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Consistently poor and betraying management that only act in community's favor when they already got burned by it.

EU publisher consistently outshining when it comes to events and even store updates.

Incomplete patch notes that makes players dig for accurate info themselves.

Silver/golden talents have been an issue for even longer.
On top of every other major and minor inconvenience.
It's definitely not "after Power it's all minimal increase". Dont be misguided and learn your class(es) better
Your score and contribution dont matter for the parcel reward lol
Did it always happen previous years > yes
Is there a reason to be different this year > no
If yes, how would anyone in the community know about it before you > ?
Stop feeding please. Thread reported
> @Cyborq said:
> Can I bump this thread a little?
> I have a question about the upgrading stone you're supposed to use to upgrade your masks..
> I dismantled a low tier one, but don't see an upgrade stone in the mask store.
> Where can one obtain it?

Define low tier. Guardian masks cant be upgraded. To upgrade onset you need to dismantle 2x infinity masks
Dont be too blinded. Theyre only doing this because exodus hurt them just that much, not out of their goodwill or powers of friendship.
Still have yet to see a step being made towards all those fancy promises made a month ago
If you think the lack of LFGs, learning or not, is because of the thing you mentioned...... boy do I have grim news for you
All the "good" things you mentioned are literally BHS things.
Good riddance, you won't be missed fwc
NGCH34R4FN wrote: »
I dont understand either how Tera's management team still thinks everything is fine. We gave feed back but its completely ignored or turned into a p2w scam. Shame. Tera NA shame.

They may or may not actually think that. But I can bet my bum no management will ever come and tell you "Yup, we f****'d up! But please don't jump ship yet!"
I can only imagine daily 250 talents is done through some extremely mind numbing and prolonged process. Enchanting boxes (I assume pvp ones?), most people barely get 1 proc in 10-15 boxes, if even. True, grinding is the game. But not for -supposed to be- most basic, common and needed material with severely limited sources
"For fun" isn't an incentive?
xTriDevilx wrote: »
It's not meant to be easy, and why would you wanna dismantle a gold talent anyway?

Getting the most needed and most important material for upgrading gear is supposed to be easy. Every single player needs them and as you gear up you need them more and more. There's not much point doing anything when you end up having more veiltrochs than golden talents
feminzii wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Dying more than 2 times to same exact thing just shows incapability of learning

that's completely bull [filtered]

Yes, of course. In a region that is last to get content, video and doc guides to hold your hand before you even go in, repetitive floor warming is proof that one can't be bothered, don't have any self-respect to take 5 to 10 minutes of their time to look up a dungeon before they go in, to make it easier on everyone.

Of course practical experience is different than theoretical. Even so, in 439 dungeons where bosses move in slow motion, extremely predictable and repetitive patterns.... or wait - it actually occurred to me that there are players who do not realize bosses work through scripted rotations and don't just do whatever they want. That's like the basics of MMO gameplay. Every lethal attack/mechanic has a giant wind-up before it, and if you're telling me that failing to even see it coming, much less dodge it, repeatedly, is normal.... *that's completely bull [filtered]*
Dying more than 2 times to same exact thing just shows incapability of learning
sugarplump wrote: »

The reason I ask is because caali stated that if EME allows proxy use he will resume support for NA.

Only by a legal binding contract. Which will surely, definitely never happen
No it is not. Read the newsposts again.
73K5HJREXP wrote: »
funny how people like voidy always say they going to or have quit. like 20 posts saying that now yet they still comment. if u quit then leave, you whine for a good measure already why are you still coming back. u whine when issues happen, whine when friend go, whine when guild die because of no proxy. but i see this and others just saying go to eu not on na anymore yet still here commenting a storm? If u player that quit the leave. after 1 or 2 message no one care that you lose proxy for some months so shut up because you just create more difference between proxy player and proxy hater by whining.

again if u quit na completely or move to eu bye bye stop commenting here and complaining useless because you are no longer on na. we get ur proxy is gone and some might not play. does not mean cry cry same message and keep coming back because you not get enough attention or noitce.
Us good ol' whiners did in fact "quit", NA at least. But we're still looking for a good reason to come back, because we didn't leave willingly, we were virtually forced to. I myself on NA have 2 HO characters, 3 others in mid sc, and countless valuable cosmetics and mounts. If I could swap them over to EU I would and never look back. But I can't, and regardless of how much of a better place EU is, it will take me a good while to get it all back.
Point being, I'm still spending time here on forums watching if EME has the desire to make NA the "best" region again, so I can go back to where I left off instead of starting all over.

HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
If the devs will do that then En Masse had all the rights to be cautious until now since the devs are proving to be childish in the end and also show that they were never interested about the actual health of the game to address the issues that hindered the same game for so many years in a constructive fashion ( if you are so passionate about the game and you truly want to fix the issues then why would you exploit the same issues turning them into a great weakness up to the point at where to even create and share tools that would explore that furthermore ). Plus, the devs started some years ago and kept making taunts directly or indirectly all the time until the snap happened and the flamethrower came out making both sides to look like a mess and also make them to lose so much of the work done so far.. And if the devs are truly caring about the issues and their true resolve was and still is to actually fix the issues then they should exchange excuses knowing that they did mistakes as well and move on to focus on the improvement that they wanted to do from the start ( we still have to receive the talent system and the crafting/fishing patch so this game still has some interesting stuff scheduled )

The saying "you can't see the forest for the trees" goes really well with this situation.

Tune in for the next episode this week!

I mean....

Let's say I make a tool that greatly improves player experience, but the company doesn't even want to talk to/with me as to how can we work together to make it better, instead bans me and later on pulls a legal action to destroy everything I've worked on? And when they feel the backlash of their decision, suddenly communication is the key? Yeah, very childish indeed (from which side, I wonder)
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
What i love the most about KTC on the stream is when she unleashes.. get it? unleashes? .. And i am talking about the berserker skill of course B)

Anyway, just give her time and we might have a very interesting and enjoyable CM

It's been 7 months though, how much more time does she need?

TheDarkWan wrote: »
I know the classes well and learned them well, tired the defstance for both and got killed a lot. I have the correct rolls and the correct crystals and I run a lot so my pot cd goes away I separate them from each other to kill them one by one but nothing is working, It's not my skills, I used to tank sorc on demokron factory on my zerk and warrior when we had them. I know how to dstance warrior and zerk for tanking and switching for astance when needed but my skills are not the issue here. For most ppl who have done this quest on +0 frost know that it is not a good balanced mission. The awakened skills are a new feature to the classes that does not need nor should it require that I become a zerk God or warrior hero to unlock them, they are new content to the game that should be encouraged to get it not going through hell to get them. you guys can't do anything about this, and offer no real solution so why are posting here? to insult me?

No, there's nothing I can really suggest you to do other than stop lying to us or yourself. If everything was as you said you would breeze through the questline in 20 mins tops.
Correct crystals and rolls? Seems to be a much broader term than I think, care to specify?
Correct skill rotations/priority, care to specify again?
By your logic, everyone who completed the quest is a god of their class? There seem to be a lot running around.

I'm not trying to insult, I just find it incredibly hard to sympathize. If you've been playing since Demokron Factory was around (more than a year ago?) and having trouble completing a story quest? There's a lot of things off about your story. Or something you're not telling us.
SageWindu wrote: »

Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be smacked with the broad side of a baraka. Twice.

I imagine they thought something like:
Hey, we'll give you these OP skills but you gotta show us you understand the basics of the game, okay?

Yea, smack them trice if needed!
Vinyltails wrote: »
they get people on stream WHO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING to preview new content (haven't watched one but one of my EU friends say their streams are so much better and stuff

On their most recent stream (awakening 2 preview), GM jumped right in one of the new HM dungeons all while explaining the mechanics (I was told they playtest them a lot, sometimes with other players?). Sure, he wasn't the best reaper EU, but it's a million times better than what we've been getting from EME for the past 3 or more years
Xigncode - EU laws about privacy are awesome more often than not
Ban the hackers? - EME decides who's the hacker and who isn't. Playing from overseas? Hacker! Get out of my game!
Send a ticket and hope they have mercy
There are onset masks for 200(or 300?) tokens in gridiron medal shop. You know, the thing that pops for 4 hours in total across the entire week!
If you mean the dungeon clear "event"...

Quite a bit of people were comparing NA to EU in EU's favor. I imagine they got slightly desperate to bring players back, so they just rushed something over. But the dungeon clear event thingy is built-in client system, and every region has it, NA being the only one that never, ever used it until now. And yeah, better they copy a proper company's success system then keep on ridiculing this game
Zerou wrote: »
If Players with High Ping can't do Intense PvE and PvP, then you can still play TERA on NA, but with limitations only.

Here are the list of things you can still do if you have 200ms+ Ping:
1. Daily Solo Questing.
2. Hunt some World Boss.
3. Crafting.
4. Exploring the World of Tera and be amaze.
5. Chatting with People.
6. Running Old and Low Level Dungeons (Just don't do 439+).
7. High Ping Player VS High Ping Player (This will be good, because you and your opponent is on the same playing field).
8. PVErp (The Best for some people).

Adapt and Survive is the best thing High Ping Players can do, until EME fixes all the issues and concerns of the game =) .
Might as well add end-game as paid DLC
> @HLK76PFWXT said:
> I am going to be blunt here.
> i do not think that cheating was the real problem about proxy but something else because if it was the real problem then the proxy tool would have been purged a long time ago ( this time something happened and EME decided to fight it directly ).
> Regardless, it is sad to see how everything was handled since there was no plan in advance to reduce the shockwave but i still hope that something good will happen and everything will be more or less fine.

I cant actually think of anything eme can do to fix the situation. The damage is quite irrepairable
Babit wrote: »
That being said we are in the situation that we are in and we can only look forward from here as a community. EmE has said they are working to bring some of the benefits from proxy(?) To the NA region in a controlled manner. I'm personally very excited to see that.

I am very not excited to see that. First make a legal action against proxy devs, then make it your own? That's considered a douche move in bird culture.... or any culture. Also, what makes you think "official" proxy won't be exploitable?
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I am not going to say that i can believe all of that and especially since it is taking almost two weeks only to come up with an answer about the "road map"

Everyone remembers the first "road map"

Adding stuff to fashion coupons, revamping reward emporium etc.

First it got delayed by ~4 months each, then it got deleted as it never existed. This one won't be anything better.

Maulclaw wrote: »
Hope it's more user-friendly than the old one.

Is EU also getting this new UI on the 18th (presumably)?

It would be a good assumption EU is getting it next week. Though we'll know for sure on Friday stream, and they've been pretty consistent at releasing patches earlier than NA
Content trailers, as far as NA is concerned, have been a good indicator of how seriously publisher treats their game. I mean, have you seen how abominal console ninja trailer was? On top of all the memes, ninja doesnt even appear on screen until split second before the end. I believe it all started with Danicia's high-on-weed cat mounts trailer and trailers have been deterioating in quality ever since. Even the most recent apex 2 skills preview.... Reaper skills completely out of context, Valkyrie using new runeburst without any stacks.... I could go on but thats for a different thread. KR and JP trailers have always been mostly on point, and know when and whether to take things comically or seriously. Elin brawler trailer is a good example. It's a rich meme gold mine, but KR knew that even if it's a small girl with big fists punching giant monsters, trailer should still be class-worthy.

Oh, I'm not denying that. I've been here long enough to know better. Even so, there are people that would whine about everything even when it benefits the players. Must be our consequences for what we reap back then. We pushed and called past CMs and GMs unknowledgeable, complete devoid of understanding of the state of the game and now they've moved on. We are stuck with who people are even less interested in it. People who doesn't even come in game to indulge the community, or hold some kind of gathering. A bit of this can be blame on us.

Tonka, Minea and Harmonia were everyone's favorite. Can't speak for Treeshark but much better than who we currently have. Danicia got pushed out, won't deny that... wonder what's taking so long to push out what we have now...
tadaaaa wrote: »
This is actually quite sad, to think this is NA Tera after a server merge at peak hours. Correct me if this is not peak hours.

-double post-
I've spoken my mind in other threads but not going to say much here except that actions speak for themselves. Official "feedback" thread was posted on late Friday. It is now Tuesday, and there hasn't been a single response to all the uproar. Except mass banning and censoring valid arguments in favor of 3PA. Four days into this without a word on their end. Where is the promised solution? Past stream time which was anecdotally pre-recorded because....most obviously they knew people would spam them with relevant questions about 3PA situation and not focus on "news" stream, and they just didn't have the courage to face them. Gives the impression they're shoving it under the rug again.

Tl;dr No, they do not accept or listen to any feedback. And I'm waiting for them to prove me wrong.
Paige007 wrote: »
As a founder account who plays casually, I'm just really sad to see all the drama on the forums.

Luckily none of these issues impact me and I enjoy Tera.

Just watching people wish for the game to close down and making forum threats is really draining.

No we do not wish for it to close down, otherwise we wouldn't be here making all this ruckus. It's exactly because we don't want it to close down we're basically begging EME to rethink..... basically all of their recent decisions. And because we love the game as we do, most of us either quit or moved to EU publisher, even if it means starting all over again. It's great that this doesn't impact you, but I wonder what kind of game people like you (people who aren't impacted) will be left playing...
Remember when streams weren't pre-recorded? When you had some face left to face your community (pun not intended)?
What a deal, ~20 plates in 2 weeks!
> @Equitas said:
> For a company that is supposedly losing players "by the minute", there sure are an awful lot of people still here.

Can i get a screenshot of lfg at peak hours, possibly velika or highwatch too?
> @allofspaceandtime said:
> it will die down once eme has a huge sale or brings something new and cute out....kinda like last year when we had this same thing going on, and eme had the sale and event going on and the protesters decided to not leave after all. it happens nearly everytime. people get mad at eme, they threaten to quit, eme comes out with a sale,new class,event , and all is forgotten.
> it will be the same way again.

It's a very different situation. The first proxy ban wave only banned most known people developing it. It didnt stop its development or usage among ordinary players. Now that every 3P developer has completely dropped NA support, no one will be able to use it even if they want to, starting with patch on 16th cause codes will need to be updated for it - except this time they wont. No one wants to go back to a lousy 150ms experience. Especially not with xigncode around this time
Thats just the company it turned into, maintaining 'safe space' with ban waves and eliminating criticism.
The situation is extremely urgent and theres no response to 40+page thread on the horizon. I'm convinced theyre losing players by the minute, if not seconds.
> I think that TERA NA has been, for a long time, waiting for an event to happen which would cause the wallets of NA Players to do the talking, and it was a matter of when, not if. Is this it? Very possibly.

If this isn't it then probably nothing will be. From my experience and observation last few days - some people moved to EU to start over, some quit TERA completely because they cant be bothered to start over (partly because of losing plenty premium limited time items, think hello kitty/ founders, heroic and champion laurel chatacters ), some are staying until 16th to see what happens. A very small minority will play as is. Meaning a lot of people who cared and spent/would spend in future are simply gone. Remaining only a mix of casual freebies and some spenders. As anyone I doubt it will suffice to properly fund tera pc.
They do not want to openly converse with anyone. The official post was likely made just "out of order". One of the main people responsible for proxy developement made a thread earlier asking for mutual communication and it got deleted within 10 minutes. I also copy pasted it on EME's official discord so more people could read it and form their opinion if they haven't yet, for which I got banned within seconds. Last few weeks have been nothing but tyranny with ban waves on both discord and forums.

So they did read it. And ignored + deleted it because god forbid someone might get an idea that 3P devs aren't all evil mad scientists bent on destruction of their game.

BHS already changed their ToS in KR and Gameforge stated that dps meters are allowed but not to be used to harass other players with their results. Why can't proxy get the same treatment? Why can't it be allowed on the condition of not using exploitable modules, which are already banned within 3P community itself?
That's the one solution that might, just might get me back on NA.
As you always like to shield yourselves with "it's against Terms of Service"..... maybe it's time to adapt them. Change them to work better for all of us. Or are they words written in stone? EME was once a company that engaged with their community and knew better than to resort to Pay-to-win events. Look at you now - Federation gem crates, removal of strongbox jackpots events etc, staff extremely lacking in knowledge when it comes to core game system, mechanics, gameplay and gameplay experience.

Proxy was most dominantly used by high ping players so they can play as any other NA player living close to the servers. Yes, there were abusers but there are bad apples everywhere. Do you not think we had blacklist channels in our discord servers for repeating offenders, specifically because their abuse was harmful for us as well? As people before me have said, find a middle ground, and adjust ToS accordingly.
Don't bother. With all the nice buffs warrior tanking got and still no one wants them. Why have any tank other than all-you-can-buff lancer.... it's sad
Both energetic. Goes for most if not all classes now
Just put current rates of golden talents/darics/plates from SSN/SSH into all dungeons respectively for their ilvl..... Little increase wouldn't hurt either.
Currently on Velika server golden plates are 600g each.... up from 400g few days ago. Supply is going down really fast.

Players are like a starved child and when EmE throws us a bread crumb they expect us to be grateful.... instead of properly feeding us all along
I remember the merge QA stream, Cobalt was answering all the questions. Because Cobalt actually plays the game and knows what people are talking about
Apparently they did when talents got limited to 35
Currently, chamion's token shop is definitely one of the most poorly planned ones I've seen in a recent while, topping even dungeon delver coins. There's nothing in it for endgame players who already have a quatrefoil or marrow brooch, and quite a lot of people have them.

Given the event ends 11th October, if you never miss a day capping out on tokens, you'll get ONLY ONE DIAMOND per character (assuming you have several characters that can run SSH). Even if Hammers are the highlight of this event.... you can only get 2.

Are temporary afros even worth mentioning? We have asked sooooo many times to allow us to have something permanent to earn during event, regardless if you have to up the price in tokens. It's true that if you spend every single token on afros you can get a 1-year supply of them, but it still sting that they're temporary. After 1 year is over, then what?

We need an event that's worth running and from which we can make a profit one way or another. No one's asking for game-breaking Neo-mongos. Events are meant to be something that boost our experience and/or profits for doing certain stuff, whether it's open world or dungeon based. But when you'll be able to buy more diamonds from VG gold reward than with event tokens....
The horrors of being on a pvp server where pvp isn't allowed anywhere relevant
CH isn't going anywhere though...
Rox said invisible weapon and mask have higher chance from higher dungeons. But I've run every 439-453 dungeon several times and have yet to see one.... except the one on broker for 500k
More reward for more effort, I applaud this change. Hated being less profitable than lifeless RG grinders
Casual PvP? Dont even bother. Even if you only do battlegrounds newbies will be quickly remembered with their large amount of deaths and quickly kicked the following games. CS you may slide in more often, but FWC you'll get kicked just for the sake of it - this includes not being +7 sc or part of some mlg sync. And VO, commonly represented as "pvp practicing area" you'll be ganked and shamed for interrupting someone's [filtered] measuring contest
When will you stop complaining, they're finally, ACTUALLY merging CH and you're still giving them poop
Saabi wrote: »
Mt is the only server that can even clear ds. Not sure if you want to transfer.

Yes and this person will be accepted in that 1 or 2 parties immediately, amirite
Would also like to add that, they appear to have been "leaking" things for .... a year or two now?
Gameforge is not outperforming us - they are ignoring announcement embargo dates that BHS has placed on all publishers - basically LEAKING the info that we are working to globally announce. Undermining us does not mean they know more than us; just that we are respecting the developer's wishes.

If what you say is true how come none of the "Leaking" publishers aren't getting reprimanded from BHS?
Icrushers wrote: »
I have seen the more powerful way.
For example:
They had 10 friends already on the same team at Fraywind Canyon Battleground.
But someone didn't get in yet.
And then kick an "equalized gear"(EQ) Novice player.
Let their friends get on the same team in time.
It is a more powerful way "sync queue" add "rng kick player".
It definitely an easy win but so rude.

It doesn't matter if it's EQ or Heroic Oath, they'll kick anyone not in the kool kidz club
We're getting the same thing
Given you're getting back to the game, being "viable" is extremely vague and it'll take you a while to reach the spot where you notice or care if you're viable or not (eg. timers on hard mode dungeons). Even so, any combination of classes can clear them.
> @Cephalotripsy said:
> I'm just going to be completely honest with you, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. Nothing is stopping you from doing this yourself either, if it's a guaranteed win to do this, why aren't you?

Obviously because it's a risible exploit and this might be quite foreign to you, but some people have a dose of decency where they prefer fairer matches over their own greed
There's a for-now unnamed individual that will kick people regardless of their gear and experience so his buddies could join in-progress for a full 15-man team and one-sided matches. Now tell me that's not moderation worthy cause MUH RANK
CornishRex wrote: »


Well no staff member of any publisher/developer will every tell you "Yup! The game is dying!"

I don't play on CH but I do feel bad for those guys. Time to spam #SaveCH everywhere I guess
Really just 1 superior guardian mission is already a decent income
Probably thursday
I sent a support ticket about it (2-3 months ago) with details of how it works, how and which people are abusing it and what effects it has. Got an automated response /shrug
I'd like to see updated description that doesn't say box doesn't work for gunners ninjas and brawlers
TJKat wrote: »
So, will this update/Q&A stream be a place where players can provide feedback that may actually affect how the merge plays out, or will it basically be you telling us what EME has decided is best for us, like it or leave it?

Definitely the 2nd one. It's been like that for every major change since forever. Tbh the way they're going about it "we'll tell you this week and stream about it on 7th!" means they already know everything but refuse to tell us in a timely manner for whatever reason. Probably so we would have as little time as possible to provide feedback that could drastically effect the merge
> @Enthilest said:
> The really weird thing about the second kick, when I run out of the home base gate - all of a sudden everyone around me that I ran out of the gate with have the red health bars as if I was now in the enemy side, then I get ported.

Thats just the short interval when you're kicked from the party but still in the instance
Legolam wrote: »
PvP = Player versus Player
Sieges and anchorstones are not players

Still does ~15k per hit to players
ElinLove wrote: »
The last word on the PC server merger (as of the last live stream) was that there'd be an announcement around the end of the month.

They have one week for this. Who wanna bet it's gonna be on the 31st?
31st of February
They'll increase reward speed in future patches
> @Elinu1 said:
> Why are maintenances getting so long? I remember a couple years ago they were like 2 hours at most

Because Eme became so understaffed they dont have anyone strictly focused on tera anymore. I believe CM is permanenly borrowed from closers for example. Also the main reason every patch notes and update are a wack, cause theyre spread way too thin to know what theyre doing
CS gives you equalized gear for everyone and you can only change crystals in it. Fraywind is different. Under 449 item level you get equalized gear thats around the same as stormcry +1. This gear is tons better than CS one but still kinda poop. 449 and above in FWC you can use your "real gear" over equalized. Now you can use the rolls on gear and accessories that are better for pvp. Thats why most people use double roll option. I wouldnt recommend doing it if youre not full stormcry since its kinda expenaive. Basically it lets you have 2 different sets of rolls on single equipment without having to use a different piece, so having pve and pvp rolls is quite handy and wont handicap you in either content (given you remember to switch)
If this change is due to an exploit then masks from PvP shouldn't be handed out either
Casual school uniforms please
ZingoPingo wrote: »
Gosh forbid I can't do the one PvP-related thing outside of CU with my friends in a mass PvP game. You used to be able to queue as 5 in FWC/CS and those were the good days.
Coincidentally your friends are all sc9 or HO and too scared to que without each other once they get drunk on broken matchmaking that always puts high elo vs low elo in a steamroll games that keep driving players away. Coincidentally thanks to sync. But it's okay, you're innocent because using a broken system isn't your fault for exploiting it, it's EME/BHS's for not fixing it!
PoP isn't really a measure for anything relevant
The way pvp currently is, both because of "pvp community" and management, it deserves to die.
What are you talking about... same buffs are applied just like any other guardian
Sync queers
I believe shadow sanguinary nm and hm came back recently in KR
Babit wrote: »
There will be awakening for the other classes soontm.

Okay but how many more months(years?) do I have to wait until my priest or ninja get accepted into parties without anyone frowning "oh look, a crappy underdog class", and what do I have left to do until that finally happens. Slayers were a meme for years but not enough to get rejected from parties solely based on their class like what we get now. Awakening will only escalate it to more classes. There's already a thread and a majority are proud to announce that they won't accept non-awakening classes anymore
Can't wait for that priest nail in the coffin
It's mostly only black hair that's affected
At first SCE was "EU specific". In time, NA will get its turn for KNX
+ implementing events
double post
Up to lvl 65 you'll live purely on dungeon drops. Even if you don't get it in said dungeon runs, quest gives you level-appropriate tokens with which you can buy said gear. The moment you reach lvl 65(max) you'll receive a story quest telling you to talk to Dougal in Highwatch who will give you lvl 65 starter gear pack which you then upgrade with materials you get from running dungeons, crafting them or buying some off broker.
They're already given out to you
If anything my fps has gotten worse
Killstyle wrote: »
Well if they are just going to skin a female then bring on the other gender locked races. I'll take a male version of the gender locked classes with female animations any day.

3 years in the making!!!
No it cannot
Best calendar ever (no sarcasm)
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