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Just put current rates of golden talents/darics/plates from SSN/SSH into all dungeons respectively for their ilvl..... Little increase wouldn't hurt either.
Currently on Velika server golden plates are 600g each.... up from 400g few days ago. Supply is going down really fast.

Players are like a starved child and when EmE throws us a bread crumb they expect us to be grateful.... instead of properly feeding us all along
I remember the merge QA stream, Cobalt was answering all the questions. Because Cobalt actually plays the game and knows what people are talking about
Apparently they did when talents got limited to 35
Currently, chamion's token shop is definitely one of the most poorly planned ones I've seen in a recent while, topping even dungeon delver coins. There's nothing in it for endgame players who already have a quatrefoil or marrow brooch, and quite a lot of people have them.

Given the event ends 11th October, if you never miss a day capping out on tokens, you'll get ONLY ONE DIAMOND per character (assuming you have several characters that can run SSH). Even if Hammers are the highlight of this event.... you can only get 2.

Are temporary afros even worth mentioning? We have asked sooooo many times to allow us to have something permanent to earn during event, regardless if you have to up the price in tokens. It's true that if you spend every single token on afros you can get a 1-year supply of them, but it still sting that they're temporary. After 1 year is over, then what?

We need an event that's worth running and from which we can make a profit one way or another. No one's asking for game-breaking Neo-mongos. Events are meant to be something that boost our experience and/or profits for doing certain stuff, whether it's open world or dungeon based. But when you'll be able to buy more diamonds from VG gold reward than with event tokens....
The horrors of being on a pvp server where pvp isn't allowed anywhere relevant
CH isn't going anywhere though...
Rox said invisible weapon and mask have higher chance from higher dungeons. But I've run every 439-453 dungeon several times and have yet to see one.... except the one on broker for 500k
More reward for more effort, I applaud this change. Hated being less profitable than lifeless RG grinders
Casual PvP? Dont even bother. Even if you only do battlegrounds newbies will be quickly remembered with their large amount of deaths and quickly kicked the following games. CS you may slide in more often, but FWC you'll get kicked just for the sake of it - this includes not being +7 sc or part of some mlg sync. And VO, commonly represented as "pvp practicing area" you'll be ganked and shamed for interrupting someone's [filtered] measuring contest
When will you stop complaining, they're finally, ACTUALLY merging CH and you're still giving them poop
Saabi wrote: »
Mt is the only server that can even clear ds. Not sure if you want to transfer.

Yes and this person will be accepted in that 1 or 2 parties immediately, amirite
Would also like to add that, they appear to have been "leaking" things for .... a year or two now?
Gameforge is not outperforming us - they are ignoring announcement embargo dates that BHS has placed on all publishers - basically LEAKING the info that we are working to globally announce. Undermining us does not mean they know more than us; just that we are respecting the developer's wishes.

If what you say is true how come none of the "Leaking" publishers aren't getting reprimanded from BHS?
Icrushers wrote: »
I have seen the more powerful way.
For example:
They had 10 friends already on the same team at Fraywind Canyon Battleground.
But someone didn't get in yet.
And then kick an "equalized gear"(EQ) Novice player.
Let their friends get on the same team in time.
It is a more powerful way "sync queue" add "rng kick player".
It definitely an easy win but so rude.

It doesn't matter if it's EQ or Heroic Oath, they'll kick anyone not in the kool kidz club
We're getting the same thing
Given you're getting back to the game, being "viable" is extremely vague and it'll take you a while to reach the spot where you notice or care if you're viable or not (eg. timers on hard mode dungeons). Even so, any combination of classes can clear them.
> @Cephalotripsy said:
> I'm just going to be completely honest with you, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. Nothing is stopping you from doing this yourself either, if it's a guaranteed win to do this, why aren't you?

Obviously because it's a risible exploit and this might be quite foreign to you, but some people have a dose of decency where they prefer fairer matches over their own greed
There's a for-now unnamed individual that will kick people regardless of their gear and experience so his buddies could join in-progress for a full 15-man team and one-sided matches. Now tell me that's not moderation worthy cause MUH RANK
CornishRex wrote: »


Well no staff member of any publisher/developer will every tell you "Yup! The game is dying!"

I don't play on CH but I do feel bad for those guys. Time to spam #SaveCH everywhere I guess
Really just 1 superior guardian mission is already a decent income
Probably thursday
I sent a support ticket about it (2-3 months ago) with details of how it works, how and which people are abusing it and what effects it has. Got an automated response /shrug
I'd like to see updated description that doesn't say box doesn't work for gunners ninjas and brawlers
TJKat wrote: »
So, will this update/Q&A stream be a place where players can provide feedback that may actually affect how the merge plays out, or will it basically be you telling us what EME has decided is best for us, like it or leave it?

Definitely the 2nd one. It's been like that for every major change since forever. Tbh the way they're going about it "we'll tell you this week and stream about it on 7th!" means they already know everything but refuse to tell us in a timely manner for whatever reason. Probably so we would have as little time as possible to provide feedback that could drastically effect the merge
> @Enthilest said:
> The really weird thing about the second kick, when I run out of the home base gate - all of a sudden everyone around me that I ran out of the gate with have the red health bars as if I was now in the enemy side, then I get ported.

Thats just the short interval when you're kicked from the party but still in the instance
Legolam wrote: »
PvP = Player versus Player
Sieges and anchorstones are not players

Still does ~15k per hit to players
ElinLove wrote: »
The last word on the PC server merger (as of the last live stream) was that there'd be an announcement around the end of the month.

They have one week for this. Who wanna bet it's gonna be on the 31st?
31st of February
They'll increase reward speed in future patches
> @Elinu1 said:
> Why are maintenances getting so long? I remember a couple years ago they were like 2 hours at most

Because Eme became so understaffed they dont have anyone strictly focused on tera anymore. I believe CM is permanenly borrowed from closers for example. Also the main reason every patch notes and update are a wack, cause theyre spread way too thin to know what theyre doing
CS gives you equalized gear for everyone and you can only change crystals in it. Fraywind is different. Under 449 item level you get equalized gear thats around the same as stormcry +1. This gear is tons better than CS one but still kinda poop. 449 and above in FWC you can use your "real gear" over equalized. Now you can use the rolls on gear and accessories that are better for pvp. Thats why most people use double roll option. I wouldnt recommend doing it if youre not full stormcry since its kinda expenaive. Basically it lets you have 2 different sets of rolls on single equipment without having to use a different piece, so having pve and pvp rolls is quite handy and wont handicap you in either content (given you remember to switch)
If this change is due to an exploit then masks from PvP shouldn't be handed out either
Casual school uniforms please
ZingoPingo wrote: »
Gosh forbid I can't do the one PvP-related thing outside of CU with my friends in a mass PvP game. You used to be able to queue as 5 in FWC/CS and those were the good days.
Coincidentally your friends are all sc9 or HO and too scared to que without each other once they get drunk on broken matchmaking that always puts high elo vs low elo in a steamroll games that keep driving players away. Coincidentally thanks to sync. But it's okay, you're innocent because using a broken system isn't your fault for exploiting it, it's EME/BHS's for not fixing it!
PoP isn't really a measure for anything relevant
The way pvp currently is, both because of "pvp community" and management, it deserves to die.
What are you talking about... same buffs are applied just like any other guardian
Sync queers
I believe shadow sanguinary nm and hm came back recently in KR
Babit wrote: »
There will be awakening for the other classes soontm.

Okay but how many more months(years?) do I have to wait until my priest or ninja get accepted into parties without anyone frowning "oh look, a crappy underdog class", and what do I have left to do until that finally happens. Slayers were a meme for years but not enough to get rejected from parties solely based on their class like what we get now. Awakening will only escalate it to more classes. There's already a thread and a majority are proud to announce that they won't accept non-awakening classes anymore
Can't wait for that priest nail in the coffin
It's mostly only black hair that's affected
At first SCE was "EU specific". In time, NA will get its turn for KNX
+ implementing events
double post
Up to lvl 65 you'll live purely on dungeon drops. Even if you don't get it in said dungeon runs, quest gives you level-appropriate tokens with which you can buy said gear. The moment you reach lvl 65(max) you'll receive a story quest telling you to talk to Dougal in Highwatch who will give you lvl 65 starter gear pack which you then upgrade with materials you get from running dungeons, crafting them or buying some off broker.
They're already given out to you
If anything my fps has gotten worse
Killstyle wrote: »
Well if they are just going to skin a female then bring on the other gender locked races. I'll take a male version of the gender locked classes with female animations any day.

3 years in the making!!!
No it cannot
Best calendar ever (no sarcasm)
Xristosx wrote: »
No, Cooperative content doesn't give you the right to be a massive C.
When pvp on a PvP server is enabled everywhere except places where there are actually people :/

Erin Usagi, how do we make 15k gold per hour through pve content?

Guardian stuff obviously
Soon please

Soon = preferably within February 1st
This is an issue that has everyone up in arms
Not really. The only ones who care are those not getting healed and dying
tisnotme wrote: »

doesn't say 15 lvl 65 players , says 15 max-level players ~ is that stormcry lvl 9 players ??????
I was so looking forward to this open world but now seeming to me itll be another elitist thing
Last time I checked stormcry wasn't a level
It used to be like that. Now that highlight BG has a chance of diamonds, everyday FWC died off. Of course, if you want to get into any BG you have to que and US times
Digivolve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....

He said that was the goal to get it into the store for everybody by then. It might still be the plan, but it's a goal.

"Goal" is a really cute name for dates we probably can't and won't keep, but just throwing it out there anyway
ElinUsagi wrote: »
modules that allowed them to do things you couldn't do normally.
Like what? Playing on low ping like blessed-born in Chicago?

Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....
ElinLove wrote: »
He didn't inform? [filtered] him, his fault. I even bet he wasn't doing anything special to begin with to justify oh-so-amazing face-tank DPS.

I mean, if you can't notice the party face-tanking until one member dies then glasses or even binoculars may be an option.
ElinLove wrote: »

-cough- DPS eats damage like a manure sack -cough- floor filled with crap that DPS didn't stack -cough-
It's face tanking to do more damage by not avoiding mechanics to make the run faster.
ElinLove wrote: »
Another assumption we could (and SHOULD) do is that the tanker is taking priority on the run, and the biggest chunk of locks and such go to the tanker.
You mean the 30m auto lock-ons that a braindead monkey could do? I find it more inexcusable for a mystic to have something other to do than pick a spot and roll face on keyboard between tf and VoC. It's LKn. Mystic would never even have to move
They're not wrong. You're not supposed to rely on motes as a healer. Ever. Healer "getting in trouble" is healer's fault alone
Injector through and through
They don't call him GM.Merciless for nothing

This is what I use. Heal thyself already heals enough as it is so there's no need to glyph it.
Wording may have been bad, but do not take out spirited mana charge. I was saying MP regen on resto burst is extremely bad as compared to mana charge which is percentage based, and not a flat number. Heal thyself glyph is useful when you're taking constant unavoidable damage
SirGlenn wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
You should not ever roll healing on accessories. Ideally earrings should be 4/4 hp & endurance, rings 2/4 endurance, belt and brooch both hp%, and circlet/necklace 4 endurance. That *guide* is extremely outdated

Oh, I didn't realize it was outdated cause it says "Arsenal Patch update" thank you soo much for the info!
I'll re-roll ASAP.

It's outdated because... the person who made it doesn't really play anymore (and if they do they don't play priest anymore, but mystic) and hasn't played for a long time before coming back for Arsenal patch. What makes priest special is the ability to facetank a lot of attacks and mechanics, sometimes better than leather and metal classes, so every priest should monopolize on that by making themselves even more tankier. Priests already have a much higher and consistent healing output than mystics, and accessory rolls don't make much of a difference. They did when max health pools were below 100k

To further discredit the guide, it suggests self-heal as a must-have glyph. The VERY LAST time this was relevant was during FIHM for 1st and last boss 8/16% per 2 sec debuff. After that and currently it's a very useless glyph for PvE. Same with MP regen on restorative burst. It fills measly 250MP for full duration, and with MP pools being much higher now than when glyph was introduced, it's relic of the past. Percentage based like mana charge would be a different story.

There are plenty of other questionable (read: bad) suggestions there.
Did you not actually read the response? they did not say KC was the reason for the ban, they said it was investigated because someone reported the screenshot of KC and they found proof of cheating elsewhere on the account as a result. Just a case of bad luck for the person who got banned, but.. probably shouldn't have been cheating.

It literally says "in exploiting KC"...
Starkhoe wrote: »
Its just a theory, but it does make some sense.
No it does not make sense for anyone to be dumb enough one way or another to risk their account with +9sc character in something as pleb as KC
Starkhoe wrote: »
I mean, a +9 SC Valk in KC using slaying is obviously a tryhard, right. Its not unheard of for someone like that to be using a proxy. I could be wrong of course. Just guessing.
It's wonderful having an all-you-can-eat scapegoat known as proxy. Slaying runs in low-end dungeons are done for speedy clears, not to measure e-peens. Because no one cares about KC epeen
You should not ever roll healing on accessories. Ideally earrings should be 4/4 hp & endurance, rings 2/4 endurance, belt and brooch both hp%, and circlet/necklace 4 endurance. That *guide* is extremely outdated
That's what happens when event imagination is limited to (n)x drop. Currently it doesn't hurt to afk for few months until next (n)x drop hits because you'll basically make up for *lost* time in few hours/days of grinding low tier dungeons
They're note exactly new, they're CM for Closers as far as I know
Backcritting is the only form of doing any actual damage. On solo bosses the trick is to stay closer so you can get behind them faster during their animation lock. Depending on boss it can be easier or harder to do.

While in animation the bosses retain their back status they had immediately prior to start of the animation, so for example is the boss is doing a spinning attack, his "real back" you're supposed to be hitting is the same spot in which he started it, so you don't actually need to spin with him 1080 around the room. Forceful crystal is a very good indicator of this, as you can see the effect going off only when you're hitting the "real back"
So what's the surprising item?
All bosses have additional mechs
1 hour delay according to support page
Ignoring troll responses, the best time would be around noon to 4pm PST for BG of the day, and FWC post 4-5pm PST
Digivolve wrote: »
Zoknahal wrote: »
I'm trying to be patient, but seriously EME don't put things in the developer roadmap if you not even gonna put em in the game. It gives false hopes and is a false promise. We been waiting for 2 years already. Don't make us wait anylonger, and actually fulfill your deadlines.
The roadmap is a plan not a promise; intentions not deadlines. That said, they should update the roadmap as things change.

Don't worry, I'm 200% sure they'll hit golden gift box on time!

Well, they can try to delay the Christmas holiday, but it'll be pretty hard.

My point was the if it was anything related to them getting $$$, you can bet your best coat fed bill update would've been there yesterday
Zoknahal wrote: »
I'm trying to be patient, but seriously EME don't put things in the developer roadmap if you not even gonna put em in the game. It gives false hopes and is a false promise. We been waiting for 2 years already. Don't make us wait anylonger, and actually fulfill your deadlines.
The roadmap is a plan not a promise; intentions not deadlines. That said, they should update the roadmap as things change.

Don't worry, I'm 200% sure they'll hit golden gift box on time!
They're up since 2 days ago
I wonder how you make crafting oils
Borsuc wrote: »
FWC, as (almost) always, is the only one which has rewards. Even Corsair, its only competitor during some patches in terms of rewards, is behind right now. The favoritism is appalling.

And then you'll get clueless ignorants next patch saying "but FWC was popping before this patch!!!" if it somehow dies (i.e. gets "balanced" rewards) as if nothing happened. Yes, they truly believe the rewards are normal and not favoritism at all, just like they always did.

With the current population, if there was no favoritism no BG would pop because ques would be too spread. Even power hours barely make them alive and only for a short time per day.
Gridiron has seriously outdated rewards and jackpot doesn't make it relevant. It doesn't even give gear exp
You can go back to Blade and Soul which has maintenance extensions in the middle of the day with absolutely no explanations while their other favorite region does not.
phantazum wrote: »
Thats not a style, its literally, lol i dont know lets just give them 4 ears!, because the alternative takes effort.

So what's the effort-taking creative alternative?
Digivolve wrote: »
November 14th

Ooo where did you see this? :open_mouth:

It's pretty obvious if you ask me. It just happens to be the exact same date Kyra ends and my experience tells me they often like to connect event start/end dates to patch releases
November 14th
Ardire wrote: »

It IS bait and you fell for it
RMH had dragonbane
CornishRex wrote: »
miss My Gender Is So Important.
if you desire p2w oh so much.
Why the hostility?
If you would stop making personal attacks a core part of your posts, maybe it would help getting your point across.

I had absolutely no idea 2% buff over a normal version is a game changing p2w.
Anotsu wrote: »

-Implying elite is worth because of braveries
-Doesn't know you get more strong braveries through normal means than elite

I too, love selective reading. Strong braveries are a part of it, not a whole.
Like what? HH? Dragon scales? Totes not worth solely for strong braveries

Bottom line: Adding strong braveries in vast amounts to weeky reward WOULD devalue them, especially when it's farmable on multiple characters easily.
CornishRex wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Strong braveries are supposed to be an elite status perk
>I'm elite so I should be the only one allowed to do more damage
Nah dude that's not how it should work. Plus you can get strong braveries through other means already!

Elite needs to be worth it.
- Not a dude.
- So how should it work? Strong braveries for everyone? What happens to normal braveries then?
- Implying what, exactly?
There's a lvl 63 story quest that requires me to slaughter helpless sheep. Not even for food! Help! How do I cope with animal cruelty?!
Strong braveries are supposed to be an elite status perk
1. If they drop.
2. This is not about iod coins, its about dungeons.
3 lfg isn't shining for KC and SF that are fast.

My post was about fact that most part of gold comes from dungeons and even 8 of them will consume huge part of time with que/lfg anyway. If you happy with iod coins that's your choice.

1. They always drop. Always.
2. It's the most time conserving method if you're short on time to complete 8 vg a day.
3. Better run RG. Faster and more rewarding with insta que usually.

Apart from IoD vg giving a decent amount of gold themselves, tokens can be used to get titan's storm and earth, both going for around 500-700g at least on TR.

Dungeon VGs are them least of my gold income
Tera becomes p2w. There is literally no way to obtain gold on brokerage now.
If you don't make anything through broker then run ghillie and PoP and sell gems to merchant.

Only dailies and emp. Lets face up the fact that running 16 dungeons isn't easy as it needs time to complete, que to stay in ( if you aren't healer its longer) and scrolls to reset. Dungeon runs at this point feel like additional way to get gold, not primary.
You don't need 16 runs a day. 8 for each character is fine. I'm well off with doing it with only 2, sometimes 3 if I'm bored or have tim. 4 of those is PoP and 3 is top tier IoD. Last one can be bottom tier IoD if you're lazy.
All that left only stay in que and wait wait wait. No gold is not an aim and not main thing but what was done in this patch is really bad along with meh events.may be devs thought 600-700 gold per dung will encourage people will and get their piles of gold but they forgot about circumstances. At least such as silly high itlvl and que.
Don't que. Use LFG and make friends. Expecting a que to pop fast as a dps is not the brightest idea.
Elyiess wrote: »
> @mollyya said:
> I would say
> S-tier Valkyrie
> A-tier Warrior,Reaper,Berserker
> B-tier Gunner,Archer,Slayer with highest ICB multiplier
> C-tier Brawler,Ninja,Sorcerer
> F-tier Slayer with lowest(usual) ICB multiplier

Is this accurate and aren't ninjas and slayers being buffed with talent conversion passives? When is that coming to NA?

There is no conversion passives for ninja

Tewii wrote: »

Lock on is not a downside, hitscan is not an upside.

Plague is slower, susceptible to stagger and is a lock on.

Soooo why does it matter then if plague is a lock on?
@seandynamite @Spacecats @Halrath

I hope you're monitoring if there are alt account voting
L9DYYRM9TW wrote: »
these days pt dont invite priest but mystic..
When was this?

Is farming IoD / GG feasible for a priest main? Not that I would ever do that, I'm just curious. I'll just keep my potato gear and run BGs for fun instead of grinding low-tier PvE mobs to feel progress.

Ghillie yes, IoD no
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