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I'll just save my money, thanks!
popo is best food for elins
What nerf?
CW4G4FNCD7 wrote: »
What time are the servers supposed to be back up today?

Don't necro dead threads
Screw the haters...let em hate...Make Elin Valk
vkobe wrote: »
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
Ew.. lvling all my alts again? *sigh*

Just think of all the AFK s in Highwatch that might do some thing.

only if the reward worth it, else i prefer to stay afk with my level 65 cute elin :3

if leveling give me a good story lore is ok i will level up to 70, else if it is only kill 1000 stupid monsters well


I <3 cute elins
Finally about time. <3
No class change in tera,have fun levelling again.
Where did elite status vouchers go?
fugly as hell
Yep I got the 500 free emp :)
Yep Kaiator down for sure now.
I am stuck at server select can't get in, anyone else confirm?
Low quality bait..but still bait..

I <3 cute Elins
I vote elin they can be sexy too <3
Tempted to buy emp for this mount :)
Bring back nexus
I <3 cute Elins
Will we be able to apply again in the nearr future? I am interested in joining.

First step don't necro a 2 year old thread.
+1 I stopped doing bgs for that exact reason. Not everyone can just power their way to SC
A sad day for Velika server....</3
Players want an In game method of getting more silver and gold talents, not this p2w [filtered].
I had all 3 permanent ones and I only got 1 token
I get a lot of people adding me, mainly low levels just decline and move on.
I don't care if KTC is a female or not, she is the worst CM tera has had other than Danancia(or however it's spelled)
It was kind of a low blow by eme announcing the 30 day inactive renaming AFTER they took the servers down to merge. I lost almost all my names on Velika because most hadn't been logged in for at least 30 days to a maximum of 5 months.

On the bright side I did get to keep some killer names on Kaiator server so I transferred there.
Huv wrote: »
Did they just delete 10 pages from this thread? I swear it passed 50 pages

it was at 55 pages, and now down to 44, guess they don't like the truth.
Eme needs to do some serious firing of staff and get some competant people in their office. It's like a [filtered] circus act there
This game is going down the shitter fast. I logged in to see HW almost deserted and only like 2 fake lfg...A sad day in the life of tera
I kept all my valuable names on KT and lost most on VL. Whats funny is that one of the names on VL I kept was on a level 1 when there was 2 level 65s that had the name. I almost shed a tear over that
> @Account422 said:
> 9PHAA9WTGJ wrote: »
> just dont buy emp and cancel all elites. Easy.
> help i cant press it fast enough


I just renewed my Elite and charged over $280 worth of EMP.

You guys fail to realize that when one person leaves, another steps in.

1 person steps in while 10 leave. Great logic there.
Elin dressup simulator.
I miss the downvote button lol xD

They deleted my comment on downvote feature. I said this thread would have beaten harmonia's record.

That aside..Eme only has themselves to blame, they made a bad choice and now they are going to have to pay for it...
If you guys are leaving can I haz ur stuff.
Can we get a flying elin mount?
I don't like trying to kill steal off people. It's rude and a [filtered] move. Eme could add more channels
IoD >>>>>>>>stepstone
vk and kt is good. I will use those

looks good to me <3
I hope it gets fixed soon. I have 20 slots on my main server so no issues, but on the other server I only have 3 slots and yes I do play there as well
holy necro batman
TY eme for not renaming all my low played alts.
You can buy the accessories dirt cheap from vg merchant
I understand there are name sellers but there are some people getting screwed with the wait.
Please add more channels for god's sake.
CuteAngel wrote: »
clfarron4 wrote: »
CuteAngel wrote: »
So this is freaking strange. I lost 5 names from my most played chars, like ..... HOW??!! :s :'( :/

As per this, did you login on those servers in the last 30 days? If no, they automatically get renamed.

If yes, then someone had a longer in game time that your characters did.

Yes, I did logged in. And one of my chars I've been playing on/off since the release of reaper.... RIP

Must have been more play time.
I miss Nexus and original Island of Dawn for sure.
I lost several names from TR but tbh I didn't have a lot of play time on my alts so meh whatever. From the FF server I literally kept every single name. I got lucky I guess.
Kirasaka wrote: »
EME gave the wrong rules in the Server Merge FAQ. If you haven't logged on to a name for 30 days you automatically lose it to someone who has logged in within 30 days.

At least the names go to active players and not people that don't play. A win win situation.
40 and still going strong
Die of tera withdrawl.
Females make more cash.
I give this game 2 years tops before it shuts down in NA for good.
Tbh all the names for the new server are terrible(including the twitter names).
No because a new support class wouldn't earn eme as much money as a new dps class would.
Dvsv wrote: »
^The video above shows exactly what BHS think of their playerbase lol

A game is meant to be fun, it's NOT meant to be a fkn frustating full time job.
That's what BHS failed hard to learn with Tera.
I'm pretty sure "too much grind" IS one of the reason why NA Tera lost half of it's playerbase on just 6 months.
They keep adding new "impossible grindy" gear every 3-6 months, old gear enchanting cost stay the same (but it's not BIS anymore!) and EME keep nerfing ways to farm enchanting mats ingame, just wtf...
Do you guys even remember when they released VM9 gear? Ambush was a lot cheaper to enchant (both desing prices and T11 fod farmind) cuz guess what? It was not BIS anymore!
And even with the mid-tier Misery gear it was VERY doable to clear VSHM!
Now with full FM+0 we can't even get VG reward for AINM lol.

That's why imo the easy gearing of VM6-VM8/Mongo days was NEVER ever been a real problem, cuz gear was ALWAYS disposable on a 6 month cycle on this game...
Gear is easy to get? You can always learn and gear another class, you can sell gear for gold, you can make the game fun!
Gear is impossible grindy to get? Ppl will quit the game or just move to EU lol.
I'm sorry to tell the truth, but spacecats was right all this time...

Amen brother ^_^
Farming IoD makes me want to pull my hair out with boredom. Seriously boring and not helpful to learn well pretty much anything. Improve dungeon drops please.
Ya mEME is driving this game into the ground. Makes me sad.
I already know I am going to lose a few names. Makes me sad that names I have had for 6+ years and active account are getting taken by an inactive account that hasn't logged in over 2 years, just because the played more way back when. There really needs to be a name wipe to go with the merge.
Yowza wrote: »
So can someone detail what happen when there is a name conflict? Does one server get precedence over another? Or do both players have to change names?

Person with more play time will keep the name.
I have gotten used to the long maintenances lately.
Never got any email on any of my accounts.
After 6+ years of using the same name, you do get attached.
Leave it to CP to point out mEME's blunder.
kamizuma wrote: »
nice 20 more characters to delete!

I almost shed a tear for you...then I realized it's only kamizuma.
I am gonna lose some of my OG names :(
I voted for Bastion, cause I didn't like the other 2 options.
I agree it should be more. Currently all my saved spots are saved to areas behind invisible walls no longer accessible by normal means.
Even if you were to stay online a specific name, there is no guarantee that they still wont have more play time regardless
Can we name the new server Tempest Reach? That would be an epic name.
What crap server names.
Lame it only has 1 hairstyle.
more stuff to do ^_^ thanks bhs
Hell no to merging FF with TR, I play on pve servers for a reason.
Elinu1 wrote: »
Looking at all my characters on TR and AV (my 2 most played servers) I will have to delete 2 characters that have bound hello kitty outfits. Not very happy at all

Again, not defending this silliness, but just to make sure you use all your available options... due to the free transfer window, you could have the possibility to transfer some characters to either CH or to MT/FF, whether it's these ones or other ones. If you're in a situation where you have nowhere you can transfer and are exceeding the max 20 character cap on all servers, I would definitely contact support and see if they can work something out with you, since it isn't fair.

Thanks for the idea, I have very few characters on the pvp servers might move them over when free transfers open. Thanks
Looking at all my characters on TR and AV (my 2 most played servers) I will have to delete 2 characters that have bound hello kitty outfits. Not very happy at all
TJKat wrote: »

Twitter is NOT 'a nice way to share the poll'. EVERYONE who plays the game has an account for THIS website. The same can't be said for twitter.

I don't have a twitter account, nor do I ever care to get one just for a poll.
Kaia would be a badass pvp server name
With the AV and TR merge I am going to have 26 characters, some even have hello kitty outfits, I really don't want to lose out on them
Dragonfall for life.
Typical mEME.
Tempest Reach

Loli#8169 (0/3)

Hope it's slayer, it's the only class other than healers that I don't have at 65.
I get that bug too sometimes
TERA is a dead [filtered] game, and gets deader every day, I doubt you will see any event worth a damn again.
This elite perk is worthless if you play alts like I do.
7995 emp for a 1.5x crit dragon, is eme on drugs?
We had a good anniversary this year.
Why are maintenances getting so long? I remember a couple years ago they were like 2 hours at most
About time!
But, but but mah namez!!
I gave up on eme and bhs long time ago. If it weren't for elins and combat style I would have left tera in the dust ages ago
I got mine just fine.
I sure as hell aint going to bother going past +9 sc at all. Screw that [filtered]
I think the name release with the merge of LoT, HW and VoT into FF was handled well and should be the case this time, I hope anyway.
vkobe wrote: »
my choice was streaper or pole dancer :3

vkobe would have loved the name stripper.

Aint no one jacking my names :bleep_bloop:
vkobe wrote: »
but is mean you can take back angel :3

I don't really miss the name as much as I originally did, But no one is getting Yuki or Loli from me
Son of a [filtered], now I have to name change like 4 characters to higher playtime characters. I don't want anyone jacking my names.
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