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Wanna cry :'( so late...
OMYCAT pls no!!!!!! ;O; I´m working today and tomorrow 11 am to 3 pm. Why isnt same hour than yesterday (Friday)
Paranerd wrote: »

There is no need to add double drop to GG or PoP, too many diamonds!

Didnt won 1 diamond last month, you lucky guy.
lily89 wrote: »
singunner wrote: »
ohhh rip.. last day of kyra... Bye bye catalyst...
As long as you use your catalyst before 14 november it's fine . It's written on their event page lol .

I lose the last day!!! After tomorrow no more chances to farm kyras.
I cant log too ;o; !!!! Why happens last day of kyras??
OMG PLeASEEEE !!!!!!!!!! why I cant open catalyst boxes with lvl 61!!! I lost all!!!!!!!!
Sorry for write here but i didnt found Summer Festival event post. I have a trouble with rewards:

Well, is a Mistake. Finally is just white or dyeable?
Renomi wrote: »
Thank you guys for your answers! :)
How does she look now? Is it better?


I like her. Just maybe i could change her sad mouth.
I wish that my only problem be just high ping. Last month my lag is practly permanent most of the day, 1,2-3k ms peaks every move that i do.
Completly unstable for me, lag turn to uncomon to regular and last weeks is permanent. All day, all days. High ping isnt prob, lag kill my game. :(
Now is more easy find a player in VoT than a mongo in all world. :p
Im not playing months ago because must wait at least 30 min just for play!
Eiiji wrote: »
VzlaKiller wrote: »
nothing to do...

better than HW lfg


Nothing better than VoT LFG
mollyya wrote: »

Im playing with 300ms... if stable :( . Isn't my main becauze is hard but like, is fun.
So u got 0 fps when bams appear too? Im confused, dont know what happens...
Assasinsin wrote: »
Chenzo wrote: »
Plsss help VoT, only 5 players online D:!!!

VoT is pretty place for this event, cuz less ppl and you can solo kill every legendary mongo :\

You are kidding me? is impossible find 1.
Plsss help VoT, only 5 players online D:!!!
Spacecats wrote: »
frostious wrote: »
Most people on my server stopped looking for the legendary mongos once they realized how bad their loot was.

What do you mean? How is the loot bad? Legendary Mongos have the potential to drop hundreds of feedstock, plus cosmetic items.

Fish was good, tier 7 feedstoock for 2-3hs searching is waste of time. Yesterday i lost 3hs for nothing.
Found nothing, some hours...how much hard must be this?
Think is trap event, havent stable party for hard dungeons... so bad luck for me.
1k vanguard each freaking mwa box... O.o
I have a life outside, cant farm like zerg all day...
LF Estatica (ESP) 04/30/2016, 03:34 PM Chenzo
¿En que consiste la preparación? farmear que?
your kidding me? +200 runs and never saw the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!
FULL HEALER FINM RUN ON VOT 04/17/2016, 09:17 PM Chenzo
After 15 min just want finish...
Im sad, 3 days farming letters and the shadow box droped a Rare Candy lvl30-31...
think I will not win any in this event :/
where can find rochens?
kirsch on 03/01/2016, 08:57 AM - view
new players have to find the best ways to exploit the rich, established players. in the new patch the wealthiest players always want the best stuff as soon as they can get it, providing a huge opportunity for everyone else to capitalize on their competitive spirit.

Rich spirit but poor, yeah.

kirsch on 03/01/2016, 08:57 AM - view
We are talking about ways to remove gold from the overall game economy, not transfer it between players. The entire reason that things are so expensive is because of the massive amount of gold floating around.

Yo played in VoT? have no idea wat are u talking about.
Nelan on 03/01/2016, 08:38 AM - view
Man there are BILLIONS of gold in this game

That's no reason to quite gold, not all players have gold and wat about new players?
Maybe one could have some savings but with inflation and haven't chances to win enough more you will lose.
>no way to spend it right now
I can spend all my money in only 2 or 3 items, prices are absurd and you think we have billions?
This Server 02/11/2016, 08:24 AM Chenzo
Is really sad. You find few stuff in broke and overpriced, most than I can pay.
Really, EME must join with other server. Particularly for me is expensive move all my chars and dont know if have my chars name available out of VoT.
This Server 02/10/2016, 11:22 AM Chenzo
Broken Brawler Fail 01/21/2016, 11:45 AM Chenzo
What's the point of post?
Say how good are you or just burn that player? You can erase name next time.
Mimmika on 11/28/2015, 12:16 AM - view
This event raises the demand for EMP. This EMP has to come from somewhere, and the number of people who are available that are selling at the normal price don't have enough EMP to sell. To lure more people into selling EMP the price needs to increase to give them an incentive to sell EMP when they wouldn't normally do so, and as a result the amount of available EMP increases along with the price until supply and demand are in balance again.

This is the most basic example of how markets work that you could possibly conceive. It also shows that the price increase is a good thing as people would otherwise be left unable to buy EMP at all.

If someone is selling below the prevailing market rate for EMP, they are just making a random gift to the buyer. From a market standpoint, this is a completely useless act, and can even be harmful in some regards.

So this event is for emp sellers, ok but buyer is dumb if buy any stuff equal or more expensive than regular emp value.
What's the advantage to buy emp now with gold? Absolutely nothing, you're gifting your gold.
counterpoint on 10/15/2015, 06:40 PM - view
I recommend that you try repairing your files through the Tools section of the Launcher. Perhaps a file was corrupted in the update and a repair might fix it. If you play through steam, you can also try to verify the game cache integrity through Steam options. If that doesn't work, I'd send a message to support about that.

Thanks bro, first what I did was repair it with Game Tools (yesterday), then worked 2 times but today my game crashed in all tries. And don't use Steam :/ (for this game). Is frustrating because lost a lot time there :(
I know that there are a lot players with this problem, with last patch in DS.
Thanks again o/
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