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Nice, now they can make gunner/ninja/sorc/archer/whatever deal 100% more damage than zerker (already stupid and game breaking broken) and the dps gap will stay at 200% between top and low tier so that everyone reroll again ;)
That's the sole purpose of a game that lack real content since idk 2013-2014?
BHS rly think Tera's playerbase are idiots.
P.S: Iirc NOBODY asked for this awakened bs on NA/EU.
Dw, on awakening patch zerk will become the best and most broken dps by far, it's just like an oficial cheating made by BHS, prob even if they nerf this class by 50% it will still be the best dps lol.
That's how serious classes balancing on Tera is...
Last time i saw on moongord when i still bothered with this game, the top zerk (best dps by far, broken af) was dealing 350% more dps than ninja on slaying HH p4, that's how serious "competitive pve" on Tera is..
Is ninja still viable to clear all content? Maybe yes, but let's wait and see for DS4 on NA.
Btw, no amount of player skill can fix "HORRIBLE game design" :)
Yep, it's p2w, period.
EU is even worse.
Skip Imperator, it'll be obsolete already on the next gear release (VM9/VSHM patch), you don't need to wait for gear revamp.
The only very future proof gear is ambush, it'll be the 2nd or 3rd (next to vm8.5) best gear on vm9 patch and when gear revamp is released on console, it'll be possible to convert ambush+15 to fm+7 and that's very easy to upgrade to stormcry+0 (BIS tier).
My main was a gunner back in 2015 (VM5 patch) and they were op af, but i remember very well that since ~mid vm6 patch (endgame was finm/fihm) they got like ~1 year of nerfs, by vm8 patch (rmhm) both gunner/slayer were the two bottom tier dps classes.
Only on Elin gunner release they got buffed to good tier.

Nowadays, since awakening patch anything other tha zerkers are just obsolete.
As you play Tera, you gonna see how this class rotation bs is detrimental to the long term health of the game, players will reroll only so many times and broken classes on pvp gets old quickly...
Ty for the info but i don't care what koreans want, i don't play on k-tera, we got no talents bs..

I wanna know if BHS gets money from na/eu players or any other regions too...

Maybe Bug Hole Studio should ask, just a single time, what other regions want????
If they are too incompetent to think outside their own little bubble (i.e: korea) maybe they should at least let other publishers do the work?

Otherwise, they'll keep doing this bs:

"2. Guardian Legion mission balance suggestions

Increase monster HP adjustment (02/28)."

Hahahaha, more HP!!

And BHS plz, you guys simply don't care about "class balance", what you guys will do is just buff a bunch of classes till they become stupid broken so we can keep rerolling every 6 months :)

Btw, talent system is so broken that they keep releasing new talents hahaha!

Imho this dev should just go back to releasing games only on korea, it's clear that a global audience is just too much for them...
Obs wrote: »

The whole situation has been allowed to fester for far too long at this point for there to be any good solution that will please K-TERA players and the rest of the world alike.

And why the devs should please only k-tera players always????

Then let's just cut the crap and shutdown natera, eutera and every other Tera other than k-tera!
That way BHS can 100% focus on korea!

I don't care about koreans, if they're so tired of grinding virtual stuff (afaik they love grindfest) they can join Na or EU Tera with free talents and play with 250 ms ping ;)

We need this talent stuff (or some buffs, idk) or soon content will become unplayable here...

And, lemme ask something:

What's the point for a NA player to spend money (EMP) on a game from a company that never cares about their western audience?
If they care only about k-tera, then go ask money only from koreans!
They wanna publish Tera on the entire world but they don't want the responsibility of bothering with any other region outside their own. Neither they let the publisher do their own balancing, wtf!

Babit wrote: »
What people don't seem to taking into account is the fact that the awakening patch is a 2 part massive update to the game. Bhs isn't just blowing tera all the way out of balance and leaving it there. There will be awakening for the other classes soontm.
You need to take into account that, by the time they'll release Awakening 2nd part here on NA, prob it'll be like mid-2019 or even later...
I wonder how many ppl will give up on this game by then..

Do you remember how weak Slayer was from late VM6 patch till mid gear revamp, when they got the propulsion passive?

What you said about "just wait for awakening 2nd part" is like if somebody told a slayer on VM8 patch to just "wait one year for 2 more patches and you class will be relevant again!".

And i'll be honest: I rly HATE all this "class rotation nonsense" that BHS abuse a lot to force us reroll/regear everything every 6 month, maybe they can milk some quick cash selling stuff but imho it's horrible for the long term health of the game, cuz there's only few outcomes:

*A player that is very loyal to the game and love their class will keep playing (prob on a casual basis) and waiting months or a whole year(!) for buffs;
*Ppl will reroll and they'll do that only so many times cuz you know, it's not easy to farm double dragon, bis gear, qc/marrow brooch, costumes, etc..
*Ppl get tired from this BS and just quit this game;

I always wonder how many lancers left the game on 2016 when brawler was OP af (and trashed PVP for like 6 months..), how many slayers mains left from VM6 patch till guardian legion patch, how many priest left cuz they were rejected on rke runs before cdr buff, all the gunner (ik a lot) that left cuz the class was originally op but they got a WHOLE 1 year of nerfs and was trash till elin gunner release...
And i always wonder if BHS even respect the time and even money that players put in this game...
But for BHS, since Reaper patch, it's all about "short term" and what make a quick buck, i guess we can't expect more..
ElinLove wrote: »
hmmm... Wasn't TERA LITERALLY dying back on the last days of paid subscription, before adding some cash shop stuff?
Ppl always forget hahaha!
Some ppl here think that "back in the day" Tera was great and a very popular and profitable game but for some reason EME ditched everything for a free to play model lol.

Imho, it's just Nostalgia ;)
Ponilover wrote: »

as if tera economy's coffin needs more of these
Another economy white knight hypocrite, right? ;)
Meningitis wrote: »
AbstractCH wrote: »
They don’t really have the right to be mad, they sent emails. All they had to do was log in for a minute and their name would be saved.
Whether they "had a right to be mad" doesn't really matter (I personally don't think they should have been either). Just because they were being crybabies doesn't mean the outcome changes- and I'm sure EME as a company knows that. Why go through all that effort to wipe names just so people can get upset that names are getting hoarded for selling over and over again, especially when you know potential returning players will also get mad at you for it?

The main issue here is even with another name wipe, people will still get upset over not getting a name that they want because namesellers will still grab a bunch before regular players can, and then a few months later after another name wipe people will be on the forums begging for another again.

I don't follow you logic.
So, a few ppl will get mad, but how about all these ppl that will be able to create or name change to the names that they want? How about all ppl that will be happy, not mad????
Why shoud EME care so much about a minority that may, or may not return to the game?
Maybe EME should care more about ppl currently playing and supporting the game!
If somebody stop logging for like a 1 year and they don't care even to check their email, then they DESERVE to lose the name!

Hey economy white knights, how about golden talent and silver talents prices now?
You guys gonna stay very quiet right? Cuz it's a p2w event hahahaha!

Equitas wrote: »
The amount of tokens that IOD Vanguard Requests award is sufficient. You can get 36 high tier tokens per character, and many people have multiple characters. That number is doubled during the many double Vanguard events that are run. You then have to take into account that you can run as many mid-tier BAM quests as you want until 16 Vanguard quests are completed that day. The tokens from these quests can be converted to high tier at a rate of 4:1. Factoring in the items available in the high tier tokens shop, such as advanced glyphs, etchings, and Dragon Scales, and you'll see we don't need a higher reward rate.
Do you got a job irl?
Maybe you can grind your life away here on Tera 12 Hrs per day, just so you can get BASIC glyphs just to START end game..

You should ask the same thing for the HUGE majority of the player base tho...
I wonder if they're happy to gear and grind with multiple chars so they can get one single basic and essential glyph...

@ Topic:
What Tera need?
* First, any GM/CM should ask why there was much more ppl playing during mongos/"broken economy" patches than now with our nerfed vanguard that reward 7 golden talents per IOD bam ;)

Imho, too much grind deals a lot more damage to the player base than "broken economy" that get recycled eventually.
If the player rly like the game they can just gear another alt after they're done gearing their main.
On the other hand, the dev can't expect a free player to burn 8-12 Hrs/day farming on n-toons or p2w ppl to expend U$50+ each try enchanting end-game gears that will get replaced on the next month...
Ppl here will just give up and play another game.

EME/BHS should ask themselves if too much focus on grind (since gear revamp) is doing more harm than good..
Trust me, pure grind will not extend the life of a game that lacks real content.

Player population imho is already low enough on populated servers like TR and MT (it's a far cry next to 2014~2016 Tera), you need to be crazy to start on CH FF AV now.
Just ignore what ppl say here, they think steam charts is true only for the minority of the player base but somehow, we can't find the "majority" of the players in game..
It's just basic logic , if what steam chart say is the minority (i.e: 1600 players = 10-20% of the player population) then Tera is a very active MMO and server like AV should be full with ppl...

The truth is, AV is a pretty much dead server, it's impossible to sell anything on TB and it's very hard to run any end-game dungeon if you're not already in a clique/op guild.

Imo, just cut the crap and play on MT or TR so you don't expend 1400/2400 emp transfering later..
Just keep in mind that most of these ppl probably already left the game a long ago. :)
Dokibun wrote: »
RG x8 KC x8 = almost 10k and takes an hour or so
Every time I try to do guardian missions no one is ever there. Since I main healers it sucks.

Do you play Tera?

Cuz for me, that was FAR from the truth even with a full SC+8 warrior..
There's loading screens...
If you IM , prob you gonna run RG with 2x guardian dps dealing 300K/s and you gonna deal 70% party dps, i.e: slow af "solo" run;
5 min+ to fill a x4 LFG;
Very hard to find another 2 or 4 players with geared alts willingly to run boring content 8 times, so you gonna waste time on LFG again!

~30 min per RG x4 or KC x4 run is much more realistic, so we're talking about 2 hours only with boring dungeons + a much more realistic 1 hour per alt per 40x guardian.
That's like 3 Hr per alt, but ok you're good AF on this game, let's say it's 2:30 Hr..

You wanna farm on 5 alts? Ok, np, let's do the math 5 * 2:30 Hrs = 12 Hrs 30 min farming virtual gold on a dead video game...
For what? You gonna RMT all the gold???
Cuz in this "perfect, glorious" gear revamp patch (as your guys call it), you need a truck load of gold, gems, talents, resource and time to enchant stuff..
What's the point to sell every guardian box if you gonna need lots of emeralds and diamond to enchant SC?
Do you know that ANYTHING that you can farm on this game now you gonna need to enchant stuff?
You need to stop gearing to farm any gold in this game, unlike previous patches!

That's why prob 90% of ppl with SC+9 are P2W, cuz we got only 24 hours on our days and not a single sane adult will waste 10 Hrs + grinding stuff on a video game, it's MUCH more effective to just get a job and spend real money on EMP here and trade for gold.

Trust me, as a 100% free player i played a LOT since day 1 of gear revamp till now, i got Full SC+8 with half SC jewelry, got burned and gave up, i can't stand 1 minute in this game anymore and ~2 months from now they'll release a new gear, all over again hahhaha!
The grind from +15 patches was a LOT easier and the gear lasted almost the same thing, it was a lot easier to farm just one +15 VM weapon, + 12 vm gloves, rest mid-tier and call it a day, much easier to stack resources from previous patch and farm gold selling VM mats too..

And here you guys are, with broken unrealistic math telling how ez is to farm gold in this game lol...

> @Pages said:
> GGRMHMXFA6 wrote: »
> "I've been hearing rumors of a ton of new Conent" "New Story/Content is coming"
> Where exactly are you guys pulling this [filtered] out of? the Class Awakening quest line? that is 2 quests? There is nothing NEW coming besides re-purposed dungeons and more of the same [filtered]. Lootboxes and costumes.
> 1. New hairstyles were a pretty big step forward along with the head accessory customizer (cosmetic content)
> 2. DS4 is coming (requested by many) as confirmed in a KTERA Developer note from Phantom (DS4 has leaderboards which is requested competitive PVE content + rewards "exclusive" cosmetics)
> 3. Gridiron is replaced with a new PVP battleground (Gridiron2 essentially)
> 4. PVP leaderboards return March 13 along with RMHM (repurposed dungeon, I'll admit)
> 5. Antaros' Abyss (new dungeon) soon(tm) with new gear slot (Mask) and gear upgrade (Stormcry+9 -> Heroic Vow)
> 6. Rally BAM "world content" will return soon(tm) in the CU zone
> These are some changes that will be coming to NA in the future. As well, the Brawler class expanding to Human Male was heavily requested by many players. I'm not saying that BHS can't do better--they definitely can--but a lot of the changes we are getting are SIGNIFICANTLY better content updates than we were receiving during VM7-9.

What exactly is the new content and different stuff from the same old thing that they did since vm5 patch?
*Awakening? Like what they did with sorc, archer and warrior revamp back in 2016, more flashy skill and broken dps?
*PVP and PVE leaderboards, just like what we got till vm7 patch?
*Omg, new grindy gear set so you burn ur life or ur wallet, like what we got EVERY 6 month since pre vm1 patch?
*More cosmetic so they can sell rng lootboxes or p2w stuff?

And, maybe next year they'll release a broken elin locked class that will deal 50% more dps than everyone else, that will be the new killer content!

Lol, after 6-7 years, do you rly think next patch will be any different?

Ok, then show me:

*Game optimization and netcode revamp so we don't need third party bs to play with more than 80 ms ping;
*Open world revamp so there's any use on the dozen of GBs on Tera's folder, or just make a 5GB game with hw and 3 or 4 instances;
*True crafting revamp (so we can craft and sell endgame gear) not this grindy unprofitable stuff that they did with the uselesse gear revamp:
*Balance the dam game with each region in mind;
*Acknowledgement that there's a playerbase outside of korea!
Sorc is top tier on console, but on PC is more like low-tier (even slayer now is better).
They do this and cycle the class "balance" every 6 months to force us to reroll cuz there's hardly any new content every patch. BHS will not carry if you put a lot of time learning and resources gearing you class to end beign a low-tier/meme class on next patch cuz horrible balancing and lack of talents.
And the new gear system is actually a LOT harder and grindier to min max than the old +15 bs system. Ppl will always tell how horrible +15 was but they forget that for a dps class for exemple, BIS was +15 vm weapon and a +12 vm gloves and jewelry was cheap af. Now BIS is 9/8/8/8 (i.e: the whole set) and every sc jewel is like 100-300k gold, that's aclot more time intensive than just +15 the weapon with broken mongo events and be done with it.
WTS warrior Full SC 8/8/8/8 set, Slayer sc+7 weapon

Full exp on warr set, weapon at 35%.

Mail me on forum or in game (ign: Shadow.of.Arborea or Lenakaeia) for offer in gold (plz search TB first for price history).

What's so hard to understand?

VG rewards got halved, It's like 7 talents for each Tier 1 IOD bams now, that's only 112 Talents (~i.e: only 28 plates!) per toon, ofc nobody sane enough will waste time farming talents in IOD!

Btw, why you care so much about the virtual economy of a game where you can p2w you way, sell EMP and buy SC+7~+9 in 1 day where a f2p player will grind 6 Hr/day most of the patch to do the same thing or even less?
Lapomko wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
And please also don't forget the people that play the broker. Some people invested alot into talents and if enmasse intervenes these people would feel stabbed in the back losing milions of gold.

Since when En Masse should defend and aid players that are trying to make a profit by trying to have a monopoly on the market in game knowing that the items with high demand can be bought at XX and sold back with 50% or more? I am actually quite upset seeing this player on MT buying so much when there is a high demand on certain items and selling back with 50% added in stacks of 500 or 1000 ruining the market in so many ways ( i am a crafter and i get screwed hard with this stuff ).

Anyway, i hope that we will get some events or stuff for talents because the high demand along with the broker sharks made the talents to be harder and harder to get ( we did not even get the male brawler yet ).

That's called a Free Market and it's an essential part of the game. Enmasse intervention is not and only had negative effect on the economy in the past. Deflation/Inflation happens all the time in every MMORPG and don't forget top tier players are stocking them up too for awakening patch which will come out soon.
In the first place no one was doing low tier iod farming and instead spammed the crap out of guardians non stop as it was much better way to get gold and then buy talents from the broker. Now the supplies dwindled as people stopped doing them. Adding an event to pump more golden talents would just make it obsolete again.

Can you explain why there's was a LOT more players on vm6~vm8 patch with all that mongo events and broken economy than now?
You can't explain, cuz you don't give a [filtered] about economy.
You guys only care about high profits on TB and the true value of the EMP that you spend in this game, even at the expense of the playbase.
Ppl want to play the game (and not the Trade Broker!), they want to gear their toons!
Why on earth is 50G for Feedstock on VM6 patch or 35G+ for talents now any good for the playerbase?

Do you even know that in this patch you need EVERY sellable mat to gear your toon?
Emeralds, Golden Talents, Silver Talents, etc are all needed to enchant gear, unlike the previous patch where it was possible to sell VM mats when you were done crafting your gear...

Free Market? Lol, if you rly believe in "free market" and rly care about "EME intervention" then how about the impact of EMP->gold trade and what all theses p2w events like boxes rewarding 6000 silver talents made to the "glorious" econonmy?

I'm pretty sure you "virtual economy white knights" are a HUGE reason why this game lost so many players in the last few patch... ;)

They need to sell Tera's right to another competent developer.
Prob ANYTHING will be better than Bug (or $#%#) Hole Studios by now.

Or idk make NA Tera into a different development branch and sell to a western developer.
At least they should give EME a lot of game changing powers and make NA Tera VERY independent from Korea.

EME should be able to choose dungeons, to ignore korean patches and do class balancing on their own (with the help of player community) and much more (things like revamped crafting and open world bosses..)..

I just can't see a good outcome for NA Tera if we continue relying on Korea for everything.
Hahahha BHS, they keep failing again and again...
Maybe, after all, they just stole Tera's code from another dev and they know nothing about this game aside from RNG, grind and broken classes every 6 months (every kid w/o programing knowledge can change variables and make zerk the best dps ever!)
Plz stop with this "build variety" BS talk, your guys want variety? Go play Path of Exile!
Mark my words: Everyone will use "the same best Talisman with the best skill" for each class!
BHS, you want some variety on how players make their own builds? Then you need to redo the whole game and skill set for EVERY class to make these build viable, i.e: You guys need to play the game and we all know that you are too lazy for that, it's much easier to just balance things arround what idiots ask on inven forums!

That's just more useless grind and goes against what they did on gear revamp patch!
BHS, did you ever read what one of your devs said on gear revamp patch when semi enigmatic was changed to make rolling stats easier????

Plz BHS just sell NA Tera's right to anyone else cuz your guys are completely clueless!

We don't need another broken op new class.
We need more content...
Ofc Kamizuma think that the current talent's price is fine, i'm pretty sure that he sells this stuff ;)
No wonder why we need to slay on rke.
Every class on NA is weak af if we compare to korea.
I wonder when end-game content becomes unplayable on NA if they continue balancing dungeons based on OP talents..
Feenox wrote: »
...a significant portion of endgame players quitting the game. there is still a large casual playerbase....
It's exactly the opposite.
Endgame player's are the last ones to quit the game cuz they put a LOT of time, effort and/or money in the game.
I'm pretty sure that the majority of the players that left Tera on the past ~3 years are casuals and semi-casuals.


And this make sense when we see that there's much more P2W elements on Tera now than 2~3 years ago before VM7/dragons patch, cuz there's a much higher proportion of hardcore/endgame players on the remaining player base and they're the ones most likely to buy expensive stuff from cash shop (i.e: whales).
That's what exactly happened on some old koreans MMOs still alive on NA like Lineage 2, i'm pretty sure that by this pont there's almost only endgame players bothering with that old game...

Full Stormcry +0 is doable for semi casuals, but i'll be honest and realistic (unlike most of what ppl say here), if you got no resource (i.e: gold) this can take a month or more, twisthard idk why is expensive af and it take time to cap exp on your gear...

To enchant from SC+0 it will be a lot easier if you're an old player with lots of resorces to buy a desing to convert rubies (farmed from ghilie/petrax) into emeralds on one alt and another alt to craft golden plate (master weapon crafting, lots of crafter cures and 155K gold just on designs, golden talents is ez to farm on IOD low tier bams), you can buy the plates or ask any friend to craft too.
If you got nothing of this and are starting from scratch, then you gear progression in this game will take a LOT longer farming gold on boring content.

Full Storm +5 is doable if you put effort, from SC+6 onwards you gonna need diamonds.
From a free to play perspective with a job i would stop with something like a SC+7 weapon and rest SC+4~+5.
You can cap you weapon exp and farm essences on CU/PVP boxes and if you get lucky (i.e: 2~3 tries) you can +8 your weapon w/o bothering too much with rke, a dungeon balanced arround k-tera talents that ppl love here....
Full SC+9 just forget, you gonna need a static and be rly hardcore farming rke on a "perfect party" so in the end you can fail RNG.
And don't forget, P2W route can do wonders in this game, you can just sell EMP (i.e: costumes) for gold, cap your gear exp on faceroll content like rknm or trnm and just buy things like essences and even marrow brooch from other players ;)

Prob next patch in 4~5 months from now idk, that's the time you got to enjoy your gear till it will be trash all over again. And ofc more broken classes (cof Zerk cof) cuz BHS will try everything so we reroll and trash our 2.0+1.5 dragons, qc brooches, expensives innerwears and costumes, laurels, etc.

We will miss you Spacecats, i think you were a great CM and Tera's community treated you very badly specially on Mongo event.
Majority of Tera's playerbase are very young and they know nothing what a real economy or inflation is, that's why they think "virtual commodities prices"(that got replaced every 6 months) is a serious bussiness in a game that never bothered about economy or player effort in the first time.
In fact, i think the game economy is worse now cuz of BHS choices on Arsenal patch than on Mongo event and there's fewer players now too. But somehow, very few loud voices here think that, without a single evidence, Tera was not more popular cuz of lack of extreme "2000's" oldschool grinding, extreme elitist content and the lack of 100G feedstock, huge mwa/spellbind prices!

Aside from the elitism and selfishness of these few but loud voices here, we can see thay most (if not all) ppl that complained so much about "mongos destroying economy" back then are very very quite now about this p2w strongbox event that is clreary messing with talents price.
And this make sense, cuz they never cared about "virtual economy" in the first place, but only about the value of their dolars or EMP spent on this game ;)

Same problem here, south america btw:

Seikushim wrote: »
Thanks for the help guys. I figured out that the google DNS was redirecting me through spain or other weird paths to the US.
I just turn it off and work like a charm again.

Also, the 'reducethelag' program helped too. They have 30days trial if anyone is interested in.

It's not on Spain, just don't blind trusty these IP geolocation programs cuz they can be very inaccurate.
Prob anyone can register an IP on any country and use elsewhere.
At least for TIWS (Telelefonica International Wholesale Services) they got a bunch of IP registered on Spain but it's cleary pinging from US.

New DNS server wil not work too cuz it's a routing issue to EME servers.
Prob this "reducethelag" is what solved your problem cuz it's a VPN service..
@ElinUsagi, i put more research on my problem and that IP "" is not from Spain, it was just registered in Spain as many of these "Telefonica global solution" IP's.
I just did a tracert/pingplotter with various NA IPs, just one example: I got 144 ms to ncsoft bns server and my route goes thru one of these Telefonica IP from Spain(, my ping to Dallas Texas on speedtest is exactly 147 ms, for Madrid on the other hand is ~258 ms.
So it does not make any sense to get 144 ms from Brazil->Spain->USA(Chicago) when i get 258 ms from Brazil->Spain lol!

As i said, probably is a routing issue in NA between "Telefonica global solution" and zayo network..
Idk if ppl from EU complaining got the same problem..

You see all these red lines? They're packet losses, that's the huge issue.
It's not only about ping.
Btw hop 9 ( is probably a datacenter or backbone on Miami owned by "Telefonica Global Solutions" ("Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, Asia, and North, Central and South America") .
If this is the fault node, then how can somebody escalate this issue if everything beside Tera work just fine?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Dvsv wrote: »
With this garbage routing, prob a lot of overseas players can't play Tera anymore without paying for a VPN now!



Btw it was fine till november rkh patch (or when you guys changed back to zayo idk) and every website and game on US beside Tera is working fine rn..

You began having spikes even before your data had leave EU.

You can follow how your data is routed and see how you are above 200ms even when you are still on EU.

I'm from South America (Brazil) and the problem happens only with the routing inside US as you can see on hop 9.

And that's what happens if i change NA routing with a vpn like mudfish:


Now it seems a lot of ppl all arround the globe got similar problem.
There's something very wrong with NA Tera routing for overseas players.
With this garbage routing, prob a lot of overseas players can't play Tera anymore without paying for a VPN now!



Btw it was fine till november rkh patch (or when you guys changed back to zayo idk) and every website and game on US beside Tera is working fine rn..
Same thing on South America (Brazil and maybe some other countries), first i thought it was something on my isp but now i rly wonder if EME messed something on their datacenter routing inside US and it affect only oversea players..
Cuz this "high-ping/high-jitter/high packet loss/lag/ whatever" started on november (prob on rkhm patch iirc) and it's worse than ever now.
The game is basically unplayable most of the day without a vpn (i.e: we need to pay to play Tera now).
On the other hand, everything else (like any website/services or even games from ncsoft hosted on TX) seems fine..

I wonder if lots of overseas players will just give up on Tera or at least they'll took a long break.
But np, the game is playable if you live on Chicago next to the server room and we can sure afford to lose a lot of players ;)

Please, do not ask for crocstar tokens to be added Ace dungeon. That does not fix Ace dungeon at all, and adding irrelevant content from last patch is asinine. As has been discussed ad nauseum before, 4% attack speed isn't even noticeable by a new player, and they usually don't even have their full glyph set, the right crystals, or tokens to buy upgrade kits.

Imho, every post you did on this forum is pure BS.
I can't agree with one single line on anything you ever said.

Maybe you're just a forum troll or whatever.....

By your logic, maybe devs should cap gear progression for newers players starting now to something like SC+4 cuz "they usually don't even have their full glyph set, the right crystals, or tokens to buy upgrade kits" (and they'll never will!) so it's plain obvious that they don't need higher-tier stormcry!!
That's true for returning players too!

Old power rings (like keylock rings) are BIS rings, for some builds they're even better than that trash expensive entropy rings.
They're just as "irrelevant" as stormcry +7~+9, but for you, new and returning players should be eternally caped cuz you, the "Tera god" said that they can't use it.

Let's be honest, u're just another elitist, you got the old jewelry (or prob you sell it!) but don't want newer players to get the same thing cuz you think you put some special "effort" and should be eternally rewarded for it ;)
I paid a lot of gold on my keylock rings and i'm all for EME to put crocstar tokens or some way that newer players can farm the old jewelry.
And on top of that, you guys can bring some life to useless content (i.e: ace dungeons).
Shinamy wrote: »
I don't have Vivo and still i have the same issue it didn't start yesterday for me im experiencing high ping issues since they changed to Zayo usually i just wait till midnight in my country to play Tera seems like my ping gets better when there is not much people online but it might be just a coincidence :P


Non-VPN vs mudfish on.
VIVO SP 50M/25M FTTH, Brazil.
Prob is the same with GVT or any ISP that use "Telefonica global solutions" routing on NA.
So it's not on EME's end and you'll need to either pay a VPN like mudfish or change ISP to something with a better overseas routing if you wanna keep playing Tera.
Welcome to Tera, where BHS want you so bad to reroll every 6 months.
Just look at zerk, already strong af but they'll buff and awaken the hell of it, till it becomes the next broken valk.
And ofc, prob sorc will be the next slayer till they awaken the other class, idk when, maybe by the end of this year or 2019 if there's still na Tera by then.

Since i started this game on vm5 patch, there was not a single serious attempt from the devs to balance anything, they just change whos's the broken class every patch.
> @Seikushim said:
> Now it is even worst. Its 300~500 all day long now

Prob your ISP is Vivo, i.e: [filtered] overseas routing.
Just pay and use a VPN like mudfish or change your ISP.
Melyodis wrote: »
Can we get some info don't have to be details as if something is being done about proxy it a simple yes were working on blocking it or what ever words.

Do you live in Chicago? Do you got 20-30 ms ping?
Nice for you!
Maybe you should ask if everyone got 30 ms ping too?

I rly think they should ban pr0xy and every ip outside of Chicago, so you guys can enjoy a "fair" game with max 50-100 players!!
Full SC+9 w/ BIS everything? Prob nop, and even then it's not worth to grind that far as 100% free player.

The problem here is that most tera's true hardcore endgame players are hypocrites af, they will tell you that "everything is possible", that you shold just put "hard work" in the game but in fact they just p2w all the way to the top and let the "hard work boring grind" to free players.
Ik a bunch of ppl that got storm +8 on the first 2 or 3 days of the patch, that's not even enough time to cap gear exp (i.e: prob brute force p2w enchanting), but ok, let's pretend that's true legit hard work hahaha!

Tbh op, it's up to you if you wanna put like 12~16 Hrs/day of you life on this ded game to acomplish less than a p2w player.
Imho i think by the time you're playing 6~8 hrs+ hrs/day, you got much more value for you time if you just got a full time job and spend real money on this game to sell EMP or w/e to progress (MUCH) faster.
But let's not forget that this emp selling business only work cuz there's still free players puting a [filtered] load of time farming gold on this game.
Anyway, there's an old post from kamizuma that sums it up, it's a wall of text but it tell the true nature of so many "end game player" and how inefficient usually is the time spent by a free player vs a p2w one: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/154099#Comment_154099

Anyway, a sc +7 weapon with rest sc+4 is feasible for a 100% free player if you put a lot of work (way way more than true casual/semi casual player) and you can clear every content. I don't think you should bother to progress futher tho especially that end-game enchanting is still RNG Af.

Trust-me, you "end-game hardcore competitive players" is a huge reason why this game is dying cuz of how out of touch you guys are...
You guys don't give a [filtered] how the marjority of players (especially non-p2w ones) play this game, all you care is super hyper exclusive hardcore elitist content and huge profits, but leeme tell you something: If there's no one playing this game, and the ones that still does can't farm gold to buy essence cuz how miserable the grind is, then who you gonna sell for????
Do you rly think that the lack of profitabiless from hardcore content is the main reason why we lost so many players? Lemme ask you, how many ppl do you think ran DSU 2 and now HH P4/RKEM? Maybe 10% of the playerbase?
The fact is: To sell your stuff, you need players that can't run this kind of content but somehow got lot of gold to burn....
And it's so much more grindy and boring to farm gold this patch for the same lack of content (and not >hardcore content<) tha Tera is know for.

Anyway, i remember there was like 12~15K players per steamcharts on TAR/VM5 days and the only end-game content back then was TSHM, now since HH raid there was MUCH more focus on hard core content but somehow we got only ~1.7K avg player per the same steamcharts...
And there's a clear trend of the game becoming more and more p2w since then...(that's obvious just cuz of the pop decline...)
That's HUGE hint that you guys were wrong all this time..
Maybe, just maybe, there's another reason that explain Tera's huge and constant player loss (and prob even EME is aware but you guys still think it's all about hardcore content...)

Imho, you should ask casuals/semi-casuals/active non-p2w players one single reason why they should even bother playing Tera long-term...

Naru2008 wrote: »
Arwen wrote: »
Don't you like how things changes over time? :s :/ How i miss those times when devs of EME was actually doing their job and loved what they were doing, at the point of making the other side being jealous of us, and not the other way around...


That was just cause we killed our economy by giving out all that loot. EU, at the time (apparently), had crap community management and they had to work for everything while we were basically handed it.

Why do you think starting with Arsenal we have to grind everything? BHS wasn't happy with how we over-flooded our economy and now we have to do what EU was doing while we were being spoon-fed everything; We have to work for it.

That's how it should be. We shouldn't be given everything we want. Cry some more, why don't you.

And here we are , after all your "hard-working" patch:


You can say whatever you want, but there was MORE ppl playing on mongo event/"broken economy" patches than now...
And you can mark my words: After elin gunner hype dies out, we gonna be at ~1.4K players again...

Now lemme ask one honest question:
Do you really put 8~12 Hrs/day on this game so you can grind everything the "proper hard-working" way?
Or you're just another hypocrite that want us, free player, to grind our lives for sub par gear so you can get more value from your EMP(U$) while you just log to run HH on your static????

Cuz lemme tell you something: There's not even a single statistic that show us that "flooded economy" was even a major problem on NA Tera...
But somehow, you guys think that if we turn a ~5 yrs old ded game that lacks actual content into a oldschool korean grind fest, ppl will return in droves.
Only worse thing than BHS imo is Tera's end-game community, you guys gonna turn NA TERA into a 500 players full P2W mmo sooner than later..

Unrewarding HM dungeons, just as expected from Tera...
The best "awakening/revamp 2.0" that this $#%@ dev can do is to just test every class on more than 60 ms ping environment, so they can at least get an idea on how a LOT of ppl outside korea play their game..
For all Brazilian players, especially if you ISP is Vivo.
There's a routing issue with a router from "Telefonica International Wholesale Services" inside NA, the problematic IP is, this is already inside NA (maybe on Florida idk) and exactly before EME's route from Zayo.

If you don't trust me, just instal PingPlotter, ping and as you can see, every red bar of the graph (i.e: short burst of packet loss) will coincide exactly with a huge few secs lag or even DC on Tera.
This usually happens every 22 min and on peak hours.

Basically, the game is unplayable for BRs that use Vivo ISP.
And maybe more ppl from SA and even Europe use this route too, idk...

Here's the proof: https://imgur.com/a/3CZMt

I put more research into this problem and now idk if it's on EME's server.
And it's not on the user's end too...

At least here, i think the faulty node is "" (i.e: Telefonica Wholesale, maybe on Florida?) and maybe lots of oversea players use this route..

Idk if ppl from NA got the same problem tho..
Same here
It's a routing issue..
Same problem here.
But let's think it's all on our ends.
Strangely enough anything besides Tera works perfectly here...
Anyway, we got routing issues with NA Tera way back to sorc patch since oct/2016..
Can your guys at EME also consider to put old crocstar token on some dungeon's loot table, like RG or something?

I think what BHS did where old accessories are better than newer ones is huge mistake, and there's the cleansing brooch too..
An old player will always be a little better than a new one gear wise cuz of this stupid choice.

@Spacecats , any word on this issue?
Farming gold is easy as hell this patch aswell
We farm more or tbh the same as the previous patch but we spend SO much more..
There was lots of mats to sell on previous patches...
What's the point of double/triple drop event?
So we can get much more untradeable crap?
You guys a EME can delay even more, so normal ppl can focus on HM dungeons after exams, etc. :+1:
Play another game, it's just not worth to bother with Tera on anything past 250 ms ping tbh ...
Imho, this game is already barely playable on most dps class on stable 170~200 ms, you gonna need third party apps to fix rotation issues and even then there will be huge issue with skill ghosting..
Unstalbe ping is even worse cuz it will mess rly bad with your timings.
Ofc u can clear everything if you put effort on it, but it's not fun at all...
And sorc is already one of the most ping friendly dps class, idk if u rly can do any better on other class tbh (maybe you can deal better dps on Valk but that's mostly cuz how broken the class is atm..)
Try changing your IP till your get a better route to EME's crap savvis ISP.
You can test it by typing "tracert diag.enmasse.com" on cmd.
But yeah, EME's routing is very problematic for overseas players.
Tbh idk why they host the server in Chicago, is this even good for ppl on NA? Cuz i'm sure it's horrible for ppl outside NA..
Especially from EU, prob you gonna play with 120~150 ms and this game is all about ping (much more than skill) cuz it was never been tested outside of korea/sub-30 ms environment and it will never will.
If you rly like Tera, just play on EU with 2 digits ping figure.

He doesn't charge EMP -- why the heck would he have to? He's using gold to make gold. He has so much gold that he'll never need to buy EMP ever (and almost all of it made by using gold to make gold)..
He play trade broker, not the game.
And for me, this make no sense.
What's the point to hoard like 80M on vitual uselees gold and not play the game?
Why not use this time to do kinda the same thing IRL and idk, just play stock market or resell stuff?At least he get real money...
Unless he's rmting in some way all this gold lol.
Tbh, ppl should just play the game to have fun.
But whatever float his boat, maybe he think that hoarding virtual gold is fun and the true end game of Tera...
EME plz ignore what most ppl said here on this topic, they just wanna kill this game asap cuz they believe on virtual useless hard work.

1- Smart Dyad is still RNG af, if you wanna put a high cost on token shop, at least let us choose the 2nd roll!
2- 9000 fkn storm tokens for a Smart Dyad?So i can get an useless cunningly hardy dyad? Last time i burnt 12x Smart Dyad just so i can get a Glisteningly Hardy Dyad!
3- Smart Dyad is not like marrow brooch or Storm +9 Weapon to be SO fkn hard to farm and some classes actually need it (like Slayer, i.e Glisteningly Dyad). If we consider that Smart Dyad is still RNG this thing should be moderately dificult but not non viable to farm, imho 9000 Vanguard Credit is OK, 9000 storm token is just plain [filtered], that's like 108.000 token if we converted what i wasted for that Glisteningly Hardy. Man, just cuz the crap and bring back +15 then...
4-EME, never ever balance anything on this game arround sick ppl that farm on 17 alts per day! Just let them get EVERYTHING they want on first day so they quit the game (prob they'll never buy EMP anyway cuz most are kids).
5 - Is niveot market such a thing since 2~3 patches ago? I rly wonder if anyone ever farmed a meaningful amount of gold selling niveots...
6- Gold is stable or even deflating cuz there's so much more ways to spend than farm gold on this glorius perfect patch...
LesbianVi wrote: »
Forums is not representing the community for months now, game seems way more active and many like this patch.

Ofc forums is not representing the community.
You are representing the community now.

Btw, why you don't get a job at EME, cuz you cleary know what's best for 2000 other players.

P.S: Just search your post history....
576JWJ75WP wrote: »
And that's what MMORPGs are. A long term video game that you literally play for years and years for your character to grow with you. Your character in an MMORPG is like a pet that you take care of. Like a tomagotchi, but in a way larger scale. It's not just a "video game" that you play to have fun. But alas, most people have moved on from that.
That's true for classical MMO's (most from early 2000's), it make no sense at all on Tera where your gear (or even your class) historically get trashed every 6 months..(and i'm pretty sure they'll do it again soon...)
That's why i never bothered too much with "pseudo" economy problems made by EME cuz OP events like mongos, etc..
But there's always that vocal and very young minority here and on k-tera forums that think this game should be an oldscholl hardcore korean grind, no matter if devs recycle/trash everything on the next 6 months...
When BHS/EME listen to this vocal minority, the game will just turn into more and more P2W, cuz it's not that hard to understand that adults from 2017 will not put 12 Hr/day on a video game like when they were kids back in 2004 (most newer and younger gamers nowadays can't care less about MMOs).
So, they'll either spend real money on the game or just quit (and put real money on games with better content).
576JWJ75WP wrote: »

As for the topic, gold income is.. kind of stale. The best way to accumulate gold is through Vanguard Dailies which has a limit of 16 per character, which kinda sucks, because not everyone wants to create an army of alts. So the game pretty much limits you on how much gold you can make per day with 1 character, forcing you to create an army of alts if you want to keep playing more... which is very very lame.

Maybe they could reduce the gold requirement on gear upgrades, increase the bound materials required, and make those bound materials drop somewhere for us to grind outside of dungeons, so we can actually play the game, instead of forcing us to log out or play an alt after we finished our vanguard dailies limit. Just a thought, probably not the best idea.

Gold sucks anyway... game's been out for years and years now and the size of the inflation is just hilarious.
Ok, let's just do the math...
We can't farm gold selling the one of the few thing that is tradeable and ofc everyone will sell: Golden Talents, almost at 30~35g ea.

So, we need to burn 16 VGs running dungeon (the game force us anyway cuz gear exp...), let's say it's 20 min and 700 G each dungeon, that's 16*20 = 5.33 Hr spend in game for 11.2K gold.
Wanna do it on 3 toons? Ok, np, it's just 16 Hr a day for just 33.6K gold that can't even pay for a Golden Daric recipe lol.
Or you can be smart and do exactly what BHS want, i.e: Spend IRL money on this game, trade EMP and get all the gold you want, better yet, just playing 1~2 Hr a day, maybe only doing stuff you like (i.e: clearing HH on your static!).

And the last part: There's no inflation in this game rn, it's exactly the opposite, gold will deflate soon cuz there's much more gold sinks on all this gear upgrades than means to farm gold..

Btw, just fyi, on the previous patch it was possible to farm lots of gold just with 3 toons (3~ hrs a day) farming IOD and selling lakan scale (2K ea early/mid into the patch), i don't remember how much now, but i'm pretty sure gold/time spent was better than on this new patch..

Borsuc wrote: »
Who cares about BHS's intention?

Whole point of complaints is to show the devs/company/whatever that their intention SUCKS for the min-maxers who can't stand playing with subpar trash gear that's not maxed. Their intention is the problem here, making it hell for these players, because no we don't like slow progression, that's why people load up every patch, ffs. (well not like EME ever cares to forward the feedback, but steam charts speak for themselves, but yeah).
K TERA players were able to progress to 9/9/9/9 max Stormcry set with no problem- don't pull the race or culture card out, you guys grind as much as they do. different economy? you guys know how much your items were worth before the patch hit relative to K TERA's economy. population? you guys are what drove the population to diminish, i mean, what do these 'min-maxers' do after obtaining full BiS gear? yeah, let the rest of the population hanging. all i see from your complaint, is that you want gear up to max fast, and just afk or waste a bit of time somewhere else until the next patch.
Can you give us a single proof that NA Tera audience is exactly the same as K-Tera audience?
Show us some proof that most players on NA Tera want hard core grinding and >virtual< (i.e: meaningless) hard work .
Maybe lots of ppl just play Tera cuz of combat and they just cope with a moderate amount of grinding just to stay relevant in end-game content?

Btw, i never ever understand what exactly was the problem on "easy +15 BIS gear" tbh..
Cuz if ppl quit the game after they finish their gear, then that just show us that there's no actual content on this game, that Tera rely on mindless grind to keep player's attention...
Do you rly think that more (i.e: costly/time consuming) grind will bring back PVPers or a more active and competitive PVE scene like on leader boards/crusades days?
Btw, there's ppl that already +7 stormcry on fkn first week, and omg how some ppl cried here about that horrible problem of the last patch like ppl "+15 VM on first week" hahaha!
Cuz they're P2W players, they got better things to do with their lives than burn 8~12 Hrs/day grinding, so they just spend real money, just like what Kamizuma told us here months ago ;)
Maybe, after all, EME was right with all these OP events and your guys are the vocal minority here...
Tera always failed to keep it's playerbase, we lost almost everyone since Steam release/VM5 patch, and your guys think it's the lack of grinding....

Only time will tell who is right, let's go back here by the end of the year to see if normal/non-p2w ppl are still grinding 500K gold and running RKNM/hM 500x just to upgrade their gear lol...

Obs wrote: »
Pumpedd wrote: »
8x1300 = 10400 ( Cost of emeralds ) + 1k ( Cost to enchant ) + 13440 ( Cost of SELF CRAFTED golden plates per try )

10400 + 1k + 13440 = 23940

You are spending about 25k Gold per try to enchant your gear.

4 fails is 100k. Full exp will put you at like 20% Enchantment.

Sorry for my continous [filtered] threads but..

MWA was 60g~ on Ktera. T12 FS was 30g~. That's 18k for an awakened enchant attempt on a T12 Weapon (remember that it costs 200 mwa per attempt there). 100k for an enchant level would be a happy sight for them.

We're NAtera not Ktera...
This forum has lost its collective mind. I swear I've never seen a bigger group of whiners and complainers.
How old are you?
And who are you to know what a new player should or should not do?
Dou you think you're better and more entitled (you want exclusives things, right?) cuz you played this game one patch earlier than a newcomer?
Btw, i wonder, how old are the majority of active end-game ppl that still play this game at this point...

It's much easier to enchant in the long run in some sort and you don't waste as much gold trying to enchant like a million times it seems. The gear exp is nice though. However, you start to realize that your gold has gone away quicker for some time. Yeah it's easy to get materials, but really to enchant, and it costing like 754-1000+ gold; I'm kinda like this. IT FEELS SO NICE....WAIT NO!!!!!!!!

If it was 300-500 gold max, I can live with that. All that work out the window. So really think about it. I guess it's the sacrifice cost to have the exp benefit on gear, so Enmasse made it like that. Just be thankful that you're not wasting so much gold like the old days. I sometimes wasted like 4K or more on gold to just enchant one time....Jeez!

The game does not end at Twist/Frostmetal.
Enchant Stormcry pls.
A +2 or +3 weapon will cap at like 25% success rate regardless of how much gear xp you farm.
You can fail like 10x in a row, let's say it's 30K gold per try cuz mats, that's 300K down the drain...
Even then, some ppl here think that's guaranteed stuff cuz they think that we can cap at 100% failing every time for 3% better chance.
So, let's do the math for that 100% sucess chance: (100-25)/3 = 25 failures, the cost for a true 100% success/no RNG enchant is like 750K at +2 or +3, you can do the math for +9...

So, in the end of the day, it's the same [filtered] RNG, maybe it's even worse cuz with all the gold spent now you could brute force your way to BIS +15 with like 300x tries on old system.
That's what Koreans are know for, they rly think that RNG is best for everyone and it's a game mech that will keep players hooked in a boring game without content and dead pvp.
And i don't expect >very young< ppl that still play this game by this point to be any good on basic math, they put too much "hard work" on virtual things for that to be true...(cuz it's a shame to P2W...)

Jerichow wrote: »
I'd rather grind three weeks for 50k gold and a guarantee to get what I want, than to grind three weeks for a handful of chances to maybe get what I want.
Which game are you talking?
Maybe it's not Tera..
Cuz afaik, there's still a lot of RNG on this game...

Old gearing system: 6.5% success chance but every try was cheap.
Now for top tier: ~22% + X% chance, where X is your bonus, where if you put like 12 hr/day (i.e: serious hard work for serious virtual stuff..) maybe you can raise to +20% better chance..
Each try is much much more expensive now, multiple failures is not a option for most ppl, if you fail like 5x on an upgrade from frost+9 to storm+0 (that's very far from BIS, i.e: storm+9) that's ~60K gold down the drain....

No RNG/guaranted stuff =100% success rate with fixed costs and that's not true for high/top tier stuff, you can grind 12 Hr/day and cap gear exp (maybe on like 60%? idk...) and you can still fail a lot....

Every week i'll check Tera Steam charts to see if Tera rly needed a [filtered] load of oldschool grinding... :)
BHS is rly clueless as always...
Maybe we should all go back to 2005 wen we were all 13 yr old kids so we can waste all our day just farming WoW or Lineage 2...
Or maybe most MMO players now are 13 yrs older and they'll find another game to play on their free time( free time != 6 hr/day per char)..
BHS, plz make ur mind, ty.

LesbianVi wrote: »

ofc they are, but they are fewer, and also they are not representing all. I see way more activity this patch after gear progression than the previous one. even if it is released not long ago.

Yep, so much more activity lel...
This is the only real data that we got and as you can see, this patch did almost nothing to our avg playerbase, exactly as i said here ~1 week ago...
This is so plain obvious but BHS is so stupid. A sane player will not put more time/grind (especially the worst kind, >constant< grind, i.e: treat the game like a job) on a game that sorely lack content, i mean, let's grind af so we can clear HH (again), LKNM/HM(again), nerfed SC(again) and only just 2 new dungeons with reskinned boss, wih a dead pvp scene...
But wellp, a few entitled BHS whiteknight here on this forum rly think that they know what the majority of playerbase want...
@LesbianVi, i think EME should wipe server's database every 6 months.
just look how great it will be!

*No more hoarding mats from previous patch;
*No more BIS +15 on day one, ppl will need to "work hard" for their gear!
*Ppl will run Tera for its great creative and fun content instead of afking on HW!
*There will be things to (re)do every 6 months!
* No need for BHS to put money on real content, EME can just push a button!
* This will fix every problem caused by Mongos and OP events, think about a pristine economy every 6 month, cuz we all know that virtual seasonal commodities's price is so much more valuable than our real time!
* We all gonna "get gud" on this game killing IOD BAMs 10201021x and running 3~4 star dungeons 6 Hrs a day (cuz HM reward will be garbage as always!). I mean, it's so hard to kill that Naga and Iron Giant, only Tera gods can achieve that!
* And ofc, ppl will return in droves and they'll be very happy to se they lost everything, but who cares? They wanna run the 2x new reskinned dungeons 10000x!

But ofc, we can p2w our way to the top. Better yet, we can p2w our full +15 gear on day one and post here on eme forums how ppl only want easy stuff and how Mongos ruined our profits!!!

That's the logic from a small but very vocal minority here on this forum. Let's just see who EME gonna listen this time...
@LesbianVi, i think EME should wipe server's database every 6 months.
just look how great it will be!

*No more hoarding mats from previous patch;
*No more BIS +15 on day one, ppl will need to "work hard" for their gear!
*Ppl will run Tera for its great creative and fun content instead of afking on HW!
*There will be things to (re)do every 6 months!
* No need for BHS to put money on real content, EME can just push a button!
* This will fix every problem caused by Mongos and OP events, think about a pristine economy every 6 month, cuz we all know that virtual seasonal commodities's price is so much more valuable than our real time!
* We all gonna "get gud" on this game killing IOD BAMs 10201021x and running 3~4 star dungeons 6 Hrs a day (cuz HM reward will be garbage as always!). I mean, it's so hard to kill that Naga and Iron Giant, only Tera gods can achieve that!
* And ofc, ppl will return in droves and they'll be very happy to se they lost everything, but who cares? They wanna run the 2x new reskinned dungeons 10000x!

But ofc, we can p2w our way to the top. Better yet, we can p2w our full +15 gear on day one and post here on eme forums how ppl only want easy stuff and how Mongos ruined our profits!!!

That's the logic from a small but very vocal minority here on this forum. Let's just see who EME gonna listen this time...
@LesbianVi, i think EME should wipe server's database every 6 months.
just look how great it will be!

*No more hoarding mats from previous patch;
*No more BIS +15 on day one, ppl will need to "work hard" for their gear!
*Ppl will run Tera for its great creative and fun content instead of afking on HW!
*There will be things to (re)do every 6 months!
* No need for BHS to put money on real content, EME can just push a button!
* This will fix every problem caused by Mongos and OP events, think about a pristine economy every 6 month, cuz we all know that virtual seasonal commodities's price is so much more valuable than our real time!
* We all gonna "get gud" on this game killing IOD BAMs 10201021x and running 3~4 star dungeons 6 Hrs a day (cuz HM reward will be garbage as always!). I mean, it's so hard to kill that Naga and Iron Giant, only Tera gods can achieve that!
* And ofc, ppl will return in droves and they'll be very happy to se they lost everything, but who cares? They wanna run the 2x new reskinned dungeons 10000x!

But ofc, we can p2w our way to the top. Better yet, we can p2w our full +15 gear on day one and post here on eme forums how ppl only want easy stuff and how Mongos ruined our profits!!!

That's the logic from a small but very vocal minority here on this forum. Let's just see who EME gonna listen this time...
@LesbianVi, i think EME should wipe server's database every 6 months.
just look how great it will be!

*No more hoarding mats from previous patch;
*No more BIS +15 on day one, ppl will need to "work hard" for their gear!
*Ppl will run Tera for its great creative and fun content instead of afking on HW!
*There will be things to (re)do every 6 months!
* No need for BHS to put money on real content, EME can just push a button!
* This will fix every problem caused by Mongos and OP events, think about a pristine economy every 6 month, cuz we all know that virtual seasonal commodities's price is so much more valuable than our real time!
* We all gonna "get gud" on this game killing IOD BAMs 10201021x and running 3~4 star dungeons 6 Hrs a day (cuz HM reward will be garbage as always!). I mean, it's so hard to kill that Naga and Iron Giant, only Tera gods can achieve that!
* And ofc, ppl will return in droves and they'll be very happy to se they lost everything, but who cares? They wanna run the 2x new reskinned dungeons 10000x!

But ofc, we can p2w our way to the top. Better yet, we can p2w our full +15 gear on day one and post here on eme forums how ppl only want easy stuff and how Mongos ruined our profits!!!

That's the logic from a small but very vocal minority here on this forum. Let's just see who EME gonna listen this time...
Tbh, i think EME should wipe server's database every 6 months.
just look how great it will be!

*No more hoarding mats from previous patch;
*No more BIS +15 on day one, ppl will need to "work hard" for their gear!
*Ppl will run Tera for its great creative and fun content instead of afking on HW!
*There will be things to (re)do every 6 months!
* No need for BHS to put money on real content, EME can just push a button!
* This will fix every problem caused by Mongos and OP events, think about a pristine economy every 6 month, cuz we all know that virtual seasonal commodities's price is so much more valuable than our real time!
* We all gonna "get gud" on this game killing IOD BAMs 10201021x and running 3~4 star dungeons 6 Hrs a day (cuz HM reward will be garbage as always!). I mean, it's so hard to kill that Naga and Iron Giant, only Tera gods can achieve that!
* And ofc, ppl will return in droves and they'll be very happy to se they lost everything, but who cares? They wanna run the 2x new reskinned dungeons 10000x!

But ofc, we can p2w our way to the top. Better yet, we can p2w our full +15 gear on day one and post here on eme forums how ppl only want easy stuff and how Mongos ruined our profits!!!

That's the logic from a small but very vocal minority here on this forum. Let's just see who EME gonna listen this time...
berrymilk wrote: »
Lol I'm not even full 15+ or death track due to poor rng and elite players already full +15 rolling on mats just to gear there alt and you guys complaing about conversion rate? I think this is highly need it to atleast break the elitist in the economy and restart this money grab system. I'm glade +15 gone im glade there removing some stuff to start fresh maybe this change is for the better and atleast give small guilds or player a chance to feel that there gear is on pare

You're so naive.
Players that are already at +15 VM9 will start with a HUGE advantage on the new patch, rest of the ppl will be forced to deal with "k-tera like grinding"(every1 asked for it) just till they catch to Top+2...

But as we can see, np, cuz NA Tera playerbase is VERY VERY young (maybe 13~16 yr tops), they rly want old school 2002s mmo korean grinding in 2017 in a game that, by design, trash every fkn thing every 6 months...
BHS logic: "Let's wipe the server every 6 month cuz there will be more things for players to (re)do"...

Maybe if they rly wipe server's database every now and then, we will climb back from ~1.5K avg player to 10K+ by this epic logic.

Cuz you know, actual fun content is expensive, let's just change some variables, reset the economy and call it "new content"...
@ ElinUsagi, if you're so unhappy about "faceroll" NA Tera, why you just not play K-Tera with a VPN and enjoy hardcore mindless grind with 250 ms ping?
Did you ever asked if majority of NA playerbase really want hardcore grind?
Maybe you are the vocal minority here?

> @ElinUsagi said:
> StevenAnthony wrote: »
> mmmm, for a moment I thought EME was taking off the posibility from players to craft and enchant dw +15 on the first day in the new gear progression patch, I was happy... but if things are as you said then no matter this hard reset people are going to be able what they shouldnt, BiS is not something to be handed this easy to others.

Dude, vm9+15(top+2) will be very far from bis (top+9), and you still here with this "hard work" fallacy...
vkobe wrote: »
your brain was already disorder when you thought than i reply to you in a post i didnt quote you

tera population peak in 2012, so pls spare me your [filtered] :)

steam only buy time for tera, but we could feel the symptom in 2014 than bhs started to take weird decision, fate of arun bring more pain to tera than good thing

yes tera could attract large number of player before 2016, but since we only lost people and even new update doesnt bring so much people and they just quit fast the game after, well maybe tera console could buy 2 mores years for tera we will see if console players love the game

i didnt remember community asked gender lock class or than they remove content

i respect enmasse, but since than minea and tonka left enmasse qualities have decreased, but since than they hire more employees they are fine since 6 months

Tera pop peak was arroud Gunner/Steam release.
In fact you can even search on EME old forum here and find ppl complaining about "ded game" way back on 2012 lol : https://archive.org/web/
If Tera's population was so great on 2012, why the heck this game turned into F2P lol?

I can't agree more with @Atorisan...
There's more core problems with this game aside from HUGE >intentional< classes imbalances that just make any loyal player waste a [filtered] load of time and effort (why you gonna put so much time on a class that will be nerfed to the ground to force you to reroll? Maybe aswell just start a new game from scratch!)

1 - VM gear every fkn 6 months and no retool from VM4 till now (think again, you class will be trash/meh and you gonna grind VM all over again, why not just quit Tera and start a new game?)
2 - Too much useless RNG and +15, you can search old EME forum, BHS just doesn't care if a loyal player fails 150x just to +13 a piece of gear that will be trash in less than 6 months (maybe they care now cuz gear revamp, but it's TOO fkn late cuz everyone already left this game!);
3 - Do you remember on Renegade/Tensus patch how many ppl left cuz +15 killed PVP? Since then BHS made so many more mistakes and they tried their best to just delete PVP from this game... CS lv65 only, eq FWC (just after they released Conflate gear..lulz), removal of leaderboard (Wtf BHS), they killed KS/BC for more RNG BS cuz they think everyone loves RNG, etc...
4 - Gender locked broken classes every year, omg, do you remember how broken Brawler was on release? So many Lancer main rage quitted cuz how broken Brawlers were on PVE (i remember them dealing more than the sum of all dps on the party!) and so many ppl gave up on PVP cuz that class. Thinking about it now, tbh, Brawler on release (especially on PVP) was not so much different than a Valk with memeslash now (yep, a fkn one shot hack!)..BHS will do everything, even kill their own game, just to force us to reroll and buy stuff again :)
5 - Huge content removal: Omg, that "Stamina patch" they just butchered half of the game, alchemy/crafting is dead since then, open world became so much more irrelevant that idk why this "dungeon/grind/dress up simmulator" take ~42GB on my SSD(!). They removed alliance, Crusades (there was a point running SSHM for 100x!), leaderboards ,etc. Man, game was so much more fun back in 2015...
6 - Too much focus on super grindy hardcore content that only ~10% of player population will ever clear (cof.. HH.. cof). BHS doesn't even play their own game, they just listen to no-lifers/P2W ppl crying on K-Tera Inven on how this game is "so ez, make it harder!!1!" and they're now catering for sub-group of like only 500 ppl and ofc most mid-tier and casuals will just quit cuz there's no PVP, no crafting, no openworld, just "grind HH on a top PVE guild!".
7 - Huge techinical issues with this game since ever: BHS should deal with the simply fact that there's ppl all arround the world playing this game with anything from 10 to 250 ms + ping ,they can't just ignore and pretend we are all koreans with sub 20 ms ping. Either put an IP block on this game so ppl save their times or just optmize Tera's netcode (i.e: Skill prediction at least for PVE and make HM mechs more doable on high-ping!).
Just ask a ~200 ms Warrior, Archer, Lancer, Gunner tbh whatever class what they think about this game and why they stay loyal to Tera when there's a local BDO server with sweet 30~60 ms ping (that's is the case for so many ppl from South America now...)
Tbh i rly think at least 40% of Tera's pop play this game with a least 100 ms+ (even ppl on NA got this kind of ping) and since Spell Bound patch (~ almost 1 year now) server/routing lag is almost constant now. I'll not even talk about how poor this old game run on any PC..

As you can see here, per Steam Charts, we got only 1.450 AVG player now from 11.500 AVG on Gunner/Steam release, ofc we don't know how many play w/o Steam, but this say a lot: http://steamcharts.com/app/323370
I put in my old graphics card back and it's working as it was before so I have a feeling the power supply wasn't enough for the new graphics card, which stinks cause now I have a useless, brand new graphics card since I can't upgrade the PSU without having something hooked up externally or switching it all over to a new case which I don't have room for. +sighs+ Not to mention the random crashing/freezing is still occurring. Thanks anyway, Equitas!
It makes no sense...
GTX 660 use much more power than 1050 Ti..
> @Idi0ticGenius said:
> ElinUsagi wrote: »
> LYC14 wrote: »
> Currently I have two pieces of Ambush that are +12 and one at +14. Should I try to +15 all three pieces or wait till the gear revamp to do so?
> Wait until gear revamp, then enchant it till +15, you will have better enchantment success in new patch for old gear.
> After you get Ambush +15 you will be able to convert it to High Tier +7 gear, being the 2nd best gear tier in the next patch.
> The reasoning isn't exactly correct. The cost will turn out similar implying average RNG in both sides. BUT, here's my reason why:
> Next patch there is no MW and Awakening, so you will no longer need to go through MW/Awakening process to enchant further.
> This means you don't deal with MES + ID RNG and, most importantly, Awakening Fee at +12 to proceed. That gives you 10 tries more than before, so you might as well take advantage of it.
> Also there isn't bonus added on each failure for +13 and up (or at least they're really, really small) because success rate calculation is completely different for old gear vs new. So assuming the "failure bonus" is negligible, you're pretty much doing x +10 tries. but hey, 10 more tries than before is better than nothing.
> Another reason is that feedstocks are pretty much useless for 1:1 conversion ratio. You do not really want to buy out enchantment materials except for gold/silver crystals which are tradable but that's 1:30 ratio (feedstock to crystal) making it a terrible tradeoff anyways-- same can be said in anything on the list. Feedstocks have best use as enchanting material for old gear, not for converting them to tokens unless you have +15 BiS everything already. I'd doubt MWA would stay 1:10 but it's still not that great.
> To answer how much it would cost to enchant " w tier +x to y tier +z ", you need to consider few things:
> Gold/Silver Crystal/Piece/Plate (depends on gear tier or accessory)
> emeralds/diamonds
> gold
> i can't remember what the prices were now but they varied within
> Gold Crystal - 20~50 gold each
> Gold Piece - 150~300 gold each
> Gold Plate - 500~700 gold each
> Silver Crystal - 30~50 gold each
> Silver Piece - 100 ~ 200 gold each
> Silver Plate - 400~800 gold each
> Emeralds - 1,000 + 100 ~ 500
> Diamonds - 10,000 + 2,000 ~ 8,000 (mainly because this one gets bought/sold frequently)
> then you pretty much add and estimate the cost assuming you get them in first try. as for expected amount due to RNG, give it a good measure. but that's just a rough guess, it should show something like 2.5~4mil gold (depending on how you calculated it) at base from Low +0 to Top +9 on all weapon/ chest/ hand/ foot ( which in this case we will start saying 9/9/9/9 or the like). that's at least 2.5 mil gold expected for full BiS by w/c/h/f only. At average RNG though, most people succeeded +1~6 within 3 tries each +7~9 within 10 tries each. but there is always that one unfortunate dude who tried about 20 times before +9 success from +8.
> there are different factors that affects the rates, but it's not too difficult to think about.
> low +0 to high+0 is roughly 100k gold as long as you really farm those easy materials as well as gear xp-- two birds in one stone.
> high +0 to top +0 is around 200k~ 400k+ gold assuming you farm xp and depending on whether you bought the gold pieces or not.
> top +0 to top +7 is around 300k~800k+ gold assuming you farm xp and depending on whether you bought the gold plates or not.
> top+7 to +9 alone costs about 500k ~ 1mil+ assuming you farm xp and depending on whether you bought the gold plates or not.(or more) as well.
> adding up you get the range of 1.1 ~ 2.3mil+ gold.
> but again, this depends on how the NA's market works out too.

Based on your math, how much you think gonna cost to upgrade from high+7 to top+2?
> @KarmaTheAlligator said:
> Dvsv wrote: »
> How easy is to enchant from high+7 to top+2?
> I mean, which one will be cheaper? Buy ambush+15 rn and enchant to top+2 later or just buy/craft vm9 +15 rn and convert to top+2 later?
> Have a look there: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oNFyLfTcBLTAODN0WAeIcWpzhoKQY1d-9bgW40SedAs/edit#gid=505067801
> It gives the cost in gold and materials, as well as the success % per attempt (of course that stuff might change once it's here). At a guess I'd say the cheapest would be to buy/craft VM9 now, wait until the patch to enchant it to +15, then convert.

Ty, but it's very hard to guess cost with this data, cuz rng and idk how easy will be to farm non-tradeable mats and the costs of tradeable ones :/
How easy is to enchant from high+7 to top+2?
I mean, which one will be cheaper? Buy ambush+15 rn and enchant to top+2 later or jusy buy/craft vm9 +15 rn and convert to top+2 later?
They nerf the res/second life passive from some classes then they bring it back again as a P2W dragon passive with 1 Hr CD hahahaha!
GG BHS, rly GG, make the game "harder" (only for free players!) cuz "hardcore kids" ask for it on forums but ofc, make it easy for P2W ppl!

That Draconic Rex BS was not enough, now we need to pay even more to restore basic game features from previous patch..
Hey BHS, i got one great idea: Just remove crafting (or anything) from the game and put as a exclusive passive on a new dragon mount!!!

ZeRoHouR95 wrote: »
....and tera and geforce doesnt get along very well, radeon is and was always the best at least for me, tera doesnt use much gpu but for the little it uses, radeon is better
Radeons got much worse driver overhead on pre-DX12 stuff...
Warrior is one of the best dps classes if you got low ping.
If you got high-ping (150 ms+), you can put how much effort or gear you want on this class but you will always be trash...
Imho, this is a HUGE factor to consider before you think about making a warrior main.. (both dps and tank..)

Btw, Warrior is hard but not that hard tbh if you got low-ping or you can "fix" high-ping problems..
There's a huge safety net cuz so many iframes on Warrior, sometimes i think it's even faceroll...

Imho a Gunner is harder to master than a dps Warrior cuz you gonna burn your iframes on a perfect rotations, it's harder to reposition, etc..
Dialoonia wrote: »
its just the truth. If u have [filtered] ping i doesnt change the fact that playing is not optimal. 500ms is [filtered]. Maybe proxy allows you to que skill faster without ping tax. iframes still applies your ping.
Hey kid, then why there's no fkn IP block on this game?
In fact it's the exact opposite, EME/BHS want money from players all arround the world (there's a payment option for EMP sales just for ppl here on my country wtf!)...
They want our money but they don't want to put a single effort on making this game at least a bit more playable with 150 ms+ without third party BS (that "hax" thing that enable a 200 ms warrior to deal 80% dps of a 20 ms warrior ,so unfair man !!!!11) ...

EME plz just make an IP Block on this game so we all don't waste or time gearing and +15 stuff to deal trash dps in endgame content.
I think 1.500 players is already too much for Tera tbh:
We rly don't need ppl from outside NA (and some from NA too!!!1!)

Plz make an IP block so the so called "true hardcore players" can have a blast playing with sub 200 population from Chicago.

Xandervb wrote: »

120 ping is not that bad, and while it is true that warrior is ping-dependant, it is also one of the strongest classes with high skill cap that can get good dps even with moderately high ping. There are also some solutions for higher-ping players availabie.
Idk about 120 ping (maybe it's borderline for Warrior) but i know that Warrior is almost useless with 180 ms ping and even with "third party solutions", there's lots of desync and ghosting (skills that fail to hit, i.e: dps loss cuz broken chains) so it will be always worse than a low ping warrior.
Yep, "high skill cap" classes are great if you live on Chicago with sub 20 ms ping..
Past certain ping (120 +?) there's so much "skillz" can do...
I'm pretty sure the dps gap between 30 ms and 120 ms Warrior is bigger than Oblit vs DW and the high ping Warrior will need to play at a higher level just to deal the same dps..
Past 200 ms it's so bad that imho there's no point on +15 anything other than sorc or maybe brawler/slayer/zerk...

Gunner is not ping friendly at all (no blast cancel/triple AB, slow af burst fire w/o macro) and warrior is one of worst classes for high ping players cuz you can't chain or combo [filtered]...
There's no point to talk about skill for a player so handicapped by ~200 ms ping..
And even if your dodge everything (there's lots of dumb 0.5 s one shots on Tera's endgame and next patch will be worse..), a trash dps is almost as bad as a dead one..

OP, tbh, if you're not going to use 3rd party tools, just avoid Tera, find another game with better netcode or hosted whitin your own country.

Tera was never been tested outside Korea/sub- 30 ms ping environment, that's more than enough reason for high-ping players to not support BHS or this game...
LesbianVi wrote: »

Gunners are also good option when it comes to survival and ping issue.

Warrior is also good, because of the good amount safety and mobility very reliable, you lose DPS but staying alive and surviving can compensate that, but Warrior when it comes to DPS and good rotation needs higher skill.
Gunner is bad at high ping (no blast cancel, slow af burst fire, no triple AB..)
Warrior is trash af on high ping, maybe one of the worst classes, you gonna deal like the 60% of the dps of a low ping warrior no matter your skill cuz almost every chain/combo will be just...broken...
There's no point to talk about "skills" and even "survival" if the player will be so handicapped by ping.
A trash dps is almost as bad as a dead one...

Ofc it's possible to fix most issues with that third party tool (it'll be not the same as a low ping player...lots of desync and skills that fail to hit)..

Tbh, OP, if u're not going to use third party tools, just avoid Tera, find another game with better netcode or hosted whitin your own country.

it's probably just a vaporware...
Thank you all for your answers.
I decided to go with gunner mainly because of survivability and my high ping, gunner seems to have slaughter 1 piece and 4 pieces of guile gear all +12 (419 score)so i think i can start with some good dungeons.

Gunner is bad for high ping.
If you wanna play a ping friendly dps class for pve, just roll a sorc..
Better yet, you can fix all you "high ping rotation problems" and play everything you want, but you'll not be "legit" anymore...
> @LesbianVi said:
> StevenAnthony wrote: »
> LesbianVi wrote: »
> @StevenAnthony it is not the right time to put effort to craft Ambush, that's what I mean.
> A misery box like the one we got from Valkyrie event would be way better at this point.
> ............ is no moment to craft free +12 ambush but is moment to recibe ambush smart box ? meee ....
> I didn't say free ambush box, I said distribution, Drop from somewhere. For a new player, if they go for Ambush when we are gonna get next gear not long from now is not a good idea. is it?

Ambush +12 is equal or slight better than misery +12 and it's not even a "handout".
Imho, they should change the scroll or just put an ambush box as a reward.
this is the problem when eme gave us free vm mats .............
this is the problem when BHS ditched "one design for everything" since VM7 patch ............

Design prices are almost the same as early on VM8 patch but there was no "handouts" (i.e: BS talk) back then (player base was bigger on vm7 patch tho).
sanj66 wrote: »
while i like the removal of the horrid awakening system, i dont like this one either, cuz with enough gold and mats you can blow through gear without doing any content. this is literally going to make content irrelevant, this is basically what people like chaos.glint, palomina and the other people who wanted talisman on the vhnm, tsnm and the bg jackpots wanted. bis gear with little to no effort, this system is more p2w than the current, swipe for emp, sell for gold and its even less gold now=bis gear, no effort. they should have included a retool where you still need mats from dungeons to retool the gear up into the next set. just seems like p2w scheme typically from nexon.

Let's do the math:

+15 VM9 weapon on TB: ~1Mil gold atm
VM9 Weapon box on TB: ~800K gold
+15 VM8 weapon on TB: ~300K gold

U$100 = 14.400 EMP = ~648K gold (1:45 rate)
U$200 = ~1.3M gold, that's more than one +15 vm9 without a single effort put into the game, right now :)

@ topic: This new gear revamp is long overdue...
And tbh, i think it's already too late..
They should've done this ~2 years ago on Steam release.
Ik so many dedicated end game players that left this game cuz of cancer gear progression and awakening system.
By the time this update hits NA it will be early 2018, idk how many loyal player will still play this game...
BHS spent too much resource on broken gender locked classes and they forgot about their own game...
Ppl are elitist and worse, hypocrites af too.

I tested something 1 month ago on TR with 3x toons:

*Full Misery +12 Sorc, skilled on every dungeon that i applied: I got mostly rejected (maybe 60%+), i'm talking about ez stuff like vsnm.
*Ambush +15 Warrior: Hardly got rejected at all, even on dugeons that i was rookie, just LOL!
*Full Misery +12 Slayer: Same or worse as the sorc..

I'll not even talk here about rallys and "+15 only" (cuz +15 is a must on a 5 Fps boss fight!!);
Btw, my main is/was an Ambush+15 sorc on AV, i was very active on VM8 patch with 100+ rmhm clears but nobody knows who i'm on TR, i can deal the same or better dps on that misery +12 sorc than some +15 player, but even then i got rejected af..

So, gl running VSHM on LFG with +12 gear.

There's only two ways arround this elitism problem:
*Just farm 300K (if you got lot of free time it's not hard, just boring af) and buy VM8 +15 weapon from TB;
*Find some very nice and helpful non-elitist guild that can run vshm with you...

As we can see here, NA Tera comunity is just aids.
This "handout/hardwork" talk is just BS.
"Try Hards" Tera players, BHS will gladly trash your glorious full +15 VM every fkn 6 months and you come here asking for harder grind?
That is just hilarious!
From some1 that cleared every fkn HM dungeon since VM5 patch, there's no challenge after 10x+ clears, it's just repetitive mindless grinding,
"Omg, but it's so ez to gear on VM9 now and there's nothing more to do!1!" Plz, just gear an alt on VM then, i.e: If you're a dps, just play a tank and challenge yourself :+1:
And if Tera is trully a skill reliant game, then why should we bother if a noob can get VM9?
Or maybe you're all afraid that they can just roll an Archer, instal some program and out dps you LOL..
Such skillz... lol

WhaleWhale wrote: »
People were literally handed out materials for logging in, and for doing easy progression dungeons. What else did you expect? Everyone has the means to craft one = everyone wants the design to craft one = high demand = low supply = high design prices.
Desing prices were expensive af early on VM8 patch and there was no "handouts".
And man, i regret so much my 104+ clears of RMHM, that was exactly the definiton of boring content.

As i said here, this "hard work" or "handout" talk is just BS (probably only from p2w players/swipers).
I can't care less if they put VM9 boxes on CW, cuz ik that by dec/jan there will be a new [filtered] VM10 and all my "hard work" will go to waste (even if i can use VM9 on the next patch, a 1.1Mil gold weapon will be worth like 300K gold...).

If you guys rly think that Tera is all about "skills" (rolleyes), then why should we bother if everyone got VM early on the patch?
Or maybe there's no fun content on this game and Tera is all about mindless gear grind...

Sorry but i'm not a hypocrite.
Maybe you guys should ask IRL for more work and less paycheck too lol...

Nice Spacecats, i got my post deleted cuz i said the sad truth?

Truth be told, most ppl that want "harder grind" here on NA forum are just big EMP spenders, they can just p2w the way thru all this grind.
They know that only U$100 on EMP gets 640K gold so in the end, they want "harder grind" just for us, f2p players :)

Imho, every1 should read this posts from kamizuma: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/154099/#Comment_154099

This "hard work" talk is just BS.
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