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Basically you want to upgrade the gear that's given to you at Level 65 at least up to Heroic Oath. This is due to EME releasing mythic gear set in the future that require legendary gear from Exodor + Heroic Oath to make. Really 65 - 70 is grinding dungeons, upgrading gear, finding the right gems for equipment (Exodor gear makes this part irrevelant). Also Caimen BAM hunting is decent for 65-67, which there are groups that run them daily. Complete all purple quests given to you for XP and unlocking Apex abilites and Exodor dailies. That's really the jist of it.

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For me, it would have to be Baldera.

Amused how they make new places and do not explore that place on new patches.

Already gone through Exodor and have elite mob locations saved, but for me it can't compare to an unfinished zone that I was looking forward to back in 2013. xD

For me, it would have to be Baldera.

Baldera (11/2/2019)

I would have to guess rare equipment from new zone drops in the first available dungeon (Correct me if I am wrong). Haven't reached to Exodor as of yet since I'm still lvl 67.

You guys are more than welcome to join Rising Legends on Velika. Most of us usually do casual guild runs from Ruinious Manor to Gossamer's Vault, Kelsaik's Nest 10M Normal, and the usual Guardian Missions. Reach out to either following if you guys are interested in joining:

Dr. Gozmon
Broki (Co-GM)
Glindalina (Guild Master)

IGN: Ulthran

I would recommend checking the LFG section in-game (Y key). That's how I was able to find a group to run with last night for KNX. Slowly convincing my guild to start hosting runs for KNX.

KNX (2019-10-09)

I usually hop on in the evenings around 7:30PM CST, so hit me up around that time if you need help with Apex questing. There are a few quests within Apex questline that you will have to solo. Make sure to bring lots of health pots for that.

I was in the same boat last week when I came back after being gone for 5 years. Based on what I learned, you will want to finish the main questline at Level 60. By the time you are done with it, you should hit level 65, which will begin the Apex questline. This questline will give you access to Guardian set for your class and will be your main gear for the rest of the game. You can upgrade them by farming certain mats that are now the main drops of any lvl 65+ dungeon. The set upgrades goes as follow: Guardian -> Twistshard -> Frostmetal ->Stormcry -> Heroic Oath. Also there is no more alkahest or +15. Its now getting your set to +9 and upgrade to the next tier. Campfires are gone, Isle of Dawn is now a ruined lvl 65 zone, and the new hub area is Highwatch, located in Northern Arun. As for crafting, I haven't delve into what's new yet since I'm mostly focusing on getting to Level 70 and ilvl 458+. If you need a questing partner and play on the pve Velika server, feel free to add me. IGN: Ulthran

Yup I just finished the introduction quest to Apex. Unfortunately my chest gear failed to upgrade to Frostmetal and then realizing that there's gear XP that takes into consideration for upgrade successful rate. :S Everything else upgrade to Frostmetal, so I guess it's not too much of a loss.

A shame that dungeons only drop upgrade mats. Makes me miss the old days of actually farming for gear through AC Hard Mode, MC, and Wonderholme. One thing I have noticed is that transmog is gone. That annoyed me quite a bit as I wanted to carry over my old lvl 60 gear skin. :disappointed:

Oh feel free to add me in game. I'm on the PVE server.
IGN: Ulthran

I would love to go back into Baldera and save it in my travel journal. That was one of my favorite hangout spots with an old guild I use to run with on Tempest Reach. I did see that at level 65 you are given guardian set that's upgrade-able, which is quite nice :). So that makes me wonder as to what the newer and reworked dungeons will drop besides mats to upgrade guardian to heroic oath? Otherwise, I am excited to explore everything new that I missed out from late 2014 to now. I will say seeing Isle of Dawn as a hellish landscape was a big shock for me.

I gotta say it feels good coming back to TERA after five years and seeing my lvl 60 Castanic slayer again. I noticed quite a bit has changed since I last played. I remember when Kezzel's Gorge and Wonderholme were brand new lvl 60 raids. Besides the massive rework done to weapon/armor upgrades and northern arun, is there anything I missed out in the past five years?

Notices Baldera and Velika Wilds are still not released <---- :disappointed:

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