes Manifest look more BM. Just chill and enjoy the game.
Is it 100 accounts or 100 active accounts?
Pm/mail IGN Funus
PM/Mail me price. IGN Funus.
I’ve been playing Tera on and off for two and a half years now. I started on Ascension Valley as a sorcerer before moving to MT where I decided to main a priest. Ever since I started, I’ve never been able to grind for the materials needed for the best gear there is during the patch due to time-consuming real life situations. Because of that, I usually try getting VM gear right before, or even after, new gear arrives (I emphasize the word try since it sometimes takes me more time than expected).

Even though I try my best to help others, most of the time my efforts come up short since I can’t run most of the hard mode dungeons, etc. due to my lack of gear. As a healer, I’ve always been picked last during guild death-matches and during GvGs I’m usually asked to step aside and watch since there are better geared healers who could do my job more effectively without dying so much (which is totally understandable since people like to “win”).

What would I do with +15 VM6? I would be able to run hard mode dungeons and help others regarding pve/pvp. I’d get the chance to prove I am not as bad of a healer people think I am. I’d be able to assist my guild more during GvGs and not be picked last during dms. The list goes on and on.

But all of these things pale in comparison to the real essence of playing a game which would be to have fun; which is what I would do with +15 VM6.

Happy holidays!

IGN: Funus
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