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With how bad eme is, can you really blame them? Na tera is barely different from a private server considering how much eme seems to be involved with the community, heck even private server GMs would pay more attention to the community.
Dvsv wrote: »

you literally have nothing to spend gold on until the new accessories come out later on and the rate at making gold right now is absurd, you can make the gold for tals/yphs for a char in a week or 2 depending on how you grind. alts still hold value as i said you can grind gold/mats on them and you dont NEED to max out tals/yphs on alts, its an alt for a reason and not a main. and player population has always plummeted at the "end" of a patch which we are at right now, sure it might be partially due to the new patch and misinformation spread about it but thats how tera is.

Ofc dude, everyone is kamizuma and will be Full HO+3 by then, there'll be nothing more to spend gold on!
As we can see, HO+1~HO+3 is cheap af esp with our cheap 70g+ talents!
Look here how easy gearing on Tera is!: https://board.tera.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/74277-proposed-change-for-gear-enchantment-system/
Especially on NA that we all know is the most rewarding region ever, i'm pretty sure, as you said, we can make absurd amounts of gold and yours "2M gold in 2 week" is VERY realistic, all it take is 10 Hrs / day playtime or U$500+ on the cash shop, everyone can do it np!

You guys are saying the same thing since oct/2017 and EVERY patch since then just destroyed our player base to the point we got less players now on the sole PVE server than on dead AV from 2016~2017!
That glorious gear revamp that you guys LOVED was so good that EME is nerfing the system for consoles cuz they're afraid to lose population!

You can mark my words: The majority of casual , mid-tier and end-game f2p player base will drop this game, all that will be left will be the usual U$1000 whales that never ever touched IOD to farm golden talents ;)
Trust-me i know lots of semi casuals that are struggling to get to that [filtered] 453 iLVL to just get VG rewards from glsnm and you're telling that there'll be "nothing to spend gold on" wtf, in fact for a full HO+0 endgame player there's almost 10M+ gold to burn just to gear all the way to HO+3!
It's all about "opportunity cost", when it take 1 month grinding + 2M gold per char on top of this bs HO+ gearing cost ppl will just put their free times on more fun and rewarding game, it's THAT SIMPLE!
And enjoy brawlers doing 10M/s + and prob double of Slayer's cuz they STILL NEED to force ppl to reroll even tho rerolling is IMPOSSIBLE in the current gearing/grinding af system.
I still remember the last patch note when this [filtered] dev said that "class balancing" is important to them hahaha!
Wake up, they're just milking the cow dry, forcing every endgame player to p2w before they shut down the servers for good ;)

I agree with 99% of the things you said except one. The first version of gear revamp (+9 sc) was really damn good and pretty affordable, the enchant rates were fair and the grind from 0 was not too hard. After HO is when I believe, everything spiraled. They didn't improve sc enchant rates, they didnt remove a useless gear tier (like guardian+twist) and the grind only got worse.. which makes no sense.
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lol ....gamefoge is the worst publisher of all time..3 times you can guess why so many europeans have come here to enmasse
They're not, they're doing much better than enmasse currently
Most europeans went back to gameforge, and a lot of americans too, you're basing your opinion on outdated information
Don't play on enmasse's version if you're German, are you crazy? Play on gameforges version.
Yes only the current hardest mode title is glowing usually. Next glowing title will be "Nightmare Trainer" from doing rke (not rkh) 77 times. I don't know when exactly console is getting the new patch so I'm not sure if it's worth grinding for it.
I think you don't understand that all the current gold we earn (as inflated as it is!) is IMMEDIATELY spent on gearing. I can earn 150K in a day if I get lucky and at the end of the day it's going to disappear on kits and enchanting. I have to sacrifice a lot of my progress to buy costumes, bank/char slots, race changers and whatever else doesn't fall under the category of gearing.
Back in vm days most of the liquid gold I earned went along with feedstock and mwa, just by doing dungeons, I didn't have to spend any of my gold earned through vgs or events and I could still gear myself to +15 and a ton of alts in mid tier and I could have access to all the classes, costumes, dungeons, elite vouchers I wanted.
By forcing us to pay 2 million gold for skills, bhs is taking this a step further and forcing us to once again, halt our extremely lengthy gearing process and not for unnecessary commodities but in order to upgrade our skills which is essential. It's just too much.
I'm not sure if you're pretending to be ignorant but anyone that's gearing to ho and above (and ho is a requirement for bahaar, it's not gearing because we want to be the best most dedicated op player!) will be wasting a huge % of their gold. If we stopped our gearing then we could easily amass large amounts of the gold but what's the point in that?
Don't forget [filtered] tab target. Missing the one thing that made tera stand out :sunglasses:
> @KE5M9M9599 said:
> I don't get why anyone hasn't attempted to bring up the idea to implement the elleon boxes we have on eu.

Bruh I've been attempting and going at it since hecking march of 2018 and eme has been ignoring everyone since. Do you seriously think we never suggested that?
Gear revamp has been in place for almost a year and a half you know, eme is just lazy, greedy, incompetent as per usual.
People have mentioned elleon boxes so many times even a person with a learning disability and a mind of a 2 year old child would understand what they are. But eme is only interested in short time profit and is investing their manpower into the dumbest decisions.

I can't believe I feel slightly offended over someone asking themselves such a dumb question but man everyone here (and a lot of people that quit because of it) have really tried to get through eme with actual great suggestions. The reason why nobody is suggesting elleon boxes anymore is because it has been suggested so many times it became obvious eme simply did not care as they continued to sell talent boxes and restricting an essential mat to bottom tier content.
They don't have the lowest dps in the game, what are you on about? They're super strong rn.
My dudes, get dps meter (shinra meter). When you alt tab it notifies you when the queue pops, and you can also tag people with @ to notify everyone in the chat which also pops a notification if you're alt tabbed. It's pretty nifty and I always use it simply because of those reasons.
Did people completely scroll through my post?

Harrowhold has no item level.

Theres no vanguard quest for it and you can't ims it, you can enter with pretty much any ilvl. And considering everything on console is such a pushover, you probably won't need to have +15 to clear it like pc did back in the day. However more damage will be preferred in order to skip mechanics.
Iirc harrowhold had no ilvl and @Gatokatzen just like all content, harrowhold will probably get massive nerfs on console so everyone will be able to clear it.
Dose EU not have a breast changer for other then swimsuits?

No region has breast changers that work on everything. Just on certain swimsuits.
> @Deathleecher said:
> you could always just play on the EU, im from the EU, but play live tera on US :)

Why do you hate yourself
Yes but breast changers only work on specific swimsuits.
Tfw it's been 10 months since I started steadily complaining on the forums about golden taeltns and eme has barely done anything since then.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Why open a classic server if you cannot win money?, lol nothing on this life is free. Don’t believe company promotions so easy.

It's an event server just like Manahan was. To sum it up you could play on manahan with insane enchant rates and get your char in sc easily and buy super cheap designs (they cut the costs heavily on manahan) to make it easier to craft stuff etc. On the classic server you can transfer one character back for free, if you reach lvl 60 you get a fee char slot and bank slot on your home server, tons of rewards for different achievements etc. GF may be money grabbing from time to time, but they make sure to make up for it with great events which in turns makes people spend more. Just read https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/patch-notes-27-the-classic-server and https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CGx9iSARdswc45I_1UZo40qSf9NtH-fdDxQfDj_QNNg/edit#gid=1376159979 and you'll see all the nice stuff people will be getting from it.
You'll be able to farm mwa from endgame content btw, it will drop in all dungeons in increased rates. The only thing gf hasn't been clear about yet was spellbind but everything else seems pretty great. Increased drop rates, increased masterwork and enchant rates etc.
> @Richtter said:
>Waste around 40 minutes to make 10k

Guardians should take 20-25 mins on a good dps
Wasn't fane of kaprima brought back as a slightly revamped dungeon called vault of kaprima like twice or something. And it was ingame for a long time too, not just a month.
> @metagame said:
> available for roughly 2 months because even they're aware that the server will be a ghost town after a week or two

This decision has nothing to do with gf, it's the same event ktera is having right now. Jtera also had a short lived classic server. And who would even expect a server stuck on one patch to survive longer than like 4 months anyway
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Slowly going up in price. Was 50g each before the shorehold patch, now it's 70g each. Slowly going up and up and not going down at any point in the day.

You know it's a problem when Silver Talents are cheaper the Gold ones.

Silly to remove Golden Talents from Bellacarium credits shop. Also even more silly to remove Item XP from Battlegrounds vanguards, we still need Item XP to upgrade jewelry...

Unneeded changes create too many problems.

They also removed the battleground coins while the dungeons coins are still there so yet another loss from the PvP side of the game.
Christin wrote: »
Everything is going up in price, but I'm pretty sure they are doing it on purpose. I haven't even bothered to farm lately, because the prices of everything is getting extreme. I feel sorry for new players as they have no hope. By the time you save up for anything, it has double or tripled in price. Not sure why you guys think talents are somehow supposed to be immune from the price spikes. Just a few days ago there were 15 pages of talents. That would tell me that there are still a lot in game. Now, there are 6 pages, but if you wait until a weekend, amounts for sale will go up again.

It might have some sense considering the EMP based golden talents boxes and even the normal golden talents that can be opened with strongbox keys which are mostly acquired with yet even more EMP.

And i would not mind that overall but the issue is that there is a visible lack of golden talents in the game at the moment and it is so much harder to upgrade/enchanting anything ( i wanted to enchant some alts and make them better but it is incredibly expensive when having to spend 400k up 500k or even more depending on luck to enchant from +5Storm up to +7Storm.. and i would buy the weapon straight forward but i am already at +5storm on alt and i have already invested a lot ).

Because Battle Ground and Dungeon Delver Coins are for events. Everyone knows they are only active during Event weekends.

Everyone except you it seems. Battleground coins were an everyday thing for several months now. only dungeon ones are weekend

Only I pay attention to patch notes unlike You it seems. Everyone with a brain knew that with the Shore update Battleground coins were going to be changed. Go.Ahead.And.Try.to.clap.Back. Pay Attention to what's going in Tera and you won't look like an idiot. Bye.

I don't necessarily always disagree/agree with you or whatever, but your way of typing and responding to people is one of the most obnoxious ways I've ever seen anyone type. Get off your high horse lol
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Nyanta1177 wrote: »
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I think ktera used vm1 though, with mch? And EU tera is using VM3 but will add content from vm1-2 and balance it for vm3 probably.

EU's classic server is using the same patch version as KR's classic server

Really? Cause the ktera classic server promo video uses mch and kn while EU tera is abh patch.

yea, they are both patch 27, even kr's promo video said "going back to 2014"

Ohh alright
Nyanta1177 wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »

I think ktera used vm1 though, with mch? And EU tera is using VM3 but will add content from vm1-2 and balance it for vm3 probably.

EU's classic server is using the same patch version as KR's classic server

Really? Cause the ktera classic server promo video uses mch and kn while EU tera is abh patch.
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kdchan wrote: »
Read the EU ruleset? Is a big joke:
- The official patch of the game will be Patch 27. It will contain content from VM1, VM2 and VM3 eras.
- Basic classes with the addition of reaper. (so no brawlers, no gunners and no valks)
- At least 3 different raids: Nexus Traverse, Wonderholme and Kelsaik's Raid.
- Dungeons that were removed by VM3 patch will be back.
- Alliance content with war on sundays.
- Leveling is easier and MASSIVELY increased success chance for enchanting and masterworking.
- Similarly to Manahan (the last event server), there will be free char transfers at the end. Your gear will be converted to current standards, so your progress won't be made obsolete.
- Server will open sometime this month and will last longer than Manahan. Will be a PvE server, meaning no outlaw nor Open World PvP.
- More details alongside a FAQ page will be posted next week.
This isn't a classic server at all. If you want really create a CLASSIC server then you have to fully restore the 2012 launch p2p era, when cap was 58, when leveling was hard and when open world pvp was a thing.
I can accept only Blast from the Past where everyone can do all dungeons with the correct level because it help new players to do them when there isn't enought people online.

Don't do a classic server if the rules are these above, is pathetic as an insult to the word classic.

Japan had the VM1 classic, i dont know why Ktera used VM3 instead u-u

I think ktera used vm1 though, with mch? And EU tera is using VM3 but will add content from vm1-2 and balance it for vm3 probably.
kdchan wrote: »
Read the EU ruleset? Is a big joke:
- The official patch of the game will be Patch 27. It will contain content from VM1, VM2 and VM3 eras.
- Basic classes with the addition of reaper. (so no brawlers, no gunners and no valks)
- At least 3 different raids: Nexus Traverse, Wonderholme and Kelsaik's Raid.
- Dungeons that were removed by VM3 patch will be back.
- Alliance content with war on sundays.
- Leveling is easier and MASSIVELY increased success chance for enchanting and masterworking.
- Similarly to Manahan (the last event server), there will be free char transfers at the end. Your gear will be converted to current standards, so your progress won't be made obsolete.
- Server will open sometime this month and will last longer than Manahan. Will be a PvE server, meaning no outlaw nor Open World PvP.
- More details alongside a FAQ page will be posted next week.
This isn't a classic server at all. If you want really create a CLASSIC server then you have to fully restore the 2012 launch p2p era, when cap was 58, when leveling was hard and when open world pvp was a thing.
I can accept only Blast from the Past where everyone can do all dungeons with the correct level because it help new players to do them when there isn't enought people online.

Don't do a classic server if the rules are these above, is pathetic as an insult to the word classic.

Leveling was hard only because everything was new and everyone was new to the game. Honestly I'm so sick of everyone parroting that lmao
There's forced optimization in guardians, fishing and civil unrest. I'm sure there could be some way of disabling it in .ini files but I don't know how.
> @TheDarkWan said:
> I have been playing ever since the dragons were released. Playing everyday pve and still did not get a dragon from the dragon tokens. I gave up along time ago and I don't care, I'm sure there is hack for the tokens, I saw a guy streaming on Twitch and had like 20k of those tokens in his inventory. 20 freaking thousand and I can't get 400.

Dragon scales used to be doubled because of perma vg event and there were some events that could net you a 1000 scales (the argon event...) so if player u saw happened to run a ton of dungeons, bgs and do events related to scales ever since scales came out it's possible. I got around 1000 scales overall in 4 months of playing on eu and I don't do a ton of hardcore speedruns but I do spend a lot of time playing so idk.
Why is that I have to get harassed from a question? I was just curious. I know that many mmo's are like this as well. Which is why I rarely play mmo's anymore.

I'd say it's because you decided to speak on behalf of the half of the world's population for no reason whatsoever...
Both male and female characters are dressed in pretty skimpy ways and I personally don't mind it one bit, not everything has to be realistic in a fantasy mmo with magic. And why not make characters more sexually appealing, it's more pleasant to look at.
Fonzy wrote: »
TYoung11 wrote: »
have gotten eight 1.5 dragons from scales and one of them came from the Ferris...so ya...the odds are low. Would be nice if they brought back some events for scales again. One event gave something like 450 scales for killing a bunch of Shandra Manya in Lumbertown, hah xD

That one is a bit overkill, but something would be pretty cool :D

we had a cm back then, now we barely have gms xd

I didn't see eme respond to not one of the player made threads in the past 2 months or so..
Just a note - the Gear Revamp on console is likely to be a lot easier than PC, as it needs to be more....casual friendly. They need it to be possible to upgrade gear in hours rather than weeks.

We have already asked EME about this, and they have confirmed there will be some changes made to make it more Console casual friendly.

Original gear revamp is pretty bearable and fair in grind, getting to +9 sc wasn't so hard and expensive as @Gatokatzen claims, this dude just exaggerates everywhere he goes.
I do agree Heroic Oath and up should def be nerfed both for pc and console but nerfing sc just makes console sound like even more of a joke geez
> @Pari222 said:
> hi where to get the dragon scale actually lol? i got a few but have idea where they came from

439+ dungeons
Pit of petrax rarely drops a scale, bg boxes/rewards/jackpots too I think but it's rng
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CornishRex wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
I blame the C key instead, as mystic you need mana, when uses awakening skills, since nerfed mystic needs lot of mana [filtered] to survive in PVE and PVP


I mean old key was C , now disappeared, That change made me die in pve and PvP, cause when need mana ball to keep auras up. I press C, surprise, were removed. Rip.
Now is number 7 same for priest, C was emergency button.

E inst too important honestly

???? You can rebind it to literally any other free keybind though, its not gone?? Only the spot it used to be on is gone.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
I blame the C key instead, as mystic you need mana, when uses awakening skills, since nerfed mystic needs lot of mana [filtered] to survive in PVE and PVP

Man this is so bizzare, usually eu is the more toxic region when it comes to pvp but I queued a few SH on my +0 pvp gear priest and did okayish, got wrecked a few times, a few times I did well and nobody ever went as a-utismo as people do in this thread, I'm kinda weirded out. Hell, I didn't even get kicked and I saw some big names in my parties. Oh well guess I'll get back to pvp some other time when I feel like +6ing pvp gear, sh is the only bg that runs well on my toaster ;_;
It's no joke when people say pvpers always take things so seriously, as if everything is a matter of life and death lmao
> @Gatokatzen said:
> Well we need a third healer class, cause they destroyed mystic. Now is harder be mystic, same for sorcerer , actually sorcerer is the new slayer. Weak class

How did they destroy mystic?? They just kinda reverted mystic to how they were pre apex. Not that I support the nerf but it certainly didn't destroy mystic, just made them less brainless.
If by raids you mean generally just party content currently the game is at the point where it has the LARGEST amount of 65 dungeons it ever had, just open the ims window, lol.
This game was never big on 10 man+ content and those type of dungeons were pretty rare compared to the amount of 5 man content.
In guardians healers have to dps and they can actually dps a lot on those and gain boxes slightly faster than the dps but you need to be well geared for it to pay off.
Can you confirm were vsh bosses really nerfed to 50% of their original health on console?
That dungeon was never a heavy dps check on pc even with mediocre/bad dps I would pull through just fine so I'm curious if the rumours are true.
Wasn't there a thread about this recently with ktc saying they're going away in February or something
Ellexem wrote: »
Moving further to a setup where everyone can be (equal) DPS might just be a good thing in general. With the future level increase making alts less and less viable, expecting people to re-roll just because their usual group changed is something that might well make them quit. (Of course everyone getting the potential for a secondary role, so that a lack of healers or tanks wouldn't get you either would then also help, but baby steps. The everyone as DPS would make everyone more able to get through the solo content at least.)

No. No, no no no no please no. I'm sick of all modern mmos killing the holy trinity and making everyone a dps. If people want that they can just go play other mmos.
I mean I'm totally cool with that cause leveling takes 8 hrs and queues are dead asf which unnecessarily makes it longer than that.
CornishRex figured it out. Thanks ! I don't feel useless after all.

There's also a dumb issue with uploads, your runs wont get uploaded to mg because of thrall damage being not recognizable and runs counting as wipes because of it hah
From what I've heard they are doing damage but shinra meter isn't picking it up for some reason.
Furhyan wrote: »
Gameforge's dressing is complete. Eme just wants us to RNG them to know if they were actually worth all the money spent :expressionless:

It's still missing hairs though :'(
You both type like bots> @JTNEEH4K3K said:
> Aaaand, parampam https://teralore.com/en/achievement/737/

Yes, read what @Sarumonin said
It's only on gameforge, which is the publisher of tera eu for the pc. Tera eu for console is published by EME. Hence no title. For whatever reason.
> @EJECWCWG55 said:
> H6655DYXE9 wrote: »
> - Meanwhile, other regions have a variety of
> region exclusive cosumables/buffs that are much stronger compared to the strong braveries/canephora being removed in NA.
> Cash shop - p2w consumables.

Not at all. Combat accelerator (extra 15% damage) on eu is obtainable through ghillie and broker and weekend events and is very commonly used. It's literally an extra strong cane that stacks on cane/bravery.
What possesses bhs/eme to always do the opposite of what their players want?
Sanya78 wrote: »
U ran out of mana?

I was doing more tests to figure out what cause this issue and most likely yes I'm running out mana, then my buffs gone, because they need mana to have on. I think this is the case.
Can somebody confirm this? Is this meant to be?

Oh wait you're a mystic, lol I thought you were a valk for some reason, read this too early in the morning.
Yes the issue is running out of mana. When you run out of mana your auras turn off automatically. You can switch to 3 cunning crystals and one swift and poop blue motes so u can pick them up when you're low on mana. After you get your most important talents (volley of curses crit resist and resurrect) you can get the corruption ring talent that restores mana if you're full health when you use it, it completely solved mana issues for me. Also you can get some mana pots.
Mystic apex buffs disappear when you get knocked down, did you?
You both type like bots, jesus lol
Seems you are correct though, pc had those titles and titles given to everyone that leveled in 24 hours. No idea how eme came up with the idea to remove the title from people that got it, that's just disgusting lol
Valks never had that title on PC, did they ever announce it that it's going to happen on console?
I'd like to add something, at 1:30 where you're talking about his stun + spin you're wrong about one thing. The boss will only follow up with the spin that adds a bleed if the healer fails to cleanse on time. So what you should do is, when you see purple smoke -> iframe in + cleanse and it should cleanse everybody immediately and he wont do a spin. Everything else is pretty spot on
Also lmao @ Jesus at ~8 mins blaming his death on body block when movement skills like glacial retreat/backstep have no body block, he just outranged it :D
Your issue with this skill is so particular and weird I don't think anyone will understand you because it's so damn trivial. You want the skill back to satisfy your ocd..?
Thing is, leveling only takes a few hours nowadays. You'll be 65 before you know it.
I'd switch rmh and rkh personally considering rmh requires good party coordination on last boss and people tend to act like headless chickens on lache when they're learning. But that's just personal opinion.
Everything else is spot on.
The thing for me is, there's no best version of tera. Old versions might've had something new ones don't but they had plenty of flaws and imo certain class balances, changes, apex etc made some classes more/less fun. Tera is always, and has always been a mixed bag of fun and disappointment.
If it was a zerk at the top of the ladders in cs that means he was slaying. Slaying crystal equipped lets you do more damage below 50% health which allows the zerk to protect inners better.
Honestly if you kept doing it even after he asked you were griefing/trolling, be more mindful of such things next time!
We're in the same boat, I can see my own but can't see anyone elses.
> @3KL5N7RWN5 said:
> simple fix for tera: allow mouse clicks on skill bars during combat, no need for 3 "Mains" just add to bar. No longer limited to the number of mouse buttons for skills and don't need 3 hands (and eyes) to find all the keyboard buttons. Keyboard binds can still function as well.

That would be terrible and slow. Also why the necro
spung wrote: »
Regarding KTERA, here's a video uploaded not too long ago...

Anything involving recreating something that is not suppose to be there is considered exploiting thus classified as cheat.

Considering ghillie is not an instance and its seen as outside world (u can inspect people inside it) one would think uhft should work in there by default so you could argue that the current state of ghillie is bugged xd
Jokes aside there's no need for uhft in ghillie considering its a 5 sec instance anyway hue
metagame wrote: »
voidy wrote: »
and they act like it's a big shock each time it happens.
voidy wrote: »
and EME just stayed silent on the matter

Players act like theyre shocked, eme stays silent.

@spung i haven't been playing during this uht but last time to get uht in ghillie all you had to do was like go to char selection before the bridge and it would stay on, no unethical cheats involved.
Did you enable the round edge counter in your settings?
I remember him making tons of lfgs for rg a year ago looking exclusively for a mystic lmao
Anyway just report him and hope for a ban, callouts aren't allowed afaik
vkobe wrote: »
so who closed his threads ?

Player council can do that
But how are they trolling though? Nothing they said in that post is incorrect, we ARE getting a stamina mobage system.
Just because someone has a hint of sarcasm in their post doesn't mean they're a troll, it's still fair criticism. Jesus you people.
Copied from the discord
Arush Constancy > Regular Mighty Attack > Arush Force > Arush Extra-Force | 1 point in Onslaught Velocity

When upgrading your talents pay attention to how many points the higher priority talent needs and how many points it needs before upgrading lower priority talents.
In the future when these start getting very expensive you can consider Shield Counter Fatal Blow , Stand Fast Vengeful Pummel , Stand Fast Speed Skating: Retribution.

For PvP the only ones that seem useful are Pledge of Protection Spirit of Iron , Retaliate Turning Tables , and Rallying Cry Spirit of Iron
While it's true elins are where the money is it doesn't excuse the fact they made the special account bound costume for spending a bunch of $$$ locked to a race. It's a dumb idea.
skarltzane wrote: »
Are the infinity mask coupons bankable/usable on other characters? Or are they soulbound like the masks?

They're soulbound/unbankable
Why would it be a joke? It makes perfect sense and seems absolutely fair. Convert 4 masks you didn't want into one you do want, or lower that amount to 2 if you happen to have a worse mask of the same line as the one you want. Avoiding RNG has a price and this is a perfectly fine one.

Plus, it blocks players from obtaining Infinity Masks without being able to clear the content that actually drops said tier of mask.

It doesn't make any sense imo because the masks are simply too rare. And you can get infinity masks from rng battleground boxes so your argument of "blocking players that aren't able to clear content" is moot. Imagine you already have an onset mask that took you ages to get by dismantling 4 other onset masks (that's my situation rn). Then you start doing aah/glsh/drch and you have to go through two infinity masks to upgrade your onset while most people just get the right infinity mask right away. It's a dumb system, 1 infinity mask should be more than enough.

I would totally agree with you and think it's fair if the masks were less rare, but as they are right now... haha no.
Finally logged on to that char so I got a pic as well
But yeah it's kinda hilarious, bhs big brain
iLucky wrote: »
After bringing up the issue with EME, there are no plans to change the rewards on their side.

I think from dismantling two infinity masks lul
SageWindu wrote: »
So, 2 things:

One, you CAN use the IMS for dungeons like RK9 and, say, SCE because they have a recommended gear score of 439, which can be achieved with base FM, Bellum accs, low gold undies, and a low gold brooch (the same parameters that allow you to do the Apex questline). Relatively easy to achieve these days.

Two, that's why I added that last paragraph that simply confirmed what others had already said, to add extra clarification that the OP's situation is nothing to worry about since specific conditions went unfulfilled.

You must have misread what @LiamDahvis was pointing at and created one big misunderstanding. Liam was saying you can't IMS AA/DRCN/Grotto in frost. Which you can't and that's what I was talking about. We were not talking about rk.
SageWindu wrote: »
LiamDahvis wrote: »
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
LiamDahvis wrote: »
yuxz wrote: »
Is my daily entry consumed if I drop as soon as we enter the dungeon, before starting the first fight? Sometimes I just know we are not gonna make it by checking all party members' gears.

Only that's a really dumb theory because I've seen people in Heroic and Stormcry completely wipe in rk9 lol. Gear's don't matter as long as a player knows what they are doing. So stupid to have the mentality of Good Gear=Good Plays. I saw a ninja in full storm cry barely able to do 600k dps in RK9 where I'm in frost and do 1.5 mil.

Using RK9 as a dungeon example is bad, because RK9 is one of the most garbage and cancer instances the game has. You're better off using Grotto, AA, or DRC for comparison.

Yeah because a person wearing Frost can totally do those DGS. *Eye Roll*

They can. When it first released me and some guildmates cleared it and only 2 of us were above base FM.

It was a bit of a slog and the 2nd boss in particular was kicking us in the junk pretty hard (and it's always the 2nd boss for some reason), but it can be done.

That said, the others are right: so long as the dungeon hasn't been properly "engaged", you can drop and reenter and not lose a run for it. You'll still suffer the Dropout penalty though.

The point is you can't do any of those dungeons in IMS if you have frost so it has nothing to do with what OP was saying.
You won't lose the run.
How do you know you won't make it? Why even ims if you're so picky? Just lfg lmao
You're potentially trapping people to get stuck in queue just because you're assuming things, save yourself (and them) the trouble and just lfg or run with your friends/guild.
@Vulcarion GF has had elleons tokens since 2016, it's just that with the gearing revamp patch they became more worth it
Tfw in 3 full months of playing on EU my main is better geared and I have more well geared alts than I had after playing on NA for 2 years straight (3 and a half with breaks).

Feels weird.
You are talking about yourself. People are different. Just like those who buys loot boxes.

You're right, sometimes I forget idiots exist xd
Players generally skip story quests in dungeons because nobody actually does the story, they just rush through dungeon and that's common practice. Before doing the quest try politely asking someone to stay with you after the dungeon to do it, if they refuse do it on another run or ask a lvl 65 to carry you through the dungeon. Otherwise you're wasting peoples time unwillingly :shrug:
I got one like 4 months ago on my priest. It does exist but the chances are abysmal.
> @BattlePopo said:
> Not a bug, BHS intentionally changed these skills to be affected by attack speed.

That's strange because their animations are still slow, just the projectile fires off faster. For example energy stars and healing immersion fire off so quickly but then I got to wait for the long animation lock to end because it's not synced. So in the end the speed is the same for the user but the boss/players getting hit receive it faster.
> @TJKat said:
> Isn't the cleansing brooch completely obsolete? Can't both healers self-cleans on really short cooldowns right now? It seems like a really odd thing to have re-introduced into the game to me.

Cleansing brooch is super useful for healers even in easy content. It's stupid healers have to go through quickcarve>quatrefoil instead of simple cleansing brooch>superior cleansing >quatrefoil
Bhs just being dumb as usual
metagame wrote: »
how is it their screw up if they had no control over it happening either

they bought [filtered]/cheap servers maybe idk
I don't remember the last time gameforges servers went down like that xd
XTFW5JHP79 wrote: »
wow this skill deals so much damage like this? and that was at GLSHM


If you use retribution before it and get hit to bug it and give it the damage multiplier or something. Or so I've heard.
@Jezzeusagi nobody will ever expect dps from a priest lmfao
Even endgame mystics aren't expected to pull high numbers, even tho they can
Pwhoops wrote: »
Can you go into detail on how to get the double reward?

First when you log on do pit of petrax. Accept the vg, you will get the daily bonus xp. Then do any dungeon from 439 and up (can be a 446, 453 etc). Accept the vg. The bonus will apply for this one as well. The reason for that is because the bonus xp hasn't been "exhausted" by the first vg since it was a small vg that usually doesn't reward a lot of points. I don't know all the logic behind this exactly but it's probably explained here
tisnotme wrote: »
@CornishRex ty it helped me a lot as well

but I would have assumed that it would have reset with the VG counter the way its tied in with that
but who knows , im still working out how to utilize the points ive accrued or whether to just keep accruing them for now

I've also got some other, better way to utilize the first bonus vg. First you do pit of petrax and then a 439+. For some reason the bonus xp applies to both vgs. Tested and it worked, I gained 2 levels while yesterday when I first did a 439+ I only gained one level.
It was only for hard mode abscess
I wish they made that title not shiny already
Michiku wrote: »
> @CornishRex said:
> Why were you FORCED to leave? Nothing in your post points me to that. You could have asked the other party member to kick you, or to disband. You didn't have to leave on your own lol

The other party member could not kick me because no other party members were in the dungeon besides me and him. If you read correctly you would see that I said the group leader was inactive. There was no way to disband anything without the group leaders permission. Trust me I’ve tried it all. And I didn’t leave the dungeon, we ended up beating it after about an hr. Either way your little tip/suggestion isn’t going to fix the fact that Tera’s matchmaking system/group system needs to be reviewed and possibly reworked. Its really inconvenient.

Hmm I think that's an issue on console. On PC I'm pretty sure you can still kick the inactive leader and disband afterwards.
Adding better loot is dumb, making the game p2w is not a good thing imo
Rest of the things are good enough complaints
@CornishRex ty it helped a lot, a last question, does the 1st vg bonus count only to the 1st vg completed of the account? or does it count to the 1st vg of every character?

Sadly, only first vg of the account! And npnp
this nerf didn't really happen on EU? What about NA? I noticed bams hp got a lot bigger, but I can still do the bastion one twice without getting any sort of nerf.
This is what I got from theorycrafting discord
EP xp given per vg completion (numbers in () are for after the 16vg cap)
439+ dungeons: 1518 (1215 when vg capped)
431 dungeons: 1418 (1134)
corsair/fwc/3v3: 1518 (1215)
guardians/flying guardians: 500
412 dungeons: 1267 (1012)
iod (all 3 tiers are the same): 911 (729)
kumas/iron battlegrounds: 843
kill 30 ___ quests: 270
gather 30 ____ quests: 180
ace dungeons: 303
echoes of aranea: 911
pit of petrax: 455
celestial arena: 425

First vg of the day gives you a big bonus so make sure you complete a good vg first (example: grotto normal). Then the more vg's you do the less points you get I suppose. Abscess spam or low tier iod spam are the most efficient ways of farming talents.
Nopi wrote: »
As for the multi month packs. I really don't remember anything of such a thing, and I played Tera when it launched as a p2p game. I DO remember, as I said, when they dropped the monthly fee to 9.99 for a limited time, and promised to keep that price to anyone keeping elite active for as long as they did. Still, regardless of they having done it before or not, I'd say they should do it again, as older games should try to be more appealing, and a price drop is usually one of the best appeals an old game can make.

For reference, IGN still has a wiki page that shows the price tiers at launch:


I was on one of those multi-month plans back in the day. Maybe they could bring something like that back.

And yeah, it'd be a problem if people used 1-day elite vouchers to get a costume each month, as it'd totally crater the value of the prize. They'd have to do some method to check subscription days.

just add the token to daily elite box, problem fixed
> @E7N7CN7GCG said:
> SageWindu wrote: »
> ObliVionesS wrote: »
> Y'all are going way overboard with the farm talents for month [filtered] lmao, you must be playing 5 minutes a day, or just being really innefficient and to make up for it you blame it on the game, zz
> Humor us, then. Care to share your methods?
> Nah they are right... I play maybe a few hours and get more than enough talents for what I need.

What gear are you and what content do you do?
It's a plain lie to say you get enough (without buying it with gold on the broker) if you're in ho.
I'd like to hear your methods and don't worry I'm not your competition, I play on eu with my comfortable 10K golden talents while just doing dungeons :smiley:
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Not necessary to do that anyways.

More importantly, having that change could break or exploit something in the game cause there's a huge reputation for that. So best to just leave it alone...

iirc ktera has no countdown upon channel switching
someone correct me if I'm wrong though
DHEE5KW5FP wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
How is anything in those videos related to botting?

Are you really not cable of watching them. I feel it's absolutely pointless to keep discussing bots and hacks ( Even when video titles straight up say Tera Bot...I mean It's kind of fcking obvious at that point)

You can literally hand a player a red pen and say " This is red" and that person will sit there and argue that it's blue. Absolutely pointless.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, but botting is supposed to be automated gameplay, no? None of these videos show the player making an advanced bot that does whole rotations and iframes perfectly and reacts to boss mechanics (which I've been told is possible in tera but very hard to do), instead they show one shot stuff and stuff like that. So you did show 0 proof to what the guy was asking of you.

I've also gotta say, the only "obvious" bots I've seen so far were in tuwangi mire, and those bots were extremely simplistic. Also some bot in stepstone isle that was continuously pressing gunner basic attack to farm gold.
How is anything in those videos related to botting?
Most important perks are double dungeon entries, and no broker fees. If you dungeon a lot and want to speed up the whole gearing/gathering xp process, elite helps.
Michiku wrote: »

I don’t think its fair that because people want to be inactive but queue up for dungeons, I should be FORCED to leave and be penalized for it.

I have always been a solo player, and always did the level dungeons solo. I just recently started trying out the level dungeons with groups, because of the tank leveling events. I have never had to deal with what you are talking about. When you say you were "penalized", do you just mean you were penalized because you did not get to finish the dungeon you were trying to do, or are there actual in-game penalties if you quit from an active dungeon? If so, what are the penalties? I am just asking, in case I decide to try some of the high level group dungeons, later. I honestly have no clue about doing dungeons with a group, so I am asking.

If you're running a dungeon and you decide to /leave or /drop you will get a 15 minute debuff that prevents you from queueing anything, it only ticks while you're online. In case some emergency happens and you want to leave you can always ask the group to kick you, and in case something bad happens and the whole party goes offline you can just disband which won't give you the debuff.
How exactly does nerfing attack speed affect tuwangi bots? Don't all they have to do is walk?

This is obviously meant to just [filtered] over legit players lmao
As if bots can't go blue guardian -> green guardian -> blue guardian anyway.
Why were you FORCED to leave? Nothing in your post points me to that. You could have asked the other party member to kick you, or to disband. You didn't have to leave on your own lol
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