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holy necro batman
TY eme for not renaming all my low played alts.
You can buy the accessories dirt cheap from vg merchant
I understand there are name sellers but there are some people getting screwed with the wait.
Please add more channels for god's sake.
CuteAngel wrote: »
clfarron4 wrote: »
CuteAngel wrote: »
So this is freaking strange. I lost 5 names from my most played chars, like ..... HOW??!! :s :'( :/

As per this, did you login on those servers in the last 30 days? If no, they automatically get renamed.

If yes, then someone had a longer in game time that your characters did.

Yes, I did logged in. And one of my chars I've been playing on/off since the release of reaper.... RIP

Must have been more play time.
I miss Nexus and original Island of Dawn for sure.
I lost several names from TR but tbh I didn't have a lot of play time on my alts so meh whatever. From the FF server I literally kept every single name. I got lucky I guess.
Kirasaka wrote: »
EME gave the wrong rules in the Server Merge FAQ. If you haven't logged on to a name for 30 days you automatically lose it to someone who has logged in within 30 days.

At least the names go to active players and not people that don't play. A win win situation.
40 and still going strong
Die of tera withdrawl.
Females make more cash.
I give this game 2 years tops before it shuts down in NA for good.
Tbh all the names for the new server are terrible(including the twitter names).
No because a new support class wouldn't earn eme as much money as a new dps class would.
Dvsv wrote: »
^The video above shows exactly what BHS think of their playerbase lol

A game is meant to be fun, it's NOT meant to be a fkn frustating full time job.
That's what BHS failed hard to learn with Tera.
I'm pretty sure "too much grind" IS one of the reason why NA Tera lost half of it's playerbase on just 6 months.
They keep adding new "impossible grindy" gear every 3-6 months, old gear enchanting cost stay the same (but it's not BIS anymore!) and EME keep nerfing ways to farm enchanting mats ingame, just wtf...
Do you guys even remember when they released VM9 gear? Ambush was a lot cheaper to enchant (both desing prices and T11 fod farmind) cuz guess what? It was not BIS anymore!
And even with the mid-tier Misery gear it was VERY doable to clear VSHM!
Now with full FM+0 we can't even get VG reward for AINM lol.

That's why imo the easy gearing of VM6-VM8/Mongo days was NEVER ever been a real problem, cuz gear was ALWAYS disposable on a 6 month cycle on this game...
Gear is easy to get? You can always learn and gear another class, you can sell gear for gold, you can make the game fun!
Gear is impossible grindy to get? Ppl will quit the game or just move to EU lol.
I'm sorry to tell the truth, but spacecats was right all this time...

Amen brother ^_^
Farming IoD makes me want to pull my hair out with boredom. Seriously boring and not helpful to learn well pretty much anything. Improve dungeon drops please.
Ya mEME is driving this game into the ground. Makes me sad.
I already know I am going to lose a few names. Makes me sad that names I have had for 6+ years and active account are getting taken by an inactive account that hasn't logged in over 2 years, just because the played more way back when. There really needs to be a name wipe to go with the merge.
Yowza wrote: »
So can someone detail what happen when there is a name conflict? Does one server get precedence over another? Or do both players have to change names?

Person with more play time will keep the name.
I have gotten used to the long maintenances lately.
Never got any email on any of my accounts.
After 6+ years of using the same name, you do get attached.
Leave it to CP to point out mEME's blunder.
kamizuma wrote: »
nice 20 more characters to delete!

I almost shed a tear for you...then I realized it's only kamizuma.
I am gonna lose some of my OG names :(
I voted for Bastion, cause I didn't like the other 2 options.
I agree it should be more. Currently all my saved spots are saved to areas behind invisible walls no longer accessible by normal means.
Even if you were to stay online a specific name, there is no guarantee that they still wont have more play time regardless
Can we name the new server Tempest Reach? That would be an epic name.
What crap server names.
Lame it only has 1 hairstyle.
more stuff to do ^_^ thanks bhs
Hell no to merging FF with TR, I play on pve servers for a reason.
Elinu1 wrote: »
Looking at all my characters on TR and AV (my 2 most played servers) I will have to delete 2 characters that have bound hello kitty outfits. Not very happy at all

Again, not defending this silliness, but just to make sure you use all your available options... due to the free transfer window, you could have the possibility to transfer some characters to either CH or to MT/FF, whether it's these ones or other ones. If you're in a situation where you have nowhere you can transfer and are exceeding the max 20 character cap on all servers, I would definitely contact support and see if they can work something out with you, since it isn't fair.

Thanks for the idea, I have very few characters on the pvp servers might move them over when free transfers open. Thanks
Looking at all my characters on TR and AV (my 2 most played servers) I will have to delete 2 characters that have bound hello kitty outfits. Not very happy at all
TJKat wrote: »

Twitter is NOT 'a nice way to share the poll'. EVERYONE who plays the game has an account for THIS website. The same can't be said for twitter.

I don't have a twitter account, nor do I ever care to get one just for a poll.
Kaia would be a badass pvp server name
With the AV and TR merge I am going to have 26 characters, some even have hello kitty outfits, I really don't want to lose out on them
Dragonfall for life.
Typical mEME.
Tempest Reach

Loli#8169 (0/3)

Hope it's slayer, it's the only class other than healers that I don't have at 65.
I get that bug too sometimes
TERA is a dead [filtered] game, and gets deader every day, I doubt you will see any event worth a damn again.
This elite perk is worthless if you play alts like I do.
7995 emp for a 1.5x crit dragon, is eme on drugs?
We had a good anniversary this year.
Why are maintenances getting so long? I remember a couple years ago they were like 2 hours at most
About time!
But, but but mah namez!!
I gave up on eme and bhs long time ago. If it weren't for elins and combat style I would have left tera in the dust ages ago
I got mine just fine.
I sure as hell aint going to bother going past +9 sc at all. Screw that [filtered]
I think the name release with the merge of LoT, HW and VoT into FF was handled well and should be the case this time, I hope anyway.
vkobe wrote: »
my choice was streaper or pole dancer :3

vkobe would have loved the name stripper.

Aint no one jacking my names :bleep_bloop:
vkobe wrote: »
but is mean you can take back angel :3

I don't really miss the name as much as I originally did, But no one is getting Yuki or Loli from me
Son of a [filtered], now I have to name change like 4 characters to higher playtime characters. I don't want anyone jacking my names.
Just need Elin valkyrie now to complete my Elin army :)
Anyone else using steam to play?, I tried with normal launcher and it let me log onto server. Steam launcher still will not let me log onto a server.
Same here.
DEDR9HHP9A wrote: »
EME has said they dont intend to change the contents of the shop. If people are gonna keep saying 'but eu gets this' then just go play on eu

Are we not allowed to criticize eme for stupid decisions now? Why would I leave a 6 year account to play in a laggier region.
Why does eu tera get all the good stuff lately and we get crap.
C'mon mEME patch notes already..
Nice necro.
vkobe wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
No one's jacking my names :)

but you already sell angel for 2 millions :3

Which I already regret. :cry:
Inc 1 million gold innerwear.
No one's jacking my names :)
I was thinking of picking up the maltese pet, is the pet tabs still limited to 4?
Nice necro
All I have gotten from the event is 2x amani swimsuits wtf.
Rxkt wrote: »
honestly eme has to stop with this "we're giving out too much! let's nerf everything and make it harder" bogus
especially when it came out of @seandynamite 's mouth during a stream a while back

the new gear system is grindy enough as is, and now all i see is half the forums crying about how the difficulty got ramped up.

goodbye twitch codes from weekly streams
goodbye golden talents
goodbye 75% of the tera EMP store
goodbye strongbox jackpot events
goodbye 23 power in AAHM
goodbye fun event with questionable loot boxes

goodbye faith in eme team

+1 internet
Crap event.
We need another event so that the price on talents drop in price. It is getting way too expensive for newer players to even gear.
I don't think it's intentional.
Triple drop or riot.
WTB emp damn it. Costume is only going to be here today and cant even find a damn seller.
Thanks for listening to us eme. <3
I <3 lolis. xD
Killing 600+ Iod bams a day is the most boring thing to do ever. Without double vanguard rewards it is one of the worst experiences ever
I know this might be a bad idea, but add talent boxes to fashion coupon shop
I also forgot to add to my last post

Rainbow Wings
Buffalo Bill Bear
I agree that hard dungeons should be buffed, since not everyone can clear them. It's the main reason why I don't even run hard content anymore since the mchm days.
kamizuma wrote: »
then just sell keys if you think they're not worth opening

I am telling people straight fact so they don't blindly open boxes and get hardly another of their gold back. Besides don't you have economies to ruin economy parasite.

Just to test things out I opened 258 gem boxes with an alt from another server
As you can see I got

Diamond x2 (20800g)
Dyad structure x2 (0g)
Rejuv potions x73 (15000g)
Divine infusion x107 (4000g)
Sapphire x104 (23540g)
Emerald x23 (29900g)
Feast x27 (6750g)
Goddess's Blessing x13 (3900g)
Village atlas x26 (1300g)
Uncommon noct elixir x105 (0g)

105190g vs 258 keys worth 283800g at current market price, or if you were to buy at emp rate of 1:50 current value on average 625000g

Eme you really made a bad decision, who in their right mind would want keys in the current state. Please troll us harder next time.

Just want to lend my voice to the chorus.
Thank You EME for listening to the community and offering a direct buy option.
Please do the same thing for every other RNG box.

Absolutely, I hate rng and am always willing to pay the little extra for a direct sale.
McOnosRep wrote: »
I just checked the strongbox page:


and from what I can tell even winning the best rewards barely makes up for the cost to a key in EMP. So why on Earth would anyone bother to buy strongbox keys now with EMP? A lot of people are talking about leaving anyway with recent issues and now anyone who bought keys with real money recently is going to be even less likely to want to stay.

I can't understand the reasoning behind this but if for some utterly unknown reason EME was utterly determined to do this do wouldn't a much better way be to announce that they are changing thing BEFORE having an EMP sale on strongbox keys.

Failing that they could have announced a final jackpot event before the made the changes, which would have actually increased EMP key sales. As it is this seems purely like a bait and switch, which incredibly hurts both they buyer and the seller which is frankly quire an achievement....

I am glad I have dumped most of my keys now. I know a whale that had over 10k keys from both emp and tera rewards. Needless to say he might not come back. Way to go eme.
I wish we could mute these whiners. They want a direct buy option. EME listens finally and gives us that option, and they whine some more. You guys are pathetic.
I kinda feel bad for people that stocked up on keys from todays and yesterday's sale on keys before we got the gm response on discord. Lucky for me I bought most of mine off broker for gold.
Keys have already dropped by like 500g per key from this afternoon, expect further crashes as people rush to dump their worth pos keys.

Pages wrote: »
Elinu1 wrote: »
That's from april 19 I want an updated to today list. Half the garbage in the boxes can't be traded

That is the most updated list. The rewards are the same.

I know a few whales that saved keys, gonna be pissed
That's from april 19 I want an updated to today list. Half the garbage in the boxes can't be traded
StarSprite wrote: »
For those of you who dont keep up with the eme discord.

Thanks for making the decision for me to never purchase another key off the shop. Bravo
Wts excess 50k coupons I have from bam farming.
RIP old forums.
I wants to see dyeable arin's maid costume for sure, maybe a direct buy of the summer wrap as well.
Turn it back on. Golden talents are already expensive as is, don't want them going higher.
I hate strongbox events. I don't know know why you would want another.
Finished my bams quests just in time
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