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metagame wrote: »
how is it their screw up if they had no control over it happening either

they bought [filtered]/cheap servers maybe idk
I don't remember the last time gameforges servers went down like that xd
XTFW5JHP79 wrote: »
wow this skill deals so much damage like this? and that was at GLSHM


If you use retribution before it and get hit to bug it and give it the damage multiplier or something. Or so I've heard.
@Jezzeusagi nobody will ever expect dps from a priest lmfao
Even endgame mystics aren't expected to pull high numbers, even tho they can
Pwhoops wrote: »
Can you go into detail on how to get the double reward?

First when you log on do pit of petrax. Accept the vg, you will get the daily bonus xp. Then do any dungeon from 439 and up (can be a 446, 453 etc). Accept the vg. The bonus will apply for this one as well. The reason for that is because the bonus xp hasn't been "exhausted" by the first vg since it was a small vg that usually doesn't reward a lot of points. I don't know all the logic behind this exactly but it's probably explained here
tisnotme wrote: »
@CornishRex ty it helped me a lot as well

but I would have assumed that it would have reset with the VG counter the way its tied in with that
but who knows , im still working out how to utilize the points ive accrued or whether to just keep accruing them for now

I've also got some other, better way to utilize the first bonus vg. First you do pit of petrax and then a 439+. For some reason the bonus xp applies to both vgs. Tested and it worked, I gained 2 levels while yesterday when I first did a 439+ I only gained one level.
It was only for hard mode abscess
I wish they made that title not shiny already
Michiku wrote: »
> @CornishRex said:
> Why were you FORCED to leave? Nothing in your post points me to that. You could have asked the other party member to kick you, or to disband. You didn't have to leave on your own lol

The other party member could not kick me because no other party members were in the dungeon besides me and him. If you read correctly you would see that I said the group leader was inactive. There was no way to disband anything without the group leaders permission. Trust me I’ve tried it all. And I didn’t leave the dungeon, we ended up beating it after about an hr. Either way your little tip/suggestion isn’t going to fix the fact that Tera’s matchmaking system/group system needs to be reviewed and possibly reworked. Its really inconvenient.

Hmm I think that's an issue on console. On PC I'm pretty sure you can still kick the inactive leader and disband afterwards.
Adding better loot is dumb, making the game p2w is not a good thing imo
Rest of the things are good enough complaints
@CornishRex ty it helped a lot, a last question, does the 1st vg bonus count only to the 1st vg completed of the account? or does it count to the 1st vg of every character?

Sadly, only first vg of the account! And npnp
this nerf didn't really happen on EU? What about NA? I noticed bams hp got a lot bigger, but I can still do the bastion one twice without getting any sort of nerf.
This is what I got from theorycrafting discord
EP xp given per vg completion (numbers in () are for after the 16vg cap)
439+ dungeons: 1518 (1215 when vg capped)
431 dungeons: 1418 (1134)
corsair/fwc/3v3: 1518 (1215)
guardians/flying guardians: 500
412 dungeons: 1267 (1012)
iod (all 3 tiers are the same): 911 (729)
kumas/iron battlegrounds: 843
kill 30 ___ quests: 270
gather 30 ____ quests: 180
ace dungeons: 303
echoes of aranea: 911
pit of petrax: 455
celestial arena: 425

First vg of the day gives you a big bonus so make sure you complete a good vg first (example: grotto normal). Then the more vg's you do the less points you get I suppose. Abscess spam or low tier iod spam are the most efficient ways of farming talents.
Nopi wrote: »
As for the multi month packs. I really don't remember anything of such a thing, and I played Tera when it launched as a p2p game. I DO remember, as I said, when they dropped the monthly fee to 9.99 for a limited time, and promised to keep that price to anyone keeping elite active for as long as they did. Still, regardless of they having done it before or not, I'd say they should do it again, as older games should try to be more appealing, and a price drop is usually one of the best appeals an old game can make.

For reference, IGN still has a wiki page that shows the price tiers at launch:


I was on one of those multi-month plans back in the day. Maybe they could bring something like that back.

And yeah, it'd be a problem if people used 1-day elite vouchers to get a costume each month, as it'd totally crater the value of the prize. They'd have to do some method to check subscription days.

just add the token to daily elite box, problem fixed
> @E7N7CN7GCG said:
> SageWindu wrote: »
> ObliVionesS wrote: »
> Y'all are going way overboard with the farm talents for month [filtered] lmao, you must be playing 5 minutes a day, or just being really innefficient and to make up for it you blame it on the game, zz
> Humor us, then. Care to share your methods?
> Nah they are right... I play maybe a few hours and get more than enough talents for what I need.

What gear are you and what content do you do?
It's a plain lie to say you get enough (without buying it with gold on the broker) if you're in ho.
I'd like to hear your methods and don't worry I'm not your competition, I play on eu with my comfortable 10K golden talents while just doing dungeons :smiley:
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Not necessary to do that anyways.

More importantly, having that change could break or exploit something in the game cause there's a huge reputation for that. So best to just leave it alone...

iirc ktera has no countdown upon channel switching
someone correct me if I'm wrong though
DHEE5KW5FP wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
How is anything in those videos related to botting?

Are you really not cable of watching them. I feel it's absolutely pointless to keep discussing bots and hacks ( Even when video titles straight up say Tera Bot...I mean It's kind of fcking obvious at that point)

You can literally hand a player a red pen and say " This is red" and that person will sit there and argue that it's blue. Absolutely pointless.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, but botting is supposed to be automated gameplay, no? None of these videos show the player making an advanced bot that does whole rotations and iframes perfectly and reacts to boss mechanics (which I've been told is possible in tera but very hard to do), instead they show one shot stuff and stuff like that. So you did show 0 proof to what the guy was asking of you.

I've also gotta say, the only "obvious" bots I've seen so far were in tuwangi mire, and those bots were extremely simplistic. Also some bot in stepstone isle that was continuously pressing gunner basic attack to farm gold.
How is anything in those videos related to botting?
Most important perks are double dungeon entries, and no broker fees. If you dungeon a lot and want to speed up the whole gearing/gathering xp process, elite helps.
Michiku wrote: »

I don’t think its fair that because people want to be inactive but queue up for dungeons, I should be FORCED to leave and be penalized for it.

I have always been a solo player, and always did the level dungeons solo. I just recently started trying out the level dungeons with groups, because of the tank leveling events. I have never had to deal with what you are talking about. When you say you were "penalized", do you just mean you were penalized because you did not get to finish the dungeon you were trying to do, or are there actual in-game penalties if you quit from an active dungeon? If so, what are the penalties? I am just asking, in case I decide to try some of the high level group dungeons, later. I honestly have no clue about doing dungeons with a group, so I am asking.

If you're running a dungeon and you decide to /leave or /drop you will get a 15 minute debuff that prevents you from queueing anything, it only ticks while you're online. In case some emergency happens and you want to leave you can always ask the group to kick you, and in case something bad happens and the whole party goes offline you can just disband which won't give you the debuff.
How exactly does nerfing attack speed affect tuwangi bots? Don't all they have to do is walk?

This is obviously meant to just [filtered] over legit players lmao
As if bots can't go blue guardian -> green guardian -> blue guardian anyway.
Why were you FORCED to leave? Nothing in your post points me to that. You could have asked the other party member to kick you, or to disband. You didn't have to leave on your own lol
SageWindu wrote: »
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
Valkyrie is a class that never should have been created. I prefer female castanics, but I didn't bother making one because its a trash, brain-dead, and OP class. I main gunner and agree that it should be open to every other race and gender too. They should just focus on doing that from now on if they persist in making classes.

This is besides the point, but can you please clarify on how something can be trash, brain-dead, and overpowered all at the same time?

While I do agree with their points I find it even funnier how they said all about that about valk, and then proceeded to say they main gunner, which was in the same spot at release as valk was, op and brain dead :joy:
I'm coming from PC so sadly I can't help you with button mapping but I'll single out the most important mystic skills for PvE. The ones I don't mention are essentially useless for PvE.

Mystics are healers. Meaning in a 5 man party your job is to heal, cleanse, buff party members and debuff the boss. You're not supposed to dps (but you can do it if everything is on cd and you have nothing to do).

Arun's Vitae - Your health mote, you glyph them and use them as your self heal. Don't expect party members to depend on them, only when you're unable to heal them due to a mech or you're resurrecting the tank or something.

Arun's Tears - Your mana mote, not that needed on console right now. It restores mana to the person that picks it up

Aura of the Merciless - Your damage aura, gives a buff to everyone in the party. Make sure it's on at all times. Automatically turns off if you run of mana or die.

Aura of the Tenacious - Your mana aura, passively restores mana to everyone.

Thrall of Protection - Once you glyph it, use it to apply an endurance buff for all of your members at the start of the fight. Use it when someone gets resurrected.

Thrall of Life - Heals and cleanses. Not super reliable but it's helpful.

Thrall of Vengeance - Use it for solo dps, when you're doing ghillieglade or killing bams alone etc

Thrall of Wrath - Big damage thrall

Contagion - Endurance debuff with a high cd. Only use it during enrage.

Volley of Curses - Endurance debuff with a low cd. Glyph it to apply the debuff and spam it on the boss. Uptime should be as close to 100% as possible.

Teleport Jaunt - Your only i-frame. Use it to avoid attacks

Corruption Ring X - A VERY important skill. Use it to restore mana to yourself and mainly other members, especially tanks, sorcerers, warriors.

Titanic Favor IX - Lock-on heal, use it to heal people

Boomerang Pulse - Another heal skill

Warding Totem II A healing skill that heals passively once you use it, also applies a small shield

Arun’s Cleansing Touch - Important skill. Your cleanse. Once you use it it cleanses both you and the person you locked on.

Resurrect - Obvious.

Vow of Rebirth - Your self resurrect. Use it before the fight starts. Use it on the tank and whoever else you wish.

Regression II - Your dispel, rarely used skill but absolutely necessary for certain mechanic.

@P9ENREJL9A @metagame
Well well well, would you look at that. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29777/focused-updates-on-tera-fuot-1
After the announcement, we took the additional steps of reviewing previous account bans related to Proxy use and reactivated accounts that (as best we could determine from our records and data) fell inside the bounds of our current enforcement policy. This felt like a fair act we could do for our community in good faith.
I would've pm'd you both but it seems both of you ignored me :joy:
The dress in the promo is the costume that came with the huge angel/devil wings
Step up your costume game!
Did you list them for 880 gold? In that case that's how much you will earn. The tax people pay when you're offline is a gold sink.
What a lair and a troll.
You claimed all of these things without proof btw.
I'm enjoying others btfoing you though =)
Nopi wrote: »
I suppose that little dress will replace the "battle togs" human brawlers use? I would have preferred even the slightest attempt at armor, but w/e...

That dress is a costume we got a few months ago though? Not sure if they'll make new armor for elin brawlers but already existing plate armor for elins is :ok_hand:
Nopi wrote: »
I don't find it far fetched that a company who messed up (but won't ever publicly acknowledge it because of business) resorts to unbanning people they banned through said mess up.

As for lair.... would it be... lair of lies? That would make someone even more of a liar. Such a liar that he's a lair full of lies!

....ok, I'll stop being stupid now.

me rn latest?cb=20111115213711
Pwhoops wrote: »
Because as it is right now there’s a lack of players that are able to clear mainly because no one wants to bother to train them, but like I said, many people would be opposed to not showing the amount of clears.

I usually help people in learning runs but imo, best place to learn is in a guild with a nice and friendly environment. I love carrying IMS traps but the best experience you'll get is in a guild where you can ask questions and get to do guild runs. It's also important to be able to help yourself and not expect others to carry you. "People don't want to help me" attitude can really get on my nerves sometimes, and I'm one of the people that will take the time to explain things etc.

And if there's such a big lack of players clearing hard modes because nobody is training them, why do those rookies not group up among themselves and clear on their own? All groups were full rookie at some point you know.
Pwhoops wrote: »
Or just hide amount of clears I guess? But a lot of people would be against that..

Why though? Then people that want to farm relatively fast and smooth runs would close to their small circles even more and only stick to running with people they know are skilled.
There will still exist the issue of not being able to get into hard mode runs once you've completed easy and normal.
For example I got skilled in grotto normal mode and I try to apply to a hard mode lfg. People will be wary of accepting someone with 0 clears in hm because I haven't done it before. Best thing would be a training of hard mode being introduced in some way or form. An easy mode that hits less and lacks the mechanics or bosses have less hp doesn't cut it, imo.
Well rip. Usually when i had that problem it would go away on its own after a bit at least.
Usually people have this issue when somethings wrong on their end, try doing a traceroute to diag.enmasse.com
You should never leave out to rez, even if the healer isn't rezing you. Stay there to get the loot and in the best case maybe the healer was holding out rez because they were busy healing the rest of the party or a mechanic was happening who knows.
Nobody rewarded champs on pc
I am a new player, and what I want is to be able to dress my character the way I want, grab a weapon skin, get the ride, and then get plenty of storage. I have tried blade and soul, and revelation. The games might be good, but when you can not customize you character the way you want until almost end game, what is the point? Since I just started this game, I must say I do not even know how the store works. The one in game I am unable to get an outfit. The web store only has outfits I am not interested in. I also do not get why you do not have a gold exchange, or if you do I can not find it. The auction gold prices for me seem it would take years to make 150.000 gold for one outfit. Considering I been killing everything for two days and have about 3 gold, I do not see this game keeping my interest for too long.

1-65 is a tutorial. 65 is when the game starts.
metagame wrote: »
do it

This is as far as I can go with the old screenshots I have of my friends ban that I pulled from discord, I'm censoring a lot because there's talk of our guild and stuff which I don't feel comfy with sharing on a public forum

Believe what you want but stop busting my [filtered] over this, we derailed this thread too hard and this has gone too far lmao
metagame wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
but you are aware I won't bother with making lines of the same length in paint right?
nah, it makes a very big difference. i could take the same 2nd image, extend the part you blocked off and suddenly claim that it's an entirely different person's ticket. but now that you brought up inspect element, nothing here's valid yet again.

include the responses to the ticket

oh my god im dying
sorry my a.utism dries up here
metagame wrote: »
i don't think it proves a thing because you already pulled that first unban image from somewhere else, what's to say you didn't pull these two new ones out of nowhere too?

the two parts on each image where you blocked out what i assume is the account name ("action on the XXXX En Masse account" and "Hello XXXX") don't quite match up in terms of length. on top of that, i went and looked at a few of my own support tickets, and none of their responses ever included a name in the first line, it was always something along the lines of "hi there", or "greetings". i will admit that i've never had to send in a ticket to appeal a ban, but if the system messages are as automated as you claim i doubt there'd be any difference there.

I know you're memeing me at this point, but you are aware I won't bother with making lines of the same length in paint right? I edited the pics just for you!


Also here's my random unrelated support ticket by the same gm, saying hello [my name]

I bet he'd still say that's not proof lol.
There is no point trying to convince a brick wall.

I mean yeah, I don't know why I bothered. There's never enough proof. If I posted a screenshot of them ingame they'd probably say it was an old screenshot. Once I post the same copy paste gm message with a different date someone would say "inspect element xd". The fact that everyones talking about being unbanned (after being perma banned) is not enough for these people just seems to me like they're in denial. It's like talking to a holocaust denier :shrug:

Edit: speaking of the devil LOOL
metagame wrote: »
how does this
CornishRex wrote: »
prove this
CornishRex wrote: »
Back in February my friends tried to appeal and they were told they were perma banned forever, no matter what, no appeals.
all of them got unbanned.

what's also funny is that i've seen multiple people post that very picture, right down to the exact same time stamp. i'm no expert at eme's support ticket stuff, but i'd imagine they go through each one individually to give a response to them. handing out the same response (several times, as you claim) could not be done in the course of a minute, even if it were copy pasted.

As I said, this is a friends ban information and I don't want to get their name out so again this can be seen as no proof and yall people in denial can jump on me about this so whatever. They were one of the people unbanned with that same exact copy paste message. Maybe I'll ask them to give me an ss of that message and I'll update this post once I get it. This is the proof of them being perma banned.

https://i.imgur.com/fETlYaJ.png :thinking:
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
@P9ENREJL9A here you go, a big proxy dev that got banned last year during summer I think??


As pinkie said, all the emails received for the unban message had the same wording. I know more people but I won't be getting their names out there just for the sake of proof since they haven't announced it publicly like pinkie did.

LoL, that doesn't prove anything.

I asked for proof not for a random discord chat, that doesn't prove anything, it only makes you more of a lair.

How do I prove it then? Go ask them yourself maybe. I have pictures of my banned guildmembers but as I said, I won't be getting that out there for privacy reasons.

If you are not going to prove it then you can't make such claims. I will stick with your image as a lair.

Thank you, I will no longer lose more time with you and your moot points.

Okay lmao
P9ENREJL9A wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
@P9ENREJL9A here you go, a big proxy dev that got banned last year during summer I think??


As pinkie said, all the emails received for the unban message had the same wording. I know more people but I won't be getting their names out there just for the sake of proof since they haven't announced it publicly like pinkie did.

LoL, that doesn't prove anything.

I asked for proof not for a random discord chat, that doesn't prove anything, it only makes you more of a lair.

How do I prove it then? Go ask them yourself maybe. I have pictures of my banned guildmembers but as I said, I won't be getting that out there for privacy reasons.
@P9ENREJL9A here you go, a big proxy dev that got banned last year during summer I think??


As pinkie said, all the emails received for the unban message had the same wording. I know more people but I won't be getting their names out there just for the sake of proof since they haven't announced it publicly like pinkie did.
Yes they said they reviewed their banning policy. Back in February my friends tried to appeal and they were told they were perma banned forever, no matter what, no appeals. And since they can't differentiate between people that just used sp and were reported by a backstabbing guildmate, or people that memeslashed vergos 200 times, all of them got unbanned. @tisnotme yes that's true. People that got banned all the way back in last year got unbanned. Proxy devs, exploiters, sp users, all of them got unbanned.

And of course people will come back I don't get your point. It's like a beaten housewife getting back to her husband. Some people still have hope. I've lost mine a long time ago. And if you're wondering why I'm still lingering on the forums, it's because holy crap gameforge forum format is weird as hell and I can't get behind it.
CornishRex wrote: »
They are backpeddaling. First they DMCA proxy, people leave and suddenly they do a 180 when they realize how much proxy and sp have helped keep their own game alive, because they didn't have the brains to fix the game themselves when the community begged. Then they unban people. Mind you, they unbanned memeslashers that have hundreds of millions of illegitimately farmed gold because they're THAT desperate.

They were (temp) banned, they were warned...
As much as i enjoy popcorn as the next guy...

But of course.. People totally left during those dramas, exodus, ban waves, whatever u wanted to call it.. In fact, nobody leveled up several new characters during that time, spam dungeons and kuma royales up to lvl65, and SC-ed all of their alt's gears during the enchant event. All of the servers are completely empty and ded... No one 'apex-ed part 2' their characters.. Everyone uninstall.. Even worse, nobody even bought those lustrous federation crates... All those in-game notification was nothing more but illusion.. Hollywood CGI and all that... And of course.. nobody cried.. at all.

They were not temp banned. I know 2 good friends that got PERMA banned back in february (and before) and they got unbanned this week. Stop spreading misinformation.

And yes people have left NA. My whole guild moved to EU including me, not counting other guilds I've ran into in the server and ims that I used to see on NA. Hell, I got recognized on EU by multiple people that used to play with me on NA. And those people are already in +8 sc and up, including me.

That doesn't make NA completely dead of course. But eme's stupidity had an impact for once, thank god.
Nyanta1177 wrote: »
Explains why they unbanned a large wave of proxy users recently and are trying to back peddle their previous [filtered] claims against it along with their false dmca

They already stated in the response tickets to those who afflicted, that they are taking lenient action in term of enforcement, for the time being. But these programs are still against their Terms of Service. They are not back-paddling. They're moving forward. The DMCA takedowns have serve its purpose. The script makers have left (hopefully for good) and claimed they will be not providing update for NA version of those scripts.

They are backpeddaling. First they DMCA proxy, people leave and suddenly they do a 180 when they realize how much proxy and sp have helped keep their own game alive, because they didn't have the brains to fix the game themselves when the community begged. Then they unban people. Mind you, they unbanned memeslashers that have hundreds of millions of illegitimately farmed gold because they're THAT desperate.
DEJHJ3ALJA wrote: »
So I see, you gave only for those with rank 1 in previous season PvP BG’s some rewards. Such as my friend got a title and a diamond for being first on Fraywind. And nothing for champions(

what??? this has nothing to do with laurels
@Maleficent94 I agree grind isn't so casual and easy anymore. But it certainly isn't the grind from twist to +0 sc. Maybe I'm just incredibly lucky but I never had troubles (across 10 characters or so) in reaching +0 sc in a relatively short timeframe. HO and on is another story.
And EU is another story as well, where it's actually "easy" (if you can handle the fails) to achieve ho if you play normally...

The game just stopped catering to strictly solo players (even though players that do group stuff are still forced to farm solo content on na...) since you can't gear without xp. Still, you can solo farm iod for golden talents, and sell a portion of them to buy enchanting boxes and then get to ilvl 439 without much xp. 439 and on it might be impossible to solo, imo.
Nopi wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
SC is still not easy to get unless you pay for it.

Excuse me? You don't need to pay to get sc.
SC is easy to achieve. Somewhere around +6 it becomes hard but manageable. On EU, even high end sc and HO is manageable with a normal life and playtime but that would take 2-3 months starting from scratch.

This is where different people perceptions of things come into play. SC 0 is easy to get for every try hard and pro player out there. That's a given. I'm not any of those kinds of players. As I've said countless times, I'm a bad casual. So to me, even FM takes much longer to get than what your try hard usually takes. My comparison comes from my experience with past gear sets and the current.

Again, this is not true. I see the biggest noobs and casual players in +7 sc. Sc +0 is really, really not hard to achieve. I know mega casual players that only log on once or twice a week to play a bit with their guildies. It's almost the same as your usual mid tier gear during VM days, except on NA farming focus is shifted on grinding iod for golden talents. I know about points of view, different people etc, but sc +0 is really not something that's only for tryhards.

As you said, now you have to do dungeons for mats and xp but that doesn't make the gear any less casual to get, it's just that the process takes a bit longer. It's still not painful, just like mid tier gear during vm days was not painful to obtain. The process used to be shorter but other than that it's pretty much the same thing, just spread out so it makes you play more.
Nopi wrote: »
SC is still not easy to get unless you pay for it.

Excuse me? You don't need to pay to get sc.
SC is easy to achieve. Somewhere around +6 it becomes hard but manageable. On EU, even high end sc and HO is manageable with a normal life and playtime but that would take 2-3 months starting from scratch.
That's how it worked ever since gameforge launched on steam. That's how it should work.
Scarves didn't have crit you silly, they had hp. And people protested it so hard eme decided to take them out.
> @Ourlord said:
> What if i dont have steam??....

You have to so they can increase steam numbers :))
EU did a maint to fix this and they also reset the leaderboard for glsh
I bring some interesting news from korea, they've made a training dummy room with a built in (albeit not so functional) dps meter. There's a lot to improve still but I think they're heading the right way with this.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
CornishRex, the fact that one Emerald costs 1440g and one Diamond costs 14250g while golden talents sell at 10g each proves something that i kept saying until now and that is "you get more talents at less value but you have to pay so much more for gems to be able to enchant/upgrade". And for the sake of comparison.. one Emerald costs 1150g at North America and one Diamond costs 11.500 gold.

But that's good. That's a sign of a healthy economy. Because you don't lose out gold on crafting costs and pp.
how do you guys get your silver talents?
Elite get like 10 daily and usually leveling events give a 100 of them or something, the rest is the same as EU, bg boxes mostly. I think their cost is currently 70~ish gold per silver talent.

As for bg's, EU has normal boxes on top of extra boxes you receive per win that can reward diamonds and other stuff as well so I'd say both regions are the same when it comes to battlegrounds.
XHGJW4LMY6 wrote: »
KitTeaCup wrote: »
What does everyone think is the best way to avoid this sort of situation?

I hate to say this but make the game easier. This could be accomplished through a combination of reducing boss damage and making gearing easier.

Reducing boss damage is dumb. They did that on tera console and it's not working out for them, is it now?
Training dungeons and other suggestions are a much better idea. Biggest problem is not damage, rather it's getting used to mechanics and certain unavoidable attacks, so if we were able to practice that beforehand it would be a lot of help.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
What about removing the superficial talk and actually give me some data? Like how did you get a priest and warrior at Europe and how much did it take to gear them up to make them relevant for farming? Did it took up to one week only for that out of the entire month that you talked about leaving you with other three weeks? Then do you have any other characters or those are the only two that you used? And what did you run when you had your characters ready for farming? Actually, what is the time played overall that helped you to acquire +8SC weapon and +4SC Chest/Gloves/Boots on your warrior? I am only guessing but since you have said that you have ran so many dungeons per day both as solo and party and you did this and that needing up to 130k item experience for the weapon then i can consider that you have at least 150hrs up to 200hrs played during that one month that it took you to acquire the items that you have listed.

Like two thirds faster.

How many hours do you think that someone experienced and dedicated as you can get the same gear at North America with the same hours invested?

Superficial talk? I've given you a timeline. 3 months of hardcore playing on NA with all the possible benefits etc vs 1 month (uh sorry, 1 month and one week :joy:) of hardcore playing on EU with no mats advantage etc resulted in me being better geared on EU.

When I came back to EU back in september I already had a 65 priest and warrior back from 2016. Of course they started from guardian since their previous gear was obsolete. That was like a 2-3 day head-start considering that's how long it takes to level a character.
Gearing up to twist/frost honestly feels like it took the longest but it probably didn't, probably around a week. I only had those two characters at the time (now I have a mystic and gunner which are currently just ghillie bots).

Here's my dungeon runs on both characters. I won't include my playtime since it's inaccurate, considering I've been playing in 2016 for a few months and I don't remember what it was at when I came back. What's missing is 70 runs off ssn and around 15 runs of ssh in total.

Now as for item xp, over the course I've been playing eu did events where guardians would give you extra xp and 300 golden talents once you finished all 40 for around total of 6 days, and they did a bonus xp event from dungeons as well which helped me a lot. They also hand out 20% xp boosts and 10% xp boosts pretty often so I've had a lot of help there as well.

Accurate playtime would be around there seeing as I play tera a lot daily.
First I'd like to say it's exactly what @allofspaceandtime said. To me it's not just about EU tera being miles better when it comes to gearing (which I'll get to in a moment for all of you money freaks), it's about EME treating us like trash and straight up making fools out of us while showing how little they understand about the game. They have a serious lack of respect and expect us to still play their [filtered] region. Nu-uh.

The players at Europe or whoever went there are enchanted by the fact that if they get more golden talents which suprisingly have less value then enchanting/upgrading overall must be faster but then of course that it is faster and easier when you rush up to +0SC with 100% enchant chance up to +0FM and then 50% enchant chance up to +0SC with the talents covering most of the expenses but then the same players might notice that gearing from +0SC up to +7SC and beyond is a different experience..
Ah yes, you conveniently ignore me telling you I geared up to +8 sc in a month in another thread and you come here and lie to people saying that going to +7 is a different experience. Lmao.

Making money on eu is easy, if not easier than on NA because you don't have to give up so much of your own progress in order to make money. Here are daric/plate prices, they're still high enough to get very good profit from crafting them. Gems are also at a decent price, I sell my emeralds at 1440 per and diamonds easily sell at 14250 from what I've seen as well.

Buying sc is also a viable option, plenty of people sell +7 sc and from when I started playing I would've made enough money to buy a weapon and like gloves. Although I'd recommend this option of gearing not to newbies but to people that want to skip progress on an alt. I constantly see WTS/WTB +7/8/9 whatever in trade and lfg so idk which [filtered] you're pulling this info from.

Literally the only EU negative (bank and char slots) is solved by a founders pack, everything else is miles ahead from NA. I feel like you're just rationalizing EME's bad menagement not to me, but to yourself by typing these posts because personally I've experienced BOTH regions unlike you. And I know which region is superior. And I was a tier 7 player with hundreds of costumes and good gear. But I couldn't stand EME anymore and I found a much better home. Of course I think it helps that I'm actually european and have better ping there.
Nopi wrote: »
Question to those playing on EU. With the claimed super fast gearing, won't you feel you would be done with the current patch way too quickly? As in, you get to that stage of the game where there's "nothing else to do" much earlier, and then you either stop playing or linger in the hubs until the next patch hits.

Sure. NA is much slower right now and could use a bump. But there also needs to be a balance to keep people playing through patches.

Not really. Gearing is still slow compared to the old +15 days. It took me a month to reach ilvl 453, but it will probably take me another month to reach ilvl 455 for the newest content. New player that doesn't know how to distribute their time well will probably take longer than me to get there. Then there's also alts to gear. Titles to get. Gear to min max completely after hitting 455 (what like, ilvl 459 is max rn?). It takes a month just to unlock most dungeons. Before it took less than a week to get mid tier gear and unlock all dungeons. So no, I won't get bored fast. Even EU is too slow lol.
Well I've just proven to you with my example that it indeed is faster. Like two thirds faster.

There are fwc and cs jackpot days in eu as well, that hand out decent rewards.

Every Sunday (sometimes every second) eu does a "happy hour" which lasts for a day where you get 20, 30, 35% more tera thalers (their emp) than you usually would per purchase. People sell and buy emp a lot all throughout the week thanks to that. Broker is healthy as well and nobody tries to heavily overprice costumes. All in all I'm much happier with eus economy and events and gearing speed compared to NA. It almost feels like a private server due to how enjoyable it is.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
you had time to actually farm the gold needed for the gems considering that enchanting gets more expensive after +0SC?

Yes. First when I hit frostmetal I did ssn a lot for the quatrefoil. I was probably doing 6/8 ssn per day on warrior and 2 on priest. I did ghillie daily, I sold all the things I could, crafter cures/combat accelerators/strong braveries from ghillie. Sold all of the stuff I bought with vg points, some crystals and 4k crafter cures. All the things I lucked out with. I pushed to frost +7 to get ilvl 446 and I started with harder dungeons. At that point I started doing slaying guardians and a lot of other dungeons. Got a golden daric and emerald recipe.
i beg to ask how did you get your elite which is 300k and how did you pay another 150k for daric/plate design plus the countless Artisan Refining Kits to be able to run so many dungeons/battlegrounds and craft so many darics/plates to enchant so much gear?

Simple, I just sell half the stuff I earn. I usually sell half of my emeralds and all the consumables I mentioned above. I earned probably over 1 million ever since I started playing. Bought quite a few costumes already.
Did you went p2w or did you went full hardcore? Regardless, can you say that any player can achieve what you achieved playing normally on Europe or did you went out of the ordinary?
Full hardcore pretty much besides the founders which is basically elite and bank slots. Anyone with a nice amount of free time can achieve this. I didn't completely no-life this I still have daily obligations and classes and stuff. I even know some people that are progressing faster.

I'm too lazy to check gear prices but from what I've seen prices aren't drastically different from NA.
Fellow EU refugee here, just to give you guys another perspective on how things are and maybe (hopefully not) annoy some of you even further.
I play this game a lot. Most of my daily free time when I'm not at uni or watching random tv shows gets spent on tera. Let me compare a few things.

Back in May I decided to gear a warrior from scratch on NA. I fell in love with the class and started gearing a dps since my +9 sc priest couldn't get into any AAH runs because ch was dead as hell and there were too many healers. So there I was, a person with like 4 characters with well enchanted sc, a person that spent years playing in the NA region and always bought elite with ingame gold, gearing a character. Since I would always spend most of my gold on costumes and cosmetics I didn't have large amounts of it to enchant gear without xp and power through it so I went down the slow road, aka I gathered xp normally. At this point in the game I was way too burnt out to farm iod all day, I only did low tier iod like maybe once a week and I was mostly doing fwc on and off to get some golden talents - so those were my only sources of them. Fast forward 3 months and I only have a +7 sc weap and like +4 sc chest/boots/gloves with daylight. I wasn't solely focusing on my warrior, I kind of split my playtime like half warrior half priest so I was stuck gathering xp for a few times before enchanting but +7 was my stopping point. Then I switched to EU.

Early September I started out on EU. I already played briefly in 2016 so I had a warrior and a priest at 65. I geared both of them in twist and I bought myself a founders key for the elite, 4 bank slots and 8 char slots for an easier start. Fast forward a month. Warrior is in +8 sc weapon and +4 chest/gloves/boots (so close to 453!!!), priest is in early sc. The only bottleneck so far has been pp. I can't gear because I don't want to spend gold on crafters cures. I buy them with my vg points. It's insane how fast gearing is here. I basically started from scratch.

EU has p2w items in their cash shop, yes. But they balance it out by making everything much more easily obtainable ingame. NA however? They have p2w items as well! Yet they are still reluctant to give their players an easier chance to gear ingame.
CornishRex wrote: »
Imagine playing a video game and being super worried about its economy

jesus people learn to have fun

It's a game economy but some of us paid real money for things they decided to just toss out for free. I personally recall spending 50 bucks on something that got handed out a week later in Kyra's and I didn't find that "fun."

Not that I'm complaining about it now, mind you. I learned my lesson and I don't spend money anymore. Just saying, any game with a cash shop and a premium currency is more than just a "video game economy."

Mind if I ask, 50 bucks on what? Good rewards in Kyra were always pretty rare so it's not like they were handed out in millions, you still had to be lucky enough to get it.
Imagine playing a video game and being super worried about its economy

jesus people learn to have fun
> @YungNA said:
> There's an ingame button to disable the glow. Turn it off.
> I see this coming since its obvious, how would they supouse to manage new HO enchant glows? By making new glow animations??! nah, just reset the cycle. It was soooo expected.

They didn't reset the cycle, they changed it completely. Ho is now red with some sparkles, not nearly as flashy as wings were. Future ho will be orange, yellow and finally white sparkly. Theres an image circling around somewhere I'm too lazy to look for it now. But yeah they made new glows.
Do you know about SAMPLES? That's what steam population is. It shows us what % of people are leaving but not the exact number.
You know when let's say universities do research and have to ask the population about their habits etc. They take a sample size of let's say 10K and use that as a reference for their whole country.
Steam is a great sample, when will people stop saying it's not accurate ughggh
They were removed on pc when that patch arrived.
TsukasaKun wrote: »
Now it takes a valkyrie with low ping to set off a trap at the end of their first evasion and dodge the trap's effect with the second evasion. This render's a valkyrie incredibly vulnerable.

Or a valk with skill-prediction turned on in PvP (which nobody is supposed to be doing but "everyone else does it" so everyone does...) where they have effectively 0 ping between evasions. My original point was that they shouldn't be able to have that chance. Other classes don't. I jaunt into a trap and it goes off immediately. I backstep into one and it goes off immediately. There is no "if you mash a second iframe fast enough you can get out of it" bit for other classes that I'm aware of.

Valk iframe works like block the last time i checked (which was a long long time ago.. correct me if im wrong), meaning they can set the traps off like a warrior/zerk/lancer can with their blocks. Sp doesn't emulate 0 ping on iframes, iframes still happen at native ping and because of that desyncs happen in pvp because sp tries to emulate low ping but it fails. Desyncing into a trap would look different though i.e. teleporting around not just activating it.
I'm sorry friend but normal skill prediction that most people use does not completely solve the issue of high ping. On na with sp and 120-150 ping I did less damage with a warrior than on eu with 20-30 ping, no sp, and worse gear. Sp helps a bit so you don't feel like you weigh 500 pounds but it doesn't do anything impossible. It doesn't solve iframes either, they still happen at native ping.
Get a lot of pots and kite my dude.
If you suck when you're on low health just distance yourself and start potting while kiting, it takes long but you won't die and have to repeat everything. No shame in that. I did that while fighting that female warrior vergos follower because she attacked so much and I was squishy as heck on warrior without etchings in full frost +0 lol.
AxeI wrote: »
@Melyodis What kind of mentally challenged person are you to literally be calling everyone "kid" in all the threads you comment based off of the simple fact that you don't like their opinion?

This isn't 2006 Xbox Live

um shut up kid you don't know anything okay
i am the smarterest
Depends on what you mean by elitism. Is elitism "i wasn't accepted into an lfg because of my gear, despite knowing the mechanics fully well" or is elitism "people don't want to spend an extra hour of their maybe limited time teaching me, a stranger, a dungeon".
You always have an opportunity to learn. Make your own lfgs and find people to run with. On killian, eu I consistently see AAHM training runs even this late into the patch. I also see real elitism which is annoying at best. But what do I do? I just make my own lfg. You should try that too.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
I understand the gear progression but the damage is terrible, they say you that you can complete a 431 just with twist +0 and is fake a full 431 will be wiped no matter what.
That's not true at all???? 431s are hella easy even with a complete party in twist 0. It might take long because people aren't familiar with their classes but it certainly is not a wipe "no matter what".
if you're on a pve server report them for abusing a mech you can't do anything against lmaooo
liezes wrote: »
DHEE5KW5FP wrote: »
Can people really not read...? WEEK OF means during this week. They did not say on October 7 they said the week of October 7 so ...sometime this week



> @Christin said:
> tisnotme wrote: »
> yep 14 days , how ever in the email I received this wasn't stated but meh ill take it any ways Need help getting started? Redeem the code below for a bundle of handy items, including a pet Dark Lord Dakuyron, a pet Dark Master Dakuryon, 20 Valkyon Health Potions, 20 Divine Infusions, two 30% Item XP Boosts (7 Days), and three Friendly Feasts!
> Yeah, that is why I asked, because the email didn't mention details.

Probably cause they're desperate for people to log in lmaoo
Aryix wrote: »
World bam notification: Some players spend their time going around the maps to hunt world bams. Other players have a wbam notification that tells them when it spawned and go kill it without having to go through the intentional feature of going around the world to hunt bams. I think that's a clear and obvious advantage that I didn't really need to explain but w/e.

I'm too lazy to respond to others cause I kind of agree or don't really disagree but you're not aware of what this mod does. World bam notifier notifies you of a boss when it has loaded into your client. Meaning, you have to be very close to it (aka you can already see it with your own eyes). That mod is really.. underwhelming to say the least and doesn't really help much. I hunt wbams just fine without it.
I brought up client side modding because you know what, multiple people could have your client side mod as well and see it. Theres not a huge difference.
Only one costume mod had a server for more people to see it but I know a lot of people that used their own private server or had it on offline due to the fear or being banned. I also know a lot of people who bought costumes because of that mod, costumes they never thought they'd like. I know people who used it and didn't buy any costumes, but those people were always full f2p casual players. I know people who mainly used the mod for costumes that simply don't exist here in our region, which is fair enough.

The difference really isn't huge. And I don't see you making threads asking about tumblrs that dedicate to modding be dmca'd so I'm going to call you a big hypocrite that's also jumping on a bandwagon, the proxy hate bandwagon.
Remember to reset your s1engine and s1input as well while you're at it, taking things into your own hands is a big nono after all.

Also petitions are against the rules whether they're well made or well-worded. Just like proxy mods are against the rules whether their intention is good or not!
DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
that also gives the ability to wear 300k-1m gold costumes without paying a dime!

Bruh you could swap costumes with fashion coupon armors since tera has been a thing lmao
Also we have given enough criticism and advice to eme/bhs, idk what you're talking about
Oh and petitions are also against the rules :wink:
Auto potting is not an advantage, we literally have auto pot pets lmao
Who even needs to use auto pot it's just 1 key press but w.e
LordXenon wrote: »
The most questionable public module I could find was triple vow of rebirth lockon,

I'd like to add that module actually a reproduces a bug that's 100% doable without proxy and I've seen people do it way before proxy existed. The trick is to get all 3 people line up very close to eachother and the mystic stands behind them and very quickly tries to lock on and release vow, sometimes it'll bug out and lock on to three people.
412s pop just fine in eu, even with the nerfed gold. It's an eme problem.
Although I do agree that with the introduction of ho +2 they should cut and shorten the gearing process. Remove guardian and make everything a bit cheaper because the road is way too long now.

It's like having to go through generation, schisma, dreadnaught, slaughter, misery and only then being able to enchant deathwrack lmao
> @Superp117 said:
> Of course they shadow banned me, im criticizing the constant nonsense but im not directly attacking them.

Tfw eme's own forum layout rats out shadowbanned people
@M6KPMHHLR3 looks like you got shadowbanned, I can't see your posts but they're clearly visible in the recent poster pic before you click on the thread
How are events and dungeons drops related to proxy in any way?
Btw the autoblock cheaters and scripters with insane hpm on their skills will be able to continue playing undetected because of the lack of dps meters so ain't that great!
But the cheaters are gone! You should be thankful just like zingo is :)
what exactly happened..? You bought an item from the store, didn't receive it and got perma banned? What?
Gathering mobs on a mount on dps is totally fine, speeds up the process especially when the newbie tank is pulling only 2 mobs and dragging the dungeon.
Are you from Europe? Yes, download gameforges version.
Are you from NA? No.
> @TJukuren said:
> CornishRex wrote: »
> > Because rg and kc are meant for people in guardian. If they added drops to 439s and 446s which are meant for people in frost and stormcry, then that would make more sense.
> So.....you're basically saying screw the newer players trying to gear up? Last I checked, people in guardian gear need gold talents too.

Yes. New players get plenty of talents from pre apex quests and dougals questline to upgrade to twist, twist however is a bit harder to enchant so they could buff 431s a bit, but 412s? Hell naw. Pre apex quests help with twist as you're progressing, but not enough. I'm saying this without counting in the talents you get from elleons tokens on eu, which are plentiful.
I would know, I started from 0 on eu recently.
> @Xochiquetzals said:
> I'm still so confused why they don't add them to 412 / 431 dungeons, especially something like gorge or the kavilans, stuff that people play on the daily. And buff the 4 talents per VG thing they thought wld bring people back.

Because rg and kc are meant for people in guardian. If they added drops to 439s and 446s which are meant for people in frost and stormcry, then that would make more sense.

Making baby dungeons profitable will once again revert to the situation we used to have, content for dumbasses and newbies will be profitable while fun, harder content will be a waste of money. No please.
Elinusagi disappears... Another pro baiter appears... Darnit
If you play mystic, their group jaunt should work on invisible walls and let you explore wherever you want!

good luck with finding someone o/
> @Pwhoops said:
> Same people that got 3 clears last week, can't even form 1 raid this week...

Not Just that, they used to have raids 6 times a week just a little while ago.
How many talents do you get per phase? Does anyone even do hh on na anymore lol
Christin wrote: »
Oh please. WTF are they supposed to say? You tell a child no candy, there isn't much more to be said on the issue. People just want to cry and complain in hopes of getting EME to change their minds. It's not about wanting communication, it's about angry players wanting someone to argue with. Why on Earth would EME want to be a part of that?

They could say quite a few things! These tools were keeping people playing, removing them (after so SO long) is harmful at this point. They could tell us that they are introducing some of those features into the base game, they could tell us they're changing up the ToS like korea did 2 years ago in regards to dps meter.. They could really do all sorts of things, yet they choose to do nothing and keep silent. This is their biggest mistake. Not to mention the classic "lemme post this discussion thread on a friday so we don't have to deal with these tards over the weekend, maybe it will cool down xDDDDDDD", but guess what eme, it didn't :)
ElinUsagi wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
It is called a NORTH AMERICAN server for a reason.

This means the server is located in NORTH AMERICA....

It seems people have forgotten the location of a NORTH AMERICAN server...

So did eme put the portugese and spanish translations of the forums because it's only meant for north americans? Please.

That is for console version, one where proxy is not allowed either and players are doing top tier dungeons without it and without dps meter either.

Español (México) and Português (Brasil) were available is site translations waaaay before console was a thing.
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