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Hello, after a fruitless search on the net and forums I must lay myself before my fellow community members and ask for help unlocking the high level BAM vanguard quests for the Island of Dawn (Naga battle master and the like). :P

My character's (valk) gear is level 435 and I have completed IoD quest line. Mid and low level BAM VG quests are available, just not high and killing one of the associated BAMs does not trigger a quest. Have the devs moved up the lvl requirement (last I saw referenced was ~423), were these removed, are there additional story requirements (haven't completed R9 yet), or is this simply an inexplicable glitch with my character? I'm not sure where to go from here, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
aeee98 wrote: »
Nah you answered our own question. It isn't about the soulbinding (in theory if we have soulbinding removed we will get bored even faster), but more content in the game is required

I'd say that less time with the game is required. The OP is experiencing burn-out but rather than accepting that as a normal lull in a cycle of interest, it's called a problem that someone else needs to fix. And quite frankly, no one can. It's up to them to moderate their playtime with their current level of interest. More content can only shift their current burn-out point, and for everything short an expansion that shift is likely to be marginal (because the core game will remain as it is now. What's added is novelty and complexity, both of which fade rapidly with experience.)

So, take a break (directed at the OP). There's no shame in it. No game can sustain a constant level of playtime ad infinitum (check the communities around games based on procedural generation or user-generate content) and even those few engaged over the full run of a game's life will go through peaks and valleys of interest. Some may not drift as high or low, but how much you need to back off from Tera during any lull is simply a reflection of what you need as a gamer.

Don't force it, just go with the flow (otherwise, you're more likely to crash by exceeding tolerances than work your way back up to happy fun time.)
At the very least, I think TERA PC will continue. I don't think they see console as an escape route or something away from the core game, but just as one other platform to sell the game on (just like expanding into a new market).

It does speak well for Tera though that it's able to expand into a new market as is. New games typically sell themselves on the promise that what players have now is just the start (so major complaints can be mollified by the promise of big updates to come.) Tera doesn't have to do that because while the pace of development isn't far from maintenance mode, the core (of great co-op gameplay accompanied by the incidentals of a big MMO) is a very strong one that doesn't explicitly need another big update to justify continued interest.

So there's some solace that one can take away here. ;)

PS. I'm relatively new player here (just reached 65 for the first time this week), so take this post as an outsider's perspective. I follow other MMO's as well, which incidentally have much more vigorous development but that's how they maintain their footholds. It's not ideal to judge Tera by their dev standards, it's in a different situation with it's core gameplay.
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