At the very least, I think TERA PC will continue. I don't think they see console as an escape route or something away from the core game, but just as one other platform to sell the game on (just like expanding into a new market).

It does speak well for Tera though that it's able to expand into a new market as is. New games typically sell themselves on the promise that what players have now is just the start (so major complaints can be mollified by the promise of big updates to come.) Tera doesn't have to do that because while the pace of development isn't far from maintenance mode, the core (of great co-op gameplay accompanied by the incidentals of a big MMO) is a very strong one that doesn't explicitly need another big update to justify continued interest.

So there's some solace that one can take away here. ;)

PS. I'm relatively new player here (just reached 65 for the first time this week), so take this post as an outsider's perspective. I follow other MMO's as well, which incidentally have much more vigorous development but that's how they maintain their footholds. It's not ideal to judge Tera by their dev standards, it's in a different situation with it's core gameplay.