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L5CAE4JFLP wrote: »
Latza posted a paragraph of a bunch of [filtered] Of mayk!
You have no idea bud, you look and sound like an idiot!

Let me see here

Joined today
1 active post
-2 points(didn't know it was possible)

Ignore this idiot troll and move on
I ran 16 times since event started, no miner hat at all.
This game needs more cute elin <3 not events j/k
No, I had my locations deleted on transfer a while back, don't think it has changed.
There really needs to be an autolock after 30 days of no posts like the old forums had. Too many necros
some good suggestions, too bad they will end up in bhs trash bin.
2c77cc35876f6cc5975b50121d62b4d1.png Can we merge ques now?

wtf 4 hours, I have never had to wait even remotely that long.
That is one cute af elin <3
I don't even run endgame now, all I do is run mid range dungeons cause they pay almost the same but with less time involved. If they bothered to make those dungeons worth running players might actually give a damn and run them more often.
The last time I had fun was farming argon bams pre nerf for vitriols, made lots of friends and a ton of gold
15 dollars for a 60 scroll and a 15 day worth of elite wasn't a bad deal at all. Who cares if the gear was not end game gear, quit [filtered] over nothing.
on mine the reward for jan 1st is a 3 day duckie footsteps
EME logic, guilty until proven innocent.
pretty sure these type of threads are against rules
Not even 1 response on any of these threads from eme. Bet there would be if there was a billing issue
Best xmas ever, swipe, more swipe, and guess what swipe some more.
kamizuma wrote: »
ok what do i do if i have 81 characters?


You my friends need a life j/k j/k. Damn I thought I was an altaholic
Zoknahal wrote: »
A name wipe is kind of a controversial topic in this game. The pros? It would make available names of characters that don't play anymore, for those who really want to use them and keep em for a long time.

The cons? The name sellers would be waiting for the second the servers are up, so they can grab all of those names, and sell an for ridiculous prices to that someone who wants to use the name, but will never ever reach the 500k gold tag.

How to deal with this shady business if name selling is the real question. If this is not dealt with properly, a name wipe will just be worthless, as the names will be taken again not by the person who will use the name and keep it for as long as he/she plays the game, but by those who don't plan on using the name at all, only wanting to milk as much gold out of someone who can't possibly gather that much gold without swiping.

Yep 100% agree, name sellers ran rampant the second the names were released in 2015, do we really want a repeat. Want that short name, well guess what pay 500k up front. No thanks
Sorry, but umm no. I don't want to lose my precious short names to some someone that never levels/name hoarder/name seller.
Well not surprised, I think this thread can die a painful death now.
Leave the names as is.
I was naughty this year.
All we got this year was a lump of coal.
We had better halloween events and that's not even a holiday.., c'mon eme at least try
Severely disappointed EME, At least put in some effort
Holy necro batman
Thank you <3 :+1:
Glad you listened.

Here's my angel
Dat crit aura
Like this game needs more [filtered] rng.
No you don't
Basically after todays patch LK and SF ( my favorites to run btw) aren't even worth running. Thanks eme for putting the change in patch notes /s
Bought 11 boxes with the 1650 bills I had got a weapon skin, fair trade off
Way to cater to the 1%, brings back 1% memories from 2014
I certainly don't want a server merge. For one reason, names. I have a lot of treasured short names usually snagged quickly at launch release. And two the servers are fine when there is events, it's up to eme to plan things for severs better than they have been to get people to play and stay.
Make it cost 400 for a entropic box but make the box contain 60 entropic tokens.
Wow I got 1 ccb that isn't even tradeable this week, can't get worse than that
You have to be out of your mind to even consider spending $500 on loot boxes. What did you think was going to happen?
BHS fix bugs, HAHAHA. Better for you to find another mmo or live with the bugs on this one.
All a name wipe does is encourage name hoarders to grab more good names, just leave the names alone.
From the looks at all the results, this event is complete [filtered].
20 golden talents
Wait so unless we can go back in time, server will never be up again
I got a full set of weapon dyads from the dracolith boxes, can't complain there.
This game needs moar elinz
I am just happy to use chat again.
Getting sick of this chat crap already, hurry the hell up and get it fixed.
I failed 12 times in a row with near max xp, costing a shitload of mats
The game needs more lolis, so bring on the elin gunner already.
For the first time ever I dipped below 40 ping which is not happened before playing tera
It's official, they are all down. LOL vergos
Just a couple minutes ago dced and now can't connect to servers. Anyone else having this issue?
Exactly as counterpoint said, the no broker fees make it a life saver if you sell expensive items on the broker all the time
lol TC hasn't seen the devilicious outfit yet I assume
Nyanta1177 wrote: »
You want, sum fires?

how did you get the campfires so close together like that?
WTB servers being up
Lol, what a joke list of prizes, like hell anyone will win 10k emp anyway
tisnotme wrote: »
Any one want to buy some cheap :p

I am stuck with 5600 spellbound boxes I will never be able to sell, meh oh well
Since the current ones will be useless are we getting new types?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
Wlp I just got [filtered] up the a$$ without the lube for saving millions in mats

Something more intellingent would be to trade all those mats fro elite vouchers or cash shop items.

Thats what i did with all the mats that i knew existed in excess in NA Tera.

When we got the info about the new patch giving us the option to do 16 vanguards, giving us more gold, giving us gems and with the gear progression being dependant on gold, if you add that to the fact that old mats were going to be only used to convert into tokens for gearing in old gear, you would understand that hoarding tons of mats on your bank was the most risky desicion. This we all know from several months ago.

I did not buy the mats, I had 25k keys used to obtain the mats from last SB event. Just an fyi that's probably over 10k US dollars worth of keys(if bought with cash), a majority I bought off broker for over a years time. That is a [filtered] slap to the face.
Wlp I just got [filtered] up the a$$ without the lube for saving millions in mats
Holy necro batman, even though I made the thread
I agree that pvp in this game might as well be dead.
Ugliest costumes ever.
We will NOT be limiting Elin Gunner creation to 2 months like was done in Korea.

<3 you seandynamite
feminzii wrote: »
considering we couldn't even get collars and cuffs on our playboy bunny outfits
i don't see it happening
not that i would want it to the sound would probably annoy the [filtered] out of me

BHS can't even fix the bug on alice dress, doubtful they would do any copyright stuff for us
any codes?
Looks to be fixed now.
Well, go figure I update the drivers for the GPU and it fixed it. Thanks for the response counterpoint <3
Yeah, I tried a fresh install as well as a copy/paste from an external drive and both had the exact same thing happen. I would go to a white screen after the splash screen like normal, then when the enmasse/bhs part of the load up screen happens, it flickers then crashes the computer causing it to reboot.

I will try seeing if an antivirus is causing it, because on my pc I have never encounted this, and the laptop is brand new out of the box yesterday.
I'm posting for a friend of mine who is having issues where the game will crash his laptop right as the enmasse screen starts up. Tried repariring tried a clean boot nothing seems to work

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

System specs
i7 7700hq
8 gigs ddr4 ram
nvidia gtx geforce 1050
Windows 10
Thanks for the code, <3
Gotta make money off the panties sales
TR is now down
Same for me, and when I refresh the list the servers disappear.
Same, can't log in stuck at server selection screen.
I was fighting argon pred and it hung with 0 ping for like 3 minutes and finally booted me, RIP hamsters 2017
TR down atm please fix
Wish I had known about this event ahead of time, I logged on to do the 10AM PDT event and saw people selling hundreds of boxes, was rather peeved to see it unannounced.
I normally get 40-50 ping but it goes from 300-1500 ping nonstop since about 45 mins ago.
lol nice code
Nice necro
@Spacecats Drakan is still up on TR LOL

The resetting is a new mechanic for him.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
pikpatsou wrote: »
Code: Argonification

200 reward Credits
1 Strong Bravery Potion
1 Strong Canephora Potion
3 Dragon Scales

thanks :)
Read topic title
Biju wrote: »
On the stream today EME was spawning bosses in the city

Post what you have from today!

This is Troll Darkan Nuking the Spawn (Death Loop)

TOP view

what server is that?

on TR we couldn't get him at all he would constantly reset.
Make sure to summon lots of Manayas in towns to lay waste to lowbies <3 ^_^
What a nice place to spawn


Oh my, that's definitely a troll spawn.
At least they will be fixed, no need for whiny compensation demands.
Finally, been waiting what seems like forever. Make sure to *test* this before going live.
TLX wrote: »
From 5 players,4 are Elins. Why so much pop of Elins???? All people are pedos or what???
. good thing you cant play as animals in tera or people would be saying that people that play as an animal are into beastiality.

You left out popos

More elin honey <3
I always getting lag lately. Normally I get 50-70 ping, but lately spikes over 3k ping, makes most stuff unplayable.
This game is still pretty active.
I agree a 2 hour possible wait is a bit too much
As much as I would like a name reset, I don't think it will happen any time soon
can't connect to TR server
Thanks for the event, made good coin off it <3 ^_^
vkobe wrote: »
Yamazuki wrote: »
Excluding combat, what reason is there to choose Tera over the other bigger games when it comes to pve?

free, erping, cute elin

I stare at my elin like 5-6 hours a day in velika in the cutest attire I can buy

Some servers are dead or at least dying, but game is not quite dead.
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