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There's no specific policy about them, but rather when they feel like doing a wipe, they call out the wipe.

There has been a wipe like 2~3 years ago (thanks En Masse, got my Kudryavka.Noumi done) but nothing after. That specific time (and only one I know of), they wiped names that were inactive for one year before the deadline, all at the same day, and then released all names at once that time. The removed names didn't actually lose it entirely but got renamed to "(Original name)_1" if I recall.

There's no known plans for another name wipe so far, at least En Masse hasn't told us about, specially given the more or less stalled population that doesn't seem to be increasing much to make name lack a problem, besides the last time (and server merges) provided some other hindrances with it like a ton of name hoarders who created tons of Lv.1 characters with their hoarded anime/series/meme names and held into them trying to sell those, and the few that did come back later and complained about it.

Now to my thoughts: I have posted it before, but I think it should be an automatic system for characters inactive for more than a year. You get an e-mail notifying you 6 months before, another one 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks..... until last day, then it changes, without telling ANYONE that X name is free. Almost eliminates the chance of hoarding names that just got released, and frees them up for people who want them. Sadly it's not like that but well, it could be a thing.

Truth to be told, it's not anything urgent and such, the vast majority of occupied names that get fought over are memes and characters from anime/series.
Frankly OP, it sounds more like you want a different game, leveling focused, instead of TERA. This game right here is focused on PVE dungeons for grinding your gear basically, and dress up simulator. There has once been PVP too, but I think it was never focused on the leveling itself.

Correct me guys if I'm a bit out of touch (really, TERA is the only RPG I've actually played): leveling centered games take ages to reach cap don't they? Also quests and such way better, more effort taken on the journey than at it's end. TERA being focused at when you do reach the 65.
Tho CS sucking can't be blamed on absolutely anyone else than playerbase itself.
Regardless of balancing, it's true for both sides, rewarding is same, valid for both sides, there's always one team that goes round 1 start: "we're going to lose" "there's X guild there, we have no chance" and proceeds to either AFK in base or do absolutely nothing.

Did I ever mention a round I called one gate (forgot which, I'll name the called gate south just for example), MULTIPLE times, and pinged the gate I called MULTIPLE times.
The team, all of them but me, rushed the other one. No. Fkn'. Kidding. Then, when I was like "WELL, since you're there then just burn that gate! BURN GATE DON'T STOP", the munch of manure split between both gates and started to PVP.

No, I mean seriously. They did exactly this.

CS is a Russian roulette, your chances of wining are 50%, and you can increase that to... maybe 55% (since you're 1 player out of 20). You just roll the roulette to see if you took the bullet in your head or is your enemy that takes the manure sack team instead. Technically it's an amazing BG full of teamwork and strategical command required, the best team wins. Reality is a lot more cruel and it's all about who gets the most useless idiots.

Perhaps I should try to level by picking flowers and mining.

Reminds me about the story of Pacifist, the Baraka Priest who reached 65 (or was he during the Lv 60 days) only by gathering, non-kill quests, and crafting. His entire kills are only a handful of mandatory 1st levels so you can get out of Island of Dawn or some handful of moments he had to self defend against mobs
@Equitas ye seems my joke at the end and confusion about the general picture made it unclear.

My point on that comment is just that yes, there's two types of people: the ones who want to learn, and the ones who hate when people try to teach, and will refuse to learn. The later is quite toxic, and seems to be the type you encountered.

About the 1st part, I was just wonder how it actually turned out into such a cussfight only over a learning group, but your reply cleared it up how it turned out like this.

To be clear, the part about you implying they suck was a joke (like, I tried to clear this up on last paragraph but oh well seems it backfired), but it seems like those players took your learning runs that way, simply a bunch of whinnies.
Not on accusations, as what I feel this is more like just a resume of it, but feels like a lot of what led to the whole cuss party is lacking. Sounds more like a snowball than tickle to explode all nukes. Don't take this into an accusation to you, that's nowhere what I mean, I just usually see these situations as a snowball instead of single blast. THO, I'll not deny that even I have made sudden blasts every now and then so it can happen indeed, but I usually do it on the form of seeing some elitist kick (like kicking a Priest out of a friggin' LFG just cause muh mystics muh DPS) or such, it blows the fuse quite quickly for me.

Back to the main part of topic (even tho that wasn't full oftopic either): I think the community is divided into 2 parts:
1: the ones who suck or not, are wiling to learn, and will read a guide for a dungeon if really needed, regardless of whether they would LIKE to read a guide or not, I'm the type that doesn't exactly like them, I always prefer to just get told the mechanics and try to learn it on practice. Usually works, sometimes not exactly (too complex to describe in chat text alone), so when it doesn't work, well... Guide it is.
2: the ones who suck or not, are not wiling to learn. They know it. They've been born knowing it and you suck for telling he should do this and that, you're not god to rule over! You're not my mom!

You seem to have met type 2. Which is quite stupid considering you were holding practice/learning runs of dungeons, people would only come to those wanting to learn it.

Basically, you either hit a bad apple rotting so badly there's flies over it and it's stinking the whole room, OR you hid something very nasty on the topic and actually told they all suck and should die! Shame on you!!!
Obvious joke on that last one but yeah, some people are very sensitive about their lack of ability it seems and will go thermonucular on you
Do I count as well if I once made a female amani mystic called Toyota.Supra? tho I deleted her later
sorry I tried to join...
"you don't understand my comment at all" there's nothing to understand when you take factual data, say it doesn't relate to reality, create a mental fanfic that the game is for a bunch of sexual deviants into kids because of a race, spew all the things about how they're making this reputation, how players who play them make this reputation, then end with the most incoherent possible thing, saying you don't even hate them. Yet you expressed all possible forms of saying they're the biggest disgrace here and literally creating a sexual deviance relationship to it.

There's nothing to understand about your comment when you just twist factual data and then later proceed to personal attacks, there's no real arguments to base it on, just your theory that people see TERA as a deviant game because of Elins and that your choice would have been the best, something you just made up out of your mind. It's that same passionate screams that have been going forever on each topic on this forum, be it males, DPS meters, other 3rd party tools, balancing, you name it, people will distort whatever facts or even words, and throw at your face the "you're an idiot, shut up", which you try to tell I'm doing, meanwhile since the very start all I'm saying - and anyone who isn't passionately into hating me can see - is that yes, the game is already in a bad shape and every update is going "meh" tier of development, so please, now that they're taking a step into the direction you want, at least some thumbs up for them, constructive criticism is OK, but downright useless bashing? Just proves it wasn't worth investing in 1st place. They are NOT going to make a millionaire project for something that they got no sure return.

See, I'm actually doing a favor to the whole male fanbase by trying to slow down the cussing and bashing, yet, some very specifically passionate people want to come and put it as "I'LL NOT SHUT UP! IT'S MY RIGHT TO VOICE IT!" and distort it since start, end of the day, these stupid back and forth replies with name calling.

About you "never said anything about this and that", don't play dumb. If there's one thing I see you're good at, it's sugarcoating and hiding behind prettier words the exact same meaning. Heck not even all that great at that, when you go and basically rub the meaning (the entire sexual deviancy thing related to Elin) anyway, just to say "no no, I never said this"... yeah right.

Look, I've tried to put it in a way that the male playerbase can have the goodies for them too, but like I said, you guys are always screaming it's not enough, too late, too little, and everyone who tries to calm this down like "hey, at least show them what you don't like but that it IS in a better light than before", everyone who isn't passionately on the same side, is a white knight. Which yes, you didn't see, but again as always hiding the meanings: "[...]and have this misguided mindset that the misstakes they make, is a step in the right direction, when you can't even see the abyss it's leading towards" <- the exact meaning of white knight ain't it?
feminzii wrote: »
the excuse they gave is that it would make pvp confusing

That's quite the halfassed excuse, considering an animal suit character would look like literally nothing, so totally undetectable class wise until entering combat, and all other costumes would do the same to lesser extent (you at least could possibly see race)
*Phase 1 of FC store revamp.

I bet they're doing those on another phase, template/remodeling thing likely ain't coming back tho, as far as I remember them saying. Also has to be re-coded for new stuff, so easier to just let EME do FC store phase 2 revamp.
I understand your point, and would actually love that too, whoever I understand why they keep them locked per type:
Fashion Coupon costumes are basically the only game immersion type of costumes you can get, save for a handful other armor designs in EMP store.
Meanwhile I would love to make a heavy armor looking Slayer (totally not trying to make a loli Saber), I still understand how they would want to keep the only possible source of lore/immersive outfits as they are.
Seems you like typing, so hope you like reading, cause I did bother reading your wall, go on to mine then: I get it, I get it. Quite easy to take a 5 min. analysis and see you're avoiding as much the easily detectable as flaming therm "elin players are all a bunch of ped0s" as expected.
More so, you're just putting your group which is only bigger than the Femani fanbase as some kind of special gods who would have made TERA the WoW killer and all.

Sadly, you have absolutely nothing to back your claims that they killed the game and your so beloved males would have saved it. Contrary to that, the interview I linked proves my point. The infographics from past years prove my point. But you'll still claim to be some kind of neglected savior of the game that would have succeeded if it wasn't for adding Elins, which weren't even a playable race at start, but got added into the betas per request as a filler race. Turns out, infographics prove this was a good idea.

They ARE shooting in the dark in even investing into a copy & paste of another class to males. They did the exact same copy & paste for Elin Gunner, and this is why I say there's a whole lot of difference and weird entitlement from the male playerbase: Elin fans knew since the start it was just a crappy copy, all we cared was making an Elin Gunner. Now, if you compare both male Brawlers and Elin Gunners, you could see how moot the point of "everyone who wanted to make a (class here) already did so and won't do again" argument is. I'm waiting for data to rub on the people who use this excuse.

"Elin lovers are a minority group, if you cater to a minority group, your game will never ever grow.
As i said, you already see this with how few ppl play Tera."
The minority as I said, shows well in the infographics even from many years ago when there wasn't any proper bias towards them from the developers, when they were just that filler race that made success. Again, claiming BS is easier than refuting it. And you've got absolutely 0 data to back your claims that I'm the niche (which I still know I am, but inside the TERA community, which IS a niche hence I'm a niche, I'm not), while you're some kind of savior to rescue the game cause this horrible race is ruining it since start.

Call it a quick money grab all you want, this is how the business works, they are working TO grab the money, the quicker and cheaper for higher income the better. Male brawler was a shot in the dark, listening to only loud mouths that proclaim themselves to save the game, yet... they're here cussing.

yet, this is only the more factual analysis of the post, and then comes the golden part: the personal warfare of anyone who disagrees with you passionately:

"you're overly emotional, short sighted, selfish, conservative, and defend every misstake the devs make, and have this misguided mindset that the misstakes they make, is a step in the right direction, when you can't even see the abyss it's leading towards." Heh, directly personal, at least no frills on that. The funniest part is that your very 1st comments were exactly this same pattern, complaining selfishly how it's not what you expected and short sighted in not seeing this at all as some 1st step towards making the class restrictions less of a thing. And now you know me perfectly, that I "defend every developer's mistake", nice try in hiding the "whiteknight" word there to avoid mods, but I'm not dumb enough to not see it. Funniest thing is I said on one of the 1st posts on this trend of male brawler after release that the devs were among TERA's worst enemies. Oh well, convenient memory/lack of reading!
"You seem like the person who would defend your abusive partner, just because he/she is sometimes nice, but mostly punching you...because they care about you." Thanks for another completely stupid personal jab that makes no sense. Yet you want to be taken seriously.

"also you have this weird idea that men are bad for the game, and a bad influence, and should be disregarded, [...]" Where the HECK this came from??? You're literally inventing words and things I never said nor tried to hide (unlike someone here is trying to).

Your whole life story tho, nice, good for the parts involved. Like. I. Cared. And you literally just showing what I'm trying to say too: the management took a little risk (investing in low income source), now just make that investment worth it. Show they should invest MORE on it. Not what you're doing. Taking your dumb abusive relationship thing you claim about me: why don't you show how good it is when good is made instead of cussing at it when there's a lot more to complain about?

Funniest part is I see this crap going on and on, mods are likely not active on weekend so monday morning this will be closed. Hopefully. Cause it sure ain't getting productive anymore. Passionate screams and personal attacks cause disagrees, nice job. "But you're a child doing the same" yes, I should just quietly take crap on me I assume?
tisnotme wrote: »
lol this thread amusing
its all just copy n past
male brawler with female animations

tell you one thing ive notice then out of this copy n past female animated male brawler , he rides the mount like a male not side saddle like the female brawler ~ must be a bug on the copy n past material
just saying !!!!

Well, Male Human specific stuff still retains, like he keeps the same run, jumps, emotes and such (including ride) but when entering combat or casting a skill, the copy & paste triggers. Frankly after playing a Brawler in female form, the only thing that looks stupid is the death pose, could at least copy that from an archer or anything else that the weapon doesn't interfere with dying animation. Everything else is generic enough.
As I said for other classes too, most animations nowadays are generic enough, it's not like Elin Priest's cutesy spins or such that would look stupid on other race, even Ninja and Reaper are quite generic in that sense, with some occasional exceptions
ElinLove wrote: »
I'm not gonna quote passionate screams here, it's just useless to do so after all, and just leave this here: Stop posing as if I'm just not caring about you male players. I was glad the male brawler came, regardless of wanting one or not. I don't really care if you guys get all new classes unlocked for males while the females ain't getting all unlocks (like all female races Gunner, Ninjas, Valkyries and Reapers), I ain't caring about that.
What I really think is pretty disgusting, is how after all those years, you all make nothing else than excuses that it's not what you wanted, you trash it as much as possible. It just shows it wasn't worth it after all. I'm not even saying you should get used to bad content (hey, you're a TERA player, you should by now), it's just as much you should expect from a niche filler, a shot in the dark. You can claim you didn't want any exclusivity or stuff like that but the final form shows otherwise, the entire bashing shows exactly that. You wanted the perfection that you're not paying for.

People come and go from TERA, people come back, leave for a while, even I do this and I used to be mad passionate about this game. Now if you're telling me that the male fans ain't bothering coming back, it's too late, it's too bad to bother, then it all just shows: why even care about those loud mouths after all?

All I see is passionate screaming of caps lock assault rifles shooting "I want this game to be better!!" while trashing the steps it takes into it's direction. You didn't want it to get better, you wanted it all exactly your way. You'll not get it, you don't move enough money to scream and get served on a golden plate 1 second after your screams. You got something, you cussed it directly. You just proved it wasn't worth.

Yes, I know it's all a big snowball, it started with female preference, they moved more money (possibly disproportionally more than gender distribution would make it look), and in turn they invest more on the bigger money maker, leading to it's expansion. But the snowball had a reason to keep getting bigger, based on the players in most part. Now, they've gone on the opposite direction of their sure money grabber, and done a small step to try pleasing the playerbase that wants males. And what they get? Well, you can see it here. "It's too terrible", "It's too late, they've all left", "it's too little to come back". Conclusion? Screw that, back to Elin.

You're exactly reason why they don't bother.

make all classes elins from now on since its too late lol.

And then, the male players go nuts again. "Oh jee stop this! Let's unlock the classes for males, OK, OK, here it is guys"
~they go and complain it's trash and ain't coming back and it's too late~
Ardire wrote: »
Moripansu wrote: »
I would kill for a nice long hairstyle for females. Something like the long hair human females got with brawler release

you mean like the castanic hair with the blunt bangs that we've had since release?
or the female elf hair with the side bangs that's the most popular by far?
or the elin hair with the blunt bangs and curls/long hair with the fox ears?

Similar, but still far enough. One is a very long straight with bangs, those all others are WAY shorter even if long, and curly on top of that. I'm not familiar with the elf one tho, but I don't remember any elf hair looking like that human one we got with Brawler, so I would say the point stays 100% valid on that.

Would love to death an Elin hairstyle like this one and fox ears, would be a total 10/10
I'm not gonna quote passionate screams here, it's just useless to do so after all, and just leave this here: Stop posing as if I'm just not caring about you male players. I was glad the male brawler came, regardless of wanting one or not. I don't really care if you guys get all new classes unlocked for males while the females ain't getting all unlocks (like all female races Gunner, Ninjas, Valkyries and Reapers), I ain't caring about that.
What I really think is pretty disgusting, is how after all those years, you all make nothing else than excuses that it's not what you wanted, you trash it as much as possible. It just shows it wasn't worth it after all. I'm not even saying you should get used to bad content (hey, you're a TERA player, you should by now), it's just as much you should expect from a niche filler, a shot in the dark. You can claim you didn't want any exclusivity or stuff like that but the final form shows otherwise, the entire bashing shows exactly that. You wanted the perfection that you're not paying for.

People come and go from TERA, people come back, leave for a while, even I do this and I used to be mad passionate about this game. Now if you're telling me that the male fans ain't bothering coming back, it's too late, it's too bad to bother, then it all just shows: why even care about those loud mouths after all?

All I see is passionate screaming of caps lock assault rifles shooting "I want this game to be better!!" while trashing the steps it takes into it's direction. You didn't want it to get better, you wanted it all exactly your way. You'll not get it, you don't move enough money to scream and get served on a golden plate 1 second after your screams. You got something, you cussed it directly. You just proved it wasn't worth.

Yes, I know it's all a big snowball, it started with female preference, they moved more money (possibly disproportionally more than gender distribution would make it look), and in turn they invest more on the bigger money maker, leading to it's expansion. But the snowball had a reason to keep getting bigger, based on the players in most part. Now, they've gone on the opposite direction of their sure money grabber, and done a small step to try pleasing the playerbase that wants males. And what they get? Well, you can see it here. "It's too terrible", "It's too late, they've all left", "it's too little to come back". Conclusion? Screw that, back to Elin.

You're exactly reason why they don't bother.
this brings the question: when will we get new weapon skins in general? Ain't it that there just aren't coming new skins? Still valid obviously, it just can be extended.
@ElinUsagi I love when you rub this pic on people's faces, and the excuses still just level up to 65 faster than our characters farming Kumas

Also rubbing more salt on the would: Elin is pretty close percentage wise to the other races combined male + female.

May as well bring up the topic on how schoolgirl swimsuits for Elins saved TERA from closing down and made the F2P possible to begin with, on the old forums: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/BHS-Elin-saved-Tera

Yes, this is just rubbing on wounds, but my point with this bully is to: STOP making excuses for your whining, stop trying to make it sound like bigger masses are spreading the word. Just do your own part, show your worth yourself instead of trying to assign blame or anything.

Yes, it's halfassed but so is every other content here, including Elin Gunner which Elin players rejoiced even tho the class is meh anyway.
RNNT4FP55J wrote: »
Here's how it is.
The devs only care about female chars, which is why all new classes are gender locked.
to make them available to male chars, they'd need to make new gunner armors for each race/gender, which would take a lot of time, as well as new animation for each race/gender...and they'd rather not.
With brawler they did the bare minimum of just stuffing human male model on female skeleton, because they don't want to do anything more with male chars.
To me the devs are pervs who probably sit and do hentai with the female chars, and don't really care about the game all that much anymore.
If they were serious about the game, they'd have taken the time and effort to make all new classes for every race/gender, but they don't.
The whole thing with human male brawler, is the laziest effort i've ever seen in any game, it should show everyone where the devs stand.
I mean, it took them YEARS to even make the laziest effort ever, to make male brawler.
It doesn't matter if less people play male chars - less people play elin, so by that logic, they shouldn't release elin exclusive classes at all.
To repeat what i said above, the devs do what they want to do, they don't give a [filtered] about the players, least of all non-Korean players.

Aww please, pulling the "you're all perverts" card again, can't even think of a better argument?

It's OBVIOUSLY haflassed. It's not a new class and more like a try out of a base concept (male characters - worth halfassing it or not even that?). Elin Gunner was the EXACT same thing. Don't try to argue back, they're a Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V of Castanic gunner with a new in-combat idle stance - guess what - exactly like Male Brawler.
Proportionally, it took them LONGER to halfass an Elin Gunner, than to make Male Brawler, considering the release interval between original class and the copy & paste on new race/gender. Neither were even meant to be a big thing, but rather just a filler. Fun fact: Elin Gunner, even halfassed as-is, is what Elin fans wanted anyway. But well, you can't please male fans it seems, not even taking a small step 1st to maybe one day take a bigger one, nooo.... Give 'em a male class? "It's not what I wanted!". Well, whatever I guess.
That "less people play elin" logic has no real logic behind it to begin with, you just need to look at the 5th anniversary infographic. If you're trying to compare the full percentage of all males of all races to Elin alone, then well, that's quite a crappy comparison and it's funny to see how well Elin stands against that much competition as well.

You're saying over and over on the post that they don't care about the game cause not making males. But.... well... sadly it's not that you just let devs do as they please, they do as the money says. Girls sell, sorry to break it down to this. It's NOT a wise investment to dump tons of money (even the copy and paste job requires someone to be paid to do, and debug it to an extent, then make it not have interaction problems lore-wise and such) into something with uncertain return. And basically, you are one of the many reasons why they are indeed not caring about it. Do the porting, promote it, release, and the ones who screamed "MALES NOW!" the most suddenly spit at it. Reminder I don't see any Elin Gunner players complaining about the carbon copying there.

Oh well, seems like TERA's 2nd worst enemy after the management team is not the programming team anymore, I rank the playerbase the 2nd worst enemy beating by far the lack of optimization.
I'm curious about tail (which I bet it does change as well), but from the images shown on the promotional video, the hairstyles have each their ears, same as all hairstyles for Elin. Want braids? Go bunny. Want these braids rolled up? Go squirrel. Want ponytail? Go kitty.

Always been like this with hair, and the models showing the new hair do vary the ears. I think it's the same with Castanics isn't it? Horns change on new hairstyle.

And then, I go back to my good old hammering the same key, beating the bones of the long dead horse, and say: We should have the ability to change ears and tail separated from hair, same with horns. It's 3D model-wise and in therms of textures all different entities anyway, poporis can choose head, body and tail that neither of the 3 match, no idea why we locked this way.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Apparently those that change or remove hairstyles, do work on popos, otherwise you would not be able to do this in Jtera:
Im still figuring out how to turn the thing 180 degrees down.

*There one of the rotation thingies that rotates across this axis. Whoever I think it only goes like 90º wasn't it... Combining all rotations together could do it (as you'll end up doing some diagonals and crap I don't wanna define mathematically, screw that I'm not in classes right now)
Let's also not just take a dump on all hopes and assume directly that the RNG version is auto-apply. I'm happy with an RNG in-game obtainable that you use the voucher, generates random hairstyle to your race, cannot trade the generated hairstyle, but you can decide to discard it. I'm OK with this, as we've just been told that there will be a 100% sure chance one on market.

Yes, obviously it can always have it's caveats but I'm not hoping the worst. An in-game obtainable RNG + sure chance cash shop one sounds way more fair than what costumes have been for a while (RNG only dyeable one + sure chance normal only, no in-game version unless with luck some event)
Xuekao wrote: »
I don't know why people are acting surprised. They did it with Gunner. You should of expected it to happen to male Brawler. Not much you can change with the animations tbh.

To be honest I'm sorta disappointed they didn't halfass Elin Gunner enough (hue), the idle combat stance of Castanic Gunner is 10/10 and I wanted that pose
Dvsv wrote: »
Just keep in mind that most of these ppl probably already left the game a long ago. :)

So it wasn't all that worth, is what I would take from this. Wasn't enough for them to come back? Well... why bother? Keep that in mind. If it's that unimportant that players won't bother coming back to a free to play game... It's not like you're mandated to buy Elite and grind your soul out just to play again.

Like Usagi said: Show yourselves up male fans, show you're something, show it's worth investing in you. Ain't bothering with useless screaming, didn't work for Elin armors to get changed back to K-TERA versions, ain't gonna work now. Show how much it's worth, everyone can make excuses beforehand to keep it safe and say "hurr durr too late". Well, if too late then too late, no need to bother anymore. Show that's not the case.
Satchin wrote: »
So if we go ahead and say sabotage this by, lets say going out of our way and suggesting people have an off kilter sexual orientation for playing male characters towards anyone who makes one, we can secure that there will be no more new classes other than elins?

That's what Elin haters try all the time after all, didn't work yet but those haters kinda deserve some shots back. Obviously ain't gonna do this, no need to screw up the good folks that got what they wanted after so long just out of silly revenge to a small vocal troll base.
Regardless of liking males (sorry, I'm not gonna make a male brawler just to add numbers, that's not my war, I'm not fighting it. Not gonna half-heartedly make it, or tops I'll do one for Kumas farming), I'll always support the idea of more variety and catering to all niches possible, after all I do know I'm a niche in western gaming (tho not one inside the TERA community).

I really ain't got anything against people who like to RP or self insert into the character, nor the ones who want to make a character only based on what they wanna see on the screen (that's me by the way, I like cute girls, I do cute girls). Toxic people will always want to screw into either of those types, or even the ones who just do troll characters. I'm in other hand all fine with people making whatever they want on characters, be it troll, self insert or eye-candy.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
I hope they're trying to make it less expensive and rng for a pleasant surprise

dat wink

Oh my gawd that wink... WHAT MEANS A WINK?

False hopes "Maybe they are all going to be outside RNG".

AT THE VERY LEAST, Dressing Room has a section specially for hair. Which is to assume it's preview-able at least before voucher acquisition. How the vouchers work, I'm still wondering. Well, the hat changer at 3K ain't the best of the deals too but eh, it's there.
Also, as far as I managed, you cannot try something on Dressing Room, and then resize it to see how it looks resized before making the purchase of the item/having it already. Basically, you cannot try a resized version of something you don't have. I suggest this to be changed, as people may want to buy something that looks good resized/repositioned but ain't taking the chance to see if it will or will not look good resized after a purchase.
Simple and effective anti-bot measure, nothing that would do harm to other people.
You can't fail the Simon-says game THAT hard without standing still on the same spot after all. I can only see a small portion that would genuinely get sad at this, and they're the type that I would never try to please in the 1st place so be it.
CornishRex wrote: »
I hope they're trying to make it less expensive and rng for a pleasant surprise

dat wink

Oh my gawd that wink... WHAT MEANS A WINK?
I hope I ain't getting overhyped for that UI optimization thing for no reason!
RipleyW wrote: »
Oh thank you for your response, and Indeed I made Priest Level 61 before asking this question on here in Ascension Valley and I did notice more people on Tempest Reach, Now I probably will regret even going to AV Y.Y

I would say "Yay another friend!!" but then it occurred to me that I also have a Priest and in the server we are, I just got concurrence to my LFG applications...

Just kidding but yeah, AV is in quite bad shape. Still, depending on time zone, you may have varying results on each server, AV is a total random scatter place.
Yes, as mentioned above, but adding to the numbers: the full install folder size is about 43GB here as well indeed, and if you re-install I would bet it still re-downloads files it won't use, because as mentioned above, the game may use some of those whenever a dungeon comes back and such.
Also yes, not worth the trouble of trimming the TERA folder, tho I get it that this may not be what you're after, maybe only if it was easier but it's not all that easy.

Just as some metrics: I don't use steam for TERA (never used), and the size is identical.
ElinLove wrote: »
It was if I recall either a cloud computing service test, or a different location test. I bet more on the cloud computing thing, cause pretty much everyone said they had higher ping but always stable, regardless of crazy stuff going on.
And then, they ended up closing the server with a Spacecats stream where they "stress tested" it (aka troll overloaded it on purpose) and crashed it madly, ending with a bang

Yeah, it was testing a cloud service provider. iIRC, people traced the IP address at the time and found it was hosted in Azure (Microsoft's cloud platform).

Since it did ran smoother than normal servers, I wonder if it's got more to do with people count there, or if it's raw power. Being the later, would be interesting to know which CPU architecture would work the best for the TERA's server code. After all it's a lost battle to try to hope for server code optimization, so maybe switching to another architecture (like from x86-63 server CPUs to multiple Tesla graphics parallel processors or such) that can run it better would be a nice decision.

Yes, I know this takes investment but eh...
tisnotme wrote: »

Girls need something to drool at too please. Where are our big burly brawler men in bikinis? C'mon people.

Add some gantlets to it and you win the loading screen contest
Let me see if I get: this was some copy post cause you were formerly banned/post auto-deleted, and now that it's become irrelevant since the original post got back, we're just spamming that price meme?
Ardire wrote: »
can't believe i didn't keep reading and now i'm dead

HA! I did read it! Now see ya in heII!!!
Zoknahal wrote: »
But the mech suits that go along this skibs, will poof on the 13th. Which is the release of the male brawler.

From the store. If I'm not wrong, they won't get deleted/made useless by the 13th isn't it?
Eme did have a test server last year if i recall correctly it was called Wonderholme server and it was insanely fun and hilarious would love to see it return and they had said it was possible to return...Gosh I miss it...
That wasn't to test anything though.....
All the features on that server could have been done on a normal server. There was nothing new about that server other than "fun"

It was to test a different data center and see whether it was better or worse for people's ping times. So yeah, they only turned on events for fun. But they have also created test servers in the past for PvP tournaments as well, in addition to having closed "pre-release" testing servers for new major patches, so it's not impossible they could do various things if they had the time or need to do it.

I think they used to create Canyon Clash servers too, where they imported/remade your character somehow for you to participate on the event wasn't it? Or at least something like this.
Eme did have a test server last year if i recall correctly it was called Wonderholme server and it was insanely fun and hilarious would love to see it return and they had said it was possible to return...Gosh I miss it...
That wasn't to test anything though.....
All the features on that server could have been done on a normal server. There was nothing new about that server other than "fun"

It was if I recall either a cloud computing service test, or a different location test. I bet more on the cloud computing thing, cause pretty much everyone said they had higher ping but always stable, regardless of crazy stuff going on.
And then, they ended up closing the server with a Spacecats stream where they "stress tested" it (aka troll overloaded it on purpose) and crashed it madly, ending with a bang
CuteAngel wrote: »
Inb4 10 pages of EU butt kissing.

Rather... how much is EME paying you to lick their but*ocks, cos otherwise i cannot explain so much ardour...

kek, the player that is UP TO THIS DAY poking EME and cussing them as hard as he/she can about the vanguard halving thingy.

Yes, totally a paid white knight.

But it's as always: disagree with me = you're wrong, stupid and a paid white knight who's opinion should be discarded.
Of all the things to complain about. *insert Viola leaving gif*

nah, hating too pervy Elin loading screens is a classic, it was about to return at any given point. In fact you don't even have to "necro" to bring back the exact same topic like 3x.
Well I get it that people don't like some of them (heck I dislike quite some of them on an artistic level, some honorable mentions beat the crap out of some winners), but as said, it's Elin Gunner contest loading screens, soon we'll have half nude hunky machos on our screens and I'll not come here to complain about it even tho I'll hate it to the high heavens.
Besides I never kinda got the whole deal about them being oooohh so horribly perverted, heck it's usually even less than in-game stuff, the majority of it is cutesy types. People are just way too sensitive about Elins sometimes, meanwhile I've never actually seen any child that looks like an elin but eh... They're very fantasy-like if you ask me.

~incoming "hurrr durr Elin Love posting disregard this"~
*What CornishRex said above. If you have already cleared the dungeon, you can leave it/drop normally without getting any penalty for it (it's actually how you do get out of parties after clear).

Whoever if you do mean you entered it only for a specific quest inside it, and didn't clear the dungeon, as in getting the last boss killed, then you'll get penalized, but what about the rest of the party?

Also... judging from the time of the post, even trying to drop normally would have solved it and cleared the dropout penalty already so in the end this just worked as some kind of discussion/tutorial instead

EDIT: by the way wasn't the new kicking rules supposed to make it a lot easier to kick offliners? Wonder what's going on here
Lapomko wrote: »
Never say never. If EME would want to follow the right direction maybe once in their lifetime they would do it. Could be a good stress test and to weed out all the bugs.

THIS, actually makes sense: testing out if our own NA servers can hold up their task.
Like, we're getting the patch pushed down our throats like it or not, buggy or not. BUT, we can make sure we clear up the worst server related issues before it goes live, nice idea.
Excluding PVP server (so MT) that would be TR aka Tempest Reach, as far as I've seen people say here on chat.
Eager for the hat placement thing too, got quite some cuties I wanted to put ribbons on but it looks weirdly placed or sized.
Seriously hyped for that we all know Dress Up Simulator is the real TERA end game
Lapomko wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
And please also don't forget the people that play the broker. Some people invested alot into talents and if enmasse intervenes these people would feel stabbed in the back losing milions of gold.

Since when En Masse should defend and aid players that are trying to make a profit by trying to have a monopoly on the market in game knowing that the items with high demand can be bought at XX and sold back with 50% or more? I am actually quite upset seeing this player on MT buying so much when there is a high demand on certain items and selling back with 50% added in stacks of 500 or 1000 ruining the market in so many ways ( i am a crafter and i get screwed hard with this stuff ).

Anyway, i hope that we will get some events or stuff for talents because the high demand along with the broker sharks made the talents to be harder and harder to get ( we did not even get the male brawler yet ).

That's called a Free Market and it's an essential part of the game. Enmasse intervention is not and only had negative effect on the economy in the past. Deflation/Inflation happens all the time in every MMORPG and don't forget top tier players are stocking them up too for awakening patch which will come out soon.
In the first place no one was doing low tier iod farming and instead spammed the crap out of guardians non stop as it was much better way to get gold and then buy talents from the broker. Now the supplies dwindled as people stopped doing them. Adding an event to pump more golden talents would just make it obsolete again.

Let's be fair here: ANY broker player/hoarder should know it since the very beginning that TERA's economy comes closer to a mix of socialist system and some free market that can be crushed at any moment, than 100% free market. The devs and publisher hold onto your gold and commodity earning methods, and reward you as they set. Brokerage and direct trade is where we go free market mode, but anyone should always be ready for some massive loss from a total change of mind from En Masse and BHS, since THEY control the flow of materials and their need.

If you really want to not get screwed completely while playing the broker, you do need to keep in mind that, they control it a lot, regardless of them messing up or not it's still under their control and will always be. If hoarders/broker players don't want to get screwed, they also have to control their own level of hoarding and profiting so that it doesn't become a monopoly that screws over the player base that doesn't participate in it. Otherwise, nanny state will go and please the masses, and you know it. If people complain they can't get enough tokens enough? Bang! New token spamming event. Be it because they didn't know how to set the rewarding for tasks in the 1st place or because of hoarders, this all has to be taken into account, and be ready for any massive incoming screw up, which they WILL do eventually, in a way or another.

If I ever bothered with playing broker, one thing I would take into account and you guys likely do as well, is the voicing of concern about materials availability. Too much and you know you'll get screwed later for hoarding any. Time for some flash sales, Black Friday came earlier this year.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Also, i hope that the random hair styles will be with the fasion coupons while the specific ones with EMP.

Well, no. Pls no. Why? Can't see the point in that.

I can easily see what he means tho: We've seen how it was dealt with in K-TERA: Full paid RNG crap. In Europe: you get the full RNG crap that AUTO APPLIES with fashion coupons, and one that doesn't auto-apply with cash. I can see the proposed method as a way to get the best possible outcome: say you get the coupon for random + auto-apply at low FC count (proportionally low). Then more expensive random one without auto-apply. Then an EMP version that you can, dunno, random but trade it or just select manually the new hairstyle with the most expensive variant.

Like, obviously we could always hope for the best outcome possible like you just chose the one you want with FCs and apply but that's quite unrealistic to hope. I bet more on the above.
Vinyltails wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
Also the assumption of them being coded outside of the system is also a wild assumption, as we literally know nothing of the actual code running now, let alone future updates that didn't even hit yet.

But we do.........Lorri (The guy who translates Ktera) said the DAY it came out in Ktera (you know, the BASE GAME THAT GETS PATCHES FIRST CAUSE ITS THE SOUCE AND THEY'RE THE DEVS), that it was purely coded out of character creation. This was pretty much done so it makes people buy the tickets (Spend MONEY) to get new hair styles

"coded out"
I don't think we have the same meaning in head now Viny: this can either mean that the code for it locks it out of character creation, even tho it shares the exact same code as any normal hair in the system (which is the most cost-effective programming route), OR: it was coded as a separate code block, outside of the main hair code. See? It can mean 2 vastly different things, which I bet highly on the former. This, in turn, would allow a very, VERY easy way to adopt it into a character creation hairstyle, but this requires BHS to not suck.

I may be the type that reads too much into things, as actually I do know I AM this type, but, it does feel like you're trying as hard as possible to make it look like I'm too stupid for not knowing through all those years of game and a couple on forum, where this game is from and who's Loriri/idi0tic-genius and where the translations come from.
Being that the case, I would kindly request to pipe it down instead, I didn't say anything utterly idiotic to try to pose it as this, ignore if not in any case, or better, would be a nice idea to review how you word your stuff to not show up as being needlessly a [filtered].

mystic was one of the 8 original classes, it was never a new class

I've been here since paid beta sweetie, trust me I know what I am actually talking about I only wish I still had the screenshots to back it with.

I remember seeing it in prototype art I remember because it was the prototype art that made me get into Tera in the first damn place however they later canceled out the idea of another DPS and went with another healing class. Darling, I've been following Tera news before Tera was even a thing so go troll someone else.

that's a heck lot of love on your comment eh

Back at beta talk: if I recall, even Elins used to not being a thing right? Weren't they like added later following the popularity of the teleporter NPCs and other Elin NPCs?
Also calling them Elin and not Popori to avoid bestiality analogies when thinking of reproduction huehue
Vinyltails wrote: »
Also about this, we already know. There will be *at least* two types of tokens, one that FORCES you to take a completely random hairstyle and consumes the ticket while the other gives you a RANDOM hairstyle but allows you to pick if you want it or not, before consuming the item. While the promo does show 4 tickets, there is a slight possibility that one allows you to freely pick but i cba to look through that other forum thread on it to see EME's few replies.

Also, the last bit of adding them to character creation is impossible, they're physically coded outside the system so that's up to BHS, which of course won't happen

That's too wide assumptions now, saying we KNOW how it works, while K-TERA's and EU-TERA's implementations are both different, and I've been keeping track of this - NO staff member here said anything about that other than "yes we're getting it but I don't have any details to tell" literally every reply they gave. Besides as you mentioned as well, they show 4 different tickets on the promo thingy, and just say it's not available on character creation. No more than this. How the other 2 work we can only assume/hope, we don't KNOW, specially pricing and chances in the RNG case.
Also the assumption of them being coded outside of the system is also a wild assumption, as we literally know nothing of the actual code running now, let alone future updates that didn't even hit yet. But still, take note I did say it's just hoping for an utopia or miracle, I realistically know it's barely possible for BHS reasons, not code wise just their classic middle finger strategy. Besides it's stated on the promo page they're not available on character creation, my realistic hope is them being added to Dressing Room.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Just look at what EU gets, remove regional exclusive stuff and voila, you have everything we get in the next patch laid out infront of you

THAT's the deal. What do we know to remove? Like, the gender change thingy on male Brawler and Elin Gunner were EU things (male Brawler not) and we got both different.
Tho obviously we would be getting the hat placement thingy, I was also wondering if it was on this same update or if they would go trollio and put on another one cause reasons. Sounds like something EME would want to promote at least in a small corner of that page, weird that they're not doing it.

About the new hairstyles: I'm eager to see HOW it's implemented. Much high hopes, being ever so slightly crushed by realistic thoughts. The worst part is that I do like some of them, but lack of being able to see in the character creation room makes it really annoying, I can't fine tune a character FOR that hairstyle, IF I get the one I want.

Please En Masse, make some epic miracle unheard of, and change your mind to add them to character creation screen... I might even bother with playing more!
ELpXbCC.png 10 characters too short

It wasn't originally going to be called a Valkyrie it was voted on by the players when it was gender locked. Like i said originally it was going to be something else entirely and there was prototype art for it before Mystic was released. So again, I will stick with my idea of them making a male Valkyrie thanks bye.

uhh at least it's cooler now. Also not a friggin' pony name too like that Moondancer crap.

Tho you said it was back when TERA was new. You sure it couldn't be some zerk axe instead? I mean a skinned one to something like a sickle or so.
I still don't get why we don't have a simple force upswept hairdo on/off slider for general case, making people see it the way you set.
Yet another tiny little code piece that they don't do... cause they don't do.
There's hope that the hair/head slot configuration update brings this tho, that's just me being hopeful but well, gotta be hopeful.
Equitas wrote: »
I've noticed proponents of the old system follow a trend where they conjur up this fantasy, that epic fights were constantly taking place all over the open world, to support their argument. It's just that: a fantasy. The reality is that the vast majority of the so-called PvP was just harassing players with a level and gear disadvantage. Overworld PvP is still possible, but look at how many people don't want to participate when their opponents have comparable gear. The reason PvP died, ironically enough, is because players don't want a fight. They want an easy win. Players got tired of falling victim to fragile internet egos, so they begged En Masse to change it. Now they finally have a chance to level and join the fight on at least somewhat equal ground.

You do realize that EVEN IF u get to lvl 65 u STILL wouldn't have the same gear as another person who was lvl 65 for a longer time as u. You still have to grind for the good gear so I don't see the point.....just change it so that the lvl requirements are lvl 30 or 25. Let the ppl who want to PvP from early PvP. If you want to grind for the 65 gear then PvP do that just don't force it on other ppl who want to have fun and PvP early.

The issue lies deeper than being able to do it by system: you can argue that there's no people on open world cause they took away the fun.
But... how many people actually DID like the lengthy quest and monster grinding on open world for leveling? How many do you expect to take the long route just so they can PVP on open world longer? Not just that, remember that you have to find people around your level or so to have a fair fight, otherwise it's a pathetic gank, AND you need to find people on the zone itself you are. You've got a whole bunch of factors.

Sorry to say but if OWPVP was brought back to it's "former glory", it would last for ~14 levels. 11-25 tops. Best case add another 5 to the 60-65 and now you're back to new system anyway. The vast majority will just queue dungeons and Kumas meanwhile leveling, I can't imagine OWPVP being enough to make people want to take a long route on leveling.

You'll have to completely revamp leveling, AND make people interested in making new characters to level, all for the old PVP system to make sense again.
must...resist...posting.....GIT GUD...

go to the tavern in velika, also the broker and banker over in that area. there is a guild that hangs out there, or at least one member of it that role plays. just start role playing in the tavern . you will have to speak first, due to players not really knowing if you are a role player or watcher. it also depends on the time that you go.

there is a tavern in Velika?? Never knew (or forgot)...
Catservant wrote: »
Ooooo, +1 for chupathingy mount.

1:1 scale by the way.
Regardless of race!!
4MPFMC7E65 wrote: »
My back essenia actually

As expected, that's why you see so few people: you're on leveling zones.
The majority of the playerbase is either already 65 (you'll see it doesn't take that long nowadays unless you're the type that likes leveling by questing), OR they're very spread out through the whole world and in different time zones on top of that, someone who may be close to your level may have left your zone 30 min ago and went to another one and so on. The open world is too big for easily finding people leveling around, other than the default start up to Lv 20.

You'll see a LOT more people when you go to Velika (specifically Freedom Plaza) and Highwatch, those are the typical hangout points, even I when leveling alts used to hang around Velika most of the time. Sometimes near them BAMs (in case forgotten: Big A$$ Monsters, and yes, chat filter blocks that word) you can find more leveling players.

A mix of the old system and new system, rewarding tokens or credits upon win, but during events provide increased/different tokens as well.

To be fair, sounds great. One thing that people have been asking for was to revert back to the old credits system where you at least could chose what you get with your credits. I wouldn't revert it entirely back to that, since for example CS ladder guards, are filling one of the most important roles but may get VERY low contribution points for their job, meanwhile they deserve a heck lot as well. Sure, this also introduces rewarding better who didn't deserve but better to get when you DO deserve even if who doesn't deserve also gets, than to not get when you deserve.
As you said, you're a Lv 39, so if you're on your level appropriate zone (for quests or monsters) then it will be barren normally indeed, unless events going on there, which isn't the case as of now.
You will also notice that almost regardless of time, Freedom Plaza in Velika, and Highwatch are always populated.

The time zone you're playing also makes a huge difference, Ascencion Valley is a totally random server, "full" of people from many different time zones all around the globe, but somewhat/very empty at any given moment, kinda constant population over time with some small peaks. Still, you can find some parties anyway at some times.

TR (aka Tempest Reach, your server) in other hand tends to follow a lot the NA's prime times if I recall people saying here, and if I'm not wrong that's around 7 PM PST isn't it? Around that time and weekends the servers should be the most populated.
And what purpose would this serve?

The open world in tera doesn't matter anymore. Having open world pvp is pointless if you never have people wandering/questing/whatever in the open world.

Unless the only thing you want to do is oneshot low levels. Which in that case....tough. Even if there was a resounding desire to do it, the chances of it actually happening are nil.

I will have to agree that even tho I did like partially the old system of being able to PVP while leveling, this becomes entirely moot when all you do is spam Kumas and dungeon queues, while doing some random BAM meanwhile queue doesn't pop in some remote area that nobody is doing anything anyway.

The leveling progression made leveling PVP useless, and yes, grievers just wanting to one shot leveling players cause "hohoho look how powerful I am, I decide who can level and who cannot" deserve to get screwed anyway, they contribute to absolutely nothing ever.

I get it that you (hopefully I'm right and you're not a useless griever) wanted to do some old school leveling and battle for a BAM or farming spot against randoms out there, or just hunt down players while leveling every now and then for some brawl cause why not. BUT, sadly, we ain't even crossing Lumbertown bridge anymore. There isn't more than like 10 levels of PVP you could do + the Lv 60-65 if that even. The open world is barren, it's too big for the player count on it, too underused for even leveling (since it all became a BG/dungeon zerg), people would be able to do all this leveling PVP for... one day. That one day they spent on Lv 10-20~25, or actually, the few hours they did.

Countering grievers is actually very easy, since there was that thingy that was more or less a penalty for killing people 5 levels lower for too long, it should be easy to code it to lock level gap entirely as well, not being able to even hit lower levels, or if the programmers had the will to do it (they don't) you could even adjusts stats to keep equalizing, while still leaving the higher level/geared player have the upper hand for an increasing challenge on PVP while giving the chance to the lower one, no one shot crap anymore.
This last paragraph tho, is sadly just the "what if", since the biggest thing is that they just won't bother with changing stuff from K-TERA, nor is there any big enough benefit anymore with current leveling.
Equitas wrote: »
What is the first option? If you want us to help you, you're going to have to give us something to work with.

Likely Ascencion Valley, if I recall the servers are presented in alphabetical order at 1st.
That's kinda how I entered the server, my friends just picked 1st and be it hue
kubitoid wrote: »
and these ppl praised eme 2 days earlier for dyeable outfit direct purchase...

Heh they deserved it... at that exact moment.

But well, ya know, you can't praise it or it will crap on the floor again eh... Basically ye EME is worse than dogs. At least dogs learn to crap on the right place when praised, and will learn to NOT do what they're scolded for, ever heard of "you don't bite the hand that feeds you"? Well dogs learn it at least....

offtopic: I want so much some Elin floppy dog ears hairstyle, we have some 3 cat ears, a lot of bunnies, a few foxes but very few/no doggies...
I mean I can use the puppy ears on my Castanic, but not on my Elins, 3 ear pairs ain't that nice
I'll give a very short blunt answer:

We can NEVER have it all.

If we could trade/swap around the gear = higher grind to get it
I would also totally agree to make the re-binding limited to like, once every 2 months at most (so you can't do more than 6 requests per year), or limit the total costume re-bind per accounts, heck charge extra for re-binding like proposed.

But this, just "we'll remove this 'for better service'" meanwhile it always feels like bug reports get ignored anyway (please mods don't jump at me with "I'm passing it along dammit!" I know it, I know all the bigger reasons to it), not gonna swallow it.

But specially feels like a cheap ploy to induce people into buying those vouchers when Male Brawler hits, but still unusable for them since it will likely take at least 2 months to allow it (could be wrong but regardless quite trashy), and once you find that out (any forum user knows it, but how many non-forum users do?), you're just up for a nice disappointment.
The whole point of argument started to become moot when someone comes up with the classic "you're jealous cause you don't have" strategy and calling anything others say as fiction meanwhile providing no proof as well. "what you say is crap. Cause I said it's crap".

Why not just... call it directly a replica then? Put some well thought text on description saying about "the heroes of alliance fought over [...] now the mask of those heroes has been made into a memento of bygone ages" or whatever?

Sounds very whiny to me that people cannot wear something that just looks similar to the mask because muh special mask.
Also sounds kinda like that topic of the guy who didn't like seeing players getting discounts on store and costumes on events because his own weren't "special" anymore. Alliance is long gone, even I participated in that even tho I knew very well I was crap, still could get some kills, crap people got the mask as well. Sorry get over the "special" thing about the item itself, and just hold onto your own memory of the special achievement/days. If you wanna blame anyone for making the sooo special mask no more than decoration, blame the playerbase.
Araya wrote: »
Finally, beginning March 30, in order to ensure a high level of service for all TERA players, the Customer Support team will no longer be swapping out bound costumes for versions wearable by your character’s new race or gender. Costumes remaining in your character’s inventory following a race or gender change will still be usable should that character change back to its original race or gender.

You do know your words don't quite match right?

Specially gonna be quite a petty move to make this + price reduction right before Male Brawler, and still have Male Brawler locked out of swaps. It's like directly inducing people to buy an useless item.

Never imagined I would feel so disappointed by a price reduction but well, every day a new crazy pops up.
Luniack wrote: »
This costume isn't available in Store and on broker had a large gold sale value...

Name: Dyeable Princess Arin's Maid Uniform
ID: 178368

i meant before... please put Alice Dress q~q
Alice in Wonderland Alice Dyeable [Elin]
ID: 182155

I'm also all in for Alice dress but the issue is with BHS allowing it or not. Sadly, it's bugged and they won't let it be added to any region because of that (like that was true for the rest of the game but oh well). If I recall, EU has some reskin version of the maid uniforms that make it look like Alice one, but not the actual Alice dress too
CornishRex wrote: »
BHS said they don't want to rely on those types of mechs anymore themselves. I don't remember when, or where, but they said they'll focus on quick reaction types of mechs more instead of memorization mechs. Sadly I don't have the source but if I find it somewhere I'll link it here.

R.I.P. high ping players. As always, K-TERA only balancing.

To be fair I would love to see some logic based mechanics. Memory games aren't all that much interesting I agree, but twich reflex mechanics are utter cancer. Something like TRNM's rings was very cool in my opinion at least, required quite the team work and not much more than knowing how to rotate it, could even spice it up a bit and add some puzzles there.
VGPlayer wrote: »
Laemie wrote: »
But... the mechanic is all it has...? I mean, its supposed to make the fight more intense, imagine its all easy and the dungeon literally tells you what attack its going to do then... its nothing but a normal attack and the boss will become a punching bag, even more boring because his attacks are super slow and youre not supposed to get hit at all, the only time you die is because you clip through the boss. Not to mention the healer usually calls out the attack (In chat), then all you have to do is to read the texts and follow lol, like its not straight forward enough...

The mechanic in RMh wasnt even "unfair" as you mentioned at all, i think it was only unfair for 200 ping Priest because they had to stop and cleanse, which other classes dont have to do if they pay their attention to the game and walk? But then i even saw my co-GM did some godlike cleanse into backstep moves and we all had a very good laugh at it, her ping is always at 240-250. My ping is 250-300 and i really never had any issue with that stagger laser, if i died, i died because there was no cleanse really. If we want to discuss about unfair mechanic, we should talk about the RMh first boss mechanic which was pretty "unfair" for highping players because they literally died while being in the safezone but even that had a work around if you did some simple math and if i was healing, i always called out if the AOE was coming soon for my teammates because i knew it helped.

Back to the RKe topic, i am by no mean a hardcore player, i afk 24/7, i mostly do Ghillieglade and occasional easy dungeons (429, 431) with my babies Guildies, lately i have been having a daily-ish RKe group, we do it daily-ish, but it took us quite awhile to clear and we barely clear it daily til this day. In my opinion, the reason ppl jump in RKe is the intense play, the pressure to remember attacks and slaying, if it changes so they can do it with "ease", with no pressure then whats the reason to do it then?

On a Low populated sever"" we don't have these "groups nor we do in such small numbers its unreasonable. People need to know how to do the dungeon in order to do "RKEM" right? Please keep in mind If you talk in this topic please confirm you aren't cheating"" aka tools to enhance your exp.

its just I have a felling most people that saying these type of topics are using these types of alerts or enhancements. Sorry for being judgemental just I want to express it how it is. just way to many people I know use these tools and say its too easy then with them off they go MEH I don't care what you say. in there mind its like (This proofs nothing).

Congrats on making the thread locked in the next few hours!
Ray676 wrote: »
for those who argued "creative build" This was the result optimal build for Lancer


Zero context and test server. Elaborate or opinion discarded

"The bullsh-t asimmetry: the amount of energy needed to refute bullsh-t is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

AKA: ~gives info~
Correct me if I'm wrong/outdated on this but:

Isn't it purely bragging rights and challenge that people do 5 star dungeons for? The rewarding is crap enough to be more worth running RG than those, it's a huge time loss for no more than the bragging rights of saying "I cleared it!" or "I got skilled on it!".

If it's too hard for people to run it, they can always just run easier things. Specially since you literally are asking to simplify it to the point of making it a 4 star dungeon. There is a reason there's 5 star dungeons, and it's for the very few that want the ridiculous challenge. TERA-EU had extreme mode dungeons with literally nothing more than forced/fake difficulty added, like removing the HP bar on the boss, removing some AOE indicators, unnecessary amount of one shots and damage over time and so on. Didn't they do it again even? Still, how many you think plays extreme mode dungeons? It was never intended to be the most popular content. This here sounds to me like a topic on the old forums that said on the title even "I want the game to be easier" and proceeded on the comment to say he didn't even care about others wanting challenges, he just wants it easier so he could run all the content without too much effort, literally. Yours is a toned down version but basically.... the same. You wanna remove the most challenging/masocore content possible, when the intention of that content is exactly this, and to cater exactly to the few that need this.

Again, there's plenty of easier dungeons, in fact isn't the only 5 stars the exact same dungeons that already have normal modes?
The only thing I could actually want, would be like adding some Harrow Hold Easy Mode to train it out and be able to do the real deal when strong enough, not removing the harder/making THAT one easier.
Wonder how that site you using gets those item codes and such, and wonder/hope they also don't change by builds.

I mean you can somehow crack up the game (usually for this type of stuff quite easily just opening the packets) but anyway interested in how it's done, or if there is some other way to find it out.
Catservant wrote: »
I hope this is a wake-up call for the devs. Still, must be heartbreaking to put together something you thought was going to be fun and cool only to discover...not so much. To the point of complete rebellion by the playerbase.

...tho, I'm wondering if they did feel it would be good to begin with, or if it was already a ploy since the start to later introduce grind-easing cash grabs. Not everyone works with good intentions. You can mask the good intentions as well. To be honest, in this case I do hope it wasn't good intentions at all, since well, it did get screwed.
What I would feel sad about, was like some new class or such, that you really cannot imagine being made with intentions to screw up players, being terribly received. Like, it takes a lot of work, a lot of passion, a lot of coffee and way less sleep than is healthy, to make it all work the way you think is cool then "you guys zuccss trash gaem die all".

Still, I can understand the side of the developers seeing all their code going into the trash bin.

Eh I can't be that forgiving sorry, I can't even imagine them putting huge effort into it anyway...
To be fair I'm not familiar at all with this law thing (and honestly couldn't care less since I'm Brazilian and as far as you say it wouldn't affect me), but ANYTHING that pushes away from RNG roulette into 100% sure purchases is a welcome thing. Nanny state or whatever isn't an issue I'll enter to discuss since it ain't concerning me here on the other side of the Equator, at least not horribly so.
I mean I'm still fine with people betting their own money, it's not my loss, not my addiction, but turning this into the most profitable move is the big issue.

If anything, they should have been working on better financial strategies than Cassino inside a game since the beginning, and if they do move totally away from it, I'm in. Yes, yes, obviously things can always get worse, but I don't bet on that. I can imagine this new model of adding a dyeable version for twice the price as the new trend, and I do hope and even expect it to succeed.
By the way, been in a guild with Sky Castle?

90% bragging rights, 10% actually interesting/useful/staying there.
The only actual use for it was hiding during GvGs, and you could add some NPCs there. Basically a big hall and.. that's it. You could put a huge flag showing your guild logo. And done.

Cool, yeah, kinda cool, but that's it. To be fair I don't even know nowadays how guilds rank and how you get points, before you used to have the PVP and PVE rankings and I remember when I was on Cute Elins Only that we managed to get and keep it by... well doing a handful of BGs and some rigged up GVGs, the other guild GVGing us also got the castles so it was quite rigged and didn't prove much of a point of having the castle.
The only good thing about them was that premise of being able to do multiple different builds and whatnot.
The reality tho, is that we already can do it, but we can see it easily that we just shouldn't do it.

Sad but true: there's always an optimal point, which is usually WAY higher than the alternatives in TERA. That's why people trying to make higher latency builds fall way behind in DPS - there is just one best way, and the rest may work not horribly, that's it. The entire Talisman thing would be great if there ever was balance on the alternatives, but we see it easily how this just doesn't work, there's no proper balancing and there was even supposed to be some loads of troll talismans that would just make you waste your time farming.

In short: the idea of making different builds is great and appreciated but the facts are way more sad: grind and more grind for no variations cause there's just one best way.
clfarron4 wrote: »
^ Case in point: The Koreans were meming these two Sorc Talismans pretty hard

1) [All Skills] Increase Cooldowns on all skills by 85%, but on successful hits decrease cooldown by 0.1 seconds
2) [Hailstorm] On successful cast, enable re-cast of this skill within 3 seconds, but increase cooldown by 53%

Rocket fueling rotations by reducing cooldowns, because why not.


In any event, you were looking at 300 million + gold to grind to get to a decent set of top tier talismans. And they might not even have been the ones you wanted.

no no hang on, was that a REAL idea, those two talismans? Or was it the community who invented them as a meme to troll the talisman thing?

I mean, I don't know what goes on about BHS anymore so I can't discern sarcasm/irony from real posts anymore
The deal is that the whole discussion has taken extremes and "you're wrong by disagreeing with me you idiot" turn as always.

The system to auto-lock threads after 1 month of inactivity sounds great, and warn any user that bumps threads without actual content once, next time jail bars, 3rd time ban I agree.

Ban straight on for posting actual content on an old thread is extreme, unnecessary and doesn't make sense. As stated, some people just google the stuff, end up in the page, see that it's what they wanted to talk about, post and only then they may see that they necroed a thread, or may just not know how long is the tolerance for necroing. threads. Banning an user for a 1st time offense is stupid in my view. Even troll bumps on last page, deserve a warning 1st or at worst the jail bars thing before an actual ban. You're not posting porn on the thread, you just took it from last page, there's a HUGE difference.

Also as I stated before but I bet it was ignored: YES, the system CAN self-necro threads as well through it's spam filter. Just saw it a while ago that a year old thread suddenly re-appeared with the last response to it copied 4x again.
No, it WASN'T the user, it was 4 exact copies, with the exact same user name one year later. I know about the random automatic name and it was the exact same automatic name, 1st a normal user post and then year later the copies. Sounds like spam filter acting up. Imagine auto-ban because the system acted up on you?

Back to it: I'm in favor of auto-locking threads after 1 month of inactivity (and I do believe 1 month is a fair time for a thread being relevant, specially on bug reports, suggestions and such that the discussion doesn't move as fast), and to warn/jailbar users who bump threads for no reason, warning for bump, jailbars for necro-bumps just before 1 month auto locks and such.
EDIT: Wow nevermind the damage is already done. For those that leveled a valk during the event we salute you.

Eh, frankly I got the outfit during the leveling event, and... Hey, it's just leveling a character. I ain't any special because of that, nothing that affects me if people want the costume that I could get on that event and don't even like by the way.

I can get the feeling of people wanting to protect some special title from being handled like candy, or if there was some mask for, say, Master of Wonderholme, let's say you get that mask by being among the top 10 fastest parties to clean Wonderholme Hard Mode during it's day, I understand if people would want to protect the exclusivity of such an item - it's a whole different feat than just leveling an alt.

I kinda get the whole deal about the alliance masks too because of this, but don't quite agree, as at the end of the alliance it was so easy that I remember even quite crappy PVPers managed to get that mask. Heck a guild mate of mine, with higher tier PVP gear than me, barely beat me on duels or got more kills in CS/FWC, and still got the mask. And I'm no pro. Still, there's some value to it, even if I don't agree how much of a value.
Ray676 wrote: »
Rip any creative class builds. Talismans were going to be so cool, stupid korean players ruining the game


I bet my Elin's tail that it would end as the exact same thing we all know: one optimal talisman, 5 other situational talismans, grind your soul to get the correct ones.
Helm thing reminds me when I bought Bomber Boxes for 50K each after they dropped from like 90K each, kept them in bank for use for my alts whenever I felt like, and since my long hiatus I got fkd and they were worth 3K when I came back. Still had like 2~3 boxes left anyway.

Oh well it happens, ain't that bothered since my intention wasn't to hoard them in 1st place neither was I desperate to sell them at any moment.
Bastolve wrote: »
Not certain if anyone noticed but how come Reaper's noctenium weaponskin is exactly the same as Passionate Phoenix Scythes except they charge 900 fashion coupons for the noctenium and only 200 for Phoenix? :/

hue I just hope this doesn't mean the removal of the cheaper one

Equitas wrote: »
All the replies in this thread are eerily similar to something you'd see on a YouTube video a product's page that uses proxy accounts to hype themselves up. I'm not saying whatever happened is a bad move, but the hype in this thread is weird.


been a bit detached from all the flaming hate this game has seen in boatloads just a while go calling it P2W heII and spamming endless hate and making memes about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G being locked behind lootboxes nowadays?

I just call this a nice loving cuddle after being beaten so long. Can't blame people for being happy
Norafin wrote: »
I gotta agree here, very nice move. Thanks guys.
Still, I was curious. 21 lootboxes make one costume, in terms of EMP.
So I bought them. Got the costume on box 20.
Overall, I'm better off now this way (got a couple of talents), but I guess this is hardly representive.

Well, it's RNG and your bet paid off well. That's why it's still an option and why it's great if all costumes could get this treatment (RNG option for the daredevils, may pay off like Norafin, sure basic option and more expensive sure dyeable option). Options all around, I'm all in for this.
Agreed, credit should be given where it's due: all 3 related items are priced fairly. Wanna take a bet? 95 EMP per try. Want it for sure? 2K EMP fore sure dyeable. Want it for sure but no need to dye it? 1K EMP for sure.

I do both hope and expect this to show financially as a good move, but one thing is already sure: it was a great move PR/image wise.
Mewtube wrote: »
The BAMs are already dropping plenty of fashion coupons. If you actually farm BAMs for other things such as EXP/token/materials, you would already pick up a significant amount of fashion coupons.

TERA makes the majority of the income by selling cosmetic, so I generally view fashion shop as generosity to f2p community. It's nice to have, but having too easy access to everything in the fashion shop would actually hurt the game. I'm happy that EME is dedicated to work on fashion shop update. As for the supply of fashion coupons, current situation is just fine.

I see fashion shop in a slightly different way, like, all you have there is armors and weapons that are already in-game. Cash shop gives you cuteness and stripped panties. It's quite different in the approach of each, don't see them as conflicting entities.

Would indeed be nice to see some small event to promote the new changes to it, so that leveling players can see benefit from it, like some amount of FCs as prize for completing dungeons or winning BGs (that's what they'll be doing anyway). We get a ton of 65s and they participate both at once. Well, a BAM farming event would also work, but I don't see many leveling players farming them tho, it would be more of an IOD thing.
Equitas wrote: »
An MMO I used to play had a forum bot which locked threads automatically if someone posted in them a week or so after that thread became inactive. I think it automatically suspended the offenders as well. It was a pretty useful system.
ElinLove wrote: »
The funniest one was a thread that the forum system itself necroed and spammed 4x the same comment, almost a year later.

Tho some of them are people blatantly clicking on the page 640/641 dunno which is last now and posting something. Could be the system's anti-spam edit filtering tho

The "forum system" doesn't post. It's not a self-aware entity. If you're referring to posts by users with a random assortment of numbers and letters, those are just people who haven't set up their username. Many people either don't know how or don't feel the need to do so.
It's great. Keeps moderators alert.
But not rly. lul
One known player did this before but since he/she had 'popularity immunity', not even punished unlike the other guy behind bars :p

Nobody here is "known". Nobody here has "popularity immunity".

No, I do mean that the user himself, posted the comment in May/March 2017, and then today or yesterday the system made 4 copies of the same comment by that exact same user, I do remember seeing that I posted a comment and it would duplicate it for no reason every now and then, and it seems the forum system did that thing again but 4x and after 1 year (huehue).
Mods deleted the 4 copies and locked the thread but it did happen.

Also yes, once in a while Seraphinush or who was it (can't recall name precisely) just for the lulz necroed some threads for no other apparent reason, but no restrictions. Won't deny too that the chat system may have done some weirdass crap like it did with the 4 copies yesterday/today
Isn't Elin Gunner... the exact same thing too save for idle combat stance? Copy & paste from Castanic in this case.
metagame wrote: »
clfarron4 wrote: »
It sounds like you do not play on MT.
i mean neither does the guy with "tr" in his name dude

It would be funny if it had nothing to do with Tempest Reach (which I even suspect)
Catservant wrote: »
Both points seconded. All in favor?

Definitely in favor.
Wonder how it's coded into the game (the dyeing thing)
AbstractCH wrote: »
Not like swiping even helped. Most people that can do basic math new it was a waste of money. Some guy spent over 2000 USD and only got one diamond jackpot. Anybody that has more than 3 brain cells wouldn’t buy gem crates anyway.

That guy, should really get into a rehab clinic for real.

To be fair if it's true that rates are crap then I'm really glad that there wouldn't be an influx of self-sufficient whales or skyrocketing EMP rates.
Like the system fixing it's own crap up without wanting to
The funniest one was a thread that the forum system itself necroed and spammed 4x the same comment, almost a year later.

Tho some of them are people blatantly clicking on the page 640/641 dunno which is last now and posting something. Could be the system's anti-spam edit filtering tho
[...] Regardless of what tools it takes to do it and how fast it is to enter the items (which, btw, is a horribly manual process - don't for a second think it's "easy" to do, even if it doesn't require a build).

Assumptions about how "easy" or "difficult" a task can be is based PURELY ON SPECULATION. Unless you have worked at EME and used the tools we use and walked a mile in our shoes, you probably shouldn't make assessments about how long something takes. [...]

Nah I call this BS, the team from Goat MMO Simulator did it in a few clicks on the compiler, you guys are faking it!

100% legit, if they can you can too!
ElinLove wrote: »
[...] Also, we need to identify if the one we have found is a permanent versions, a 30-Day versions, a 7-Day versions, a 3-Day versions, or 1-Day versions, to ensure we're adding the one that we intend.

I hope the one you guys intend, is the permanent one.
Please be the permanent one...

Yeah, lol.
It wouldn't be very nice to add in new skins / costumes that have never been seen before, just to make them Single Day versions with a large fashion coupon cost. ;)

What if we added the temporary ones at a lower cost on some of them though? How would folks feel about that?

It has it's advantages for sure (like, considering the way it's going to be: the permanent and a cheaper temporary), but I get it that many people would feel like getting ripped off on the permanent one, even if it's the same price as the other normal permanent ones (which it should). More of a psychological thing than logical, if we still have both options but the temporary one is cheaper than perm. tho it does have to be cheaper, not the other one being more expensive. (Sounds confusing but I think you kinda get what I mean with the above, as in the permanent ones are normal price of current permanents, but temps are cheaper than this current normal).
[...] Also, we need to identify if the one we have found is a permanent versions, a 30-Day versions, a 7-Day versions, a 3-Day versions, or 1-Day versions, to ensure we're adding the one that we intend.

I hope the one you guys intend, is the permanent one.
Please be the permanent one...
Melyodis wrote: »
give us the option but no support until after a certain time would be nice. i have 5 brawlers i'm fed up of leveling cause its the same old mess.

Would it really be nice? I mean think about every single other changeable race/gender being able to get their costumes swapped in support.
Not you. Screw you.

Would it be nice? Do you really expect that people would stand by this and not rage? People want the perfect solution always, and TERA is nowhere near a "cost no objection" game, they can't hire support people to do the binds on day 1 madly as the tickets pile up. They won't do it, and I bet you my Elin's furry tail, that even if they did this, of releasing the gender change on day 1 without costume swapping, explicitly said in bold, caps and gigantic font that the costume swapping will NOT be available, the support tickets would still storm the support channel.

I still imagine people filling support with "why can't I gender change pls?" regardless of it being so explicitly told. People just refuse to read anyway, the system will likely block the voucher entirely (as in grayed out) for male/female Brawlers at launch, and people will STILL storm support up. Imagine how much would they do if the costume change was locked.

People don't like different treatment in any kind regardless of reasons, I bet there would be less rage if people couldn't change at all ever for any race - there would be nothing they knew about to rage.
I agree entirely with this, as healing people is still contribution. It makes no sense to NOT give people contribution for actually contributing on their main role. Makes sense to give contribution for the DPS, OK, but doesn't make sense to not give/very low contribution to the healing.
I don't know if tankers have any issue with this regarding the contribution points flow, but regardless, if a full party does the job as it should, it's... contributing equally isn't it? And the toggle based thing makes it even better in this regard, even tho I would honestly find this redundant (if you're in party with someone, no reason to NOT share it right? Save for very rare cases like waiting for LFG and one player is NOT doing Guardian).
Damn you Skrux, I bet you also clicked on Page 640 and commented on the last thread you could find, can't get the longest time necromancer award now...
Almost 2 years. That's at least close to the new record isn't it?

I swear I'll beat the record of all of you necromancers and ress the 1st non-locked thread of General Discussion. I really will!! Be prepared!
Ray676 wrote: »
Ray676 wrote: »
you can use voucher day 1 stopspam


@ me on patch day when i'm right.

hue doubt it.
Specially about people with arguments like "K-TERA had it on launch so we will have it too" (not saying you use this argument, ain't bothering to check if such). Elin Gunner, talents, Mabinogi dresses and Alice dresses should be enough to say that we're not a carbon copy of K-TERA. We still can create Elin Gunners, and we can even race change into them now.
Reminder, EU had Elin Gunner released to swap at launch - because they don't rebind costumes manually even at request - but we didn't, and K-TERA still hasn't, and can't create more Elin Gunners.
Get why I bet on GM's words? It was actually what I was predicting ever since Male Brawler was unveiled to come to NA in fact, after Elin Gunner was a thing. Heck I predicted Elin Gunner would get the race change after a few months as well. Bow down before the Nostradamus of TERA NA forums! (trolling that last bit but... ya I did predict it hehe)
Some gear pieces cannot be enchanted, so it won't work.
The pieces that can be enchanted, require the feedstock and alkahest of appropriate tier (under Lv 65, at 65 you use different materials), Your gear should have it's tier described somewhere on it's descriptions, along with text like "cannot be traded, cannot be stored in the guild bank" and such (some have different properties) until you hit 65, when tier is not relevant information anymore.

This tier determines what feedstock and alkahest you use to enchant. This feedstock and alkahest you earn on dungeons and killing monsters. If I recall, tiers 1, 2 and 3 can all just use Tier 3 feedstock and alkahest, but of course higher tier gear can't use lower tier alkahest.

Remove the gear 1st before enchanting, click the enchant button, and all the gear that CAN be enchanted, will be visible on the inventory. If it's grayed out = can't enchant.
According to the intentions of the functionality behind this Talisman system, they should be swappable as they said it is a replacement for gear rolling (and kinda pointed out dual option too).
Basically you no longer have to re-roll your gear every time you swap equipment, and you no longer have to pay gold for enabling Dual options-- not to mention you can create new set ups without spending anything as long as you have the talismans for it. Additionally, you have 5 slots to create different set ups instead of 2 with dual option system, which I'm guessing it's like hot key for gear swapping. I wonder if it's separate or combined...

There are no information about soul bind though. We won't know how they exactly work until test server is released.

As far as what you mention, it sounds like Crystals 2.0 then. Sounds more interesting now than "screw your rolls GRIND THEM BACK!!", I admit I haven't read yet the posts, but I appreciate a lot your work and will eventually read the translations and check out the entire thing out of curiosity.

Frankly, Crystals 2.0 ain't that horrible really, more like quite interesting system. Hope it's fair on the RNG (in case it has it, again I will check it properly later), and that parties/IMs won't all go full elitists "these talismans or don't apply even". Tho to be fair considering how the new gear progression made people with various different enchant levels get parties fine (outside of the speed runs and such that is), I have a feeling that the community will see for themselves how much work/effort is needed to get them and adapt accordingly their requirements for LFGs/IMs
Margarethe wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
Xristosx wrote: »
While Gameforge actually logged on their characters and took screenshots, EME just decided to once again half [filtered] everything and steal a video from a youtube of someone showcasing the hair styles :+1:

What you have stated is not what occurred. The uploaded Youtube Videos showing the new Hair Styles were created and uploaded by us.

Edited : Nexon shared their videos with us to use.

Hey i love how your response as a EME employee is to immediately lie to everyone, that really makes people trust you, you know? Maybe stop treating us like idiots because we know more than you and you cant let stuff like this slide because we will call you out on bs. You guys only retract when you've been caught with your hands in the cookie jar.



Considering he's only just the LEAD PRODUCT SUPPORT MANAGER, he isn't 100% keyed into such information. If he's given something to do by someone higher up, and all he knows is someone higher up gave it to him, the first thing you'd assume is that it was from an inside source, and not an outside one. Then, when asked further about the information, told where the original source was.

Get off your high horse. Sheesh.

It was merely a joke, meant to be amusing.

the pic maybe, but that
Xristosx wrote: »
Hey i love how your response as a EME employee is to immediately lie to everyone, that really makes people trust you, you know? Maybe stop treating us like idiots because we know more than you and you cant let stuff like this slide because we will call you out on bs. You guys only retract when you've been caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

...doesn't exactly sound like a "funny joke bruh just for the lulz!"... the tone is quite offensive if you ask me. Not that eme employees would be crying on a corner offended but it is what it is...
This will be long but detailed:

Warrior is difficult to master, but not that much to start, and to output BIG DPS, but once you manage that, you're top tier class. There are advanced guides for who wants to be the top of the top on damage, but to start out, it's easy enough as a class, as they're strong enough in defense.

Tanking with warrior goes as follows: around Lv ~25 I think (or was it even lower) you get your 2 stances: Attack stance (for DPS) and Defensive stance (for tanking). Do NOT use the defensive one when you have another tanker in party (like lancer or such) cause the skills will draw more aggro and spin the boss/monsters around, unless very specific scenarios. The deal about tanking with Warrior is that you chose the stance, and the crystals, and you're good to go on lower levels. Keep in mind that tanking is a lot harder on Warrior than the 2 tank-only classes (Lancer and Brawler).

On higher levels, to tank and do DPS at choice, you'll have the same gear (as in armor, weapon and such, but different crystals), but you need a 2nd set of rolls for the gear (you'll understand it later on), which you can do easily enough nowadays, and you can use this same gear for both roles while just swapping crystal sets, rolls and stance (stance is a skill by the way). IMPORTANT REMINDER: When you go tanking in dungeons, and you want to queue for an Instance Matching, you'll have to select to queue yourself AS A TANK, it's not automatic unless your class is tank only, which warrior isn't. You select it separately on the queue window.
Other than this, you just learn how to hold the boss in place, where to position, and how to block. Warrior has a sword block when in Defensive stance that they don't have in attack stance, so it makes tanking easier/possible.

For your GF's choices: Yes, Sorcerer is a good option, they are weaker in defense, but it's not like they die on each touch. They are weaker than Warriors and such, but nothing ridiculously weak. Their DPS output is good, and it's a fun ranged class in my opinion. It's like all classes in TERA (including Warrior) that it's easy enough to start and get into the combat, but to output huge DPS and be on the top of the DPS ranks you'll have to train hard to master.

A healer is a nice option too but it's not 100% required, as you have potions to heal yourself you can use, and you have the dodges that you'll have to learn through playing. It's also a matter of wanting or not the role of healing, if you're not feeling like keeping people alive and buffing damage, not for you (or... whoever is in doubt). I have fun with Priest but it's very relative, and it's quite the consensus here that Priest is the lowest of the two healers now, Mystic would be the balance between heal and damage (quite low in parties still) and healing.... just... strong heal, stronger buffs to party, and more damage by themselves... yeah Priest is on a hard age now.
Keep in mind, if you do want to do damage, Mystic is still nowhere near a Sorcerer, which is focused on the damage.

Servers: Your last point about PVP servers is the correct one: you won't get killed on low levels anymore (used to be PVP since Lv 10 unrestricted), only once you hit Lv 65 you can get killed by other players on open world, inside towns is also safe zones. MT being the highest population PVP server as far as I know, and Tempest Reach being the highest PVE population server, quite close to each other in the total number, or as close as we can just guess as players. (If I messed this last one up, please correct me, could have some mess but I think it's right... is it?).
So if you do NOT want to do PVP on open world zones ever, go PVE server, if you want to do it once in a while go PVP server. You can queue for PVP battlegrounds on any server, the queues are cross-server, and you can challenge people to duels on any server, any level too, so basically the only difference is getting killed in open-world on Lv 65.
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