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Are they tradeable? Sadly I don't have enough emp to purchase one right now so I'm wondering.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
That bravery potion better get removed cause some ppl prefers strong cane over that garbage.

Cane overwrites bravery and not the other way around so you're safe.
It all comes down to money again, if BHS thinks it won't make them as much money as elins do it simply won't happen I guess. EME has no say on this matter sadly, besides providing some feedback that koreans rarely listen to :lol:
> @BustTodDust said:
> meanwhile
> https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/event-easter-eggstravaganza-5#newsDetails
> Someone tell EME that Easter is coming.
> Oh wait who cares, we have console coming up

Pls buy strongbox keys and frostsilk lootboxes.
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They don’t really have the right to be mad, they sent emails. All they had to do was log in for a minute and their name would be saved.
Whether they "had a right to be mad" doesn't really matter (I personally don't think they should have been either). Just because they were being crybabies doesn't mean the outcome changes- and I'm sure EME as a company knows that. Why go through all that effort to wipe names just so people can get upset that names are getting hoarded for selling over and over again, especially when you know potential returning players will also get mad at you for it?

I don't follow you logic.
So, a few ppl will get mad, but how about all these ppl that will be able to create or name change to the names that they want? How about all ppl that will be happy, not mad????
Why shoud EME care so much about a minority that may, or may not return to the game?
Maybe EME should care more about ppl currently playing and supporting the game!
If somebody stop logging for like a 1 year and they don't care even to check their email, then they DESERVE to lose the name!

About name selling: Just make a bannable offense :)

I don't think you get it, but name sellers will be the ones getting those rare names first. So you're screwed either way.
I do agree with you though, eme shouldn't be striving to make name holders happy. I wish they did a server merge already and the biggest reason against it atm is "muh names". But that's another topic.
Uhm I think we're supposed to get new hairstyles
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Any more word on the possibility of Talents being reconsidered or replacement buffs?

EU are about to implement a player buff for RMHM. The specific part is this:


Amusingly enough, this corresponds with the following Talents from KTERA that are accessible to all classes:
Ketoth wrote: »
ALL CLASSES - points included on classes breakdown
  • Increase power by 23 - 80 points
  • Increase Endurance by 23 - 70 points

I believe this has been done in recognition that dungeons are balanced around the KTERA Talent System, as I don't see any other reason why this would be implemented by Gameforge.

Amazing stuff, please consider this eme!!
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Alright, thanks. Another thing I was wondering is, how well geared in terms of armor you have to be? Is it possible for a healer do it on guardian? A healer who's got over 300 rmhm (old one) clears.

If you don't get hit at all, of course, you may as well do it naked hue. The recommended ilvl is 446 which is full +0 stormcry gear and it is needed to receive the vg quest.
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I swear i writed something here before. Wtf?

Probably deleted because it sounded like a troll post, you can take a look at teradevtracker
Better get used to it like the rest of us pc players. Eme has been understaffed for quite a while know.
> @AKS666 said:
> No, because ENDofGAME.
> Levelling is the game for me. Questing is the game for me.
> Grinding is not fun.
> Doing the same dungeon over and over again is not fun. Just to get to the next dungeon to do it over and over again. Just to do the next... No this is not fun.

But that's exactly what leveling is lmao
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What Id like to know is, these low level dungeons you fly through get reopened for lvl 65 or are they purely low level only dungeons?

Purely low level dungeons that you'll run again for achievements you've missed.

There was a special thing for lower level dungeons called "Blast from the Past" (I wasn't here for it) but as i heard, it allowed you run lower level dungeons with lower level people....but this just resulted in the 65s complaining about getting low levels and promptly removed, despite some people liking this. This won't ever come back in PC or console, just added anedote

It was REALLY long time ago.
I doubt it was during lvl65 patch, rather i will tell lvl60(vm3)

It was during Generation/start of Lucid patch.
> @lolwat said:
> Kelsaik's Nest, Akeron's Inferno, Harrowhold. That's 3 raids right there.

Did you read what I said at all? Dungeons/raids get removed periodically in tera and currently there aren't any raids except one. Yes there have been raids in the past (wonderholme, veliks hold to add to your list) but tera usually has more dungeons and I feel it's more focused on them than on raids, but not by a lot. Depends on the cycle. And to add to that guys point, being a raid doesn't necessarily make it harder and more challenging. The hardest content in the game have been dungeons from my experience.
Keep in mind that the two classes you picked are support classes, which the majority don't play. Your que times will be loads faster as you'll be much more in demand then just another damage class. That for the most part has something to do with it.

However, unlike you seeing this as a negative, I wanna get the training wheels off asap. Gimme the real dungeons and raids, not just 5 man stuff. I wanna see how my support classes work on a larger scale with the tools in my class kit.

There's no big raids in tera except one 20-man that is really punishing and kind of hard to get into (not sure if console will have the 30-man version of that raid which is a bit easier). The game centers around 5-man content and the hardest content is 5 man right now. Some cycles will have 7-man or 10-man raids but current dungeon cycle is all 5-mans on pc.
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The amount of tokens that IOD Vanguard Requests award is sufficient. You can get 36 high tier tokens per character, and many people have multiple characters. That number is doubled during the many double Vanguard events that are run. You then have to take into account that you can run as many mid-tier BAM quests as you want until 16 Vanguard quests are completed that day. The tokens from these quests can be converted to high tier at a rate of 4:1. Factoring in the items available in the high tier tokens shop, such as advanced glyphs, etchings, and Dragon Scales, and you'll see we don't need a higher reward rate.

It's still absurd if you only have healers as your first character.
We didn't have a double vg event in quite some time either so :shrug:
I doubt new players want to spend 10 hours grinding damn bams as healers in twist or something.
No need for more levels lmao
Dye works fine, not sure what you're talking about
Leveling is so fast and easy anyway, making alt classes won't make you die of old age.
Ninja clone is a fun idea.
I'm not sure why you're obsessed with a higher level cap, there's plenty of things to grind for after you've reached lvl 65.
That's called desync. Unless you have less than 50 ping you're screwed thanks to tera spaghetti code. Lancers are the most affected by it but all other melee classes can desync as well, to a lesser degree.
Go talk to Dougal in Highwatch I suppose, he should give it to you as a part of a quest? Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? You could also buy it for very cheap from Vanguard merchants in Highwatch.
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I leveled up a Mystic while playing totally with a friend who had a gunner. Then I leveled up a Valkyrie solo. Now I have leveled up a Gunner playing solo. BUT, for some reason I could never got the avatar shards (10 needed and I only got 3) for the last highest weapon before I hit 65 and the weapon was no longer available. I did Vanguard quests in all the areas that were supposed to give me what I needed but they did not drop. I am wondering if I can craft a better weapon (have not done any crafting as of yet) or level up my current weapon a different way. I love playing her but her dps needs to be greater to continue solo. Any help is vastly appreciated.

Get guardian gear and start enchanting it. You don't need avatar weapons at max lvl.
Equitas wrote: »
I personally cannot understand the controversy behind these things. Everyone idles in towns that have both a bank and a broker. If not, they're less than a minute away from one. If they're not idling, they're doing something that doesn't grant you the time to require either one of these NPCs.

I use them a lot in dungeons and hh. Saves on loading screens that give you memory leak :smiley:
But honestly tho, they're really convenient, I used them very often personally. Whenever you find yourself waiting inside a dungeon or something you can pop a bank and craft stuff or you ran out of consumables or something.
DatGeek wrote: »
You can add skills to your hot-bars manually to use individual skills. Why suggest something as horrible as removing the chain skills when it is the core feature of the game as far as combat goes?

I assume it's only core on the console because of the lack of keys/buttons. On pc you're better off pressing skills manually but I think they fixed the delay problem on console.
Pages wrote: »

body is 10 characters too short

That's a surprisingly large amount of dyads. I got them in much smaller quantities compared to additive.
You need 439 ilvl for high tier bams. That's full frostmetal +0.
> @Melyodis said:
> so only when they are working they visit the forums I wont believe that.............................

If you worked as a moderator of a forum full time, would you visit it in your free time?
Give em a break, they have lives outside of this kek
And even if they do visit the forums it's not like they can do anything atm because support deals with that kind of stuff and they also don't work during weekends.
Healers endgame do bad dps and are supposed to only heal anyway, outside of guardian missions and ghillieglade where they do dps.
At low levels they do damage do make it easier to solo but it doesn't matter when you can reach endgame in 12hrs-1day when you know what to do.
> @Melyodis said:
> @CarnalCherry145 I guess they can only view the forums in the office nice thinking thanks your a savior.

Why would anyone work on Sundays if they're supposed to be free? :thinking:
f3ck4r wrote: »
Since when you have to have SC to care about dyads?!
There's no rule for what u want, or now u have to have sc first then [filtered] care about dyads while there's no way
for you to get em if not for an event?!
Since they're hard to get and they're only useful in rare situations because they're a min-max thing for healers. You can do just fine without them, your performance is barely improved. And even if you get smart dyads you still have to play the RNG game to get the swiftly effect which is why you want to save them for sc.
Also second boss in normal mode doesn't need swiftly dyads lol. You should be just fine without em.

I did 9 chars over the 3 days and I got 2, was luckier with the additives (thank god).
Now I'm not so sure but could you explain why you're so adamant about getting smart dyads? Why are they so important for you when you're barely in frostmetal?
As you said earlier, you couldn't even participate in the rk9 event since you didn't have enough ilvl, what do you need them for? Dyads are barely useful for healers I'll be honest, swiftly hardies are useful for priests in rkh/e because of the healer target on last boss but that's the only use I have for them honestly.
Also for those of you saying nobody wanted to do smart dyad runs during the rk9 event, that's simply not true. I've seen plenty of LFGs during that period that asked for dyads, it's just that additive runs were more common. And in the end, if you really wanted a dyad you could have made the LFG yourself lol. I've seen them fill up plenty.
You can also manually insert link here
MistyTera wrote: »
Sweet FX? What is this?

It's like a program that applies a filter to your game to make it look prettier/more vibrant.
RNNT4FP55J wrote: »
Here's how it is.
The devs only care about female chars, which is why all new classes are gender locked.
to make them available to male chars, they'd need to make new gunner armors for each race/gender, which would take a lot of time, as well as new animation for each race/gender...and they'd rather not.
With brawler they did the bare minimum of just stuffing human male model on female skeleton, because they don't want to do anything more with male chars.
To me the devs are pervs who probably sit and do hentai with the female chars, and don't really care about the game all that much anymore.
If they were serious about the game, they'd have taken the time and effort to make all new classes for every race/gender, but they don't.
The whole thing with human male brawler, is the laziest effort i've ever seen in any game, it should show everyone where the devs stand.
I mean, it took them YEARS to even make the laziest effort ever, to make male brawler.
It doesn't matter if less people play male chars - less people play elin, so by that logic, they shouldn't release elin exclusive classes at all.
To repeat what i said above, the devs do what they want to do, they don't give a [filtered] about the players, least of all non-Korean players.

There are prolly most elins in this game my dude, look at the stats published every once in a while. The reason why there are no males is because they're surprise surprise not profitable, not because the devs are perverts lmao
> @DioHatesDogs said:
> CornishRex wrote: »
> Most games don't do that though. Plenty mmos, new and old, had restricted classes and races.
> I know that. My attempt at a light hearted comment obviously flopped, I suppose.

Woops my [filtered] strikes again, I was even stuck thinking for a while if it was sarcasm or not
> @DioHatesDogs said:
> Solheim wrote: »
> (I'm also aware that a femani class wouldn't be profitable as there's just too few fans so we'll likely never see one)
> Lol, if only we all could have access to all classes with all races like most other games. v_________v

Most games don't do that though. Plenty mmos, new and old, had restricted classes and races.

After 40% you leave one portal as usual and destroy all the other portals on the ground. However, the portals won't get destroyed completely, they will go grey and regain color once you're supposed to pass through them so you know which one to pass through.
CornishRex wrote: »
I hope they're trying to make it less expensive and rng for a pleasant surprise

gehehe :p
Zoknahal wrote: »
They updated the Patch notes
Hair Style Coupons
  • More information will be announced, however the Hair Style Coupons will not be available at today.

Again, only disappointment. At least give us a solid date of when they are gonna become available @seandynamite @CobaltDragon

hahahahaha omg come on...
I hope they're trying to make it less expensive and rng for a pleasant surprise but who am I kidding
I can see an option for hairstyles in the dressing room but it seems they didn't add anything yet, disappointed >:(
Christin wrote: »
What Guardian missions are y'all running to get 40 boxes in less than an hour? I run late hours, so it's mostly all empty for me. I just run my alts with the tw training, which takes 5 min per box, so I make 10k in about 1.5 hours, which is fine enough for me since I don't spend any gold upgrading.

I run right after reset and even though it's mostly empty I still manage 9 boxes per mission (12 if it's the right amount of crowded in ideal conditions) on my dps priest.
HC65493N5H wrote: »
Increase the characters slots from 18 to 19 ?? I can make more the 2 ?? how ?? I don't get it ??

Get character slots kek
The way you do it as a mystic is if they arent picking up your motes then they obviously dont want heals. Dont heal them till they learn how to play around the team.

lmao dps aren't supposed to pick up motes in normal situations. If there's a mech happening and you can't heal, or you're dead they should pick them up, sure. If you're alive and kicking then you better use yo focus heal and boomerang!!
Equitas wrote: »
@clfarron4 said:
> make Keening Dawn Motes drop at 100% rate for BAM killing, like they do on EU, to speed up IoD quests to make up for the poor rate.
- I did already provide this suggestion, based on feedback from players here in the Forums and Player Council.

I'll be fairly disappointed if this goes through for NA. The rewards really are not that bad, and the BAMs are not particularly difficult to kill. Players have already been given double opportunity to earn rewards per character and the fact that mid-level BAMs are no longer limited to 1 per set. That's enough.

Why tho? We used to be able to earn them at double the rate and it was pretty decent. I haven't touched iod at all ever since the rewards were cut in half because I felt too lazy to do them.
I don't like grinding for half an hour to get half of what I used to, for no good reason. Might as well make it faster so I can do 2 chars in 40 mins.
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Selenya wrote: »
Explanations for new hairstyles (from Tera EU) :

Use the "Meruma's Hairstyle" or "Meruma's Magic Hairstyle" voucher. You can trade Fashion Coupons for them or buy them in the TERA Shop.
Now you will see a preview of the seven hairstyles that are available for your character.
Click "Confirm". A hairstyle will then be chosen at random and a voucher removed from your inventory.
Meruma's Hairstyle (available for Fashion Coupons) immediately applies the new hairstyle. From that moment, you will be restyled and will have this hairstyle until you repeat the process or use a voucher to change your appearance.
Meruma's Magic Hairstyle (available in the TERA Shop) allows you to choose whether you want to apply the new hairstyle immediately or keep your current one. The voucher is used in either case.


Why wasn't this included in the post? Why do we have to keep getting information from other publishers and from those who translate information from KTera?

But other than that, I hope the UI optimization and revitalized loot tables will spice things up.

We have not yet announced how we will be selling and/or distributing the hair coupons. This will be announced separately.

Will that be announced tomorrow? i mean, its in the promo page, so we are all assuming it will arrive on the 13th. Some players like me are literally only waiting on this feature and the hat placement feature, so it would be very misleading if the new hairstyle coupons do not arrive tomorrow with the patch.

Yeah this is what I was thinking as well. Why announce patch notes and then say "we aren't announcing this yet" when it's literally being released with the patch? We are definitely getting the new hairs with this patch because EU got them, we just don't know how we'll obtain them and EME seems to want to keep it a secret for as long as possible. Pretty shady.

They know how much backlash they'll receive once they pump out the rng coupons so they're trying to stall it as long as possible :joy:
I wish I were wrong, pls prove me wrong I beg
The patch is out tomorrow and still no patch notes
> @Dialoonia said:
> no for awakening we get antaros abyss which have 6 billion hp. dont worry they balance it for awakening (but not for talents kek)
Wow. Lovely!!
Dialoonia wrote: »
Believe me you really don't want ruun RMHM/NM why?

Even in EU with Op Consumable you need around 7 - 8 Minutes per Boss. First Boss have in NORMAL Mode double HP than RKNM

First Boss RKNM have around 1,6 Billion while RMNM have 3,4 Billion? Even Normal you can count 6 Minutes if you have good dps. This dungeons is waste of time. People running this dungeon over 20times and no emerald box ( so around 5% drop chance). Even the additional 200 Gear xp is no reason to run this crap.

We already complained that BHS shoould finnaly start to balance for non korea regions. This dungeon is the best example that BHS balance around talents.

I feel like this dungeon hp is better suited for after awakening and somehow we got the wrong version of the dungeon kek
> @DCT75L769R said:
> Originally, "Parse" means analyze the boss mechanic and how to react in order to maximize their dps.
> For example, it is like
> "what skills should I use during this mechanic in order to boost my dps?"
> "How many skills can I add during this mechanic before dodging it instead of dodging too early?"
> But in game...99.9% of parse means dps padding regardless, and so-called "grief".
> Those griefers barely think about how to properly maximize their dps. They just want to get high dps rank by spamming their skills instead of consideration of minimizing their out-of-dps time(dodging too early), but often die.
> Another example is
> The boss's HP is 76.5% and it will enrage at 76.0%, but it starts doing a mechanic that everyone has to get away and takes 15+ seconds. Then, the real parse will think about should we push now or wait until the mechanic ends? But most of the parse run just do their dps regardless.

Dat generalisation and projection, ouch
Equitas wrote: »
People think they're still a problem because spam bots occasionally pop up, but they're banned relatively quickly and people are smart enough not to buy from them.
It takes forever to ban these spam bots, I know as I afk in that specific area of velika on ch. They gave a random player a 3 day chat ban for saying
stupid stuff in global on the same day as he said it but the chat bot that's been spamming for a week+ is still not banned despite reports... Really nice way of handling them I must say.
Where did you hear this? Because this is not true in the slightest.
The person likely meant 100% keen mote that EU gets as a compensation for no double VG's. We still don't have that despite getting our vg's cut in half so you're more cucked on na than on eu.
No, ever since spacecats left we didn't have any eme pc streams that handed out codes.
There was one (or two) code/s but they expired by now.
Lapomko wrote: »
It seems like that EME is also more restricted in what they can do to the game compared to Gameforge. I remember I saw a post of one of the EME employees that they need permission for almost everything from BHS. Maybe Gameforge has a different contract who knows.

Another thing is that we don't have any devs over here in eme. At least none work on tera related stuff.
Also why are people upset about comparing NA vs EU? It's a good way to see which region is thriving and what needs to be changed. We all want to see NA improve.
donthate wrote: »
P3FEKT5Y7N wrote: »

LOL you're playing this video game WAY too much. Hope you take a look at the same pic in a year and realize how much time u wasted

If you have a well geared static that's efficient it doesn't take as long as you think it does my guy
> @allofspaceandtime said:
> I enjoy any server I play on. I do more than just run dungeons and grinding. I don't get bored easily.

No point in that statement because so do I and most other people, which is why I stick to my dead server.
However it would be a lot nicer if it wasn't a ghost town.
ch server, my big empty house all to myself, I love it

It's easy when you're a solo player. Might as well play on a private server.
Catservant wrote: »
Cross server lfg would solve a multitude of problems, esp. if you can run a HH raid from there.

Cross server GvG would be cool too (I'm picturing guilds "reserving" an instance of FWC)

Others have mentioned cross server marketplace, too, but the logistics...

Anyway, only cross server lfg has been mentioned by BHS. So this is just me indulging in a fantasy.

Cross server lfg would be fantastic. Everyone gets to keep their char slots and names and the lfg would be easy to fill. Win-win!
Alright so I'll try to explain extensively altho I suck at this stuff.
Under 40% the new mech starts and it gets harder below 19-15% (not sure exactly).
Before 40% you would:
1. Place the portals and hide behind the correct one
2. Avoid the secondary aggro purple aoe
After 40% instead of 2. he does the new mech. The new mech is the following.
After you place the portals and hide behind them to avoid the green vomit everyone will get small aoe circles below them, similar to the ones you use to destroy the portals. You will have to pass through the correct portal in order to survive and avoid the aoe placed under you. Since you get silenced during that part you need to learn the timing of when to pass through the portal. The timing is exactly when the aoe puddle is placed still on the ground below you and is not following you anymore. You can learn the timing by watching the aoe puddles earlier during the mech where you're supposed to destroy unneeded portals.
How to know which portal to pass through? The portal spinning on the wall that is in front of the portal being called is always going to be safe if everything prior to that was done correctly. This depends on the person that is calling which is mostly the healer. The healer is supposed to call the correct color as usual and in addition to that they're supposed to pay attention to the order of the portals on the wall. After they call the portal you're supposed to hide behind they should also call 1-2 safe portals you can pass through during the new mech.
After 15% portals on the wall will go grey the moment he starts the mechanic which just means the designated caller needs to pay attention prior to the mech and memorize the order the portals are spinning in.
AxeI wrote: »
@CornishRex Can’t really blame the people that moved off CH. The server has nothing to offer unless you like drama or enjoy being a big fish in a small pond.

I myself moved to TR a week and a half ago and have been enjoying the game way more, partying with skilled people motivates people and I have a reason to get better.

I wish I wouldn’t had to transfer but sadly the server is in a state where to even do a simple RKE you have to summon the devil.

I can't blame them completely but I can still blame them a bit. I mean, if those 30ish (I'm just making numbers up, i'm sure there were more) people didn't leave you'd have a raid and a half for hh ready to do content. By saying the server is dead and then leaving you're just contributing to the problem imo.
Yes, it's beyond saving now. If I wasn't so emotionally attached to this server and my almost dead guild, if I wasn't in a nice hh raid, if I didn't know so many nice and kind and skilled people maybe I would transfer too because during the times I play ch is pretty damn dead.
I just wish we'd merge already since I ain't giving eme the money, they don't deserve it right now, nor am I going to abandon my friends.
Personally, like voidy said, the thing that bothers me most are the players that get skilled on ch, learn all the hard content here and then transfer to tr and bm people from ch because now they're getting carried by more established and bigger guilds, but that's beside the point.
> @ElinUsagi said:
> Y7D6K9Y5D7 wrote: »
> Catservant wrote: »
> No penalty for dropping IMS party.
> how to drop the party, because every time i tried to kick him this appear "Because instance matching created the party, you can only kick members inside dungeon" and i cant even enter any of the dungeon.
> You can use the command "/drop" but you will be penalized with 15 minutes before you can use IM again. And if the dungeon was already in course then you will lose one entry to that dungeon.

If he finished the run he won't be penalized for typing /drop
They have high resistances yes. Dungeon bosses even more so, nearly impossible to stun/knockdown unless it's needed for a mechanic.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Zoknahal wrote: »
This is the only thing i am interested in besides the new hairstyles. IT would be a shame that EME do not include this in the patch.

It's already confirmed to be included....That's even on the promo page.........

I must be blind but I can't for the life of me see it on the promo page, which is why I made the thread. I followed the news and promo posts pretty carefully, it's just not mentioned anywhere. Pls point me to it as I (and the other posters in this thread) can't seem to find it.
REDDOT wrote: »
although I don't know why we don't have it explicitly said in the Male Brawler promo page.

This is exactly what's making me a bit paranoid. Seeing how EU mentioned it a few times before even releasing the patch notes because it's a cool little free feature. I'm just wondering why EME hasn't said anything, not even a word of it on the promo male brawler page.
Well..... I didn't see it... mentioned anywhere..... so I'm just asking to confirm it.
Because EME isn't exactly known for including all the content Gameforge and BHS have =)
So EU got the Hat Placement with the male Brawler patch, will NA be getting it soon as well? I didn't see it mentioned so far...
For those that don't know what it is, it's a cool new feature that allows you to rotate/resize your head accessories in quite a few ways!
This is the most common example:
But here's some creative ones:
Cat cones!
Dragon ball references!
Norafin wrote: »
Now if only someone had made a training run or the que would pop in ever...

You can make training runs yourself! And queue was popping like crazy, even for dps.
That's a nice haul, i only got 20ish additives myself :sweat_smile:
Nice event though, I like having to do dungeons for rewards, and being able to pick them is even better!!
Yes, was confirmed by cobaltdragon
voidy wrote: »
Like, I just... our server gets NO help for its population because of the roleplayers constantly screaming on the forums about needing a safe space to RP, and then they're nowhere to be found in the game, it's [filtered] amazing.
Let's not forget the horrible reputation ch gets from other servers for being the "e-rp server full of bad players", which only contributes to ch skilled players leaving more and more :sunglasses:
I've seen some RP guilds that are kind of active recently in Velika Freedom Plaza, could join them on an alt to inquire more, I'm sure there's some non adult rp going around.
7XT4NW7EKF wrote: »
Okay i found. Some dreses now change your hair style. And it is optional you can change it in options: Game -> Set appearance

It's not now, it was always like that hue
It's the outfit you're wearing probably, or a backslot, or the feather. Take all of them off and you'll have your normal hair back.
McOnosRep wrote: »
I am curious as to why TR is now suggested over MT when it used to be the other way around? Anyone care to explain what has changed?
A few months ago a GM in the Player Council discord confirmed that the player count is higher on TR now officially. Not sure if it was created char count or active player count but yeah. Ever since then I've been seeing people say TR is the more populated one, truth is they're very close.
Just to say though that I know of at least 3 new HH raids launched in TR recently which is pretty impressive.
With all those CH TRaitors I'm not even surprised :^)
Seriously though, the amount of skilled people leaving ch for tr over the past few months is really high, probably enough to fill a few raids.
You can get them from goldfinger tokens yes.
For soloing stuff brawler would be the best imo. You can't really solo endgame dungeons. It's possible but it takes way too long and the rewards will be much smaller because you won't have a full party. There is a lot of solo open world content though at least.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
> @StevenAnthony said:
> eme get already guardian exp nerf

You can't read can you? Its not a NERF, its actually a BUFF. You aren't forced to do 200k points for 60xp. Its down to 100k for 30xp that ktera got later, and every OTHER SERVER got.

Why are you back anyways. All you do is post nonsensical comments with your BR laughs.

dont insult the forum god pls
banana for hackers
> @kubitoid said:
> and these ppl praised eme 2 days earlier for dyeable outfit direct purchase...

Ur supposed to give credit where credit is due. We all knew deep inside our hearts eme will [filtered] up soon somehow.
I think it was confirmed, waiting for someone to post the source because I'm too lazy to search on phone.
TheDarkWan wrote: »
How about we just leave, will that make your job easy EME?

Less players = less tickets to take care of = higher quality service!!
Seems like a win-win in my eyes...
Dokibun wrote: »
So I just saw the news post regarding race changing. So if I race change BEFORE March 30, I can still have my costumes that I've paid for swapped to characters that can use them?

You should hopefully.
If you have elin only exclusives the support will move them to your elin chars if you ask, be careful though because they don't move those costumes around more than once so if you wish to racechange back you won't be able to have them back anymore.
Equitas wrote: »
There ya go unknown.png
> @Bonbonnie said:
> That would be the best decision they could ever make in the past 3 years.

I know it's just a pipe dream and I'm saying it for the hell of it but it makes sense, since I don't think many people will be race changing characters with tons of costumes anyway. It would be a smart decision.
I like how they did a good thing with making a dyeable costume not lootbox locked and then they do this. So silly.
How about... Removing race on costumes unless they're race specific? =) =) =)
> @Ardire said:
> guess who's never race changing ever again? everybody.

Me :D
>no longer swapping out bound costumes
Well [filtered]. :'(
It should apply to rke since the event should activate the moment you engage the first or last boss fight. I think.
ElinLove wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
BHS said they don't want to rely on those types of mechs anymore themselves. I don't remember when, or where, but they said they'll focus on quick reaction types of mechs more instead of memorization mechs. Sadly I don't have the source but if I find it somewhere I'll link it here.

R.I.P. high ping players. As always, K-TERA only balancing.

To be fair I would love to see some logic based mechanics. Memory games aren't all that much interesting I agree, but twich reflex mechanics are utter cancer. Something like TRNM's rings was very cool in my opinion at least, required quite the team work and not much more than knowing how to rotate it, could even spice it up a bit and add some puzzles there.

I like manglemire, demon's wheel and broken prison mechs honestly (except for the second boss in bp, even though I got used to calling it and doing math FAST). Sadly those dungeons are very hard to do with randoms because sometimes it seems tera players are missing half a brain or something. Got stuck in mm for 3 hours once. Broken prison mechs are the most doable out of the 3 because you can cheese the first and second boss. Dungeons that require a lot of teamwork are fun af but you need people that understand english lol.
Thanks! I hope our own server status page comes soon hue
BHS said they don't want to rely on those types of mechs anymore themselves. I don't remember when, or where, but they said they'll focus on quick reaction types of mechs more instead of memorization mechs. Sadly I don't have the source but if I find it somewhere I'll link it here.

While I get what you mean (taking away mechs and replacing them with something else) I believe that those complicated mechs are not the reason why such a low number of people are doing those dungeons. I don't think removing those mechs would necessarily bring people back.
Instead, here are a few more likely reasons of why rke isn't that popular:
a) Dungeons aren't rewarding, time to gold ratio is not well adjusted.
b) Dungeons are unbalanced. They're adjusted for ktera and their talents, hence we have to slay in rke to clear it normally - too much of a bother for most people and refer to a). This also makes it hard to do RKE with LFG because you depend on other people's dps too hard and it's too risky. A lot of RKE's are being done inside guilds among people that trust each other.
c) Population is declining. Pretty obvious. Less people to make LFG's, less people to do dungeons with.
d) Subjective opinions. This is just subjective and based off my experience, but it's also connected to your thread I guess. People have the most mixed opinions about RKH/E, mostly leaning towards the negative. A lot of people I know that used to do high end content before dislike this dungeon.
e) Net issues, coding issues, call it what you will. Having to restart fights due to someone desyncing through RK9's legs while slaying and getting hit and dying to his basic just makes it a pain in the [filtered]. Double s-bomb is way too fast for some people etc..
> @vkobe said:
> CornishRex wrote: »
> Posting in this thread to say AHH I HAVE FINALLY BEEN UNBANNED IM FREE NOW!!
> Btw vkobe stop cherrypicking and strawmaning, suspension and warning =/= perma ban.
> I believe an autolock of a sort should be implemented to avoid situations like these massive perma bans lol
> dont change than this system to auto suspend someone who post in inactive post is very [filtered] if you want kill your mmorpg go ahead with this system to scare new players to join your mmorpg

I agree it's [filtered] honestly, but the way you're trying to argue around it doesn't sit well with me hue
That's why autolock should be a thing, nobody can be banned or suspended for stupid stuff like accidental necroes.
Posting in this thread to say AHH I HAVE FINALLY BEEN UNBANNED IM FREE NOW!!
Btw vkobe stop cherrypicking and strawmaning, suspension and warning =/= perma ban.
I believe an autolock of a sort should be implemented to avoid situations like these massive perma bans lol
Idk if you tried it already but, /drop?
BRXTN wrote: »
BHS has literally ruined the game. How do they expect us to play more than one character when they keep adding more rng time-sinks. THAT'S ALL THIS IS, A TIME-SINK. They are trying to keep us playing longer between patches because they are too lazy to create some proper content!! It's scummy, half-assed, and we see right through you, BHS.

Rip Tera

If they actually cared about class customization they would have made it lik glyphs/crystals.
Or at least let us choose what to get when grinding but hmm that sounds like.... talents.
Are u diagnosed with some kind of an illness or something, if so, I feel bad for laughing.
Christin wrote: »
I think there should be a way to buy gold through the store on a permanent basis. Most often the people I see buying gold are the new players that don't know how to earn gold yet. They constantly get taken advantage of by the EMP buyers. People could still sell gold for EMP, but then, they'd at least have to do a better rate than the store.

Sorry, I just don't have much sympathy for people demanding that the game always be free for things like new cosmetics. People that buy EMP are put down enough as it is. Supporting a game financially should never be a bad thing. I constantly buy EMP, because the deal in the store is most often always better than the deals in the broker. At least EME does seem to gear event rewards towards items that seem super inflated. That is very much appreciated.

This is a bad, BAD idea. Having a way to buy gold directly is basically cutting out the free players from buying emp with gold. There would be no incentive to buy and sell costumes and free players would be getting shafted hard while paying players wouldn't lose/gain much either way.
EvasiveFox wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
EvasiveFox wrote: »
Rathgar wrote: »
Man, I have to quit Tera now. This will kill my will to play. You can't be serious that we all lose what we've had for years and then have to grind RNG to replace it. This game is over. So very over. Just shut off the servers now.

A friendly reminder to keep posts constructive and offer feedback / suggestions, instead of making statements that violate the Forum's Rules.

I love how you only scold me but no one else. Gotta love when EME has a personal vendetta against players that have paid for Elite for years.

b-but he didn't quote you or scold you personally at all
and hey just because you give them money doesn't mean you're entitled to a special treatment

So, he only went after my comment and no on else's. That's the pure definition of singling someone out and also, he will probably delete my comment. Get a clue and stop white knighting.

He did not quote you dude, he quoted @Rathgar, jesus
edit: also nah I'm not white knighting I'm literally pointing out the obvious, learn your insults before you throw them pls
EvasiveFox wrote: »
Rathgar wrote: »
Man, I have to quit Tera now. This will kill my will to play. You can't be serious that we all lose what we've had for years and then have to grind RNG to replace it. This game is over. So very over. Just shut off the servers now.

A friendly reminder to keep posts constructive and offer feedback / suggestions, instead of making statements that violate the Forum's Rules.

I love how you only scold me but no one else. Gotta love when EME has a personal vendetta against players that have paid for Elite for years.

b-but he didn't quote you or scold you personally at all
and hey just because you give them money doesn't mean you're entitled to a special treatment
Melyodis wrote: »
They are releasing another badly optimized MMPORG soon so I highly doubt they will put even more work in Tera ( with the minimum amount they are putting right now ). If we cant see Tera thriving right now with how much money BHS is gaining from PUBG ( because we all silently hoped that we will see improvement with how much money they have pulled out of PUBG, hoped it would turn their attention a little bit to Tera as well ) then we will never see this game thrive. Its just going to turn into a higher and higher grind fest so we can all forget how badly optimized this game is with the lack of proper content and continuous screw ups, not only by developers but a publisher as well.
Tera served its purpose as a good MMPORG, there is literally nothing to gain out of it anymore with monster titles like PUBG next to it and another screw up on the way that will take developers time

and that made me to ask why they didn't use the same combat system that tera has cause that game AIR looks op and just looks op cause the graphics is much more better but the combat that it has it will stay right there and just look good for me not gonna try it. tera has what we call true action combat ans that was has us here still the combat is fluent it makes you think about what to do next and i love it.

air is simple tab target lmfao
While Gameforge actually logged on their characters and took screenshots, EME just decided to once again half [filtered] everything and steal a video from a youtube of someone showcasing the hair styles :+1:

What you have stated is not what occurred. The uploaded Youtube Videos showing the new Hair Styles were created and uploaded by us.


Will the hairstyles be untradeable cash shop only rng thingies?
ElinLove wrote: »
loot boxes v 2.0

Cancer intensifies

EME better not follow this. If they wanna go the scummy route and sell those hairstyles, it better be in a sure chance box that you can chose to equip it or not, and preview 1st

and trade pls, ty
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
A roadmap can never be trusted. It's like a 20 day weather forecast where you expect sunshine and get a blizzard.

Except that the sunshine and blizzard are both a natural phenomenon so it is hard to come up with a forecast.. But the fashion/ace/vanguard shops updates rely on humans? And we even were told that the GM tool can tweak around those changes without a maintenance needed so at the very least Spacecats could do so much until now...
A rollout is not done automatically, there are several processes involved in this. So if you think that humans work exactly like planned or this is an automated, self-healing process, you're unfortunately wrong. So even if the feature/product is done, there are lot more problems to tackle.

I was working in dev and process management and there are always (!) problems you have never heard of before. And there are hundred reasons to NOT release something than releasing a half-baked useless product.

Either way, I'm sure it takes less than 2 years to BRING BACK something that was here before and IS STILL AVAILABLE in other regions. We used to have this. We don't for 2 years already. Other regions aren't having problems. Obviously, eme is doing something wrong.
Catservant wrote: »
drkmosc wrote: »
clfarron4 wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I know that his can make some players mad at, but I think common nocterious should be blocked of being used and make the players to get the blue and gold noct.

If BHS don't have any intention to fix them then at least they can do that much.

Problem is that rare/superior nocts is that they make the inventory calls, so you still have the lag, albeit you're not updating the inventory with a new inventory.

They only do if you have common nocteniums in your inventory, which is probably a bug in their code, so effectively banking them is enough to get rid of that.

What about putting them in a pocket pet?

I think that's fine. Don't think the game pings your pet inventory every time you use a noct, because me and my 3 pages of costumes would cause me a lot of lag :rofl:
Oh I'll snuff out the conspiracies - this week's patch/maintenance has nothing to do with Fashion Coupon shop updates. That can be done live while the servers are up with our GM Tool. The maintenance this week is going to patch some server crash issues.

See? I'm helpful!

Uh-huh. So for 2 years you couldn't take the time to give us the old fashion coupon store, even tho it could have been patched live?
Really makes u think.
Cancer is all I can say for now
Keep it in korea like talents, shouldn't be hard for eme to restrict us from it right? =)
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