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Naru2008 wrote: »
If you guys want what EU has...go play it?

Simple, not hard, and hell, you save time asking the same question over and over, and every time, we don't (usually) get what GameForge gets.

Two different companies, two different publishers, it's inevitable we won't get the exact same content, events, etc, etc.

I've taken that same position multiple times, and I'm starting to change my mind. We need that buff in RM/RMH like now. RM should not require full parties of full +5 or above to clear within 25-30 minutes. RMH should not require full +9 and slaying to do the same. We don't have talents, so either the dungeons need to be regionally adjusted (won't happen I know,) or we need to get the same kind of buff we got during HH. It has a 439 ilvl requirement. That's silly.

I really wish EME and BHS would understand that.

(Now events, free gear, etc, I understand if people want that go play EU, people here said mongos and argons broke the game but are totally fine with EU giving free Frostmetal, that makes sense.)


Someone tell EME that Easter is coming.

Oh wait who cares, we have console coming up




WH49T5PXPJ wrote: »
Well, then i'm missing something, because i've been doing every dungeon i can since the new system came and i only got to frostmetal, doing guardian too, and no luck. Because i can't get all materials i need. Since the golden daric and its design price are too high. Oh and let's not forget about the rate that gets to 61% on its max to +2 on FM, and still fails

I'm calling BS. The Arsenal patch hit in October. You have done nothing for 6 months if you have only Frost Metal.

"I have a life" - your retort I'm sure.

My RL friend just started playing In january, and he has 3 chars in +0 or higher Stormcry. He plays 2-3 hours a day, 3-4 days a week.

We have a guild mate that plays ONLY ON WEEKENDS, because he has a wife and kids, and travels during the week. He literally only plays on like every other friday night, saturdays, and sometimes sundays. He has two chars in +7.

It takes two days max for a char to get to twistshard, a week to get FM. That's not playing all day for 12 hours, thats just doing 16 VG's and 40 boxes of GM's and logging out.

If you are stil in +2 frostmetal after 6 months... you're either horribly inefficient, or completely lying about your effort in the game. You can run low level kc/sf/rg, corsair/fwc that requires no gear, and guardian missions and make a well over 100k gold per week. So sorry, I'm calling BS. You either play 30 minutes once a week, ore you are lying.
Really? Hurting on cash that badly after new weapon skins, new male brawlers, flying suits, and wintera suits?

EME I hope you are paying Usagi, they do a better job of advertising good sales than your own staff.
Nice meme, I also saw that on TR, but they'll delete this for "call outs." Send a ticket to support.

Also, 20v20 is going away any moment, maybe with awakening? I don't care to look up which patch at the moment.

The current only use for Ace Dungeon other than healing potions. lol
Have fun waiting. You seem like a fun person to be around. You can literally fix your own issue in minutes... but you won't. lol.


You should post in the console section. The console version will be at minimum ~1 year behind the PC version in patches. You will have a completely different gearing set, different dungeons, missing classes, class retools etc.

In the patch you will start on you will be given a starter set at 65. The other sets you get in dungeons, you then enchant them to max +12. The top gear set (I suppose could be called celestial) is called by the community "Visionmaker" or VM, and you will craft that from drops, and then enchant it.

Again, that is the old gearing system. At some point in time you will change to the arsenal gearing patch where it is a progressive upgrade system, somewhat like FFXI Dynamis relic weapons used to be: Stage 1/2 super easy to upgrade hours/days, Stage 3 a few weeks and getting harder, Stage 4 months long and you pull your hair out, Stage 5 don't kid yourself you aren't getting stage 5.


They won't be on the Arsenal patch for some time...
Everything was removed/moved. Many things have not been changed/fixed yet.

You should know EME works (lmao) slowly.

1) The only thing Cobalt can do is pass on the feedback. Only BHS can address the addition of content. You would have better luck learning Korean, making a ktera account, and speaking directly with BHS.

2) Alliance is never coming back.
RN7ADXA7JJ wrote: »
The buttons are read correctly in windows and other games. I shouldn't have to get Xpadder for Tera.

You can download xpadder and have your controller working in about 5 minutes, or you can wait a month for EME to pass on the feedback to BHS, and then 6 months to infinity for BHS to fix it.

Enjoy waiting.
Not going to happen lol.

But in the PC current build of the game you can get multiple mounts from the fashion coupon store, Dafi, Warcharger, etc. 350-400 coupons might seem like a lot, but it's about ~10 minutes of farming Island of Dawn at 65.

Your first char might not have any super special mounts, bet every char after that will have whatever you want. Just get to 65.
oEASYLIFEo wrote: »
WSome MMO's such as ESO go a step further and put them in crown crates (loot boxes) to make even more money, glad Tera doesn't have those.

Tera absolutely has loot boxes. I don't know where you got that idea.
NPC summons have been removed. This is a huge QoL loss and wipes away a lot of the good will you earned from the previous change. Please address.

@CobaltDragon @seandynamite
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Hmm so where do we get the banker and broker summons now, just a chance drop from ghilileglade? Also the apothecary dye cost change was just gross, consider that is 100 BAMs killed if they had a guaranteed drop rate, which they do not.

110% agree. Apothecary dye is already free for all players, there is no need to make it 1000 coupons, that is outrageous.
List your grievances/complaints/blah/etc:

- NPC banker/merchant/broker have been removed from fashion coupons... fix this ASAP please ty.

- Double VG rewards as a permanent fixture again ASAP please. If you are going to give us Ktera patches with no regional changes that include dungeons with increased HP and we don't have the Ktera talent system to increase our damage, then you need to double VG rewards or lower the cost of entropic boxes to 50-75 vg credits. It is ridiculous to expect everyone who wants to do RM NORMAL in under 30 minutes to have SC+5.

@CobaltDragon @seandynamite
Slightly off topic:
I was kinda disappointed with BP because the changes made it REALLY hard to Instance Match into or duo with a friend, which was what made it fun. I'm hoping RM is still IM-able and that normal mode is still duoable/at least mostly unchanged.

The amount of people that solo or duo HM dungeons on a regular basis is probably a handful across all 5 servers. I don't think it's a legitimate criticism of dungeon design that they are too difficult for you to duo anymore. They don't design 99% of dungeons with solo or duo in mind.
Catservant wrote: »
I, also would enjoy a shameless display of masculine pulchritude.

The part I was thinking of starts 30 seconds in.

Lapomko wrote: »
It's gonna be male brawlers with the thickest booty in revealing outfit all over again.

Let's do this...

Girls need something to drool at too please. Where are our big burly brawler men in bikinis? C'mon people.
Lapomko wrote: »
Can these goldsellers in velika be crack down and all their golds be stripped off from all their mule accounts? They hurt the economy and their gold is very cheap. This will destroy economy if left unattendedd and seen in many mmorpg when gold sellers take over. We are already hit by soaring high golden talents prices.

Tempest Reach Golden Talent Price circa:

- October 2017: ~150g
- Dec 2017: ~40g
- Jan 2018: (Strongbox reward 6000 talents) 8g (!!!!)
- Feb 2018: (Vanguard reward halved) 45-50g (I sold some stacks of 500 for 55ish)
- March 9 2018, 10:53 AM: 28-30g

The supply of talents directly affects the gold cost, not whatever limited amounts a gold seller is giving. I've sold tens of thousands of darics, and crafted thousands and thousands of plates.

I'm also weary of that ratio as it's like a 1:180 ratio, whereas normal emp is 1:30-1:40. If there were so many players buying their gold it EME's bottom line would be hurting SERIOUSLY. Also, to farm 100k gold from guardian chars running rg/sf/kc and then switching to another account would literally take ~32 hours, so good job on your friend supporting that soul crushing industry?

I want goldsellers to be banned ASAP but this isn't the source of golden talent prices. That is the result of simple player economics. Report them and move on.
MEN9KHFW9M wrote: »
Ty alot! Can it be used in dungeons/pvpbg?(as ground mount, i know that there is no flying in these places)

Dungeons yes, battlegrounds no.
I don't know if you've noticed, but EME is a different publisher, and has been currently focusing on a console release for... a year and a half?

I wouldn't mind that content either, but clearly the two companies have different growth strategies.

Inb4 10 pages of EU butt kissing.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Did you even read what i have just said above? My point was that the bosses hit so hard that they can almost two shot me as a tank regardless of gear and at this point i am kinda starting to not understand the point of having good armor anymore .. I mean, what is the point to improve the armor so much to spend even 1.5mil worth of gold when these bams do many times x3 special attacks one after another in under 8sec completely denying i-frames cooldowns with each attacking taking 25% up to 50% HP or even more depending on crits?

The point of the content is to farm gems, to upgrade your armor for actual pve and pvp content, not braindead solo content.

Also, you seem to be unaware but the brawlers/lancers have the lowest gain bonus for contribution points out of everyone while they do so much in return for other players when tanking/providing back crits/debuffs for other classes and trust me that you need to work hard as a tank to get the quests done ( i am already seeing less tanks around by the way and it is no wonder since the other classes get more points for less gear and less effort ).

Then don't go on tank? If you aren't happy with your contribution as tank go on DPS? I use both my +7 SC brawler, My +2 SC lancer, and a +0 FM brawler. All can stay alive 100% of the time on every mission. I don't see the issue. It's not hard content.
And i can understand that bots should be destroyed on sight because they can ruin games in so many ways ( BNS left me speechless ) but then again why do i get hit almost as hard with +7stormcry armor compared to a bot with +0 guardian?

Because the deadly attacks are HP % based. It is not meant to be quality difficult content. It is meant to assist you in gaining gems and enchantment materials. You are making it out to be more than what it is.
There's a console section of the forums: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/categories/console-general-discussion
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I mean, i might as well go with my other brawler with +0frost armor and most likely do as good since it is all about blocking/dodging.

The reason why you take set %'s of damage, and are forced to dodge/block/iframe is so that there won't be a million botting brawlers running a script.

It's the same reason you can't get contribution from healing, because then there would just be a million mystics afking spamming totems, 24/7/365.

You can't be afk and get good contribution.
I'll try to test if This matches your image, otherwise I'd need more details about the original costume "style" that was used.

That picture is all that we have though.... It was changed some time (two weeks after valkyrie launch?) to the current one, which I think most people don't like. It was immediately noticed and brought up to deaf ears on the forums. That was easily my favorite Valkyrie costume.




Reduce the cost of talents in the entropic emblem store, especially since VG credits are still permanently HALVED. It takes 7 runs of Ravenous Gorge to get 1 entropic emblem box.

Reduce the cost of gold/stilver talents from 30 to 15 or 10. Now people have a reason to run harder dungeons, because VG credits aren't absolutely, completely worthless anymore. Then you won't have to mess with drop tables, and people can even choose gold or silver.
- EME almost never gives information about patches prior to one week, sometimes not even 24 hours before. This is partly due to what BHS sends them, and partly due to, well, they're understaffed.

- You can find information about Awakening in KTera in several discords, on the r/Tera, and several well known community figures' Tumblrs (Yosha, Seraphinrush, Loriri @ essentialmana. Just look, it's not hard.

- Zerk/Slayer/War are top DPS, every other class received a ~17% dps buff on all skills. Lancer apparently out dps'd some classes (lol.)

- Ktera DPS rankings are not accurate, because KTera has talents. We aren't getting talents. But you can probably expect Zerk/Slayer/War to still be top dps.

- Awakening is not active in PVP. Main whatever you can competently play and not be a drag your team.

- If you like a non-awakened class... just play it. It's a game. If you want to be top dps every patch, I hope you have a big bank account.
+1000 on March's calendar. Love it!
I love you!
@ CobaltDragon

Do you think it would be possible to add the Thetan Willsuit (gunner) since you added the Valkyrie launch exclusive costume? That would be great. Thx.
Lapomko wrote: »
Please do not come back as a new player. The inflation is hitting the server hard. 35g golden talent on my server and golden plates around 350g thanks to guardian farming which are needed for enchanting gear. Imagine a new player that wants to gear up? He has to farm like a zombie and his gears fails and fails over and over again sucking out every soul. Back to farming again after that repeat cycle.

That's not due to inflation, that's due to halving the supply of VG rewards.

Imagine a new player that wants to gear up?

Yes, I know. I warned about this back on January 3rd, when it was announced.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
doesnt seem very exciting.

The last one just gave a free character slot. That's pretty exciting.
Equitas wrote: »
I know that the test servers are for observing things like this and balancing them accordingly, but how could they have thought that things like this were a good idea to introduce in the first place? Surely they would have known things like 80% increased damage of an already powerful skill, or instant resets of a high mobility skill weren't a good idea before they even released it to test?

Well... EU has their meme cdr potion so...
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
By the way.. What just happened to En Masse? It started to be kinda amazing.

Cobalt has been pretty amazing his entire tenure, (not biased...)

@seandynamite @CobaltDragon

Hey, guys, I KNOW you've been working hard. Just wondering about the FC update that was supposed to happen in February.

Thank you for your hard work. I know it's a tough job.

(Sort of sarcasm, sort of not.)
clfarron4 wrote: »
^ Case in point: The Koreans were meming these two Sorc Talismans pretty hard

1) [All Skills] Increase Cooldowns on all skills by 85%, but on successful hits decrease cooldown by 0.1 seconds
2) [Hailstorm] On successful cast, enable re-cast of this skill within 3 seconds, but increase cooldown by 53%

Rocket fueling rotations by reducing cooldowns, because why not.


In any event, you were looking at 300 million + gold to grind to get to a decent set of top tier talismans. And they might not even have been the ones you wanted.

(The other alternative is to change the costume system so that there's multiple costume slots, more like how remodeling worked... but I dread the idea of them having lootboxes that split up the different parts of the outfit with RNG.)

Not to mention the loss of inventory space.
f3ck4r wrote: »
Is now mandatory to be artisan in all professions regarding enchant/upgrade?!

I would suggest to at least have weaponcrafting at the daric level. You're going to be spending a lot of gold buying them. If you need plates, you can at least craft the darics and trade them to a plate crafter (+some kits or gold.)

It's not necessarily mandatory, but you save yourself a lot of grinding if you can at least make darics.
Chido wrote: »

you can buy the mats if u want theres very little margin on them anyways

There's not a big margin on diamonds (some days there's not any,) but you can make tons of money crafting plates of both kinds.


What is the point of gearing then?
So something about Arsenal changed this. I like to change our guild logo from time to time, but some of them did not work anymore. Old ones that I had made previously worked, but if I changed the color scheme, or made a minor change in photoshop or paint it would not work.

I've been using GIMP since then, exporting as a BMP and it has been working fine. Something changed with the format, but I'm not sure it is anything that BHS really cares about.
Equitas wrote: »
It's not hard to obtain Gold or Silver Talents in-game, though.

It is moderately hard to get gold, it is extremely hard to get silver.

Since they halved the VG reward, you get 112 per 16 low tier bams. 28 gold plates per set of 16 Bams, plus the PP cost of crafting. It takes a twistshard brawler ~30-32 minutes using a bravery to kill all 16, if you are focused the whole time, keeping up GF, using mount to fly and save time, and getting constant keen motes. 9 hours to get 1,000 talents, or 250 plates (not to mention the hour and a half of crafting time to make them, and you have to use a Castanica crafting potion or it takes longer.)

I currently have ~2000 silver talents, and that's after getting only 1 char to entropic, the rest are staying at daylight because I don't really care that much about having entropic on 7 others. 6 months of saving, (I probably crafted ~800 siglos, and another ~600 plates.) After 6 months, only 2,000 in my stock.

You can get them from entropic boxes, but it takes 7 low tier dungeons to get 1 box, and it takes 2 boxes to get 1 talent. Not a very fair trade-off in my opinion.

It's pretty hard to get talents since they halved the rewards.
I just wanted to give that update as well. My attempt at being transparent about what we are working on and what we plan on working on is backfiring in that there is an entitled expectation that this is ALL we are working on, which obviously couldn't be further from the truth. Regardless of what tools it takes to do it and how fast it is to enter the items (which, btw, is a horribly manual process - don't for a second think it's "easy" to do, even if it doesn't require a build).

This is perfectly acceptable transparency. The problem is it's the first acceptable transparency you've given. If you just do this, then we are perfectly happy to say, "thank you for keeping us in the loop, we look forward to this thing we've been asking for, for over 2 years!"

Thank you for the response. It is appreciated.

Yes, those count. However, there's not even a staff response in one of them, and the other was LOCKED by a moderator, so how are we to know that you've acknowledged it? From our perspective it looks like empty exchanges between players, especially when a mod locks one.

You can see how that leads to pent-up frustration boiling over.

I know everyone has been more than patient in terms of waiting for a Fashion Coupon Store Update.
It is going to happen, and hopefully there will be more updates to other Token / NPC Stores that will occur over the next few weeks and months.

Thank you Cobalt.

Could you offer any information about the FC update? The previously visible road map stated it would happen in February, and we are at the end of the month.

I know it's not any fun to feel the outrage of players, but it is really frustrating when something is promised, and then not delivered.

Thank you.
LOL - I don't even know what that means.

Ham-fisted is another term for ham-handed, which means: clumsy, bungling, incompetent, amateurish, inept, unskillful, inexpert, maladroit, gauche, awkward, inefficient, bumbling, useless.
CL5TFGWEME wrote: »
Hi, please stop @ at our employees


Tell your employees to do the things they've already promised to do.
I for one am glad that they have gem boxes in the shop. I just wish they would keep them. ive always said that they need some sort of gold voucher in the cash shop so we can buy gold.

If gold is purchasable (rather than created in game by effort,) it destroys the economy. F2P games, at least healthy ones, are supported by all the players, not just the spenders.

If you remove the incentive for spenders to interact with free players, then the economy goes belly up very quickly. There is no incentive to bring cosmetics/vouchers/mounts into the game for other players. Free players who farm 4-5 hours cannot compete with a quick purchase of 100k gold. The final death knell is the actual injection of gold into the economy causing inflation.

Permanent Gem boxes would totally destructive for TERA.
Catservant wrote: »
My guess is the limiting factor has always been staff. Also, my understanbding is that any changes they want to make to stores have to be approved by BHS. Remember the Bellicarium/KS shop update? The one that saved PVP for a while? I remember reading at the time that they had been in negotiations for that change for half a year.

That was debunked over 2 years ago when we asked Spacecats to allow us to have fashion coupon items that KTera and EUTera already had.

Be careful asking for things that have been promised. @Seandynamite might tell you to self harm.
I speak sarcasm too, so yes. Expect it in 2019, @CassandraTR - hold your breath while you're at it.

Cute. You've found the sense of humor that Spacecats possessed, you just don't know how to use it, so you insult your paying customers.

Hopefully you can find the fashion coupon update you promised us was coming this month. There are 2 days left in February. Tick tock, tick tock...

You may think I'm being a b!tch, but the simple solution for you is to not promise things to your player base. You promised to change the in game shops that were neglected. It's been 6 months. You said we were getting a fashion coupon update. It's been all of February. You told us that in game shops couldn't be updated easily, the you told us you can change it at any point, in game, with no maintenance, by using your GM tool.

Then you locked that thread when we we said "WTF Sean?"

Wadi wrote: »
Sarcasm or not, should a moderator be telling someone to kill themselves?

I think it highlights exactly how he feels about his paying customers. At least now we know.
FWIW I have been conducting user interviews and research on how I could better make Elite useful by focusing on multiple player types (such as brand new players, leveling players, PvP players, dungeon players, etc...) and coming up with lists of things that focus on each player type. Unfortunately, many of the things are tied to what I can get from existing items/buffs (requesting new features/items takes quite a bit of time) but I will be looking to do a relaunch of TERA Elite Status soon. In the meantime, I think the consumables box and elite gift box probably can use some updating, along with a new mount. Mount changes are relatively easy, though I'll dispel that we will be giving dragons or phoenix (or flight suits for that matter - that has multiple requirements and makes it really difficult to give out) but there's a plethora of other mounts. And I agree with an earlier post, they need refreshes more often than they are getting now.

Oh good.

So judging by the fact that you said in game shops would be addressed in October, and it is now days from March and we still have had zero shops actually changed (and all that happened was it was moved, and then deleted,) we should expect elite box changes sometime in 2019 right?
First off, thank you so very much for all of your work Loriri. You are a key piece of Tera.

Secondly, it is very promising that BHS heard, actually listened, and made changes that quickly. This new system looks great. I don't mind grinding as long as there is progression, and with some of these talismans being so powerful, I won't even mind if there is some element of rng from fusing.

This looks really promising (both the way BHS has handled it, and the new system itself.)
I believe we'll be doing the same thing as what occurred originally with High Elf Female / Castanic Female Gunners.

So we will be getting another character slot with the male brawler?
See: http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status
Nice feedback, but Eme once again has nothing to do with this and will put out whatever big daddy BHS decides, or rather, what it does not decide, regardless of the proposal or not. In fact, I highly doubt this will even be brought up to subject of talk

EME has decided to skip the entire reintroduction of dungeon patches before (KDHM and FI/FIHM in the last 6 months.) They have what looks like full discretion over console. I don't see how they can't pass this feedback on (wishful thinking, I know.)
Koikoi wrote: »

Too late, they saw EME nerf VG's for increased grind and said "Hey, that's a good idea!"
Everything you post on this forum is cancer.
I made a poll about not halving VG rewards, and even included other options like lower the VG cost, fix ace dungeon, etc.

I made it almost 3 weeks before they nerfed VG rewards.

EME doesn't care.
Who is "you" in your rant? EME has nothing to do with the creation of male brawler.

GGRMHMXFA6 wrote: »
Indeed, very helpful. Thank you for confirming that the Vanguard Shop, Fashion Coupon shop, and the Ace Dungeon shop are sitting in the current state they are in not because you guys are waiting for BHS to do it. but because you are to lazy to actually do it.

Oh I'll snuff out the conspiracies - this week's patch/maintenance has nothing to do with Fashion Coupon shop updates. That can be done live while the servers are up with our GM Tool. The maintenance this week is going to patch some server crash issues.

See? I'm helpful!

So why has it been since October that you brought it up? Why couldn't Spacecats change the fashion coupon shop more than 2 years ago when we brought it up?

If someone pulls me in a random party I warn them not to do it again or I leave. If they do it again, I drop party. That simple. I've left RK before.

It's annoying as hell, but it's not a big deal.
Short and sweet Gunner guide for the non-try hard:

- Gear: base + ~170 in crit factor, put power every where else (base + ~150 if castanic)

- Gear rolls: Enraged/Enraged/Damage/Cooldown (add back damage for 5th roll. Armor top line is replenishment (AB if high ping, debatable.)

- Etchings: Energeticx2, (or Energetic/Pumped, pumpedx2 if high ping, again debatable.)

- Crystals: Focused/Savage/Spiteful, Pounding if mystic, Carving if priest

- "Rotation: start with 100% willpower > Bombardment > AB/Replenisment/AB (scattershot if needed) > Balders's > build willpower > Time Bomb > Burst Fire > Mana Missles > repeat
- Always use Time Bomb before Burst Fire, always use Mana Missiles after Burst Fire
- Try to learn Triple AB. You can see it in GIF form on the old forums. If you can't master triple AB it's not a big deal.

- Glyphs: Should be pretty self evident, but Here is a sample on Essential Mana.

With 180 ping, you're at a disadvantage, but not quite like it used to be. Burst fire is not as significant as it once was for our dps, due to Balder's buffs and Bombardment glyphs, although still very important. In short fights you won't even notice your ping probably. In extended fights you might do ~10%-~15% less dps than a gunner with the same gear but lower ping.
Grid is already being removed in a future patch. You can rejoice.

(EME also has nothing to do with it. It's a BHS decision. EME can't remove/add/create content.)

That's a cool event, thank you.

However, this does not address the question in this OP or the complaints we've voiced to you since January 3rd about halving the VG rewards. As it stands, if you did triple vg rewards for the rest of this month, our current total would be less than if the team had made no change at all.
Did you read anything on the previous page, or watch Saabi's video?

CornishRex wrote: »
It would be nice if newbies got a popup telling them the correct setups and not allowing them to queue until they got the cruxes at least, since they're not intuitive enough to look at a pvp guide or ask someone in gchat, global, one of the many discords, forums etc.

...? There is a pop up that says what crystals they should be using. It shows up every time they log in the game. Every. Single. Log in.

If they aren't gong to read that, they aren't going to read whatever pop-up happens for BG. There's a pop-up on KC (just like there used to be for Channelworks and nerfed Demokran Facroty,) and people STILL get kicked because they won't use a nostrum after 2-5 minutes.
0% chance this ever happens.
Don't delete your thread, you had valid points. The majority of the player base agrees with. Don't listen pages or metagame, known trolls.
Pages wrote: »
Vanguard Rewards weren't nerfed. You used to get double tokens and double boxes (24 tokens/2 enchanting crates). 12 tokens and 1 enchanting crate is what every region gets for these Vanguards, but NA had a double vanguard event for a really long time so everyone just forgot that it was an event and thought it was normal.

I think it's fine how it is now, I just wish we had 100% Keening Dawn mote like EU.

Yes. They were nerfed. We had a unique situation specific to our region for 3 years. The entire existence of IoD as well since the Dawnfall patch in March 2016 (2 years ago.) You are deluded if you think otherwise. Just like 100% keen mote is specific to EU, and the only way to get semi's is to buy them in KTera. There's been numerous numerous threads about it. Halving the supply of golden talents and enchanting chests is one thing. BHS added Guardian which mitigates the issue somewhat, as you have an additional source of gold to buy talents, and an additional source of enchanting mats of all levels.

But the Dragon scale is an issue we have been dealing with since EME flat out lied to the player base during dragon release. There was always supposed to be a reasonable way to get a 1.5x dragon in game. You have to run 400 hard mode dungeons to get a dragon. You can barely get enough tokens for 1 scale by doing 3 top tier IoD

Inb4 "hurr durr why don't you already have one. I do. On every single character. As well as 2.0x, and some phoenixes. That still doesn't help new players who just joined (I have several in my guild, some have already reached FM+7/8/9 and SC+0, but they are nowhere near even only 50scales after 2-4 months of playing.) And that still doesn't address the fact that it takes 3 scales to get a strong bravery, and you will use a strong bravery farming one scale. It's stupid.

And so is your opinion if you think this is ok. Just like they nerfed ease/fire back in the day, and then turned it into an "event." They took something away, just to give it back at a fraction of it's previous rate, and say "HERE, LOOK HOW GENEROUS WE ARE." You don't remember how pissed off the player base was? Read about it: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/Time-for-a-Titan-Hunt?page=3&utm_campaign=tera-news&utm_content=20160129&utm_medium=forums&utm_source=newspost

They won't fix it or change it, so whatever. They would have to do a triple VG event, 10 out of the next 10 days, and we would be at the same amount that would have had before they ever changed it. So enjoy your "I like less items, it's awesome, you're all stupid" opinion. We don't share it.

metagame wrote: »
if you've been farming iod since the patch came out then there's no way you don't have all of your glyphs by now


You can't be this dense. Oh wait yes you can, yes you are.
@CornishRex with the Ultra-Kill battlefield domination up in here.
ElinLove wrote: »
So, the asian gets offended by something on the NA server... Guess... you could play the asian versions just for a change of pace.

"The Asian...?" ...what do you mean by that?

Also, that is a terrible f*cking attitude to have. There are Asians, south-east Asians, Asian-Americans, and Asian-Canadians that play this game... tons of them. Many in my guild (even some Brazilian-Asians!)

Just because you don't celebrate something doesn't mean it's not important to someone else, or that they can't have an opinion about it because you don't. Terrible attitude you have.


The event is still not working.
W9PLDJECCD wrote: »
I'm usually a mouse only player and as such I have never used the wasd keys for movement. Since I will suck at moving around i do not really think melee combat will work. I also despise archers for no reason. So what would your recommendations for a class and why for a new to the game and not knowing anyone who plays?

Everything is heavily movement based, not just melee. Ranged and healers are expected to be totally mobile during dungeons/combat. Think "Dark Souls" but an mmo (and not as precise, although there are tons of one shot mechanics.)

Use a controller. Plenty of people use a controller and clear the highest content with ease. If you can't do that, or won't learn to use WASD then I suggest another game. Tera is not a tab target game where you can play with only one hand. Good luck.
I think it was a Valentine's Day hello. At least I hope so. If he leaves we are doomed.
Ive been kicked off so many bg raids for being a member of a certain guild.


So the problem isn't really about newbs, or crystals, or elitism... the problem is your guild has beef with another guild. Not sure why you hide that fact in the middle of your rant, and sandwich it between virtuously wanting to help noobs.

Well... no solution will ever fix that. So pvp on an alt guild, or suck it up.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
If anything EME has handle this in a decent way, getting feedback and keep the even running a little bit more than EU to see if it would be posible to get a fix or at least to identify the cause of the problem itselft..

I would agree with this 100%. The event was terrible, but the way they handled it was executed quite well in my opinion.

Now if they would have handled it the same way on a weekend like they normally do... that's another story.
Margarethe wrote: »
Appearance changers can be used to modify the selected hair, as mentioned before.
A cheaper EMP item to dye the hair a different color would be nice though.

Appearance change vouchers are also used to change all of the sliders and facial features, not one simple palette switch. Which is why they will cost more EMP/$$.

Difficult to comprehend for you, I'm sure.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Singlebear posted this (not-pinned) post 10 hours ago: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/21146/bamassacre-event-update#latest

It was not pinned in the Official Staff messages, and was far down the list.

Give praise when praise is due. Give criticism and critique when they are due.

That seems simple enough, right?

There are many who pay for their elite, and pay for their cosmetics, and pay to keep this game alive. So they have a valid opinion, especially when it concerns adding 300 ping to a normally sound 55-75 ping.

There is nothing wrong with saying "it's been 2 years since you updated the Ace Dungeon shop." There's nothing wrong with saying "My ping has increased 200, this is not acceptable."


As I have shown in numerous previous posts, the triple VG status has to be turned on for more than 15 days per month for us to have equal amount of VG rewards to previous years.

Currently we've had 3 days of double, and 2 days of triple.

Furappi wrote: »
How about a barber shop in Velika so you can change hair styles and color that will be awesome

It would be awesome, but they will do something like make it cost 1495 EMP for a random hairstyle, when what they should do is allow f2p players one free hair change per month (or even only a free color change per month,] and offer a 100 or 150 EMP paid option for anytime change.

But that would be way too obvious and simple. So it would never happen.
@seandynamite said that the Fashion Coupon update we have been asking for, for over two years, is coming this month.

What that update really means, we don't know for certain.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I smell that multi accounts using multi clients were abusing the event and that make the lag fest wee had.

If that was true, EU would not have had the same problem, diagnosed hours before.

Secondly, if that were the case, then there is an easy solution:

- Ban multi client/more than 1 account (not optimal from their perspective)
- Have a better network architecture set up so that you can handle a larger volume during a 36-72 hour event, that has been advertised for months

I recently covered this in my guide. Before this last patch, Power always performed drastically better than Crit Power but now there's just a tiny bit of silver lining in crit power rolls. About 0.6% to be exact.
Since you're a valkyrie and I just answered your question I'm gonna do some shameless self promotion real quick. Check this out, it'll help you with all of your other valkyrie questions:

Not everyone is familiar with the Tera damage equation (although they should be by now, [ 1 / (current power + 100) ] * 100%) and in general it is good form to at least post data when making a guide, not just say "Hey this guy said it's this much increase, and he's ONE OF THE BST1!!!1." If you just bring up his claim, and then bold/italicize, you haven't really proven it. Nice guide overall though.
Obs wrote: »
making the 4 power much worse (504 + 100)/(500 + 100) = 0.66% DPS increase on all hits (increases without Ragnarok/Gshout), while 0.08x crit power is about 0.91% DPS increase on crits (decreases on enrage/dragon procs).

I wouldn't say 0.25% is "much worse." It is unarguably less of an increase, but as no bosses are sandbag bosses other than Vernos and Vergos, .08 crit power is not 100% active, meanwhile 4 power is, you can't say "much worse," as that implies a degree of severity that is just not there. If you are min/maxer to the extreme then get .04 on both of your rings. For the average frost metal valk it's not going to be a noticeable change, especially if they have at least a 1.5x dragon.

ElinUsagi wrote: »
I am not into a mood to farm like crazy for only this accesory but I will give it a try with one of my toons.

It shows up in the rewards emporium at least once a week, if not more. With the amount of monthly $$$ you've said you drop on Tera in the past, I'm surprised you don't already have several.
SageWindu wrote: »
Okay, so here's my question: why have these sorts of news posts on just Facebook and not, you know, on the [filtered] website specifically created for the game?

Seriously, who's in charge of these decisions?!

It could be a legal issue, it could also be that the marketing team finds that FB is the best place to show that and market the game.

(My personal opinion is that the marketing team is probably a single popo high on noctenium, but who knows...)
There's already an option, it's called don't wear a back cosmetic...

Please, there's sooooo much more that they need to work on than this tiny thing. We don't need to "pass on this feedback."
Dianita wrote: »
Sorry Cassandra meant the Otherworldly, need to find a way to farm more of this, compared to everything else seems to be the hardest for me

Ah. I do ghillie, 3 top tier IoD, and HM's for those. For some reason I get those all the time in ghillie, (but never diamonds.)
Ves1978 wrote: »
if it's gonna make people less sad, this event is a disaster, FIHM drops DW mats, FINM drops ambush mats...

That's actually good. You can turn ambush into FM+7 and deathwrack into SC+2. Between that and adding a way to get cleansing brooches heaven/gods it's a really worthwhile and useful event.
Dianita wrote: »
Why dont we get those little "square thingies" so much needed and scarce to level the jewelry????I can use 30 World Bosses are hard to come by and after killing at Island of Dawn maybe .......maybe 1. Thank you

If you mean resizers you can purchase those with metamorphic tokens.
Not sure where I am "pretending to be magnanimous"... I'm merely outlining a schedule of events as I said I would this week. If being magnanimous is following through on that...

I'm talking about EME in general. Not specifically you, (the decision to remove something and hand it out piecemeal as a reward is asinine.)
You'll be happy to read the Development Roadmap! As voted on, Fashion Coupon shop is up next and due for an update this month.

Oh thank you so much! (sarcasm.)

You brought that up 5 months ago. You'll implement it now. Great, thanks. Meanwhile, Spacecats was told about it almost 2 years ago: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=/forums/general-discussion/topics/Fashion-Coupon-Store-Before-and-Now
I appreciate you guys tracking all this down and posting screenshots. Some of these weapon skins look really sweet. We're going to check with Bluehole and see what the deal is with some of these. With any luck we'll be able to get them in our version, but it depends on their response.

That was on 04/06/2016, 08:57 AM We hear nothing, and the thread was deleted, just like your in game shop update thread.

Can you at least recognize that we are feeling like you (EME) don't listen to our concerns at all? This may not be the case from your perspective, but it is how it looks from ours.
Don't use general tab?

I'm not sure what you're asking for. You can customize your chat tabs to have whatever you like.
[quote="Catservant;c-206314" It has been said (by Spacecats, I think? Too lazy to look it up) that the main reason we don't have the frequency of keen motes that other regions have is b/c we had the always on double VG rewards.[/quote]

Spacecats never said that. Counterpoint said it (lol player council lol.)
>.< how..? what..? more diversity by reducing vg rewards? really?!

this direction eme has chosen gives less and less diversity, because you cant really choose what u will do ingame on a given day... you will have to do the event eme thinks u should be doing or simply not get the stuff you need to progress....

silver talents for example... grind 1-4 pieces of them for each dgn/ghillie run or just do strongbox event and get 6000 of em?
i'd say stop with events alltogether and make those 6000 pieces reachable through regular play....

I agree with Cassandra though, it is pointless talking about it, eme doesnt care and silly sheep will say it's all ok...

I agree with you 100%. I don't understand. We've had a cash shop event/sale every month since Arsenal IN OCTOBER. At the same time @seandynamite said he would update the various in game shops, and so far the only thing that has happened was to move one shop to the other, and delete it. Nothing for Ace. Nothing for VG. Friendship Token shop.

There are so many other things that they could work on or fix, yet we have something taken away and then given back as a "prize."

EU just got FI/FIHM back a second time. We didn't even get it the first time because they skipped those implementations.

I'm really saddened and disheartened with all of this this. I just gave you guys (EME) $50 yesterday. I won't be doing that again.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Plus RNG drops from 5 star dungeon or HH or once a week CU chest.

Actually, jewels and gold is not even a problem here, if you can't run HH regulary then you will rely to RNG drops from 5 star dungeons or you will never get it at all.

I would like to remind you that last month you argued to take away essences from HH because it was too accessible.

At least stay consistent in your BS please.
1 create lack of stuff
2 wait
3 add 50% back
4 make "we give even more rewards!" sauce

This is exactly what I said I did not want back in January when Spacecats proposed this garbage. Oh well. EME is briliant.

I am sincerely disappointed that this is your decided outcome. Not like anyone will care.

You've taken something away, and decided to dole it back out, pretending to be magnanimous.

Ace Dungeon still has Imperator VM mats. You could have updated that at any time to include things like dragon scales, artisan kits, or dyad/smart dyad niveot structures.

I know you could have updated that because you promised us almost 5 months ago that you would: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=which-in-game-shop-would-you-like-to-see-updated-first

(You can't delete everything, we'll find it.)

You guys are tone deaf.
I stated the lock box event in my first sentence.

Both of those are "p2w," which makes my point. If the only way to get them is buying them from EMP players, then the best way to get them is to run dungeons and get gold instead of farming them on your own (like I just said.)

Brilliant plan.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
The guardian missions are great but it would be nice to get one more character to do them so what about a new XP event? We haven't one in a long time as far as i remember..

Please "makes puppy eyes"

We had a triple exp event 2.5 months ago, in November, right before Elin gunner came out.


That doesn't mean that they shouldn't do one, but if you can't remember it, then you haven't been playing very long. There's also SOOOOOO much more they need to do before that.

- Fix Ace dungeon
- Halve VG merchant OR double VG rewards
- At least 16 days per moth of Triple VG reward events
- Fix the calendar
- Double Gear exp events like they said

There never will be and you of all people should know that.
canikizu wrote: »
Even in Ktera server, which has higher population, more grinders, and patches last longer than us, golden talent is like 12-14g there. Golden talent in NA is just undervalued because of events. There will be more events in the future for sure, just wait for it.


We have only had one event that gave golden talents, the lock box event.

Secondly, if you mean because of an influx of mats from mongos/argon type events... you realize most of that went into weapons? And that our conversion rates were horrid compared to Ktera?

Finally, none of that means anything to a new player, who can only farm 112 per day, 224 per day if they get both free character slots to 65. There is a huge bottleneck for a new player. Twice as long to gear up. Twice as long to get higher ilvl. Currently, you can farm enough gold doing low tier dungeons to buy 3x that amount of talents in 40 minutes (about what it takes for a twistshard brawler to do 16 IoD.) It is not worth it farm talents.

(Hilarious to see kamizuma say the supply is fine, when he can manipulate an entire commodity.)
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