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WTB emp damn it. Costume is only going to be here today and cant even find a damn seller.
Thanks for listening to us eme. <3
I <3 lolis. xD
Killing 600+ Iod bams a day is the most boring thing to do ever. Without double vanguard rewards it is one of the worst experiences ever
I know this might be a bad idea, but add talent boxes to fashion coupon shop
I also forgot to add to my last post

Rainbow Wings
Buffalo Bill Bear
I agree that hard dungeons should be buffed, since not everyone can clear them. It's the main reason why I don't even run hard content anymore since the mchm days.
kamizuma wrote: »
then just sell keys if you think they're not worth opening

I am telling people straight fact so they don't blindly open boxes and get hardly another of their gold back. Besides don't you have economies to ruin economy parasite.

Just to test things out I opened 258 gem boxes with an alt from another server
As you can see I got

Diamond x2 (20800g)
Dyad structure x2 (0g)
Rejuv potions x73 (15000g)
Divine infusion x107 (4000g)
Sapphire x104 (23540g)
Emerald x23 (29900g)
Feast x27 (6750g)
Goddess's Blessing x13 (3900g)
Village atlas x26 (1300g)
Uncommon noct elixir x105 (0g)

105190g vs 258 keys worth 283800g at current market price, or if you were to buy at emp rate of 1:50 current value on average 625000g

Eme you really made a bad decision, who in their right mind would want keys in the current state. Please troll us harder next time.

Just want to lend my voice to the chorus.
Thank You EME for listening to the community and offering a direct buy option.
Please do the same thing for every other RNG box.

Absolutely, I hate rng and am always willing to pay the little extra for a direct sale.
McOnosRep wrote: »
I just checked the strongbox page:


and from what I can tell even winning the best rewards barely makes up for the cost to a key in EMP. So why on Earth would anyone bother to buy strongbox keys now with EMP? A lot of people are talking about leaving anyway with recent issues and now anyone who bought keys with real money recently is going to be even less likely to want to stay.

I can't understand the reasoning behind this but if for some utterly unknown reason EME was utterly determined to do this do wouldn't a much better way be to announce that they are changing thing BEFORE having an EMP sale on strongbox keys.

Failing that they could have announced a final jackpot event before the made the changes, which would have actually increased EMP key sales. As it is this seems purely like a bait and switch, which incredibly hurts both they buyer and the seller which is frankly quire an achievement....

I am glad I have dumped most of my keys now. I know a whale that had over 10k keys from both emp and tera rewards. Needless to say he might not come back. Way to go eme.
I wish we could mute these whiners. They want a direct buy option. EME listens finally and gives us that option, and they whine some more. You guys are pathetic.
I kinda feel bad for people that stocked up on keys from todays and yesterday's sale on keys before we got the gm response on discord. Lucky for me I bought most of mine off broker for gold.
Keys have already dropped by like 500g per key from this afternoon, expect further crashes as people rush to dump their worth pos keys.

Pages wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
That's from april 19 I want an updated to today list. Half the garbage in the boxes can't be traded

That is the most updated list. The rewards are the same.

I know a few whales that saved keys, gonna be pissed
That's from april 19 I want an updated to today list. Half the garbage in the boxes can't be traded
StarSprite wrote: »
For those of you who dont keep up with the eme discord.

Thanks for making the decision for me to never purchase another key off the shop. Bravo
Wts excess 50k coupons I have from bam farming.
RIP old forums.
I wants to see dyeable arin's maid costume for sure, maybe a direct buy of the summer wrap as well.
Turn it back on. Golden talents are already expensive as is, don't want them going higher.
I hate strongbox events. I don't know know why you would want another.
Finished my bams quests just in time
I just want this 5hit off my pc.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Then I would suggest you to contact EME support and prepare a diagnostic file from TERA tools in case they may ask you for that.

As it was EME decision to get this software in their game then they should take priority for their player base that can be subject of a false positive.

EME doesn't work on weekends, which means people with errors have to either fumble around blindly, turning off all their anti-virus, adblocker extensions, NVIDIA controls, and still not play. That's idiotic.

Why do players have to make their computer LESS SAFE, and disable programs for a third party program that they didn't even agree to use?

Get rid of xigncode.

Their game their rules.

And nobody to pay their bills if everyone leaves
I would really like them back for either direct purchase or lootbox if a must. Or even an event that gives them.
Could we also get a list of things that XIGNCODE interferes with, including but not limited to:

- key rebinders
- anti-virus
- other games being open at the same time

This would help us give our point to them succinctly and directly.

Does this mean that we can't multibox clients now? If so I am pretty annoyed I use a 2nd account to transfer names I have so I don't get sniped.
They could just get rid of the xigncode garbage and all would be good.
Yordan wrote: »
Do i need to download more memory now ??

Ya download lots.
Yep same here
Ever since I patched the game, whenever I hit play the game goes to the splashscreen and followed by insufficient memory crash every single time. I have 24g of ddr4 memory, so I know memory is not an issue.
Help please.
Every month a new "name release topic" comes up. No, NO, NOOO. First come first serve.
I support Xigncode
Meh, I don't see what the fuss is about. I'll still play like normal.
Show me some proof please.
If you play with 4x pounding then you should quit the game and follow that by uninstalling.
I play with the sole purpose of lewding elins. <3
244 plates, I think I'll stick to SC +7.
Honestly I would do the high level bams if the rewards didn't suck and limited to one of each 3 bam quests
Launcher says there is an unknown error and can't update game
The spam is real eme.
Why eme why is TR always down

/end thread
I would marry an elin.
It would defeat the purpose of the flight suit. It's designed to be both costume and mount.
Just a nostalgia thing -- there used to be a running/messenger quest ? that you take in Aurum Road of Val Aureum having you to run from one camp to another in a time limit (think it was like 25 seconds or something) and it was just a cool thing to do .. running on mount wasn't fast enough so you had to think smart about going from point a to point b. other than the fact that faster mounts (than 240 speed) were an endgame thing iirc. i kind of miss quests like that.

I completed that quest on like 10 characters, I miss those days
Event is not even worth doing cause everything is temporary. I looked for 2 hours today and never even found one caiman. Can we get a real event that is worth participating in.
Not gonna happen.
Just bring the talents as passives, like some other have said.
I think OP is lying.
Start on TR or MT they are the most active.
i choose not to level some of my characters to level 65 mainly because when a new class comes out I don't want to wait 24 hours for deletion. so that means I should lose my name just because you guys weren't fast enough or new to the game to get your own. 1st come , 1st served.

Couldn't agree more. I have several good names(some 65), and I wouldn't want to lose a name to someone else. First come, first serve.
I still prefer my old school twin tail hair better
Added a few new weapons to my list of available weapons
I opened 8000+ lockboxes and I can definitely say that the jackpots were heavily nerfed.
Just leave the names alone, best solution.
Way too soon to have another one. Not to mention there is no locked boxes at all for sale on TR at least
On my server (TR) they are 70k, not sure what server you are on.
Just sell the emp you had and buy the dyeable off broker, they are still fairly cheap.
I got a lousy 1 NON TRADABLE ccb, like wtf
You should do a huge favor and play the PC version.
1000 coupons, is that supposed to be a joke. Lower it to 100 like before
Nice move eme, affordable for any player.
Leave it to BHS to half [filtered] something.
Dude wtf with the porn
Those loading screens are harmless. I think they are rather cute.
Only 2 weapons left, get em before they gone.
Still selling 3 vm 9 (SC+2) weapons
I would agree that TR is probably best. MT is also pretty good too.
Looking to sell, post offers here or in game to Angel
+15 Addleblade (Slayer)
+15 Gulfmoon (Valkyrie)
+15 Strevortex (Sorcerer)
+15 Deathscythes (Reaper)
4MPFMC7E65 wrote: »
Actually the server I'm on is Tempest Reach is it good or should I change to a better one? the name of my character is Demzerk as well.

TR is one of the better servers
Araya wrote: »

Finally, beginning March 30, in order to ensure a high level of service for all TERA players, the Customer Support team will no longer be swapping out bound costumes for versions wearable by your character’s new race or gender. Costumes remaining in your character’s inventory following a race or gender change will still be usable should that character change back to its original race or gender.

Are you kidding me. >_<
Definitely want a permanent version to play with.
f3ck4r wrote: »
Koikoi wrote: »

Are we going to have anyway of farming this by a legit way in game or we still relying on RNG events?

New gear is being released soon and quite a few of us would like to have them, not only for our main but alts would be nice too.

Can they be added to a token shop ie: Vanguard ? For something like 5k vanguards?


This and make them tradeable.

Yes, please. I have 500 from all the lockbox events collecting dust.
AbstractCH wrote: »
Rip to myself who bought a warrior helm for 40k.

I bought like 5 for 50k a piece to use on alts RIP
Not only is it direct buyable, but it's also easy on the wallet. Thanks to all my emp sellers.
Very much appreciated EME
I miss my reward credits from mEME stream maybe you got a code.
It's eme own fault for not having a 30 day lock on old dead topics/threads
I liked that the old forums autolocked dead threads after 30 days.
Working as intended, no need to change.
What garbage.
I'm kind of thankful for these Gem creates, I bought 5 of them and ended up with 400k. Worth it to me anyways.

JasonTERA wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
Only things worth buying with entropic tokens are the talents. I agree merge them together

Gold/Silver talent = 30 Entropic token >> 20~40g on broker

Semi Enigmatic Scroll = 28 Entropic token >> 140~150g on broker

I don't know how @Elinu1 reached that conclusion.

Sorry I overlooked the ses, oh well, still my point stands, merge em
Only things worth buying with entropic tokens are the talents. I agree merge them together
Thanks for the free stuff
Lol, why do people have to complain about the dumbest things?
What a stupid decision, and I have seen some dumb ones. 500 only, do you guys actually test before making events.
vkobe wrote: »
ye consumable to have big head or be giant or small

and consumable to be cute elin :3

But I'm already a cute elin
Just sell the emp and buy off broker
I only have elite now for no broker fees since I am active on broker.
I miss my reward credits.
It's even getting bad on TR. I have been loyal to this game for over 5 years, but I may end up quitting if things get worse.
Love ya seandynamite
Sadly this thread will also get deleted.
WTB working server.
had some severe lag then got booted
Leave the talents alone. They were way too undervalued(as Kamizuma said), mainly because of the lockbox event flooding the market
Damn why do sorcs have to be bottom feeders again, damn it.
Thanks for the code
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