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Low tier bam is winning this match.

2 minutes to kill 10 of them vs the time you can spent on a 3v3...

hang on 12 seconds on each including moving to next? What gear/class you do this? Full consumables on too?
Never bothered with them other than waiting between BG/dungeon queues so never put much/any effort to know

Twistshard brawler can average ten in 2.5 minutes (assuming no a-holes show up and camp on you.) I imagine a valk/archer/war can do 2 minutes easily.
MsKelevra wrote: »
@CassandraTR Seems as I am not making myself clear, since you keep missing the point.
1. I never said I didnt have proof, I do have proof. However, I am not going to post it here on the forum.
2. I don't have a problem with skilled players, which you seem to suggest. I don't cry, I don't get tilted and I don't take offense to people trolling ME but others do. I am only the messenger here. And to respond to your advice upon not being in LFG, it's simple I like meeting new people. This is after all a MMO, isn't it? I have made many of my friends from LFG pugs.
3. You also seem to suggest I am not skilled or perhaps I am reading too much into it but just out of curiousity (if it is the case) I wonder what makes you think that?

I never said you weren't skilled. I said:

Find people "who share your skill level and your views." Find people who share BOTH skill AND views on the game. It doesn't matter if you are skilled and they are skilled if they are elitist and you don't mind a few wipes.

Find people who share BOTH. Take your own advice.
Sadly, there is little that can be done about this. A proper solution would be for BHS to group players above/below certain ranking threshholds together. That way the ungeared alts wouldn't be able to queue and join up against their geared 1200-1400+ ranking main. I doubt they will do anything ever, as BHS does not care about pvp at all.

EME can't really do a lot, because even if you screenshot and report the alts, the players that create them will just create another and do it again. .

It is what it is. A large, beautiful part of Tera is lost when PVP dies like this, but there's nothing to do about it really.
Mieax wrote: »
wellllll we also didnt get FIHM still xD

I was sad about that. I liked FI. T.T
MsKelevra wrote: »
@CassandraTR Ofc I do, but for RKE goes under RKH, so people do look others up. I am just telling you mine and my friends experience. You can obviously compare achievments with someone else too, where you can easily see if they have certain ones. Something a lot people do not know.
So yes, the info is ingame if you care to look for it.
Although that wasn't the point I was trying to make with the post, next time you should read it all.

No, I don't need to read the rest. You said you were trolled by people, with no proof of trolling. You said they trolled you because they looked you up on a website, again with no proof of this, then you said you don't use a dps meter. Ok. Cool. Don't use one.

Your entire post can be summed up by your last sentence:
"If you are not ready to do so, then please stay in your statics with people who share your views and stop caring about LFG."

If you aren't ready to deal with RKH/E LFG being populated by very skilled, and sometimes very elitist players, then stick with your guild and make a static with people who share your skill level and your views.

You can stop any and all trolling by running with people you know. Take your own advice.
MsKelevra wrote: »
So how did they know we hadn't cleared on these toons yet? Most of you know the answer to that question already. Without mentioning it by name there is a website that stores this information by people using banned software.

Stopped reading after this.

You do realize when people inspect you they can see what you've cleared and what you haven't? There is no need to use any outside information. It's all available in game.

10/10 trolling
CornishRex wrote: »
People still have leftover megaphones in their invs from back when you used to be able to obtain them. The feature itself isn't disabled.

That is not what they said when chat was disabled, and it is not what spacecats said just the other day:
Spacecats wrote: »
btw this is the same reason we never allow players to use the megaphone.
Well... this happened on 1/9/18, Tuesday: https://imgur.com/a/xIqDS


They said they disabled that feature... so I guess they lied about shutting it off, or they lied about their ability to shut it off. Either way...



Hmm your name looks familiar. Oh yea, you were the person yelling all kinds of racist things over several hours in global on Tempest Reach this weekend, saying things about south Americans, and then saying America is the worst country on the planet. The you went on some insane rambling about how Akasha's Hideout is a swastika and it should be removed from the game.

So... I'm pretty sure that you are the toxic one. Not surprising that when people call you out you became extremely defensive. Good luck with your gaming goals. You've already made a name for yourself on TR.
Ves1978 wrote: »
3x rewards on IoD are nice, since 2x was a standard for ages. but tbh, i'd accept x1 rewards for keening dawn mote after every bam, like EU tera has. cause our VG shop is more or less crappy, and farming takes forever if motes don't drop properly.

I disagree highly with this. I don't care if it takes 15 minutes to do all 3 sets of high tier instead of 10 minutes. Halving our ability to farm tokens is not a fair trade for that. You kill faster, but now take an additional 24 hours to farm the same amount of tokens? Are you serious?

I like being able to get 72 tokens per character. We should not have the rewards we've had for years be taken away and then told that they will be brought back sporadically as a prize. That's terrible and insulting.

Quick math for a Frostmetal 439 player that did 3 IoD every day for one month, 31 days (these are estimates, some classes will take longer/shorter to kill:)

- Previous system of 2x Vg rewards, random keen motes: ~25 minutes for all 3, 72 tokens. 12.91 hours per month, 2232 top tier tokens per month
- New system with 1x Vg rewards, random keep motes: ~25 minutes for all 3, 36 tokens. 12.91 hours per month, 1116 top tier tokens per month.

Assuming they do weekend events like this last one, and they do triple every single time and not a double, we will get 72 hours or 12 days. Single rewards with four weekends of triple rewards means we end up with 1980 top tier tokens per month. ~250 less than what we would have had. A keen mote making it take less time to kill still means more time overall to farm for tokens.

No. I'm sorry. EU can keep your 100% keen motes. I would prefer to have our normal rewards, that we have had FOR YEARS. We lose out overall unless they turn it on for more than 16 days per month, and only if it is triple. If it is double at any point we lose even more.
Thank you Denomme. We appreciate it.

Please address this. Please reconsider making 1x rewards a permanent feature, or please reconsider the cost of items in VG shop, IoD Tokens, and dragon scale shop.

Please address this. We are supposed to have 2x rewards all month (which is silly, because you took something away that we already had, and then gave it back to us as a reward.)

Additionally, if you are going to permanently lower the VG/dragon scales/IoD token rewards, you need to adjust their shops, including the VG merchant. A box is 200 points for 16 emblems. You have to run 10x 431 dungeons to get enough VG credits to buy ONE golden or silver talent. 10 dungeons at 40 vg per.

You have to do 4x top tier IoD (swapping to another character) to get one dragon scale. 12x for a bravery potion. Most people do not have full frostmetal on all of their alts, and it is unreasonable to expect them to do so.

You have to run 3x HM 439 dungeons to get 3 scales for a strong bravery potion, that will wear off a few minutes after you've finished the first one. Again, it is unreasonable to expect people to have tons of FM level alts just to farm a strong bravery potion that is absolutely required to run an HM dungeon.

I'm sorry but these situations are utterly ridiculous. I'm really annoyed that you take away something we've had for years, then say you'll give it back as a bonus (and you can't even remember to turn it back on.)

This is unacceptable and really off putting. All of your detractors are being proven right when they say you don't care about your players, because that is certainly how it seems from our perspective.
Notepad806 wrote: »
Is that Talisman thing really talents, confirmed? That's exciting!

You can see that all of those things are coming here: https://essentialmana.com/news/

@Arwen - you should go read the forum rules about circumventing them with a foreign language.
Arwen wrote: »
Meanwhile in TERA EU:

Yet you are still posting here. Che palle! Go back to EU if NA is so terrible.

Literally all of that is coming THIS MONTH: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/development-roadmap

This post is about a 3 week delay, and you post EU stuff that dropped 6 days. Broccolo!


The likely culprit is that 1) big holiday, 2) EME is doing console dev for the entire globe in addition to NA Tera, while Gameforge is not, and only has to focus on Tera EU. I'm not going to say that's an excuse or that it's ok, because I think console Tera is stupid in the first place, but that's likely the reason for the increased lag time between EU patch release and NA patch release.
Naverath wrote: »
because of this reason i left from tera and i dont play anymore


Nothing you have described accurately portrays Tera. Tera has little/no p2w element. You can swipe your way to Stormcry, but it doesn't make you a better player, and people will kick you when they find out you are a floormat in RKH/HH. The only things that you can buy which even impact your performance are dragons and phoenixes, and you can farm gold and buy one in a week of casual play.

NA Tera's problems have nothing to do with p2w, and much to do with content droughts and KTera's seeming disinterest in PVP (and marginally EME's seeming lack of caring about the things they do have power over, like in game merchants, player economy, pvp jackpots, etc.)

Yes Stormcry past +4/+5 is a huge materials and gold sink, but it in no way requires swiping, nor does 95% of the content in the game require more than Frostmetal. Stormcry+0 is more than enough to clear RKH/HH and you could do it in FM if you didn't mind taking much, much longer.
Ves1978 wrote: »
well it's normal that you disagree cause Vi disagrees with everybody :D

ElinUsagi wrote: »
I never noticed when they began to share their cooldowns.

Maybe during starfall patch, IIRC? I do remember reading the patch notes then, but I'm too lazy to go back and read it now.
The last 3-4 times we have had double drop they have had to manually turn on ghillie, as it seems like it will not start on a scheduled time. One would think that they remember this happens...

The US CERT has said that software upgrades should mitigate the issue in most processors. Linux has said users might see drops of 5-30%, Intel has said users should not see any noticeable drop in performance.
I've seen a demo that shows how easily the attack can be launched through websites due to Javascript, for now until this all actually is fixed hardware-wise, I'm manually allowing JS files from every website I visit. I'm just running on it with the tinfoil hat, everything is compromised.

Well it's a good thing we don't run our in game chat system with readily usable html allowing executable code, isn't it? :^)

(You should allows manually temporarily allow JS files, doesn't everyone already do that?)
Thank you Denomme! It is working. We appreciate it!
You must purchase server transfers for each and every one of the characters you wish to transfer.

You must also make sure that any items are not in pet storage, and that gold is in a proper form to be transferred (there is/was a limit of 50k gold transferred, but an unlimited amount of jewels could be transferred.) You need to be aware of that because it was a major issue last year.

One thing to remember is that you are probably on Fey Forrest, and that being a "PVP 65" server doesn't mean anything except that you can declare yourself available for pvp at 65. 99% of the time you will not be bothered.

You can read more from when this feature was first made available: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/6242/pvp65-any-tips-or-advice-for-the-pve-players-moved-to-fey-forest
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
I think the problem is "what do we put as jackpots?" it used to be mostly enchanting materials that were also tradeable. if they put jackpots of entropic or metamorphic emblems, that wouldn't be appealing and many would scream p2w. Gold or Silver talents jackpots? people would cry over broken economy. Jewels? more p2w rant. Smart Dyads are cool, but still somewhat underwhelming. Cosmetics and/or mounts/pets? Also considering the locked boxes not longer can yield their own jackpot like used to be of 500 spellbinds, 200 extensive alkahests so while gambling for a jackpot you won't get anything worth it. I opened for the lulz 5 locked pet strongboxes and got less than 10 entropic emblems every time.

They would have to obviously rework the boxes to have various forms of emblems as the normal reward, but a jackpot even could easily work a few times a year, and the jackpots could include:

- 1, 3, 5 diamonds
- 10, 20, 40 emeralds
- 100, 200, 300 rubies
- 500, 1000, 2000 gold talents
- 100, 250, 500 silver talents

Obviously with the highest rewards being lower rates. I don't know how you could possibly scream "broken economy" when previous jackpot events would give 1000 spellbind, 1000 MWA, 2000 feedstock, etc. Spellbind used to be 40gold, top tier feedstock anywhere from 25g-40g depending on the patch, and MWA was well over 40g during the end of Lucid/right when Starfall came out.

Jackpots didn't break the economy then, people bought keys, sold them, sold the jackpots etc. Gold was not injected to the server only mats were injected. Gold merely moved between players, from one to another. Gold talents are already dropping below 20g, 18g. Soon they will be 10g. I can barely sell darics for 35-40g, and can't even sell plates because they drop in price while I craft them. A twistshard player can farm 224 gold talents in 35-40 minutes. There are already hundreds of thousands of them injected every day. A weeklong jackpot event would be a minor blip in the supply.

The only thing they would have to look out for is the influx of jewels, but no one in their right mind is going to NPC a jewel for it's base price when you can get 1.4x that price from other players. There will be no gold creation as long as diamonds are selling for 1,400 to another player and 1,000 at the NPC.
More importantly, how would we even get strongbox keys? It seems they were removed from sea chests. :s

- Reward Points
- Emp Store
- Elite daily reward (very random)

What they could do is give us some as of yet un-thought of method via in game, whether a reward from PVP victory boxes or solo Ace tokens/Celestial drop at a low%, but some way they haven't figured out yet.
Ayi wrote: »
Maybe make 1.5x dragons tradeable too, I need to start selling my spares B)

Like ElinUsagi said, I don't mind using them on Strong Bravery potions, as I don't need anymore Iron dragons for alts. That's the main reason I said please revert it back to 2 scales per 439+. But it's terrible to have to run an HM dungeon 3 times to get a potion that lasts 30 minutes. Ideally, we should get 3 scales, but 2 is fine. 1 is terrible.

ElinUsagi wrote: »
Essence should be something limited for those who run HH.

BHS and EME should remove drops from GG, World Bosses and even from RKEM of that material and improve the amount HH players get them from that content.

That is a horrible, horrible idea.

Limiting access has never been good for this game, and you can look at the inability to gear up from PVP battlegrounds as evidence. PVP is effectively dead, because there is no reason to do it.

Your idea is insane.
@spacecats, @seandynamite, @Halrath

Previously we received 2 scales from 439 dungeons.

We have been receiving only 1 since the permanent VG credit event wore off. As PVP queues are dead, this is currently the only way to obtain them in game.

Thank you very much.
canikizu wrote: »
Not to mention we have the Uncommon noctenium Elixir priced at 700 vg credit, and only the green one. On the other hand, other servers has 3 different kind of noctenium elixir, and they are all lower than 700 vg credit.

If the price dont get adjusted, it will take people 12 runs of mid/high tier dungeon to earn enough credit to get one 15-min elixir, which is incredibly ridiculous

That is a very, very good point. Thank you.

If you are going back to half vanguard rewards (even with random weekend double/triple,) then you need to adjust the VG shop ASAP.

200 credits for 1 box, that gives 16 entropic emblems. 30 emblems for 1 talent. 4 vgs to get 1 talent. That is less than worthless. It needs to be doubled or quadrupled, 32 or 64 emblems. Or at the very least, gold/silver talents should be 8 emblems, if not 4.

The noctenium elixer is 700 VG credits. 14 vanguards for 1 green noctenium that lasts 15 minutes? Again, that is terribly unmotivating.

Please. Look at VG shop and make it worth while. Please adjust it before summer.
In a future patch:

- Gridiron will be removed
- CS will go to 15 vs 15
- FWC will go to 10 vs 10
- Premade CS 20 v 20 will go away


This will be the same on console, when they eventually catch up.

Eme can't fix or change PVP. The only thing they can do is adjust the battleground jackpot, which have they shown to be unwilling to do for over 7 months now.

BHS could add in 2 new pvp maps each patch, just like they add 2 new PVE dungeons. Imagine queuing for CS, but you didn't know if you would get the normal 15v15 map, or one of the 2 new ones. Imagine queing for FWC, with the same format, but new maps and locales. That would breathe life into PVP, which is quite literally at its death knell.

VF1 wrote: »
What about the nice little race car that hovers and has a bubble around it when you jump? i can't find it anywhere.

Those have never been available in the USA other than as a temp mount. Those were KR only to promote the release of some kart game. I have about half a bank tab full of them, and they are set to expire this month. (The 30 day 5-year anniversary car also expires... lol, brilliant.)
ElinLove wrote: »
Demn I see people demanding compensation for everything these days...

Heck I wonder what kind of thing I could cry about to get compensated for... Let's see if I can scavenge something

Maybe if EME seemed competent, people wouldn't ask for compensation.


- Ace Dungeon still has IMPERATOR MATS in the shop. IMPERATOR.
- It will have been 5 months from when SeanDynamate first said he was fixing the FC shop that it actually gets updated (according to the latest roadmap). We still don't know what "updated" means, because updating the Fed Bill shop meant deleting it.
- The actual roadmap was sold to us as a list of future updates. So far it is literally just a list of future sales/cosmetics.
- The VG shop still hasn't been updated. 2 boxes for 1 gold talent. Worthless.
- PVP jackpot rewards have had worthless, outdated crafting mats since July 2017. Pvp has been effectively dead ever since.

So yea, people are little upset, when it seems like they have been really lazy for well over half a year (longer if you want to bring up the anniverary event mishaps...)
Considering that EME doesn't work on weekends, it's also basically a holiday, and the event was started by the CM of another project... don't hold your breath.
Paizen wrote: »
Bring back Nexus. Bring back Alliance Territories. Hell, bring back Wonderholme.

EME can't run nexus. It's been disabled because they can't even get it running even with a dwindling, nearly dead game population.

Alliance is gone. Not coming back. Leaderboards are coming back, but not to NA until this summer or later.

Wonderholme is nice, but again, it's just rotating old content. With no enticing drops, and a likely 439 gear level, it would be mostly empty and take 20-30 minutes to fill an LFG group, just like AIHM. For the record I love both of those dungeons

너의 게임은 엉덩이 야.



They will be turned into fashion coupons soon, so you can even keep them as a memento. Enjoy!
I'm glad you enjoy pvping. I also enjoy pvping, but without any tangible reward or benefit, TERA is not a game where masses of people will come log in and pvp in velika outskirts every day for 2 hours just because "it's fun."

If you could only log into TF2, or Warframe, or Overwatch, (or PUBG,) and the only place you could find pvp was in a lobby with 5 other players before you all went to grinding cosmetics from solo PVE content... those games would be empty also.

Finally, rejoice that soon, pre-made CS 20 will be going away (thanks Korea!) so even that will be taken from you.
This is what happens when your marketing team consists of Spacecats and a literal cat. Just kidding, no ban pls.

I mean they put plasma weapon skins on sale when there is already a huge oversupply of them. I have to believe they just don't care at this point, or they have a wheel with random words and discount percentages on it that they spin and fling darts onto..

The level 60 scroll and 15 day elite is *technically* still a bargain, but a new player won't know whether it is or not, because they don't know what the value of EMP is in the in game economy. It is also a way for lazy, I mean time-limited people, to get an elin 65 gunner in a few hours instead of whatever it might take them before the pink willsuit event ends.

Remember guys and gals! Flying suits soon! Oh yay! I can't wait!



Between CP going off and players telling EME off, this is how I feel.
admonitu wrote: »
When we think 50% success rate, we expect something like this. (10 tries, 1 representing success and 0 representing failure)


But TERA’s 50% chance is more like this.


They are both 50% right? But just see how each one provides much different experience for players.
Don’t be surprised if you fail like 3-4 times before finally succeeding.

That is your problem, and shows a real misunderstanding of probability.

.5^10 will have the same probability in both cases (obviously adding in .03 for failure in Tera's case.) Neither case is 100% guaranteed to enchant.

50% does not mean you will enchant once every two tries. That's not how probability works.
Anyone want some popcorn?

This guy memes.
Like 6R1MM01R3 said you can amass a lot of them through grinding/dismantling.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
The problem is getting the designs. If you didnt get them before the patch there is a good chance that some might not be in the broker forever >_>

I have recipes for almost every weapon going back to gen/lucid. The last BP patch gave more than enough deathwrack/ambush recipes.
pikpatsou wrote: »
Warriors and berserkers have to choose if they queue as DPS or Tanks (if they select the "shielded icon" then they queue as tanks, else as DPS). That's how the system knows their role.

Lancers and Brawlers queue as tanks only.

And that should have been taken out, because berserkers don't have access to tank skills until 65, and warriors lose their tanking skills in the arsenal update.

+1 for things that console devs need to fix when the game launches, (that should have been fixed before technical test.)
Because I live in NA, and I've never wanted to play on EU?

I get that you're trying to meme (and failing at it,) but you must have forgotten that it's been 3 months since Sean brought up changing various shops, and so far we have had FB shop removed, and FC shop given FB items (not the additional weapon/armor that people have been asking for over 2 years -- even since Spacecats said "link it here and I'll investigate.")

People have been upset about PVP jackpot since July.
So, we good?

- VG shop (2 boxes for 1 golden talent? That's almost worthless.)
- Ace Shop (IMPERATOR MATS from 4 patches ago...? Really? Rubies for 400 ace points?)
- Reward shop (20 metamorphic emblems for 400 credits?)

- Pvp "Jackpots" using worthless etching mats

- RKHM being a net loss on materials (doesn't need to make people rich, but they need to at least break even, otherwise the only reason to run it is the title.)

No, we aren't good yet. Thank you for fixing something that didn't needed to be changed in the first place though!
LesbianVi wrote: »
So, we good?

No, Elite players should die for those achievements :p

Hey, I did. Wasn't looking forward to doing it again.

Cheers EME for the prompt resolution (next time, save yourself the trouble and ask us what we want, yeah? A simple poll works).

They did. They asked the forum masses what they wanted. And the mob answered "We want EU's perma crystal bind! Elite sucks!" It worked out well, don't you think?
No there has been no announcement about adjustments. It is very low on their priority I am assuming due to limited staff (they are all working on console.)

Remember that we are ~2 months behind on updating the shops... (VG shop, Ace shop, Reward Shop, among others...)
ElinLove wrote: »
would you even bother READING a tiny bit of very spread out text through many lines, you would see that he means exactly that you DON'T NEED TO DO THIS, Just get the gear enough to run what you have fun doing.
It pisses me when people jump madly on cussing by their own ignorance.

Arwen thinks priest/mystic can't solo, and that a healer needs a dps to help them kill IoD bams. Best not to waste much time discussing anything with them, and let them run back to EU.

On Topic: I think you can get 1 char in some form of SC+2/3/4 completely solo and casual in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 months depending on work/school.) More than 1 char or the full grind to +9 will take a guild/static, some rng luck, and some time (grinding.)

I've had +15 on multiple chars every single patch since lucid, and I've never bought anything for myself other than elite status, and I don't buy that every month. I have bought a few account mounts, and some gifts for friends, but nothing to sell for gold.

If you can only pay ~1 hour per day, you're going to think the only way to progress is by p2w. I started this patch with 1 mil gold. Spent it all on upgrading, now have multiple chars in SC/+1/+2 and back up to 1 mil gold.
Pshhhh can't even get Argon Essences anymore . .

Holy jesus dude. What is your deal today. Do you want to your account banned or something? You've necro'd like 10 threads.

Was there ever a console forum here?
While I wouldn't mind this on weekends, I again urge you idio-- I mean smart people, to realize that things COST MORE on Tera EU. A lot more.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
but the gold income was cut to half or more so in the end we received one thing but lost another ending up with tough enchanting experiences.

What are you talking about? Prior to this patch KC gave 200 gold. Now it gives 600. Gold income was not halved by any means.
From issues that happen in the past, they've explained that they receive the patch notes from BHS, and the QA team tests to validate that the changes BHS told them about are in the build (and that the build doesn't otherwise break integration with their systems). If there's something else BHS changed that they neglected to tell EME about, they probably don't know, and therefore they didn't test it, since the basic game testing itself is BHS's job. So now, I assume EME will have to go back to BHS, ask them what else they changed, and then find out whether what they got was what they were supposed to get.
Mhmmmm i think you said this in a thread really long ago and also why i'm saying this as well hehe

That makes everyone involved completely incompetent.

Tera players:

Thoury wrote: »
you know what we need to do? We need to flood the ticket support with complains about removing the continuous CCB from the elite bar. Or make a ticket every time you lose a crystal because the 3 hour one ran out so they can give it back. That seems to work.

Please do not be childish and do this. Support cannot change this decision, and you ruin the game for everyone else who must wait longer for REAL tickets to be addressed.

This is why I say Tera forums have the worst community. You people are insane.
Ammutseba wrote: »
I think the main draw of PoP is that it's a quick run. However, you have to run it multiple times for a slight chance to get an emerald, etc. I think setting the ilv lower would make sense because there's a strong possibility that you won't receive anything of value.

That means nothing. A diamond can drop whether you have the ilevel or not. Changing ilevel to 0 or to 1000 wouldn't change that.

Reread what 6R1MM01R3 said: The ilevel of IoD and Pit are based off of the VG rewards. The item crate has higher level enchantment items, which is why the requirement is 439.
or if you're here to make a rhetorical question and complain :o

That is the exact reason 98% of threads are created on this forum.
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
Do you do high tier bams on priest?

Do you???

Healers get a 300% damage buff in IoD. Priest and Mystic can both clear high tier BAMs very quickly using the correct crystals and damage glyphs. If you can't (like a certain player can't) then you need to learn to play your class better, or get on a DPS.
Xyniana wrote: »
And mentioning healers, i can kill 2-3 BAMs using one mote. Mystic.

See?? Healers can DPS just fine.
W4AD9EK73P wrote: »
i want to know also... since its been an hour and i have gotten to do 3 quests... this is extremely broken and has locked up my xbox at least 15 times now. this should have never been given to us at this time.

You do know what a technical test is...? Right?

This is not a beta, this is not a demo. They are testing the stresses on the server and gaining data/feedback/bug reports.

It is not supposed to be a 100% perfect playable version.

You whined about weekend AFK events, and we got one and it lags the heck out of the server.

You asked for perma CCB, and then you whine about achieves, so now they're taking it away.


Please do not make keen motes 100%. IoD is the easiest afk content in the game. We have double vanguards and semi-drops that make decent gold. Please @Spacecats do not change it.

FFS you people are absolutely ridiculous.
Zerkling wrote: »
But im curious, whats going on?

SSNM and SSHM also have 2nd gate near where the teleport spits you out. This prevents priest from pulling, and prevents you from zombie-ing the boss. This was also possible in RMNM/RMHM by glitching the gate to stay down.
Xerses wrote: »

It's like you people don't read ktera patch notes.

That's hilarious. This entire thread is you whining for more free things from EME.
Also at lvl 65 everyone gets a full frostmetal set gear, so the grind is not as insane as on NA. My question is, why they can and we cannot?

As I did note in the OP I am seeking to max my speed for soloing story Dungeons.

Then just use your mount...

Mobility builds are completely useless.


Holy jesus. You guys whined when mongos gave free mats to get easy +15. EU gives Frostmetal and you cry to EME "why don't we get this!"

You guys whined about argon giving easy mats and dragons. EU gives a dragon and you cry "why don't we get this!"




Both Spacecats and SeanDymanite have publicly stated several times that they are only going to upgrade one shop at a time. There are "many moving parts" and it is "difficult."

Fed Bills ---> removed

Fashion Coupon ----> updated (they put in fed bill items)

You'll just have to wait.
Considering the PS4/XBONE releases are soon, I wonder how EME will respond to the fact that there is legislative outrage against lootboxes?


If it passes in California, it'll be a very short time before it arrives in EME's home state considering the types in Seattle.
How about we not do loot boxes?


If this passes in California you know it will pass in Washington state EME.
tisnotme wrote: »
I'm not proud or happy and well before you few stuffed up and started complaining (actually with in minutes of the first maint for the new gunner) I had one on CH with the box , and one on FF
and I suppose what you could have done is like ive seen you suggest to others is submit a ticket
besides how long now you been on tera and you still make noob mistakes like this

The reason I posted it within minutes is because CERTAIN LOOT BOXES WERE MADE UNTRADEABLE. That sincerely screws with the emp market. It affects EME's bottom line. No one is buying loot boxes that you can't sell. It needed to be posted ASAP.

So instead of calling people idiots and noobs, how about you just be quiet.
Thanks Cobalt! We appreciate it!
@spacecats @Halrath

Another problem, it seems the elin gunner box is account based. That means if you created your elin gunner, then claimed the item from item claim, didn't like how your elin looked, and remade it you will not get another box upon recreation.

Is this intended? Halrath's previous leveling event involving catalysts did not do that. The boxes are not bankable so they should not be account based.
That has to be unintended correct?

So far on TR we have heard Starglow Weapon loot box and Arctic Weapon loot box.

I can't see how you would purposely want to lose money from less EMP purchases.
I will take "Punctuation" for 2000, Alex.
There won't be a Tera after today.

EME you are going to lose amazing players and people if you don't answer.
Why do people even work for paychecks with the company response that you give?

How about you put CEO Kim back on the next stream. Maybe he can answer questions that are above Sean's paygrade.

You knew? Hello? You knew this whole time?

And these are your "community engagement reps?"

This is the biggest colossal eff up that I've ever seen.
Yes, it's astonishing that the most important thing is not the personal vulnerability for the PC of every single Tera user but the release of elin gunner. This community is mind blowing.
There is an exploit in your entire game and netcode system that affects the PC of every single player that deems to give you money, and you delete and censor any attempt by the players to protect themselves?

Are you serious?

This is negligence. Stop the damage control and say something.
CornishRex wrote: »
Except people are starting to do malicious things hence the warning up there

So far only images were posted in chat, on eu. I've also heard they started crashing people, but also on eu. I hope bhs will take care of this quickly, as lazy as they are.

There were discord conversations that were posted confirming it, before Catt on reddit removed them.
That is an extremely legitimate concern. I am absolutely not logging into tera, and am actively telling my guild members and friends to do the same.

I sincerely hope that EME doesn't just scrub this like the subreddit did. I will lose all faith in this company and will scream to the high heavens.

This needs serious attention.
Arcaiyne wrote: »
ok im not tech savvy..... ty for the post but areyou sayingim at risk of malware and hackers if i continue playing andkeep getting disconnected? :/

Read the gameforge link I posted.
Sending external images. This is where things hit the fan and the issues start to become obvious. Sending external images on megaphone (still not blocked on NA despite the lack of any legit way of getting the item btw), or global if that's more your style, means that every client connected, whether the chat is visible or not, will open that image. This means unscrupulous people now have the IP of everyone playing the game. Using already existing means, they can mass-whisper everyone on the server and now have the IP addresses linked to the players name. Someone being a bully in FWC? DDOS time. This also means that any image seen in chat is linked backed to you, just in case it happened to be something illegal.

Crash peoples clients. Trouble in CU? Whisper everyone in the guild you hate (easy to do) and have them all crash. Want the game to burn? Spam it in global! This is also easy to figure out how to do, even for a dummy like me, and could be used to crash the clients of everyone on the game 24/7.

I can't wait to see counterpoint come in here and try to defend this.
GF isn't hiding it: https://board.tera.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/70055-TERA-can-be-used-as-a-malware-by-hackers/?s=e9fecec4c4d1ee693a60179022f7472b66b3da8f
Nevermind, it seems like the mods of the tera reddit are scrubbing any mention of it. GG eme, you've done it again. What a total joke.
You might want to go read the tera subreddit...
Why on that page writte Nov 15?
o-o change it then. Misleading

It says "reveal," not release.
lol no

Wherever did you get that idea?
AzuraRa wrote: »
Okay, servers back.
Thanks EME for fast fixing!

TR is still down.
It's sad that it had to happen during the 24 hour stream, when there is the potential to have thousands of new players watching....

I certainly hope that wouldn't deter a new player from joining... we did just get server upgrades. Right?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Some of them failed on Twisthard enchantment at 100% and other on guardian to upgrade on Twisthard.

They are griping about twistshard...? LOL

Also, I'm positive they are lying to you about guardian failing. Don't be so naive.
Same on TR. People in global are also saying that they have used the "fix" and still get put back in the party. The "fix" is to attempt to IM, get into the IM, drop out, and wait for dropout to wear off. Multiple people are reporting they get placed back in the party after some minutes elapse.

People who were in raids are claiming they can't leave the raid at all, which is exactly what happened to HH raids previously when the servers crashed.
Sqythe wrote: »
opened loot boxes - got two phoenixes. Killed two bams got some mats and 1 essence. Server got roll-back now lost everything. Not even EMP refunded. Sent in a support ticket hopefully I can atleast have my phoenixes back.

If you were on TR, I definitely saw you get those pheonixes lol.
Sorry for the miscommunication that was posted on Oct. 23rd.

There was a normal Server Maintenance on top of the migrations we're conducting today.

The current expectation, is that both MT and AV will come up and be available much earlier than the other 3 Servers.


Cobalt, can you confirm that the server was rolled back or reset to a start point? In the 30ish or so minutes that TR was up I managed to do 2x ghillie and 3 vanguards. Those items, dungeon entries, and vg's are now all back at 0/16, and full entries etc.

No big deal if it was, but normally for server crashes there have been no rollbacks previously. This would also help any that had managed to kill a world boss or two and will now need to do it again.

Thanks for all that you do.
Chinchilla wrote: »
Out of all the things that have changed, the one thing that stays consistent is pseudo intellectual basement dwellers, snarkily putting people down over benign and friendly posts

Furry rodent, if taco bell corporate cancels your favorite $1 crunch wrap, you don't go to your local franchise owner and yell at him about it because they have no power to keep it.

99% of the complaints about TERA are over things EME has zero power over, including content and gear cycles. Server outages? Yes, yell at EME. Stormcry having ludicrously low enchant rate? Sorry, EME can't do anything about that.

Now go back to your basement.
So uh... can we finally stop with stupid threads that don't know the difference between a publisher and a developer for a while and realize EME literally has zero power to affect 99.5% of the game's content?

Ktera could release a new gear set tomorrow, and EME could do nothing. Ktera could come out with another awakening from +10-15, and EME could do nothing. Ktera could release all of the old dungeons, or say, "we aren't making any new dungeons ever," and EME could do nothing.

Start realizing this, and you'll avoid getting upset at the majority of the patches. If you want to affect the game's content, you need to talk to BHS, not EME.

Please and thank you. ^^v
Did you really need to create another thread and bump your old one that was already on the front page?
Dokibun wrote: »
And where exactly do you see these part one and part twos?
Because on the announcement, I directly quote, "Thursday 11/02 - Maintenance will run from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. PDT. FF, CH, and TR wil be down for migration. AV and MT will be available."

It wasn't listed exactly as the poster stated, but one can read into it pretty easily.

You can go to MT and AV and afk at highwatch very shortly.

Typical Tera players, the salt here is better than in FWC.
AbstractCH wrote: »
Full crit, double energetics. Power is useless for brawler.

The only possible limit im aware of is constantly switching ur race back and forth. requesting to change the items to the new race over and over again. im not 100% sure about this but i was warned about it.

I can confirm that one of my friends has said she was told by a CS rep that they would not change her costumes to a new race after her last race change because she asked so frequently (she would race change like every month for variety... lol.) She had race changed like 3 times in one month previously.

This was before Araya's customer service post about new hires and erasing the tickets in June 2017 though, so I don't know if they have changed their policy now, and would say "it's been long enough since you've asked, so we'll change them this time."

The one thing you all need to realize is that if you add this via VG, even with a 9,000 vg cost, you completely gut the niveot market for any kind of sale. The RNG goes away, but so does the fusing process, as well as the transfer of gold from player to player. You are removing a significant source of income and wealth transfer, especially for new players.

9000 vg for a smart dyad? There's 400 vg for a red niveot, which is 22.5 total so let's just say 22. 22 niveots x lowest price on TR broker (250g atm, I sell for far more than that,) and you remove 5,500g.

Right now there's 91 pages of fine niveots on the TR broker. There's already been 10 pages created just from today's past sales, and it's not even prime time yet. I would say that's a pretty high movement for niveots.

All of you who cried about mongos, argons, and the influx of mats and broken economies, should think about this before you wish for an easy supply of smart dyads. You'll be gutting a source of income for a huge swath of the player base.
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