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You guys complain and complain but in the end still keep playing the game lol.
If the game is not fun anymore just do what i did and move on, i left a full HO toon and i don't miss anything of what Tera has become, no way i'll grind 2x more what i already did just cuz the new dev team completely changed the game.
Elite is mandatory now if you wanna progress in this game cuz how much grindy "exp bars" they added in the last 1.5 years or so (gear exp, talent EP, 65-70 exp, skill exp and soon pet exp?).
That's just one of the strategies that the current developer is using to force ppl to resort to cash shop items, they add a [filtered] toon of grindy in the game but ofc there's always a way to spend money and speed a lot some of the grind, just like that untradeable gear exp boost :).
At least they still let free players to buy elite from the trade broker, prob at an insane 200K gold or more right now..
PC has way way more grind to the point that this game is a really bad copy of BDO right now.
Imho you guys from console are on the last patch worth playing.
Anything after HO patch only destroyed the game, you can cleary see here: https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
voidy wrote: »
And this, ultimately, is the problem. Yes, every time a blunder like this occurs, people do genuinely leave. After all those things I listed, people LEFT. I'm not saying they won't. But there's a particular group. I'll call them addicts. And I don't think there's anything EME could do to truly get that particular crowd to quit, and EME knows it. Sure, they'll lose people with each blunder, but there's a subset of people who say they'll quit and then just come right back, drop 200 dollars on lootboxes, cry over RNG when their heroic oath fails, and go right back to grinding. The addict won't leave no matter what. EME could permaban them and they'd cry over it for a week, tell all their friends how "so totally done" they are with the game, and then sure enough a week passes and they're making a new account to start over from scratch. Basically if you're still playing NA after all this crap, but you're feeling like THIS is it, THIS is the thing to make you finally leave, I'm just skeptical. Really really skeptical. It'd be like, if I vomited in your face for weeks but one day I merely sneezed in your direction and you were like "THAT'S IT, NOW I'VE HAD ENOUGH."

I'm glad i'm not like these players :)
I'm tired af from complaing since late 2017 when imho every patch made Tera way worse.
I was an endgame player till early 2018 when i became more and more casual till the point that i was barely logging anymore the last two months.
Yesterday i made my last login just to tell my guild that i'll no longer play then i finally uninstalled the game.
Lv 70 patch was def the last straw for me, i can confidently say that i'm no longer in the target demographic for this game, 2019's Tera is a very different game from the one i started playing back in 2015 :)
No compensation will make me return, they need to fire the devs at Korea and complete revamp this game for me to ever consider playing Tera again.
Imho sometimes is just time to move on, there's no point to endless complain to deaf ears and still keep playing a game that is not fun anymore.
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> why rip? I got 55 mil from this
> All the effort that you for that 500kk now its like nothing. gl fan :)
> yeah but all the gold goes to me eventually anyways. I've gone up 150 mil today so far :S

Are you a real money trader?
What you'll do with all this.
Virtual useless gold when nobody is playing the game?
What you'll do with 150m+ when they shut down the servers next year??
It's funy how everyone complained how mind numbing was to farm golden talents on IOD and this stupid developer somehow realized that it's a good idea to make us farm way way more trash tier BAMs for 65-70 now hahaha!
I wonder when any pr0xy dev will release some BOT module to automate all this farming crap and save this game hahaha!
Nice patch hahaha!
I don't think that Misery+12 is a good headstart for the new patch, guardian to twist is very cheap and not grindy at all.
Now, if we're talking about Ambush+15 or better then its HUGE, cuz it's possible to convert straight to FM+7 and that's not far from SC+0 which is already "BIS tier"..
I remember on PC back when they released gear revamp that the ambush+15 weapon i bought for my alt turned out to be a very good deal and it skyrocketed in price few days after the patch!

I wonder what they'll do to make gearing easier on console but anyway, i rly think the real problem started on Heroic Oath patch and since then tbh the developer only made mistakes, to the point that nowadays grind wise this game is turning into a very bad copy of BDO...
They shoud prepare to uninstall the game.
Emeris6 wrote: »
You won't fail as often if you get gear exp, and you can get loads of talents from pvp, talent strongboxes, or gls when you get to 453. Turning them into darics is a nonissue because a daric design is maybe 10k on the broker(cheaper than merchant) last I checked.

You clearly don't even play this game.
Lingyi wrote: »
so with everything said and the fact that the new gear enchanting will be easier on console than on PC...

supposedly it will be cheaper to enchant post-revamp, provided that you max out on item exp, which will make the process more time consuming. Is that about right? maybe on average it'll be cheaper after revamp, but could potentially be cheaper or more costly before revamp?

I don't know I should do. It's prob too late if you haven't already hoarded feedstock and alkahest since many months ago. I suppose it is better to have a few ambush gears than one deathwrack.. unless it's your class's core gear piece (ex. weapon for dps class). Right?

I read that Frostmetal is good enough for all dungeons. Is this so? But of course, lfg expectations are much higher.

And since we will earn more gold per dungeon post-revamp, gold now is less valuable. That it is better to use up your resources and gold to try getting a head start on your gears now, then get the gold back after revamp. Yes?

I can't tell what they'll do to make gearing easier on console, but from my experience on NA PC, this gearing revamp ended being a total disaster long term and i'm pretty sure made lots of ppl quit the game.
I mean, it started kinda "fair" esp when double VG rewards was the norm with triple VG events, we could farm the BIS SC+9 just playing the game, but they changed devs on HO/Apex1 patch and they're on a quest to make this game extremely grind a P2W since then.
They nerfed everything to x1 VG reward with rare x2 events at the same time we needed almost 1000 golden talents per try to HO (vs 384 talents for SC+9), there was new jewelry, extremely grindy masks that you need 100+ clears just for a chance to get the CDR one, "never ending grindy EP system", lots and lots on unbankable mats just to extend the grind and kill alts, 453 iLVL req for 3 star dungeon and 456 for end-game content, HO+2~+3 which is exponentially more grindy and with a progressive LOWER sucess chances and more unbankable mats each step, etc.
Imho the situation is so bad rn that the main source of talents on NA PC is crates from cash shop, IOD tier 1 bams is empty outside x2 events cuz nobody is dumb enough to farm 112 talents per 40 min when it take thousands just to ONE TRY at HO weapon.
The current devs is so out of touch with their player base that they released a new PVP gear that can DOWNGRADE each enchantment attempt and nowadays almost nobody queue for the new BG.
They think that's not enough and in the next [filtered] lv 70 patch (prob the last patch on NA Tera..) they wanna make the game way more grindy with 1+ month lv65-70 farming + 2 mil gold spend on "glyphs" per alts on top of a new "EXP" system to level pets for some power creep stats..
Do you really think that they gonna fix all this crap when they port these patch to console?
Anyway enjoy the early gear revamp/rke patch cuz imho was the last patch worth playing on Tera.

About Frost Metal and gear exp: FM/439 iLVL is enough to clear mid-tier (RKN) content but 2 patch down the line they'll raise iLVL reqs for VG rewards on newer dungeons so much that FM will be trash tier and the effective mid-tier will be a grindy af SC+7~+9.
And later (SC gear or higher) you'll realize that this gear exp BS is just another huge useless time sink with the sole purpose to make you stop playing and gearing alts.
Imho, in the end of the day, i rly think that just a FAIL CAP or % correction chance on the old +15 system would be way better than ANYTHING they did since gear revamp patch on oct/2017.

you literally have nothing to spend gold on until the new accessories come out later on and the rate at making gold right now is absurd, you can make the gold for tals/yphs for a char in a week or 2 depending on how you grind. alts still hold value as i said you can grind gold/mats on them and you dont NEED to max out tals/yphs on alts, its an alt for a reason and not a main. and player population has always plummeted at the "end" of a patch which we are at right now, sure it might be partially due to the new patch and misinformation spread about it but thats how tera is.

Ofc dude, everyone is kamizuma and will be Full HO+3 by then, there'll be nothing more to spend gold on!
As we can see, HO+1~HO+3 is cheap af esp with our cheap 70g+ talents!
Look here how easy gearing on Tera is!: https://board.tera.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/74277-proposed-change-for-gear-enchantment-system/
Esp on NA that we all know is the most rewarding region ever, i'm pretty sure, as you said, we can make absurd amounts of gold and yours "2M gold in 2 week" is VERY realistic, all it take is 10 Hrs / day playtime or U$500+ on the cash shop, everyone can do it np!

You guys are saying the same thing since 2017 and EVERY patch since then they just destroyed our player base to the point we got less player now on the sole PVE server than dead AV from 2016!
That glorious gear revamp was so good that EME is nerfing the system for consoles cuz they're afraid to lose population!

You can mark my words: The majority of casual , mid-tier and end-game f2p player base will drop this game, all that will be left will be the usual U$1000 whales that never ever touched IOD to farm golden talents ;)
It's all about "opportunity cost", when it take 1 month grinding + 2M gold per char on top of this bs HO+ gearing cost ppl will just put their free times on more fun and rewarding game, it's THAT SIMPLE!
Wake up, they're just milking the cow dry, forcing every endgame player to p2w before they shut down the servers for good ;)

Here, this game is losing players again and we're not even at this (another) garbage LV 70 patch:
But np someone that DOES NOT KNOW what a TREND is will quote me that bs "blablabla most ppl don't use Steam".

Anyway, when LV70 patch reach NA there'll be at least 10x more grinding in this game than from VM5 to VM9 patch when i used to play.
Tera's remaining playerbase got a very short term memory, let's remember the last VM patch:

*1~65 was the only "level exp" grinding on the game;
*We could farm mid-tier misery +12 gear on like 1 week and that's was enough to clear even the hardest 5 man dungeon (VSHM)!
*Even the optional VM+15 BIS gear was possible to farm on like 3 months and even then as a DPS player only VM+15 weapon and VM+12 gloves was mandatory rest mid-tier +12 was fine (you can read that on old yosha's guide)
*It was possible to farm BIS jewelry even just farming IOD on ~1 week!
*After we're done with our main toon it was possible to learn another class and farm alts (even on BIS) gear making the game FUN!

Now let's see 2019's Tera:

*Aside from the lv 1-65 exp, now we got: Gear exp (each gear update or new bs jewelry is like 180K+ exp), EP exp (poor new players), soon pet EXP (wtf) and lv 65-70 exp and idk how many dumb grindy exp bars this developer will put in this game!
*Progression esp from SC+7~HO+ onwards is slow af with lots and lots of untradeable mats taking space in our inventories and making impossible to farm with alts, that is a far cry from alk/feedstock days!
*The publisher nerfed the ways we can farm golden talents in game so they can prolong the already long af grindy and force endgame players to p2w for basic mats;
*Insane high iLVL req for VG rewards even for faceroll braindead 3 stars dungeon like 453 iLVL (Full SC+7) for GLSNM, again poor new players;
*Stupid amount of time and gold wasting crafting golden plates, silver plates, gems, etc.
*RNG af endgame enchating but now it's way slower and way way more expensive!
*And soon this another BS new patch that will force players to waste 1 month grinding and 2 mil gold PER char and it'll bring even more jewelry slot to the point that we can't even see or toon silhouette anymore hahaha!

Tera nowadays is just a korean p2w grinding simulator, ppl need to be dumb enough to gear alts in this game cuz sooner or later they gonna be forced to drop them cuz lack of TIME and gold to be relevant

Too much grinding = more ppl quiting/way less players joining the game and the endgame players are forced to p2w to progress.
There's a reason why there's less player now on the only PVE server left than on "dead" AV from 2 years ago hahaha!
Hahaha, Tera's community never changes!
It's just like all these proxy dev nerfing/not updating the free skill predictor to FORCE players to pay U$30~60 on paid SP and EME does nothing about ppl abusing the EULA to get some money hahaha!
It's worst gaming community ever, by far!

Now it's the same talk about the legendary golden talent issue that's been a problem on NA for almost a year now!
I remember when double vg rewards was the norm with triple VG events and BIS SC+9 gear was only ~384 talents per try, when EME removed perma double VG what ppl said here? Stop being lazy hahahaha!

Now that we got HO and higher at 1000+ talents per try they nerfed talents farming even further to boost talents crate sales, there's not a single double VG event for almost a month, the only way to farm golden talents in game is low-tier IOD with a horrible slow x1 rate (112 talents per toon per a REALISTIC 40 min cuz time wasted running/switching channels) and what they say?
Stop being lazy hahahah !!!!

Let's be realistic here, the only way to progress in a reasonable pace nowadays on Tera is the p2w way, a new free player will get bored to death and prob quit way before reaching full SC+7 to even get VG rewards for mid-tier 3 star brain dead content cuz that [filtered] 453 iLVL req ;)
+1 for legacy server.
I think this developer really destroyed the game esp on gear revamp/Apex patches and if you read patch notes from current k-tera content it's unbelievable what they're doing with the game, Tera nowadays is just a bad copy of BDO, a brainless grinding simulator with no real content and beyond broken exploitable classes...
Heck, for me they can rollback the servers all the way back to VM9 patch and the game will be on a way better state overall.
And i don't mind even VM3 server with only legacy class if they fix and put some QOL updates in it (i.e: just like what they did with warrior's edge system..),
Ppl here still think that "proxy" or simple skill predictor is the real problem.
We're WAY past that point, there's ppl selling U$50-150 scripts that complete exploit this game and make some classes able to do things not possible in game, no matter your ping or how good you are..
I.e: Lancer, Zerkers, prob gunner and idk how many more...
Some of these script can remove the nerf the developer did on Zerk and complete exploit the class, prob dealing idk ~30% more dps than a legit player?

That's what happens when we got a cash grab/lazy af developer that for the past year only released broken and exploitable af classes revamp, yes i'm talking about these garbage Apex patches that, just like the gear revamp, killed the game..
Here, look at this EU thread with ppl begging so the developer can fix zerker's skills!

Nowadays, as a 200ms ping player i think EME/BHS should ban all form of proxy and put an IP block for any region outside NA cuz they are too incompetent to develop their own built in skill predictor.
The original goal of proxy was to make a high ping player on the same playing field as a low ping one but nowadays the gap between legit vs non legit is just as big!

Again, if you're looking for a competitive endgame scene just don't bother with Tera.

D9MPY4GAFR wrote: »
Those things are [filtered], why not just make all the enchantment mats bankable?
Cuz they want to use redundant grinding as much as possible to extend the lifetime of the content or just to use as a gold sink (i.e: enchantment seals..)

I was a high ping player and nowadays i'm completely changing my stance towards proxy.
The problem is not simple SP usage (a native low ping is still better than high-ping + SP cuz how much SP ghost!), the real problem imho is a guy (everyone know who is..) selling paid script to make certain class deal way more DPS than what is possible in game, that's true esp on zerkers.
I'm srry but i call that blatant cheating.

Anyway, nowadays dps on Tera is much more about how broken you class (there's not a trace of class balancing in this game) or how good you script is..
If you really wanna compete and improve, ignore Tera and play a more serious competitive e-sport game..
Posting on forums != playing the game, it only take like 2~5 min to click on my bookmarks toolbar to post here unlike the lifetime and "more than full job" dedication i need to actually progress in Tera nowadays.
Dokibun wrote: »
So, not to be rude or anything, but why is it people are always trying to get returning and new players to stay away from the game? You complain that the game is dying and dead yet you turn away any new blood that comes knocking on the door. Game isn't perfect, but don't straight up tell people to not play. You're contributing to the game dying in that sense.
Cuz we're not liars.
Why we should lie about the current state of the game just so we get new players but they end losing a lot of time and quitting, just like what we did?
BHS/EME is the ONLY one contributing to the death of this game.

Btw OP, you can try esp if you wanna stay casual but imho just forget real endgame unless you wanna swipe.
They made so many HORRIBLE changes/revamps in the last year or so that's almost impossible for a new/returning player starting now to catch to endgame gear just playing the game, i just can't see a new player with no or few resources even reaching 456 iLVL before BHS release another new gear bs in the game..
Anyway, overral 2018~2019 Tera is WAY worse than VM days Tera and the few player pop spread only across 2 servers speak for itself.
Nikitesla wrote: »
The cost of the materials to make gold and silver talents has gone up significantly but the price for gold/silver talents in the broker has gone down. It should be going up to cover the higher cost of materials to make them. I loose money making and selling gold/silver talents now so I don't anymore. There could be glut of them, perhaps that is why the price is dropping. Theoretically, the price would go up when they become more scarce again.

The problem is: There's lots of p2w sources of golden talents destroying the economy right now but there's not a single hypocrite complaining about "economy problems" anymore, afterall they only complain when EME buff events/rewards we can get playing the game and that in turn lessen the advantage that p2w players got in the game.
That's Tera and it's endgame playerbase at a glance, just don't take it serious...
Where you wanna go in this game?
If you wanna go all the way to that [filtered] Full HO+3 before they release another bs grindy gear, then the best upgrade strategy is to use your credit card, sell EMP, buy lots and lots of jewel and talents crates, pray for RNG and prob you'll get your HO+3 after like U$1000 spent in this game...
I'm srry, ppl will hate me here but i'll not lie to you and say to just grind whole 2019 on IOD so you can get HO+3 by the time HO+6 is the endgame gear, prob you got way more useful things to do with your time...

But if you're just a normal player, imho just stop gearing at the minimum ILVL of the content you wanna play, i.e: If all you wanna run is GLSHM then you can stop at 455 which you can get with a HO+0 and rest SC+8 i guess, entropy jewelry is fine too, imho the best course of action for non-whales that still wanna bother with Tera's endgame is to just ignore useless/non viable gearing, i.e if HO+1~+2 stuff cost 500K~1M gold per try to enchant then, for god's sake, just IGNORE cuz it's content meant for pay to win player!

If you just wanna farm GLSNM then you gear is fine, just block all these elitist player that wanna HO gear cuz this braindead dungeon is clearable even on FM gear!

The hardest role is to keep playing and progressing on endgame as a f2p player..
Double drop should be the norm in this game...
The truth is that this game is turning into a very different thing from the Tera i liked and was actively playing from 2015~2017.
Imho there's WAY more serious problems now with the game than back in VM days patch...
Prob they completely changed the development team back on 2017 gear revamp or HO patch and the new devs got a very different mindset about where the game should go, they are really making Tera into a 100% grinding/farming simulator since gear revamp..
You guys can read more in the Eu feedback sub-forum about the new super grindy lv 70 content, it's just sad but i really think by then lots of ppl will lose interest for this game and prob by 2019 player pop will decrease even more...
In short, this developer is making a terrible mistake thinking that more grindy can extend the life of a game that lacks new relevant endgame content since ages..
With the upcoming adventure token system hoping that BGS burns to the ground.

Prob Tera will burn to the ground.
I'm expecting this new token system to make the game even more p2w to the point that non-elite player will be able to play only and heavily nerfed demo/trial version of Tera ;)
Ofc you gonna "love" this new patch and gear revamp, you're still 440 ilvl!

By the time you reach mid-game and Storm Cry (esp SC+7 or higher) you gonna hate what they did with the gear progression in this game, or maybe you gonna swipe like the majority of the end-game playerbase lol..
notDre wrote: »
I have a lot of money in my steam wallet from CSGO trading, I purchased the 20 boxes, plus 5 boxes, I can't 100% remember what I got but I'll try for the sake of this post :

Golden Talent ×4000 (x2)
Battle Thrush (x2)
Heaven or Hell Costume Bundle
Dyeable Flight Suit Smart Box (plus all accessories including a Turbocharged Chrome Weapon Skin) (x5)
Empowering Catnap Innerwear (x3)
Fortified Catnap Innerwear (x2)
Deus Irae Smart box (x2)
Hellsworn Smart box
Arcane Afterglow Smart Box
Spellweave Costume Box (x3)
Metamorphic Emblem Chest (x2)

I did not get dyads a single time. In my opinion it was worth it, I can trade all the stuff for gold which from my understanding the rate is about 1 mill = 100$ of EMP anyway and I've already made 2 mill from selling some of the items so that's already 200$ of gold conversion and I haven't even sold half of the stuff I got yet, and I need a ton of gold to enchant HO. Going even further in the future with all the gold I made I could always buy emp with it later if I wanted. You get a year of elite which is 180$ per year anyway, and the little extra perks on the side are just bonuses to me. Also I should mention you DO have a chance of getting the 100,000 or 50,000 EMP which even if it doesn't happen well.. you can't win if you don't play. If you do get that, that's insane value.

Tera is imho one of the most p2w "pseudo f2p" games today in the market, and you guys LOVE it and always ask the game to be even more p2w!
Now do you guys understand why EME heavily nerfed golden talents that we can farm in the game and at the same time they put that insane [filtered] 1000 golden talents per try HO gear?
8K golden talents in 2 boxes wow, how long it take for a free player to farm this on IOD with x1/x2 (one single week) rates???
I'm pretty sure that 90% of FullHO+0 endgame players on NA at this point are actually whales ;)

That's a far cry where we come since VM patches when we could get BIS just playing the game..
Ppl should make very clear for new players the game they're starting, a game where we don't progress if we don't spend money in the cash shop..
I already saw where the developer was going with this game way back on oct/2017 on Arsenal patch (gear revamp).
Everything they did with Tera in 2018 made it very clear that they want to make a transition from a freemium F2P experience (where cosmectic was the main thing on the cash shop) to a full blown P2W game where we're expected to spend money in the game to progress.
Almost every "revamp" they did actually put way more grind and RNG in the game, they nerfed golden talent/mats farming, EME put crates in the cash shop, etc..
As we can see here, the gap between elite and non elite is WAY more massive than back in VM days just cuz all these new grindy system (gear exp, EP...), and it'll be way worse in this patch were elites gets almost 70% more "adventure points" than non elites.

I expect an even lower player base for 2019 and the majority will be of whales..
Kouyukie31 wrote: »
I'm starting to miss the old 2x success chance additive already. They should have kept it at least.
Before this useless crafting revamp there was a 100% crit etching that made enchanting way more bearable cuz 10 emerald = 2 diamonds, but the ONLY thing that BHS know is RNG, so they removed that and made every additive pure RNG, it's just another part of the "every new patch in Tera will make the game worse"!
Heck, they made even rally boss RNG hahaha, now i can quit my job and stand afk on Tera for 3~5 hours waiting to finish rally, these guys really understand the definition of fun!!!

Imho, at this point i also think RNG is the only game mechanic worth doing so they should put more RNG even on the login screen, idk man, make like a 10% chance for a "successful login" so the player waste 1 hour on the login screen every day and content last longer!

No wonder nobody play this game anymore lol.

metagame wrote: »
Dvsv wrote: »
Did they increased crafting cost???
log in and find out :)
I'll not download and reinstall the game just to realize i was right about where this game is going..
It's actually a liiiitle more expensive than before, but that's not even the main problem honestly, what's really screwing up is that because we do a much smaller number of total crafts, we end up with a much smaller number of crits, which is where the profits came from in the first place. So yeah, not really the most optimal moment to craft them, but eh!

Ty for the useful answer.
So yeah, gearing was already expensive af (exp for non whales) and they made even more expensive hahahah!
But np, we can just buy talents from crates on the cash shop!!

And there's that thing now that elites craft like 3x faster than non elites!
Just check the insane difference between 2017's elite and 2018's elite, and there's ppl here that want more buffs hahaha!

You guys should accept the fact that 2018 Tera is a full blown P2W game, period ;)
Did they increased crafting cost???
Hope? Why?

Do you think that with the Lv 70 patch they'll:
* Fix netcode/optimization issues so we don't need to rely on third party tools to play the game?
* Proper balance classes so we feel relevant for more than 6 months/one patch?
* Revamp this whole garbage gearing system so it's fair for hard working players and we can get BIS gear playing the game and not spending dollars buying crates on cash shop?

I'm hearing the same "the next update will be better" since ~2016 and tbh the majority of updates/revamp they did actually made the game worse!
What i expect from Tera in 2019 is exactly what they did since i started back on 2015:

*More broken af classes (whole new gender locked class or "apex of apex"/another huge "class revamp bs") that will deal at least 40% more dps than archer to force every "try hard endgame player" to trash their HO+3 toons and reroll;
*Another [filtered] grindy gear update like HO+6 and prob they'll raise iLVL req across the board again and HO+0 will be mid-tier but they will keep the insane 1000 talents per try cost;
* More RNG and grindy/time sink mech to force ppl spend money on the game so they don't burn half of the year just grinding;
* Prob they'll revamp some game system/mechanic that nobody asked for and in the end will be worse for the players... (cof..dungeon entries revamp?)

That's the only things BHS know how to do afterall..
You guys that play on console should enjoy this old VM gearing system while it last cuz the new gearing garbage from PC later on Apex1~Apex 2 patch will turn out to be a HUGE trap for players..
Imho the new gearing was one of the biggest mistake that devs made on the last few years on Tera..
It actually started very "ok and fair" back on RKE patch when SC+9 was BIS and a mid-tier frost metal set was very relevant, but they did a HORRIBLE mistake and keep adding new impossible grindy gear and increasing iLVL req for new dungeons (i.e: turning lower tier gear obsolete) each 6 months while the enchantement cost from the previous gear stayed the same (unlike on VM9 patch where VM8 Ambush was made way cheaper).
By mid Apex 2 patch/fishing patch the amount of grinding on this game increased by like a factor of 10x and i'm not kidding, every new revamp/system they did on the game since gear revamp turned to be a HUGE time sink (i.e: gear exp and countless hours converting mats are a prime example) and tbh i think the current BIS gear (HO+3) is realistic attainable only by whales/full p2w players, i just can't see a new free player (or not even new...) reaching that gear before it'll become obsolete...

On the other hand imho it was a joke to reach Deathwreck+15 on VSMH patch (esp on PC where spacecats gave VM9 key mats on VHNM!), heck you guys can literally get BIS jewellery just farming tokens on IOD, let's not even compare that to the huge pain in the @#$ that is the upgrade from SC to ethereal jewellery where we need to farm for months just to reach that insane ~160K gear exp gap just to get a measly 2x sucess chance!

So yeah, just enjoy while it last and prob by late 2019 or 2020 a LOT of player will drop Tera on console cuz how grindy it'll became..
And for anyone who don't believe me, just check the clear trend (that's important and not how many play on Steam or not) since they started messing and upgrading (Heroic gear bs) this new gearing system on Apex1 patch back on April~May/2018: https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
They overthink TOO much and mess with things that NOBODY complained, that's the BHS way of doing things.
I'm pretty sure this "dungeon entries revamp" will make the game worse like almost EVERY revamp they did in the past 2+ years.
Imho Tera is one of the most "revamped" games ever, every 3~6 months they're messing with classes or game mechanics that literally nobody asked for!
This is a serious sign of a developer that does not know what they're doing....
As i said here, almost all updates they did since prob 2016 actualy made the game worse..
I love the insane 10 s for crafting for free players vs 3.3 s for elite player, they made the game way more p2w now and somehow there's still ppl that want to see more buffs to elite lol.
spung wrote: »
ChrisL wrote: »
i was wondering what happened to my dps,honestly i was doing decent keeping up with dps with the same gear,now i have to use sup nocts and im still behind other dps with lower gear...i call [filtered]. you think a cloth melee would actually deserve to have good dps being that they are so squishy and can get 1 shot just by getting clipped from melee hits,but naah.

Its a well deserved nerf. I played against all types of people from players wearing the same set as me to inferior. There's always that one percentage of people that I could not surpass no matter how much I try and this applies to almost all classes I have played against... this could do to all different factors like living next to servers, having a really good gaming setup, using scripts, etc.

But whatever.

Your problem is that you seem to think youre the best at what you do, anyway not one class deserved a nerf at this point especially not this big [filtered] nerf ninja just got, if anything it shouldve been a fix for this reaper bug because it is 110% broken. They should've just buffed the weaker classes to be on par with current strong ones. Now, we just get more cancerous dg's as if it wasn't bad enough, they remove velik's buff too.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Your problem is that you think Tera is a serious competitive e-sport where skill matters but in the end of the day, is just a korean cash grap mmo.
I got EXACT the same impression as the user you quoted.
When i was active in Tera's endgame scene i ALWAYs wondered why only a few players (always the same faces from the same guilds) deals SO much more dps than me (like 30%, heck even 50% more) with the SAME gear.
I always tried to improve my rotations, party comp, optimize pr0xy and fix lag issues but no matter what, my mistakes were all very minor and the max i could improve was like 10% with a lot of effort...
Then back on Apex 1 patch when they released that super broken zerk (now nerfed to the ground for legit players hahaha!) i realized how naive i was, in fact most of endgame zerker were exploiting the game with U$150 scripts form a very "famous" dude, they are still using that script to undo the nerf and also on way more classes now (gunner, lancer, etc..)
If you don't believe or you think i'm trash i don't give a crap, you can take your time and search Tera's sub reddit for a very long post from one of the best lancer on NA telling all the "scripts" he used lol.
So yeah, go ahead and waste your time on Tera trying to compete with cheaters lol..

About class balancing: From someone active from 2015-2018, BHS NEVER EVER tried to balance ANYTHING on this game, the only thing they did was "class rotation" to force ppl to reroll.
So, you think Ninja is weak(lol)?Just reroll to archer and enjoy being super OP dealing 30~50% more dps than Apex 1 classes for ~4 months then, by the time you are Full HO+3, you can can trash everything again and reroll from scratch to the next broken class that for sure will deal 30~50% more dps than your archer lol.
Or just play a game with a serious competitive scene where skill really matters ;)
Does this bait give some advantage vs the free in game bait?
Cuz they slowly turning the game into a pay to win model since they made that 100% exp boost exclusive to cash shop..
Imho, EME should stop being shy and, on the next patch, just put HO+7 gear on cash shop for like U$1K and make it untradeable while +6 is the max ingame ;)
The whole point of this bs gear exp system is to force you to play the game... a lot.
In fact that's why they even nerfed the system further puting a [filtered] gear exp cap in it, so you can't stack exp.
So when you reach the cap you're forced to upgrade/enchant otherwise you gonna waste gear exp (i.e: time).
This garbage system is one of the biggest reason why gearing alts is next to impossible nowadays, cuz they rly want you to redo and replay everything in the game...
Imho, 2018 Tera development team is very diferent from VM days developer, nowadays they rly think a video game should be a full time job and that's why they should be glad that there's a few ppl left playing in only 2 servers..
Or they rly want to make gearing with ingame resources impractical and force cash shop sales. That "100% gear exp boost" (cash shop exclusive and non-tradeable) is a good hint where we are going with this garbage gearing system.
Nice, another useless update that somehow will make the game WORSE just like EVERYTHING they did on Tera since 2016 and the player pop cleary reflect that: https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
And i'll LOL a lot when they'll trash the HO+3 gear of all those whales for new "LV70 gear" soon after this update hahaha, that's the only thing BHS knows to do afterall!
So, it seems to me that all we can do is keep providing as much vocal but constructive feedback as possible on what exactly the pain points are, and constantly lay that at EME's feet. If this aligns with their metrics and they can see clearly that the status quo is causing them to lose more money than they could make by taking another approach (either on EME or BHS's side), I expect something will change.

I think the best thing we can do is just stop playing the game and especially stop spending any money in the cash shop.
We can do the same thing we did in the DMCA fiasco and let EME/BHS think for a bit what they want with NA Tera..

And if you ask me, gearing on VM days was FAIR, we could gear to BIS playing the game, now they expect us to spend money selling EMP to speed the gearing to a reasonable level cuz there's no point to grind a whole year for a gear that'll last 6 months..
Nowadays i'm pretty sure the majority of income from EME come from this stupid grindy gearing system and the game is WAY more P2W than it ever been.
I take the "easy" gearing of mongo/vm6 days over this garbage p2w system any day of the week. Was it too easy? Np, after i was done with my main i could always start learning and gearing a new class and make the game fun, now i can't even gear my main anymore and i'm locked out from 4~5 star dungeons unless i spend serious money in the game cuz i'm not stupid to grind 8hrs+/day on a videogame.
The only thing BHS want with Tera is to make the game into a generic korean cash grab with new broken af classes and more non viable grinding each patch.
They're clueless, almost every "revamp" or change they made since 2015 actually made the game worse!
If what they did in the past 2~3 years are so good why we got only 2 servers now and like 1/4 of the player pop?

I remember the first "crafting revamp" when they removed campfire, they completely destroyed gathering and entirely gutted crafting.
Then fast foward ~1 year, we got that garbage gearing revamp (imho one of the biggest mistake on Tera) that turned crafting into this ultra boring thing where we waste hundreds thousands of gold in recipes so we can AFK for hours converting thousands of mats!
Fast foward 1 more year and now here we are with them changing crafting again hahaha, i bet that it'll be somehow worse and more grindy for the players!
Heck just look what they're doing with that new pvp gear bs: 2015-2016 pvp gear, 2017-2018 no pvp gear, 2019 return of pvp gear, wtf are they just drunk or something lol? Is this even the same developer???
TheDarkWan wrote: »
That is not the real problem. The real problem is the gear xp issue all together or better yet RNG gearing system we have. This whole thing turned Tera into a gearing simulation, and I would rather quit than get dragged into a gearing driven game. When Tera was at it's beak gearing was extremely easy and that created a welcoming environment to all players casual and hardcore. Gear xp right now means nothing anyway, ppl yolo gear all the time. What BHS should do is remove the RNG gearing system and implement actual content that is fun. Increase drops of gear in dungeons by 300% more chances as I can see right now chances are 1 or two boxes a day drop in every server and I would like to see that increase to 6 or 7 boxes a day which would bring a needed relief to players who need a break from the constant grind for mats and xp. people should do content because it's fun not because they have to. That is the problem with Tera right now.
Tera always lacked real content so what they did? They turned the gearing into the main content of the game!
They're so afraid of ppl "losing interest" after reaching BIS that they made an impossible grindy system that expect you to play everyday and never take a break cuz you gonna be left behind.
Now, new players are so far behind vet players that they don't even bother with this game anymore, why lose so much time with useless guardian>twist>frost progression when 446 iLVL is the the bare minimum relevant gear? Why waste a stupid amount of time grinding full SC+7 just to reap VG rewards for a mid tier GLSNM dungeon?
I wonder if by the next [filtered] HO+6 update they gonna ask full HO+0(i.e: 1000 golden talent per try!) for braindead mid-tier stuff.
One of the reason why i enjoyed playing Tera aside the combat system is cuz gearing was kinda easy, i could always reach BIS on like ~3 month and this in fact made me play the game even more trying to learn and gear a new class!
Now i don't ever touch alts anymore cuz it's almost impossible to reach BIS as a free player even on my main!

Imho, if they really wanna make gearing extend the lifetime of the content they should focus more on optional gearing, idk, just copy the dual class system from Lineage 2 or something...
voidy wrote: »
The thing you're asking for would make everyone's lives easier and there's virtually no downside. Anyone who doesn't like it can simply not pick up keen motes. However, because we're in these forums, you can rest assured that even a simple request like yours will be met with morally outraged objections from people with nothing better to do than argue for argument's sake. Have fun and enjoy your thread!
Prob someone gonna cry here how perma "keen motes" on IOD will make the grinding too easy hahaha!
For me, they can put perma triple drop and keen motes and i'll still think IOD farming is one of these thing that make this game a chore to play...
The problem here is this developer revamp WAY too much, they change and mess the rules of the game too many times..
I'm just waiting for the new "warrior revamp or awakening 3.0" or when they'll change sorc rotation for the 3rd time in ~2 years, or maybe a whole new "pvp gear" just like 2016 Conflate, or maybe they will say on a dev note how the gearing system ikilled new player's progression and why not release an even worse completely new gear system???
BHS just shut down Tera you guys are cleary CLUELESS.
Nopi wrote: »

Well, thanks for the explanation, but if they are so adamant on keeping things as they are right now, regardless of what feedback people are giving, then I see no other outcome than the further downsizing of the playerbase. But, maybe that's part of their design and intention as well?

Imho, if you ask me, i rly think that their plan is to make endgame gearing (especialy anything past 455 iLVL) only viable for whales that spends lots of money in the game to make progression WAY WAY faster.
I rly wonder if at least 90% of all HO+0 or better players are p2w ppl, usually they only farm top-tier dungeons and we all know we can't farm talents/lots of gems/etc on 5 man dungeon...
And we can see the same trend on EMP prices, last time i saw they were asking 200K for an elite 30d voucher, nowadays you can buy a LOT more gold with real money and it's WAY more time efficient to gear the p2w route than farming anything ingame.
A free/casual spender player starting now will burn to death farming super boring IOD bams (or waiting long queues for PVP) for golden talents and prob will give up gearing anything past 453 iLVL (FullSC+7 which is asked for mid-tier content!), idk how the heck a non-p2w player are supposed to farm an INSANE 1000 golden talents per try just for ONE HO+0 weapon, prob they'll faill like 6~8x (i.e: 8000 talents !), i can't even imagine the PP and AFK time needed just to convert all those golden talent and the developer is actually asking full HO+0 for bahaar dungeon! (let's compare that with the full misery+12 asked for VSHM on last VM patch!)..

In the end of the day, i just think they're milking hard their remaining whale endgame playerbase with this gearing system and by the next HO+6 patch, NA Tera's endgame will be locked to whales only ;)

920MX is enough if you tweak Tera and run at prob sub 1080p resolution.
I tested Tera on a oced GT 630 1GB 128 bits (Fermi 96 SPs) and it ran fine at 1366x768~1440x900 Medium with some tweaks on S1engine.ine, i'm pretty sure 920MX is faster than GT 630.
On the other hand, Tera was unplayable and very bugy on a Intel HD4600 with 1.6Ghz oc, idk about HD 620 graphics but there's some very serious driver optimization or architeture issues with Intel IGPs on Tera..
I already said a lot about how bad the current gearing system is, anyway:

1 - Gear EXP shoud be farmable till 100%, only this change will fix almost all problems with the gearing system;

2 - Wanna release new impossible grindy gear and raise iLVL for new content each 6 months? Then just NERF the enchanting cost of actual low~upper mid-tier gear, it does not make sense to force a new player to farm full SC+7 for months just so they can reap VG rewards for a brain dead GLSNM dungeon..(In VM9 days we could farm Misery+12 in less than a week and with skill was enough to clear even 5 stars VSHM!)

3 - Stupid crafting system, if BHS rly wanna me afk for hours just converting thousands of talents then why not start paying my electric bills...

4 - Talents should be way easier to farm IN dungeons and not in boring af IOD or only on PVP content with like 30 min queue times...

Overall the old VM system was way better and nowadays i rly think EME/BHS are making a profit of this grindy af gearing system, the "opportunity cost" after SC+7 is way TOO much for anyone to gear the "free way"..
TYoung11 wrote: »
I feel things like EE and Veils should be harder to get. There needs to be some sort of limiting factor that prevents players from maxing out too quickly. When that happens, people run out of things to do and you end up with the problems that this game had in the past where the game would be active for a couple months, then dead for a few months as everyone waited for the next patch.
Yep, grinding should be harder, cuz if it's too easy maybe we end with...3x playerbase, just like on VM6 days?
Lemme ask you a personal question: Is Tera the most important thing you do in your life or you are another whale (just like koreans) that P2W to make the grinding faster? You rly want to focus a whole year grinding in this game (where content last 6 months..) cuz omg, threre's a serious risk that you gonna take a break if they make the gearing easier?!!!!
Did you know that you can always gear alts after you're done gearing your main??

As we can see, Tera's players are a dwindling minority in the gaming population cuz they rly think a video game should be a full time job.
VirtualON wrote: »
Can you people stop answering like morons?

Who gives a shi.t if you outdps a new player??? Answer this question assuming equal skills or shut the hell up.

Class max potential has nothing to do with individuals skills.

Top dps is something like this : Gunner = Archer >= Valk = Ninja = Zerk > the rest. Although the difference is not big like before.

The best gunner will destroy the best slayer any day of the week. So pleass stop with horseshit "best class = class you are good at". Thanks.
You got a very valid point there!
This is one of the most unbalanced game that i ever played (cuz BHS in fact make money out of ppl rerolling every 6 months), and someone ask about the best dps class (cuz there's top and garbage tiers on EVERY patch) and ppl say that "the best is the one that you enjoy" or the "class that you know how to play".
Nobody is asking about skill hahaha, it's just: "Is A>B?", i'm pretty sure that, both players with the same skills, one will deal way more dps on archer than on slayer!
Tera is not a serious competitive game at all!
This game is such a meme that you can buy a fkn U$150 script to undo the nerf BHS made to Zerks so you can deal you 10M/s broken dps hahaha!
Now if you wanna ask what dps you should play (and not "which is the best dps"), then: Play whatever you want, i'm pretty sure BHS will either nerf the current top DPS or releaser another more broken BS just to force ppl to reroll, that's what they're doing since 2013~2014 anyway hahahha!
Ponilover wrote: »
and you can't bank it

Remember when everyone cried about the unbankable dragon tokens?
Cuz now, every fkn thing in this game is unbankable, just WOW!
For the current developer, redundant grinding is the key on 2018 Tera!
They rly believe that a videogame should be a full time job, that more grinding = ppl playing more hours.
Why they're SO scared of players farming gear faster on multiple alts? Do they rly believe that someone will farm old dungeons non-stop for months just for a mask? Heck, this developer thinks that gear = content lol!
Every statistic we got (steam charts, moongourd, etc) show lots of players leaving this game, by this point i think we got like 1/3 of the playerbase of the mongo/vm6 days when even casuals could reach BIS gear!
But somehow they want to make gearing stupid hard, grindy and boring, every patch..
Back on rke patch we could play and learn different roles to farm EE on alts, that made the content FUN, but nowadays every 6 months there's a new bs HO+ update with a new "unbankable" mats, idk why then want us to farm for 1 year for a gear that'll last 6 months before they raise this stupid iLVL req again...
If ppl stop playing the game after they reach BIS gear then the reality is that there was no actual content on the first place, but now they want to make gearing stupid grindy and boring just to mask the lack of content on Tera. Lol, maybe a HO+9 update with 20000 GT per try and lots of unbankale mats will save this game and make player grinding IOD 12 Hrs/day non stop hahaha, whata dumb dev lol.
EME can you plz fix the golden talent problem or better yet do a complete revamp on how we farm basic mats in the game?
Or endgame gear nowadays is cleary meant to be only achievable for p2w/whale players in a reasonable amount of time?

EME i suggest you to kill IOD ovoliths for 4 hours or spam BGs and waits like 15-20 min for queues.
Do you rly think that's is good and fun way to farm basic mats in game?
No wonder that they'l eventually nerf even more how we can farm mats/gems in game and ofc there'll be lots of gem crates sold on cash shop.
Since HO+2 update they made very clear that endgame gear is meant to be a thing achievable only for P2W(whales) player.
What they'll do on next HO+6 update? Maybe they'll ask 456 iLVL (HO+0!) for mid-tier 3 star dungeons and the cost will be the same stupid 1000 golden talents per try, making the game non viable for any free players?
Imho they're just heavily milking the last months/year of Tera :)
Tbh, i rly think that nowadays EME got most of their income from this stupid grind gearing system and not from costume sales.
That's the only reason i can think why they rly want to marke this game extreme grindy and IMPRACTICAL for free players to progress.
Things that EME can fix:

A more reasonable grinding/gear progression path especially for free players or new/returning players.
I mean, they did something very good with PVP rewards, finally now there's a way to farm silver talents since...ages..
But there's lot of players on PVE servers that hate Tera's PVP with a reason, why you guys just don't revamp how we get basic mats in PVE?
Why not just completely get rid of this gabage thing called "IOD Tier 1 BAM talent farming" that imho is one of the most horrible content Tera ever got and it make this game a chore to play?
Just copy EU idk and put golden talent crate or some token shop thing on dugeons, i.e: actually FUN stuff!

And why you guys are so afraid to maker gearing a bit easier overall?
I mean it doesn't need to be spacecats/Mongo days "easy" but heck at least something like a Full SC+7 gear (453 iLVL) should be way easier for a new player to get cuz it's the minimum gear to get rewards of mid-tier content like GLSNM.
We need a new Elin class that deal at least 200% more dps than Apex 2 Ninja with talents, Heroic +6~+9 with cost so high that only ppl that spend U$1000 on the game can attain, more nerfs to in game ways to farm mats (gold/silver talents and meta tokens) cuz someone on korea said that more grind = longer content and let's not forget to increase item level for low/mid-tier content so high and at same time keep enchanting cost of old gear the same that there'll be not a single casual/semi casual new or f2p player left in this game.
Then, by mid 2019 there'll be like 500 players on Steam Charts but dw, someone will say that the "majority of players" play without Steam even tho most of them was pr0xy players that no longer play on NA since DMCA stuff...

Let's cut the crap: The developer cleary already gave up in this game since Apex 1 patch, now they're only heavily milking a bunch of full endgame P2W players left.
Tera players does not know the difference between "possibility" and "viability".

I'm very very sorry, but if you can progress like 10x faster in the game just cuz you're a buying or selling stuff from the cash shop, then imho the game is very much P2W, and that's is true for Tera, esp since EME/BHS heavily nerfed ingame mata farming since Apex1 patch.
As i said for a casual player/streamer that know #[email protected]! about Tera and think the gearing system is very fair cuz useless FM or SC+0 is easily achievable: Go quit your job and grind Full SC+7 from the scratch without spending a dime cuz that's the minimum for mid-tier 3 star dungeon, in the end you gonna destroy your life so you can call this game "theoretically non P2W" lol.
1 - Proxy does no make high ping into "playable ping", it just mask the delays of high ping gameplay but there's still huge problems (like ghosting), but anyway it's a lot better than vanila high ping Tera;
2 - The only "free" proxy that still support NA that i know is heavily limited, afaik there's no support for any apex2 classes.
Just spam DRCN on the most alts that you can.
DRCN is braindead easy and 446 (unlike 453 content) is still "low" enough that you can achieve on alts..
As i already said here: The current development team is cleary lost on what they want with the gear system, now they gonna go back all the way to the VM6/Conflate days with pvp only gear, wtf BHS plz MAKE your mind!
And as everything on the current gearing system, prob this PVP gear will be WAY more expensive and grindy than the old Conflate gear..

Anyway, at least they're bothering with PVP since ages..
kubitoid wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
I believe FM+0 has become low tier.
wtf guardian and twistshard are doing here then. must be buried at the deepest bottom of trash bin right away with Dougal giving away frostmetal as starting gear :astonished:

Go ask the developer, tbh i think both are useless tier (esp Guardian) cuz we need at least 439 (Full FM+0) even to awaken so why make new players waste time till 439 learning useless outdated pre-awaken rotation?

Imho, if we think about it there was logic behind the old VM gearing system:

1 - The gear treadmill always reseted each patch, this gave a chance for new/returning players to catch up, unlike the current system;
2 - And the most important thing: Content was balanced and made for actual mid-tier gear, if you were skilled enough you could clear even 5 star dungeon on something like Misery gear. VM+15 was more of a "plus", something to show off or to clear content faster...
P.s: Prob the next month they will release the true endgame dungeon ( 5 stars) with a iLVL req of 456 which is HO+0!

3 - The old system matched the dungeon rotation thing that BHS always did..

We should just use simple logic: By the next patch they'll release HO+5 or +6 crap and by then maybe they'll make HO+0 the basic iLVL req to reap VG rewards of mid-tier content wich is simply insane?
If they continue down this path, it'll be virtually impossible for a new/returning player to catch on the next patch!

Tbh, if you ask me i already think that the old VM system with just some minor fix (like some % correction from each failure on 12~15) would be a way better than the current gearing system.

Imho, if the devs consider SC+7 mid-tier gear then they should either: Heavily nerf enchanting cost or maybe EME shoulld make farming mats easier..
Game is in a way more worse state is you ask me.

1 - Gear progression is WAY more grindy than it ever was (at least since i started on VM5 patch), just forget having fun gearing alts to help your guild or whatever, you gonna need months to just gear one char to ~Full SC+7 that is what they're asking now for new 3 Stars dungeons (unlike VM days that the gear needed for 5 star content was farmed in 1 week!), jewelry is [filtered] expensive now (158K gear exp is just LOL) and there's no relilable ways to farm mats. I don't think the current BIS (HO+2 soon +3) is achievable anymore for free players starting now. The current developer rly got a very different mindset from the devs of last VM patch and they think oldschool hardcore korean grind is the way to go.

2 - EME/BHS nerfed every way to farm basic enchanting mats (esp golden talents, meta tokens, etc) cuz they think that a longer grind will make ppl play more their game...

3 - Class balance is horrible as always, the lastest revamped/newer classes will always be broken and way above everything else, if you play dps class you'll be relevant for just 6 months tops, the dev will do everything to force you to reroll even if rerolling is not a option anymore cuz how expensive and time consuming gearing is now.

4 - Player pop is all time low, i don't care if you trust or not on Steam charts or whatever, the fact is that back in VM5 days we needed to line up just to do TAR on AV cuz every channel was full, now we got only 2 servers and it'll be a pain just to find groups to run endgame content..

Imho, BHS/EME is trying very hard to make Tera an overall bad gaming experience, they completely forgot what the word "FUN" means.
Dw, the developer rly think Tera nowadays is all about eternal grinding (who cares about the combat), they already said that they wanna bring HO+9 at some point and if we consider this gabarge gearing system with ever inscreasing enchanting cost, prob we gonna farm non stop for maybe 2-3 years just for HO+9!
BHS rly think Tera is def the most important thing in our lifes!!
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
Considering how difficult it is to even get SC and then enhance it, I don't understand why people are labeling at 'mid-tier' now. Seems pretty stupid to me. HO only goes up to +2 now LOL and I still rarely see people with it. SC is still high-tier in my books, but then again I don't go playing with a bunch of unfriendly elitists.

Cuz the developer is asking full SC+7 for 4 star dungeons and even SC+0 for brain dead 2 star(!!) dungeon, btw one month for now there'll be HO+3 and the iLVL needed for the true yet to be released top tier 5 star dungeons will be 456 iLVL which is HO+0 so yeah, even ppl with full SC+9 will not be able to claim VG rewards for the hardest PVE content anymore (unlike VM9 patch where even Misery gear was enough for 5 star VSHM!)
If you guys are stuck on october/2017 and still think that frost metal is "mid-tier" gear then by all means, go run DCHM and Grotto NM with FM gear ;)
DCHM/GrottoNM is the equivalent of RRHM/AANM (or TRHM/RKNM on arsenal patch), there's nothing about high-tier on these dungeons.
The developer does not care that almost nobody got even H0+0 cuz they're increasing the iLVL needed for new content either way. In fact, prob for the first time in Tera's history they're asking BIS gear to run endgame content (search Bahaar's Temple on k-tera)
And there's huge implications for PVP players too...
Imho Twist is the new guardian (beginner tier), FM is low-tier, SC is mid-tier and HO is high/BIS tier, by this point they should remove guardian gear from the game.
But maybe you guys got a very different definition of what mid or high tier is and as a consequence, a lot of player base should be locked out from new content and play only 1 year old RK9/TRNM dungeons...
metagame wrote: »
Dvsv wrote: »
Especially now that the dev is asking insane 453 and 455 iLVL to do mid-high tier content
while it is a high requirement, the gear required to achieve it has been around for over a year now.

Yep, cuz there's no returning or new players on this game anymore, ppl will sure play 1 year..ops 1.5 years (cuz HO+0~+3) and soon 2 years non-stop and so on, cuz if you take a break you'll never catch anymore on this garbage gearing system.
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
NGCH34R4FN wrote: »
Server merge was a good idea but it got killed when EME pulled the DMCA stunt. More than 50% of the player pop decided to quit NA or transferred to EU as a whole guild. And worse is that EU is smart enough to capitalize on EMEs fall by giving out levelling events, better events, discount on thalers and over all better economy with gold silver talents.

I'm not saying that you were saying this, but EU isn't perfect though. They have their flaws too. Like for instance its more difficult to make money over here than here, especially if you rely on selling talents as one of your methods. Since their game is flooded with talents its super cheap there, and they don't have as many ways of getting gems as we do.

If you ask me leaving to run to EU over that incident was over-dramatic, but whatever. EME definitely needs to get it together though or I can see th is game becoming dead once and for all in the future. A shame too because there is potential here despite the outdated textures and the too-mechanic heavy dungeons.

Yep, EU is bad for RMTers to make gold or for ppl to buy costume with in game gold but it's WAY better for ppl that actually wanna play the game (i.e: gear to do endgame content).
This "economy bs talk" was always a pure fallacy cuz if you're selling golden talents and gems then you're not gearing (and eventually the price of liberated gear will rise cuz talent shortage)...
If you ask me, the stats for players that play without steam is way more grim cuz i'm pretty sure a big chunk of them was pr0xy users...

Anyway, 2018 was a horrible year for NA Tera, too many bad decisions..
I wonder how long this game stay profitable cuz a huge drop in overall player numbers prob also mean a drop in paying consumers too (as we can see by constant rising EMP prices?)..
It's not nerfed, but it's basicaly mid-tier gear now cuz you need at least 453 iLVL (full SC+7) to run most of the new dungeons (or SC 9/8/8/8 to run the hardest dg rn) and i'm pretty sure they're balancing new content arround high tiers of SC or even HO+0 (i.e: the next 5 star 456 dungeon that they'll release soon).
That's why SC should be WAY WAY cheaper to enchant unless the developer, for some strange reason, want to lock new mid-high tier content for the minority of the player base.
CornishRex wrote: »
Early September I started out on EU. I already played briefly in 2016 so I had a warrior and a priest at 65. I geared both of them in twist and I bought myself a founders key for the elite, 4 bank slots and 8 char slots for an easier start. Fast forward a month. Warrior is in +8 sc weapon and +4 chest/gloves/boots (so close to 453!!!), priest is in early sc. The only bottleneck so far has been pp. I can't gear because I don't want to spend gold on crafters cures. I buy them with my vg points. It's insane how fast gearing is here. I basically started from scratch.

EU has p2w items in their cash shop, yes. But they balance it out by making everything much more easily obtainable ingame. NA however? They have p2w items as well! Yet they are still reluctant to give their players an easier chance to gear ingame.
EU got the correct mindset about how gearing should be done on Apex2 patch, NA is is currently all messed up, in fact cuz no more perma double VG/ meta tokens on VGs now it's slower to gear than back in october/2018 when SC+9 is BIS, which make absolutely no sense!
On Apex 2 453 iLVL is needed for both Grotto NM and Dark Citadel HM, they're not endgame dungeons!
Heck, if you ask me neither Grotto HM ( a 4 star 455 iLVL dungeon) is the true endgame dungeon, they'll soon release a 5 start 456 iLVL (Heroic gear) dungeon!
So, 453 iLVL (Full SC+7?) should be a LOT easier for any semi dedicated player to attain cuz it's more like a bit abover mid-tier now!

On NA, prob a new player starting from scratch will spend the majority of the patch just gearing to 453 so they can run measily mid-tier dungeon lol.
Even if EME return to the old perma double VG with ocasional triple VG event, gearing will still be slower than EU!

I don't mind if H0+2~3 is insanely expensive cuz it's BIS gear and it's still not needed for any content, but SC+7~+9? C'mon, a fkn base 25% chance w/ 88 plates 3 diamonds and prob 65-80k tokens each try needed for "mid-tier" gear where we need to wait 3 week for 224 talents per IOD VG is pure [filtered].
The game now is WAY WAY more grindy than back in 2016 where you could even gear alts in SF+15 cuz mongos + WAY more simplified and cheaper gearing system.
Gatokatzen wrote: »

If you are ok with 439 and don’t care of exagerated grinding beyond 446 everything will be fine.

Game is fun to play if your goal is Semi casual.( Stormcry +0 ) Unfortunately population decreased a lot of .and find a party for anything becomes harder than usual. Even join to a guild won’t help cause guilds with 150 or more members may only get 3 or 4 players online.

But there aren’t more events as were before. Now events are super limited . And costumes or free things are temporary only. This is a dry month,people awakening this week then get bored due to lack of content and exagerated progression times ,then leaves and back when. More rewards comes.

You can't run [filtered] anymore on this new patch with just 439 iLVL, heck even 446 is needed for 2 star dungeons(!!!), if you ask me the true mid-tier gear is 453 iLVL wich is Storm Cry+7???
But there's a HUGE problem now: Storm Cry enchanting cost remain exactly the same as when it was BIS gear, which is pure [filtered]!

EME is stuck in 2017 and they rly think Storm Cry is still BIS gear with how hard they made farming golden talents in this game...
If we continue down this patch, by the time we get to HO+6 the huge majority of the player base will be effectively locked out of every new dungeons and it'll be impossible for a new or returning player to catch to a veteran..
Heck, just bring the old +15 system back and put some "failure correction %" between +12~+15 and it'll be WAY WAY better than this garbage gearing system we got rn.
Imho, at this point, they should just remove gear exp and put something like this: 3 years of pure grinding...
Just make like a job where they ask years of "experience"...
Cuz i'm sure ppl will keep playing 3 years non stop just cuz virtual pixels...

Anyway, we're at a point that the time we grindy for stuff is longer than the lifespan of the content (!).
2018 Tera onwards: Grindy simulator..
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
Weapon glows were intentional. However they did not add new materials to the BG shop like they were supposed to do.


Why would you change the "quality" of a weapon "visually" without making it easier to enchant/upgrade?

If Oath is the new Stormcry then Stormcry should be easier to enchant/upgrade...

Yep, that's what i saw coming 6 months ago when they released that Heroic gear [filtered]...
Now i'm 100% sure that the old +15 system was WAY better than this new crap, in EVERY way possible.
This gearing system will, at some point, make essentialy impossible to ppl to catch up wiith veteran players.
They wanna us to non stop play every single day and put more and more effort gearing each new patch.
It's very clear that SC is now a mid-tier gear with BIS cost and HO is the actual BIS gear with BIS*2 cost.
That's a HUGE contrast if we compare with the old +15 system where they asked a constant amount of grinding each patch (VM9 was no harder to get than VM8, VM7, etc...)

Btw, at this point, triple vanguard should be the norm with quad vanguard events.
But i guess EME is stuck on October/2017 and they think that Storm Cry is the BIS gear (oh wait, back then DOUBLE vanguard was the norm and not this single vanguard w/ 112 talents per toon bs).

Destroy the economy...since 2016...

That's why they should nerf everything that is farmable ingame, every costume, make golden talent at 500G each, till there's only 10 ppl playing the game and nobody to "destroy the economy".

Plz, this is just a videogame, play it for fun..
Bother with your "real life economy".
If you're starting now just go to EU, they got the "official" (i mean, caali's) proxy and gearing is much easier which make sense if we keep in mind what BHS is doing with the gearing system and stupid high iLVL req for new content..

EME here in NA is completely clueless atm with their "super expensive golden talents", maybe they're still stuck in october/2017 when Storm Cry was the BIS gear??
aeyrebaby wrote: »
It glows differently now to reflect that it is no longer BiS gear. (Although it seems like even HO doesn't have wings anymore, but a red shine instead)
The achievements is the result of dungeons being added/removed.
Yep, SC is no longer BIS but guess what? Enchanting cost of SC gear remain exactly the same as before!
Now it's VERY clear as day why i said that the old +15 system was in fact WAY better than this new gearing bs!

Let's go back to 2017 and recap:

Deathwreck +15 was the new BIS, the 2nd best gear (Ambush/Behemot) was WAY faster to enchant cuz you could farm T11 fod at double rate..
That's the great thing about the old system that we gonna miss a lot: Enchanting cost/grinding time was CONSTANT every patch!
And back then you could clear EVERY dungeon on just mid tier (Misery) gear!
Now they're increasing enchanting cost/farming time every patch.

I logged here to see that the new dungeon Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) is 455 iLVL (!) which i can't run even on my SC+7/8/8/5 warrior and it's just a 4 star dungeon lol, they'll release the true endgame 5 star dungeon soon!
If they wanna make SC gear mid-tier they should heavily nerf the enchanting cost to be easily achievable even to casuals now.
And i was right all this time when i said that Frost Metal is just starter/garbage tier now, in fact with just 439 iLVL we can't run any new content, even a fkn 2 start dungeon (Dark Citadel) is 446 iLVL hahaha wtf!

They're making gear obsolete JUST as before but now it's WAY harder and more expensive to gear.
Jerichow wrote: »
Exactly, I think something that has been horribly missed here is that most dedicated players have 2-3 characters/classes they enjoy playing, aside from their 'main', as well as several other characters they'd like to gear up to at least mid tier.

Take me for example, I "main" Lancer and all resources go to gearing her up first. But man... Slayer. That's where the fun is at for me, so if I was able to gear my Lancer up to HO or at least high end SC, I'd happily start working on my Slayer. And when she's done? I roll a Priest for a healer and know he could use some gearing-up as well. Even with the acquisition of more talents - I'd still have three times the grind to go through, which excludes my 6 other characters I could have fun with.
You got the point.
That's why i always tought that the huge influx of mats and easy gearing was never been a big problem on mongo days tbh (esp in a game that trash gear every 6 month like Tera was..and still is, look at iLVL needed for next HM dungeons)
In general, i think it's better to make gearing easier (i.e: EU) than impossible grindy..

Btw, gearing was way easier and faster back on Arsenal patch release cuz of perma double VG and lots of meta tokens (it was not that hard to craft SC+2 w/o much effort for any alt)..
And there's a huge new problem now: BIS will be HO+3 but they're doing nothing to NERF enchanting cost of SC gear, in fact it's harder now to gear to SC+7~SC+9 cuz how much they nerfed ingame ways to farm mats...

Prob there'll be huge implication for endgame playerbase cuz : 1 - The majority of endgame players left cuz pr0xy debacle; 2 - 456-457 iLVL for next HM content; 3 - It's WAY harder to gear to BIS now than 6~12 months ago.

In the end of the day, the developer rly think that impossible grindy gearing will make ppl stay at the game while in fact is just making lots of ppl avoid the game altogether..

Proxy is not the answer.. if they explicitly allow/support dps meter/moongourd, and/or remove xigncode, a huge portion of players will come back even without proxy. Of course, based on ktc's newspost they think proxy and dps meter are the same thing, so.. i'm not really holding out hope for anything reasonable to come out of eme or bhs anytime soon

Nop, they'll not come back.
There's a thing called skill predictor that keep high-ping endgame player still playing this game all this time..
As a foreign 180 ms+ player, i (and my friends) will not even touch this game anymore if there's no built-in skill predictor (SP).
Imho SP is more important than even a DPS meter cuz we high ping player's can't play some classes (lancer, warrior..) even at a semi casual level.
Tbh prob half of Tera's classes are just completely broken for a high ping player without SP....
A built-in SP is such a high priority that it should have been released back in ~2012 when the game was released on NA and EME made the decision to welcome player from all around the globe.

As a short term solution: Tell to BHS (or just work with some proxy dev) to make a very limited version of proxy with only the skill predictor (SP) functionality (and make it work only for PVE content), you guys can also disable any modular functionality from proxy (make unable for ppl to use cheats, in game guides or any non approved functionality), release it as a .exe file, change and enforce the TOS (make the official SP/meter the only allowed program) and ban everything else.
Imho the biggest mistake EME did was issuing a DMCA without a proper official alternative to meter/skill predictor in place.
They basically killed their own player base..
And even if they release something by idk, next month, how many ppl will return to NA after they're already established on EU??
At least EME said something constructive now...

Anyway EME, plz don't forget about one of the most (if not the most) important things: In game skill predictor.
I don't care how you or BHS do it or even if you guys allow some limited "officially approved" third party tool..
If you can't fix it for PVP, just cap that skill predictor for PVE only content (just disable for BGs or CU).

The fact is: Tera's endgame is basically unplayable for foreign players without a built in skill predictor.
Imho, proxy and SP should be disabled and made to never work on any PVP content, it's buggy af and very unfair.
Btw, i'm all for a built-in official and legit skill predictor that works onlyfor PVE content.

Most ppl here are all low ping NA player that never ever used proxy, no wonder that's why they are so against third party apps.
They don't know what GHOSTING is lol, they rly think that a third party program will bend the laws of phycs and make a 200 ms player better than a 30 ms NA player hahaha!
Maybe you guys should play on K-tera or something and experience true high ping gameplay at least once, main a Lancer, Warrior or something and get gud at it ;)
Imho, starter gear should be Frost Metal + 0 at this point cuz the devoloper is:

1 - Adding more gear or stupid expensive new HO enchant levels each patch (ethereal jewelry and soon HO+3 will be BIS);
2- They're increasing the iLVL needed for VG rewards for new content.

Check this: Bahaar’s Temple 456 ilvl, Lyan’s Underground Temple (hard) iLVL 455, (even the NM version is 453 iLVL which is SC+7?!).

And if nobody noticied, that's the way that the developer is making gear obsolete with the current gearing system..

You know, the funny part is that the steamchart population hasn't really changed at all. Just the endgame people left and no one seems to be willing to run anything.
Tbh i always thought that steamcharts was mostly casual players and the bulk of the endgame players just use the standalone launcher with proxy..
"Babit wrote: »

The real victims of this whole situation are the overseas players. I personally have had to say goodbye to some very close friends and I know that it is the same for many others. That is a true loss to the community and is hard to accept. I don't see a way to enable those players to enjoy the game at a functional level. Maybe someone more educated could figure it out but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

We already said here how to solve the "ping" problem for every player: BHS should make a built-in skill predictor for NA Tera.
Better routing will solve nothing for overseas player, cuz 180 ms to 160 ms is still high ping, or even 100 ms to 80 ms for ppl on NA.

Heck, some underground "hackers" did this with javascript on their free time, why the developer of the game with access to the source code can't do a WAY better job?
Oh, it gonna be broken on PVP? BHS can just disable on every BG and make a PVE only feature.
Problem solved, everyone will be happy, both overseas and high ping players on NA.
Oh sure, cuz a triple drop event will make me able to play my warrior and lancer on 180 ms ping again!!11!
Tbh, i got no data to prove my claim but i think that the majority of casuals players that we got since Steam release already left this game LONG ago and a big portion of the current playerbase was in fact endgame PVE players that just found a competitive pve scene on Tera (moongour and all that stuff)...
I don't know what they have done, this game was playable for most SA players before, but right now unless you live on northeast regions on Brazil or Central America, I doubt you can run endgame content consistently.
I got 170-180 ms ping, 2015-late 2016 w/o proxy, 2017-early 2018 w/ proxy.
Tera's endgame was NEVER EVER ok with my ping, but it was doable with some few classes and a lot of stress on old content back when proxy was not a thing. Game was so stressfull and not fun at all and that's why i quit after 97 RMHM clears back in 2016.
Now content is way more fast paced and prob they don't even test stuff outside korea anymore, heck even all that awakening stuff made some classes very ping reliant.
Imho, atm Tera's endgame content with SA ping and no proxy is just unplayable or even if you manage to clear with some class and a lot of hard work, it'll not be fun at all, so why bother to play?
If you'e from EU, just go to EU (Gameforge) version.
EME does not support (nor they want to support) oversea players on NA Tera.
That was a problem 1 week ago..
Now they can put 1000 Golden talents even on KC that a LOT of players will not even care anymore.
More drops will not make our classes playable again.
But np, i'm pretty sure that players from chicago can make big HH raids to farm a lot of golden talents :D
Fanciful wrote: »
Unfortunately, I'm stuck at about 150ms for both NA and EU tera. I suppose it's time for me to find a new game.

150 ms PVE wise is very playable with third party stuff...
ping/tracert Tera-europe.com
TeraNuibe wrote: »
> @xhera said:
> @TeraNuibe U R funny.. Are you really expecting us to play with 240-280 ping?
> Majority of the proxy users uses proxy to make their game experience better. Only players who can afford or willing to pay $150 script use exploit. Majority of the proxy users are not using proxy to intentionally use exploit or cheat. Even my guildies who are not using poxy are affected by this because they have no the motivation to play. I can't even see anyone buying emp anymore. This may mean that big amount of eme profit is being lost. Tera is seriously dying as days past by.

if im funny then i dont know what to call u then...of course u live far from the server so ull have high ping...if u want to play on a low ping then go play at ur own local server....no local server??? then not eme's fault...and we all know using 3rd party apps isnt allowed specially if it has some options that people can abuse in game..

EME advertised, made local partnerships and even payment methods just to sell EMP to BR players:

What you gonna say?
They want money from overseas players but they don't even care to provide a playable service for that player base.
Imho it'll affect endgame playerbase big time, but not much the overall playerbase (unlike what proxy devs are claiming).
Prob Tera will be a more casual centric game (esp if DPS meter stop working too) and the few endgame players left will be, again, mostly low ping NA players.
There'll be a influx of players for Apex 2 but as always, most of them will quit on the next month.
Idk what gonna happen with the game economy and with EMP sales cuz i'm pretty sure a lot of endgame players (even oversea players) are big EMP spenders.
buffons wrote: »
Nice post and I think there was some other thread where someone mentioned your name and said you were a great person. So I feel kind of bad saying this but... I think it's too late at this point. Reality is what it is. EME really messed up this time. It wasn't just this, but the plethora of past mistakes adding up constantly testing players patience. You just have to accept the fact the at this point Tera NA is done. Move to EU like everyone else..
I just read some of the posts in tera eu to see what they were like, and many were bashing tera na players that are moving to eu calling them cheaters. they said that the ones moving to eu were the proxy users and will be using it there as well.
I will be waiting to see if eme does do something to help fix our lagging and ping here. if tera na shuts down, I will be one of the last ones out the door. I love this game and I have never used anything in the game that would maybe cause me to get banned. my ping is bad and I lag like crazy, but I will hold out for hope a little longer.
That's is the biggest reason why i'm telling SA/LATAM players to look into another game just like BDO with an official 5-15 ms Latin/BR server rather than face the exact same problems and hostility on europe this time.
It's been very clear that we, endgame overseas players, are not welcome on both NA and EU Tera.
The developer should either make a built in limited skill predictior for PVE content and at least test once their game on a international (and not korean) ping environment or shut down all EMP services/advertisements for oversea players and even put a soft region IP block (i.e: like BDO) just to make clear that this game is not meant for non-NA players.

@ OP, you seem like a great person. I don't play anymore but It's just sad what is happening to this game :anguished:
sanj66 wrote: »
BlueKoR wrote: »
Shinku you could easily tell if you're doing anything damage wise by looking at your combat log or idk watching how fast the bosses hps go down and whether or not you can make it past certain boss phases you could also figure out how to improve by Mathing out every stat figuring out how it works etc. there is no need for a dps counter. it certainly makes life a lot and is definitely a huge quality of life change. but it is in no means necessary. and lets be honest no one wants to spend that time calculating figuring out estimating guessing etc. but thats one way you could honestly tell if you were doing "good" without a dps counter like moongourd. xd

this is where you are wrong, every guide and build has been made with dps meter, in a party of varying classes each with varying possible min/max dps how does one simply math the damage they did? all you might be able to tell is overall party dps, you cant tell how much of that damage you did, unless you record your chat for an entire fight, then sum it and divide by time, which at the pace combat occurs in this game would take you hoursdue to having to scan the video for each invidual damage tick/dot in chat log or on screen, good luck doing that, do you even know ktera devs/staff use shinra dps meter on their own streams? wow, and necessary yes, bosses have dps checks now-a-days in case you didnt know, if someone is failing to contribute to it how else would you know?

Prob even k-tera (BHS) devs balance content/classes with data from DPS meters hahaha!
DPS meters that work almost like proxy!

But who care, let's ban all impure "cheaters" cuz we all play the "same game" and we all live in south korea where everyone got 20 ms ping!
VirtualON wrote: »
Na Tera will die on the 16 Oct. The proxy dev will release exploits specific for NA region will ensure the game die even faster. Because EME pissed off the devs. Enjoy your last days of a dead game.

That's pure [filtered] of them.

EME, there's only ONE right thing you can do:
Ask BHS to make their own in-house skill predictior (limited only to PVE content) and DPS meter, implement it in NA, make a big announcement on forum/game/whatever and after some time you can ban or block proxy, nobody (except exploiters) gonna even bother with third party stuff anymore.
Imho this should be a much bigger priority than releasing new impossible grindy gear or broken class revamps every 6 month!

But EME is a mEME and BHS does not know what latency is, so the chances of that happening is close to zero.
What exactly they fixed on 6~7 years on this game?
They can't even fix golden talents supply, how the heck they gonna fix garbage netcode?
Just lol.
Imho ppl should only play in their region else just don't bother with Tera.
EU is way way better for EU players, at this point there's almost not a single reason for EU ppl staying here on NA.
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