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They removed the Velik Buff because they added talents. That buff was a stop-gap because we've never had them.

They do need to work on making patch notes accurate, but that will probably never happen... so just continue to look at Ktera patch notes. All of this was known months ago.
And that’s acceptable?

It's absolutely unacceptable. Make the move that we all know needs to be done.
Kirasaka wrote: »
We've had 8 big failures from EME this month. We are only 2 weeks in lol...

I doubt they will do anything about it. I've sent in so many reports of people exploiting but EME never does anything. They are understaffed and don't know whats actually happening in the evidence you provide. Sent a video of someone quite clearly using proxy once and EME didn't even know what the person was doing wrong in the video.

I'm not sure how many more failures we need to recognize the problem... the gameplay is great (minus the BHS optimization...,) but the EME implementation is terrible.

- FIHM blatant delays/lies during Starfall patch?
- Constantly told talents are too hard to implement for years and years and then suddenly they are coming?
- Dragons would be obtainable in game, then lied about it, then gave us the cash shop only (then removed basically any way to get them until flying missions were added?)
- Told that double vanguards couldn't be a permanent option but that the new double/triple would equal that, and we have them like once per 10 weeks?
- Constant route switching between Savvis and Zayo despite player concerns?
- Had the report player option totally gutted so that the in-game option doesn 't even work?
- They added 6 new customer support staff with GM @Araya , but within ~6 months stopped any and all transfer of soulbound items if you changed races/gender?
- We would get shop updates within 3 months (Federation Bills, Fashion Coupons, Ace Dungeon, Reward Points, VG Merchant...) and still don't have them? They even removed skins that were already there...
- They would stop gold bots, and a certain 3rd party program, yet they forced a rootkit on us that we don't want, and even when we accepted that premise... the rootkit doesn't even stop what it is supposed to stop?
- The removal of roadmap? ("We'll bring it back... we promise.") Not back.
- The removal of server status? ("We'll bring it back... we promise.") Not back, and a player made an alternative that we have to use.
- The inability to have a single platform that they respond on? ("We have official forums but the best way to get ahold of us on Discord or Twitter...

- This doesn't even count the issues that Console players have and continue to have... they are too numerous to list.

I'm not sure how many failures there can be. If I could give @counterpoint a giant hug for the sheer amount of supporting EME that he has done I would. And we all really appreciate it. He really thinks that they can make this work.

But it can't. It will never work. It's just lie after lie after lie. At some point you just have to realize it is an abusive relationship, (and yea I've been in one of those....) so yea.

I've said so many times over and over that we just want to PLAY THEIR GAME, AND GIVE THEM OUR MONEY, but they just don't want to let us do that.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Because Eme's patch notes are always laughly wrong, missig stuff out cause they were told to not write about it/purposely not write it so we find out about it/insert other excuse here

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

I don't think you have to go so deep as to think they did it purposely. They are just incompetent. They've never been able to do patch notes in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable amount of accuracy.
ZingoPingo wrote: »
I feel like a broken record, but one thing after another, failure after failure, when will the community feel good about this game again? What can be done?

You already know the answers to both of those questions.
as a temp fix, can't you just change the keybinds for those slots, then have new keybinds on your extended bar or whatever for the skills that got displaced? should only require a few button changes, right?

Or the game could just be coded correctly but I'm sure that's too much to ask.
Just play a different game. Tera's not worth it.
I think this change is actually a good thing. It sorta encourages new players to solo IoD, which will help them learn their class, get them glyphs, etc, instead of currently where you just spam dungeons to 65, then keep imsing and getting carried until 439 ilvl where you don't even know what any of your skills do or how to use them.

I'm sorry but that's just bonkers. We're going through merges because the game is in a terrible state as it is, and you want to encourage new players to SOLO?! They probably already solo'd from 1-65 and been tired of it. Now instead of a 5 minute KC or SF it'll be a 25 minute KC or SF, and that's even if they can figure out how to get out of the entry point by using a nostrum. I'm sure on SF there will just be rage quitting based on the first boss being actually difficult for a bunch of new guardian players or the last boss just jumping out of the arena.

It's a bad change, but apparently no one knew it was coming because no one reads the translate patch notes.

From 3 months ago: https://old.reddit.com/r/TeraOnline/comments/8p4rve/new_dungeon_reward_kr/

Read what that guy said, especially the part about the three dead servers that are now getting merged...

Obviously some things may be subject to change, but that's what they got in ktera.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
Anyone have a list of what items will prevent transfer? I only found one written by Tonka. O.o

The list hasnt changed, that's why is not an update on that.

The only diference is that most of those items are old and almost non-existant in these days u_u

Btw, the one doing that list was spacecats and its simple logic, Tonka left the game months before Velik's Grand Hunt event and that list was made after the event.

No the list has not change because they don't update anything that someone else has done.

Additionally, If it can be deleted they will delete it. Remember the road map? Remember the server status page?

Well at least we know that no matter what happens, ElinUsagi will still be here to kiss EME [filtered].
I guarantee you that you will have to send a ticket for every single one of your characters to support, and they'll "happily" restore your glyph points when they individually get around to them.
lol look at what Sean said last Feb:


Yea, they don't give a flying [filtered] about anything they promise. Just your $$$.
In about a month it will have been one year since seandynamite brought up his "I want to update all the things!" post (which was eventually deleted, but you can see it here if you go back to: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=which-in-game-shop-would-you-like-to-see-updated-first -- imagine that, we the players have to store EME's own posts because they delete them...)

In January 2018 Cobalt said it would be coming "soon." In March 2018 sean said... nothing: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/209383#Comment_209383

Maybe in January 2019 they'll get around to it, and in March 2019 they'll just delete all posts mentioning it.

I wouldn't hold your breath for any kind of update.
There is no notice on your official forum.

There is no notice on the game's launcher.

There is no notice in-game other than "This server is not available."

We should not have to use twitter, which is quite frankly a garbage medium, to find out information. Put it on your damn official channels.
You weren't removed because of AFK, you were kicked by your group.
I wouldn't say it takes hundreds of days. I usually get over 10 scales a day (and I'm not on Tera 24 hours a day). So I imagine some hardcore Tera players could get their 1.5 in a month or less. Still a lot of time, but certainly not hundreds of days... o.o"

I think there should be more in the shop. What if we have our 1.5? Then we get a health pot or a bravery pot. Woo?

Hardcore players don't need a dragon, they already have one, or a phoenix (all of my main chars have 1.5 and 2.0 for example. 2 of them have both phoenixes as well.)

A new player, with 439 ilevel, who isn't elite getting only 1 run a day of each 439, must 1) find a group that will take a frostmetal (or brave IMS,) 2) then clear the dungeon in a reasonable amount of time (FM groups aren't doing 12 minute clears of RRNM or even SCNM for example, it takes an FM group about 25+ minutes just from the HP pools, not the difficulty,) and then 3) choose to use a reset scroll that costs waaaay more VG credits than it should or prioritize other things like the very expensive nocts or the entropic boxes (since metamorphics are essentially non-existant)

Let's say it's a perfect world, and a 439 player can run SCNM, RRNM, TRHM, and maybe RMNM in under two hours (perfect conditions, no one leaves or DC's, or has to afk for kids/dog/parents, and all 5 people stay for all 4 dungeons,) and he can finish 3 tier III Iod in ~15-20 min (plus another 3 mid tier to convert for the last few in another ~10-15min.) Ok, you get 5 scales per day in 2.5 hours. Asssuming, this average 439 player has a life and takes a few days off every week or so for school/work/personal life. It's 80 days if you never take a day off. It's easily over 100+ if you do. Sure you can pvp also, but that again assumes a 100% win rate.

And that again assumes you are only playing your main. If you play an alt, or have a tank AND a heal to benefit your friends/guild you've got to farm twice as long. 1 scale per HM. 1 scale per pvp win. Yes hundreds of days is accurate. This is why I have been arguing to bring back double VG for 6 months since Spacecats said they are nerfing it on January 2nd.

It's not about hardcore players. They already have them or don't need them. It's about the average casual player.
LucyKosaki wrote: »
honjo wrote: »
Before revamp was about farming iod every day by 1-2 months, or invest like 200k gold to get the materials.

And now (im retired since xingcode) the silver talent are so low at drop and market (the price its really high) so you need or a lot of gold or a lot of time to farm, like 2+ months, +you need to get exp on the char that you want to get the brooch at top (this its because when you hit the exp needed you get a better rate to succes on enchant, without exp the rate its lower but every time it fails you get 3%+ rate in the next try. so yeah youll take some time to farm / upgrade the brooch.

Ah, I see, thanks a lot for the infos.

IoD for only 1-2 months? So were the 3 tears requiring less powders to craft or did the powder cost less tokens?

Those numbers are a bit off.

If you were a dedicated IoD farmer (3-4 chars per day, maybe more, I don't remember,) you could get one in about 3-4 months. Most people would also be buying some mats during that time (essentially trading the feed stock for it,) as well as running dungeons. Some very very dedicated people would do it on 4+ chars per day, but seeing as console is so new, I'm not sure how many console players have multiple chars with ilevel to do that.

January 2017 People complaining about cost of brooch mats on PC: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/109441#Comment_109441

June 2016 an entire discussion about the difficulty of obtaining the mats: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/2441/could-someone-please-lower-the-number-of-goddesss-tears-needed-for-the-quatrefoil-brooch/p1

When it first came out it was anywhere from 800k-1mil, and as time went on you could buy them (at least on TR) as it dropped to 450k, then 400k, then 350k. I wanted one on my main and farmed about 70% of the mats over a 2.5 month period and then said screw it, and just sold the mats to get another +15 on an alt. I had a friend that used to do IoD everyday on like 6 brawlers and farmed two of them, but he eventually got burned out and quit Tera completely (plus he had a job and kids, while the majority of our guild was students.)

The time investment was huge on PC then, just like it is on console now. It's one of the reasons BHS ultimately chose to revamp the gear system, because people hated the 4 month grind for 1 item, especially since its solo the whole time on multiple chars, and this is an mmo after all; we want to do things with our friends, not play a single player game with a chat box.

You may find you want to go the route that I did and and go for a +15 for an alt (or even for your main.) Yes a quatrefoil brooch is best in slot, but if you don't have Ambush, then I would prioritize that and use a regular quickcarve brooch. Always remember that when the next gear update hits, you will be able to use your Ambush gear for THE ENTIRE Deathwrack patch, and you will even be able to upgrade it when the Arsenal patch hits and eventually turn it into stormcry. You'll be able to upgrade your normal brooches into quickcarve, however if you get a quickcarve now, it won't be upgraded into anything.

Just things to think about.

metagame wrote: »
the dragon manuals are bankable

That's not the point, the point is that they are note easily useable.

If you have 100-200+ scales on your main but you decide to level an alt because you've become interested in one of the awakened classes, or because maybe you've been a healer main your whole life and now you just want to dps, you can't easily get a 1.5x and you can't do anything with those other scales. You can pay 800k+ for an azure phoenix or you can start farming for hundreds of days getting one scale at a time in HMs, meanwhile the 200 you used sit there stale. In addition, because of the high consumable cost of HMs, most people use scales for strong bravery, and are not keeping a constantly filled supply.

Combined with the fact that VG's were nerfed after 3+ years of giving double rewards, yes it would be a very welcome change to make them bankable.

Why does it matter if they are bankable? The sklil books themselves are not tradeable or selleable, so it's not going to compete with anything else. The azure also provides an additional effect, so it is not in direct competition either.

Goldfingers were not bankable at one point in time, and it was changed. This can also be changed.
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Hi everyone!

We've been making regular updates on the forums recently within the Discussions and the News & Announcement pages. We're taking steps to make sure communications are consistent in all of our spots!

If you want to check on the servers being live - we make sure to update the banners in the forums, just like the yellow notification that's up there right now about Thursday's maintenance.

...are you a serious with this?

1) Check the news section for discussions? 99% of those posts are locked immediately. There is no discussion. We can't even comment let alone ask questions. What are you talking about?

2) Even when there is a "community discussion" in the general forum that hits 40+ pages (two separate times aboug xigncode) you lock it or don't respond for days and days. Even now in the swimswear "discussion" where people are pretty upset about the overall architecture of the event, its 9 freaking pages with ZERO EME response. There's a 10 page thread asking you to help us with golden talents and there is ZERO RESPONSE: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/26293/the-gold-talent-problem#latest

3) You say that EME uses multiple points of contact like twitter, discord, forums, etc. Well that's funny because while @CobaltDragon says he is active on discord, WHEN WE GO TO DISCORD HE TELLS US TO USE THE [filtered] FORUMS:


4) We have been asking for months and months for EME to consult us, then @SingleBear nerfs PVP jackpots and says "I realize now we should have revealed the changes sooner to get player feedback." Uh.... no [filtered]??? Yes. You should have. Just like you should have told us about xigncode BEFORE installing it, not 2 freaking days before the patch.


My 130 person guild has a handful of people online every day, and no it's not like there are inactives of over a year in there. 90% of my guild had previously logged in in the last 30 days. I have multiple chars in stormcry, 3 of them in +7, and the rest in +2/3/4. WE LIKE PLAYING TERA, Many of my guild have +9 on multiple chars but we are just so done with the inaction, the lack of communication, and the constant changes that make the game NOT FUN TO PLAY. I haven't logged in in over a week, and every day that goes by I just care less and less. Some of my guild haven't logged in since the Wellbia debacle, going on a month now.

PVP is dead, gold talents require hours of grinding, events are poorly planned or don't work at all (BAM event in lumbertoiwn,) yearly events have been retooled and nerfed so hard they aren't worth doing. We don't have as server status page (one was created by a player,) we don't have access to the old patch notes anymore, and when we get new ones they are incomplete so we have to use player translated patch notes or another publisher's patch notes.

We're frustrated. Very frustrated.

I understand that you are new @KitTeaCup. I understand that these complaints existed before you, and some of them don't directly involve you. I understand that some of these problems were long standing and you inherited them without causing them. But you are NOW THE FACE OF EME FOR THE MAJORITY OF US, and we want you to address our complaints, our critiques, and our criticisms, not just our congratulatory praise. WE LIKE TO SPEND MONEY ON TERA, and it's really hard for us to do so now, because we do not feel like we are heard.

Having you come and say things like "check the news section" when those posts are instantly locked, or having Cobalt say "I'm on discord," and then when we go to discord telling us "use the forums," is a huge slap in the face. It's disrespectful.

Babbelsim wrote: »


HAHAHAHAHAHA Omfg... @CobaltDragon

Cobalt: "I'm much more active on discord than on the forums."

Also Cobalt, when we go to discord: "Please use the forums to provide feedback"

I'm so disappointed in you Cobalt. We ask you why we get no response on the forums, and you tell us EME uses multilpe methods, THEN when we do use those alternative methods you say the official method to submit feedback is on the forums.

I don't know why they just don't add everything in the shop and let people buy it. are the items taking up that much hard drive or server space?

Because it's a marketing strategy, that's all. I guess they'll look at the numbers to see if it works in the end.

It's part of the Skinner box marketing strategy.



Tera is no different. As much as we love it, it is still run by the same people with the same principles.
Hi @KitTeaCup, thanks for showing up after pages and pages of your customers asking you to. I'm sure we all appreciate it.

Did you ever find time in the days that you didn't respond to us to tell us why you didn't notify us in the first place that you were putting a rootkit on our systems?


(Also, still waiting on that fashion coupon update that was promised to us by @seandynamite in October of 2017. Thanks!)
couldn't you just use a different pc that doesn't have tera loaded on it, and buy from the store that way? or is the daily deals only through the game itself? idk cause I haven't downloaded last weeks patch or anything

...are you serious?

Just use another PC? ...

Yes. We all have separate PC's that we use for a game. Aren't you the one that always talks about your unique situation?

Currian wrote: »
I get around 1k talent ~ 15 wins from doing bgs, To me that is passive 60k every 2 or so hours but yeah it must suck if you only pve. They recently had a BAM event(on MT at least) that dropped a ton of blue nocts. so much so that I farmed around 100 of them in only 35 minutes.

You do not get 15 wins in 2 hours. lmao. Another no lifer exaggerating.
Naru2008 wrote: »
[You have to take into consideration anything they change on their current build gets completely overwritten when a new patch is sent out, and therefor they have to re-add it. This could cause conflicts with the new coding changes Korea sends out, and they need to troubleshoot everything to make sure it's added back correctly, and working correctly.

Fake news. If your assertion was true we wouldn't get KTera glitches (think RMHM fiasco, or Ninja being broken for months.)

They don't bug test. They just send it.
At least in the past, sell runs were generally viable options for earning gold, if a bit sketchy. Even in RKE they were okay for awhile, but loot is even worse now, and it's so easy to gear that there's little or no demand anymore. Right now if you don't want to be BM, and you use nocs/bravery for a run of rke, which takes about 20-25 minutes, you basically break even in terms of how much you spend on nocs+bravery vs what you earn from vanguard+drops over the course of a few runs. I guess you can run RRHM over and over with no consumables and turn a profit, but again, if i wanted to spam the easiest garbage content, farming IOD or ghillie on 20 alts is way way way better than rrhm.

I agree completely. We aren't disagreeing at all.
I dont understand about company stuff,
but.. is that means ENMASSE was `Controlled` by BHS ?
So, what the point of these forum? if ENMASSE can`t decide what the best for their players..

EME is BHS. lol

It's a top-down organizational structure.
EME is a subsidiary of BHS. They are the same. They are the NA arm of BHS. Does that answer your question?


As it is now, the harder content costs gold to run rather than earning it.. Why is there no reward for being skilled in tera anymore?

It's been that way since Timescape. We griped about FIHM. We griped about SSHM, (no one cared about RMHM because of all the you know) and we griped about VSHM.

It's always cost more to run good content. We're still saying the same thing we said then.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I think the change in the gold reward is something that should be done since the beggining. You dont even need that much gold to make it to SC gear and when you are at that point then you wil need to run dungeons that will give you more than a thousand raw gold.

If anything I only see a good thing from this and it could make 4 and 5 star dungeons more alive on LFG and IM.

On TR the only thing in the LFG is RRH, AAN, AAH, or people selling/buying EMP. TR is by far the most active server.

edit: more gold won't give YOU essences or diamonds, and you'll struggle to fill those LFG.
I constantly send that feedback / suggestions forward to the appropriate Team, or on to Bluehole.
Do you want a comment within each Thread, just saying " This has been passed along, Thanks ! " ?

Everyone, please understand that Cobalt has certain strictures, and that he is both the outlet and the inlet for frustration.

For every complaint we give him, he just passes it up the chain. It gets heard or it doesn't.

Cut him some slack.

I would like the 2nd part of the fashion coupon update that was promised to us by @CobaltDragon in January 2018, as well as the other shop updates that were promised to us by @seandynamite in October 2017.

Just reminding. :)
+ 10000 likes if I could.
metagame wrote: »
char slot description should always be updated with the proper amount

I'm gonna update your face with the proper amount.
BOBBYYYY wrote: »
They buffed battlegrounds rewards. Do them instead of iod. The real issue is blue nocs

CS was pretty lit last night!
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Do not worry anyway, BHS is going to make dungeons more profitable accordlingly to their tier, now we only need to wait when the changes come here what will be the next thing "Psuedo End-Game Players" will be complaining about how unprofitable are their runs.

BHS is not going to make it worth it. They are going to add gold value, but nerf gold value for other dungeons. Sure that 20 minute RRH/RMH/RKH or 25-30 min AAH will get you 2500 gold, but you no longer can log in and run 4 quick queue dungeons as each gives 150 gold. It's a super nerf, but BHS will surely implement it here.

Good luck when your static isn't on, half your guild has quit playing, or you can't get competent people to join your LFG. Instead of being able to log in for 30-45 minutes and run small dungeons, you'll have to sit in LFG spamming for people.

The overall gold "gain" will be a net loss when you see the actual constraints of the Tera playerbase. Not to mention the affect it will have on those random 412 players that think KC should take 30 minutes.
@seandynamite @CobaltDragon @KitTeaCup

It's been 6 months since Spacecats turned double VG off. We were told that there would be more double and triple VGs. Other than the Anniversary month, there haven't. We were told that they were removed so that you could do more events. However, during the anniversary event they were on the entire month with multiple different events every week. So that excuse doesn't fly anymore.

Can we just have double VG's like we had for the last 3 years prior? There is no real reason to turn them off.

Major complaints from the last week (the last few months really...) that this would solve:

- Low supply of golden talents: this wouldn't fix it, but it would help, you still need to add a box of talents or something to 439/446+

- Spending far more in consumables on 446+ than you get in return: double scales doesn't alleviate this problem, but it helps with more braveries, as does double VG credits... 900 credits for one dungeon worth of of noct? Really I have to to run TRHM 9 times for 1 noct?

- Removal of metamorphics from dungeons: Again, this doesn't solve the problem but getting 2 chests instead of one at least helps with dismantling. I had about 450k emblems and just got an alt from +4-+7 SC and I only had ~70k left due to all the fails (with max exp.)

- Difficulty of newer players to get glyphs/etchings/Iron Dragon: It's really an insurmountable grind to get an iron dragon as a new player. Glyphs are available from Legion, which helps, but what does more sources hurt? A new player has to farm top tier Iod for 3 days to get a tier 3 etching?

Those are four MAJOR complaints that players have been saying for A LONG TIME. Why does it have to be a chore to play Tera?

Please bring back permanent double Vanguard rewards. The excuse that it allows more events doesn't work anymore, as you had them turned on all last month with multiple events. Please hear us. Thank you.
Don t know if someone already suggest this but, EME could create a [filtered] box and add it to the new coin shop that rewards you with some golden talents and or silver talents..... Maybe 5 coins for a box with 50 golden talents, i really don t know but we gave ideas everyday, everytime, they are choosing not to listen

That would be too easy though, and they can't make it easy for us.

I'm not one to normally say "look at EU" but EU's Elleon Mark's is a great system. I don't know why we can't just have dungeon delver in every 431+ or even only every 439+, and add in a box with 25 talents for 2 delver coins and 50 for 4, and 100 for 8? It's so simple (obviously they would need to at least double the delver drops, and turn them on for the entire month.)
I will be very happy if changes that Ktera wants to implement will be done faster. I'm all up for this.

You actually won't be very happy with the changes KTera makes. In the future, you'll be getting 2500 gold from a 439+ but only 150 (?) from a 412. So say good bye to ever helping your friends. Say good bye to running four quick KC and four quick RG if you only have about 45m-1hr to play today. And you'd better hope your static is always on when you are, and that the LFG is filled with skilled people who don't take an hour to clear a 446, or else you're still losing mats, but now you make less gold in more time.

Don't misunderstand me, I think BHS should buff 439+ drops like we've been asking for about a year and a half (Since original RMHM,) but in typical BHS fashion, they buff something and then they nerf something that didn't need to be nerfed.
you can improve it by removing it all together. it's far more trouble than it's worth.you've actually increased the amount of hackers, and decreased the already shaky trust your customers have in you. you messed up. own it and remove it. Pretty much EVERY person that I've spoken too about it that's still playing has just outright bypassed it. No one wants it. It's useless, worthless and we don't trust it or you.

All you've done is make innocent players on OS's other than windows unable to play, you've actually killed one of my SSD's and I had to get a new one to reinstall Tera after I got a BSOD during the Xigncode3 load up on patch day That rendered that drive completely unreadable.. Absolutely ZERO of the hackers have been stopped in anyway shape or form. You've further slowed down the game for many people, including myself. I've lost an average of 5 to 10 fps depending on location. The game crashes more now giving me much more memory errors. You've done nothing but hinder your players ability to play and not solved virtually any of the problems you set out to do.

You failed hard. I've put up with a lot of BS from you guys since launch day 6 years ago because I really enjoyed playing this game. but slowly over time you and BHS keep taking out what was fun about the game. Now it's like you desperately want your player base to leave. I see absolutely no reason to give you any of my money. And I see I'm not the only one upset with you about this. Instead of this stupid back door malware you should actually have GMs in game again like you used to do, respond when people report them for once. but we all know how this is going to go. you'll stay quiet, ride it out and watch more people leave. You'll say and do nothing but cram more [filtered], more loot boxes, more repetitive dungeons, more content removals, more ignoring optimization and more ignoring your customers down our throats. Sooner or later, there won't be any left.

You should be focused on making this game playable, and WORTH playing. You should be optimizing it. You should be fixing YEARS old glitches, you should be offering good deals for your players based upon what they actually WANT to by, rather than RNG walling every tiny thing. Not forcing malware on us and pretending we're the problem. 6 years ago you promised not to be this cash grabby, untrustable, korean grindfest, sludgefest. And at first you were telling the truth, but over time you devolved in to something worse than EA entertainment.

What a huge disappointment you've been.



Could you please forward this to the higher ups? This is exactly how the majority of long time players feel.

Also, sorry that you came on to Tera at this time. They probably didn't prepare you for this.
There are people from the UK, Sweden, and Germany in my guild. They have anywhere from 200-300 ms ping.

They all have +7-9 stormcry and and clear RKHM and RRHM regularly, and Harrowhold every week.

Maybe you're just bad.
Those have never been dye-able.

October 19, 2017, SeanDynamite asks us which shops we would like to see updated. The post has been deleted, but it was archived on TeraDev Tracker.

One of the things I have been wanting to tackle for some time is updating the in-game shops in TERA. As you all know, there's MANY of them. From "token shops" to reward points shops to credit shops, it's pretty overwhelming when looking at it from a high level view. However I have asked that we tackle them, one shop at a time, and perhaps even retire some old shops if possible (and combine items into other shops). We have some preliminary polls from smaller groups of players, and honestly they all fall pretty much exactly in line, but to kick this off with a wider audience, I'd like to ask:

Which of these three in-game shops (the top three from our smaller samplings) should we start with?

Keep in mind, I am not saying we will only do one shop, I'm hoping to get an informed priority order from the community to help organize them. These three were the consistent top three, so they seem like a great place to start. The process of updating a shop will probably fall in a month to month (or build to build) update schedule, and I will add them to the roadmap as we lay this all out.

So let's hear what you think! I'll leave this up for about a week or two, just to make sure everyone gets a chance to weigh in.

3 months later, they finally decided to remove the Federation Bill shop, and put those items in the Fashion Coupon shop, (which was a very good change and well received by everyone.) However, they added a very limited number of things (noctenite weapon skins,) but absurdly removed others (various skins for most classes.) Other bizarre changes were included like making costume Dye cost 1000 coupons instead of 100, and removing NPC scrolls (NPC banker, NPC broker, etc.)

March 14th, 2018 CobaltDragon says there will not be a phase 2 until they are ready.

(Closing this thread now as the changes we wanted to make are complete. We will open up the conversation for further updates to the store when we time permits us to continue working on it. Please watch future patch notes for any additions/removals/changes that may occur.

I would like the 2nd part of the fashion coupon update that was promised to us by @CobaltDragon in January 2018, as well as the other shop updates that were promised to us by @seandynamite in October 2017.
Infinitee wrote: »
just use normal nocts if you have to, they are almost as good. yeah, that "50% effect increase" seems nice but all it's really doing is turning a 6% skill dmg boost into a 9%.

...lol you don't know who Saabi is, do you?
Ichi993 wrote: »
Good day, im a returning player looking to get back into tera. I have a few 65s o n TR but ive logged in there a few days and lfg is pretty dead. So im looking to join another server with a more active lfg. let me know below. Thank you

Tempest Reach is not a dead server at all. There are just a lot of people not playing out of protest, out of disgust, and mostly because we are out of patience with EME.
FYI, the Wellbia support is just an automated system. It takes your log, your code, and tries to find out which program is causing the problem, which can be you anti-virus.

This is a total joke.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Then I would suggest you to contact EME support and prepare a diagnostic file from TERA tools in case they may ask you for that.

As it was EME decision to get this software in their game then they should take priority for their player base that can be subject of a false positive.

EME doesn't work on weekends, which means people with errors have to either fumble around blindly, turning off all their anti-virus, adblocker extensions, NVIDIA controls, and still not play. That's idiotic.

Why do players have to make their computer LESS SAFE, and disable programs for a third party program that they didn't even agree to use?

Get rid of xigncode.
Wow lol, you were serious. I thought you were being sarcastic. Now I realize you are probably just high.

#1, BHS isn't going to make solo instances account only. Ever. That's just stupid.

#2 You don't get to dictate what other people do. If they want to solo Ghillie, Pit, and IoD all day on 20 characters then too bad. You're not the dictator of Tera. "They aren't helping out the community" lolwut?? What does that even mean. Golden talents don't farm themselves. Someone who farms 1k talents in 2 hours and sells them is helping the community...

#3 What does your friend running 5 alts and quitting have to do with the rest of the players??? No one was forcing your friend to farm 5 alts everyday. He got burned out? Sorry, that's his problem. I can't believe you even brought that up as a reason for your insane idea lol.

Pit still doesn't drop much even though it is harder, so chill out.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
This is an old list of software or add-ons that may cause that error.

Avast Anti-Virus, BitDefender, AVG, or Avira
LogiTech Gaming Software - these are expressively inclusive to those that have macro's/auto click/multi-key settings/auto hot key, etc.
MSI Afterburner
Setpoint mouse software
Daemon Tools (any virtual drive, really)
NVIDIA Interfaces
Browser Extensions and Toolbars (Plug-Ins) - Any of them. If you're going to run the game, you may have to manually disable any extensions and toolbars on all of your browsers, if you are using them, though it wouldn't hurt to try disabling them when you're not using them. Google Hangouts sometimes causes the error.
Team Viewer
Most Macro, Auto Hot Key, and Auto Click programs.
EVGA Precision
Net Limiter
Any malware/trojans on your computer (even if you don't know that they're there) can cause it.
Any Program that causes an overlay (ex. Curse/Mumble)
Google Drive
Some VPN's
Sometimes Skype
Microsoft Security Essentials
Steelseries Engine 3 (mouse software)
Wacom Tablet Helpers

The list is even larger but it would be good if you can think about what kind of software you have installed on your system.


Turns wrote: »
Yes that error

First response from google: https://steamcommunity.com/app/582660/discussions/0/1290691308593311912/

It wants you to turn off one of your security programs...

(good job EME, brilliant anti-cheat that you have here.)

I'm pretty sure you're being sarcastic, but either way Petrax still sucks. Before you would get 1 runy and maybe an etching mat every other run. Now you get 2-3 rubies/sapphires, 1 talent, 1 gold finger, and some random stuff. It's still bad.
Equitas wrote: »
Those "30 second" times were from before the patch. The difficulty you're facing could be from a number of things. Are you attacking from the rear, or at least as often as you're able? Do you have the proper crystal setup? Was Gunner damage nerfed in this update? Was boss health buffed? Patch notes have been known to be incomplete, so something may have changed that wasn't announced.

Once again you have no friggin clue what you are talking about. Yesterday there was only one 23 second time for brawler, today there are ~15.

"From before the patch."

Could we also get a list of things that XIGNCODE interferes with, including but not limited to:

- key rebinders
- anti-virus
- other games being open at the same time

This would help us give our point to them succinctly and directly.
Koikoi wrote: »
Read the patch notes.]

You're missing the point. KTera has always had "timed" BGs that NEVER got to NA.

Why is EME starting this now?

My guess is that because they have no one one staff to alter the times (just like they can't get the times to work correctly for Rally,) or because they are just flat out not allowed to change the times by BHS.

On PC it is one of the chat tabs, you can set to turn only your damage on, while turning everything else off, so you can see your damage in text form.

If it doesn't exit on console then you're kind of... screwed. Just try to get 200 crit factor, then work for 220, then shoot for more. I can tell you right now that your +169 crit factor is woefully low for sorcerer.
That's not how it works.

1. BHS has to fix that.
2. lol?
3. Again lol, not happening.
4. Again lol, not happening.

DF/SS drop imperator mats. LK/RM drop ambush mats. Next patch will have 2 dungeons that drop only deathwrack mats.

No amount of griping will change that. However, very soon you'll get Broken Prison which will drop almost all of the Ambush mats (the hankie will still only come from RMHM or BG,) as well as designs (a very high drop rate also.) So you can rejoice in that.

If you want Ambush, do LKHM and RKHM.
Please compile a list of things that kick you or block you from the game:

- If you start Minecraft while logged into Tera, xingcode kicks you from the game.

lol brilliant, just brilliant.
Mecchi wrote: »
a bunch of garbage

I never said anything about owning my account. I'm well aware of that. I'm well aware of no refunds policy. account is not mine, servers may be shut down at any time, etc. Duh?

I agreed to En Masse's terms and conditions, and their EULA.

I DID NOT AGREE to Wellbia's.

Notice the difference?
Read the patch notes. It's only on weekends from 8pm-10pm.

And by patch notes, I mean the Gameforge ones, because EME is fantastic and can't get ours right.

The Underground Battlepit is new patch 69 and replaces the Gridiron.

Here are a few details on this new battleground:

Opening times: Saturdays and Sundays between 8 PM and 10 PM
Minimum level: 65
Number of players: 10v10
Reward: depends on the rank achieved
Why don't you post in the 40+ page thread so we can keep that one going instead of making a separate one that will get locked, or ultimately make that one locked. K? Thx.
Because console does not have any way to assist with calculating critical hits, the only way is to plug in the numbers for this formula:

Formula: https://imgur.com/a/HYhzT


We know the crit equation, however console does not yet have some of the crit chance glyphs that PC has, so it will not be reflected accurately.

I can tell you for the patch you are currently on, and for the class you play (Sorcerer,) that you want crit in every single place you can get it. If warriors are wearing 240, you want that or more, trust me.

That means:

3 demense crit accessories, 2 shadow crit accessories (4 crit/4power rolls on rings)
crit innerwear
crit brooch
crit on belt
crit on hands
4 keen (crit) vyrsks
crit etchings on hands and weapon

And running with a mystic whenever possible. Do not roll for crit on weapon, roll Enragedx2, flat damage, and CDR (if you get ambush make back damage your 5th roll.)
Meningitis wrote: »
> Check forums
> 107 new posts
> Still nothing from EME
> h a h

There's not going to be anything. The final word is what was posted by SeanDynamite in the News forum. It's installed, without your consent, without you signing a EULA, without you accepting terms and conditions, and automatically has kernel access. You can accept it or not play. I'm still debating on whether to update, and I probably will for a week or longer.

(Did you know XINGCODE3 does this same thing on Android devices, and that is totally against Google store policy to install without user consent? Fantastic company we are dealing with.)
Also for those not aware I found XingCode installed along with Nexon Titles on my android phone, it completely modified my android phones files, caused the device to fail to the point where I had to replace the SD card, restore a backup, and lost all data. It was also against Googles Policy, for these apps to be on the Google Play store as they did not properly inform the customer and are not safe as they don't respect privacy.

clfarron4 wrote: »
Didn't Windows Defender stop TERA running for a load of people sometime early last year?

I believe that was a problem specific to windows 10.
sum1 wrote: »
If uninstalling the game won't get rid of it will rolling back windows first work?

Search for xhunter1.sys delete it. Open your regedit and search for the other files. There are multiple how-to's/FAQs on how to do this:



And just in case they get mad, one from EME's own former game and their own forums:

STORM33 wrote: »
That was a quote from MistyTera, and I am glad she mentioned it

FWIW, though, you don't have turn off Windows Defender or other anti-virus software for this to work, and it only flags rather than do anything to any files it finds, so I'm truly not too sure what they mean.

Except that this has absolutely been the case in other games and other security software:


What they mean is they can't log in until they remove or disable their security software. GREAT ANTI CHEAT, RIGHT GUYS? JUST TURN OFF YOUR ANTI VIRUS.
they want me to get on discord? Which is not an EME product?
And they never respond when we @CobaltDragon (ok Cobalt does sometimes, thank you Cobalt.)
I try to get information posted in as many areas as possible, whether that be here in Forums, on our Socials, on Steam, or within Discord.

In this case, I posted it to Discord first, since that is where I was already talking with players, and by the time I was going to include the information on our Forums, I noticed Starsprite already had me covered with the quote.

I had stated it a while ago, but I am definitely more active in all of our EME Discord channels, but certainly do want to make the conscious effort to put any important information in all the visible locations our players check, as well as be able to respond to questions when pinged.

And we appreciate it, like I said, you do respond.

To your point, we used to have patch notes early. We also used to have a server status page. Now we have to rely on translated KTera patch notes and a server status page made by player. Those are 3RD PARTY SOURCES... I have to submit official reporst through your customer service portal, and I have to give you my personal email and my financial information, but you guys say the best way to get a hold of you is on discord?? Another third party service?

In the PVP Token thread @SingleBear responded with:
SingleBear wrote: »
In hindsight I realize we should have messaged out this change sooner.

YES. YES THAT IS THE POINT. TELL US SOONER. But you never do. Spacecats gave us a month notice about the VG reward nerf, from January 2nd to February 1st. I, and others, posted very constructive and concise criticism about how this would negatively affect the playerbase and how the majority didn't want it. Even though you guys did it anyways, we at least had a month to soften the blow. There would have been many points made about how the BG change is a monumental nerf, and only serves to kill PVP participation further, but instead you just do it, and people get pissed.

When you do things like put up incomplete patch notes or don't tell us about installing a rootkit (even if you already partner with them on other services that we don't use,) you really destroy any trust or goodwill that we have. We're starting to not care about the relationship. Why can a TERA player create a server status page in 24 hours, but you guys can't do it since the website redesign?

Please understand, we love your game. We want to play it. We want to buy your digital products. But you make it really, really, REALLY hard for us to continue to do so. If you pass on any feedback, like you normally do, please pass that statement on.

Thank you for what you do Cobalt.
Dokibun wrote: »
you need to go outside and stop caring so much

ElinUsagi supposedly works 50 hours a week and makes bank, but also has Time to play TERA 8 hours a day. How do I know this? Because they say it all the [filtered] time. They have to make sure YOU KNOW not only is their opinion always the right one, but their life is better than yours also.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I am at my office at the moment, can't leave until I finish to check on some files I need for my tax declarations or whatever is called in english e.e

See? Lol. So sad. Such thin skin.
Rida wrote: »
Why must they post important information away from the forums ;w;

This is one thing that seriously pisses me off. We aren't supposed to use third party programs, but I have to give my personal email and use their forums, but they want me to get on discord? Which is not an EME product?

And they never respond when we @CobaltDragon @seandynamite @SingleBear (ok Cobalt does sometimes, thank you Cobalt.)

[filtered] bull [filtered].
Welcome to xingcode3 TERA. It could be your anti-virus, it could be your autohotkey (that many disabled people use,) it could be your key rebinder, it could be your Xpadder, it could be your custom keyboard, it could be another game open that it doesn't like.

Send a diag and wait 72-168 hours for support to get back to you so you can play TERA. Sounds fantastic!!!

There has to be be systems for compliance, ie making sure they are doing what they say they are doing and nothing more. EME can't even give that to their own customers. What makes you think they can give that to the EU governing bodies? Wellbia's website doesn't even clearly say exactly what it does in that broken-google-translated English...

C'mon counterpoint... you're smarter than that.

Secondly, Wellbia's own garbage website says that the user must agree to the terms and conditions of xingcode3 (which thus indemnifies Wellbia from any damages,) and none of NA TERA's players were given that chance. There isn't a pop up notification. There isn't a EULA box to check after you read it. It just installs when TERA updates. The only notice was @seandynamite 's pathetic attempt at telling us all, and then radio silence. They wouldn't have even told us if they didn't do an early server update and it was found out.

That's [filtered] and you know it.

"Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it," that works only in criminal cases. In contracts, especially those pertaining to business, if something isn't disclosed, or is hidden, and hurts one party of the contract that is on the OTHER party in the contract.
ovr wrote: »
Or should I just install windows on a separate hdd/ssd used for gaming only.

Separate system entirely.
Peorth wrote: »
No, this rootkit affects your OS.
You need to rollback your windows prior to update or reinstall completly.
It installs a driver in C:\windows and several registry entries.
if you have to ask here, you're probably not skilled enough to clean up manually.

Good luck.

It's not that difficult for an inexperienced person. Search for hunter1.sys and then google how to manually edit the registry for the remaining files. There's simple FAQ's/how-to's about it from the many players that left BDO and BNS because of it. Here is one of many:

It was basically a petition thread, so it doesn't surprise me. Adding this isn't a popularity contest or a majority-rules vote anyway. Need constructive arguments about the real concerns to encourage meaningful debate and discussion.

Ok here are some constructive criticisms:

- It didn't stop [redacted] on KTera
- It didn't stop meters on KTera

Right there shows it's not going to do anything.

Things we know from BDO/BNS/Kritka/Closers

- It won't let you change settings in the .ini files
- It won't let you dual client (wtf!!)
- It has problems with/won't let you use rebinders like XPadder
- Classifies some security software as illegal programs (Like Bitdefender)
- Does scans intrusively and constantly affecting performance

We already know all of this from other games. If we know it doesn't stop things like [redacted] and we know that it does stop innocuous things like remapping your keys are changing particle bloom in your .ini... then why implement it?

tisnotme wrote: »
Ellexem wrote: »
Will it block multiple clients? Multiple accounts on the same computer? (I don't particularly care about these, but they are likely important for some of the community.)
so far I haven't had this problem in this area yet , but
Ellexem wrote: »
Will it block other games that also use it from running concurrently with Tera? (Aion, for instance, seemed to work fine for having multiple Aion clients but it could not work concurrently with BDO. Going by what Google dragged up for me.)
if say I have the tera launcher open Xigncode wont let me open Kritika so id say no to running more than one client concurrently

Can you clarify this part about multiple Tera clients for me? I often duo box IoD and some of the easier dungeons because it's impossible to find healers and I can tank and heal KC and SF at the same time just fine. I also trio box RG sometimes when I just want to get in done without waiting for people.

If I can't duo/trio box this whole xingcode is a non-starter issue for me. I will be thoroughly upset and likely stop playing. And yes I'm already upset because EME doesn't communicate and dropped a rootkit on us with no warning.
Well at least we know that there are 3 things for certain as a result of this implementation:

1) Users of the [redacted] program won't be affected by this. DPS meter users also won't likely be affected by this as it will just take a few hours longer to update it. How do I know this? There are already fixes.

2) Regular users who don't use anything will leave the game because of paranoia, and because of EME's constant inability to show any semblance of transparency or sense of care for their playerbase. In fact, many regular users will be pushed to use the [redacted] because of this. So the intended effect of 'anti-cheat' will not be achieved.

3) Most importantly everyone knows what I've known for a long time, equitas and elinusagi are total r/iamverysmart material and should always be ignored.
RIP Tera 2012-2018.

@SingleBear @CobaltDragon

On TR we received a message about BAMs spawning in Lumbertown. Hundreds upon hundreds of players showed up, yet no BAMs ever did. We waited the full 30 minutes, and even received a global system message that said "only a few more minutes for BAM pinatas" and still nothing spawned.

Please, set your events up in a better way, and at least have someone there to make sure that they go off. This has been constantly happening during the last few months.

This Anniversary is like a 5/10. Mostly meh. Really hope you guys put more effort into Tera, especially with a new console crowd (that you are already pissing off.)
New dungeon.
Christin wrote: »
I wouldn't let anyone dictate to me what I will or won't do in a game.

That's funny because you created a post where you try to dictate what others do with their time and want to restrict them from IoD. Hypocrite much?
CornishRex wrote: »
Sounds unbelievable but during the last uhft ch was full on all 3 low tier bams and all damn channels
I actually had to surf through channes 2x times to find an empty spot

Either way none of this would have been a problem if we golden talents dropped from more sources :)

That is an entirely separate issue. If things aren't worth the time investment for the payoff, people won't do them. No one cares about Celestial Arena or Ace dungeon do they?

Competition in MMO's is not a new thing. World bosses anyone? On FFXI there were special monsters that only spawned every 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 72 hours and some times longer. It's not a new thing and it's ludicrous to expect other people not to be able to farm just because OP is having an issue.

Rip PVP. 2012-2018. We hardly knew you.
Kaspanova wrote: »
Report and Block, this did not need a forum post

This ^
If there was an off-topic forum I would place this there, but oh well. I fully expect this to get nuked.

A statement from Minister of Justice Koen Geens said FIFA 18, Overwatch and CS:GO were therefore illegal and demanded their loot boxes removed. If they're not, the publishers "risk a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to 800,000 euros". When minors are involved, those punishments can be doubled, Geens added.

EU patch notes are up for Awakening on this coming Tuesday.

Near the bottom:
Increased max. character slots by 1


I doubled checked their brawler patch notes, and they also got an additional slot there as well.

@CobaltDragon @seandynamite
I'm all for more lootbox cosmetics, but can we get any of the in game vendors fixed before we add more suggestions to BHS to put in the cash shop?

- Part 2 of FC
- Fixing of part 1 of FC that had some things removed (Why did 2 of brawler's red/black powerpulse get removed, valk has 12 skins for weapon, brawler has 1 now -- and the kitten fists that were already there...)
- VG merchant fix (Spacecats said this was on the roadmap in Dec 2017)
- Ace dungeon
- CS and FWC victory box gives Pearl...?
- IoD quests still give the old tokens from last patch...?

Just wondering.

Several things for console players to remember:

- You are on a different patch, and your patch includes variations of other patches on PC. Example Sorc has revamp, warrior does not. Certain glyph changes to slayer and zerk are not in yet. You have a newer class (brawler) over an older class (gunner.) So using old PC rankings isn't going to be the end-all-be-all determinant of what is "top dps."

- Input over controller UI and keyboard/mouse is way different, especially for some classes like reaper/sorc, where there is a set rotation that is nothing like the in game chains. What I mean is that, optimal dps on some classes may not be the same or even possible as the PC version due to user input. You just might not be able to do the same dps as a sorc from PC during that patch because of those differences. In the future, some dungeons (and dps checks) might have to be adjusted for this fact. They'll have to gather data and see.

- Finally, you guys don't have a way to see dps. Meters are third party programs, and are strictly banned by the EULA on PC, but as we all know plenty of people use it, and KTera seems to not mind, so it's somewhat of a "don't be an [filtered] about it, and we won't ban you." But you guys don't have this. So the only real metric you have of knowing if you are in a high dps party or not is the time it takes to complete a dungeon. I've seen people on console talking about how a 30 minute Lilith keep is great, and the 45 min ones start to suck... Lilith's keep in +12 mid tier gear should be taking about 15-20 minutes assuming consumables and everyone knows what to do, not 30. So right there we can determine that dps out put is lower, but is it because people are bad? Or because they are new? Or because there is rotation input lag? We just don't know

So before you ask the question about what is top dps, who is top dps, etc, consider those things, and then ask "HOW CAN I GET BETTER AT MY CLASS" and then focus on your glyphs, your crystals, your positioning to maintain backtime dps, and your rotations.

Because of right now, you aren't going to know what your dps is, you only know how long the dungeon takes.
metagame wrote: »
unless u really are against playing a girl, male brawler is actually noticeably worse than female due to not actually having its own animations

it was figured out to be like 20% less strong due to how clunky it is. that number may be off, but the fact is that it'll be a dps loss to swap, and that it probably won't ever be addressed either

Unless you can post something from the theorycrafting discord I'm calling straight up BS on your claim.
daraken34 wrote: »
i been thinking about why they would leave 3 classes out 3 of the most interesting classes to boot. then it hit me. you only get 2 char slots so if they leave out key classes and put them in month down the road most people will have already used there two slots and be to far along to want to delete them hence forcing you to buy more char slots its not that the classes aren't ready its just a way to get people to buy more char slots lol

They wanted to release a stable build. The other classes have nothing to do with more revenue.

In addition on PC, in every single region of the game (including EU and Korea,) they have given free character slots. Even if they did do that, (which I 100% thin they will not,) you can still purchase char slots with gold from other players. For example, I have 19 chars on one account, and a 2nd account with 17 chars. I only bought 1 slot with real money.

So calm down with your conspiracy.
To add to this:

20-60: Queue for dungeons, and kill BAMs, while wearing the correct crystals for your class, and always keep your avatar weapon up to date and +9 enchantment. Kumas is not worth wasted effort, as you might only with 20-30% of the time.

If you happen to make friends with a healer in a group, and they are on your server, stick with them until they log off lol. You'll be 60 in no time.
In the lead-up to Head Start launch, there were a million things going on and, while reviewing the contents of the Founder's Pack page, I didn't realize that each image was clickable revealing a description of each item contained in the packs. For this silly reason, the misinformation/errors regarding elite status EMP distribution weren't caught. It was a mistake and wasn't intended to intentionally mislead players or persuade a purchase based on incorrect information.

In any case, "too busy" is no excuse and we will work to restore your trust by being more diligent about these things in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Founder's Packs, please submit a support ticket as follows and a member of our team will help you out:

Do you think it might be time to hire CM's for PC and console? Do you think it might be time to hire someone to actually go through patch notes so they can be put on in a reasonable amount of time (like a week maybe, instead of the 2-24 hour notice we normally get, if that at all?) Why is it that unpaid translators who run 3rd party websites and tumblr pages can translate the patch notes of Ktera immediately, but you are a subsidiary of BHS and you can't even give us patch notes 24 hours before the build goes live?

Do you think maybe it's time to have someone ACTUALLY WORK ON THE WEBSITE, so that the servers status page comes back, so that the old patch notes are back, so that game guides are up and running?

I'm sure you guys have been working really hard, but you have to see how it looks to your paying customers when they see a massive screw up and the only thing they hear is "I'm sorry, we'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again." I'm sorry but we need something more than that. Like actual effort.
He asked about information about equalized gear for BGs... not for unequalized gear like FWC/CU. Please read what he said again.
WLFG43T3A4 wrote: »
Thank you to everyone who replied! I'm in the saving the children quest and by some miracle I'm at level 9. I've only gotten one new set of armor, a ring and some moves (warrior). If I got buffs, I didn't know it. Is there a user manual of some kind? I have a feeling there's way more out there that I'm missing. For now I'm going to try to reset and see what happens. Again, thanks for your help.

When you are fighting the argon for the 2nd time, once you get it to below ~75% hp it will do the spike draw in move, then the NPC Anya will give you buffs. They are only active in this fight.

There is definitely something that you are missing or doing wrong, as even a priest can easily solo this at level 9 or 10 with dps movies and zero crystals.
Did you choose the correct server?
Probably, but the Rewards Emporium is in such dire state that they really do need to prioritize that first at this point. I'm hoping that won't take too many months.

Counter... it's been 7 months since Sean first brought it up, and every time we ask the thread gets locked or we a joke answer, and he even stated that they could alter any of those in game shops live, without bringing the servers down, without requiring a maintenance.

Even that "update" was just moving fed bill items to the FC shop, and saying "TA-DA! LOOK WHAT WE'VE DONE FOR YOU." Um.. ok, you didn't really do anything, but I like it, it's much more convenient. "GREAT, WE'RE GOING TO REMOVE THE CONVENIENT THINGS, AND ALSO WE ARE NOT GOING TO UPDATE IT ANYMORE!"

Um... Ok...

I don't have any hope for this game or this team anymore. Spacecats was a wild goofball but at least he acted like he cared, and engaged with people. I play Tera 90% for my guild, and 10% for the combat. I don't have any faith in anything else.
Equalized gear is exactly that; all the stats are the same for all players.

If you think pvp won't be filled with raging 30 year old man children screaming as if they are 14 ... I've got bad news for you.
EME doesn't have a CM currently for PC so we just get locked threads or simple one liners "this is how it is, deal with it."

I thought console was supposed to have hired a CM?
...do you mean during the intro?

If so, you are supposed to die to the argon predator the 1st time you see him. It is part of the story. You continue on with the island after he beats you.

If you mean the 2nd time, you are given massive buffs that basically make you invincible, and you shouldn't be losing to him at all. Any class at level 9 or 10 should easily be able to destroy him in about 20 seconds after you receive those buffs from Anya.
It doesn't enrage because 1) that would be broken, 2) just because they translated it that way doesn't mean the original KOREAN DEVS meant for it to be translated that way.

It is highly unlikely that BHS will address this as 1) they don't seem to care, 2) we are not lacking in tanks.

Feel free to get in line with the other thousands of zerkers that have wanted this for about 4 years. I'm sure they'll listen to you over the rest of them.
The game is more beginner friendly than ever.

A brand new player who plays every day for say... 2 hours max on weekdays can

- Get to 65 within the first week
- Farm enough gold in 2 hours from low level dungeons/Guardian legion to upgrade guardian to twistshard in 2 hours
- Be able to get all twistshard into frostmetal within a 2nd week

Frostmetal is essentially the minimum gear that people are expected to have, and you can have it within the 1st, 2nd week of playing. Gold is incredibly easy to come by via entry level-65 dungeons and guardian legion. If all you cared about was costumes you could still farm 20-25k in those 2 hours every day and buy whatever mount/cosmetic you wanted using low tier equipment.

Even if you are a 100% f2p player and you don't even support the game buy purchasing elite, you can still get a char tostormcry in a reasonable amount of time (the first month probably with ~2 hours per day of playing, not afking, but farming dungeons and GL.)
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